Secular Book List: Approved and Questionable Books with Comments

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Content: A_00663-05 Secular Book List: Approved and Questionable Books with Comments By Alisa Avruch and Sharon Schwartz Grade Level: Elementary-High School, Administration Description: Updated for October 2012: A list of only those books which were approved, books which are generally acceptable and books which are questionable culled from the Complete Secular Book List, also available on Detailed comments on each book are provided to help adults discern the appropriateness of reading for the student and suggested grade levels are included. Criteria for evaluation and ratings are explained in detail. Also available on List of New Books Added in 2012, and List of Appropriate books (for children to take to library). A separate Classics Analysis List, which discusses books frequently assigned in schools, is also available. All lists are available as editable Excel and pdf files. Goals/Objectives: parents and teachers will be able to provide appropriate reading for their children and students. Instructions: 1. Read carefully through the cover sheet to understand the rationale and methods behind this book list. 2. Make sure to only give out to students the approved book list without the comments. 3. Happy reading! Additional Tips: This list is intended for parents and educators, who would like to select books appropriate for their children and students, based on the comments for each book. It is not recommended to be given to children, as the comments are very detailed and may contain information inappropriate for children.
Revised 8/18/2011 Dear Parents and Teachers,
As concerned mothers we have noticed that the quality and content of the books available to our children leaves much to be desired. As voracious readers ourselves, we know that the words a child (or adult!) reads can leave a permanent impression on his or her neshama. We also recognize that many children need the outlet that reading provides. We have therefore undertaken BE"H to compile an ongoing list of books that we have checked so that we can more easily provide our children with appropriate reading material.
The attached list is made up of our own personal opinions. It is not officially endorsed by any Rav or Yeshiva. It is entirely possible that we may have erred or overlooked some problems or that you will disagree with our assessments. We apologize for any mistakes or unclear recommendations.
The complete list is not meant to be used by children, as the comments column contains information that is inappropriate for them. If you wish to give a list to a child to take to the library, please use the "approved only" version, which does not have comments.
Using this list: · Explanation of designations: OK ­ we consider book to be acceptable OK? ­ book is generally acceptable; parent should read comments to decide if appropriate OK??- book is questionable; parent should read comments to decide if appropriate N? ­ book is significantly problematic but may be acceptable in certain situations as determined by parent N ­ not acceptable C ­ Classic. Book generally would not be read as independent reading. Comments for educators can be found on Classics Analysis List. · Generally, we included grade levels only for recommended or questionable books. · Where a book series is known by the series name, and has multiple authors (especially when the authors' names are not written on the book Jackets), we generally used the series name in place of the author name (eg, American Girls, Wishbone). · General notes about a series are often included in the comments about the first book listed for that series. · Please note that the recommended grade levels are based on our own (nonscientific) analysis, based on our extensive experience as readers and parents of readers. · This list may be copied and distributed, as a community service, as long as it does not have additional information added, and includes the cover page. · This list is available in 2 formats: (1) Complete list of approved and unapproved books, with comments (2) Approved books only, with no comments
We welcome your comments and questions.
Alisa Avruch/Milwaukee, WI
Sharon Schwartz/ Flushing, NY
[email protected]
(206) 984-7294
Criteria used for determining a book's acceptability Introduction Each person has different levels of sensitivity about problematic issues in books. Please pay close attention to our "comments" column so that you can make your own judgments. As often as possible we include page numbers so that you can more easily decide on a book's appropriateness for a particular child or group. Please bear in mind that a book which may be acceptable for one child may be entirely inappropriate for another, depending on the child's maturity, reading level, reading style (i.e., skims vs. reads carefully), and personality. Our main reasons for labeling a book as being problematic, fall into the basic categories listed below. Occasionally a book does not fit into any of these categories, but the overall tone is problematic. When this is the case, we will note it in the "comments" column. Boy/girl relationship, tznius, and negiah We are particularly sensitive to books that include this as a main focus, especially when the characters involved are not anywhere near marriageable age. Even minor boy/girl relationships will generally be rated with `OK?' or `OK??'. We will note if the relationship results in marriage, and if it has only minor negiah described. Books which do not contain actual boy/girl relationships but focus on thoughts or dreams of such relationships can be equally problematic. We generally overlook illustrations or descriptions of girls who are wearing "regular" clothing, even if not tzanua (eg, pants and a t-shirt), while more extreme cases (eg, bathing suits) will generally be noted. Some of the terms we use in the comments include: minor romantic negiah ­ handholding, quick hugs, kisses on the cheek, etc, mentioned in passing; non-romantic negiah ­ usually between "friends" or cousins or step siblings, with no romantic overtones. Religion Books that actually glorify or describe in detail another religion, are considered questionable or unacceptable, depending on frequency, length, and importance to plot. When we feel that pages can be torn out or lines crossed out without ruining the story line, we note page numbers. Please note that we chose to use the term "J--" for the subject of Christian worship. (Please note that the comments are meant for use by frum people; please be sensitive if sharing the list with non-frum or non-Jewish teachers). Books that mention religion in passing, or use a holiday as the setting without discussing it in religious terms, will often have a OK? or an "OK" with a comments. We will note if the religion is mentioned in a neutral way (eg: "he prayed" - without describing the prayers; quotes from the Old Testament; etc.). Books that bring up hashkafik issues (eg, evolution, dinosaurs, age of the world, etc.) will be noted in the comments section with a suggestion for parental (or teacher) guidance in discussing these topics with the child before he reads the book. Detailed hashkafik issues in a book will often render it "N". Language Books that are filled with objectionable language are considered "not recommended". Books with only a few unacceptable words will be generally be noted in the comments. We differentiate between major language (real curses), minor language (words that are not curses but we don't permit in our homes), slang and street language (rough language, unrefined language that sets a tone that a parent or teacher may not like), and bathroom language (self explanatory ­ usually very juvenile).
Acceptability of language is dependant on the age of the intended audience. Minor language that would be unacceptable in an early grade school book, may be noted with "?" in a book intended for older readers. A well written book for older readers, which has no major issues other than a lot of minor language, or some major language, will generally be rated "OK??". Violence Often violence in books is not considered universally problematic; it can be hard to judge. For example, an historical fiction book about the Civil War will have some gory battle scenes; a survival book may have man vs. animal violence; a fantasy book may have fights with or between magical creatures who are obviously not realistic. We try to note violence in the comments section and leave it to the parent/teacher to decide. Real violence and bullying among real people, that is glorified or exciting, may render a book "N". Divorce, Death, Broken Families When divorce is treated as a matter of fact, not glorified in any way, and mentioned in passing, we usually consider that acceptable. If divorce, death, broken families, or dysfunctional families is an important focus of a book, we will note that in the comments section. Children in similar situation r"l might find such books very therapeutic, but for others it might be completely inappropriate Middos Ideally, we wish all books would model good Middos for our children, but this is unfortunately not the case. Books which describe truly horrible Middos are considered "N", especially when it is the main focus of the story. If minor, it is mentioned in the comments; we also note whether the character seems to learn his lesson at the end of the book. Fantasy and Magic We are not overly concerned about fantasy if a child is old enough to distinguish between fantasy and reality, and knows that real magic is assur. However, we recognize that there are varying opinions on this topic, and if it is a theme it is usually noted in the comments column Street Reality, "Gritty" books Some books focus on the unfortunate realities of the Western world, which we may not want to expose our children to, eg: drugs, homelessness, abuse, alcoholism, cults, etc. We note this in the comments section so that parents/teachers can make informed decisions. TV, Movies, rock music, Internet, and other media If a book glorifies the secular media or includes a great deal of its culture and language, we note this in the comments. If it is only mentioned in passing, we often overlook it, as this is, unfortunately, a regular part of the western world. Parents should be aware that some books provide web sites for readers to use in conjunction with the book. Our recommendation regarding the book does not include an endorsement of the content of the websites, nor does it sanction children's use of the internet. We will note in our comments when websites are included in a book.
The Kosher Book List
An Assessment of Children's Books for Parents and Teachers This list contains only recommended and 'questionable' books For a complete list that includes unacceptable books, see contact info below updated September, 2012
This list may be copied, in whole or in part, as long as it is not revised and includes this cover page This list is usually updated every 1-2 years Please Note: Some comments are specific and detailed. They are intended for adults to use to determine acceptibility of books.
Additional copies can be obtained from:
Internet: (search 'secular book list') (free)
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Page 1
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony
The Secrets of Droon #01 - The Hidden
2-4 OK
Stairs and the Magic Carpet
The Secrets of Droon #03 - The Mysterious 2-4 OK
The Secrets of Droon #04 - City in the
2-4 OK?
The Secrets of Droon #05 - The Great Ice 2-4 OK
The Secrets of Droon #06 - The Sleeping 2-4 OK
Giant of Goll
The Secrets of Droon #07 - Into the Land of 2-4 OK
the Lost
The Secrets of Droon #08 The Golden Wasp 2-4 OK
The Secrets of Droon #10 - Quest for the Queen The Secrets of Droon #12 - Under the Serpent The Secrets of Droon #13: The Mask of Maliban
2-4 OK 2-4 OK 2-4 OK
The Secrets of Droon #14 - Voyage of the 2-4 OK Jaffa Wind The Secrets of Droon #18 - Search for the 2-4 OK Dragon Ship The Secrets of Droon #19: The Coiled Viper 2-4 OK
2 boys and a girl help save a magical world that they accidentally find when they clean up the boy's basement. Children help save magical world. Children visit an invisible flying city and help prevent the bad guy from gaining power. The Guardians of the magical city are dinosaurs - no mention of years. Children help save the city from an ice curse. Children prevent the bad guy from getting more power. An innocent hi-five between boys and girl. Children go to a ghost land to save their friend. Children accidentally bring something from the magic world into their world, thereby upsetting the balance between the worlds Children help save the queen. Picture of a sea serpent/lady in low cut outfit on cover - somewhat cartoonish. Children try to prevent bad guys from getting a magical mask. One of the children discovers that he has magical powers. Non-religious mention of Halloween. Minor language: doofus. Children help rescue their friends Children rescue world from evil princess. Children chase bad guys who came into their world from the magic world.
The Secrets of Droon #22 - The Isle of Mists 2-4 OK Kids help prevent evil man from taking over the world.
The Secrets of Droon #24 - The Race to
The Secrets of Droon #25: The Riddle of 2-4
Zorfendorf Castel
The Secrets of Droon #26: The Moon Dragon 2-4
The Secrets of Droon #27 - The Chariot of 2-4 Queen Zara The Secrets of Droon #29 - Pirates of the 2-4 Purple Dawn
OK Children prevent beasts from creating powerful armor. Unimportant mention of children seeing a movie in a theater. OK Children try to stop bad guys from using a portal to their world. OK Children join townspeople in battle with the bad guys. A bit more violence than the other books in this series, but still pretty tame. OK Children rescue world from evil genie. OK Children prevent bad guys from the past from building an evil city.
[email protected]
Page 2
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Abbot, Tony
Title The Secrets of Droon #30 - Escape from Tabar-Loo
grade 2-4 OK Children help rescue the king and queen.
Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony Abbot, Tony new Abbot, Tony new Abbot, Tony new Abbot, Tony new Abbot, Tony new Abbot, Tony Adam, Paul
The Secrets of Droon #31 - Queen of
Shadow Thorn
The Secrets of Droon #32 - The Treasure of 2-4
the Orkins
The Secrets of Droon #33: Flight of the Blue 2-4
The Secrets Of Droon #11 The Hawk Bandits 2-4
of Tarkoom
The Secrets Of Droon #28 In The Shadow of 2-4
The Secrets Of Droon #36 Knights of the 2-4
Ruby Wand
The Secrets Of Droon Special Edition #7 The 2-4
Genie King
The Secrets Of Droon Special Edition #8 The 2-4 Final Max Cassidy - Escape from Shadow Island 5-8
OK Children are not sure if they should trust a queen from the future. Book ends very uncertainly - are the children OK or not? OK Children help recover a stolen treasure OK? Children battle bad guys and give a dying serpent back his scale. Girl holds hand of boy she thinks is dead and cries. Somewhat scary. OK Kids prevent an ancient city of bandits from being reborn. Non-romantic negiah. Language- weird, creeps OK Kids unsuccessfully try to rescue their friend from being transformed into a villain. Sad. Language- creepy. OK Kids try to find a magical wand to rescue their friends. A bit convoluted for younger readers. Non romantic negiah. Language- weird, dudes OK?? Children try to find a medallion in a city that is in a bottle. Very subtle boy/girl, some children might miss it. One accidental hug (p66 chapt. 5) some blushing, goodbye hug (pg. 167 chapt.12) language- dummy, dumb, minor bathroom humor. Subtly alludes to Santa Claus but never mentioned by name. OK?? Conclusion to series, children save the magical world. Language- creepy. Nonreligious xmas, non romantic negiah. OK?? 14-year-old boy escape-artist tries to solve mystery of his mother who was framed for his father's supposed murder. In absence of his parents, he is cared for by his father's performance assistant, a beautiful young woman (30-ish?) - totally innocent. She hugs him several times out of motherly concern; once, a man says "don't I get a hug too?" (she shakes his hand). Description of her beauty and how young men wait to see her after act. When attacked by bully, boy hits him in groin. Some language: stupid, pee, creep, crap, (once each), J--- used as exclamation (once). Hell - p. 170, 242, 278. damn - p. 245. First in series - later books should be checked.
Aden, William new Adler, David A
The Three Investigators: Mystery of the Shrinking House It's a Baby, Andy Russell
5-7 OK Boys solve a case involving art forgers. Other books in this series listed under Arthur, Robert. 3-5 OK? When a boy's parents go to the hospital to have a baby his very clean aunt comes to care for him. He misunderstands her and thinks she will take away his pets. Children don't speak very nicely about her and to her. Mention of TV cartoons. Language- gross
[email protected]
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
new Adler, David A Parachuting Hamsters and Andy Russell
grade 3-5 OK?
Boy and girl spend the weekend with the girl's fancy aunt and uncle and confront a spoiled boy who is playing mean tricks. Boy practices being polite by pretending to kiss female's hands. Mild juvenile bathroom humor. Language- stupid
Adler, David A. Andy Russell, Not Wanted by the Police
Adler, David A. Bones and the Birthday Mystery #5
Adler, David A. Adler, David A. Adler, David A. Adler, David A. Adler, David A. Adler, David A. Adler, David A.
Bones and the Dog Gone Mystery #2
Cam Jansen and the Barking Treasure
Cam Jansen and the Chocolate Fudge
Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Dinosaur 2-4
Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Monster 2-4
Cam Jansen and the Triceratops Pops
Cam Jansen and the Valentine Baby Mystery 2-4
Adler, David A. Cam Jansen: The Ghostly Mystery
Adler, David A. The Many Troubles of Andy Russell
Ahlberg, Allan The Children who Smelled a Rat
Aiken, Joan Aiken, Joan Aiken, Joan
A Necklace of Raindrops and other stories 4-6
Arabel and Mortimer
Arabel's Raven
Children suspect that a robber is living in neighbor's empty house. Minor mention of daydreaming in school while pretending to listen. Simple, easy to read mystery. Boy finds his grandfather's lost birthday present. Catoonish picture of boy's grandfather with one arm on boy's shoulder and other arm on elderly "girlfriend's" shoulder. Kids this age probably won't get it. Simple, easy to read mystery - a boy finds his dog and magnifying glass. black & white picture of ladies water-skiing in bathing suits
OK Children catch a bank robber.
OK? Kids solve mystery of who is stealing dinosaur bones at the museum. Doesn't go into evolution at all. Does talk about different types of dinosaurs. OK? Children find thief of a movie reel. Fine except that entire setting is a movie theater.
Children help catch a thief in a store that sells music tapes and CDs. Minor mentions of rock bands. Cam's mother has twins on Valentine's day - mentioned a few times as being a nice day to have a baby - no religion. Children catch robbers while they are in line to buy tickets to a rock band called "Triceratops Pops", who wear dinosaur costumes while perfuming. A few humorous descriptions of unusual people who are waiting in line, e.g. a woman with green and purple hair. Cute story of well meaning fourth grade boy who gets into trouble. Tries to convince parents to let his black female friend (not romantic) move in while her parents recover from an accident. When they agree he hugs her (not romantic). Children are suspicious of changes in teacher and find out she's her evil twin. Fun read - short text and illustrations will appeal to younger readers, but funny enough for older ones. Collection of short stories. One brief mention of X-mas trees. Continuation of Arabel series. Comical black and white illustration of a lady in a backless gown. Language: drat. Cute adventures of a girl and her mischievous pet raven. Language: drat, nincompoop
Aiken, Joan
Black Hearts in Battersea
4-6 OK?? Continuation of story of peasant boy in "Wolves of Willoughby Chase". He goes to town to attend art school and finds himself caught up in a band of rebels against royalty. Finds out he is royalty himself. Brief unimportant incident of a man tickling a girl against her will to get her to go out with him (p. 59-60). Language: a lot of hackney slang that kids probably won't get; dammit (p. 119).
[email protected]
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Aiken, Joan
Title Night-Birds on Nantucket
Aiken, Joan
The Cuckoo Tree
Aiken, Joan
The Stolen Lake
Aiken, Joan
The Witch of Clattering Shaws
Aiken, Joan
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
Alcock, Vivien Stranger at the Window
Alcock, Vivien The Trial of Anna Cotman
Alexander, Lloyd The Black Cauldron
grade 5-7 OK? Continuation of story of girl who was shipwrecked in "Black Hearts in Battersea". She is rescued by a whaling ship and helps capture a band of rebels. The language and dialects are getting increasingly difficult as this series goes on. Story is engaging but children may not have patience to figure out the dialogue. Girls are chutzpadik to a cruel woman who is posing as her aunt - she seemingly deserves to be treated this way but it is a poor show of middos. 5-8 OK? Continuation of "The Stolen Lake". Girl helps save the king's life. Lots of magic and witchcraft. Setting is St. Paul's Cathedral but only religion is invoking saints' names, eg: "Why not in the name of St. Pancras?" (p 243). Difficult dialect. 5-8 OK? Continuation of "Night Birds on Nantucket". On her way back to England, girl ends up on an island and helps defeat an evil queen. Lots of strange magic. Many references to King Arthur. The island people worship a god named Sol and give him human sacrifices. Relatively tame romance leads to marriage many years later. Nonromantic negiah. Difficult dialect. 5-8 OK?? Continuation of series. A girl helps find an heir to the throne since her friend, the current king of England, isn't happy in the job. Minor magic, magical creatures, a witch. Minor religion - mostly tongue in cheek references to saints and their last words before they die. Language: hell hag (meaning witch), piss. Lots of difficult dialect like the other books in the series. 4-6 OK Two girls outsmart wicked governess with help of a peasant boy. Describes some very cruel adults who eventually get punished, but also some very kind adults. Girls dress like boys to save themselves. 6-7 OK?? Children of social activist mother secretly hide illegal alien child in house. When mother discovers her & wants to report her, children are chutzpadik and criticize her for being a hypocrite. "Brotherly" kiss between friends 5-8 OK? Girl joins secret society; when she breaks the rules, finds she is in danger. Turns out leader was on drugs; is caught in end. Somewhat disturbing; everything comes out OK in the end. 4-7 OK? Medieval-style mission to find evil magical cauldron. Some knight-type violence
Alexander, Lloyd The High King
Alexander, Lloyd The Illyrian Adventure
Alexander, Lloyd Time Cat
Alexander, Nina Magic Attic Club Megan & Borealis Butterfly 2-4
new Aller, Susan Sitting Bull
Alter, Stephen Ghost Letters
a fantasy - lots of magic. A mild running romance - a few hugs - end up marrying. Can easily be crossed out. Some difficult old-fashioned language Girl and guardian go to an island to see if the legend in the book The Illyriad is true. Minor nonaffectionate negiah. girl is a rebel and wears "pantaloons" A cat takes a boy back in time. Talk of Egyptian gods, minor liking of girl mentioned in passing, story of St. Patrick but not clearly spelled out who he is. A girl helps save rare butterfly and gains courage to go to father/daughter day in school with her aunt, since parents are divorced. Biography of Indian Chief who led his people in a fight against the US Army. A lot of Indian religious beliefs- needs adult guidance. Boy and girl deal with ghosts, genie, and magic, to fix mistakes of the past. Friends no romance.
[email protected]
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
new American Girl A Molly Mystery: Clues In The Shadows
grade 3-5 OK?? A girl tries to figure out who is looking through the papers she is collecting for a wartime paper drive. Middos between children. Girl finds out that a boy's bad behavior is due to his father being missing in action. Description of women who work in war factories wearing greasy overalls and close fitting blouses. At celebration for end of war 2 sailors "kiss every young woman within reach." A lot of adults smoking. Mention of going to the movies. Girl does tap dance to entertain wounded soldiers. Veteran shows violent tendencies and a temper in reaction to his war experiences. Girl reacts to changes in her father due to his war experiences. A bit heavy for this age group. Language-stupid, shut up, dumb, darn (once). History section at back of book- photo of soldiers and girls dancing together (pg 178)
new American Girl A Felicity Mystery: Lady Margaret's Ghost 3-5 OK?? Colonial girl tries to manage the household while her mother is away and find out if a
ghost is haunting it. Girl's go to church to ask minister about ghosts- he asks if they
are talking about the father, the son and the holy ghost. They say no and ask if ghosts
are real. Discussion on pg 131-132 chapt 12.
new American Girl A Kit Mystery: Missing Grace
3-5 OK? A girl tries to find her missing dog and uncovers a plot to sell stolen show dogs middos
between children. Co-ed singing . language-stupid, stinkers.
American Girls Addy - An Addy Mystery - Shadows on
4-6 OK? A former slave girl helps a spy and solves a mystery. Mild descriptions of
Society Hill
discrimination. In back history section colored picture of black soldiers returning from
Civil War hugging women - doesn't specify if women are relatives or girlfriends.
American Girls Addy - Meet Addy American Girls Addy Learns a Lesson American Girls Addy saves the day American Girls Brave Emily
3-5 OK? A slave girl and her mother escape from their master after her brother and father are sold. Cruel descriptions of how slaves were treated. Girl is chutzpakik to parents but immediately feels bad. History section in back - talks about the spirituals the slaves sang - mentions one called "Steal away to J-" (p 66) 3-5 OK A former slave girl goes to school and learns to read along with learning the meaning of true friendship. 3-5 OK? Addy wins over a mean girl with kindness; children help with a church fundraiser - no religion. History section in back - picture of old fashioned woman's swim suit explains that it was thought to be improper for men and women to swim together and women wore bulky dresses as swimsuits - written in a way to make separate swimming seem old fashioned - can be easily crossed out. 2-4 OK? A companion to the Molly series. A war refugee finds herself lying about her musical talents to fit in - eventually owns up and finds that children like her for herself. Some tame mentions of difficulties caused by war. In back History section mentions that a million Jewish children were killed in the war. Language: stink, stupid. In preview of "Meet Molly", minor middos between siblings. Minor mention of Halloween costume.
American Girls Felicity - A Felicity Mystery - Peril at King's 3-5 OK? A girl helps catch a British spy. A lot of rehashing about if she should have helped an
abused horse escape his owner or not (as told in previous books ) and if she should
have lied to her parents or not. Answer left unclear - eg. P. 66-69
American Girls Felicity - Changes for Felicity
3-5 OK? Colonial girl's grandfather dies when he gets sick after freeing a man from prison. Very
sad. Girl is "angry at G-d"; Mother helps her feel better. Girl reads "The L-rd is my
[email protected]
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
American Girls Felicity - Happy Birthday, Felicity
American Girls Felicity - Meet Felicity American Girls Felicity Saves the Day
American Girls Ivy - Good Luck Ivy
American Girls Josefina - Meet Josefina
grade 3-5 OK 3-5 OK? 3-5 OK? 3-5 OK? 3-5 OK?
Colonial girl tries to save the colonist's gunpowder by sneaking out of her room after being punished. In the end she admits to doing something wrong by disobeying and she is forgiven. Girl helps horse escape from abusive owner - viewed as "not stealing" since she didn't keep it. Colonial girl convinces her father's apprentice to return, when he runs away to join General Washington's army. History section shows slaves wearing extremely low-cut gowns, but only noticeable if examined closely. A Chinese-American girl struggles to decide if she should go to compete in a gymnastics meet or go to a family reunion. Lots of Chinese culture and gymnastics culture, including Kung Fu and Bruce Lee. Brief mentions of TV shows. Illustrations of gymnasts and ice skaters in leotards. Mention of the Olympics. Girls' best friend moves away when her parents divorce. A girl in New Mexico struggles to deal with her mother's death when her aunt comes to visit. A short description of a dance with an illustration of men and women dancing together but not touching. A few mentions of Catholic religion including praying at an alter. History section in back has photos of religious painting and statue and another picture of men and women dancing but not touching.
American Girls Josefina Learns a Lesson
American Girls Kaya - A Kaya Mystery - The Silent Stranger 3-5
In back of book, history section has paragraph about Catholicism with picture of an alter. Indian girl tries to befriend a mysterious silent woman who wanders into their camp, and discovers her tragic secret. Same worship of spirits as in other books. Sad.
American Girls Kaya - Changes for Kaya
3-5 OK? Indian girl rescues home from forest fire. Lots of Indian religion - needs guidance.
American Girls Kaya and the Lone Dog: A Friendship Story 3-5 OK? An Indian girl befriends a dog. Lots of descriptions of Indian religious beliefs.
American Girls Kaya Shows the Way
American Girls Kaya's Escape
American Girls Kirsten - A Kirsten Mystery - The Runaway 3-5 Friend
American Girls Kirsten - Happy Birthday, Kirsten
American Girls Kirsten Learns a Lesson
American Girls Kirsten: Changes for Kirsten
Indian family spends summer fishing and searching for missing sister. Lots of Indian religion - needs guidance. Indian pre-marriage customs described. An Indian girl and her blind sister are captured by an enemy tribe. She eventually escapes with a boy who is also a captive, but is forced to leave her sister there. Native American religion and customs. Girl tries to locate missing neighbor. Minor description of co-ed dance (pg. 18-19). Adults decide it's OK to open someone else's mail without permission if it will help them locate the missing neighbor. Swedish pioneer girl celebrates her birthday and the birth of a new sibling. One full color picture of a mixed dance - looks more fun than romantic. A Swedish pioneer girl copes with an American school; befriends an Indian girl. Family moves in with relatives when log cabin burns down. When they find an old trapper dead in his cabin they decide that since he has no family it is OK for them to sell his things to buy a new house. In history section in back of book one small photo of farm dance with men and women dancing together but not touching.
[email protected]
Page 7
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
American Girls Kirsten's Short Story Collection
grade 3-5 OK?
Short stories, each with its own history section. In history section of "Kirsten and the New Girl", small photo of girls in low cut gowns. Mentions that after quilting bees, "the young men arrived for supper, dancing, and sometimes kissing games". In "Kirsten's Promise", small illustration of a grave with a wooden cross as a marker. In "Kirsten Snow Bound", history section details how many people died in a blizzard - a bit scary.
American Girls Kit - A Kit Mystery - A Thief in the Theater American Girls Kit - A Kit Mystery - Danger at the Zoo American Girls Kit - Changes for Kit
3-5 OK? A Shakespeare theater company struggles to stay open during the Depression. Children help locate a thief who stole money from the box office. In history section a small black and white photo of the scantily clad cast of the movie Tarzan. Lots of theater culture 3-5 OK? Children solve the mystery of who is trying to steal a baby monkey. Minor Language darn (once). 3-5 OK? Kit tries to help children in a soup kitchen. History section has 2 photos of starlets in bathing suits with the NRA eagle suntanned on their backs - can be torn out.
American Girls Kit - Happy Birthday Kit
American Girls Kit Learns a Lesson
American Girls American Girls American Girls
Molly - A Molly Mystery - A Spy on the Home 3-5
Molly - Happy Birthday Molly - A Springtime 3-5
Molly - Meet Molly
In back of book, history section discusses making decision to have fewer children during Depression, and father abandoning family. Girl's aunt comes to live with family and teaches them how to save money, but girl is embarrassed of her in front of her friends. Eventually comes to appreciate aunt. Kids tease girl that a boarder in her house is her boyfriend (he isn't). Brief part where kids in class show bad midos to each other. Girl helps prove the innocence of her German/American friend's brother who is accused of spreading propaganda for Germany. A girl's family takes in an evacuee from London during WWII. History section - 1 picture of teenage girl and boy dancing together. brother has crush. Sister sings k-i-s-s-i-n-g song. Minor middos between siblings.
American Girls Molly Learns a Lesson
American Girls Molly Saves the Day - A Summer Story
American Girls Really Truly Ruthie
American Girls American Girls American Girls
Samantha - A Samantha Mystery - The
Curse of Ravenscout
Samantha - a Samantha Mystery -The Stolen 3-5
Samantha - Happy Birthday Samantha
Girl helps win contest to make something for the war effort. A girl goes to summer camp and overcomes her fear of swimming underwater. Kit's best friend tries to save Kit's family from eviction during the depression. Setting is the day after X-mas; a few enticing descriptions but no religion. Girls figure out who is causing trouble at a luxurious apartment building.
OK Girls help find a stolen jewel. Minor language: blasted.
A wealthy girl celebrates her birthday with her cousins from the city who introduce her to innovations that her grandmother doesn't appreciate. In the end the grandmother concedes that some innovations are desirable - namely a woman's right to vote. Cousins try to convince her to break her grandmother's rule about wearing long underwear - Tame illustration of her putting them on (p4). Girls fight with boy and call him a nincompoop. Back history section explains that when children were 8 or 9 years old they took dancing lessons - picture of young boy and girl dancing (p 61).
[email protected]
Page 8
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
American Girls Samantha - Meet Samantha
American Girls Samantha Learns a Lesson American Girls Samantha Saves the Day
American Girls Samantha's Winter Party
grade 3-5 OK? Innocent discussion about where babies come from - does the stork bring them or the midwife? 3-5 OK Rich girl finds out truth about child labor. Helps servant girl. 3-5 OK? Rich girl discovers the island where she spent time with parents before they died. Side story of a man who is said to propose to her grandmother each year and she says no - he kisses her hand. 3-5 OK?? Girls make a poor girl a party after a rich girl insults her. Many mentions of X-Mas: vacation, pageant, carols, songs, etc. but no religion. Minor language: nincompoop. History section in back - 2 illustrations of men and women skating hand in hand,
American Girls Betrayal at Cross Creek History Mystery American Girls Shadows in the Glasshouse History Mystery Anckarsvard, The Mysterious Schoolmaster Karin Anderson, Laurie Chains Halse
4-6 OK During early Revolutionary War, girl's family leans towards Loyalist& tries to find out who is betraying them to Patriots; turns out it was her own grandmother, to scare her grandfather into not going to war. 4-6 OK Girl is kidnapped to be indentured servant in early American colonies. Solves mystery in glass-making factory. 4-6 OK? side plot of a boy/girl party - totally juvenile and unromantic
Slave girl tries to win freedom. Some violence. One mention of J--- (p 243). Some Xmas ­ no religion. Lots of talk of ghosts and other black slave superstitions. Mild description of church service. Sleeping girl feels a man pulling a blanket off her and is afraid he "meant me harm" - turns out he was cold and wanted the blanket.
Anderson, M.T. The Game of Sunken Places
7-8 OK Boys unwittingly become players in supernatural game. Scary. Minor non-romantic
negiah between cousins.
Angell, Judie A Home is to Share and Share and Share 3-5 OK detached description of dog's pregnancy, eg.-babies moving inside
Archer, Chris Pyrates #3: Dead Man's Chest
3-6 OK? Kids continue dangerous mission to find pirate treasure. Side story of boy who lives
"underground" because he & mother ran away from abusive father & mother died.
Too Many Pets
William H.
Sour Land
William H.
Arnold, Louise Golden and Grey: A Good Day for Haunting 3-6
OK Girl is overwhelmed with her pet business. Befriends lonely old lady.
Son of a black sharecropper deals with father's prison sentence (who stole to feed family), and heart wrenching devotion of father's dog. Lots of biblical quotes and thoughts but nothing too objectionable. Sad. Sequel to Sounder. A noble black man tries to make his way in segregationist south. Religious quotes, but all from "old testament". One mention of Judas tree "legend that J---'s cross had been made of its wood". Beautiful and important book. Only about 100 pages but subject matter is appropriate for older readers. Boy who can see mischievous ghosts, traps evil ghosts from past. Fun read.
Arnold, Louise Arnold, Louise
Golden and Grey: An Unremarkable Boy and 4-7
a Rather Remarkable Ghost
Golden and Grey: The Nightmares that
Ghosts Have
OK?? Boy who can see mischievous ghosts, foils plot of man who tries to take advantage of him. Language: hell (P. 236, 242). OK Boy and ghost friends find out why ghosts are going missing. Brief reference to dinosaurs
[email protected]
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Aronson, Marc For Boys Only: the Biggest Baddest Book
and HP
Arthur, Robert The Three Investigators: The Mystery of the
Green Ghost
Arthur, Robert The Three Investigators: The Mystery of the
Missing Mummy
Arthur, Robert The Three Investigators: The Mystery of the
Talking Skull
Arthur, Robert The Three Investigators: The Secret of
Skeleton Island
Auch, Mary Jane Cry Uncle
Auch, Mary Jane Glass Slippers Give You Blisters
Auch, Mary Jane One Handed Catch Auch, Mary Jane Out of Step
grade 5-8 OK? Despite the title, just a book of interesting facts, records, and statistics - for boys AND girls. P. 151- ref. to dinosaurs/ billions of years. 5-7 OK Boys solve mystery of ghost and missing heiress. Other books in this series listed under Aden, William. 5-7 OK Boys discover who is making mummy whisper. and catch a criminal. Other books in this series listed under Aden, William. 5-7 OK Boys discover why skull talks, and find stolen money . Other books in this series listed under Aden, William. 5-7 OK Boys discover who is haunting island, and find pirate treasure. Other books in this series listed under Aden, William. 4-6 OK?? Boy's great uncle comes to live with them after losing his brother and his farm. Uncle sometimes reverts to thinking he is child and boy is his brother. Ends up marrying widowed woman; when they get engaged, they kiss on mouth in public. 4-6 OK? Girl discovers her own artistic talent when she does lighting for a play. Becomes platonic friends with boy. Lies to go to prepare for play, because mother would not approve. Artistic grandmother left family to be actress for 6 months when mother (her daughter) was 8 - returned and said she was wrong. 4-8 OK? Boy learns to compensate after losing hand in accident. Very well done. X-mas - gifts - no religion. 4-6 OK Boy deals with father's remarriage and father favoring athletic stepsister
Ereth's Birthday
3-5 OK? Continuation of "Poppy" . Grouchy porcupine thinks everyone forgot his birthday and
goes off to look for his own present. He ends up becoming a foster "mother" to
orphaned foxes. Lots of humorous grouchy slang, minor language: goldarn, stupid,
jerk (once each).
Finding Providence - The Story of Roger 2-4 OK? An early chapter book about the man who worked to create a separation of church and
state. Mentions of church and Christianity and preaching, but no religion detailed.
Man from the Sky
Midnight Magic
Murder at Midnight
4-6 OK?? A learning disabled boy sees a criminal parachuting from a plane and saves his neighbor from him. Language: damn (p. 107). 4-6 OK A magician's servant boy gets involved in palace intrigue and eventually saves the day. Fun. 4-7 OK? Boy servant of illusionist in superstitious Middle Ages, works to prove his boss innocent of plotting against the king. One hug from girl whose life he saved: innocent.
Strange Happenings
3-5 OK? A mouse sets out to avenge death of her boyfriend by defying a tyrannical owl. P 73describes picture of Rogers and Astaire (famous dancers) dancing, and mouse's ambition to also dance in arms of handsome mouse. Minor language. 4-6 OK? A collection of strange short stories - some scary. Language: butt (p. 77). Boy who is bored with life thinks that only on TV things are interesting (p. 4)
[email protected]
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Avi
Title The Barn
Avi Avi Avi new Avi
The End of the Beginning The Fighting Ground The Good Dog The Traitor's Gate
Who Stole the Wizard of Oz
Who was that Masked Man Anyway?
Wind Catcher
True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
new Babbit, Natalie The Moon Over High Street
Babbit, Natalie Tuck Everlasting [email protected]
grade 5-8 OK?? Sad story about a pioneer boy who has to leave school after father suffers an attack and becomes a virtual vegetable. Boy convinces himself that if they build the barn the father dreamed of, it will cure him. Detailed description of caring for his father including cleaning his "privates". Relatively neutral Christian prayer written out (p. 4). Older sister wants to marry a boy who kisses her - she blushes - (p. 78). Reviews of many books in back, some of which may be inappropriate - can be torn out.
4+ OK Very unusual story. On surface seems to be about adventures of an ant and a snail. On deeper level lots of puns and tongue in cheek. 4-6 OK? Historical fiction. A boy joins War of Independence and finds out war isn't as glorious as he imagined. Description of burial of man and wife, some dirt goes into woman's mouth - some kids might find it frightening. 4-6 OK? A dog comes to grips with conflict between being owned by humans and call of wolves to run wild. One instance of dog "negiah" with "girlfriend" (p 118-119) - some children won't get it but some will. 5-8 OK? Set in 19th century England, boy solves mystery of father's arrest for debt. J-- used as exclamation twice. Passing reference to mother's "copious bosom heaving with emotion". Friendly hug from female adult servant to boy. Boy and girl sleep back to back - totally innocent. At end of book boy says he will "not be a traitor" to girl who was his friend - mild reference to his liking her, but no romance.
4-6 OK? Children figure out who stole books from a library aisle and find a treasure. Minor language: stupid. A lot about the plots of classics: The Wizard of Oz, The Wind in the Willows, Through the Looking Glass, Treasure Island. 4-6 OK?? Entire plot revolves around boy's love for radio adventure program. Devises plot whereby brother and teacher will fall in love and marry. Some minor inappropriate references. 5-7 OK? A boy spies a couple searching for a shipwreck and ends up in big trouble. First he is marooned on an island, then he is captured by the couple. Mildly scary. Minor language: stupid, idiot. Unimportant mentions of watching TV, 4-6 OK? A well-bred girl sails to America and becomes involved in crew's rebellion, eventually she "throws away her dress" for pants and the life of a sailor. Minor rough language. Disobeys parents to become a sailor - viewed as positive. 5-7 OK?? An orphaned boy who lives with his grandmother resists being adopted by a wealthy man in order to pursued his dreams of becoming a scientist. Throughout alludes to boy/girl but never says it straight out- boy thinks girl is beautiful, he gets red in the face when he thinks about her. But in terms of behavior, they act like regular friends. Dog has a "crush" on a poodle, sneaks out to "visit" her. Mention of watching TV, movies. Language-dumb. 5-7 OK A family who drank from eternal spring can never die. A little girl discovers their secret but doesn't choose their way of life. Lots of philosophical discussion of immortality. Eternally teenaged boy tries to convince young girl to drink from spring when she's older and become immortal and marry him. Rich classroom discussion potential.
Page 11
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Baglio, Ben M. Animal Ark - Hand at the Hospital
Baglio, Ben M. Baglio, Ben M. Baglio, Ben M.
Animal Ark - Lamb in the Laundry Animal Ark - Mare in the Meadow Animal Ark - Pony in a Package
Baglio, Ben M. Animal Ark - Pony on the Porch
Baglio, Ben M. Animal Ark Pets - Gerbil Genius Bagnold, Enid National Velvet Baker, Barbara Oh, Emma Baker, Barbara The William Problem Baker, Rachel The First Woman Doctor Balaban, Bob McGrowl It's a Dog-Eat-Dog World [email protected]
grade 3-5 OK gBoy and girl visit animal hospital. Sleep in an apartment while there - one on the couch, one on the floor. Totally innocent. 3-5 OK Kids help new neighbor with sheep birthing and new baby. 3-4 OK Kids help girl with Cerebral Palsy re-connect to horse after losing hers to illness. 3-4 OK? Girl receives miniature horse as compensation for pony that she can't have because parents got divorced and mother's new home is too small. Parents got divorced because father traveled on business a lot and parents "grew apart". Girl is angry at father and blames him for divorce. At end sees him & is reconciled. Passing mentions of x-mas gifts, tree etc. 3-5 OK? When girl suspects that other girl's horse is allergic to hay, she steals him away from race to save him. Girl who is having trouble adjusting to a move displays bad middos but improves by end of book. Kids are somewhat chutzpadik to an older woman with a difficult personality - also resolves itself at the end of the book, though they never apologize. Girls best friend is a boy - someone asks if he's her boyfriend - she says no, just a friend. Many mentions of girl's mom being famous actress on TV. Brief mention of girl being adopted after parents killed in an accident. Non-religious mention of church and pastor. Language - stupid, idiot. In back of book, review of Puppies in the Pantry - mention famous TV soap opera actress non-religious mention of Easter. 2-4 OK Children rescue a gerbil and adopt it as a class pet. 6+ OK? A girl wins a horse in a raffle and wins the Grand National race by pretending to be a male jockey. Somewhat difficult language. Throughout the book many mentions of mating animals but no description. Minor Language: Blasted, stinkin, darn, shut up. One scene of boys and girls meeting at night without parental permission (p 30). Descriptions of jockey's changing room, their being "naked" and girl's shocked reaction (p. 198-199 ) - can be torn out. 2-4 OK? A young girl struggles with poverty and being the oldest. A few illustrations of girls in cutoffs and shorts. 2-4 OK?? Girl learns to deal with being in a different class from her best friend and with a boy she hates. Bad midos, catty/mean/obnoxious. Lots of talk of girls wearing t-shirts and jeans. 5-8 OK? Biography of Elizabeth Blackwell, who became a doctor in 1840. Various mentions of women's libbers and how much she disliked them for trying to be like men (she was feminine). A few mild religious references, one mention of JC (chap. 2 p. 18) - easy to cross out. A few neutral mentions of men who tried to court her but she refused - she never married because she was too busy trying to be a doctor, but she did adopt an orphaned little girl. 3-5 OK? A bionic dog and his master track down two villains. Running story line of dog liking female dog. When she has puppies everyone knows "proud father" is dog detective (p 166). No mention of marriage (but they are just dogs after all!). Minor language - p. 16 "goldarned minute". Mention of x-mas presents in passing.
Page 12
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Balliett, Blue Chasing Vermeer
6-8 OK? A convoluted and strange mystery/puzzle book where children try to locate a stolen
work of art. P 33 - juvenile rhyme about boy and girl stuck in closet together. A few
mentions in passing of art in museum being paintings of ladies in "too tight dresses" or
"naked people" - easy to cross out. Talk of supernatural and if coincidences are real.
Some kids will love the book and some won't get it.
Balliett, Blue The Wright 3
6-8 OK? Children try to save a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Same genre as
"Chasing Vermeer" - mystery, supernatural, art, and math all strung together in a
convoluted way. Promote book "The Invisible Man" (which may or may not be
appropriate) and the movie "Rear Window". Children break into house to save it. Girl
climbs up ladder last so that boys won't look at "the seat of her pants" . Children tell
parents they are going to a movie so they can break into the house (which they have
been forbidden to go near)
Banks, Kate Lenny's Space
4-5 OK? Socially-challenged boy learns about himself, relationships, and loss, by meeting with
understanding counselor. Friend dies - sad.
Banks, Lynne The Farthest-Away Mountain
5-7 OK? Girl conquers an evil witch. Lots of fantasy and magic. Fairy tale type of instant
falling in love. One kiss, not described. Language: idiot.
Banks, Lynne The Indian in the Cupboard
4-6 OK? A boy receives magic cupboard and discovers it can bring plastic cowboy and Indian
models to life. Some minor rough language. Great story
Banks, Lynne The Return of the Indian
4-6 OK? Boy brings Indian to life and gets involved in French and Indian War. Some rough
language and violence. Boy discovers how hard it is to be responsible for human
Baratz-Logsted, The Sisters 8 - Book 1 - Annie's Adventures 3-6 OK?? Octuplets parents suddenly disappear and they have to manage on their own and find
their hidden powers. Young children figure out how to go shopping, cook, drive, pay
the bills, etc Mentions of Xmas and New Year's celebrations and gifts, no religion.
Father's job is being a model - no description. Minor middos between siblings.
Children explain why their parents didn't give them Xmas presents (after they
disappeared) by lying and saying they are Jewish children. Need to pretend parents
are home because don't want to be placed in foster care. Minor language: stupid,
lousy, blasted, idiots.
Barnett, Mac The Brixton Brothers: The Case of The Case 3-6 OK?? Tongue-in-cheek story of boy who discovers he is a real 'detective' and is on the run
of Mistaken Identity
from powerful 'librarians'. Minor language: jerk, sucks, heck. Boy's single mother has
boyfriend who comes to dinner; boy doesn't like him.
Barrett, Tracy The Sherlock Files: The 100-Year-Old Secret 3-5 OK Children solve mystery of missing portrait.
Barron, T. A. Merlin's Dragon
7+ OK?? A lizard like creature trying to discover his identity journeys around a magical world
trying to save Merlin the Wizard. Very deep and philosophical. A lot of descriptions of
how the magical world of Avalon came to be (obviously no mention of G-d in this
creation). Many mentions of angels and gods who bestow gifts including the ability to
create. Detailed description of wedding with one sentence about the kiss. Minor
language: stupid, moron, idiot
Barrows, Anne Ivy + Bean #2 - And the Ghost that Had to 2-4 OK? Girls think there is a ghost in the school bathroom and they create a scare in school.
and Sophie
When a teacher forbids them talking about it, they create a ceremony to expel it with
magic. Some middos issues between siblings.
[email protected]
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Barry, Dave
Title Never A Land Book - Escape from the Carnivale
Bauer, Marion A Bear Named Trouble Dane Baum, L. Frank Ozma of Oz
Baum, L. Frank The Magic of Oz Baum, L. Frank The Marvelous Land of Oz Baum, L. Frank The Wizard of Oz Beatty, Patricia Charley Skedaddle Beaty, Andrea Cicada Summer
Bellairs, John Bellairs, John Bellairs, John
Revenge of the Wizard's Ghost The House with a Clock in Its Walls The Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn
new Bentley, Sue Magic Kitten and Magic Puppy Series
new Bentley, Sue Magic Kitten-A Circus Wish new Bentley, Sue Magic Kitten-Moonlight Mischief new Bentley, Sue Magic Kitten-Sparkling Steps new Bentley, Sue Magic Puppy- A Forest Charm [email protected]
grade 5-7 OK? Prequel to Peter Pan by a different author. Children rescue a mermaid from a circus ship. A few black and white illustrations of girl in bikini and grass skirt, man in loincloth, and unclothed mermaid - not provocative but noticeable. Non romantic negiah. 3-5 OK Based on true story. Lonely bear tries to dig into zoo, zookeeper's son has conflicting feelings. 4-6 OK? Continuing adventures of Dorothy, who saves a royal family. A lot of magic. Picture of princess with low cut gown - not provocative. Mentions king who looks like Santa Claus - no explanation. Minor language: stupid. 4-6 OK The Oz characters want to get the fairy ruler a birthday present. Get into all sorts of trouble. 4-6 OK The Oz characters try to reconquer the Land of Oz from an army of girls who would rather rule a land than do domestic chores. 4-6 OK A girl gets swept up by cyclone and finds herself in a magical land. 4-6 OK Historical Fiction - civil war. Brief mention of liking a girl. 5-7 OK?? Girl feels responsible for brother's death by carbon monoxide poisoning, so pretends she is mute. Meets girl who is running from criminal father's partner. Well written but a little heavy. 6-8 OK? Call priest to excise ghost w/ cross; locate "urim vetumim's" stones - description totally off - many kids will probably ignore it 6-7 OK? spooky witchcraft; spirits return to life 6-7 OK? boy discovers treasure of eccentric millionaire with help of friendly librarian. Drinking saloon called cigar store "to be polite". Long description of lost "Kruvim" from Bais Hamikdash. Not very inaccurate as far as I can tell - may want Rabbinic Guidance.
Books about a tiger disguised as a kitten and a wolf disguised as a puppy who attempt
to hide in the human world until they get strong enough to defeat their enemies. In
each book they end up helping a child with a problem, often social. Although these
books seem written for younger children the types of problems they deal with are really
geared towards middle grade children.
3-5 OK? A girl learns to do circus tricks. Circus culture. Middos between classmates and
friends. Girl's father is allergic to cats so she sneaks cat into room- eventually father
finds out and lets her keep it. Language- creepy, shut up, weird, stupid, idiot.
3-5 OK? A girl helps her family take care of an animal kennel for a week and deals with an unfriendly older girl. Mention of renting a movie, going to the movies, TV. Girl gives father a "playful shove". Brief non-religious xmas. Language- dumb, stupid. 3-5 OK?? Girl in ballet school deals with a jealous classmate with very poor middos. A lot of ballet culture and aspiring to be a famous ballerina. Brief mention of watching TV and videos. Language- weird, dumb. 3-5 OK?? A girl goes on a wilderness team building trip with her parents and deals with an overachieving girl and her father with very poor middos. In the end, she improves. Father calls his coworker "a Know it all". Language- stupid, freaky, brat
Page 14
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author new Bentley, Sue
Title Magic Puppy-Muddy Paws
grade 3-5 OK? Girl spends the summer on her uncle's farm and learns to get along with her difficult cousin. Middos between cousins. Brief mention of watching TV. Language- stupid,
new Bentley, Sue Magic Puppy-Party Dreams
3-5 OK?? Girl's mother is in the hospital on bedrest so girl goes to stay with her step grandmother who likes to be called by her first name. Middos between friends,
annoying brother, watching movies on TV, mother likes celebrity gossip magazines.
Language- creepy, weird, stupid, flipping, heck (once pg. 87)
new Bentley, Sue Magic Puppy-Twirling Tails
3-5 OK? Girl deals with her best friend's budding friendship with a girl she doesn't like. Middos between classmates. Language- stupid, weird, heck (once)
new Benton, Jim
Franny K. Stein Mad Scientist #6- The Fran 2-3 OK? A girl with an overpacked extracurricular schedule creates robots to take over some of
With Four Brains
her activities. Unimportant mention of dinosaurs. Stupid (once)
Berends, Polly The Case of the Elevator Duck Berrien
2-3 OK Boy solves problem of lost duck in housing project.
Berenstain, Stan The Berenstain Bear Scouts & the
2-4 OK? Chapter book. Papa Bear tries to win contest for biggest pumpkin. Bears uncover plot.
and Jan
Humongous Pumpkin
Minor mention of Halloween. Papa portrayed as naпve and easily misled but not as
bad as in some other Berenstain Bear books. Berenstain, Stan The Berenstain Bears' Seashore Treasure 1-2 OK I Can Read book. Bears search for treasure.
and Jan
Berger, Lara Sophie the Awesome
3-5 OK?? A third grade girl keeps trying to prove she is awesome, with disastrous results.
Finally she saves a kindergartener from running into the street. Girl hates boy who used to be her best friend. Minor juvenile bad middos between children. Minor mention of fifth grade sister who follows around a boy she likes. Juvenile joke about
body odor.
Berger, Melvin & Where Did Your Family Come From? A Book 2-3 OK examples of modern immigrant children to teach about process of immigration - no
About Immigrants
Berk, Professor The Secret History of Giants
obvious Jews. 5+ OK? A fantasy / alternative history disguised in the format of a real history book, with short
factual sounding entries describing giants - their lives, religion, and contributions -
including the creation of earth. Strange (inaccurate) explanation of who Gog and
Magog are. Mention of thousands of years, fossils, and spirits. One section about biblical giants - relatively innocuous. Obviously only for child who can distinguish
between fantasy and reality.
Berlin, Eric
The Puzzling World of Winston Breen
5-7 OK? Boy solves puzzles to solve mystery. Lots of puzzles for reader to solve. Boy
Berlin, Eric
mentions that woman is beautiful. Minor language The Puzzling World of Winston Breen - The 5-7 OK?? A boy and his friends try to win a puzzle contest for their school and try to catch
Potato Chip Puzzles
cheaters. Many puzzles woven into the story for the reader to solve (answers are
given). Language: heck, goofballs, kick your butt, damn. Some teachers not good
role models - cheat and lie. Children have better middos than the teachers. Very minor flirting.
Pony Pals #01 - I want a Pony
3-5 OK? A girl is unhappy staying with her grandmother while her father is away. She helps an
injured pony and arranges to lease him. Forms a pony riding club with her friends.
Betancourt, Jeanne
Pony Pals #02 - A Pony For Keeps
Minor language - jerk. Mention of x-mas songs; no religion. 3-5 OK A girl with a learning disability is devastated when her parents threaten to take away her pony if she doesn't do better in school. She cuts school to spend time with her
pony and a woman with a reputation as a witch (she isn't) helps her
[email protected]
Page 15
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Betancourt, Jeanne Betancourt, Jeanne
Title Pony Pals #03 - A Pony In Trouble Pony Pals #04 - Give Me Back My Pony
grade 3-5 OK Girls try to find out what is making a pony sick, and they enter a horse show. 3-5 OK? Girl has to return her pony to a snobby older girl. On cover, picture of one girl in a sleeveless dress and one in shorts. Girl's mother died when she was 4but she's not so sad about not having a mom because she is very close with her dad. Mentions song Jingle Bells - no religion. 14 year old girl wears make-up. Non-romantic negiah.
Betancourt, Jeanne Betancourt, Jeanne Betancourt, Jeanne Betancourt, Jeanne Betancourt, Jeanne Betancourt, Jeanne Betancourt, Jeanne new Biney, Betty G.
Pony Pals #05 - Pony to the Rescue
Pony Pals #06 - Too Many Ponies
Pony Pals #07 - Runaway Pony
Pony Pals #17 - Detective Pony
Pony Pals #31 - Ponies from the Past
Pony Pals #32 - He's My Pony
Pony Pals Super Special #1: The Baby Pony 3-5
Trouble According to Humphrey
Blackwood, Gary Second Sight
Blackwood, Gary The Just-So Woman
Blackwood, Gary The Shakespeare Stealer
Blade, Adam Beast Quest - Cypher the Mountain Giant 3-5
Blade, Adam Beast Quest - Epos The Winged Flame
[email protected]
OK Girls help find a lost little girl.
OK A girl takes a job training ponies and tries to balance working with having fun
OK A girl blames herself when her pony runs away
OK Girls adopt a lost cat and save animals from a fire in the animal clinic
OK Girls find a letter from the past and connect with the elderly author in a nursing home. Very minor mention of ghosts. OK A girl deals with feelings of jealousy when a visitor proves to be a better artist than her and loves her pony as well. OK Girls take care of an orphaned baby pony.
A classroom hamster finds the courage to help a classmate even though it means losing his freedom to leave his cage. Boy plays video games, family eats dinner in front of the TV, a lot of middos between siblings, some between classmates. Adult daughter is somewhat chutzpadik to her mother who lives with them. Mother offers children a prize of going to the movies. Description of family where kids are very chutzpadik, parents bicker, and everyone is very sad. It turns out it is because dad lost his job and mom is forced to work the night shift- resolves itself in the end. Languagestupid, weird, dumb, poo, dogone. A boy living in Washington DC during the Civil War, becomes an entertainer who pretends to read people's minds. He befriends a gypsy girl with real fortune-telling and mind-reading abilities, and together they save President Lincoln's life. Brief mention in passing of brothels and women of the night, but no explanation. Non-religious mention of X-mas, minor mention of evolution, minor non-romantic negiah, man tries to kiss a woman and she slaps him (p. 230). A woman who wants everything to be perfect, learns from a neighboring man that sometimes you need to accept things as they are. Historical fiction set in time of Shakespeare. Poor apprentice sent to secretly transcribe Hamlet. Ends up joining theater. One of boy actors turns out to be girl in disguise. Series about a boy and girl who undertake a quest to free huge beasts from enchantment by a villain who is trying to conquer the kingdom. Some magical violence. Children encounter great danger to free a giant. Non-romantic negiah. Children fight a beast that causes a volcano to erupt. Non-romantic negiah.
Page 16
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Blade, Adam Blade, Adam Blade, Adam
Title Beast Quest - Ferno the Fire Dragon Beast Quest - Soltra The Stone Charmer Beast Quest - Zepha The Monster Squid
Blair, Gwenda Laura Ingalls Wilder
Blegved Blume, Judy Blume, Judy
The Sound of Leaves Freckle Juice Iggie's House
Blume, Judy Blume, Judy Blume, Lesley M. M.
Tale of a fourth grade nothing The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo Tennyson
new Bode, N.E
The Somebodies
Bond, Ann Sharpless Bond, Michael
Adam and Noah and the Cops Paddington Goes to Town
Bond, Michael Paddington Takes the Test
Bonsall, Crosby Dumb Bells Bonsall, Crosby The Case of the Cat's Meow
grade 3-5 OK? Childre encounter great danger to free a dragon. Some non-romantic friendly negiah e.g. when they conquer the beast they hug to celebrate. 3-5 OK Children rescue the village from a creature that turns people to stone. 3-5 OK?? Children retrieve a piece of armor guarded by a dangerous squid. Girl asks boy to dance, he says he doesn't know how. Children decide it's OK to take a boat without permission since it's for a good cause. Non-romantic negiah. 2-4 OK? Biography of author of Little House series. A few minor mentions of x-mas, one picture of x-mas tree with gifts under it. Agrees to marry fiancee if won't have to include a promise to "obey" him in wedding ceremony - p. 52 3-4 OK? pictures of young girl at beach 2-4 OK Girl gives boy recipe for getting freckles 5-7 OK?? When a black family moves into her best friend's former house, a girl tries to cope with the prejudice of her neighbors and family. She wishes she could be "curvy" like her mother. Very uncharitable, chutzpadik (albeit well deserved) thoughts about nosey, prejudiced neighbor . Spies on neighbors from tree house - one who sunbathes in only a towel and another who mows the lawn in a bathing suit (p. 59). Some minor name calling and fighting among children, tomboy dreads wearing a dress to school every day. In back of book reviews of books by the author, at least one of which is highly inappropriate - can be torn out. 3-5 OK? minor rough language 2-3 OK A second grader wants to prove himself and to his family that he is special so gets an important part in the school play. 6-8 OK?? Set in Depression Era. When their artsy writer mother deserts the family, poor girls are sent to live with Aunt who is trying to revive Southern family dynasty. Language: damned (proper usage) 5-7 OK?? Children battle an evil queen in a magical underground city. Vague references to characters in books which may or may not be appropriate, including other books in this series. Non-religious mentions of churches, synagogues, a mosque, and Halloween. Mean teacher comes back from bathroom with her skirt tucked into her underpants; comical (but inappropriate) description (p34 chapt 2). Affectionate negiah between step brother and sister. Language- weird, idiot, freakish. 3-5 OK? Boys keep getting into funny trouble. A few mentions of juvenile liking girls so they follow them and scare them - p. 29 and 75 - very minor. 4-7 OK Bear gets in unintentional mischief. Goes to town to see X-mas lights, also talk of Xmas presents; nothing religious 4-7 OK Bear accidentally takes (and fails) a driving test, and accidentally gets into other mischief. Brief mention of Xmas. Family goes to theater to see a "pantomime". 2-3 OK I Can Read Book. Boys accidentally hook up phone wires to door bells. 2-3 OK Boys find lost cat.
[email protected]
Page 17
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
new Bosch,
The Name of this Book is Secret
Bradbury, Bianca Bradbury, Ray
Two on an Island Farenheit 451
Bradford, Chris Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior (book 1)
Bragg, Georgia Matisse on the Loose
Brand, Christianna
Nancy McPhee - The Collected Tales of Nurse Matilda
Breen, M. E. Darkwood Brennan, Herbie Zartog's Remote and Neal Layton
grade 5-8 OK?? An eccentric boy and a girl try to find a missing magician and get involved with people searching for immorality who have kidnapped their classmate. Girl sometimes calls her mother by her first name. Girl is a bad liar but since she needs to lie to her parents to be allowed to go out to investigate a crime, she practices with small lies until she perfects it. Mentions of watching TV, movies. Boy's parents are divorced but they think they should both bring up their son so they divide their house in half and pretend the other doesn't exist. Very confusing for him. Some Egyptian religion and culture. Nonromantic negiah. Language- darn, stupid, weird, creepy, dumb, butt, fart, idiot, shut up, sucker. Minor bathroom humor. 3-5 OK Bother and sister trapped on an island. Learn to get along and appreciate each other 9+ OK?? Set in future where they burn books and try to keep everyone artificially happy and not thinking deeply. One man rebels. Language: damn, hell (as a curse), JC (as a curse). Book has some deep concepts which need adult discussion - I wouldn't give it to a teenager as independent reading. 6-8 OK?? English boy is stranded in Japan in 1600's, when ship is attacked. Adopted by samurai lord and learns art of samurai. Friends with beautiful girl - no romance (yet). Martial arts violence. Mention of JC - p. 85. Language: hell - p. 187. Japanese mythology, philosophy, passing mentions of gods. Later book in series slightly more problematic. 4-7 OK? Boy tries to get out of trouble after he trades his copy of a masterpiece for the real thing. Language: butt (2x), screw up. When he was younger he "proposed" to girl, then "broke it off" and she hates him; become friends again. Very tame. Mild chutzpah of son to father. 4-6 OK?? 3 books in one and pictures from a movie, about a nurse who transforms extremely naughty children into well behaved children by using magic to cause them to continue their mischief even when they want to stop, until they beg her to let them stop being naughty. Although mischief is described in great detail it is so horrible that is unlikely a regular child will be influenced for the bad (see Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books), but parents should make an individual decision. Minor language used in a British sense: ass, drat, prig, dang. Sunday School described but no religion except "turn the other cheek". A co-ed beach where women wear modest swimsuits and don't swim near men. 6-9 OK Fantasy. Girl fights wolves and villains and discovers her powers and her past. Violence: animal vs. men and men vs. men. 2-5 OK? Silly tongue in cheek book about an alien and a girl who accidentally switch remote controls - he takes her TV remote and she takes his that can change people into other things. She uses his remote to scare bullies who have been bothering her. Some silly slang. Minor language: darned. Alien disobeys his parents and gets into trouble.
[email protected]
Page 18
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Brenner, Barbara
Title If You Were There in 1776
Brett, Simon Brink, Carol Ryrie Brink, Carol Ryrie
The Three Detectives and the Knight in armor Baby Island Caddie Woodlawn
Brink, Carol Ryrie Brink, Carol Ryrie Broach, Elise
Family Grandstand Magical Melons Masterpiece
Bronin, Andrew Gus and Buster Work Things Out Brooke, William A Brush with Magic J. new Brooks, Walter Freddy the Pied Piper R
Brooks, Walter R. Brooks, Walter R. Brooks, Walter R. new Brooks, Walter R.
Freddy and Mr. Camphor Freddy and the Bean Home News Freddy and the Ignoramous Freddy and the Perilous Adventure
[email protected]
grade 3-5 OK? 3-5 OK
Non-fiction. Describes life in 1776 using descriptions, quotes and illustrations. Mention of prostitutes coming to colonies - no definition or hint to meaning (P. 11). Minor language - stupid (referring to the British). One sentence (p. 85) about young couples crossing the "Kissing Bridge, which is well-named" - can be crossed out. Relatively neutral description of religious life - one mention of JC (P. 85) - can be crossed out. Back of book jacket - illustration of young women wearing very low-cut gowns, playing blind man's bluff with young men. lots of talk about ridiculous TV show - very anti TV
3-5 OK 2 girls shipwrecked on tropical island with babies. Befriend a hermit. Mild religion, very minor language 4-6 OK? Historical fiction, tomboy girl in pioneer days, discovers what it is to be a real American. Very innocent boy/girl side-story: Brother likes girl in class (page 60,90,260); buys her best Valentine in store (102, 177). Visiting preacher, praying on knees, etc. 3-5 OK Sweet story about mid-1900's family
4-6 OK? Sequel to Caddie Woodlawn. Mild old fashioned boy/girl courting
5-7 OK? Beetle draws beautiful art, adults think boy did it; together they solve mystery of stolen art. Non-romantic negiah between adults. Passing mention of naked statue: "The female body is a beautiful thing" (p. 111). Some discussion of divorce.
2-3 OK easy reader. Mention of watching TV 3-6 OK? Delightful Chinese fairy tale. Main character does "fall in love", but main focus is on magic. 3-5 OK?? Animals help a bankrupt circus owner restart his circus. A few brief non religious mentions of xmas. A song about a duck who went "a courting" and took 2 female ducks "on his knee" and asked them to marry him. Sends them a valentine on st. valentines day. Discussion if superstitions really bring bad luck or not. A circus performer tells fortunes which almost never come true. Brief mention of going to movies. Frequent language- darn, shut up, stupid, dumb 3-5 OK Intelligent pig and his friends have adventures. 3-5 OK? P 169 - description of who danced with who at a fancy ball. No romance at all.
3-5 OK? minor language, eg: shut up 3-5 OK? Pig tries to clear his name when he is accused of stealing a hot air balloon. Side story of the reappearance duck who was spirited away since he was unfairly strict with his nieces and constantly bragging about how great he is. In his absence his nieces became more self confident and tell him he can only stay if he listens to them (chutzpah?). He agrees to their terms. Mean man hits his son. Language-dumb.
Page 19
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Brooks, Walter R. Brooks, Walter R. Brooks, Walter R. Brooks, Walter R. Brooks, Walter R. Brooks, Walter R. Brown, Irene Bennet Brown, Jeff Brown, Jeff Brown, Jeff Brown, Jeff Brown, Laurie Krasny Brown, Marc Brown, Marc Brown, Marc Brown, Marc Brown, Marc Brown, Marc Brown, Marc
Title Freddy and the Space Ship
grade 3-5 OK? More animal adventures.
Freddy Goes Camping
3-5 OK? More animal adventures.
Freddy Goes to Florida
3-5 OK? More animal adventures.
Freddy Plays Football
3-5 OK? More animal adventures.
Freddy the Detective
3-5 OK? More animal adventures. Minor language: darn, shut up, brat.
Freddy's Cousin Weedly
Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures
Invisible Stanley
Stanley in Space
Stanley, Flat Again
Rex and Lilly School Time
Arthur Accused (Chapter book 5)
Arthur and the Best Coach Ever (Arthur
Good Sports Chapter books)
Arthur and the Big Blowup (Chapter book 20) 2-4
Arthur and the Comet Crisis (Chapter book 2-4 27) Arthur and the Cootie Catcher (chapter book 2-3 25)
Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest
Arthur and the Double Dare
OK? Animals try to prevent farmer's aunt from stealing his teapot. Minor language: consarn it, darn, I'll be darned, shut up. OK? girl on Kansas prairie frantically tries to find lost cow to save baby's life. Encounters rough and unpleasant cowboys and befriends them. One incident - encounters cowboys bathing and turns away because won't talk to "no naked cowboys". Can be crossed out. OK? Flat boy goes to Japan to meet his favorite movie actor and finds out that he doesn't match the image he projects in his movies. Picture of scantily clothed very fat male summo wrestlers. OK? Sequel to Flat Stanley. One scene where helps a shy couple get engaged and they kiss. Easy to tear out page. OK Stanley saves alien planet OK Sequel to Flat Stanley. One scene where girl kisses Stanley to thank him for saving her. OK? Cute school stories. At show and tell boy shows his new zoo underwear - very juvenille (and typical of this age). OK Boy is accused of stealing money. His friend plays detective to prove his innocence. Minor language: stupid (once). OK Arthur's friend's father becomes the new coach but he doesn't know much about coaching. He and the team learn together. OK? 2 members of soccer team learn to patch up differences so team can win. Side story of little sister writing a letter to Santa; no religion OK Boys panic when they think a comet is going to hit Earth - turns out they didn't assemble the telescope correctly. One boy believes in UFOs and aliens. OK?? A girl receives a paper fortune teller as a birthday present and the kids think they have to listen to its predictions. When one of them tries to disprove it his bike gets run over and he starts to believe in the "curse" also. At the end they ask the fortune teller if they should stop listening to it - it says "yes" so they do. A few mentions of watching TV OK? Arthur desperately wants to win a TV jingle writing contest. So he uses lyrics he heard his sister singing - eventually feels guilty and gives her credit. OK Kids dare each other to skip school, then chicken out but neglect to tell one of the group.
[email protected]
Page 20
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Brown, Marc Arthur and the No Brainer (Chapter books 2-4 OK Boys help their brilliant friend cope with getting an answer wrong for the first time in
his life.
Brown, Marc Arthur and the Pen Pal Playoff (chapter book 2-4 OK Arthur exaggerates his basketball prowess to his pen pal but learns his lesson when he
meets him in person
Brown, Marc Arthur and the Race to Read (Chapter Book 2-4 OK Children try different strategies to win a running race.
Brown, Marc Arthur Good Sports : Arthur and the Goalie 2-4 OK Buster tries to be like a famous hockey player and starts to see his ghost everywhere.
Ghost (Chapter Book 5)
Eventually learns to play using his own style.
Brown, Marc Arthur's Mystery Envelope (Chapter Book 1) 2-4 OK Arthur's principal hands him an envelope for his mother and Arthur is nervous he is in
trouble. He is tempted to make it disappear but eventually feels too guilty and gives it
to her.
Brown, Marc Binky Rules (Chapter book 24)
2-4 OK? Kids try to figure out who is graffitiing their friend's name all over school. Turns out is
publicity for a rockband. Lots of talk of Nancy Drew vs. Hardy Boys. Last page shows
boy and girl dancing to the rock music - very juvenile
Brown, Marc Buster Baxter, Cat Saver (chapter book 19) 2-4 OK Buster learns what It means to be a real hero, as friends try to keep him from
Brown, Marc Buster's New Friend (Chapter Book 23)
2-4 OK Arthur is jealous when his best friend starts spending time with a new friend who turns
out to be an assigned big brother from the community center.
Brown, Margaret The Golden Sleeping Book
2-3 OK Anthology of short stories and poems about animals
new Bruchac, Joseph Code Talker
8+ OK?? A novel written as a first hand account of the fascinating story of Navajo Indians who
transmitted code during WWII in their native tongue. A lot of vivid discrimination
against Indians. A lot of very detailed war gore, violence, and death. A mishmash of
Catholicism and Indian religion described in detail. Mention of JC (p53 chapt 8)
occasional language- stupid, dumb, heck, hell, darn, damned, kicking butt, danged. A
lot of "blankety blank: written instead of curses.
new Bruchac, Joseph The Arrow Over the Door
4-6 OK? A Quaker boy tries to understand his family's pacifist beliefs in the face of the
independence war, while an Indian boy deals with his anger at the white man for killing
his mother and brother. Description of Quaker religious beliefs e.g.. Spirit of G-d
dwells within each person. Mostly neutral. In the back of the book a more detailed
description of their beliefs. Language- stupid
Bruchac, Joseph The Warriors
4-6 OK? Indian boy joins lacrosse team. Some Indian religion - lacrosse was given by Creator,
use of game to heal the sick.
Bruel, Nick
Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty
3-5 OK? A silly book with minimal text and many illustrations interspersed with interesting facts
about cats. Cat's owner tries to throw him a birthday party but cat misbehaves since
he misses his mother. Language: heck, darn, weirdo, berserk, freak out (each used
Buchanan, Jane Hank's Story
4-6 OK? Sequel to Gratefully Yours . Orphan train boy deals with family that abuses him.
Woman who befriends him speaks of father who abused her family; asks why her
mother put up with it, but doesn't continue discussion.
Buckley-Archer, The Time Thief - Book two in the Gideon 6-9 OK?? Children try to remedy changes made in the first book, through time travel. Language:
Trilogy (Also may be published as The Tar
damn: p. 11, 131, 242 , 255, 479. Mild boy/girl: 224,313, 330,441
[email protected]
Page 21
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Buckley-Archer, The Time Travelers - Book one in the Gideon 6-9 OK?? Children accidentally travel to 18th century. Language: damn, hell (the place). Very
Trilogy (Also published as: Gideon the
mild boy/girl. Short description of theory of evolution (presented as fact).
Buckley-Archer, Time Quake- Book three in the Gideon
6-9 OK?? Children chase villains to retrieve time machine and reverse damage to Time and
history. Language: damn, hell. Non-romantic negiah: girl needs to hold on to boy's
hand in order to avoid "fast forwarding" through time - very tame. One friendly
comforting hug. Passing reference to theories of Darwin - not specified.
Bulla, Clyde Last Look
2-4 OK A girl tries to befriend new girl who turns out not to be so nice. In end learns not to be
in a clique and to be nice to others..
Bulla, Clyde Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims
2-4 OK Biography of an Indian boy who travels to England and then back to America to help
settlers. Innocent mention of church bells making "wonderful music" - P. 11 - easy to
cross out.
Bulla, Clyde The Chalk Box Kid
2-4 OK Sweet story of boy who moves and has trouble adjusting to new school
Bulla, Clyde The Paint Brush kid
2-4 OK Continuation of The Chalkbox Kid. Boy helps old man save house from being
knocked down for thruway.
Bulla, Clyde White Bird
2-4 OK Boy is raised by bachelor orphan during pioneer days. Runs away when bird is stolen.
Eventually returns and comes to appreciate guardian.
Buller, Jon
Space Rock
2-3 OK Step-Into-Reading book. Boy helps return space rock to space ship.
Burnett, Frances A Little Princess
5-8 OK Beautiful classic about a little rich girl in a boarding school. When her father dies she
is treated as a servant until she is discovered by father's old friend.
Burnett, Frances Little Lord Fauntleroy Hodgson Burnett, Frances The Secret Garden Hodgson
5-8 OK? A little boy raised in a simple way by his American mother, suddenly finds out he is a lord and must go to England to live with his rich, crotchety grandfather. Innocent comments about liking to look at girls (p. 102 chapter 6). Description of church service - kneeling and folding hands in prayer - no heavy religion (p. 134-135, chap. 7). Drawn out description of a beautiful woman who all the men fawn over,seen through a young boy's eyes (p. 176-177 ch. 10; p 234 chap 15) 5-7 OK? A lonely unsociable child is sent to live with hunchback uncle. Magical religious hymn about father, son & holy ghost, other minor religion
Butterworth, Oliver Buzbee, Lewis
The Enormous Egg Steinbeck's Ghost
Byars, Betsy Dead Letter - A Herculeah Jones Mystery
4-6 OK? Dinosaurs: mention of evolution: millions of years, Mesozoic age. Needs parental guidance. 6-8 OK? Boy tries to save library from closing, as characters from John Steinbeck's books appear in town. Juvenile language: sucks, butt. Passing mention of talking to girls. Father threatens daughter not to kiss boyfriend; she doesn't. Book encourages reader to want to read Steinbeck's books. Although language level is 6-8th grade, book is more intellectual than the average reader of that age. 5-6 OK? Boy and girl solve murder. Mention of boy missing his father who left (abandoned?) family but not so clear. Minor reference to boys calling girls for a date.
[email protected]
Page 22
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Byars, Betsy Byars, Betsy Byars, Betsy Byars, Betsy Byars, Betsy Byng, Georgia Calhoun, Mary Callen, Larry Calvert, Patricia Calvert, Patricia Cameron, Ann Cameron, Ann Cameron, Ann Cameron, Eleanor Cameron, Eleanor Cameron, Eleanor Cameron, Eleanor Canfield, Jack Caple, Kathy
Title Keeper of the Doves
grade 7+ OK?
King of Murder - A Herculeah Jones Mystery 4-6 OK?
Me Tarzan The Summer of the Swans
3-4 OK? 4-6 OK?
The Winged Colt of Casa Mia
3-6 OK
Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism 5-8 OK?
Katie John
3-5 OK?
The Deadly Mandrake
5-7 OK?
Bigger Sooner Julian, Secret Agent Julian's Glorious Summer Stories Julian Tells
5-7 OK 5-7 OK 2-3 OK 2-3 OK 2-4 OK
Mr. Bass's Planetoid Stowaway to the Mushroom Planet The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet Time and Mr. Bass Chicken Soup for the Child's Soul
5-7 OK? 4-6 OK? 4-6 OK 5-7 OK? 1-5 OK?
Duck and Company
1-2 OK?
Although reading level is for younger than seventh grade, subject is for a more mature child. When their dog dies, children suspect that a recluse living on their property killed him. One of the girls who is more sensitive disagrees. The book delves into her feelings about this as well as her fear that her mother and her new baby might die, as well as her dad's disappointment that she was a girl, not a boy. Neutral prayers said at graveside. Girl solves mystery of murder novel writer who appears to be murderer. Boy who is her friend is forced by his mother to take visiting girl out on a "date". boy teases girl so she won't think he likes her; brief women's lib Adolescent girl is upset about life until retarded brother is lost and found, and she gains a new perspective on life. Side mention of a boy who asks her to a party, and sister's boyfriend. Boy visits uncle and finds winged horse. Learn lessons of love and family Orphan girl discovers book that teaches her how to hypnotize people. Minor language. Later books in series are problematic. Girl comes to love big old house. Talk of aunt who never married - girl decides aunt made right choice. Town beset by bad luck. Children try to uproot deadly plant that is causing it. Very detailed description of dead body (not gory, just detailed). Lots of superstition. Strange book. Historical fiction - post civil war. Slave boy beaten because he wanted to "empty bowels". Historical fiction - post civil war. Sequel to Bigger. Comes to terms with mom's remarriage by leaving home - with her permission. Minor violence. Boy and friends solve mysteries and fight crime. boy learns that it is better not to lie, when doesn't admit fear of riding bike to his friends. Short stories about a young boy. Calls teeth "Cave boy teeth" - a few references to cave men. He says he is uncomfortable befriending a girl because "people find out and tease you", but she becomes his best friend anyway. Continuation of Mushroom Planet series. Lots of scientific discussion. Minor language: heck. Continuation of series. Language - darned, stupid, heck, An unimportant reference to the Age of Reptiles Story of 2 boys who go to a strange planet on a spaceship. Very cute. Continuation of Mushroom Planet series. Lots of historical/sociological discussion will go over most kids' heads. Minor talk of millions of years ago. Character building stories, meant to be read to kids ages 5-8. Could also be readalone for ages 8+. 2-3 stories on divorce; parents need to use discretion for choosing stories to read aloud, or allowing older children to read themselves. Strange story of 2 animals who run a book store. Tongue in cheek humor most kids won't get. Minor middos issues.
[email protected]
Page 23
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Carey, Janet Lee Carey, Peter
Title The Double Life of Zoe Flynn The Big Bazoohley
grade 5-7 OK? 3-6 OK?
Girl deals with family's move to mobile home. Passing mention of crushes. Passing discussion of heaven/ reincarnation in different religions. Ref to Xmas 9-year old boy staying in hotel with parents - on the move because father gambles away money. Boy is accidentally entered into snobby high-class kids competition, with outrageous results. Boy/girl dancing is part of contest, but is not romantic & adds to hilarity. New friend, who is a girl, squeezes his hand at the end. Very tame.
Carlson, Nancy Loudmouth Geoge and the New Neighbors 1-2
Carman, Patrick The 39 Clues book 5 - The Black Circle
OK A rabbit overcomes prejudice and befriends new neighbors. Cartoonish picture of animals in bathing suits. OK?? Children compete with other family members in a deadly race to find clues as they try to find out what happened to their parents. Brief mention of dinosaurs. A lot of minor language and slang - butt, heck, nitwit, geek, stupid, moron, jerk, sucker, idiot, freak out,dumb,maniacs, dork, gross, nerd, weird, . Back of book includes website where readers can enter contest. Other books from this series listed under The 39 Clues
Carman, Patrick The Land of Elyon: Into the Mist
4-7 OK Prequel to Land of Elyon series: young Roland and Thomas come to Land of Elyon
Carman, Patrick Trackers - Book 1
6-9 OK?? Boy computer genius hacks into internet on instructions of mysterious man and young female accomplice, who claim to be government agents. Boy works with friends: 2 boys and a girl - totally innocent. Book has actual internet addresses to view videos supposedly created by boy; transcripts are included at back of book (actual videos were not reviewed - may or may not be appropriate). Language: butt (once), "freaky smart" (once). Friend jokes "skating keeps me trim for the ladies" (but he has no contact with girls). Young female accomplice of mystery man is described several times as beautiful and "hot" - no relationship between her and boys (yet).
Carman, Patrick Trackers - Book 2: Shantorian Carter, Dorothy Grandma's General Store: The Ark
6-9 OK? Boy genius reveals elaborate plan to trap dangerous hacker. Book has actual internet addresses to view videos supposedly created by boy; transcripts are included at back of book (some actual videos reviewed - those reviewed were consistent with transcripts and were appropriate). 3-5 OK? Children in segregationist South deal with father's loss of job. Passing mention of men & women dancing. Lots of religion but not overtly recognizable as Christian (mostly quotes from Old Testament or other general quotes; one mention of Lucifer).
Casonova, Mary Wolf Shadows
Catling, Patrick The Chocolate Touch
Chew, Ruth
Magic in the Park
Chew, Ruth
Royal Magic
Chew, Ruth
Secondhand magic
Chew, Ruth
The Secret Tree House
Chew, Ruth
The witch's buttons
Chew, Ruth
The witch's garden
Chew, Ruth
The would be witch
[email protected]
3-4 OK? minor refs. to boys being popular with girls 3-5 OK Boy who eats too much chocolate learns not to be so greedy, when everything he touches turns to chocolate. 3-4 OK Strange story of magical tree 3-5 OK? some African religion 3-5 OK children meet a strange man who owns a bird kite that is real. 3-5 OK Children find a magical pear tree. 3-5 OK A magic button turns out to be a witch. 3-5 OK children discover neighbor is a witch, and do magical things in her garden 3-5 OK children help an old lady who wants to be a witch
Page 24
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Chew, Ruth
Title What the witch left
grade 3-5 OK girls have adventures with magical things left in a drawer
Chew, Ruth
Witch's Broom
3-5 OK girls have adventures on an enchanted broom
Choi, Sook Nyul The Best Older Sister
2-3 OK a Korean girl deals with jealousy over new baby brother. Lots of Korean culture -
Christian, Mary Merger on the Orient Expressway
nothing overtly religious 3-5 OK Boy detective figures out who is hurting mom's business.
Christian, Mary Sebastian [Supersleuth] and the Baffling
3-5 OK Dog detective solves mystery of who is pretending to be Bigfoot to scare away hotel
Christian, Mary Sebastian [Supersleuth] and the Copycat
patrons. One instance of word "jerk" 3-5 OK Dog helps discover who is stealing author's manuscripts.
Christian, Mary Sebastian [Supersleuth] and the Stars-in-His- 3-5 OK? dog detective helps solve mystery of who is sabotaging a movie. Movie terms and
Eyes Mystery
Christian, Mary The Maltese Feline
movie set, but otherwise innocent. 3-5 OK? Children help rescue a wealthy woman being held captive. Minor language - dumb,
jerk, nerd
Christian, Mary The Mysterious Case Case
3-5 OK Children become owners of a briefcase full of money; catch bank robber.
Blount Christian, Mary The Phantom of the Operetta
3-5 OK? Children solve mystery of who is haunting an opera house. Minor language - nerd
Christie, Agatha Murder on the Orient Express
7+ OK? A detective solves a murder. A few references children probably won't get - p 119- a
woman opens wrong door in train compartment - male occupant says "she's too old". P 122 - woman claims to have heard woman's voice in man's compartment, but "it isn't nice to speak about". P 217 - doctor "unblushingly recalling his thoughts from
certain pornographic details" All of these can be easily crossed out. Only other
possible objection is justification for people taking justice into their own hands by
killing vicious murderer. The City of Gold and Lead - The Tripods #2 6-8 OK Set in future time when human city is controlled by aliens. Boy joins group of rebels.
Mild mention of liking girl, but not dwelled on at all.
Christopher, The Pool of Fire - The Tripods #3
6-8 OK Humans defeat aliens. Deal with questions of new "free will" leading to challenges.
John Christopher,
The White Mountains - The Tripods #1
6-8 OK Boy joins troupe of rebels against aliens who take over Earth.
Christopher, When the Tripods Came
6-8 OK Prequel to Tripod series - how the aliens took over Earth through mind-control.
John Christopher,
Double play at short
4-6 OK a boy shortstop wonders why other team's girl shortstop is so much like him. Discover
they are adopted twins
Christopher, Earthquake
3-5 OK a boy runs away from camp - survives earthquake and learns lesson about running
Matt Christopher,
Fairway Phenom
away. 4-6 OK? Black boy resists ridicule of friends to get involved in golf. Hip slang. As example of
perseverance, boy remembers when he asked a girl on a date 5 times and she finally
went out with him; turned out he didn't like her.
Christopher, Matt Christopher,
Hockey Machine Inline Skater
4-5 OK? Strange; kid kidnapped by rich boy for hockey team 3-5 OK? Boy who is into "aggro" skating joins hockey team. Becomes friends with girl on team -
non-romantic. Juvenile language: jerk, wuss, dweeb.
[email protected]
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Christopher, Matt Christopher, Matt Christopher, Matt Christopher, Matt Christopher, Matt Christopher, Matt Christopher, Matt Christopher, Matt Christopher, Matt Ciencin, Scott
Title Mountain Bike Mania Olympic Dream Run for it Supercharged Infield The Basket counts The Submarine Pitch Wingman on Ice Ice magic Tough to tackle Jurrasic Park Adventures: Flyers
Clark, Clara Gillow
Hattie on Her Way
Clark, Margaret Barney and the UFO
Clark, Margaret Barney on Mars
Clark, Margaret The Latchkey Mystery
Clarke, J
Teddy B Zoot
Clarke, Susanna Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
grade 3-5 OK 4-6 OK
Boy takes up biking to fill time when mom goes to work. Discovers who is a true friend and who is a bad influence. Overweight boy is inspired to take up cycling and get into shape
4-6 OK Brief mention - boy works out to attract girls' attention
4-6 OK? secret crush. Talk of boys asking girls to movies
4-6 OK Black boy experiences mild prejudice in new neighborhood. Lots of sports action
4-6 OK sad ending
4-6 OK Boy gets a new hockey stick but won't use it until his game improves.
3-5 OK? hockey toy predicts real games. "magic"
3-5 OK boy tries not to quit football and encourages brother in army.
3-5 OK? Pterodactyls invade Universal Studios Park. Based on movie. Reference to woman noticing man's muscles when he removes his shirt. 4-6 OK? Sequel to Hill Hawk Hattie. 19th century girl confronts mystery of grandfather's disappearance. Describes grandfather's descent into madness; irrational discussion with him might confuse children. Mother also was delusional. Mention that mother and father danced before marriage. Seance in which mother's spirit speaks to her; medium explains that most of her work is fake, but this was clearly understood to be real. Some old-fashioned language - arse, etc. 3-5 OK an adopted boy refuses offer of alien to go to his planet, because he comes to appreciate adopted parents. Very minor reference of liking a girl 3-5 OK Boy helps get back a dog taken by an alien, and visits Mars in the process
3-5 OK A group of latchkey kids form a neighborhood watch and capture robber. Boy and girl come to like each other but totally platonic. 2-3 OK Cute. Bear goes to school at night to find his owner's math homework. 11+ OK?? Two British magicians revive the use of magic in 18th century England. This is a well- written, very long (800+), adult-level book, which is for the most part "clean" (considering age level). Some language: hell, damn, "whoreson". One drawing of woman in low-cut gown (p. 418). Some very minor passing references to: kissing, female anatomy, mistresses, illegitimate children, Christian ritual, woman who left her husband for another man who later dumped her, man who seduced his sister. Some violence.
[email protected]
Page 26
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Clayton, Emma The Roar
Cleary, Beverly Dear Mr. Henshaw Cleary, Beverly Ellen Tebbits new Cleary, Beverly Emily's Runaway Imagination
Cleary, Beverly Henry and Ribsy Cleary, Beverly Henry and the Paper Route Cleary, Beverly Muggie Maggie new Cleary, Beverly Ottis Spofford Cleary, Beverly Ralph S Mouse new Cleary, Beverly Ramona and Her Mother
Cleary, Beverly Ramona Forever [email protected]
grade 6-8 OK?
Infuturistic world, all people live behind a wall on 1/3 of the world, supposedly to protect them from animals with violent plague. Children are recruited for army that will take back rest of world. Minor language: butt, pee, freakin', shut up. Made-up curse words: frag, fraggin, perp, "Oh my odd!". Passing mention of pre-historic humans, 35,000 years ago; millions of years. Non-romantic negiah. Boy and girl are friends boy thinks she is pretty, and one mention he "loves" her, but mostly seem to be good friends - could get stronger in later books. Father and mother cuddle/kiss.
4-6 OK? a boy writes to an author about parents' divorce and trucker father who often forgets about him. Talk of "whooping it up" at rest stop with waitresses - doesn't explain. Parent should decide if this book is for their child. 2-4 OK? Girl deals with challenges of grade school life. Boy teases her. Pictures of girls in ballet outfits.Lots of juvenile mentions of long underwear, summer underwear, and underwear slipping. Language: shut up. 3-5 OK?? A girl's imagination gets her into funny trouble until she is instrumental in getting a branch of the public library to open in her small town. Mentions of book "Black Beauty". A few non religious, brief mentions of xmas, church bells, church sometimes is "boring", mention of story of JC feeding the multitudes (p193 chapt 7), singing of hymn-"bringing in the sheaves" (p195). Mom doesn't believe in G-d. Father tells her she deserves a spanking but she is getting to big. Girl makes valentines for female cousins. When mom was young all the young men wanted to dance with her. Language-"gol-dinged". 3-5 OK Henry tries to keep dog out of trouble so can go on fishing trip - cute. 3-5 OK Henry earns a kitten and a paper route. 3-4 OK? Girl's teacher gets her to learn cursive by writing notes to another teacher in cursive. (Will kids get message that it's OK to read adult's notes?) 3-5 OK?? A companion book to "Ellen Tebbits" written from perspective of the boy who chases her and makes her life miserable. He loves to "liven things up" and constantly gets into trouble. A lot of middos issues in a somewhat well meaning juvenile way. Eventually gets his "comeuppance" when the girls he teases turn against him with the help of his friends. But the lesson is only partially learned-if at all. Parents need to make a decision about this book on an individual basis. Illustration of boys and girls dancing together ­ not romantic. 4-6 OK Sequel to The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Minor angry language 3-5 OK?? A second grader deals with her mother working full time, her father's dislike of his new job, and her changing relationship with her parents. Her parents quarrel when they are exhausted and she and her sister are afraid they will divorce. Mother explains that everyone quarrels sometimes and it's OK. Occasional minor chutzpah and minor bad middos. Nonreligious brief mentions of xmas and Santa and Easter. Second grade boy and girl get full of blue liquid so the babysitter strips them down to their underwearthey are very embarrassed. Many brief mentions of watching TV. Language-shut up, twerp. 2-4 OK? pareve description of church wedding, minor mention of kiss at end
Page 27
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Cleary, Beverly Ramona Quimby Age 8
Cleary, Beverly Ramona the Brave Cleary, Beverly Ramona the pest Cleary, Beverly Ramona's World
Cleary, Beverly Ribsy
Cleary, Beverly The Mouse & the Motorcycle
Clements, Andrew
A Week in the Woods
Clements, Andrew Clements, Andrew
Frindle Jake Drake Bully Buster
Clements, Andrew Clements, Andrew
Jake Drake Know-It-All Jake Drake, Class Clown
Clements, Andrew
Jake Drake, Teacher's Pet
[email protected]
grade 3-5 OK? Ramona is in 3rd grade. Father has job as "Santa's little helper" in a frozen food warehouse (term never explained). 8th grade sister worried about dancing at boy/girl party - page 145 - chap. 8 - easy to cross out. 2-4 OK? Chapter 1 - many references to boys calling "Beezus J---"; Ramona tells them not to take the lord's name in vain. Chap 8 (p 155) ref to 3 wise men and baby J---. 2-4 OK? likes to chase a boy and kiss him - very 5 year old juvenile 2-4 OK?? Beezus gets ears pierced without permission - no consequences. Beezus goes to dance where boys are invited but don't show up. Ramona notes that a boy she calls "Yard Ape" likes her (after trying to get his attention) 3-5 OK Dog gets lost and tries to find his way home. Cute. Note: Harper/Trophy edition contains appealing summaries of all the author's books - including inappropriate ones. Easy to tear out. 3-5 OK Cute. Mouse lives in a motel and is given a motorcycle by a guest. Mouse disobeys parents but in end learns his lesson 4-6 OK? A rich boy works hard to change teacher's bad impression of him but only succeeds after taking the blame for a friend on a class trip and running away in the woods. Undertone of lack of respect for adults and authority, and message that kids know best. 3-5 OK? Boy tests out rules of language by coining a new word. Undertone of lack of respect for adults and authority, and message that kids know best. 3-5 OK?? A fourth grader describes encounters with bullies - detailed descriptions of bully's terrible middos. At one point boy is provoked so much he punches bully and is sent to principal. Eventually discovers nicer side to bully and that the bully has bullying siblings - older sister with 6 earrings and pink hair and terrible middos. Boy suspects teacher wears same pants every day and secretly makes a mark on them with permanent marker to prove it. Kids watch TV after school. Non-religious Xmas and Halloween - brief. 3-5 OK? Boy tries to win science fair but discovers having fun is more important than winning. Subtle criticism of competitive school system. Language - jerk. Subtle chutzpah - boy thinks badly of father, but doesn't verbalize. P 33- p 35. Eventually realized father not so bad. 3-5 OK? Boy becomes class clown when a mean student teacher takes over. Eventually real teacher speaks to him and he stops the antics - somewhat learns a lesson. A few examples of somewhat bad behavior in class eg: burping, making jokes; no outright chutzpah. Preview of "Jake Drake, Bully Buster" in back of book. Children want to see if teacher owns only one pair of pants so they make a mark on them with permanent marker. 3-5 OK A boy unwittingly becomes a teacher's pet and tries to misbehave to change his reputation. Eventually discusses the problem with the principal who helps him. Although there are some descriptions of bad behavior in school he is eventually punished for them.
Page 28
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Clements, Andrew
Title Lunch Money
Clements, Andrew Clements, Andrew Clements, Andrew Clements, Andrew
Room One The Jacket The Janitor's Boy The Landry News
Clements, Andrew
The Report Card
Clements, Andrew Clifford, Eth Clifford, Eth
The School Story Harvey's Marvelous Monkey Mystery Harvey's Wacky Parrot Adventure
Clifford, Eth
Harvey's Horrible Snake Disaster
Clifford, Eth
Harvey's Mystifying Racoon Mixup
Clifford, Eth
Help I'm a Prisoner in the Library
Clifford, Eth
I Hate your Guts Ben Brooster
Clifford, Eth
The Dastardly Murder of Dirty Pete
Clymer, Eleanor The Trolley car family
Clymer, Susan Scrawny the Classroom Duck
[email protected]
grade 4-6 OK?? A boy who is interested in getting rich devises a scheme to publish comic books to sell in school. Chief competitor is a girl who he ends up partnering with. A teacher helps them defend themselves against a principal who hates comic books. Minor language: I hate your guts. Teacher tells boy that girl fights with him because she really likes him (P. 95). Teasing about liking girl (p. 114). Boy realizes he likes girl and she is cute (P. 147). One awkward attempt at holding hands (P. 221). Undertone of lack of respect for adults and authority, and message that kids know best. 3-5 OK?? Boy tries to help family living in abandoned house who are hiding from mother's scary boyfriend. "he tried to move in with us cuz he thinks he loves my mom" (p. 62). Although mother is clearly dysfunctional, not described in an inappropriate way. Passing mention of X-mas - no religion. 3-5 OK A white boy comes to grips with prejudice against blacks when he accuses his cleaning lady's grandson of stealing his jacket. Minor language ie: punk. References to internet use (look up name) and movies. 3-5 OK? Boy has to overcome embarrassment of father being janitor; learns to appreciate his father. Undertone of lack of respect for adults and authority, and message that kids know best. 3-5 OK? A girl prints a story about divorce in class newspaper and principal uses this as ammunition to fire dysfunctional/unorthodox teacher. Doesn't glorify divorce, but might be scary to kids from stable homes - also makes it normal that parents "can stop loving each other". Undertone of lack of respect for adults and authority, and message that kids know best. 4-6 OK? Genius 5th-grade girl hides her intelligence and tries to revolutionize school testing system. Best friend is a boy - mentions that this is not a problem. Undertone of lack of respect for adults and authority, and message that kids know best.
3-5 OK? Girl writes a book under pen name and secretly has it published by mother who works as editor. 3-5 OK 2 cousins return a lost monkey to a paralyzed girl, and capture kidnapper 3-5 OK? Minor rough language. Description of teenage sister w/ "hair chopped off & sticking up"
3-5 OK Two cousins try to hide a snake - get into trouble. Minor subplot of sister who reads poetry to boyfriend. 3-5 OK Children chase away counterfeiters with help of smart raccoon. Brief mention of sister's boyfriend. 3-5 OK Girls get trapped in a spooky library and help injured librarian. Sibling rivalry. 3-5 OK? harmless except for title 3-5 OK takes place on a movie set 4-6 OK Cute story of family living in trolley car, who befriend their grouchy neighbor. 3-5 OK? A young boy gets attached to classroom duck and realizes he can make friends even if it's with a girl - totally not romantic friendship. Mentions he is named Elijah for Jewish grandmother and John for French Catholic grandfather - can cross it out.
Page 29
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Clymer, Susan There's a Tarantula in My Homework
Cody, Mathew Powerless
Coerr, Eleanor Chang's Paper Pony
Coerr, Eleanor Sadak and the Thousand Paper Cranes
Coerr, Eleanor Cohen, Miriam Cole, Henry Colfer, Eoin
The Big Balloon Race Second Grade - Friends Again A Nest for Celeste Artemis Fowl
Colfer, Eoin
Artemis Fowl - The Arctic Incident
Colfer, Eoin
Artemis Fowl - The Eternity Code
Colfer, Eoin
Artemis Fowl - The Opal Deception
Colfer, Eoin
Benny and Omar
Colfer, Eoin
The Artemis Fowl Files
Collier, James L. Jump Ship to Freedom
and Christopher
Collins, Suzanne Gregor and the Curse of the Warmblood Book 3 in the Underland Chronicles
grade 2-4 OK boy discovers he can best make friends by being himself. 5-8 OK?? Boy moves to new town and finds child superheroes; solves mystery of why they all lose their powers at age 13. Minor language: damn (p. 170), shut up, butt, crud, dork, shoot, heck, . etc. When boy doesn't eat much, other boy teases him that he's "watching his figure" for girl, who is his friend. Girl superhero says she wants to grow up normal and "kiss a boy". One boy's superpower is having a terrible stink. Nonromantic negiah. 2-3 OK "I can read book". Boy resists urge to steal gold dust to buy a pony. In end, honesty pays off. 3-5 OK Japanese girl fights leukemia caused by radiation from a-bomb. Sad but beautifully done. Short reference to "the gods will make you better." 2-3 OK "I can read book". Girl stows away on mom's balloon and helps her win race. 2-3 OK A boy feels bad for teasing overweight friend 3-5 OK Mouse befriends artist's apprentice, and learns about survival and making friends. 6-8 OK? Rich boy genius takes on fairies. Great fun. Minor bad language and bathroom humor. 6-8 OK? Boy genius teams up with fairies to save father. Minor bad language eg. "bimbo". Minor negiah eg. strokes cheek. Juvenile bathroom humor related to dwarf who eats dirt and expels it through the back flap of his pants. Pretty minor stuff for older child. 6-8 OK? Boy genius teams up with fairies to save bodyguard's life and retrieve fairy technology. Minor bad language eg "morons" or "b---" (leaves it to reader to fill in the blank). Same bathroom humor as other books. Very minor negiah. 6-8 OK?? Dwarf saves friends by passing gas & odor knocks out ; thebad guys-they see his "naked and very hairy behind". Victims are sprayed with troll pheromones that will make them smell like "female trolls in heat" - victims note that trolls are performing "mating ritual - they like us". These could possibly be crossed out, but would make holes in plot. Lots of referrences to "passing wind". Some friendly non-romantic negiah. Minor language. 7-8 OK?? Irish boy is relocated with family to Africa. Befriends local boy who communicates in phrases learned from TV shows; they get into assorted mischief together. Learns important lessons of life and family. Vague references to fact that he will eventually like girls. Girl befriends him & they go swimming together - but all very platonic. Nonromantic negiah. J-- used as swear - page 36. 7-8 OK 2 Short stories and background information about series. 6-8 OK Historical fiction. Post Revolutionary War. A black slave boy is determined to buy freedom for himself and his mother. Gets involved in the Constitutional Convention. 5-7 OK? Children try to find the cure to a plague in the underland. Many mentions of fulfilling prophecies of the man who discovered the underland. Family teases boy who spends time in bathroom secretly reading a prophesy, that he is trying to look good to impress girls in school. Juvenile description of potty training little sister to "pee". Lots of nonromantic negiah. Lots of violence. Other book in series less appropriate.
[email protected]
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Collodi, C.
Title The Adventures of Pinocchio
Cone, Molly
Mishmash and the Big Fat Problem
Cone, Molly
Mishmash and the Venus Fly Trap
Conford, Ellen A Case for Jenny Archer
Conford, Ellen Conford, Ellen Conford, Ellen Conford, Ellen
A Job for Jenny Archer Annabel the Actress Starring in Gorilla My Dreams Can Do Jenny Archer Get the Picture, Jenny Archer?
Conford, Ellen Conford, Ellen Conford, Ellen
Jenny Archer to the Rescue Jenny Archer, Author Nibble Nibble Jenny Archer
Conly, Jane Leslie Conly, Jane Leslie Conrad, Pam
Racso and the Rats of Nimh R-T, Margaret and the Rats of NIMH Stonewords
Cooper, Susan King of Shadows
grade 4-6 OK Novel about mischievous marionette's adventures. Younger kids may find it somewhat scary. 3-5 OK Boy gives dog to teacher but dog keeps getting into trouble - tries to help him lose weight. 3-5 OK Dog is jealous of owner's venus fly trap, so tries to get rid of it. 2-4 OK Girl suspects new neighbors are art thieves - ends up being wrong, but does catch criminals 2-4 OK Girl tries different ways to earn money. 2-4 OK A girl who dreams of being an actress is hired to be a gorilla at a children's birthday party. Outsmarts a bully to get back her gorilla mask. 2-4 OK Girl tries to win a can collecting contest. 2-4 OK Girl takes pictures of unwilling subjects and suspects them of crimes, but they are really innocent. One incident of lady bending down and slacks split. Girl learns not to suspect innocent people. 2-4 OK Girl tries to be a heroine. 2-4 OK? Girl writes fanciful "autobiography". Some TV references. 2-4 OK? A girl is on TV commercial. Lots of talk about how well it pays; otherwise not presented so favorably. 5-6 OK? Rat brings city values to more wholesome environment - TV, disco, commercials, flashy headband. Learns good values 5-6 OK? Rats rescue 2 human children lost in woods. Girl's best friend is a boy, but not romantic. Talk of TV, break dancing. But also lots of good values. 5-7 OK?? Girl has friendship with another girl from the past; she goes back in past to save her from early death. One scene where "past" girl (who cannot be seen by anyone else) dances naked outdoors. Some spooky/gory scenes where "past" girl appears to be dead and decomposing. Scary. 5-8 OK?? Young Shakespearean actor is transported to past to act in original Shakespeare play. Some minor language. Non-romantic negiah, one romantic hand-holding by peripheral characters. Mention in passing that girl "lives with" guy. Father committed suicide after death of mother; boy recalls finding father in pools of blood.
Corbett, Scott The Case of the Burgled Blessing Box Corbett, Scott The Mysterious Zetabet Corbett, Scott The Red Room Riddle - A Ghost Story Corbett, Sue Free Baseball
4-6 OK? mild religious references about an evangelical group 2-3 OK Boy finds himself in a land where one can only call things with the last letters of the alphabet 4-6 OK? On Halloween, 2 boys go to a strange boy's house to meet ghosts. Scary, but boy explains it away as hypnosis. Also go to a deserted house to see if it's haunted (breaking and entering?). No religion, minor language (darn) 4-6 OK? Boy living in Florida with mother, follows dream to work for baseball team. Father was famous ball player in Cuba. Boy finds out that when father found out it would be impossible for him to escape Cuba and join family, he divorced wife and remarried. Mild language: jerk, screwed up. Boy says prayer and crosses himself. References to women Office Managers of team falling in love with players and quitting to get married.
[email protected]
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Corder, Zizou Lion Boy
Couloumbis, Audrey new Couloumbis, Audrey
Getting Near to Baby The Misadventures of Maude March
Coville, Bruce Alien Visitors
grade 6-8 OK? Strange story of boy who can talk to cats. Story set in future; boy trying to save scientist parents who were kidnapped. Some bodily functions. Brief ref. to adult boyfriend/girlfriend. First in series. 7-9 OK?? Sisters & mother deal with baby's death. Parts are very sad (after baby dies, mother does not tell anyone right away but just holds her for a while); beautifully done but heavy. 6-8 OK? 2 orphaned sisters travel west to look for their uncle when the elder accidentally gets the reputation of an outlaw. Girls discuss if David of the Bible is real or made upinconclusive. One word xmas. A minister's family adopt the girls but they feel like they are working them like slaves. They steal the minister's horses and run away. They try to justify the stealing but are never completely comfortable with it. Language-stupid, butt, goldanged, shut up, blasted. 3-5 OK? Sci-fi stories for kids. 2 illustrations of scantilly clad women in modernistic costumes.
Coville, Bruce Aliens Stole My Body Coville, Bruce My Teacher Flunked the Planet
5-7 OK? a boy tries to get body back from a mean alien. Minor bathroom talk. 5-7 OK? brief mention of women's' anatomy. Confusing mention of earth's age and evolution
new Coville, Bruce The Unicorn Chronicles: Book 1- Into The Land Of Unicorns Creech, Sharon Love that Dog Creech, Sharon The Unfinished Angel Cresswell, Helen The Little Sea Pony
6-8 OK? a girl becomes a protector of unicorns even though it means going against her family's traditions. Focus on her sadness that her parents abandoned her. Language- shake butt. Later books in this series are more problematic. 4+ OK? Written in the form of poems and free verse from a boy to his teacher. Many of the poems are about his beloved dog who was killed by a hit and run car. Some children may find the book fascinating and some may find it upsetting since the dog's death is depicted very clearly. 4-7 OK? An angel and an unusual girl try to help some refugee children and their town. Fine except for the 'angel' concept. No religion. Minor language: shut up, etc 2-3 OK A girl wants to keep a sea pony as a pet; eventually lets it go.
Cresswell, Helen Up the Pier
5-7 OK Strange story of girl who helps magical family return to their own time. A little scary.
Crilley, Mark Akiko and the Alpha Centauri 5000
Cronin, Doreen The Trouble with Chickens - A JJ Tully
new Crowne, Alyssa Perfectly Princess: Blue Princess Takes The 2-3 Stage new Crowne, Alyssa Perfectly Princess: Green Princess Saves 2-3 The Day
Cussler, Clive The Adventures of Vin Fiz
[email protected]
Girl is taken to alien space ship and tries to help them win race. A funny/strange book about a Search and Rescue dog who walks into a trap when he goes to free some chickens. Dog uses "tough detective talk" Like "in my face", "get lost", "sing like a bird", etc. Minor language: stink, dumb. 2 word mention of Easter. A few mentions of watching TV as a reward, and game shows. A girl doesn't get the part she hoped for in her drama school play. She deals with feelings of jealousy. Play is coed- boys and girls sing and dance together-totally innocent. Language-dumb. A girl tries to save her favorite park from being turned into a shopping center. Girls want to be singing stars when they grow up. Mention of watching the news on TV, watching a movie. In bio of author mentions she dressed up as snow white for Halloween. After receiving a machine that turns toys into magical life-size objects, 2 children fly a plane across the country, saving people from bad guys along the way.
Page 32
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author new D'Lacey Chris Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones new Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones Dadey, Debbie and Marcia
Title The Dragons Of Wayward Crescent-Gruffen Bailey City Monsters #2 Howling at the Hartleys Bailey School Kids - Aliens Don't Wear Braces #07 Bailey School Kids - Dracula Doesn't Drink Lemonade #16 Bailey School Kids - Dragons Don't Cook Pizza #24
grade 2-3 OK? 3-4 OK 2-4 OK? 2-4 OK? 2-4 OK?
A girl is scared of a monster in her bedroom so her mother makes a clay guard dragon that comes to life. Girl sticks out her tongue at neighbor behind his back- picture and text description- (p51 chapt.5). Girl talks to dragon about marrying a female bat, he blushes. Strange Story - Kids get involved with monster family on the block and werewolf relative. Is new art teacher an alien trying to steal people's colors? Teacher's hair is the color of a jack-o-lantern. Non-romantic negiah. Troublemaker boy displays usual bad middos. Girl briefly comments that she saw the principal's underwear sticking out of his pants. Language: creepy, weird, stink, nerds, moron (once). Is the new Guidance Counselor really Dracula? Same issues as others in this series. Is the Pizza Chef really a sad dragon? Same issues as others in this series.
Dadey, Debbie Bailey School Kids - Dragons Don't Throw 2-4
and Marcia
Snowballs #51
Thornton Jones
Dadey, Debbie Bailey School Kids - Frankenstein Doesn't 2-4
and Marcia
Slam Hockey Pucks #34
Thornton Jones
new Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones
Bailey School Kids - Frankenstein Doesn't 2-4 Plant Petunias #6
Bailey School Kids - Genies Don't Ride
Bicycles #08
Bailey School Kids - Ghosts Don't Eat Potato 2-4 Chips #05
Dadey, Debbie Bailey School Kids - Gremlins Don't Chew 2-4
and Marcia
Bubble Gum #13
Thornton Jones
OK?? Kids are marooned in school due to a blizzard and think a mad scientist brought a dragon snow sculpture to life. Sneak outside against school rules. A girl who "likes" a third grade boy (who hates her) "bats her eyelashes" at him and says it's "romantic" to be stranded in school together - he looks like he will "be sick any minute". Full illustration of boy laughing so hard that milk squirts out of his nose(p. 57) . Nonromantic negiah. Language: puke, weird. OK?? Children think the hockey coach is Frankentein who escaped from his creator so they sneak into his private office to prove it. A girl "likes" a boy (who hates her) - she "bats her eye lashes at him" - very juvenile. Boy teases girl making a phone call that she is calling "dial a date". Minor middos between friends - trade insults. Unimportant mentions of Santa and his elves and of watching the History Channel. Language: gross, weird. OK? Is museum assistant Frankenstein? Same issues as others in this series. OK? Is the new neighbor a genie who grants wishes? Minor mention of x-mas lights - no religion. Same issues as others in this series. OK?? Children suspect a ghost is haunting a great aunt's attic. Boy refers to her as an "old bat" and a "crazy aunt". Children insult each other, e.g. "smarty pants" , "your head is full of rice crispies". Aunt calls kids "little snots" and teaches them to play poker. Language - stink, stupid, dumb. OK? Is temporary secretary trying to cause mechanical problems? Same issues as others in this series.
[email protected]
Page 33
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author new Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones
Bailey School Kids - Hercules Doesn't Pull 2-4 OK?? Kids think dentist is Hercules trying to take over their town. A lot of Greek mythology ­
Teeth #30
mostly Hercules and Zeus- kids this age will probably find it confusing. Boy says that
having no TV would be the most horrible thing he can think of. Language- weird,
dumb, stupid.
Bailey School Kids - Pirates Don't Wear Pink 2-4 OK? Children try to find buried treasure to save a camp.Same issues as others in this
Bailey School Kids - Robots Don't Catch Chicken Pox #42
2-4 OK? Children try to prove drama teacher is a robot, by pouring a bucket of water over her. Lack of derech eretz, but it's so silly, it's unrealistic
Bailey School Kids - Sea Monsters Don't Ride Motorcycles #40
2-4 OK?? Children suspect that motorcycle racer is really a sea monster who wants to fight with her cousin and destroy the seaside town. Cover illustration of a lady in a tight sleeveless jumpsuit with a big sea monster tattoo on her arm. Illustrations of young boys and girls on the ocean and at the beach wearing non-provocative bathing suits. Illustration of woman in bathing suit - fitted but not terribly provocative. Kids talk about becoming famous movie producers. Xmas - mentioned once. Non-romantic negiah.
Dadey, Debbie Bailey School Kids - Sea Serpents Don't
and Marcia
Juggle Water Balloons #46
Thornton Jones
Dadey, Debbie Bailey School Kids - Skeletons Don't Play 2-4
and Marcia
Tubas #11
Thornton Jones
Dadey, Debbie Bailey School Kids - Super Special #4 Mrs. 2-4
and Marcia
Jeepers In Outer Space
Thornton Jones
Dadey, Debbie Bailey School Kids - The Abominable
and Marcia
Snowman Doesn't Roast Marshmallows #50
Thornton Jones
new Dadey, Debbie
and Marcia
Bailey School Kids Trolls Don't Ride Roller
Thornton Jones Coasters #35
Dadey, Debbie Bailey School Kids - Vampires Don't Wear 2-4
and Marcia
Polka Dots #1
Thornton Jones
Dadey, Debbie Bailey School Kids - Werewolves Don't Go to 2-4
and Marcia
Summer Camp #02
Thornton Jones
[email protected]
OK? Is math tutor really a sea serpent who hates noise? Same issues as others in this series.
OK? Is band teacher's model skeleton able to play tuba. One mention of coffin & graveyard. Same issues as others in this series.
OK? Children go to space camp and suspect that their teacher, whom they think is a vampire, wants to take over outer space. Troublemaker boy displays worse middos than usual. Friends trade insults. Language: stupid, weird, wimps. OK? Kids think stranger in town is the abominable snowman. Minor language: nutcase. Non-religions mention of church as shelter for homeless. Excerpts in back of book about a new series by these authors - Ghostville Elementary - although excerpts seem fine, still needs full review. OK? Children suspect that the lady in the amusement park is a mean troll so they try to get her to do a good deed. Troublemaker boy displays minor bad middos. Woman is wearing a t shirt so short can see her belly button. Language- weird OK?? Kids think their new teacher is a vampire. Old teacher left because kids played such mean tricks on her (last trick described in detail). Minor middos between kids. Unimportant mention of watching television. Unimportant mention of parents being divorced. Kids sneak into teacher's house (breaking and entering) to prove she is a vampire. Boy wears cross to scare off vampires. Language: wimp, weird, dumb, freaky, stupid. OK?? Children think camp director is a werewolf and sneak into his private cabin to prove it. Troublemaker boy displays usual bad middos. Unimportant mention of the "Late Show" and movies. Brief non-religions Xmas and mistletoe. Boy comments that head counselor can't have a steady girlfriend if he keeps turning into a werewolf. Language: shut up, moron, stupid, puke, berserk, nut, creepy.
Page 34
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones
Title Bailey School Kids - Werewolves Don't Run for President #49 Bailey School Kids - Witches Don't Do Back Flips #10 Bailey School Kids - Wizards Don't Need Computers #20
grade 2-4 OK 2-4 OK?
Kids suspect that a presidential candidate of being a werewolf who is trying to turn them all into werewolves. They are eventually instrumental in his defeat. A lot of info about democracy and US history. Is the gymnastics teacher a witch who casts rhyming spells? Cartoonish illustrations of teacher in sleeveless leotard and tight shorts. Same issues as others in this series.
2-4 OK?? Children suspect that the library staff are King Arthur's court, come to transform their city into Camelot. Language: weird, idiot, boy calls friend "noodle nose" . Mention of TV cameras. Illustration of man and woman sitting on a bench holding hands - text explains that children suspect they are King Arthur and his wife - never proven.
Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones new Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones
Bailey School Kids - Zombies Don't Play Soccer #15 Keyholders#1 This Side Of Magic
2-4 OK? Same issues as others in this series. 3-5 OK?? Series about 2 girls and a boy and their magical companions who are appointed guardians of the world who keep evil magic creatures from infiltrating the real world. Throughout, mild juvenile bathroom humor, mild middos between friends. In this book brief mention of sixth grade girls standing in schoolyard talking about boys, girl calls man an "old geezer", girl's grandmother has a crush on their elderly neighbor, mention of watching TV, one word xmas. Language-creepy, weird, jerk, stupid, boogers, snot.
new Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones new Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones new Dadey, Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones
Keyholders#2 The Other Side Of Magic Keyholders#3 Inside the Magic Keyholders#4 The Wrong Side of Magic
3-5 OK?? The saga continues, same bathroom humor and middos as first book. Languagestupid, gross, stinky, weird. 3-5 OK?? The saga continues- same issues as first two books. Language-stupid, butt, booger, creepy. Non romantic negiah. Preview of book 4- internet use (see book 4). 3-5 OK?? The saga continues- same issues as other books in this series. Children use internet to find info for science project, girl finds info on her phone that has a wireless internet connection, mp3 player. Teachers are taken over by changelings and become more mean then before. Description and silly illustration of teachers dancing in teacher's room singing about giving those "jerks" (the students) more and more homework. Grandmother has a crush on elderly neighbor. Brief mention of a scary movie. Teenage sister teases her brother that the girls are his girlfriends and sings "first comes love, then comes marriage..." Language-stink, boogers, stupid, gross.
Dagger, J.T. Dahl, Roald Dahl, Roald
Quicksand and Grizzlies Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
4-6 OK Survival guide to true - but mostly unlikely - dangerous situations. 5-7 OK? Poor boy is selected to go on fantastic chocolate factory tour. Minor language. Mr. Wonka is insulting to other adults. Very tongue in cheek. 5-7 OK? Continuation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Some rough language, some bathroom talk, e.g. girl who had too many laxatives. Very tongue in cheek.
[email protected]
Page 35
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Dahl, Roald
James and the Giant Peach
5-7 OK?? A very tongue in cheek book, about a boy whose parents were eaten by a rhinoceros,
so he goes to live with his cruel aunts who treat him terribly until one day a magical
peach kills his aunts and takes him on adventures with enormous bugs. Aunts are
described as evil and scary and call the boy things like "disgusting beast" and
"miserable creature". Language: shut up, twerp, ass, darned, idiot, nincompoop,
Dahl, Roald
4-7 OK Girl and Big Friendly Giant carry out plan to get rid of bad, child-eating giants. Mild
humorous references to bodily functions.
new Dahl, Roald
The Enormous Crocodile
3-5 OK? A crocodile makes sneaky plans to eat children which are foiled by various animals.
Language-creepy, stupid, horrid.
new Dahl, Roald
The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me
3-5 OK?? 3 animals and a boy team up to make a window washing business. Language-
damnation (once), idiot.
new Dahl, Roald
The Magic Finger
OK?? A girl teaches a lesson to a family that likes to hunt by temporarily turning them into
the prey. A problematic incident between girl and her teacher- the teacher calls her
stupid, she turns her teacher into a cat.
Dalgiesh, Alice The Bears on Hemlok Mountain
2-3 OK Boy goes over mountain and encounters bears, even though mother told him there
aren't any bears. Father rescues him.
new Dalgiesh, Alice The Courage Of Sarah Noble
2-4 OK?? A Newberry Honor book about a girl who overcomes her fears and goes to Indian
territory with her father to claim their new home. He leaves her in the care of Indians
when he goes back to get the rest of the family. At one point reads the Bible to the
Indians- brief summary of biblical story- relatively accurate ­p24 chapt. 5. Description
and illustration of her kneeling to say prayers. Indian father explains to his children
that she is praying to her "great spirit". Illustration and description of Indians wearing
nothing more then a small piece of cloth.
Dana Barbara Zucchini
3-4 OK A shy boy befriends a ferret. Story written from ferret's point of view.
Dank, Milton & The Computer Caper
4-6 OK? one mention of boy who doesn't want to fulfill father's ambition of being rabbi
Dank, Milton and A UFO Has Landed
4-6 OK? Children discover UFO is really a company dumping toxic waste. One instance of
overnight stakeout where girl puts head on boy's shoulder to sleep - not overtly
Danziger, Paula Get Ready for Second Grade, Amber Brown 2-3 OK? Easy Chapter book about girl beginning second grade. None of the problems found in
the regular Amber Brown series (which is for older readers), but why introduce kids to
a series they won't be able to read?
Danziger, Paula Second Grade Rules, Amber Brown
2-3 OK? Book begins with fact that girl's parents didn't yell at each other this morning the way
they usually do. Talk about the tooth fairy as real. Juvenile humor - nose picking.
See comment on "Get Ready for Second Grade, Amber Brown".
Dashner, James The 13th Reality: The Journal of Curious 5-8 OK Children are selected to save the world from evil ruler in parallel universe. Non-
romantic negiah.
[email protected]
Page 36
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author David, Peter
Title Mascot to the Rescue
grade 4-7 OK?? Boy believes his life is connected to life of comic book character. Language: Crap (one time). Boy convinces friend to go on internet against parents' permission. Father of girl is upset about her visiting boy and being alone with him in room. Adults who might be getting married, have arms around each other. Description of comic book picture of characters representing boy and his (girl) friend, passionately kissing. All very innocent - may be worth allowing at parent's discretion.
Davidson, Margaret Davis, Jim De Jong, Meindert Dear America Dear America Dear America Dear America
Helen Keller
Garfields and the Mysterious Mummy
The Wheel on the School
Dear America - My America: Our Strange 3-5 New Land - Elizabeth's Diary, Jamestown, Virginia 1609 Dear America - So Far from Home - The Diary of Mary Driscoll, An Irish Mill Girl, Lowel Mass. 1847
Dear America - The Journal of Augustus
Pelletier - The Lewis and Clark Expedition
Dear America - When Will This Cruel War be
Over? The Civil War Diary of Emma
Simpson - Gordonsville, Virginia 1864
OK? Mention of x-mas and Santa Claus - no religion OK Chapter book based on cartoon characters. OK? Dutch children in a fishing town begin a project to attract storks to the barren town, and in the process make many friends including a bitter handicapped man. Mention of Santa Claus - no religion (p. 125). Villagers go to church to pray but not described beyond sitting on benches. One incident of child answering back to his father (p. 208). Minor language: blasted (p. 244). OK? Historical fiction. First year of Jamestown settlement. One mention boy touching girl's hand. Girl questions how G-d could let children die. Childbirth - long, painful and dangerous. OK?? An Irish girl comes to America to earn money to send to her family in Ireland. Many Catholic expressions - sweet J-, Holy Mother of __, Merciful son of ___, blessed virgin. Language - hell (once). Mention of church, organs, Xmas - not detailed. Women paint their cheeks to catch the attention of men. Girl wonders if she will ever marry or if she even wants to. OK Historical fiction - boy joins Lewis & Clark expedition OK?? The Civil War from a Southern girl's point of view. Detailed Xmas - decorations, tree, fancy meal, sleigh ride, hymns, but the only explicit religion is frequent mentions of the L-rd not forsaking those who trust in Him, having faith in the L-rd, etc. Old fashioned boy/girl leading to eventual marriage - girls flirt, blush, and write boys letters. A cousin who later has a nervous breakdown is very anti marriage and says can't trust men has frequent tirades about this. A photo of dead soldiers lying on the ground.
Dear America
My Name is America - The Journal of William Thomas Emerson - A Revolutionary War Patriot - Boston, Massachusetts 1774.
OK?? Boy is involved in the struggle against the British. Boy questions a clergyman's advice - to deal with his parents' death by believing "the ways of the L-rd are mysterious" and throw himself on "His Mercy". Boy comments that the advice didn't make sense to him then (as a young boy) or now (as an older boy) p. 5 and 6 - can be crossed out.
Defelice, Cynthia Delton, Judy Delton, Judy Delton, Judy Delton, Judy
The Ghost of Fossil Glen A Birthday Cake For Brimhall Brimhall Turns Detective Pee Wee Scouts Send in the Clowns The Mystery of the Haunted Cabin
3-5 OK?? Girl sees mother's boyfriend kiss her; thinks disgusting
2-3 OK 2-3 OK 2-3 OK? 2-3 G OK?
A bear finds the courage to learn how to ride his bike. Easy reader. Two bears discover who is making tracks in the snow. girl decides which boy she will marry but very innocent illustration of trimming holiday tree in bathing suits - minor x-mas
[email protected]
Page 37
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Denenberg, Barry new Devillers, Julia new Dexter, Catherine
Title Nelson Mandela: No Easy Walk to Freedom Liberty Porter, First Daughter Safe Return
grade 5-8 OK?? Biography of Nelson Mandela (written before end of Apartheid). Reference to group of black men falsely accused of rape; not detailed. 3-6 OK?? A girl whose father is Elected President gets into funny scrapes as she tries to be a good first daughter. Description of White House movie theater where they can see movies with real move stars before they are released .Mention of going on TV shows. The president's favorite dance is "the bump" and he does it with his wife. Cartoonish illustration of them dancing- women in the picture are wearing evening gowns (p162 chapt 17). Language- butt, peed, dumb, gross, weird, freak out. 4-6 OK?? An orphaned girl who is sad that her mother died tries to keep hope that her aunt is alive when her ship doesn't return after a big storm. A bit heavy for a younger child. The setting is a small Swedish island whose residents are very superstitious. Many mentions of xmas as a festive time. Mild description of church service. Boy questions if there is a G-d. Throughout, adults explain that even bad things can be G-d's will. A lot of relatively neutral talk about G-d. Minor middos between children. Married couple hugs and clasp hands. Language- stupid, shut up.
Di Camillo, Kate Because of Winn-Dixie Di Camillo, Kate The Magician's Elephant
5-6 OK?? Beautiful story of lonely girl in small town, who finds a dog and ends up befriending several people and finding herself. Her mother ran away when she was 3; later find out her mother drank. Mention of J-- p. 153, chap 22 5-8 OK? Strange story of an orphaned boy being raised by a senile solder, a magician who accidentally conjures an elephant, and a fortune teller who helps him find his sister whom he thought was dead. Sister lives in orphanage run by nuns - no religion.
Di Camillo, Kate The Miraculous Journey of Edward Toulane 3-5
Di Camillo, Kate The Tale of Desperaux
Di Terlizzi, Tony Kenny and the Dragon
Dicks, Terrance Enter T.R.
Dicks, Terrance The Case of the Blackmail Boys
Dicks, Terrance The Case of the Cinema Swindle
[email protected]
OK?? A stuffed rabbit is lost and found and learns the meaning of love. Suspicious looking picture of rabbit nailed to crossed pieces of wood, as a scarecrow - otherwise innocuous. A few sad instances, the saddest being when a little girl gets progressively sicker (described in detail) and finally dies. Father seems somewhat dysfunctional. Father and son yell at each other in grief, son runs away. Language-dang, shut up, what the heck. OK? A mouse falls in love with a human princess and saves her from a cruel rat and a mistreated servant girl. This falling in love is very innocent and based on stories he has heard of knights who fall in love with maidens and rescue them. Minor language: cripes, shut up. This book presents some serious, upsetting situations in a light, humorous, non-scary fashion that is a bit strange, eg: the queen dies suddenly, the servant girl's father sold her for a blanket to a man who mistreated her, the mouse's father renounces him for breaking the rules and his brother willingly escorts him to the dungeon to his supposed death. OK? A boy rabbit tries to save a friendly dragon from a scared mob of townspeople. One sentence mention of fair maiden giving elderly knight a peck on the cheek (p. 122) and when boy sees this his ears grow warm (easily crossed out). OK Cute story about a talking toy bear who helps owner's father get book published OK 3 boys and a girl find bank robbers. OK? fine if delete 3 words: P 6 - 2 words describing cinema. P 75 - message on greeting card.
Page 38
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Dicks, Terrance The Case of the Ghost Grabbers
Dicks, Terrance The Case of the Missing Masterpiece
Disalvo, Dyanne The Sloppy Copy Slipup
new Disney-Club Penguin Star Reporter Pick Your Path DiTerlizzi, Tony The Spiderwick Chronicles books 1-5 and Holly Black
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee Divan, Karuni, Chitra Banerjee
Girls of Many Lands: India: Neela - Victory Song The Conch Bearer
Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W.
Hardy Boys #001 The Tower Treasure Hardy Boys #002 The House on the Cliff
grade 4-6 OK Children solve mystery of who is haunting a stately house. 4-6 OK? Children figure out who stole masterpiece. Minor violence and rough language. 3-5 OK? Boy tries to make excuses for missed writing assignment; discovers that he actually has a knack for writing. Calls mother by first name. 3-5 OK A penguin wants to be a reporter for a newspaper. Reader chooses endings. 4-7 OK?? Family moves into great-aunt's old house after their father leaves them. Find out house and area are inhabited by elves, dwarves, etc - most of them mean. Experience numerous dangerous adventures, while mom thinks pranks are done by one son as acting out over father leaving. Some language - crap, etc. Book 4 Discussion of boy whom girl likes. Some violence. 5-7 OK? Girl from India experiences sister's wedding. Father joins beginning rebellion against British. Questions raised about unfairness to girls, especially in marriage. 6-8 OK?? A boy and girl try to return a magical shell to its proper owners while being chased by the bad guys. Neighbor suspects the missing father abandoned the family for a younger, prettier woman. A lot of history of the world including gods. Lots of Hindu type avodah zarah. Lots of magic. Language (once each): darned, damn. Nonromantic negiah. 4-6 OK? Boys figure out where criminal hid booty. One sentence about teenage boy thinking girl is nicest in town and dates her regularly - p. 25 - easily crossed out. 4-6 OK? Boys discover smugglers' hideout. Mention of girl being boy's favorite in class (p. 50). One paragraph about high school boy having a date (p. 25) - easy to cross out.
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #003 The Secret of the Old Mill 4-6
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #004 The Missing Chums
new Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #004 The Missing Chums
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #005 Hunting for Hidden Gold 4-6
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #005 Hunting for Hidden Gold 4-6 W. Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #007 The Secret of the Caves 4-6 W.
Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W.
Hardy Boys #008 The Mystery of Cabin
Hardy Boys #009 The Great Airport Mystery 4-6
Hardy Boys #010 What Happened at
OK boys uncover smuggling ring OK boys find kidnapped friends on deserted island OK? Boys rescue their friends who were kidnapped by criminals. Go to coed costume party with girls "they like best". OK? Boys find lost gold in a mine. Good guys vs. bad guys violence. Minor mention of liking specific girl (p. 42). One incident where children trap a policeman they dislike in a snowball fight. Disrespectful to him in a humorous way - makes reader feel it was justified (p. 43-46 - can be torn out). OK? Boys solve an old mystery and capture a criminal gang. Typical violence. Language: stupid, brat, shut up, cock and bull story, punks OK?? Boys capture enemy saboteurs. A boy whistles at a pretty girl, mention of a girl being a boy's favorite, girl is the one a boy often dated, boy and girl dance. Language; shut up, fool. OK Boys find missing boy and stolen medals OK Boys find hidden airport used by criminals OK? Boys guard a secret invention. Boys take their regular dates to a dance. Girl touches boy's arm to get his attention. Usual violence. Minor language: stupid, idiot, shut up.
[email protected]
Page 39
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W.
Title Hardy Boys #012 Footprints Under the Window Hardy Boys #013 The Mark on the Door Hardy Boys #014 The Hidden Harbor Mystery
Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W.
Hardy Boys #015 The Sinister Signpost Hardy Boys #016 A Figure In Hiding
grade 4-6 OK boys help rebels resist tyrannical rule in Africa 4-6 OK Boys go to Mexico to find a missing man, locate a submarine and capture criminals. Unimportant mention of plans to attend church on Sunday. 4-6 OK? Boys help resolve a family feud and find a hidden treasure. Usual violence. A few mentions of a prehistoric monster/dinosaur which turns out to be a costume. Boy goes to the movies. Minor language: punk 4-6 OK boys find out who is trying to steal a secret project 4-6 OK?? Boys uncover a criminal hiding out in a health farm. Boy says his sister wants to see a "creepy love picture" at the movies. Mentions boys have favorite dates and "like" specific girls. Boys go to co-ed beach party with girlfriends and other boys and their dates, and then "frolicked" in the water. Minor language: punks, blasted, stupid, doggone. A lot of talk of an idol of an Indian god and all the beliefs that surround it. Mentions going to church on Sunday, no description. Usual violence.
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #017 The Secret Warning
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #018 The Twisted Claw
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #019 The Disappearing Floor 4-6
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #021 The Clue of the Broken 4-6
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #023 The Melted Coins
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #024 The Short-Wave Mystery 4-6 W.
Boys locate a valuable Egyptian statue. Brief mention of watching TV. One sentence about girl being boy's favorite date and boy liking girl "very much". Minor language: drat, shut up, brats. boys uncover a criminal society who steal things from museums.
OK? Boys capture thieves and locate hidden jewels . Mention of boy finding a girl "very attractive". Usual violence. Language: weird, punk, shut up. OK Boys locate stolen sword and missing heir.
OK? Boys find missing Indian mask. A lot of Indian beliefs. Boys kid around with friend that he shouldn't let any "gorgeous secretaries turn his head". Minor language: punks, jerk, rat fink, shut up (once each) OK?? Boys catch a gang of criminals using their short wave radio. Mention of a boy thinking a girl is the prettiest one in town and another having a "favorite date". A (tame) boygirl party described - it says there was dancing but no details. Girl links her arm through her boyfriend's arm to lead him to a chair after he was kidnapped.
Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W.
Hardy Boys #026 The Phantom Freighter 4-6 Hardy Boys #028 The Sign of the Crooked 4-6 Arrow Hardy Boys #030 The Wailing Siren Mystery 4-6
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #032 The Crisscross Shadow 4-6 W. [email protected]
OK? Boys capture freighter used by smugglers. Office girl keeps flirting with teenage boy and commenting on his muscles. Boy is very embarrassed OK? Boys uncover a gang of criminals. Brief mention of girl being boy's favorite date. Language: shut up, blasted. OK?? Boys uncover a ring of criminals. Usual violence. Boys take girls on a date to a baseball game. Boy thinks girl is the nicest girl in his high school. Girl touches boy on the arm to reassure him. More boy/girl than usual but rather tame by modern standards. Language: nebby, shut up. OK? Boys help Indian tribe find the deed to their land. Usual violence. Brief mention of boys taking girls to the school dance. Mention Xmas vacation - no religion. Language: shut up.
Page 40
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #035 The Clue in the Embers
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #036 The Secret of Pirates Hill W.
grade 4-6 OK?? Boys travel to Guatemala and discover a lost palace. Mention girls being boys' usual date. A group of boys and girls have a cook out together - nothing romantic other than a boy putting his hand on a girl's shoulder to calm her down. Language - stupid (once). 4-6 OK?? Boys go on a dangerous hunt to find a lost cannon and a sunken treasure. Mention of boys dating specific girls frequently. Illustration of a girl wearing a bikini running to help a hurt boy - not provocative, but definitely a bikini. Language - stupid
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #039 The Mystery of the Chinese 4-6
Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W.
Hardy Boys #040 Mystery of the Desert Giant 4-6
Hardy Boys #041 The Clue of the Screeching 4-6
Hardy Boys #042 The Viking Symbol
Hardy Boys #043 The Mystery of the Aztec 4-6
Hardy Boys #045 The Mystery of the Spiral 4-6
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #046 The Secret Agent on Flight 4-6
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #048 The Arctic Patrol Mystery 4-6 W.
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #049 The Bombay Boomerang 4-6 W.
OK?? Boys uncover the mystery in a Chinese boat. Usual violence. Mention of going to church on Sunday morning - no religion. Mention of boys having favorite dates and double dating. Girl kisses boy on the cheek. Minor mentions of Chinese religious beliefs - e.g. Buddha, spirits, etc. Language: shut up, jerk, dumb. OK Boys find a missing man and crack a counterfeiting ring. Usual violence. OK? Boys rescue their father's friend from a gang of criminals. Brief mention of a girl being a boy's date and favorite girl. OK Boys find stolen Viking stone and a treasure OK Boys locate missing archeologist and sword OK?? Boys break up a ring of criminals. One mention of boy having a "best girl" and "best date". Boy says girl is "cute." Girls invite boys to a dance but they very regretfully say they will be away. Language: dumb, dummy, shut up, punks. OK? Boys help capture a crooked magician and his gang. One sentence mention of going to church. Boy flirts with stewardess - very tame and brief. Minor language: weird, idiot, shut up. OK?? Boys travel to Iceland to solve a mystery. Usual violence. Mention that boys have girlfriends and special dates. They have a get-together with other boys and their "dates". The boys play ping pong and their "dates" cheer them on. It says they put on dance records but no description of the dancing. Girl loops her arm through boy's arm when she says goodbye to him. Boy mentions that stewardess is good-looking - later meet her at the pool (nothing romantic mentioned). Minor language: dummy, dirty bums, stupid, jerk, fink. OK?? Boys uncover a plot to cause terrible damage to America. Usual violence. Mention of church service - no description. Mention of boy's favorite date and co-ed cookout. A radio jockey is involved in the crime - he plays a "groovy beat". A worshipper of the Hindu god Krishna tries to kill the boys because he feels they desecrated his statue. Descriptions of Hindu beliefs. Language - shut up, weird, dimwits.
Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W.
Hardy Boys #050 - Danger on Vampire Trail 4-6
Hardy Boys #051 The Masked Monkey
OK? Boys capture forgers and smugglers. Brief mention of boy having girl as "special friend" whom he dated often. She hooks her arm through his - p. 10 OK Boys find missing boy. Typical violence and scary moments.
[email protected]
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W. Dixon, Franklin W.
Title Hardy Boys #053 The Clue of the Missing Serpent Hardy Boys #054 The Mysterious Caravan Hardy Boys #056 The Jungle Pyramid Hardy Boys #057 The Firebird Rocket Hardy Boys #061 The Pentagon Spy Hardy Boys #073 The Billion Dollar Ransom
grade 4-6 OK?? Boys find a stolen life-size chess piece and uncover criminals. A lot about a curse on the chess piece. Description of Chinese burial practices. A scared boy crosses himself. Unimportant mention of watching TV. Mentions boy often dates specific girl. Some "pretty, young nurses" sign a boy's cast. 2 criminals lay trap by pretending to have a "lover's quarrel". Description of couples dancing at a boy/girl party - but not romantic. Girls take boys "by the hand" and lead them to the refreshments. Minor language: idiot. 4-6 OK? Boys uncover mystery of an ancient mask that washes up on the beach where they are vacationing (with friends on their own, no adults). Mention of boys dating their "favorite" girls. Co-ed skating party. Brief mentions of Halloween and rock music. Non-romantic negiah. Minor language: shut up (once) 4-6 OK?? Boys travel to Switzerland and Mexico to locate stolen gold. Mentions of listening to country music on the radio. Discussion of prehistoric people's gold and artifacts, millions of years, animals evolving. Mayan religious beliefs. Boys go skiing with "attractive teenage girls" and pair off with them on the lift up the mountain. Minor language: freak, dumb, punk, idiot 4-6 OK?? Boys travel to Australia to find missing scientist. Usual violence. Boys and girls squeeze into small car "practically sitting on each others laps" - boy manages to squeeze into place next to the girl "he usually dates when they go to parties or dances". Boys go to a dance and ask "attractive" girls to dance with them, then sit together and have an "animated conversation". Not described romantically, but quite a bit of it. Minor language: creep, stupid, punk, shut up 4-6 OK? Boys capture a gang that kidnapped a navy scientist. Boy tries to shoot arrow at the target perfectly because his "pretty, vivacious date" was sitting on the grass watching him. Pennsylvania Dutch belief in hexes. Language: weirdo, punks, shut up. Usual violence. 4-6 OK Boys foil kidnapping of the President
Hardy Boys #074 Tic Tac Terror Hardy Boys #161 Training for Trouble Hardy Boys #162 The End of the Trail
4-6 OK? Boys help terrorist to defect. Girlfriend tickles boy's feet with a stalk of grass. Boys and girls have a picnic and go swimming together - no description. 4-6 OK?? Boys find out who is hurting people at new sports center. Violence, minor negiah. Many mentions of boys having girlfriends, a lot of comfortable kidding around with them. Boy helps girlfriend get up when she gets hurt, smooths out her hair. Usual bad guy vs. good guy violence, plus some additional macho violence where 2 people "settle things" by seeing who could beat the other up. Language- freaky, stinks, idiot, stupid, creepy, jerk, punk. 4-6 OK? Boys are stuck in a small town and discover that the entire town is involved in a crime.. A lot of good natured kidding and insults among friends, especially about a heavy friend's weight. Brief non-religious mention of Easter Bunny. Brief reference to TV show about Vietnam war. Minor language - stupid, idiot.
[email protected]
Page 42
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #168 The Castle Conundrum
grade 4-6 OK? Boys go to a camp where they help rebuild a medieval European village and catch a
saboteur. Camp is co-ed but nothing romantic other than 1 subtle sentence that
implies that there is a reason a girl chose a boy to be on her team. Mention of church -
no religion. Non-romantic negiah. Foreign children interested in American TV shows, pop groups, movies stars - no details. One sentence - boy notices girl's perfume -
thinks it smells nice - wants to ask her where she bought it so he can bring some
home. Language - weird, idiot, dumb.
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #169 Ghost of a Chance W.
4-6 OK? boys work as animal wranglers on movie set. Solve mystery of who is sabotaging equipment. Some violence
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #178 The Mystery of the Black 4-6 OK?? Boys capture poachers in Africa. Usual violence. Boys say goodbye to girlfriends
when leaving for Africa - girls are crying. When return girls hug them (brief happy
hug). Boy watches the same movie on the plane that he took a girl to see in a movie theater on a date. A lot of animal rights propaganda. One of the good guys gets killed
- quite sad. Discussion of prehistory and homo erectus who evolved into humans.
Minor language: punks, creep
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #181 Double Jeopardy W.
4-6 OK? Boys figure out who is trying to hurt race car drivers at the Grand Prix. Usual violence. A lot of race car culture. Boy calls girl "cute". Mention of rock music at a
party. Dinosaur exhibit at a museum described but doesn't talk about millions of
years, etc. Minor language: weird, dumb.
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #182 The Secret of the Soldier's 4-6
OK?? Boys try to help a poor Holocaust survivor find her family's gold in Portugal. A high school girl invites boys to her birthday party - friendly, not romantic but boys wonder how to explain the invitation to their girlfriends so they won't get jealous. Their aunt
complains that men were flirting with her in the park - the boys think she really enjoyed
the attention. Girl has ambition to become a movie start so she works as an extra in
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #184 The Dangerous
movies and works in a TV studio. Language: dumb. 4-6 OK? Boys visit England and catch a criminal. Usual violence. Non-descriptive mention of
boy going to a night club. Go to a crypt in a church - no religion. Boy pretends to buy
a present for his girlfriend. Minor language: weird, nutcase, stupid.
Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys #186 Hidden Mountain W.
4-6 OK? Boys rescue family on witness protection plan. One sentence (p. 1) boys dating specific girls from "time to time though not in a serious relationship".Minor language:
dumb, weird, shut up, idiot, Brief mention of watching detectives on TV.
new Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers#19 All New 4-6 OK?? Boys investigate college football team to see who is fixing the game. Minor middos
-Foul Play
between brothers, mention of watching football on TV. Language- weirdo, dork, lunkheads, idiots, shut up, secker, jerk, dumb, idiot, stupid, weird, kissing butt, wimp,
bummed, moron, wussing out.
new Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys# 179 Passport To Danger
4-6 OK? Boys solve a dangerous mystery. Many mentions of TV news, internet, and other
technology. A few mentions in passing of dancers who dance to rock music to
entertain at a soccer match. Usual violence. No mention at all of girlfriends. Language-
weird, maniac, punks
new Dixon, Franklin Hardy Boys# 47 Mystery Of The Whale
4-6 OK?? Boys find a stolen idol. Usual violence, brief mention of girl being regular date and
favorite partner. Girls "clutch" boys for "protection" on a scary roller coaster, boys tease friend that he wants to flirt with a pretty girl, brief unimportant mention of the ice age, brief unimportant mention of seeing movie stars in Hollywood. Language-weirdo,
freak, stupid, punks, jerks, brats, shut up, moron, idiot.
[email protected]
Page 43
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Dixon, Franklin The Hardy Boys Detective Handbook
grade 4-6 OK?? A few stories and a lot of information about detecting including how to take fingerprints, trail a suspect, do surveillance, etc. Also a very detailed (too detailed ) list of criminal slang and each word's meaning as well as a very detailed list of narcotics, their appearance, slang name, method of use, etc. Includes an introduction about how dangerous they are. Parents should decide if they want their children to have this information. Language (other than list of criminal slang) stupid, idiot.
Dixon, Franklin The Hardy Boys Ghost Stories W. Doder, Joshua A Dog Called Grk
4-6 OK boys encounter ghosts, witches, talking scarecrow 4-7 OK? Boy has adventures as he returns lost dog to owners who have been arrested in faraway land. Boy runs away from parents and puts himself in danger to solve mystery.
Doder, Joshua Grk and the Hot Dog Trail
Doherty, Berlie Street Child
Dowell, Frances Phineas L. MacGuire Blasts Off
Dowell, Frances Where I'd Like to Be
Downer, Ann Hatching Magic
Doyle, Arthur Conan Doyle, Debra and James MacDonald Drake, Salamandra
Adventures & Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 7+
Circle of Magic #3 - The Wizard's Statue
Dragonsdale - Riding the Storm
Draper, Sharon Out of My Mind
Draper, Sharon Ziggy #5 and The Black Dinosaurs - the
Backyard Animal Show
OK? Boy and his dog solve mystery of missing art. Boy runs away from parents and puts himself in danger to solve mystery. OK Historical fiction - London 1800's. Boy tries to find home after mom dies and is abused until finds a caring minister who helps street children. OK?? Boy scientist experiments with dog drool. Cute book. Passing reference to PG-13 movies, and adults kissing in movies. OK? Foster child in group home. Sweet. Some stories of abandonment and neglect of other kids. OK? Girl helps to save dragon transported from 13th century. Fun read. Passing mention of bra. OK? Description of opium & casual cocaine use, "aversion to women" OK? Wizard deals with statue with evil power. Lots of witchcraft and spells. OK? A girl secretly flies the dragon she loves, against her overprotective father's wishes (he is afraid she will be killed like her mother was). In the end father allows it. Lots of talk about smelly dragon droppings and the like. Some violence when she loses her temper but she is remorseful later. Minor non-romantic negiah. OK? A girl and her best friend become dragon riding rivals, and a mean girl tries to fan the flames of their rivalry in a sneaky way. Many people speak badly of her - although she is deserving of it, seems like poor role modeling for lashon horah. Refer to someone as a boyfriend - he isn't OK?? Girl with cerebral palsy cannot speak but is brilliant. Uses speech machine to talk and participates in contest. Heartwarming book; bittersweet ending. Some Minor language: fart, hell (the place), puke, sucks, crap, barf. Referrence to Mom telling dirty jokes sometimes when father isn't listening (not specified). Girl wonders if a boy will ever like her (one sentence at end). OK A group of boys save an orphaned fawn. Some black slang, e.g. call people "mon", otherwise wholesome.
[email protected]
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Duey, K. And K. Survival! Death Valley
A. Bale
grade 4-6 OK?
A brother and sister are forced to hike through Death Valley in search of help when their pioneer family is stranded and father is seriously injured. Graphic descriptions of danger, especially thirst. Eventually turns out OK. Language: damnation, dang it.
Duey, Kathleen American Diaries - Anoisett Lundberg,
California 1851
Duey, Kathleen American Diaries - Maddie Retta Lauren 4-6 Duey, Kathleen Heartbeats: Katie and the Mustang - books 1- 4-6 4
new Duey, Kathleen The Faeries' Promise #3 Wishes and Wings 2-4
Duffey, Betsy Hey, New Kid
Duffey, Betsy Lucky on the Loose
Dukowski, Cathy So Weird #1 - Family Reunion
Duncan, Lois Hotel for Dogs
DuPrau, Jeanne The City of Ember
DuPrau, Jeanne The Diamond of Darkhold
DuPrau, Jeanne The People of Sparks
[email protected]
OK?? A girl who helps her mother cook for gold miners finds a gold nugget and helps her
family escape from a criminal who wants the gold. Many mentions of her being sad
about her father's death. A wagon driver good naturedly curses people as he passes
by, e.g. "watch out you godforsaken...offspring of sway backed devils" etc. Mother sings song about a woman who went off with her "love". Brief mention of flirting (p.
76). Language: stupid, damn, hell (twice each)
OK brief non-romantic negiah at end.
OK? Sad but hopeful story of orphan girl who is mistreated by adoptive family and goes west, along with wild mustang. First book contains some underlying anti-male
sentiment: husband decides to go west against wife's will, wife tells child to never
allow herself to be dependant on any man. Fourth book has references to mustang
siring foals by 2 mares - not detailed. OK? A fairy family journeys back to their home against the law of a cruel human ruler.
Many pictures of scantily clad fairies. Non romantic negiah between fairy girl and
human boy who are "like brother and sister".
OK?? A boy moves to a new town and decides to reinvent himself by lying about his talents and family. Eventually tells the truth and makes friends. Some very juvenile issues: mom asks him if his fly is zipped, child brings underwear for show and tell in
kindergarten, boy accidentally skates into girls' bathroom so girls wrap him in toilet
paper, non romantic negiah.
OK boy ingeniously finds his lost dog. A few thwarted attempts to escape sleepaway camp.
OK? Kids on tour with rock-and-roll mother. Find ghost and solve mystery. Mild asides to
boy/girl occurrences. Front cover photo of the mother with 2 teen-age kids, plus
family friend (teen-age boy) who is leaning against the daughter. OK somewhat justifies stealing dog because it's abused, but there are consequences
OK? Great story set in underground society with no knowledge of outside world.
Implications of world being destroyed by war but never stated outright (may be scary
to some kids). Minor non-romantic negiah. Brief mention of liking a boy (p 146 ch 11). Very well written. Some of the other books in this series more problematic, but this
book can stand alone.
OK?? Book 4 of The City of Ember series. Children return to Ember to help their community
get through a hard winter, and get captured by a family that has settled in Ember; finds a secret left by the Builders. A girl tries to get the boy's attention unsuccessfully,
eventually finds a different boyfriend. Kids suspect that the boy and girl who went to
Ember really wanted to "be together" because they like each other in a "special way" -
not spelled out but an astute child will get it (chap 15 p 170-171). Non-romantic negiah. OK Sequel to The City of Ember. People of Ember have to adjust to life above ground in
Post-Disaster world.
Page 45
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Dussling, Jennifer
Title Eek! Stories to Make You Shriek - A Very Strange Dollhouse
grade 2-3 OK? Strange and scary story about a girl who shrinks her parents into dollhouse people and tries to shrink her classmate. Nightmare inducing for target age group.
Dyer, Heather Ibby's Magic Weekend new Dyer, Heather The Fish In Room II
Eager, Edward Half Magic
Eager, Edward Knight's Castle
Eager, Edward Magic or Not Eager, Edward Seven Day Magic
Earhart, Kristin Big Apple Barn - #01 Happy Go Lucky
Earhart, Kristin Big Apple Barn - #02 Happy's Big Plan Earhart, Kristin Big Apple Barn - #03 A Sassy Surprise Earhart, Kristin Big Apple Barn - #04 Saddle Up Happy
Earhart, Kristin Eerie Indiana series
Big Apple Barn - Roscoe and the Pony Parade #6 Eerie Indiana #01 Return to Foreverware
Eerie Indiana series Eerie Indiana series Eerie Indiana series Eerie Indiana series Eerie Indiana series Eerie Indiana series
Eerie Indiana #02 Bureau of Lost Eerie Indiana #03 The Eerie Triangle Eerie Indiana #04 Simon & Marshall's Excellent Adventure Eerie Indiana #06 Fountain of Weird Eerie Indiana #07 Attack of the 2 Ton Tomatoes Eerie Indiana #08 Who Framed Alice Prophet?
[email protected]
3-4 OK? Cousins find magic kit that works real magic. Magically restore uncle who magically disappeared years before. Fine as long as child can distinguish between fantasy and reality. 3-5 OK?? An orphaned boy who is made into a servant boy in a hotel befriends a mermaid family. Cover illustration of a cartoonish bare armed mermaid with long hair covering most of her front. Mention of TV. Non romantic negiah. Language- creepy, shut up, drat, I'll be darned, freaks. 3-5 OK? Children find amulet that grants half wishes. Description of movie where men try to kiss lady and she pushes them away. When couple decides to marry he takes her hand. 3-5 OK?? Children have adventures with magic castle, mostly in line with plot of movie "Ivanhoe". Lots of chivalrous rescuing of maidens and trying to win their love in "important love scenes" 3-5 OK? Children move to a house with magic wishing well and try to do good deeds. An elderly man kisses elderly lady's hand. Minor language: darned. 3-5 OK? Children find magic book that takes them into plots of books. Most books are tame, eg Treasure Island, Wizard of Oz and Half Magic (by same author). p 97 - man proposes with arms around woman - easily crossed out. 2-3 OK A young pony is sent to live at a riding school and adjusts to the new place. Written from pony's point of view. 2-3 OK The pony finds a rider who understands him. 2-3 OK A new pony comes to the riding school. Pony deals with feelings of jealousy. 2-3 OK Pony goes to a horse show and realizes it's more important to have fun than to compete. 2-3 OK Ponies try to find their missing mouse friend who is causing mayhem at the spring festival. 4-6 OK Intro to series: series is strange, about weird things that happen in a normal town, but only 2 boys notice. Mostly harmless. In this story a few mentions of X-mas, disco dancing, and Saturday Night Fever, but very minor. 4-6 OK? OK unless a deep thinker b/c raises questions about whole premise of book: freezing people forever 4-6 OK Boys discover that their town was really created by the government as a place to settle aliens from outer space. 4-6 OK Boys catch boy from the future stealing things to sell. 4-6 OK? minor mention of liking a girl
4-6 OK Boys foil plot to turn residents of town into giant vegetables. 4-6 OK An evil artist tries to take over the town by painting people into pictures.
Page 46
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Eerie Indiana series Eerie Indiana series Eerie Indiana series Eerie Indiana series Eerie Indiana series Eige, Lillian
Title Eerie Indiana #11 The Dollhouse Time Forgot Eerie Indiana #12 They Say Eerie Indiana #13 Switching Channels Eerie Indiana #15 Hollowierd Eerie Indiana #16 Eerie in the mirror Dangling
Eliot, George Brother Jacob
Eliot, George The Lifted Veil
new Ellis, Deborah Mud City new Ellis, Deborah Parvana's Journey
new Ellis, Deborah The Breadwinner Embry, Margaret Mr. Blue [email protected]
grade 4-6 OK? 4-6 OK
Cover and inside cover illustration not tzanua. Magic dollhouse is keeping a girl alive who should have died long ago; boys help her to "go to where she belongs" A piece of crystal from a meteor causes "weirdness"
4-6 OK? setting is TV but portrayal is negative. Minor mention of teenage sister who has lots of dates. 4-6 OK? setting is Halloween but it's not major
4-6 OK minor violence.
5-8 OK?? Strange story billed as "psychological thriller". Boy's friend disappears in river and is assumed dead; turns out he ran away because he is foster child and is afraid of being returned to group home. Calls parents & senile grandmother by first names.
9+ OK? A short story about a boy who steals money from his mother so that he can establish himself as a rich man, but his retarded brother gets in his way. Eventually he takes a false name and becomes engaged to a rich man's daughter until his retarded brother destroys his disguise. This story depicts a man who will stoop very low to get what he wants but his past ultimately catches up to him. 9+ OK?? A short story about a dying man who reminisces about his sad life primarily dwelling on his courtship and relationship with his estranged wife. It began when his brother was courting her but she sent him subtle messages thereby confusing and fascinating him. Man fears his servants won't come when he calls them because they are "lovers". Minor romantic negiah. Can magically see people's true intentions. 8+ OK? The saga continues. A girl tries to escape a refugee camp and ends up in jail. She is eventually rescued by wealthy foreigners. Ultimately, she makes peace with her refugee status and helps others. Vivid descriptions of poverty, suffering, and begging. Chutzpah when under pressure. Language-shut up, stupid, piss. 8+ OK?? Continuation of "The Breadwinner". This book is appropriate only for a very mature and emotionally strong reader. After her father's death, girl walks through war torn Afghanistan to find her mother. Very vivid descriptions of death and suffering. Girl adopts a baby she finds beside its mother's dead body. She also adopts a crippled boy who exhibits terrible middos mostly because he is scared and hurt, and an orphaned girl who lives in a minefield. Non romantic negiah. Language- idiot, shut up, stupid. 7+ OK? A girl helps her family survive in war torn Afghanistan by pretending to be a boy. Detailed description of the Taliban's persecution of women and all who don't obey their strict rules. Unimportant mention of television. Occasional mild middos between siblings, but generally very loving toward each other. At one point, they are so desperate for money the girl digs up graves to sell the bones. Girl is concerned her shape is changing and she won't be able to pretend to be a boy. 2-3 OK A class adopts a strange cat that can talk
Page 47
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Ende, Michael English, Karen new English, Karen new Enright, Elizabeth
Title The Neverending Story Francie Nikki and Deja The Newsy News Newsletter Gone Away Lake
grade 5-8 OK? Creative fantasy in which boy reading book ends up as part of the story. Brief reference to JC on page 86 - can be crossed out. 5-8 OK? A black girl experiences discrimination as she waits for her father to send for their family to start a better life in Chicago. Mentions that some men who work far from home have 2 families. Mother beats girl with a switch when she is bad, but not in abusive way. Mention of boy whose mother died and father abandoned the family. Black girl takes clever revenge on white girl who was mean to her. Minor language: butt. 3-5 OK?? Girls publish a newsletter about their block but don't check for accuracy before they publish. Even though the girls are good friends the middos they exhibit and the way they treat each other may be consideredmacceptable in the outside world, but is really poor role modeling e.g. neighbor gives a girl a brownie and instead of eating it right away she saves it to make her friend jealous. When the friend begs for some she gives her a miniscule piece. Juvenile bad lunchroom behavior described in detail. Girls decide that a girl they don't like is absent from school because her parents separated; really she has pneumonia 5-7 OK?? A Newberry Honor book. Boy and girl cousins discover a forgotten community and befriend its elderly residents. Question arises if anyone owns houses abandoned 50 years ago and if it is OK to break into them and take things from them for personal usedecide yes. Girl is thrilled to wear her comfortable summer clothing- jeans, a t shirt, no socks-instead of dresses for school. Mention of finding fossil fishes, brief mention of dinosaurs. Minor middos between children. Mention of book "Wuthering Heights". Non religious xmas, church and Santa Claus. Description of concert where women sang for a coed audience. Mention of coed balls- no description. Brief mention of the zodiac. Illustration and description of partially clothed female statue- not provocative. Language-dopey, shut up, heck (often), idiotic, doggone it, dumb, darn it (once).
new Enright, Elizabeth
Return To Gone Away Lake
Enright, Elizabeth
Then There Were Five
5-7 OK?? Children help their parents renovate an old house and have adventures. Non-romantic negiah. A few mentions of the "comfortable fragrance of pipe smoke" and description of how a pipe is lit. Brief non-religious xmas, broken rosary beads. Illustration of same half clothed statue as last book. Girls read a horoscope that tells them they will "concern themselves with the handsomest members of the opposite sex"-they aren't interested. Translation of Latin hymn of praise from Saint Francis of Assisi-relatively neutral p197 chapt 15. 4-6 OK? Continuation of "The Four Story Mistake". Family befriends an abused orphan and eventually adopts him. Innocent non-romantic negiah, innocent mixed swimming, minor language - heck. Story of a boy who snuck away from Church and went swimming on Sunday (forbidden) and got a whipping - found out later father really not angry at him (p 106-112); quote: "and on seventh day thou shalt rest"
Erdrich, Louise The Birchbark House
4-6 OK?? Realistic description of Native Americans. Smallpox epidemic and death discussed very matter of factly. Lots of emphasis on Indian beliefs - needs adult guidance
[email protected]
Page 48
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Erskine, Kathryn Mockingbird
Estes, Eleanor Ginger Pye Estes, Eleanor Miranda the Great Estes, Eleanor Pinky Pie Estes, Eleanor Rufus M Estes, Eleanor The Alley
Estes, Eleanor The Curious Adventures of Jimmy McGee Estes, Eleanor The Hundred Dresses Estes, Eleanor The Middle Moffat Estes, Eleanor The Moffat Museum Estes, Eleanor The Moffats Estes, Eleanor The Tunnel of Hugsey Goode Evans, Douglas The Elevator Family new Farbeck, Matt Dragons Revealed Revelations Part 2 Fardell, John The 7 Professors of the Far North
Fardell, John The Flight of the Silver Turtle [email protected]
grade 6-8 OK? Girl with Asperger's syndrome (form of autism) helps her father to deal with death of her brother in school shooting. Beautiful book; helpful to children both dealing with death and understanding other children with Asperger's. Minor language: fart (once). Many mentions of the movie To Kill a Mockingbird. 4-6 OK very sweet. 4- 6 OK A brave cat rescues motherless kittens as the city of Rome is burned by barbarians, and settles the kittens in the coliseum. 4-6 OK Family goes to Fire Island for summer and adopts a new cat. 4-6 OK Moffats series. Cute adventures of youngest boy. A few one sentence mentions of xmas; boy cleans pews in church, no religion. 4-6 OK? Sequel to "The Tunnel of Hugsey Goode". Girl and boy who are best friends try to capture burglars as well as policemen whom they suspect stole jewelry when they respond to the crime. Mention of x-mas; no religion. Mention of children mixed swimming - no description. Some unimportant dwelling on women wearing slacks. Minor language: gol-darned p 265. 3-5 OK A magical little man has strange adventures. 2-4 OK? Girls feel bad that they made fun of a poor classmate who bragged she owned a hundred dresses. A few minor mentions of x-mas; no religion 4-6 OK?? Moffat series. Boy writes letter to Santa Claus - whole chapter of this and making Xmas presents for mother. Mention of angels and newborn king - easily crossed out - p. 179. Mention of 16 year old sister getting love letters from a sailor - p. 80 (one paragraph). 4-6 OK? Moffat series. Oldest daughter marries a minister. Church wedding described - no religion. Kisses bride (P. 135). 16 year old boy thinks about girl he likes but never spoke to (p 213-214) - can be crossed out. 4-6 OK? First book in series about old fashioned family with cute adventures. Children study Sunday school lessons for catechism class - nothing really objectionable (P. 82-83). On Halloween, children scare mean neighbor - revenge justified? Carve pumpkin.
4-6 OK? 2 boys discover a hidden tunnel. Lots of juvenile boy vs. girl, e.g. call girls contaminated. Not great Middos but nothing really objectionable. 2-4 OK? A vacationing eccentric family can't find a room in a hotel so they take up residence in the hotel's elevator and have cute adventures. Very mild and innocent love story between the bellhop and the girl selling flowers in the lobby. 5+ OK?? Children save their city from attacking demons. Many mentions of church-confusing description of beliefs-saints, eternal damnation, priests. Violence between men and magical beasts. Occasional language-blast it, shut up, creep. 5-8 OK? Children save their friends and the world, from a mad scientist who has created a genetic super-race. Non-main character girlfriend and boyfriend greet with a (nonromantic) kiss (p. 161). Passing mention of "governments have sterilized thousands of imperfect women before they could even conceive imperfect children".
5-8 OK? Sequel to The 7 Professors of the Far North. Children and inventive scientists find
secret invention and save the world. Passing references to evolution.
Page 49
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Farley, Walter
The Black Stallion and Island Stallion Series 6-8 OK?
Both series focus primarily on race horses. Relatively well-written exciting stories for those who like detailed horse racing action and horse information. Of the 8 books I've read, all seem to have similar minor issues. There is a tremendous focus on breeding horses and how to decide which horses to mate together - almost never graphically described except in one book where it is slightly grapic: The Black Stallion's Ghost Chap 10 p. 99-103 - parents should decide on appropriateness according to child's understanding. In other books most graphic line is "horse snorts with desire" or issues a "love call" when it sees a mare. Occaisionally Arabs say "May Allah be with you". Name a horse "Satan" like the devil. Occaisional minor violence. A few mentions of J.C. as reference to a period of time (The Black Stallion Mystery p 33 and The Black Stallion's Ghost p 57). Mention of wearing a cross and kneeling to a cross (The Black Stallion Mystery p. 50)
new Feder, Paula Kurzband
Did You Lose The Car Again?-
Fendler, Don (as Lost on a Mountain In Maine told to Josheph B. Egan) Field, Rachel Hitty, Her First Hundred Years
Fields, Bryan Lunchbox and the Aliens
Fields, Terri new Flat Stanley
The Day the Fifth Grade Disappeared Stanley in Space
Fleischman, Sid By the Great Horn Spoon Fleischman, Sid Chancy and the Grand Rascal Fleischman, Sid Here Comes McBroom
1-3 OK?? Girls try to locate where their father parked the car and end up running from a lady they think is a witch who is really trying to return the girl's watch to her. May be a little bit scary for younger set. Mother tells girl not to take a book to read in the car but she sneaks it in pocket. Language-stupid dumb. 5-7 OK? A boy's first person account of being lost while mountain climbing and his eventual rescue 9 days later. Many mentions of getting on his knees to pray and feeling his prayers were answered. Belief in guardian angles. A photo of him wearing only underpants and bandages on feet. 4-6 OK? A doll changes ownership and experiences changes in American history. Minor religion. Minor romantic negiah. One line about how young man took doll on his lap "and pretended to make love to me" p. 216 - easily crossed out. 4-6 OK? Strange story of a dog who is given intelligence by aliens who use him to build a machine to transform human garbage into alien food. Somewhat unrefined. Language: chump, jerk, stupid, weirdo, shut-up, doo-doo, you stink, idiot, punk. Some violence and bad middos between aliens - slightly serious, slightly silly. 4-6 OK Boy and girl figure out why class keeps appearing and disappearing. Non-romantic hug 2-3 OK? Family rescues tiny people who live on another planet. Joke about boy who accidentally is on TV in his underwear, nonreligious mention of churches with spires. Language-drat, darn you. 3-5 OK Cute story about boy and his butler who go west to strike it rich. Eventually butler marries boy's mother. 3-5 OK Boy and uncle travel down river in raft in a quest to find his siblings. Uncle tells lots of funny tall tales. 2-4 OK A tall tale about an amazing farm on the prairie.
Fleischman, Sid McBroom and the Big Wind
2-4 OK More McBroom tall tales.
Fleischman, Sid Mr. Mysterious & Company
3-5 OK A family travels through the wild west putting on magic shows.
[email protected]
Page 50
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Fleischman, Sid The 13th floor - A Ghost Story
Fleischman, Sid The Midnight Horse Fleischman, Sid The Whipping Boy new Fleischman, Sid The White Elephant
The Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop
Elementary School
Fleming, Susan Trapped on the Golden Flyer
new Flemming,Ian Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Forbes, Esther Johnny Tremain
Forrester, Sandra
Sound the Jubilee
new Foxley, Janet Mungle Trogg. Small Giant-Big Adventure Francis, Pauline Robinson Crusoe - Fast Track Classics (originally by Edition Daniel Defoe) Frazee, Marla Clementine Frazier, Angie The Midnight Tunnel: A Suzanna Snow Mystery [email protected]
grade 3-5 OK?? Boy and girl join ancestors on private ship and at witch trial. Big deal made about colonial law forbidding kissing wife on Sabbath. Minor boy-girl, nothing really horrible, just overall tone. 3-5 OK A boy helps to foil his wicked uncle's plans with the help of a ghostly magician.
3-5 OK A spoiled prince and his street smart whipping boy run away from the castle and come to trust each other. 2-3 OK? A poor boy is given a white elephant as a punishment since it is considered sacred he can`t use it to earn a living, yet he must feed it and follow its every whim. Illustration of bare chested man. Language-stupid, idiot, pest, brat. 3-5 OK?? Strange stories of fourth grade class - "Wayside School"-style. Very mild language. Mild romance between school librarian and teacher. 3-5 OK Orphaned boy goes by train to live with uncle. Train gets stuck in snow. Difficult ordeal teaches him to give new life a chance. 3-5 OK? Story about a family and their magical car. At one point children are kidnapped but it turns out fine. Brief non religious mention of xmas, father xmas, and Easter. Languageidiot. 6-9 OK?? Historical fiction. Set in Boston, Revolutionary War. An orphan gets involved with the Patriots. Ongoing subtle love story runs throughout the novel but not integral focus.
5-7 OK?? A slave girl escapes with her family during the Civil war. Descriptions of prejudice and brutality towards slaves. Detailed Xmas, brief summary of JC's birth (p. 40), when mother is scared says "sweet J--" (p. 47, 119). Relatively neutral mentions of church and minister and preaching. Mentions that laws didn't allow slaves to marry so they would "jump over a broom and declare themselves husband and wife". Relatively tame description of long courtship leading to marriage. One co-ed dance not described romantically. Once when he returns from danger (before married) she was "swept up into his arms " (p 69) 4-6 OK?? A giant who is much smaller then his peers ends up saving his community from humans who would attack them. Middos between siblings and school mates. The king's birthday celebration features a "burps and farts" competition. Boy wonders if a human is a male or female then decides it must be a woman because she had a "bosom" and other mild anatomical descriptions. One friendly hug. Language-stupid, pee. 3-5 OK? Abridged version of classic story of man shipwrecked on desert island. Clear description of cannibals eating people. Some violence. Some religion (P. 15, 18,20) easily crossed out
2-4 OK?? Cute Junie-B-Jones style, (without the language). One mention of seeing janitor with lunchroom lady kissing in car - can be crossed out. One mention of friend's single mother's "special friend - that's really a boyfriend for adults". 4-6 OK? Girl whose family owns a hotel, solves mystery of missing daughter of hotel patron. Some vague references to girls looking at good-looking boys - old-fashioned and innocent.
Page 51
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Frederick, Heather Vogel
Title The Voyage of Patience Goodspeed
Freeman, Martha Freeman, Martha French, S. Terrell
Who Stole Grandma's Million-Dollar Pumpkin Pie? Who Stole Uncle Sam? Operation Redwood
grade 4-7 OK The Daughter of a whaling captain comes to grips with the death of her mother as she has adventures on a whaling ship. Minor language - called "cuss words" eg: blast, thunder and lightning, etc. Very detailed and gory description of butchering a whale. Xmas - no religion. A few matter of fact mentions of "the privy" 3-6 OK?? Boy and friend (who is a girl) solve mystery of missing pie recipe. Minor language: heck, snot. Several references to possible budding "romances" between grandparentage people (including k-i-s-s-i-n-g song) - pretty tame. 3-5 OK? Boy and girl solve mystery of missing baseball coach. Recurring theme of local woman (boy's friend's mother) who was boy's father's "first love". Boy is teased by giggly girls, about his relationship with girl who is his (platonic) friend. 6-8 OK?? After being sent by flighty artistic mother, to live temporarily with stern aunt and uncle, boy works to save Redwood forest destined to be logged by uncle's company. Two boys and 2 girls are friends and sleep in different rooms of tree house; totally innocent. Boy disobeys aunt and uncle, runs away to house of girl he met via e-mail, lies. In end aunt and uncle are vilified and boy is hero. Language: hell (the place): p. 43; pee, stupid, butt, freakin'. Passing references to dinosaurs, millions of years. Passing mention of girl with "inch of bare skin showing above her jeans"; pierced belly button.
Funke, Cornelia Dragon Rider
Funke, Cornelia Ghosthunters and the Gruesome Invincible 3-5 Lightening Ghost Funke, Cornelia Ghosthunters and the Incredibly Revolting 3-5 Ghosts
Funke, Cornelia Ghosthunters and the Muddy Monsters of 3-5 Doom!
OK? A boy, a rat, a magical brownie and a dragon team up to defeat a vicious monster. Minor language: idiot, drat it, darn it, stupid, dratted. Minor hashkafa issues. One important setting is a monestary where monks are always praying at alters and shrines. Discuss belief that after death people come back as another person. Talk that heroes are fulfilling an ancient prophecy. OK?? Boy helps catch a ghost that is haunting a hotel. Nonromantic negiah. A lot of minor language - stinky, stupid, idiot, dumb, dumbo. OK?? First in series. A boy teams up with an old lady and a tame ghost to catch bad ghosts. Very unrefined. A lot of minor language - stupid, weird, revolting, weirdo, idiot. A lot of middos between siblings. Bathroom humor. A few mentions of watching TV. Go to a graveyard to collect dirt to throw at a ghost. Boy threatens annoying big sister that he will tell a boy in class that she has a crush on him. Detailed descriptions of different types of ghosts. OK?? Boy needs to catch a ghost to receive his ghost hunters diploma. Lots of descriptions of different kinds of ghosts, paganism, and ghostly violence. More silly than scary. One ghost described as five or ten thousand years old. One ghost was created by people doing "barbaric rituals" such as animal sacrifices. Book warns reader that if they have an unfair teacher it might be that the teacher is really a ghost.
Funke, Cornelia Ghosthunters and the Totally Moldy Baroness
3-5 OK?? Boys help catch a mean ghost in a haunted castle. Language - idiot, stupid, stinking, dimwit, weird. Ghost has a crush on another ghost - friends tease him that he is turning "romantic" and that he is "in love", and that when the 2 ghosts will press their icy fingers together it will be "hot stuff". Nothing comes of the relationship.
[email protected]
Page 52
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Funke, Cornelia Igraine the Brave
Funke, Cornelia The Thief Lord
Gackenbach, Dick new Gaiman, Neil
Hooray for Hattie Rabbit Caraline
Gannett, Ruth Stiles Gannett, Ruth Stiles Garden, Nancy Gardner, J.J.
Elmer and the Dragon My Father's Dragon Mystery of the Night Raiders #1 Men In Black
Gardner, Sally Magical Kids - The Smallest Girl Ever and the Boy Who Could Fly
Gates, Doris Blue Willow George, Jean Case of the missing cutthroats Craighead George, Jean Julie's Wolf Pack Craighead George, Jean My Side of the Mountain Craighead
grade 4-5 OK?
Girl who wants to become a knight, saves her magical family and kingdom from wicked baron. Unquestioned assumption that it is OK for girl to aspire to be a knight. Language: drat it (once), shut up. Ladies kiss knight's cheek - totally innocent.
6-8 OK?? Orphan brothers join street gang with fantastical results. Minor language - hell, darn, idiot. Lots of minor street crime. Raises question: can children run from adult (their aunt) who wants to care for them, but they think she is mean. Also, is stealing OK to survive. 1-2 OK I can read book. Cute stories about a rabbit girl.
4-6 OK? Strange spooky story of a girl who frees her parents from a monster masquerading as her mother. This story was made into a movie. Some vague acting culture-mention of plays, men sending flowers to actresses dressing room, etc. Mention of watching videos, TV. Language-weird. 2-3 OK a boy and a dragon help canaries solve a mystery.
2-3 OK Boy rescues dragon who is being mistreated.
4-6 OK Strange story; children scheme to catch vampire who is killing cows. 3-7 OK? Novelization of movie. Secret agents deal with alien visitors to Earth. 1 word (crap). In effort to cover up for missing husband who was killed by aliens, agents tell wife he ran off with his girlfriend. 5-7 OK?? 2 books in one - flip the book over for the other story. The girl story is about a girl whose magical parents die and she is sent to a magic school despite the fact that she has no apparent magical abilities. She is subsequently kidnapped, rescued, kidnapped again, etc. until it is discovered that she is indeed magical. Many mean adults - a few kind ones. Unimportant mention of ladies underpants hanging on the line. In the Boy story a boy who concerned about his parents' deteriorating marriage is granted a wish to learn how to fly and he helps his father discover his fun side and helps his parents be happy again, Language - stupid. Running joke about a fat fairy who "belches" Since book details parents' constant arguments, parents should decide if book is appropriate. 4-6 OK? Daughter of poor itinerant workers tries to gain sense of permanence. Brief telling of myth where 2 "lovers" run away over objection of father (p 26); minor religious and bible talk 4-6 OK Cousins solve ecological mystery - why fish are disappearing from stream. Lots of detail about miraculous water bugs and fish as if nature devloped them - I think frum child with translate this to Hashem. Innocent negiah between cousins. 3-5 OK? Continuation of Julie of the Wolves - fascinating description on "society" of wolf pack. A lot of talk of mating but no description. End of story - kiss between humans appears they are married already. 6-8 OK A boy runs away (with his parents permission) to live in the wilderness. Very detailed descriptions of hunting, etc. Mention of holidays, no religion.
[email protected]
Page 53
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author George, Jean Craighead
Title On the Far Side of the Mountain
grade 6-8 OK?
Continuation of My Side of the Mountain . Boy's younger sister comes to live with him and tries to catch a bird of prey. Very minor meeting with a girl who is "pretty" - he blushes (p 120-121) - non essential to story. Mention of JC as an historical figure.
George, Jean The Cats of Roxville Station Craighead
5-7 OK?? An abused cat befriends an orphan who lives with a foster mother who doesn't understand his love for animals. Extremely detailed cat info (to the point of tedium). Mention of Halloween cat - no religion. Minor language: drat, weird. Exterminator kills cats with poison. Mating leading to pregnancy. Mentions Egyptians treated cats as goddesses in 2000 BC. Mention of watching animal shows on TV
George, Jean Craighead George, Jean Craighead George, Jean Craighead George, Jean Craighead Giblin, James Cross
The Firebug Connection The Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo There's an owl in the Shower Vulpes, The Red Fox The Boy Who Saved Cleveland
Giff, Patricia Reilly Giff, Patricia Reilly Giff, Patricia Reilly
Eleven Lazy Lions, Lucky Lambs Lily's Crossing
Giff, Patricia Reilly Giff, Patricia Reilly
Love From the Fifth Grade Celebrity Maggie's Door
4-6 OK Children of scientists figure out why fire bugs aren't maturing. Vague references to evolution and nature solving its own problems - not blatant at all. 4-6 OK? girl and mom live in wilderness to escape abusive father. Girl protects alligator who is important to ecology. References to abuse but not detailed. 4-6 OK A lumberman loses his job because of spotted owl preservationists. His angry son inadvertently rescues one. Very pro-conservation. 3-6 OK Story of fox's life in the wild 3-5 OK? Historical fiction. Boy supplies town with food when inhabitants are struck with illness. Passing mention of sister complaining that there are no boys to dance with, and by the time any come she'll be an old maid. 5-6 OK Learning disabled orphaned boy tries to solve mystery of his past with help of a new friend. 2-3 OK Boy with learning problems writes a story. 4-6 OK?? Girl comes to grips with father being away at war and friend's brother being lost in action. Sneaks into movie without paying, lies, angry with grandma but eventually appreciates her. 2 pages of church services, holy water, rosary beads. Innocent nonromantic negiah. 4-5 OK? brief ref. to "talk about boys" 6-8 OK?? An Irish girl struggles to emigrate during the potato famine and reach her sister in America. Subtle and gentle love story, which is more implied than stated outright, between the girl and her sister's husband's brother. She has memories of him asking her to dance at their sibling's wedding but not described in any detail. When he suffers a bad burn she nurses him to health. 2 instances of affectionate but not overtly romantic negiah - when she sees him crying she puts her hand on top of his to comfort him, when they arrive in America he takes her hand in his and points at the house.
Giff, Patricia Pictures of Hollis Woods
Giff, Patricia Polk Street School #9 Purple Climbing Days 2-3 Reilly [email protected]
Touching story of foster child who finally finds family. Beautifully done. Some nonromantic negiah between girl and prospective "brother". X-mas - decorations, gifts, but no religion. Cover photo of girl from waist down, wearing shorts. Boy overcomes fear of climbing a rope. Old female Gym teacher in shorts description and illustration
Page 54
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Giff, Patricia Reilly Giff, Patricia Reilly Giff, Patricia Reilly
Title Say "Cheese" Snaggle Doodles The Candy Corn Contest
new Giff, Patricia Reilly
The Gift Of The Pirate Queen
grade 2-3 OK Lonely girl looks for best friend. Drawings of young girls in shorts and sleeveless. 2-3 OK Kids work on inventions. 2-3 OK? A boy deals with 2 problems. First, he snuck 3 candy corns from the "guess how many" bottle on his teacher's desk and feels guilty, and secondly, he is having a slumber party and no one wants to come because a friend who wets his bed is coming. Some bad middos especially regarding the boy who smells, but the situation is eventually resolved. 6-8 OK?? A girl tries to deal with the death of her mother and her sister's diabetes with the help of an old woman from Ireland. Although possibly intended for younger children , this story is somewhat heavy for them. Story centers around xmas and the fact that she accidentally broke her teacher's xmas bell. Lots of xmas but no religion. Middos between classmates. Brief mention of watching TV. Language-freak, brat.
Giff, Patricia The Powder Puff Puzzle
Giff, Patricia The Trial of the Screaming Teenager
Giff, Patricia The Winter Worm Business
new Giff, Patricia Wild Girl
Giff, Patricia Willow Run
Giff, Patricia Reilly Giff, Patricia Reilly Gifford, Peggy
Women of our Time: Laura Ingalls Wilder 3-4
Fourth Grade Celebrity
Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Practicing the 3-5 Piano
OK Girl finds her cat using logic
OK? Girl finds teenager's lost necklace. Lots of beach scenes but totally innocent. Illustrations of teenagers in bathing suits on co-ed beach. OK? Boy learns to deal with cousin he doesn't like. Bad middos but ends OK.
A Brazilian girl joins her father and brother in America where her father runs a stable for race horses. She is challenged by the fact that her family treats her as the little girl she was when they last saw her, and by the overwhenming feelings of missing of her mother who died. The girl doesn't know English so she has an accident in school because she can't ask for the bathroom. She is so embarrassed she runs away from school. One word xmas. Companion to Lily's Crossing . During WWII, family moves to factory town to help in war effort, and brother is reported MIA. Recurring memories of brother going out with his girlfriend, thinking she's pretty. One minor language ("Hitler is a jerk"). Passing mention of Mass and picture of St. Francis. Life of Laura Ingalls. Kiss goodnight when Almonzo asks her to marry him - p. 34.
Very mild language. Last page - decides obnoxious boy is "most good looking in class". An unusual book written in very short humorous chapters about a girl who gets stage fright at her piano recital. Brief, unimportant sentence about a rock star performing in the same place as the recital (p. 4). Refers to another book in the series "Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little". Brief unimportant mention of a bird living 60 million years ago (p. 131).
[email protected]
Page 55
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
new Gifford, Peggy Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little
Gilson, Jamie Bug in a Rug Gipson, Fred Old Yeller Girion, Barbara Indian Summer
grade 3-5 OK? 3-5 OK? 5-8 OK? 3-5 OK?
Girl keeps pushing off reading a book for summer homework. Book illustrated with photographs supposedly taken by the girl's twin brother some of which are slightly inappropriate-e.g. photo of mom's rear end as she works in garden. A six year old boy has a crush on an older girl that he doesn't really understand. It manifests itself in that he will do whatever she tells him to, no matter how difficult (p18-19). Unimportant mention of TV. Preview of "Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Writing Thank You Notes". A girl whose father works in the movie industry invites her to come to Hollywood for a big New Year's Eve bash with the stars. Many mentions of xmas presents. Description of strapless evening gown that her mother made her return, plus a rear view photo of her wearing it. A boy gets a pair of pants that don't fit from eccentric relatives, and comes to appreciate them. Lots of juvenile incidents of pants falling down and everyone seeing his underwear. Silly. Newberry Honor book. A pioneer boy adopts a stray dog who saves his family's lives then he is forced to kill the dog. Very detailed descriptions about hunting and killing animals. Boy "sort of likes" an 11 year old girl who has "right pretty eyes" and made him fell "sort of jumpy". Dog fathers pups with a "bitch". A white girl lives on an Indian reservation for a month and experiences reverse discrimination until all come to an understanding of each other. Minor references to boy/girl, thinking boy is cute. One tame boy/girl party. Some non-romantic negiah.
Go Girl
Go Girl - Back to School
Go Girl
Go Girl - The Secret Club
Goldin, Barbara Red Means Good Fortune - A Story of San 4-6
Francisco's Chinatown
The Other Side of the Island
Roderick and
Brian Williams
More Fifth Grade Magic
Grabenstein, The Hanging Hill
OK?? A girl looks forward to school beginning but it doesn't turn out the way she expects: her teacher is mean and she is separated from some of her best friends; eventually comes to terms with it. One sentence about kids pretending they are on TV. A few minor displays of bad middos. Minor language: weird, dumb, stupid. Others in series are not OK. OK?? A girl moves and makes new friends. A lot of fairly benign talk of celebrities and singers. Girl mentions that she is in a bad mood a lot because her parents are "splitting up". Language: stupid. OK? Once Upon America Series. A Chinese boy helps rescue a Chinese slave girl. A few brief mentions of Chinese kitchen god. OK? After flood wipes out most dry land on Earth, remaining islands are governed by very controlling government. Girl and her non-conformist parents try to start rebellion. After rescuing mother, father kisses mother on lips. OK? Boys discover hidden underground society. Mild language. Passing mention of boys putting dirty lyrics into religious songs - not detailed. Later books more problematic. OK A girl tries to convice mother not to send her to modeling camp by using magic. Mention of parents' divorce. OK?? Sequel to "The Crossroads". Boy who sees ghosts, prevents magician from raising demons to life. Magic, "gods". Language: hell/damn (formal meanings). Friends with girl - one hug at end when he saves her life. Somewhat scary/gory.
[email protected]
Page 56
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Graff, Lisa Graff, Lisa Grahame, Kenneth
Title The Thing About Georgie Umbrella Summer The Wind in the Willows
grade 4-6 OK? A 4th grade boy who is a dwarf (medically) learns about friends, family, and himself. Boy wishes pretty 7th grader would pay attention to him - reasonably innocent. Description of X-mas services; no religion. 3-6 OK? A girl and her family deal with brother's death. Has 2 friends who are boys - totally innocent. Very well done - could be very helpful for child dealing with loss. Language: pee, butt 6+ OK?? Animals unsuccessfully try to keep their wealthy friend toad out of trouble. Eventually he learns to be less self-centered, but until that point he is an example of very poor midos. Language: "silly ass" (a few times). Mice sing Xmas carol ­ written out ­ mentions story of Joseph but not very clear (p. 91-92 chap 5), A confusing chapter about an "august presence" and feeling "awe" - seems like they had a religious experience with some animal-like creature but very vague (chap 7 p 126-127 and 132).
Gratz, Alan new Gray, Kes
The Brooklyn Nine: A Novel in Nine Innings 5-8
Nelly The Monster Sitter
OK?? Nine generations of baseball-playing boys and girls, each confronting the conflicts of the particular era. Very well written. In first generation, boy's (non-frum) Jewish family converts to Christianity out of convenience; subsequent generations do not realize they are Jewish. One boy is teased that he does not know who his father is. Language: hell/damn, 2-3 times; dork, screw up. In V-day celebration, man kisses girl. Grandfather advises boy to attack bully with a knee to the groin. References to Star Wars movies. OK?? A girl has adventures while babysitting for monsters. A lot of sibling rivalry between twins- unusually bad middos. A lot of incidental TV watching. Language-freaks, weirdo, scummy, creeps. In back of book ad for book called "Sir Farts A lot".
Greenburg, Dan The Zack Files - Never Trust a Cat who Wears Earrings Greenburg, J. C. Andrew Lost #1 On The Dog
Greenburg, J. C. Andrew Lost #2 In the Bathroom
Greenwald, Sheila Greenwald, Sheila Greenwald, Sheila
Alvin Webster's Surefire Plan for Success (and how it failed) Give us a Great Big Smile, Rosy Cole Rosy Cole Discovers America
Greenwald, Sheila
The Secret Museum
2-3 OK? Strange story of boy who is scratched by a cat in a museum and begins to turn into ancient Egyptian cat goddess. Lots of info about Egyptian religion. 2-4 OK Boy and girl and robot accidentally shrink and experience scientific adventures as they try to get back to original size. Very detailed descriptions of inside of nose including yucky parts. Goal of this series is to get kids interested in science. 2-4 OK Shrunken children are on a dog that is getting a bath. Scientific descriptions of bubbles, sponges, ants. 3-5 OK A smart boy learns his priorities are wrong from an average student he is tutoring. 2-3 OK? Girl with no musical talent is subject of book by uncle. Drawings of girl in leotard. Adults hold hands: p 58 2-3 OK? A girl (who seems Jewish, though never stated explicitly) attends a private school with rich WASP girls. Comes to grips with her own poor immigrant heritage. Lots of talk of debutante balls and high society. 3-5 OK Girls turn abandoned playhouse into a museum. Rationalize that it's OK to use someone else's property to make money. Mother forces them to ask permission from owners.
[email protected]
Page 57
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Greer, Gery and Let Me Off This Spaceship
Bob Ruddick
Gregory, Kristiana Griffin, Adele Grimes, Lee
The Stowaway Witch Twins Fortune Cookie Castle
Gripe, Maria The Glassblower's Children
Gruelle, Johnny The Magical Land of Noom
Guest, Elissa Haden Haas, Dorothy
Iris and Walter and the Birthday Party Burton's Zoom, Zoom Va-room Machine
Haas, Dorothy Peanut Butter & Jelly Forever #2 Haas, Dorothy The Bears Upstairs
Haas, Dorothy Tink in a Tangle
Haas, Jessie Haddix, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Margaret Peterson
Beware the Mare Among the Barons Among the Brave Among the Hidden
Haddix, Margaret Peterson
Among the Imposters
grade 2-3 OK 4-6 OK?
Boys are accidentally brought into an alien spaceship and make a lot of funny and silly trouble so the commander will decide he is fed up with them and will allow them to return to Earth. Language: twerp Historical fiction. Boy accidently stows away on pirate ship. Violence
3-5 OK?? Witch twins try to ruin divorced father's wedding. Learn lesson in end. 3-5 OK? boy and girl visit enchanted castle. Forced to help wizard find stolen crystal ball. Minor sidestory of romance between knight and princess. Minor negiah. 4-6 OK Strange story of 2 children who are kidnapped by an odd wealthy couple and are saved by a witch. Somewhat scary, pretty pointless. 2-4 OK An old fashioned style fantasy about children who fly in a soapbox to the moon and have adventures. 1-2 OK A boy's horse gives birth to a foal at his birthday party.
3-5 OK Absent-minded boy inventor invents a flying skateboard and comes to appreciate teacher. 2-3 OK? 1 sentence about liking boys. Illustration of girl in bathrobe and rock star on wall 3-5 OK? a girl befriends bears trying to escape captivity and helps them escape to another planet. Sidestory of mother who spends time with man daughter hates - afraid she will marry him. Mom explains it's just platonic because grownups need friends too.
3-5 OK?? a girl keeps getting into scrapes until she learns to think things through. Mom a beautician; a lot of that culture mentioned. Girl wants boy to like her but he never does; relatively innocent. 2-4 OK Cute story. A girl figures out why her pony has such a scary name. 6-8 OK?? Continuation of Among the Hidden. A third child meets his alias' real family and tries to sort out friends and enemies. P. 52 - boy tells about finding servants kissing in a garage - easy to cross out. 6-8 OK? Continuation of Among the Hidden. Third children infiltrate the population police. P. 24 - boy marvels at pretty woman who has "curves" - he blushes.
6-8 OK? Series is set in future where having more than 2 children is punishable by death. A third child meets another and has to decide if he wants to remain hidden or try to live a normal life. Lots of vague mentions of child being unexpected, about government forcing abortions, about doctors "fixing it" so won't have more children, mother wanted to name kids Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John but not explained. Page 7: bra uncomfortable item of clothing. Non-romantic negiah. This series may raise questions about birth control in child's mind. 6-8 OK?? Continuation of Among the Hidden. One sentence about boy drawing picture of naked girl - can be torn out.
[email protected]
Page 58
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Because of Anya
5-7 OK? A young girl with alopecia areata - a non-dangerous disease that causes hair to fall out
- copes by wearing a wig to school. Class speculates that she has cancer and is dying.
May be frightening for a very sensitive child. Her parents discuss if should or shouldn't
have another baby.
Dexter the Tough
3-5 OK? Illness of parent: A boy stays with his grandmother while his father is having chemo
treatments. Deals with anger by hurting another child but later regrets it. Teacher
helps him come to grips with feelings by encouraging him to write about it. May be
frightening for a child who hasn't experienced parent's serious illness, but excellent for
one who has.
Running Out of Time
6-8 OK? A girl grows up in an historical restoration village and thinks it's reality, until she needs
to go out into the real world to save her sister's life. Very original plot. A few minor
mentions of older sister being in love. Girl changes into modern jeans and comments
about how much freer she feels.
Hall, Lynn
Wild Mustang (orig. title: A Horse Called
4-6 OK Written from horse's point of view. Wild horse is captured and sold
Alden All Stars - Last Chance Quarterback 4-6 OK Sports book of Matt Christopher type
Hallquist, Britt Bettina's Secret
3-5 OK a girl is lonely in hospital with broken leg until a mysterious nurse visits her at night.
Cal and the Amazing Anti-Gravity Machine 3-5 OK?? Boy helps eccentric neighbor with inventions and learns that gravity is important.
Strange story, somewhat humorous. Boy's mom upset with noisy neighbor early in the
morning - calls him a "horrible, inconsiderate, idiotic, old caveman". Minor language:
idiotic, stupid.
The House of Dies Drear
6-8 OK Black family moves into house used for underground railroad. Discussion of prejudice
The Lost Conspiracy
6-9 OK?? Fantasy. Girl tries to save her sister, who is rumored to be a prophetess. Legendary
story of "husband" and "wife" volcanoes, wife is "with" another volcano. Ancestor and
nature worship. Friendly non-romantic negiah. Language: hell, damn. Some
violence. Passing mention of boy 'in love' with older woman - used as comic relief as
he tries to offend people so that they will harm him, so that he can take revenge and
join her group of avengers.
Harper, Charise Fashion Kitty is the Fashion Queen
3-5 OK?? Girl cat superhero confronts a girl cat who tries to dictate how others dress. One girl is
so desperate to be in fashion she steals money from mother's wallet to buy a hat - the
superhero confronts her and explains why she is wrong. Parental discretion needed -
although there is a lot focus on fashion, it has moral and may be helpful for reluctant
new Harper, Suzanne The Unseen World of Poppy Malone: A Gust 3-5 OK? Siblings find ghosts and accidentally invite them to their home. Minor language: darn
of Ghosts
(once). Drawing of woman in spaghetti-strap shirt in corner of front cover.
Harrell, Beatrice Long Walker's Journey
4-6 OK? Historical fiction; Indians forced walk to Indian Territory, death & sickness, talk of
Christian religion vs. Indian religion (most kids will probably skip it)
Hart, Allison Rescue - a Police Story
3-4 OK real-life police action; threats, minor violence
Hart, Sharon M. Animal Rescue Farm - Animal Orphans
2-4 OK? Children help grandparents care for wild animals. Occasional mention of nature as its
own force but very minor and will probably go over children's heads.
[email protected]
Page 59
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Haven, Paul
Title The Seven Keys of Balabad
Haven, Paul Two Hot Dogs With Everything
Hawes, Louise Tales from the Cafeteria - Spaghetti & Spooks
Haydon, Elizabeth
The Floating Island
Haywood, Carolyn Haywood, Carolyn
B is for Betsy Betsy and Billy
Haywood, Carolyn
Betsy and the Boys
Haywood, Carolyn Haywood, Carolyn Haywood, Carolyn Haywood, Carolyn
Betsy and the Circus Betsy's Little Star Danny's Green thumb Eddie's Friend Boodles
Eddie's Happenings
Eddie's Valuable Property
Hello Star
Heide, Florence Banana Twist
Heide, Florence Brillstone Break-in P. and Roxanne [email protected]
grade 4-7 OK?? American boy whose father is assigned as reporter in poor Arab country. With 2 friends, a wealthy Arab and a beautiful girl, they disobey parents and put themselves in danger, to save national treasure from dishonest archaeologist. Passing mentions of boys noticing girl's looks, perfume, non-romantic hand on arm - but seem to be just friends. 3-6 OK?? Boy brings good luck to baseball team. Juvenile language: butt, jerk, hell. Passing mention of older brother's date. 4-6 OK?? Ghosts appear at school. Children help them to relive original Thanksgiving. Boy/girl innuendos between ghosts & children. Some chutzpah - refer to principal as "gabby Greg" because he likes to talk a lot. Even teachers make fun of him. 6-8 OK? A boy helps avert evil that is attacking an inn owned by a kind couple. Lots of magic. Strange story of how the Creator made the world. Language: freak, stupid, pig headed, fanny, heck, brat. Very minor crush boy has on cook - calls her "kitchen goddess" 2-3 OK Betsy starts first grade. Mention that Thanksgiving is when pilgrims thanked G-d. 2-3 OK?? Betsy starts second grade. Dressing up for Halloween party in school. Description of Santa Claus collecting money in a kettle and asking children what they want for X-mas in a store. P. 57 (Chapter 5) - 6 lines of Silent Night - talks about Virgin Mother and child. Can cross it out. 2-3 OK? Betsy wants to join the boys football team, but when she does she quickly changes to new interests. One whole chapter about x-mas party and play and one chapter about giving valentines, but no heavy religion in either. 2-3 OK? Betsy befriends a circus child and learns it's OK to have more than 1 friend. Easter eggs but no religious discussion 2-3 OK? Star wants to go to kindergarten and can't wait till she's old enough. Description of Xmas pageant but not overdone. 2-3 OK Children learn about gardening and hard work and make a stand to sell home-grown vegetables. 2-4 OK Boys try to train dog to do circus tricks. Discuss the difference between a lie and a "funzie" that is a made up story that is OK to tell since both parties know it's not true.
2-4 OK Eddie befriends a boy who likes to make up stories. Helps him realize he shouldn't lie. Minor name calling. Holiday shopping but no religious discussion. 2-4 OK Eddie moves and has adventures with his new friends.
2-3 OK? Star goes to grandparents' farm and befriends swans and raccoons. Mention of reason named Star - because born on Xmas 4-6 OK? Strange story about a boy who wants to get accepted to a boarding school where he will be allowed to nosh, since his parents don't let him. Nothing really bad - it's mostly silly but explicitly states that he wants to get away from his parents' rules. He lies a lot - but of the tall tale variety. 3-5 OK Boy and girl solve mystery of a robbery
Page 60
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Heide, Florence Fear at Brillstone
P. and Roxanne
Heide, Florence Growing Anyway up
P. and Roxanne
Heide, Florence Mystery of the Mummy's Mask
P. and Roxanne
Heide, Florence Mystery at Southport Cinema
P. and Roxanne
Heide, Florence Mystery of the Lonely Lantern
P. and Roxanne
Horns and Wrinkles
Henry, Marguerite
Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley
new Henry, Marguerite
King of the Wind
Henry, Marguerite Herman, Charlotte
Stormy, Misty's Foal My Chocolate Year
Herman, Charlotte Herman, Gail Herman, Gail
The House on Walenska Street Apollo 13 Space Race Disney Fairies - Fira and the Full Moon
grade 3-5 OK? 5-7 OK?
Boy and girl uncover mystery of who is robbing a fancy store. Mention of her being his girlfriend but nothing romantic. very strange coming of age story. Girl does strange rituals, mom dates and remarries
3-5 OK Children solve mystery of valuable mummy's mask and uncover a smuggling ring.
3-5 OK? girl dresses up as teenager with slacks, heels, jewelry and makeup
3-6 OK? mention of Halloween but no religious discussion
5-7 OK Strange fantasy about a small town where trolls cause havoc and fairies help humans. Lots of good guy vs. bad guy violence. Bully gets what he deserves. Genuine acts of kindness reverse bad spells. 3-5 OK? Girl gets horse who unexpectedly gives birth to mule, who is her favorite pet. Some speculation as to who 'father' was. Could cause some confusion - probably would be overlooked. 4-6 OK?? The story of a horse from Morocco that ends up siring prize winning horses in England. Biggest issue is the dwelling on horses mating and which horse is the father of a colt. The process is not described but the idea might get kids thinking e.g. p152-155 and pg 164. Some minor Muslim religion, mention of Allah is great etc. Unsourced quote from the Bible-p112. Name of earl's estate is called GogMagog- no explanation. Detailed description of mistreatment of animals and of a poor boy.
4-6 OK? Children raise a famous movie star pony on island devastated by storm. 1 hymn about J--- calling him savior - most kids will skip it. Horse birth announcement said "baby out of Misty" (mother) "by Wings" (father) 5-7 OK? A Jewish American girl during WWII awaits her cousin who survived the Holocaust, while trying to win a cooking contest in her public school. Jewish content relatively accurate but includes a clear portayal of chillul shabbos (typical for thta era). Nazi crimes mentioned but not super detailed. a few mentions of movies and idolizing movie stars. Aunt gets ready for a date, asks if dress makes her "tush" stick out". Parents tell kids they met at a party. Description of a holiday party at school where sing jingle bells. At wedding girl dances with boy cousin.
2-4 OK Jewish family in pre-war Poland. Nicely done.
2-3 OK Non-fiction. Describes space race between Russia and US. A bit scary - describes Apollo 13 difficult and dangerous mission. 2-3 OK? A fairy has to keep tabs on mischievous triplet fairies while at the same time organizing replacements for sick lightening bugs. Illustrations of fairies in sleeveless dresses.
[email protected]
Page 61
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Hesse, Karen Just Juice
Hesse, Karen Hicks, Clifford Higgins, F.E.
Sable Alvin Fernald, TV Reporter The Bone Magician
Higgins, F.E. The Eyeball Collector
grade 4-6 OK? a dyslexic girl tries to help family save their house from being taken by government because didn't pay taxes. Helps mom deliver baby and saves her life by figuring out sugar monitor. Graphic description of childbirth. Beautiful story. Parents need to decide if this is appropriate for their child, especially boys. 2-4 OK a girl tries to get dog to behave so parents will let her keep it 3-5 OK? brief mention of boy/girl 6-8 OK?? Boy in low-class, turn-of-century town, tries to solve mystery of his uncle's death and father's disappearance; meets mysterious characters. Somewhat creepy. Language: damned (p. 102) 6-9 OK?? Boy plans to avenge death of father; in end realizes he would be lowering himself to level of plotters. Creepy/gory at times. Language: hell (the place) - p. 95, 176, 211.
Hildick, E.W. The Case of the Wandering Weathervanes 4-6 OK Kids solve mystery of who is stealing weathervanes and uncover a secret spy plot.
Hildick, E.W. The Purloined Corn Popper
4-6 OK? Children locate person who stole money with help of a detective librarian. Minor language - jerk. P. 112- refer to old man as "old fossil" - can be easily crossed out.
Hildick, E.W. Hildick, EW new Hill, Kay
The Serial Sneak Thief The Case of the Wiggling Wig Glooscap Stories
Hiller, B.B. Hilmmelman, John Hilton, James Hinkle, Thomas C. Hinton, SE Ho, Mingfong
Rent a Third Grader Simpson's Snail Sings Goodbye Mr. Chips Shag The Puppy Sister The Clay Marble
4-6 OK Kids and librarian solve school mystery. 4-6 OK Kids solve mystery of crooks robbing a bank. 4+ OK?? Native American legends. Many have a moral message. Some are creation stories (which obviously conflict with Torah version). Mention of spirits, relationship with nature, and other Indian beliefs. May need parental guidance. Pg.100- man is advised that if the girl he wants to marry won't come he should give her a kiss or two to persuade her. Pg. 112-man can ask for anything and he asks for the love of many women. Language-stupid. 2-4 OK A class tries to save a police horse from being made into pet food 1-2 OK Short stories about a snail. One includes a gypsy telling his fortune - most kids won't get it. 9+ OK An elderly British school teacher remembers his younger days. 3-5 OK A dog is misunderstood by owner. Mistreated by humans. At end people come to appreciate it. 2-4 OK boy innocently kisses adopted sister 3-6 OK? Girl and family trying to start new life from Cambodian refugee camp. Some female anatomy. Some mildly affectionate negiah between boy & girl planning to marry.
Hoban, Lilian A Bargain for Francis
Hoban, Lilian Hoban, Lillian Hoban, Lillian and Phoebe Hobbs, Valerie Hobbs, Will
Arthur's Back to School Day Arthur's pen pal The Laziest Robot in Zone 1 Sheep Far North
[email protected]
1-2 OK?? A friend tricks Francis into buying her tea set. Francis tricks her back to teach her a lesson. Parents should decide if this is appropriate. 2-3 OK Arthur's lunch box gets stolen on first day of school. 2-3 OK Arthur discovers pen pal is really a girl. Very innocent. 2-3 OK A robot learns his lesson - not to be lazy.
3-5 OK Sheep dog learns lessons of life as he tries to find his calling. Sweet. 5-7 OK? Boys marooned in wilderness survive. Come to believe in spirits of animals and trees as taught to them by old man - kids may see as truth, probably not.
Page 62
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Holm, Jennifer L Baby Mouse #02 Our Hero
and Mathew
Holm, Jennifer L Baby Mouse #03 - Beach Babe
and Mathew
Holm, Jennifer L Baby Mouse #08 Puppy Love and Mathew Holm Holm, Jennifer L Baby Mouse #10 The Musical and Mathew Holm Holm, Jennifer L Baby Mouse Skater Girl and Mathew Holm Holm, Jennifer L Camp Baby Mouse and Mathew Holm Holm, Jennifer Baby Mouse Burns Rubber L. and Mathew Holm
Holmes, Sara Operation Yes Lewis
The all new Jonah Twist
Hoobler, Dorothy And Now, a Word From Our Sponsor: A
and Thomas Story of a Roaring Twenties Girl
Hooker, Ruth & Carole Smith new Hopkinson, Deborah
The Kidnapping of Anna Into The Firestorm
Hornik, Laurie The Secrets of Ms. Snickle's Class Miller [email protected]
grade 2-4 OK Mouse is scared of playing dodge ball but she scores the winning shot
2-4 OK? Mice spend summer at the beach. She considers her little brother a "pain" but when he runs away she comes to appreciate him. On cover, cartoonish illustration of mouse in loose 2 piece bathing suit. Other similar ones throughout the book; Not provocative. 2-4 OK Mouse wants a pet
2-4 OK? Mouse is an understudy in a school play. Very juvenile boy/girl when he saves heroine from falling.
2-4 OK? Mouse dreams of winning a gold medal as a figure skater, until she finds out how much work is involved. Very cartoonish illustration of animal children in skating outfits. Language: stupid. 2-4 OK Mouse goes to camp and tries to help her bunk win points, but she keeps making mistakes.
2-4 OK? Mouse wants to enter a soap box derby but doesn't know how to build a car, so she convinces her friend to build it for her (against the rules). In the end she does the right thing and lets him drive it in the race. End of book - 2 page illustration of mouse hold a trophy standing next to a female mouse in a bikini - not provocative but very noticeable. 6-9 OK? Class with children of military families, learn from unique teacher. Minor language. When teacher's shirt becomes untucked children see tattoo on her hip and belly button ring - mentioned in passing. 2-4 OK? parents divorce
3-5 OK? Lots of old fashioned "women can do anything men can do" attitude, including voting and being a scientist. Wearing makeup is radical. Lots of talk of becoming a "flapper" and a "dancer". Children make up radio show where man grabs woman's arm, she pushes him away. Later actor "sweeps her into his arms". 2-4 OK Kids discover that housekeeper is an imposter
5-7 OK? Historical fiction-1906-the great San Francisco earthquake and fire. An orphaned boy finds friends and responsibility in the aftermath of a natural disaster. A bit scary and sad. Mention of Shakespeare, book "Call of The Wild", opera "Carmen". Boy's father abandoned family because he couldn't handle poverty. Brief mention of discrimination against Chinese Americans.. non romantic negiah. Language-dang, stupid.
3-5 OK? A silly book that kids love, about a teacher who transforms the classroom into her living room at night. Some minor bathroom humor. One sentence mention of Santa Claus and elves.
Page 63
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Horowitz, Anthony Horvath, Polly new Horvath, Polly
Title The Switch Everything on a Waffle Pepins and Their Problems
Hostetter, Joyce Blue Mayer Howarth, Lesley Weather Eye
Howe, Deborah and James Howe, Deborah and James Howe, James Howe, James
Bunnicula The Celery Stalks at Midnight Nighty-Nightmare Pinky and Rex and the School Play
Howe, Peter Waggit's Tale Hughes, Dean Nutty Knows All
Hunter, Erin Warriors - The New Prophecy Book 1:
Hurd, Edith
Johnny Lion's Book
A Girl Called Boy
Hurwitz, Johanna Aldo Applesauce
Hurwitz, Johanna
Aldo Peanut Butter
[email protected]
grade 4-7 OK Rich boy switches bodies with lower class boy. Discovers father is in charge of
company that tests beauty products on homeless children, instead of animals.
3-6 OK?? Language: hell (as in the actual place), crap - can be crossed out
4-6 OK?? A story about a wacky family which encourages the readers to help think of crazy answers to silly problems. Somewhat tongue in cheek. The mother entertains male
neighbor with a Portuguese scarf dance (not suggestive). Brief unimportant mention of
actor Fred Astaire. Family does a "rain dance" in their underwear (silly). Nonreligious
mention of xmas tree. Near-sighted neighbor falls in love with a barber shop pole and eventually with a real woman. Illustration of man helping girlfriend put on her coat.
Grateful neighbor calls man a "saint". Children throw candy at the movie screen during
the "yucky love part". Language-I'll be darned, freakish, drat, to heck with them, shut
up, darn it. 7-9 OK? Historical fiction. Girl's father goes to fight in WWII and she and brother are struck
with polio; brother dies. Passing mention of JC; Lord's prayer. Minor language: pee.
Although Comfort is a sequel, this works as a stand-alone book.
7+ OK?? As increasingly severe weather hits worldwide, girl tries to make a difference. Girl has Near-Death Experience (going through tunnel to tree in meadow), which leaves her
with some extra-sensory powers; learns not to meddle in things she does not
understand. Strange. Strong ecological message. Younger brother teases her about
liking boy (whom she actually hates). Non-romantic kiss. 3-5 OK? Cute story about a dog and cat who think bunny is a vampire. P 47 - dog remembers
wife biting husband on neck; kids won't get it.
3-5 OK Dog and cat try to save town from suspicious vampire bunny and end up getting into
trouble. Cute.
3-5 OK Horror spoof; not as scary as the title suggests 2-3 OK A boy overcomes his jealousy when his best friend (a girl) gets the part he wanted in
the school play.
3-5 OK Lost dog joins pack of ownerless dogs, then is adopted by new owner.
4-6 OK?? A boy tries to produce a spectacular science fair project and ends up with problems. Minor language e.g. jerk. Some negiah when he is acting strangely, eg puts arms
around girls and says he loves them. Later on when back to normal he is disgusted by
his own behavior.
6-8 OK? A group of cats go on a journey to save their clan. Story told by a cat. Quite a bit of cat "religion" - beliefs in higher cat beings and prophecies. Very fantasy-like.
1-2 OK? A little lion has to stay home and read while his parents go hunting. The story he is
reading may be too scary for an imaginative child, though it turns out OK.
5-7 OK Girl goes back in time and learns firsthand what it was like to be a slave. Use word "crapper" for outhouse.
2-4 OK? Boy moves to new town and has trouble making friends. Lots of talk about why he is a
vegetarian - may influence a sensitive child but will probably be considered strange by
a typical child. Once sentence mention of teenage sister's interest in boys and rock music (P. 64). Discussion of girl being sad over parents' divorce. 2-4 OK? Kids watch scary movie - lists details of movie; kids are frightened because of it. Buy
lobsters to eat them, but end up setting them free.
Page 64
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna
Title Baseball Fever Birthday Surprises - 10 Great Stories To Unwrap Class Clown E is for Elisa Elisa in the Middle Ever Clever Elisa Faraway Summer
Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna
Much Ado about Aldo New neighbors for Nora Oh, no, Noah!
Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna
Ozzie on his Own Rip Roaring Russel Roz and Ozzie Russel Rides Again Russel Sprouts
[email protected]
grade 3-5 OK Boy who loves baseball, and father who loves chess and reading, eventually come to an understanding. 3-5 OK?? 10 famous authors use same basic plot outline to write different stories. Creative idea. One story very sad - about a mother dying in the hospital. One story a man tells a paralyzed boy about first time he fell in love - made boy "blush inside". One minor mention of hanging out in mall to see a boy the girl "sort of likes". 3-5 OK A boy learns that being a good student is even more fulfilling than being a class clown. 2-3 OK Little sister wishes she was as big as brother. Learns can't fool tooth fairy and that if you jump off furniture you break your arm. 2-3 OK Girl gets into all sorts of funny trouble. Learns to deal with new baby. 2-3 OK? Girl gets into lots of mischief - gives teacher mom's engagement ring as present, sneaks to see her birthday present, etc. Learns lesson but moral not as explicit as mischief. 3-5 OK?? Orphaned Jewish girl from Lower East Side goes to visit farm family on Fresh Air Fund program. Adjusts to differences in country life and learns to make friends with girls in family despite their differences. The only elements of religion that her family has retained are not eating pork and not eating milk with meat; she continues these at the farm. Running theme of Christian family & Jewish girl getting along & realizing are not so different. 2-4 OK? Passing mention of sister liking boys. Passing mention of dinosaurs. Boy becomes vegetarian out of concern for animals. 3-5 OK? illustration of mother checking brother's bottom for chicken pox- this age group may study it in detail. 2-4 OK? Boy tries to make friends in his neighborhood by succumbing to peer pressure to make a "funeral" for a moosehead given to his parents as a housewarming present from his dad's boss. Boy goes along with it even through knows it is wrong. In the end, owns up to his actions. Lesson is pretty subtle, I'm not sure what messages kids this age will get from this book - might not be positive ones. Minor religion - at "funeral", brief prayers and brief discussion if animals have souls (p. 49).
3-5 OK?? A boy turns a chicken coop into a clubhouse and makes new friends. Wakes up in middle of night to father being rushed to hospital with a heart attack. Very worried about death. May be scary to this age group. 2-3 OK Boy goes to nursery school and makes a new friend. 2-4 OK? Girl deals with relationship with uncle, who is younger than her. Page 21 - Girl asks friend if likes a boy in class; very minor to story. 2-3 OK Boy goes to kindergarten and learns to ride a 2 wheeler. 2-3 OK? Boy learns it takes time to grow up. One scene where dresses up in Halloween costume but no religion.
Page 65
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna new Hurwitz, Johanna
Title School Spirit School's Out Spring Break Teacher's Pet
Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna Hurwitz, Johanna
The Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein The Up and Down Spring Two Times the Fun
Hurwitz, Johanna new Ibbotson, Eva
Yellow Blue Jay Beast Of Clawstone Castle
grade 3-4 OK? Kids work to prevent their school from being closed. Side mentions of kissing on grandmother's soap operas. Side mention of brother who turns 16 and is starting to date. 3-5 OK?? Teenage au pair teaches boys to dance. Gives an affectionate kiss at end. 3-5 OK? Girl breaks her leg and deals with disappointment at missing a trip to Washington. Some juvenile behavior described - e.g. boy "belched" three times while girl read her report, girl put pepper in frosting of boy's cupcake, etc. Minor language - darn. Reference to book "3 Musketeers". 3-5 OK? A fourth grade girl comes to terms with the fact that she is no longer the teacher's pet with the arrival of a new girl. Mention of watching TV. Non religious mention of Halloween and jack o lantern. Older sister is very into "freeing our language of sexist references" egg. Instead of mankind she says humankind. Girl writes a BOOK REPORT about book "Dear Mr. Henshaw" and describes it enough to make reader want to read it. Language-weird, stupid 3-4 OK? Imaginative boy gets into funny trouble. Thinks man stole earring from lady by kissing her - turns out they are married. 4-6 OK Boy overcomes fear of flying to visit female best friend; innocent friendship 2-4 OK?? Twins with unique personalities, have fun together. Minor mention of X-mas tree with large illustration of children around tree (p. 28). Children feed dog biscuit to cat, even though mom said cat won't eat it. When cat did eat it, kids very excited to prove mother wrong (p. 44-49). Brief mention of Easter Bunny - no religion - p. 58. 2-4 OK A boy vacations in Vermont and discovers new strengths within himself 5-7 OK?? Children go to their elderly relatives' castle for the summer and help save their rare cows from the bad guys with the help of ghosts. Brief mention that old lady's skirt took on the "outlines of her behind, but not at all unpleasantly because she was a thin lady and her behind was small". Brief mention of TV. Boy's father killed by drunken driver. Ghost from India has a jewel in her belly button and she worships cows. Brief Indian religion and description of souls going to heaven on backs of cows. One sentence mention of actress keeping ketchup in her bra to look like blood. Children worry that ghost won't be allowed to go into a church because she broke a promise to marry a man, but decided that breaking a promise is so common it isn't really a sin. Brief description of flag made from long red underpants. On word xmas and Easter. Language=stupid, hell(once), blasted, idiot.
[email protected]
Page 66
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
new Ibbotson, Eva The Great Ghost Rescue
Ibbotson, Eva The Star of Kazan Impey, Rose No Name Dog new Jacques, Brian Redwall
[email protected]
grade 4-6 OK?? A boy convinces the prime minister to create a sanctuary for ghosts. Mild bathroom humor of the smelly feet variety. Some lovey-doveyness between ghost mother and father eg."she got into bed beside her husband and laid her hideous head against his gaping wound" etc. Mention of woman who was killed wearing her long woolen underpants. One word Halloween and xmas. Children lie to their headmistress and others in order to save the ghosts. Boy fights against a mean man who doesn't like people who are different then himself- includes dislike of Jews. Witches can't use their Christian names and ghosts don't like churches, and clergymen conduct exorcisms. Brief mention of TV. Man dreams of beautiful girls- no elaboration. Language-stinking, weird, idiotic, blasted, creepy, stupid, heck, blast you. 6-8 OK? An orphan is found by her mother after inheriting a fortune; turns out the "mother" was an imposter after her money. Xmas, Easter: dinner and church, no religion. 2 mentions of J--, Holy mother of god, one description of Good Friday as mourning death of Ch--. Passing mention of girl wanting to talk about boyfriends, but she doesn't have any. Girl has 2 friends who are boys - totally innocent. 2-3 instances of brief friendly non-romantic negiah. Mention of 3 saints who died for their beliefs. When "mother" concocts story, claims that she was married for one week, then husband disappeared, she assumed he died, married current husband. Boy steals horse because he is afraid the horse will be mistreated; later finds out the horse had been bequeathed to him by its owner. 2-3 OK Family has trouble deciding dog's name. Very mild rough language 6-8 OK?? Notes on the series: Long novels featuring animal characters fighting vs. evil. Cute series that hides great sophistication and humor, though not every child will appreciate it. Appropriate for child who is a good reader and can follow a few story lines at a time as well as extensive, often difficult dialogue. Animals live in an abbey. There are mentions of the abbey bell, and cloisters, and the abbot being in charge, but beyond that, no blatant Christianity. Occasionally one of the characters has a "prophecy" about something that will happen in the future. Good guy vs. bad guy violence despite the fact that the good guys are "peace loving", as well as a lot of internal violence among the bad guys. Bad guys call each other insulting names. There is even death, sometimes even the good guys die. Throughout this series, some of the characters use a difficult but amusing dialect that takes a few seconds to translate. Although there is problematic language, there is so much detailed dialogue on every page that it might be overlooked, depending on the child's reading style. In this book mild male/female leading to marriage- e.g. he notices she is pretty and has long eyelashes. Mild romantic negiah- e.g. she dozes off against his shoulder, she wipes his tears with her pinafore. Husband squirrel "smothers his wife with kisses". A church is an important setting, but no obvious religion. .Language-hell (frequent), stupid, idiotic, berserk, shut your trap, moron (once), idiot, snotty, brat, dumb, shut up, damn (once), ass (once).
Page 67
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
new Jacques, Brian Tale From Redwall- Eulalia!
Jacques, Brian Tale From Redwall- Loamhedge new Jacques, Brian Tale From Redwall- Salamandastron new Jacques, Brian Tale From Redwall-Doomwyte
new Jacques, Brian Tale From Redwall-Taggerung Jacques, Brian Tale From Redwall-Triss Jacques, Brian Tale oFrom Redwall-Mossflower Jacques, Brian The Angel's Command new Jacques, Brian- Tale From Redwall -High Rulain James, Mary Shoebag [email protected]
grade 6-8 OK?? The saga continues.Same type of violence and behavior as other books in this series.Mild, gentle love story where nothing really happens beyond two animals seeming to commit to each other and enjoy each others company, she sings for him, and mild very brief negiah eg.she "clasped his paw", etc. Also brief, humorous side story of hare who pretends he can read palms (paws) and tells an owl he will meet a pretty owl who will lay eggs for him, also one sentence mention of young females fluttering their eyelashes at young males. Language-stupid, shurrup (shut up), bums (backside), blinkin',flippin', bloomin', berserk, idjit (idiot), hellgates, dumb, 6-8 OK?? Ditto 6-8 OK?? Similar issues to other books in this series. A lot of talk of the spirit of a dead warrior living on and entering living creatures to protect the abbey when it is in danger. Some name calling eg. fathead, snotnose, etc. Language- hell (frequent), shut up, stupid, idiot, brat, darn (once). 6-8 OK?? Animals defeat dangerous band of birds and reptileswhile seeking precious gems that were the eyes of an idol.There doesn't seem to be any problem with the fact that these gems were stolen many years ago from the bad guys- it is assumed that the good guys have a right to them.Very mild boy/girl (animals) leading to "marraige".Animals sing a song to help them keep time paddling about coming to "woo" a girl and being warned that its ok to dance with her but don't try to kiss her because her brothers are watchng.(Many children skip the words in the songs). Female sings in front of males.Two animals have a battle of insults- mostly humorous slang, but still mean. Language- idiot, stupid, bloomin', blinkin', hellgates, berserk, scummy, shurrup (shut up), snotty, bum, stinky, 6-8 OK?? Ditto. 6-8 OK?? Escaped slaves defeat their former captors.A greedy hare never seems to learn his lesson not to be a glutton- provides comic relief.Teenaged animals run away from home with their parent's unstated permission. Young animals cause an unusual amount of mischeif-adults have a hard time disciplining them instead of laughing at them. One of the bad guys is unusually vicious. A brief, mild, love story where they mostly just stare into each others eyes eventually leading to marraige. Similar issues to other books in this series. Language-flippin',stupid, flamin', idiot, shuddup, hellgates, bloomin', scum, blinkin', 'ellish. 6-8 OK?? Ditto. 6-8 OK?? A boy and a dog with eternal childhood have adventures with pirates and villians. Occasional reference to angel that blessed them and to a priest who gives them a cross to protect them from evil. Boy holds girl's hand when proposing marriage. 6-8 OK? Continuation of the Redwall series. Some of the characters use the same difficult dialect as in previous books. Good guy vs. bad guy violence and death. Sometimes good guys die too. Bad guy father encourages his sons to be mean to each other and calls them names. Language-stupid, shut up, blinkin'fool, hellgates, flippin', bloodn'guts, idiot, brat, creepy, scum. 4-6 OK? some TV and commercial talk
Page 68
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author James, Mary
Title Shoebag Returns
Jarrell, Randall Jenkins, Emily Jennings, Patrick
The Gingerbread Rabbit Toys go Out Putnam & Pennyroyal
Jensen, Dorothea Jobling, Brenda Johnson, Elizabeth Jonell, Lynne
The Riddle of Penncroft Farm Goose on the Loose Break a Magic Circle Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat
new Jones, Diana Wynne
Archer's Goon
Jones, Diana Wynne
Jones, Kimberly The Genie Scheme K. Jones, Miranda Little Genie Makes a Wish
Jones, Rebecca Germy Blew It C. Joosse, Barbara Dead Guys Talk M. Kalnay, Francis Chicaro, Wild Pony of the Pampa [email protected]
grade 4-6 OK? 2-3 OK 3-5 OK 3-5 OK?
A roach ends up in girl's school with only one boy student. Some minor plugs for TV. TV star who used to be a roach. Minor non-romantic negiah. ` Adventures of toys owned by young girl. Sweet. Girl goes fishing with uncle who tells her exciting stories. Some tying in of family problems - uncle and father don't get along but very minor. Calls uncle by first name.
4-6 OK?? Minor bad and bathroom language. Description of husking bee - person who finds red corn gets kissed. Ghost. 3-5 OK A boy rescues injured goose. Minor mention of divorce. 3-4 OK magic
5-7 OK? Girl defeats mean nanny with help of rats with magical powers.. Language: shut up, etc. Passing mention of x-mas and church - no religion. When nanny is given "lie detection" potion, she emits smelly "farts" whenever she lies. 6-8 OK?? Family faces group of wizards who want to take over the world. Lots of twists and surprises in plot - kids may not get all of it, but fun anyway. Subplot family babysitter falls in love with villain - no details and mostly humorous. Boy's little sister is extremely chutzpadik to all adults and pick fights with her peers- overall bad middos. The family nickname for her is "awful". Parents fights minutely detailed- a lot of verbal sparring and accusations. Mention of a cathedral and choir, no religion. Non religious xmas, unimportant mention of Saxons who burned Yoshka. Non romantic negiah. Frequent language-shut up, stupid, idiotic, stinky, daft, maniac, moron (once), damn (twice). 6-8 OK?? Star is sentenced to live life on Earth as a dog, until he resolves mystery. 2 occurences of word damn. Uses "bitch" to refer to female dogs. Several references to dogs spending time together, resulting in pups that look like the father. Male dogs are irresistably drawn to sit outside fence of female dog - one dog explains it's because she's in heat and could have pups. 4-7 OK? Girl gets services of genie, and finds out having it all is not what she thought it would be. Genie gives mussar: Things don't make people happy; the more you get the more you want. Language: "ass" - one time as word she wouldn't say in front of person. References to her favorite boy movie star. 3-5 OK?? A girl buys an old lava lamp at a garage sale and a girl/hippie genie emerges and grants her 3 wishes. Black and white illustration of a 9 year old in a tank top and shorts lying on a hammock. A few mentions of favorite rock band called "Boy Frenzy". Minor language: weird, darn. Girl imagines how her grandmother looked with her boyfriend at age 17 - with "black eye makeup, miniskirt, and big hair" 3-5 OK A boy sets up a bubble gum contest and ends up in a mess.
2-3 OK Kids solve mystery and prevent cemetery from being sold.
3-5 OK? Boy finds wild pony and keeps it, but ranch owner's spoiled son tries to get it for himself. One mention of picture of C--
Page 69
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Kay, Elizabeth Jinx on the Divide
Kay, Elizabeth Return to the Divide
Kay, Elizabeth The Divide
Kaye, M. M. The Ordinary Princess
Kaye, Marilyn Replica - the Beginning Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew #03 The Bungalow Mystery Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew #06 The Secret of Red Gate Farm Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew #23 The Mystery of the Tolling Bell
grade 5-7 OK? Book 3 of Divide Trilogy. When truant schoolmate is captured by a genie, boy goes back to the magical world to save him. Mentions of truant boy's mother drinking and smoking, and how she would not care if he disappeared. 6-8 OK?? Book 2 of Divide trilogy. Boy returns to magical world to save parents who have been turned to stone. Second in trilogy. Kisses queen to break sleeping spell. Language: hell (2). 6-8 OK?? Boy crosses into magical world where our myths are real and our reality is their myth. Very nicely done. First in series. Language - hell (2). Non-romantic negiah. Exclamation of surprise: "Sweet Mary, mother of god". 4-6 OK?? A fairy tale type book about a princess who, unlike her sisters, is very ordinary. She runs away to work and accidentally meets a young king who falls in love with her, they marry and live happily ever after. Author's forward - brief unimportant mention of Father Xmas and Halloween. In story a lot of talk and description of baby Christening party but no description of the ceremony. Negiah - hand holding - illustration (p. 98); holding on to each other to keep from falling, a few brief textual mentions of a kiss after marriage (p. 99) 5-7 OK?? A girl-clone goes to place of origin on a class trip and is captured by an organization that wants to use clones for world domination. Minor non-romantic negiah. Lots of talk of babies being made in test tubes. Lots of speculation if tour guide is mom's old boyfriend. 4-6 OK? Girls expose orphan's guardians as frauds. A boy asks a girl to go to a party with him, since she had previously gone to the spring prom with him. Girl relaxes on a co-ed beach in a bathing suit. 4-6 OK? Girl uncovers a cult that is really a cover for a gang of counterfeiters. Non-romantic negiah. Non-religious mention of Halloween. Implies a boy likes a girl - he "has his eye on her" and she blushes. Minor Language: weird, stupid. 4-6 OK?? Girls capture a gang of criminals. Mention of people wearing "scanty" beach clothes, go to movies, girl has a boyfriend - not much happens between them other than spending time together. Mentions they dance but no description. Brief mention of church bells and attending church - no description. Minor language - doggonit.
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew #25 The Ghost of Blackwood 4-6 OK?? Girls capture a gang that is involved in the occult - sйances, spirits, etc. - turns out to
be a fraud. Black and white illustration of a teenage girl in sleeveless dress. Girl
spends time with boy friend solving mysteries. They go for a moonlit boat ride - just
when it seems like it's about to get romantic they see someone drowning and save
her. Non-romantic negiah. Minor language: stupid.
new Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew and The Clue Crew #07 The 2-4 OK?? Third grade detective solves the mystery of who is stealing circus costumes. On cover,
Circus Scare
cartoonish picture of girl in tank top. A spoiled girl gets everything she wants, her
classmates gossip about her unkindly. Girl says boy is "kind of cute". Parents should
decide if want children leading these books if they don't want them reading the older
Nancy Drew books. Language- weird.
[email protected]
Page 70
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author new Keene, Carolyn Keene, Carolyn Keene, Carolyn Keene, Carolyn
Title Nancy Drew Notebooks #08 The Best Detective Nancy Drew Notebooks #09 Thanksgiving Surprise Nancy Drew Notebooks #14 Funny Face Fight Nancy Drew Notebooks #18 Stolen Unicorn
grade 2-3 OK? 2-3 OK? 2-3 OK? 2-3 OK?
Note on series- this series is relatively innocent but it features the characters who grow up to be the characters in the Nancy Drew series which is more problematic. Parents should decide if they want to expose their child to this series.In this book girl detective finds her missing notebook. Entire plot revolves around tickets to a movie premier given to the girls by their teacher.One word mention of Halloween. Mention of watching videos. Language- gross, maniac see comment on the series see comment on the series see comment on the series
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Notebooks #20 Hannah's Secret 2-3 OK? see comment on the series
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Notebooks #30 It's no Joke
2-3 OK? see comment on the series
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Notebooks #33 Gumdrop Ghost 2-3 OK? see comment on the series
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Notebooks #60 The Lighthouse 2-3
Kehret, Peg
Danger at the Fair
Kehret, Peg
Escaping the Giant Wave
Kehret, Peg
Night of Fear
Kehret, Peg
Runaway Twin
Keller, Holly Angela's Top Secret Computer Club
Kelly, Eric P. The Trumpeter of Krakow
The Best Seat in Second Grade
OK? Girls solve a mystery in a lighthouse.See comment on the series OK?? Girl gets message from sprits that brother is in danger - rescues him from criminals. Lots of belief in occult. OK Kids escape from tsunami. OK? Boy held hostage by arsonist - scary. Beautiful lesson of acceptance of grandmother who has Alzheimer's. OK? Girl runs away from kind foster mother, to find twin sister. Tells lies in order to not get caught. Girl contemplates kicking bully in the groin (p. 69), but doesn't. Minor language: jerk (p. 186). Passing mention of going to movie. OK? Children discover who is hacking into school's computer system and ruining report cards and school schedules by using e-mail. Short examples of sibling rivalry with typical but bad midos. Girl writes on her computer that her teacher has a long nose because she knows teacher can't read it without the password - p. 17 can be crossed out. OK?? A medieval Polish boy comes to a city when his farm is burned down by people trying to find a precious crystal his family guarded for the king. The plot involves an alchemist, a hypnotist, and his father's job as a trumpeter to play a hymn on the church tower and to keep watch. A few mentions of Jews who lived in hovels until the king built them a town. Religion and churches mentioned constantly but mostly as background. Poland portrayed in a very positive light. Boy thinks girl who will become his adopted sister is pretty. She kisses him on cheek when he saves her. Later, they marry. OK Boy sneaks class hamster on trip to science museum but learns his lesson.
[email protected]
Page 71
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
new Kennedy, Emma Tender Foot #1 The Case Of the Frozen
new Kennedy, Emma Tender Foot #2 The Case Of the Putrid Poison
Kerr, Judith
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
grade 4-7 OK? Series about a girl who is raised in a horrible orphanage who is sent to work for an awful lady but dreams of becoming an apprentice to a famous detective. A mixture of realism, suspense, violence, with a small touch of fantasy and a large dose of bathroom humor. Side story of a man who likes a woman and tries to impress her but she is oblivious. Non romantic negiah. One word xmas and nuns. Language-stupid, shut up, idiot. 4-7 OK?? Girl helps a detective capture a killer in a vaudeville theater. Some theater culture. A lot of grisly deaths. A lot of bathroom humor. Girl thinks a theater costume is "racy", actress gossips that an actor is a "lovesick puppy" about an actress- he puts his arm around her, she mostly ignores him. 6-8 OK?? A young girl from assimilated Jewish family deals with transformation into a poor refugee. A few mentions of Jewish family celebrating X-mas w/ gifts. In school boys show girls they "love" them by throwing things at them. P 94 - young man gives girlfriend "passionate farewell embrace". Mixed dancing at French cafes - p 145.
Kessler, Leonard Last One In Is A Rotten Egg
Key, Alexander Escape to Witch Mountain
Key, Alexander Return from Witch Mountain
new Key, Alexander The Forgotten Door
Kibuishi, Kazu Amulet Book One - The Stonekeeper
Kimball, Kim The Star Spangled Secret
Madame Pample Mouse and Her Incredible 3-5
new King-Smith, Dick A Mouse Called Wolf
OK? A boy learns to swim in deep water. One scary incident of big kids pushing him in - he almost drowns. All the illustrations are of lower elementary school kids mixed swimming; girls wear bikinis but not provocative. OK 2 children with shadowy past discover they are refugees from alien spaceship OK Sequel to Escape to Witch Mountain (from Disney screenplay) - evil villian tries to use children for his own purposes. OK? A family tries to help a boy from another world who has accidentally fallen in to this world, despite suspicious neighbors and curious media. Girl jokingly asks her father for payment and says "fork over, don't be a stingy puss"(p23) A few mentions of going to church-no description. Discussion of life on other planets (p52), kids go to the movies. Language-stupid, idiots. OK?? GRAPHIC NOVEL (comic-book style). Starts with scary car accident where father is stuck in car and falls off cliff. Mother & kids move to old house which is inhabited by monsters, and children try to save mother. Very scary. Language: butt OK?? mention women could get raped by soldiers OK A girl is sent by her mean uncle to find out a secret recipe and ends up becoming a famous chef. A bit odd. OK A mouse who can sing and an elderly woman become friends. Mentions of classical music and composers. Minor middos between mouse siblings. Language-stupid.
King-Smith, Dick Babe, the Gallant Pig King-Smith, Dick Funny Frank
3-5 OK An intelligent pig wins a sheep dog contest. Cute. 2-3 OK? chicken gets 'girlfriend'
King-Smith, Dick Martin's Mice
3-4 OK? A kitten decides to keep mice as pets instead of eating them. Minor language: stupid. A mouse tries to explain the facts of life to him - done very vaguely - she tells the kitten he should find a male mouse for her so she can have babies, without a male she can't (p. 49-50, chap 7; p. 61 chap 9)
[email protected]
Page 72
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
King-Smith, Dick Pigs Might Fly
King-Smith, Dick Sophie's Snail
grade 3-5 OK? 2-4 OK?
A pig born with misshapen feet learns to swim and saves his farm during a bad flood. Language: the farmer often says drat, dang, and blast, with "yer" added to each word (eg: "drat yer") Girl has strange pets. She is slightly chutzpadik and breaks another girl's toy because the girl stepped on one of her bug-pets. Bad middos of the Junie B. Jones variety.
King-Smith, Dick The Cuckoo Child
3-5 OK A boy steals an ostrich egg from the zoo and raises it. Eventually confesses to crime, and everything works out. One boy calls another "a big lump of lard ' (p. 28).
King-Smith, Dick The School Mouse
2-3 OK?? Mouse living in school learns to read. A lot of mouse boyfriend/girlfriend (thinks he's handsome, etc.). A lot of talk about mouse 'couples' having babies: Kids in intended age range would probably gloss over it; older kids may read too much into it.
new Kipling, Rudyard Courageous-Illustrated Classic Editions
4-6 OK?? Adapted version of a classic for younger readers about a spoiled rich boy who falls overboard and ends up learning about the value of hard work on a fishing vessel. A few religious mentions- sailor suggests that boy should burn candles in church for the virgin, man says get on knees and thank the L-rd. description of funeral at sea where body is slid into the water. The boy buys the dead man's knife at an auction, later accidentally pulls up the body with a fishing rod and is sure the dead man came to get him for buying his knife. Boy names boat for a girl he "lost his heart to" and he secretly cut off a lock of her hair to keep. Sailor talks about "pretty girls". Husband takes wife in his arms. Boy somewhat chutzpadik to father. Language-dumb, fool.
Kipling, Rudyard The Jungle Book
6-8 OK A boy is raised by wolves and other animal stories. Difficult language.
Kjelgaard, Jim Irish Red
5-8 OK?? Boy trains dog with love. Language: Through hell and high water (p. 6), bitch (for
female dog - p. 27), damn (p. 49); gosh-darnit, goshamighty, etc.
Klimo, Kate
The Dragon in the Library
3-5 OK?? Children rescue their friend from an evil woman's castle. Running joke about dogs
kicking each other's "butts" and some other bathroom humor. Minor middos. Non-
romantic negiah. Important storyline about a woman trying to find her "consort, lover,
etc." Somewhat vague if they ever married though they lived together in the castle.
Minor language: darn tootin, creepy, pee, poop, dork, dumb, stupid, sucker, heck,
Klimo, Kate
The Dragon in the Sock Drawer
3-5 OK?? Children raise a baby dragon and try to protect it from a man who wants to kill it.
Fantasy set in a realistic modern setting. Easter vacation - no religion. Minor
language: darned, heck, stupid, darn it. Mention of Narnia series (by C. S. Lewis)
Kline, Suzy
Herbie Jones
2-4 OK? Boy has many mishaps as he tries to improve in school. Girl is scared of a ghost in
the bathroom so he goes in (after knocking) and pulls her out by the hand (illustration).
When teacher is nice he suddenly notices how pretty she is. Sister cleans up house
for boy to come study with her.
Kline, Suzy
Herbie Jones and the Birthday Showdown 2-4 OK? use bra underwire for school project; subtle
Kline, Suzy
Horrible Harry and the Dungeon
2-3 OK Harry gets himself sent to detention to check out the scary-looking new detention
Kline, Suzy
Horrible Harry and the Purple People
2-3 OK Second grade adventures.
[email protected]
Page 73
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Kline, Suzy Kline, Suzy Kline, Suzy Koller, Jackie French Koller, Jackie French Koller, Jackie French
Title Horrible Harry Goes to Sea Horrible Harry in Room 2B Horrible Harry's Secret Dragons and Kings - The Dragonling Series #6 The Keepers Book 1: A Wizard Named Nell The Keepers Book 2: The Wizard's Apprentice
grade 2-3 OK Class goes on a boat ride. Some matter-of-fact talk about where they went to the bathroom on the Mayflower - was it on the "poop deck". 2-3 OK? Horrible Harry's antics. Tickles boy and makes him scream "I love girls". Juvenile language: jerk 2-3 OK? Harry and girl keep passing notes. Student describes parents' divorce: "My father left us". 2-5 OK? Fantasy. Children help make peace with an evil king and free parents from jail. Non- romantic negiah. Boy wonders whose baby a dragon is, because his dragon is too young to mate. 4-6 OK?? A princess tries to become a wizard's apprentice - subtle women's lib throughout. Story of woman who fell in love with a boy as a child, when grew up got married (p. 115). Boy gives love potion to teacher and she was "all over" another teacher... "planting big wet smackers" (p. 133) - easy to cross out. 4-6 OK?? A girl goes to rescue her newly discovered twin brother from hands of a wicked ruler. Lots of magic and fantasy. Quite a lot of subtle women's lib - I.e., why should boy be ruler and not a girl?, etc. Girl comments that pants much more comfortable for dragon riding than a gown. Minor bathroom language. Unimportant conversations between 2 villains: "womenz'll be fallin all over us tonight" (p. 130)
Koller, Jackie The Keepers Book 3: The Wizard's Scepter 4-6 French
Komaiko, Leah Annie Bananie Best Friends To The End 2-4
Konigsburg, E.L. From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E
Korman, Gordon Dive - Books 1-3
Korman, Gordon Island - books 1-3
Korman, Gordon Kidnapped - Book 1 - The Abduction
Korman, Gordon Kidnapped - Book 3 - The Rescue
OK?? Prince and princess siblings try to rescue their kingdom and learn that only together are they strong. Princess mentions slacks more comfy for dragon flying than gown. Lots of minor women's lib. Minor chutzpah of girl to elderly wizard who ignores her desire to learn from him because she is female (P. 28). Man is magically turned into a woman - seduces his captor so he can escape - not clearly spelled out, but older children will get it (p. 104-105) - can be crossed out. OK? Girl tries to get new girl to be her best friend. She is embarrassed of grandmother and wishes she had a new one (but isn't outright chutzpadik). At end learns to appreciate her a little better. OK?? Children run away from home and stay in Metropolitan Museum. P. 54: describe paintings of "billowy, bosomy naked ladies". Chap. 5 (p. 84) drawing of fountain vague picture of naked kids and statues . Please note: many other books by this author are inappropriate. OK? Kids on diving internship find out their supervisors are actually looking for sunken treasure. Some violence. Book 1: Occasional comments about boys noticing pretty female supervisor; girl says they're "hot on her". Book 3: Man finds it difficult to talk to pretty woman - distracted by looks. OK Kids (4 boys & 2 girls) survive shipwreck on island. Fun adventure read. Some violence (shooting, find dead man). Pictures on back cover of all books & front of book 2 show girls in sleeveless shirts and shorts. OK Series is sequel to On the Run series. Meg is kidnapped for ransom and FBI tries to save her. Lots of improbable escapades by kids. OK Meg is rescued and parents are totally vindicated.
[email protected]
Page 74
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Korman, Gordon Nose Pickers from Outer Space
grade 3-5 OK? unrefined
Korman, Gordon On the Run - Books 1,2,3,4,5,6 new Korman, Gordon Swindle Korman, Gordon The 39 Clues book 2- One False Note Korman, Gordon Zoobreak
5-8 OK? Brother and sister run away to try to clear parents who are framed for spying; escape from many impossible situtations. Some violence. Book 1: Minor language: "wuss". Boy from rehab center was sentenced for manslaughter - he shoved stepfather who beat him, stepfather fell down steps and died. 5-7 OK?? A boy tries to steal back a baseball card he was cheated out of. Book justifies stealing to correct injustice.A list of "helpful hints" as to how to sneak out at night without your parents knowing. A few mentions of having difficulty going an entire night without watching TV. Boy auditions for TV commercials, wants to "make it" in Hollywood. References to Star Trek. Some middos between children. Language-shut up, gross, sleazy, dumb, idiot, jerk, freaked out, nerd. 5-8 OK?? Orphaned children race to find clues to a treasure while competing against other branches of the family who are vicious and will stop at nothing to beat them.Justify breaking and entering and stealing if it will help them win. Some violence.The competing families exhibit terrible middos in their treatment of their cousins (adults and children alike).Lots of TV and internet usage.A lot of music culture. A church and a crypt are settings for some of the action.Brief mention of girl finding her male cousin good looking. (In later books becomes more romantic). Language- stupid, dumb, weird, gross, stinks, butts, doofus, maniac, idiots, berserk, dweeb. Back of book includes website where readers can ente contest. Others in series are more problematic. 4-6 OK? Same series as "Swindle". Kids steal back monkey that was stolen from them, then steal animals that are being mistreated by zoo owner; and are let off with a warning. Same moral dilemma: Is it OK to steal if you feel you're morally correct? Minor middos. Minor mention of TV and acting in TV commercials. Minor language: berserk, dumb, bummed, idiot, creep, freak out, stupid, jerk, weird, brat.
Kozak, Warren The Rabbi of 84th Street - the Extraordinary 8+
Life of Haskel Besser
Krantz, Hazel 100 Pounds of Popcorn
Lionel and Louise
Lionel at Large
Lionel's Birthday
A gadol book written by a secular author! Accurate and positive. P. 7 - Talmud has "important discussions about sex. It's all about life and everything it involves" Kids find bag of raw popcorn and go into popcorn business. One illustration of girls dancing in leotards, and one verbal description of them marching in parade in leotards. A typical brother/sister relationship. Illustration of girl in bathing suit (probably about 8 years old). A boy has cute experiences
OK A boy can't wait for his birthday.
[email protected]
Page 75
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
new Krieger, Evelyn One Is Not A Lonely Number
grade 6-8 OK?? An Orthodox Jewish girl living in an out of town community copes with being an only child. A lot of Jewish concepts woven throughout the story. Life out of town involves saying things like Shabbat (not Shabbos), and being in co-ed classes till fourth grade. A few references to boys in the parallel boy's school. Say an embarrassed good shabbos to each other in shul. At boy's bar mitzvah Kiddush, girl looks at boy's baby picture and says he was so cute; friend teases her: "was?". Boy's family sends girl flowers to congratulate her on winning a contest ­friends tease her that boy sent the flowers to her, etc. Her parents try to match up two shabbos guests. Throughout the story girl expresses her distress at her parent's open door policy of having many guests each week. Her distaste for this mitzvah is enumerated and explained many times and might seem very plausible to the reader. It is not until the very end that she comes to understand her parents possible motivation at doing this mitzvah with such enthusiasm. Girl and her friends gossip about one of the houseguests. At the end, girl realizes that everyone is entitled to their privacy. Girls use technology, eg: wii, the internet, dance machine, etc. Mention of going to a Broadway show. Some ballet culture. Girls show relatively good but realistic middos in working out interpersonal problems. Language-weird, stupid, darn (twice), dumb, funky, heck (once), shut up, weirdo.
Krulik, Nancy new Krulik, Nancy Krulik, Nancy Krulik, Nancy Krulik, Nancy new Krulik, Nancy
Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo #09 Any Way You 3-5 Slice It Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo #10 Quiet On the 3-5 Set
Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo #19 Gotcha!
Gotcha Back!
Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo #20 Be Nice to
Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo #29 Major League 3-5 Mess-up Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo #37 Red, White and 3-5 ­Achoo!
OK?? Girl magically switches with the owner of a pizza store and saves the store from closing. Entire book is fine except for 2 sentences about a 3rd grade girl having a crush on a 3rd grade boy - can be crossed out (p 13, 16) OK?? A girl trades places with a famous movie actress and discovers that it is very hard work and sometimes unpleasant. Teacher is starstruck and treats the girl differently then her classmates which causes the children to be mean to her- poor middos. Some movie culture and movie terminology. Language-weird, stupid. OK?? Children try to liven up class with practical jokes - bad middos. Typical juvenile bathroom humor eg - whoopee cushion. OK?? Girl magically switches with a girl using mice for a science fair project, despite Katie's protests that it is cruel to use them without the mice's agreement. She learns not to judge a situation without knowing all the facts. Lots of juvenile language: stinks, gross, jerk, shut up, poop OK Girl magically switches places with an aging baseball player and helps him get a coaching job. Non-romantic negiah. Minor mostly non-objectionable slang eg: psyched, weird. OK?? Girl switches places with an actor playing the role of President Fillmore and comes to appreciate the little known president's accomplishments. Minor bathroom humor, minor middos between kids, boy calls teacher whose name is Mrs. Derkman, Mrs. Jerkman. Fourth grade girl has a crush on a boy, but it isn't mutual (p41 chapt 7). Language-weird. Preview of new series-George Brown Class Clown-reviews mischief boy did in Katie Kazoo series. Similar language and humor.
[email protected]
Page 76
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
new Krulik, Nancy Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo Anyone But Me #1 3-5 OK?? A girl trades places with her classroom hamster after having a bad day. A lot of
middos especially the way a bully treats her. She eventually befriends the bully and
discovers he isn't so bad. Girls want to hang upside down on the jungle gym- girl is
wearing a skirt- the other girl asks her how she can hang in a skirt- she "yanks her skirt
up to her belly button" to show she is wearing shorts. Boy calls teacher Mrs. Derkman
"Mrs. Jerkman". Girl is embarrassed for burping out loud in class. Language- weird,
Onion John
4-6 OK Boy befriends eccentric but harmless man
Kwitz, Mary De The Bell Tolls at Mousehaven Manor
2-4 OK mice keep vampire from stealing water from fountain of youth. Pointless story.
Lai, Thanhha Inside Out and Back Again
5-8 OK? Girl writes of experience as immigrant from Vietnam. Based on author's own
experience; written in free-verse. Beautifully done. Girl sees woman give man a
friendly kiss; girl thinks to herself that such things are only done by husband and wife,
in private. Language: doo-doo face. Vietnamese culture: chanting, incense, New
Year celebration.
new Lake, A.J
Darkest Age-Book 1 The Coming Of Dragons 6-8 OK?? A boy and girl survive a shipwreck and become involved in a magical quest to save
the world from an evil man and a vicious dragon. Some of the characters worship
many gods and sacrifice to them in shrines and some are followers of Christianity
which is also described. The third category of gods were supposedly the first rulers on
earth. Language-hell, stupid.
Langton, Jane The Fledgeling
4-6 OK A girl is taught to fly by a goose. Minor mention of boy thinking girl looks nice.
Langton, Jane The Time Bike
4-6 OK? Boy uses bike to travel through time. Minor mention of girl having crush on boys
Lansky, Bruce Newfangled Fairy Tales - Book 1
2-4 OK? Modern twists on classic fairy tales. Parodies on standard fairytale romance.
The Mystery of the Martello Tower
5-7 OK? Children solve mystery of father's disappearance and art thefts. At end of book
children learn that father was driving when their mother and aunt were killed in car
accident; although it was not his fault, father felt responsible and hid his past.
Grace the Pirate
2-3 OK Theme of independent woman
Lasky, Katherine Guardians of Ga'Hoole Book 2 - The Journey 4-6 OK? Four orphaned owls find their way to a legendary owl kingdom and join them in
performing good deeds. One chapter description of 2 "lovey dovey" owl "mates" who
constantly preen each other and use "gooey names". Young owls wonder what it
would be like to have a mate. Not discussed in detail. Minor mention of owl who
wrote a memoir of her love life P. 135. Minor bathroom humor, ie owls make "wet
dung" jokes about birds.
Lasky, Katherine Guardians of Ga'Hoole Book 4: the Seige 4-6 OK?? Owls infiltrate evil owl academy. Lots of owl violence and cruelty described. Owl says
worst owl curse (sprink) to teacher and says "I'm happy I did it". Other owl chutzpah to
teachers. Minor language - darn. One owl kills another to steal his mate.
Lasky, Katherine Guardians of Ga'Hoole Book 5 - The
Lasky, Katherine Guardians of Ga'Hoole Book 6 - The Burning 4-6
[email protected]
OK? Owls rescue an owl who was lured into being a spy for the enemy. More "wet poop" jokes, a few "swear" words in owl languages, eg sprink, frink OK?? Owls fly to Northern Kingdom to recruit allies in fight against evil owls. Owl language same as other books - very bad for owls, nonsense words for people.(e.g. Pg. 96). Some of the understandable language is mildly problematic (e.g.. shut up, idiot, stinking, scum, butt). Minor incident of owl flirting.
Page 77
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Latham, Irene Lawlor, Laurie
Title Leaving Gee's Bend American Sisters Adventure on Wilderness Road 1775
grade 4-8 OK? Historical fiction. Black girl in poor southern village, leaves village for the first time to find a doctor to help her mother. Several mentions of lord, J--. Not very explicit description of childbirth. 5-7 OK?? Pioneer children go west with their family. A girl learns to appreciate her younger sister. Minor middos between siblings. Father cheers on kids when they fight or tease each other. Language - stupid, shut up, dammit (once). A dance described but not romantically. Non-religious mention of Xmas. When in danger father curses - a man tells him " don't curse, pray" - father responds "I have no time to pray". Unimportant mention of girls having "sweethearts". In back, preview of "American Sisters - Pacific Odyssey to California 1705. Korean girls surprised to see a woman "twirling around with a man" because a "proper" woman wouldn't be seen dancing in public.
Lawlor, Laurie George on His Own
5-7 OK? Boy gets tired of farming and runs away to join troupe of dishonest actors. Eventually realizes home is best and dishonesty bothers him. Some rough language, chutzpah.
Lawrence, Mildred
Peach Tree Island
3-5 OK?? An orphaned girl goes to live with her uncle and begins to feel at home as she helps him with his peach orchard. One chapter about X-mas trees, decorations and presents - makes xmas seem very pleasant - no religion. Can't tear out because crucial to plot.
Lawson, Robert Mr. Revere and I
Lawson, Robert Rabbit Hill
Lemna, Don When the Sergeant Came Marching Home 3-6
Lennon, Joan There's a Kangaroo in My Soup!
OK? Historical fiction - American revolution. Written from a horse's point of view. 2 page mention of x-mas celebration - no religion. OK? Cute story told from animals' perspective. Old fashioned style. Mention of St. Francis Assisi, "Patron Saint of animals" - can tear out. OK?? When father returns after WWII, family moves to a farm, where boy has funny adventures. Language: damn, hell (p. 134 - boys use words on purpose to be "bad"), crap (for manure) p. 162. X-mas - focus on gifts and meal, no religion. Mention of going to church. Mention of man who likes teacher -eventually becomes engaged, but breaks off when he is transferred. Boy has juvenile crush on teacher and older girl innocent. OK? A boy teams up with a kangaroo comedian who escaped from the circus to catch a criminal. Cute, especially for kids who like corny jokes. A few silly juvenile mentions of inventing a machine that will put on people's underpants the right way around.
Lerangis, Peter Spy X - Proof Positive #3
5-7 OK 2 kids on improbable mission to find mother who has disappeared because of involvement in secret organization. Their father believes she has gone to the bad side, and is working against them. Children are conflicted which parent to support.
Lerangis, Peter Spy X - The Code #1
5-7 OK? Children's mother, who works for secret government organization, disappears, and they unravel clues to find her. Briefly speculate if she ran away with another man - p. 69.
[email protected]
Page 78
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Lerangis, Peter Spy X - Tunnel Vision #4
Lerangis, Peter The 39 Clues - book 3 - The Sword Thief
grade 5-7 OK
Children find mother, run away with her, leaving stepfather who believes her organization is the bad guys. Subtle implication that since father turns out to really be stepfather, they do not have to rely on his judgement anymore. Book ends on an incomplete note, but there do not seem to be any more volumes forthcoming.
6-8 OK?? Books of this series are written by different authors; reviews also appear under author name "The 39 clues". Orphaned children race to find clues to a treasure while competing against other branches of the family who are vicious and will stop at nothing to beat them. Ongoing love/hate relationship between 2 cousins which leads to mild romantic negiah (p. 123, chap 14). Minor language: heck, moron, stupid, dang.
Lerangis, Peter Watchers #01 - Last Stop
Lerangis, Peter Watchers #03 - ID
Levine, Ellen new Levine, Gail Carson
If You Lived In The Time of The San Francisco Earthquake Tale of Two Castles
5-7 OK Series is Twilight Zone style: strange stories, with twist at the end. Each book is a stand-alone story, with the premise being that there are Watchers who oversee happenings and sometimes control them. Mildly scary. This book: Boy tries to find missing father and follows him to parallel world. 5-7 OK See comment on series. Girl finds out she is a clone and races to find cure for her genetic condition. 3-5 OK scary, easy reading 5-7 OK? A girl leaves home to become an actress (called a mansioner) but ends up becoming an assistant to a clever dragon and helps solve a crime. Light use of old fashioned language. Wife leans into husband's shoulder, he encircles her with his arm. A king has terrible middos-his servants call him "Greedy Gremmy" behind his back. A woman takes the hand of the man she is engaged to. Girl blushes in the presence of a handsome man, but nothing happens. Girl directs soldiers to act in a play where they pretend to love her and want to marry her. Language-idiot.
Levine, Gail
The Fairy's Return (Princess Tales series) 4+ OK?? A spoof on the story "The Golden Goose" Fairy tale type of romance: kisses her hand
when he proposes. Language: damn, moron, darn
Levine, Gail
The Princess Test (Princess Tales series) 4+ OK? A spoof on the story "The Princess and the Pea". Fairy Tale type of romance - nothing
very objectionable except distorted idea of "being in love"
The Fourth Grade Four
3-5 OK Boy adjusts to needing glasses and worries his friends will leave him.
new Levinson, Robin Gali Girls Jewish History Series - Miriam's 4-6 OK? Note on series: this is a copy of the American Girls type books, intended to instill pride
Journey Discovering A New World
in Jewish identity. Seems to be fairly accurate historically. Problems occur when
books attempt to draw comparisons to other religions, point out positive aspects of
other religions as they compare to traditional Judaism, and imply moral equivalence
between religions. A Russian Jewish girl travel to America to join her father but when
they come they find out her father has died and they may be forced to return to
Russia. Remarkably, uncle who came some time before them still has beard and long
Lewis, Thomas Hill of Fire
coat. Brief description of a pogrom. 1-2 OK I-can-read-book. A volcano destroys a village. Scary
[email protected]
Page 79
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Lewis, Thomas P. Lewis, Zoe Lexau, Joan Lexau, Joan new Lin, Grace Lindgren, Astrid Lindgren, Astrid Lindgren, Astrid Lisle, Janet Taylor Lisle, Janet Taylor Little, Jean
Title Mr. Sniff and the Motel Mystery Magic Attic Club - Keisha Discovers Harlem Miss Happ in the Dog Food Caper Striped Ice Cream Dumpling Days Pippi Longstocking Pippi Goes on Board Pippi in the South Seas Forest The Lampfish of Twill Mine For Keeps
grade 1-2 OK I-Can-Read-Book. Dog detective solves mysteries. 3-5 OK Historical fiction. Keisha goes to Harlem of 1920 and discovers swing culture. Picture on cover and inside of girl wearing flapper dress - short and sleeveless. 1-2 OK Strange story of a witch who helps a boy figure out who is scattering dog food around the house. 2-4 OK? Very fine story of black family struggling to get along on low income. Father could not get job & disappeared so family could go on welfare - this could be difficult for young readers to understand. 4-7 OK?? (Note that other books by author have worse rating). Girl goes to visit Taiwan, where parents grew up. Interesting view into other culture. Emphasis on (treif) cultural foods. Mentions of Taiwanese religion, ancestors, superstitions/beliefs. Description and stick-figure illustration demonstrating how to use Taiwan-style toilet (squat over hole in floor) - mother says it's more sanitary because you don't have to worry about other people's "butts". 2-4 OK A girl without parents lives on her own with strange manners and ideas. Some chutzaph but book makes it clear it's because no one taught her how to behave. She has a heart of gold. Funny. 2-4 OK Ditto 2-4 OK? Cartoonish illustration of girl in grass skirt, mention of shedding clothes and wearing a loin cloth but very minor 4-6 OK?? A girl runs off to a forest so she can think in peace, and ends up in a war between the squirrels and the townspeople. Children talk negatively about their father - call him a "creep" (he is). Minor language: stupid. Unimportant brief discussion about "bad pictures" of women - can be crossed out - p. 68. 6-8 OK? An orphan boy in a fishing village forms a relationship with an eccentric old man who takes him down to the world under the sea. Magical theory of how world evolved from under whirlpool. 5-7 OK Beautiful story of a handicapped girl learning to manage in a mainstream environment
Lively, Penelope The Revenge of Samuel Stokes
5-7 OK? A town is built on former estate of a gardener who comes back as a ghost determined to destroy the town. Talk of naked statues, no pictures. Ghost seems real.
Lively, Penelope Uninvited Guests
3-4 OK ghost starves. Fine as long as can distinguish between fantasy & reality
Lobel, Arnold Lobel, Arnold Lofting, Hugh Lofting, Hugh Lofting, Hugh
Days with Frog and Toad Mouse Soup Doctor Dolittle Tales Dr. Doolittle's Zoo The Voyages of Doctor Doolittle
[email protected]
1-2 OK? A frog and toad who are friends have adventures. Minor language: drat (once). Frog tells a slightly scary story about a ghost - ends ok. 1-2 OK I Can Read Book. A mouse tricks a weasel who wants to eat him. 3-5 OK Same as "Voyages of Doctor Doolittle and other Tales" 3-5 OK The animals are in charge at Dr. Doolittle's zoo. Cute. 5-7 OK? An almost complete version of the Doctor Doolittle Tales meant for older readers. He wants to learn to talk to shellfish who are thousands of years old, so he can learn what the world was like "ages ago" in "glacial days". Minor language: stupid, oh lord. Xmas - no religion.
Page 80
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Lofting, Hugh Loizeaux, William London, Jack Look, Lenore Lord, Bette Bao Love, D. Anne Lowry, Lois Lowry, Lois Lowry, Lois Lowry, Lois Lubar, David Lubar, David Lucas, D. J. Lunn, Janet MacDonald MacDonald, Betty Macguire, Gregory
The Voyages of Dr. Doolittle and other Tales 3-5 OK Excerpts from 2 Dr. Doolittle books - how he became an animal doctor and his voyage
to a tropical island.
3-6 OK?? Boy raises baby bird. Catholic friend baptizes bird so it won't be stuck in "limbo" after
death. Single female teachers talk about single male teachers. Light touch on hand
between courting adults.
The Call of the Wild
7-HS OK? Dog reverts back to wild ancestry. References to images of prehistoric man - walks
stooped over, swings through trees. Subtle.
Ruby Lu, Brave and True
3-5 OK? A Chinese American girl has cute adventures. Sprinkling of Chinese phrases and
culture throughout the book. Very minor mention of trick or treat costumes. Mention
of father saying 'four letter words' when angry.
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson 3-5 OK?? Chinese girl moves to US and becomes fan of a famous baseball player. Good except
for one incident - kids sneak into father's study to see "naked people" in his anatomy
books (really skeletons).
The Puppeteer's Apprentice
6-8 OK? A mistreated orphan girl runs away and becomes a puppeteer's apprentice. Set in
medieval England. Violence described as well as mistreatment of the girl. Minor
language: drat. Unimportant mention of "she squatted to relieve herself. Brief funeral
service - priest says "ashes to ashes" and some Latin - not translated. Mentions of
Xmas and All Hallows Eve. Mentions story of Jason casting water on a sacred stone -
no further explanation.
All About Sam
3-6 OK? Growing up, from the perspective of a baby. Language: heck. Sister makes a secret
code using boys' names and when she writes "I despise so-and-so" it means "I love so-
and-so". Very juvenile.
Attaboy, Sam
3-6 OK? mention bra in store; picture child sleeping between parents in bed
See You Around, Sam
3-4 OK? reference to sister's boyfriend; Santa
Stay: Keeper's Story
3-5 OK? Vague anatomy (of dogs)
2-4 OK Boy who is loud in library is "pun"ished by having to speak in puns.
The Psycho Zone: Kidzilla and other Tales 5-6 OK? Collection of strange and scary short stories of the "twilight zone" variety. Some
where kids get killed or eaten. May scare some kids. Last story - vampire - use cross
to fight him.
Dear Max
3-5 OK Boy's correspondance with author.
Double Spell
5-7 OK? Twin girls are fascinated by antique doll which starts giving them strange memories of
olden times. Spirits, ghosts, magic, although story written in a style to appear more
realistic than fantasy.
Secondhand Star
2-3 OK ref. To nun, saint
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle (series)
3-6 OK Magical cures fix children's bad habits like being a slowpoke or bully. Bad middos
clearly described but so is cure. Cute.
The Good Liar
3-5 OK? During WWII, two French boys befriend German soldier without knowing mother is
hiding Jews. Very simple, innocent treatment of war. Humanizes German soldier.
MacKellan, William
The Ghost of Grannoch Moor
4-6 OK Boy comes to love puppy that was given to him as a consolation for dog's death. Solves mystery of which dog is killing sheep.
[email protected]
Page 81
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
MacLachlan, Grandfather's Dance
4-6 OK? Last book in Sarah, Plain and Tall series. Anna gets married, grandfather dies. Sad.
Boy and girl who grew up together "whisper by the barn". Girl wonders why people
would want to marry anyone other than their dog - fantasizes about her wedding: "dog
husband licks cheek and whispers - you've never been more beautiful - more beautiful
than pot roast". Minor language: Drat (p. 16)
MacLachlan, Caleb's Story
4-6 OK Continuation of Sarah, Plain and Tall. Long-missing grandfather returns after he
deserted family; grandson discovers that the reason he never wrote letters to them is
that he could not read.
MacLachlan, More Perfect Than the Moon
4-6 OK? Girl deals with mom having baby. P 35-37: watches boy and girl kiss - later get
engaged. Can be crossed out.
MacLachlan, Skylark
4-6 OK? Family confronts drought and scary fires. A happy marriage depicted very warmly,
including physical affection between husband and wife - holding hands, kissing,
hugging, dancing together, all described in a sweet and very gentle way. Parents
need to decide if this is appropriate for their child.
Magic School Magic School Bus Chapter Book #03 - The 2-4 OK? Kids go under ocean to see whales. Brief comparison of whale's size to dinosaur (P.
Wild Whale Watch
Magic School Magic School Bus Chapter Book #05 -
2-4 OK Kids experience a tornado.
Twister Trouble
Magic School Magic School Bus Chapter Book #07 The 2-4 OK Class goes underwater to learn about sharks. Mildly scary.
Great Shark Escape
Magic School Magic School Bus Chapter Book #10 -
2-4 OK? Tour guide is woman wearing shorts and tank top. P. 68 - Dingoes brought by sailors
Expedition Down Under
15,000 years ago.
Magic School Magic School Bus Chapter Book #18 The 2-4 OK Class goes to visit coral reef in Australia.
Fishy Field Trip
Magic School The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten
1-3 OK? picture book. Bus takes kids inside human body. Ms. Frizzle wears strap-sleeve
new Manes, Stephen Be A Perfect Person In Just Three Days
3-5 OK? Boy finds a book about being perfect but in following the silly instructions he comes to
realize that perfection is boring. Some middos between siblings and classmates. Boy
dreams that when he is perfect he will be able to correct his teachers in front of the
class and he will be able to laugh at his family's mistakes. Brief mention of watching
TV. Frequent use of the words stupid and dumb.
Manes, Stephen Make Four Million Dollars By Next Thursday 3-5 OK Boy finds book about getting rich and follows wacky instructions. Realizes wealth is
not everything.
When Heaven Fell
4-7 OK?? Vietnamese family has visit from Americanized half-Vietnamese grown daughter.
Very nicely done insight into Vietnamese society (and hopefully hakoras hatov for
American lifestyle). Mention of mother who "had child with" American soldier who
then left - kids would assume married? Children watch American movie of teenage
girls who swim in bikinis, go out with boy and kiss - very peripheral. Vietnamese
family has separate house for dead ancestors; go there to "pray" and leave offerings
of food for ancestors.
Martin, Ann
Yours Turly, Shirley
3-5 OK?? Very nice story about learning-disabled girl. Short non-religious summary of story of
JC. Compares Chanukah to X-mas - both get gifts.
[email protected]
Page 82
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author new Martin, Ann M
Babysitters Little Sister #9 Karen's Sleepover 3-5 OK?? Same issues as other books in this series. Girl invites her friends to a sleepover, but
when her best friend's invitation doesn't arrive they get into an ugly fight. They only
make up when a new, haughty girl starts to ruin the party. Minor middos between
classmates and between siblings. Girl "likes" a boy, he says he wants to come to the
sleepover to see girls in their underwear. Movie The Wizard of Oz described in great
detail. Language- weirdo, gross, jerks, dweebs, wimp, dumbbell.
Martin, Ann M. The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class - Teacher's 2-4 Pet #1
Martin, Ann M. Everything for a Dog
Martin, Ann M. The Doll People
and Laura
Mason, Simon The Quigleys in a Spin
Mass, Wendy 11 Birthdays
Daughters of Liberty - Patsy's Discovery
Mastermon- The Treasure Trap
Smith, Virginia
Matlin, Marlee Deaf Child Crossing
Matlin, Marlee Nobody's Perfect
and Doug
The Cat Who Escaped from Steerage
Evelyn Wilde
Second graders choose a pet, girl tries to find a new best friend. Minor bad middos of the typical grade school variety - check later books to see if still minor. Minor language: school stinks, Ms. Colman stinks, barf. Boy finds stray dog; another boy deals with death of his brother and his dog. X-mas gifts, meal, parade - no religion. A doll house family rescues their missing aunt . A few mentions of Nancy Drew books. Minor language: darn (P. 195)
OK Delightful funny stories about British family. OK?? Girl relives the day of her 11th birthday until she makes up with friend (who is a boy) and breaks the spell. Fun read. Minor side story of older sister who is trying to get popular boy to like her; he likes other girl and puts his arm around her. OK? Girl wishes she could wear trousers like a boy instead of uncomfortable colonial clothing. Otherwise nice historical fiction OK? Boy and girl search for treasure and get trapped in tunnel. Take revenge against mean lady; book makes it seem justified. OK?? 9-year-old deaf girl learns about friendship. Several mentions of other girl wanting to see/talk about boys. OK Deaf girl learns to deal with new friend whose brother is autistic.
A Jewish girl and her deaf friend are emigrating to America from Europe with their families. Try to find escaped cat in forbidden area of the ship. Almost no religion except when passengers are scared some take out rosary beads and crosses and some put on prayer shawls. Also mentions that captain christened baby on board.
Mazer, Anne Mazer, Anne Mazer, Harry
Amazing Days of Abby Hayes #03 Reach for 3-5 the Stars Amazing Days of Abby Hayes #07 - Two 3-5 Heads are Better Than One
My Brother Abe
OK?? Girl wants to be the star of her class play. One minor reference to a girl with a crush on a boy (P. 38 chap 5) - can be crossed out. OK? 5th grader becomes friends with boy while working on science project. Is teased about "boyfriend". Although they really remain "just friends", a lot of emphasis on "what's wrong with being friends with a boy, anyway?" OK?? Historical fiction. Sister of Abraham Lincoln. Father is verbally abusive to children. Mother dies. Passing mention of Devil and Second Coming p. 91.
[email protected]
Page 83
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author McAllister, M. I. McAllister, M. I. McAllister, M. I. McAllister, M. I. McCaughrean, Geraldine McCloskey, Robert new McDonald, Megan McGinley, Phyllis
The Mistmantle Chronicles book 1: Urchin of 5-8 OK? An ongoing story about an animal kingdom on a magical island and an orphaned
the Riding Stars
squirrel who saves the kingdom from a greedy advisor to the king. Minor language:
stupid (once). References to a "greater power" that controls everything, called "the
heart" which is "compassionate", that understands more than the animals do, and has
reasons for what it does. There are priests who pray to the heart. Some "falling in
love" and getting married - quite tame.
The Mistmantle Chronicles book 2: Urchin 5-8 OK?? Squirrel is kidnapped and prevents neighboring island from invading his home. A lot
and the Heartstone
of minor language: shut up, idiot, freak (constantly used), stupid. A lot of praying to
the "great heart" but no further description. An evil sorcerer kills animals to use their
bodies for evil magic. Some good guy vs. Bad guy violence. Priest gets prophecies.
One sentence mention of flirting, falling in love, and marrying (no description of
flirting). One sentence mention of a "handsome officer" who wants a romantic place to
impress his girlfriends (p. 198).
The Mistmantle Chronicles book 3: The Heir 5-8 OK? Continuing saga. The island is confronted with drought, disease, flooding, and the
of Mistmantle
kidnapping of the baby princess. When one of the heroes finds out his father was a
villian, he contemplates suicide (in the end comes to terms with it). There are some
sad moments with when one hero dies saving another. Same issues about religious
beliefs as previous books. Non-romantic negiah. Unimportant mention of a male
having a quiet conversation with his girlfriend. Story told about a villian who married
and had a child but when he became interested in another, he tried to kill his wife and
child. (p. 136-139). Brief unimportant mention of king and queen who lay in each
other's arms (p. 276).
The Mistmantle Chronicles book 4: Urchin 5-8 OK? Continuing saga. Animals go to war against evil ravens and almost lose their island.
and the Raven War
Ends happily. Many mentions of priests and praying but very neutral - more talk of the
"heart" they pray to. Minor language: stupid (twice). A lot of bad guy vs. good guy
violence. Brief mention of married squirrels holding forepaws.
3-6 OK? Photographer is stranded in jungle village, and uses 10 remaining instant photos on
his camera to record village life. Short book, yet sophisticated and fun; appropriate for
wide range of ages. Passing indirect reference to hand-holding. Drawings of tribal
women in sleeveless dresses.
Homer Price
5-8 OK? Funny old fashioned stories about a boy living in a small town where everyone minds
each others' business. Minor language: derned, heck, goll darnit. A comical 2-page
illustration of an old time barber shop with a calendar on the wall of a side view of a
girl in a bathing suit; a picture of a woman kissing a man on the head - more comical
than romantic but kids will notice it.
Judy Moody Saves The World!
2-4 OK?? Girl tries various ecological schemes to save the world. Same problems as other
books in this series. Middos between siblings and between kids in school. Language-
weird, fink, gross, pee, freak.
The Most Wonderful Doll in the World
2-3 OK A girl learns her lesson to be satisfied with what she has, when she loses her doll and
finds it again.
[email protected]
Page 84
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
McGovern, Ann The Secret Soldier
McGraw, Eloise The Moor Child
grade 3-5 OK? Biography of a woman who dressed up like a man and then signed up to be a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Begins on a sad note when her father dies and her mother is forced to give away her child. When she gets older she decides to be a soldier because it was the only way she could travel and have adventures. She tied a cloth around her chest "so she would look flat chested like a boy" Men proposed marriage to her - she said no because she wanted adventure, not marriage - though she did marry much later on. 6-8 OK?? A child who is half fairy and half human unsuccessfully tries to fit into a superstitious human village. Frequent minor language - shut up, freaking odd. Some talk of priests, christening, holy water. Description of how fairies keep taking different mates and have children, then forget about them. Description of a fairy luring a human into fairyland and having a baby with him. Celebration of saints day. Girl eventually runs away with a boy who accepts her as she is (not clear if it's romantic).
McKay, Hilary Wishing for Tomorrow: The Sequel to A Little 4-6 OK? What happened after Sara left the Boarding School. Juvenile boy/girl - some girls try
to get attention of boy next door. Passing mention of evolution - no definition or detail.
McKay, Hillary Amber Cat new McKay, Hillary Dog Friday
5-7 OK? Girl turns out to be ghost from another time. Fascinating interplay between main story and story told by mother about her childhood. 5-7 OK?? A boy whose father died helps his mother struggle to maintain a bed and breakfast. He struggles to overcome his fear of dogs after a dog attacked him (described in detail). Brief non religious easter and xmas. Mothers in this story are relatively decent, but "jokingly" call children names like "a howling idiot" or "a nightmare". Middos between classmates. Language-shut up, idiot, stupid, hell's bells.
McKay, Hillary McMahon, P. J. McMullan, Kate McMullan, Kate McMullan, Kate
Dolphin Luck
The Freaky Joe Club - Secret File #1 The 3-5
Case of the Swimming Gorilla
Dragon Slayer's Academy #01 - The New Kid 3-5
at School
Dragon Slayer's Academy #02 - Revenge of 3-5
the Dragon Lady
Dragon Slayers Academy #10 - Help It's
Parents' Day at DSA
McMullan, Kate Dragon Slayers Academy #12 - The Ghost of 3-5 Sir Herbert Dungeonstone McMullan, Kate Dragon Slayers Academy #13 - Beware! It's 3-5 Friday the 13th
Interplay between reality and supernatural. Boy creates club to solve mysteries. Mention of boy that has 2 beautiful sisters; several mentions of them. Minor language - title. Silly book about boy who joins school to learn to slay dragons. Adults portrayed as silly and immature. Boy kills a dragon but the mean mother dragon comes to take revenge. Same silly bathroom humor as other books in series. Children put on a play for their parents. One boy worries he will be kicked out because he hasn't' paid tuition. A girl who pretends to be a boy tries to convince her parents to let her stay in school. The parents and teachers are very juvenile. The king tells a joke about his "bum" being frozen. Children try to save their school from a greedy ghost. As in all the books in this series, teachers are portrayed as silly and bumbling; the headmaster is moneyhungry. Same bathroom humor as others. Children prepare to defend their school and a monk from a ferocious dragon until they find out that the dragon only wants the monk to cook peanut brittle for him. Headmaster is extremely immature and superstitious because it is Friday the 13th, which he considers unlucky.
[email protected]
Page 85
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
McMullan, Kate Dragon Slayers Academy #14 - Pig Latin - 3-5 OK? Children go to visit their classmate's royal palace. A talking pig cures the sick king.
Not Just for Pigs
The king is portrayed as a fool. His daughter says "my parents are so weird"; kids
respond "don't worry, everybody's are".
McMullan, Kate Dragon Slayers Academy #16 Worlds' Oldest 3-5 OK? Kids try to save their school from a dragon by enlisting the help of old retired knights.
Living Dragon
Man kisses woman's hand when she thanks him - can be crossed out.
McMullan, Kate Dragon Slayers Academy #17 Hail! Hail!
3-5 OK? Kids go to camp where head of camp tries to trick them into digging up dragon gold.
Camp Dragonika
Typical juvenile bathroom humor - belching, snot, toilets, etc. Talking pig has a crush
on a boar. In the end decides he's boring.
McNamee, Eoin City of Time
6-8 OK?? Book 2 of The Navigator Trilogy. Boy aids in battle to defeat enemies who want to
freeze Time. Language: hell (p. 158). Several characters have parents who die or are
presumed dead.
McNamee, Eoin The Navigator
6-8 OK?? Book 1 of The Navigator Trilogy. Boy finds out he has inherited father's position of The Navigator who can save the world from enemies who turn Time backward. Nonromantic negiah - 333. Language: hell, damn: 215, 244,246, 263, 274, 287, 300, 319
Snow Treasure
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - Special Edition - Flora the 2-4 Dress-Up Fairy Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - Special Edition - Joy the 2-4 Summer Vacation Fairy
OK? Norwegian children help smuggle gold out of their country to prevent the Nazis from taking it. Nazis portrayed as bad guys who do a few minor bad things but nothing mentioned about Jews or killing, other than the threat of death as a punishment for disobeying. Slightly scary book for a sensitive child. Boys and girl play together and fight together - nothing romantic. Mention of the priest on the alter at mass - no further description. Minor language - stupid OK?? Fairy helps girls to keep goblins from ruining their aunt and uncle's masquerade ball . Illustrations are slightly worse than usual (fairy on cover and in book wearing a mermaid costume, girls wear angel costumes with harps). Language: greedy-guts. Mentions dancing at the ball - no description. OK? Girls team up with fairy to stop a villain from ruining people's vacations. On the cover a full color cartoonish illustration of a youngish fairy wearing a tank top and short skirt. Inside many Illustrations of similarly clad youngish girls.
[email protected]
Page 86
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - Special Edition - Kylie the
Carnival Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - Special Edition - Mia The Bridesmaid Fairy
grade 2-4 OK?? Problematic illustrations. Girls help stop goblins from ruining a carnival. Language - weird (once). One of the rides is a "tunnel of love" - a train ride that goes through the scenery of the 4 seasons - an illustration shows a boy with his arm around a girl - no verbal explanation. 2-4 OK?? Problematic illustrations. Girls help fairy recover stolen objects so that their cousin's wedding won't be ruined. Setting is outside a church. Church bells. Illustration of female pastor. A lot of talk of tradition - "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue", to bring luck. Mentions going on honeymoon.
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - Special Edition - Shanon 2-4 the Ocean Fairy Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Dance Fairies #4 - 2-4 Tasha the Tap Dance Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Dance Fairies #7 - 2-4 Isabelle the Ice Dance Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Fun Day Fairies #1 - 2-4 Megan the Monday Fairy Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Fun Day Fairies #2 - 2-4 Tara the Tuesday Fairy Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Fun Day Fairies #3 - 2-4 Willow the Wednesday Fairy Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Fun Day Fairies #4 - 2-4 Thea the Thursday Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Fun Day Fairies #5 - 2-4
Felicity the Friday Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Jewel Fairies #1 - India 2-4
the Moonstone Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Jewel Fairies #2 -
Scarlett the Garnet Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Jewel Fairies #3 -
Emily the Emerald Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Jewel Fairies #5 - Amy 2-4
the Amethyst Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Jewel Fairies #6 -
Sophie thet Sapphire Fairy
[email protected]
OK? Problematic illustrations. Begins with girls dancing at a luau together with the "Disco Fairy" - no detailed description. OK? Note about series: Each book is part of a seven-part series, where girls help fairies to do one of seven things; can be read separately but kids may want to read all 7. Throughout this series, illustration of scantilly clad young-ish fairies; not very provocative but definitely not tznius. Covers are full color illustrations. Dance Series: Children help fairies find stolen ribbons that help people dance better. Problematic illustrations. Language: weird, dumb. Preview of "Jessica the Jazz Fairy" - Mentions Broadway musicals. OK?? Problematic illustrations. Mentions of ice dancing. Mentions fairy tale characters Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella - plot not given. Girls think ice dancing with a partner would be great - no mention of gender of partner or illustrations. Cartoonish illustration of male goblins getting dressed - some half dressed - no detailed anatomy. OK? Fun Day series: Children help find magical items that will allow their friends to have fun. Problematic illustrations. OK? Problematic illustrations.
OK? Problematic illustrations.
Problematic illustrations. Mentions that male seahorses have babies instead of females - and that the females fight over the males "with the biggest bellies" - said in a very matter of fact way. Problematic illustrations.
OK? Jewel series: Girls help find precious stones that give magical powers like seeing future or flying. Problematic illustrations. One non-religious mention of Halloween. OK? Problematic illustrations. Language: stupid (once)
OK? Problematic illustrations. Preview of "Chloe the Topaz Fairy" - Costumes for Halloween party. OK? Illustrations slightly better than others.
OK? Illustration issues including one of a mermaid with long hair covering her chest. A lot of talk that wishes really do come true.
Page 87
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Jewel Fairies #7 - Lucy 2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations. A bit scary.
the Diamond Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Music Fairies #3 -
2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations. Girls help fairy locate her magic flute that was stolen by the
Fiona the Flute Fairy
goblins who want to enter a TV talent show. Juvenile joke about "stinky feet".
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Music Fairies #4 -
2-4 OK?? Problematic illustrations. Girls are excited to appear in a music video with a famous
Danni the Drum Fairy
pop star - numerous (but tame) references to music culture. Language: funky.
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Music Fairies #6 -
Victoria the Violin Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Party Fairies #1 -
Cherry the Cake Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Party Fairies #2 -
Melodie the Music Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Party Fairies #3 -
Grace the Glitter Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Party Fairies #4 -
Honey the Candy Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Party Fairies #5 -
Pooly the Part Fun Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Party Fairies #6 -
Phoebe The Fashion Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Party Fairies #7 -
Jasmine the Present Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Pet Fairies #1 - Katie 2-4
the Kitten Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Pet Fairies #3 -
Georgia the Guinea Pig Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Pet Fairies #4 - Lauren 2-4
the Puppy Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Pet Fairies #5 - Harriet 2-4
the Hamster Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Pet Fairies #6 - Molly 2-4
the Goldfish Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Pet Fairies #7 - Penny 2-4
the Pony Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Petal Fairies #1 - Tia 2-4
The Tulip Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Petal Fairies #2 -
Pippa the Poppy Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Petal Fairies #3 -
Louise the Lily Fairy
Problematic illustrations. Text and illustration about downloading music from the internet. Party series: girls prevent parties from being ruined. Problematic illustrations. Preview of "Melodie the Music Fairy" - unimportant mentions of Xmas lights. Problematic illustrations. Brief mention of twinkling Xmas lights - no religion.
OK? Problematic illustrations. Brief unimportant mention of Xmas decorations.
OK? Problematic illustrations.
OK? Problematic illustrations.
OK? Problematic illustrations.
OK? Problematic illustrations.
Pet series: girls rescue fairiy animals and human animals. Cover has scantily clad fairy. Illustrations of fairies and children in various outfits ranging from more to less tznius. End of book has excerpt from "Bella the Bunny Fairy" about Easter - easy to tear out. Problematic illustrations
OK? Problematic illustrations.
OK? Mention of TV and illustration of a TV turned off. Problematic illustrations.
OK? Problematic illustrations.
OK? Problematic illustrations.
OK? Petal series: children find magical flower petals that help flowers bloom. Problematic illustrations. OK? Problematic illustrations.
OK? Problematic illustrations. Language: dumb
[email protected]
Page 88
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Petal Fairies #4 -
grade 2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations.
Charlotte the Sunflower Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Petal Fairies #5 -
2-4 OK?? Problematic illustrations. At one point the girls put themselves in real danger to get
Olivia the Orchid Fairy Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Petal Fairies #6 -
the petal - somewhat scary (and foolhardy). Language: stupid (once) 2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations.
Danielle the Daisy Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Petal Fairies #7 - Ella 2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations. Goblin tells girls they are wearing "yucky pink" and "pink
the Rose Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Rainbow Fairies #2 - 2-4 OK? Rainbow series: Girls rescue fairies that make colors. Problematic illustrations.
Amber the Orange Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Rainbow Fairies #3 - 2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations.
Sunny the Yellow Fairy Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Rainbow Fairies #4 - 2-4 OK? Illustrations slightly less problematic than others in series.
Fern the Green Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Rainbow Fairies #5 - 2-4 OK?? Problematic illustrations. Slightly scary but ends fine. Preview of "Inky the Indigo
Sky the Blue Fairy
Fairy" - The Nutcracker, Xmas, Xmas tree - no religion.
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Rainbow Fairies #6 - 2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations. Mention of going to the nutcracker ballet at Xmas, a picture
Inky the Indigo Fairy
of an Xmas tree in a book - no religion.
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Rainbow Fairies #7 - 2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations.
Heather the Violet Fairy Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Sports Fairies #1 - Helena the Horse-Riding Fairy
2-4 OK? Sports series: girls rescue fairies' magical sports items. Problematic illustrations. Mention of Olympic Games.
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Sports Fairies #2 - 2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations. Mention of Olympic Games and other sports culture.
Stacy the Soccer Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Sports Fairies #3 - Zoe 2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations. the Skating Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Sports Fairies #5 - 2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations. Illustrations of girls in 2 piece bathing suits - not provocative.
Samantha the Swimming Fairy
Cover of fairy in bathing suit - not provocative.
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Sports Fairies #6 Alice the Tennis Fairy
2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations. Preview of "Gemma the Gymnastics Fairy" - Easter eggs, Easter presents, no religion.
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Sports Fairies #7 - 2-4 OK?? Problematic illustrations. Olympic games. Mention of Easter eggs and presents - no
Gemma the Gymnastics Fairy
religion. Mention of goblin who likes to sing rock and roll and Elvis songs.
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Weather Fairies #1 - 2-4 OK? Weather series: girls help retrieve magical feathers that control the weather.
Crystal the Snow Fairy
Problematic illustrations.
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Weather Fairies #2 - 2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations. 2 unimportant mentions of church bells blowing in the wind.
Abigail the Breeze Fairy
Goblin eats dog food then "burps" and has "stinky breath".
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Weather Fairies #3 - 2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations. Brief mention of people coming out of a movie theater after
Pearl the Cloud Fairy
watching a funny movie.
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Weather Fairies #4 - 2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations.
Goldie the Sunshine Fairy
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Weather Fairies #5 - 2-4 OK? Unimportant mention of Xmas tree (p. 12). Problematic illustrations. Evie the Mist Fairy Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Weather Fairies #6 - 2-4 OK? Illustrations slightly better than usual.
Storm the Lightning Fairy
[email protected]
Page 89
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic - The Weather Fairies #7 -
Hayley The Rain Fairy
new Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic Special Edition Belle The
Birthday Fairy
new Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic Special Edition Selena The Sleepover Fairy new Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic The Fun Day Fairies #6 Sienna The Saturday Fairy new Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic The Fun Day Fairies #7 Sarah The Sunday Fairy new Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic The Music Fairies #5 Maya The Harp Fairy
grade 2-4 OK? Problematic illustrations. 2-4 OK? Note about series:Each book is part of a seven-book grouping in which girls help fairies to do one of seven things until mission is complete.Books can be read separately but kids will probably want to read all 7 in the grouping.Exception are the special editions which are self contained. Throughout this series are illustrations of scantily clad, high fashion, youg-ish fairies; not very provacative but definitely not snius.Covers are full color illustrations of scantily clad fairies. In this book, girls help recover magical birthday items. Comical illustration of girls dancing with male goblins. Problematic illustrations. 2-4 OK?? Girls go to a big charity sleepover at a museum and help retrieve magical items that make sleepovers fun.(It is co-ed, but never mentioned). Illustrations a bit better then usual, though still not tsnius. One word xmas. Mention of dinosaurs but not millions of years. Language-shut up, gross, weird, dumb. 2-4 OK?? Girls are in a fashion show in the mall. Detailed descriptions and illustrations of trendy clothing (typical of fashions in this series) and modeling them on a runway but very innocent. 2-4 OK?? Problematic illustrations. Preview of "Stella The Star Fairy"-about xmas-can be torn out. 2-4 OK? Mention of a rose garden with Greek gods all around- no details. Preview of "Victoria The Violin Fairy"-girls download music from the internet. Problematic illustrations.
new Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic The Music Fairies #7 Sadie 2-4 The Saxophone Fairy
new Meadows, Daisy Rainbow Magic The Sports Fairies #4
Brittany The Basketball Fairy
Meigs, Cornelia The Covered Bridge
Meltzer, Milton Mary McLeod Bethune: Voice of Black Hope 3-4
Merrill, Jean The Pushcart War
Miles, Ellen
Taylor-Made Tales - The Pirate's Plot
Miles, Ellen
The Puppy Place - Lucky
Miles, Ellen
The Puppy Place - Princess
Girls prevent goblins from winning a TV talent contest. Mentions that the winner will get a recording contract with a record company. Brief mention of different kinds of music eg. Jazz, rock, etc. Problematic illustrations. Problematic illustrations
A sweet, old fashioned story about a girl spending the winter on a farm in Vermont. Neutral quotes from the Bible. True story of black woman who opens girls school & is civil rights hero. New Testament quotation on p. 12-13 - can be crossed out. Funny story disguised as historical account of a battle between pushcarts and big trucks. A teacher helps a boy deal with his frustration with boring drills at soccer practice, by telling the class a tale of a stowaway. Minor mention of going to church and having special Sunday dinner - no religion. Boy befriends a very shy boy and returns a lost puppy to its owners. One sentence mention of Xmas present - no religion. Language - dratted, pee (once). At one point seems as if puppy might die - ends OK. Boys help a spoiled puppy find a home. Setting is a beauty parlor - minor beauty parlor culture. Language: brat (once).
[email protected]
Page 90
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
new Mills, Claudia How Oliver Olson Changed The World
Milne, A.A
The World of Christopher Robin
Milne, A.A. Milne, A.A. Milne, A.A. Milton, Hilary Milton, Hilary
The House at Pooh Corner When We Were Very Young Winnie the Pooh Blind Flight Emergency 10-33 on Channell 11
Milton, Hilary May Day! May Day!
Milton, Hilary November's Wheel
Minarik, Else Father Bear Comes Home Holmelund Mohr, Nocholasa The Magic Shell
Montes, Marisa Get Ready for Gabi #4 - Please Don't Go
Montgomery, R.A. new Morey, Walt
Choose your Own Adventure- Killer Virus Gentle Ben
Kensuke's Kingdom
Morrow, Honore Seven Alone
Moss, Marissa Rose's Journal [email protected]
grade 2-4 OK?? A third grade boy with very overprotective parents learns to be a bit more independent. This book reads somewhat like a criticism on his parents even though it clearly states they were very well meaning. A few mentions of TV show and movies. A few mentions of planets being named from characters in Greek mythology with brief explanations of who the gods are. In back of book interview with the author. She mentions her favorite books and characters by name. brief non religious Halloween, easter, valentines day. Language stupid. 3+ OK? A book of poetry reflecting lives of British children. A few mildly problematic poems easily torn out. P. 117: about boy praying on knees. P. 125-130: X-mas; no religion. P. 143: Very young boy and girl holding hands. P. 188-193: Mention of Easter eggs no religion. P. 198-200 Girl wonders how G-d began - no one would answer her. 3-5 OK A sequel to the first Winnie the Pooh novel 3+ OK A book of poetry reflecting the life of British children 3-5 OK A novel about a cute bear. 5-7 OK A blind girl tries to land a plane. Scary. 4-6 OK 2 boys try to rescue a family in an overturned camper. Lots of CB radio slang but nothing bad. 4-6 OK? 2 teenagers try to get help for families in plane crash. Scary and graphic - wild dogs, bloody parents, non-romantic negiah. 5-7 OK Historical fiction. A boy during Depression works hard to win bike. In end becomes much more sensitive to suffering of those around him. 1-2 OK? I can read book. Cute stories about bear's adventures. Last story - he dreams of a mermaid - illustrations of her scantily clad (but not as bad as Disney mermaids) 2-4 OK A boy moves from island of Jamaica and adjusts to NY with the help of a magic shell. 2-3 OK? Series incorporates Spanish words. Spanish American girl tries to get grandmother to stay and live with them Mention opossums lived 70 million years ago. 4-6 OK? A girl helps her uncle research Ebola virus outbreak. Reader chooses outcome. Lots of violence. 6-8 OK? An Alaskan boy forms a special bond with a brown bear. There are some sad moments and some genuinely frightening ones. The boy's brother died of TB and his parents worry that he may die as well. Brief mention of the Ice Age and millions of years ago. 3-5 OK Boy is stranded on island where Japanese man has been stranded for many years. 5-7 OK? Historical fiction 1844: pioneer days. A family of orphaned children decide to continue on their own to claim a homestead. Experience much hardship. P 156 side mention of "Blessed Virgin" - kids won't get it. Lots of Bible reading and praying but pretty unobjectionable. 3-6 OK? Journal of girl growing up on farm during the Depression. Drawing of back of naked man - for political reasons.
Page 91
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Moss, Olivia Moss, Olivia
Title Butterfly Meadow - Joy's Close Call Butterfly Meadow - Twink Dives In #2
Moss, Olivia Butterfly Meadow - Zippy's Tall Tale Murphy, Elspeth The Mystery of the Sock Monkeys Campbell
Murphy, Jill
The Worst Witch at Sea
Murphy, Jim My America
The Great Fire My America - My Brother's Keeper Virginia's Diary - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 1863
My America
My America - Season of Promise Elizabeth's Jamestown Colony Diary
My America
My America - As Far As I Can See - Meg's Prairie Diary
grade 2-3 OK Butterflies make a new friend who accidentally angers scary hornets. Learns not to show off. 2-3 OK? A butterfly who is obsessed with her looks accidentally gets her wings wet and is almost eaten by a bug. A bit scary. In the end she learns that character is more important than looks. Illustrations of butterflies are girls with wings wearing bathing suit type clothing - not provocative. 2-3 OK? Butterfly tells tall tales and makes herself out to be a hero, when he really is a coward. He doesn't learn a lesson but the butterflies around him do. 2-4 OK?? Children figure out who is making cute sock monkeys. Book is cute and clean but published by Christian publishing house to teach proverbs from the bible - the proverb is written only on the first page - could be torn out. Others from this series should be checked carefully. 3-5 OK? A girl in witch academy keeps getting into funny trouble . She tries to smuggle her cat on the class trip and ends up accidentally saving the strictest teacher in school and also finds a treasure. One of the girls displays very bad middos but no one likes her because of it. 4-8 OK? Non-fiction account of the Great Chicago Fire. Some mentions of "half-naked" or "half dressed" women running away from the fire. 3-5 OK?? Girl witnesses the Battle of Gettysburg - lots of gory war and injury descriptions. Girl helps teacher get engaged to her brother - relatively tame - when get engaged hold hands. Mentions girls watched soldiers march by and blew kisses to them and seemed to "fall in love" with every soldier that passed by. Some questions about why G-d doesn't answer prayers right away that her father and brother should come home safely. Eventually they do. 3-5 OK?? A girl sees her colony prosper while under the rule of a very strict governor, and deals with her father's remarriage after the death of her mother. Very tame discussions about women loving men and marrying them. Girl notices that Indian braves don't wear much and that makes her blush. Description of a church service as "very long and boring" but the new church "is enough to make one's spirit soar to G-d". When she thinks her father and stepmother will have a new baby, she blushes. Mention that father shares a bed with his new wife. 2-4 OK?? Historical Fiction. Children go to Kansas to escape cholera epidemic and help underground railroad. Two mentions of girls taking off skirts (no men are around) and wearing "just pantaloons" because of new style started by Amelia Bloomer (P. 59, 87). Brief mention of boy who liked having girl as dance partner (P. 64) easy to cross out
My America Myers, Anna
My America - Corey's Underground Railroad 2-4
Diary - Message in the Sky
OK Historical Fiction. OK? Historical fiction. Nathan Hale as schoolteacher and spy, through eyes of young student. Hale considers marriage with various young women, always comparing them by which was prettier.
[email protected]
Page 92
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Myers, Anna
Title The Keeping Room
Myers, Laurie Garage Sale Fever Myers, Laurie Surviving Brick Johnson Myron, Vicki with Dewey the Library Cat - A True Story Brett Witter
Nabb, Magdalen Josie Smith at School
Namioka, Lensey Namioka, Lensey Napoli, Donna Jo
Yang the Eldest and His Odd Jobs Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear Jimmy, the Pickpocket of the Palace
Napoli, Donna Mogo, the Third Warthog Jo
Napoli, Donna Jo and Robert Furrow Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Sly the Sleuth and the Food Mysteries Saving Shiloh Shiloh (first of trilogy) Shiloh Season The Girls' Revenge The Girls Take over The Haunted Hotel
[email protected]
grade 5-7 OK?
Historical fiction - revolutionary war. A boy deals with British taking over his house and father's imprisonment. Comes to terms with thinking differently from father about slavery and women's education. One mention of J--- (P. 5, chapter 1). Talk of teacher's bride being "comely", but wouldn't verbalize it because it wouldn't be "seemly". Soldier implies bride would be "real warm on a cold evening" - kids won't get it. Some talk about Quakers' religious belief about slavery and war.
2-3 OK? Kids have garage sale. Boy accidentally sells something and tries to break into house to get it back - unsuccessful and regrets it later. 3-5 OK Boy mistakenly thinks boy is bully; learns important lessons about respect and not judging others. 5-7 OK?? A true story of a cat that was abandoned in a library book slot, who became famous, Very detailed, including cat's sickness and death. A full detailed chapter of Xmas - no religion beyond mention of a manger display. Brief mention of: watching movies on TV, being divorced. Minor language: darn (once), stupid (once) 2-3 OK A well intentioned little girl gets into all sorts of scrapes that come out fine in the end.
3-5 OK? A Chinese family adjusts to America. Side story of sister's "not boyfriend" and "not dates" 3-5 OK A boy copes with being tone deaf in a very musical family. 4-6 OK? Sequel to the Prince of the Pond. Frog searching for magic ring is turned into a boy by a hag . Finds father, who has also been turned into a man, and has decided to stay that way & marry princess. Somewhat disturbing that father/frog is thereby deserting his wife/frog & frog children. 4-5 OK? 3 warthog brothers try to make their own way in the jungle. Vague references to mating but nothing explicit. Description of giraffe giving birth (baby falls out without mother noticing) 2-4 OK?? Girl solves mysteries. Some allusions to girls and boys liking each other but very vague, except for paragraph where boys invite girl to valentine's party (p. 127)
5-6 OK? Former owner of dog repents from past bad behavior and saves dog from drowning. Author points out that dogs and humans are the same. 5-6 OK?? references to J--- that need to be blacked out: pages 42, 56-57 (a lot), 58, 90, 100, 124, 138 5-6 OK? Lots of discussion about dangers of drinking and drunken behavior. Juvenile two year old shows her underpants - boy comments "girls are strange" 4-6 OK Family of girls and family of boys try to outdo each other in practical jokes. Middos issues but done in friendly manner. 4-6 OK Cute story of 2 families - one with all boys, one with mostly girls - who stir up mischief in small town. Middos issues but done in friendly manner. 3-4 OK? Ghost haunts house until appeased.
Page 93
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
new Nesbet, Anned The Cabinet of Earths
Nesbit, E
The Railway Children
Nesbit, E.
Wet Magic
new Nesbit,E
The Magic City
Newman, Robert The Case of the Indian Curse Newman, Robert The Case of the Somerville Secret Nickerson, Sara How to Disappear Completely & Never be Found Nimmo, Jenny Charlie and the Time Twister #2 Nimmo, Jenny Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors #4
Nimmo, Jenny Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy #3
grade 5-8 OK?? Girl visits Paris and finds she is part of a family with magical powers. Very mild warm feelings towards boy; 2 instances of affectionate negiah. 4-6 OK? Children move to the country with their mother after father is framed and sent to jail . Have many old fashioned adventures. P. 180 - girl holds injured boy's hand as they wait in a dark tunnel to be rescued "even though, like most boys his age, he hated all material tokens of affection such as kissing and holding of hands. He called them 'pawing' and detested them", yet he is surprised that the experience is not so bad" can be crossed out. Brief mention of occasionally questioning G-d and trying to believe in Him even when it's hard (pg 199) can be crossed out. 4-6 OK? Children have adventures in an underwater world and get involved in a battle between underwater kingdoms and eventually make peace between them. Minor language: shut up, weird, drat, stupid. Many books are mentioned by title and their characters by name (which may or may not be appropriate reading). Children sneak about circumventing adult rules but by modern standards it's very tame. Boy kisses mermaid's hand - no provocative description or illustration of mermaids. Passing mention of Xmas tree. Man touches woman's hand when he asks her to marry him. 4-6 OK?? Stepbrother and sister go on a quest in a magic city. Orphaned boy has a hard time dealing with his sister's marriage, since his sister brought him up, so he exhibits bad middos to his new step sister. When they are in danger step sister asks him to kiss her (pg 166 chapt 9). Mean nurse treats boy very badly-in the magic city she is the villain. 4-6 OK Boy and girl detectives discover who is frightening the owner of an antique store; leads to arrest of violent gang from India. Some minor violence 4-6 OK Children discover murderer, and rich man hiding his son who is retarded and deformed. Some minor violence 9+ OK?? Unusual book - children solve mystery with aid of cartoons left by mysterious stranger. Disturbing imagery. Children discover that uncle accidentally caused father's drowning 4-7 OK? Boy with magical talents goes to magical school and disappears.Same issues as other books in this series. 4-7 OK? Boy tries to rescue friend from cruel adoptive parents. Many references to uncle admiring a woman as in previous books. Some of the adults in the story are kind and good as are their protйgйs, some are evil an exhibit terrible middos along with the children who admire them. Girl who wants to be a movie star auditions for a part in a movie. Boy is excited because he thinks he will be getting his own TV. Languagefreak, idiot, darn, weird, stupid, what the heck, shove it, shut up, berserk. Unimportant mention of watching TV, finding information on the internet. 4-7 OK? Children use magical talents to rescue invisible boy. Villians try to kill uncle's girlfriend - uncle gives her "the kiss of life" - will kids understand this is artificial respiration?
[email protected]
Page 94
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Nimmo, Jenny Midnight for Charlie Bone #1
Nimmo, Jenny The Snow Spider (The Magician Trilogy Book One)
Nix, Garth Nix, Garth Nix, Garth Nix, Garth Nix, Garth
The Seventh Tower - Above the Veil The Seventh Tower - Aenir The Seventh Tower - Into Battle The Seventh Tower - The Violet Keystone The Seventh Tower -The Fall
grade 4-7 OK? Boy discovers he has magical talents and uses them to reunite abducted child with his aunt. Running side story of eccentric uncle courting a woman but when he got excited by how "stunning she looked" he was "bowled over" by her "neck as white as a swan". Nothing terribly explicit. 4-7 OK?? Strange story of a boy who discovers he has magic abilities and uses them to bring back his missing sister. When he is mad at his parents he calls his father a "mean old man" and his mother a "foolish woman". Father mourns his missing daughter making him somewhat dysfunctional. Mention of All Hallows Day and xmas but no religion. Middos between schoolmates. Nonromantic negiah. Brief unimportant mention of TV. 4-7 OK? Continuing saga. Children try to return home and encounter same type of violence as in other books. One sentence where boy alludes to what he would like to do with pretty girl - but so vague most kids will miss it. 4-7 OK Continuing saga. Boy and girl fight to get magical stone. Lots of violence, but mostly with magical fantasy creatures. 4-7 OK Continuing saga. 4-7 OK End of saga. Friendly but non romantic negiah. 4-7 OK Creative science-fiction account of boy growing up in a society totally different from Earth's. Story is left hanging at end - need to read continuation in later books.
Nixon, Jean Lowery Nixon, Joan Lowery Nixon, Joan Lowery Nixon, Joan Lowery Nixon, Joan Lowery Nixon, Joan Lowery
Laugh Till You Cry
Casebusters #6 - Secret of the Time Castle 3-5
OK?? A boy adjusts to a new school and to living near his bullying cousin, with the help of a friendly police officer. A lot of descriptive talk about Shakespeare's "Hamlet". Mentions that boy is sad after losing his father. Minor language: dumb, weird, stupid, pee. A lot of bad middos. In the end the cousin somewhat learns his lesson about bullying. OK Time capsule of town is stolen - boys solve mystery
Mystery of the Secret Stowaway
Orphan Train Adventures - A Dangerous 4-6 Promise
Orphan Train Adventures - A Family Apart 4-6
Orphan Train Adventures - A Place to Belong 4-6
OK Boy accidentally stows away on a cruise ship. Befriends a singer and a hopeful movie star. Minor innocent negiah - not romantic OK? A boy runs away to become a drummer boy during the Civil War. Experiences the horrors of war (described in gory detail) including the death of a friend. May be too much for a very sensitive child. OK? A family of children is sent west to be adopted. Some rough/sad street scenes, occasional references to girl liking male chaperone. Oldest girl dresses up like a boy so family can stay together. OK?? 2 children adopted by kind family. After foster mother dies, try to convince real mother to come west to marry foster father. Lots of talk if love is necessary to make a happy marriage. Page 8 - unimportant mention of boy looking "admiringly" at actresses who pass by. Some violence between pro- and anti-slavery believers. Mention of x-mas pageant and angel and church by no religion detailed.
[email protected]
Page 95
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Nixon, Joan Lowery
Orphan Train Adventures - Caught in the Act 4-6 OK?
Boy is sent west to prevent him from being imprisoned after stealing pennies to feed his family. He is adopted by a farmer with a violent temper and a jealous son. Learns the meaning of honesty and responsibility. Vivid description of whipping.
Nixon, Joan Lowery
Orphan Train Adventures - In the Face of 4-6 Danger
Nixon, Joan Lowery Nixon, Joan Lowery Nixon, Joan Lowery Nixon, Joan Lowery Nixon, Joan Lowery
Orphan Train Adventures - Keeping Secrets 4-6
Orphan Train Children - David's Search
Orphan Train Children - Lucy's wish
Orphan Train Children - Will's Choice
Search for the Shadowman
Nixon, Joan Lowery Nixon, Joan Lowery Norton, Mary
The Name of the Game was Murder
Young Americans - Colonial Williamsburg: 5-7
Will's Story 1771
Bedknob and Broomstick
Norton, Mary The Borrowers
Norton, Mary The Borrowers Afield
Norton, Mary The Borrowers Afloat
Norton, Mary The Borrowers Aloft
O'Brian, Robert Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH
A girl is adopted by a kind couple and experiences danger on the prairie, including a rattlesnake killing her dog, and an escaped murderer who throws her pregnant adoptive mother against a wall and causes her to go into early labor. Somewhat scary. She experiences prejudice because she is Irish. A few mentions of Xmas as special meal, going to Church (p. 125 chap 12) and receiving presents - no detailed religion. Girl tries to uncover civil war spy. Brother dies - sad. One mention of women's anatomy. A boy is adopted by a strict but fair couple and confronts the Ku Klux Klan.
An orphan hopes for a loving family and cute little sister but ends up with nondemonstrative mother and mentally disabled older sister. A boy's father who works in circus is immature and critical of son. Sends him on orphan train to be adopted. Wants son to call him by first name. While doing research for a school genealogy report, boy tries to uncover what really happened to ancestor who was accused of stealing the family's money. One sentence mention of eating fudge on X-mas. One sentence mention of petticoats being underwear. A few extremely tame quotes from "love letters" from man to girlfriend he hopes to marry. Girl solves mystery of man who writes acquaintances' secrets in novel, and is murdered. A jailor's son comes to grips with the morality of slavery in colonial Williamsburg
Children have adventures on a magical bed. Fun story. At very end, warlock kisses witch on cheek and says "my own true love". Kids will probably think they are already married. Tiny family survives by "borrowing" things from humans. Book clearly says borrowing is not stealing (but they don't ask permission) - parent may want to discuss this point. Cute book. Ditto A bit scary when gypsy tries to catch the tiny people with a fishing hook, but ends up OK. Picture of tiny girl dressed in flowers, not clothing. Continuation of series. Tiny people are captured and devise an escape plan. Mild romantic undertones - somewhat tachlis oriented - between girl who is almost 17 and boy (no age) - p.152-153. Mention of choir boys with hymn books and cassocks on steps of model church - no religion. Black and white cartoonish picture of back of woman trying on girdle(p. 217). Lovely story of super-intelligent rats who escape from a lab and form their own society. Lots of opportunity for moral discussions
[email protected]
Page 96
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
O'Connel, Jean The Dollhouse Caper
grade 3-5 OK? Dollhouse people try to warn humans of impending robery. Minor x-mas mentioned
O'Connor, Jane Fancy Nancy Pajama Day
1-2 OK? A girl is jealous when her best friend comes to school matching someone else. She
wears a nightgown on pajama day and is worried she can't hang upside down or everyone would see her underpants.
O'connor, Jim Fancy Nancy Poison Ivy Expert
1-2 OK? A girl accidentally brings her teacher a bouquet of poison ivy. A the end the little boys
and Jane
and girls dance to a rock and roll song called " poison ivy" - very innocent.
O'Connor, Jim The Ghost in Tent 19 and Jane
2-4 OK Kids in camp discover a grave in their tent, and help a ghost reunite with his ghost father.
O'Dell, Scott Island of the Blue Dolphins
6-8 OK? A girl survives alone on an island for many years. Lots of talk of her Indian religious
beliefs but will probably appear extremely foreign and unbelievable to children reading
O'Dell, Scott Zia
it. 6-8 OK Sequel to Island of the Blue Dolphins. Karana's niece tries to find her.
O'Dell, Scott & Thunder Rolling in the Mountains
4-6 OK? Indian girl tells of fate of her tribe. Violence in fighting. Speaks of "her love" - man
Elizabeth Hall
she is supposed to marry; includes brief touch. Minor Indian religion.
Older, Effin Older, Effin
Figure Eights - Randi's Missing Skates Figure Eights #3 Best Ice Show Ever
2-3 OK? pictures 2-4 OK? pictures: girls in skating outfits, boy holding girl's hand for skating. Girl "borrows"
brother's walkie-talkie w/out permission - viewed as positive.
Oppel, Kenneth Silverwing
5-7 OK? Fascinating fictional story of bats. Reference bat "religion", complete with god,
Oppel, Kenneth Sunwing
creation myth, predicted redemption. Includes concept that bats were around for "millions of years". Since the whole book is fantasy, most kids shouldn't notice 5-7 OK? Continuation of Silverwing. Bats try to rescue the sun from the god of the underworld,
who wants to let carnivorous bats take over. Lots of boy bat likes girl bat references
but very innocent and ultimately lead to "choosing a mate" which kids will probably
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - Afternoon on the
translate as marriage. Some minor romantic bat "negiah". 2-3 OK Note on series:Each book is part of a multiple book series (usually 4 books) where
Amazon #6
children have an adventure which contributes to an end goal eg.saving someone,
collecting items, complete a mission. Although each book can stand alone, the
books often mention the others in the grouping, and children will likely want to read
them all.The later books often include fantasy and mythology.In this book, children go
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - Buffalo before Breakfast 2-3
to a rain forest to find a special fruit. Unimportant one line references to visiting times of the dinosaurs. OK? minor mention of belief in animal spirits
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - Civil War on Sunday 2-3 OK Kids go back to Civil War and find out war is not glamorous.
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - Dark Day in the Deep 2-3 OK Children help rescue an octopus from 19th century scientists who think it's a monster.
Sea #39
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - Day of the Dragon King 2-3 OK? Children go to ancient China to rescue an ancient legend. Side story of a silkweaver
and a cowherd who "fall in love and embrace".
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - Dinosaurs before Dark 2-3
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - Dolphins at Daybreak #9 2-3
OK? Talk of dinosaur picture, needs adult guidance OK Children solve mystery under the ocean. A bit scary when forced to abandon leaky
submarine and escape shark.
[email protected]
Page 97
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope
Magic Tree house - Dragon of the Red Dawn 2-3 OK?
Magic Tree House - Ghost Town at Sundown 2-3 OK? #10
Children go to ancient Japan to find the secret of happiness, and are helped by a famous poet named Bashro. Mention of belief in legend of the cloud dragon, that commands rain clouds. Kids meet a "real" ghost. In the back of the book are printed the words to a relatively tame country love song about a cowboy who is sad because his love left him.
Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope
Magic Tree House - Good Morning Gorillas 2-3 #26 Magic Tree House - Lions at Lunchtime #11 2-3
Magic Tree House - Midnight on the Moon #8 2-3
Magic Tree House - Monday with a Mad
Genius #38
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - Moonlight on the Magic 2-3
Flute #41
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - Night of the New
Magicians #35
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - Night of the Ninja #5 2-3
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - Pirates Past Noon #4 2-3
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - Polar Bears Past
Bedtime #12
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - Revolutionary War on 2-3
Wednesday #22
OK Children enjoy spending time with gorillas and communicating with them
OK Children go to Africa to help wild animals.
Children go to the moon to find an object to free their friend. Brief unimportant mention of dinosaurs and ice age. Children spend the day with Leonardo Da Vinci. One sentence that fossils were created when "water covered the mountains millions of years ago". Very subtle implication - book says Mona Lisa wouldn't smile because she was afraid that when Leonardo finished her portrait he would forget about her. When he promises to carry her portrait forever she smiles her famous smile. Children go to party and help a young and very spoiled Mozart with a magic flute. Nonromantic negiah. Minor middos between siblings - apologize later. Minor language dummy, stupid, darn (p. 52, 57), weird Children go to 1889 World's Fair and meet famous inventors.
OK? ninja philosophy: "use nature, be nature, follow nature"
OK a bit scary
OK? refer to animal spirits
OK? Children convince General Washington to attack the British in spite of bad weather. Many mentions of it happening on Xmas and wishing merry x-mas but no religion.
Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope new Osborne, Mary Pope
Magic Tree House - Season of the Sandstorms #34 Magic Tree House - Stage Fright on a Summer Night #25 Magic Tree House Thanksgiving On Thursday #27
2-3 OK? Children travel to ancient Baghdad to deliver a book of Aristotle's wisdom to the caliph. Language - stupid (twice) 2-3 OK? Annie "frees" (steals) mistreated bear to save it. 2-3 OK? Children go back to the first Thanksgiving. A few sad mentions of people dying during the first winter. Brief unimportant mention of pilgrims singing a hymn. Language-idiot.
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - The Knight at Dawn #2 2-3
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House - Viking Ship at Sunrise 2-3
OK? Several mentions of dinosaur period they visited in previous book. OK? glorifying monks' role in keeping literature in dark ages
[email protected]
Page 98
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
new Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House #17 Tonight On The
grade 2-3 OK?? Children go on board the Titanic as it is sinking and help rescue two children. May be scary for this age group. It is quite clear that a lot of people died, though its not spelled out in stark detail. The sinking is pretty detailed. Non religious mention of xmas.
new Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House #31 Summer Of The Sea 2-3
new Osborne, Mary Tree House #32 Winter Of The Ice Wizard 2-3 Pope
OK? Children go to a fantasy land to rescue a mythical sword and encounter magical beings. A few non religious mentions of xmas and Hallows Eve (which are settings for other books in this group). Boy takes girls hand- not blatantly romantic. Languageweird, gross. OK?? Children go to a magical land to rescue a friend. Non religious mentions of xmas and Hallows Eve in reference to other books in this grouping. Also mentions making xmas cookies and xmas trees sparkling in windows. Non romantic negiah. Language-weird. In back of book author writes about Norse and Greek myths and gods
new Osborne, Mary Tree House #33 Carnival At Candlelight
Osborne, Mary Magic Tree House Research Guide -
Pope and
Dolphins and Sharks
Natalie Pope
Osborne, Will Magic Tree House Research Guide - Pilgrims 2-4
and Mary Pope
Osborne, Will Magic Tree House Research Guide - Rain 2-4
and Mary Pope Forests
Osborne, Will Magic Tree House Research Guide - Titanic 2-4
and Mary Pope
Osborne, Will Magic Tree House Research Guide -
and Mary Pope Twisters and Other Terrible Storms
Osborne, Will Knights and Castles
and Mary Pope
Pace, Mildred Old Bones the Wonder Horse
Packard, Edward Choose your Own Adventure - Fugitive
Packard, Edward Choose your Own Adventure - Mayday!
Packard, Mary Ripley's Believe it or Not! - Odd-inary People 3-8
Pantell, Dora Mrs. Pickerell and the Lost World
OK?? Children go to Venice to save it from a flood. Lots of magic and mythology and the god Neptune. Non romantic negiah. Language-stupid, weird. In back of book talks about the patron saint of Venice and Greek mythology. OK passing mention that Greeks believed that dolphins were messengers from the gods. OK? Includes Thanksgiving. Drawings of Indian women with dresses with one shoulder bare - not very obvious. OK? Photo of extremely scantilly clad tribal man - p. 77. OK? p. 27 - man who was in love with woman on board, her mother did not approve; he came on board & they were married a year later. OK? Description and picture of Greek god of wind - p, 23-24 OK? Non-fiction companion to The Knight at Dawn . P 56 -Picture of manor family in chapel with priest and large cross - can be crossed or torn out. OK Story of a sorry looking horse who becomes a champion. OK? A girl is forced to be an accomplice to a jewelry theft. Reader chooses ending. Lots of violence OK?? A girl is forced to pilot uncle's plane when he is knocked out. One story line is looking for a 90,000 year old Neanderthal skeleton preserved in glacial ice. Needs parental guidance. OK? 2 pictures: muscle-bound woman in bikini in end of color photo insert; woman contortionist on P. 67 OK? An eccentric woman is determined to find lost animals a home. Discovers people lumbering illegally. Talk of evolution with emphasis on 70 million years ago - may need parental discussion.
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Page 99
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Park, Linda Sue A Single Shard
Park, Linda Sue Archer's Quest Park, Linda Sue The Kite Fighters
Paros, Jennifer Violet Bing and the Grand House Paton Walsh, Jill The Green Book Paulsen, Gary Grizzly Paulsen, Gary My Life in Dog Years Paulsen, Gary River
Paulsen, Gary The Winter Room
Paulsen, Gary Tracker Paulsen, Gary Tucket's Travels book 1 - Mr. Tucket
Paulsen, Gary Paulsen, Gary
Tucket's Travels book 2 - Call Me Francis Tucket Tucket's Travels book 3 - Tucket's Ride
Paulsen, Gary Tucket's Travels book 4 - Tucket's Gold Paulsen, Gary Tucket's Travels book 5 - Tucket's Home Paulsen, Gary Woodsong Pearsall, Shelley Crooked River
grade 6-8 OK
A Newberry Medal book that is acceptable! A Korean orphan who lives under a bridge with a kind vagrant, becomes an apprentice to a master potter and is eventually adopted by him when his friend dies. A lot of Korean culture but very little religion beyond description of monks helping people and giving presents on Buddha's birthday. One word mention of King's concubines - no explanation. At end of book, excerpts of 2 books by same author - "See Saw Girl" and "The Kite Fighters".
5-7 OK?? Korean king from ancient history appears in bedroom of a Korean-American boy. Boy tries to help him return to his land and time. A lot of minor language and slang - heck, pee, bummed out, weird, nerd, drat, stupid. Mention of belief in spirits, magic, Chinese zodiac. Boy thinks of his father as "King of the Nerds" 5-7 OK? Korean brothers befriend a young king and fly his kite at a competition. A lot of Korean culture and beliefs - especially the honoring of the spirits of ancestors and the teachings of Confucius. The king asks the boys to teach him the proper way to talk to a friend - the boys teach him how to use the same humorous, friendly insults as they use with each other, e.g. pig-brain, cow dung, etc. 2-3 OK Very shy girl finds out about herself and friendship when she visits aunt's old house.
4-7 OK Great story about refugees from doomed Earth who try to set up colony on different planet 5-7 OK Boy hunts a bear who killed his favorite sheep. Some close calls and vivid descriptions. 3-6 OK? 5-7 OK?? Sequel to Hatchet. Boy goes to relive experience in wilderness, with psychologist; ends up having to save him. Mention of dating girl. Vague mention of mother with other man - if didn't' read Hatchet would not get it. Since it's a sequel, might make them want to read Hatchet. 6-7 OK? Strange story. Boy (and reader ) wonder if uncle's stories are true or not. Some discussion of love. 6-7 OK? very sad and harsh. Boy's father dying. Gory description of hunting 5-6 OK Boy is kidnapped from wagon train by Indians and has adventures on the Oregon Trail. Western-style violence: human to human and human to animal. 5-6 OK see comment on series
5-6 OK?? See comment on series. Boy escapes from Indians and travels west to find family. Vague references to attempted rape: "He come wanting me", "he tried to force a woman."- may go over kid's heads. 5-6 OK see comment on series 5-6 OK See comment on series 6-7 OK? very gory detailed descriptions of hunting and nature 5-7 OK?? Historical fiction. Pioneer girl learns to respect Indian who is accused of killing a white trapper. Language (damn, etc) by irate judge trying to maintain order in court.
[email protected]
Page 100
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Pearson, Susan The Green Magician Puzzle #5 - Eagle Eye
Peck, Dale
Drift House - The First Voyage
Peck, Richard On the Wings of Heroes
Penner, Lucille Eating the Plates: A Pilgrim Book of Food
and Manners
new Perlman, Rhea Otto Under Cover Born To Drive
Peterson, John The Littles and the Big Storm
Peterson, John The Littles and their Amazing New Friend
Peterson, John The Littles Have a Wedding
grade 2-3 OK Children need to solve clues to get star part in Earth Day Play. 6-8 OK?? Children go to live with their uncle in a house that is really a time traveling boat, and end up in an adventure involving conniving mermaids, a whale, a talking parrot, and a lot of convoluted philosophy about the true nature of time. A few descriptions of mermaids whose hair discreetly covers their chests or who wear halter tops made of clam shells. Infrequent language: crap, blast, stupid, heck. Unimportant mention of girl watching a violent movie at her friend's slumber party even though her parents don't let. Brief discussion of dinosaurs - no details. 5-8 OK? Historical fiction - American town during WWII. Boy deals with realities of war, from rationing to brother enlisting. Very nicely done. P 117 - girl in low-cut prom dress tells enlisted boy she always had a crush on him. 3-5 OK Non-fiction: Pilgrims 3-5 OK?? A comic book style graphic novel about a boy who invents the fastest race car in the world and comes up against various bumbling goons. Somewhat unrefined. Running joke about a thug who sweats too much and smells, and another who sheds his skin in piles and smells like "barf". Language- dumb, punk, moron. 3-5 OK? A tiny family lives in human house and use human's things but only take things humans won't miss. The owners of their house are away and the Littles try to fix the damage caused by a storm. Two pages describe children watching TV and discussing that soap operas are always sad (p. 48, 49) 3-5 OK? Tiny children accidentally land their hot air balloon on a hill where residents live as they had for hundreds of years. They introduce them to modern ideas, especially focusing on women being equal to men. Language - darn, darn it. Very subtle boy/girl crush - he "liked and admired her", he can't stop talking about her. One sentence about mother nature as creator: "Mother Nature takes as much care in creating her tiny masterpieces as she does with her big ones". 3-5 OK? The Littles' cousin gets married. When introduces bride to the family, he holds her hand. Talk about girlfriends and being "romantic". Talk of getting married in church with a minister. One sentence - groom kisses bride. Very juvenile and innocent.
Peterson, John The Littles Take a Trip
Peterson, John The Littles to the Rescue
Pfeffer, Susan Beth Pfeffer, Susan Beth
Kid Power Rewind to Yesterday
3-5 OK? Tiny children feel isolated and convince their family to take a dangerous trip so they can meet other tiny children. As in other books in this series, some dwelling on the fact that tiny people survive by taking things from big people without their knowledge, though in return they help them. Language - dummy. 3-5 OK? The Littles travel to the woods to rescue their aunt who has been captured. Language stupid, dumb (once each). 4-6 OK? A girl starts an odd job organization to earn money for bike. Says shut-up to mother once - can be crossed out - P. 57 Chap 5 4-6 OK Children discover that VCR can take them back to the past and they can change things. Story centers around TV and VCR but it's background
[email protected]
Page 101
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Philbrick, Rodman
Title REM World
Philbrick, Rodman new Philbrick, Rodman
The Fire Pony The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg
Pierce, Tamora Circle of Magic: Sandry's Book
Pike, Christopher
Spooksville: Night of the Vampire
grade 5-7 OK?? An overweight boy buys a machine that promises to help you lose weight, from an ad in a comic book. Many scary adventures. Constant very unrefined language, eg, friends call him Biscuit Butt, stupid, crummy, stinky, moron, doofus. Minor boy/girl kiss on the cheek, engaged giants embrace. Confusing mention of demons and angels, cloud people. Worship the sun. 6-8 OK? Touching story of boy and older brother who try to make it on their own on a horse ranch. Older brother has some problems with drinking and pyromania. Handled well. Sad ending. 5-7 OK?? Boy exaggerates truth in efforts to get older brother out of army during civil war. Brief mention of saints, heaven, bible, Job, parson, xmas, angels. Orphaned boy describes being raised by a mean, non caring ,selfish uncle. Other bad adults described (and some good ones.) Descriptions of drunk men. Boy steals uncle's horse to rescue his brother. A swindler convinces "naпve minister in training" to marry her, then steals his money. Some negiah including a kiss (not described). Man is "lovesick" for his "sweetheart" with a "goofy look" on his face. At a state fair there is a tent where "women danced in their underclothes and showed their bare ankles". Boy describes horrific sights he saw on a battlefield. Language- brat, shut up, stupid, stink, sucker, dumb, puke, heck. 6-9 OK? Four teens discover their powers in a world filled with magic. Mentions of gods of their culture. Friendly non-romantic negiah. 4-6 OK? Children try to get rid of vampires in town. Plan to kill with wooden stakes, burn some. In end kill vampire Queen, and then spell over others is ended. In one passage, they are looking for "holy water", but can't find any because local priest has been turned into a rabbi by the local witch - "now he won't eat bacon any more".
The Artsy Smartsy Club
The Moosepire
Pinkwater, Jill Mister Fred
Porter, Tracey Billy Creekmore: A Novel
Pratchett, Terry Johnny and the Bomb - The Johnny Maxwell 6-8 Trilogy book 3
OK?? Children get interested in art when they find sidewalk chalk drawings of famous paintings. A lot of art culture especially paintings of saints. Children sneak to Manhattan by subway (without parental permission). When children get wet in the rain they want to paint in their underwear while their clothing dries (totally innocent) but one of their mothers says no because she doesn't want them to turn "nudist" and she doesn't want "naked children" in her basement. OK?? Tongue in cheek book about a moose who solves mystery. Helped by a conservative Rabbi who likes matza. Minor language. Very strange. OK? Unruly 6th grade class discovers teacher is an alien and try to protect him. Lots of bad behavior with substitutes. Chutzpah, minor bad language OK? Boy goes from orphanage, to coal mines, to circus. Finds father who deserted him; leaves father because he is dishonest good-for-nothing. Boy feel "spirits". OK?? 14 year old boy and friends travel in time to save people from WWII bomb. One of friends is girl - totally innocent. Passing references to dinosaurs and 65 million years. Language: goddamnit (p 156), damn (p. 157), hell. Passing cultural references to black discrimination, female discrimination, skinheads; one friend has "weakness" for "borrowing" cars with keys in ignition.
[email protected]
Page 102
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Pratchett, Terry Pratchett, Terry Preller, James Preller, James Preller, James Preller, James Preller, James Preller, James Preller, James Preller, James Prince, Alison Prineas, Sarah Prineas, Sarah Pullman, Phillip Pullman, Phillip Quakenbush, Robert
Title Only You Can Save the World - The Johnny Maxwell Trilogy book 1 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents A Jigsaw Jones Mystery - The Case of the Disappearing Dinosaur A Jigsaw Jones Mystery - The Case of the Ghostwriter A Jigsaw Jones Mystery - The Case of the Groaning Ghost #32 A Jigsaw Jones Mystery - The Case of the Marshmallow Monster A Jigsaw Jones Mystery - The Case of the Runaway Dog A Jigsaw Jones Mystery - the Case of the Sneaker Sneak A Jigsaw Jones Mystery - The Case of the Spoiled Rotten Spy A Jigsaw Jones Mystery - the Case of the Stinky Science Project Night Landings The Magic Thief: Book One The Magic Thief: Lost (Book 2) Lyra's Oxford The Firework-Maker's Daughter Daughter of Liberty - A True Story of the American Revolution
grade 6-8 OK?? Johnny finds that the aliens in his computer game can speak to him, and he tries to save them. Language: Butt (47, 56, 162), nerd, dweeb, pissed off (54),bra (126),crap (114), ref to J. C. (53), Satan/hell (137). Passing reference to friend who lives with brother and brother's girlfriend. Vague background references to Trying Times = boy's parents fighting & getting divorced - many kids won't get it. 5-7 OK?? A cat and a group of rats who have mysteriously become intelligent after eating from a wizard's dump, team up with a boy to con towns out of money by pretending to be a rat catcher. Language - stupid, damn (once), nonsense rat swear words eg "rrkrkrk". A lot of speculation about who created animals and people - book leads to belief in an afterlife but never spelled out. 2-3 OK Boy has detective agency and solves friends' mysteries. 2-3 OK Boy tries to find out if book is really written by a ghost. 2-3 OK? Boy solves mystery of "ghost" who haunts friends' houses. Brother says he has a hot date. Passing references to Halloween. 2-3 OK mystery 2-3 OK p. 2 - discussion of favorite holidays: Kwaanza, X-mas, halloween, valentine's day. 2-3 OK mystery 2-3 OK movie actors 2-3 OK? Teenage brother of main character has girlfriend - puts on father's aftershave, puts arm around girlfriend 5-7 OK Boy and girl help fugitive boy rescue his mother who is mixed up with mean smugglers. Some violence - all good guys vs. bad guys 4-7 OK?? Boy discovers he is a wizard and tries to solve problem of missing magic. Has friend who is girl - she is slightly older. Briefly leans his head on her shoulder. Language: damn (p. 246), a few variations on the word "drat" . 4-7 OK?? Boy wizard tries to save city from evil magic. Continuing close friendship with girl; no romance. She teaches him to dance, "fierce hug" when she finds he has been saved from danger. 5-7 OK? Strange story about a girl who fights a witch with lots of magical creatures and events. Mentions 2 people are lovers (not detailed). One page is meant to look like a photocopy from a book with hard to read small print - a bit racy - but can be torn out in the unlikely event someone will read it (p. 31 & 32). 3-5 OK? A girl is determined to become a professional firework maker. Strange. Some chutzpah to father. One "shy kiss" P. 92. 3-5 OK A woman retrieves important papers for General Washington under the noses of the British. Before her mission family joins hands in "prayer" - nothing objectionable.
[email protected]
Page 103
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Ragz, M.M.
Title Gotcha!
Raskin, Ellen The Westing Game
grade 4-6 OK? 6-8 OK?
School troublemaker becomes school president. Joins girls' field hockey team as a joke and ends up star of team. Some bad midos: practical jokes, revenge. Nonromantic negiah. Clever mystery - group of people in contest to discover "murderer" and win inheritance. Minor romance leading to marriage. Peripheral to plot - girl postpones marriage to get a career and find herself. Mention of ex-wives and suicide.
The Secret River
Marjorie Kinnan
Reeder, Carolyn Shades of Gray
Reiche, Dietlof I, Freddy
Reiche, Dietlof The Haunting of Freddy: Book 4 in the Golden Hamster Saga
Reiss, Kathryn Paint by Magic
2-3 OK Girl tries to find a secret river to catch a fish to help her family through hard times. 5-8 OK Historical Fiction. Post Civil War. An orphaned boy comes to live with relatives whose farm was devastated in the war. Comes to terms with uncle's refusal to take sides in the war. 4-6 OK? Cute story about intelligent hamster who figures out how to communicate via computer. Minor bathroom talk. Mention of cat being neutered - not explained (p 99). Minor language - butt. 4-6 OK? Hamster writes a story and his characters come to life as scary ghosts. Lots of talk of the "undead". Minor mention of hamster owner having girlfriend with "lustrous red hair and apple peach blossom perfume" but very tame. Poems are very hamster-like - not terribly suggestive. When old cat flirts with a cute young rabbit, hamster refers to him as a "geriatric come-on". 6-8 OK? When boy's mother starts acting in old-fashioned manner and going into frightening trances, he goes back in time to find artist who has connection to her. Extremely mild boy/girl with mild negiah. Teen language: pissed (annoyed). Bodily functions.
Rich, Louise Sally (Original title: Three of a Kind)
4-6 OK? A foster child lives on an island with a loving family and helps care for their autistic
grandson. Minor language: stinkin, darned.
Riordian, Rick The 39 Clues book 1 - The Maze of Bones 5-8 OK? Books of this series are written by different authors; reviews also appear under author
name "The 39 clues". First of series. Brother and sister compete against ruthless
family members, to find clues that will lead to power. Some violence. Back of book
includes website where readers can enter the contest.
Roberts, Willo Hostage
5-7 OK Girl taken hostage by robbers. Scary.
Roberts, Willo The Kidnappers
5-7 OK? A rich boy gets kidnapped together with a boy he is fighting with. Some violence
Roberts, Willo The One Left Behind
4-6 OK? Girl is accidentally left behind when family members go on vacation; meets boy who
runs away with half-brother so babysitter's relative won't kidnap him. Language:
stupid, creep, danged.
Roberts, Willo What Could Go Wrong
4-6 OK Children help catch criminals. Some mention of FBI agent thinking aunt is pretty;
ends up marrying her.
Robertson, Keith Henry Reed's Big Show
4-6 OK? Boy and girl produce a show. Girl makes audio tape criticizing cast members, to help
decide on auditions. Tape is accidentally played in front of cast. Sort of learns lesson,
but not so clear.
Robertson, Mary Jemimalee
3-5 OK Cat who writes poetry fights mean rats.
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Page 104
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Robinet, Harrietta Robinson, Barbara new Robinson, Barbara
Title Children of the Fire My Brother Louis Measures Worms The Best School Year Ever
Rocklin, Joanne Jace the Ace
Rocklin, Joanne Strudel Stories
Rockwell, Thomas
How to Eat Fried Worms
Rodda, Emily Deltora Quest #1 The Forests of Silence
Rodda, Emily Rodda, Emily Rodda, Emily Rodda, Emily Rodda, Emily new Rodda, Emily
Deltora Quest #2 The Lake of Tears Deltora Quest #3 City of the Rats Deltora Quest #5 Dread Mountain Deltora Quest #6 The Maze of the Beast Deltora Quest #8 Return to Dell Deltora Shadowlands #1-3 (Cavern of Fear, The Isle of Illusion, The Shadowlands)
[email protected]
grade 4-6 OK? Brief Religious references
5-6 OK?? Humorous stories about boy and his family. Various references to pregnancy - most will go over kids' heads. Language: hell (21, 123, 128) - can be crossed out. 3-6 OK?? A girl struggles to complete an assignment to think of a complement for each classmate, since one girl seems thoroughly bad. Somewhat humorous, minute details about the bad things done by a family of children brought up in a dysfunctional home where father abandoned the family. Brief mention of watching TV, going to movies. One word Halloween. Language-dumb, shut up, gross. In back of book review of other books about this family- "The Best Halloween Ever", The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". 3-5 OK Boy deals with moving and making new friends by imagining himself to be a junior photojournalist. Eventually comes to grips with telling the truth. 3-6 OK Stories revolving around Jewish generational family tradition of making strudel; effectively skirts issue of religion 3-5 OK?? A boy tries to win a bet to eat 15 worms. Somewhat humorous, mostly disgusting. Recent edition has many photos from the movie (movie may or may not be appropriate). Some bad middos between the boys - they trick and cheat the boy who is winning, call each other names (mostly "fink") and eventually come to physical blows until their parents step in. 2 pages where boy imagines he will cause a commotion in church and school - described in detail - no religion. (p. 288-289). Frequent language: stupid, heck, fink, shut up. 4-6 OK? An eight part series about a boy, a man, and a girl who was raised in the forest, who are on a quest to find 7 missing gems that will complete a magic belt that will rescue the kingdom from an evil shadowbird. Typical good guy vs. bad guy violence and death throughout the series. The heroes are always horrified by killings and death which are nonetheless described in detail. Language: idiot, brat 4-6 OK? Heroes travel through the land of an evil sorceress to find a missing gem. Same violence. Non-romantic negiah. 4-6 OK? Heroes battle enemies to find a gem that will help rescue the kingdom. Good guys vs. and guys violence. Language - stupid 4-6 OK? Heroes enter enemy territory to find a missing gem. Same violence as others. Language - stink, stupid, idiot, brat, shut your mouth. 4-6 OK? Heroes find the last gem and free a nation from an evil spell. Usual violence. Nonromantic negiah. Language: fool, stupid, shut your ugly mouth. 4-6 OK? Heroes complete their quest and find the heir to the throne. Nonromantic/questionably romantic negiah. Same violence as others. 4-6 OK?? Children search for pieces of a magical flute that can stop their enemy who has enslaved the people. Violence against magical creatures. In book #1 legend of boy and girl who are "lovers"- boy took girl "in his arms" and they lived happily ever after. Language-freak, stupid. Throughout these books, there is a subtle romance happening which at the end (of the last book) turns out to be a misunderstanding. All of the questionably romantic negiah turns out to be not romantic, though the reader doesn't know that until the end.
Page 105
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Rodda, Emily new Rodda, Emily
Title Dragons of Deltora #1 - Dragon's Nest Dragons of Deltora #2 Shadow Gate
new Rodda, Emily Dragons of Deltora #3 Isle Of The Dead Rodda, Emily Fairy Realm - The Charm Bracelet
Rodda, Emily Rodda, Emily Rodda, Emily
Fairy Realm - The Flower Fairies Fairy Realm - The Magic Key Fairy Realm - The Peskie Spell
grade 4-6 OK 4-6 OK? 4-6 OK? 3-4 OK? 3-4 OK 3-4 OK 3-4 OK?
Boy king and friend search for evil that is poisoning the land, and awaken ancient dragons. The quest to destroy wickedness and awaken dragons continues. Usual cast of evil and good characters. A girl imprisons her sister and the man she loves since she is jealous of their relationship. Affectionate negiah. The quest continues. Affectionate negiah. First book in series. A girl discovers that her grandmother is the true queen of fairy land and helps her prevent enemies from penetrating the land. Lots of magic. A human fell in love with fairy princess and eventually married her. girl with 2 left feet visits a magical kingdom and discovers that she can dance if she believes in herself. A girl helps a fairy find a lost treasure Girl rescues the kingdom from mischievous creatures. Minor language: stupid (once).
Rodda, Emily Fairy Realm - The Third Wish
Rodda, Emily Fairy Realm - The Unicorn
Rodda, Emily Fairy Realm - The Water Sprites
new Rodda, Emily Hill Mysteries #3 Beware The Gingerbread 6-8 House
Rodda, Emily Rowand and the Ice Creepers
Rodda, Emily The Key to Rondo
Rodda, Emily The Time Keeper
Rodda, Emily The Wizard of Rondo
Rodgers, Raboo Magnum Fault
Rook, Sebastian Vampire Plagues - London, 1850
Roop Peter and Give Me a Sign, Helen Keller
Roop, Peter & Take a Stand, Rosa Parks!
[email protected]
OK? Girl goes to find a wish-stone to save her home from fire. Picture on cover of scantily clad mermaid and girl in bathing suit. One black and white illustration of girl in bathing suit. OK Girl helps save the magical kingdom from her wicked cousin OK? Girl helps make peace in magical kingdom - many illustrations of her in sleeveless dress including cover, as well as magical water sprites in sleeveless outfits made of reeds. Not provocative but very stark. OK?? While working in the mall, teens become enmeshed in a crime. Teen culture. Girl's parents are divorced-father offers to take her but he is very self centered and irresponsible. A lot of talk of story of Hansel and Gretel. Language-shut up, stupid, gross, idiotic, idiot, weird, jerk, dimwit. OK An unusual story about a boy who receives the gift of telling the future to save his people from being frozen by a harsh winter. Some unromantic negiah as four friends help each other on a perilous journey. OK A boy and his girl cousin enter the magical world of a music box to rescue her dog from a wicked witch. Non-romantic negiah between cousins. One instance of calling someone "fathead". OK Boy and friend in parallel universe save both worlds. Entire plot centered around a game show on TV, but nothing problematic. OK? Sequel to Key to Rondo. Boy and girl cousin re-enter magical world and try to solve mystery and avoid witch. Passing mention of minor characters who announce engagement, holding hands. OK? Teenage boy and girl solve mystery of father's disappearance and discover illegal underground mining. Non-affectionate negiah. OK?? Ancient Mayan god, personified in vampire bats, comes to London. Children see it descend to "hell". Book has sequel. OK? Story of Helen Keller. Mentions once that she learned about dinosaurs, and once that on X-mas she wrote Santa Claus a letter - easily crossed out. OK Biography
Page 106
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Roop, Peter and Buttons for General Washington
Roop, Peter and Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter 2 - Chamber of Secrets
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter 3 - The Prisoner of Azkaban Rowling, J. K. The Tales of the Beetle and the Bard
Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron
A to Z Mysteries - Detective Camp A to Z Mysteries - Detective Camp Super Edition 1 A to Z Mysteries - Mayflower Treasure Hunt
grade 2-4 OK Historical fiction - boy smuggles gold in buttons of his coat. 2-3 OK A girl keeps the lighthouse functioning while her father is away. 6+ OK? Note for series: Parents should decide if series is OK, for a child who can distinguish between fantasy and reality and know real magic is assur. Is often read by children younger than intended grade level. Mentioned in passing - boy's mom "fancies" an author, Boy's father gets in a brawl with an evil man who insulted him (p 62). Halloween as a backdrop for a few chapters - no religion. Mention of sending valentines on valentine's Day. Younger girl has crush on boy - very juvenile. Bloody battle with evil snake. Page 341 (last page) girl catches brother kissing girlfriend easy to cross out. 6+ OK?? Minor language - damn (p 23) crap (p 80). Girls giggle about love potion (p 70). A mentions of older brother having girlfriend. A few mentions of X-mas and Halloween nothing religious. 5+ OK? Written as a book of fairy tales told to magical children who grew up in the times of Harry Potter. Stories have a commentary supposedly written by Harry's headmaster, with many references to Harry Potter series. Mention of Xmas and Yuletide, no religion. Mentions 2 students are boyfriend and girlfriend, no romantic details. Story of a warlock who killed a girl to cut out her heart - picture of him lying on top of her, both dead with blood flowing out of them. Silly language: mudwallower, dunglicker, scumsucker, etc. 2-4 OK? Language: stupid (once). One mention of TV remote. 2-4 OK? Children go to detective camp to uncover art forger. One black and white picture of boy and girl swimming in lake. It's a co-ed camp but totally innocent. 2-4 OK? Children find a necklace from the Mayflower. A bit scary as they run away from someone trying to take away the necklace. One mention of Halloween witch. Language - heck (p. 51), "my mom is going to freak (p. 77). Father jokingly asks kids why they keep finding mysteries: "why can't you just watch TV like normal kids?"
Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron
A to Z Mysteries - The Absent Author A to Z Mysteries - The Bold Bandit A to Z Mysteries - The Canary Caper A to Z Mysteries - The Deadly Dungeon
2-4 OK? Note on Series: Three third graders, a girl and two boys, solve mysteries. There are occasional sleepovers, but they are totally innocent. In this book they find a missing author. One child calls his friend "you dope", in a funny way - p. 3. shut up - p. 63. Woman in disguise is happy to take off her dress and get back into her jeans. In back, author writes he was inspired by the book " King Arthur and the Knights of The Round Table". 2-4 OK? Children capture a bank robber. A few non-religious mentions of dressing up and trick or treating for Halloween. One boy dresses up as Elvis (illustration). 2-4 OK? Children capture animal thieves. Unimportant one-sentence mention of chimp in circus dressed like Elvis. Minor language: creep (p. 32), heck (p. 65). 2-4 OK?? Children capture a parrot smuggler. In order to rescue parrots, 2 boys and girl take off jeans in deep water and use them as floats. Totally innocent. Brief mention that movie star built a castle Minor language: heck (p. 8, 62, 64)
[email protected]
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron
Title A to Z Mysteries - The Empty Envelope A to Z Mysteries - The Falcon's Feathers A to Z Mysteries - The Goose's Gold A to Z Mysteries - The Haunted Hotel A to Z Mysteries - The Invisible Island A to Z Mysteries - The Jaguar's Jewel A to Z Mysteries - The Kidnapped King A to Z Mysteries - The Lucky Lottery A to Z Mysteries - The Missing Mummy A to Z Mysteries - The Orange Outlaw A to Z Mysteries - The Panda Puzzle A to Z Mysteries - The Quicksand Question
grade 2-4 OK?? Children return a stolen valuable stamp to its owner. Minor language: heck (p. 19, 51), jerk (p. 58, 73), shut up (p. 73) 2-4 OK? Children figure out who stole falcons from their nest. Minor language: "That's the darndest thing" (p. 46), stupid (p. 72) 2-4 OK? Children prevent elderly ladies from losing their money. A few non-religious mentions of X-mas. Minor language: heck (p. 82). 2-4 OK? Children figure out who is haunting the neighborhood hotel. Two unimportant one- sentence mentions of Halloween. 2-4 OK Children uncover a counterfeit ring 2-4 OK? Children figure out who stole a precious jem. Brief mention of zodiac signs (p. 6). 2-4 OK Children rescue a kidnapped heir to the throne. 2-4 OK?? Children find a stolen lottery ticket. Many non-religious one-sentence mentions of Xmas. Brief mention of watching lottery numbers chosen on TV. 2-4 OK? Children help capture museum thieves. Minor language: heck (p. 30). Brief mention of dinosaur skeleton in museum (p. 48). Brief mention of Egyptian burial ideas. Brief mention of seeing news on TV. 2-4 OK Children figure out who stole an expensive painting. 2-4 OK? Children find a stolen baby panda. Brief mention of video of dinosaurs fighting with each other (p. 18). Brief description of children going mixed swimming, illustration of adults going mixed swimming (p. 58-59) - very innocent. Minor language: heck (p. 60). Kids hold hands to escape - totally innocent. 2-4 OK? Children find stolen money. Boys and girl have sleepover - totally innocent. Minor language: "I'm really bummed" - p. 35, " I'll be darned" - p. 68. In back of book, brief unimportant mention of watching TV, going to movie theater, watching Tarzan movie.
A to Z Mysteries - The Runaway Race Horse 2-4
A to Z Mysteries - The School Skeleton
A to Z Mysteries - The Talking T Rex
A to Z Mysteries - The Unwilling Umpire
A to Z Mysteries - The Vampire's Vacation 2-4
A to Z Mysteries - The White Wolf
OK? Children figure out why a race horse lost a race. Illustration of children posing with arms around each other - p. 4 - totally innocent. In back of book, author mentions Santa and reindeer - can be crossed out. OK? Children figure out that their principal stole the school skeleton from the nurse's office as an April Fool's joke. OK?? Children figure out who stole money hidden inside a fake dinosaur. Some dinosaur "facts", eg: size of T-Rex, 70 million years ago, eating habits, humans didn't live in time of dinosaurs. Minor language: darn (p. 80) OK?? Children figure out who stole autographed baseball. Minor language: darn (p. 8), heck (p. 14, 50), stupid (p. 52), dumb (p. 52). A boy steals a car to joyride but later feels bad about it. OK? Children think a movie star practicing for a role, is really a vampire. Children go to a movie theater to see the movie from a special viewing box; description and illustrations of the theater. Minor language: "I'll be darned " - p. 48. OK? Children find stolen baby wolves. Brief unimportant mention, and illustration, of an island being the shape of a dinosaur. Illustration of 3rd grade boy shaking hands with 13 year old girl. One word mention of x-mas - p. 8.
[email protected]
Page 108
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron new Roy, Ron new Roy, Ron new Roy, Ron new Roy, Ron Roy, Ron
Title A to Z Mysteries - The X'ed Out X-Ray A to Z Mysteries - The Yellow Yacht A to Z Mysteries - The Zombie Zone Calendar Mysteries-January Joker Calendar Mysteries-June Jam Calendar Mysteries-March Mischief Calendar Mysteries-May Magic Capital Mysteries #01 - Who Cloned the President?
grade 2-4 OK? Children find a rock star's stolen necklace. Pictures and description of a very tame and innocent rock concert. Female rock star gives boys a kiss on the cheek to thank them for their help - illustration. Minor language: jerk (p. 8) 2-4 OK? Children find a king's stolen gold. Two word unimportant mention of a movie star. In back of book, Mentions that actress Shirley Temple served as an inspiration for one of the characters, because she didn't let any boys get the best of her. 2-4 OK? Children catch a real-estate developer, who robs graves to scare villagers into selling their property. Says that some people believe in zombies. 2-3 OK?? Kids think that their older siblings are abducted by aliens. It turns out the older children were playing a joke on the younger children in revenge for a joke played on them. The younger children are allowed to decide the punishment- they decide that their older siblings should sit in the local diner dressed up like aliens. Little kids have coed sleepovers (totally innocent). Girl wears superhero pajamas. Brief mention of xmas presents and tree. Brief mention of TV, computer, video games. Language-shut up, weird, creepy. Preview of February Friend about Valentines Day. 2-3 OK? Kids try to figure out who is eating the strawberries from the garden so they can make strawberry jam for fathers day. Boy asks his father for his clothing for a scarecrowfather jokes that he wants him to cook in his underwear. Brief mentions of TV. Language-freak, creeping me out. 2-3 OK? Children dress up a leprechaun statue to compete in a St. Patrick's Day contest. When it is stolen they set out to find the criminal. Brief mention of watching TV. Language= weird, dumb, creepy 2-3 OK?? Boy is afraid that a hypnotist turned his mother into a duck. It turns out their mother was playing a trick on them. When they figure it out, they play a trick on her. Brief mention of Spiderman movie. Language-weird, creepy, gross. 2-4 OK Series about girl whose mother eventually marries the president. She solves mysteries in Washington, D.C with her friend who is a boy. Girl has relationship with her biological father and calls or writes to him every week. Some books focus more on mother's relationship with the president than others, so they are more problematic (especially before they marry). In this book, children save the president.
Roy, Ron Roy, Ron
Capital Mysteries #02 - Kidnapped at the 2-4 Capital Capital Mysteries #06 - Fireworks at the FBI? 2-4
OK? Children rescue mother and presidential clone. Book ends with president sending mother flowers and asking her on a date. OK Children solve mystery at the FBI
Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ron Royal Diaries
Capital Mysteries #08 - Mystery at the Washington Monument Capital Mysteries #09 - A Thief at the National Zoo The Chimpanzee Kid Kaiulani
OK?? Children solve an old mystery of a stolen necklace. Boy and girl camp out on the front
lawn of the white house - text and illustration - totally innocent. Language: I'll be
2-4 OK Children figure out who stole a valuable gem.
4-6 OK? very heavy on feelings of upset at divorce and feelings of abandonment 5-7 OK?
[email protected]
Page 109
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Runton, Andy Owly Tiny Tales
new Rupp, Rebecca The Dragon Of Lonely Island
grade 2-6 OK 4-6 OK?
A novel in comic book form with almost no words at all - reader must follow storyline completely thru pictures. Adventures of a cute owl. Children befriend a three headed dragon that tells them exciting stories with a moral to help them improve themselves. Short non religious xmas. One of the stories describes wicked and cruel pirates who use rough language. Unimportant mention of a book by Charles Darwin. Language-stupid (frequent), brat, shut up, blasted, drat.
Rutkoski, Marie The Cabinet of Wonders - The Kronos Chronicles: Book 1 Rylant, Cynthia Annie and Snowball and the Dress Up Birthday
6-8 OK? Girl's father is commissioned by prince to build magical clock; when prince steals the father's eyes so he can use them, girl goes to castle to get them back. Passing mention of "crushes" with no descriptive details. Non-romantic negiah between girl and platonic boy friends who help her. Lots of magic woven into distorted Renaissance history. Language: stupid, darn, sucking up. 1-2 OK? Girl invites her cousins to a fancy dress up birthday party but they misunderstand and think it's a costume party. Brief mention that girl's family consists of her father and her bunny (no mention of mom). One sentence mention of watching movies on Friday night, with illustration of them watching TV. Pretend fortune telling.
Rylant, Cynthia Annie and Snowball and the Teacup Club 1-2 OK? A little girl makes a club for teacup lovers. Reference in passing to fact that she is
proud that her dad is a good mother,too; obviously she doesn't have a mother, but
book doesn't explain or dwell on it.
Rylant, Cynthia Henry and Mudge and Annie's Perfect Pet 1-2 OK Boy buys his cousin a pet rabbit
Rylant, Cynthia Henry and Mudge and the Big Sleepover 1-2 OK? Children have a sleepover and watch monster movies on TV (illustration)
Rylant, Cynthia Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea
1-2 OK? Boy and dog go to the beach. One very unclear illustration of co-ed beach.
Rylant, Cynthia Henry and Mudge and the Funny Lunch
1-2 OK Boy and father prepare a Mother's Day lunch for his mom.
Rylant, Cynthia Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night
Rylant, Cynthia Henry and Mudge and the Tumbling Trip
Rylant, Cynthia Rylant, Cynthia Rylant, Cynthia Rylant, Cynthia
Henry and Mudge and the Wild Gooose Chase Henry and Mudge Get the Cold Shivers Mr. Putter and Tabby Make a Wish Mr. Putter and Tabby Paint the Porch
1-2 OK? Family goes camping. At night, "Henry's Father and Mother snuggled", Father sings "sappy love songs". Very innocent. 1-2 OK? Boy goes with family on trip to the west. Two illustrations of boy's mom - one with a sleeveless dress, one with shorts. Very innocent. 1-2 OK Family visits a farm 1-2 OK Boy's dog helps him feel better when he is sick 2-3 OK Man celebrates his birthday with his female neighbor - innocent. 2-3 OK Pets keep getting in the way of a painting job.
[email protected]
Page 110
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Rylant, Cynthia Mr. Putter and Tabby Spill the Beans
grade 2-3 OK?? Man and woman neighbors (both old) decide to take a cooking class together. Their pets cause mayhem. 2 page illustration of them riding a 2 seater bike - she is wearing a wetsuit. A large illustration of her taking beans out of his shirt collar (while he is wearing it) and sharing an ice cream sundae (to mature eyes looks like a date)
Rylant, Cynthia Mr. Putter and Tabby Spin the Yarn
Rylant, Cynthia Mr. Putter and Tabby Toot the Horn
Rylant, Cynthia Mr. Putter and Tabby Write the Book
Rylant, Cynthia Poppleton
Rylant, Cynthia The Cobble Street Cousins #1 - In Aunt
Lucy's Kitchen
Rylant, Cynthia The Cobble Street Cousins #2 - A Little
Rylant, Cynthia The Cobble Street Cousins #3 - Special Gifts 2-4
OK Mr. Putter decides to be a good neighbor by serving tea to female neighbor's knitting club. OK? Man and female neighbor decide to join a band. One mention of liking country music and opera because they like the "broken hearts" - kids won't get it, but might ask. She sings to him - the age group probably won't see it as problematic. OK? Man decides to write a book. Mention of Easter eggs - no religion. One picture of him and female neighbor drinking malts head to head. Very innocent. OK?? Adventures of a pig. In one story he befriends a neighbor - eventually starts to resent spending time with her because he wants to watch TV. OK?? Note on series: 3 fourth grade cousins move into aunt's attic while parents who are ballet dancers are out of the country. One girl dreams of being in Broadway musicals, one aspires to be a poet, and one is a homebody. Ongoing story of their aunt and the man she will eventually marry. Relatively tame, but not completely so, and very prominent. Entire plot of this book revolves around meeting a nice man who "likes" their aunt and blushes when he sees her. Girls try to get them together. At end of book they hope they will marry. Talk of "being in love", "romantic", "Young loves". Very innocent but do kids this age need this? OK?? Girls repeatedly ask aunt if she will marry her "sweetheart" - aunt doesn't answer. Some focus on aunt and boyfriend. OK?? Continuing side story of aunt's boyfriend who cousins hope will marry her (but doesn't in this book) - he takes her hand and kisses her cheek. Illustration of kiss on cheek.
Rylant, Cynthia Rylant, Cynthia
The Cobble Street Cousins #4 - Some Good 2-4 News The Cobble Street Cousins #5 - Summer 2-4 Party
Rylant, Cynthia The Cobble Street Cousins #6 - Wedding 2-4 Flowers
Rylant, Cynthia The Light House Family - The Whale
OK Cousins decide to produce a newspaper. One sentence mention of aunt's boyfriend whom they hope she will marry (in later book, she does). OK?? Parents finally return from their world wide ballet tour and the cousins make a party for them. Boyfriend proposes to aunt, brief mention of seeing a movie in a theater, small black and white picture of ballet dancers in leotards (p. 31), picture and textual mention of pre-engagement hand-holding (p. 35), large photo of aunt and uncle holding hands when he proposes (p. 49). OK?? Aunt and boy friend are finally getting married. Picture of them walking hand in hand (before wedding) - p. 81. Side story of priest who will marry them - has beard and long hair (even though bishop wants him to cut it!). Girls play with priest's dog in churchyard "beneath the wings of an angel (statue)" illustration page 45. At wedding girls see a look of "real love" between bride and groom. Girls write a poem for them "don't forget to kiss". OK? A few lonely animals join together to form a family unit and help a baby Beluga reunite with his mother. I don't think children this age will notice mother and father of the family are not married (at least not from this volume).
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Rylant, Cynthia Thimbleberry Stories
Sachar, Louis Marvin Redpost: Alone in His Teacher's House
Sachar, Louis Marvin Redpost: Class President
grade 2-4 OK 2-3 OK? 2-3 OK?
Cute animal stories that younger children may enjoy having read to them - the words are much too difficult for a beginner to read. A teacher asks a boy to take care of her dog for a week, but it dies. Some very juvenile stuff about using teacher's bathroom and looking in her closet, but boy doesn't do it because it isn't right. President comes to visit class. Comes on "holes" day, when everyone is wearing clothing with holes in it; teacher has hole on stomach & boy can see her bellybutton.
Sachar, Louis Marvin Redpost: Kidnapped at Birth
2-3 OK? Boy thinks he might be missing prince who was kidnapped at birth.
Sachar, Louis More Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside 5+ OK?? Unusual math problems featuring the irreverent characters from this series. Girl
invites boys to her birthday party; a problem featuring women's undergarments - can
be torn out and answer section crossed out; boy gets a tattoo - other kids say he's
lucky. Teaches have names like Mr. Kidswatter, Miss Mush, etc. Language: nerd,
Sachar, Louis Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School 5+ OK Mind teasing arithmetic and logic problems, using the Wayside school characters.
Sachs, Marilyn Sage, Angie Sage, Angie
Laura's Luck
Araminta Spookie - Frognapped
Araminta Spookie - The Sword In the Grotto 3-5
Sage, Angie Septimus Heap Book 2: Flyte
Minor mention of girl liking movie star photos Strange story about a strange family that lives in a haunted house. Strange story about girls who try to get a special sword to give a ghostly knight for his 500th birthday. Language - wimp, revolting. Very unrefined. P. 4 - discuss buying ghost a present - "no good buying him socks because he has no feet, or boxer shorts because he's got no ____" (book has blank) Wizard's apprentice tries to rescue his stepsister, the future queen, from his brother who has gone over to the dark side. Only language is "b____" (written with a line (p. 56); snot. Minor boy/girl references - girl is waiting for boy to come take her away. Boy thinks he would rather be riding on horse with her than with his sister.
Sage, Angie Septimus Heap Book 3: Physik Sage, Angie Septimus Heap Book 4: Queste
Sanderson, Brandon
Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians
Sanderson, Jeanette
Dog to the Rescue
[email protected]
6-8 OK? Wizard's apprentice is kidnapped back in time, while a wicked ghost queen is freed from captivity and tries to kill the princess. Very tame romantic inferences. Mild language: darn 6-8 OK? A wizard's apprentice and friends go on a dangerous quest to save people who were lost in another time. Mild romantic references - a boy likes the princess and he blushes when she notices him, continuation of story of bad man who took the girl he loves to his cave hideout - she dreams of getting married to him and living normally no information as to how they've been spending their time in the cave. Mention of a married rat couple fighting a lot and then having an "amicable separation". Comical juvenile mentions of dragon droppings. Non-romantic negiah. Language: shut up; refers to boss that fired him as "horrible old cow". 5-7 OK Tongue-in-cheek story of boy who discovers that he is part of a race that is saving the world from the evil librarians who run everything. One place that boy is interrupted when he is saying "hello" - joke that he is cursing because man interrupts him before he says 'o'. 5-7 OK? Very graphic and scary true stories about near deaths that were prevented due to dogs' heroism. Definitely not for a younger or timid reader.
Page 112
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author new Saunders, Susan
Title Neptune Adventure Danger on Crab Island
grade 3-5 OK?
A newcomer tries to kayak to a nearby island without realizing the danger so his cousin has to rescue him. Middos between cousins. This story is set in a group whose goal is to rescue injured sea animals- lots of talk about conservation. Mention of the
sports channel and MTV. Language-crummy, dumb.
new Schade, Susan Travels of Thelonious The Fog Mound and Jon Buller
3-5 OK?? A novel with some comic book style pages about a chipmunk who accidentally lands in a waste land once inhabited by humans. Cartoonish picture of a scantily clad Barbie.
Rear illustration of a cartoonish unclothed man. Animals read a diary entry about how female is sure a male would have asked her to marry him- he "liked" her. Cartoonish
illustration of bears dancing- coed. Various books listed by title. Brief mention of
evolution- no detailed discussion. Language-creepy, heck (once), shut up, drat (once).
Schaefer, Jack Old Ramon Scheffler, Ursel Grandpa's Amazing Computer
4-6 OK Boy learns lessons about shepherding and life 2-4 OK A grandfather shows his granddaughter that a seed is more amazing than any
computer that man could invent. No overt religion other than saying that seed was
made by someone "much bigger" than himself.
Schlein, Miriam The Year of the Panda Schnur, Steven The Shadow Children
3-4 OK Boy rescues panda cub during bamboo famine 6-8 OK? Scary. Boy discovers ghosts of children given up to Nazis
Schoch, Tim Cat Attack - Starring Flash Fry Private Eye 3-5 OK? Dog helps master locate missing cats. One "love" scene between dogs. Not explicit
but at end has puppies with her. Can tear out page.
Schwabach, Karen
A Pickpocket's Tale
6-8 OK?? Historical fiction. Set in early colonial times. Jewish girl lives in poverty on streets of London until she is arrested for pickpocketing and sent to colonies as indentured
servant and is bought by Jewish family as a chessed. Jewish content is quite accurate
and positive. Passing mentions of low class women in London who have a sequence
of different men living with them (does not specifically mention marriage one way or
the other); not very explicit. Language: shut up, idiot, stinks, damn it to bloody hell, bleeding hell. A lot of old time London street language - if reader skips over it it's fine,
but if reader uses glossary in back, may understand too much - e.g. men living in a
woman's apartment are "boyfriends". Bad middos and some violence between
Scieszka, Jon Spaceheadz
criminals. 3-6 OK? New boy in class meets 2 classmates who turn out to be aliens. Very cute. Aliens
speak in phrases they learned from interception of TV advertising waves from Earth -
kids who don't watch TV probably won't notice. Book contains 3 actual websites (one
of which gives important information for plot) - at time of this review, content of websites is appropriate. First in series.
Scieszka, Jon Time Warp Trio - Marco? Polo?
3-5 OK? Boys travel back in time and accompany Marco Polo to Kublai Khan's Palace. Lots of
juvenile slang and minor language: doofus, nincompoop, stupid, butt.
Scieszka, Jon Time Warp Trio #01 Knights of the Kitchen 3-5 OK? Very cute series about 3 friends who go on adventures in time and space through a
magic book whose rules they do not quite know. Minor language throughout series:
idiot, shut up, butt, etc.
new Scieszka, Jon Time Warp Trio #02 The Not so Jolly Roger 3-5 OK?? See comment on series. A little gory. Boys go back in time and encounter scary
Scieszka, Jon
Time Warp Trio #03 The good the bad & the 3-5
pirates. Brief mention of the movies. Language-dumb, jerk, damnation and hellfire, blast it all, scumbucket, idiot, hell. OK? See comment on series.
[email protected]
Page 113
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Scieszka, Jon Scieszka, Jon Scieszka, Jon Scieszka, Jon Scott, Michael
Title Time Warp Trio #04 Your Mother Was a Neanderthal Time Warp Trio #05 2095 Time Warp Trio #08 It's all Greek to Me Time Warp Trio #10 Sam Samurai The Magician
Seabrooke, Brenda Seldan, George Selzer, Adam
Jerry on the Line The Cricket in Times Square I Put a Spell on You
Selznick, Brian The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Sendak, Maurice Little Bear Sendak, Maurice Little Bear's Friend Sendak, Maurice Little Bear's Visit Sendak, Maurice The Sign on Rosie's door new Service, Pamela Stinker From Space F. new Service, Pamela Stinker Returns F. Seuling, Barbara Robert and the Computer Hogs [email protected]
grade 3-5 OK? 3-5 OK 3-5 OK? 3-5 OK? 7+ OK?
See comment on series. Boys go back 40,000 years to see caveman "ancestors". Since whole book is a spoof, should not be an issue. See comment on series. Boys go to future and meet great-great granddaughters See comment on series. Spoof on Greek gods. See comment on series. Twin teenagers are trained in magic and have to outrun immortals who want control of them. Girl is nostalgic for time when she was a normal teenager with time for boys she liked (one sentence page 32). Minor mentions of rock culture. Many mentions of fossils and world being very old and its creation by an elder race and humans are "ape kin", but all in the context of a magical, not very believable plot.
3-5 OK?? Latchkey kid watches soap opera - who loves who, etc. Probably OK for older kids very tame. 4-6 OK A country cricket ends up at a NYC newsstand. Cute. 4-7 OK?? Kids try to win spelling bee - at any cost. Girl works "magic spell" which involves kissing boy. 4-7 OK?? Boy discovers secret of automaton that his father found, and reveals identity of creator of early movies. Original style book with part of plot told in artful sketches of scenes in story (so even though it's a very thick book, it's not actually that long) . Several oldfashioned pictures of non-tznius women. Boy hugs girl; turns out it was to steal necklace from her (which he later returned). Several mentions of actual early films. 1-2 OK Cute stories about a little bear
1-2 OK Bear becomes friends with a little girl 1-2 OK Bear visits his grandparents and grandfather tells him a story about a goblin that is slightly scary but ends up being funny, 2-3 OK Imaginative girl entertains the neighborhood children with her creative games. 4-6 OK?? A girl and boy help an alien in a skunk's body steal the space shuttle so he can return to his planet and defeat the bad guys. At first boy and girl don't want to associate with each other because they are of the opposite gender but eventually become friends. Girl thinks "boys stink". Girl enjoys acting out "space dramas" with action figures. Mentions of watching movies on TV. Language-idiotic, dummy, stupid, jerks, darn (once), weird. 4-6 OK?? The saga continues. Children help alien steel the ruby slipper from the Wizard of Oz movie from the Smithsonian in order to save people from being destroyed. A lot of movie culture-names of movies and movie stars, being a movie buff etc. many mentions of TV. Brief non religious Santa Claus. Language- weirdo, freaks, gross, berserk, creep, lunatic, wacko, freak out, drat, darn (once). 2-3 OK? Boy gets penpal and new computer. Mother mentions that before she met father she had boyfriends.
Page 114
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Seuling, Barbara Robert and the Triple Rotten Day
grade 2-3 OK Boy gets braces and has other "bad Luck"
Nate the Great and the Big Sniff
Marjorie W. and
Mitchell Sharmat
2-3 OK? Boy detective finds his lost dog. P. 22 - goes into fitting room and sees a girl with a shirt that is "much too small for her" - picture of stomach showing - very juvenile.
Nate the Great and the Tardy Tortoise
Marjorie W. and
Mitchell Sharmat
2-3 OK Boy detective helps find tortoise's home
Nate the Great Talks Turkey
Marjorie W. and
Mitchell Sharmat
2-3 OK Boy and girl detective team up to find turkey. Picture of girl in limo without a seatbelt.
Sharp, Margery The Rescuers
3-6 OK?? 3 mice go on a quest to rescue a prisoner. Some minor boy/girl (mice) which doesn't lead to anything but along the way there is some non-romantic / semi-romantic negiah, e.g. boy mouse takes pretty girl mouse's hands to help her calm down, or she rests her head lightly on his shoulder (p. 22-23). Language: idiot (3 times)
Sheth, Kashmira Boys Without Names Shreve, Susan The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates Shub, Elizabeth The White Stallion
5-8 OK Boys in India are forced to work in factory; become friends and escape. Minor Indian religion. 3-5 OK? A boy is left back in third grade. His teacher befriends him and helps him get promoted. Some discussion that teacher is sad because husband left her. 2-3 OK A girl's pony wanders off wagon trail and gets lost; rescued by magical white stallion.
Shura, Mary The Gray Ghosts of Taylor Ridge
Shyer, Marlene Fleabiscuit Sings
Sidney, Margaret
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
Silverman, Erica Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa Horse in the House 1-2
OK Brother and sister discover treasure and help blind old man reunite with estranged adopted son. OK? Sweet story about boy who adopts dog who can sing. Book uses the word "badword" in italics to indicate adults cursing. Passing reference to man kissing top of girlfriend's head. OK?? Classic sweet old-fashioned story about a poor but happy family who are adopted by a cranky rich man. Mentions of parsons and ministers and the L-rd will provide, but no details. A lot of detail about Xmas - the family could never afford to celebrate it but with the help of the rich man they finally do - very warm and fuzzy description of Xmas (chapter 15 p. 169 till end of chap. 17) - no heavy duty religion but lots of trees and presents and Santa Claus, etc. Language: stupid (once). OK Early chapter book about a horse who wants to move out of his barn into the house.
Simon, Seymour Einstein Anderson and the Gigantic Ants
3-5 OK Boy solves mysteries. Similar to Encyclopedia Brown but solutions are science based. (In hardcover the same book is called Einstein Anderson Makes up for Lost Time).
Simon, Seymour Einstein Anderson Goes to Bat
3-5 OK ditto.
[email protected]
Page 115
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Simon, Seymour Einstein Anderson Makes up for Lost Time 3-5 OK Ditto (In softcover the same book is called --- and the Gigantic Ants)
Simon, Seymour Einstein Anderson Shocks his Friends Simon, Seymour Einstein Anderson Tells a Comet's Tail Simon, Seymour Einstein Anderson The Howling Dog Simon, Seymour Einstein Anderson The Invisible Man
3-5 OK More science mysteries. One involves going to a monster movie called "The Halloween Horror"; no religion. 3-5 OK?? Mention of asteroid hitting Earth 65 million years ago and this is why dinosaurs died p. 10 chap 1 - can be crossed out. Brief technical description of fertilizing fish eggs will very probably go over kids' heads. 3-5 OK? Brief mention of boy concocting chemical to attract girlfriends, but only 1 sentence 3-5 OK more science mysteries.
Singer, A. L. The Rescuers Down Under
3-5 OK? Based on movie. 2 mice rescue a boy kidnapped by a poacher. Ongoing story of
mouse trying to get courage to propose to girlfriend. Very cruel kidnapper.
Skolsky, Mindy The Whistling Teakettle
3-5 OK Sweet stories of girl in 1940's era. Obvious that girl is Jewish, but only references are
gefilte fish and grandmother's story of shtetl; call Yiddish "Jewish"
Skorpen, Liesel His Mother's Dog
2-3 OK? Boy is lonely when his mother has a baby, and is comforted by dog. Minor language:
stupid, idiot.
National Parks Mystery - Rage of Fire
5-7 OK? some references to goddess of volcanoes
National Parks Mystery - Valley of Death 5-7 OK? girl whose parents are in anti-govt. group, learns truth from Jewish boyfriend
new Skurzynski,
The Minstrel In The Tower
3-5 OK?? A boy and girl look for their long lost uncle when their mother gets sick and their father
is killed during the crusades. Crusaders are made out as heroes- no mention of who
they set out to kill, just that they were brave and had big horses and swords. A girl
offers her beautiful hair as a sacrifice at a shrine so her father will get well. Language-
Skye, Obert
Leven Thumps and the Eyes of Want
5-8 OK? Book 3 of Leven Thumps series. Non-romantic negiah. Magical tree "turns red" when
told stories of "cute girls".
Skye, Obert
Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo
5-8 OK? Boy and girl try to save the world from being taken over by a being from dream-world
of Foo. All human adults in book are cartoonishly ugly, stupid and abusive. Non-
romantic touching.
Skye, Obert
Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret 5-8 OK? Book 2 of Leven Thumps series. Lots of talk of Fate as if it is a force on its own. Lots
of fantasy good-guy vs. bad guy violence. More fantasy than first book. Non-romantic
negiah. Minor language: stupid.
Slote, Alfred Finding Buck McHenry
3-5 OK Boy is convinced janitor is old-time hero from negro baseball league. Adult lies but in
end tells the truth
Slote, Alfred Hang Tough, Paul Mather
6-8 OK? Boy with leukemia deals with missing out on playing baseball. Written in time period
before there was a high cure rate for leukemia; tone at end of book is upbeat, but
prognosis and description of treatments could be frightening for some.
Slote, Alfred Make Believe Ball Player
3-5 OK imaginative boy scares off robbers and becomes a hero.
Slote, Alfred My Father, the Coach
3-6 OK Lower-class boy's father sets up baseball team to show up his higher-class boss, who
also coaches team. Boy is sometimes embarrassed by father's incompetent coaching
and showing-off.
[email protected]
Page 116
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Slote, Alfred
Title Rabbit Ears
grade 3-5 OK? Boy overcomes his sensitivity to ball-game jibes, by using trick from brother's rock band (which also has girl in it). Congratulatory kiss from girl to boy; they blush.
Smarige, Nora The Mystery at Greystone Hall
Smith, Alexander McCall new Smith, Alexander McCall new Smith, Alexander McCall Smith, Dodie
Akimbo and the Lions Akimbo and the Snakes Harriet Bean and the League of Cheats The 101 Dalmatians
4-6 OK? An American girl solves British mystery with help of a boy she likes, but not explicit. Mention of love affair in a book but not detailed. Very minor romance 2-3 OK Boy raises lion cub 3-5 OK A boy visits his uncle's snake park in Africa and helps him catch a deadly snake. Brief unimportant mention of going to a movie. 3-5 OK A girl goes undercover as a jockey to find out who is cheating at horse races. 5-7 OK?? Dalmatian parents rescue puppy from evil lady who wants their skin for a fur coat. Mother dog is jealous of stray dog brought into house to help nurse her pups, because spends time with her husband. Name of house is hell Hall. X-mas and presents - no religion. Pups go into place that is obviously a church (obvious to adults) but never stated outright (P 140 & 184). This edition has photos from the movie.
Smith, Patricia Smith, Patricia Smith, Robert Kimmel
Royal Diaries: Lady of Palenque - Flower of 4-7
Royal Diaries: Weetamoo - Heart of the
Chocolate Fever
Smith, Roland Zach's Lie
The Emerald Wand of Oz
Smith, Winsome Elephant in the Kitchen
OK? Some Mayan religion OK? One hug with boy she plans to marry - seems to be comforting her after death of her sister. OK? A boy who loves chocolate breaks out in brown spots and is rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with "chocolate fever". He gets scared and runs away. A truck driver picks him up from the side of the highway and protects him from robbers. Book is not strong enough about dangers of hitchhiking and how lucky he was to find a kind person to help him. OK? Boy goes into Witness Security Program with mother and sister, after father is caught using his plane business to fly for drug traffickers in order to pay down debts. Boy becomes friends with pretty girl - mostly platonic, with some non-romantic handholding. OK?? An attempt at continuing the Oz series by a more modern author. Quite a lot of dwelling on the fact that children's parents have separated, and children are sad about it.(may not be appropriate for all readers). Also details the interference of an opinionated aunt. Non-romantic negiah, minor middos between siblings, many mentions of movie The Wizard of Oz, minor mentions of TV, one word mention of Halloween. Language - stupid, brat, dumb. OK? A mean magician shrinks elephant to get revenge. One minor romantic negiah.
[email protected]
Page 117
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Snicket, Lemony A Series of Unfortunate Events #01 The Bad 4-6 OK?? Terrible things happen to children one after another. When it seems all will finally be
well, turns worse. Book is purposely depressing - whole series is this way. Enjoyment
of series is matter of personal taste. What do children learn from this series?
Grownups are either evil and abusive or ineffectual and can't protect children; and that it's fine to consider tragedy funny. This book has minor rough language, mention in
passing of naked actors.
Snicket, Lemony A Series of Unfortunate Events #02 - The 4-6 OK?? More of the same depressing "funny" story. Language - damn - page 94 (twice).
Reptile Room
"Blasted furnaces of hell - p. 98.
Snicket, Lemony A Series of Unfortunate Events #07 The Vile 4-6 OK?? Continued gloomy story of children escaping from villian.
Snicket, Lemony A Series of Unfortunate Events #08 The
4-6 OK?? Continued gloomy story of children escaping from villian.
Hostile Hospital Snicket, Lemony A Series of Unfortunate Events #12 - The
4-6 OK?? Several references to villainous woman wearing lettuce leaves taped to her body,
Penultimate Peril
instead of bikini.
Snow, Alan
Here Be Monsters
5+ OK?? A very unusual (and very fat) book about a boy who helps capture a villain who wants
to take over the town by shrinking friendly monsters and transferring their size to a giant rat who will be used as a deadly weapon. Language: damnable, darn it, stupid.
Humorous illustration of clothing on a line, including a clear rendition of female
undergarments. Women of the town are caught up in a fashion craze of having
unusually shaped buttocks which they try to shrink when they aren't fashionable. Described in humorous detail. Warning: after reading this book, a person may never find cheese appetizing again.
Snyder, Carol Ike and Mama and the Once a Year Suit
2-3 OK Ike's mother takes all the boys in the neighborhood to buy their new suits. Cute.
Snyder, Laurel Any Which Wall
4-7 OK?? Children find magical wall that transports them to any wall in time or space. Very mild
"love" interest by 12 year old girl. Movie where man and woman kiss (P. 48). Drawing of woman in off-shoulder gown (p. 96). Drawing and description of older girls
in low-slung skirts, tank tops, belly-button ring (p 195-197).
Snyder, Zilpha GIB and the Gray Ghost
5-7 OK An orphan is brought to a farm and wonders if he will be adopted or is just "farmed
Keatley new Snyder, Zilpha Keatley
Gib Rides Home
out" labor. 6-8 OK?? An orphan boy is taken to live with a family and he tries to figure out if he is wanted or they consider him free labor. A lot of mentions of parent's unhappy marriage but never
any suggestion of divorce. Very sad story of an orphan who was mistreated and eventually died. Middos between orphans. Boy gets another boy in trouble by writing a
"bad word" on his spelling test. When the headmistress dies she `passes over to glory".
A very mean teacher severely beats the boys for small offenses. A few mentions of
non religious xmas. Mention of a few books by title. Language- dumb, dummy, stupid, shut up, hell (once), durned, goldurned, dangbusted, dadburned.
Snyder, Zilpha The Bronze Pen
5-7 OK?? A girl is given a magical pen that makes her writing come true. It helps her deal with
her father's scary heart disease. Minor language: shut up, jerk. Although the father is
magically cured at the end, this book may disturb a sensitive child since it vividly depicts a child dealing with a parent's illness.
Snyder, Zilpha The Treasures of Weatherby
4-6 OK Boy solves mystery in house of old rich aunt, with help from a girl from flying acrobat
[email protected]
Page 118
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclodedia Brown And the Case of the
Jumping Frogs
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclodedia Brown and the Case of the
Two Spies
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclodedia Brown Boy Detective
grade 3-5 OK Simple mysteries for reader to solve. Solutions included in back of the book. 3-5 OK? One mention of girl trying to get boy's attention by posing for him in bathing suit on beach and getting dog to lick him, but he ignores her. 3-5 OK more mysteries to solve
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclodedia Brown Saves the Day
3-5 OK more mysteries to solve
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclodedia Brown Takes the Cake
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclodedia Brown's Book of Wacky
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of Pablo's 3-5
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the 3-5
Dead Eagles
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the 3-5
Disgusting Sneakers
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the 3-5
Missing Visitor
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the 3-5
Sleeping Dog
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the 3-5
Treasure Hunt
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown Cracks the Case
OK Mysteries interspersed with recipes - many of which are treif but can be altered (I.e. substitute margarine for butter). Mention of boy liking girl and other boy being jealous but very minor OK Strange stories and tall tales of outdoors. Mostly fishing stories. OK more mysteries to solve OK more mysteries to solve OK?? One story (the Case of the Brain Game): a few sentences about a boy who is always "stuck on some girl", so he helps her win contest at birthday party. OK more mysteries to solve OK more mysteries to solve OK more mysteries to solve OK? More mysteries . One word mention of church, no religion, Brief mention of TV news.
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown Sets the Pace
3-5 OK? Page 12 - dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago - easily crossed out.
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown Solves them All
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown Tracks them Down
Sonnenblick, Jordan Soo, Kean
Dodger and Me Jellaby
3-5 OK? One story mentions boy who is "youngest ladies' man... always holding some girl's hand" "crazy over (girl), so is half the class". Tame. Illustration on cover is scantily clad bareback rider. 3-5 OK? More Mysteries. Unimportant mention of Xmas present. Language - darn you (once), weird. 3-5 OK? Unpopular boy gets invisible chimpanzee as magical genie. Mild language. Boy is "friends" with girl; is teased that she is his girlfriend. 3-6 OK?? Comic book style novel. Children help strange creature find its parents. Simplistic but violent descriptions of bullying. Language: "friggin". Some Halloween - no religion. Children know parents won't let them go to city by themselves so they pretend they are going trick or treating. Girl wonders about father - implication is he abandoned her or disappeared, but not resolved in this book. Somewhat scary
Sorrells, Walter Erratum [email protected]
7-9 OK?? Girl finds book about her own life and finds out she is the only one who can save the universe. Minor language: crap, etc.
Page 119
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Soup, Cuthbert A Whole Nother Story
Speare, Elizabeth George Speck, Nancy
The Sign of the Beaver Going to: Boston - The Freedom Trail Mystery
grade 5-8 OK? 3-6 OK
Children and their father try to escape from agents who want to steal their timemachine. Tongue-in-cheek - fun read. Minor language: dumb, stupid, darn, shut up, heck, freaks , idiot, "hellish storm". Man says he "almost lost his head over a beautiful woman and a bottle of rye", then says it is not an appropriate story for children. Passing mention of characters who are not present in story, who fell in love with each other. Fortune teller "sees" father dancing with beautiful woman; beautiful woman then comes and offers to dance with father but he is too sad over remembering dead wife, so she dances with young teenage son instead - totally innocent. Passing mention of spaying and neutering of pets - not explained. Boy says he knows 3 swear words but refuses to say them. Girl painted picture of boy in her class whom she "used to like" - but stopped liking when she realized he didn't like her and spread mean nickname for her. Passing mention of dinosaur. All very innocent. FIrst in series. Historical fiction; Indians
5-7 OK? 2 girls go to Boston University for hockey camp, and get involved in catching people stealing historical artifacts. Book is part mystery, part tour guide book. Girls are friends with boys in nearby camp - not overtly romantic. Many mentions of watching news on TV, and they are interviewed for TV news. Picture of girls in shorts on cover.
Call It Courage
Spinelli, Jerry Blue Ribbon Blues
Spinelli, Jerry Tooter Pepperday
Spyri, Johanna Heidi
Stafford, Jean Elephi the Cat with the High IQ
Stanley, G. E. Scaredy Cats: The Day the Ants Got Really 1-2
Steele, William The Perilous Road
Steig, William Abel's Island
Steig, William The Real Thief
Terror on Cemetery Hill
Treasure Island
Robert Lewis
[email protected]
OK?? A Newberry Medal survival book about an Indian boy's journey to prove his courage. Boy prays to god of sea fisherman. Black and white picture of unclothed boy - private parts in a shadow. Full page illustration and description of idol. Vivid descriptions of killing animals and fish. OK Girl moves to a farm and wants to exhibit her goat. Strange humor OK Girl adjusts to living on farm. Some chutzpah to parents regarding her anger at moving. OK? Classic story of girl brought up on mountain by eccentric grandfather. Good midos. Many minor religious references - pretty neutral, ie "higher being": pages 124, 192, 263, 277 OK? A cat steals a car so he will have a companion. One mention of laundry man "making eyes" at cleaning lady. Strange story. OK Cute story of boy who moves to house built over ant hill; as solution, ants carry the house to a different place. OK Historical fiction. A boy during the Civil war learns the evils of war.
OK?? Mouse lost on desert island. Not really a "kid" book -lots of adult language of missing his beloved, hugs and kisses on return, etc. OK Goose is accused of stealing from king's treasury. OK Girl and boy detectives solve bank robbery. Minor mention of Halloween
OK Classic adventure story. Boy goes to find treasure. Lots of violence. Check specific book for illustrations
Page 120
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Stewart, Paul Barnaby Grimes: Return of the Emerald Skull 3-6 OK?? Boy saves school from ancient curse. Ancient Mayan god described as real and
and Chris
powerful. Mentions of pretty girl. Somewhat gory violence.
new Stewart, Paul Dragon's Hoard- A Knight's Story #3
4-5 OK?? A knight saves a fair maiden from being sacrificed to a dragon. Some good guy vs.
and Chris
bad guy blood and gore described in detail. After knight saves her she agrees to marry
him and rides on the horse behind him "with her arms wrapped tightly around my
waist". Illustration of her leaning her head on him. Language-stupid.
Stewart, Paul The Edge Chronicles #1: Beyond the Deep 4-7 OK? A boy tries to find his true identity while having numerous mishaps in a nightmarish
and Chris
woods filled with bloodthirsty fantasy beasts. Lots of blood and gore but all unreal
characters in an unreal setting.
Stewart, Paul The Edge Chronicles #2: Storm Chaser
4-7 OK? A boy rescues his world and foils villains. Same Fantasy type violence as previous
and Chris
Stewart, Trenton The Mysterious Benedict Society
5-7 OK 2 boys and 2 girls, all orphans or runaways, pass a test in order to be sent undercover
to a mysterious school and foil a plot to take over the world.
Stewart, Trenton The Mysterious Benedict Society and the 5-7 OK? Children go on a voyage to save their friends. A lot of non-romantic negiah between
Perilous Journey
friends, eg: a hug when they are happy to see each other, taking a hand to save a
friend, etc. One sentence unimportant mention that one of the boys briefly had a
girlfriend (p. 34). Girl calls newly found father by first name because that's what she
called him before she knew the truth. Minor language: stupid, jerk.
Stewart, Trenton The Mysterious Benedict Society and the
Prisoner's Dilemma
new Stilton, Geronimo
Geronimo and the Gold Medal Mystery
Stilton, Geronimo
Geronimo Stilton - A Cheese Colored Camper
5-7 OK? Children are captured and conspire to save themselves and the world. Some good guy vs. bad guy violence as in other books in this series. Non-romantic negiah. Non religious mention of Santa Claus. Language: wimpy, stupid, dumb, creep, idiot, dimwit, gross, 2-4 OK?? Mouse reporter goes to Greece to cover the Olympic games for newspaper and TV. A lot of detailed history of the Olympics starting in ancient Greece, as well as Greek culture and religion with a lot of detailed illustration. Needs adult guidance. Cartoonish illustration of mice mixed swimming- females in bathing suits but not provocative. Whenever he helps a woman he kisses her hand. 2-4 OK? Note on series: A mouse who is a newspaper editor is dragged into various adventures. Often mild boy mouse / girl mouse. Cartoonish story often interspersed with factual information. Attractive to beginning chapter-book readers. In this book picture of bikini tops and bottoms hanging on the line: p. 16-17
Stilton, Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo
Geronimo Stilton - Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House Geronimo Stilton - Down and Out Down Under
2-4 OK? Mouse is stranded in the woods and takes shelter in a haunted house. Two minor, non religious, one-sentence mentions of Halloween. 2-4 OK?? Several mentions of Geronimo "liking" girl mouse - but not romantic. Picture of mouse swimming with bikini top and shorts - p. 55. Rocks formed 600 million years ago page 57. Mention of Aborigines living in Australia for 40,000 years - page 63
Stilton, Geronimo
Geronimo Stilton - Field Trip to Niagra Falls 2-4
[email protected]
OK?? Passing mention of Niagara falls 12,000 years ago. Story of Indian girl who married god of thunder. Geronimo likes pretty mouse; she finds her lost love and they get married
Page 121
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Stilton, Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo new Stilton, Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo new Stilton, Geronimo
Title Geronimo Stilton - Four Mice Deep in the Jungle Geronimo Stilton - Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye Geronimo Stilton - My Name is Stilton, Geronimo Stilton
grade 2-4 OK?? Psychologist advises mouse to overcome his fears, so his friends trick him into joining a boot camp in the jungle, by having the femaile instructor flirt with him. The flirting is relatively innocuous. Brief metnion in passing of Halloween being a spooky holiday. 2-4 OK?? Mice try to find treasure on a desert isle. Mention of "Santa Mouse". One sentence mention of mouse flirting with pretty flight attendent (p. 106). 2-4 OK?? Geronimo gets young trendy assistant, who plans a big New Year's Eve party so they can be on TV and be famous. Co-ed dance to rock music - not described in detail. Mouse changes his style to be more "with it". Pretty sister attracts attentions of guy mouse at party. Boy kisses girl's hand. Mention of Xmas - no religion.
Geronimo Stilton - Paws Off, Cheddarface 2-4
Geronimo Stilton - Secret Agent
Geronimo Stilton - Surf's Up, Geronimo
Geronimo Stilton - The Curse of the Cheese 2-4 Pyramid
OK? Mouse confronts his double who is trying to ruin his image and steal his newspaper. Brief mention of watching TV and going to the movies. Unimportant mention of xmas stocking. OK?? Mouse tries to find missing document and is secretly helped by his friend and his friend's beautiful sister. Keeps mentioning how nervous he is around "beautiful rodents" and how her perfume is "delicate" and how he wishes he could ask her out (p. 26-28) - nothing comes of it. OK?? Inside label of men's bathing suit reads "I'm too sexy for my fur" - p. 68. Muscular mouse has tattoo of attractive female mouse (face only) - p. 79. Cover - drawing of female mouse in bikini top in background OK?? Egyptian gods. Mouse goes to Egypt an visits pyramids. May pages of Egyptian culture and religion explained in great detail. Needs adult guidance. An important storyline is about the mouse's grandfather deciding to enforce ridiculous austerity measures on his newspaper-a lot of grumbling against him, calling him names behind his back- crazy, wacko, etc- finally they chip in to send him on a trip around the world so they will leave them alone. Unimportant mention of xmas and church bells and Halloween. Unimportant mention of horror movies. Ongoing unrefined humor about the stench of camels, and a scientist who spits when he talks.
new Stilton, Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo new Stilton, Geronimo
Geronimo Stilton - The Mona Mousa Code 2-4
Geronimo Stilton - The Mouse Island
Geronimo Stilton - The Mysterious Cheese 2-4
Theif #31
Geronimo Stilton - The Phantom of the
OK?? References to sister mouse's many changing boyfriends. Mention of scary movies, girl mouse strokes love struck boy mouse's ear to get information, unimportant mention of xmas cards.. OK Non-romantic negiah OK?? Villainess girl mouse dressed in skin-tight bodysuit. Geronimo likes her. She pretends to like him so she can capture him. Detailed pictures of getting ready for x-mas party tree, wreath, no religion OK? Mice figure out who is haunting the subway station. Mouse's cousin exhibits very crude behavior and poor middos- worse then usual in this series. Brief mention of "surfing the net". Language: pee-pee, doo-doo, wimp, shut your snout (mouth).
[email protected]
Page 122
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Stilton, Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L.
Geronimo Stilton - The Race Across America 2-4 OK? Mouse participates in a grueling bicycle race. 2 page color illustration of female
mouse jogging on boardwalk wearing skimpy exercise clothing. List of titles of famous
western movies. Language: weird.
Geronimo Stilton - The Search for Sunken 2-4 OK?? Mice search for buried treasure and locate shipwrecked uncle. A bit "mushy" when
aunt finds uncle, but they are "married" (p. 102-103), Mention that mouse had lots of
Geronimo Stilton - The Temple of the Ruby 2-4 OK Geronimo saves ruby from villians
of Fire
Geronimo Stilton - The Wild, Wild West #21 2-4 OK?? Mouse confronts a bully in the Wild West. Silly violence. One sentence mention of
"Santa Mouse". Girl mouse tries on a dress but when she realizes she can't walk or
jump, changes to pants. Girl mouse flirts with boy mouse who is "love sick". Mouse
falls asleep watching TV - illustration.
Geronimo Stilton - Watch Your Whiskers, 2-4 OK? Small drawing of painting at mouse art show - 2 mice not wearing tops - girl mouse is
Geronimo Stilton
facing backwards.
Geronimo Stilton - Wedding Crasher
2-4 OK?? In continuing story of unfortunate mouse, Geronimo goes to wedding of stingy relative
with poor nebach girl. Thea dresses the girl mouse in stylish "short skirt" (knee length
with slit) and sleeveless top, and styles her hair; boy mice see she is actually not a
nebach and both try to get her to go with them. Very juvenile.
Thea Stilton and the Mountain of Fire
2-4 OK?? Girl mice journey through the Australian outback to ask elders for help curing sick
sheep. Comic book style illustrations of stylish girl mice in tank tops and cutoffs and
later in a mini-skirt - wins "best dressed" prize. Cartoonish picture of mouse holding
fiance's arm. Caption on a map says people came to Australia 50,000 years ago (p.
16). Aborigine beliefs in totems and spirits of ancestors. Description of a tree that is 2
million years old from the time of the dinosaurs (p. 62). They go to a dance but the
illustration is tame. Minor language: shut your mouth, what the heck. Boy mouse
sends girl a rose; her friends tease her that she is a heartbreaker.
Goosebumps - A Night in Terror Tower Goosebumps - Attack of the Mutant Goosebumps - Beware, the Snowman
3-5 OK? NOTE ON SERIES: Scary, often gory stories with little or no redeeming value. Books often have previews of other books in series, which may or may not be appropriate. In this book, children go to visit an old prison and are told they will soon be executed. Minor middos between siblings. Old tortures described in detail. Language: wimp, weird. 3-5 OK?? A boy who is obsessed with superhero comic books, fights a comic book super-villian. A lot of comic book culture. Minor middos between siblings. Father tells boy to do homework; he gets in trouble for sneaking comic books instead. Boy thinks girl is "cute looking". Non-romantic negiah. 2 word mention of Easter bunny. Frequent minor language: weird, dumb, geeky, stink, jerk, wimp. Preview of Bad Hare Day language: weird, moron 3-5 OK? A girl moves to an Arctic town where residents are frightened of a living snowman. She reunites with her missing father and saves the town. Mention of church and pastor - no religion. Language - weird, creep, freaked, stupid. Preview of book "My Hairiest Adventure" - language: dumb, weird, stupid, jerk
[email protected]
Page 123
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L.
Title Goosebumps - Chicken, Chicken Goosebumps - Deep Trouble Goosebumps - Deep Trouble II Goosebumps - Ghost Beach Goosebumps - It Came from Beneath the Sink Goosebumps - Monster Blood Goosebumps - My Best Friend is Invisible Goosebumps - My Hairiest Adventure
grade 3-5 OK?? Two children accidentally upset a strange woman whom all the town's children regularly play tricks on. She curses them and they turn into chickens. Frequent minor language: weird, jerk, creep, stupid, dumb, freak. Some bad middos between siblings, boy plays tricks on people and tries to be funny. Co-ed birthday party - girls and a few boys dance - most of the boys stand around making jokes about the dancing. Boys and girls sing in a choir together. Preview of "Master Blood III" - mother calls son weird - boy wonders why younger cousin doesn't like to play video games or watch TV like normal children. A bully displays bad middos. Language: gross, shut up, nerd, creep, jerk 3-5 OK?? Children spend the summer on their uncle's floating lab, discover a mermaid, and get mixed up with criminals who try to kill them. Bad middos between siblings - constantly trick and insult each other. Language: jerk, stupid, gross, shut up, creep. Nonreligious Xmas. Boy wants to be famous on TV or have his book turned into a movie. Mermaid holds boy's hand to heal a burn. 3-5 OK? A mad scientist tries to kill the children and their uncle. Siblings try to trick each other, but not as constant as in first book. Minor language: stupid, moron, weird, big fat liar, idiot, gross you out. Preview of "Return of the Mummy" - boy wonders if uncle has a crush on pretty news reporter. Language: weird, stupid 3-5 OK?? Children get involved with ghosts. Girl thinks little boy has a crush on her. Language: dork, weird, gross, stupid, creep, freaked out, creepy, wimp, dumb. Minor middos between siblings and friends. Preview of "Ghost Camp": boy and girl have a playful shoving match. Camp director yells at boy and girl not to sneak off into woods - boy blushes. Language: weird, gross, jerk. 3-5 OK?? Children find a mythical creature that brings bad luck. Minor middos between siblings and friends. Older kids tease younger one, 1 word Halloween, unimportant mention of comic books and video games. Language: weird, wimp, stupid, dumb, brats, darn, freak out, gross, jerk, shut up. 3-5 OK?? 12 year old boy thinks a can of "monster blood" is a toy, but it turns out to be deadly. Great aunt asks boy's mom if he likes girls and has a girlfriend - he is embarrassed. Non-romantic negiah. Bullies with very bad middos. Boy calls his deaf aunt "a crazy old coot". Frequent minor language: weird, what the heck, creep, dumb, gross, stupid (very frequent). 3-5 OK? An invisible boy tries to defend the main character but ends up causing a lot of trouble. Male and female best friends (not romantic). Many more middos issues - kids making fun of each other and playing juvenile tricks. Language: weird, stupid, dumb, freak, idiot, geek. Preview of book "Calling All Creeps" - kids are mean to each other. 3-5 OK?? Boy starts growing animal hair on his body. 12 year old children form a rock band called "The Geeks" - minor rock band culture. Middos between kids - make fun of each other, insult each other frequently. Boy has "good hair" and wears it long. Language: creep, jerk, wimp, weird, stupid, dumb, gross them out, wacko, freak, loser.
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L.
Title Goosebumps - Night of the Living Dummy
grade 3-5 OK?? Girl enjoys practicing with her ventriloquist dummy until he starts making trouble. A lot of bad middos between siblings described in detail . Brief mentions of reggae and Beatles music, video games, going to movies. One word Xmas. Juvenile bathroom humor. language: dumb, goof, gross, brat, creep, weird, sicko, wackjob, shut up.
Goosebumps - Return of the Mummy
3-5 OK?? A boy and his female cousin rescue his scientist uncle from a tomb. Uncle flirts with female reporter and boy wonders if he "has a crush on her" or "likes her". She "takes his arm". Boy notices she is so good looking he wonders if she is a movie star. She turns out to be an ancient Egyptian who attacks the uncle. Language: dumb, dork, gross, freaked. Some Egyptian religion and beliefs. One word mention of Xmas. Mention of old movies about mummies. Kids try to scare each other.
Goosebumps - The Beast from the East
Goosebumps - The Blob that Ate Everyone 3-5
Goosebumps - The Girl Who Cried Murder 3-5
Goosebumps - The Haunted School
Goosebumps - The Scarecrow Walks at
OK? Kids go camping and get lost and are forced to play a deadly game of hide and go seek. Boy addicted to Gameboy. Minor middos between siblings. Language: freak, creep, weird, jerk, dumb, stupid. OK? Boy who likes writing scary stories, gets a typewriter that makes stories written on it come true.. Unimportant mention of movies. Middos issues - children play mean tricks to scare a boy. Non-romantic negiah. Language: weird, dumb, stupid, jerk, gross. Preview of "Night of the Living Dummy" - girl says her sister wants to go to the park to see if a certain boy is there - she blushes. Girls hope "great looking" boys will move in next door. OK?? A girl tries to prove that the librarian is a monster. Constantly trying to scare her younger brother and her male friend with monster stories. Her parents force her to join a reading program - she pretends to read so she can get a prize. Mention of books: Huckleberry Finn, Frankenstein, White Fang. Mentions watching TV. One word Xmas. Language: dumb, weird, stupid, jerk, shut up. OK?? 2 boys get lost in school and end up trapped in an alternate world where no color exists. A lot of pre-adolescent school culture - kids are on the decoration committee for the school dance, kids from a rock band to play at the dance, etc. (dance not described). Boy's father gets remarried and boy has difficulty adjusting to new mom. Sixth grade girl wears makeup and boy wonders why since she looks "pretty awesome" without it. Non-romantic negiah. Minor middos between kids. A group of kids go crazy in the alternate world and form a mean gang and try to push boys into a pit filled with black slime. Language: puke, weird, berserk, stupid, moron. Preview of "Don't Go To Sleep" - boy chutzpadik to woman who claims to be his mother. Language: weird, stupid OK? Children visit their grandparents' farm and encounter scarecrows brought to life by a farm hand. Frequent minor language: weird, gross, dump, stupid, wimp, creep, moron. Older boys play tricks in children. Boy complains grandparents don't have cable TV and MTV. Mom says Dad is handsome like a movie star
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. Stine, R. L. new Stine, R.L. new Stine, R.L. new Stine, R.L.
Title Goosebumps - The Werewolf of Fever Swamp
grade 3-5 OK?? A boy moves near a swamp so his scientist father can study deer. 16 year old sister anxiously waits for mail from her boyfriend. Brother calls it a "love letter". Minor middos between siblings. One word Xmas. Mentions watching TV. Mention Easter bunny - no religion. Mention of girl going to town to see a movie. Frequent language: freaked, weird, creep, dork, stupid, gross, goon, weirdo, shut up, jerk, dumb.
Goosebumps - Vampire Breath
3-5 OK?? Children are spirited to a vampire's mansion. 12 year old boy and girl are best friends love to playfully wrestle and hurt each other hard for fun - described in violent detail. Language: wimp, shut up, weird, jerk, stupid, stinks, gross, creepy. One word mention of Xmas. Preview of "Attack of the Jack-o-Lanterns" - children plan a Halloween party to save other children who want to take revenge on them.
Goosebumps - Welcome to Camp Nightmare 3-5
OK?? Boy goes to a camp where children get hurt and disappear and counselors don't care. Juvenile minor boy/girl. Middos between kids - insult each other, food fights, boys replace words in camp song with "gross words" (not specified), non-romantic negiah. Preview of "Night of the Living Dummy" - language: jerk, stupid, moron
Goosebumps - Welcome to Dead House
3-5 OK? Kids move into a home where ghosts try to kill them. Most of the action takes place in a cemetery. Mentions TV, Minor middos between siblings. Language: gross, weird, freaked, shut him up, stupid, crummy, sicko, freak out, creepy, stinky.
Goosebumps - Why I'm Afraid of Bees Goosebumps - Calling All Creeps Goosebumps - Don't Go To Sleep Goosebumps - How To Kill A Monster-
3-5 OK?? A boy who is unhappy in his life tries to switch bodies with another boy but accidentally switches with a bee instead. Bad middos between siblings and between classmates; Also bullying. Language - dumb, brat, creep, weird, stupid, gross, jerk. Preview of book "Monster Blood" - 12 year old boy is left with his deaf great aunt - she asks if he has a girlfriend because his father "liked the girls". 3-5 OK?? A boy who is treated terribly in school tries to take revenge by playing a practical joke on the editor of the school newspaper which backfires. Really terrible middos displayed throughout the book. Many mentions of parents being addicted to the weather channel on TV. Language-nerd, dumb, creep, weird, stupid, wimp. Preview of "My Best Friend Is Invisible"-description of a movie, gross, weird, freak. 3-5 OK?? A boy who doesn't get along with his older siblings (whose really terrible middos are detailed) comes to realize that he prefers them to other options. Mention of Star Trek and other science fiction, book Anna Karenina, a lot of watching TV. Brief non religious xmas and Santa Claus. Frequent language-geek, nutcase, stinks, stupid, weirdo, creep, jerk, wacko, moron. Preview of "The Haunted School"- language- weird, stupid. 3-5 OK?? Children's grandparents leave them trapped in a house with a swamp monster. Mention that step sibling's parents got divorced and remarried each other. Middos between siblings. Refer to step grandparents as "smelly strange hermits". Can't wait to tell parents how "stupid they are" to "dump" them in the house. Language-jerk, weird, gross, freaked, creepy, stupid, dumb. Preview of "Deep Trouble"-jerk, nonreligious Santa Claus.
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author new Stine, R.L.
Title Goosebumps - One Day At Horror Land
new Stine, R.L.
Goosebumps-Ghost Camp
Stone, Jeff
The Five Ancestors book 4: Crane
Strasser, Todd Against the Odds - Grizzly Attack Strasser, Todd Kidnap Kids Streatfield, Noel Ballet Shoes
Streatfield, Noel Dancing Shoes
Streatfield, Noel When the Sirens Wailed
Grady the Great
Judith Bernie
Sullivan, George Lewis and Clark - In their own words
Sullivan, Nick The Seventh Princess
grade 3-5 OK? Family is stranded at a very scary amusement park. Middos between siblings. When parents argue, daughter say "break it up you two" and other chutzpah. Mention of horror moves and TV show. Language- stupid, berserk, creepy, dumb, gross, weird, goof, stinks, freaked 3-5 OK?? Children go to a sleep away camp with ghosts who want to take over their bodies. A lot of kids scaring other kids for fun. Girl pulls boy into the woods to ask him for help- the camp head sees it and jokes "no sneaking off into the woods" ­implies more but not spelled out Boy blushes. Mixed swimming. Language-weird, stupid, jerk, gross, dumb, creep you out, puke. 5-7 OK? A girl, her friends, and her family fight their enemies in China. Page by page detailed violence and martial arts. Lots of non-romantic negiah. Hard to tell who is really related because everyone calls each other brother and sister. Many references to Chinese religion but not detailed. 4-6 OK Boy visits uncle in Alaska and helps fight off bear. 4-6 OK? Parents too preoccupied with work, so kids "kidnap" them to get attention. Won't let them go when they beg. At end parents are grateful. 5-7 OK?? 3 orphans attend performing arts school so they can get jobs to help support their adopted family. Lots of ballet/stage cultural references. Quite a few Christian references - mostly not explained - e.g. name children after "holy apostles", lots of references to specific hymns that are named but not written out in full, quite a few mentions of x-mas - descriptions slightly religious but mostly trees, presents, and hymns. Lots of talk of making a "vow" that they will be famous one day and how once you make a vow you can't break it. Girl comically imitates a dancer with a "big behind". 5-7 OK?? A girl and her adopted sister go to live with her aunt when her mother dies, and deals with her disgust at being groomed to be part of her aunt's dancing troupe. She tries to discourage her enthusiastic adopted sister, as well, thinking that this is what her dead mother would have wanted. In the end comes to grips with letting her sister live her own life. Lots of theater and dance culture. Religion - mentioned in passingchristening a baby and having a Christian name, Easter, going to church, Good Friday, picking flowers to decorate church, Palm Sunday, Palm crosses, Easter eggs, xmas presents and plays, but no religious explanation for any of it. Minor language: shut up. Excitement about TV shows, excitement about being hired to act in a movie. 6-8 OK Historical fiction - England WWII (Not Jewish). 2 poor London children evacuated to country and learn to adjust to life there. 3-5 OK Boy misses best friend who moved away. Learns to accept new situation instead of running away. Minor rough language 3-5 OK biography 4-6 OK Girl "dreams" of being heroine princess
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Sweet, J. H. Sweet, J. H.
Title The Fairy Chronicles - Firefly and the Quest of the Black Squirrel The Fairy Chronicles - Periwinkle and the Cave of Courage
grade 3-5 OK? Fairies help squirrels find a cure for a fatal curse. Brief mention of a Native American fairy having a "spirit guide". Many mentions of mother nature being in charge. One sentence mention of a fairy who blushes when the name of a male brownie she likes, is mentioned (p. 63). 3-5 OK?? A team of magical creatures works together to recharge a cave that gives humans courage. Same issues with mother nature as other books in series. Non-religious mention of Xmas. Brief description of fairy blushing when a male brownie she likes, puts his arm around her waist to steady her as she rides on a snake with him.
new Szymanski, Lois A New Kind of Magic Talbot, Charlene Children in Hiding Joy new Tanner, Lian City of Lies Tanner, Lian Museum of Thieves
2-4 OK? A girl deals with her father losing his job and being forced to move off the family farm. Mentions watching cartoons on TV. Mild tension in the house due to money problems. Brief non religious xmas. Language-weird. 4-6 OK Children's father doesn't come home so children hide from welfare department in deserted building. Eventually helped by an artist. One description of visiting a mixed beach but very innocent. 5-7 OK?? Continuation of Museum of Thieves. Children go to rescue kidnapped sister and fight villains. Similar language to first book 5-7 OK?? A girl escapes from an overprotective society and finds refuge in a magical museum. Both evil and kind adults described. Community worships 7 unpredictable gods - not very believable. Minor bad middos between children that are corrected. Language boy names himself "Toad Spit", stupid, idiot, moron (once), brats, damned (once)
Taylor, Mildred Role of Thunder Hear My Cry D. Taylor, Mildred The Well D. Taylor, Sydney A Papa Like Everyone Else
6-8 OK? Historical fiction. A black girl experiences prejudice. Many descriptions of very cruel discrimination and violence including burning, tar and feathering. Mentions of black men being accused of flirting with white women "making advances". Mention of a boy and girl who loved in secret (p. 177). 5-7 OK Historical fiction. Interracial violence during segregation 4-6 OK?? Historical Fiction. A Jewish family in Czekeslovakia waits for father in America to send for them. Some Jewish things slightly inaccurate - eg, no time limit for matza baking, appears made dishes pesachdik by scrubbing. Goyim are depicted as friendly, goyish festivals described as being fun and exciting - especially dance weraing native costumes. Fairy tale told in detail about a poor girl who goes to a ball - the prince dances with her and falls in love with her - he throws his arms around her. Women enjoy singing love songs (not detailed) while they pluck goose feathers. Non-romantic negiah. 2 dances described in detail but not involving Jews.
Taylor, Sydney All of a Kind Family
Taylor, Theodore
The Cay
4-6 OK?? Historical Fiction. Beautiful story but, Jewish girl has crush on non-Jewish peddler, minor religion 6-8 OK A boy is shipwrecked on a deserted island together with an elderly black man. Overcomes prejudices.
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Page 128
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Taylor, Theodore Teague, Mark The 39 Clues The 39 Clues
Title The Trouble with Tuck The Doom Machine The 39 Clues book 1 - The Maze of Bones The 39 Clues book 2- One False Note
grade 4-5 OK?? Touching story of girl who tries to help her dog who goes blind. One scene of attack by stranger in park is actually an attempted rape, but would probably would go over heads of most kids: "he ripped at my dress" "I knew what had almost happened to me". 6-8 OK?? Girl and boy are kidnapped by aliens and save Earth. Some minor language: stupid, darn, crap, screwup, ass, arse. Boy and girl reluctantly lean on each other to keep warm; totally innocent. 5-8 OK?? First of series. Brother and sister compete against ruthless family members, to find clues that will lead to power. Some violence. Minor language. Back of book includes website where readers can enter the contest. 5-8 OK?? Orphaned children race to find clues to a treasure while competing against other branches of the family who are vicious and will stop at nothing to beat them.Justify breaking and entering and stealing if it will help them win. Some violence.The competing families exhibit terrible middos in their treatment of their cousins (adults and children alike).Lots of TV and internet usage.A lot of music culture. A church and a crypt are settings for some of the action.Brief mention of girl finding her male cousing good looking. (In later books becomes more romantic). Language- stupid, dumb, weird, gross, stinks, butts, doofus, maniac, idiots, berserk, dweeb. Back of book includes website where readers can enter contest. Later books more problematic.
The 39 Clues The 39 Clues book 5 - The Black Circle new The Wednesday Tales No.1 The Palace Of Laughter Thesman, Jean Calling the Swan new Thompson, Ruth Granpa In Oz Plumly
5-8 OK?? Children compete with other family members in a deadly race to find clues as they try to find out what happened to their parents. Brief mention of dinosaurs. A lot of minor language and slang - butt, heck, nitwit, geek, stupid, moron, jerk, sucker, idiot, freak out,dumb,maniacs, dork, gross, nerd, weird, . Back of book includes website where readers can enter contest. 5-7 OK?? A boy who escapes from a cruel orphanage teams up with a girl who is an angel to stop a villain from stealing the world's laughter. A lot of description of the angel's world in heaven and the hierarchy of there (no mention of G-d) and how a song sung by angels is at the heart of everything. Nonreligious mention of church. Orphaned and unwanted children form their own ganglike societies. Non romantic negiah. Languagestink, dumb, Hell, pee, stupid, dratted, freaky, friggin', shut up. 9+ OK?? Girl talks to her older sister, as she struggles with dark secret of her family. Near the end of the book, the reader realizes that the dark secret is that her sister was abducted, and all along she was hallucinating talking to her. Some possible hashkafa issues as girl questions G-d. Brief Church ceremony, hymn, "body of Ch--". Language: "hell" (one time). For the sophisticated reader. 5+ OK?? Children and various Oz characters help restore a king's head and find a princess for his son to marry. Many plays on words, puns, etc. Some talk of vanquishing dragons to win the princess' hand in marriage. Boy and girl dance together. Picture of boy holding girls hand to help her climb a mountain. One word xmas. After boy marries princess he "takes her in his arms". Language-idiot, shut up.
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
new Thompson, Ruth Kabumpo in Oz
new Thompson, Ruth Pirates In Oz Plumly new Thompson, Ruth Speedy In Oz Plumly Thompson, Ruth The Cowardly Lion of Oz Plumly new Thompson, Ruth The Giant Horse Of Oz Plumly new Thompson, Ruth The Lost King Of Oz Plumly Thompson, Ruth The Purple Prince of Oz Plumly Thurber, James The 13 Clocks
Tine, Robert Beethoven's Puppies
Titus, Eve
Basil of Baker Street
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Hobbit or There and Back Again
The Great Good Thing
Townsend, John Tom Tiddler's Ground
Travers P. L. Mary Poppins and the House next door
grade 5+ OK? A prince needs to marry a fairy princess in order to save his kingdom from disappearing. Usual cast of characters and plays on language as in other Oz books. One of the cook's names is Hashem- makes for uncomfortable reading when it says things like "Hashem loses a birthday cake" etc. Prince takes the princesses hand when he asks her to marry him. 5+ OK? A boy helps save Oz from being conquered by pirates. One word mention of a valentine.Usual language play. Language-doggone, dumb, darn (once). 5+ OK?? A boy and a dinosaur skeleton brought to life help save a princess. Entire plot revolves around a bunch of dinosaur bones dug up by a professor-lots of mentions of prehistoric eras, fossils, as well a the reborn dinosaur's recollections of that era. Language-dumb, stupidly. 5+ OK? A clown and an orphan try to avoid capturing the cowardly lion even though they are under a spell that will turn them blue and immobile if they disobey. A very spoiled king has very bad middos- eventually learns his lesson. Many plays on words. Minor violence. Language: stupid, dumb, idiot, freaks. 5+ OK? Children and various Oz characters save an island from a monster. Similar to other books in this series. Girl offers to dance with a stone man (very innocent). A little boy blushes with pleasure when a beautiful queen kisses him on both cheeks. Language= stupid, idiot, weird shut up. 5+ OK? Children help find the true king of Oz. Similar to other books in the series. One of the characters is a dummy from a movie set- some minor references to movie culture. Comical black and white drawing of a woman in a sleeveless gown. Language- idiot 5+ OK? A boy and an elephant help restore a royal family to their palace. Good choice for a child who appreciates language play. Non-provocative picture of fairy ruler in a sleeveless low-cut gown. Mild violence. Language - idiot, shut up. 8+ OK? A prince sets out to find jewels so that he can win the princess's hand in marriage, and appease her evil uncle. Written like a children's fairy tale but extremely sophisticated in its play on words and ideas and symbolism. Many children reading this will not get it on their own. 3-5 OK? Puppies avoid capture by criminals. Minor chutzpah supported by mother (Kids stick out tongues at father because he wants to sell the puppies). Mention of butt twice. 3-5 OK Mouse patterns himself after Sherlock Holmes and solves case of kidnapped twins. Cute. 8+ OK A fantasy about dwarves who try to get back fortune from a dragon. Lots of good guy vs. bad guy violence. 7-8 OK Sweet fairytale about girl heroine who lives out story in pages of book. Affectionate non-romantic negiah. 3-5 OK?? Children find treasure and help solve mystery; get into danger. Language: damn (p. 160). Not-nice comments about mean grandmother. 3-5 OK strange story. Sophisticated language.
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OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Travers, P. L. Mary Poppins Opens the Door
grade 3-5 OK?? A strange, magical, and somewhat conceited nanny returns to take care of her charges, and has adventures with an unusual cast of characters. Non romantic and questionably romantic negiah. A woman keeps pestering her uninterested tenant to marry her - he eventually shrinks her and plans to charge people to see her. Detailed description of how the king used to tell his queen how beautiful she was and how much he loves her, etc - very lovey-dovey. Parents tenderly put arms around each other. A marble statue of a naked boy comes to life, horrifying adults that he is walking around the park unclothed - many illustrations of him but no detailed anatomy. A number of dances described - co-ed but not overly romantic. Children play with fireworks with adult supervision. Mention of many book and nursery rhymes characters - may or may not be appropriate. Language: stupid.
Trine, Greg
Melvin Beederman Superhero - The Curse of 3-5 the Bologna Sandwich
Tripp, Valerie Hallie's Horrible Handwriting
Tunis, John R. Schoolboy Johnson
OK?? A silly, slightly tongue-in-cheek story about a comic book style superhero who would rather do math than stop a train. Many juvenile mentions of his x-ray vision enabling him to see everyone's underwear - he finds this "talent" annoying. Very juvenile bathroom humor and language - eg stinky, stupid. No redeeming value. OK Girl struggles with poor handwriting and is helped by understanding teacher. OK? Story of arrogant pitcher who learns to take responsibility for own actions. Boy takes girl on date - she puts hand on his to calm him down. Lots of locker room talk
Twain, Mark The Prince and the Pauper - Penguin Edition 4-6
level 2
Twohill, Maggie Who Has the Lucky Duck in Class 4-b?
OK Classic story of prince and pauper who switch places. Pauper's father described as violent and abusive but not gory . Language is simplified. OK?? Good luck charm unwittingly passed around class. Story depicts good luck charm as if it really works. Describes teacher who constantly leaves class to put on makeup.
Uchida, Yoshiko Journey to Topaz Ullman, James Banner in the Sky Ramesy
4-7 OK? Historical fiction. Japanese family in internment camp during world war II. Mentions of X-mas - gifts, decorations, no religion. Mention that college-age brother is interested in girls over 16. 7-9 OK?? Boy strives to be first to climb "impossible" mountain. On the way, he learns important life lessons. Problems: some references to J--- and Mary - could be blacked out. Boy is so driven to climb, that he disobeys his mother & lies; justified in the end.
Updale, Eleanor Johnny Swanson
5-7 OK?? Boy tries to prove his mother innocent of murder. Boy writes deceptive ads to get money; realizes he was wrong in the end. Passing mention of Xmas, no religion. Boy makes a "rude sign" and says a "ruder word" to mean woman. Overhears conversation about girl's "entanglement" with a man who "appeared to be married" no detail. Boy's father died in war - mother is afraid people will think she had him without being married. Man takes woman's hand when announcing engagement.
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Page 131
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Updale, Eleanor Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman?
Ury, Allen B
Scary Stories for Sleepovers
Van Leeuwen, Jean Van Leeuwen, Jean Van Leeuwen, Jean
Amanda Pig and her Big Brother Oliver Amanda Pig and the Really Hot Day Benjy and the Power of Zingies
Van Leeuwen, More Tales of Oliver Pig Jean Van Leeuwen, Tales of Amanda Pig Jean Van Leeuwen, The Great Googlestein Museum Mystery Jean Van Stockholm, The Cottage at Bantry Bay Hilda new Vanderpool, Moon Over Manifest Claire
Velde, Vivian Vande Velde, Vivian Vande
Ghost of a Hanged Man Wizard at Work
grade 6-9 OK?? Former convict leads a double life, as high-society gentleman by day, and thief at night. Eventually becomes kinder person and is able to stop life of crime. Passing references: bare-breasted statues; one man jokes to friend that the reason he is fat is that the friend's wife gives him a biscuit every time he kisses her. Language: damned (2-3 times). Ugly girl tries to get gentleman's attention & believes he loves her - really he ignores her. 5-6 OK? Very scary short stories. Very creepy one about a girl who is "into" her rock music. 2-3 OK Cute stories of a little girl pig and her brother 2-3 OK? In one story big boys don't let little girl into their fort, so girl takes revenge by not giving them lemonade. In end make up. 3-4 OK? A short boy gets friend to beat up a bully. Very juvenile and simplistic solution to bullying problem. Mention of girl who goes around kissing boys at recess - they run away (3rd graders). 2-3 OK More stories about pig siblings 2-3 OK More stories about pig siblings 2-4 OK Mice go to Guggenheim Museum and create art. 4-6 OK Quaint story of family living in Irish countryside. 6-8 OK?? A girl whose mother died is sent to a small town by her father to live with a drunken preacher where he spent some of his childhood years. She finds out her father's true story which includes being raised by a criminal uncle who committed murder. Girl wonders at a fence which says "perdition" when she knows that preachers use that term to mean ""the path the devil follows". The teacher is a nun- descriptions of her habit and rosary beads. A woman says she is medium, a fortuneteller, a diviner. On word xmas. Humorous descriptions of church service. Preacher tells story of men walking with JC. On a tombstone it says "the L-rd is my Shepard...". Klu Klux Klan. Boy plays mean/funny tricks on people. Mild running bathroom humor. Teen boy "courts" a girl- takes her on the carousel. 5-6 OK? A criminal vows to take revenge on those who sentenced him to death and attacks children of sheriff. Scary. Gives credence to gypsy beliefs and fortunetelling. 3-6 OK? A wizard solves people's problems. A family with bad middos is portrayed negatively. Language: drat (once). Description of adolescent male unicorns who "show off" for female unicorns (who wear spiked manes!). Wizard fixes unicorn problem by causing them to grow up quickly. One brief hand kiss after proposal of marriage. Nonreligious mention of Xmas
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Page 132
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Verne, Jules new Verne, Jules new Vernholt, John
Title Master of the World Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea The Troll King
grade 8+ OK A police inspector investigates strange happenings in a mountain and tries to capture an inventor who created a vehicle that can't be stopped by human beings. A bit outdated by modern technology but a fun read with some discussion potential. Many references to the devil but no real religion. 7+ OK? A classic tale of captives who are taken on an amazing underwater journey by a captain with a mysterious past. Violence and death described. Language- stupid. 5-7 OK?? A troll helps his persecuted people and overthrows their cruel ruler who is a sorcerer. He has a "crush" on a female troll who mostly ignores him until he gains power. Whereby she proposes to him -he wants to take her in his arms but he doesn't . Some violence. Language- creepy, stupid, darn (once), weird, dung, blasted, creepy, belch.
Verrillo, Erica Elissa's Odyssey- Phoenix Rising Trilogy 5-7 book 2
Voight, Virginia The Gold Smugglers (original title: Patriot's 5-7
Voigt, Cynthia The Callender Papers
Wahl, Jon
The Furious Flycycle
Cousins in the Castle
Barbara Brooks
Hello Claudia!
Barbara Brooks
Sparrows in the Scullery
Barbara Brooks
Wallace, Bill The Backward Dog
Wallace, Bill Totally Disgusting
Wallace, Carol Bub, Snow, and the Burly Bear Scare
and Bill
Walter, Mildred Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World
Box Car Children Series
Fantasy: Girl discovers friends and her own magical powers as she tries to find her father the king. Language: crap. Many mentions of gods and deities. Passing mention of king having mistresses - not elaborated. Historical fiction. A printer's apprentice smuggles gold out of beleaguered Philadelphia to help Washington's army. Non romantic negiah page 10, 20. Orphaned girl is hired to sort through papers of wealthy estate; solves secret of murder and her own past. Boy invents flying bicycle and resues his cousins who are stranded in the woods. Lots of tongue in cheek. Rich orphan kidnapped, solve mystery, reunited with family.
OK?? A girl tries to find a new friend when her best friend moves away. Minor chutzpah and disobedience - usually learns lesson afterwards. Mentions 13 year old going to a dance with a date - not described. Language: I'll be damned. OK Rich orphan kidnapped to dreadful orphanage. Friends help him escape and solve the mystery of his abduction OK Cute story told from dog's perspective OK? Cute story in spite of title. Children watch TV. One word xmas. Old sickly cat explains what it means to be put to sleep. Frequent language-dumb, yucky, crud, shut up, dummy, darned (once), nerd. OK Forest animals defeat a cranky bear. Cute.
A boy spend time on his grandfather's ranch and learns the family history of escaping from slavery, and also learns that "women's work" of housekeeping and cooking isn't so bad when you know how to do it. Brief mention that boy's father was killed in an accident. Black cowboy culture. Mention in passing of grandfather dancing with ladies. Minor language: shut up. A series about self sufficient children who solve mysteries. First one is sad when their parents die but it ends with their kind grandfather adopting them. After reading many dozens I've never found a problem beyond an occasional illustration of kids in bathing suits or shorts.
[email protected]
Page 133
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Pioneer Girl: Growing up on the Prairie
4-6 OK?? True memoir of growing up on prairie. Discusses mother who was not well but kept
having kids because she knew nothing about "family planning"; and would not talk to
daughter about "facts of life"; kids didn't know where babies come from (p. 43).
Mention of husking bee where boy who gets red corn kisses girl (p. 54)
Spellcasters 1
4-5 OK? witchcraft (note: others in series have boy/girl)
Wasserman, A Candy Apple Book - Callie for President 4-6 OK?? A non-conformist girl runs for class president. Girl is pretty irreverant about school
spirit, and especially gym teacher. Plans ways to get back at teacher but doesn't
follow through. Language: jerk, dung, spaz. A teen pop-rock diva appears at a
political rally. Girl is furious of opponent for sharing an embarassing picture of her on
TV, so she defaces campaign posters - in the end admits to the crime. Cheerleaders
and jocks flirt with each other at party. Boy and girl who are best friends tickle each
Watterson, Bill Calvin and Hobbes - Attack of the Deranged 6+ OK? Book of comic strips featuring escapades of a mischievous little boy with an
Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons
overactive imagination, and his stuffed tiger. Dinosaurs, bad Middos, chutzpah, minor
language - butt, jerk, booger. Boy likes TV, parents think it's a waste of time. Tiger
talks about "smooches" with girls. Lots of asking Santa for gifts. A matter of personal
Watts, Irene N. No Moon
5-8 OK? Young nursemaid, whose brother drowned, goes with employer's family on the Titanic.
X-mas - no religion. Passing mentions of liking boy servant in household; a dance.
Older sister is seeing boy; implies they will marry. All old fashioned and quite
Waugh, Sylvia The Mennyms
3-5 OK? Strange series about stuffed dolls who are really alive. Not all in series are OK - some
have boy/girl.
new Weeks, Sarah Pie
4-6 OK?? A girl is saddened by the death of a beloved aunt who made marvelous pies. Book is
interspersed with recipes throughout (mostly kasherable). Girl's mother talks about
how jealous she was of her sister. Parents somewhat dysfunctional, girl is slightly
chutzpadik to them. They improve at the end. Brief unimportant Santa Claus. Boy
likes girl and asks her out to the movies- she refuses. Idea of kissing a boy makes a
girl want to throw up. Kids spy on a school principal and see her wearing a bright red
skin tight outfit that shows her muscles. A jump rope rhyme ­"Cinderella who went
upstairs to kiss a fella". Brief mention of TV and xmas.
Wesley, Valerie Willimena Rules: How to Fish for Trouble 2-3 OK Willimena deals with popular cousin
Weyn, Suzanne Baker's Dozen - Hilary and the Rich Girl #2 3-4 OK? (no connection to Jewish series of same name.) Girl steals money from her family to
buy rich girl a present. Eventually feels guilty. Kids don't talk nicely to each other; e.
g. - You're weird.
Weyn, Suzanne Baker's Dozen - Make Room for Patty #1 3-4 OK? Child adjusts to being adopted. Some rough language and bad midos
Whelan, Gloria Silver
2-3 OK? Girl in Alaska raises runt dog to be sled racer. Dog's pregnancy was "unplanned" -
someone left the gate open between 2 pens by accident.
new Whelan, Gloria The Indian School
4-5 OK? An orphaned girl goes to live with her strict aunt who runs a school for Indian children.
She befriends an orphaned Indian girl. The school is affiliated with a church which is
mentioned but no religion detailed. Indian girl explains that when she dies she will
become a star in the sky.
[email protected]
Page 134
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Whelan, Gloria The Locked Garden
White, Andrea Surviving Antarctica: reality TV 2083
White, E. B.
Stuart Little
White, E. B.
The Trumpet of the Swan
White, Ruth
Little Audrey
new Wiggin, Kate Douglas
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Wilder, Laura Farmer Boy Ingalls Wiles, Deborah Each Little Bird that Sings [email protected]
grade 4-7 OK? 6-8 OK? 3-5 OK?
Girl's father is psychiatrist at turn of the century. Unusual plot for children's book. After death of their mother, mother's spinster sister stays with them; girls prefer woman from asylum who helps out in their home, & try to get rid of aunt and get father to marry woman. Short description of church service. Grown brother of woman is chutzpadik to their abusive father. In Futuristic dystopia of collapsed U.S. economy, scheming government official runs real-life "Survivor" shows, in which contestants actually risk their lives. Somewhat scary. A mouse born to a human couple runs away to seek his fortune and to find his birdfriend. One chapter about a date (chap 14) with a short girl, that ends in disaster; nothing romantic. Mention of the poem "The Night Before Xmas". One sentence mention of a girl receiving a present from a boy to remember him by (chap 12 p. 98).
4-6 OK?? A boy becomes friend with a mute swan who eventually learns to blow a trumpet so he can win a mate. This book is essentially a gentle love story between swans. The only "negiah" is one swan putting neck on the other. A lot of focus on swans finding mates and falling in love - done in a very gentle way. One unimportant mention of nature as a force (p. 54 chap 6). Minor language: darned (once). Head counselor of boys camp encourages them to go swimming without bathing suits. Xmas - no religion.
5-7 OK? True story of difficult life of family in coal mine town. Father drinks and uses up part of food money; mother retreats into her own mental world. Mild/innocent boy-liking-girl relationship. Somewhat heavy for age group. 4-7 OK?? Classic story of a poor girl who comes to live with her spinster aunts and ends up coming to appreciate them, and they her. Novel follows her as she grows up always backed by an older single man- not overtly romantic but might end up that way in a future book. Some classics mentioned by title. Many mentions of church and Sunday school. Girl writes a poem about "seraphim" angels, goes to a missionary meeting, hymn singing, an actual hymn written out (p181-182), hymn "J. should reign" (not written out p 183), girl makes up a prayer ­relatively innocuous, many mentions of xmas presents. During the war one of the aunts was engaged and her fiancй was injured so she went to nurse him and "hold his hand through hours of pain" and he died "in her arms". Mention of boys and girls mingling, boys carrying books for girls, "flirtations", and "school girl romances" but none of it described in detail. Girl wishes she could wear gowns with low necks that show her shoulders. Humorous description of a family with a father who is in and out of jail and mother not really around to raise them, leading to a dysfunctional household. Language- stupid, consarned, idiot.
3-5 OK? Day to day life of little boy on farm. Mention of Christian holidays and saying grace but not major issue. 5-6 OK? Small-town girl, whose parents own town funeral parlor, learns lessons about loss, friendship, and life, when she experiences death in her own family. Sweet; a little strange. 2 mentions of J--- on tombstone - p 208.
Page 135
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Wiley, Melissa Wiley, Melissa
The Martha Years: Beyond the Heather Hills 3-6 OK
The Martha Years: The Far Side of the Loch 3-6 OK
Fictionalized story of childhood of Martha, grandmother of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Martha visits house of married sister and returns home older and wiser. Martha spends time with her cousins.
Wilkins, Celia Williams, Barbara Williams, Suzanne Wilson, Holly Winterfield, Henry Winterfield, Henry Winthrop, Elizabeth Winthrop, Elizabeth
The Caroline Years: Across the Rolling River 3-6
Titanic Crossing
Third Grade Friends - Josh Taylor Mr. Average Snowbound in Hidden Valley Mystery of the Roman Ransom
2-3 ? 4-6 4-6
Fictionalized story of childhood of Caroline, mother of Laura Ingalls Wilder. 11 year old Caroline meets Charles Ingalls. Older sister Martha is shyly courted by neighboring boy; tame. Boy is going back to tyrannical grandma with family on the Titanic. Deals with death of father, fact that mom wants to be actress despite grandma's disapproval, mention of suffragettes. Mentions, but doesn't explain, that actresses are "fast". Mother's dress not so modest. Boy runs for class representative. Side story of 9th grade brother always on phone with girl. A girl is snowbound with a friendly family of Indians and learns to appreciate their similarities and differences. Girls giggle over a book where a little girl wears corsets (never explains why it's funny). Minor mention of Indians' belief in gods. Roman gods (tangential to plot)
Trouble at Timpetill Counting on Grace The Castle in the Attic
3-6 OK When children in town misbehave, parents all leave. Cute. Minor laguage nitwit, shup up, idiot. 4-7 OK?? Historical fiction: Children working in mill in early 1900's. Girl is encouraged by her teacher to get an education and a better life. Language: "damn" by adult trying to save child in dangerous situation towards end of book - can be crossed out. 4-6 OK? Boy receives a magic castle as a present. Helps knight regain kingdom from evil wizard. A few inimportant and unexplained references to Greek gods. A few titles of Xmas Carols - no words or details (p. 115) other than "The Battle Hymn of the Republic, which is relatively neutral, especially for this age group that just won't get it.
Digging up the Past #6
Last of the Breed
Disoriented express #14
The Treasure of Skeleton Reef #1
Wisler, G.
The Drummer Boy of Vicksburg
Wojciechowska, Shadow of a Bull
4-6 OK? Rip Van Winkel story. Caricature of nagging wife 4-6 OK scary 4-6 OK? mild romance 4-6 OK Dog helps solve pretend murder as well as a real crime. 4-6 OK Find pirate treasure in order to save lighthouse 4-6 OK? A boy enlists as drummer in civil war. War, violence, blood. Mention in passing of girls "getting kissed" 4-7 OK Boy deals with expectations of townspeople that he will follow in footsteps of his father who was a celebrated bull fighter.
[email protected]
Page 136
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author new Wolf, Joan M
Title Someone Named Eva
grade 7+ OK?? A story based on real events about a non Jewish Czech girl who is pulled away from her family by the Nazis to be raised as a perfect German Aryan girl. The Nazis destroyed her town and killed all the men in retaliation for a partisan attack. Many mentions of Nazis hating Jews and killing them. Girl has a "crush" on a boy and blushes when he is present. Girl is embarrassed when Nazis force her to strip to her underwear, girl who is punished is forced to pull down her underwear to be beaten. Girl talks about asking a boy to dance with her. Mother prays using rosary beads. Church with crosses and alter described as a location. Girls wish they could be movie actresses and like to talk about actresses' clothing. Language-stupid.
new Wood, Mary Rose
The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place
5-7 OK?? A young governess is hired to care for children raised by wolves under mysterious circumstances. This book is really part one of the story- it does not reach a satisfying conclusion so parent's should check the next book for appropriateness. Detailed description of xmas party including a coed dance and women wearing gowns with "bare shoulders". Xmas tree, presents, father xmas. Minor boy/girl ­ flirting at the party with other people's spouses, male servant looks at female servant in a "lingering" way. Non romantic negiah. Language-blast it all, stinky, idiot, brats.
Woodruff, Elvira Dear Austin
4-5 OK Historical fiction.
Woodruff, Elvira Dear Levi
4-5 OK Historical fiction. Boy travels wagon trail to claim dead father's homestead. Lots of
people die. Very sad.
new Woodruff, Elvira Fearless
6-8 OK? A boy becomes apprenticed to the inventor of a fun house when his father's ship goes
down in a storm. Although the reading level of this book is lower then the
recommendation it is quite sad when the boy has to deal with his father's death, his
aunts sending him away and later his benefactor's death. Vivid descriptions of poverty.
One word xmas. Language-stink, blasted, nincompoop.
Woodruff, Elvira The Magnificent Mummy Maker
4-5 OK? A boy feels average compared to gifted stepbrother and has hard time dealing with
mom's death and dad's remarriage. Draws an amazing mummy and attributes new
talent to mummy's power. Lots of Egyption belief in afterlife. Some chutzpah, but is
Woodruff, Elvira The Secret Funeral of Slim Jim the Snake 4-5 OK An orphan learns to appreciate fastidious uncle who is raising him. Makes funeral for
snake in uncle's funeral parlor.
Woodruff, Elvira The Summer I Shrank My Grandmother
4-5 OK? Girl invents formula to stop grandmother's aging but she gets too young until she
almost disappears. When she is a teenager she likes to look through binoculars at
boys on the beach - stated as fact w/o reason. Buys bikini and paints her nails
Otherwise very innocent and cute.
Wrede, Patricia Dealing With Dragons - The Enchanted
5-7 OK? A princess Is tired of royal life so she runs away to be princess of a dragon. Makes fun
Forest Chronicles book 1
of romantic knights trying to rescue her. Minor language - drat. Calls boy her
paramour - he translates it as "lover", she says he is nothing of the kind
Wright, Betty A Ghost in the House
4-6 OK very scary
Wright, Betty A Ghost in the Window
4-6 OK? minor bad language. Describe husking bee - winner gets kissed.
[email protected]
Page 137
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Wright, Betty Ren Wright, Betty Ren Wright, Betty Ren Wright, Betty Ren Wright, Betty Ren Wright, Betty Ren Wright, Betty Ren Wyss, Johann David Yep, Laurence new Yep, Laurence Yep, Laurence new Yep, Laurence
Title Dollhouse Murders
grade 4-6 OK? Description of murders
Nothing but Trouble
2-4 OK Girl figures out who is vandalizing elderly aunt's house.
Rosie and the Dance of the Dinosaurs
4-5 OK? Parents disagree where to live; imply could split
The Ghost Comes Calling
3-4 OK? Ghost haunts until appeased. Mixed swimming and mild negiah.
The Ghosts of Mercy Manor
4-6 OK? Ghost acts out own murder
The Pike River Phantom
4-6 OK? mention 'bra'; father was in jail for stealing
Too Many Secrets
4-5 OK? Rumors about boy's actor father marrying an actress; turns out to be not true.
The Swiss Family Robinson
Later, Gator
The Serpent's Children
The Tiger's Apprentice - Tiger Magic Book 3 4-6
Thief Of Hearts
OK? A very religious Christian family gets shipwrecked and make a wonderful life for selves on desert island. Lots of religion but nothing really objectionable. Very specific and painstaking details about all they did including killing animals for food and clothing; may be gory for some. OK? A boy buys hated younger brother an alligator instead of following mother's instructions. Father fondly reminisces about playing ball with girls and meeting wife at co-ed game. OK?? Children try to help family survive as farmers in old China despite severe poverty. Finally the brother goes to America to earn money to send back. Very sad when mother dies in children's arms. Aunt and uncle try to adopt children but children give them a hard time. When they try to bind the girl's feet they escape. A lot of Chinese beliefs and culture eg. gods, spirits, incense, etc. a few mentions of women being sold to a brothel and girl could have been raped- no explanations. Language-stupid, idiot, brat, dumb, shut up, hell cat. OK? A mix of fantastic creatures and humans in a bad guy vs. good guy fight in Chinatown. Minor language: idiot, screw up. Minor non romantic negiah. Some convoluted Chinese Philosophy. OK?? A girl whose mother is Chinese and father Caucasian tries to come to grips with her mixed heritage as she helps prove that a newly arrived Chinese girl with an unpleasant personality is not a thief. A lot of Chinese culture and religion. People insult the girl and call her "mixed seed" and "half breed". Juvenile boy/girl. Coed dances. Thinks an actor is cute. Non romantic negiah. Watches movies on cable TV, go to movies. Girl with serious issues comes from a dysfunctional home- parents sit at home all day watching 2 different televisions which blast loudly. Language-idiot, stinks, darn, punks, maniac, jerk, nerd, freak, shut up, stupid, weird, dumb.
new Yolen
Wizard's Hall
2-3 OK? A boy goes to wizard school even though he lacks magical talent. He saves the school from an evil wizard by virtue of trying hard. Language-stupid (once).
[email protected]
Page 138
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012
Author Yolen, Jane Yolen, Jane York, Carol Beach
Title The Devil's Arithmetic The Young Merlin Trilogy - Book 2 - Hobby The Key to the Playhouse
grade 7-8 OK? 2-4 OK? 2-4 OK
A non-frum American girl opens door for Eliyahu Hanavi at seder and is transported to the Holocaust. P. 38 - references but not specific about coming home on wedding night and walls being thin. P 92- female anatomy. P 134 - girl recites Kaddish. P 153 Adventures of young Merlin of Arthurian fame - has dreams that come true. Woman tells him to "kiss a wench" - he doesn't. Two girls very mean to their neighbor but in the end resolve to do better next time.
[email protected]
Page 139
OK and Questionable Books Updated September, 2012

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