Self-Transcendence Workbook TD Lingo

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Contents Section A: Love of Life Lesson: 1 Universe 2 Inner Journal 3 Instant Child Gratification 4 Healing Hands. 5 Brain 6 Child Playsie Funsie Gamsie 7 Release Repressed Adult/Adolescent Trauma Memories Section B: Neurophysiology of Transcendence 8 Open Receptive Meditation 9 Dormant Brain 10 Dormant Frontal Lobes ll Temporal Lobes, Hippocampus, Amygdala l2 Triune Brain l3 Self Trauma Drama, Theory l4 Self Trauma Drama, Method Section C: Self-Therapy l5 Release Repressed Child Trauma Memories i6 Script Writing l7 Dream Analysis l8 Temporal'Sphenoidal Suture Tap 19 Morning Pre Conscious Honesty 2O Self-Guided Imaging. 2l Extended Family CoTherapy 22 Normal Paranormal Powers 23 Values/Beliefs 24 Energy/Entropy Physics 25 Consciousness 26 Retarded Adolescent Rebellion 27 Release Repressed Infant Trauma Memories 28 Mountain Meditation: Closed Focused Meditation
Section E: Advanced Self-Therapy V 29- Brain Cyclotron 30-. Right--.Hemisphere Re--Click 31- Creativity, Theory 32-- Creativity, Method 33-- Transcendence Love 3LL.. Transcendence Sex 35-. Mutating Multiple Orgasm VSection F: social action 36- social intelligence V 37-- Growth Support Family Rituals, Festivals, Celebrations 38-- Public relations, Advertising and Mass Media Power 39-- Goals, Career, Money Making and Power LIO- Money Profits from the Brain Revolution 41-- Transcended Teacher 42-- Transcended Leader Scholar Howdy Relax. Love. Everything is going to be all right. You will make it: into your own vastly dormant brain potentials. Simply generate warm and trusting selfmotivation: "I WANT my whole brain powers" The paradox of the brain revolution is that you must be sufficiently egotistical to want your transcendence into egolessness. Do each Lesson in this Workbook gently, to your own depth of under-standing this first time through. Later, you will gleefully want to re-work your answers a second time; a third time, discovering still deeper secrets about your Self nurturance and milk of kindness. Integrate each Lesson with your existing beautiful personality, tenderly. As each Lesson is completed, it will dissolve old child confusions into trust. Your child hurts will feel secure and protected in your own emerging power of self-healing. Pains and
fears will dissolve into free energy and selfconfidence. The cumulating flood of free energy will roar into your dormant frontal lobes. Re-birth. Enlightenment. This text is designed to be completed thoroughly in from 1 to 3 years. Transcendence then happens automatically. It is genetically encoded to do so. This text provides you with a basic toolkit so that you can build your own unique personality and character. You will create your own delightful regimen of daily self-therapy and self-growth until the firecrackers start to ignite and implode ecstatically behind your eyes. Do not be surprised if the first two weeks of concentrated study triggers the innate reaction of retarded adolescent rebellion against this probe. The brain is genetically encoded to do that too. Such resistance is the test for passing through your ego barrier into unlimited growth. It is the test for survival of the fittest. The fit are in-gathering through common cause as soulrnates, dedicat Love t4 The way to study this Workbook is in love. Self--love. Start with 100% egotistical, sucking narcissism. Put a bucket over your head and repeat 100 times: "1VIeeee For Meeeeee only!!" Later, transcend: "For Thee." Egoless. Paradox. Unless your unconscious, repressed, unsatisfied child greeds, needs and pains are expressed consciously and satisfied totally, your adult cannot and shall not outgrow this backward entropy to self-circuit for-ward into the 1/3rd bulk of dormant frontal lobes: the "nirvana, sat-- oH, samadhi, kensho, moksha, kairos,
born-again, Godhead" transcendence fact genetically innate in each and every human brain--- waiting. The human brain physiologically is at least 90% dormant; psychologically more so. The human potential is to perceive, understand, comrn-- unicate with and daily live in infinity and eternity; with cosmic in-- telligence. The neural mechanism to self-click into this dormancy now is known: the simple amygdala clickswitch, half-way between your eyes and ears, in the center of your brain. The method to click the switch is this Workbook. Any self-motivated individual now can do it. Start with the value , the belief , the attitude : "Yes , I contain this potential. Yes, I can do the work. Yes, I shall get my total growth and transmutation. Yes, I shall be all I can be in this one Lifetime." Study in your own way; at your own pace. Try reading each Lesson the night before class in your lean-to to dissolve the data in your unconscious mush of confusions, pains, fears and defenses during sleep under the stars. Re--work the Lesson when Dawn Child births down there out of the Great Creation Plains. Some of the idea hand grenades you have eaten will sneak behind your defenses. With the nurturance of your freshest morning energy, explosions of new insights and new emotions will occur. Automatically. The format of this Self Transcendence Workbook is designed for one Lesson per day; 42 Lessons, L days during the 6 weeks of this Brain In Nature Course. Each day's class in the woods will expand the basic facts, extrapolations, assumptions, speculations, wild leaps and methods into still richer selftherapy and self-growth to final divinity. Supplementary worksheets will be given in class at
your points of blockage as soon as we, together, diagnose these points accurately.
Discuss each Lesson in class with the deepest possible self--probing trust and honesty to get reactions from your co-therapy family. In this way, affectionate challenge from others will help you discover still deeper intellectual insights and emotional releases; still more profound powers of innate self-healing; still more subtle ways to click your amygdala forward.
Buzzings. Popps. Whams. They will start. Once you start releasing the bound energy of neurosis--your repressed child trauma mem-- ones stored in your temporal lobes and your repressed infant trauma memories stored in your hippocampus-----into free energy, this free energy will shunt, automatically, into your amygdala and click it forward into your frontal lobes. These are the first teasers: "Keep going! You're on the right track!!" Next, transcendence. Into kozmick kinniegarden.
Scientific Foundation
Each Lesson in this syllabus is based upon formal, scholarly research via the scientific method of inquiry and/or the philosophic method of inquiry, performed at other facilities and reported in the professional journals or performed at this facility and documented in staff reports. This data base will be reviewed in class.
Each Lesson is a careful extrapolation from the known facts and values into a method which guides the student to a new order of self-discovery. The method is
ethical because it is brain s$4 control. The method is democratic in the extreme. And free. It now can be mass-multiplied through existing social, political, economic, relig? ious, medical and educational institutions. Merely supplement each institution's belief system and rites with the basic neurophysiological mechanism herein contained and all people will transcend. Four billion Earthlings await the transition from neurology to cosmology. This is the brain revolution. Since 1957, over 300 students have come through this program. The spectrum includes children and adults; high and low IQe and creativity quotients; Ph.D.s and dropouts; affluent and poverty; white and black. Each followed and evolved the standard system contained in this text. Measurements were made before and after completion of the program. Longitudinal follow--up studies on each student have documented break-throughs into transcendence, permanent chanes in personality, in-creases of intelligence, expansions of creativity and emergence of normal paranormal powers. Parametric experiments have been performed on each factor within the evolved methodology. Rigorous test-- one/delete-one trials were carried out on all elements and components within this system of selftranscendence. Comprehensive empirical evidence has been accumulated. We know what works. More importantly, we know what does not work. These Lessons are the shortcuts. Research Report Nirvana in 1 to 3 Years Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory Laughing Coyote Mountain -- BoxlO Black Hawk, Colorado 80422
Facts The human dormant frontal lobes can be selfcircuited to cause the transcend- ence phenomenon. VerificatiQp: Two experiments were performed, teaching brain self---control: #1, from 1957 to 1967, with 100 children, ages 10 to 15; #2, from 1967 to 1977, with 100 young adults. Each factor was tested to relate the brain's organs to its genetically innate power of transcending into the nirvana event. Eight students in experiment #1 and sixteen students in experiment 2 achieved the peak happening. All reported it to occur overwhelmingly in the frontal lobes. Method: The neurophysiological mechanism which automatically causes the frontal lobes experience is triggered by a sequence of self--controlled occurrences. Repressed adult trauma memories and repressed adolescent trauma memories, stored in the cortex, are physical-ly released and emotionally discharged. Next, repressed child trauma memories stored in the temporal lobes are released and discharged. Finally, repressed infant trauma memories stored in the hippocamPus are released and discharged. The locus of each storage point has been identified by neurosurgical electroprobe experiments reported in the literature. `The release of repressed memories in this current procedure is caused by a gradient of selfcontrolled exercises: intensive journal writing, imagry, focused meditation, morning pre-conscious (hypnagogic) probe, sphenoidal-temPOral suture tapping, primal nature retrogression into triune brain. The emotional discharge of each pain is
caused by an enriched form of self-psychodrama catharsis: "self trauma drama." Neurophysiology: The bound energy of neurosis stored in the cortex and temporal lobes is released into free energy. This free energy is converted automatically into selfmotivation and focuses all its power into releasing and discharging the final infant neurosis stored in the hippocarnpus. \`Then the pre-ideational, pre-verbal trauma is released from the hippocampus in the form of a primal scream, the cumulative free energy shunts automatically into the amygdala-- - which is the click-switch blocking the way into the sleeping frontal lobes---overwhelms it and clicks it forward into nirvana. Results: Once the old brain computer circuits into the 3/8 bulk of unused frontal lobes, a geometric progression of measurably new intelligence, creativity and normal "paranormal" perceptions, communications and loves emerges. The old rootstem killer ape is outgrown. Experiment : Since 1977, a streamlined form of this brain self-con-trol method has been distributed to workers in various occupational settings to determine if the economic structure can be used as a humanistic mechanism to liberate all humans into whole brain power. The workplace is being used for selftherapy and self-transcendence (in a way which supercedes the Japanese non-neurological method which partially achieves these goals). In the first four years of this ten year experiment, the 8% success rate of experiment #1 and the 16% success rate of experiment #2 already has been exceeded dramatically. The procedure now can be
mass multiplied through existing institutions. Research Report Frontal Lobes Transcendence Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory Dormant Brain Release School Laughing Coyote Mountain Box 10 Black Hawk, Colorado 80422 The final goal of neural maturation into the dormant frontal lobes is "transcendence." Transcendence is an overwhelminP emotion of being finished with con-- fusions, pains and fears in this Life. No more suffering. Transcendence is never again--- ever--- feeling the negative emotions of boredom, loneliness, lovelessness, melancholy, anxiety, stress, meaninglessness, depression, desperation, hopelessness, terror, suicide Transcendence is the permanent, perpetual, routine feeling of f low-ing love goodness with Life, happiness, secure toughness solving all survival problems, frisky flowing genius intelligence, theatrical fun playing with the sleepers down there, voluptuous ecstacy sharing growth with soulinates, wild creativity inventing love tricks to awaken worthy friends and humble communication with super intelligences guiding growth into still higher levels above the basic transcendence. Transcendence is the automatic clicking of the amygdala into the -- dormant frontal lobes to cause the nirvana/satori/samadhi/kensho/mok sha/born--again experience.
Transcendence is the flow of cosmic consciousness through the frontal lobes circuit and back out to Universe, thereby placing the mdividual within the Universe circuit of intelligence. Transcendence is receiving information from other advanced planet civilizations to solve the Earth problem being computed out of the retilian brain: inter-personal competition, greed, aggression, hate, violence and war; inter-personal killing of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual potentials within each child. Transcendence is frontal lobes domination over the paleo mammalian brain and reptilian brain circuits of defense and attack so that these circuits can be used as needed--- simply by clicking the arnygdala back-ward--- during normal, daily survival in the business jungle of killer apes. Transcendence is child playsie funsie gainsie above the clouds between lower reality of suffering society and the highest reality of the stars. Transcendence is normal human evolution into egoless flow with the Godly Lifeforce. Transcendence is moral force. Se1f-Dignosis Grp By establishing your neurosis baseline--- where your energy/entropy curve is now---- you can measure and quantify each specific step in your self-therapy growth to transcendence. The Science of Self Experimentation (SOSE) is based upon subjective measurements of your
physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual (PIES) energy systems--- and their deterioration by entropy. The measurements are valid data because the two limits of the meas-- urement scale, suicide and nirvana, are intuitively and universally felt and understood by each person within the human species. By monitoring the ups and downs of each component within your neurosis system, you can understand each separately as it fluctuates during your therapy. You can identify each fluctuation in its relation to each brain organ. You can treat each symptom and cause separately to coordinate and harmonize each organ with each emotion and thought to self-trigger your final breakthrough into spiritual fulfillment. The method of this skill merely is to focus your attention separate-ly on your physical condition, intellectual computation, emotional well being and spiritual struggle.. Determine which words best describe your gradient of feelings within each energy system. Write your own profile of numbers and words to create your own scale and diagnostic tool. The verbal descriptions below are suggested guidelines. Take your first measurements upon awakening in the morning. Take your last measurements in the evening. How many in-between measure-ments will be profitable for accurate self-diaosis? Record these in your printed dated diary or Inner Journal. Periodically graph your numbers on graph paper. Graph each curve in a different color. Each curve is your precision self-diagnosis of that energy system.
From this diagnosis, precision prescription follows. Each therapy into each energy system is accelerated or relaxed as needed. Each specific brain organ is integrated with each of your 4 energy systems to cause perfect economy of time and work in perfect functioning to accelerate perfect growth into perfect transcendence: straight line +10. +10: Nirvana +9: Frontal lobes pre-popps approaching breakthrough; wild creativity +8: Voluptuous ecstacy; mindboggling intelligence burbling powerfully +7: Routine genius; theatrical efficiency; doing everything right +6: Happiness; secure toughness solving all necessary problems +5: Flowing love goodness of Life +4: Efficiency of survival; doing work, but not exubering +3: Getting my ass in gear to do what has to be done for survival;drag +2: Grinding, plodding, automatic, mindless, joyless struigle +1: Barely functional; re-start automatic selfhealing; fragile +0: Computer Collapse --1: Boredom --2: Loneliness, lovelessness, melancholy --3: Anxiety, stress -4: Meaninglessness -5: Fullhlown, grinding, acid depression -6: Desperation --7: Fear --8: Hopelessness -9: Terror --10: Poof Lesson 1: Universe
` The Ultimate reality is Universe. The circular river of conscious-ness flows from Universe cosmic consciousness into your brain to pro-duce emotions and thoughts and back out to Universe. An infant is born unblocked and perceives the universal language of cosmic perception and communication. Cultural conditioning blocks this natural flow. You now shall re--open it to receive cosmic intelligence & love. Energy/entropy physics is the first reality of Universe. Energy is the force of growth/expansion/Life. Entropy is the force of conform-ity/retrogression/death. The cosmic egg exploded into l00,00O00O,0O0 galaxies, each containing 100,000,000,000 stars with planets circling. When this era's energy expansion reaches its furthest limit, it will contract all the galaxies into a black hole: GodHen. Another egg will get pooped out. .. ener stem. Understand it within the context of Universe. From that, understand it within the context of cultural conformity, society, family and your personal human potential. Re-start your infantile growth back out through pure neuronal freedom to cosmos. 1- Lay on your back at night on the crest of the mountain under the full awe and mystery and magic of s tar dome · Ask : "Why ? " Answer. 2- Feel the full emotional wash of the experience. Allow your emotions to lead your intelligence. Flow with your emotions into the full sensitivity and wonder just like you did when you were Child. 1hat memories do you have from childhood when you felt the unbroken magic of the stars and Life? 3- Vlithin the enfolding womb of the Universe, who
are you? What is your emotional identity with your home galaxy? With your neighborhood Solar System?. With your family planet? 4- As you are contemplating the stars, expand consciousness out there to a single glitter spot. Next, contract consciousness down to you. Now expand consciousness out to the size of the whole galaxy; Universe. Contract consciousness down to the size of your brain; frontal lobes; down to one neuron ; down to one atom. Expand again. Contract and expand like a paddleball on a rubber string. 5-- `That is intelligence? Why is intelligence? Is there such a thing as cosmic intelligence? Do you believe it? Why? `Jhat is your emotional feeling of the relation of cosmic intelligence to your per-sonal intelligence? 6- How can you prove intellectually, objectively and scientifically that you are in direct communication with cosmic intelligence? 7- i.ihat is consciousness? What is an emotion? What is a thought? \lhat is the relation of each to Universe? 8- What is the difference between the Philosophic Method of Inquiry . and the Scientific Method of Inquiry? What is the relation of each to Universe? 9- Is there a God? Describe her? 10--\Ihat are values? What are facts? What are universal values? Universal facts? How does each help you to reconnect your Child consciousness back into your cosmic connection?
11- What is the purpose of this Lesson to the entire course? Lesson 2: Inner Journa Your Life is your artform Perfect. Your supreme Lifework is to cre ate of your Self what you really are already. Your total potential for endless cosmic curiosity, growths love, meaning and wheee was guaran teed the moment Pa's srerm tickled Ma's ovumo But then Child confusions pairt3 and fears Iiocked the automatic yeasting. Re-start your Love-of--Life in your Journal: 3-ring notebook with a dozen sidetab dividers . \TriLe non-judgmentaily. There is no "right" or "wrong" any-- more in your history. It just happened. Just You. Wholly. Holy. 1-- 1There am I now in my Life? 2- :/hat are the true, the beautiful and the good things of me? 3- What parts of my Self do I want to create into more truth, beauty and goodness? 4-- How shall I do it? Who shall I choose to helprne? How? 5-- How shall I enfold my Self and expand my Self in gentle, warm love while I do the cold inner work of learning to release try dormant brain potentials'? 6-- When did I get off the track of growing as Natural Ch:i.ld in love intimacy toward riy magnificent spiritual fuifillen? 7-- \ihat is my autobiography of chapter titles? What images are most vivid? What values and
meanings did I acquire? __ 8-- What trails over what mountains and down through what canyons have I taken and not taken in my Life? 9-- What feelings have I denied my Self in Life? Shall I always?
10-- Do I wan-b to Jearn how to release my 9 dormant brain into cosmic perception, communication, intellienco and love'? 11-- Have I already had my first cosmic experience? Do I want more?
12-- Who am I?
13- `That is Life?
14- \There am I going in this one chance to be all I can be?
15-- iVll'lat is my spiritual goal? Intellectual goal? Emotional goal?
i6- \`That is my complete love meaning?
17-- Do I wsnt to get what others are getting: To he re--born into front-- al lobes whole brain power and pure cosmic consciousness ; nirvana? 18-- Can I trust others who are on this Earth to help me grow up'?
Ceri I flow with others above the clouds of
daily trivia and boredom \P..rhile I learn how
to transcend my Self into perpetual rapture?
20- What supreme question--- which will turn my Life around; which will change my Life forever-- should I now ask my Self? Lesson 3: ChIld Instant Gratifipgti.fl
Blocked Child blocks brain. Blocked Child selfconfidence blocks your brain from feeling the flow of consciousness out to cosmic perception and communication. Blocked Child freedom blocks the feeling of universal love and fun. Unblocking your Child's genetically innate -- desire and power to play with Self/Life/Universe begins to unblock the click-switch into your dormant frontal lobes. Start gently. Start to get in touch with your Child not through vigorous playing of games (Lesson 8) , t through quiet re-experiencing of your Child's genetically innate offctй aсd awe. This begins to open your circuit back to your Child memories from which your repressed traumas soon shall emerge and be cleansed. 1- What are the blocks between your adult awareness and your Child's need to play with Self/Life/Universe? 2- Whon and how did you lose your self-confidence to play with Self/Life/Universe as pure Child in divine love? \Alhat parts of that self- confidence were notshed How can you bring up those parts of your Child self-confidencIсo full power via adult logic? 3- What freedoms of self-expression were blocked in your Child? `lhat freedoms of Child's selfexpression are blocked by the city? What freedoms of Child self-expression can you discover and expand uniquely in primal nature? 4- Invent,pry the memories of your Child's wonders and awes when you discovexhe blossoming new emotional feelings and intellectual insights relating Self to Life and Universe. Re-live each moment.
5- Define love. Inventory the memories in Childhood when you felt overwhelming, total, unconditional love. Beside receiving it, were you capable of giving it? Was yoi'love more than infantile narcissistic suck? What is the relation of your Child's love history to your cap-- acity to give and receive adult love?
6- Do you remember the first time you looked at a flower, animal or tree with total, pure infantile love? Where did the power go? Do it again, forever. Describe how. Teach someone else.
7- Lay on your back and just watch the colossal
cloud comfort. The whispering stars. WhyJs this
therapeutic? How does this nurture
transcendence ?
8- Turn off your (left hemisphere) verbal intellect. Turn on your (right hemisphere) non-verbal artistic Child cosmic flow. Focus on flower, animal, tree or cloud. Describe the different way of perceiving and communicating with reality. (This is a shortcut into your frontal lobes.) Flow can you build this mechanism/regimen into your daily, workaday Life? Invent a "Be HerQ Now" ame which stops your verbal in--- telligence to coioi±non--verba1, Child flowing, love awareness on a single thing or event during your normal work day.
9- Describe your self-confidence and power drive toward Child love of Life which says, "I WANT it! I CAN do it!! I SHALL get it!!!"
10- What next question should you ask your Self about this Lesson? Less on 4 s Heal ..
The power to accept the gift of using one's own moral hands to heal others is not the monopoly of the American Medical Association. The power is genetically innate in each vastly dormant brain. The power is released simply by a loving attitude. Merely by self-releasing the child trauma blocks imprinted in the limbic system--- specifically in the hippocampus and the amygdala----healing cosmic consciousness is allowed to flow forward through the dor-- mant frontal lobes until you now the healing moment is upon you. This releases an ecstatically explosive reverberation of new energy through---out the whole brain, which th.iis self-guided down the neck to flow across the shoulders, along the arms and out the fingertips. But firsts Physician, heal thy Self, As the new cosmic energy flows out the fingertips, it is seen as a linear aura. (Circular aura around heads and bodies indicates passive, non-working potential.) Move the fingertips to a friend's body. Feel the proper distance between the fingertips and body (about 1 or 2 in-ches ) . The distance is a direct function of the energy flow from the fingers encountering the energy field radiating around the body. Two like poles on a magnet repel each other. Two unlike poles attract. Move the fingertips until the energy is sucked in like into a hungry baby. This is an entropy point. A cosmic sewer. Entropy is the opposite of energy. Entropy is negative energy. En-ergy is anti-entropy. Entropy is degrading energy. Entropy is the power of destruction. Energy is the power of construction. Death is entropy. Life is energy. Die--ease is caused by entropy: by improperly functioning cells in the brain--body, improperly
computing in--coming cosmic consciousness through the reptilian brain (reticular activating formation) into competitive consciousness. Ease is caused by energy: by properly functioning cells in the brain-- body, properly computing inrtcoming cosmic consciousness through the limbic system into the frontal lobes, which releases cooperative con-- sciousness, love and fun. Love thy Self first. Entropy is "combed-out" by healing hands. Comb the fingers outwards from the head down to the neck, shoulders, arms, hands; down from the neck, to the chest, trunk, legs, feet. The reverse direction is bad because it "combs-in" entropy; it combs--back entropies into greater congestions in the head. Like cities. Once an entropy point of stale energy or rotted energy is identified by sensitively searching fingers and combed out, genetic intelligence automatically pours warm cosmic energy into the abscess, The once Ialthy tissue is re-healed back to its original child purity: no entropy. Aging slows. Longivity occurs. The human brain--body is genetically designed to live at least 160 slurping summers, as demonstrated by ion-givity people in the mountains of the Caucasus, Andes, Himalayas and Rockies. They have a lust for Life. The mechanism to self-release healing hands now is known in scientific detail as a chain of self-- controlled events starting in the cor-- tex, working back through the temporal lobes and hippocampus, which then triggers the amygdala click-switch into the dormant frontal lobes: -- the locus of all normal paranormal powers.
Each one teach one.
1- What experiment can you design to prove you have healing hands? 2- How 1o you get into "Love Mind" to make healing hands flow in brain? 3- Which friend shall be your "Healing Partner" to cause this emergence? Lesson 5: Brath )t/4rF G vAt 14 T/i Your brain is magic. The magic of your Father's sperm triggered your Mother's ovum to create the fantastic recapitulatiOfl of 400,000,000
years of evolution, carrying forward your successful reptilian ancestors, old mammal ancestors and new mammal and primate ancestors into the stupendous intelligence of your brain cells to compute consciousness into voluptuous emotions, genius thought and final transcendence? How far dare you now accept this gift into cosmic expansion?
Brain self-control causes self-controlled
evolution into whole brain power. The skill of
brain self-control is oblique. By doing a sequence
of secondary actions---- described and guided by the
Lessons of this Workbook---- you remove blocks of
entropy inhibiting specific brain or-gans from
surging forward with primary energy to fulfill
their full p0-tential behaviors dictated by genetic
intelligence. a_JaaQQeen tropy block is removed via
specific se1fhraPYtc V. hfliqUeS specific fO±tiard
from that organ to cause uni4ue new of how to
cumulate this newly freed energy into
st{I6IIлThierieS of self-therapy, self--control and
1- Describe your readings in neurology (Nachiney of Brain, Dean Wooldridge, 1963, McGraw-CHill; Brain: fl& Last Fronti, Richard Restak, 1979, Warner Books). Describe how abrain works to compute consciousness into an emotion and a thought. 2- Why does brain compute emotion first and thought second? What is the relation of this process to evolution? To transcendence? 3- Define intelligence. How does your intelligence increase or de. crease by your understanding of your brain? How is your intelligence increased or decreased by your parents's understanding of your brain? How much intelligence can you expect to accept if you are rnotivated to release your dormant brain organs? Is it increasing now? How?---- 4- Inventory the functions of your brain which you can self-control by a direct act of will. By an indirect act of will. Inventory those functions which you cannot control by a direct or indirect act of will. Which of the latter can be converted to the former? How? Demonstrate. 5- What is the relationship of philosophic values about The Good Life to the functioning of specific organs in the brain? How can this relationship be self-controlled to increase the functioning of those organs into maximum efficiency? 6- What is your theory---- elevated to a selftestable hypothesis----- of how to harmoniously link your triune brain from your reptilian brain through your paleo mammalian brain to your neo mammalian brain of cor--tex and frontal lobes to cause maximum efficiency of computing emotions and
thoughts to survive and transcend the lower reality
of the permanent war society controlled by killer
apes? rj
7- Invent, describe and demonstrate your
comprehensive set of self-defense and counter--
attack "display behavi9rs" computed out of your
re pt ii ian bra in . `r . P ciM' ui c-L
Invent, describe and demonstrate your cooperation
and love display behaviors computed out of your
frontal lobes.
9- Why must the approach of neural cybernetics be
drastically different
lie S S ofl 6 t ci1,ci PlayI FunsI.
Uninhibited, vigorous child play relaxes and releases the defenses ` around your child trauma memories and allows these memories to rise up
for self--therapy discharge. By playing unselfconsciously---- in the flow of love and Life-- you remind your child that there were fun times as well as the traumatic times. This relaxes your unconscious tenseness about confronting and reliving past child hurts.
Harmonize your clean child energy with the energy of the mountain, the trees, the flowers, the deer, the hawks, the stars. Kid talk to them; with them. In split-brain paradox, allow your adult to observe your kid talking so as to discover intellectually the deeper therapeutic function of this play method. Intellectually observe how your child puts you in touch with your pure, deep love, joy and meaninging with the Lifeforce; with cosmic consciousness. As you learn neurophysiology, observe how different organs click off inhibitors and click on enthus-- iasms; how your brain
automatically shifts from left-hemisphere linear thinking to right-hemisphere artistic emotion flow.
While in the right-hemisphere, gently push your consciousness up into the frontal lobes. Child play is the shortcut.
1- Build the neetest lean-to with all kinda secrut
hidin places,
2- Discover the caves an hidey holes up in the
3- Didja ever crawl down the Socrates Trail? Walk
4- Sing a song to a tree an tellum alla bout
Mommie an Daddie.
5- Sculpt poopie
6-- Dig a hole.
7- Bugs. Pullom apart. What makesem wiggle?
8-- Roll down a grass slope.
Look upside down through your legs.
10- Make a doll from sticks an grass an flowers.
11- Climb atree. Swing on a branch.
12- Build a treehouse. Build a hut.
13- Play hidengoseek. Kick the can. Baby inna hole.
Capture the flag.
14- Sculpt a tree.
15- Dance a tree.
16-- Have a innalectchul diskussion with a tree.
17- Make a rock an log fort to fight off the
18- Play Mountain Man an Mountain Woman round the
19-- Barry a message in a jar with secrut stuff from
your pocket.
20-- Watch clouds.
21-- Sail boats. In pee.
22- Make up words, names, gurgles, snuffels, pipps
an popps.
23- Make up rituals for each part of the day.
24- Make up a song for each ritual.
25- Make off' like you are somebuddy from history and be him/her all day. 26- Eat like a liddle kid, 27-- Sleep like a liddle kid. \1akeup like a liddle kid. 28---- Ask somebuddy if s/he wantsta be your playmate. 29- Make up new games together. : Go for a Beauty VIalk together holding hands & oohing & ahhing. 32-- :3334-- :35361192,833Get the idee? Supplement "A" to Lesson 6, "Child Playsie Funsie Gamsie": "Self-Diagnosis of Play Burnout" When the genetically innate and neurally healthy emotion to love Self -- and love Life via play is burned out, intelligence rots and the physical body accelerates toward death. The ability to play games----- quietly or raucously--like the Child who you still (always) are, is a direct measure of that genetic and neural process to release dormant creative energies into unlimited intelligence and love. Re-phrase the Self-Diagnosis Graph in the study guide apparatus. Change the +1, +2, +3... words to indicate your
intuitive feeling of interest, excitement, ecstacy and fullfillment while playing with primal nature--- the ultimate source of all Life energy. Change the -I, --2, -3... words to identify your discomfort, embarassment, blockage, stress, hostility and flatout deadness to play. The precise self-measurement of the inability to play is the precise measurement of the point at -- which the brain burnout is progressing toward inexorable termination. The seriousness of the self-diagnosis determines the cure and the prognosis. The deeper the deadness to play and laugh and love freely, the deep-- er the neural burnout, the more creative must be the cure to avoid total human collapse. 1- Compare your re-phrasing of the Self-Diagnosis Graph with others to share and borrow better words to create a better tool. 2- Apply your tool at different times of the day to determine maximum and minimum measurements. . 3-- Diagnose workmates in your workplace. Prescribe a prescription, democratically and lovingly.
V___ Shortcut Exercise Self TranscendenQ Wor1thoq witit Gratification Creativity" I-- Start with Lesson 6, "Child Playsie Funsie Gamsie." This immediately -- reduces your adult stress to child relaxation with the problem. Turn the problem around like a child, upside down, backwards, inside out. See it with new eyes; un--neurotic child eyes of sensitivity, wonder and awe. This automatically clicks the arnygdala out of left-hemisphere (for right handed person; reversed for lefty) linear/logical/verbal computation in to right--hemisphere pattern/playfull/non-verbal computation. 2- As spontaneity and enthusiasm for doing the problem increase in right hemisphere, gently but specifically pJ your thoughts and emotions forward into your dormant frontal lobes. Do this precisely in the same way you "push" a bowel movement. Visualize the image of a big, beautiful radiant lump in your right-hemisphere. Grunt and urge it forward. (See Lesson 20: "Self Guided Imaging.") This will click your arnygdala f or-- ward into your frontal lobes temporarily. It is an endaround run. It by-passes your left-hemisphere neurosis of repressed child trauma memories, which are too confused, pained and fear filled to continue growing forward by genetic drive into whole brain power. 3- Frontal lobes (right quadrant only) now will compute wild, magnif i-- cent multiple solutions to your primary problem. Secondary and tertiary problems impacted in memory also will chain-react into multiple solutions. 4- Experiment with performing this exercise at different times of day. Do the exercise at night
before bed and receive your answers in mor -- ning pre -c onsc ious state (Lesson 19 ) . Observe temporary increase of multiple orgasm (Lesson 35). 5--- After solving this problem, your brain mechanism will collapse back to routine neurosis. But 3 steps forward will be only 2 steps back. You now know how your brain computes this automatic process via feelirg. So now re-read Lessons 31, 32 and Supplement "A," "Creativity." You now will understand the neurology of creative computation: simple, self-controlled, automatic clicking of your amygdala into triune organs (Lesson 12) to release unlimited intelligence for survival self-defense and counter-attack as well as love transcendence; to release unlimited imagination, rapture and growth. Life meaning. 6- Once you have performed this long form of this shortcut 3 times, your synapses will be ready for the short shortcut: Lesson 28, "Mountam Meditation: Closed Focused Meditation." The laser needle of focus-ed meditation clicks your amygdala forward into frontal lobes at will; in 2 or 3 minutes; at any time you need to solve a particularly important problem with stupendously overwhelming intelligence and creativity --- regardless of where you are on your personal gradient of self--therapy. (But preferably not during rush hour driving.) It is the free gift of genetic intelligence. It is the seduction of your ego into growing up: into transcendence. Into egolessness. _ Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory Dormant Brain Release School Laughing Coyote Mountain
Box 10 Black Hawk, Colorado 80422 Lesson 7: Release Repress4 TraWI. Memori The house of one's personality is built on the foundation of repressed child trauma memories and repressed infant trauma memories. If that personality is wrongly lived or/and neurotic, it must be dismantled and rebuilt. The dismantling starts with the attic doWn, nith first---tOo soon--- causes the carefully constructed defenses around these mom-ones to be threatened and doubled. `So start by first taking apart your repressed adult trauma memories and repressed adolescent trauma memories stored in the cortex. This causes a trickle-down of courage and confidence into your temporal lobes to release your child memories and into your hippocampus to release your infant memories. This per-suades your child and infant that the process really works and that it is not as frightening and painful as they think. Thus, child and in-fant lower their defenses, release their memories of hurts in proper sequence and allow the therapeutic discharge of emotion to happen via "Self Trauma Drama" of Lesson 16. The reverse procedure--- of not ad-equately cleansing adult and adolescent trauma memories--- causes quick popping of the frontal lobes, quick experiencing of first cosmic pyrotechnics and quick burnout. `1- Inventory your comprehensive list of adult and adolescent problems --- physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual (PIES)--- block-ing you from daily satisfaction, cooperation, intelligence, love, soul-- mating and happiness. 2- Act-out with extreme emotion and intellectual
ruthlessness a dialog with yourself criticizing your procrastination/laziness/confusion/uncreativity/fear which have prevented you from heretofore solving these problems. 3- SepaieeacpobleTn into A- Parts I can chage; B- pV.Vf cVannot change. 4- Select one problem. Plan a strategy and tactics of extreme emotion and intellectual ruthlessness to solve that problem via: A- Long-range time/energy/work/production; B- Middle-range T/E/W/P; C- Short-range TEWP. 5- How does your matrix of unsolved adult and adolescent problems block your cortex from releasing to awareness your repressed child trauma memories stored in your temporal lobes and your repressed infant trauma memories stored in your hippocampus? 6- What is the prapatic benefit to your approaching child/infant self-therapy to first solve such gross adult/adolescent problems as getting a perfect education and earning freedom money? 7- What is the long-range benefit to your emotional survival in the competitive capitalist system to develop the adult skills immediate-- ly by which you can earn sufficient subsistence money in the shortest time so you can escape the deadly, spiritkilling trap of insufficient wage slavery? 8- How does demonstrating adult social intelligence via creative money- making and power-wisdom accelerate your
child/infant self-therapy into sooner, deeper, more profound and permanent frontal lobes opening? Lesson 8: Ojen Reeptiye Meditation Meditation slows thought down from 3 thoughts swirling around the brain until they dissolve into 2 thoughts, then to 1 thought. Then, no thought. No think. No thing. Nothingness. Meditation is half way between sleep and wake. When awake, cosmic consciousness enters your brain in the reticular activating formation and is computed immediately into competitive (reptilian core) or coop-erative (frontal lobes) thought and emotion. Meditation stops this constant computation so you can see and feel your brain receiving pure cosmic consciousness prior to meatgrinding and sausage-making. Imagine cosmic consciousness as water flowing from the Universe. It enters your brain and turns 3 water-wheels which produce thought and emotion. These are the 3 decision--making centers, one in each of your :3 evolutionary brains in your triune brain--- explained in Lesson 12. Image the stop of these water-wheels. Your personal inner consciousness water, contaminated with fecal thought and sour emotion, is stopp-- ed. Pure cosmic consciousness floods in, overwhelms your 3 decision-- making centers, overwhelms your inner dirty water and flushes your clogged head toilet. This is why you feel so good, relieved and relaxed after open receptive meditation. You do not change anything. You merely flush out poisons. The change comes with "Closed Focused Medi-- tation"--later, in Lesson 28. 1- During any part of the day which feels comfortable, set aside 20 mm utes as fixed routine. Close door, shade,light. Sit on chair, ground or lie in bed. No mumbo jumbo cross
leggedness to block blood.
2- Prior to meditation, concentrate your emotions
and willpower on a pattern of feeling-knowing:
"Me Universe. Universe Me. We are
One. Brain = Universe. The whole Universe is
trying to flow into my brain." Believe. It is so.
This is your foundation trust in Self.
Close eyes. Slow down. Count from 100 to 1
backwards to focus chaos1 Allow each thought to
intrude and flow away naturally to nothingness
Do not resist any frisky thought nor force it to
stop. It will evaporate into void by itself. Be
natural and loving to your Self.
4-- Concentrate on your breathing. As you exhale,
quietly hummmmm the S ound mantra , "
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . " Th i S s e ts up
a re s on-- ance of 6 to 7 Hertz which vibrates
through your skull bone and brain and triggers a
sympathetic surge of high density alpha brain
waves (8 to 13 Hertz) which sweeps across the
entirety of your dominant brain hemisphere (left-
hemisphere if you are right-handed; right if left--
hand ed). The alpha rhythm next spreads over the
opposite hemisphere, Alpha waves are meditation;
soothing. They soothe your 3 decision-making
centers to stop computing thought and emotion
about to be formed.
5- As the mantra resonates deeply, at precisely
the proper amplitude and frequency of sound
wave required by your unique temporal lobes
and hippocampus, these storage organs may release
repressed child and infant trauma memories. The
intensity of the pain may be too great. If so,
give up for that day. You will learn how to grab
these precious exposures and discharge them
therapeutically via "Self Trauma Drama" in Lesson
6- If the mantra resonates shallowly and no trauma
is triggered and you progress from no thought to
nothingness, you will feel your Self expand out
through your frontal lobes and pineal gland (third eye) out to Universe. Flow out. Cosmic consciousness will flow in, thereby corn-pleting the circuit with the reticular activating formation, sloshing back and forth, reverseflushing and cleaning out encrusted poo p00. You now are open and receptive to the total goodness of the Lifeforce; cosmic consciousness. Cosmic consciousness is the carrier wave upon which rides cosmic intelligence. It travels in zero-time throughout the Universe/hologram. You may be zapped by a cosmic thought which will change your Life. God's bean blower. Lesson 9: Dormant Brain How dormant, actually, is the human brain? Popular folksay ins jets , "The human brain is 90% dormant . " The e stimate is proving to be too conservative. Neurologists have identified disproportionately large "silent areas" upon the back half of the 1/6th inch thick cortex where all sensing is computed. In addition, apart from small association areas, most of the forward half, the frontal cortex, is unexplained. The entire bulk of the dormant frontal lobes have been demonstrated to be the locus of the nnirvana/satori/samadhi/kairos/borrl'agaifl" transcendence phenomenon. The cortex contains 12 billion neurons. The 3VlflCh layer underneath i_s composed of 120 billion glial cells. Aside from a minor support function to the surface neurons, neurologists cannot identify any thought, communication or behavior purpose of the glia. In hydroceph---- alic people, the cerebrospinal fluid backs up into the brain and dissol-- yes the
glia, leaving the person functioning normally. The function of the pineal gland has not been identified. Mystics claim it is the "third eye" into cosmic vision. Even non-dormant, active brain organs have stupendously unused p0-tentials. According to Neurologist Karl Pribram: "Experiments have been done showing that just 2 percent of the fibers in a particular system would retain that system's function. There is an amazing amount of redundancy in the brain. We cannot explain it." Children can. All these facts show that genetic intelligence has built a stagger-- V irig logic of unused brain potential in each human to encourage evolu-- tion. The above-average (non-conformist) individual is seduced to use, "accidentally," a little more of each brain organ's sluggish tissue to compute a little more of that organ's power to see and communicate a little more with the grossly dormant areas to make first contact into ultimate reality: cosmic perception and communication. The first step in self-controlled human evolution is to understand and accept this vast, free gift of available brain dormancy. The sec-- ond step is to release this dormancy progressively. The final measurement of Wo/Man's dormancy is stupendous when com-- pared to its ultimate potential. According to Neurology Nobel Laureate Sir VJ0} Eccles: "The power of the human brain probably is infinite." Any daily computation of thought, emotion and love which is less than infinitely wise, ecstatic and fulfilling is proof of one's crushing, smothering, Life-crippling brain dormancy, the release of which awaits patiently.
1--- Do you believe the above? Why? Shall you check the original cites? 2- What consequence to your Life? How does this change your motivatiai to do the work and expand the Lessons of this Worop)c? -- 3- Do you know how to do library research which traces down the origin-al citations in professional journals abstracted above? Explain. 4- What is your opinion of the religious method and the scientific - - -- - -- ,- 0 V __-1 Supplement "A" to Le sson 9 2 "Dormant Bra in" : Sc ient ific Me thod of Inquiry versus Philosophic Method of Inquiry (SMI/PMI). Science is the method of inquiry by which a fact is proved. Philosophy is the method of inquiry by which a value is persuaded. A philosophic value is not a scientific fact. V A scientific fact can be extrapolated toward a philosophic value via ,, spe culation" : guess ing ( intuitive ly) what the ne xt step might be. A speculated "fact" may or may not be true. Future scientific exper-- imentation will prove its truth or falsity. But for now, a speculated fact, or a series of speculated facts, are necessary to form a heuris-- tic (Greek, heurikq: find out) reasoning logic mechanism--- a temporary classification scaffolding-- which holds all known facts in place like a stone arch until the key-- stone is discovered and inserted, there-by removing the heuristic device, for the fact arch now stands strongly by itself. The heuristic structure holds
all known facts in place in a logical system of inter--relations with unknown, intuited facts (non-- facts; factoids; values) so as to think-create a theory from which new, experimentally testable hypotheses can be generated. This WorkbQз is a heuristic structure : a C omprehens lye theory from which the inter-related hypothesis of brain self-control, self--therapy and self-transcendence is being tested parametrically and longitudinal---ly via the science of selfexperimentation (SOSE). Master your science. Science (Latin, scieii sзJ: to know) is the coordinated system: OH! I'M QER CoP: Observation. Hypothesis. Instrumentation. Measurement. Quantification. Experimentation. Replication. Control. Prediction. Philosophy (Greek, fji-]-Vio: love of; sofia: wisdom) is the loose sys'-- tern: VALP: Valuechoice from biologically felt need. Assumption from abstract reasoning of the nature of reality (NoR), the nature of human nature (NoHN) and the nature of human motivation (NoHM). Logic of how all these philosophic elements fit together with scientific fact ele ments to form components which can be tested in daily behavior to discover a complete, true system: your Philosophy of Life (PoL). Persuas-'ion---- agitation and propagandizement--- of others to notice, under-stand, accept, believe and follow your system. Science progresses by exact facts, rules and laws of cause. Philosophy progresses by inexact values, maleable recommendations ("oughts," "shoulds," "musts") and hopes of cause (wishful thinking). V Physics is the codification of the ultimate rules of science as determined by the dispassionate, objective scientific method of inquiry. Meta--(beyond)-physics ignores, claims to go beyond, provable facts and rules to state
objectively unprovable, intuitive factoids and values which are claimed to be subjectively provable. Meta-physics can give no objectively provable rules for brain self--control, self-therapy and self--transcendence. Neurology can.
1-- Is the study of consciousness a physic or meta-
physic? Which "should" it be? How can it be
disciplined scientifically away from
inexact, maleable intuition and toward absolute
2- Analyze each metaphysic system of "mind"
enlightenment into its corn-ponents and
elements. Test which are scientific facts and
are philosophic values of intuitive hopes and wish
3- When does a legitimate, credible philosophic
value become an illeg-- itimate, incredible
mumbo jumbo? How do you prove such?
4-- What is the consequence to yo.a'Life of not
mastering the scientific and philosophic
methods of inquiry to identify facts from
values in
any belief system, including this one? To discover
new Life behaviors?
How does "ego-warp" fracture the white light of
cosmic truth into the pretty spectrum of
prophet untruth? Give examples. What con-
sequence to student-follower of ego-warped
"transcended master"? How can democratic self-
transcendence transcend this historic problem of
prophets monopolizing genetically innate
transcendence? What consequence to 4,000,000,000
Lesson 10: Dorrna Frontai. Lo
The human frontal lobes are dormant. Ever since they bulged out 7OO,OOOyears ago, all they have `been doing is performing a minor function of
associating future intentions with daily activity. Except in mutants like Buddha, Jesus and Moharnmad, they do not perform their available major job: cosmic perception and communication of advanced intelligence. This function is released and becomes operational during the transcendence experience. The dormant frontal lobes are self-released obliquely. By releasing the bound energy of neurosis stored in the hippocampus, this free energy is shunted into the amygdala click-switch and clicks it forward into it frontal lobes. The gush of new energy causes the first of a progressive series of transcendence experiences until final nirvana is achieved. 1- From your readings in neurology and anthropology, what do you know about the frontal lobes? What do neurologists not know about the frontal lobes, although they claim superior information and authority over the subject? What does this suggest to you about your proper re-- lationship to cultural Authorities who choose your Life goals for you? 2- How do Eastern/oriental mystics upset neurology? 3- Have you ever felt any tinglings, buzzings, surges or popps in your frontal lobes? What does this suggest is happening? How can you directly and indirectly guide this experience to increase these involuntary self-circuitings into dormant cells and tissues? Review all prior 9 Lessons and re-evaluate each part which prepares your foundation of philosophic values, beliefs and attitudes and scientific facts as pre-requisite to building the strongest structure conceivable into your action of
self-circuiting your frontal lobes. 5-- What do your intuitions tell you about the available powers waiting in your underused frontal lobes? Do they describe how you can self- release these powers uniquely? What are intuitions? 6- Are you impatient to get your frontal lobes fully open? How is this impatience a good motivator to do the long, hard work being present-- ed slowly and patiently in these Lessons? How is this impatience a dan'-- gerous temper tantrum which might persuade you to build your house pre-- maturely with a rotten foundation under it? 7- After transcendence, how will you be able to prove to academic skeptics, objectively and scientifically, that your frontal lobes are, in fact, released and functioning paranormally? Why? 8- How does love of your Self---- totally cleansed-- and love of others relate to the process of self-circuiting into your dormant frontal lobes? Why is Social Intelligence necessary to balance your Personal Intelligence as pre--requisite for full frontal lobes transcendence? References: I- Pribram, Karl H. and Luria, Alexandr H., Psycboyiolgy Frontal Lobes. New York and London: Academic Press, 1973. 2- Walsh, Kevin W., Neuropsychpggy: Cliniзa Appraj chapter 4, "mhr rrn-1:1 Trh' 1diVflhurPh. London and New York: Churchill Lesson 11: Temporal Lobes, Hippocarnpus, Amygdala Consult a neurology text and locate these organs.
Compare the con-- servative text description of the function of each organ with the radical description in this course. From hard science experiments it is known that the temporal lobes are the locus of repressed child trauma memories (RCTM). The hippocam'-pus is the locus of repressed infant trauma memories (RITM). The amygdala is the click-switch which is evolutionarily and culturally clicked backward into the older parts of the human animal brain to compute con-sciousness into c ornpetitive , aggress ive , violent and kill behaviors If the amygdala can be clicked forward, the frontal lobes will compute con-sciousness into cooperative family and community love behaviors. The method to click the amygdala forward starts with releasing and emotionally discharging (via Self Trauma Drama) repressed adult trauma memories and repressed adolescent trauma memories stored in the cortex. This bound energy of neurosis (HEON) is turned into free energy (FE). This free energy automatically is guided by genetic intelligence into the temporal lobes to release repressed child trauma memories. After emotional discharge, this cumulating free energy finally is guided aito-- matically into the hippocampus to release repressed infant trauma memones. After emotional discharge, this final gush of cumulated free energy is guided automatically into the amygdala, overwhelms it and clicks it forward into the frontal lobes transcendence phenomenon. 1- Learn to use the library to trace down professional journal research reports through the directories: Big1oiQ SQt ychologic Abstracts, Index Meз1icus. What are the hard science data from electro-- probe, ablation and autopsy experiments that confirm the functions of the cortex, temporal lobes, hippocampus and amygdala as herein des-cribed?
2- What are the limits of these hard data when extrapolated into the pragmatic use described in this Workbqo? :3-What cautions and what daring leaps of intuitions are justified when extrapolating these hard neurophysiological data of memory organ storage into the frontal lobes transcendence phenomenon? U- If the cortex/temporallobes/hippocamPUS/amYgdala/fr0fl tal_l05 linkage is, in fact, thee mechanism to cause mass--transcendence in whole populations, why has it not been discovered prior to this time? 5- How can the hippocampus/amygdala/frorital-lObeS (HAFL) brain revolution bebrought down from the clouds of akademe to the masses of people sufring their dormant brains and searching for whole brain power? What is your step--by-step program to contribute to this salvation and redemption of planet Earth? 6- What is your step--by--step program to liberate your Self first, prirr to assuming leadership of a sector (spearhead?) of the brain revol--- ution? ***Copies of professional journal cites relevant to the above will be circulated during class. Take to your lean-to and read. Indicate on the master control sheet which you have read. Once one journal article has been read by all students, a special class will be held to discuss it. Prepare yourself to carry on a scholar's discussion with your peers without a teacher giving you leading questions. Learn to analyze and criticize the absolute scientific foundation which
justi-- fies and verifies this program and your coming transcendence experience. Lesson 12* Triune Brain The human brain is 3 brains in 1, each separate from the other, each with its own decision--making center, each with its own specialized, auto-- matic program for survival and transmutation into the next higher evol-- utioriary stage of fulfillment. The reptilian core brain was evolved whenOur ancestors first were bulging out a complex brain from the primitive spinal cord 1400,000,000 years ago. This evolutionary advance was carried forward in the genetic code. Around the reptile organs, the paleo (old) mammal brain evolved 200,000,000 years ago. It contains the limbic system which computes emotions. Finally, the neo (new) mammalian brain evolved around the prior two. It contains the extended cortex and frontal lobes. Accord-ing to Paul MacLean, the original researcher who first discovered these facts, "the amalgamation amounts to three inter--connected biological computers, with each inferred to have its own special intelligence, its own subjectivity, its own sense of time and space, its own memory, motor and other functions." Terminal human behavior is the sum total compromise---- a force vector----- between these 3 diverging computers of action, emotion and thought. By learning the unique function of each automatic brain and the connections between each, you can learn to control, converge and harmonize their divergent, disharmonized computations to cause more in-- telligent, more efficient superbehaviors. 1- From your personal study of the primary data researched by MacLean, discuss what you know about the functioning of the triune brain.
2-- The limbic system is the locus of emotions. What does this suggest about the relation of the emotions and the reptilian brain? What does this suggest about the reason for violence and war in emotionless killer apes? What changes in the penal system would you recommend? How can you stop war? Within yourself?
3-- What do you Intuit is the beneficial relationship between your rep-tile brain and your dormant frontal lobes? How can you improve this linkage into greater efficiency for survival and transcendence? How can you dominate and transcend this linkage into cosmic perception, communication and love?
References s
MacLean, Paul D. On the evolution of' the three mentalities. Man-Environrnзnit stems, 1975, 5: 213-224.
---- The triune brain in conflict. Psychotherapy and
1977, 28 207--220.
--- Why brain research on lizards? havV.c and urolo
of Lizar, 1978, National Institute of Mental
Health. V
Hoiden, Constance. Paul MacLean and -the triune brain. Scjence, volume 2014, June 8, 1979.
(1-us bookis being written and published at the time this is being Le s s on 13 ` Traum Dratn T1e ory The human triune brain contains the automatic, genetic, self-healg mechanism which clears the neo
mammalian braLrL9f' repressed chfld trau-- ma memories as the_first ste±fdclea-ng the paleo mammalian bam evolutionary txma memories. Re-- pressed trauma memories cause neurosis. eurosis is gene ic in e i-- gence blocked from completing its circuit through personal intelligere into cosmic intelligence. At each stage of' regression, bound energy of neurosis is released into free energy. Free energy automatically is ehinted by genetic intelligence through the amygdala into the dorTnant frontal lobes to cause the nirvana/born-again transcendence phen--oraenon. Simply by acting-out a repressed child trauma memory of confusion, pain or fear, its negative emotion is discharged. The negative child memory stored in the temporal lobes is discharged. The negative infant memory stored in the hippocampus is discharged. The bound energy of neurosis which disproportionately holds each memory in each tissue is turned loose to release your dormant frontal lobes. 1- Start with your unrepressed, consciously aware memories of child traumas. Later, you will use focused meditation to bring up re-- pressed, unconscious memories. Eventually, interview all family mem-- bers (via scripted questions and tape recorder) to get the facts of your conception, gestation, birth, infancy and childhood experiences; both Positive and Negative. 2- Don't go insane. Don't overload your brain with too much emotion too soon, thereby causing breakdown into psychosis, Self--therapy is self-responsibility. While actually being-- feeling your child at that age when that trauma happened , maintain your adult sani ty rope up out of the retrogression hole of pain and tie it to a
rational pine tree. Then BE that child. Re-- experience that child fully. Feel that pain fully. Feeling only 99% is not passing in the school of Life. 3- Act--out the trauma drama, Experiment with different locations and times of day. Morning pre-conscious always is best. Primal nature always is best. The primal nature energy vortex in morning is the sup-- reme therapeutic environment for re-birthing your Life; the urban en-- tropy environment is the least nurturing. Make your decision: How do you intend to save your Life? What Life do you choose to Live? Where? 4- After each trauma drama, review the neurophysiologic mechanisms which were involved so as to improve your understanding and control of the basic machinery involved in this revolutionary process. 5-- After each trauma drama, write the comprehensive experience in your Inner Journal so as -to document your soul history evolving from blind, obedient cultural conformity to visionary, voluptuous freedom soaring into the next stage of human transmutation. Do you have a desire to be a teacher/leader to other pre-mutants ready to make this accelerated leap into self--realization? Are you willing to learn the disciplined skills of being such a leader prior to the time of your own transcendence? If so, how shall this accelerate your transcend-- _ ence? What is the neural/genetic logic? 6- After each trauma drama, each one teach one. Sharing each stage of your self-cleansing and forward growth with one or more other persons not only inspires them to follow your example, but solidifies your determination to keep your nose to the delicious grindstone until you too
experience the supreme moment of breakthrough. Lesson 14 Trauma Draina, Met1 Act I s Trauma · Act--out V the event as it fac tually happened in total, defenselйTVulnerab1e child confusion, pain and fear. Act-- out the event in full screaming, snotting, theatricV drama. Either sak the words OUt loud or speak them ins ide your head .YVVBe cVVVr . Do _V sTh&tiYi VVVBФ V,ch VVVVVVV ШflVVVVtotгlIy and si*iultiсeously. Be your cry-ing child simultaneously while being your parent speaking wrong reacti words/gesture/emoti0nS against your biological and emotional needs. Allow-your adult defenses to collapse totally. Suffer total defea t' in-uticeanddestruction of your cosmic sanely. V Act II : VVvenge . ACt'-OUVVVt VVV VVV ev зV V. playing both your child and par erit. But this time add a third person: You as your now adult, with full intelligence and full power to protect your child and to dommate your parent. Do the forbidden: Criticize, judge anddarnm your parent in your child's voice. Your chi1 now does what s/he could never do: dominate, control, criticize, judge and damm that parent for an injustice done. Parents ignorant of perfect neural growth blackmail a child not to cry its deepest repressed trauma pain by conditioning and programming the child with complex cultural defense mechanisms, the deepest of which is the child's fear that parent will withhold the ultimate nutrient crucial to sane child growth: love. Your child is now totally self-confident and totally wise with your adult guidance. Your child is now your parent's parent, telling her/him what is right and what is wrong. But the damage has been done. Your child was crippled. The law was broken. Your parent broke the natural law of genetic child development into cosmic love. Social justice must
be done. Your child takes your parent to evolutionary court. Your child, speaking with your adult intelligence, is killer-ape prosecutor, snarling jury and pre-judicedjudg. The trial is ruthlesslyiiest--- in you±Thvor. The direct examination and cross examination are ruthlessly therapeutic. The verdict VVVVV given. (Guess who loses to that packed jury.) The judgment is given. The punishment is inflicted: eternal damnation of no-growth ; nontranscendence · Child punishes parent. Justice is rendered. A soul for a soul, Child catharsis is achieved. RevengeV. Sweet. But revenge is not love. Revenge is simply re-balancing your deepest, reptilian brain. Revenge is not ultimately satisfying. Re-- venge does not genetically shunt energy into frontal lobes. Act III: Forgiveness. "Forgive him/her, for s/he knew not what s/he did to screw up my Life." Redemption. Transfiguration. Act- out the event as it shoul have happened with love. After Act I and Act II are repeated until all emotion is drained and only cold logic remains, fantasize the most perfect and wise and loving way that epi-- sode shbuld have occurred. Persuade your parent to be all-knowing par-- ent: to see and understand your child need with total teaching and patience so you are guided out of that pain and into your full genetic flow toward whole brain power happiness and cosmic fulfillment. Image the most wondrous and beautiful resolution of that most grim and hurt-ing trauma. Forgive your parent for being so unknowing, insensitive and foolish with the pawn of your precious Life. Transcend your parent. Act I causes the sub-threshold, unconscious memory to be volted up tV VCOflSC1OUS awareness. But conscious awareness is not emotional dis
-- charge. Act I is classical Freudian couch
"therapy": intellectual in-sight therapy. It is not
emotional feeling therapy. It does not discharge
the negative emotion. Thus does such "therapy"
prolong itself ($) for 20 years with zero reports
of frontal lobes transcendence into
mmtiiri±ier nс
Supplement "A" to Lesson 14, "Self Trauma Drama":
"y Briзiin."
Bonding in total trust and love to a reciprocally growing soulmate causes the fear of growing up to dissolve and to be replaced by excite-- -· ment, drive and perpetual fulfillment. As water in a U-shaped, clear plastic hose seeks its natural, balanced level, so too does the high level of energy within the superior person lovingly go down to the low level of energy--- of entropy----- within the inferior person, thereby bringing him/her up to their natural, shared equi---librium Q4br: balance; liberty: freedom) point. V
The trauma drama is acted-out at this disproportionately energized point, causing accelerated breakthrough, cleansing and healing of a single, repressed, blocking, poisoning child pain.
After the superior person helps the inferior person to act-out and emotionally discharge that Life-ruining trauma, the bound energy of neurosis holding together the trauma memory--- binding to the tissues of the temporal lobes for child memories; to the tissues of the hippo-campus for infant memories---- is liberated into free energy. That unit of your personality entropy is dissolved. That unit of that free en-ergy raises the equilibrium point between you and your soulrnate.
This process continues until both of you are equi-liberated; until both of your energy/entropy mixtures are equal. (See Lesson 24: "Ener---- gy/Entropy Physics.") From then on, you both progress in reciprocal love growth------- as true soulmates, not wish-fulfillment fantasy soul murderers--- through your first frontal lobes transcendence climax. Then you continue on up the genetic escalator into all stages, expansions and circuitings of nirvana and diverse creativities through your whole brain powers converging in shared social actions. 1---- Discuss the energy/entropy relationship between you and your soul-beloved/teacher/friend . Identify the superiority/inferiority levels of each. Identify your reciprocal needs; your reciprocal equilibrium point. 2- Discuss your process and invent your method to take turns in helping each other release a single unit of personal need so as to release progressively higher quantities and qualities of bound energies; so as to raise the equilibrium point progressively until one, or both, of you -- experiences the first frontal lobes popp----singly or simultaneously; in isolated skull consciousness or in shared consciousness. U--tube astride the cosmic rocket. 3- What if mate dont wanria grow up? .Lesson 15: IRolcaso Child Traujn Memoriз V At tho timo of utorino grovith of the fotus, birth and the first 6 months of external rowth,the ideation centers and the speech centers in the left hemisphere arc not yet connected to the limbic emotion sys-- tern. All infant trauma emotions are felt and stored without ideation
content and without words in the hiTpocampUs, which is part of the urnhic system. After 6 months, tho ideation and spooch centersaro gonotically connected to tho limbic system. From then on, all child trauma emotions are felt and stored with ideation content--- the child ets the idea that the stove is hot---- and with words--- "Ooch"--- in the temporal lobes at the temples. Mechanical manipulations, described in fo1lowin Lessons, systematically release these bound child memories---- -- from ao 6 months to adolescence--- stored in the temporal lobes. The emotional pain of each is discharged via Self Trauma Drama. If the repressed infant trauma memories stored in the hippocampus arc roloasod prior to the repressed child trauma memories, the over whelming, unfocused, unprepared pain can cause breakdown of the WhOle, orderly, self--healing brain mechanism into psychosis. Thus, the genotically healthy brain automatically prohibits and prevents such premature release until at least 51 of the child traumas have been clean-sod and discharged to neutral emotion in the temporal lobes. Child confusions, pains and fears about how to live Life are the deep root of adult confusions, pains and fears about how to live Life. Unhiocking stagnant adult intelligence, creativity and happiness happens when you o down to the root of your repressed child trauma mom-- ones, release each in proper order and emotionally discharge each with trauma drama. Start by skimming the cream off the top of your memory milk. Skim off those memories of childhood hurts which are in full, un-repressed awareness. In the following Lessons you will release repressed memor-- ies systematically via script writing, dream analysis, suture tapping and focused meditation.
1- Do you have the courage and determination to relive your past mom-ones of child traumas? Vihy? 2- Inventory your comprehensive list of negative child memories---physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual----- blocking you from daily satisfaction, cooperation, intellionco, love, soulmating and happiness. List your un-repressed, normally remembered child traumas in random order. Identify the most traumatic and the least traumatic in rank order. If you feel strong, emotionally discharge the most traumatic first through the Self Trauma Drama method. If you feel weak and overly threatened, discharge the easiest first and build your courage and determination by working up the list. :3- vVlrite a script (Lesson 16) for each trauma. This focuses the details on paper so your brain can fill its conscious void with more details. Act-out each trauma drama. Record each episode in your Inner Journal and discuss with your co-therapy family. \Vjhat does such discussion identify? V L_ Do not allow your Self to get overly emotional during the first few trauma dramas because you may overvVlhelm your child, cause breakdown of further communication and double your defenses aainst the next rev-elations, Back into the cold \iater of painfull memories slowly. Build . .- , - -` -` ,. - `- VV __1V! _ .. .1. Lesson 16: Scr Wtin A script is a meticulously prepared system of words and ideas written in anticipation of a nervous confrontation which will make you too confused to think of the proper words and ideas which are necessary to dominate that confrontation
comprehensively to your advantage. A script prepared before attempting a Self Trauma Drama organizes all your words, ideas and emotions properly so you do not lose the central focus which makes the trauma drama lOO effective. A script boxes-in your repressed, unconscious emotions so they can-- not escape during the trauma drama, thereby forcing them to break your dam so that all your emotions can be expressed consciously. 1- Once you have identified a primary adult, adolescent, child or in-- fantile trauma memory, write down its details. Write down the ical facts, the intellectual ideas, the egipnl hurts and the spirit-ThT56nsequences. Describe he step-by-step sequence leading up the trаtic scene. Describe the tiauma. V KaQt eI) 4VZ ki1 2 2--- Write ddwn key quotations which can be thrown at you by members of your co-therapy family. What did Mother/Father say? What did I say in self--defense? What did She/He say in rebuttal? - Discuss the script with the family before starting. L_ Give the script to the leader of the co-therapy family. 5- Lay down in the most comfortable, unstressed, relaxed position to allow your thoughts to flow maximally. Close your eyes. 6- Regress your age slowly from your current age to the age at which the trauma occurred. Watch the movie play backward. Get into the mood and spirit of each age. 7- Once you have reached the trauma age, re-see
and re-live the episode. Describe it as it is happening, in the present tense: "I am now walking into Mother's bedroom. She is saying to me...." 8-- Once you have reached the trauma action and once you have recited the key quotations from Mother/Father, the family will throw these same quotes at you (with embellishments) to grind in the hurt and pain until your dam busts and the tears flow. 9- Complete Act I of the Self Trauma Drama until you can proceed to Act II and Act III. 10-- Continue doing script writing and co--therapy until the family becomes a hindrance. They become a hindrance when you notice that they have the wrong sound, the wrong inflection, the wrong attitude and the wrong vision of how the trauma really happened. Now do Self Trauma Drama by yourself, alone, in your own head. You now need no one - else. You now are on the fast track to selftherapy. You now will be able to zipp off a Self Trauma Drama in a fraction of the time it used to take. Soon, you will be doing 2, 3, Li trauma dramas per morning. Soon, you will be doing 2, 3, U trauma dramas simultaneously. Super thoray. Lesson 17: V3jfl Analyj A dream is your brain's first way of causing a repressed, unconscious memory to rise to consCioUs awaeneS$. Once you fully are aware of the unsatisfied need in that momory yQVaro forced to satisfy it. A dream is an unconscious pain or fear from your child-
hood which was repressed and now is tryiig to come up to conscious awareness in factual, linear simplicity to force you to solve that problem. Since it is so confusing, painfull and fear-filled, you cannot stand the discomfort of re-confrntthg the. memory of the original traumatic episode in your conscious aweneSS, hence, it must sneak into your problem-solving computer via the back door--via dreams. A dream is like a Oolor projoct'ion slide heated, twisted and warped so the image is not clear and simple. he warp comes from your child fear-- lack of courage---- which prevents you from confront ing your original trauma memory directly because you do not yet have the necessary intellectual tools to dominate, control and change the power (usual-ly a parent) which caused the original trauprn. As you acquire those tools through this Workbook, and as you release the bound energy of neurosis into free energy within your conscious surface trauma memories, your dreams will un-warp. They will clarify and simplify until they start )iving you straight, factual datafrom your repressed history. Your dreams will become a simple dialog between friend and friend, revealing your library of ultimate trauma memories. These clear, simple, factual dreams, then, will become the subject matter of your self-therapy regimen, systematically telling you your proper gradient of repressed child trauma memories so they can be cleansed systematically and properly until your transcefldence happens and your sleep is cata-- tonia: No more night work. "I slept likea log." Then, morning genius creative production. V 1-- Record dreams when they happen by V keeping your Dream Journal next to your sleeping bag with a flashlight and pen Vfl your lean-to.
2-- After re-reading, analyze and write an interpretation. Trust your intuitions to give you theVdeeptVaVVdmOSt subtle insight into what your unconscious memory is tryinto YOU.
:3- Share your first few dreams vh you -therapy family mates to get a different perspective into Sour reptilian ego defenses oozed into your interpretation. This shocks you into being more honest----- egoless --- and daring with your trust of Self receiving cosmic consciousness.
Li_ As you signal your brain that you honestly. and seriously are ready to process dreams systematically, your brain automatically will give you progressively deeper data of your child and infant traumas to be remembered and acted-out and discharged via Self Trauma Drama. V
5- Your repressed dream library will signal when it has evacuated the last negative garbage it has been holding for your conscious aware- ness: Dreams turn to wit and humor. When they turn to flying and free flowing out of your brain-body, your genetic intelligence is signalling you that you now are ready to receive your next teachers: your cosmic guides. They will glide in throuh your now open and clean channel of V your brain. They will make first contact with your conscious awareness through your dreams.
6- Be tough. Ask who they are; their names; where
they are from. Ask
- - V -.4,
1'tii1r1 h
LTiJ (Vfl
Lesson 18: [email protected] Sutur Tap
The temporal-sphenoidal suture between your skull bones arcs from your eye over your ear. Consult a text to identify exact location. By tapping it firmly (just short of pain or discomfort) with 2 fingertips at ni'ht before sleep, you release repressed child trauma memories from the temporal lobes into aware dreams for later discharge via traumadran'a. 1- Start by imaging your Self back to age-5. Tap your left temporal-sphenoidal suture line until you feel a point of resonance or pain. This is the point at which you are reinforcing your age-5 thought and emotions to encourage age-5 memories to emerge after you go to sleep. 2- Repeat the imaging method for age-6, ageLs, age- 7, age-3, age-8, age2, age-9, age-l, birth, in womb. Each age has a point of resonance. Repeat on right temporal--sphenoidal suture. 3- Map all your suture lines on left side, right side, top and back. 14- If you are right-handed, your left-hemisphere is dominant: awake, logical, verbal; adultdefensive. Your right-hemisphere is subservient: mute, hiding, cringing child. Dominate your dominant left-hemisphere with superior power. Seduce your right-hemisphere with tender love. Reverse this order if you are left--handed. 5-- Speak to your left-hemisphere (out loud, or just in your head) with the first word: "Not" "No, you shall repress your trauma memory just because it hurts" Speak stearnly but lovingly like Big Daddie. This works because under the mask of your dominant left-hemisphere ad-ult there still cringes the child of repressed trauma memories. Your adult mask is merely your "personality" composed of complex defense mechanisms to protect your child from further pain. Speak to your lefthemisphere as if it is age-5. It is. After giving
the stern order, tap the suture at its corresponding age--point. This reinforces the order. Do this at night before sleep and the repressed trauma memory V of that age will release itself from the temporal lobes and rise durin.g dream or during morning preconscious state for later discharge. 6- Speak to your right-hemisphere with the first word: "Yes!" "Yessss, hunnn-NEEEH You SHALL remember that naughty ol memorie which has been making a big waa-waa in your beautiful apple pie head!!! I love you and I will make the hurtie hurt go away. Just tell me what it is." Speak--NAY! PURRRRRH--- gently and L 0 V I N G G L L E E E like guess who?: Mommie! Now tap the right-suture at the same age-point as you did on the leftsuture. This works because your child was born into right-hemisphere cosmic language which was crushed out by parental ignorance and which now wants to return. 7- Combine left-suture tap with right-suture tap before sleep and observe the quantity and quality of repressed child trauma memories which emerge. Discharge the emotional pain via Self Trauma Drama. The mechanism of suture-tap snapping up of repressed memories is accupressure. Cosmic consciousness enters the reticular activating formation in the reptilian brain and attempts to complete its circuit out the dormant frontal lobes. It gets snagged at the hippocampus and tern-poral lobes by repressed infant and child trauma memories. Each snag-point is betrayed blatantly by genetic intelligence along suture lines. Self Trauma Drama discharges the negative entropy of the snag-point. You now flow to, release to awareness and heal the next child-trauma snag-point; the next infant-trauma snag-point, until your frontal lobes open.
Use suture-tap in aitehtion with closed focused Mountain Meditation, morning pre--conscious programming and imagery to give your sutures a rest and to not over-milk the method. Try suture-tap around the front-al lobes and the rear pineal gland. Be creative in seif-experimentation. Observe temporary in-flow of cosmic language, intelligence, love. Le s S on 19 : Mornig Pro--Cons ci ous Hone y Genetic intelligence creates the human brain to create emotions and thoughts to slf-tSt each individual against the ultimate standard of survival of the fittest. Those who discover total genetic and personal honesty within themselves evolve their emotions and thoughts up a demonstrable gradient of genius productions and leader actions. Such tot-al honesty is genetically built-into each brain in the morning preconscious state of awareness. The morning pro-conscious occurs as the thin middle layer in the baloney sannawich of neural meat. The lower layer is unconscious sleep. The upper layer is conscious awakenoss. The pro-- conscious is when you are rising from sloop toward awakeness and you stop before you are fully awake. You are not asleep--- and you know it. You are not awake---- and you know it. During sleep, rational thought is stopped. During pre-conscious consciousness , rational thought is re-started . During awakeness, your reptilian brain ego and your hurt child defenses in your temporal lobes and hippocampus are fully operational. During the preconscious state, reptilian ego and child defenses are still asleep. You now compute rational thought between your personal intelligence (Fl), genetic intelligence (GI) and cosmic intelligence (CI)
through zero ego and zero defenses. Your rational thought computes answers to problems in pure, zero friction flow through your maximum brain power through total self-honesty into supreme growth through social intelligence (SI) to genius leader. 1- Develop the skill of flowing into your morning pre-conscious (MPC; pre--con) for 1 second, 2 seconds, 10 seconds; 1 minute, 10 minutes. The primal nature environment has been tested against the urban environ-- ment and found to be the fastest and most efficient way to discover this power. Ask your Self: "Am I in morning preconscious?" When you -- are, the answer will flash: "Yes!" 2- All morning pre--consciOus answers flash like lightning. All answers are lOOp true. The most astonishing behavior in all neurotic existense is that you cannot lie to your Self in the morning pre-conscious. :3- Once you have mastered the warmgooey flow of morning pre-conscious purity--- no neurosis--ask your Self a binary (Yes/No) question the night before: "Shall I feel happiness today?" "Do I want to grow up?" The answer will come in a blinding flash of truth. The answer will be lOO5 believable within your value-system and growthdestiny. You will believe the answer instantly with 100% trust and action. You will adjust your Life from that moment forward upon the bedrock foundation of that answer. t4_ Once you have mastered the night-question and morning-answer process, write out a gradient of binary questions analyzing each block in your Life growth. Present one question per night to your meat computer: Receive one answer per morning. Eventually, ask
more complex, non-binary questions: "What question do I fear to ask?" 5- As the gross bound energy of neurosis is turned into gross free ener - gy by solving your survival and growth problems, turn this mor--- ning free energy into your fine problems: to release your repressed child and infant trauma memories. Eventually, after selftherapy is completed, you will learn to lock into the morning pre-conscious clean channel for hours/days and use it to receive advanced genius ideas, erno-- tions and productions beyond your learned wisdom from the cosmic intell-igence circuit. You will tap into words beyond Earth vocabulary. You will make decisions through your 3 coordinated triune brain decision making centers which release supercreativity. You will do multiple 4--vle mi1iir Y()1] Will write books in morning pre-conscious Le sson 20 : Self-Guided Imaging Imaging is the brain's magic method of bringing unconsCiOuS powers of self-healing and self-growth up to consciOuS self-control. Imaging is the brain's magnificent power to imagine the mechanism of self-healing and selfgrowth so as to control the mechanism--- egoless-- ly--- into blatant demonstrations of physical health, intellectual genius, emotional ecstacy and spiritual transcendence. Imaging is the brain's stupendous gift of a specific method by which to identify the inhibitors---- repressed child trauma memories--which block the free flushing flow of cosmic consciousness through the brain so that these inhibitors can be removed via Self Trauma Drama. Imaging is a perception without a direct outside stimulus, causing a totally flowing, infinitely creative vision of what your Life was, is
and shall be.
Imaging integrates your components of sensing,
emotion, intelligence, cognition and motivation to
create a new power of knowing your Self expanding
into Life and Universe.
Imaging expands your child playsie funsie gamsie
dominance and con-trol over
boredom/confusion/pain/fear experiences in Life.
Imaging is cosmic consciousness attempting to
flow cosmic intelligence through your triune brain
so that your personal intelligence sees and
understands the gradient of your full human
1- Develop your power of imagination via Lesson 6, "Child Play." Develop your skill of allowing your 100% emotion and lOO intelligence to flow into each fantasy. Guide the flow of emotion and intelligence like a laser beam to cure and heal your specific body hurts. Design your Self-Guided Imagery procedure to heal Self and Others. Trigger your brain-body to react in quantitatively and qualitatively new ways. 2- Guide your image to be an atom of infinite intelligence and feeling. Flow through your blood stream to visit, understand, heal and liberate each cell, tissue and organ of your brain-body toward transcendence, transmutation and cosmic communication. 3- Guide your image into your temporal lobes to release your repressed child trauma memories. Later, into your hippocarnpus to release your repressed infant trauma memories. 4- Guide your image into frontal lobes to pop a first transcendence experience. Make first contact with your cosmic guides. 5- Guide your image into your reptile brain and become a hissing creature crawling around this wild mountain. 6-- Write an Imaging Script to an emotional topic and
use it to guide the scene and emotions into dramatic, pre---chosen brain-body respon--ses. Observe and record warmth, sweating, chills, racing heart, breathlessness, guts gurgl and poopierrhea. 7- Experimentally measure the bio-information which Self-Guided Imaging makes available to you. 8- How can networks of imagings be used to heighten your self-therapy? 9- What written or verbal instructions best focus your innate power of Self-Guided Imaging into the most vivid episodes? When can such vividness be too overpowering and dangerous? How can you avoid such danger? Does the brain--body have an automatic cutoff switch to prevent such overpowering and danger? When can such vividness be transcending? 10- What is your theory and hypothesis of the neurophysiological mech anism which causes imaging? How does this theory and hypothesis increase your power of imaging? _V 11--- If a person cannot do Self-Guided Imagery, what does this suggest about his/her ability to do self-therapy--- or even therapist-con--trolled therapy? What is the_fate of such a person? 12- What super--sensing and super-knowing can you discover in your dor mant brain via Self-Guided Imaging? 13-- Share imaging through shared consciousness. Le s s on 2 1 : Exte nd Fami Co-The rpy The individual without a neurally-trustable, Life'knOwledgable family cannot learn to grow into social intelligence--- which is pre-requisite to transcending into cosmic intelligence. The individual who creates a Co--Therapy Family learns the shortcuts into whole brain power.
The motivation for you to do the work of developing your Co-Therapy Family is the simplest and most effective emotion in the spectrum of genetically encoded feelings: greed. You are desperate to grow up. You are terrified by the thought of living your Life in perpetual confusion and pain. Only a Co--Therapy Family can help you not slip back into con---formity and spiritual death. Only via such egotistic motivation will you do the work to finish your transcendence into egolessness. Only via such cooperation can you create the mission totally dedicated to helping each other Family member: A- Self-release repressed child and infant trauma memories; B- Self-circuit into dormant frontal lobes; C- Have fun during the beginning turmoil of growing up. Method of Reciprocal Co-Therapy: 1-- Create your Family Co--Therapy rules on paper. 2- Create your Co-Therapy Economy so there is a balance between giving and receiving. One person giving more energy and receiving less energy will---- like a car battery--- be drained dead. :3- After you have a voluptuous massage, you do not want to get up and massage your massager. During each formal session you either are the therapist or you are the therapee. Not both. Don't switch on that -- day of deep probing. Get a good night's sleep first to re-balance your energy and entropy. It is O.K. to switch sides back and forth during shallow sharing.
l4 Empathy. That's all therapy is. Merely listen to the other person's genetic code tell you what it wants and needs to re-start automatic growth. Merely listen to the other person's unconscious Child telling you which blocks it must have removed to re-start automatic genetic growth. Merely ask the gentle and tough questions which cause the therapee to tell what s/he wants and needs to re--start automatic genetic growth. Merely form your questions within your expanding knowledge of how the human brain works, how the brain is blocked from automatic grow-th and how the brain wants to unblock and grow into its dormant frontal lobes--- and beyond. The reason the therapee does not or cannot get past this block in self-therapy by herself/himself is because s/he is still endorphin-bonded and still needs a Big Daddie or Big Mommie to help her/him grow up. You are Power Pa or Yumm Mammary Ma. Or both. Androgyne . Biosocksual. 5- Discipline each therapy session into one solvable problem. Solve that problem by the end of the session. Solve a problem a day. Make the therapee feel like a winner. Family Co-Therapy is not illegal because no money is exchanged. No government licensing is required to outgrow infantile narcissistic suck into mature love with Family brothers and sisters. Discuss your strategy and tactics. Le s S On 2 2 : Normal Paranora2. owc A normal power is sensing--- seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching--- the outside environment within the limits you now have. A para ("beyond") normal power of sensing perceives and knows the reality of primal nature and Universe
beyond these limits. Extra sensory per-ception sees, hears, smells, tastes and touches phenomena beyond the ranges of ordinary people. Such mutation dominates ordinary people. The ability to release your normal paranormal powers from your dor-- mant brain is a normal stage of evolution. The method to do so is mere-- ly to release your repressed child and infant trauma memories which are blocking this automatic flow into super perception and super commuflication. Once child hurts are released, normal paranormal powers emerge automatically. Once the dormant frontal lobes are released with love, conscious awareness expands out to a new order of emotion, perception and communication with other intelligences throughout Universe. I-- Describe your preliminary popps of telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience which have happened without your knowing how to self-cause them. What emotions accompanied them? 2- Describe how your understanding and knowing the neural mechanism of this natural phenomenon is stimulating it to emerge more naturally. 3- What subjective tests and measurements can you design and operate to verify that a specific simple skill of paranormal power is emerging progressively? What objective tests and measurements can you design and perform to prove to scientific skeptics that you have such powers? Lj_ What is the entire spectrum of available human paranormal powers reported in the literature? Why are those reports not accepted by con- vontional, conservative science? How can the entire field of parapsychology be upgraded by neural cybernetics into scientific respectability,
systematic increase and accelerated mass multiplication through planet Earth's human population? 5- What is the optimum regimen to cause the emergence of your paranormal powers? Do you have the courage and determination to pursue it? 6- Why is the utter simplicity of primal nature the optimum environment to cause the emergence of normal paranormal powers? How? 7- Inventory the paranormal powers exhibited by animals, fish and birds. How are these related to your triune brain? What does this suggest about those evolutionary powers being repressed---and waiting--- in your triune brain? Invent a triune technique to release them. 8- A1hat is your image of a society within which all individuals live in fully released, normal paranormal powers? What first change must be caused in American society to allow this emergence? Shall you cause that first change? How? Describe your strategy and tactics. 9- What is your image of a love shared between soulmates who both are fully liberated into their normal paranormal powers? Can you tollerate a "love" which is less than that? 10- What paranormal powers did you have as a child? How were they lost? 11- Communicate with deer; hawks. Lesson 23: V,зlie A value is a usually unexamined, casual emotional ranking or feeling that something is true or false, right or wrong, good or bad, beautiful or ui4y,
moral or evil. Each value is rooted in a biological, neuroloP-ical or experiential function of the individual's cultural Life. When a value becomes a 100% emotional fooling, it changes into a belief. A value or belief may ho scientifically right or wrong--- "The Earth is flat." "The moon is chooze." "Disease is cured better by healing hands than by penicillin." Some values/beliefs cannot be proved scion-tifically: "This sunset is beautiful." "I have faith in Buddha/Jesus/Mohammad to create my Life perfectly." A fact can be proved scientifically. A value only can be persuaded. If a value/belief is proved wrong by the scientific method of validation, and if a person still has that value/belief imprinted in his or her brain library, that wrong value/belief blocks part of the vastly dormant brain from genetically selfcircuiting into demonstrable whole brain power. If you re-examine each value and belief which you have sucked up unquestioningly from the culture's accepted values into your brain since conception and if you re-judge each to be worth retaining or re-- jocting, you will clean out your head garbage, liberate your functional brain and nurture your dormant tissues into action. I- Inventory your value system and belief system. Judge which are worthy of retention and which are worthy of rejection. How do you reject a value/belief which has become automatic habit? 2- When is a scientifically unprovable value a comfortable guide into unknown reality? When is it a hindrance or danger to living Life succe ssfully? :3- How do values and beliefs separate people from perfect cooperative communication? How can that separation be dissolved? Li-- VVlhy arc religious beliefs created among the 5000 religions on Earth? Which one is right?
Wrong? What effect does religious belief have
on the belief of human evolution into warless Earth
and galactic con-
federation? On scientific advancement into these
5- VThat values/beliefs are holding you back from
6- Design and demonstrate a logical method to expose
conflicting and irrational values between two
people and to dialog those conflicts
rationally until consensus is achieved. When are
you willing to invest the enormous auantity and
quality of time, energy and intelligence into such
a dialog? When are you not so willing?
7- What happens when a person is ignorant of his/her
value re-evaluation skill or refuses to use it
reasonably? What is your communication value choice
when confronted by such a person? What is a fool?
8- What happens when a person who holds an
irrational or illogical value is boxed-in by
another person's rational logic to see the
inconsistency or lie? When does rational change
happen and when does irrational, emotional temper
tantrum happen? Why? How can the latter be matured
into the former?
9- How do you integrate a value/belief/faith system
of personality/maturation/reality with a
scientifically empirical system of behavioral
science? What evidence do you have from history
that religious-ly "holy" societies based on boliof
systems still have not transcended the genetically
innate killer ape in each brain?
10-- How can an intuitively conceived belief system
be verified to be true or false by setting up an
experimentally testable hypothesis
for each of its components and elements? Why is
this a safe way to stay sane?
11- Inventory the available texts systemizing known
belief systems.
A________ ...
4- t.
Supplement "A" tO Lesson 23, "Values/Beliefs" "Philosophic Method of Inqu iry" (WI) A "value" is ±he choice that a material, idea, behavior or experien--' ce is good or bad; true or false; right or wrong. A value held by a person, group or population with absolute certainty transcends into a "belief." A belief or belief-- system which is welded into the unconscious behavior of a culture or group automatically i_s forced into each individual Who enters that population----- by birth or choice--- via the act of conformity. A value can be analyzed by rational, logical dialog, discussing the goodness or badness of that value against the ultimate moral standard of excellencet justice to pro-Life or anti-Life evolution. One's standard of excellence ultimately is based upon the foundation of biological processs neurology, genetics, consciousness physics. Bio-- logical process, already verified partially via the scientific method of inquiry (SMI ) , md icate s the human potential : release of the vastly dormant brain into zero-time transmisS ion of thought , re gardle ss of die---tartce , to rece ive inf mite intelligence , understanding and being. Destruction of intelligence occurs in any population whose value-- system/belief-system (V .S .13 .S . ) ignores , diverts , mis--informs , blocks or forbids self-release of one's own dormant brain powers. -- Release of onets own dormant brain powers and infinite intelligence occurs by analyzing the unconscious belief-system and value-system of the family, group and culture into which one was born or chose to enter. The systematic analysis is of the self-absorbed growth values and block-- ing
values which are pro-brain and anti-brain growth.
The analysis starts by securing a definitive
statement of the con-scious and unconscious brain
beliefs and values of your enfolding cul-- ture,
group or/and family. From this text, specific
assumptions about your "allowed" growth are
inventoried. Each assumption is a generalized
cluster of fully believed, partially believed or
disbelieved (yet hypocritically stated as beliefs)
values which are crystallized into a moral force
to guide each individual into daily behaviors in
the direction chosen by the culture, group or
family. From this inventory, each assumption is
dissected and boiled down to its bare bones
values. Each value, finally, is compared against
the ultimate standard of pro-Life or anti-Life
perfection and judged: "good" or "bad."
1-Secure the definitive statement of the
of your relevant culture, group or person.
2- Inventory the assumptions. 3- Analyze and state the assumptions as separate values. )4_ Analyze each value against a standard of excellence. 5- Judge each value. 6- Create your social action program to change the cause of bad values. Le s S on 2LI : Enegy/Entro Phys I з
Entropy is death. Energy is Life. Entropy sucks energy. Energy is V merely temporary anti-entropy, eventually getting sucked down to exhaustion, deflation and death. Transcendence rises above exhaustion, deflation and death. Transcendence escapes the constant gravitational pull
of entropy: the constant gravitational pull of competitive consciousness in entropy people/events
sucking down your daily in-flow ration of cosmic consciousness. Your daily struggle of Life is to avoid, defend your Self and escape the entropy people and social situations which V suck your carefully grown and preciously hoarded daily energy down to their spiritual death. Energy/Entropy Physics has not yet been invent-ed because no one has yet invented the instrument to measure conscious-ness energy and entropy. Thus, this pregnant science is still at the theoretical stage. Shall you be the Columbus/Fermi/Oppenheimer who scientifically liberates the planetary brainbornb? 1- Describe your regimen for shaping your energy growth each day via proper sleep and proper use of the morning pre-conscious reverie. 2- Describe your regimen for expanding your cosmic consciousness energy growth each morning into bed learning and creative production. Why are these vital to perfecting the neurophysiological functioning of your triune brain? :3- Inventory the people and social obligations of your daily Life along a gradient of energy/entropy. 14_ Inventory your increasing nurturance and acceleration program to in-crease contact efficiency with energy people and social interactions. 5-Describe the systematic steps by which you deteriorate into "brain energy collapse," "computer collapse," after exposure to and infection from an overwhelming entropy source. 6- Describe your reptilian brain self-defense and counter-attack strategies and tactics against
entropy people and experiences.
7- Which daily absorbtion of spirit-poisoning entropy can you not elimmate from your Life? Why? Which can you eliminate? How?
8- Describe your daily regimen of self-therapy to purge emotion-poison-ing and thought-poisoning entropy, to heal your broken circuits be- tween your reptilian brain, paleo mammalian brain and frontal lobes of neo mammalian brain and to restart computation of cosmic intelligence into social intelligence.
9- Describe your random chance moments when your brain temporarily clicks your amygdala into your frontal lobes and causes transcend- V ence above the clouds of lowly Earthly entropies. How can you cause these moments to happen more frequently? Permanently?
10- Describe your feelings and knowings of utter, crushing boredom with entropy "friends" whom you have outgrown. Whatcha gunna do bouttit? V
Describe your feeling of utter, crushing
boredom and loneliness with your Self. This is
what untranscended Old Age feels like,
permanently. What are you going to do to remove
this entropy from
VV_ _
-. -
- ¶ - ---- -- -
---- ----- -- ---- --
Lesson 25: Consciousne
The one and only uncaused reality is consciousness. The first cause which causes all other secondary causes is conscious-ness. Consciousness creates matter. Sub-atomic particles are created and guided into the formation of genes, brains and galaxies by
cosmic V intelligence transmitted on the carrier wave of cosmic consciousness. Cosmic consciousness enters the human brain in the reticular activating formation in the reptilian brain, is clicked forward by evolution-ary chance into the paleo mammalian brain where the mutating amygdala clicks it forward into the frontal lobes of the neo mammalian brain to compute cosmic perception and communication, thereby teaching the mdi-vidual to click it forward one more time through the frontal lobes to complete the cosmic circuit into personal maturity. Immature understanding of cosmic consciousness, caused by cultural ignorance and parental miseducation, causes the human individual to keep the amygdala clicked backward into the reptilian brain, thereby recomputing cosmic consciousness into competitive consciousness, self-- defensive behaviors and counter-attacking behaviors. Mature understanding of cosmic consciousness, caused by random chance genetic mutation and growing up, causes the individual to click the amygdala forward into frontal lobes, thereby recomputing cosmic con-sciousness into cooperative consciousness and social intelligence, terminating in Life-loving and society-transcending genius behaviors. The goal of maturation is achieved by understanding one's own block-ed flow of cosmic consciousness so as to invent personally unique ways to release and expand it. 1- Do you believe the Universe is created and controlled by cosmic con-sciousness? Why? How does this relate to God? 2- Can you identify cosmic consciousness entering your brain in morning pre--conscious reverie? Describe. 3- Can you identify cosmic consciousness flowing
through your paleo mammalian brain? Through your neo mammalian brain? Through your frontal lobes? Describe. Lj_ Can you feel blocks in parts of your brain which slow clown or stop the flow of cosmic consciousness? Can you feel the recomputation which occurs at each of these points? Describe. 5- What regimen have you invented to remove one specific block? What improvement of emotion and thought computation have you observed? 6- Have you felt clicks in your amygdala shunting energy forward into frontal lobes? What caused it? Can you replicate it? At will? 7- Draw a Schematic diagram of how consciousness is shunted and computed between the blocks at various neurophysiological points in brain. 8-- Describe how competitive consciousness is computed to warp cosmic love into deceitful interpersonal "love" of self-defensiveness and counter-attacking. Against whom is the defensive "lover" counter-attacking? What is the relation of such counter-attacking and the endorphin-caused instinct to breed babies? 9- How can pure cosmic consciousness be accepted purely in morning preconscious reverie to compute genius thought which teaches others to do the same? Describe. Demonstrate. What happens to the flow of cosmic consciousness if it is not ultimately focused on transmitting cosmic intelligence into social intelligence; if it is sucked by ego only for self? 10- How can the 3 forms of consciousness (3C; C3) be explained to others who never have thought of this interpretation of reality? -- 11- Describe the entropy forces which have the power to break your cosmic consciousness flow. Describe your self-therapy regimen to restart the flow. 12-- Cosmic consciousness is teaching/learning energy. Discuss. If so, what is the limit of your intelligence? Demonstrate.
Lesson 26: Retarded Adolesce Rebellion Retarded adolescent rebellion (RAR) is the final genetic drive to outgrow conformity (to the permanent war society) so as to mutate into the warless, cooperative, loving evolution of Homo Novus. Retarded adolescent rebellion is the final genetic drive to re-remem-- ber and re-live the full, original cosmic perception and communication out of which you emerged to be born throuh your Mother. Retarded adolescent rebellion is the paradox of the child attempting to be a transmutated adult by attacking each available dominant Father Figure or/and Mother Figure to prove that the child has balls enough or cunt enough to make it in the outside world as a freely growing, tran--- scended, cosmic communicating human. "Let me attack you incorrectly, Big Daddie,Big Moinmie, so you can correct me and teach me to make my attack against you more precise and effective. Stop your own Life and growth to invest your total time and energy in me to train me to dominate you---- even if that means destroying your whole Life of past values and slowly accumulated beliefs and Lifelong acquisition of knowledges and skills of survival." The supreme arrogance. Retarded adolescent rebellion in the adult brainbody can be either destructive or constructive . Destructive rebellion against Authority Figures blindly rejects the Authority's knowledge and skill of survival (perhaps even of transcendence) without first comprehensively mastering the jne of principles which are that Authority's data base so as to criticize it intelligently and to extrapolate beyond it creatively.
All Authority agures--- Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Businesspersons, Eng-- ineers, scientific researchers, Philosophic Researchers, Mutant Teach--ers--- are masters of a comprehensive data base of time-tested method-- _V ologies of inquiry, procedures of professional discussion, empirical evidence from controlled and replicated experiments and logical discourse by which that pyramid of facts and values is evolved and presented to others in orderly, sane progression toward satisfying learning aimed at improving human evolution. Destructive rebellion, ignorant of this impregnable fortress, blindly attacks it to satisfy the in-tuitive, egotistic drive not to conform to the consciousness contract-- ion which the fortress and the Authority Figure are assumed to represent. Destructive rebellion does not know how to get the alternative ,----- consciousness expansion--- hence, attacks all Authority Figures, including the Mutant Teacher who can teach the rebel how to get con-sciousness expansion. V Destructive rebellion destroys the creative teacher's creativity by turning orderly discussion into illogical chaos and irrational emotions The destructive rebel is cut down by the nonmutating Power Author-ity--- slice by logical slice; fact by logical fact--- until the rebel's spirit is broken and he/she is forced to retreat into the age--old die-turn (especially once the babies start to come) : "Conform Or Die." The mutating individual who is wise enough to avoid destructive rebellion and clever enough to grow into constructive rebellion chooses his/her pyramid of Authority Knowledge, enters it, masters its outline of principles and then--- and only then--- extrapolates from its care-fully reasoned facts to identify its errors so as to invent truly
new methodologies of improvement and evolution, not only for Self, but for :i Wo/Mankind. Anything less is temper tantrum. Ego suck. Pigsuck. The constructive rebel avoids blind "intuitions" and "revelations" ¶f +cc+ c+c (P itr nr1 flO hitorieallv tested values Supplement "A" to Lesson 26, "Retarded Adolescent Rebellion" Infantile narcissistic suck (INS) is the flip side of the behavioral coin of retarded adolescent rebellion (RAR). When genetic infantile needs are not satisfied, at infancy or adulthood, the adolescent explodes in desperation. Both are steps up the step ladder in one's attempt to mutate out of cultural conformity to infant--suffocating and adolescent-killing practiced in today's permanent war economy. But where adolescent rebellion, retarded or otherwise, rebels against the intuitively felt wrongness of a culture which it still is trying to understand intellectually, infantile narcissistic suck behavior does not rebel. The adult merely sucks upon that same culture without knowing or caring whether it is "right" or "wrong." The infantile narcissistic suck personality simply needs and wants to suck nutrition--- any kind of nutrition: books or booze--- merely to stay emotionally alive. Infantile narcissistic suck behavior in a young adult is the desperate action to suck new knowledge about how to self--cleanse and self-release one's own 90% dormant brain--- regardless of how others are doing; regardless of how society is doing; regardless of how the planet is doing. "I'm gettin mine (slurp slurp slurp). And I really don't care how you're doin."
If it is pro-Life, infantile narcissistic suck behavior eventually matures into retarded adolescent rebellion behavior--- which eventually matures into transcendence; into mature behavior. But prior to such transcendence and maturity, the infantile narcissistic suck need must be fed. Outrageously. Unless infantile narcissistic suck behavior is fed with the same -- unconditional love and total giving as that of infant clamped at marnrnary, the young adult will not grow naturally into retarded adolescence and on to the semi-mature job of self-cleansing repressed child trauma memories---- which is pre-requisite to cause the amygdala to click for-ward into the dormant frontal lobes; into nirvana. Thus, teaching at this crucial stage of the self-therapy regimen must be exquisitely sensitive and rational by both teacher and student--- lest the tit sour and the infant collick; lest the teacher be sucked dry and the kid die. 1-- Which specific behaviors of your personality and character are infan-- tile narcissistic suck actions? Which consciously? Which uncon-- V Sc lously? 2-- Which are rational? Irrational? What consequence? 3- Which irrational behaviors do you force upon your teac V"soulmate/friend to solve for you because you choose to not SOlV: V:em your-- self? Why? What consequence? /4_ Are you lazy? 5- Do you want to grow up? Why? How? Via what shortcuts?
6- What is the danger of irrationally mixing economic reptilian survival behavior with therapeutic paleo mammalian (hippocampus) infant therapy behavior and frontal lobes transcendence behavior? Can you un-mix them rationally and pursue each separately until tranecendence blends all conflicts into one glee? 7- Describe how infantile narcissistic suck behavior and retarded adolescent rebellion behavior can be mixed in "adult" behavor.1 Give examples. What consequence? When is such mixing accepted anI rewarded by the American culture? When not accepted and punished? \hat consequence to your transcendence and maturation? Lesson 27: Release Repress4 InfaI1 Trauma Memories Traumas which occur from conception, gestation and birth to age 6 months are recorded in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is connected directly to the amygdala------ which is connected directly to the dormant frontal lobes. The bound energy of infantile neurosis in the hippocampus blocks the circuit of thought production from the adult and adoles-cent cortex and the child temporal lobes from completing that circuit into frontal lobes transcendence. Releasing each organ's bound energy of neurosis cumulatively,automaticallY shunts the free energy into the amygdala, clicks it forward and causes the self_transfigurationing event of cosmic perception and communication. The infant trauma memories in the hippocampus start their flow of self-release after an estimated 5l of repressed child trauma memories are released from the temporal lobes. Once started, each trauma-- of being unfed, unwarmed, unloved--- emerges as a primal scream with no focused idea content and no words. The ideation centers and speech centers are
not completely formed and connected to the limbic emotion cen-- ter until after 6 months of age. After an estimated 51% of infant trauma memories are screamed out and repeated until all negative emotions are drained, the bound energy of neurosis, now freed, cumulates and clicks the arriygdala forward into the first transcendence experience. Thereafter, the thrill of almost completed selfrealization motivates you to go back and clean out the remaining 14'9% of garbage to cause a progression up the gradient of in-creasing transcendence phenomena until you popp into final Nirvana. 1- Clean out your repressed adult and adolescent trauma memories in your cortex by 100% via the Self Trauma Drama method. Do the same for your repressed child trauma memories in your temporal lobes. 2- Subjectively measure your increasing gradient of physical energy, intellectual understanding, emotional motivation and spiritual mean- ing as you progress into this home stretch to the reality jackpot. :3- Inventory your cumulating, comprehensive list of negative infant trauma memories--- physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual--'---blocking you from your final shunt into your dormant frontal lobes. Discharge the negative emotion of each through Self Trauma Drama. Inventory your cumulating, comprehensive list of positive infant memories which balance the traumatic ones and make Life overwhelmingly a pleasant flow of evolution into transcendence and maturity.
5- Wake each morning as freshly-born infant. Do not think as an adult, Flow right from sleep into infant feeling. See each finger, fly, tree and cloud as if for the first time. Remember how you did so dur--ing your first days of Life. Remember each positive and negative memory from your first days of Life. Gurgl in joy with the former. Dis- V charge the latter via Self Trauma Drama. 6- Document your increasing gradient of frontal lobes popps, intelligence, creativity, social action power surges and clarifying emergences of cosmic guides--- your next teachers. 7- Document your increasing gradient of child love behaviors harmonized into your adult personality as this final stage of your self-therapy completes itself. How does this personaiityenrichment make you a more Lesson 28: Mountain Meditation --- Closed Focused. editatioi Open Receptive Meditation (Lesson 8) is the passive technique. Noun-- tam Meditation is the power shocker. Mountain Meditation focuses the nebulous power of the Universe into a needle laser beam which you direct -- systematically into your cortex to release the last of your repressed adult and adolescent trauma memories to be discharged via Self Trauma Drama. Work the laser beam slowly in a grid pattern until it is sucked into a neurotic soft spot like a bull dick into a cow twatt. Increase the voltage. This will release the memory to full awareness in tomorr--- ow's dream or pro-conscious reverie. After completing release of the cortex, direct the laser beam into your temporal lobes to release
and discharge the last of your repressed child trauma memories. Finally, direct the laser beam into your hippo-campus to release and discharge the last of your repressed infant trauma memories. Follow the attitude and procedure of Open Receptive Meditation. Once your brain is open totally like a funnel, receiving the full in--flow of cosmic consciousness, slowly, slowly image your arms reaching out and closing around the wide flow to shape it and tighten it down into a sin-- gle, needle-thin, focused laser beam aimed at a specific brain point. Slowly move the laser needle around your cortex in an orderly grid pattern and observe known reactions. Move it back and forth across your occipital lobes and stimulate the expected lights, patterns and visions. Move it to your speech and ideation centers and stimulate ex pected sounds. Move it to each sensory and motor area to stimulate and cause a known reaction via this self-controlled electroprobe: cosmoprobe. Experiment with known areas of the cortex until you master the V characteristics of this revolutionary new scientific tool. Slowly move the cosmoprobe into areas of cortex which release repress ed adult and adolescent trauma memories. Discharge these via Self Trauma Drama. SlVOWl criss-cross the temporal lobes to release (and discharge) repressed child trauma memories. Cosmoprobe the hippocampus to release (and discharge) repressed infant trauma memories. Slowly cosmoprobe the anterior amygdala. The frontal lobes. Later, slowly cosmoprobe the posterior amygdala to click into past Lives through your paleo mammalian brain, reptilian brain and down your chordate spine to one-celled beginning and out to Cosmos.
Cosmoprobe supercedes--- and makes obsolete--gross electroprobe to discover the next order of consciousness reality in the human brain. Record each step of your comprehensive, parametric experiments in your Inner Journal. This is pioneer work. It never has been done this way before on planet Earth. You are a pioneer crossing the frontier of the known into the unknown. You are documenting discoveries of procedures which work and which do not work so that the second and third waves of forward searchers will learn your shortcuts; will save time and will evolve new Science of Self Experimentation (SOSE) until all humans are transcended.
When you are ready, make a telepathic connection with an electroencephalogram machine; with an oscilloscope. Cosmoprobe your brain and V obtain hard data measurements Cosmoprobe the brain of another willing person and record hard data measurements. Make a telepathic connection with a computer and multiply the power of this method of research, diagnosis and prescription.
La ss on 29 s Brain 9clotron
COnSCVIOUSnCSS physics has not yet invented its first instrument to measure consciousness energy and entropy objectively, therefore, the brain remains the only available tool to observe and record its own subjective measurements. The brain cyclotron is a superbrain created by self-purifying individuals system-linked with each other in critical mass to cumulate and accelerate cooperative consciousness so as to beam a thought through the ego barrier of planet Earth. The beamed thought is aimed to flow out on cosmic consciousness through the Universe
until it hits areceptivo andcommunicativC V intelligence within another civil-ization upon another planet within this or another galaxy. The purpose of such contact is to bring back advanced, scientifically valid Problem Solving intelligence to teach Earth how to 0W up. Such intelligence, if received, can be tested and verified by the scientific method of V inquiry. A statement of the furthest advance of a specific Earth V science will be given into the contact person by an expert in that field of science. The superior intelligence will send back detailed instructions for the next 3 experiments extrapolating from that state-mont. Academic skeptics will perform the experiments. Why has no such scientifically verifiable new data been received through the many receivingchannel brains now publishing exhaustive philosophic dialogs with a gang of extraterrestrial intelligences? V Ego warp. The "white light" of pure cosmic communication hits the prism of repressed child trauma memories and retarded adolescent power needs and sprays into a fantastic spectrum of words, words, words. But no test-.. _ able facts. The color spectrum is not the white light. The color spectrum is neurotic behavior reflecting out of the prismatic child and infant neurosis, warping a valid contact into invalid gibberish. The brain cyclotron is designed to contact and receive such gibberish so as to back it up into white light. The brain cyclotron is operated to accelerate the purification of each participating individual forming superbrain until the prism is dissolved and the white light communication is received clearly and simply.
The neurosis of each individual cooperating in forming a brain cyclo tron is reduced systematically by the Lessons of this Workbook. The brain cyclotron itself is a "suck-pump." It sucks out the most deeply repressed individual blocks and pumps in group energy--- cosmic energy --- thereby accelerating personal self-therapy. Method: 1- Gather 2 or more friends who are totally persuaded that: A- The human brain is vastly dormant; B- This genetic dormancy can be self-released; C- Dedicated self-therapy is the only way to release this dormancy; D-- Universe is harmonious cosmic consciousness; cosmic intelligence; E- Consciousness travels from brain/intelligence #1 to brain/intelligence #2 in zero-time, regardless of distance; telepathically; F- Higher parent civilizations teach lower child civilizations to evolve into adolescent galactic maturity via mutant leaders. 2- Meditate in closed focused technique to cleanse specific tensions r--P +H rr rii PTYtiTc C1fli(1UO to receive soothing. Lesson 30: Right-HemIsphe Re--Click In the right-handed person, the left hemisphere of the brain is dominant, computing verbal, linear, logical, analytical survival thought. The righthemisphere is culturally subservient, computing nonverbal! holistic pattern ("gestalt"), artistic, intuitive transcendence feeling-- knowings. In the left-handed person the mechanism is the opposite. In the right-handed mutant--- the child who refuses to conform--- the right
-hemisphere is dominant, attempting to escape the logical, analytical consciousness contraction to cultural conformity forced upon the child by lefthemisphere parent values and public schools. The mutant is attemiDting intuitively, without understanding his/her neurophysiological mechanism, to sneak and end run around the culture's lofthemisphere killer ape computer through the righthemisphere into the dormant frontal lobes in order to get more felt cosmic fullfillment. Relax. The right--hemisphere now can be clicked into dominance by the left-hemi--sphere as an act of will. The right-hemisphere perceives cultural conformity to the permanent war economy as a limiting vision and limiting technique to solve the problem of understanding and communicating with ultimate reality. The right-hemisphere blindly struggles to survive and transcend the suffocat-- ingly, crushingly, myopic dominance of the lefthemisphere by inventing "creative" tricks which attempt to solve the lower reality problems defined by the left-hemisphere: all artforms, The motivation to do so is caused by genetic intelligence forcing re-balancing of the righthemisphere with the left-hemisphere---- and with the reptilian brain, paleo mammalian brain, neo mammalian brain and dormant frontal lobes--- to re-- create whole brain power, which is the original state of balance out of which the infant is born with its genetically perfect brain. 1- Pump-Priming. Merely by doing right-hemisphere behaviors--- Lesson 6, "Child Playsie Funsie Gamsie"--as an act of will, the brain automatically clicks the amygciala into right-hemisphere gush-ing production of colored gestalts. Wordless gurgling sandbox child shunts consciousness into righthemisphere. Do it. Daily. Re-compute each left-
hemisphere Lesson of this Workbook into righthemisphere val-- ence; into right-hemisphere gestalt feeling-knowing.
2- End-Running. Turn off your memory-blocking and intuition-blocking left-hemisphere via Lesson 6 and reverse the left-hemisphere valence of a single Workbook Lesson into right-hemisphere intuitive flow. Guide the flow of factual knowledge and behavioral skill through your right hemisphere and into your frontal lobes. After redoing each Lesson in right--hemisphere intuition of higher reality, record your increase of remembering repressed adult, adolescent, child and infant trauma memories. Discharge each via Self Trauma Drama.
3- Focused Meditation. Focus meditation (Lesson 28) into the 4 quad-rants of each amygdala in each hemisphere. Observe behaviors. Discover the clickposition which guides the flow of in-coming cosmic consciousness into your right hemisphere. Experiment with guiding the flow into each specific right-hemisphere organ of your triune brain. Record in your journal. Report.
LlPower_Click. Focus meditation parametrically into
the 14' quadrants of
- each organ in each hemisphere of each
brain within your triune brain to stimulate and
experience each unique computer's unique
production. Re-compute each Lesson in this Workbook
into each corn-puter's language and receive each
computer's "...special intelligence, its own
subjectivity, its own sense of time and space, its
own memory, motor and other functions." Experience
each computer's reality. Integrate all into whole
brain power.
Lesson 31$ Croativit, Thoory
Creativity is Yin/Yang magic. Lifolovo.
Creativity is Life/Death unity. Chaotic harmony. Wild tranquility. The secret of existence. Creativity is the ultimate form of simultaneous intolloctual/intUi tivo, thought/emotion production. A brain which does not mature into child creativity fizzles out like a LIth of July skyrocket, repeating sparkelee, obsoletovisions of Life, ideas and words until burnout. Then. nothing. Boredom. Loneliness. Meaninglessness. Until the grave. Creativity is perpetual curiosity, imagination and playfullness cx-panding into endless combinations and permutations until you break through into full understanding flow with Universe: transcendence. Croat-- ivity is constant sensitivity to the mystery of Life, wonder of unf old-mont, awe at discovery, spontaneity in invention and enthusiasm through absolutely certain growth beyond time/space. Creativity is the genetically encoded driving force which integrates intolligence/CmOtion/intU ition/Life/Universe into a Self yielding a steady release of creativity. Creativity is power. Creativity is the energy of production which creates the force of new thought processes that dominate, manipulate, control and exploit to profit--- morally--- all lessor, puny, non-creative people. The power of creativity filters the creative individual up into a position of natural moral leadership over others who cannot solve their Life problems: socially, politically, economically, spirit---ually. The proof of power creativity is in the peasant's jibe at Socrates: "If yer so damm smart, why aint yew rich!" The power of creative thought production emerges automatically in inverse proportion to the entropy of neurosis frozen within each genetically automatic brain. As the bound energy of neurosis--repressed child trauma memories--- truly and effectively is self-released and self-discharged, creative invention surges into tangible form
automatically and progressively. The first, and most important, form is in interpersonal behaviors. Unloving creativity is entropy. The antonym of creativity is infantile narcissistic suck; conformity A "creative" thought, paradoxically, harmonizes two "irreconcilable" ideas into a now synthesis which explains the reality of the Universe into a higher understanding and which produces a higher order of Life-advancing Earth mechanisms and technologies. Einstein, Darwin, Freud. A creative thought unifies and harmonizes two paradoxically polar ideas in simultaneous opposition into simultaneous cooperation. A creative thought shapes a tension between a thesis and an anti-thesis, then transcends this "irrational impossibility" via a leap of intuition insight which "sees" the "impossible" creative synthesis. This payoff is caused automatically in your brain's genetic power drive---ifff you release it via self-therapy; via self-discharge of repressed child trauma memories; if you are survival of the fittest. A creative thought shapes a tension between your reptile brain kill thinking and your limbic system emotion motivation to click the amygda-- la into frontal lobes cosmic thinking. Janus was the Roman god who had 2/t-1J8 faces, seeing in opposite dir-ections simultaneously. Janus Thinking sees in opposite directions simultaneously; with no conflict of paradox logic. Janusian Thinking in-tentionally formulates simultaneous anti-theses. Janusian Thinking relishes the emotional torque and tension of seeing and contemplating simultaneous anti-theses in each person, material and process, and then creating "impossible" solutions. Janusian Thinking makes black and white be black and white--- not grey--simultaneously. Janusian Think-- -- ing is joyfull play with each thought paradox of
Yin/Yang. Janusian Thinking clicks the amygdala simultaneously into reptile brain kill behavior and frontal lobes cosmic behavior; simultaneously into left-- hemisphere linear-verbal "logical" logic and right-hemisphere pattern-nonverbal. nonlogical, intuitive suchness; into simultaneous "L1-Power Lesson 32: Creativity, Meth 1-Theory. What is the value of creative production in your Life? What is the consequence if creative production is used only for ego flattery? What is the consequence if creative production is used for social action? 2- History. Describe your creative thought and emotion production during childhood. How did it feel? How was it suffocated? 3- Diagnosis. Describe your creative process. Describe that part of you which automatically generates new thoughts, ideas, concepts and processes which heretofore have never been seen or heard on planet Earth. Describe that part of you which is numb--- or dead---- to creative process. Describe the neurophysiological mechanisms. 4- Prescription. Describe your optimum regimen of re-starting and in-creasing your creative process to optimum production. Document your increase on a production graph. Describe the neurophysiologics of it. 5- Prognosis. \lhat is the probability that you will re--start your creative process? For ego flattery? For social intelligence. For cosmic breakthrough? Describe the neurophysiological mechanisms. 6- Janus Thinking clicks amygdala into left-
hemisphere analytical verbal talking and right-hemisphere artistic, intuitive, non-verbal feeling simultaneously. Do it through Lesson 6, "Child Playsie Funner." 7- Think & feel an adult thought/feeling simultaneously with a child thought/feeling. Create a permanent behavior in your personality. *-- 8- Make material/energy/light nterchangable in your consciousness, just like Einstein's E mc · Do it with stars before sleep. 9- Click into your reptilian brain killer behavior and use this competitive consciousness as ruthlessly honest cooperative consciousness to help someone solve a hard persOnal problem, joyously. 10- Create thф impossible tension of walking forward and backward sim--ultaneously, then solve it. One hand clapping. 11-Inventory all the anti-theses to your standard therapy theses and use them as syn-theses to accelerate your therapy. As games. 12--Demonstrate your relish of your emotional torque and tension upon discovering an irreconcilable conflict in your growth. Song it. 1:3- How many uses can you write down for a ballpoint pen? Paper clip? Sheet of paper? Which of your answers do you will to emerge and which flow automatically from your genetic intelligence and cosmic in-telligence? How can you increase the latter? By dancing? lU- Create a thought/action which is both infantile
narcissistic suck and mature social moral action. Apply it to power politique. 15- Open up and accept a thought from the Universe hologram which is V blatantly beyond your intelligence. Apply it to your daily Life. Do it again. Shared. 16-Invent Janus Thinking artforms for this mountain; for this program. 17-VIhat should this be? Supplement "A" to Lessons 31 & 32, "Creativity" P a g e 1 o f 2 Creativity turned inward through reptilian selfflattery, ego-inflation and infantile narcissistic suck automatically limits itself and eventually retrogresses into suffocating the brain. Creativity turned outward through frontal lobes into social action is genetically encoded to be automatic and unlimited. Creativity turned outward into giving surprize, pleasure and learn-ing to others automatically triggers the genetic code to trigger all brain organs into coordinated production of still more creativity. Creativity starts with the act of giving childego its own unlimited, unc ond iti onal love j oy and learning-meaning . This totally egotistical foundation of transcendence starts with the re-
discovery of the fun as one re-remembers the ecstacy of playing the below creative techniques. Once egotistical child creativity is re-mastered and becomes automatic in daily adult routines, it automatically self-circuits out of the rep-- tilian brain decision-making center into the frontal lobes decision-making center--- from which it automatically derives joy and meaning by giving whole brain powered joy and meaning to others. Mature creativity now is operational. Creativity re-starts with the subtle re-tuning of the triune brain to re-release the genetically automatic creative child techniques of:
1- Chaining (conservative divergent thinking);
2- Wheeling: rim, spokes, hub (conservative
convergent thinking);
3- Transposition & Inversion: A:B/B:A;
Lj_ Substitution: A:B/A:X;
5- Leaping (lijral divrgept/corjv-eent thinking).
i1: Vf14AJ 1 )
1-A: Chaining. Free associate their relationship
to yon bush. Make them into your Kid
the magic leafs, jumping the mighty chasms,
twanging the branches and
soaring to clouds. Do it with eating, washing,
pooping. Do it with a soulmate. Do it with a job.
This loosens genetically innate child im--
agination suffocated by conservative cultural
conformity. This loosens turdgid personality into
blithe flow and. frisky glow. Practice flowing
outward in divergent, linear, logical, left-
hemisphere (in right-handed person) sequencing as
a standard fragrance in your self-therapy regimen.
Every time you feel the fecal impaction of
funless/meaningless conform-ity forming in your
brain, your amygdala is being clicked back into
rep-tilian survival seriousness; into self-defense
and counter-attack fun-lessness. Cick it forward into frontal lobes creativity: Kozmick Kid. 2-A: WheeJAng. This is linear, logical, lefthemisphere convergent thinking which in-gathers a relevant rim data base from one or all triune brains, then focuses all data and thought inward along different spokes to the hub of solving a single problem. Start with a single hub problem. Relate all logical, relevant, secondary material objects, values and actions around that problem into that problem. Con-verge each object, value and action in proper, left--hemisphere sequence to form a separate component sub-solution spoke. Converge each separate component spoke into sub-final sub-system solutions; into final, closed, complete, intuitively satisfying solution system. Hub. Write practice: How many uses can you think of for a pen? For a piece of pap-er? A paper--clip? Expanded practice: Wash dishes. Be Big Daddie sawing wood and chopping kindling. Be Loving MaMa scraping plates and feeding porkypine. Converge the values of joy and meaning into the job. Converge child playsie funsie gamsie into sudsing soap, swooshing bowl boats and sinking rinse submurines. Add the spiritual essences of sing-ing, talking, joshing, joking, teasing, laughing and loving. Transcend the problem into creative solution. Titin/Tnvrion. Filo/floD thinking which takes a cultur Page 2, Supplemement "A" to Lessons 31 & 32, "Creativity" thought or behavior and flips it over into its "impossible" Janusian opposite by computing it through its opposite automatic brain program. Take each normal relationship and transpose it or invert it. Take the normal relationship of your pants to
your body. Puttemon backerds. Wear a shoe on head; hat on foot. Practice loosening up. Transpose your current age into a childhood age and behave thusly all day (For the rest of your Life??). Invert the roles you play normally with an---other person. Invert and transpose word meanings, idea expectations and behavior conformities. Invert and transpose brain-body functions. LI'A: Substitution. Take each normal relationship between 2 material objects, people, experiences, values, beliefs, attitudes, ideas or behaviors and substitute one with a new, outside, "irreconcilable , " "impossible" material object, person, experience , value, belief, attitude, idea or behavior. 5-A: Leaping. Liberal divergent or convergent thinking and feeling--feeling-knowing (with sub-conscious cosmic guidance)---which impulsively free associates beyond thought and logic, surging and flying outward and inward through all parts of the brain; simultaneous-ly wandering from normal conformist ideas to reptilian self-defensive and counter-attacking ideas and out through frontal lobes cosmic ideas. Occurs in linear, lefthemisphere progression or in patterned, righthemisphere progression. Or in both simultaneously. Leaping is extrapolation which starts with logical steps 1, 2 and 3 but does not pro-gress to U, 5 and 6. Instead, it leaps to 8, 9 and 10. Leaping is extrapolation thinking which extends a logical, left-hemisphere progress-ion of data into wildly "illogical" logical solutions by leaping over the logical middle progression which leads to a nonwild, logical, con-forrnist solution. The veeringoff into "irreconcilable," "illogical" logic is Einstein Thinking. Leaping logic is either
through left-hem-isphere computation or righthemisphere computation, separately or simultaneously. Take a normal relationship between 2 material objects, people, experiences, values, beliefs, attitudes, ideas or behaviors and extend that relationship in its logical, left--hemisphere progression of interactions 1, 2 and 3. Now stop the natural (conformist) impulse to continue the logic through steps 14', 5 and 6. Instead, trust your intuitions (your cosmic guides) to leap ahead into steps 8 and 9 and into the solution, 10. Cosmic logic. Such successful leaps of imagin-- ation are caused by system-linking your freeflowing reptilian brain automatic programs with your free-flowing paleo mammalian brain auto-matic programs with your free-flowing neo mammalian brain automatic programs with your free-flowing frontal lobes automatic programs with your freely inter-communicating left and right hemispheres. Relax. It aint as complicated as it sounds. Play with it now to help open your frontal lobes. It happens automatically once you popp your frontal lobes. Then you go back to this form of feeling-knowing routinely; as Einstein did accidentally. It happens progressively as you release your hippocampus of repressed infant trauma memories, thereby progress-- ively clicking the amygdala forward into the frontal lobes: the locus of Einstein Thinking; Leaping Logic. It happens progressively as you practice "U-power clicking" of the amygdala into 14 quadrants at will. Play with leaping. You'll be surprized how close you are to Einstein. In short, all creativity, by whatever gimmicky name, is nothing more than the natural, automatic, genetic function of the self-therapized brain flowing freely through its given whole brain power. The progression of creativity seductively
increases proportionate to your progression of self-therapy. Voluptuous payoffs happen all along the gradient of growth--- until the frontal lobes experience happens. Then the corn-- binations and permutations of creative production go exponential. Discussion: Give 10 examples of each creative technique. Le s S On 3 3 $ Transcondenc Love Love is the ultimate motivator and goal of personal satisfaction, fulfillment and peace of mind shared with a beloved. Love also is the ultimate method to transcend out of the 9O dormant brain to release dormant circuits into whole brain power. Voluptuous mutant. Love motivated by unconscious infantile narcissistic suck needs circuits cosmic consciousness back through the paleo mammalian an& V V reptilian brains to terminate only in reproduction. Pig Love motivated by conscious mature adult intelligence aiming to transcend into dormant frontal lobes terminates in cosmic perception and communication. Love is the supreme motivator emotion by which genetic intelligence separates survival of the fittest from the unfit. The unfit individual chooses to use love and sex to devolve back into animal behaviors. The fit individual chooses to use love and sex to evolve forward into dormant frontal lobes behaviors.. Mature love is caused within each individual whose intelligence and attitude choose to selfmutate out of automatic, obsolete, old animal behaviors into self-transcending frontal lobes behaviors. Immature love is caused within each individual whose intelligence and attitude choose to conform to automatic genetic animal behaviors: the blind breeding behaviors caused by endorphin
bonding and by the estrogen and testosterone
The obsolescence of immature love at this point
in human evolution is observed through the mass
suffering of meaningless marriages, divorces,
alcohols and drugs sucked to got Life "purpose" and
the general cultural hopelessness ending in
spiritual suicide. America.
Survival of the fittest progresses through those
who seek and discov-- er love transcendence by seIf-
therapizing their crippled child sucking after the
immature love from an unresolved Father-need or/and
need. Once mature love of Self and others ripens into
social responsi-- bility to love the planet, the
dormant circuits of the brain open, auto--
matically, into, and become conversant with,
genetic intelligence and cosmic intelligence.
Mature love now is the natural free flow of
cosmic consciousness through the now quiet
reptilian brain, through the balanced limbic sys-
tern computing gorgeous emotions, through the
satisfied hippocampus and temporal lobes of healed
infant and child trauma memories, through the
progressive intelligence of the cortex, through the
liberated frontal lobes and out to Universe to join
in the flow of cosmic consciousness as teacher
through lower Lifeforms seeking evolution via the
hunger for
love a
c,_ i4L:1
I- What is your definition of love t 2- What is your intuitive understanding of your position along the growth continuum between infantile "love" and truly mature love? Explain your position in neural terms. 3- How can you get daily love satisfaction during your work and growth toward maturity without
retrogressing into infantile sucking which
retards and stops that work and growth?
with soulmates in a growth support family and a
cooperative community. Compare with other utopian
descriptions. What are the common elements which
suggest that such a drive for such a need
_ is genetically innate?
5- What can you do at this level of your self-
therapy to give and receive love at your maximum
capacity to accelerate your self-clean-
sing process into transcendence?
6- What is the relation of your lovoto your] lobes?
Poyour tran
Lesson 3Us Transccnderia
The sexual act has two evolutionary functions: to reproduce the species by placing a motile sperm within spitting distance of a jucily fertile ovum, and to excrete electro-consciOusness thought residues out of the brain circuits by means of orgasm. The first act maintains un -- evolved animal existence. The second act transcends the animal into its next higher form of social intelligence. Transcendence sex is the method by which the orgasm is used system-atically to accelerate selfmutation by cleansing brain circuits of electro_consciousness residues left over after systematic re--computation of repressed child and infant trauma memories in a self-therapy regimen. The transcendence sex method uses the orgasm--alone or with growthmato--- to cleanse the brain after intensive self-therapy to clear the circuits, thus allowing more intense thought-production and emotion-production to enter those circuits the next day. As the accelerating quantity and quality of self-therapy progresses, the single-shot orgasm becomes inadequate to discharge the ever-increasing cumulation of electro-consciousness garbage .
Multiple orgasm commences. Transcendence sex is an attitude of faith in Self/Life/Universe. It is an attitude based upon the absolute value of self-therapy and focus-- ed into the terminal behavior of transcendence. It is an attitude of perpetual, daily growth: within Self; between beloveds. Transcendence sex is a religion. It is a belief that the multiple orgasm was placed within the human brain-body to cause redemption out of the ego-driven killer ape into the final salvation: self--released whole brain power, capable of seeing and communicating directly with the wise and loving God who placed this crucial, self-releasing love mechanism in the 9O dormant brain hitched up to the galloping gonads. 1-- Do you understand the relationship of transcendence love and transcendence sex to your self-therapy and self-transmutation? To in- telligence and creativity? Explain in terms of the neural mechanisms and psychological mechanisms involved. How does your theory differ from that of a celibate Hindu mystic and a Catholic priest and nun? Who is right? Who is wrong? 2- What is your value-system, belief-system, philosophy and scientific method of contra-conception? :3- What intellectual procedure can you invent to maintain the highest quality of transcendence love and transcendence sex while working toward your transcendence? What is your emotional procedure to main-tam perpetual love and ecstacy while so working? What spiritual pro-cedure can you invent to test for. the lie--- to test that the above is true and not another subtle trick to get infantile narcissistic suck? What spiritual procedure can you invent to transcend out of brain-- body into cosmic perception, intelligence, love via sex ecstacy?
4- Discuss the comprehensive neurological and psychological deterioration of the brain motivated only by infantile narcissistic suck fuck'L' Why does genetic intelligence place such a retrogressive behavior? 5- Discuss your history of non-transcendence sex, what you did wrong and why you did wrong. 6- What is the function of esthetics in sex? How do cultural values----transmitted by mass media--warp human esthetics away from the spiritual values of transcendence love and transcendence sex into the animal values of lust? Reexamine your value system. How can you ex_ crete obsolete values about the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual esthetics of your love Life and sex Life? To what higher end? 7- How do you identify the incredibly subtle entropy of a "soulmate" who really is a liar--- to Self and to you---- and who does not want to grow up; who unconsciously only wantto suck your energy? 8- Describe your ideal transcendence sex needs. Lessen :35' Mutatin MUltPVl 9gp Multiple orgasm, in males as well as easier females, is the symptom that the brain is releasing dormant circuits. As more dormant circuits are opened, they compute more thought production. As more thought pro-duction is computed, more thought residi--electroconSciousneSS garbages--- are left over after two or moretriCes of thought create that new thought. In time, the one--squirt orgasm becomes insufficient to excrete the electro--consciousness residue left over from the increasing thought production. Multiple orgasm begins. Automatically. First, sperm ejaculation happens in males. Next, a new order of dry spasms happens. The quantity and
quality of the multiple orgasm is a direct measure of the location of the dormant circuits being liberated. If multiple orgasm does not occur with the accelerated opening of new dormant circuits, the poisons from the cumulating residues are absorbed by the tissues and slow down the process of opening still newer dormant circuits; slow down the production of new creative thought. Eventually, the non_multiple---orgasmic brain backs up its toilet and stops all truly transcending thought production. No scientifically ver--ifiable cosmic perception and communication is released. Hindu and -Catholic celibates do not create truly transcending thought production which creates warless Earth.
1-- Induce conventional orVsm within an attitude of
zero stress and
total voluptuous childplay. The best time is
morning pre-conscious
c .` (hypnapompic) state of awareness when defenses are
still asleep. The
`, . best stressless situation is alone, without a
stress-bleeding partner
who sucks energy. Soulmates-shared multiple orgasm comes later. : 2- The night before, just as sleep is approaching (the hypnagogic state of awareness) and defenses are dissolving, program in the binary
\__- question: "Shall I achieve more than one orgasm?" When the brain is + ready to accept this genetic gift, the answer in the waking pre-con ) scious will be, simply, "Yes." I :3- As the first orgasm approaches its peak amplitude, assume the atti: tude: "Do as you will. I, ego, do not demand that you be more. I
·\ do not push the river of consciousness flow. I accept whatever is." \, Lij- As the first orgasm achieves its peak amplitude and starts its slide I down to quiet satisfaction, notice the second impulse lurking and I "1 willing to build up. As your first wave hits the bottom of the graph, j: allow this second impulse--- from formerly dormant brain circuits--- to surge into a second rising curve. As the second rising curve achieves its peak, observe the third impulse lurking and willing to build up. -: As the second wave hits the bottom of the graph, allow this third im pulse to surge into a third rising curve. Continue the process for 25, - 50, 100, 200 maximum intensity scream peaks over whatever span of time ` seems natural--- from a few minutes to hours. 5-- Multiple orgasms trace square curves, sine curves and spike curves. Each curve signature represents a different organ of the brain and different interactions between separate organs. Identify your curve signatures, frequencies, decision-making centers from which each unique signature originates in each triune brain and organ relations. 6- Where one-shot orgasm is exhausting---- due to incomplete and ineff icient excretion of accumulated electra-consciousness garbages---multiple orgasm is energizing. The total excretion of entropies accum-- t ulated from bound energies of neurosis causes a secondary flow of free V energy. This free energy flows through the brain and stimulates stil more dormant circuits to open. The newly opened dormant circuits sys-. tems-link with the previously opened circuits to compute a higher order of creative production.
Whore the one-shot orgasmer rolls over and +1-r rnii1±ir\1 rnrrc:rn1r rnllc rnrcr rand grabs the sexiest thing Lesson 35: Mutgtjg Multip1 Orgg Multiple orgasm, in males as well as in easier females, is the dram-atic, creative symptom that the brain, finally, is releasing its dormant circuits. As more dormant circuits are opened, they compute more thou-- ght production. As more thought production is computed by combining -- two or more old thought matrices into a new, Lifeadvancing thought, more thought residues--- unusable electro-consciOusness fragments from the original old thoughts---- are left over. These residual thought garbages must be excreted via orgasm. As self--therapy progresses and more dormant circuits are opened, the one-squirt orgasm becomes insufficient to excrete the increasing electro-- consciousness scraps left over from the increasing thought production. Multiple orgasm must commence to avoid plugged toilet. In males, sperm ejaculation occurs first. Next, a new order of dry spasms happens. The quantity and quality of the multiple orgasm are-a direct measure of the location of the dormant circuits being liberated. If multiple orgasm does not occur with the accelerated opening of new dormant circuits, the poisons from the cumulating residues are ab-- sorbed by the brain tissues and automatically slow down the process of opening still newer dormant circuits; slow down the production of new! pro-Life creative thought. Eventually, the non_multiple-orgasmic brain backs up its toilet and stops all truly transcending thought production. No scientifically verifiable cosmic perception and cQmmunication are released. Buddhist and Catholic celibates do not create truly
transcend-ing thought production which creates warless Earth. The trigger to the multiple orgasm is the arnygdala. As cosmic con-sciousness and cosmic intelligence are probing forward from the reptilian brain, through the amygdala and into the dormant frontal lobes, they are preceded by the multiple orgasm to flush, repair and cleanse the circuits. When the posterior amygdala is triggered, a culturally conditioned, constricted, single-shot orgasm occurs--- sufficient for animal breeding and ego satisfaction motivation. After multiple orgasm becomes operational and flows automatically, this lower evolution, 1-shot orgasm can be verified by aiming the laser-needle of focused meditation into the posterior amygdala just as multiple orgasm is approach-ing. You will observe a violent shunt backward, then, just one huge, painful climax. Caution: 100 volts now are funneling into a 1 volt circuit. Fuse blows. When the anterior amygdala is triggered, multiples occur, clearing the circuit into the dormant frontal lobes. This too can be verified by a similar focused meditation experiment after multiples become routine. Aim the energy needle into the anterior amygdala before the or-gasm is truly ready to explode; before all dormant circuits have system-linked their rivulets into creeks into streams into the single river for the coordinated event. You will observe a soft gush forward of many uncoordinated, conflicting squirts. The method to start the multiple orgasm is to use imaging and focus-ed meditation. As the normal, culturally constricted, one-spasm, rep-tilian orgasm approaches its roof, image its energy being focused out of the posterior amygdala and into the anterior amygdala. This will cause the amygdala to click into
two or more additional spasms. Practice imaging the gross energy forward in this gross focusing--- in this -- non-meditative focusing--- until the additional spasms become routine. Next, as the gross, non-meditative focused energy routinely triggers the amygdala into 2 to 10 maximum scream crests, fine focus the cosmic conscjousness energy. As the orgasm approaches first climax, go into a semi-meditative state and focus the energy into a fine laser beam: Mutating Multiple Orgasm, Page 2 of 3 into the golden needle of Lesson 28. Focus the needle of energy into the anterior amygdala and it will click forward toward the frontal lobes. This will trigger 25 or more pre-cosmic yells. At this stage, as entropies progressively are cleansed, orgasm will procede through 3 distinctiVe wave-forms: square-Wave, right_triaflgle (ramp) wave and undulating-ocean- (s the ) -wave . Square -wave and ramp-wave are caused by broken circuits within the incompletely connected triune brain and by stress and tension within the re-integrated triune brain. Sine-wave is caused by harmonious flow between the reptile brain , pale o mammal ian brain and fr ontal lobe S · The square and ramp wave-forms indicate gross circuit repair. The sine wave--form indicates gentle circuit cleansing. The frequency of the pulse train measures the quantity of work being done. The pulse characteristics--rise-time and fall-time of the wave amplitude, amplitude on a scale of 1-to-10, wave length in seconds and base line duration between waves--measure the quality of work being done. As the triune brain increasingly is cleansed and repaired via self-- therapy, more dormant circuits
are opened and made functional, thereby causing massive advances of creative production. Janusian Thinking---Einstein Thinking--- automatically flows into increasing social power production. Creative genius perceiving, thinking and feeling is the brain's natural, complete circuit response within the cosmic intelligence circuit. Finally, once one is self--confident within the multiplicities, as the orgasm approaches its first amplitude apex, focus the consciousneSS needle into the left and right sides of the amygdala. This will cause the orgasm energy to shunt into gross lefthemisphere circuiting and gross right-hemisphere circuiting for more specific vacuum cleaning of the rugs. The resulting orgasms will be equilateral--(SaWtoOth)tri angle or isoscele s- (spike ) -triangle wave-forms. Multiple orgasm now is fully operational. It happens autimatically, as needed. No further imaging or focusing is necessary. Multiple or-gasm will occur in whichever quadrant your brain has been computing, automatically; as needed; in whichever quadrant is ready for house-cleaning. The resulting pulse characteristic is the sure proof of which quadrant was functioning, with or without your self-willed con-- trol. The amplitude and frequency of that wave-form are direct meas-- urements of the depth into the brain cells from which that computation occurred in that quadrant. When two or more quadrants compute simultaneously, two or more characteristic pulsing patterns emerge in the multiple orgasm, either in sequence or simultaneously as harmonics of each other. 1-- Induce conventional orgasm within an attitude of zero stress and total voluptuous, guiltless childplay. The best time is morning pre-conscious (hypnapompic) state of awareness when
defenses are still asleep. The best stressless situation is alone, in primal nature, without a stress-bleeding, entropy partner who sucks energy. Multiple orgasm shared between energy soulmates comes later. (Multiple orgasmc, energy soulmate can induce harmonic multiple orgasm in non-multipling partner, thereby teaching shortcuts.)
The night before, just as sleep is approaching
(the hypnagogic state of awareness) and
defenses are dissolving, focus meditation
into your golden needle of honesty; focus
meditation energy into the
gross amygdala. Program-in the binary question:
"Shall I allow my
]1' +r r-rh more than one orgasm?" When the
brain/ego isready to
Mutating Multiple
Orgasm, Page 3 of 3
(hypnapornpic) state will be, simply, "Yes." Go!
-- :3-As the first orgasm approaches its peak value of amplitude, assume the passive attitude: "Do as you will. I, ego, do not demand that you be more. I do not push the river of consciousness flow. I accept whatever is." (For now.)
L_ Passive practice. As the first orgasm achieves its peak amplitude and starts its bumpy slide down to quiet satisfaction, notice the second impulse lurking lasciviously in the circuit between the reptilian brain and the paleo mammalian brain and willing to build up. As your first wave hits the bottom of the graph, allow this second impulse---from formerly dormant circuits---- to surge into a second rising wave. As the second rising curve achieves its limit amplitude. observe the third impulse lurking and willing to build up. As the second wave hits the bottom of the graph, allow
this third impulse to surge into a third rising wave. 5-- Active practice. As the first orgasm begins to build up, image its energy into a gross laserneedle stuck into your posterior amygdala. Pull it out and stick it into the anterior amygdala. This will cause 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 maximum intensity scream pinnacles over whatever span of time your brain chooses to be correct for that state of neuro-- 515--- from a few minutes to hours. 6-- Observe the wave-form traced by your multiple orgasm: square-wave, ramp-wave, sine-wave, sawtooth-wave or spike--wave. Record in your Inner Journal that day's wave-form signature, amplitude and frequency. Identify the organ or group of organs from which the pulse pattern origmated. Intuit the cision-making center which chose this patter from this organ or set of organs. Intuit the reason for this choice. Ad-just your self-therapy and growth regimen accordingly. 7- Where one--shot, reptilian orgasm is exhausting---due to incomplete and inefficient excretion of accumulated electro-consCiousness feces --- multiple orgasm is energizing. The total excretion of entropies accumulated from bound energies of neurosis causes a secondary flow of free energy. This free energy flows through the brain and stimulates still more dormant circuits to open. The newly opened dormant circuits system-link with the previously opened circuits to compute a higher order of intelligence and creative production. 8- After the frontal lobes are opened, a new order of orgasm is exper-- ienced: whole-brained orgasm;
out-of-brain orgasm. Cosmic orgasm. Full cosmic yells occur. Genital stimulation no longer is necessary. Thought stimulation triggers the natural phenomenon. The phenomenon triggers itself when needed. 9- Where the one--shot, reptilian orgasmer rolls over and sleeps, the multiple orgasmer rolls over and grabs the sexiest thing imaginable: the typewriter/brush/Chisel/Piano to gush out new artistic genius pro-duction. 10- Go do your homework. * Lesson 36: Social Inte1ligeflз Cosmic intelligence creates the genetic intelligence of a sperm searching for an ovum to create the brain-body to contain one's personal intelligence. During healthy infancy and childhood, personal in-- telligenco sucks energy to grow toward maturity. At adolescent matur-- ity, genetic intelligence forces personal intelligence to cease sucking and to start driving outward via idealism-- via social intelligence----to make final contact with cosmic intelligence through the dormant frontal lobes. This is the egotistical drive of adolescence to become egoless via social action. This is the adolescent drive for transcend'-- ence via helping society survive and transcend. Adolescent idealism which does not find expression throuPth social intelligence quickly rots back into the automatic reptilian behaviors of self-defense and counter-attack, thereby perpetuating the institution of war. Adolescent idealism which does express itself through social commitment quickly completes the circuit of the L! intelligences through the frontal lobes to expand in Lifelong problem-solving which brings perpetual
joy, meaning and power. 1- What is your intuitive description of your genetic intelligence? Personal intelligence? Social intelligence? How are these integrated into cosmic intelligence? 2- Describe your idealism. How can your egotistical idealism complete your transcendence into egoless intelligence? By what steps? :3- Describe your strategies and tactics to fight the cultural values _ and social institutions which are designed to prevent the maturity of your genetically driven adolescent idealism into full social intell-- igence. Li-- What links of emotion and thought do you observe as your personal intelligence tries to make contact with cosmic intelligence through social action? Explain the neurophysiological mechanism which causes this evolution. 5-- How can the brain achieve false transcendence without the link of social intelligence? What ultimate consequence? Give examples. 6- Describe complete L_intelligence transcendence. 7- If a person's ego is not strong enough to drive for egoless transcendence, how can you motivate him/her to do so? 8- What is the advantage of 2 or more individuals cooperating through social intelligence to create their personal transcendences? To create society transcendence?
9- Give a 10 minute lecture to an audience which has never seen this syllabus, explaining the steps to achieve whole brain powered in- telligence. _ 10- What improvements of this program do you suggest to motivate more people to work through social intelligence so as to transcend killer ape into holy ape? What percentage of your work do you choose to tithe to your suggestions? Lesson 37: Growth Suppor Famil Rital, Festivals, Cclebrtion Growth to transcendence without a support family is a lonely grind. With a support family it is a joy Joy JOY. But sensitive, empathetic, responsible, wise action families do not grow on trees and are not sold in suDormarkets. You must grow your own. You must create your own fran raw human ingredients with as much intelligence and drive as you are creating your Self. And after you have designed and built a sane family successfully, you must join with other healthy--- or perhaps lesser---families to form a community of cooperation so that social Life is some-thing more than adversaries, competition, hostility, lying, cheating, stealing, aggression, violence and war. Finally, sane society. 1- What is your comprehensive need and drive to be an integrated, harmonized member of a wise growth support family? 2- What rriotivation can you induce in two or more other humans to join with you to form such an emotionally satisfying and intellectually fulfilling growth support family?
3- Hov can you spread publicity and advertising to in-gather the high-est ciuality people for such a growth support family? \That is your method to filter out Life-losers and filter up Lifewinners, morally? U- What is your guiding philosophy of the family to minimize individual ego suck and maximize shared ogoless giving? What happens when one member subtly refuses to give maximum e°oless giving of material and money wealth? What are your step-bystep strategies and tactics to make such a philosophy work? Demonstrate. 5-- What arc the behavioral, economic and social dynamics of inter-per-V sonal behavior which make a owth support family successful? How can each be maximized with deadly competence to make the family work maximally? How do you identify a fool who mumbles gibberish about such V dynamics but cannot create the actual dynamics? 6- How do you persuade other individuals to create growth support fam-- ilies within the principles of this Work and along these guide-- lines? How do you set up a owth support community? Toward what ultimate roals? Via what democratic, political procedures? 7- \Alhat is the neural function of rituals, festivals and celebrations? What is your theory by which you can design an endless progression of rituals, festivals and celebrations to be lOO satisfying, meaning-ful and fulfilling? Do it. 8- Design and create a single Life-meaning ritual; a Life-honoring festival; a Life-voluptuizing
9- What is your creative procedure for bringing other new people into your family and community to insure the inflow of now candidates so as to prevent stagnation?
10- What is your creative procedure for bringing other new people into your ritual-invention, festival-invention and celebration-invention process to enrich this spectrum of year around spiritual expressions?
11- LVThat private rituals can you and your
soulmate invent to enrich
Lesson 38: Pub1i Relations, Adyetising and Ma
Mej Pow?
Without public relations (PR), the best idea of social transformation dies a-borning. With proper, wise publicity, potential soulrnates are filtered up out of the mass to join your moral movement. The supreme skill of social action is knowing how to advertise properly through all relevant mass media so as to in-gather the dynamic minority which understands and wants the ethical product and service which you are selling: the brain revolution.
The supreme skill of PR is:
1- Develop a product which others will demand and buy to satisfy a need. 2-- Analyze the market to guess where your market demand will be. :3- Test your market to identify where your customers are and are not. L_ Improve your product and advertising against these market tests.
5- Hit your jackpot. Once you have developed your product and PR, all after is routine for mation of an organization and routine administration of the sales force. 1-- Do you have the desire, intelligence, knowledge and skill to design your own strategy and tactics to achieve one goal of selling one pro-- duct of the brain revolution? Which part of this program do you want to use to practice selling survival to others? 2- Select one product. Select one target market. Design and build your strategy and tactics to hit that target. Discuss your plan with the family to receive final constructive criticisms and improvements. Wage your campaign and prove your victory: profit. 3- What new products and services can you develop and add to the product line of the brain revolution? U- How do you do controlled, accurate sociological and psychological analysis as the foundation of market analysis to identify market demand for product supply? 5- What is your theory and hypothesis of effective advertising of the brain revolution? Design a gradient of press releases (P.R.) and ads to hit the greeds/needs/pains, hungers/envies/yearnings, of a grad-ient of populations within each relevant sector of the consumer mass market. How do you field test each before mass multiplying? 6- How can you get free advertising? Demonstrate. 7- How can you get free media publicity? What is
your theory of penetrating the media power structure to get free, quality publicity? Set up a comprehensive strategy and tactics to get free, quality pub-licity for one segment of the brain revolution through the mass media. 8- Design, create and apply a customer reaction and customer satisfaction program to cause word-ofmouth customer "radiation" of a single product's virtues to other potential customers. - 9- Discuss the value of legwork in making contacts, contacts, contacts with the media people who control the fate of the brain revolution by allowing or not allowing its publicity to be mass multiplied. Discuss your plan for penetrating the mass media power structure. Lesson 39: Goals, Career, Mony Makiflg and Power If you do not know whether you want to travel to the North Pole or to the South Pole you will reach neither. You will be like the jackass between the two nutritious hay piles who starves to death. Conversely, once you have analyzed, defined and simplified your Life goals, you settle down to your satisfying career and drive toward each goal separately and efficiently--including the drive to achieve frontal lobes transcendence, after which there is no more desperation drive. Life-work, money-making, power-politique , personal transformation, happiness and fulfillment become routine, daily joys. I- Define your Lifework career in detail. Inventory your Life goals in order of priority: short-range, middle-range and long-range achievements; physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual; social, economic, political.
2- Inventory the knowledges and skills which must be acquired and mastered to achieve each goal and how you plan to get each. :3- Analyze your lazinesses and drives and how you plan to deal with each. L_ Describe your systematic strategies and tactics for money making. 5- Describe your systematic strategies and tactics for power acquisition. 6- Power is money. Discuss. 7- How can you apply divergent creativity to acquire massive money? 8- How can you apply convergent creativity to acquire massive money? 9- How can you apply divergent and convergent creativity to acquire power? 10- What is your tithe of work, money and power to the brain revolution? Lesson LEO: Nony Profi fro Braj RevoluVtipfl The l960s were the decade of hippie search for
Life meaning through drugs. The l970s were the decade of post-hippie search for Life mean-ing through therapies, growth programs and endorphinbOnding, blindbelief religions. During the 70s, the non-youth, nonhippie, middle class adult population also got turned on to the futility of conformist slavery to meaningless work and joined in the "Meee Tooo" search for personal, emotional, spiritual selfrealization. The "Me Generation." They too bought the therapies, growth programs and religions. _t fl2t get they hunger4 for: Fulfillment. They did not get relief from confusion, pain and fear. They did not get peace of mind. Satisfaction. Awakening. Enlightenment. SeIf-potentiation. True love. Bliss. In short, they did not get transcendence. They still demand transcendence. All the methodologies of all the therapies, growth programs and religions which were sold to the exploding American market demand were neurophysiologically incomplete , emotionally unfulfilling products. Thus, the mass market, like an adequately pornographed and massaged glans/clitoris, is ready for the terminal cosmic orgasm. All those who bought a prior therapy, growth program or/and religion now are doubly excited and quadruply motivated to get the final climax: Thee Answer; Thee Way; Thee Perfect Product--- releasing the 9O dormant brain into whole brain power, starting with self-transcendence through the dormant frontal lobes. The perfect product is: Brain Self-Control. The product has been perfected. The product now is ready to be mass-multiplied through new research and development laboratories; through new survival and transcendence schools; through adult, child and infant toys which release dormant brain circuits automatically--- merely by playing creatively with the toy; through the entertainment industry hungering for the evolutionary breakthrough; and
through love families and cooperative communities demanding new publishing enterprises to produce new books which explain how all the parts of this brain revolution work. All after, now, merely is marketing. Selling. The work now is using the competitive capitalist system as thee tool to morally transcend whole populations while receiving part of the avalanching profit. The work now is: I- \Vffarket research to determine: How to penetrate different latent demand populations. How to package and advertise the product into each ego need person at the point of sale within each population. 2- Penetration into specific mass populations via public relations, publicity, paid advertising and organizational techniques. 3- Re-packaging different parts of the product in different ways for mail order sales and store sales to different market needs: audio cassettes, tapes, records, books, toys, consciousness meter. U- Planning and offering follow-up products and services once the first product is bought: lectures, workshops, workplace transcendence, film presentations, in-residence courses on the mountain. Profit expectation: Unlimited. The market for brain freedom is going exponential. Four billion Earthlings. If you want to join this company in this early stage, demonstrate your enthusiasm and intellectual creative insight by writing a proposal. -- Describe your special knowledge, skills and insights into the market problems and how you propose to solve one or more specific problems to cause demonstrable sales of product immediately; after
middle-range strategic and tactical planning; after long-range strategic and tactical planning. Lesson l4l: nQcendc4 Toacho Transcended teacher has self-circuited into enough of his/her front-- al lobes to be permanently out of confusion, pain and fear about Self, Life and Universe to radiate healing hands. Transcended teacher knows the way to teach and guide others to so escape the aimlessness and meaninglessness of conformity into the gusto of cosmic child. Transcended teacher knows enough about the brain to be awed by the mind, accepting the power of infinity and eternity as routine guide to teach others self-transcendence routinely. Transcendent teacher periodically comes down off the mountaintop of personal growth to help others find their own inner mountains of search to top out at the crest of fulfillment. Transcended teacher teaches toughly. Lovingly but toughly. For the times they are tough. There are those who search and are ready to learn whole brain power toughly. And there are those who are fools. The worthy student naturally finds his/her natural teacher. The clear sunshine teacher naturally teaches adoringly--- to each at her/his own pace; from each in his/her own way. Transcended teacher knows the nature of human nature and the nature of human motivation sufficiently to avoid or counter-attack the attacks of those who choose to prevent others from transcending. Transcended teacher teaches teachers. Each one
teach one. 1- Are you transcended teacher? Can you be teacher until you transcend? 2-What is the step-by-step method of teaching? This syllabus? 3- "Oh! See Meee ! ! " 0 C N E : Objectives , Curriculum, Method , Evalua-- tion. List each in the course you are going to teach to your friends, neighbors or through an established school publicity program. What is the catchy title of your course? What is your zingy one-paragraph course description? To which strata of the market is it strategically designed to appeal? To tactically satisfy which unspoken needs? What objective can you reasonably expect to hit with the level of intellect displayed by each student? What power plays of curriculum will you have in surprizing reserve in case your students lose interest and the vitality of the course starts to die? How shall your method of teach-ing he dynamic, inspiring and liberating? How shall you teach your students to evaluate themselves and whether they achieved the stated objectives? Against what standard of excellence? L_ What is your motive to be a teacher? A great teacher? 5- What is the place of a teacher in the brain revolution? Design and describe your career as a teacher-revolutionary. 6-- "Serve the people." Discuss 7- "Serve the children." Discuss. 8- "No greater moral leadership than, simply:
schoolteacher." Discuss. Lesson LI2: Transcended Leac Transcended leader is transcended teacher. Transcended leader is sufficiently in touch with personal intelligence, genetic intelligence and social intelligence to solve the prob-- lems which others cannot solve for themselves. Transcended leader understands, manipulates, dominates, controls and exploits power toward the single moral goal of teaching others to be transcended leaders. Transcended leader blithely skips through the grim institutions of society and the desperate values of culture, titillating candidates for transcendence into waking up to their full brain potentials. Transcendence leader is tough. The fight against the child spirit murderers is deadly serious. The fight demands the highest quality of skill and endurance to do effective combat through society institu V tions and culture chaos to maintain the nurturance of genetic intelli-- gence attempting to trigger in ,OO0,000,O0O people the brainbomb. 1- Are you transcended leader? At whatever stage you now are churning in your self-therapy, are you ready to help those lower than you to rise in mountaintop vision? 2- Do you understand that confusion about Life is relative to how high you climb your personal inner mountain? The higher you struggle, the more of the world you see and understand---- until one day, you reach the pinnacle. All is known. Shall you then continue your grow-th (part
time; don't forget your followers braying) to the stars? 3- Do you have the courage to go back down off the mountain into the cities to fight--- kissingly----- through the legal system, economic system and political system to change each turdgid system into The Great Learning Society? L_ Which specific skills of reptilian/frontal-lobes fighting do you now choose to master to enter the combat arena of which Life- destroying system as transcended leader? 5- State your theory, hypothesis and experiment to verify your skills and limits of power manipulation at the lower local level before you expand to the regional, national and inter-- national levels. 6- Which pie segments of the circular American system do you choose to infiltrate and build your career as a leader of that segment? Which do you choose to not approach? Why? 7- Describe the neural mechanism by which you avoid reptilian ego greed power motivation so you transcend into egoless power manipu-- lation. What is the consequence to your energy exhaustion? To your computer collapses? To your energy chainreaction? Cosmic computer? 8- Are men and women equal in their capacity to manipulate and control power in the now-ongoing brain revolution? V 9 How shall you in-gather charming and wise workers to your leader-- ship? What shall be the work of those not so charming and wise?
V. V _ t ` -- -- 1_ _ _ . -L.-- - ,1 1 - ,- -v. 1 4 r . r 1 r Pi i Fare Well The trail is Life. The adventure is to dare. Survival is for those who top out their own night mountains. The new dawning is birthing the Great Creation Plains. Joy is waving to each other from peak to peak. Laughter is to keep from crying. Meaning is helping othersV. Soon, with a bit of luck and a lot of work, all shall learn to transcend above the perilous massifs to tranquil at-- one-ment. Shall we join hand in friendship?
T· D. Lingo
Laughing Coyote Mountain
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Black Hawk,
Colorado 8OL122 United States of America Self Transcendence Workbook T. D. Lingo A step--by--step introduction to your neurophysiological mechanism with which you will click into your dormant frontal lobes to cause the automatic "nirvana/bornagain" transcendence phenomenon. In your own way; at your own pace. A new order of intelligence, creatiyity and telepathy emerges spontaneously. You start by retrogressing backward into your repressed child trauma memories. Release the emotional pain of each. Bound energy of neurosis is turned into free energy--- which automatically shunts into the frontal lobes. Supernormal perception, coIt1I1un iV eat ion id love happens . Automatically. V Price : $11

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