The Ball State Daily news stylebook and reporter's guide:[an honors thesis (HONRS 499

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Content: The Ball State Daily News Stylebook and Reporter's Guide ,-... I Compiled by Carolina Procter May 2001
Editor's note
This stylebook is a resource for Daily News reporters. It is intended to establish guidelines on identifying people, buildings, landmarks and departments on campus. It is also intended to provide background and identification guidelines for campus events, locations and organizations. Organizational flow charts for important administrative offices are included in the back to help reporters look for authoritative sources. A section identifying useful sources in state and local government is also included. Daily News reporters should still refer to the Associated Press stylebook for general spelling, grammar and identification rules. The Daily News stylebook provides guidelines specific to Ball State. 2000-01 Daily News staff members, the Bracken Library Archives and Special Collections staff, and the Ball State administrative staff aided in the compilation of this stylebook. Special thanks to Daily News adviser T.J. Hemlinger.
Carolina Procter
Daily News staff Spring 1999 - Spring 2001
Academic Assessment office West Quad Room 200, 285-5974. Fine on first reference, though full name is "Office of Institutional Research and Academic Assessment." Office compiles data such as enrollment, school transfers, financial aid, faculty and student demographics, class sizes and degrees awarded.
academic degrees Always lowercase. Here are the four types: associate degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctorate (do not say "Ph.D.").
academic departments See departments.
academic standing Identify students first by class and second by major: "John Doe, a freshman journalism major."
academic titles Capitalize academic titles before a name. Lowercase after. Here are
the four faculty rankings at Ball State, from highest to lowest: professor, associate
professor, assistant professor and instructor. It's important to be accurate and specific
when identifying a faculty member by academic rank. When describing the nature of a
faculty member's employment, use one of two terms: tenure track or contract. Academic Research office 2100 W. Riverside Ave., 285-1624. Fine on first
reference, though full name is "Office of Research and Sponsored Programs." Awards
funding to faculty and students for academic research.
Academy House 2101 W. University Ave. Contains main offices for the Indiana Academy. The Academy House was originally located at 700 N. McKinley Ave. and called Elliott Apartments. Frank Elliott Ball, son of founding Ball brother Frank C. Ball, built the 15-unit apartment complex in 1930. The Ball family sold the building to Ball State in 1965. In 1972, the university converted the complex into an office building for the Alumni Association and renamed it the McKinley House. Ball State construction officials moved the building to its current location in June 1999 to make room for future construction projects. For now, the building's original location is a parking lot. The Academy House is listed in "The Architectural Record" for its unique colonial structure.
according to Use only when sourcing documents or publications. Preferred attribution for human sources is "said."
acronyms Don't use if not immediately recognizable by reader. All campus
organizations should be spelled out on first reference. For example, "Student
Government Association" on first reference; "SGA" on second.
addresses Don't need to include "Muncie" when listing a local address.
administration, Ball State Here is a list of Ball State's senior staff members, along
with their office locations and phone numbers.
· Blaine Brownell, president - Administration Building Room 101, 285-5555
· Warren Vander Hill, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs-
AD 106, 285-1333
· Tom Kinghorn, treasurer and vice president of Business Affairs - AD 103,
· Doug McConkey, vice president of Student Affairs and Enrollment
Management - AD 238, 285-1444
· Don Park, vice president for University Advancement - AD 216, 285-1633
· Beverly Pitts, associate provost - AD 326, 285-3716
· Jeff Linder, associate vice president of Governmental Affairs - AD 104,
· H. O'Neal Smitherman, Executive Assistant to the president and vice president
for Information Technology - AD 209,285-1034
Administration Building 2000 W. University Ave. Ball State's oldest campus building. Often called the "Ad Building" by students, faculty and staff. Built in 1899, when Ball State was called Eastern Indiana Normal University. At that time, the Ad Building was the only building on campus and housed classrooms, laboratories, etc. Now, the building only contains administrative offices. It was renovated in 1999.
Admissions office Lucina Hall Room 101, 285-8300. Keeps track of enrollment,
tuition, graduation and financial aid data. Accepts and rejects prospective student
African-American Use "black" instead.
Allegre Restaurant Located in the Applied Technology Building. Food is prepared by students in the Quantity food production Class (offered by the Family and Consumer Sciences department). The students serve meals twice a week.
alumni Plural form of word referring to male graduates. Male singular form is "alumnus"; female singular is "alumna"; female plural is "alumnae."
Alumni Association Office located in the Alumni Center, 2800 W. Bethel Ave., 2851080. Keeps records on Ball State graduates, maintains alumni contacts, offers alumni services, establishes scholarships, produces alumni publications (Alumni magazine), etc.
Annual Report Always capitalized. Ball State president produces one every year, touching on university accomplishments, issues and ongoing projects of the past calendar year.
Anthony Apartments 2200-2400 W. Bethel Ave., 285-5096. Apartment complex part of University Apartments. For families, married couples and juniors and seniors.
Asian American Student Association "AASA" on second reference and in headlines. Can be reached through the Multicultural Center, 285-1344. Asian When possible, identify person by country of origin. For example, "A FilipinoAmerican man." Associated Press, The "The Associated Press" on first reference, "AP" or "the AP" on second. AP bylines in the Daily News should always place reporter's name on the first line, and "Associated Press Writer" on the second line. For stories that come without a writer's name, the byline should say "By The Associated Press." athletic department Officially called "Intercollegiate Athletics." Office located in Health and Physical Activities Building Room 116, 285-1671. -
B-book Nickname for the Ball State directory that lists student, faculty and academic department addresses and phone numbers. Published every October.
Ball Bearings Student-produced Web site that features a calendar of local events, a local business directory, opinion columns, cartoons and poetry. Adviser is Larry Riley, 285-8200.
Ball brothers Muncie industrialists who founded Ball State. In 1918, the five Ball
brothers bought what was then called Indiana State Normal School Eastern Division
and gave it to the state. To recognize the brothers, the state legislature named it Ball
Teachers College in 1922. The Ball brothers, Edmund B., Frank C., George A., Lucius
L, and William C., also established what's now called Ball Corp., which started out as a
Muncie-based glass manufacturing company known for its home canning jars. Ball
Corp. is now based in Broomfield, Colo., and produces metal and plastic packaging for
food and beverage industries. Ball Corp. no longer makes canning jars. The Ball
brothers are also the founders of Muncie's Ball Memorial Hospital. Ball Gym Campus Drive, 285-9160. Contains a fitness room, aerobics studio,
basketball and volleyball courts, jogging track and a pool. Serves as the home court
for Burris Laboratory School.
Ball Memorial Hospital 2401 W. University Ave. Patient information: 747-3111. Public relations: 747-3012. "Ball Memorial," "Ball Hospital" or "BMH" on second reference and in headlines. The only hospital in Muncie and in Delaware County. Employs about 225 people. Flagship for Cardinal Health System, a network of hospitals, doctors' offices, pharmacies and home health services in East Central Indiana.
Ball Memorial Hospital Foundation 2401 University Ave., 741-1001. "BMH Foundation" on second reference and in headlines. Accepts, manages and distributes donations to support Ball Memorial Hospital.
Ball State Fine on first reference. Don't need to say "University." Try to avoid using "BSU" unless it's all that can fit in a headline.
Ball State Sports Network Studio located in Ball Communication Building Room
230, 285-1473. Broadcasts Ball State basketball and volleyball games on stations
across Indiana. In Muncie, games appear on PBS affiliate WIPB-TV (Channel 49). Funded partially by the university.
Ball State University Foundation Founded in 1951. Institution invests gifts from private sources to support university. Also creates scholarships and puts money toward faculty development programs and research. bands Here is a list of Ball State's band corps. · Basketball Pep Band · concert band · Marching Band · Symphony Band · Wind Ensemble Beneficence Statue of a winged woman located in a courtyard near the Quad. Nicknamed "Benny" by students. Muncie residents donated $65,000 for the creation of the statue in the 1930s. The statue, created by sculptor Daniel Chester French, represents Maria Bingham Ball, mother of the five Ball brothers who founded the university. Beneficence has become the symbol of Ball State and is used as the university's academic logo. black Use instead of "African American" unless "African American" is in a quote. Black Student Association "BSA" on second reference and in headlines. Office located in the Multicultural Center, 325 N. McKinley Ave., 285-1344. .-. Board of Trustees Nine-member board appointed by Indiana governor that is the ultimate policy-making authority of the university. Two members must be Ball State alumni. One must be a Ball State student. All members serve four-year terms except the student, who serves a two-year term. When referring to a trustee, capitalize "trustee" before the name. Lowercase after. The Board of Trustees secretary can be reached at 285-8101. Here are the current Ball State trustees, along with their occupations, places of residence and term expiration dates. All are Ball State alumni expect Frank Bracken and Jeff Smulyan. · Tom DeWeese, president - attorney, Muncie, Dec. 31,2002 · Frank Bracken, vice president - attorney, Indianapolis, Dec. 31,2003 · Greg Schenkel, secretary - Indiana Gas Association executive, Indianapolis Dec. 31,2001 · Hollis Hughes, assistant secretary - United Way executive, South Bend Dec. 31,2005 · Ceola Digby-Berry - psychologist, Muncie, Dec. 31, 2001 · Richard Moake - architect, Fort Wayne, Dec. 31,2002 · Jeff Smulyan - CEO of Emmis Communications, Indianapolis, Dec. 31, 2003 · Kimberly Hood Jacobs - freelance writer, Indianapolis, Dec. 31,2001 · Nick Utley - Ball State student, June 30, 2001 bookbag .-. bookstores Here are the three bookstores on campus.
· T.I.S. Bookstore, 1717 University Ave., 282-1811 · C.B.X. Bookstore, 504 N. McKinley Ave., 282-3768
· Ball State Bookstore, Student Center, 285-8090
boy Refer to all male students at Ball State as "men," regardless of age. In general, use "man" for males 18 and older and "boy" for males 17 and younger.
Bracken Library Archives and Special Collections Bracken Library Room 210, 285-5078. A useful resource for Ball State, Muncie and Delaware County history.
buildings See campus buildings for a list of Ball State-owned buildings.
Bursar's office Lucina Hall Room 31, 285-1643. Responsible for administering student statements of account, registration contracts, payment plans, Cardinal Cash and other financial transactions processed by the university.
Burris Laboratory School 2201 W. University Ave., 285-1131. "Burris" or "Burris School" on second reference and in headlines. K-12 school located on Ball State campus. Established in 1929 as a department of the Teachers College. Hasn't been part of Muncie Community School system since 1974. Entire state of Indiana is its enrollment district. Since it doesn't answer to a school board, the Ball State Board of Trustees is its ultimate authority. School nickname is the Owls. About 55 teachers teach about 500 students at Burris. Burris and the Indiana Academy are overseen by Ball State and are part of University Schools.
Business Affairs office Administration Building Room 103, 285-1033. Handles all financial decisions for Ball State - deals with construction funding, acts as university's liaison to state government, develops financial plans, etc.
campus buildings Here are the names and addresses of all buildings owned by
Ball State. If an address isn't included, it's because it's official address is simply "Ball
State University." Building codes are in brackets. Namesakes are listed when
· Academic Systems [AS], 400 N. McKinley Ave.
· Academy House [AH], 2101 W. University Ave.
· Administration Building [AD], 2000 W. University Ave.
· Alumni Center [AL], 2800 W. Bethel Ave.
· Anthony Apartments, [AN], 2200-2400 W. Bethel Ave., named after the
Anthony family of Muncie, who previously owned the property.
· Applied Technology Building [AT], 2000 W. Riverside Ave.
· Architecture Building [AB], 1212 N. McKinley Ave.
· Art Annex [A1], 508 N. McKinley Ave.
· Art Annex [A2], 520 N. McKinley Ave.
· Arts and Communication Building [AC], 1710 W. Riverside Ave.
· Art and Journalism Building [AJ], 1101 N. McKinley Ave.
· Ball Communication Building [BC], 1109 N. McKinley Ave., named after
Edmund F. Ball, son of founding Ball brother Edmund B. Ball.
· Ball Gym [BG], Campus Drive, named after the five Ball brothers, founders of Ball State.
· Ball State Stadium [ST], 3300 N. Tillotson Ave. Ball State football team
plays here. Capacity: 22,500.
· Bell Building [RB], 1211 N. McKinley Ave., named after Robert Bell, university
president from 1981-84.
· Boiler House [BH], Campus Drive
· Bracken House (no building code), 2200 W. Berwyn Road, named after former
Ball State trustee Alexander Bracken and his wife, Rosemary, who
bequeathed the house to Ball State for the purpose of providing the
University President with a home. President Emeritus John Worthen and
his wife were the first to move into the house in June 1999.
· Bracken Library [BL], 1100 N. McKinley Ave., named after Alexander Bracken,
Ball State trustee (from 1954-80) and father of current trustee Frank
· Burkhardt Building [BB], 601 N. McKinley Ave., named after Richard Burkhardt,
university president from 1978-79.
· Burris Laboratory School [BU], 2201 W. University Ave., named after
Benjamin Burris, university president from 1924-27.
· Carmichael Hall [CAl, 1601 N. McKinley Ave., named after Vernal Carmichael,
business education professor from 1927-62.
· Center for Teaching and Learning [TL], 620 N. Calvert St.
· Central Chiller [CC], Campus Drive · Child Study Center [CS], 1416 Cardinal Drive
· Cooper Science Complex, 2111 W. Riverside Ave., named after Robert
Cooper, biology professor from 1936-68.
** Cooper is divided into three buildings:
Cooper Physical Science Building [CP]
Cooper Life Science Building [Cl]
Cooper Nursing Building [CN]
· Credit Union [CU], 2900 N. Oakwood Ave.
· DeHority Complex [DH], 1500 W. Riverside Ave., named after Grace
DeHority, Teachers College dean from 1922-45.
· Department of Public Safety [TS], 305 N. College Ave. University Police
station is located here.
· Display Services [OS], 1709 Bethel Ave.
· E.B. and Bertha C. Ball Center [EB], 400 Minnetrista Blvd., named after
founding Ball brother Edmund B. Ball and his wife, Bertha.
· Elliott Hall [El], 401 N. Talley Ave., named after Frank Elliott Ball, son of
founding Ball brother Frank C. Ball. Frank Elliott Ball died in a
plane crash in May 1936.
· Elliot/Wagoner Dining [EW], 2100 Gilbert St.
· Emens Auditorium [AU], 1800 W. Riverside Ave., named after John Emens,
university president from 1945-68. Official name is "John R. Emens
College-Community Auditorium."
· Field and Sports Building [FS], 1720 W. Neely Ave. · Fine Arts Building [AR], 2021 W. Riverside Ave. · Greenhouse [GH], Christy Woods
· Graduate/Research offices [GR], 2100 W. Riverside Ave.
· Hargreaves Music Building [MU], 1810 W. Riverside Ave., named after Robert
Hargreaves, chair of the School of Music from 1945-77 and
founder of Muncie Symphony Orchestra.
· Health and Physical Activities Building [HP], 1740 W. Neely Ave.
· Health Center [HC], 1500 W. Neely Ave., named after Amelia T. Wood,
director of the Ball State Health Service from 1930-55.
· Human Performance Lab [HLP], 1740 W. Neely Ave.
· Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics and Humanities [AY]
2121 W. University Ave.
· International House [IH], 708 N. Calvert St.
· Inventory Control/Heath Barn [IC], 4601 N. Everett Road
· Irving Gym [IG], 1700 W. Neely Ave., named after the owners of Irving Bros.
Gravel Co. (based in Marion) and Irving Materials Inc. (based in Muncie).
The Irvings gave money to Ball State in 1990 for the architecture program
and for construction on the proposed University Arena.
· Johnson Complex [JH], 1601 N. McKinley Ave., named after Earl Johnson,
who worked at Ball State from 1929-66, serving as dean of the Teachers
College and principal of Burris Laboratory School.
· Kitselman Conference Center [KC], 3149 University Ave., named after Muncie industrialist E. Faye Kitselman, who built it. Kitselman's children donated
the building to Ball State in 1956. The Virginia B. Ball Center is
located here. · LaFollette Complex [LA], 1515 N. McKinley Ave., named after Robert
LaFollette, social science professor from 1921-61.
· Lewellen Aquatic Center [LP], 1400 N. McKinley Ave., named after John
Lewellen, men's swimming and diving coach and physical education
professor from 1937-70.
· Lucina Hall [LU], 2120 W. University Ave., named after Lucina Ball, sister of the
five founding Ball brothers.
· Maria Bingham Hall/Medical Education Center [MB], 2300 W. Gilbert St.,
named after Maria Bingham, mother of the five founding Ball brothers.
· Medical Education [MT], 221 N. Celia Ave.
· Multicultural Center [MA], 325 N. McKinley Ave.
· Muncie Symphony Office [MS], 1419 Marsh St.
· Museum of Art [AR], 2021 W. Riverside Ave.
· Music Engineering Technology Studio [M1], 2520 Bethel Ave.
· Neuropsychology [NY], 1407 Marsh St.
· North Grounds Building [NG], 1705 Bethel Ave.
· North Parking Garage [NP]
· North Quad [NQ], 1901 W. Riverside Ave.
· Noyer Complex [NO], 1601 W. Neely Ave., named after Ralph Noyer, dean
of the Teachers College from 1928-52.
· Parking Services [PS], 317 N. College Ave. · Printing Services [PT], 1902 W. Petty Road
· Pruis Hall (Pruis) [PH], 1000 N. McKinley Ave., named after John Pruis,
university president from 1968-78.
· Scheidler Apartments [SR], 3400-3700 N. Tillotson Ave., named after
Lawrence Scheidler, social science professor from 1936-55.
· Scheidler Community Center [SB]
· Shafer Tower [SH], 1210 N. McKinley Ave.
· Showalter Service and Stores [SV], 3401 N. Tillotson Ave.
· Showalter Building [SO], 3401 N. Tillotson Ave., named after Robert
Showalter, director of the Ball State Physical Plant from 1961-76.
· South Grounds Building [SG], 2200 W. University Ave.
· South Service/Christy Woods office [SS]
· Speech Communication Annex [SX], 1414 Marsh St.
· Studebaker East Complex [SE], 1301 W. Neely Ave., named after Mark
Studebaker, professor and chair of the Business Education Department
from 1918-54.
· Studebaker West Complex [SW], 1401 W. Neely Ave., named after Mark
Studebaker, professor and chair of the Business Education Department
from 1918-54.
· Student Center [SC], 2001 W. University Ave., officially called "L.A. Pittenger
Student Center," named after Lemeul Pittenger, university
president from 1927-42. · Student Center Parking Garage [SP]
· Teachers College [TC], 901 N. McKinley Ave.
· Telephone and Postal Services [TP], 321 N. College Ave. · University Theatre [TH], 920 N. McKinley Ave. · Visiting professors' houses [VP], 808 Warwick Road [V1], 910 Warwick Road [V2], 1313 Marsh St. [V3], 1408 Neely Ave. [V5], 1317 Marsh St. · Wagoner Complex [WA], 301 N. Talley Ave., named after W.E. Wagoner, who worked at Ball State from 1924-48, serving as registrar, controller, history professor and president. · West Campus and Picnic Shelter [WC] · West Quad [WQ], Campus Drive · Westminister House [WH], 1415 Cardinal Drive · Whitinger Business Building [WB], 1200 N. McKinley Ave., named after Ralph Whitinger, a 1929 Ball State graduate who was known as one of Ball State's most loyal and illustrious alumni. Whitinger started an accounting firm in Muncie and gave thousands of dollars to Ball State. · Woodworth Complex [WO], 1600 W. Riverside Ave., named after Frances Woodworth Ball, wife of founding Ball brother George A. Ball. All four halls in Woodworth Complex are named after the wives of the other Ball brothers. · Worthen Arena [NA], 1699 W. Bethel Ave., named after John Worthen, university president from 1984-2000.
Campus Information Center 285-5000. Can also be reached by dialing zero from campus phones. Call here for student, faculty, facility and departmental phone numbers and addresses.
capitalization As a general rule, capitalize titles only when they appear before a name: "Instructor Larry Riley." But, "Larry Riley, instructor." Also capitalize names of departments when the official title is used. For example, "Department of Journalism." But, "journalism department."
Cardinals Always capitalized. "Cards" is fine on second reference and in headlines. Do not refer to women's teams as "Lady Cards."
Cardinal Cash Prepaid line of credit that can be used at various food and service locations on campus. Accounts kept through Bursar's office.
Cardinal Communications 285-8200. Student-run communications agency that produces newsletters, press releases, brochures, Web sites and resumes for organizations and individuals.
Cardinal Corp Student group that helps the university administration put on
programs and give tours for campus guests. For information, call Leadership and
Service Programs at 285-2621 .
Cardinal Varsity Club Fund-raising organization for Ball State athletics. Office in the Alumni Center, 2800 W. Bethel Ave., 285-8120.
Center for Middletown Studies Bracken Library Room 203, 285-8037. Conducts research on Muncie, focusing on the city as "Middletown" - a representative American community. Sponsors public lectures and programs, assists Library Staff with research.
chairman, chairwoman Do not use "chairperson." Use "chair" when unsure of gender.
Charlie Cardinal Ball State's mascot.
choirs Here is a list of Ball State's seven choral groups.
· Chamber Choir
· Choral Lab
· Opera/Musical Theatre
· Statesmen
· University Chorus
· University Singers · Women's Chorus
Christy Woods 17-acre wooded area between University and Riverside avenues just east of Tillotson Avenue. Contains pathways, floral gardens, various patches of wild orchid species and a demonstration wetland area. Named after O.B. Christy, professor and chairman of the Department of Botany and Agriculture from 1918-50.
Class of ... Always capitalize. For example, "John Doe was a member of the Class of 1988."
class standing Identify a student's class standing no later than second reference. When class standing based on years in school and class standing based on number of credits don't match, identify the student by year in school. For example, if John Doe is in his third year at Ball State, but only has enough credits to be a sophomore, identify him as a junior.
coach Always lowercase, even before names.
colleges Here is a list of Ball State's seven colleges. Second reference titles are in
· College of Applied Sciences and Technology
· College of Architecture and Planning (CAP)
· College of Business · College of Communication, Information and Media (CCIM)
· College of Fine Arts
· College of Sciences and Humanities
· Teachers College
colloquium Plural is "colloquia."
Commencement Always capitalized.
composition titles Put quotes around the following. · book titles · computer games · movie titles · opera titles · play titles · poem titles · song titles · TV program titles · titles of lectures, speeches and works of art ** Exceptions are the Bible, software titles and names of newspapers.
contract Term used to describe faculty members who sign either one- or three-year contracts to teach at the university. Refer to such faculty members as "contract faculty." See also tenure track.
corrections Must be approved by the editor in chief. The Daily News runs corrections
on Page 2. Format is:
"In (date's) edition of the Daily News, (name/title/place,etc.) was
(misspelled/misidentified, etc.). The Daily News apologizes for any inconvenience this
may have caused."
course names Identify by course description. For example, "Newspaper reporting." Do not identify a course by department name or course number.
course work two words
Cow Path Walkway on the west side of campus, running north-south from the west side of LaFollette Complex to Riverside Avenue.
curveball one word
Daily News Official name is The Ball State Daily News, but Daily News is fine on first reference. Always print in italics.
datelines Don't use when events take place in Muncie or at Ball State. But if the story occurs in Muncie and it's written by The Associated Press, use Muncie in the dateline. Cities or towns in Indiana stand alone in datelines.
Dean of Students office Administration Building Room 238, 285-5343. The dean of students deals with grade appeals and student discipline and oversees university offices that focus on student welfare, such as the Department of Public Safety, Parking Services and the Health Center.
departments, academic Capitalize names of academic departments when the official title is used. For example, "Department of Journalism." But, "journalism department." Here is a list of Ball State's academic departments and their main office locations and phone numbers. Note that some are referred to as "schools."
· Department of Computer Science, RB 455, 285-8641 · Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, AT 150, 285-5931
· Department of Industry and Technology, AT 131,285-5642
· Department of Military Science, BG 111, 285-8341
COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AND PLANNING, AB 04, 285-5861 · Department of Architecture, AB 402, 285-1900 · Department of Landscape Architecture, AB 226, 285-1971 · Department of Urban Planning, AB 327,285-1963
COLLEGE OF BUSINESS, WB 100,285-8192 · Department of Accounting, WB 307,285-5100 · Department of Economics, WB 201, 285-5360 · Department of Finance, WB 301,285-5200 · Department of Management, WB 205, 285-5300 · Department of Marketing, WB 309,285-5180
COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATION, INFORMATION AND MEDIA, BC 237 285-6000 · Department of Communication Studies, AC 414, 285-1882 · Department of Journalism, AJ 300, 285-8200 · Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology, AC 104,285-8161 · Department of Telecommunications, BC 217, 285-1480
- - -
COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS, AC 200, 285-5495 · Department of Art, AR 201, 285-5838 · Department of Theatre and Dance, AC 306, 285-8740 · School of Music, MU 203, 285-5402 COLLEGE OF SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES, NO 112,285-1042 · Department of Anthropology, BB 315,285-1512 · Department of Biology, CL 121, 285-8820 · Department of Chemistry, CP 305,285-8060 · Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, NO 248, 285- 5979 · Department of English, RB 297,285-8580 · Department of Geography, CL 425, 285-1776 · Department of Geology, CP 201,285-8270 · Department of History, BB 200,285-8700 · Department of Mathematical Sciences, RB 465, 285-8640 · Department of Modern Languages and Classics, NO 138, 285-1361 · Department of Philosophy, NO 211,285-1244 · Department of Physics and Astronomy, CP 101, 285-8862 · Department of Physiology and Health Science, CL 325, 285-1502 · Department of Political Science, NO 240, 285-8780 · Department of Psychological Science, NO 104, 285-1690 · Department of Social Work, NO 108, 285-1016 · Department of Sociology, NO 205, 285-5977 TEACHERS COLLEGE, TC 1008, 285-5251 · Department of Educational Leadership, TC 918, 285-4445 · Department of Educational Psychology, TC 524, 285-8500 · Department of Educational Studies, TC 829, 285-5460 · Department of Elementary Education, TC 216, 285-8560 · Department of Special Education, TC 722, 285-5702 Delaware County See State and local government section in back for a list of elected county officials and other county departments. DeHority Complex 1500 W. Riverside Ave. Residence hall complex houses up to 591 students and contains the following halls: · Beeman Hall, 285-1121 · DeMotte Hall, 285-1121 · Tichenor Hall, 285-1727 · Trane Hall, 285-1727 Disabled Student Development office Student Center Room 307, 285-5293. Provides various services for students with disabilities, such as wheelchair repairs, help with test-taking, note-taking services and interpreters. distinguished professor Faculty member who's received distinction for excellence
in teaching. Distinguished professors are named by the university provost and nominated by the dean of the faculty member's college. Distinguished professors receive a pay raise that's paid for by external grants. dorm Though residence hall is the preferred term, "dorm" can be used to save space in headlines and avoid redundancy. Dr., doctor Use when referring to medical doctors, not academic doctors. drop/add period drunken driving Not "drunk driving." But, "drunk driver." Duck Pond Pond located near Bethel and McKinley avenues, across McKinley from Johnson Complex. - -
E.B. and Bertha C. Ball Center 400 Minnetrista Blvd., 285-8975. Operated by the university. Sponsors workshops, seminars and programs for local adults, with a goal to form a bridge between the university and the community. Named after founding Ball brother Edmund B. Ball and his wife, Bertha.
East Central Indiana
editor in chief No hyphens.
Elliott Hall 401 N. Talley Ave., 285-5019. Residence hall can house up to 119 students. For seniors only.
Emens Auditorium 1800 W. Riverside Ave., 285-1539 (box office). Official name is "John R. Emens College-Community Auditorium," but "Emens Auditorium" is fine on first reference. "Emens" on second reference and in headlines. Capacity is 3,575.
emeritus Title of honor given to some retired administrators and faculty, approved by
the Board of Trustees. Capitalize when used before a name. For example, "Ball
State President Emeritus John Worthen."
endowed chair Faculty member whose position was created by external grants.
espresso Coffee drink commonly misspelled "expresso."
events Describe by time, date and place, in that order. For example, "The group will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Student Center." See time, date, place.
exams Don't need to say "examinations." Can also say "finals."
expo Student-run magazine that publishes two to three times a year. Always lowercase.
Facilities, Planning and Management office Showalter Building, 3401 N. Tillotson Ave., 285-8988. Oversees campus construction projects, building renovations, landscaping and university transportation.
faculty See academic titles.
Fall Break Falls sometime in October, with no classes on Monday or Tuesday of the break.
Fall Semester Always capitalized. Also, "Fall" and "Spring" are capitalized when coupled with a year. For example, "Fall 2002."
Field and Sports Building 1720 W. Neely Ave., 285-1753. Connected to the Health and Physical Activities Building, Lewellen Aquatic Center, Irving Gym and Worthen Arena. Contains basketball and volleyball courts and a five-lane jogging track.
fight song, Ball State Here are the lyrics. Fight team, fight for Ball State, We must win this game.
Onward, now you Cardinals,
Bring glory to your name!
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Here's to both your colors,
Cardinal and White,
Praying for a victory,
So, fight, fight, fight!
FIJI Nickname for Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. "FIJI fraternity" on first reference. "FIJI" on second reference.
Finals Week
first aid
Fisher Institute for Well ness and Gerontology Located in Human Performance Lab Room 225, 285-8259. Academic department within the College of Applied Sciences and Technology that researches and promotes health and fitness. Official name is "The John and Janice Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology." "Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology" fine on first reference. "Fisher Institute" on second reference and in headlines.
floors, residence hall Always lowercase. For example, "Wilson Hall seventh floor," or "seventh floor of Wilson HaiL"
fraternities Never say "frat" or "frats." Spell out fraternity's name on first reference. For example, "Phi Delta Theta fraternity." On second reference, drop the word "fraternity." Never use a fraternity's nickname. Ball State fraternities are governed by the Interfraternity Council. Here is a list of Ball State's social fraternities, along with their house addresses and phone numbers. · Alpha Tau Omega, 200 N. McKinley Ave., 282-8752 · Beta Theta Pi, 900 W. Riverside Ave., 284-6821 · Delta Chi, 1100 W. Riverside Ave., 741-3060 · Delta Tau Delta, 1001 W. Riverside Ave., 282-8846 · Lambda Chi Alpha, 1110 W. Riverside Ave., 254-1839 · Phi Delta Theta, 1501 W. Riverside Ave., 284-7430 · FIJI (Phi Gamma Delta), 1417 N. Wheeling Ave., 287-9177 · Phi Sigma Kappa, 1104 W. Riverside Ave., 282-8382 · Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 909 W. Riverside Ave., 282-7776 · Sigma Chi, 830 W. Riverside Ave., 282-8709 · Sigma Nu, 900 W. Beechwood Ave., 282-8437 · Sigma Phi Epsilon, 1515 W. Riverside Ave., 282-8732 · Theta Chi, 1111 W. Riverside Ave., 282-0799 · Theta Xi, 904 W. Riverside Ave., 282-8412 · Zeta Beta Tau, 908 W. Beechwood Ave., 284-4593
The following are Ball State's black fraternities, governed by the National PanHellenic Council (NPHC also oversees Ball State's black and Hispanic sororities). These fraternities don't have official chapter houses. For contact information, call Leadership and Service Programs at 285-2621. · Alpha Phi Alpha · Iota Phi Theta · Kappa Alpha Psi · Omega Psi Phi · Phi Beta Sigma
fraternity member Not "fraternity brother."
freshman, freshmen Don't use "frosh" unless in a headline.
full ride, full-ride Hyphenated when used as an adjective. For example, "He has a full ride," "He's on a full-ride scholarship."
fund raiSing, fund-raising, fund-raiser "Fund raising" is a noun (For example,
"The sorority does lots of fund raising.") "Fund-raising" is an adjective. (For example,
"The fund-raising activity starts today.") "Fund-raiser" is a noun. (For example, "The fund-raiser starts today.")
-G gay Appropriate term when referring to homosexual men. Use "lesbian" when referring to homosexual women. When referring to both, use "gay." girl Refer to all female students at 8all State as "women," regardless of age. In general, use "woman" for females 18 and older and "girl" for females 17 and younger. government See Appendix 7 for a list of state and local government offices. grade point average Use "GPA" on second reference. grades When referring to a grade someone received, use quotations: He got a "8" on his test. When referring collectively to grades, use this format: She only settles for A's and 8's. greek Always lowercase when referring to the fraternity and sorority community. Capitalize only when referring to native of Greece. -
-- H
Health and Physical Activities Building 1740 W. Neely Ave. Connected to Lewellen Aquatic Center, Worthen Arena, Irving Gym and the Field Sports Building. Contains the Human Performance Lab.
Health Center 1500 W. Neely Ave, 285-8431. Official name is "Amelia T. Wood Student Health Center," but "Health Center" is fine on first reference. The Health Center also houses a pharmacy and the Women's Center (located on the second floor) which provides annual pelvic exams, breast exams and pap smears and treats sexually transmitted diseases and menstrual problems.
high schools There are two high schools in the Muncie Community School Corp. Muncie Central High School (Bearcats) and Muncie Southside High School (Rebels). Also in Muncie are Burris Laboratory School and the Indiana Academy.
Homecoming Always capitalized.
Honors College Office located in Carmichael Hall Room 104, 285-1024. Academic
program at Ball State that requires its students to substitute core courses with honors courses, which emphasize class discussion and essay writing instead of objective testing. Students must complete honors curriculum and a senior thesis project while
maintaining a 3.33 grade point average or higher.
honorary fraternities and sororities See Appendix 2 for a complete list.
hospital See Ball Memorial Hospital.
Housing and Residence Life office Oversees all residence halls and aspects of on-campus living. Office located in LaFollette Complex, 285-8011.
http:" Do not use when listing Web site addresses.
Human Performance Lab 1740 W. Neely Ave., 285-1158. Houses facilities for research on adult fitness and the human body. Located within the Health and Physical Activities Building.
10 number
Indiana Academy 2121 University Ave., 285-8102. Fine on first reference, though full name is "Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics and Humanities." "Academy" or "the Academy" fine on second reference and in headlines. Residential high school on Ball State campus for gifted and talented juniors and seniors from throughout Indiana. Enrollment is about 300. Students live in Wagoner Hall. The Academy and Burris Laboratory School are overseen by Ball State and are part of University Schools.
Indiana colleges and universities See Appendix 6 for a complete list, including schools' Web sites and phone numbers.
Interfraternity Council Governing body for Ball State's fraternities. "IFC" on second reference and in headlines. For information, call Leadership and Service Programs at 285-2621.
Internet Always capitalized.
Irving Gym 1700 W. Neely Ave., 285-1753. Contains a weight room, two gym floors, racquetball courts, classrooms and athletic department offices. The men's and women's basketball and volleyball teams played here before Worthen Arena was built. The gymnastics team still competes here. Connected to the Health and Physical Activities Building, the Field and Sports Building, Lewellen Aquatic Center and Worthen Arena.
-J John E. Worthen Arena See Worthen Arena. Johnson Complex 1601 N. McKinley Ave. Students enrolled in the Honors College who live on campus live in this residence hall complex. They don't fill the complex, so non-honors stUdents live here, too. Johnson houses up to 917 students and contains the following halls. · Botsford Hall, 285-5017 · Swinford Hall, 285-5018 · Schmidt Hall, 285-5016 · Wilson Hall, 285-5016 Jr. Do not precede by a comma. For example, "Martin Luther King Jr." - -
-K Ku Klux Klan Not "Klu Klux Klan." - -
LaFollette Complex 1515 N. McKinley Ave. University's largest residence hall complex. Houses up to 1,893 students and contains the following halls. · Brayton Hall, 285-5012 · Clevenger Hall, 285-5012 · Edwards Hall, 285-5009 · Hurst Hall, 285-5010 · Knotts Hall, 285-5009 · Mysch Hall, 285-5010 · Shales Hall, 285-5013 · Shively Hall (21 and over only), 285-5008 · Woody Hall, 285-5013
LaFollette Field Grass field located off McKinley Avenue on the west side of Worthen Arena. Students can use it for personal recreation. Campus events such as concerts, festivals and Homecoming activities are also held here.
laptop computer
Latino, Latina Use instead of "Hispanic" when referring to people of Hispanic, Mexican or Latin American descent. For plural references that include both genders,
use "Latino."
Latino Student Union "LSU" on second reference and in headlines. Office located in the Multicultural Center, 325 N. McKinley Ave., 285-1344.
Leadership and Service Programs Office located in Student Center Room L-1, 285-2621. Organizes student clubs and programs. Offers leadership development and community service opportunities. Contact this office for information on any campus organization or club.
Learning Center, the North Quad Room 323, 285-1006. Offers tutoring services, workshops and other educational assistance programs.
Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay Student Association (LBGSA) Organization now called Spectrum.
Lewellen Aquatic Center 1400 N. McKinley Ave. The men's and women's swimming and diving teams compete here. Pool also opens to Ball State students and staff for recreation swim.
lineup, line up First is a noun, second is a verb.
listserv Don't use because it's a registered trademark. Instead, say ..e-mail list." - --
man Use when referring to all males over 18. Use "boy" for males under 18.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day "MLK Day" on second reference and in headlines.
matchup, match up First is a noun. Second is a verb. For example, "The matchup was fair," "Match up the players."
McKinley Avenue Main north-south street that runs through campus.
Mid-American Conference Contains 13 schools in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan,
Ohio, New York and West Virginia. Ball State joined in 1973. "MAC" on second
reference. Largest Division-1 A conference in terms of number of schools. Home office
is in Cleveland. Here is a list of other MAC schools, including their locations, mascots,
Web site addresses and phone numbers.
· Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, Ohio) - Falcons, (419) 372-2531
· Central Michigan University (Mount Pleasant, Mich.) - Chippewas (517) 774-4000
· Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, Mich.) - Eagles, (734) 487-1849
· Kent State University (Kent, Ohio) - Golden Flashes, (330) 672-2444
· Marshall University (Huntington, W.V.) - Thundering Herd, (304) 696-6455
· Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) - RedHawks, (513) 529-1809
· Northern Illinois University (DeKalb, III.) - Huskies, (815) 753-1000
· Ohio University (Athens, Ohio) - Bobcats, (740) 593-1000
· University of Akron (Akron, Ohio) - Zips, (330) 972-7111
· University at Buffalo (Buffalo, N.Y.) - Bulls, (716) 645-2901
· University of Toledo (Toledo, Ohio) - Rockets (419) 530-4242
· Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, Mich.) - Broncos, (616) 387-1000
midterm One word, no hyphen.
Muncie Stands alone in datelines. See State and local government section in back for a list of elected city officials and other city departments. mt cup Coffee Shop in the Village near campus. Always lowercase. multicultural, multiculturalism Multicultural Center 325 N. McKinley Ave., 285-1344. Office oversees Black Student Association, Latino Student Union and Asian American Student Association. Formerly "Office of Multicultural Affairs." Museum of Art Located in the Fine Arts Building, 2021 W. Riverside Ave., 285-5242. Houses 10,000 works of art worth a total of about $40 million. - -
National Pan-Hellenic Council "NPHC" on second reference and in headlines. Governing body of Ball State's black and Hispanic fraternities and sororities. For information, call Leadership and Service Programs at 285-2621.
Neely Avenue Commonly misspelled "Neeley."
NewsCenter43 Ball State's student-run television newscast. "NewsCenter43" on all references. Call letters are WCRH-TV. Shows are broadcast on local cable television. Newsroom phone is 285-2728.
nicknames When referring to Ball State sports teams, use "Cardinals" or "Cards." Do not refer to women's sports teams as "Lady Cardinals" or "Lady Cards."
Noyer Complex 1601 W. Neely Ave. Residence hall complex houses up to 775
students and contains the following halls.
· Baker Hall, 285-5057
· Howick Hall, 285-5055 · Klipple Hall, 285-5059
· Williams Hall, 285-5056
Odyssey Creative journal published by Honors college students.
off campus, off-campus First is a noun. Second is an adjective. For example, "He lives off campus," "They were arrested at an off-campus house party."
offices Names of administrative offices at Ball State (such as "Business Affairs" and "Student Affairs") are proper nouns and should be capitalized.
Office of Multicultural Affairs Now called the Multicultural Center.
on campus, on-campus First is a noun. Second is an adjective. For example, "He lives on campus," "They like the atmosphere of on-campus living."
online One word.
Orient, The Ball State yearbook that went out of print after its 1996 edition was published. The Daily News office has the archives.
Oriental Do not use. Use "Asian-American" instead. When possible, identify person's country of origin. For example, "Jones, who is from Taiwan, said he liked the food."
orientation Capitalized when used as a proper noun. For example, "Summer Orientation."
Pan-Hellenic Council Governing body of Ball State's sororities. For information, call Leadership and Service Programs at 285-2621.
Parking Services 317 N. College Ave., 285-1208. Office issues parking permits and writes tickets for parking violations.
party affiliations Always capitalized, whether used as a noun or adjective. For example, "I'm a Republican," and "I'm the Republican candidate."
pastime One word.
philanthropy, philanthropic Use "philanthropy" as a noun for the act of doing a good deed. Use "philanthropic" as a noun for a specific event. Fraternities and sororities typically hold philanthropics.
phone numbers When listing a phone number that requires an area code and extension number, do so in this format: (765) 555-4444 Ext. 27.
police beat The Daily News prints a weekly listing of noteworthy University police arrests and citations. Police beat is usually printed the same day every week on Page
2. A "noteworthy" activity is generally anything dealing with alcohol, robberies and
assaults. Do not print names of sexual assault victims.
preseason, postseason No hyphens.
president The Ball State president's office is located in Administration Building Room
101, 285-5555. When referring to Ball State's president, use "Ball State" on first
reference. For example, "Ball State President Blaine Brownell said ..." Brownell has
been Ball State's president since July 2000. Here is a list of his predecessors, along
with a brief history of Ball State's many names (source: Bracken Library archives).
· F.A.Z. Kumler, 1899-1902 - Eastern Indiana Normal Institute
· John R.N. Latschaw, 1902-05 - Palmer Institute
· Francis Ingler, 1905-07 - Indiana Normal School and College of Applied
*** Vacant from 1907-12.
· Michael Kelly, 1912-17 - Muncie Normal Institute (1912-13)
Muncie National Institute (1913-17)
· William Parsons, 1917-21 - Indiana State Normal School Eastern Division
(school became a division of Indiana State University in Terre Haute).
The Ball brothers bought the school in 1918 and gave it to the state of
Indiana. · Linnaeus Hines, 1921-24 - Ball Teachers College (1922)
· Benjamin Burris, 1924-27 · Lemuel Pittenger, 1927-42 - Ball State Teachers College (1929)
· Winfred Wagoner, 1943-45
· John Emens, 1945-68 - Ball State University (1965)
· John Pruis, 1968-78
· Richard Burkhardt, 1978-79
· Jerry Anderson, 1979-81
· Robert Bell, 1981-84
· John Worthen, 1984-2000.
pro-choice, pro-life Use these terms to describe people who identify with either side of the abortion issue. For example, "Joe Smith, who says he's pro-choice, said ..."
professional/departmental organizations See Appendix 1 for a complete list.
provost The university's chief academic officer (the provost is also the vice president for Academic Affairs). The provost acts as an adviser to the president, works with deans and faculty, coordinates and evaluates academic programs, and serves as a liaison with other academic institutions and with the Indiana Commission on Higher Education. The Ball State provost's office is located in Administration Building Room 106, 285-1333. Capitalize title before name. Lowercase after. -
-Q Quad, the Grassy, tree-lined area on southwest side of campus that serves as a relaxation/recreation area for students.
radio stations Ball State is affiliated with two radio stations. · WBST-FM (92.1) - Muncie's Indiana Public Radio and National Public Radio affiliate. Located in Ball Communication Building Room 204, 285-5888. · WCRD-FM (91.3) - Student-run station located in BC 132, 285-1459.
Office of Recreation Programs 285-1753. "Rec Programs" on second reference and in headlines. Office oversees intramural sports leagues, fitness centers and other athletic activities.
religious organizations See Appendix 3 for a complete list.
residence halls Here's a list of Ball State's residence hall complexes. See
individual entries for the halls within each complex.
· DeHority Complex
· Elliott Hall
· Johnson Complex
· LaFollette Complex
· Noyer Complex · Studebaker East Complex
· Studebaker West Complex
· Wagoner Complex
· Woodworth Complex
Residence Hall Association "RHA" on second reference and in headlines. Comprised of representatives from each of Ball State's 23 residence halls. Organization sponsors hall activities, and serves as a liaison-between residents and university housing officials. Goal is to promote on-campus living.
resident assistant "RA" on second reference. Plural is 'HAs." Singular possessive is "RA's."
room numbers List in this format: Bracken Library Room 261.
ROTC Abbreviation for Reserve Officers' Training Corps. On first reference, use whichever is appropriate: "Army ROTC," "Naval ROTC" or "Air Force ROTC."
rush Lowercase when referring to general events such as "sorority rush" or "fraternity rush." Capitalize "Fall Rush" and "Spring Rush."
said Best word for attribution in most cases. Use "according to" when citing documents or publications.
Scramble Light Nickname for the intersection of McKinley and Riverside avenues. Pedestrians can press a button at each corner to signal a chirping noise that stops all directions of traffic and allows those on foot to cross the street. A similar stop is at the McKinley and Neely Avenue intersection.
Scheidler Apartments 3400-3700 N. Tillotson Ave., 285-5096. Part of University Apartments. For families, married couples and juniors and seniors.
semester Lowercase when word stands alone. But, "Fall Semester" and "Fall 2001."
Semester Break Use instead of "Christmas Break."
service organizations See Lists section in back for a complete list.
Shafer Tower 1210 N. McKinley Ave. 145-foot-tall bell tower located on McKinley
Avenue just south of the Robert Bell Building. Tallest building on campus (seven feet taller than the Teachers College) and the tallest bell tower in Indiana. Features 48
French carillon bells, four windows with silk-screened Beneficience logos and a
staircase leading to the top. Named after Hamer and Phyllis Shafer, Muncie
industrialists who have a long record of financially supporting Ball State.
sororities Unlike Ball State fraternities, there are no houses for sororities at Ball
State. Sororities are governed by the Pan-Hellenic Council. For information, call
Leadership and Service Programs at 285-2621. Here is a list of Ball State's
social sororities.
· Alpha Chi Omega
· Alpha Gamma Delta
· Alpha Omicron Pi
· Alpha Phi
· Chi Omega
· Delta Zeta
· Kappa Alpha Theta
· Kappa Delta
· Phi Mu
· Pi Beta Phi
· Sigma Kappa · Sigma Sigma Sigma
Here is a list of Ball State's black and Hispanic sororities, which are governed by the National Pan-Hellenic Council. NPHC is also in charge of the university's black fraternities (there are no Hispanic fraternities). For information, call 285-2621. · Alpha Kappa Alpha (black) · Delta Sigma Theta (black) · Gamma Phi Omega (Hispanic) · Zeta Phi Beta (black) special-interest organizations See Appendix 4 for a complete list. Spectrum Organization comprised mostly of gay students. Formerly called "Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Student Association." For information, call Leadership and Service Programs at 285-2621. spokesman, spokeswoman Only use "spokesperson" when unsure of gender. sports clubs See Appendix 5 for a complete list of Ball State's unofficial athletic teams. sports facilities Here is a list of the facilities where Ball State intercollegiate athletic teams have their home games, matches and meets. Some are not assigned specific street addresses. For directions, call sports information at 285-8242. · Baseball: Ball Diamond · BasketbaliNolleyball: Worthen Arena, 1699 W. Bethel Ave. Capacity is 11 ,500. · Cross country: Various courses · Field hockey: Ball State Field Hockey Field · Football: Ball State Stadium, 3300 N. Tillotson Ave. Capacity is 22,500. · Golf: Player's Club, Yorktown · Gymnastics: Irving Gym, 1700 W. Neely Ave. · Soccer: Ball State Soccer Field · Softball: Ball State Softball Complex · Swimming and diving: Lewellen Aquatic Center, 1400 N. McKinley Ave. · Tennis: Cardinal Creek Tennis Center · Track and field: Ball State Track and Field Stadium sports teams Ball State is a member of the Mid-American Conference, and holds Division-1 A status for all its intercollegiate athletic teams. Men's volleyball is the only team not in the MAC - it's part of the Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association. "MIVA" on second reference. Contact the Ball State sports information office at 285-8242. Here is a list of Ball State's intercollegiate athletic teams. · Baseball · Basketball (men and women) · Cross country (men and women) · Field hockey · Football
- - -
· Golf (men and women) · Gymnastics · Soccer (women) · Softball · Swimming and diving (men and women) · Tennis (men and women) · Track and field (men and women) · Volleyball (men and women) Spring Break Star Press of Muncie, The 345 S. High St., 747-5754. Local newspaper that covers Muncie and East Central Indiana. Daily circulation is about 37,000. "The Star Press" on second reference. state colleges and universities See Appendix 6 for a complete list, including schools' Web sites and phone numbers. Statehouse One word. Studebaker East Complex 1301 W. Neely Ave. Residence hall complex houses up to 440 students and contains the following halls. · Hurlbut Hall, 285-5050 · Menk Hall, 285-5049 Studebaker West Complex 1401 W. Neely Ave. Residence hall complex houses up to 928 students and contains the following halls. · Davidson Hall, 285-1253 · Painter Hall, 285-1651 · Palmer Hall, 285-1253 · Wh itcraft Hall, 285-1651 Student Affairs and Enrollment Management office "Student Affairs office" fine on first reference. Located in Administration Building Room 238, 285-1444. Oversees university admissions, enrollment, research and planning, student organizations, and student services such as the Health Center, Housing and Residence Life office, and counseling and career search services. student-athlete Student Center 2001 W. University Ave., 285-1926. Building houses various services and offices for students, staff and faculty. Includes a food court, bookstore, hotel, study areas and computer lab. Official name is the "L.A. Pittenger Student Center," but "Student Center" is fine on first reference. Student Government Association "SGA" on second reference and in headlines.
Office in Student Center Room 223, 285-8631. SGA writes and approves university policies and presents them to University Senate or the appropriate university
department (such as Housing and Residence Life). If approved, the legislation is then
passed to the ultimate policy authority, the Board of Trustees. When identifying
SGA members, capitalize titles before a name. Lowercase after. Capitalize "Student
SGA is divided into three branches - executive, legislative and judicial.
1)The executive branch consists of the president, vice president (who is also
president of Student Senate), secretary and treasurer. These members
are collectively known as the presidential slate.
2) Student Senate is the legislative branch of SGA. It consists of four
caucuses of senators.
a) On-campus senators represent students who live in residence halls.
b) Off-campus senators represent students who live off campus.
c) At-large senators are elected based on a fixed percentage of the
student body.
d) Organizational senators represent various campus organizations, and
are elected by their respective organizations.
3) The judicial branch consists of the Judicial Court, which interprets the SGA
constitution (found online at and by-laws. Judicial
Court members are the SGA vice president, the president pro tem of Student Senate and five members of the student body.
SGA was established in 1933. It was called Student Executive Council until
Freshmen senators and University Senate committee members are elected
yearly in early September.
Presidential slate members, at-large and off-campus senators, judicial court
justices and University Senate representatives are elected yearly in late
February or early March.
Student legal services Student Center Room L-17, 285-1888. Offers free legal services and attorney referrals and acts as legal resource center for staff and students. Representatives can not formally represent students in court.
Student Senate Lawmaking body of Student Government Association.
Student Voluntary Services Student Center Room L-1, 285-1094. "SVS" on second reference and in headlines. Office coordinates service programs for the campus and community.
SUVON Acronym for State Universities Voice Network, a service that allows people at Indiana colleges and universities to call anywhere in the state for free. The service is
intended for business calls made by faculty, staff and student organizations, not for
personal calls. Ball State is one of 75 institutions that use SUVON. The Daily News
has a SUVON code for each department. To use the service, dial the phone number
and then the six-digit code.
syllabus Plural is "syllabi."
- - -
T T-shirt tailback One word. teaching assistant "TA" fine on second reference. telecommunications "TCOM" on second reference and in headlines. television stations Ball State is affiliated with three TV stations. · WBSU-TV - Channel 5, Ball State's educational cable access channel. Studio located in Ball Communication Building Room 230, 285-3782. · WCRH-TV - See NewsCenter43 entry. · WIPB-TV - Channel 49, Ball State's PBS affiliate. WIPB is carried on more than 30 cable systems, reaching 150 cities and 250,000 homes. Studio in BC 230, 285-1473. Also home of the Ball State Sports Network. tenure track Term used to describe faculty members who, after serving a seven-year trial period, have been nominated by their college's dean and the university provost and then approved by the Board of Trustees to be "tenured," which means they keep their job as long as they continue to meet university teaching standards. Tenure track faculty are usually expected to do research. Thanksgiving Break theater, theatre Use "theater" on general references. Use "theatre" when it's part of a proper name. For example, the "Department of Theatre and Dance." There are three theaters at Ball State: University Theatre, 920 N. McKinley Ave., which seats about 400; Strother Studio Theatre, located on the first floor of the Arts and Communication Building, which seats about 150 and is known for its close, intimate atmosphere; and The Cave, located in the basement of AC, a studio used for student performances and acting classes that seats about 40. thesis Plural is theses. time, date, place Describe an event in that order. For example, "Black Student Association will meet at 5 p.m. Tuesday in the Student Center." tip-off titles In general, a title is lowercase after a name and capitalized before a name. However, a title is lowercase before a name if it's more than a few words long. Use your own judgment in this case. Don't capitalize "coach" before a name.
Total Lifestyle Center 285-2744. Located on the Student Center lower level. Fitness room operated by Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology. Also
offers health and fitness evaluation services.
toward Not "towards."
- - -
u UniverCity Week-long autumn festival of creative and intellectual activities (lectures, demonstrations, exhibits and performances). Held every few years on University Green, between the Architecture Building and Bracken Library. university Always use on first reference when referring to other schools. For example, "Purdue University," then "Purdue" on second reference. University Advancement office Administration Building Room 216, 285-1633. Oversees Ball State marketing, fund-raising, alumni programs and public relations programs. University Apartments 285-5096. Office in charge of Anthony Apartments and Scheidler Apartments, which are run by Ball State. University Arena Now called Worthen Arena. University Development office Located in the Alumni Center, 2800 W. Bethel Ave., 285-8621. Works with the University Advancement office. University Libraries 285-5277. Name for the network of Ball State libraries and resource centers. University Photo Services 285-1571. Division of University Relations that provides photos of campus events and people. Can download photos from University Police 305 N. College Ave., 285-1111, 285-1210. Use on first reference. "Ball State police" only on subsequent references. University Program Board Student Center Room L-20, 285-1031. "UPB" on second reference and in headlines. Organization brings cultural events, educational programs and entertainment to campus. University Relations Produces press releases on campus events and news. Office in Arts and Communications Building Room 224,285-1560, University Schools School corporation run by Ball State. Consists of Burris Laboratory School and the Indiana Academy. University Senate Can use "Senate" on subsequent references. Comprised of faculty and staff. Acts as an advisory to the Board of Trustees. Makes decisions on university policies such as admission and retention standards, curriculum
requirements, faculty promotions and dismissals and the university budget. University Senate meets once a month. When identifying University Senate members, capitalize
titles before a name. Lowercase after.
1) Officers
a) chair
b) vice chair
c) secretary
2) Two academic deans, selected yearly by all deans
3) Ex officios (Members who have voting rights but aren't elected)
a) Ball State president
b) BSU provost/vice president of academic affairs
c) BSU vice president
d) three chairs of University Senate councils
4) Students
a) Student Government Association president
b) Student Senate president
c) Student Senate president pro tem
d) five other student members
5) Parliamentarian (a non-voting member, appointed by the Senate chair, who
presides over meetings to maintain Senate procedure)
6) 37 faculty and staff, elected by faculty of each university college and by University Libraries staff members. Serve staggered three-year terms. Can't serve more than two terms. University Libraries and each college
always have at least two seats.
university-wide Do not hyphenate "nationwide," "statewide," or "worldwide."
Update Free campus weekly newspaper produced by University Relations for Ball State faculty and staff. Update recaps campus news and lists upcoming campus events. A valuable resource for the Daily News. Editor's phone is 285-5731
upward Not upwards.
-v vice president Never hyphenate. When title appears before a name, both words are capitalized. Both words are lowercase after a name. For example, "Vice President Dick Cheney" and "Dick Cheney, vice president." Village, the Four-block stretch of University Avenue just east of campus, from McKinley Avenue to Dicks Street. Features restaurants, bars, coffee shops, bookstores and convenience stores. The Village also refers to off-campus housing between Riverside and University avenues, and McKinley Avenue and Dicks Street. Virginia B. Ball Center Kitselman Conference Center, 3401 University Ave., 2870117. Fine on first reference, though full name is "Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry." Institution chooses four Ball State faculty each year and gives them a $25,000 budget to conduct seminars with 15 students each. Class creates a product (such as an exhibit, performance, production or publication) and presents it to the community. For example, in Fall 2000, telecommunications and natural resources students produced a 13-part series called "Indiana Outdoors" that aired on all PBS affiliates in Indiana. Virginia Ball was the wife of Edmund F. Ball, son of one of the five Ball brothers who founded Ball State. - -
Wagoner Complex 301 N. Talley Ave., 285-7457. Houses Indiana Academy students.
Watermelon Bust Delta Tau Delta fraternity's main philanthropic. Usually takes place every October at LaFollette Field. Participants compete in several types of races, all involving watermelons. Proceeds go to the local Habitat for Humanity chapter.
Web site
white Use instead of "Caucasian."
Woodworth Complex 1600 W. Riverside Ave. Only residence hall complex on
campus that houses women only. Houses up to 608 students and contains the
following halls.
· Brady Hall, 285-1049
· Crosley Hall, 285-1441
· Rogers Hall, 285-1441 · Wood Hall, 285-1049
woman Use when referring to females over 18. Use "girl" for females under 18.
Worthen Arena 1699 W. Bethel Ave., 285-1474 (box office). Opened in 1992. Formerly "University Arena." Renamed in 2000 after Ball State's 13th president, John Worthen, who held the post from 1984-2000. Capacity is about 11,500. Ball State's basketball and volleyball teams play here. Connected to the Health and Physical Activities Building, the Field and Sports Building, Irving Gym and Lewellen Aquatic Center.
Appendix 1
professional/departmental organizations If "Ball State" isn't part of club's official name, drop it. Use "Ball State" only to distinguish from club's national chapter. For example, "The Ball State chapter of ... " For information, contact Leadership and Service Programs at 285-2621.
American Sign Language Club (ASL Club)
Accounting Club
Actuarial Science Club
American Choral Directors Association
American Institute of Architecture Students
American Marketing Association
American Production and Inventory Control Society
American Society of Landscape Architects
Anthropology Club
Association for Students in Communications
Association of Information Technology Professionals
Cardinal Filmworks
Chinese Club
Clay/Metal Guild
College of Architecture and Planning Student Help Association (CAPSHA)
Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization
Council for Exceptional Children
Delta Alpha Gamma - German club
Dietetic Technology Club
Dietetics Association
Elementary Education ~n Action
Family and Consumer Sciences Association
Fashion Design Society
Fashion Merchandising Association
Financial Management Association
Fine Arts League
Food Management Association
French Club
Gamma Delta Pi - economics club
Gamma Iota Sigma - insurance club
Gamma Theta Upsilon - geography club
Graphic Design Guild
History Club
Housing/Interiors Association
International Studies Association
Lambda Alpha Epsilon - criminal justice club MBA Association
Media, Education and Information Association (MEDIA)
Mathematical Sciences Club
National Association of Black Journalists
National Association of Future Doctors of Audiology
National Communication Association Student Club
National Organization of Minority Architecture Students
National Strength and Conditioning Association
National Student Speech-Language and Hearing Association
Natural Resources Club
Nursing Association
Philosophy Club
Physical Education Majors and Minors
Pi Sigma Epsilon - marketing club
Pre-Medical Association
Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)
ROTC (fine on first reference, though official name is ROTC Association of the United
States Army)
Radio-Television News Director's Association (RTNDA)
Silver Gelatin Society - photography club
Society for Human Resources Management
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Society for News Design (SND) - newspaper design Society of Physics Students
Society of Plastic Engineers
Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)
Spanish Club
Sports Medicine Club
Student Advisory Committee for Mathematics Education
Student Education Association
Student Paralegal Association
Student Planning Association
Student Social Workers Association
Technology Education Club
United States Institute for Theatre Technology
- Appendix 2
honorary fraternities and sororities Included is the academic department, area of study, organization or class standing each is affiliated with. For information, contact Leadership and Service Programs at 285-2621.
Alpha Lambda Delta - freshmen
Alpha Mu Gamma - modern languages and classics
Alpha Phi Sigma - criminal justice
Alpha Psi Omega - theatre and dance
Beta Alpha Psi -- accounting
Delta Sigma Pi -- business
Delta Sigma Rho - speech
Tau Kappa Alpha - debate
Epsilon Pi Tau - technology education
Eta Sigma Gamma - classics
Eta Sigma Phi - classics
Golden Key National Honor Society - juniors
Kappa Tau Alpha - journalism
Lambda Alpha - anthropology
Lambda Iota Tau - English
Mortar Board - seniors
Mu Phi Epsilon - music
National Residence Hall Honorary
Order of Omega - fraternities and sororities
Phi Alpha Theta - history
Phi Epsilon Kappa - physical education
Phi Gamma Nu - business
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia - music
Phi Sigma Tau - philosophy
Phi Upsilon Omicron - family and consumer sciences
Pi Gamma Mu - social science
Pi Lambda Sigma - pre-law
Pi Omega Pi - business education
Pi Sigma Alpha - political science
Pinnacle - non-traditional students
Psi Chi - psychology
Rho Lambda - sororities
Sigma Alpha Iota - music
Sigma Iota Epsilon - management
Sigma Lambda Alpha - landscape architecture
Spire - non-traditional students
Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society - architecture and planning
- Appendix 3
religious organizations For information, contact Leadership and Service Programs at 285-2621.
Abundant Life Ministries
Alliance Student Ministries
Alpha Omega Delta - Baptist
Apostolic Christian Fellowship Hour
Baha'i Association
Baptist Collegiate Ministry
Baptist House
Campus Crusade for Christ
Campus Message
Campus Religious Liberals - Unitarian Universalist
Catholic Student Union - Roman Catholic
Christian Science Student Organization
Christian Student Foundation
College Avenue Campus Ministries
College Oneighty - United Methodist
Episcopal Campus Ministry Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Fellowship of Collegiate Christians
Friends Fellowship - Quaker
Hazelwood College Fellowship - Hazelwood Christian Church
Hillel - Jewish
Independent Bible Fellowship - Grace Baptist Church
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Koin - Churches of Christ
Latter-day Saint Student Association - Mormon
Living Word Campus Ministry
Lutheran Center
Luthern Student Fellowship
Muslim Student Association
Way International - Bible study group
Wesley Foundation - United Methodist
- Appendix 4
special-interest organizations For information, contact Leadership and Service Programs at 285-2621.
Absolunacy - improvisational comedy troupe
Adventurer's Guild
African Student Association
American Anti-Slavery Group
AmeriCorps Alums
Amnesty International - human rights activists
Animal Defense League
Art Education Club
Asian American Student Association
Associated Students of Historic PreseNation
Association for Computing Machinery
Association of Black graduate students
Association of Thai Students and Friends
Audio Engineering Society, Inc.
Black Student Association
Campus Girl Scouts
Cardinal Belles -- BSU women who give campus tours to prospective BSU athletes
Cardinal Neighborhood Housing Association
Chess Club
Chinese Student Association
Classics Society
Club Japan
College Republicans
Connections Live - student-run entertainment show that airs on local television
Constructions Specifications Institute
Country Kickers Dance Club
Delta Gamma Iota - unofficial social fraternity
Disabled Students In Action
Fanatics Dance Club
Feminists for Action
Graduate Student Alliance
Greek Social Issues Committee
Greek Week Steering Committee
Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol
Groundwork Alliance
Indian Subcontinent Student Association
Interfaith Productions
Japanese Animation Society Korean Student Association
Latino Student Union Media Communication Association
Medieval Recreations
National Organization for Women
National Press Photographers Association
Non-traditional Students Association
Resident Assistant Council
Residents Achieving Positive Progress
Semper Fidelis Society - members of the Marine Corp.
Sport Administration Club
Student Action Team
Student Honors Council
Students for Ecological and Environmental Careers
Students for Life - pro-choice organization
Students for a Free Tibet
Sum It Up - student-run weekly entertainment show
Swing Society
Take Two - student-run movie review show
Today's black women
University Democrats
University Singers Voice of Triumph Choir Wildlife Society
Young Libertarians
- Appendix 5
sports clubs These teams are not affiliated with Ball State intercollegiate athletics. For information, call Leadership and Service Programs at 285-2621.
Bowling Club
Cycling Team
Equestrian Team
Fencing Club
In-Line Hockey Club
Indiana Goalball
Lacrosse Club
Men's Soccer
Men's Volleyball Club
Phi Alpha Sigma - aquatics
Powerlifting Team
Rolling Charlies - roller hockey
Rugby Club
Scuba Club Snowboarding Club
Sports Car Club
University Riders
Water Polo Club
Water Ski Team
Wizardz - ultimate Frisbee
Women's Lacrosse Club
Women's Rugby
Women's Soccer Club
- Appendix 6
Indiana colleges and universities
· Anderson University (Anderson),, (765) 641-4080
· Bethel College (Mishawaka),, (219) 259-8511
· Butler University (Indianapolis),, (888) 940-8100
· Calumet College of St. Joseph (Whiting),, (219) 473-7770
· DePauw University (Greencastle),, (765) 658-4800
· Earlham College (Richmond),, (765) 983-1200
· Franklin College (Franklin),, (317) 738-8000
· Goshen College (Goshen),, (219) 535-7000
· Grace College (Winona Lake),, (800) 54-GRACE
· Hanover College (Hanover),, (812) 866-7119
· Holy Cross College (South Bend),, (219) 239-8400
· Huntington College (Huntington),, (219) 356-6000
· Indiana Business College (several campuses, one in Muncie) , 288-8681
· Indiana Institute of Technology (Fort Wayne),, (219) 422-5561
· Indiana State University (Terre Haute),, (812) 237-6311
· Indiana University (Bloomington),, (812) 855-4848
· Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), www.iupuLedu (317) 274-4591
· Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus (812) 348-7271
· Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW), (219) 481-6812
· Indiana University-South Bend (IUSB), (219) 237-IUSB
· Indiana University-Kokomo (IUK), (765) 455-9217
· Indiana University-Northwest (IUN), (219) 980-6991
· Indiana University-Southeast (IUS - New Albany), (800) 852-8835
· Indiana Wesleyan University (Marion),, (765) 674-6901
· Ivy Tech State College (several campuses, one in Muncie), 288-2291
· Manchester College (North Manchester),, (219) 982-5000
· Michiana College (Fort Wayne and South Bend),, Fort Wayne (219) 484-4400, South Bend (219) 237-0774
· Oakland City University (Oakland City),, (812) 749-4781
· Purdue University (West Lafayette),, (765) 494-4600
· Purdue University Calumet (Hammond), (219) 989-2400
· Purdue University North Central (Westville), (219) 872-0527
· Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Terre Haute), (81 2) 877-1 511
· St. Joseph's College (Rensselaer), (219) 866-6000
· St. Mary's College (South Bend), (219) 284-4587
· 8t. Mary-of-the-Woods College (Terre Haute),, (812) 535-5151
· Taylor University (Fort Wayne),, (219) 744-8600
· Tri-8tate University (Angola), (219) 665-4100
· University of Evansville (Evansville),, (800) 423-8633
· University of Indianapolis (Indianapolis),, (317) 788-3368
· University of Notre Dame (South Bend),, (219) 631-5000
· University of 8t. Francis (Fort Wayne),, (800) 729-4732
· University of Southern Indiana (Evansville), (812) 464-8600
· Valparaiso University (Valparaiso), (800) GO-VALPO
· Vincennes University (Vincennes),, (812) 888-8888
· Wabash College (Crawfordsville),, (765) 361-6100
- Appendix 7 State and local government (updated May 2001) STATE The Indiana House of Representatives has 100 members. The Senate has 50 members. House districts 34 and 35 cover Muncie. Here are the state representatives responsible for Muncie and Ball State. · Rep. Tiny Adams, D-34th - 2105 N. Walnut St., Muncie, 288-5586 (800) 382-9842 in session · Rep. Bruce Munson, R-35th - 2710 Burgewood Drive, Muncie, 282-0786 (800) 382-9841 in session The 26th Senate district covers Muncie. Here is the state senator responsible for Muncie and Ball State. · Sen. Allie Craycraft, D-26th - (317) 232-9400, (800) 382-9400 in session .- Here is a list of the state government executive branch leaders, along with their party affiliations, phone numbers and Web sites. · Gov. Frank Q'Bannon (Democrat) - (317) 232-4567, · Lt. Gov. Joseph Kernan (Democrat) - (317) 232-4545 · Attorney General Steve Carter (Republican) - (317) 232-6201 · Auditor of State Connie Kay Nass (Republican) - (317) 232-3300 · Clerk of Courts Brian Bishop (Republican) - (317) 232-1930 · Secretary of State Sue Anne Gilroy (Republican) - (317) 232-6531 · Treasurer Tim Berry (Republican) - (317) 232-6386, · Superintendent of Public Instruction Suellen Reed (Republican) - (31 '7) 232-6665, The 6th District in Congress covers Delaware County. The 6th District congressman is Rep. Mike Pence, R-6th. · Pence in Muncie: 220 E. Main St., 747-5566 · Pence in Washington: (202) 225-3021 Indiana's two U.S. senators are Sen. Evan 8ayh, D-Ind., and Sen. Richard Lugar, RInd.
· Bayh in Indianapolis: (317) 554-0750
· Bayh in Washington: (202) 224-5623
· Lugar in Indianapolis: (317) 226-5555
· Lugar in Washington: (202) 228-0360
Here is a list of Delaware County's elected officials. Unless otherwise listed, all offices
are located in the Delaware County Building, 100 W. Main St., or the Delaware County
Justice Center, 100 W. Washington St. The two buildings are connected by an
underground tunnel. For more information, visit or (Source: County clerk's office)
· Clerk Karen Wenger (Republican), 747-7726
· Circuit Court 1 Judge Steven Caldemeyer (Democrat), 747-7780
· Circuit Court 2 Judge Richard Dailey (Democrat), 747-7784
· Circuit Court 3 Judge Robert Barnet Jr. (Democrat), 747-7782
· Circuit Court 4 Judge James Jordan (Democrat), 747-7770
· Circuit Court 5 Judge Wayne Lennington (Democrat), 747-7772
· Auditor Jane Lasater (Republican), 747-7717 · Assessor James Carmichael (Republican), 747-7715
· Coroner Jim Clevenger Jr. (Democrat), 747-7724
· Treasurer Warren Beebe (Republican), 747-7808
· Surveyor Richard Thornburg (Republican), 747-7806
· Sheriff Steve Aul (Democrat), 747-7885
· County commissioners, 747-7730
Ron Bonham (Democrat)
James St. Myer (Democrat)
Jack Stonebraker Jr. (Democrat)
· County Council members
Alan Brammer (Democrat), 284-3683
Todd Donati (Democrat), 286-2060
Ron Kuakenbush (Republican), 286-4267
Brent Perry (Democrat), 759-8461
Terry Reynard (Republican), 747-9187
John Wright (Republican), 288-7143
** Council attorney Ray Brassart, 282-8028
Other useful county departments: · Board of Health, 747-7721 · Corrections, 115 S. Walnut St., 747-7825 · EMS, 401 E. Jackson St., 747-7790 · Housing Authority, 2401 S. Haddix Ave., 284-3801 · Prosecutor, 747-7801
Here is a list of Muncie's elected officials. All offices are located in City Hall, 300 N.
High St. unless otherwise listed. For more information, visit
(Source: City clerk's office)
· Mayor Dan Canan (Republican), 747-4845
· Deputy Mayor Charles Bebout (Republican), 747-4845
· Clerk Ruth Dorer (Democrat), 747-4831
· City Judge Linda Ralu Lantz Wolf (Democrat), 747-4703
· City Council members:
Robert Marshall (Democrat), 747-4847 (work), 288-0478 (home)
David Taylor (Republican), 289-2228 (work), 284-9236 (home)
Mary Jo Barton (Democrat), 747-7717 (work), 289-9494 (home)
John Isenbarger (Republican), 282-0212 (home)
Bruce Wiemer (Democrat), 288-1114 (home)
Monte Murphy (Democrat), 288-0659 (work), 286-4154 (home)
Jim Carey (Democrat), 282-1986 (home)
Chuck Leonard (Democrat), 741-9625 (home)
William Shroyer (Democrat), 288-7789/288-6220 (work)
284-2431 (home)
** Council attorney Joe Hunter, 288-5035
Other useful city departments:
· Building Commissioner, 747-4862
· Engineer, 747-4878
· Controller, 747-4828
· Community Development, 747-4825
· Fire Department, 421 E. Jackson St., 747-4870
· Human Rights Commission, 747-4854
· Housing Authority, 409 E. 1st St., 288-9242
· Police Department, 747-4838
· Sanitary District, 747-4863
· Park Department, 1800 S. Grant St., 747-4858
· Sign Shop, 615 S. Mulberry St., 747-4774
· Street Department, 5790 W. Kilgore Ave., 747-4848
Vice president for Information Technology and executive assistant to the president Ball State Teleplex Director of Intercollegiate Athletics University Computing Services University Libraries Supervisor of space allocation Information Technology
Board of Trustees Pre~ident Director of University Compliance Legal counsel Athletic Compliance Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Director of executive staff t Special assistant to the president Board of Trustees secretary
Vice president for Business Affairs and treasurer (
Provost and vice president for Academic Affairs
Vice president for University Advancement
Vice president for Student Affairs (
I Director of Auditing
I Associate Vice President Finance and Assistant Treasurer
Vice President for BUSlIlcss Affairs and Treasurer
Associate Vice President Controller and Business Services
Associate Vice President Facilities Planning and Management
Associate Vice I'lcslI Associate Vice I'resiI Director of Sports Facilities Management
f- Liaison to
_ Fiscal Management
Stale Board or Accounts and Planning
Federal Auditors
~ Debt Financing
I- Inlemal Auditing
__ Construction Finance and Records
f- Insurance Programs t- Employee l3enefits f- Business Systems I- Investments
I- Cost Studies
_ Bursar
_ Contracts and Grants
office systems Resources I- Accounting Services
Purchasing Office r- Central Stores
I- Payroll
Inventory Control
I- Student Aid
Budget Office
Business Administrators r- Athletic Business Services
Accounts Payable and Receivable
Athletic Ticket Office
_ Real Estate
'- Student Center Business Office
I- Facilities Planning
t- Space Studies and UtiliLation
I- Business Services and Transportallon
~,f ... _ ... _ ... --... ... ~.
f- Iluman l{csOlllees
I- Liaison to
I:mployee l\eCrllltment
Commission for
lIigher Education
Wmkers/l inclIlpl 0YlIlcnt State Govcmmental
Labor lZelatlons
Employee Records
Wage ami Salary Adlllll1i:,tratlon WorkLife I'rograms Tralliing and
f- Legislative RC4ucst Opcratll1g Funds ['apllal Funds
Development '- Auxiliary Services
_ Liaison with Congress and Federal
Policy and Admlnistral
_ Facilities Scheduling f- Facilities Operations '- Recreation
'- Liaison with
iI Ie
r--- if it
II' I 0 I
K' I I
rI, fa a I~'"I
- r--- roC'
I !i '--i'
Vice Prcsiclent Univc:nicy AdvIllCCIDCIII
AssIIO the V.P. " Dire<:1Or of MarII:«ing
Directatof lncemlilionol AdvIn-=nt
DireCtor AdYlllccment SClViccs R.cpon & R.cCOtds Specialist Quality Control Cootd UlalOt
Eltcculive Oirec\Of" Alumni Programs
Executive Oltecmt Univmity RoJltions
Direc\&)t' Of Alumni Activities
Director of University CoftlftluniCllions
AssiSt4J\t Direc\l>t oC CoBSlit\lcnt RclatioM
Ditec:tor of Alumlli Communicalions
Coordinator Photo SelViccs
Asliscaot Direl.1torl CART
Coordinator Display Services
AssiSlaJ\( Direclorl Oulrcach
Coordinalor EleClTlln ie Media
Assistllllt Din:ctorl ServIces
A$sis!lIIIt Direc(orl Technology
ExccWvc DircelDr Uni~ity DevelO\'l*CIt Assoeilltc Executive DiRaor of Developma\l DirectoroC Donor A.clilions Diteetotof ~'OpniCl1t AslIiSUlll( Direc\Ot of Development DirectoTof Devalopmcnl Direc:tor of OevelOjllMlU A$$Ulant Director of Davelopmclll DireClOrof Annual Oivillll AssislOf1l Director of AM...aJGivins Dirca.or of Developlllent
I Assistant Vice President I for Systems and TeclU1ology
Ball State UDiversity Student Affairs
I IAsSistantVice President for Planning'l Research, and Evaluation
I Vice President for Student Affail and Enrollment Management I ----- I Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Services I Admissions
Early Outreach
Orientation and New Student Programs Registration and Academic Progress 1 Scholarships and Financial Aid
IAssliciate Vice President for Student I
Services and Dean of Students
~ Career Center I
~ Public Safety I
~ Counseling and I Health Services I
fcounseling Center~
1 Health Center I
I Health Education ~
I I Associate Dean of
studentsi Ombudsperson
~ Housing and I Residence Life
l Associate Vice President for Student Life I Multicultural Center Disabled Student ~ Development Student Organizations and Acti\ities Leadership and Service Learning Student Center r Grant Writing Di\isional Responsibility

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