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Content: THE CALL "And no change can be more radical than the revolution attempted in the integral Yoga."1 Sri Aurobindo "No limit can be fixed to this revolution (of integral Yoga); for it is in its nature an invasion by the Infinite."2 Sri Aurobindo There is a higher plan of our Spiritual destiny which is the cause of our greater existence and holds the key of our ascending fate. The perfect Spirit is called out of the dense imperfect mortality and is nurtured, fostered and moulded in the Matters house by the influence of the sun-eyed Guardians of conscious Truth planes, Godheads of the unseen reality and men of Spiritual attainment. This material birth is a long transition of fourfold Soul adventure, self-evolution and illumination through which Nature ascends in the ladder and climbs to become the Spirit. Man arrives at greater perfection when he enlarges himself by opening his Nature towards all these four Soul powers. Thus our life is at once (1) to know and grow into self-truth and self-knowledge, (2) to raise slow outer life energy and the surface consciousness into swift movement of Divine energy and Divine Consciousness, (3) a constant production, adaptation, application of ecstatic skill and harmony to material life and to lift the surface pleasure into Divine Delight of Being and (4) to live and act in a complete self-giving, sacrifice, service and elevate the surface Nature into divine nature. The ancient thoughts of India was conscious of these four-fold Spiritual turns, chaturvarna,6 of active human personality and nature which precipitated as fixed mechanical function in the society of traditional ideal of Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Shudra, whose full consummation and large Divine manifestation must be called down from the Universal and Transcendent plane by those who practice integral Yoga. Brahmana or Soul of Self-knowledge and World-knowledge: The study of Scriptures, calm self-control, purity, a way of truth seeking and capture it for outward use, long suffering, kindness, honesty, aversion to fault finding, ceaseless quest for knowledge, freedom from prejudice, hard-won minds silence, sweet smiling quietude of life, constant practice of non-attachment towards son, wife and home, high thinking, pure living, heavenward flight through saintly inactivity, free from attachment to action and inaction, detachment of desire-mind and renunciation of its passion, raise the mental consciousness into clarity, fixing the mind in the central vision, nearing of Spiritual truth within by purified buddhi and ethical change in the outside surface life are the natural and spontaneous task of the traditional Brahmin Soul force. Thus a traditional Brahmin lives a double life, Spiritual within or above and mental and material in outward active earthly 1
living; thus he does not bridge the gulf between imperfect Matter and perfect Spirit. The exclusive nature of the Soul force of the ancient traditional Brahmin is extended and enlarged in integral Yoga to go beyond the partial views and egoistic motives of human ignorance and become the master of own kingdom of life, swarat, master over the surrounding world, samrat, the fullness of the divine union of Truth-Light, Brahma-yoga, Power and glory of spiritual force, Brahmatejas, comprehensive Knowledge, Brahma-varcas, perfection of Spiritual Law, Dharma, enlarge and raise the whole seeing and living of active consciousness by trance, Samadhi, the accomplished Brahminhood of the complete Brahmana and grows into impersonalised universal personality, sarvabhutatmabhutatma. The exclusive concentration, samyama, pursued by all traditional schools of Yoga is used as temporary instrument in integral Yoga and extended as all-receiving or allinclusive concentration, samjnana. The perfection of Brahmana Soul-force is the treasure house of miraculous knowledge which is open to every kind of Revelation, intimate Vision, many-sided wideness of Spiritual Attainment, Inspiration, Intuition, Identity; opens us to Supramental Infinities, Largeness, unalterable Silence, absolute quietude and Solitude, impersonal Vastness, right Discrimination, unspoken great Word, shadow-less Love, original Delight of existence, self-defusing Peace and a reconciling Wisdom to perfect life. An Integral Brahmin calls down the Divine Mothers swift invasion of mightier Light, calm wideness, Truth of eternity, blaze of comprehensive wisdom, inevitable Word, tranquil benignity, sovereign and surpassing majesty and all ruling greatness to lifes closed and obscure room and transforms all triple lower mechanical energies of sattwa, rajas and tamas into energies of illumined Seer and subsequently to Supramental Nature, madbhava.7 Not by rejecting life and action but by accepting and uplifting them he will realise the supreme Self in his own being and subsequently in all-beings and transforms all mundane knowledge in to activities of self-existent infinite Divine Consciousness. Thus GodKnowledge and World-Knowledge become two sides of one Transcendent seeking. She is the mediatrix universal Mother that draws her child to her arms to link earth consciousness with supreme TRuth Consciousness and we adore her as Mother of all Godheads, ancient Mother, infinite Mother, a wonderful Mother of unnumbered species and an embodiment of mighty Mother. A force in her toiled since the beginning of creation to reverse the destinys cold dead turn, forced to open the door of multiple selves that are denied and closed and when earth will be 2
ready she shall again take birth in Time as last Avatara to vanquish Fate and Death and establish Truths victory [the Maheswari aspect]. Kshatriya or Soul of Strength and Power: The heroism, high spirit ambition, armour of courage, resolution, ability, steadfastness in Yoga, giving, harmlessness, sword like faith, forgiveness, leadership, lordship at all workings, Isvara-bhava, straightforwardness, well-armed warrior and hunter of unknown and beautiful creation, wrestler with destiny are the natural work of traditional Kshatriya Soul force. Thus a traditional Kshatria does not adventure much into higher planes of Consciousness and call down consciously their Divine energy to the limitation of tamasic, rajasic and sattwic Nature. These virtues of traditional Kshatriya are extended in integral Yoga to Divine fullness, timeless purity, high plasticity towards change, forbidden to shrink from difficulties of life, opulence, expansion of spiritual kingdom within and without and a faith and conviction that nothing can prevent a Sadhaka from discovering the Truths wide and golden path and in arriving at the end of integral Perfection. He has to conquer in himself the forces of egoistic falsehood, ignorance and suffering and manifest divine truth-movement in the spirit of lionlike warrior and further extend them towards the conquest of the same adverse and inexhaustible dark forces in the world. The perfection of Kshatriya Soul-force is a severest austerity of tapas, a great action that can unlock the doors of fate, high nobility of Soul untouched by any littleness or baseness and moving with a certain greatness of step to Spiritual victory or the success of the God given work through whatever temporary defeat or obstacle, a Spirit never disheartened or discouraged from faith and confidence in the Divine power that works in the being, adventure of Consciousness in ascending and descending order capturing ,,the last inviolate secret9 Source and invasion of its large white divine presence to all the nether dark planes of existence. An Integral Kshatriya casts his transparent Soul upon the Divine Mothers lap and calls down her sweet Presence of violent loving heart, intolerant flame, splendid strength, irresistible white passion of her mighty Force. She leads his small beginning of Sadhana through slow mental evolution towards complete enjoyment and possession of Divine Soul and transforms Nature through swift Spiritual evolution, fulfils Ananda with its most absolute intensities, drags knowledge towards conquering glories and shortens the long way of perfection. He reconciles the gentle soul of Love with the formidable need of Power; fuses the Souls passive nature that lives satisfied with transcendent calm with perfect activity of Divine worker and warrior. He shall possess Gods infinite Wisdom 3
and king Idea what the dwarf mind cannot imagine and shall open Gods door what the heart of the mortal cannot dare. She holds her perennial child upon her knees and we meet her warrior mood, overwhelming turbulent will, sovereign gaze, all-seeing Power to trace its path, impetus swiftness, flaming silence of her heart of violent Love, her mind free from all twilight thought and her world-shaking force that can transform Times black dragon base of Inconscient Sheath and can trample the Natures Iron Law. Her unerring golden Hand can lift our Being and Nature to unimaginable height and calls down her infinite Ray. Her Timeless mighty action accomplishes centuries toil in a day and if she is allowed to intervene in her almighty strength, then in one moment she slays many longing desires, destroys all that are false and obscure, saves all that are pure and true and Divinises all Time and all Space [the Mahakali aspect]. Vaisya or Soul of Mutuality and new creation: The outward action of the traditional Vaisya Soul force is agriculture, cattle keeping, skilful devising intelligence, legal order, professional skill, commercial negotiation of self-interest, scientific, technical and utilitarian bent of mind, a power of giving, ample creative liberality, mutual helpfulness and the ecstatic skill in works. Thus a traditional Vaisya does not feel the privilege to call down highest planes of Bliss vibration to transform the recalcitrant lowest Nature. These traditional Vaisya faculties are extended in integral Yoga into a largeness of mutuality, a generous fullness of the relations of life, a lavish selfspending and return and ample interchange between existence and existence, a deathless sweetness chanting the unknown anthem of Soul, a full enjoyment and use of rhythm and balance of fruitful, aesthetic, beautiful and productive life. In this Yoga one comes to see the Divine everywhere and in all equally and pours out the realisation of the Divine sweetness in all ones inner activities and outward actions. All is supported by the primary force of emotional Divine union; for it is by Divine Love that the entire self-consecration and the entire self-possession are accomplished, and thought and action become shapes and figures of the Divine Delight which possesses the Spirit and its members. The perfection of Vaisya Soul-force is a Soul-power of mutuality, efficient builder, organiser, a free self-giving and spending of gift and possession in the work to be done, a skill that observes the law and adopts the relation and keeps the measure, a Divine commerce of great taking into oneself and free selfgiving to all, a subtle opulence, a large enjoyment of the mutual delight, a joy and gladness born of inner unification with chosen Divine Souls, discoverer of beautys golden path and fine rhythm of life. 4
An Integral Vaisya calls down the Divine Mothers deep, secret, vivid, wonderful and fine rhythm of beauty, healing touch of love, truth and delight, alchemist energy, sunlit sweetness and harmony, her intricate and subtle opulence, compelling attraction of beatitude, bound all the decreed Souls with her golden tie and captivating magic Grace. He does all action in the love of Divine and in love of the world and transforms all transient earthly emotional human relation into joy of the All-Loving, the All-Blissful and the All-Beautiful. Her worshiped feet has the power to heal the pain of life, breaks the seal of Ignorance to kindle rapturous Psychic fire, transforms earths floor into her sweetness home and one human moment is drawn towards all eternity. Her single glance makes the whole day marvellous; a strange New World peeps in her look; her clasp transforms all pain into ecstasy, fills our limbs with rapture of things, lifts wisdom, strength and perfection to pinnacles of wonder, builds a golden passage to our heart and brings into lifes closed and obscured room a sense of Infinite Beauty and Harmony [Mahalakshmi aspect]. Shudra or Soul of Works and Service: The well developed traditional Shudra has the instinct of toil and capacity of labour and service for maintenance of his existence, charity, absence of envy and pride, gratification of his primal needs, self-indulgence of the instincts, an unreflective obedience, imperfect worker and mechanical discharger of duty. His prayer is too weak to climb to the Supreme. The modern mind is attracted to create purely productive and commercial society, a Shudra society of labour, of the proletariat, preoccupied more and more with enjoyments of transient and short-lived nature. Thus a traditional Shudra does not call down highest perfection of Sachchidananda Consciousness to his imperfect human nature. In integral Yoga these Shudra qualities are extended to most necessary and beautiful elements of our greater perfection and the key to the much of the secret of highest Spiritual evolution. The full development of this Soul force is to become the architect of Immortality, efficient builder, the power of motiveless consecrated service to others, personal will is converted to single pursuit, a capacity for all kind of divine action demanded from an instrument, to obey and follow whatever great discipline and Spiritual Influence, a free identity and spontaneous harmony with the universal Divine Will, the love which consecrates service and asks for no return, a power for complete self-surrender and self-giving of what one does, thinks and feels. One can offer every detail of lifes manifestation and every incident of lifes movements as food for the inner sacrificial Fire. The perfection of Shudra Soul-force is the universal love that spreads itself without claim of return, the embrace that takes to itself the body of God in 5
man and works for help and service, the entire renunciation of desire, kama, ego, ahamkaram, duality, dwanda, three modes of nature, gunas, initiation of work, sarbarambha parityagi, attachment to home and old association, aniketa; ready to bear the yoke of the Master and make the life a free servitude to Him and under His direction, a vast and deep self-surrender of the whole being to the Master of our being and His universal action. A perfection of faith, sraddha, is to be developed which believes that nothing done in us and around us is in vain and all things are accomplished when Spirit takes up the burden of all life and all movement. An Integral Shudra is not satisfied with his exclusive liberation, lonely freedom and solitary joy and asks the Divine Mothers Light, Peace and Perfection for earth and men. He calls down her persistent, flawless and integral action, efficient technical knowledge, competent administrative skill, Truth of order, close and profound intimate knowledge, power of silence and quiet and exact perfection in all things. A vast surrender or wide self-giving is his only source of strength to confront Time and Space. While accepting all works of life, he is able to transform even the smallest and meanest work into glad and glorious golden sacrifice; a higher knowledge is applied to all the activities of existence to lift all common ordinary work into strange Divinity and in every simplest movement of will, action and thought he fills the Divine Presence and can bring her Divine oneness. His object in arts and crafts is not mere mental, vital and aesthetic gratification but to adore and manifest the Divine Artist everywhere. His aim and object in science and technology is not mechanical and mental manipulation of the energies and opulence of Nature but to enter into the processes and workings of the faultless Divine mysteries. He must remember that he carries within him a fragment of integral Godhead and its total revelation in his bodily life is the inevitable consequence of his integral faith. Her sacred voice is attuned with the harps of the perfect and rhythms of infinity, her sight breaks the transient sense to liberate the inner Godhead; her outstretched Hand of protection and ever present help is extended over all life; she is the Mother of our longing Nature, the Mentor who insists even after repeated and prolonged failure, sister of our ascending Soul, comrade of our undying hope and golden Messenger to untransformed Nature. She claims from all Time her Wills eternity overruling cosmic Law and manifestation of complete Godhead from passing and fleeting moments. For the fullness and perfect perfection of this blind struggling creation she is ready for arduous labour, long suffering and waits patiently for all eternity [Mahasaraswati aspect]. All the above fourfold traditional personalities are raised up to fullness and harmony in a traditional seeker of Truth and extended in a sane and perfected Society. Similarly the perfection of all the above fourfold Soul personalities are 6
integrated in an integral seeker of Truth and extended its large manifestation in a Divine Centre, the Ashram. Traditional Yoga succeeds with the evolution of strong Spiritual Being whereas integral Yoga succeeds with the evolution of strong Spiritual Being subordinated by evolution of strong Mental Being; the former helps in building Spiritual foundation and the latter helps in integration of Being and Nature. A Sadhaka of integral Yoga will pursue sadhana in four stages (1) that concentrates on the glories of second birth (material birth is considered as first birth, once born) of the Soul, twice born, Dwija, (2) individual strong Soul power on the surface, Instrument, Yantra, (3) manifestation of special Divine Force from behind the veil, Emanation, Vibhuti, and (4) the aspiration to become one and possess the higher Spiritual evolution of Godhead, Avatara, in ascending order. Dwija: The common initial object fixed for beginners of all traditional Yoga is liberation of Soul in the heart from Ignorance, release of Spiritual being above the head and their union with supreme Self and one life span seems to be sufficient to realise these objectives. This is further extended for the beginners of integral Yoga who are identified as ,,unconquerable pilgrim souls14 in Spirits endless journey extending over many births and bodies. Their outstanding object of Yoga is possession of mind, life and body by a hierarchy of higher Consciousness and enlargement of partial being and consciousness into complete being and comprehensive consciousness. They must reject the opposition of their own sceptical instrumental Nature and begin their long slow preparation with the faith that nothing can prevent them from overcoming the present imperfection and constantly filling them with more spiritual experiences leading to this inevitable goal. They do not accept themselves as conscious creatures crawling on the globe with aimless circling, nor cling to half way resting place or half found truth between Matter and Spirit, nor weeping earth, a senseless whirling around sun to serve a purposeless task in the grooves of Ignorance. Both the individual and the earth are an incomplete account of integral Truth and they have a mystic motive, a golden glorious Spiritual future, the Divine destiny and happy completeness waiting for their ecstatic manifestation. Yantra: The principal support of a Sadhaka of integral Yoga is equality, surrender and oneness by which he gets unchanging silence, eternal peace, immense calm, liberated purity and power of concentration. He does not permit any exulted abnormality, great excitation of power, over-eager to accomplish any work, impose any partial will, infra-rational and irrational movement of any kind and the experiencing Consciousness must preserve a calm balance, sufficiently vigilant passive mind which is obedient to overhead guidance, an unfailing clarity, power 7
of self-criticism, right discrimination, intellectual deliberation, a vivid perception, coordination, firm vision of things, pace of time must be respected, a sane grasp of facts, understands with sympathy the actuality of all energies behind the present appearance, a high Spiritual optimism, one pointed integral process with whole and many sided progress and moves forward towards the unfurling of their Divine possibilities. He can have no dealings with weakness, selfishness, claim of violent personal will and motive of personal fame; a Divine strength and courage, a passivity of the mind calmly and strongly open to the high Spirit, a divine compassion and helpfulness are the very stuff of that which he would become in his continuous effort. He has the patience and courage to uncover the truth of existence, clarity and humility to admit the limitation of his existing knowledge, Spiritualised intelligence to develop an intermediate necessity of intuitive discrimination which dispels all darkness of understanding and dazzling confusion, Spirits deep quietude which can reunite existence and consciousness with the Divine Ananda, higher aspiration that can call down true knowledge, open hearted to face and overcome the problem of integration, equal effort for Divine fulfilment of his volitional, emotional and intellectual parts and bringing in persistently the Psychic and Spiritual Light into recalcitrant parts of Nature. Accepting life and as per the capacity of his universalised body, he has to bear the great part of earths burden in addition to his own heavy burden of surface and Subconscient sheath. In the Spiritual harmony of existence, the greater he accepts and embraces worlds problems, miseries and sufferings, the greater the Divine Grace that seeks to descend upon his vessel and he has the responsibility of manifesting and calling down the Divine Shakti much more than his existing individual capacity. Vibhuti: Instead of isolation from mankind through the ochre robe of Sannyasin, which is a symbol of refusal of all compromise with falsehood and complete surrender of lower Nature, an integral Yogi wears the garb of the world and his robe is a radiating Light, Beauty and all-inclusive Love of which he is an emanation of ,,garb-less deity.11 In him the Soul and Nature reveal equal Divine Presence and Balance and fuse in a wide harmony which lives in Gods extreme perfection that can exist by ever extending scroll of the Infinite. Thus he establishes a spiritual consciousness in the Being followed by extension of this Spirituality to all the parts of Nature. He can create what his Spirit has dreamed and his perfect action is the outcome of his perfect inner passivity. His dream of Beautys sunlit passage is realised in an eternal Love, Beauty and Delight, selfexistent, all pervading and equal behind all outer appearances; his dream of perfect Truth in the eternal variation of existence is invariable and is the secret of all change and goal of all wisdom; his dream of comprehensive Divine Action in the omnipotent and self-revealed Will is inherent forever in all things and all creatures and translates itself in the eternal rhythm of the world movement. 8
Consciousness of the Avatara: In the fourth stage, a Sadhaka realises an increasing manifestation of the Divine, the Ishwara in all his being, nature and action. Now he is constantly and uninterruptedly aware of the Divine Presence in him. The Divine is felt as the possessor of his Being and Nature, above him as the Ruler and Over-ruler of all the workings. All his consciousness becomes Divine Consciousness, all his knowledge becomes Divine knowledge, all his will becomes Divine Will, all his feelings becomes Divine Love and all his action becomes Divine action. The distinction between Shakti and Ishwara begins to disappear in their sole Oneness, there is only the conscious Indwelling, Over-dwelling and Identity with the Divine. The Ignorance of the ego is entirely removed and there is only the eternal portion of the Self, amsa sanatana15 and he becomes a conscious centre of unity and freedom. He lives fulfilled in the complete Presence, Power and Joy of the Divine. His emanative identity uplifts to the Consciousness of the Supreme in His totality where his meeting of Shakti and Ishwara in Spiritual plane is further elevated as Maya and Brahman in the Supramental plane, Vijnana; he emerges and establishes himself in the Avatara consciousness of Purushottama state, assumes a human name and form and extends his greatest world action and Divine Lila. Through these four stairs mankind can develop the capacity for indefinite ascending and descending movement of Consciousness, ,,which will enable him progressively to manifest God in the body.16 Thus the vision of universal incarnation of Godhead concealed in all humanity is revealed and realised in all life. The future `high task'12 of integral Yoga is to call down the Supreme Lord and His magic Will in its entirety that can break down all established laws, all the limitations of mortal life instantly; search for that fire of Love which can bring dead back to life; that Power which can cancel the things once done; that supreme Consciousness which can arrest the advance of time and slipping moments and that Bliss which can persuade the past perfect hours to live again with greater intensity. If we examine deeply into the problem of existence we conclude that every physical law and resistances are nothing for Him. But this kind of comprehensive direct divine intervention can take place only at the extreme limit of ascension and descent of Consciousness in a universalised subtle and causal body and all are pressed towards the very last second to reach an apex fire of Consciousness of world destiny where all is won and saved by dynamic Divine intervention or all is lost and destroyed by static Divine non-intervention or Divines witness state for the race. "And earth sink down with the weight of the Infinite." 9
Savitri-18 "Abolished were the scripts of destiny." Savitri-82 "A touch can alter the fixed front of Fate." Savitri-256 "A passion of the flesh becoming spirit," Savitri-278 "And with one gesture change all future time." Savitri-345 "A Magicians formulas have made Matters laws... All here can change if the Magician choose." Savitri-457 "All now is changed, yet all is still the same." Savitri-719 The ,,mighty task'3 of integral Yoga is to call down the entire truth and purity of Supreme Divine Love through immense, formidable and stupendous pulsation carrying the universe further in its manifestation, to heal all the painful vibration of life, deliver the mental, vital, physical love from their utter limitations and deficiencies to the extent of realisation of deathless Love with all unreality of mortality, disease, decay and accident and reveal to them their true abounding share of the universal intimacy and the oneness, the ascending ecstasy and the descending rapture. In Supramental consciousness the object of all transient emotion would be fully satisfied by embracing all contact of human relation in a purified flame Force. "The calm delight that weds one soul to all," Savitri-6 "All-Love throb single in one human heart." Savitri-345 "Loved all and spoke no word and made no sign," Savitri-358 "They reached the one-self in all through boundless love." Savitri-381 "All-love was hers and its one heavenly cord" Savitri-471 "And all is known and all is clasped by Love" Savitri-633 "Wrong could not come where all was light and love." Savitri-314 "Proclaiming a panacea for all Times ills" Savitri-198 "Healed were all things that Times torn heart had made" 1 0
Savitri-232 "The Love our hearts call down to heal all strife," Savitri-661 The ,,enormous task4 of integral Yoga is to call down the Supreme relation of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna, the Mother and the Master of all life through Their Supramental Incarnation, Emanation and Instrumentation to the nether darkest land of Inconscient plane through prepared vessels and flooding the physical substance of Their manifestation, the Gopis, with intensest and completest Ananda, Love and Beauty. They have suffered human birth to bear the earths burden of million wounds with Their ,,imperishable eyes of veilless love.8 "And Krishna and Radha for ever entwined in bliss," Savitri-525 "The Master and the Mother of all lives" Savitri-525 "The Two who are one are the secret of all power," Savitri-63 "The incarnate dual Power shall open Gods door," Savitri-705 "He stood with her on meditating peaks ... And saw her loose into infinity " Savitri-191 "Their trance of bliss sustained the mobile world." Savitri-295 "A burning of two bodies in one flame." Savitri-468 "She burned in his sweet intolerable blaze." Savitri-125 "He is lost in her, she is his heaven here." Savitri-275 "Her consciousness grew aware of him alone" Savitri-410 "The wedding of the eternal Lord and Spouse Took place again on earth in human forms:" Savitri-411 "Inscribe the long romance of Thee (Savitri) and Me (Supreme)." Savitri-699 "This whole wide world is only he and she." Savitri-63 The highest `secret and (seemingly) impossible task'10 of integral Yoga is to call down Truth supreme which is identified as the ,,earths last salvation,13 1 1
param siddhi, of integral Yoga by whose intervention the universal Subconscient and Inconscient sheath of the earth will be wholly transformed and illumined with Divine Light, Power and Bliss. All the forces of lower nature, nether dark adverse universal Subconscient and Inconscient sons of falsehood and mother of evil hostile forces will either suffer illumination of Divine transformation or will be destroyed by the pressure of the descending Divine Truth-Light. "It left minds distance from the Truth supreme" Savitri-44 "A Truth supreme has forced the world to be;" Savitri-658 "Fragments of Truth supreme have lit his soul," Savitri-659 "All-ruler, ruled by none, the Truth supreme," Savitri-661 "The Truth supreme, vast and impersonal" Savitri-662 "O Death, if thou couldst touch the Truth supreme" Savitri-663 "If Truth supreme transcends her shadow here" Savitri-663 "Then shall the Truth supreme be given to men:" Savitri-705 All the revelatory aspect of the Divine, myriad modes of His selfmanifestation, all the Souls greatest, highest and fullest spiritual experiences must be called down as a partial fulfilment of the unending, numerous and exhaustless riches and splendours of the Spirit. Then we are capable of integrating the Divine Call through absolute surrender that could dare to clasp the body of the Brahman and hold between our hands the World-Mothers Feet and all contact of the world is experienced as His single touch in blissful equality. OM TAT SAT References: 1: CWSA/23/The Synthesis of Yoga-72, 2: CWSA/22/ The Life Divine-947, 3: Savitri-460, 4: Savitri- 58, 5: The Gita-4.24, 6: The Gita-4.13, 7: The Gita-13.18, 10.6, 1 2
8: Savitri-677, 9: Savitri-311, 10: Savitri-177, 11: Savitri- 430, 12: Savitri- 366, 13: Savitri-135, 14: Savitri-683, 15: The Gita-15.7, 16: CWSA/21/ The Life Divine-64. Sri Matriniketan Ashram Sri Aurobindo Centre, Managed by The Mothers International Centre Trust, Regd.No-146/24.11.97. Vill: Ramachandrapur, PO: Kukudakhandi-761100, Via: Brahmapur, Dist: Ganjam, State: Odisha, India 1 3

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