The English hundred-names

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The subject of the following study, the etymologies of Eng-
lish hundred names, was suggested to me by Professor Eilert Ek-
wall, my teacher in English philology. Its scope and aim will be
set forth in the introduction. As the material proved too extensive
for publication in its entirety in a doctoral thesis, a division of the
subject had to be made, and only the part of the material relating
to the old Anglian counties is here published. The boundary be-
tween Anglian and Saxon territory has not been rigidly followed,
when practical considerations suggested a wider or narrower
It now only remains for me to thank those persons from whom
I have received assistance in the course of my studies. Above all,
I want to thank Professor Ekwall for his constant encouragement
and help, without which my thesis could not have been completed
in its present form. It lias profited throughout from his stimula-
ting criticism and suggestions -- far more often than appears
from the express mention of his name below.
Further, my thanks are due to Professor Alien Mawer for
greatly facilitating my studies in England, in giving me access to
the collections of the English Place-Name Society, and introdu-
cing me to a number of persons associated with the English Place-
Name Survey, as well as for the kind interest shown in my work,
and for friendly advice and communications.
To Professor F. M. Stenton I am deeply indebted for much
instruction and many valuable hints and suggestions received in
the course of the discussion of various problems connected with
my studies; and for valuable forms and quotations from tran-
scripts of documents in his possession.
I am indebted to Professor James Tait for kindly discussing
with me some general problems connected with my work, and for
special information on the Cheshire hundreds.
Over and above the more detailed acknowledgments made below (v. also Bibliography I), I also want to. acknowledge my general indebtedness to the following persons for help and information, for references, and for answering inquiries: Mr E. W. Bowcock, Miss H. M. Cam, The Rev. Canon C. W. Foster, Mr J. E. B. Gover, Mr F. T. S. Houghton, Mr V. B. Bedstone, Dr 0. K. Schram, Dr A. H. Smith, Mrs F. M. Stenton, and Mr F. Williamson. I want to thank my fellow-students Fil. Lie. H. Back for many acts of kindness in the course of my work, and Fil. Mag. U. Philipsson for reading a proof. Mr A. King, Lektor of English at the University, has kindly undertaken to revise my English.
Lund, February 1934.
0. S, Anderson.
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(). S. Anderson
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The English Hundred-Names
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The English Hundred-Names
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The English Hundred-Names
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The English Hundred-Names
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< ) . S. Anderson
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The English Hundred-Names
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O. S. Andersen
Beds Bedfordshire
temp. Edward I
EFris East Frisian
ESc East Scandinavian
Goth Gothic
hd(s) hundred(s)
Herts Hertfordshire
Hyl (2) (3) temp. Henry I (etc.)
temp. John
Low German
Middle English Middle Low German Modern Danish Modern English Middlesex
Nb n. d. Nf Norw Np nr Nt () ODa OE OG OHG ON OSax OSw (P) par(s) pn(s) ' l'N(s) RI rot. Ru Sa Scand Sf So Sr St Sw Sx TRE vil. W wap(s) Wm2 Wo WSc Y YER YNR YWR
Northumberland no date Norfolk Norwegian Northamptonshire near Nottinghamshire Oxfordshire Old Danish Old English Old German Old High German Old Norse Old Saxon Old Swedish form taken from a pn parish (es) personal name(s) place-name (s) temp. Richard I rotulet Rutland Shropshire Scandinavian Suffolk Somerset Surrey Staffordshire Swedish Sussex temp, regis Edwardi village Wiltshire, Welsh wapentake(s) temp. William II Worcestershire West Scandinavian Yorkshire The East Riding The North Riding The West Riding
The English Hundred-Names
Note on the Material. The words for hundred and wapentake when extended from MS hundr', wap' or the like are given as hundredmn and wapentacum throughout, irrespective of case; it seemed unnecessary to reproduce the varying practice of editors as regards the extension of these words.- When several references are given to the same form, the reference is to the form of the name itself only, not to the form of the words hundred and wapentake if added or prefixed. Extensions have been marked by printing the extended letters in ordinary type, not in italic; thus: Langeberye (MS Langebge). This principle has been followed also as regards forms taken from sources printed in 'record type'. Capitals are used throughout for the name-forms. References to MS sources are italicised, unless the fact is otherwise indicated. Numerals refer to centuries; thus 12 = the 12th century. When placed within brackets the figures denote the date of the MS if a transcript. Numbers after the name of a place refer to the sheet and square of the 1 inch OS map, popular ed.; thus: Burn Moor 25 C 6. The extent of the hundreds is given from the Population Abstract of 1841 (in Parliamentary Papers), the last occasion on which the hundreds were used for census purposes. The forms of the hundred-names are also those of this record, unless a different, usage seems now to be established. As the Census Eeports have not been available during the later stages of the work, there has been no opportunity of checking the hundred boundaries from the particulars there given on some points where they seemed open to doubt, but it is hoped that this will do no practical harm.

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