The great migration begins

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Content: The Great Migration Begins Immigrants to New England 1620-1633 . Volume III P-w Robert Charles Anderson Great Migration Study Project · New England Historic Genealogical Society Boston 1995
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These volumes are dedicated to my parents, Albert E. and Frances H. Anderson
TABLE OF CONTENTS Volume Three Acknowledgements HOW TO USE THIS BOOK General Instructions Key to Sketch Headings Key to Titles GENEAI.OGICAL SKETCHES P Oohn Page-William Pynchon) Q (Edmund Quincy) R (Edward Rainsford-William Ryall) S (Simon Sackett-Thomas Symons) T (Philip Tabor-Joseph Twitchell) U (Thomas Ufford-Nicholas Upsall) V (William Vassall-Richard Vines) W Oonathan Wade-Elizabeth Wybert) SUPPLEMENT ADDENDA ET CORRIGENDA PHANTOM FILE INDEX SECTION INDEX OF SURNAMES INDEX OF FIRST NAMES INDEX OF PLACES INDEX OF SHIPS
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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS In addition to the acknowledgements to be found in the first two volumes of this work, I recognize the following contributions. . As in volumes one and two, on some sketches I have benefited greatly from data supplied by various individuals who have not yet had the opportunity to publish their finds elsewhere, and I am most grateful to them for allowing the inclusion of that material here. , - Andrew B.W. MacEwen, for information on Elias Stileman. - Clifford L. Stott, for the English origin of Thomas Rogers. - Harry Macy, F.A.S.G., for assistance on Daniel Patrick, John Strickland, and especiallyJohn Underhill. - Jerome E. Anderson, for information on Aquila Purchase, Thomas Purchase and Robert Seeley. Even with all this help, there will still be errors here, and they are all attributable to the author. Please send any suggested corrections to Great Migration Study Project, 101 Newbury Street, Boston MA 02116.
HOW TO USE THIS BOOK This book consists of sketches of more than nine hundred families or unattached individuals who came to New England before the end of 1633. Each sketch follows a regular format, which is described below in more detail in the section entitled KEY TO SKETCH HEADINGS. Every statement in each sketch is supported by citation to a document. Most of the citations appear in an abbreviated form, the abbreviations being expanded in the section below entitled KEY TO Tn'IES. Two additional conventions which are employed in these sketches will help the reader navigate through this book: When a name is given all in capital letters, this means that that person also came to New England by the end of 1633, and is the subject ofa sketch elsewhere in these volumes. A string of citations of the form "[Dawes-Gates 1:74, citing Perley 1:254, citing ELR 20: 12]" or "[MD 16: 181-82, citing PCLR 2:2:73]" may serve one of two purposes. It may indicate a secondary source which cites a document, when the document itself has not been examined; or it may indicate a published transcript of a document, followed by the citation of the document itself. KEY TO SKETCH HEADINGS Except for that minority of persons who left behind one or two records in New England, each of the persons treated in these three volumes is presented according to a fixed format, which forces research to answer a series of questions. There are three sections which are rigidly formatted, and then a more informal section. The first section asks questions related directly to the movements of the family or individual from the date of the last known residence in England to the end of his, her or their lives. Entries in this section will generally be very brief, without documentation; the evidence for the statements made here will be found under headings in later sections of the sketch. The second group of questions is of a biographical nature, attempting to provide answers about education, officeholding, wealth and so on. The third formatted section presents the specifically genealogical material: birth, death, spouses and children These three sections are followed by a free-form space, in which a variety of matters may be discussed, and finally, in some cases, a bibliog-
xu· ·
The Great Migration Begins
raphic note for those families which have been treated in print several times. · The rest of this section proceeds through the parts of a sketch, pointing out what is likely to be found under each heading, and what is not.
ORIGIN: The origin for our purposes is the last known residence in En-
gland before migration. This will frequently be different from the place of
birth, and knowledge of this difference can be important in assessing the
motivation for migration, and connecting the immigrant with others who
made the move about the same time. The place of birth will be given as
the place of origin only when no other residence in England is known.
If any residence in England other than the place of birth is known, it will
be given here even if it was many years before the date of migration. For
example, Bigod Eggleston, who was born at Settrington, Yorkshire, lived
at a later date in Norwich, Norfolk, but was last there in 1614, sixteen
years before he came to New England. Presumably he lived somewhere
else in England in the 1620s, but for now we give his origin as Norwich.
An origin will be given only when there is solid evidence. If someone in
the past has made a plausible suggestion, or if there is a leading clue, the
entry here will be ·Unknown,· and there will be discussion of the pos-
sibilities in the COMMENTS section. (Information on place and date of
birth, if known, will be given in the genealogical portion of the sketch, un-
MIGRATION: In this section we attempt to determine the year in which
this person or family migrated to New England. If we are fortunate
enough to have an entry on a passenger list, the year will be given, along
with the name of the vessel and a brief citation (usually to Hotten). Where
there is no passenger list entry (the vast majority of the cases), the year of
migration is estimated from the·
available. For example, it will
frequently be the case that the first evidence we have for the presence of a
person in New England is on the list of freemen of 14 May 1634. Since
most of the passenger ships arrived in May and June in these years, and
since freemanship presupposed church membership, a status not instantly
attained, we aSsume that anyone made free on that date must have arrived
no later than 1633, and that year will be given at this point. Thus, in some
cases the year given here will be precise, and in other cases it will be the
latest possible date of arrival; in either case, if no citation is given here, the
year chosen may be deduced from information given in a later section.
FIRST RESIDENCE: The evidence on first residence in New England will
usually come from the surviving town or church records, although it may
also be learned from court or literary sources. In many instances the evi-
dence on first residence will be from several years after arrival in New En-
gland, and so the possibility remains that the immigrant settled in one
Key to Sketch Headings
··· Xlll
place for a short time without leaving a record, and then moved on to an-
other settlement. The entry here will simply be based on the best surviv-
ing evidence.
REMOVES; If the subject of the sketch resided in more than one New En-
gland settlement, that information is given here. When the year of
removal is known or can be deduced, the entry would say, for example,
"Hartford 1635"; in this example, we would probably not have a record
which explicitly stated that the person made the move in that year, but we
would learn from the Cambridge records that the person had received
land grants in 1633 and 1634, but did not appear in the land inventory
taken in the fall of 1635, indicating early removal to Hartford, in advance
of the main party. In many
we will not be able to fix the date of
migration so precisely, and the entry might then read "Windsor by 1648,"
indicating that the person was of record in Windsor in that year, but his or
her last record in the prior place of residence was two or more years ear-
lier. In some cases a family might reside in one of those towns that sub-
divided itself early, and so a date of "removal" might be impossible to
determine. In Charlestown, for instance, many families soon established
homes on the opposite side of the Mystic River from Charlestown proper.
When this area was set off some years later as Malden, it cannot be said that
the family moved, only that the town line had shifted around them.
Similar situations arise with Beverly and Braintree. In these instances the
new town will be included in the list of REMOVES, but without a date at-
RETURN TRIPS; This section encompasses movements in which the
sometime New England resident returned to England temporarily or
permanently, or moved on to a colony outside New England, whether on
the mainland or in the Caribbean.
OCCUPATION; This heading will frequently be blank, as many of the early New Englanders left no direct evidence of occupation. In a few instances when a detailed inventory allows a deduction that the person was a subsistence farmer, the occupation will be stated as husbandman. In most instances when no evidence is available and this . is omitted, we may assume that the person could be described as yeoman or husbandman. CHURCH MEMBERSHIP; When we have direct evidence from surviving church records of membership in a given church, that knowledge will appear here. In addition, when church membership can be deduced from other records, most commonly from admission to freemanship in Massachusetts Bay after 18 May 1631, that will be included here as well. For many settlements we have no surviving church records and no information on church membership. Most importantly, since no records exist for the early Plymouth church, and since no minister was settled there for a long period of time, we will only enter data on membership in Plymouth church for a few people who are mentioned directly in that context by Bradford or some other contemporary writer. FREEMAN; Most of our evidence on freemanship comes from Massachusetts Bay Colony, where, after 18 May 1631 and until the Restoration,
The Great Migration Begins
church membership was a prerequisite for freemanship. This was also the case in New Haven Colony, but not in the other colonies. With the excep- , tion of the 19 October 1630 list of those wishing to be made free, all of our records for Massachusetts Bay are for admission. In other colonies we have both records of admission (far less complete than those of Massachusetts Bay), and lists of those who were freemen at a specific date. EDUCATION: The most direct evidence for education will be for those men, mostly ministers, who attended one of the universities in England Cambridge or Oxford, Our source for these institutions will be Venn and Foster. Some immigrants also attended a grammar school in England (preparatory to university in some cases). Beyond evidence of this sort, we will rely principally on three other sources to get some idea of the level of education and literacy reached by a given immigrant: holding an office which required reading and writing ability, such as town clerk; ownership of books, usually found in probate inventories; and ability to sign one's name, OFFICES: This section includes both civil service, whether at the town, county or colony level, and also military service. In most sketches we attempt to include all discoverable service, with the limitation that much of the evidence, especially for town offices, remains in manuscript form, not all of which has been searched. For those community leaders who held many higher offices, no attempt has been made here to collect evidence on all lesser offices. ESTATE: Most of the material included under this heading will be from land and probate records. At this early period much of the evidence on landholding (not limited to proprietorial grants) is to be found in town records, even for Massachusetts; since much of this material remains unpublished, not all records of land transactions for the persons of interest to us have been included here, Much of the evidence for the identities of the children of the immigrants, and the birth order, will be found here, When more detailed argumenta- tion on these points is needed, it will be found under COMMENTS below,
BIRTH: When we know the English origin of the immigrant, and have the baptismal record, that will be entered here, along with the names of the parents of the immigrant. More frequently, we will not have this information; nevertheless, in almost all cases, an attempt will be made to estimate a yea~ of birth for the immigrant, however crudely. This will be based largely on certain assumptions about the minimum or average age at which certain life events occurred: fourteen to witness a document or choose a guardian; sixteen to become a church member; twenty-one to become a freeman; twenty-five as the approximate age of first marriage for most men. DEATH: In the absence of a specific record of death, an estimate will be made based on the appearance of the subject in other records. This will frequently be based on probate documents, but there are many other possibilities. In such cases there may be no direct citation of the relevant doc-
Key to Sketch Headings
uments here. as they will almost always be cited more directly under some other heading. MARRIAGE: For each spouse data on date and place of marriage. when known. is given. as well as the parents of the spouse. any previous or later spouses of that spouse. and a date of death. CHILDREN: Evidence which allows us to compile a list ofchildren born to a given couple. and to deduce their birth order. will be found mostly un- der ESTATE. COMMENTS. or both. , When we do not have a specific date of birth or baptism from primary sources. we attempt to assign an approximate date. in order to bring the family into better focus. In some cases that date will be relatively precise. and will be entered as. for example. "about 1638." Such a date will generally be derived from an age at death or an age given in a deposition. but may also be imposed by our knowledge of the structure of the rest of the family. An "about" date should be considered to be accurate within a year or two on either side of the stated year. Dates which are known less precisely will be entered as. for example. "say 1638." These dates may be assigned somewhat arbitrarily. based on our knowledge of other dates in the family. on birth order. and on a number of assumptions. including the expectation of a two-year interval between births (unless the earlier child died very soon) and the exclusion of multiple births without specific evidence for such events. We do not attempt here to outline the full career of each child. We wish only to determine whether the child died young. and if not. whether the child eventually married. Thus. although all known marriages of the child will usually be given. in some cases we may only present the first marriage. just to differentiate this child from others of the same name in other families. We do not make a special effort to determine the date of death. although this may be included if it assists in estimating the year of birth. ASSOCIATIONS: Two different types of information may appear here. First. when the subject of the sketch is related. whether by marriage or by blood. to some other immigrant to New England prior to 1643. and when that relationship existed prior to migration. that information will be shown here. This may simply demonstrate the influence of kinship on migration. or it may provide clues for further research in England. Second. if no such tie to another participant in the Great Migration is known. this will be the place to point out persistent associations with other immigrants. which may provide clues to English origins and group or chain migrations.
COMMENTS: This section provides an opportunity for discussing any matter which does not fit neatly into one of the sections described above, It may include. but is not restricted to. the following: - Specific records which do not fall into any of the narrowly-defined categories above. but which are thought to be of interest. The most common of these records will be court appearances. whether in civil or criminal proceedings. - Various activities which fall outside the categories of the biographical section. such as William Aspinwall's trading and exploratory expedi-
The Great Migration Begins
tion up the Delaware River, or the evidence for George Alcock as a
- Discussion of errors or discrepancies, whether in primary or secondary
sources. If possible the discrepancy will be corrected; if not, the
arguments in favor of various positions will be pJesented. Errors in
obscure sources may be ignored, but all problems in Savage and
Pope will be
- Evidence and arguments for specific genealogical conclusions will be
given in this section. In some cases the records given under the
ESTATE section above will be sufficient, without further interpreta-
tion, to establish the list of children. But when this is not the case,
further evidence and argumentation will be given here.
- Suggestions for further
may be presented here.. This will be
the case when not all available records have been searched, or when
some likely line of
suggests itself.
BIBliOGRAPHIC NOTE: For some families, there has been sufficient material
published to require separate discussion. This will especially be the case when a
late-nineteenth century genealogy has
corrected by more recent articles in
the periodical literataure, or when there are two or more published genealogies
of greatly different value. This note will attempt to point out the relative value
of what is in print, in hopes of deterring the continued reliance on outdated and
incorrect claims.
This listing includes all titles employed in more than one sketch. If a source is used in only one sketch, the full bibliographic details will be given in that sketch, usually toward the end. Thus, if an abbreviated title is found early in a sketch, but not in the list below, search the rest of the sketch for the full title.
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Key to Titles
·· XXVll
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of New England, My Ancestors' Part in that
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·· · XXVlll
The Great Migration Begins
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Good News
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Key to Titles
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Key to Titles
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·· XXXIl Holden Gen Hotten Hoyt Hubbard Hull ILR Ipswich Hist ITR JIC John White · Johnson Joseph Neal Anc
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Key to Titles
··· XXXlll
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The Great Migration Begins
Letters of NE
Letters from New England. The Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1629-1638, Everett Emerson, ed. (Amherst, Massachusetts, 1976)
Loomis Rec
Copy of Windsor Vital Records prepared by Town Clerk and included in Barbour Index
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Key to Titles
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Maine PR
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Man VR
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The Great Migration Begins
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Mayflower Descendant, Volume 1 through pres-
ent (1899-1937,1985+)
Mayflower Families (the "silver" books)
Mayflower Families in Progress (the "pink" books)
Maine Historical & Genealogical Recorder
Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Volume 1 through present (1792+). This serial is divided into a number of series, so the citations will sometimes be in three parts, designating series, volume and page.
Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Volume 1 through present (1791 +). This serial is divided into a number of series, so the citations will sometimes be in three parts, designating series, volume and page.
Middletown, Connecticut, Church Records
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Middletown, Connecticut, Deeds
Middletown, Connecticut, Vital Records
MidVR Barbour Minor Diary Minot Gen MLR Monnette MooreAnc Morison Morton Mourt MPCR MPR
Key to Titles
·· XXXVll
Middletown, Connecticut, Vital Records, Barbour transcript
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A JournaL of the PiLgrims at PLymouth. Mourt's ReLation. A ReLation or JournaL of the EngLish PLantations Settled at PLymouth in New EngLand, by Certain EngLish Adventurers Both Merchants and Others, Dwight B. Heath, ed. (New York 1963)
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··· XXXVlll
The Great Migration Begins
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Newell Anc
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New English Canaan
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NH Fam
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Key to Titles
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(Old) Norfolk County, Massachusetts, Deeds
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OrdwayAnc Otis Parke-Gildersleeve Parker-Ruggles PCC PChR PCLR PCR PCPR Pemaquid Papers Perley
Key to Titles
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FamiLies ... , 2 volumes (Barnstable, Massa-
chusetts, 1888, 1890; rpt. Baltimore 1979,
in 1 volume)
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xlii Philip Sherman Phoebe Tilton Anc Pillsbury Anc Plain Dealing Planters PLR PoLE Pope PoTR PoVR PPR Prince PRO PrTR
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PTR Pulsifer PVR Pynchon Court Pynchon Papers Pynchon VR Rambles RBOP RCA RChR
Key to Titles
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The Great Migration Begins
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Rowlandson's Narrative The Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson (Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1903)
Rowley Fam
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Key to Titles
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xlvi SCHSR Scott Gen Scrapbook ScVR Sewall Shepard Sibley Simon Stone Gen Shattuck SimsLR SimsVR Barbour SLR Small Gen
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Snow-Estes SoTR Spencer SPR SPRNS Spragues of Malden Springfield Fam Springfield Hist SpTR Stevens-Miller Anc Stillwell
Key to Titles
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