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1. ORGANIZATIONAL SETTING a) REPORTS TO: (Indicate post, by job title and level, to which this position reports.) Human Resources Specialist, P3, Position no. 46454
b) RESPONSIBILITY FOR WORK OF OTHERS (Supervision exercised and guidance given. Indicate the title, level and number for whose work the post is responsible.)
c) ORGANIZATION CHART (Show the IMMEDIATE SECTION where the post is located, as well as the supervisor, subordinates and All Other related posts. Only the officially approved organization chart should be used.)
Chief of Operations (P-4) IMIS#3818 Human Resources Specialist (P-3) IMIS#46454
HR Assistant (GS-6) NEP16002 PROPOSED NEW Effective 1 April 2016
Human Resources Officer (NO-A) IMIS#63574 Program Assistant (GS-5) IMIS#63693
FORM UNICEF 309/Rev.5 (1-99) (Page 1 of 6)
- 2
Under the supervision of the Human Resources Specialist, provides support in the management of overall human resource function in the office.
3. MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Describe in order of importance what incumbent does and how. Do not exceed more than 10-12 major duties. Indicate the percentage of time devoted to each duty or responsibility. Do not include duties of less than 5 %.)
1. Staff Contract Management: Performs tasks related to staff contract management, prepares supporting documents in support of requests for personnel actions to be processed by GSSC. Maintains staff records and files in relevant formats (hard copies and electronic)
2. Recruitment: Issues vacancy notices, both internal and external. Maintains up-to-date status of vacancies and compiles periodical monitoring reports for reference, dissemination and/or analysis. Assists in the staff selection process, administers written/technical assessments, and conducts preliminary interviews of shortlisted GS candidates. Provides administrative support to the arrangements of Central Review Body (CRB) meetings as required.
3. Reports, Data and Statistics: Prepares draft reports for supervisor's review on HR related data and statistics, i.e. gender ratio, social inclusion data, PAS completion, leave and attendance, dependency status, and so on) as requested by the supervisor for purposes of monitoring and performance/efficiency improvement.
4. Consultant and Individual Contractor (CIC) Contract Management: Supports the unit in preparing and processing purchase orders (POs) in VISION for CIC transactions, ensuring complete supporting documentation and compliance to the established Rules and regulations. Serves as a backup focal point for CIC transactions in the absence of HR Officer. Maintains relevant files and records as stipulated in the HR policy.
5. Job Descriptions and Classification: Assists in preparing draft JDs/job profiles and supports the organization of Job Classification Panel (JCP) meetings as and when required. Maintains up-to-date job description and classification records.
6. HR Administration: Reviews requests and transactions related to staff entitlements and benefits. Coordinates with GSSC on the processing of standard benefits and entitlements. Assists in and facilitates the medical clearance process, issuance of UNLP and maintains the records on file. Maintains central files (in relevant format) of committee meetings, staff leave and attendance, PAS, learning and staff development, inter-agency meetings, etc.
FORM UNICEF 309/Rev.5 (1-99) (Page 2 of 6)
- 3
7. Other duties: Carries out other HR functions and
responsibilities as assigned.
4. working conditions (Describe the conditions of the work place, travel requirements,and risks or hazards to which the incumbent is exposed. Indicate if it is an office-based post. Also, indicate the extent and frequency of physical requirements of the job, such as lifting heavy loads, or other types of exertion.) Normal office-based post with occasional travel to field offices. No adverse elements. 5. IMPACT AND CONSEQUENCE OF ERROR (a) Describe the type of decisions or recommendations regularly made and their impact on other persons or the work of the office. Post requires the incumbent to contribute to the planning and prioritization of tasks. Sound recommendations will have an impact on the overall functioning of the unit and other staff members. (b) Describe the most damaging error(s) that could be made in the work and the consequences they would have. Errors or inconsistencies in interpreting and applying rules and HR policies, and in data and statistics compilation, may lead to issues of staff morale, client satisfaction and inadequate HR decisions. Delays of action could lead to loss of resources and UNICEF's credibility within and outside the organization. 6. REVIEW OF WORK (Describe the degree of supervision and instruction the incumbent receives from the immediate supervisor, e.g., work assigned with specific instructions and guidance; checked while in progress; or undertaken independently and reviewed upon completion for accuracy or adherence to instructions.) General work objective and instructions provided by supervisor. Ongoing task performed independently as per the established work processes. Requires minimal supervision. Consults with supervisor to resolve problems and complex issues. Work is reviewed normally on completion for accuracy and compliance with established systems and procedures. 7. GUIDELINES (a) Indicate which guidelines are required for performing the duties of the post (rules, regulations, policies, procedures, practices, precedents, manuals, instructions, etc.) Policy & Procedures Manual ­ Human Resources Staff Rules and Regulations Administrative Manual Administrative Instructions (NYHQ and Local policies) MOSS and security related guidelines/instructions
FORM UNICEF 309/Rev.5 (1-99) (Page 3 of 6)
- 4
(b) Describe the degrees to which interpretation of, and deviation from, existing guidelines are permitted, and the authority to propose or establish new guidelines.
Job requires considerable interpretation and application of guidelines and policies as normal part of duties. Where deviation from the guidelines is necessary to resolve a situation, incumbent is expected to consult with the supervisor.
Indicate both the purpose, level and frequency of contacts within and outside UNICEF, in order to perform the work effectively.
a) Internal Chief of Operations HR Specialist All staff members
Provide/receive information Or follow-up an assignments Provide/receive information Or follow-up an assignments Exchange of information Respond to queries and Clarify/resolve problems
Frequent Frequent Frequent
b) External
GSSC staff Regional Office staff
Regular transaction
Submission of periodic reports
NPO selection and appointments
GS Job classification
UN Agencies UN Physician
HR Task Force activities Medical check-up/clearance
Occasional Occasional
9. QUALIFICATIONS AND COMPETENCIES required to perform the duties of the post: a) EDUCATION (Indicate type of education/training required including skill in equipment operation.) Completion of secondary education. University level course in Human Resources Management or Business Administration or equivalent specialized training will be an asset. b) WORK EXPERIENCE (Indicate the length and type of practical experience required.) Six years of progressively responsible work in human resources management and administration. Relevant experience in the UN system is a strong advantage.
FORM UNICEF 309/Rev.5 (1-99) (Page 4 of 6)
- 5 c) LANGUAGES (Indicate the language requirements.) Fluency in English and Nepali d) COMPETENCIES (Indicate what key competencies are required, such as technical skills, communication skills, computer literacy, interpersonal skills, supervisory skills.)
i) core values (Required)
· Diversity and Inclusion
· Integrity
ii) Core Competencies (Required) · Communication [ II ] · Working with People [ II ] · Drive for Results [ II ] iii) Functional Competencies (Required) · Analyzing [II] · Applying Technical Expertise [II] · Following Instructions and Procedures [II] · Planning and Organizing [II] iv) Technical Knowledge a) Specific Technical Knowledge Required Familiar with UN/UNICEF staff rules, regulations and policies b) Common Technical Knowledge Required (for the job group) Good knowledge of standard MSOffice application. Knowledge of SAP is highly desirable. c) Technical Knowledge to be Acquired/Enhanced (for the job) SOPs of HR related work processes
FORM UNICEF 309/Rev.5 (1-99) (Page 5 of 6)

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