Until the light takes us

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Content: UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US WEDNESDAY 7 OCTOBER AT 6:15PM There is certainly something rotten in the state of Norway: Satanism, the killing of `faggots', the burning of churches, and lead singer Dead shooting his brain out with a shotgun, prompting an interviewee to opine how `Dead was dead in a bed'. It can only be one thing: Black Metal. This doc concentrates on some of the key players in the Black metal scene and investigates the influences, characters, art and the often-disturbing belief systems that are present in this morbidly engaging world. We hear the case against Christianity and its inherent disrespect for other cultures. American imperialism, consumerism and the tabloids also get it in the neck. Often the music takes a back seat to the sensational events that are discussed. But there's enough to sate anyone from the darkside. The main Norwegian bands featured are Mayhem, Burzum, Darkthrone, a wave of metal acts that take their cue from metal veterans Venom and Celtic Frost ­ with that regimented sound of distorted guitars, double-kick drums and the kind of vocals that make one want to eat one's own ears. A healthily objective viewpoint is achieved by the directors who take matters pretty seriously, though at times, it's the interviewees who seem to find the bizarre incidents almost amusing. GB Country USA Running Time 93 mins Format 35mm Director/Producer Aaron Altes, Audrey Ewell DoP Odd Reinhardt Nicolaysen, Audrey Ewell Featuring Varg Vikernes, Gylve Nagell, Harmony Korine P/S Field Pictures E [email protected] Website www.blackmetalmovie.com SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE Film Festival 83
WE FUN SATURDAY 10 OCTOBER AT 7:15PM We Fun is the story of a burgeoning musical scene in Atlanta, which was the home of the Black Lips, Mastodon, Deerhunter, King Khan & The Shrines and a whole host of other great bands. The Black Lips get most of the airtime, which isn't such a bad thing considering how hot a ticket they are right now with their balls-out, train-wreck of a live show. They create mayhem and play wild energetic, cranked-up garage rock. The name for the film is apt as it really seems that everyone is having the time of their lives ­ (and that includes the girl who operates a make-shift flamethrower from out of her private quarters). It's not only about the music, this film is about the solidarity, community and sense of self-sufficiency that these people have ­ in spades. They make stuff happen and they don't stall any of their creativity waiting for big record deals. It's a trajectory that, for me, is a pleasure to watch. It's genuine. Director Matthew Robison, producer of Silver Jew, about David Berman, keeps things snappy, intelligent and charmingly crude. There's a lot going on and it's pretty inspirational. GB Country USA Running Time 69 mins Format Mini DV Director Matthew Robison Producer Bill Cody, Geoffrey Leek DoP Zack Wilson Featuring Black Lips, Deerhunter, Mastodon Print Source Matthew Robison Email [email protected] Website www.myspace.com/wefunmovie 84 SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL
Set in Barcelona's criminal underbelly, this sizzling, tense thriller is a fantastic debut from Patxi Amezcua, a name worth following. A cross between Nine Queens and Leon, it follows Kay, a sassy car thief living with her conman father Sebas. Together they scrape by on earnings from petty theft in the hope that one of Sebas' bigger scams will eventually take them away from a life of crime. One day, Kay is caught red-handed, but a mysterious, handsome stranger, Abel, impulsively rescues her from the police. Abel has also been forced to work in the criminal underworld to support the upbringing of his young son Adrian. The chemistry between Kay and Abel cannot be denied and as their bond strengthens they realise they can help each other. When their lives are threatened, their trust is tested, and they are forced to choose where their loyalties lie. 25 Carats combines gripping plot twists and a virulent Cat and Mouse chase as well as a distinctly subtle portrayal of the tenderness and delicacy of love, trust and loyalty between the protagonists. Executed with a fresh and exciting fervour, brilliantly shot with muted sepia tones and held together by an outstanding cast, 25 Carats demonstrates a remarkable collusion between violence combined with a delicate sensitivity to vulnerability. SD
A DAILY DAY France 5 mins Mini DV Director/ S'play/DoP Elsa Blayau Producer Moteur S'il Vous Plaоt Print Source Elsa Blayau Email [email protected] Website www.elsablayau.com An ordinary woman will question herself on all the strange and nonsense things that surrounds us in our daily environment. Through her reflections she will imagine poetic and absurd answers. SCREENING SPONSOR
Country Spain Running Time 86 mins Format 35mm Director/Screenplay Patxi Amйzcua Producer Jose Nolla, Quique Camin DoP Sergi Gallardo Cast Francesc Garrido, Aida Floch, Manuel Moron Print Source Beatriz Setuain Email [email protected]
CHAMELEON [KAMЙLEON] SUNDAY 4 OCTOBER AT 2:30PM Conmen Gabor and Tibi (played by Ervin Nagy and Zsolt Trill) at night pose as janitors in offices, digging through bins to find marks to help them pin down lonely victims. Gabor plays the slick gentleman, backed by Tibi, marrying women for access to their bank accounts. This brings them easy but not exorbitant amounts of money, but when Gabor starts to fall for a high-risk mark however, things begin to spiral out of control. Uncertain whether he is playing the beautiful dancer Hanna, or falling in love with her, he gets drawn into an increasing number of complex cons to keep their relationship up. Chameleon, unlike many of its con-film American equivalents has a certain depth, capturing the pathos of the victims, who also build an anger and ability to push back at their manipulator. Developing characters with meticulous detail, the protagonists question their tendency towards deception, disguises and sense of achievements whilst it is also uncertain who is betraying whom. The third feature from Krisztina Goda, after Just Sex And Nothing Else and Children of Glory, Chameleon is this year's official Hungarian entry for the Best foreign language film category of the Academy Awards. JB Country Hungary Running Time 105 mins Format 35mm Director Krisztina Goda Producer Gabor Kalomista Screenplay Reka Divinyi DoP Buda Gyulas Cast Ervin Nagy, Gabriella Hamori, Zsolt Trill P/S Hungaricom Ltd Email [email protected] Website www.kameleonfilm.hu SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 87
GUTS [AGALLAS] SUNDAY 4 OCTOBER AT 5PM When small time hustler, Sebastian, gets out of prison after a five-month stint, he finds that his luck has run out. His boss' Uncle Paco has him beaten and shoved on a bus to the remote seaside Galacian region. A stranger, Raul, the foreman of a fish processing plant, offers him a job. Soon Sebastian realises there is no such thing as a free lunch ­ he is being used by Raul to ferry large quantities of cocaine inland. Worse comes to worse when Sebatian kills Raul when he discovers Raul is about to snitch to the cops. Now Sebastian is the pawn with the big time gangsters as he tries to extract himself from the life he created and if possible, some of the huge quantities of cash being passed around. Directed by senior figures at Spanish television broadcaster TVE Samuel Martнn Mateos and Andrйs Luque, this debut is an unscrupulous and unsettling look at drug trafficking in Spain's Galician region, artfully directed and supported by outstanding performances from lead Carmelo Gomez and Hugo Silva. Recently picked up by Sony for major distribution, Guts has been one of the most talked about exports from Spain this year. EG Country Spain Running Time 99 mins Format 35mm Director Samuel Martin Mateos, Andrйs Luque Pйrez Producers Pancho Casal, Antonio Saura Screenplay Javier Echбniz, Juan Antonio Gil Bengoa DoP Juan Carlos Gуmez Cast Carmelo Gуmez, Hugo Silva P/S Latido Films E [email protected] W www.latidofilms.com
THE INVESTIGATOR [A NYOMOZУ] FRIDAY 9 OCTOBER AT 5:15PM For pathologist Tibi, dead bodies consume his daily life. He's a loner with serious communication problems, meticulous and silent, if slightly out of touch with life. When his sick mother seems to be on her deathbed, Tibi fails to accept it. He even makes her the empty promise that she will live. Tibi's life takes a sudden twist when a strange man, who calls himself Cyclops, enters into it. Just at his breaking point, Cyclops presents Tibi with a scheme to allow his mother to receive the expensive treatment for her bone marrow cancer. Tibi finds himself in a dilemma of decisions. He discovers just how far he can push his limits in the hope of saving his sick mother's life. Winner of the best actor, screenplay and editing categories at this year's Hungarian Film Week, The Investigator by first time director Attila Gigor is bound to keep you guessing on your toes. Grotesquely humorous, it is also a remarkable take on the detective film noir genre, to which it pays homage. The protagonist Tibor, is played fantastically by Zsolt Anger, and it becomes easy to empathise with him, even though he is nothing but slightly odd. MH Country Hungary/Sweden/Ireland Running Time 110 mins Format 35mm Director/Screenplay Attila Gigor Producer Ferenz Pusztai DoP Mбtй Herbal Cast Zsolt Anger, Judit Rezes, Sбndor Terhes Print Source Katalin Vajda Email [email protected] SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 89
THE LIFE AND DEATH OF A PORNO GANG [ZIVOT I SMRT PORNO...] SATURDAY 10 OCTOBER AT 9:30PM Marko, a young director from Belgrade, wants more out of life than 15-minute quickie porn and sex with inflatable pigs. Thus the porno gang is born in worship of Eros, the god of lust, beauty, and intercourse, with no premonitions of the dangerous road ahead. Marko's cast of societal misfits including a fat and proud would-be manicurist, gay lovers dying of AIDS, and a washed up actress all become the players in Belgrade's first porn-theatre, marrying pure pornography with social and political issues. Due to bad press in the city as well as an influential porn director whom Marko has wronged, the group is run out of town and forced to tour in Serbian villages. Their celebration of sex takes a turn for the sinister when they are offered an opportunity to make snuff films. Out of desperation and Marko's need to distinguish himself as a filmmaker, the group agrees to film suicides on the side for those who wish to end their life. With this decision they dig their own graves, and fall deeper into the dust of death and moral destruction from which they cannot and will not escape. This is truly a unique road movie, which brings to light a number of social issues in Serbia, delving into the changes that occurred post Milosevic, whilst examining the differences between Urban and Rural life and the social outcasts of society. MH Country Serbia Running Time 90 mins Format 35mm Director/Screenplay Mladen Djordjevic Producer Srdan Golubovic DoP Nemanja Jovanov Cast Mihajlo Z Jovanovic, Ana Acimovic, Predrag Damnjanovic Print Source Mladen Djordjevic Email [email protected] 90 SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL
THE LONGEST NIGHT [LANGE NACHT] MONDAY 5 OCTOBER AT 10PM + THURSDAY 8 OCTOBER AT 2:15PM Six childhood friends hold a reunion and spend the night camping beside a lake in the village where they grew up. But as darkness falls, a gang of testosterone fuelled skinheads arrives, and what began as a nostalgic summer getaway slowly turns into an apocalyptic nightmare ­ and to make matters worse, terrifying creatures are lurking in the woods. Till Keinert's debut feature is an intriguing affair, focusing strongly on its characters, and with its horror opting for psychological and fantastical over visual. Think The Blair Witch Project meets Pitch Black, mixed in with some coming-of-age drama, and you're on the right track. But The Longest Night boasts a visual style of its own, and is easily set aside from its counterparts. The film makes no attempt to explain what exactly the creatures in the woods are, or how they came to be ­ merely that they exist, they thrive in the darkness, and are to be feared relentlessly. As the characters experience the never-ending wait for a dawn that fails to materialize, exhausted and terrified, the audience remains as clueless at the protagonists ­ and it's altogether a more rewarding experience for it. CP Country Germany Running Time 91 mins Format DV Director Till Kleinert Producer/DoP Bastian Hopfgarten Screenplay Till Kleinert, Aron Craemer Cast Isabelle Hoepfner, Volkram Zschiesche, Marcus Staab Email [email protected] Website www.thelongestnight.com SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 91
In this Brechtian drama, two old friends seek to escape the confines of their useless lives by committing a childish and futile robbery. Enzo and Tonino are nothing more than moths battering themselves against a bright bulb, an unachievable dream behind the glass of reality. Events unfurl in an approximation of real time as Enzo and Tonino wait under a single glowing streetlamp with a mystery package. This oozing, unknown mass in a nondescript black trash bag is the McGuffin of the film, a reason to keep the two men in this single location. Within this sparse space they discuss the importance of culture to human existence, snort some cocaine, and plan for a future of promise after their heist. In the hour it takes for their unsuspecting associate to arrive they imagine life in glorious Paris as their means of escape. These sequences create a sharp contrast to their bleak surroundings with collages of beautiful dancing girls, bright colours and gay music. But neither friend has been to the city of their dreams. The Paris they imagine is only a product of what they have read and fantasised. Moths is a well-paced, insightful film that will trap the viewer within its glowing, deceptive web as life has trapped ts two protagonists. MH
EMILIA GALOTTI Italy 30mins Director Alessandro Berdini Producer Luna Rossa Screenplay Paolo Fallai DoP Bruno Cascio Cast Elettra Mallaby, Alberto di Stasio, Paola Rinaldi Print Source Laura Nasso Email [email protected] Website www.alessandroberdini.it Sixteen-year-old Emilia Galotti is in a coma from an overdose. Her story is told through the memories of her father who cares for her. SCREENING SPONSOR
Country Italy Running Time 65 mins Director Andrй A Arce Producer Giovanni Costantino Screenplay Andrej Longo DoP Maura Morales Bergmann Cast Totт Onnis, Paolo Sassanelli P/S Giovanni Costantino E [email protected]
Ivan Baric (Alen Liveric) was once the lead singer in Refinery, a well-known Croatian rock band, but now, 20 years later he finds himself wheelchair bound and living with his parents, thanks to injuries suffered during his time as a soldier in the Croatian War of Independence. The singing he does now consists mainly of drunken rants in local pubs, which often ends with him being wheeled off to the local police station. In gruesome flashbacks we see the horrors of war as he faced them. Ivan also hangs out with an ex band mate who's also wheelchair bound and encourages Ivan to join him in training for the Para Olympics, while another buddy is always ready to set him up with a prostitute. Meanwhile his father is running for political office and is seemingly on the brink of victory when an elderly woman reports her brother missing. A dark and stylish thriller, the action unfolds in a dynamic nonlinear fashion which is complemented by crisp cinematography and a brisk pace. Based on a stage play, it has been adapted for the screen by its original author, Mate Matistic and was Croatia's nominee for the Best Foreign Film category at the Oscars. While much of the action may seem like some kind of political metaphor, this is nonetheless an action packed thriller. SB
AND ANOTHER THING UK 2 mins 35mm Directors Zak Emerson, Daniel Gifford Producer James Bland Screenplay Andrew Irvine DoP David Luther Cast Charlotte Asprey Print Source Daniel Gifford Email [email protected] So very tired of doing all the work at home herself, an overburdened mother finally lets her husband know exactly how she feels.
Country Croatia Running Time 100 mins Format Super 35mm Director Arsen Anton Ostojic Producer Jozo Patljak Screenplay Mate Matisic DoP Branko Linta, Slobodan Trninic Cast Alen Liveric, Mustafa Nadarevic, Biserka Ipsa Print Source Format Arsen Anton Ostojic Email [email protected] W www.arsenantonostojic.com
Paolo (Paolo Sassanelli) is frustrated at his teenage son Matteo's (Davide Nebbia) lack of drive and ambition, the qualities that have made Paolo the successful businessman he is. Matteo wants his father's attention, but there is no communication between them. When an accident brings a visitor to stay with Paolo's family, and Matteo discovers secrets in his parents' eyes, the simmering emotions in Matteo's seemingly placid frame arise. In a slow-burning and methodical dissection of the lack of communication in a wealthy and outwardly successful family, the relationships twist and turn without ever descending into melodrama, yet unexpectedly pulling our sympathies from one character to the next. Dodo Fiori's Schemes Of Affection never allows us to assume the viewpoint of one of the characters and surprises us with revelations for all its compact length. Performances throughout are superb, particularly Sassanelli, whose constant nervousness and fearful eyes betray the true man behind the wealth and success, and Marta Iacopini as his wife walks the knife-edge between steely composure and brittle breakdown. Nebbia's central, slack-jawed, performance as Matteo never allows us to fully comprehend his thoughts and actions, making the film's surprises all the more startling. AStJ
Country Italy Running Time 80 mins Format 35 mm Director/Producer Dodo Fiori Screenplay Diego Ribon, Dodo Fiori, Heldrun Schleef DoP Pierluigi Piredda Cast Paolo Sassanelli, Davide Nebbia, Nina Torresi Print Source Blue Suede Shoots Email [email protected]
THE SLOVENIAN GIRL [SLOVENKA] THURSDAY 1 OCTOBER AT 6:15PM + SATURDAY 10 OCTOBER AT 12:30PM Set in Ljubljana in the year Slovenia took its turn at the European Presidency, this is the story of Aleksandra (Nina Ivanisin), a university student studying English and who's new to prostitution. She slips into a hotel room where her first client, a European member of Parliament awaits her. He's obese and holding a used pack of Viagra and no sooner than she asks him how many he's taken, he collapses dead at her feet. She calls down to reception for an ambulance then helps herself to cash from his wallet before making a hasty exit. The next day the papers all carry front-page headlines on his death and mention a woman dubbed `The Slovenian Girl' being hunted by the police. With no more than an ad in the local newspaper (student top level, discreet ­ also in English), business is brisk enough to afford her a brand new apartment. Events, however, turn nasty when she's ambushed by two pimps who dangle her head first over a high-rise balcony and threaten to drop her until she agrees to work for them. Meanwhile she must conceal her lucrative sideline from her doting father, convince her professor to let her take her Final Exam and shack up with her abusive ex-boyfriend who seems to be the only person to whom she can turn. SB Country Slovenia/Germany/Serbia/Crotia Running Time 91 mins Format 35mm Director Damjan Kozole Danijel Hocevar Screenplay Ognjen Svilicic, Damjan Kozole DoP Ales Belak Cast Nina Ivanisin, Peter Musevski, Primoz Prnat Print Source Slovenian Film Fund Email [email protected] SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 95
SOS LOVE [SOS SZERELEM] SUNDAY 11 OCTOBER AT 11:45AM Pйter lives a structured life with his daughter and works an unusual job at a company specialising in matchmaking. However, his position is in peril when a sleuth rival matchmaking company is suddenly soaring beyond their numbers and the only person who can help is his toughest client hopelessly in love with a kindergarten teacher. Pйter personally takes on the job, but to his misfortune falls for the same woman he is trying to set his client up with. Trying to hold back his feelings to save his company, Pйter can only keep up his professional faзade up for so long until a massive unveiling exposes a secret. Due to its witty dialogue, humorous moments, and Surprising Twist this romantic comedy was an immense success in Hungary. Set against a beautiful backdrop of the countryside in Hungary, this feel-good film is a lovely break from reality. With a wonderful cast to pull all the pieces together, along with a particularly talented little girl playing Pйter's daughter, the characters are played excellently bringing their own personalities beyond their origins. Tamбs Sas's SOS Love is a memorable romantic comedy, particularly enjoyable due to its aloofness and breezy rhythm. TN Country Hungary Running Time 96 mins Director Tamбs Sas Format 35mm Producer Adam Nemenyi Screenplay Agnes Fernandes, Jбnos Szurmai DoP Martin Miklauzic Cast Sбndor Csбnyi, Monika Ullman, Ivбn Fenyo Print Source Katalin Vajda Email [email protected] 96 SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL
CARMO ­ HIT THE ROAD [CARMO] THURSDAY 8 OCTOBER AT 5PM Crossing the borders of South America Marco, a handicapped smuggler passing through the tiny town of Bela Vista stops at a bar for a drink and prevents a young and beautiful girl from being raped. Maria is beautiful, wild and desperate to escape the provincial town she has grown up in ­ seeing Marco as her escape route she eventually persuades him to take her with him. Despite their confrontational relationship she intervenes and saves his life when two border bandits attempt to boost his load and leave him for dead. Marco and Maria engage in a cat and mouse game with the bandits, often stepping beyond the law, determined to get back the smuggled hi-fis. Equally situated on the peripheries of society, these two, initially defensive, characters open up to each other under the strain of their unorthodox road trip. The film's handheld shooting style lends it a documentary feel, intensifying the action; this is complemented by the humorous graphic effects and amusing cuts to Maria's parents. This film is both witty and sensitive, the character arcs, written gently and with subtlety, are brought to life by the two incredibly strong central performances and the spiky chemistry between them. JB Country Spain/Brazil/Poland Director/Screenplay Murilo Pasta Producer Elisa Alvares DoP Robbie Ryan Cast Fele Martinez, Mariana Loureiro, Seu Jorge Print Source Maria Josй Camacho Email [email protected] W www.imaginasales.tv 98 SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL
THE DINNER PARTY FRIDAY 9 OCTOBER AT 7:30PM + SUNDAY 11 OCTOBER AT 2:15PM The Dinner Party tells the story of a relationship gone wrong and the consequences of misplaced affection. Written and directed by Scott Murden, the film originally received funding from the Australian Film Commission's (AFC) indivision funding stream, but this backing was withdrawn due to the controversial Subject Matter. Starring Lara Cox, best known to audiences in the UK for her role in the popular TV show Heartbreak High, the film begins with her character, Angela, planning a dinner party that will end in the joint suicides of both herself and her lover Joel (Ben Seton). As events unfold it becomes clear that this is purely the intent of her alone, and her fellow dinner companions are none the wiser to her plans. Prior to the gathering we see Angela, accompanied by her concerned friend Maddy, buy two doses of heroin from a dealer, while also enquiring as to the potential lethal nature of injecting both. Concerns are raised at the party when one of the guests, Sky, an ex-girlfriend of Joel, discovers two syringes in the bathroom, and events escalate from there. Shot on a budget of $200,000, the film manages to create an absorbing yet menacing atmosphere thanks in part to the elegant and sombre score (Oonagh Sherrad) and the restrained yet subtly effective cinematography (Lisa Tolcher). PJD Country Australia Running Time 88 mins Format HDCam Director/Screenplay Scott Murden Producer Brendan Sioane DoP Brett Murphy Cast Lara Cox, Ben Seton, Kai Harris Print Source Brendan Sione Email [email protected] Website www.thedinnerparty.com.au SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 99
THE DIRECTOR'S CUT THURSDAY 8 OCTOBER AT 4:30PM Director Mike is filming his first feature and the biggest threat to his project seems to be his ego ­ that is until his team start dying around him at an alarming and amusing rate. Moments before he leads his cast and crew to their deserted filming location deep in the Australian outback, the temperamental tyrant suddenly demands guns in his period drama, which his beleaguered producer dutifully sources. Even as they set off, there is something ominous in the air ­ thanks in part to the soundtrack that won it Best Original Music Composition at the WA Screen Awards ­ yet it is when they reach their destination that the gore really starts to fly. A distinctly Australian offering, the premise of this comedy horror ­ which pivots on the victims' utter isolation in an arid landscape ­ would hardly work anywhere else, while the killer's cuddly attire is an unequivocal national symbol. By driving home its unique identity, this slasher manages to feel fresh, avoiding hackneyed parallels with US and UK films, although there is something delightfully Shaun of the Dead-esque in the delivery. That it also scooped Best Editing and Best Cinematography at the WASAs should come as no surprise, for this gruesome black comedy has an impressively high-gloss finish. AS Country Australia Running Time 87 mins Format HDV Director/Producer/ Screenplay Paul Komadina DoP Ivan Davidov Cast Jonathan Wood, Mollie King, Melanie Munt Print Source Paul Komadina Email [email protected] Website www.thedirectorscutfilm.com 100 SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL
IN YOUR NAME [EM TEU NOME] TUESDAY 6 OCTOBER AT 7:30PM + WEDNESDAY 7 OCTOBER AT 4:45PM As the fourth feature by director Paulo Nascimento, In Your Name has a satisfying assuredness in the cinematography. It is beautifully shot in a subtle sepia shade, with the slightest looks captured in scintillating detail. At the start, these take the form of indulgent sideways glances between the two leads; later anguished faces will replace them. Based on the true story of a political exile, this film shows that a man's love for his country and freedoms can coexist with his love for his partner, played by an entrancing Fernanda Moro, who worked with Nascimento in Valsa Para Bruno Stein (2007). By following the life of Boni, an engineering student banned from his homeland for his perceived crimes, In Your Name allows us a very personal handle on the vast theme of military dictatorship. The situation in 1970s Brazil is one that few viewers will be familiar with, which Nascimento counters through his liltingly poetic frames. Heart-rending without overstating its case, In Your Name represents a sensitive and involving example of Latin-American cinema. AS Country Brazil Running Time 108 mins Format HD Director/Producer/ Screenplay Paulo Nascimento DoP Roberto Laguna Cast Leonardo Machado, Fernanda Moro, Cesar Troncoso P/S Accorde Films W www.emteunome.com.br
THE PANDA CANDY SATURDAY 3 OCTOBER AT 4:45PM A great example of Chinese underground filmmaking, The Panda Candy is directed by Peng Lei, frontman of Beijing New Wave band New Pants, who provide most of the excellent soundtrack and apparently recruited actresses for the film at their concerts. Filmed in a neo-documentary style, the film is a non-narrative exploration of rebellious Chinese youth and lesbian love set against the backdrop of the underground rock scene. Like a more innocent take on Nine Songs, the film alternates scenes at rock concerts and karaoke bars, with those of young people connecting and disconnecting through sex. The main focus is two girls: Chun, who has a string of disappointing encounters with skateboard kids and self absorbed poets; and Taki, a stunningly beautiful lesbian on tour with her friend's band and recording her erotic encounters in each town. The film's atmosphere of sexual longing and alienation is well judged thanks to Lei's excellent use of editing techniques. As an introduction to Taki's erotic travelogue, he uses a rapid montage of shots from different angles and locations to express her disconnection from life, whilst her final sexual encounter with Chun is filmed in long sensual close ups, suggesting she has found stability through sex. DB Country China Running Time 85 mins Format HD Director/Screenplay Peng Lei DoP Meng Jinhul Cast Shun Shu, Torki Zhang, Tu Qiong Print Source Wing Wang Email [email protected] 102 SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL
STORAGE SUNDAY 4 OCTOBER AT 8:45PM Jimmy, at seventeen, witnesses his own father's street killing, and is left mentally scarred. His uncle Leonard takes him in, and gives him work in his storage facility. From Jimmy's position, it seems that just about every customer is involved in something questionable. With the help of Zia, another distraction to Jimmy's eye, he investigates a man who appears guilty of a terrible act. As Jimmy gets more deeply involved, it seems that there is much more happening than he could imagine. The use of the storage facility as the key setting here is original and a great hook to the attention. It is particularly effective in invoking fear and a sense of claustrophobia. Michael Craft's direction shows a great instinct for mood and focuses intently on Jimmy. Original music by Garry McDonald and Laurie Stone is haunting and as disturbed as the characters on screen. Considering that much of the film rests on his shoulders, Matthew Scully gives a great performance as Jimmy. Through the grief, fear and panic, he is always believable. This is the film's main strength: whatever turn of event, however strange, seems like it genuinely befalls him. While grim, there is a morality tale here, at the film's bleak core. JG Country Australia Running Time 93 mins Format HDCam Director/Screenplay Michael Craft Producer Elizabeth Symes, Gregor Drugowitsch DoP Tony Luu Cast Damien Garvey, Matt Scully, Robert Mammone Print Source Elizabeth Symes Email [email protected] SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 103
TWILIGHT DANCING [CHE SHI] SATURDAY 10 OCTOBER AT 7PM Joshua Tong's Twilight Dancing is a beautifully enigmatic drama told in grainy, desaturated cinematography. The opening, an homage to Jean Luc Godard's Le Weekend, sees a long tracking shot of a road strewn with crashed cars. Through this strange landscape, symbolising the human condition perhaps, Yangbing Hao drives a large red van, picking up hitchhikers. It is here that he meets Meimei, a deaf girl who, like a character from a Haruki Murakami novel, has always suffered from inexplicable pains, until she enters the sanctum of Hao's travelling home. They fall for one another, but their relationship is resisted by Meimei's guardian, Uncle Da, who runs an auto repair shop and who also seems to be in love with her. Like many recent Asian films the film tells its story visually with no dialogue. Indeed Tong inserts an intertitle that rejects language insisting: `Only when language is disposed, the truth gets revealed'. Utilising symbolism and elliptical editing, the film's meaning, however, lies tantalisingly out of reach, and like Lou Ye's masterpiece Suzhou River it encourages multiple readings. A deeply philosophical work, it's hard not to be impressed by the barrage of potent, ethereal images the film presents. DB Country China Running Time 94 mins Format 35mm Director/Screenplay Joshu Tong Producer Xia Cao DoP Patrick Lee Cast Luodan Wang, Taishen Cheng, Zhaoming Liu Print Source Amanda Chang Email [email protected] 104 SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL
For all their braggadocio, high-school tough guys Akihiro and Mikio have pretty limited experience when it comes to the opposite sex. The closest they've come to a real flesh sensation is fondling the man-boobs of their flabby classmate Anpai, who they rename Oppai (meaning `tits'). Despite his lack of confidence over his weight, Anpai however manages to catch the eye of buxom class sexpot Akie, while Mikio is left only gawping on the sidelines at his object of desire, the wistful Natsuko, who seems more interested in flitting around their nerdy teacher Taguchi than in anyone her own age. Meanwhile Akihiro stumbles upon Chizu, passed out with blood trickling down her thighs. An only child living alone with her father, Chizu seems curiously ill-informed about sexual matters, though as their friends start to pair up, one wonders if Akihiro is really the best person to teach her. The latest from one of Japan's hottest young filmmakers, Yuki Tanada, who wrote the script for Mika Ninagawa's Sakuran and whose acerbic comedy debut Moon and Cherry screened to great aplomb at Raindance in 2006, is a canny coming-of-age drama that invokes the heady days of sexual awakening in manner that will have everyone in the audience reeling with embarrassed recognition over their teenage years, particularly the guys. JS
Country Japan Running Time 79 mins Format Digbeta Director Yuki Tanada Producer Kanako Yoneyama Screenplay Kosuke Mukai DoP Yutaka Yamazaki Cast Tokio Emoto, Yuya Endo, Sakura Ando Print Source Geneon Email [email protected]
HOTARU THURSDAY 1 OCTOBER AT 4PM Hotaru, meaning `firefly', is a naturalistically-shot piece of visual poetry that blurs the line between documentary and fiction in its depiction of an intense yet troubled love affair between two emotionally-scarred individuals, striptease artiste, Ayako, abandoned by her mother as a child, and a gruff traditional potter Daiji. The drama is played out against the changing seasons in the villages and farmlands of the Nara region, where Kawase herself grew up. The tension between memories, ancient traditions and an uncertain future play a key role in the developing relationship, in this deeply heartfelt and beautifully-shot feature. Director Naomi Kawase came onto the scene in a major way with Suzaku, which went on to win the Camera d'Or in Cannes in 1997. She was this year's recipient of the same festival's Carrosse d'Or award for lifetime achievement in film. After a couple of documentaries, this second commercial feature was widely hailed as a classic of arthouse cinema upon its original release in 2000, but since then it has been stuck in a distribution limbo following the collapse of its original production company. This screening, in a new version re-edited from its original 164 minutes, is the first time the film has aired in the United Kingdom. JS Country Japan Running Time 106 mins Format 35 mm Director/Screenplay Naomi Kawase Producer Takenori Sento DoP Masami Inomoto Cast Yuko Nakamura, Toshiya Nagasawa Print Source Kumie Inc Email [email protected] Website www.kawasenaomi.com/en/works/feature_film/hotaru/
INSTANT SWAMP [INSUTANTO NUMA] THURSDAY 1 OCTOBER AT 8:30PM Haname is a lively Young Journalist blessed with an exceedingly vivid imagination working for a woman's magazine on the brink of bankruptcy. Her daily diet of gloopy health drinks aren't enough to shield her from what she perceives as a particularly severe run of bad luck, which all began on her eighth birthday when her father stormed out of the house, not only abandoning her, but flinging all her toys into a nearby swamp, including a cat talisman which she thinks must have been cursed. Haname sets out to retrieve her lost possessions, a quest which reacquaints her with her father, now a hippie working at a junk shop who goes under than name `Light Bulb', and brings her into contact with a punk named Gus. Following last year's Raindance screenings of Turtles are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers and Adrift in Tokyo, the latest quirky comic escapade from Satoshi Miki, like its predecessors, features a twisting, quicksilver plot peppered with a scattershot of surreal sight gages that makes for a near indescribable experience, coming across like a manga-esque remix of Jeunet's Amйlie, only twice as weird, and with one of the most absurd finales in recent memory. JS Country Japan Running Time 119 mins Format 35 mm Director/Screenplay Satoshi Miki Producer Takeshi Suzuki DoP Shinya Kimura Cast Kumiko Aso, Morio Kazama, Ryo Kase P/S Third Window Films Email [email protected] Website www.instant-numa.jp
LALAPIPO [RARAPIPO] FRIDAY 9 OCTOBER AT 10PM Masayuki Miyano's uproarious debut, adapted from a novel of the same name by Hideo Okuda, takes a peek behind the scenes at Japan's huge and diverse sex industry, long known for its whacked out weirdness. The multi-threaded narrative weaves between various characters: Slobbish Hiroshi is a jaded porn addict, berated by his long-suffering penis for the selfabuse meted out by his own hands. Silver-tongued `talent scout' Kenji forces his conquests to go increasingly that one step further, including Tomoko, the pert young shop girl who falls under his spell. Yoshie is a 40-something housewife who secretly moonlights as a `mature' performer in Adult Video. Koichi is a schizophrenic karaoke attendant who imagines his alternate existence as the puritanical vigilante superhero, Captain Bonita, cleaning up the streets. Sayuri is a chubby yet morose advocate of the Gothic Lolita look, who only comes alive performing in cosplay fantasies in a series of home-made porn videos. Lalapipo is directed in a similar vein to its scriptwriter Tetsuya Nakashima's own work, which includes Kamikaze Girls and Memories of Matsuko. The slick visuals, vibrant colours, ribald humour and breakneck pace are guaranteed to entertain, but ultimately the film has a serious message. JS Country Japan Running Time 94 mins Format 35mm Director Masayuki Miyano Screenplay Tetsuya Nakashima Cast Saori Hara, Tomoko Murakami, Hiroki Narimiya Print Source Third Window Films Email [email protected] Website www.lalapipo-movie.com/
LILY FESTIVAL [YURISAI] THURSDAY 8 OCTOBER AT 7:30PM One of the first women to make her name as a director in Japan who didn't come from an acting background, Sachi Hamano is by far the most prolific, having made over 400 films since 1970. If the name is not familiar, it is undoubtedly because the bulk of her output has been in the clandestine field of the pink film ­ softcore sex films made for the theatrical market. The caustic comedy drama Lily Festival, one of her few titles made for the mainstream market, also takes a look at female sexuality, in a less explicit though no less subversive fashion, portraying the seven inhabitants, aged between 69 and 91, of a retirement home for women. When Mr Miyoshi, a 75-year-old lothario with a charming manner and a colourful past, moves in among them, old passions are rekindled and jealousies aroused. Overturning the clichйs about Japanese women of a certain age, Lily Festival benefits from the lively performances of its cast of veteran actresses, including the star of Nikkatsu's first Roman Porno film Kazuko Shirakawa, but it is the familiar face of former singer Mickey Curtis (Fires on the Plain, Fudoh: The Next Generation, The Laughing Frog) that steals the show, as all around succumb to his charms. JS Country Japan Running Time 100 mins Format 35mm Director Sachi Hamano Producer Sachiko Suzuki Screenplay Kuninori Yamazaki DoP Katuharu Oyamada Cast Kazuko Yoshiyuki, Mickey Curtis, Kazuko Shirakawa Print Source Tantansha Email [email protected] Website www.h3.dion.ne.jp/~tantan-s/ 110 SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL
LOCKED OUT [ROKKU AUOTO] MONDAY 5 OCTOBER AT 9:45PM + TUESDAY 6 OCTOBER AT 1:45PM The debut feature of Yasunobu Takahashi, this brilliantly shot and acted indie production, a discovery at this year's Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in Japan, will keep viewers guessing where it's heading right up to the final scenes. Hiroshi drives blindly through the night, radio blasting, slowly awakening to the fact that not only has he no specific destination, but he has no idea where he is. On the run from a mysterious incident in the past, he is haunted by violent images of himself, seething with hatred and viciousness. Why does he keep a bloody implement in the boot of his car, and what does he have any connection to the reports on the news about a missing child? Meanwhile, Shoko, a hassled mother, is trying to remain focused on getting her weekly shopping done, despite the myriad distractions from her six-year-old son Keita. Realising she has forgotten something, she tells Keita to wait in the car while she pops back into the supermarket. Keita ignores his mums request, and, stealing some change, sneaks out of the car to buy some sweets. When he tries to get back before his mother, he realises he has forgotten where exactly she has parked, at which point Hiroshi pulls into the car park... JS Country Japan Running Time 82 mins Format HDV Director/Producer/ Screenplay Yasunobu Takahashi DoP Tetsuya Takahashi Cast Kiichi Sonobe, Miho Ogata, Takeru Shimada Print Source Yasunobu Takahashi E [email protected] Website www.ontheroadfilms.com
LOVE EXPOSURE [AI NO MUKIDASHI] SUNDAY 4 OCTOBER AT 1:30PM Unpredictable, undefinable, but above all, unmissable, Shion Sono's Love Exposure arrives for its UK premiere carried on a raft of awards from festivals across the globe. Don't be put off by the 4-hour running time. Sono's deft hand results in a sublime mixture of humour, romance, action and pathos that will keep viewers on their toes throughout, combining the verve and vigour of Bollywood at its best (minus the songs!) with a genre-bending complexity that is uniquely Japanese. Yu is the son of a Catholic priest with a twisted guilt complex. In a bid for his father's attention, he opts for the way of the wicked, perfecting the art of surreptitious up-skirt photography and returning home to confess his sins, a path which leads him up against an oddball religious sect and the object of his obsessions, Yoko, a violent man-hater who has castrated her own father. In order to get closer to her, Yu adopts an alter-ego, `Miss Scorpion', dressing up in the garb made famous by Meiko Kaji in the cult Female Convict Scorpion films from the seventies, but will she respond as passionately when he reveals his true identity? The must-see Japanese film of the year. JS Country Japan Running Time 237 mins Format 35mm Director/Screenplay Shion Sono Producer Toyoyuki Yokohama DoP Shohei Tanigawa Cast Takahiro Nishijima, Hikari Mitsushima, Sakura Ando Print Source Third Window Films Email [email protected] Website www.ai-muki.com
MIME-MIME [MAIMU MAIMU] TUESDAY 6 OCTOBER AT 5:45PM + WEDNESDAY 7 OCTOBER AT 2:30PM Mime-Mime is a bittersweet portrait of Makoto, a rebellious and highly-strung 18-year-old. Living alone with no real idea where her life is going, Makoto refuses to forgive her mother for divorcing her father, and has no time for her sister at all, regarding all things to do with her family as a tedious chore. Her relationships with other people are purely self-serving and manipulative, including her dalliances with a married former high-school teacher. Then, when her mother announces she is marrying again, Makoto is reacquainted with her potential new stepfather's son, Nakajima, an old friend from her Elementary School days. Serious and motivated, Nakajima attempts to instil the same virtues in Makoto, and is one of the few people able to see through the chinks in her obnoxious faзade. But as he arranges to take her on a camping trip and away from all the pressures of her daily life, he finds himself struggling to cope with Makoto's innate need to emotionally assert control over everyone around her. One of the most exciting discoveries of last year's Pia Film Festival, the most important event for independent cinema in Japan since the 1970s, Mime-Mime is a nuanced character study marked out by a suitably idiosyncratic central turn by its star, Ayaco Niijima. JS Country Japan Running Time 87 mins Format DVCam Director/Producer/ Screenplay Yukiko Sode DoP Furusho Takuma Cast Ayaco Niijima, Masahisa Yamazoe, Kanji Tsuda Print Source Pia Film Festival Email [email protected] Website www.pff.jp/english/2008/01/mime-mime.html
The Peaches Festival was founded in 2006 by graduates of the Film School of Tokyo to provide a new platform for young female filmmaking talent, and is organised by Atsuko Ohno, the producer of the 2004 Raindance Competition winner, Marebito: The Stranger from Afar, directed by Takashi Shimizu. Raindance is proud to be screening three of the best from the past two years, from directors who are already well on their way to forging successful careers for themselves in the industry.
EMERGER RT 42 mins Ft Digibeta Dir/S'play Aki Sato DoP Yutaka Koise, Fusaki Urabe With her own body no long quite the shape it used to be, Sawa indulges a secret passion to organize dates with men in love hotels ­ but she doesn't stick around to follow through, merely watches from a distance to see if anyone comes. BUNNY IN HOVEL [TSUKIYO NO BANII] RT 30 mins Print Ft Digibeta Director Mayumi Yabe Screenplay Mayumi Yabe, Tatsuaki Sumi DoP Tatsuaki Sumi Cast Ozuno Nakamura, Hiroaki Muro Portrait of a dysfunctional family who live in a tumbledown house in the rural hinterlands. CSIKOSPOST [KUSHIKOSUPOSUTO] RT 25 mins Ft Digibeta Dir/S'play Yumiko Beppu DoP Noriaki Sugihara Cast Maria Kawamura, Nao Okabe Life through the eyes of eight-year-old Mina, who yearns for someone to call Mum. Country Japan Total Running Time 97 mins Producer / Print Source Atsuko Ohno E [email protected] W www.momomatsuri.com
A PIECE OF OUR LIFE ­ KAKERA WEDNESDAY 7 OCTOBER AT 7PM + FRIDAY 9 OCTOBER AT 2:15PM Based on the best-selling manga Love Vibes by Erika Sakurazawa and featuring a soundtrack by James Iha, former guitarist of Smashing Pumpkins, the debut feature of Momoko Ando, one of the members of this year's festival Jury, is a delicately-nuanced portrait of two very different women. Haru, a college student, is frustrated by the lack of any real spark between her and her slobbish and indifferent boyfriend, who only seems to be interested in her for sex. One day, while brooding over a cappuccino in a cafe, she catches the eye of Riko. Riko joins her table and the two strike up a conversation in which she explains her job as a `medical artist', something slightly different from aprosthetics, in that rather than create body parts that attempt to emulate the function of those lost through accident and disease, her role is to cure the psychological traumas arising from the patient's physical deficiencies by balancing body and soul, creating parts that aesthetically make up for the loss. While Haru might be physically intact, Riko sees in her a certain emotional wanting to which she might provide a cure, and the two begin an all-encompassing relationship that draws Haru away from her dissatisfying routine and into a new and more emotionally fulfilling area of her life. JS Country Japan Running Time 107 mins Format 35mm Director/Screenplay Momoko Ando Producers Sakura Momoyama, Keiko Watanabe Screenplay Yuko Shiomaki DoP Hirokaze Ishii Cast Hikari Mitsushima, Eriko Nakamura, Tasuku Nagaoka Print Source Yuko Shiomaki Email [email protected]
Hirai is one of the uniformed ranks of guards working at a death row prison. Carrying out his duties emotionlessly and without question, he barely talks to anyone in the outside world about his daily routine as a public servant. Long past marrying age, he is introduced to a recently-bereaved single mother, Yuki, as part of an omiai (a formal arranged-marriage meeting), and selflessly agrees to take on responsibility for her and her young son. As the day of the wedding grows closer, the Justice Minister signs the execution warrant for Kaneda, a model prisoner whose good behaviour belies the violent deeds that landed him the death penalty. As is customary, the prison asks for two volunteers amongst the prison warders to act as a `crutch' ­ their duty to escort the condemned man to the gallows and hold him until the trapdoor opens. In return, the volunteer is given a week-long vacation for such a traumatic task. Hirai puts his name forward so he can spend more time with his bride. Can the warders, as much prisoners of the system as the inmates themselves, maintain their composure in front of the condemned man? Born in 1973, director Hajime Kadoi has created a mature and restrained drama that raises uneasy questions in one of the few developed countries where the death penalty remains. JS
TO BEGIN AND TO END [ALKAA JA PДДTYД] Finland 3 mins Super 16mm Director/ Producer/Screenplay Ville Kerimaa DoP Pдivi Kettunen Cast Kaisa Leppдnen, Samuli Vauramo P/S Ville Kerimaa Email [email protected] Website www.filmi-visio.fi The ending of a relationship; the end of one phase in a person's life and the beginning of another. A woman makes a life-changing decision to have a baby, against the will of the father. SCREENING SPONSOR
Country Japan RT 112 mins Ft 35 mm Director Hajime Kadoi Prod Toshihide Akama S'play Dai Sako DoP Yukihiro Okimura Cast Kaoru Kobayashi, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Nene Otsuka P/S Eleven Arts E [email protected] W www.eigakyuka.com
DEADLINE FRIDAY 9 OCTOBER AT 9PM + SUNDAY 11 OCTOBER AT MIDDAY Screenwriter Alice (Brittany Murphy) relocates to an empty dark country mansion in order to concentrate on her work and avoid her ex, who has a history of harassment. She begins to hear noises at night and finds the courage to go explore the house and finds a box of DV tapes. Panning through the footage she comes across the story of Lucy (Thora Birch), the house's previous occupant, whose life eerily shadows her own. Lucy's partner, it seems, is obsessed with documenting her every step on a small camcorder, and documents his increasingly violent outbursts and suspicious paranoid behaviour, which lead him to think Lucy is fostering a child that may not be his. As Alice is drawn further in to Lucy's world, we have to wonder how far her own trauma is affecting the way she sees things. Alice soon discovers that Lucy has disappeared, and retraces through he footage to discover what may have happened. Raindance alumnus writer-director Sean McConville has built a fragile and chilling thriller supported by the subtle and powerful performances of Academy Award nominees Brittany Murphy and Thora Birch. The stylish cinematography (Ross Richardson) and original score (Carlos Josй Alvarez) contribute to high production values normally only achieved on much much bigger budgets. Country USA Running Time 85 mins Format 35 mm Director/Screenplay Sean McConville Producers Roger Betterton, Sean McConville DoP Ross Richardson Cast Thora Birch, Brittany Murphy, Tammy Blanchard Print Source Sean McConville Email [email protected] 118 SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL
EASIER WITH PRACTICE FRIDAY 2 OCTOBER AT 10PM Here is a film that, despite its strange premise, is engaging, moving, psychologically astute and socially relevant all at once. The story follows Davey Mitchell [Brian Geraghty], an aspiring writer, who, whilst on a cross country trip of America, becomes involved in a long-distance and anonymous relationship. Finally able to open up without fear of reprisal, he begins to overcome his neuroses and leave his psychological baggage behind. Brian Geraghty is able to convey so much depth with only slight facial tics and subtle inflections in his tone; his performance is one which garners sympathy and understanding, respect and admiration. The supporting cast is uniformly superb and the dynamic between the Mitchell brothers, in particular, is presented with startling authenticity. The film's success hinges on the viability of the story and Alvarez's script is so tight and that the slight absurdity of the premise is easily dismissed. Alvarez dissects the nature of fear and of comfort; as Davey becomes increasingly at ease with himself, he also is no longer satisfied with the anonymity of his relationship, no longer afraid of what is tangible. Davey may be a piss-poor writer ­ using similes such as `clear as a trumpet' ­ but his self awareness is refreshing and his character development is stunning. ZB Country USA Running Time 103 mins Format HD Director/Screenplay Kyle Patrick Alvarez Producer Cookie Carosella DoP David Morrison Cast Brian Geraghty, Kel O'Neill, Marguerite Moreau Print Source Kyle Patrick Alvarez Email [email protected] Website www.easierwithpractice.com SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 119
THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE SUNDAY 11 OCTOBER AT 7PM Chelsea, (played by pornstar Sasha Grey), is an elite Manhattan call girl who seems to have it all. She runs her own business, hiring herself out for $2,000 an hour and shares a Manhattan loft with Chris, her understanding boyfriend. She specialises in `the girlfriend experience', where in addition to sex, she offers companionship, conversation and kissing. She takes herself seriously, keeping a diary of everything she wears on a date, right down to the underwear. She is also not adverse to taking investment advice from her clients ­ as one tells her to `go with gold not diamonds.' Eager to improve her business she consults a sex connoisseur with his own website who offers a glowing review in exchange for a freebie. Meanwhile boyfriend Chris finds both his career as a personal trainer and his relationship with Chelsea in stagnation. When the sex connoisseur retaliates with a bad online review, Chelsea offloads her insecurities on Philip, a new client from out of town who seems to offer something more. Steven Soderbergh returns to his low budget roots in a film reminiscent of his first, Sex, Lies and Videotape. The camera is hand held, much of the dialogue seems improvised, the direction is intimate but Soderbergh's observational eye as sharp and unswerving as ever. SB Country USA Running Time 77 mins Director Steven Soderbergh Producer Gregory Jacobs Screenplay Brian Koppelman, David Levien DoP Peter Andrews Cast Sasha Grey, Chris Santos, Mark Jacobson, Glenn Kenny Print Source Revolver Entertainment 120 SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL
HUMPDAY WEDNESDAY 30 SEPTEMBER AT 7PM Ben (Mark Duplass) and Anna (Alycia Delmore) are sprawled in bed in suburban Seattle when Ben's old college buddy, Andrew (Joshua Leonard) rocks up looking for a place to crash. It's soon evident that Ben and Andrew have headed off in vastly different directions since their college days. While Ben has settled into marriage, Andrew's beat poet mentality soon has him wondering just how much he's missing. The next day, Andrew goes out for a coffee and ends up at an all night party with the waitress and her lesbian lover. Ben meanwhile, heads off to find him. He arrives in the midst of a drug and alcohol fuelled happening, desperate to prove he hasn't completely lost his mojo and finds himself drunkenly suggesting they make an `art' film to enter into `Humpday', the local porn festival. The film will depict the two friends having sex ­ an idea which all present decide will be `beyond gay.' As the day of the shoot draws near, tension mounts, while the details remain foggy as to who will `do' who. For her third feature, director Lynn Shelton rigorously structured the scene progression and storyline before unleashing the actors to improvise. The result is a hilarious yet subtle film which is complemented by first-rate performances. SB Country USA Running Time 94 mins Director/Producer/Screenplay Lynn Shelton DoP Benjamin Kasulke Cast Alyciia Delmore, Mark Duplass, Joshua Leonard SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 121
MODERN LOVE IS AUTOMATIC THURSDAY 1 OCTOBER AT 9:15PM Striking brunette, Lorraine Schultz (Melodie Sisk) lives in suburban Nowheresville and is almost catatonically bored with her job as a nurse. In fact, she's bored with just about everything, including her boyfriend Ben (Matthew Hartman). So bored, she hardly bats an eyelid when she catches him in bed with another woman. She does, however, manage to kick him out and replace his rent checks with those of Adrian (Maggie Ross) an ьber bubbly short young woman who suffers from the delusion she can make it as a model. After leafing through an S&M magazine she finds on the bus, Lorraine decides to moonlight as a dominatrix but soon finds even forcing masked johns to clean toilets can be boring. Adrian, meanwhile, believes she's on the first rung of the ladder to her dream when she's hired by a bedding store as a `model'. In truth, her job involves enticing male customers to lie down with her and allowing them to feel her up. There is a shift in tone however, when Adrian's boyfriend Mitch (Carlos Bustamente) develops an obsession with Lorraine and begins stalking her. Director Zach Clark utilises saturated colours, retro costume design and a deliberately slow pace to give his edgy second feature its unique and distinctive look. SB Country USA Running Time 93 mins Director/Screenplay Zach Clark Producers Sydney-Chanele Dawkins, Zach Clark DoP Darryl Pittman Cast Melodie Sisk, Maggie Ross, Carlos Bustamente Print Source Zach Clark E [email protected] Website www.modernloveisautomatic.com 122 SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL
Archie Williams is a horny, geeky media-obsessed teen who decides his school project will focus on him committing suicide. Forced into a psychiatric unit for a few days, he returns to school where the stunning and sexually experienced Sierra Silver finally notices him and who, it turns out, may be even more messed up than he is. Far from being perfect, she has her own reasons for wanting to commit suicide. Submerged into his newly found state of popularity, Archie documents his gleaming steps to finale. Stunning, hilarious and groundbreaking, David Lee Miller's film intertwines narratives, animation, archive footage, titillating visuals and a fantastic soundtrack in a film that is bound to gain cult status. Winner of the Crystal Bear at Berlin, its lead actor Gabriel Sunday became the recipient of numerous awards for Best Actor including Gen Art and Stargazer awards, and he was soon afterwards picked up by Ang Lee for Taking Woodstock. In one of his last performances, Archie's `idol', played by David Carradine (Kill Bill), is seen discussing life, death and suicide, in a gripping prose which periodically interrupts the narrative of the film, shot shortly before his own death earlier this year. XR
SUPER HERO BLUES UK 4 mins HD Director Cass Marks Producer Ross Marks Screenplay Stephen Rowell DoP Mike Connolly Cast Anthony Moran, Stewart Scudamore Print Source Stephen Rowell Email [email protected] Two super heroes, Derek Downside and Rob Roundhouse, take time out from saving the world to put their own world to rights.
Country USA Director David Lee Miller Producers David Lee Miller, Larry Janss, Todd Traina, Eric Adams Screenplay David Lee Miller, Eric Adams, Jordan Miller, Gabriel Sunday DoPs Lisa Wiegand, Angie Hill, Cast Gabriel Sunday, David Carradine, Joe Mantegna P/S Mary Miller E [email protected] W www.mysuicide.net
A NECESSARY DEATH SATURDAY 10 OCTOBER AT 9PM Gilbert, a student director, wants to document a suicide for his final thesis. He persuades two of his peers to join him on his unnerving odyssey ­ crucially including his ex-girlfriend ­ and their actions are in turn caught on camera by his room mate, Daniel (writer/director Daniel Stamm). After placing an ad online to find an individual plotting to die by their own hand, Gilbert holds an audition and selects Matt, a terminally ill Englishman. As the endearingly immature subject weighs up different methods of demise, many viewers are sure to shift uncomfortably in their seats; indeed, at its SXSW premiere, some even got up and walked out. For this is the question at the crux of the film: by watching events unfold, are we in some way complicit? Can the presence of a lens ­ and a director standing just out of shot ­ change the course of real-life events? Val, Gilbert's ex, serves as something of a moral barometer throughout, although her sensitivity is shown to be as damaging as her sometime boyfriend's tunnel-vision; for Gilbert, his subject has to die in order to validate his film. An arresting project in an increasingly voyeuristic age, A Necessary Death exposes key questions at the heart of documentary-making and rightly won the AFI Fest Audience Award. AS Country USA Running Time 98 mins Format MiniDV Director/Screenplay Daniel Stamm Producers Brian Udovich, GJ Echternkamp DoP Zoltan Honti Cast GJ Echternkamp, Matt Tilley Print Source Brian Udovich Email [email protected] Website www.anecessarydeath.com 124 SEVENTEENTH RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL

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