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Content: TO: Adult Education PROGRAM STAFF FROM: Shirley Hynes and Hanna Cabaj, continuing education Department
Vol. 2001/2002 No. 67 March 2002 Inside this issue: Policies/New Information Im- portant Information re: Our Programs in July....................................................... 1 Revised Leave of Absence Form .......2 List of Seniority Dates ...................... 2 Woodsworth College Project: TESL professional development Trainers Needed ................................ .2 April 25th In-Service Workshop ......2 Acknowledgement .................................. 2 Evening/Weekend Programs End Dates for the Evening/Weekend Classes in July ........................................2 Employee-Related Information Memorials ................................................3 Autographed Copies of Canada: A People's History............................................3 Tips for Classroom Instructors Feature Book of the Month ................3 Monthly Website Activities................3 Guided Tours of Edwards Garden with AE Nursery Program the Civic Garden Centre ......................4 Poem ­ Unity ...........................................4 Visit our Web Site:
Important Upcoming Events · IN-SERVICE WORKSHOP- "CONVERSATION SKILLS"THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2002 AT HOLY NAME SCHOOL Polic ies/New In formation IMPORTANT INFORMATION RE: OUR PROGRAMS IN JULY As stipulated in the collective agreement for Adult ESL Instructors and Nursery Instructors, the Continuing Education Adult Program work year starts in September after the Labour Day weekend and ends at the end of July, with a twoweek Christmas break, and a one-week March break. NO programs are offered from July 27th, 2002 to September 2nd, 2002. Unlike previous years, the instructional period in July is not a separate program. It is considered a continuation of the school year, and ALL daytime, evening and weekend classes are scheduled to operate in July, unless Instructors-in-Charge are notified of a different schedule. Since all teaching assignments extend until July 26th, it is assumed that you will be continuing to teach in your program until this date. Please ensure that your learners are aware that classes close for the summer on July 26 and start again on September 3, 2002. In order to accommodate instructors who are not able to teach in the month of July, Continuing Education has implemented a July leave in the Leave of Absence Policy. If you do not wish to teach for the month of July, you may apply for a leave of absence by filling out the revised Leave of Absence Form enclosed in this Memo. Leaves of absence will be granted to all instructors who apply for them only for the entire month of July. You must submit your leave of absence requests to the Hiring Committee by May 15th, 2002 by faxing it to (416) 397-6599. It is the duty of the Instructor-in-Charge to inform the Hiring Committee if the location or classroom is not available for the month of July by faxing the information to the above listed fax number by May 15, 2002. Staff displaced from assignments due to unavailability of space will be placed in available positions based on seniority in the bargaining unit. Only supply staff will receive a survey of availability for the month of July. Please note that no additional correspondence or forms with regards to classes in July will be mailed out to Instructors-in-Charge before the summer.
Page 2 REVISED LEAVE OF ABSENCE FORM Revisions have been made to the Leave of Absence Form. A copy is enclosed in this mailing. Instructorsin-Charge are asked to add it to the Instructor-inCharge binder and photocopy it as needed. Please delete the old form. LIST OF SENIORITY DATES The Department is currently in the process of establishing seniority lists for Adult ESL Instructors and for Nursery Instructors. Enclosed in this mailing is a List of Seniority Dates for Nursery and ESL Instructors. Please note that this is not a Seniority List yet, as it does not include assignments. Be sure to read the cover letter carefully before checking the list. WOODSWORTH COLLEGE PROJECT: TESL TRAINERS NEEDED! As you know the Adult education program is involved in an agreement with Woodsworth College, U. of T. to provide practicum sites and TESL Trainers for students who are enrolled in the TESL Certificate Program. So far the practicum program is going very well and the response from the Trainers and Trainees is very positive. We will soon start preparing for the Spring session and invite additional A. E. instructors to submit their names for consideration as TESL Trainers. TESL Trainers must have full-time TESL qualifications and a minimum of 2 years ESL teaching experience. Each trainer has a maximum of 2 trainees. Practicum students spend either 25 hours (15 hours of observation and 10 hours of teaching) or 50 hours (30 hours of observation and 20 hours of teaching) with their trainers. Trainers are responsible for observing and evaluating the in-class practice teaching. TESL Trainers will be compensated at the Instructor's rate for 4 or 8 hours respectively for the time that TESL Trainees do their practice teaching component, not for the hours that trainees spend observing classes. If you are interested in sharing your expertise and experience with TESL Trainees contact Grace Ng at 416 222-8282 ext.2427. Professional Development
To: adult education program Staff APRIL 25TH IN-SERVICE WORKSHOP On Thursday, April 25th, 2002 Norah Oulahen and Anne Hajer (COSTI-Caledonia) will be presenting an in-service workshop entitled "Teaching Conversation Skills" at Holy Name School (690 Carlaw Ave. 3rd floor) from 4:00- 6:00 p.m. The presenters will explain how to use theme-based ideas to generate conversation in an intermediate level ESL class. In addition to providing a course outline and overview of teaching a conversation class, this hands-on session will present ideas for using pair and group work at the intermediate level. See enclosed flyer for details. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Our thanks go out to Lisette Santos de Sousa, Program Consultant and Ana-Paula Cardona, Instructor-in-Charge (Terra Nova) for presenting the inservice workshop on February 27, 2002 at Holy Name School entitled The Citizenship Preparation Program Experience. Those in attendance learned about available resources and were provided with an overview of the Citizenship Preparation Program, the application procedure and process. Participants went home with an excellent multilevel sample lesson plan and a good idea of what is required to run a successful Citizenship Preparation Program. Evening/Weekend Programs END DATES FOR THE EVENING, SATURDAY/SUNDAY CLASSES IN JULY submitted by Slawomir Wysokinski, Program Consultant Evening classes: Monday/Wednesday classes end on Wednesday, July 24, 2002 Tuesday/Thursday classes end on Thursday, July 25, 2002 Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday classes end on Thursday, July 25, 2002 Tuesday/ Friday classes end on Friday, July 26, 2002 Saturday classes: Saturday classes end on Saturday, July 20, 2002 (not July 27!) Sunday classes: Sunday classes end on Sunday, July 21, 2002 (not July 28!)
From: Shirley Hynes and Hanna Cabaj, Continuing Education Department
Page 3 Evening and weekend staff will be notified about the start dates in September 2002 via a separate memo. Instructors-in-Charge are asked to call their consultants (or Slawomir Wysokinski at 416 397-6966) if they have any questions pertaining to end dates in July and/or start dates in September.
Employee-Related Information
MEMORIALS LET US REMEMBER IN OUR PRAYERS THE SOULS OF: Samira Chemali, mother of Julia Chemali, Materials Consultant (Mary Ward LINC & ESL Centre) Peter Hajer, father of Anne Hajer, Curriculum Writer and Project Manager (COSTI Caledonia). AUTOGRAPHED COPIES OF CANADA: A PEOPLE'S HISTORY Any instructor who would like to purchase an autographed copy of Mark Starowicz's book Canada: A People's History, can still do so by calling Program Consultant, Mike Galli at 416 222-8282 ext 6464. Leave a message indicating whether you would like Book 1 or Book 2 and Mike will call you back. The price of each book is $32.00.
Tips for Classroom Instructors
FEATURE BOOK OF THE MONTH submitted by Julia Chemali, Materials Consultant
Pearson Education
To: Adult Education Program Staff WORKPLACE PLUS is a four level ESL course (Literacy Plus, 1,2,3) that prepares adult learners for self-sufficiency in three areas of their lives: the workplace, the community, and the home. WORKPLACE PLUS 2 is a package that consists of the following: a Student's Book (ISBN 0-13-033179-1), a Workbook (ISBN 0-13-033182-1), Teacher's Edition (o-13-0331813), Audiocassettes (0-13-033170-8), Teacher's Resource Binder (0-13-033183-X), Achievement Tests (0-13097889-2). WORKPLACE PLUS 2, designed for high-beginners, helps adult learners understand spoken and written employment language and enables them to communicate in their own words in the real world. It also helps them to understand and use authentic documents that they will have to use in their daily lives in addition to understanding cultural and behavioral expectations in the workplace and their new environment. The book opens with a "Scope and Sequence chart" that introduces the instructor to the 10 units in the book: Your Life at Work, Your Environment, Your Equipment & Machines, Your Customers, Your Time, Your Supplies & Resources, Your Relationships, Your Health & Safety, Your Money, and Your Career. The unit Your Equipment & Machines deals with repairing vehicles/machines. This information is extremely important since such information is rarely found in other books. Each unit opens with essential vocabulary that is presented in a Picture Dictionary format. This is followed by practical conversations that are transferable to the learners' own lives. Then essential grammatical structure practice is offered that includes a real world listening and speaking practice and a Reading and writing rehearsal. Instructors who use WORD BY WORD DICTIONARY will find it is the perfect partner for WORKPLACE PLUS. MONTHLY WEBSITE ACTIVITIES submitted by J.P. Bedard, COSTI Corvetti Centre Have you noticed that there appears to be fewer children playing ball hockey in the streets, a gradual disappearance of neighbourhood grocery stores and a general decrease in communication among inner-city neighbours? If you have, you are not alone. It appears that our love affair with the automobile has not only led to an increase in traffic but also to an increase in social isolationism. This month's Internet Activities are entitled "How Traffic Destroys a Neighbourhood". The first exercise involves working with some of the more challenging vocabulary words from the Reading Activity.
From: Shirley Hynes and Hanna Cabaj, Continuing Education Department
Page 4
To: Adult Education Program Staff
The Reading Passage explores some of the tangible and intangible effects caused by increased automobile usage. Students will have the opportunity to complete numerous reading comprehension and VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT questions. Next, the students will undertake a Listening Exercise based on the pioneering research of Donald Appleyard's 1970 urban development study. This month's grammar focus will be on the order of adjectives. You can find this latest set of activities and an archive of the previous month's activities at If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Jean-Paul Bedard at [email protected] GUIDED TOURS OF EDWARDS GARDENS WITH THE CIVIC GARDEN CENTRE Again this year The Civic Garden Centre is offering guided tours of Edwards Gardens especially designed for adult ESL learners. The ESL guided tours are offered in May and June and are approximately ninety minutes long. They are structured to complement any language instruction program for newcomers to Canada. Tour participants must be able to manage moderate slopes and steps. They should wear comfortable walking shoes and dress for current weather conditions. The cost is $2.00 per person. Instructors who book a tour will receive a pre-tour package containing a brief history of Edwards Gardens, a word list and information about how to reach the centre. To book a tour or to find out more, please call the Rental Coordinator at The Civic Garden Centre at 416 397-1349 or email [email protected] AE Nursery Program submitted by Elzbieta Lysenko, Theres Seevaratnam, Amibikai Wijayanathan, Olga Segovia and Clara Suarez (Park Place LINC Centre) The following poem is worthy of note to both teachers and parents. Research reveals that when both parents and teachers work together, children gain academic skills, increase their self worth and feel secure in their environment. Teachers, parents and especially children benefit from such a partnership.
UNITY I dreamed I stood in a studio And watched two sculptors there The clay they used was a young child's mind And they fashioned it with care. One was a teacher--- the tools he used were books, music and art. The other, a parent, worked with a guiding hand, And a gentle, loving heart. Day after day, the teacher worked with touch that was deft and sure, While the parent standing by his side, Polished and smoothed it o'er. And when at last their task was done, They were proud of what they had wrought, For the things they had molded into the child Could neither be sold nor bought. And each agreed they would have failed if each had worked alone, For behind the teacher stood the school And behind the parent, the home. Author : Unknown On a Lighter Note submitted by J.P. Bedard, COSTI- Corvetti Centre A TELEPHONE CONVERSATION Hello, are you there? Yes, who are you please? I'm Watt. What's your name? Watt's my name. Yes, what's your name? My name is James Watt. James what? Yes, are you Jones? No I'm Knott. Will you tell me your name then? Will Knott. Why not? My name is Knott. Not what? Not Watt, Knott. What?
Shirley Hynes St. Helen School 1196 College St. West Toronto, ON M6H 1B8
416-222-8282 ext.6576 416-397-6972 Email: [email protected]
From: Shirley Hynes and Hanna Cabaj, Continuing Education Department

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