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Content: Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
B.F.A., Webster University, 1984; Post Graduate Study, Croydon College, England, 1984.
Courses Taught at the BAC TM369, TM7369
Harvard University Graduate School of Design Cambridge, MA Master of Landscape Architecture 2011 Design Thesis: Digital Landscapes - Spatial Modeling of Internet Infrastructures New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University Alfred, NY Bachelor of Fine Arts, Summa Cum Laude 2002 Concentration: Printmaking and Digital Media
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Abernathy Lighting Design, Inc., Providence, RI, 2001Present; Available Light, Inc Boston, MA, 1996- 2001; Randy Burkett Lighting Design St, Louis, MO, 1988-96; Freelance Lighting Design, 1984-88
BAC Spring 2005- Present; Rhode Island Lighting Certified by the N/A
College 2004- 05; Wentworth Institute of National Council on
Technology, 2003- 04; Linden Wood
Qualification of Lighting
College, 1985-86
International Association of Lighting Designers; Illuminating Engineering Society of North America; United States Institute of Theatre Technology; Designers Lighting Forum.
BAC Fall 2012;
MonoRender Studio 2011 - 2012
Design Instructor, ArtScience Labs
Boston, MA; Landscape Supervisor
Boston, MA 2011 - 2012
Boston Natural Areas Network/Trustees of Reservations Courses: Synthetic Biology Design,
Modeling of Virtual Worlds
Boston, MA; Design Visualization Specialist
Teaching Fellow, Department of
SiteCreative Landscape Architecture 2011 - 2012 Boston, Landscape Architecture, Harvard
MA; Motion Graphics Design Consultant Neoscape 2011 - University Graduate School of Design
Cambridge, MA 2011
Boston, MA; Graphic Production Artist
Courses: The History of Plants and
Ground Inc. Landscape Architecture 2010
Animals in Landscape Design, History of
Somerville, MA; Web Designer
Gardens and Public Landscapes
Harvard University Graduate School of Design 2010 -
Guest Lecturer, King Abdulaziz Center
2011Cambridge, MA; Systems Administrator/Network for World Culture, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Eaton & Associates 2002- 2008
Designing Digitally: Design Thinking and
San Francisco, CA
Virtual Design Applications
Lecturer, ArtScience Labs Cambridge, MA
The Design Process: Design Thinking and
Rapid Prototyping
Guest Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of
Boston Planners Network Graduate
Research Salon Cambridge, MA 2011
Lessons From the Development of
Sustainable Water Management in
Cathedral City, CA
Prix Ars Electronica: The Next Idea Linz, N/A Austria 2012 Tracing the Digital/Physical: A Foray Into Hybrid Geographies Featured Project: Landscape Urbanism Magazine 2012 Sited: Digital Strategies For Landscape Modeling Exhibition: Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA 2012 Sited: Digital Strategies For Landscape Modeling Exhibition: Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA 2011 Mapping The Brain Featured Project: A View on Harvard GSD. Tank Publications, London. 2009, 2010 Site Analysis and Data Visualization
AM, Anthropology, 1985; Post Baccalaureate,
Ms. Adams has worked in cultural resource management Ms. Adams has taught technical studies, N/A
Architecture, Roger Williams College, 1979; BA, Art
and Historic Preservation planning since 1977. She worked public outreach, and cultural resources
History, 1977.
fro eight years in state historic preservation offices in the preservation plans as well as sections of
National Register program (MA) and as environmental master plans for institutions, communities,
review coordinator (RI). Ms. Adams serves as project
and federal and state agencies, including
manager and senior architectural historian for projects that extensive military experience.
include historic buildings, structures, objects, districts, and
cultural landscapes for a diverse mix of public and private-
sector clients. She has specialized training in noise and
vibration in rail projects, cellular communication towers,
regulatory compliance, consultation, and memoranda of
agreement. Ms. Adams has worked on projects throughout
the Northeast, and in Kansas, Michigan, and Puerto Rico.
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
Graduate School of Design, Harvard University
CD101/7101; FND3010
Master of Architecture in Urban Design Candidate,
2013;University of Tennessee, College of Architecture &
Bachelor of Architecture, Minor in Studio Art, Magna
Cum Laude, 2005
Professional Experience Design Trust for Public Space, New York City Program Associate, Summer 2012; Civic Design Center, Nashville Design Fellow, 2010 - 2012; MADE, Brooklyn Project Manager, 2007 - 2009; inFORM studio, Detroit Designer, 2005 - 2007
Teaching Experience
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
BAC Spring 2013; Graduate School of LEED Green Associate, "Borders from Boundaries: Speculations on GSD Student Forum
Design, Harvard University
Socioeconomic Divisions and the Manhattan Alumni Relations Co-Chair, 2011 -
Teaching Fellow to Prof. Alex Krieger, CSI Licensed
Spring 2013
Construction Documents Platform 5, Harvard Graduate School of
GSD Student Advisory Council
Seminar- Designing the American City: Technologist, 2005
Design, expected March 2013
MAUD Class Representitive, 2011 -
Civic Aspirations and Urban Form;
"[Re] Working: Brooklyn's Urban/Industrial Present
Graduate School of Design, Harvard
Registration Exams- 4 of Waterfront"
GSD Beekeepers
7 completed
Elements of Urban Design Studio Publication, Member, 2011 - Present
Teaching Assistant to Prof. Joan Busquets, NCARB IDP Hours-
expected November 2012
The Southern Design Concern
Spring 2012
6063 Approved, 340
MAKING MIDTOWN: A New Vision for a Member, 2010 - 2012
Studio- Rethinking Manhattan's Grid:
21st Century Garment District in NYC
Score for Designing the Future;University
with the Design Trust for Public Space,
Member, 2005 - Present
of Tennessee, College of Architecture &
October 2012
Emergency Studio Design
FIVE BOROUGH FARM: Seeding the future Collaborative
Adjunct Lecturer for Undergraduate
of urban agriculture in NYC
Member, 2005 - Present
Architecture Studio, Fall 2010
with the Design Trust for Public Space, July American Institute of Architecture
Studio- A New Music Buidling for the
University of Tennessee; etc.
Treasurer, 2002; Member, 2000 -
Tau Sigma Delta Architectural Honor
President, 2003; Member 2003 - 2005
Aquino Arbaugh Arndt Ard Austrich Baker Bass Bass Baum Beaulieu Bell
University of Oregon, Bachelor of Architecture, 2005
DME2032 Autodesk Revit: 2Dand 3D Representation
Autodesk, Inc., Portland, OR/Waltham, MA, May 2011 ­ Present, Product Support Specialist/Knowledge Domain Expert- Revit; Stream Global Services (Autodesk subcontractor), Portland, OR, May 2010 ­ May 2011 Product Support Specialist (Autodesk Revit Certified Associate) ­ Revit Provide Tier 1 product support for the Revit platform. Carr, Lynch & Sandell, Inc., Cambridge, MA, June 2005 ­ January 2009 Architectural Designer/Job Captain
BAC Spring 2014
American Institute of Architects Boston Society of Architects
Master of Landscape Architecture, Rhode Island School SA202,SB7101,CD105
shadley associates, Lexington, Massachusetts, Landscape BAC Fall 2007-Present
of Design, June 2006; Bachelor of Arts, Bucknell
Designer, March 2012 ­present. keith leblanc landscape
University, 2001
architecture, Boston, Massachusetts, Landscape Designer,
April 2008 ­March 2012. Coyle & Caron LLC, Scituate,
Massachusetts, Landscape Designer, March 2006 ­ April
Master of Architecture, Columbia University, 2007.
SB202, AR501
LocalSource (Jan. `12 to Current) Boston, MA, Founder, BAC Fall 2012, Spring 2014
Register Architect in the N/A
Bachelor of Science, Architecture, University of Texas at
CEO; Finegold Alexander + Associates, Inc. (Feb. `11 to
State of New York
Arlington, 2004.
Current) Boston, MA, Associate; Heerim Architects and
LEED Accredited
Planners (June `07 to July '10) Seoul, S.Korea, Project
Designer-Design Manager
Kelly Ricardo Brien Charles Daniel Steven Mara Corey Catherine
CD7102, CD7101, CD605/7605
University of Virginia, School of Architecture
Master of Landscape Architecture, May 1991
Cornell University, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
B h l fS i J
VS152, VS115, TS7610, TS7615
TM710, TM7710, TM278, TM7278, SUS2040 DME2047, DME4047, DME2046 SB101, AS357, AR501
BAC Fall 2009- Present
HALVORSON DESIGN PARTRNERSHIP, INC. Boston, Massachusetts, USA Associate, Project Manager, July 2000 ­ Present; CARR LYNCH & SANDELL INC C b id M h
Boston Architectural College, MLA Thesis Registered Landscape Road Closure at Lakewood Cemetery, L.
Seminar Instructor, Fall 2012
Architect; Massachusetts, Vizza & R. Austrich, Historic Roads
University of New South Wales, The
Conference, April 2006
FBACl Sprifngh20B13i,l SEprinig 2014 S d
d P i ji
ibilid d
BAC Spring 2004
BAC 2006-Present BAC 2013-Present BAC 1998; BAC 2010; BAC 2013-Present
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Bachelor of Architecture, University of Notre Dame, 1992
Courses Taught at the BAC
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
SKL101, SKL202, SKL303, Principal: 15 years of experience in private residential,
SKL7101, SKL7202, SKL7303, municipal, K-12 institutional,
retail, commercial, entertainment, environmental graphics,
landscape and graphic
design projects. RTKL associates, inc. (2007 - 2008)
Chicago, Illinois. HKT architects, inc. (2006 - 2007)
Somerville, Massachusetts. Bellalta 3 Design (2002 - 2006)
Brookline, Massachusetts
BAC 2012-Present; University of Notre Dame, 1992.
License/Registration N/A
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
LEED AP, U.S. Green Building Council
Master of Landscape Architecture, The Central Artery of CD101, LA104/7104, LA103, Maria Bellalta is the Head of the School of Landscape
BAC: Fall 1997, Fall 2010- Present;
Boston: Reweaving the City and Finding Space, Harvard TM330, LA304/7304; LA302; Architecture at the BAC. Formerly Design Director
Harvard University: 1991, 1993, 1996-
University, Cambridge, MA 1991; Bachelor of Arts in LA502
for Martha Schwartz Partners, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1998, 2009-2010
Psychology, Fine Arts Minor, University of Notre Dame,
USA / London, working on international world class cities.
Notre Dame, Indiana, May 1985
Maria has taught at the BAC and at the GSD and has
lectured on the Sustainability and the Psychology of Space,
both here and abroad.
Design Principal, Brookline, Massachusetts, USA, present;
Design Director
Martha Schwartz Partners, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
/ London, UK, 2007 - 2009;
Martha Schwartz Partners, Cambridge, Massachusetts,
Project Manager, Design Lead
Copley Wolff Design Group, Boston, Massachusetts, 2000-
Sasaki Associates, Watertown, Massachusetts, 1994 - 2000;
Art Curator
Sasaki Associates, Watertown, Massachusetts, 1994 - 2000;
Invited Landscape Architect
Patricio Schmidt C. y Asociados Arquitecto: "Proyecto
Piedra Roja"
Santiago de Chile, July 1999
El Mercurio, Vivienda y Decoraciуn:
Interview with Maria Bellalta: La Mirada
Verde de la Sicуlogia:
A Psychological Look at Becoming Green,
reported by Maria Cecilia de Frutos
Santiago, Chile, July 2009
Harvard Design Magazine, A Tribute to
Esmйe Cromie de Bellalta, Professor,
Landscape Architect,
and My Mother, September 2007
Land Forum, Another Shade of Green, the
Central Artery Story, Spacemaker Press,
February 2003
Central Artery/Tunnel Structural Soil
Proprietary Report, Massachusetts Turnpike
Authority Maintenance
October 2001
The Other Modernity: Contemporary
Architecture in Latin America,
La Otra Modernidad: Arquitectura
Contemporбnea en Latinoamйrica
Spanish to English translation, 1997
Bello Bennett Berkowitz Berry
Elaine Ruthy Seth
Carnegie Mellon University, Bachelor of Architecture; Harvard University, Masters in Landscape Architecture
ID101/7101; CD7603; SB7205 TM376, TM7376, SUS4025, SUS2025 DM1, DM2, DM4
Paul Lukez Architecture; Goody Clancy and Associates; Carol R. Johnson and Associates; David Berarducci Landscape Architecture
BAC Spring 2005- Present
BAC 2013-Present
Brookline Center for Adult Education: Architect,
Watercolor painting, Perspective Drawing Commonwealth of
and Rendering; BAC Fall 2010- Present Massachusetts, #50047;
Landscape Architect,
Commonwealth of
Massachusetts, #1353;
LEED Accredited
New England Watercolor Society
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
Bachelor of Architecture. Boston Architectural College CD101, AR502 2006 - 2010 Career DIscovery Program Summer 2005 Associate Degree in Architecture. Miami Dade College. 2004 - 2006 Computer Aided Design Assistant. Certificate. Miami Dade College 2005 INSA de Lyon. France. Engineering First Year. 2003 2004 Universidad Simуn Bolнvar. Engineering First Year. 2002 2003 Institut Catholique de Toulouse. French Language & Civilization Studies. 2001 - 2002
Masters in Interior Design, BAC, 2008; B.A. in British Civilization, Barnard College of Columbia University, New York, NY, 1969.
TM340/7340, SB205/7205
Professional Experience C & J Katz Studio Inc. 2007 - 2012; Hashim Sarkis Associates. 2007
Teaching Experience BAC Fall 2011-Present
Corky Bingeli Interior Design, Arlington MA Principal
Wentworth Institute of Technology,
interior designer 1991-present (sole practitioner) Design Boston MA-
of commercial projects including restaurants, community Adjunct faculty 1999-2008; Boston
college facilities, fitness clubs, and research facilities. Color Architectural College, Boston MA
consultant on residential interior design projects. Design Adjunct faculty, Interior Design 2005-
and production of large two- and three-dimensional
decorative objects.
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
National Council for Interior Design Qualification, Certificate # 10087, 1992.
Interior Graphic Standards, 2nd Edition-
American Society of Interior
Editor-in-Chief, John Wiley & Sons 2011; Designers 2000-present
Interior Graphic Standards, 2nd Student
Professional Member, Board member,
Edition-Editor-in-Chief, John Wiley & Sons, President New England Chapter
scheduled for publication November 2011;
Building Systems for Interior Designers,
International Interior Design
Second Edition-John Wiley & Sons 2010; Association
Interior Design Illustrated, 2nd Edition with Professional Member 1992 ­ 2000
Francis D.K. Ching- John Wiley & Sons 2004,
3rd Edition in production 2011;Interior
Graphic Standards Field Guide to
Commercial Interiors,
John Wiley & Sons 2009;
BAC Spring 2013
Master of Education, concentration in secondary
See Teaching Experience
Berklee College of Music: Instructor,
mathematics education University of MA, Boston, MA
Music Business Dept. 2005-2009 &
1998; Graduate Economic Courses, Brown University,
Assistant Professor, Music Business Dept.
providence, Rhode Island, 1992-1993; Bachelor Degree in
2009-present (Part time; full-time
Economics, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, 1991.
teaching load.) Teaches math, economics,
and statistics; BAC Fall 2007-Present
SB7404, ARC3021
BAC Spring 2013, Spring 2014
TM428, TM7428, TM570,
BAC 2009-Present
Nancy E.
TM241, TM7241, SUS2014
BAC Spring 2011, Spring 2012, Spring
2013, Spring 2014
Bachelors of Architecture, University of Detroit, 1990; VS687
Born Illustrat at ion, Inc.
BAC Spring 2011- Present
CFA CADD Training Center, Boston, MA- Completed
President, 2007- present; Baker Design Group, Inc.,
intermediate-2d to advanced-3d Autocad classes as well
Boston, MA
as 3d Studio Max modeling and rendering course, 19941995
3d Illustration and Graphic Design, 1999-2006; Beac ac on Architectu ctu ctu ral Associat at es, Boston, MA
3d Illustration and 2d Production, 1996-1999; Thoma ma s
Bakalars Architect ct s, PC., Boston MA
2d Production and Systems Manager, 1995-1996;
Consulting For Architect ct s, Boston, MA Autocad Consultant and Trainer, 1194-1995.
Bourque Bowers
Sara Jason
SB7101, SB7202, CD102/7102,CD101/7101, SB099/7099
BAC Spring 2003- Present
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
Bachelor of Architecture, Boston Architectural College, 2006; Coursework in B. Arch. Program, Rhode Island School of Design, 2003; A.S., Architectural & Construction Engineering technology, Greenville Technical College, Greenville, SC, 2,92-5,92.
CD102, CD7102, CD105, SB101
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
Feb 09 ­ present Contract work & independent design BAC Spring 2008- Present practice. Presently designing a primary school in Kenya. Jan 04 ­ Feb 09 CBT Architects Sept 00 ­ Jan 04 Various contract work. Sept 98 ­ Sept 00 Goody Clancy & Associates, Boston, MA Nov 94 ­ Sept 98 Ahearn Schopfer & Associates, Boston, MA June 93 ­ Nov 94 Schnee Architects, Newton, MA Nov 84 ­ June 91 J. Alison Lee, Architect, Greenwood, SC
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Boyer Brain Brisk Broadhead Brockelman Brooks
Rebecca Ariel Susan Stephen Anne Robert
MA Interior Design, Boston Architectural College, 2009; SB105, SB7105 BA Psychology, Boston University, 2001.
Master's level interior designer with 11 years of experience BAC 2013-Present in a variety of specialties, including educational, lab/biotech, hospitality, and retail. Architectural Resources Cambridge, Cambridge, MA-Interior Designer September 2008 - present. ARROWSTREET Somerville, MA-Designer January 2007 ­ July 2008. Bergmeyer Associates, Inc. Boston, MA-Job Captain January 2005 ­ December 2006.
Less issue - June 15, 2008;
Master of Architecture, Rice University, Houston, TX, 1993; Bachelor of Fine Arts (Studio Art-Painting), bachelor of Arts (Art History), University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Amherst, MA, 1989.
Elkus Manfredi Architects, Boston, MA, 2003 - Present; Jung Brannen Associates, Inc, Boston, MA, 1995-2002; ADD Inc., Cambridge, MA, 1994-1995
BAC Fall 1994- Present
Bachelor of Architecture, University of Kentucky
SAC222, TM260, KBD4005, KBD4003 TSM2019
Master in Architecure, Harvard University Graduate
School of Design, 2002. Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art and
Art History, Wesleyan University, 1996.
BAC 2001-Present
BAC Spring 2014
Senior Associate 2008 ­ 2013
Associate, Perry Dean Rogers Partners + Architects.
BAC 2001-2007, 2010, Spring 2012,
Boston, MA, 6/06-Present; Project architect / Project
Spring 2014
manager, Seitz Architects, Inc. Somerville, MA, 7/02 ­ 6/06;
Designer / Assistant project manager, Matthew Baird
Design. New York, NY, 6/00 ­ 6/01
LEED Accredited Professional, 2009 ­ Green Building Certification Institute
Masters Thesis Project: Action, Alienation N/A and Bacchus (May 1993) Proposed the reintroduction of the stoa into the contemporary city. The ancient urban form of the stoa ­ by giving shape to the space of the agora ­ allowed for an immersion into the sensuous world of Dionysos. The stoa provides the spatial experience where a Dionysian immersion is mediated by Apollonian determination and order. Lecture Notes for Design Principles Course: Forms of Meaning (2004, 2009) A series of 12 chapters distributed to students that explore the fundamental
Master in Landscape Architecture, University of MA at Amherst, 1981; Bachelor of Arts in Geography, Boston University, 1978.
TM421, TM7421
Walden Collaborative-Principal; Halvorson Design Partnership- Senior Associate, Shareholding Partner; Robert S. Brooks Landscape Architecture Inc. ­ Principal; John G. Crowe Associates, Inc.- Project Manager; Environmental Planning & Design Partnership- Project Manager
BAC Spring 2009- Present; Harvard
LEED Specialty
"Breaking Ground"; HGTV Network; 2000; U.S. Green Building Council
Landscape Institute (Thesis Advisor) 2006- Accreditation in Building On-Screen Project Designer
Massachusetts Chapter; U.S. Green
Design and Construction, Series of 3 episodes
Building Council Upper Northeast
2010; LEED Accredited Massachusetts Department of Environmental Regional Council; U.S. Green Building
Professional, 2004;
Protection; 2009: Moderator, 9th Annual Council (National) ; Green Roofs for
Landscape Architecture: Organics & Recycling Summit
Healthy Cities; American Society of
Pennsylvania, 1983;
Landscape Architects; Boston Society
Landscape Architecture:
of Landscape Architects
Massachusetts, 1984;
Real Estate Broker;:
Massachusetts, 1989
Burrows Butler Campbell
Keith Richards Laura
VS866, SAC111, VSC154, HT227. RIN4001
BAC Spring 2014 BAC Spring 2014 BAC 2001-Present
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
Master of Architecrure, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Expected 2015, Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Literature, Minor in Business, University of Wisconsin, 2006.
Caraballo Carr
Carlos James
Bachelor of Architecture, Boston Architectural College, 2007 Master of Architecture, MIT, 1994; Bachelor of Arts, Columbia University, 1986.
DM2, DM3 TSM3038
· University of Massachusetts Lowell June 2008 Masters of Science-Structural Engineering · University of Massachusetts Lowell June 2006 Bachelor of Science-Civil Engineering
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
Consultant, SHoP Architects New York, NY, 03/11-08/11; BAC Spring 2014 Analyst/ Development Manager, Cayuga Capital Management New York, NY, 2008-2010.
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Project Manager ­ Architectural Office in Quincy MA, 8 BAC Spring 2008- Present
A LEED Accredited Professional since 2002, Mr. Carr
BAC Spring 2014
develops a project's overall environmental strategy, can
guide a project to LEED Certification, and is an expert in
renewable energy installations.
tuned to environmental responsiveness--minimizing the
need for costly mechanical systems, and creating true
LEED 2.0 Registered Professional, Registered Architect in Massachusetts, New York, & California
Co-author of the Coalition for High Performance Schools (CHPS) Best Practices Manual and Design Guide, Massachusetts Version. ©2002.
· AECOM Water (formerly Metcalf & Eddy): June 2007- BAC Spring 2012- Present; University of N/A
Massachusetts Lowell: September 2006-
Structural Engineer II
Department of Civil and Environmental
Engineering, Teacher's Assistant
N/A NCARB Certified N/A
LAC301, LAC106, LAC108, SEM002, SEM003, SEM102, SEM103, LAC310, LIN4013, LIN4007
BAC 2009-Present
Master in Architecture and Urbanism, Architectural
DM3, DM4
Association, London, 1999; Bachelor of Architecture and
Bachelor of Arts (Sculpture), University of Miami, 1997.
oceanUS LLC., Co-Founder and Partner(1999-2007);
Wentworth Institute of Technology,
oceanD, Co-Director (1999-2007), oceanD, and ocean-us Boston, MA- Adjunct Professor; BAC Fall
are two independent but collaborative entities. They are 2008- Present
network-based studios dedicated to furthering the ongoing
discourse of architectural practice through research of
new strategies and emergent technologies.
Bachelor of Fine Art, Massachusetts College of Art; Master of Fine Art, Maine College of Art.
Education Director, The New Art Center, 2008-present, Newton, MA; Conference Education Manager, Kalin Associates, 2006-2008, Newton, MA; Co-Director for Crafts at the Castle, Family Service of Greater Boston 2001-2006, Boston, MA
Educator, Wentworth Institute of
Technology, department of architecture
Fall 2010, (Fall 2011); Educator, K-12
Program, Massachusetts College of Art +
Design, 2001-2007, (Summer 2011)
Guest Editor for 2008-2010 formZ Joint N/A Study Journal, AutoDesSys, 2010; 10 .10 _ 2, 100 Architects 10 Critics, Phaidon, 2005; Next Generation Architecture: Folds Blobs and Boxes, Rizzoli, 2003; AutoDesSys/formZ advertising campaign for Architectural Record, formZ Calendar, 2002
Northeastern University Graduate School of
Juliet Chun
Northeastern University School of
Boston, MA | May 2010
Boston, MA | June 2010 - Present; Leers Weinzapfel
Teacher's Assistant for Structures II
Master of Architecture Degree
Associates Architects
Boston, MA | January 2010 - April 2010
Northeastern University
Assisted in creating presentations for
Boston, MA | May 2009
Boston, MA | July 2008 - Present; Northeastern University class lectures
Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture
Space Planning and Design
Produced and graded quizzes throughout
American Institute for Roman Culture
the semester
Rome, Italy | January 2007 - April 2007
Boston, MA | July 2007 - June 2008; Moskow Linn
Pratt University | New York, NY | 2011
Architectural Intern; Museum of Fine Arts
Boston Architectural College | Boston,
Project Management Team Intern
MA | 2010
Master of Fine Arts. School of the Museum of Fine Arts, DM4
Photographer. Portrait, event and editorial photography. BAC Summer 2010- Present; SMFA 2009- N/A
2009; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography &
(2006 - Present);Photographer's Assistant (1999-2006); Present
Printmaking,San Francisco Art Institute, 2006.
Freelance Graphic Artist. (1996 ­ 2006); Production
Assistant. Browne, Zukow Case & Associates (1995 ­
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Bachelor of Architecture, BAC, 2013.
Courses Taught at the BAC
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
D. W. Arthur Associates Architecture, Boston, MA
BAC 2014
Architectural Designer, December 2012- Present.
YouthBuild Boston, Boston, MA
Project Manager, November 2008- November 2009/
December 2010- December 2012. Non-Profit Contract
Research, Lusaka, Zambia
Design Researcher, July-August 2010. James Lesnick
Residential Development, Jamaica Plain, MA
Construction Worker, December 2009- November 2010.
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Cody Cole
Heath Jessica
Boston Architectural College, Boston, Ma expected May CD603/7603 2012 Master of Architecture New England Institute of Technology, Warwick, RI September 2003 Bachelor Degree in Architectural Building Engineering Technology
Ph.D. in English, University of Tennessee, May 2007. Dissertation, "The Theory Currently Known as M: A Novel" (May 2007). Twentieth Century British and American literature Comprehensive Exam (Spring 2005). Novel Comprehensive Exam (Fall 2005). Specialized Exam (Fall 2005; Passed with Distinction). M.A. in English, University of California at Davis, June 2000. Thesis in Poetry, "Daisy Chains." B.A. in International Relations, Cum Laude, Boston University, June 1994.
AS128, AS122
Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, Inc. Boston, Ma 2004present Project Designer; Conceptual Construction, Inc. Woodstock, Ct 1999-2003 CAD Operator
Boston Architectural College Boston, Ma N/A Tutor 2007 - 2008 Studio Co-teacher 2011
See Teaching Experience
BAC Spring 2013;Instructor, English 150: N/A Literary Types. "Cross-pollinations." January-May 2011. Instructor, Learning Community: South Asian Literature. "Rooted Rootlessness": Intersections of Place and Identity. September ­December 2010. University of Graz, Austria Visiting Professor, Department of American Studies, Summer 2010. Massachusetts College of Art and Design Lecturer, Freshman Seminar ("Theoretical and Applied: Art-Science Links"), SeptemberDecember 2009. University of Tennessee 2004-2008 Young Writers Institute 2005-2007 . Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tutor, Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies. September 2002-May 2003.
Merely a Trick of Moonlight: The
Triangulation of Love, Power, and Narrative
in Zadie
Smith's White Teeth." Schultermandl, Silvia,
and Sebnem Toplu, eds. A Fluid Sense of
Self: The Politics of Transnational Identity in
Anglophone Literature. Mьnster: LIT
Spring, 2010.
Editorial Assistant for Last Love Poems of
Paul Eluard, translated and edited by Marilyn
May 2006.
"From AOK to Oz: The Historic Dictionary
of American Slang." Discovering Popular
Culture (A Longman Topics Reader). Ed.
Anna Tomasino, May 2006.
"From AOK to Oz: The Historic Dictionary
of American Slang." Humanities Magazine,
"Language Docs: Fifty Years of Life-Changing
Service, and Counting." Higher Ground: The
Magazine of the College of Arts and Sciences.
10.1 (Spring 2004).
Coleman Compagnone
Nancy Guy
Harvard University
AS013, LIN4012 RIN4003, RIN4004
BAC Spring 2010, Spring 2012-Present.
Director of Sustainable Practices at Chapman Construction/ Design. Guy is responsible for the development and implementation of Chapman's education and outreach programs and holds a senior role for the LEED Administration and Consulting projects. Guy has twenty years in the Construction Industry and a background in education and environmental science.
BAC Spring 2014
BAC 2008-Present
IFMA SFP; Massachusetts Construction Supervisors License
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Master of City Planning, MIT, 1993; BA, Indiana
Univeristy, 1984
Courses Taught at the BAC DME2015, DME2016
Professional Experience 1993 - 2013 Geographic Information Systems Specialist,Harvard University Graduate School of Design. 1996 - 2012 Lecturer, Urban Planning and Design, Harvard University Graduate School of Design. 1999 2010 Lecturer, Landscape Architecture Harvard University Graduate School of Design.
Teaching Experience BAC 2013-Present; Harvard Graduate School of Design 1996-2012.
License/Registration N/A
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships 2008 Lapierre, A. and P. Cote, "Using Open N/A Web Services for urban data management: A testbed resulting from an OGC initiative for offering standard CAD/GIS/BIM services" in Geospatial information technology for emergency response (ISPRS book series). Taylor & Francis Group, London, UK. 2009 Paul Cote, "Where Are Samson and Goliath? 3D Experiments with the Belfast Skyline" Geo World Magazine May, 2009. 2007 Paul Cote, editor "Web Services Architecture for CAD GIS and BIM." Open Geospatial Consortium Interoperability Program Report, Official OGC Discussion Paper 07_r23_02. Research: 2012 Information Ecology in Place-Based Studies, McKinsey & Company North American Knowledge Center. 2011 Promoting a Culture of Information Stewardship at the Graduate School of Design, First Harvard Information Technology Summit. 2010 Introducing CityGML: Interoperability for GeoDesign First Conference on GeoDesign, Redlands California.
Cramer-Greenbaum Susannah
Cuffy Currie
Brandon Robert
M.S., Acoustics, 1982, The Pennsylvania State University; SA7103, TM369, TM7369 B.S, Physics, Mathematics, 1980, Muhlenberg College
Masters of Architecture with Distinction,University of Michigan, June 2008 - May 2011; A.B. Art and Archaeology, Magna Cum Laude,Princeton University, Sept. 2003 - June 2007.
1982 to present, senior acoustical and noise control consultant for various firms in northeastern US, currently Principal Engineer at URS Corporation in Salem, NH
Drexel University, 1987 to 1998, Civil Board-certified noise
Engineering Department, teaching
control engineer since
Acoustics and Noise Control in Buildings 1986 through the
course; BAC 2000-Present
Institute of Noise
Control Engineering
Shepley Bulfinch, Architectural Designer, Boston, MA, June BAC Fall 2011 2011 - Present; JJR, Detroit Revitalization Plan Research Assistant, Ann Arbor, MI, January - April 2011; Moshe Safdie Architects, Spring Externship, Somerville, MA, February 2011; Maryann Thompson Architects, IDP Intern, Cambridge, MA, June - August 2009; Construction Intern, Peabody-Essex Museum, Salem, MA, June - August 2006
Cowan, J.P., Handbook of Environmental Acoustics, New York: Wiley & Sons, 1994; Cowan, J.P., Architectural Acoustics Design Guide, New York: McGraw-Hill, 1999
Institute of Noise Control Engineering, Transportation Research Board Committee on Noise and Vibration
"Garbatella: From Finance to Physical Plan," N/A in The Agora Planning Journal, Vol. 5, May 2011 "Round Rock Re-Imagined," published in The Agora Planning Journal, Vol. 5, May 2011 Forthcoming: "Round Rock Re-Imagined," Internationale Architectuur Biлnnale, Rotterdam, April 2012 "Monastery_Chic," exhibited in student show Fresh 2011, University of Michigan, March 2011
BAC Spring 2014
Candidate: Sustainable Building Design and Construction VS655; VS656
RCDC Architects, Medfield, MA- Owner and Partner
BAC Summer 1995- Present
Certificate, Spring 2011,Boston Architectural College-
Construction Supervisor
Boston, MA
Currie Design- Owner and Principle, Medfield, MA
CS 073635
BS in Architectural Engineering, 1994, Wentworth
Institute of Technology - Boston, MA
Nunes Trabucco Architects, Needham, MA- Project
AS in Architectural Engineering Technology, 1991,
Manager, 12/97-5/99
Massasoit Community College - Canton, MA
Master of Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 1995; Bachelor of Architecture, University of Kentucky College of Architecture, 1992.
VS659, CD7102, CD7101
2000- current, Partner: Cuttitta + Gillig Architecture, Cambridge, Ma. 1998-2000 Partner: Cuttitta + Gillig Design, Somerville, Ma. 2000-2002 Consultant: Project Architect.
BAC 1996-1997; 2007; 2009-2010; 2013; Registered Landscape Published in Banker & Tradesman, 7-10- Member AIA, Member Boston Society
Wentworth Institute of Technology 1999- Architect; Massachusetts 2006, "Creative Couple Brings Modularity to of Architects
the City of Somerville" by Jeff Stein
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
Master of Art Education, Rhode Island School of Design VS151 (Textiles) Master of Library Science, Simmons College (Archives and Collection Preservation) Bachelor of Fine Arts, Massachusetts College of Art (Graphic Design and Illustration) Certificate in Technical Writing, Northeastern University
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Bank of America: Technology Communications 1979present New England Historic Genealogical Society 19931997 Harvard Graduate School of Design Archives 1993 (internship)
Arlington, MA Public Schools 1974-1976 Community School, Tehran, Iran, 19771978 American Collegiate Institute, Izmir, Turkey, 1990-1993 BAC 1999-Present
Massachusetts Teacher's Mass. College of Art: Early Renaissance
Boston Society of Architects
License # 165357
Painting 2010
American Association of Museums
Mass. College of Art: Methods of Art History Cambridge Art Association
Mass. College of Art: Archives of the
Lettering 1999
Arts Guild
Ph.D., Boston University, 2016 (expected); MA, History HTC1004, SSH1004
Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts, New BAC 2013-Present; Boston University, N/A
of Art, Courtauld Institute of Art, 2011; BA English, Tufts
York, New York, Summer Institute in Technical Art
July ­ Aug 2012
University, 2007; BFA Printmaking, Tufts University in
History Mellon Foundation Fellow, 2013; Boston
affiliation with The School of the Museum of Fine Arts,
University, Boston, Massachusetts, Teaching Fellow, 2013;
Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts Discussant &
Abstract Committee, March 2013; Boston University,
Boston, Massachusetts,
Teaching Fellow, 2012-2013.
de St. Aubin Dea
Michael Denise
Dean DeCelis
Carol David
Art Institute of Boston, Boston, MA
VS151, AS100/7100. VS111 Boston Architectural College, Boston, MA
BAC Spring 2001- Present
Bachelor of Fine Art, Illustration Jan. 1996 - May 1998
Manager, Academic Only Program; Advising Coordinator
Hartford Art School (University of Hartford), Hartford,
Nov. 2004 - Jun. 2006; Coordinator, Center Summer
Academy Jun. - Aug. 2003 and 2004; Enrollment
Foundation Studies
Counselor, Continuing Education Nov. 2002 - Nov. 2004
Master of Design Studies, History and Theory of Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA, June 1994; Bachelor of Architecture, Minor in Art History and Business, University of Southern California, May 1992 M. Arch, Concentration in Cinematic & Theater studies with V.E.S. Department, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design. June 1998 B. Arch, Minor in Theater Arts, University of Miami, School of Architecture, May 1994
TS7100, TS7229, TS7610, TS7615
Payette Associates, Inc. Boston, MA, 2006- present.; Von Grossman & Company, Architecture and Urban Planning, 2005-2006; Gillham & Gander Associates, Inc., Architecture and Urban Planning, 1992-1998, 1999-2005.
HT326, VS686, RIN4012,
CD7101,CD102/7102,AR501, DCM Design, Cambridge, MA., Founding Principal
AR502, TS7505
Sep. 1997 ­ Present Constellation Center, Kendall Sq., Cambridge, MA.
1998 & 2006 ­ 2007
Arup, Inc., Mass. Ave., Cambridge, MA.
2005 - 2009
BAC Spring 1996- Present; Rhode Island N/A School of Design, Department of Architecture, Providence, RI 1999; University of New Mexico, School of Architecture and Planning, Albuquerque, NM 1998-99 BAC Spring 2010-Present Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Fall N/A 2005 ­ 2009 Boston Architectural College (BAC) 1997 ­ Present Harvard University, GSD: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Cambridge, MA 19961997 University of Miami, SOA: Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Coral Gabl
BAC Edco Grant, EDON/NODE, 2010-2011 ACSA, 2009-2010
Green Roofs & Sustainable Design; Lecture N/A developed w/ E. Mueller. Fall 2005 - 2009 Ongoing series of lectures developed in tandem w/ a RISD Roofgarden studio project. In-between Space: a Cinematic Counterargument to a Supposed Annihilation Spring 1999 Independent research published by ACSA Press, presented at A CSA Conference, Rome. Paper on cinemas representation of the relationship between mass-transit & public space.
DeJonge DelleFave
Jared Michael
Master of Architecture (with distinction) Pratt Institute SB101 2008; Bachelor of Architecture (NAAB) 2003
Bergmeyer Associates, Boston MA, Designer, March 2011 ­ Present: Nelson & Van Den Bout / Design & Architecture, New York NY Project Designer Feb 08'-Sept 09'; Grant Architects, Baltimore MD Designer Jan 04' ­ Aug 06'
BAC: Fall 2010 ­ Present
Completed I.D.P. In
"Between Realms" a study of spiritual
pursuit of Architectural architecture
This research is a study into the common
spiritual qualities found in the maritime
community around the world.
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
B.Arch, Boston Architectural College
Courses Taught at the BAC TM428, TM7428
Professional Experience PAD Designs, Winthrop, MA. Architectural / Engineering Sustainability Consultant (1995-present); Perkins + Will Boston, MA. Sustainability Director (2012-2013); Green Pod, LLC, Harpswell, ME. Founder and Designer (20052010).
Teaching Experience BAC Fall 2011-Present
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Registered Architect - N/A MA, CO; Professional Engineer - ME, MA, VA, (NCEES) National Council of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors, (HPBP) High Performance Building-Design Professionals, (CEM) Certified Energy Management, (LEED-AP) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design AP
American Energy Engineers (AEE), American Institute of Architects (AIA), American Solar Energy Society (ASES), American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Boston Society of Architects (BSA), North East Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA)
Batchelors Degree in Industrial Design, Wentworth
CD605, CD7605
Institute of Technology, Boston, MA; Associates Degree
in Architectural Engineering Technology, New Hampshire
Technical Institute, Concord, NH.
Rhode Island School of Design, BFA ­ Graphic Design DM4
Master of Design Studies in History and Philosophy of Design, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2012; Bachelor of Architecture, Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, 2009.
Masters of Architecture, Boston Architectural College, VS664, VS660
2007 Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1983
Donaire Donohue- Smith
Victor Lilly
Bachelor of Fine Art, University of Massachusetts at
Amherst; Master of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute
of Technology.
Office Environments of New England; Designer 2001-2003 BAC Fall 2004- Present
Contract Designer 2003-2004
Custom Office Furniture of Boston; Designer/fabricator
Arbee Associates; designer 2005-present
Vice President of Special Projects - Veritech Corp., East Longmeadow, MA; Vice President - Lewtan Industries, Hartford, CT; President - MCRI, New York, NY
Eleven years as adjunct college instructor N/A for both credit and non-credit courses, from six week sessions to full semesters: MFA, Gibbs College, BAC, Bentley College, RISD, and others
Safdie Architects, Somerville MA, 2012 - present, Junior BAC 2013-Present
Architect. CS&P Architects Inc., Toronto ON, 2010, Junior
2005-Present Hammer Architects Cambridge, MA
BAC Fall 2007- Present
1991-2002 ADAC Corporation Winchester, MA
1989-1991 ADAC Corporation Winchester, MA
(Director of Sales & Marketing)
"City of Edges", Writing Cities 3, Peer-
reviewed journal, Fall 2013; De [sign],, 2011-2012; "An
Archaeology of Perspective: Tempietto
Underground", Abitare Harvard Logbook,, 2011.
Ruhl Walker Architects: Boston, Massachusetts /
BAC Fall 2008- present; Teaching
LEED Accredited
November 2006-Present, Project Designer and Manager:; Assistant: Massachusetts Institute of
Kanda Associates Architects, Inc: Cambridge,
Technology / February 2004 - January
Massachusetts / February 2006 - October 2006
Associate Designer; Seitz Architects, Inc: Somerville,
Massachusetts / November 2001 - August 2002
Intern Architectt; Tsoi / Kobus & Associates Architects:
Cambridge, Massachusetts / June 2001 - October 2001
Intern Architect:
Douvlou Dowling Duell
Elena Janine Ryan
Ph. D. Architecture, University of Sheffield UK, 2003; Masters in Advanced Architectural Studies, University of Sheffield UK, 1998.
HT520, HT7520, SUS2007
VS862, SAC444, RIN4004, RIN4007
1998 Practice V. Kiroglou, Thessaloniki, Greece 1997 Architecture Studio E. Stavropoulou-Karra, Thessaloniki, Greece
BAC 2009-Present; University of Sheffield Member ARB
UK 1998 -2003
BAC 2007-Present
Douvlou,E., D. Papathoma & I. Turrell "(The N/A Hidden City) Between the border and the vacuum:the impact of physical environment on aspects of social sustainability" Book
Bachelors Degree in Design Studies, Boston Architectural College, 2008
Project Drafter @ cbt Architects; CAD Manager @ cbt BAC Fall 2009- Present
Architects; Revit Support Specialist @ Autodesk
Regular Contributor to the Autodesk Revit N/A Clinic blog, Autodesk Discussion Groups, and Autodesk WikiHelp
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Bachelors of Architecture, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute 2007
Courses Taught at the BAC SA101
Professional Experience Payett e Associates, Designer June 2007 - present
Teaching Experience
BAC Fall 2011; Design Studio TA
Architecture Design Studio 2 & 3 -2006,
2007, Teaching Assistant
Modernity in Culture and Architecture -
Building and Thinking of Architecture I, II,
& III - 2003, 2004, 2005- Rensselear
Polytechnic Institute
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Eccles Eccleston
Anne David
SEM060, SEM070, SEM0004,
BAC Fall 2011-Present
Bachelor of Architecture Degree and Bachelor of Design AR501, AR502, CD102,
Boston Architectural College, Boston, MA, Director of Northeastern University, 1998-present:; N/A
Degree, Boston Architectural Center, 2005
CD7102, CD105, SB101, Practice Instruction, 3/10-present; SCI.X Studio, Boston, BAC Summer 1994- Present
MA, Lead Designer/Project Coordinator, 3/10-present;
Tsoi Kobus and Assoc., Cambridge, MA, Project
Designer/Project Coordinator, 2/07-1/10; Process
Facilities inc./Parsons, Life sciences division., Boston, MA;
Project Designer/Project Coordinator; 8/96-6/04, 11-05-
Collaborative Term Project between
Worcester Polytechnic Institute & Boston
Architectural College, White paper; Salazar,
Vadney, and Eccleston
Massachusetts College of Art and Design, MSAE
VS220, VS7220
Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA- Color
BAC Spring 1990- Present; Wentworth N/A
Research; Bachelor of Fine Arts of Interior Architecture,
Consultant & Interior Designer: Archival Exhibit;
Institute of Technology, 1988-1993; Pine
Rhode Island School of Design, 1958.
Livermore, Edwards and Associates, Waltham, MA-
Manner College, Chestnut Hill, MA, 1989.
Interior Designer & Consultant; The Architects
Collaborative, Cambridge, MA- Associate Senior Designer.
Boston Society of Architects, Interior Design Educators Council, Institute of Business Designers, Inter Society Color Council.
Encela Epstein Farhat Feldman
Danielle Aimee Khalil Russel
Harvard University GRADUATE SCHOOL OF DESIGN, SA101 Cambridge, MA Master in Architecture, January 2011 FND2011 Master in Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; B.Arch, BA Architectural History, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
DIMELLA SHAFFER, Boston, MA June 2011 - Present JUNIOR ARCHITECT; LУN DESIGN, Boston, MA Jan 2011 - May 2011 Principal, TBA Architects, Inc., Waltham, Massachusetts, 1986-Present
BAC Spring 2012- Present; BOSTON ARCHITECTURAL COLLEGE, Boston, MA June 2011 - July 2011 BAC Spring 2014 BAC Spring 2014
Registered Architect: N/A Commonwealth of Massachusetts, States of New York, Rhode Island and Florida
SHIFTboston Harvard University GRADUATE SCHOOL OF DESIGN Certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards Certified by the Massachusetts Certified Public Purchasing Official Program
Boston Architectural College Boston, Massachusetts VS220, VS7220
Summit Engineering & Survey, Inc.
BAC Spring 2012- Present; Endicott
Massachusetts Registered N/A
September 1998- January 2007
Massachusetts August 2007- Present
College Beverly, Massachusetts
Professional Engineer #
Masters of Interior Design
Project Engineer; Finlay Engineering Services
January 2005- Present
University of Massachusetts- Lowell Lowell,
Worcester, Massachusetts June 2005- Present
Adjunct Lecturer
Massachusetts January 1992-May 1997
Consulting Project Engineer; Engineering Design
Department of
Bachelor of Science/ Civil Engineering
Consultants, Inc. Southborough, Massachusetts
Environmental Protection
Minor/ Studio Fine Arts
October 2006- March 2009
Certified Soil Evaluator
Consulting Project Engineer; Schofield Brothers of Cape
Cod, Inc.
Orleans, Massachusetts
2005- October 2006
Project Engineer; Pastiche of Cape Cod, Inc.
West Barnstable, Massachusetts March 2004- January 2005
Design Consultant
Rhode Island School of Design: M.Arch - 2003; Rutgers HT7101, SA7101, SA7103,
College: BA in History,Philosophy - 1992.
TM210, TM421, DM3
Payette Associates, Boston MA; Mikyoung Kim Design, Boston; Fiorillo Architects, Cambridge
New England Institute of Art 3 yrs; BAC Fall'05-Present
Registered Architect, Registered Landscape Architect
Architectural Record, Landscape Architecture Magazine
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
Ph.D. in History of Art, University of California, Santa SSH1099
Barbara, CA, 2013; M.A. in Art History, University of
California, Davis, CA, 2006; M.A. in Museum Studies, San
Francisco State University, CA, 2005; B.A. in Literature,
University of California, Santa Cruz, CA, 1996.
Professional Experience See Teaching Experience
Teaching Experience
Adjunct Faculty, The Boston Architectural N/A College (Jan 2014-present); Visiting Instructor, Art and Music, Simmons College (Aug 2013-present); Adjunct Faculty, Humanities, Wentworth Institute of Technology (Dec 2012-Apr 2013); Visiting Instructor, Visual and Performing Arts, Clark University (Aug-Dec 2012); Adjunct Faculty, History of Art & Architecture, University of California Santa Barbara (Jun 2008-Apr 2011); Undergraduate Mentor, History of Art and Architecture, University of California Santa Barbara (Sep 2009-Jun 2010).
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships Review: Craig Ashley Hanson, The English CAA, AHAA, ASECS, SEA, AAM Virtuoso: Art, Medicine, and Antiquarianism in the Age of Empiricism, in The EighteenthCentury Current Bibliography. Edited by Gloria Eive et al. 36 (2009). Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2014 Review: Nigel Aston, Art and Religion in Eighteenth-century Europe, in The EighteenthCentury Current Bibliography. Edited by Gloria Eive et al. 35 (2009). Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2013 "Advancing Truth in Nature: Aaron Draper Shattuck's, On the Androscoggin," The Huntington Blogs, August 4, 2011, Review: Barbara E. Lacey, From Sacred to Secular: Visual Images in Early American Publications, in The Eighteenth- Century Current Bibliography. Edited by Gloria Eive et al. 33 (2007). Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2011 Review: Timothy Barringer and Andrew Wilton, American Sublime: Landscape Painting in the United States 1820-- 1880, in The Eighteenth-Century Current Bibliography. Edited by Gloria Eive et al. 31/32 (2005- 2006). Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2009
MSME, Northeastern University, 1991. BSME, Northeastern University, 1985.
TM428, TM7428, TM7421, TM570, TM7570
WSP Flack + Kurtz 1997 - present. Vanderweil Engineers 1993 - 1997. Charles River Laboratories 1981 - 1993.
Boston Architectural College, 2008 Present. Boston University, 2006 Present. Wentworth Institute of Technology, 2002 - 2005.
Professional Mechanical Engineer in MA plus 18 additional states. National Council of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors. LEED Accredited professional.
Master of Architecure, University of California at
HT520, HT7520, TM317, Holland and Foley Architecture, Northport, Maine (1993- BAC 2006-Present
Berkeley, 1987; Master of Professional Studies and
TM7317, SUS2007, SUS2018 present); William R. Sepe, Architect and Planner, Camden,
Resource Economics, Univerity of Maine at Orono, 1979;
Maine (1987-1993); Residential Design Consultant,
A.B. Community Planning and Design, Dartmouth
Oakland, California (1986-1987)
College, 1978.
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Michigan State
VS011, TM021, TM045,
BAC 2009-Present
Registered Landscape N/A
University, 1981.
LIN4024, LIN4001
May 2002 to present
Commonwealth of
Master of Architecture, MIT, School of Architecture and CD7102, TM320
EYP Architecture and Engineering PC.
The BAC, 2007-Present.
Planning, Cambridge, MA, 2006; Master in Philosophy in
History, Philosophy of Architecture, Marshall Scholarship
to Clare College, Cambridge University, Cambridge,
England, 2004; SB in Art and Design (Architectural
Design), SB in Music (Composition), Cambridge, MA,
BAC Spring 2013
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
French Frick
Steven Kerri
Bachelor of Architecture, Boston Architectural Center, Boston, MA, 2006. BS Architecture, University of Virginia, 2001; Master of Architecture, Rice University, 2006
VS650, VS651 SA7101, HT7295, SA7103, TS7615, TS7229, SKA101/7101,SKA202/7202
Cbt Architects, Boston, MA. 2006- present( project
BAC Spring 2007- Present
architect and designer for several medium to large scale
projects as well as competition proposals. multifaceted
contributor in areas ranging from front end design to
complex detailing).
Goody, Clancy & Associates, Boston, MA. 1998-2006.
(involved in creating, maintaining, and revising design
documents through all phases.
participated in several competition proposals and
conceptual phase developments).
Assistant Director of Foundation Studios, Boston
BAC Fall 2007-Present
Architectural College, August 2010-Present
Designer, Schwartz/Silver Architects, Boston, MA; January
2007-August 2010
Designer, Eric Colbert and Associates, Washington, DC;
March 2003- August 2003
Designer, Cole & Denny Inc., Alexandria, VA; November
2001-March 2003
License/Registration N/A
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Recipient of Glassman Award and Mark
Walter Young travel scholarship, fall 2002
finalist for SBA scholarship, fall 2002; Gale
Prize, fall 2001 and Boston Architectural
Center Academic Award, fall 2000
Registered Architect in N/A Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
NCARB, Boston Society of Architects
Fritsch Fritsch
Enno Kristen
CD102, CD105, CD7101
BAC Spring 2001- Present
Master of Architecture and Master of Community and CD101 Regional Planning, University of Nebraska, 1998; Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, University of Nebraska, 1993
ELKUS MANFREDI ARCHITECTS, Architectural Design, Boston, MA 05/2012-Present; BOXWOOD Seattle, WA 03/99-Present Design Principal; 3SIXD Seattle, WA 05/08-Present
BAC 2013
SEATTLE AIA; LEED AP Green Projects published in: Daily Journal of NCARB; [email protected] Board Member;
Commerce, Puget Sound Business Journal, STEVENS ELEMENTARY PTA
Auction and Green Schools
[email protected], Interiors & Sources,
Committee Member; KID'S CLUB, The Grapevine,
Board Member; INTERLAKEN
Iowa Architect, Wine Business Monthly.
PRESCHOOL Board Member
Master of Landscape Architecture, Univerity of
Co-proprietor, 2011-present, Fulford+Gregory Landscape BAC Spring 2014; Visiting Lecturer,
Massachusetts-Amherst, 2013; Doctor of Medicine,
University of Massachusetts Fall 2013
Tulane University School of Medicine, 1991; Master of
LA397B: Public Space Design Studio;
Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Tulane University
Garden Restoration Educator Summer
School of Public Health, 1991; Bachelor of Arts,
2013 The Trustees of Reservations,
University of Virginia, 1984.
Naumkeag; Instructor, University of
Massachusetts LC105: Drafting for
Landscape Design 2012, 2013; Teaching
Assistant, University of Massachusetts
LA297: Design with Landform Studio
2012 ED140: Appreciation of the Visual
Environment 2011, 2012
American Society of Landscape Architects; American Academy of Family Physicians
Fullerton Furlong Gale Galli Galluzzo Garcia
Jeff John Timothy Jane Julie Charles
Master of Science Mechanical Engineering, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, 1995; Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Arts German Studies, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, 1994.
Acoustical Consultant, Acentech Inc., Cambridge, MA, 1997 to present; Mechanical Engineer, GESAC Inc., Martinsburg, WV, 1995-1997.
Visiting lecturer at: Wentworth Institute of Technology (2009, 2010), Endicott College (2010)
Board Certified Noise Control Engineer, Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE), 2010; LEED Accredited Professional, GBCI, 2009
Numerous professional presentations at INCE and Acoustical Society of America conferences (bibliography available at Numerous magazine and online media publications (Building Design + Construction, High Profile Monthly, etc.)
Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE)
LAC107, HT038, AS013, CD7102 TM7546; HT7162
BAC Fall 2009-Present BAC Spring 2014 BAC Spring 2011- Present
Master of Architecrure, University of Michigan-Ann
Arbor, 2006. Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies,
Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne, 2004.
Rahul Mehrotra Associates Architects :: Mumbai--Boston, BAC 2007-Present; Northeastern
Project Management and Design, 2011-Present. Kennedy & University 2013; University of Michigan /
Violich Architecture (KVA MATx) :: Boston MA,
University of Illinois at Urbana-
Conceptual Design Studies, 2007-2011.
Champaign, 2000-2006.
LEED AP. MA #50503
2013 Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura de N/A Buenos Aires (3 Projects by RMA Architects) 2013 "Kinetic City" exhibition, British School at Rome (Italy) 2012 "Water - Blessing or Curse?" exhibition, Aedes Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology, Massachusetts School of SSH1010
Professional Psychology, 2012; Master of Arts,
Counseling Psychology, Antioch New England Graduate
University, 2008; Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Saint
Anselm College, 2002
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
Lynn Community Health Center, Lynn MA, Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 2012- Present; APA Internship- MSPP Consortium Lynn Community Health Center, 2010-2012
BAC 2013-Present
License/Registration N/A
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships Gazzola, R. (2012) Violent Video Gaming and N/A the Negotiation of Aggression as indicated on the Rorschach Inkblot Test. Unpublished Doctoral Project
Gazzola, R. (2002). The Effects of Deception on Cognitive Performance Between Athletes with a Concussion History and Individuals without a Concussion History- A Comparative Study. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis
Genereux Gilbert Gillig Glass
Bachelor of Architecture, University of Montreal, 2000 TSM3038
Symmes Maini McKee Associates ­ Cambridge, MA 2006Present Project Architect|Sustainability Coordinator Gensler ­ Boston, MA 2004 | 2006 Designer, Project Architect Cubellis Associates ­ Boston, MA 2000 | 2004 Designer, Job Captain
BAC Spring 2014
· The Commonwealth of N/A Massachusetts Board of Registration of Architects · Registered Architect 30483, AIA 30203433 · NCARB 60637 · LEED, Accredited Professional BD+C
· Boston Society of Architects · BSA | Co-Chair Committee On The Environment · BSA | BIM Roundtable · BSA | Architecture for Humanity Boston · Sustainable Milton
Jennifer Robert Mitchell
Master of City Planning, MIT, 1994; JD, Northeastern University School of Law, 1994; BA, University of Pennsylvania, 1987.
Masters of Architecture, Cornell University
VS659, CD7102, AR501,
Bachelor of Architecture, Cornell university
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Virginia
VIVA CONSULTING, Cambridge, MA Principal, 2001 ­ present; ABT ASSOCIATES, INC., Cambridge, MA Associate, 1999-2001 Ross Feldman Architects, Lexington, KY Omni Architects, Lexington, KY Brian Healy Architects, Somerville, MA
BAC Spring 2014
BAC Spring 1997- Present; University of Kentucky, College of Architecture RISD, School of Interior Architecture. Wentworth Institute of Technology, College of Architecture Boston Architectural College
Registered Architect in MA and KY NCARB
2 Patents in Architectural Software
Master of Landscape Architecture. University of Virginia. LAN2004 Bachelor of Arts, University of Connecticut.
Senior Urban Designer, Goody Clancy, Boston,
BAC Spring 2014; Northeastern
Registered Landscape N/A
Massachusetts, December 2012 - present. Senior Associate University Spring 2013; Roger Williams Architect, State of Illinois
Sasaki Associates, Inc., Watertown, Massachusetts, August University Fall 2012; Wentworth Institute
2002 - August 2012. Senior Project Manager
of Technology 2012-Present.
Chicago Park District, Chicago, Illinois, January 1999 - July
N/A N/A Member, American Society of Landscape Architects Member, American Planning Association Member, Boston Society of Architects
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Leuven, Belgium
Raymond Lemaire International Center for Conservation
2009-2011 Post-Graduate Master's Degree in Conservation of
Monuments and Sites (MCMS) Pratt Institute Brooklyn, NY 2004-2006 MS, City and Regional Planning (MSCRP) Certificate in Historic Preservation
George Mason University Fairfax, VA 1998-2002 B.A. in History 2002, Honors Program in General
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
CC&T Real Estate Services Charleston, SC
BAC Spring 2013
Development Associate; CITY OF CHARLESTON Charleston,
Freelancer, Department of Planning Preservation and
Sustainability; Smart Cities Advisors New York, NY
Freelancer; DRONAH Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Urban Planner; Raymond Lemaire International Center for
Conservation Petra, Jordan
GIS Technician;Edward M. Weinstein, Architecture and
Planning Hastings, NY
3/2008- 4/2009
Urban Planner; US/ICOMOS Washington, DC
Work Exchange with Lithuanian Monuments, Vilnius,
Lithuania; L+C Design Consultants, PA Secaucus, NJ
Project Manager/Historic Preservation Consultant;
License/Registration N/A
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
American Planning Association
Goldstein Goldstein Gorman Gott
Nancy Robyn James
MFA Theatrical Lighting Design, Boston University, 1983; SEM006, SEM0053, RIN4005 BA Religious Studies, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, 1979
M.A. Economics, Tufts University; B.A. Mathematics, Tufts University
M.S., Public Horticulture Administration, 2000 and a certificate in Museum Studies, 2000, University of Delaware, Longwood Fellowship; Graduate course "Financial management for non-profit organizations", Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, 1994; B.S., recreation and Leisure Studies, Northeastern University, 1983.
AS276, AS476
Principal Designer
BAC Spring 2011, Fall 2013-Present
Light Positive (formerly Nancy Goldstein Design) Jan 1988
­ Present
Senior Designer
BAC Spring 2014
Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, Inc.
July 2007 ­ Present
James has twenty years experience in horticulture,
BAC Spring 2006- Present;
arboriculture, and urban forestry with strengths in
12 years of work at the Arnold
identification, planting and maintenance of woody plants, Arboretum of Harvard University where
perennials, annuals and bulbs. He also has in-depth
he taught courses on the identification
experience of leadership and advisory experience within and uses of woody plants in designed Boston's parks and open space community having served as landscapes.
president of the Boston Green Space Alliance, the
Environmental Federation of NEW England, and the
Arnold Arboretum Committee as well as other active
involvement with urban planning advisory committees,
parks, historic preservation and community organizations.
N/A N/A Massachusetts Certified Arborist # 1983
Designers Lighting Forum of New
England; Illumination Engineering
Society of North America; Boston
Society of Architects
"Residents Options on the Value of Street N/A Trees Depending on Tree Location", Journal of Arboriculture, January, 2004, 30(1).; "The garden Journey: Around the World with Plants", Publisher: Massachusetts Horticultural Society, 2003. Curriculum for elementary school teachers, 64pp.; "Shades of Spring", Publisher: Massachusetts Horticultural Society, 2002. Curriculum for elementary school teachers, 37pp.
Bachelor of Architecture, Boston Architectural College, FND3010
09/12-present Gensler, Boston, MA - Job Captain; 01/12- BAC Spring 2014
09/12 Maguire Group, Inc., Boston, MA - Intern Architect;
04/10-09/12 Warner Larson, Inc. ­ Landscape Architects,
Boston, MA - Project Assistant.
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
Master of Architecure, Rice University, 1996; Bachelor of TM242, TM7242, SUS2015 Architecure, Virginia Tech, 1994
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
2008 to Present: Perkins+Will ­ Minneapolis, MN 2000 ­ 2008: WBRC Architects·Engineers - Bangor, Me 1996 ­ 2000: Ken R. Harry Associates, Inc. - Houston, Tx
BAC 2009-Present; University of Maine, Department of Peace Studies ­ Guest Lecturer 2003 to 2008 University of Maine, Department of Engineering ­ Guest Lecturer 2005 to 2008 University of Maine, Department of Construction Technology ­ Guest Lecturer 2007 to 2008
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Registered Architect ­ N/A State of Minnesota No. 46321, LEED 2.0 Accredited Professional Registered Architect ­ State of Maine No. 2665 Registered Architect ­ State of Texas No. 16809 Registered Architect ­ State of New Hampshire No. 3125 Registered Architect ­ State of Florida No. 91682 NCARB Certification No. 53209
U.S. Green Building Council, National Board Member U.S. Green Building Council, Maine Chapter, Founding Board Chair U.S. Green Building Council, Chapter Steering Committee, Member U.S. Green Building Council, Upper Northeast Regional Council, Member U.S. Green Building Council, Upper Northeast Regional Council, LEED v2009 Regional Credits Task Force U.S. Green Building Council, Integrated Business Plan Task Force, Member U.S. Green Building Council, Maine and Mississippi Headwaters Chapter Member American Institute of Architects, Member
Karl (Max)
University of Wisconsin-Madison ABD, Geography University of Chicago MA, School of Social Service Administration (Community Development) University of Chicago BA (with honors) History and Geography
Editor, The Scout Report (2002-present) University of Wisconsin-Madison Community Development Specialist (2001-2002) Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference
BAC Fall 2012; Senior Lecturer (2008present) Department of Liberal Arts, Massachusetts College of Art and Design Lecturer (2003-2005) Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison Developed and taught course titled "Introduction to the City". Editor, The Scout Report (2002-present) University of Wisconsin-Madison Community Development Specialist (2001-2002) Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference Lecturer (2002-Present) Graham School of General Studies and Social Sciences Collegiate Division, University of Chicago Writing Tutor (2000-2002) College Core Tutoring Program, The University of Chicago
BAC Spring 2013
Secret Chicago. Paris: Jonglez Publishing,
2012 (forthcoming) Rough Guide: United
States London: Rough Guide Publishing,
2011. Rough Guide: Chicago. London: Rough
Guide Publishing, 2009 24 Walks in Chicago.
New York: Frommer's, 2009.
Hyde Park, Illinois. Chicago: Arcadia
Publications, 2001.
Encyclopedia Entries
Encyclopedia of Chicago History, University
of Chicago Press, 2004:, Going to the
Movies, Grant Park, Little Italy, Railroad
Stations, Retail Geography.
Book Reviews
Race, politics and community development
funding: The discolor of money, by Michael
Bonds. New York: Haworth Social Work
Practice Press (2004), in Journal of African
American History (Summer, 2005). The Pig
and the Skyscraper. Chicago: A History of
Our Future, by Marco D'Eramo. New York:
Verso Books (2002), in Urban Geography, 24
(7). 637-639, (2003).
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Northeastern University, Continuing Education, Fire Prevention Technology; Wentworth Institute, Architectural Engineering
Courses Taught at the BAC TM685, TM7685
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience BAC Spring 2010- present
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Local Inspector
Certification #96-10-706;
Construction Supervisor
License #062036;
Building Official
Certification Committee
(1999-2009, Chairman
2005-2009); Chapter 34
­ Existing Buildings, Code
Review Committee 7th
Edition MSBC 2006-
2008; Chapter 34 ­
Existing Buildings, Code
Review Committee 8th
Edition MSBC 2009-2010
Bachelor of Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering, TM321 Syracuse University. Master of Science, Structural Engineering, Tufts University.
LeMessurier Consultants; Structural Engineer 2005-current Boston Architectural College
Professional Engineer
Weston and Sampson Engineers; Civil Engineer 2001-2004 Master's Thesis Structural Advisor, 2008, (Structural);
Commonwealth of
Instructor ­ TM321 Structures II, Spring Massachusetts (#48082)
Tufts University Graduate Research Assistant, 2004
American Society of Civil Engineers
"Comparison of Low-Ductility Moment
Resisting Frames and Chevron Braced
American Institute of Steel
Frames under Moderate Seismic Demands," Construction (AISC)
T.A. Nelson, M.C. Gryniuk, E.M. Hines, 8th Earthquake Engineering Research
National Conference on Earthquake
Institute (EERI)
Engineering, paper no. 1286, EERI, San
Francisco, California, April 2006.
"Safety and Cost Evaluation of a Steel
Concentrically Braced Frame Student
Residence in the Northeastern United
States," M.G. Gryniuk and E.M. Hines,
Preliminary Report to the American Institute
of Steel Construction, LeMessurier
Consultants, Cambridge, Massachusetts,
December 2004.
Independent Research and Research
Structural stability of steel braced frame
buildings under gravity and seismic loads;
coordination of architectural details with
structural support; structural engineering
teaching tools;
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
University of Colorado Denver Master of Architecture 1980 University of Wisconsin Green Bay Bachelor of Science 1977
Courses Taught at the BAC ID100/7100; CD604/7604; SB105/7105; SB205/7205; SKI101;SKI202;SKI303 ;TS7600; TS7605
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
BAC,Head, School of Intrior Design ; Harrington College BAC Fall 2011- Present of Design Director, Professional Development 9/2007 ­1/2011; Department Chair, Interior Design1/2005 ­9/2007; Gensler Chicago Project Director 2004 ­2005; Perkins+Will Chicago Project Director 2002 ­2004; OWP/P Chicago Project Manager/Senior Associate 1996 ­2002; VOA Chicago Project Manager/Associate 1990 ­1996; Anthony Belluschi Architects Senior Designer 1989 ­1990; Keeva Kekst Architects Costa Mesa, CA Senior Designer 1988 -1989; Gustafson Design Associates Denver, CO Principal 1987 -1988;The Mulhern GroupDenver, CO Project Architect 1983 ­1987; Ohlson Lavoie CorporationDenver, CO Project Architect 1981 -1983
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
AIA,IIDA, ASID, LEED "Tradition and Innovation in Japanese
IIDA ­Illinois Board of Directors 2006
AP, Licensed Architect Design"
Colorado 1986 ­current 2010 Wright College
President 2009 ­2010
Branded Environments panel discussion
NCIDQ2005 ­current
2008 Harrington College of Design
American Institute of Architects
"Evaluating Trans-modal Learning
Member 1983 -current
Denver and Colorado Board of
2006 NeoCon, Chicago
Directors 1983 ­1986
"Greening an Interior Design Program"
2005 IDEC Midwest Conference
Society of Architectural Historians
Reviewer of Papers, Greenbuild Conference Member
2005 Atlanta
USGBCChicago Chapter Member
"Impact of Educational Trends on Facilities" Board of Directors, Child's Play
2004 NeoCon, Chicago
Theatre 1997 ­1999
"Sustainable Architecture for Park
President 1998-1999
2003 Rogers Park Community Presentation,
"Hospital Lobby Design"
1994 Health Facilities Management Magazine
"Architectural Craftsmanship"
1987 Denver Art Museum, with the Denver
Chapter AIA Committee on Interiors
S.M.Arch.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2002\ CD102/102, CD105,
Chala Hadimi is the Ditector of the Foundation Program at BAC Fall 2002- Present
M.Arch., Princeton University 2000\ B.Arch., The Cooper CD7101,SA101/7101,
the BAC.
Professional Practcie:1995-1997 BRIAN
Union 1993
AS202/7202, HT100/7101, O'KEEFE ARCHITECT, New York, NY; 1992-1995
HT7102, SB7202,
York, NY
303, TS501
`Black Tents.' In Z. Kocur editor, Global N/A Visual Cultures: An Anthropology. Oxford: Blackwell, 2011 Y.Siddiqui, Four by Four, the Manual. Projected Works by Beatriz Viana Felguerias, Chala Hadimi, Hassan Khan, and Moataz Nasr. Unpublished thesis, The Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, Annandaleon-Hudson, New York, 2005. `Between Prayers.' In F. Bonami and C. Christov-Bakargiev editors, The Pantagruel Syndrome. Milan: Skiva Editore, 2005 `Between Prayers: Proscribed Scenes from a Historic Monument.'Thresholds. vol. 25, Fall 2002 `Black Tents.' Thresholds. 22, Spring 2001
Hammer Hanson Harper
Ph.D., Department of Organismic and Evolutionary
AS275, AS476, HT108,
Samuel has a long record of scholarly publications, book BAC Fall 2007- Present
Biology, Harvard University, 1993; M.A., San Francisco SI7103,
reviews, abstracts and short articles and reports. Today he
State University, 1998; M.A., Counseling, De Paul
is an Associate Professor at the Metropolitan College and
University, 1981; B.A. Anthropology, Grinnell College,
the College of General Studies at Boston University.
Grinnell, Iowa, 1975.
Samuel had won several very prestigious academic awards
throughout the years. His most recent one is a Bronze
Level Award for Excellence in Programming from the
United States Distance Learning Association.
Hammer, S. 2005. Curved lobe development N/A in Evrenia prunastri. Submitted for publication in The Bryologist. ; Hammer, S. 2003. Notes on Cladoniaceae in New Zealand. Bryologist 106:410-430; Hammer, S. 2003. Nptocladonia, a new genus in the Cladoniaceae. Bryologist 106:162-167.
Jeffrey Adam
Master of Architecture, University of Minnesota, MN, 1997. Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM, 1994.
Blumentals Architecture, 1997-2005.
BAC, 2006-Present. New Hampshire NCARB Certificate
Wrote Appendix to Paul Aubin's Book
Technical Institute, 2010-Present.
Mastering Revit Architecture 2010
BAC Soring 2014
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
B.F.A. Interior Design (2000) &Diploma Interior Design TM460/7460
(1989) ,The New England School of Art and Design,
Suffolk University, Boston, MA, 2000; A.A.A. Art,
University of Maine, Augusta, ME, 1979
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
Jane M. Hassan, ASAI- Interior Design -Cohasset, MA 2008- BAC Spring 2013 Present; McDougal Architects, Boston, MA 2003-2012; Duckham- McDougal Architects, Boston, MA 2001-2003; Jane M. Johnson- Interior Design, Boston, MA 1990-2000; Albert Columbro Interiors, Inc., Boston, MA 1986-1990; Freelance Designer, Boston, MA 1984-1986
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
NCIDQ Certificate # Boston Globe-At Home Section- May 1994 14181; State of Maine: Licensing Interior Design Certification #IN2462
President to the Board - ASID New England Chapter 2011- 2012; Professional Development DirectorBoard Member ASID New England Chapter 2005-2008; ASID- American Society of Interior DesignerProfessional Membership 2001Current; Historic New England 1997Current; NCIDQ 1998-2009; IIDA 1994-2000 Professional Membership
Master of Landscape Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Univeristy of Michigan.
Wentworth Institute of Technology Bachelor of Architecture, 2007 Master of Architecture, 2010
Heimarck & Foglia, LLC, WBE/DBE, Somerville, MA 2008 - BAC 1995-2005, 2007-Present. 2011. HighMark Land Design, WBE/DBE, Boston, MA 2000 ­ 2008.
Registered Landscape Architect Massachusetts #1234 Rhode Island #337
Contributing writer to:
Ecological Landscape Association Newsletter
Practice Magazine, a journal of the Boston
Architectural College
Arnoldia, a journal of the Arnold Arboretum
of Harvard University
Perspectives, a publication of the New
England Landscape Design and History
Lam Partners Inc, Cambridge, MA, 2008-Present
Wentworth Institute of Technology,
Lighting Designer
Boston, MA
James Merrell Architects, Sag Harbor, NY, 2007
Teaching Assistant, Spring 2005-Spring
BAC Fall 2011 (co-
Harvard University Architecture and Facility Planning
Department, Cambridge, MA, 2006
Dyer Brown Architects, Boston, MA, 2005
Shawn F. Leonard Architect, Southampton, NY, 2003-2005
International Association of Lighting Designers, Design Member American Institute of Architects, Associate Member
Herbert Higgins Hillebrand Hinckley Hogan Hsiung Humstone
Professional Bachelors of Architecture, Syracuse
SA101, SA103
Douglas Okun & Associates, Cambridge, MA, Project
The BAC, 2005-Present.
University, 2004; Certificate of Design Education, BAC,
Designer, 2007-Present. Cambridge Seven Associates,
(in progress).
Cambridge, MA, Project Designer, 2005-Present.
Russ Christopher Tyler Robert
Bachelor of Architecture, Boston Architectural Center, SA101, VS152, SB101,
CD101, CD102, AR501
BAC Fall 2004- Spring 2009, Fall 2011
Master of Architecture, Syracuse University, 2006; Bachelor of Arts in Economics, University of Virginia, 2003
TS7102 SA103, SB202/7202, CD101
Signer Harris Architects, Boston, MA -project Architect 2010-Present; Stephen Dynia Architects, Jackson, WY Intern Architect- 2006-2009
BAC Spring 2014 BAC Spring 2010 - Present
Registered Architect; N/A LEED AP, BD+C
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Architecture, Rhode TM369 Island School of Design.
Partner, Hogan Macaulay, Architecture + Light, Providence, The BAC, 2010-2011. Roger Williams NCARB, Rhode Island, N/A
RI, 1995 ­ present. Senior Associate, Extrados Architects, University School of Architecture, core New York
Providence, RI, 1989 ­ 1994. Project Manager,
studios, Instructor/critic, 2000 ­ 2010.
Murphy/Jahn Architects, New York, NY, 1986 ­ 1989.
Project Manager, Johnson/Burgee Architects, New York,
NY, 1981 ­ 1986. Design assistant, Paul Rudolph
Architect, New York, NY, 1979 ­ 1980.
Robert Elizabeth
CD101/7101, CD102/7102, TS7610
BAC Spring 2006 - Present
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
Bachelor of Arts: Fordham University (1971) · Architectural Studies: Boston Architectural Center (1973 to 1975) · Master of Architecture: Washington University (1976) · Continuing Education: Maintenance of architect license and American Arbitration Association arbitrator panel status · Harvard University: Program on Negotiation (1991) · University of Massachusetts: Graduate Program on Dispute Resolution (1992)
TM547, TM7547, SKA101, AS010,
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Don Hunsicker is the Head of the School of Design Studies · Boston Architectural College:
· Architect: State of
Past Three Years:
· American Institute of Architects
at the BAC.
· Architectural Practice: Professional Practice (1999 to present) Illinois
Arbitrator: Heard and wrote decision in · Boston Society of Architects
Several firms (1973 to 1986)
· Boston Architectural College:
Commonwealth of nine (9) construction cases involving
· Construction Specification Institute
· Construction and Project Management: Hunsicker
Construction Contract Administration Massachusetts
owner/architect, owner/contractor, and
· Building Technology Educators
Corporation (1985 to 2004)
(1983 to 1989)
NCARB Certified
contractor/subcontractor disputes
· Construction Dispute Resolution: Hunsicker
· Continuing Education Seminars: Various · Contractor: City of · Expert Witness: Investigated and wrote · American Arbitration Association
Corporation (1988 to present)
lectures re: construction contract
Boston: ABC Builders reports regarding architect's compliance with
· Arbitrator: American Arbitration Association (1988 to administration, professional practice License,
standard of care in ten (10) cases
and conduct, provision of expert witness Commonwealth of
· Mediator: American Arbitration Association /
Hunsicker Corporation (1991 to present)
Construction Supervisors
Hunt Iglesia Isaksen Jack
George Margarita Joel Douglas
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Design and Culture VS630
Tocci Building Companies, Woburn MA, March 2010 - BAC Fall 2010- Present
Concentration, Wentworth Institute of Technology,
Present; Tocci Building Companies, Woburn MA, Co-op,
Boston, MA, 2009.
August 2008 ­ January 2009; Massachusetts Port
Authority, East Boston MA, Co-op, January 2008 ­ May
2008; Nault Architects, Worcester MA,,Co-op, May 2007
­ August 2007.
Master of Architecture in Urban Design,Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, Massachusetts,1980-1982; Bachelor of Architecture, Universidad Simуn Bolнvar, Caracas, Venezuela 19711977.
TM3777/7377, TM603/7603,
Parsons Brinckerhoff, Boston, Massachusetts 2010, Senior BAC Spring 2010- present; Wentworth
Architectural and Urban Designer; The Cecil Group,
Institute of Technology, Boston,
Boston, Massachusetts 1997-2009, Associate. Senior Urban Massachusetts 2010; Universidad
Designer and Project Manager; Antonio DiMambro +
Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela 2004;
Associates (Comunitas), Boston, Massachusetts 1985-1992 Universidad Simуn Bolнvar, Caracas,
Urban Designer and Architectural Intern; Moshe Safdie and Venezuela 1983-1984.
Associates, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1984, Urban
American Institute of Certified Planners, No. 020092 2005
Venezuela: 50 Years of Oil Boom 1987
Article and Dossier on Venezuelan
architecture, Space and Society, International
Journal of
Architecture, SAGEP, Genoa, Italy.
July/September 1987 issue.
BAC Spring 2014
Master Of Design Studies In Technology, Harva Rd
SB202; CD7102
ONY ARCHITECTURE: Intern Architect, Boston, MA, BAC Fall 2010- Present; Harvard
University Gradua Te School Of Design,2011
University Graduate School of Design:
Bachelor Of Architecture Magna Cum Laude With
RAfi Segal & David Salazar: Research & Design Assistant, Teaching Assistant
Honors In Architecture, Syracus E University School Of
Cambridge, MA, 2010
Syr acuse University Tutoring & St udy
Architecture, 2007
Long Cove Builders: Carpenter's Assistant, Orrs Island, Center: Peer Tutor
Architectural Intern, Beverly, MA, 2002-2004
The Institute of Contemporary Art / Boston: Facilities
Technician, 2009.
BAC Spring 2014
Masters of Landscape Architecture, Rhode Island School TM421, TM7421
Ryan Associates, Waltham, MA, October 2005- Present; BAC Fall 2006 -Present
of Design, 2003; Bachelor of Science, Environmental
Landworks Studio, Inc., Salem, MA,, April 2004- October
Planning and Design, The State University of New Jersey;
2005; Geller DeVellis Inc., Boston, MA, June 2003- April
SA7101, SB7101, AS7100, SKA101, CD101, TS7615
BAC 2011-Present
Johns Joyce
Chris Paul
SB102 TS7500
BAC Spring 2014 BAC Spring 2012- Present
(re)inhabiting infrastructures: an urban
weave; jessalyn l. jarest, RISD, Providence, RI,
May 2003
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Master in Design Studies, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2009; Bachelor of Architecture, Virginia Tech, 2007.
Courses Taught at the BAC SA202
Professional Experience See Teaching Experience
Teaching Experience
BAC 2013-Present; Harvard University N/A 2010-Present; Harvard Graduate School of Design 2009-Present
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
King, N., Bechthold, M., Kane, A., and
Michalatos, P.: Robotic Tile Placement: Tools,
and Feasibility. in: Proceedings ISARC 2012,
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Kane, Anthony, "Quality of Life", in
Infrastructure Sustainability and Design, ed.
Spiro Polalis,
Andreas Georgoulias, Stephen Ramos, and
Daniel Schodek, 2012
N.King, M.Bechthold, A.Kane "Customizing
Ceramics: Automation Strategies for Robotic
Fabrication ", DigitalFutures Tongji University
Press, 2011
M.Bechthold, N.King, A.Kane, J.Niemasz, and
C.Reinhart," Integrated Environmental
Design and
Robotic Fabrication Workflow for Ceramic
Shading Systems", Proceedings of the 28th
International Symposium on Automation and
Robotics in Construction, Seoul Korea, 2011
Massachusetts College of Art: Studio classes, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, DeCordova Museum School, Radcliffe Ceramic School; BAC: 1986; New York Univ.: BA in Art - 1971
DM1, DM2
Ph.D. in Literary History, Fall 2002. University Professors AS169 Program. Boston University, Boston MA. Dissertation: In Order: To Read a Poem. Advisor: Rosanna Warren. M.A. in Literary Criticism, Spring 1996. University Professors Program: Comparative Studies in Literature and the Arts. Boston University, Boston MA. Thesis: Borderlines of Poetry. Advisor: Christopher Ricks.
2011 Exhibits: Small Works, Arsenal Center for the Arts, The BAC, Boston, MA, 2005-Present. N/A
Watertown, MA. Annual Spring Show, Stove Factory
Munroe Center for the Arts, Lexington,
Gallery, Charlestown, MA. Harbingers of Spring, Nourish MA, 2007-2010.
restaurant, Lexington, MA. Beyond the Book, Honan-
Allston Branch, Boston Public Library. Feast: A
Celebration of Food, Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, MA.
A Mask Show, Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, MA.
See Teaching Experience
BAC Fall 2011- Present; Boston
University, Editorial Institute. Lecturer.
2008-2010. EI 501 and 701: The Theory
and Practice of Literary Editing. EI 506:
The History of the Book.
Boston University, College of General
Studies. Assistant Professor of Rhetoric.
2007-2008. RH101 and RH102: Rhetoric.
Writing Center Tutor.
Emerson College. Lecturer. Spring 2008.
LI204: The Tears of Things: Grief in
Massachusetts College of Art and Design,
Critical Studies Department. Visiting
Lecturer. 2003-2004; 2005-2007. CSC-
200: Literary Traditions. (The Bible
through Shakespeare) CSC-3X0: Lyric
Writing Tutor. 2006-2007. Literary
Traditions discussion group tutor. 2007.
Boston University, Core Curriculum.
Lecturer. Fall 2004. CC201: The
Boston University, Writing Program.
Lecturer. 2003-2005. WR100: Writing
Seminar. ("Poems...What are they Good
for?") WR150: Writing and Research
Seminar. ("Critics and Poets")
Boston University, English Department.
Lecturer. Fall 1998 and Fall 1997. EN104:
Expository Composition II.
Marcia Karp 2 CV BAC Spring 2014
Brickbottom Art Association, College
Art Association, Cambridge Art
Association, Women's Caucus for
Poems in
The Association of Literary Scholars,
Mimesis 2 (forthcoming 2012, Apocalypse Critics, and Writers (ALSCW)
Press); Umbrella (forthcoming December Member of the Publications
2011); Joining Music with Reason: 34 Poets, Committee 2006-2008. Chair 2007-
British and American, Oxford 2004­2009 2008.
(chosen by Christopher Ricks, Waywiser, T. S. Eliot Society
2010); The Times Literary Supplement (June
8, 2010 and January 25, 2008); Filled with
Breath: 30 Sonnets by 30 Poets (Exot Books,
2010); The Warwick Review (Fall 2008);
Ploughshares (Winter 2006); Harvard
Review (Spring 2006); Petrarch in English
(Penguin Books, 2005); Agenda
(Autumn/Winter 2005); Literary Imagination
(Winter and Spring 2004 and Spring 2000);
Seneca Review (Fall 2002); The Republic of
Letters (Numbers 5:1998 and 6:1999).
Book Reviews
Literary Imagination Forthcoming 2012; Paris
Metro Tales, Helen Constantine, editor,
Oxford University Press, 2011.
SHARP News Forthcoming 2012; Childs
Unfinished Masterpiece: The English and
Scottish Popular Ballads, Mary Ellen Brown,
University of Illinois, 2011; etc.
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Northeastern University Bachelor of Science in Architecture 1995
Courses Taught at the BAC TS7610
SEP 2012 - JUN 2016 (EXPECTED)
Master of Architecture
SEP 2007 - JUN 2011
Bachelor of Science in Art and Design (Architectural
Coursework: Architectural Studios & Senior Thesis,
Computation, Building Technology
Professional Experience Ellenzweig Architecture | Planning ­ Cambridge, MA 02138, January '93 ­ April '97 and November '98 ­ Present; Einhorn Yaffee Prescott, Architecture & Engineering, P.C. ­ Cambridge, MA 02138, May '97 ­ October '98
Teaching Experience BAC Fall 2012
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Registered Architect N/A New Hampshire No. 03307, 2005; LEED Accredited Professional
American Institute of Architects Boston Society of Architects Master's Thesis Committee, Boston Architectural College
JAN 2010 - MAY 2012
FOR RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY, SINGAPORE, Giving out lectures on architectural
visualization through rendering engines to
JUN 2008 - AUG 2008
FEB 2008 - JAN 2011
FEB 2010 - JUN 2010
Taught first year core architecture studio
to undergraduates
Kim Kimball
Seunghyun James
Master of Architecture, Southern California Institute of Architecture, 2011; Bachelor of Engineering, Hong-Ik University, 2003.
SA101, SB105, SB7105, CD105
Bachelor of Architecture, University of Detroit.;
TM547, TM7547
University of Detroit Extension Program- Firenze, Italia
SAFDIE ARCHITECTS, Designer, 2013-Present; KYU SUNG WOO ARCHITECTS, Designer, 2011-2013; Independent Designer, 2008-2009.
BAC Spring 1999, Fall 2012-Present
Phase Zero Design ,Principal, 2009 -Present Cubellis ,Principal, 2006 -2009 Carter & Burgess, Managing Principal, 2001 -2006 ShopKo Stores, Inc., Director of Architecture & Engineering, 1999 -2001 Kohl's ,Manager of Store Layout & Design, 1997 -1999 Casual Corner Group, Manager of Store Planning, 1994 1997 Filene's Basement, Project Manager, 1992 -1994 Dooling & Company Architects, Project Architect, 1989 1992 Ondras Associates Architects, Intern Architect, 1987 1989 Albert Kahn Associates, Intern Architect, 1985 -1987
BAC Fall 2008- present
2010, Design Your Lifestyle, Vector House; N/A
2010, Architecture & Culture, Vector House
Registered in: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Conneandrewcticut, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Nebraska, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Alabama, Michigan, Delaware, Texas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri
Retail Returns to Main Street
American Institute of Architects
Size Wise
Boston Society of Architects
Big Box Goes Urban
International Council of Shopping
The Rapid Advance Towards Global Retailing Centers
The Main Street Principles of Retail
Retail Design Institute
Opportunistic Retail Expansion
Thinking Outside the Big Box
A Non-Traditional Stimulus Plan
Retail Returns to Main Street 2007 ICSC
Centerbuild Conference
The Rapid Advance Towards Global Retailing
2008 ICSC Centerbuild Conference
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Master of Landscape Architecture -- School of
Architecture & Design
ASLA Student Representative
2007 ASLA Student Award Winner - 'Toolboxes for
Bachelor of Science in Television, Radio & Film
Production --
S.I. Newhouse School of Communications
Courses Taught at the BAC CD101/7101, CD105, TM302/7302
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
PAYETTE ASSOCIATES Landscape Designer, Sept 2007 - BAC Summer 2008- Present Present;
License/Registration LEED AP
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
CELEBRATION -- Landscape Master's
Thesis, 2007
Development of landscape architectural
methodology, `Cinematic Fantasy,' to design a
protest route through Providence, RI.
ENVIRONMENT -- Edited by Nadine Gerdts
, 2007
Design work on "Toolboxes For Learning" is
discussed in context of using design as a
means to teach basic skills to elementary
aged children. Constructed 2007.
HIGH RES - RISD Graduate Student
Publication, 2007
Design work on "Toolboxes For Learning" is
discussed as sustainable furniture element to
connect children to the environment and act
as environmental stewards. In
conjunction with High Res exhibition.
Immersion and Flow, Alternative Futures:
New Orleans -- RISD Landscape Graduate
Publication, 2006
Master Plan for New Orleans featured in
"Looking At the Past: The Nile Delta," &
"Campus Connection Master Plan"
Korte Kostaras Kotsatos Krim
Amy James Niko Arthur
SA7101; VS152; AR502; SI7106 Masters of Architecture 1, graduated September 2010, SB7202 Southern California Institute of Architecture Los Angeles, CA; Batchelor of Arts & Sciences, graduated May 2005, Connecticut College New London, CT
Ph. D. in Geography, Clark University, 1980; MA in Geography, University of Chicago, 1967; BA in Geography, Clark University, 1965
HT163, HT7163, TM305
BAC Fall 2003- Present BAC Spring 2013
DiMella Shaffer Architects
BAC Fall 2012
Boston, MA, Junior Designer, winter 2011 - present;
Gensler & Associates
Santa Monica, CA, Architectural Intern, summer 2009;
Koetter Kim & Associates
Boston, MA, Architectural Intern, fall 2005 - spring 2007 +
summer 2008;
Survey Consultant, Massachusetts Historical Commission: Lynn, Boston, Brookline, Lakeville, Acton, Somerville, Wilmington, Raynham, Malden, Canton, Waltham, 19922013
BAC 1992-2013; Salve Regina University N/A 1984-1991; Boston University 1980-1984
Assistant Professor, Geography Chair Salve Regina University, 1984-1991
Bachelor of Science, The New England Institute of Art VS658, VS659
Digital Artist and On Site Contract Artist, Neoscape, 2010- The BAC, Fall 2011
Present; Rigging Artist, Seven45 Studios, 2009-2010;
Freelance 3D Artist, Brickyard VFX, 2009
LaPorte Law
Debra Rayford
SA202,TM703, CD101, CD105, CD102/7102,AS7100HT7295, TS7615,PR890, TS7610
BAC Summer 1992-Present BAC Fall 2008; Spring 2013
Route 66: Iconography of the American Highway, 2006. University of Chicago & Center for American Places. Northwest Cambridge: Architectural Survey. 1977 The MIT Press & Cambridge Historical Commission.
Association of American Geographers (AAG) Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) Society for Commercial Archeology (SCA) Friends of Mount Auburn Cemetery (MA) American Geographical Society The Daguerreian Society Preservation Massachusetts Boston Map Society (Board)
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
Master of Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design, CD101, SA7101, SA7103 2003-2006; Master of Architecture Candidate, Boston Architectural College, 1999- 2002; Bachelor in Art History, Minor in Studio Art, Tufts University + School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA 1998.
Professional Experience Project Architect, Bruner/Cott & Associates, Inc.
Teaching Experience BAC
License/Registration Licensed Architect, NCARB, Massachusetts (#50065)
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Lee Leonova
Youngjin Inga
MIAMI UNIVERSITY, Oxford, OH, Master of Architecture, 1992; MOSCOW ARCHITECTURAL INSTITUTE, Moscow, Russia, Bachelor of Architecture (equivalent), 1990
CD105, TS7610 AS202, AS7202
BAC Spring 2014
ECO DESIGN CONCEPT, New York/Boston, 2009 ­
present, Principal/Director of Design; TSOI KOBUS AND AND DESIGN, SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY,
ASSOCIATES, Cambridge, MA, 2000-2009, Project
Boston, MA, 2006 ­ present; BOSTON
ASSOCIATES, Cambridge, MA, 1998-2000, Assistant
MA, 2008 ­ present,; DEPARTMENT OF
SERVICES, New Bedford, MA, 1993-1998, Project
Oxford, OH, 1991-1992
Architect/Project Manager
Cost of LEED White Paper, 2010 (with collaborators); Orthodox Architecture In the New Century , Faith & Form, 02/2006; Liturgy and Space , Khramostroitel'stvo (Temple Building), Russia, scheduled for Summer 2011; Ecology and Orthodoxy , Aamun Koitto (The Dawn), Finland, scheduled for Spring 2011
Education Committee to the Board of Boston Architectural College, 2006 ­ 2008; BSA Committees: Building Enclosure Council, 2003-07; COTE, 2005 ­ 07, Code Committee. 2001-03 ; A&D Sustainable Design Leaders Group, Northeast Chapter, 2008 present
LeSourd L'Huillier
Stephen Claudette
TM151, TM7515, AS7129
BAC Fall 2011- present
Master of Architecture, University of Illinois at Chicago, CD101 1992; Bachelor of Arts, Case Western Reserve University, 1986; Diplome d'Etudes Francaises, Universite des Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg, 1985.
Benjamin Moore & Co., Montvale, NJ 2010 ­ present; Zelloe + Weaver Architects, LLC, Beverly, MA February 2009 ­ June 2010; JACOBS Global Buildings North America, Boston, MA February 2007 ­ February 2009; BERGMEYER ASSOCIATES, INC., Boston, MA January 1996 ­ February 2007
Boston Architectural College, September Associate AIA, NCARB, BOSTON ARCHITECTURAL COLLEGE, American Institute of Architects,
2009 ­ present; Suffolk University, New expected June 2011; EDCO Grant Award 2010, Curriculum
Professional Associate AIA Member;
England School of Art & Design, Thesis LEED® Accredited
Development Grant for 2 semester design Boston Society of Architects,
Advisor, Sept. ­ June 2009; Hopkinton Professional, Version 2.2, studio and practice project on Edible
Professional Associate AIA Member;
High School, Hopkinton, MA, Lecturer
June 2009; MA State
Urbanism; BOSTON ARCHITECTURAL Retail Design Institute, RDI,
French Department , May 2009 ­ present Academic License:
COLLEGE, Claude E. Menders Mentorship Professional Member; United States
Teacher, English as a
Award, 2005; LEADERSHIP FOR CHANGE: Green Building Council, USGBC,
Second Language, PreK-6 A Resource Book, Boston Society or
Professional Member
& 5-12, Preliminary,
Architects, Women in Design Network,
License #449043; MA November 2004; 2005 CHAIN STORE AGE
State Academic License: MAGAZINE, Store of the Year, Honorable
Teacher: Foundations of Mention, Richart
Reading, Reading
Specialist, expected
September 2011;
Massachusetts State
Primary & Secondary
Education Personnel ID #
MEPID: 52667898
Link Lischewski
Master of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate SB7202
School of Design.
M. Arch. A.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Dip. Ing. Architecture and Urban Design, University of Karlsruhe, Germany 1975.
4.5 years: Gehry Partners, William Rawn, Koetter Kim 1984 to 1995 Russo+Sonder, Perkins&Will NYC
BAC and
LEED AP, AIA License in N/A
Guest critic Harvard GSD, Columbia GSAPP, U. Michigan, Northeastern
progress (IDP complete, testing)
1984 ­ 2002 Pratt Instiute, 2002-Present BDA - Germany
BIM, Modeling, Animation
Mount Ida College
Acoustical Society of America, NCARB AIA, IEEE, ACM, IDEC, ACADIA
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
B.S. Physics, Univeristy of Melbourne, 1965; M.S. Physics, TM369 University of Melbourne, 1967; Ph. D. Applied Mathematics, Flinders University of South Australia, 1970.
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
Expert in the technology, research and development of BAC Spring 2014; Visiting Researcher,
discharge lighting systems, in particular "electrodeless" Open University, Milton Keynes, UK,
lamps (induction lamps and electrodeless HID). Active in 2012 ­ present
the development and implementation of regulations and Conseil de Direction Scientifique du
standards related to roadway, area and industrial lighting. LITAP (Laboratoire International de
Key scientist and academic involved in research and
Technologie et Applications des Plasmas),
development activities supporting businesses of Thorn 2008-10
Lighting (1987-1995) and Osram Sylvania (1995-2011) as Visiting Professor, Research Institute for
well as academic organizations. Successful team leader of Design, Manufacture and Marketing,
technically complex and multidisciplinary research projects. University of Salford, UK, 1995-2001
Developed advanced new models, theoretical concepts and External Examiner, Doctor of Philosophy,
scientific investigations in all aspects of discharge lighting, University of Strathclyde,UK, 1994.
including fluorescent, HID, induction and electrodeless
HID (plasma lighting). Presenter of research nationally and
internationally, and author of more than 100 articles and
papers published in international journals and conferences.
Copy editor and referee for international technical and
scientific journals. Translator of scientific texts (French-
English, German-English).
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships Author or co-author of more than 100 papers in international journals, books and conference proceedings and a number of laboratory reports in the public domain. More than 20 research reports in the confidential domain.
AS122; AS128
BAC Academic Advisor
BAC Fall 2003- present
Lodge Lorigan Luci MacLean MacNichol MacRitchie
Justin William Dren Henry Kevin Bruce
Master of Landscape Architecture, Rhode Island School SA7101, SA7103, DM1, DM2 Stoss Landscape Urbanism 2005; Greg Lombardi Design Boston Architectural College 2007-
of Design, Providence, RH, 2005. Bachelor of Fine Arts
Landscape Architecture 2005-2007
(Major course of study: Painting, Textiles, Video),
Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio, 2000.
B. Arch., Boston Architectural College, 1983; The Defense Mapping School, Saint Cloud State University, 1977.
B. Arch., Roger William University, 1996- 2001; Franklin DM4 Institute of Boston, 1994- 1996.
Project Manager with Moeser & Assoc. Architects for 25 8 years Boston Architectural College- 4 ARCHITECTURAL
years; Construction Surveyor with The Corps of Engineers semesters "Year One", 2 semesters
3 years
"Perspective Drawing", 10 semesters ANTICIPATED FALL
"Orthogonal Drawing"
Studio Architude Inc, Bristol, RI 2003- Present; Julian Bonder Associates, Cambrdige, MA 2002-2003; Domain Design Group, Boston, MA 1999-2001
BAC Fall 2004- Present
MA CD#089297
BAC Fall 2012
BAC Spring 2014
Masters in Business Administration, Northeastern TM340, TM7340, TS7610 In 1990, Mr. MacRitchie founded MacRitchie
BAC 2008-Present
University, 1976; B.S. Mechanical Engineering,
& TS7615-
Engineering, Incorporated, a multi-discipline
Northeastern University, 1972.
mechanical and electrical engineering firm serving
architects, building owners, building managers and
contractors. Prior to that, he was an Associate of
R.G. Vanderweil Engineers, Inc., where he managed
one of the company's four HVAC engineering design
groups. In addition, he was responsible for Project
Management (Plumbing, Fire Protection, HVAC and
Electrical Systems) on all projects with which he was
involved. Prior to joining Vanderweil, Mr.
MacRitchie worked for Balco, Inc., (a mechanical
contractor and service organization). Mr.
MacRitchie was the Design-Build Sales Manager for
his last four years at Balco. Previously, Mr.
MacRitchie was chief mechanical engineer at
Cleverdon, Varney & Pike in Boston, responsible for
design of HVAC systems in industrial and
institutional buildings.
N/A AIA , Associate Member and the National Trust for Historic Preservation N/A ASHRAE, ASPE
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Mama Martin
Rahat Peter
M.Arch, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2012; B.Sc., Humboldt State University, 2007.
Courses Taught at the BAC TM224; TM420; VS158; VSC250; CD101/7101,CD102/7102, TS7610 Thesis Critic
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Master of Science in Architectural Studies, Architecture and Urbanism 2012; University Of Houston Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture, 2005; Centre D'etude Architecture et Urbanisme Saintes, France Summer 2003
Professional Experience Designer, Payette Associates, 2/13-Present; Designer/Project Manager, John Martin Associates Architects, 5/10-1/13 Page Southerland Page Houston, Texas June 2004 - August 2010 Senior Associate Designer; Enric Miralles Benedetta Tagliabue Barcelona , Spain January 2004 - May 2004 Design Intern; Castles Design Group Houston , Texas January 2001 - August 2003 Intern;Marmon Mok Architects San Antonio , Texas Summer 1999 and Summer 2000
Teaching Experience BAC Fall 1999- Present BAC Fall 2007- Present BAC Spring 2014
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
BAC Spring 2013; Summer Academy
Studio Leader - Summer 2011;
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Professional Education Research Assistant-
Media Lab - Summer 2011
Alloybuild Boston, Massachusetts
January 2005- Current
A continuing design research partnership
seeking problems and strategies at the center
of urbanism, mobility and architecture. The
work has been awarded through
international competitions and exhibitions
including sustainable housing, pre-fabricated
structures, and mass transit stations.;
HouMinn Practice Vancouver, BC
August 2007 - Current
Matho Matteson
M.desS, GSD, Harvard University, 1994; Arquitecto, Faculdad de Arquitectura, Universidad de la Republica Oriental de Uruguay (1986-93); Olivetti Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay (1989-92).
DM3, DM4
Ph.D., History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture, FND3031, FND1001 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (expected, 20 13); MAUD, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 2005; BArch, Architecture, University ofTennessee College of Architecture & Planning, 1996
Boston Architectural College, Director of Design
BAC 1994-Present; Wentworth Institute N/A
Computing, Nov. 2003 ­ Present; Director of CAD
of Technology Fall 2008-Present; New
Curriculum, Mar. 2001 ­ Nov. 2003; Manager of Academic England Institute of Art Fall 2006- Spring
Computing, CAD Curriculum Coordinator, Faculty
2009; Newbury College Spring 2005-Fall
Convener, Aug. 95 ­ Mar. 2001; Information Center
2008; New England School of Art and
Specialist, CAD Curriculum Coordinator, Faculty
Design, Suffolk University, Summer 2005-
Convener, Aug. 94 ­ Aug. 95
Spring 2006
Consultant- CNASmith Group America- Chicago, IL;
BAC 2012; Northeastern University Fall N/A
Shanghai, China (2007)
2012, Summer 2010 & 2009; Harvard
Project Architect- Davis Square Architects - Somerville, University Graduate School of Design
MA (2006)
Summer 2005 & 2004
Project Architect- Weese Langley Weese Architects Ltd, -
Chicago, IL (2000-03)
"Reactivating the "Lost" Treasures of the N/A European Avant-Garde. AConversation with Artist and Filmmaker, Bruce Checefsky," co-authored with Pamela Karimi and Anna Dempsey, in Thresholds 39: Inertia (2011), 24-38. "Not Far Now: Romanticization and the Search for a Polish Modern Architecture," in In the Distance: Proceedings of Graduate Student Conftrence *research-inprogress held by the History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture andArt Program at the Department of Architecture at MIT (26-27 February 2010). edited by Ana Maria Le6il and Alia Vronskaya. Cambridge, MA: MIT, Dept. df Architecture, 2011, 30-33.
SA202; SB101; TS7610
BAC 1996-1999; 2008; Spring 2013
Bachelor of Architecture Degree, Boston Architectural TM632, TM7632
Austin Architects, Project Manager, Feb 2004 ­ present, BAC: TM632/7632 Designing
College, Boston, MA,May 2002; Kaji Aso Institute for the
Jung Brannen Assoc, Job Captain, Nov 1999 ­ Feb 2004, Architectural Details, Fall 2005 ­ present,
Arts, Apprentice in study of Japanese Tea Ceremony, as
Modern Continental Enterprises, Architectural Designer, B1 Studio Fall 2005, Thesis Panel Member,
well as traditional arts and culture, Boston, MA, 1997-
Oct 1997 ­ Nov 1999
various thesis students, Center Summer
Academy, visiting guest, 2000, 2001
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Ph. D., History of Architecture, Boston University (expected); MA Art History, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2010; BA Art History, Agnes Scott College, 2005.
Courses Taught at the BAC HTC3012
Professional Experience See Teaching Experience; Research Assistant, Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, FL, 2012; Curatorial Assistant, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL, 2010;
Teaching Experience
BAC Spring 2014; Boston University 2012- N/A 2014; University of Illinois at Chicago 2009-2010.
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Design History Society
"Modernism in 1930s Britain" and "CC41: New England Chapter, Society of
The Utility Program" in Donald Albrecht, ed., Architectural Historians
Keep Calm and Carry
Society of Architectural Historians
On: World War II and the British Home Southeastern College Art Conference
Front, 1938-1951 (West Palm Beach: Norton
Museum of Art, 2012).
Review of The Blitz and its Legacy: Wartime
Destruction to Post-War Reconstruction
edited by Mark Clapson
and Peter J. Larkham, forthcoming in Planning
Rhode Island School of Design, Master of Landscape
E.C. Merritt Landscape Design
West Barnstable, BAC Fall 2007- present;
Master Gardeners of N/A
MA- High-end residential and commercial landscape design. Rhode Island School of Design
Cape Cod, Barnstable,
Thesis ­ Ungrounding the Topology of Time
Grounds administration and property management.
Providence, RI
ASLA Honors Award for exceptional work in the study
Horticulture and design consultation 1997 - present; Color Studies, Adjunct Faculty, Textile Certified 1995
of Landscape Architecture
1999 - 2002
Mashpee Commons, LP
Fall 2002
Radcliffe Seminars, Program in Landscape Design
Mashpee, MA, 2003 - 2008; Great Island Gardens
Color Structure of Space and Experience,
1998 ­ 1999
West Barnstable, MA, Sole proprietor
Department of Landscape Architecture
Washington University, Master of Fine Arts program
Garden design and maintenance, 1994 - 1997; Fine Artist, Winter 2002
in Painting 1982 ­ 1983
West Barnstable, MA, 1987 ­ 1999
Barnstable Visual Arts Center
Kansas City Art Institute, Bachelor of Fine Arts
Hyannis, MA
in Painting, Graduated Suma Cum Laude January 1979
Studios in Painting and Figure Drawing
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
Administrative Assistant to the Director
September 1974
1980 ­ 1981
Courses in botany and fine arts
- May 1975
Mesgar Millett Mills Milner
Isfahan University of Technology, B.S. Civil Engineering, TM423 1995; Iran University of Science and Technology, M.S. Civil Engineering, 1998; University of Texas at Arlington, M.E. Civil Engineering, 2005.
Jeff Joanne Sky
Master's of Design Studies, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2012; Bachelor of Architecture, Southern California Institute of Architecture, 2008.
Sano Consulting Engineers, Iran, Tehran, Design Engineer, 1995 ­ 2000; L.A. Fuess Partners Inc., Dallas,TX ,EIT, 2000 ­ 2005 & Project Engineer, 2005 ­ 2007; L.A. Fuess Partners Inc., Boston, MA, Senior Project Engineer, 2007 ­ 2008 & Associate, 2008 ­ Present
BAC Fall 2008- Present
Graphic Illustrator/Designer
BAC Spring 2014; Massachusetts Institute N/A
Freelance, Maui, Hawaii, January 2009 - August 2010;
of Technology September 2012 ­ Present;
Assistant Crew Leader
Harvard Graduate School of Design
2010 Census, Maui, HI, February 2009 ­ May 2009; Client Career Discovery June 2012 ­ July 2012
Liaison/Architectural Designer
Atelier Hitoshi Abe, Sendai, Japan, June 2008 - June 2009;
American Institute of Steel Construction N/A
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
MS Civil Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2008; BS Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2006.
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
Structural Engineer, CDM Smith Inc., Pittsburgh, PA /
BAC Spring 2014
Cambridge, MA, 2008-Present; Graduate Research
Assistant, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, 2006-
License/Registration N/A
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
S. A. Civjan, M. J. Mitchell, D. Fortin, R.
Boston Society of Civil Engineers
Mann. "Deterioration of Terrazzo." ASCE Section, Engineering Management
Journal of Architectural
Group; Engineers Society of Western
Engineering. Vol. 17, No. 2, June1, 2011.
Pennsylvania; AISC; ASCE
S.A. Civjan, M. J. Mitchell, R. Mann. "Terrazzo
Design: Avoiding Stress-Related
Deterioration and Cracking." ASCE
Journal of Performance of Constructed
Facilities. Vol. 25, No. 6, December 1, 2011.
Master of Architecture, University of Guelph, Guelph, CD101, AS222, HT145,
Sophia Mizouni's work focuses mostly on historical and BAC 2008-Present
Canada, 2005. Bachelor of Landscape Architecture,
LA104, TM360, HT7510,
cultural landscapes- how the history of landscape
University of Montreal, Canada, 2001.
architecture encompasses a cultural history of humanity,
philosophical concepts and ideals of beauty. She is a faculty
member at the BAC. Her classes, such as the History of
Landscape Architecture and Landscape and the Imagination
explore how landscapes express our attitudes towards
nature and human beings. She believes that history of
landscape design is one way of writing the history of human
mind- it is thus a narrative of a relationship between
human beings and their world and of their efforts to
inscribe nature with purposeful order and meaning and
particular places. Sophia continues to practice
professionally at Hines Wasser Associates, a landscape
architecture firm that focuses on historical and cultural
Master of Architecture, 2010, Bachelor of Architecture, 2005., Bachelor of Arts, History. University of Virginia School of Architecture.
AR501, AR502, AS7202
Director of Instruction Assessment in Practice, BAC.
BAC Spring 2012- Present; Northeastern N/A University School of Architecture, Adjunct Professor, 2010- 2011.
2011 "Housing Dunlow: Rural, Affordable, N/A Panelized Housing in Appalachia." Lunch 6: Systems. University of Virginia School of Architecture Journal, 2011. 80-87.; 2011 "live(able) House: Thoughtful Design and Environmental Standards. ' Lunch 6: Stsrems. University of Virginia School of Architecture Journal, 2011. 93-97. ; 2010 ecoMOD, in "Design Like You Give a Damn II (pending) Matt Jaffe. ; 2008 ecoMOD, in "Integrated Design in Contemporary Architecture." Kiel Moe. ; 2007 'Everything Begins with A Tight Envelope. " Environmental Design + Construction, July 2007.; 2006 "LEED for Homes: Case Study." Journal of Green Building, Spring 2006. (editor +co-writer).
BAC Spring 2014
M.Arch., Yale University 1992; B.A., Art History,
VS151, VS152, VS223,
Founder & Director for, dedicated to sharing BAC 2001-Present
Fordham University 1988; NY,Paris Program, Columbia CD102, CD7102,
educational projects in art & architecture; extensive travel
University 1986-87
& lectures
DME2039, DME2042
BAC Spring 2014
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
M. Arch Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2004; B.S. SA7101, SA7103, TS7229,
in Arch Washington University in St Louis 200
TS7610, DM3
Professional Experience Senior Project Architect, Bruner/Cott 2010-present; Project Manager, Kennedy & Violich Architecture 20092010; Designer, Schwartz/Silver Architects 2004-2009
Teaching Experience
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Masters A Foundation Design Studio 2005- MA License #50035; AIA, N/A
present, BAC; Thesis Advisor Distance LEED AP
March Program 2009-present; 3D
AutoCAD 2008, 2009 BAC; Teaching
Assistant, Freshman Design Studio 4-101
2002, 2003, MIT; Teaching Assistant,
Graduate Design Studio, 2003, MIT;
Teaching Assistant, Graduate Workshop,
2003, MIT; Teaching Assistant,
Sophomore Design Studio, 2000,
Washington University in St Louis
Morong Morris Morrisey Morse Muse Muydinov Nelson Nelson Newman Nuzum Ogle O'Gorman O'Neil Oranchak
Matthew Aoife Erin Philip Ashley Rashidbek Tom Karen Jim James Robert Kristen Chris Cate
Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Arts, Art History, Oberlin College. B.F.A., Tufts University, 1969. CD101 Harvard University Graduate School of Design Master of Landscape Architecture Cornell University Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture State University of New York at New Paltz Student of Fine Art
2010- Present, Architect, Kelinfelder/SEA; 2007-2009, Intern, Goody Clancy; 2006, Intern, Cecil Baker and Associates; 2005, Cueto Kearney Architects; 2001-2004, Intern, Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates
BAC 2008- Present
FND2010 DM1, DM2
Shows and private commissions
VS865, CD101, CD105,
BAC Head, School of Architecture
TS7101, TM558, AS202/7202,
TM515/7515, SI7103
TM302; TM330
Catherine Oranchak/Landscape Architect Principal 2010- Present; Sasaki Associates Senior Associate 1996-2009; Burck Ryan Associates Landscape Architect 1991-1996; The SWA Group Associate 1985-1989; The SWA Group Summer Intern Summer 1983
BAC Spring 2014
Extensive teaching workshops with
various arts organizations
BAC Spring 2014
BAC Fall 1995- Present
BAC Fall 2010- Present BAC Spring 2014
BAC Spring 2014
BAC Spring 2013; The Landscape Institute, Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University Independent Study Adviser Faculty Fall 2003, Spring 2004; Harvard Graduate School of Design Career Discovery, Studio Reviews (Instructor David Lee) 2000, 1994-1995 Guest Critic; Rhode Island School of Design Visiting Faculty 1999 "Site Engineering" Instructor; University of Connecticut, Storrs Studio Reviews (Instructor Mark Westa) 1998, 2000 Guest Critic; Sasaki Summer Intern Program Program Organizer, Charrette Leader 2001-2007, 2003 "Hudson River Park" (one week charrette); The Crimson Academy of Harvard University Charrette Leader 2006, 2007 "Rose Kennedy Greenway, Wharf District" (three half-day charrettes)
Registered Landscape Architect Massachusetts, #968 1989 New York, #001510 1995 LEED Accredited Professional 2006
GSD News, Harvard University Graduate School of Design "Meting Urban Ground", p. 3 Spring 1991 "Design for a North Carolina Arboretum", p. 11 Spring 1990
American Society of Landscape Architects Boston Society of Landscape Architects
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Master of Landscape Architecture, SUNY College, Syracuse, NY 2007; Bachelor of Science in Recreation Management, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, 2003
Courses Taught at the BAC AS576, AS7576, CD101, CD7101, LA302, LA7302
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
Director of Sustainable Design , BAC; Ecological Designer, The BAC, Fall 2011 EDAW I AECOM, New York, NY, 2007-Present; Landscape Designer, H. Keith Wagner Partnetship, Burlington, VT, 2006; Technical Assistant, U.S.D.A Forest Service, Syracuse Research Station, Syracuse, NY, 20052006
License/Registration N/A
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Exhibit: High Performance Landscape
Guidelines: Park Design for the 21st
Century. American Institute of Architects,
New York City, New York. Exhibit graphics
and design. February 2011. Infrastructure
Sustainability: Harvard Graduate School of
Design, Rutledge Publishing. Co-Author for
Ecological Infrastructure Chapter. Scheduled
publication, Spring 2011. Adams, M., Caputo,
S., Compton, N., Dockwiller, T., Lavallee, A.
High Performance Landscape Guidelines:
Park Design for the 21st Century. New
York: Design Trust for Public Space and
NYC Department of Parks & Recreation,
275 pages, January, 2010. Publication graphics
and Illustrations EDAW and New York City
Department of Parks and Recreation. Forests
in the City: Guidelines for the New York
City Reforestation Initiative: New York City
Department of Parks and Recreation, August
2009. (Responsible for writing of Chapter 5
"Research Design", pp.66·109 and Chapter 6
"Implementation", pp 110·125.
Osborn Overbey Palmer
Kristina Daniel Joni
FND3010 Ph. D., University of Colorado at Boulder, 2012. MLA, LAN3010, SSH2007 Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 1991. BS, Cornell University, 1985.
BAC Spring 2014
2012 - 2013 Consultant, Department of Economic and BAC, 2013-Present. University of
Cultural Services, Bernalillo County, NM, Bernalillo County Colorado Denver, 2011-2012. University
Cultural Assets Inventory and Mapping, Public Art Program of Colorado at Boulder, 2007-2011.
Peer Program Report, Public Art Program Cataloguing
Coordinator, Public Art Program Assessment, Program
Identity and Educational Programs and Outreach. 2008 ­
2013 Consultant, Department of Cultural Services, City of
Albuquerque, NM, Northeast Heights Cultural Assets
Inventory and Mapping, Public art and cultural venue sites
assessment and analysis, Department of Cultural Services
cultural policy assessment, Public Art Program Strategic
Plan. 2009-2012 Team Member with T. Delaney / SEAM
Studio: Public Art/Landscape/Architecture. 2000 - 06
TerraStudio, Principal/Founder. 1999- 00 Consulting
Landscape Architect, Jones + Jones, Seattle, WA. 1998
Landscape Designer, Carol R. Johnson Associates, Inc.,
Cambridge, MA. 1997- 98 Landscape Designer, Carr Lynch
& Sandell, Cambridge, MA
Refereed Journal Publications
Since 2012 Leadership for the
2006 "Teaching Public Art: Toward an
American Landscape
Interdisciplinary Education." Public Art
Since 2005 Association of American
Review, 17:2.
2001 "This Place is Made of Sky" (poem), Society of Women Geographers
Poetry Midwest, Issue 1, Spring/Summer. American Studies Association
"Poetry: Internal and External Landscapes," American Planning Association
Landscape Journal, 20:1.
Americans for The Arts
1998 "Teaching Landscape/Language: poetry Since 2002 Environmental Design
and landscape in the design studio":
Research Association
Landscape Review,
Since 1999 National Association for
American Society of Landscape
Since 1998 Associated Writing
Association for the Study of
Literature and Environment
Since 1996 Council of Educators in
Landscape Architecture
Harvard University Graduate School of Design Masters in SB7101 Landscape Architecture in Urban Design, PostProfessional Degree, 1998. Masters in Landscape Architecture Professional Degree, 1997; Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico/UNAM School of Architecture, Mexico City B. ArchArchitectural Professional Degree, 1992
2010 to present, bp design, Cambridge MA, Principal ­ Wentworth Institute of Technology
Registered Landscape N/A
Owner; 2008 to 2010 Bellalta 3 Design Landscape
Department of Architecture Adjunct
Architect, MA #1546;
Architecture, Brookline MA, Associate ; 2004 to 2008 Professor; Boston Architectural College, Licensed Architect,
Clara Batchelor Landscape Architects, Somerville, MA, Design Studio Professor
Mexico, 1994
Project Landscape Architect; 2002 to 2004 The Cecil
Group, Planning, Urban Design & Landscape Architecture
Boston, MA, Project Manager, Designer; 2001 to 2002
Child Associates Landscape Architecture ,Boston MA
Landscape Designer
Healthy Park and Playground Committee, City of Cambridge Subcommittee member.; East Boston / Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association Subcommittee member; Mexican Federation of Landscape Architects, SAPM.
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Master of Architecture- Boston Architectural College (2008); Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies- University of Illinois ­ Urbana/Champaign (2005)
Courses Taught at the BAC TS7505
Professional Experience Architect-Perkins+Will ­ Boston, Massachusetts (2005 ­ Present)
Teaching Experience Thesis Seminar Instructor- Boston Architectural College (Fall 2009 ­ Present); Thesis Committee Member/Thesis RepresentativeBoston Architectural College (Fall 2010 ­ Present)
License/Registration Licensed ArchitectCommonwealth of Massachusetts; National Council of Architectural Registration Boards; LEED Accredited Professional, BD+C
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
American Institute of Architects
(AIA); Boston Society of
Architects (BSA)
Master of Science in Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute CD101 of Technology, 2012; Bachelor of Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 2010
Research Platform Director at LCLA Office and currently BAC 2013-Present serves as the Publications Coordinator for the Think Space Programme at the Zagreb Society of Architects (DAZ). Teaching intensive studios on speculative landscapes at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and RMIT University.
Swiss Society of
Peak Sand is not an Option: On the Limits of N/A
Engineers and Architects Resource Extraction Urbanisms in the Straits
(SIA) Architecture
of Singapore,
License (226424)
Critical Planning 20 (UCLA Urban Planning
Journal): The Future (anticipated Aug 2013)
Through the Lens of the Geo-Architect:
Manhattan as an Infrastructural Palimpsest,
Architecture Pills 2: GIS (Dec 2012)
Associate Author, Urban Fictions: Fairytales,
Fables and Ideologies,
MONU 15: Post-Ideological Urbanism (Nov
2011). Authors: Samir El Kordy and Ying
B.Arch., Boston Architectural College, Boston, MA TM210 2005; A.A.S. Architectural Technology, Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY 1990.
ADD Inc; Associate Principal/Senior Project
The New England Institute of Art; N/A
Architect; December 2005 ­ Present; CBT
Part-Time Faculty; December 2005 ­
Architects; Associate / Project Architect; 1999 ­ Present; Boston Architectural
2005; Wood + Zapata Architecture; Designer; April College; Architecture Adjunct;
2001 ­ February 2002; The Stubbins Associates; Job January 2009 ­ Present
Captain / Designer; February 1996 ­ March 1999;
Hoskins Scott & Partners; Designer; February 1995
­ February 1996; Ai Group; Designer; January 1994
­ February 1995; Stone & Webster Engineering
Corp.; Draftsperson; September 1991 ­ August
1992; AJM Management; Design Coordinator; June
1989 ­ September 1991
Metal Construction Association;
President's Award Candidate, 2011
(ADD Inc ­ New England Regional
Council of Carpenters); Association of
Energy Engineers; Best New
Construction, 2011 (ADD Inc ­ New
England Regional Council of
Carpenters); The Construction
Institute; Project of the Year, 2010
(ADD Inc ­ New England Regional
Council of Carpenters)
Pennell Peterman Peters
BAC Spring 2014
The University of Texas at Austin May 2008
Shepley Bulfinch, Boston, MA October 2009 - present
BAC Fall 2012
Master of Architecture; Study in Italy, Castiglion
Architect; Peter Gluck & Partners, Architects, New York,
Fiorentino, Italy Summer 2005
NY September 2008 - September 2009 Intern Architect;
Honors ­ Mebane Travel Scholarship; Northwestern
Summer Academy in Architecture, UT School of
University, Evanston, Illinois June 2000
Architecture June-July 2008 Studio Instructor; Renzo Piano
Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry
Building Workshop, Paris, France February-August 2007
Intern; ISSUE:, UT School of Architecture 2006-2008
Senior Editor
Bacelor of Fine Arts, Massachusetts College of Art;
SA7101, SA7103, SA101,
1995-1998 Elton & Associates, Architects; 2000-2001 Brian 2004-Present, Studio Instructor, Boston Massachusetts Registered Presented at the AIA National Convention, N/A
Master of Architecture, University of Florida.
SB101, SB7101, SKA101,
Healy Architects; 2001-2006 Elton + Hampton, Architects; Architectural College; 2007, Assistant Architect, #20480, since June 2010. "10TH047 Interns Are Our
SKA202, SKA303
2006, Paturzo Architects
Director of Foundation Studios, Boston 2007
Future...Only If They're Present: Mentoring
Architectural College; 2008-Present,
and Training Interns for the Future of Your
Director of Foundation Studios, Boston
Firm (and Our Profession)"; Design Work
Architectural College; 2005-2007
with Brian Healy Architects appeared in
Lecturer, New England School of Art and
Architectural Record, and two monographs.
Design; 2002 & 2006, Adjunct Professor,
Massachusetts College of Art; 1999-2000,
Graduate Teaching Assistant, University
of Florida
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
B.Arch, Boston Architectural College, 2013
Courses Taught at the BAC
Professional Experience Designer, McGinley Kalsow & Assoc., 2011-Present; Project Designer, HKT Architects, 2007, 2008-2011.
Bachelor of Arts, Brandeis University, 1964; Master in CD101, CD7101, CD102, Princiapl, Pfeufer/Richardson P.C.
Fine Arts, Harvard University 1969; Master in
Architecture, Harvard University, 1974
Teaching Experience BAC Spring 2014 BAC
License/Registration N/A
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Mass Chapter.
Commonwealth of
Massachusetts #4167,
Connecticut #ARI-9258,
National Council of
Architectural Boards
Master of Architecture, University of Colorado, 1987; BS VCS154, RIN4001 in Environmental Design, University of Massachusetts, 1978; Royal Danish School of Architecture, University of Copenhagen, 1976
1991 to present Private Practice, Peterborough, NH
BAC 2006-Present; University of New Architect, State of New New England Home, March/April 2009
1989 - 2000 Consultant Daniel V. Scully/Architect
Hampshire 1994-1996; Hesser College Hampshire No. 2119 Yankee Magazine, November 2005
Peterborough, NH
1990 - 2000 Consultant Beverly Payeff, Interior Design,
Commonwealth of
Brookline, NH
Massachusetts No. 10062
NCARB Registration No.
American Institute of
Architects Member No.
Piatti Pierce Pilling Pilotte Plancon Pomarico Porter
Chip Debra John Ronald
Hunter College, City University of New York M.A. Anthropology; Boston College: B.A. Philosophy and Natural Science
CPU Computer Company; Resident architect and designer BAC 21 Years, History and Theory, Collage, Preservation studies and Thesis Advisor; Curry College: Technical Theatre; Fisher College: Humanities, Philosophy, Theatre; Bunker Hill Community College: Psychology, Sociology, Nutrition
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Teaching License
Stone and Spirit, Saints in Light, The Journey Society of Architectural Historians, of Jesus: a series of art calendars for the St. Puppeteers of America Paul Artists Group
Master of Architecture, Graduate School of Fine Arts, CD102, CD7102, TM632, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1971; Bachelor of TM7632 Arts, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New
Principal, Pilling+Smith Architects 1993-Present; Principal, Boston Architectural College, 1993Stand Associates 1992-1993; Principal, August Associates Present 1982-1990; Project Manager, Cambridge Seven 1975-1982; Master Planner, TSG International Inc. 1972-1975
Registered Architect in Massachusetts and Connecticut; NCARB Certificate
2011 Report of the Fourth Havana Urban Design Charrette; 2009 "GUADALAJARA, Clarнn Guнas de Arquitectura Latinoamericana" - Norberto Feal ; 2008 Report of the Second Havana Harbour Charrette
American Institute of Architects, Boston Society of Architects, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, Council of European Urbanism - Cuban Chapter, U.S. Green Building Council
B.S. in Physics, University of New Hampshire, December AS161, AS167
See Teaching Experience
Mathematics I &II Instructor, Boston
Architectural College. Fall 2008-present
Study group leader/tutor, University of
New Hampshire, Durham, NH. 1999-
Undergraduate Assistant, University of
New Hampshire, Durham, NH. 1999-
Mathcounts Coach,Dover Junior High,
Dover, NH. 1990-1993. Teaching
Assistant, University of New Hampshire,
Durham, NH. 1991.
BAC 1981-1990; B.A. Art History & Certificate in Urban DM3
Architectural draftsman and project manager 1983 ­ 1998; BAC Fall 1996- Present
Studies, University of Mass, Boston, 1977- 1980.
CAD/IT Manager 1998 - Present
Mark Jospeh
SB102 HT(7)120
BAC Spring 2014 BAC Spring 2014
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
BS in Architecture, University of Detroit
Courses Taught at the BAC TM376, TM7376, SUS2025, FND1006, FND3006
Premchandran Psaledakis Quinn Rahmlow Raichle Rainford Rajani Ramirez-Jasso
Priya George Alan Becky Christopher Bill Shonali
MArch Washington University in St. Louis -1997; BA Connecticut College-1994 Art History
DME2032 HT(7)115 SB202, SB7202
PhD, History and Theory of Architecture, Harvard
University, 2012; MA, Architectural History and Theory,
Harvard University, 2006; SMArchS, History, Theory and
Criticism of Art, Architecture and Urban Form,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002; Licenciado
en Arquitectura (Professional Degree in Architecture)
Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de
Occidente, Mexico, 1996
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
With over 30 years of experience as an Architect for new BAC 2011-Present construction, renovation and restoration projects, Susan is able to work with a variety of constituents. Her strength in organizing and presenting multiple issues as a coherent whole reflects her skill at investigation, analysis, programming, strategic planning, design and implementation. Areas of particular expertise are preservation, adaptive reuse, and sustainable design.
BAC Spring 2014
BAC Spring 2014
Current: Project Architect/Designer at HMFH, Architects BAC 1997-Present Inc. Cambridge, MA; Past: Shepley Bulfinch, Boston, MA
Dean of Graduate Studies, Director fo Liberal Studies, BAC; Arquine, Journal of Architecture, Associate Editor, 1006 ; TEN Arquitectos, Mexico City, 1996; Coordinator of Metropolitan Urban Projects, City of Guadalajara, Mexico, 1997-99
I.T.E.S.O., Mexico (1997-2000); M.I.T. (2000-2002); Harvard University (20022008), Boston Architectural College (2011Present)
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Registered Architect, MA N/A
Registered MA since
2003, LEED AP
Architectural Practice License, Mexico, 1998
2008- "Reinventing the Garden: Childhood and Architecture." Doctoral dissertation under the supervision of a committee based in the Departments of Architecture and History, Harvard University 2011 "Cultivating the Enlightened Child: Gardens and Gardening in German Pedagogy" Paper delivered at the Society of Architectural Historians Annual Meeting. Panel: The Cultural Aesthetics of the WellTended Garden 2004 Inventing the "Machine for Living in:" Mobile Homes, Scale, and the Critique of Modern Livable Space." Piso International Architecture Journal, Vol. 1, No. 3, January 2004, p. 33-37. 2000 "The Aesthetics of Concealment: Weege in the Movie Theater (1945-1950)" Public lecture at the School of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, May 17, 2000. 1999 The Limits of Absence: Architecture, Fiction, and Theatricality. Tlaquepaque, Mexico: DHDU, ITESO, 1999.
Society of Architectural Historians, College Art Association, National Trust for Historic Preservation, European Society of Environmental History
Ramsdell Rich Richer Riegert
Jared Stephen Theodore Mike
SB101, CD7101 DME2002, DME2007 AS121, AS180
BAC Fall 2009- Present BAC Spring 2014 BAC Fall 1996- Present
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Riemenschneider Juli
Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, Cook College of Environmental Science, Rutgers University, 1985; TA, Rutgers University, Introduction to Environmental Design, 1984-85.
Courses Taught at the BAC TM215 , LA103 , LA302
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
Juli has been a Senior Associate at PL,LA since 1997. She BAC 2007-Present has had a major role in design and implementation of all significant projects in the office. These have included a number of office, institutional, playground, transportation and related efforts as well as new housing and housing sites. Prior to joining PL,LA, Juli worked for seven years as landscape architect for the City of Salem Planning Department. Typical projects included design and preparation of contract documents for four neighborhood parks, one urban park, several play structures, plaza development, a section of bicycl trail, and a streetscape in the historic downtown. She is experinced in successful grants management. She developed Multi- Use Trail System and received a million dollar commitment frm the Massachusetts Highway Department's Enhancement Program for the plan's implementation. She has extensive successful experince with community and neighborhood planning groups.
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Landscape Architecture N/A
MA #1039
Robertson Robinson
Gloria Cedric
Master of Architecture, Boston Architectural College; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture, University of Memphis
Architectural Designer,
BAC: Fall 2007 - Present
Wilson Architects ­ Boston, MA ­ 2007 to present;
Architectural Designer,
Wilson Butler Architects ­ Boston, MA ­ 2005 - 2007
Associate Member of the AIA ­ 2008 to present
Rocino Rubenstein
Michael Nora
Bachelor of Architecture-BARCH, Boston Architectural SA101, SA103, SB101
College; Certificate of Design Education BAC, 3/4
Ph.D. Environmental Psychology, City University of New HT357, HT7357, AS202,
York, 1983; M. Phil. Environmental Psychology, City
AS7202, AS410, AS7410,
University of New York, 1980; M.A. Psychology, Hunter HTC3008
College, 1978; B.A. Psychology, University of Wisconsin,
Owner- small residential design firm
BAC Fall 2007- Present
Currently studying for N/A A.R.E.
PLACE/SPACE ASSOCIATES: Environmental Psychology Consulting, President. 2000-Present. See Teaching Experience
BAC 2008-Present; Castleton State
College, 2009-Present; Fashion Institute
of Technology, 2009-Present, 1992; New
York School of Interior Design, 1979-
1993; 1998-1999; 2003
Nora J. Rubinstein, "Harnessing the Power of N/A Literature for Conservation." Land Trust Alliance Rally. October 2007. Denver, CO. ---, "Bibliography on `Green' Design and Sustainability with a focus on attitudes and behavior." Sustainability. Winter 2007.
---, "Implementation of energy conservation and efficiency strategies and the use of renewables in municipal planning in Vermont." Report to Vermont Planners Association. April 2007.
----, Needs Assessment for Community Center. Danby, Vermont. Report to Danby Selectboard and Rutland Regional Planning Commission May 2006.
Ruggles Rukamathu Rush
Stuart Mark Denise
CD7101 CD604/7604, SKI7/101,202,303, TM119/7119
BAC Spring 2014 BAC 2013-Present
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
M Arch, University of Virginia First professional masters degree program. May, 2007; Reed College B.A. in Art, 1996. Academic Commendation for Excellence, 1994-95.
Courses Taught at the BAC CD7102
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
Designer, Chan Krieger NBBJ, November 2010 to
BAC Spring 2013; Teaching Assistant, N/A
present.; Designer, Leers Weinzapfel Associates,
Summer Design Institute, coordinated by
Architects. June 2007 to October 2010.; Project Manager, Professor Beth Meyer, Summer 2006.
Truex Cullins & Partners, Architects, Burlington, Vermont. Teaching Assistant, ARCH 101, Lessons
August 2000 to June 2004.; Draftsman, Black River Design, of the Lawn, with Professor Peter
Architects, Montpelier, Vermont, July 1999 to August 2000 Waldman, Fall 2005 and 2006.
Teaching Assistant, ARCH 326, Building
January 1997 to October 1998.
Matters, with Professor Jenny Lovell,
Spring, 2005
Teaching Assistant, ARCH 323, Buildings
and Climate, with Professor Bill Sherman,
Fall, 2004.
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Sadler Schanbacher Schatzle Schefano Schlieben Seivert Shand-Tucci Shirley
Michael Michael David Aimee Jessica Jody Douglass Lauren
Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology, University of Elon; MLA, FND2011
Research Assistant, Boston Architectual College, 6/13- BAC Spring 2014
Boston Architectural College (expected).
Present; Landscaper, Harmony Landscape Design,
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 3/12-6/13; Landscaper/Mason,
Planet Pascale Landscaping, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 6/10-
Bachelor of Science, University of Virginia, Master of Architecture, Rice University.
CD101, CD7101, SA7101, Schwartz/Silver Architects ­ 2007-Present; Gregg Bleam BAC 2007- Present; Invited Juror -
MA ­ Architect - #50092 "Oedipus Rush" Everything Must Move.
SA7103,TS7100, TS7229, Landscape Architects ­ 2001-2004
University of Michigan, Rice University,
Edited by Luke Bulman and Jessica Young.
University of Virginia, Northeastern
Architecture at Rice 44, 2009.
University, Wentworth Institute of
Technology, Boston Architectural College
Master of Interior Design, Boston Architectural College, CD604, CD7604
Designer, Silverman Trykowski Associates, Boston,
BAC 2013
2011; BA in Philosophy and Political Science, Boston
Massachusetts (September `13-Present); Flansburgh
University, 2007
Architects, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts (August `07-
October `08), (June `09- August `13)
BAC Spring 2014
BAC Spring 2007- Fall 2012
University of Michigan, Taubman College, Ann Arbor, MI, CD101/7101
NBBJ, Boston, MA
BAC Fall 2012; Graduate Student
2011; University of Virginia, School of Architecture,
Designer, Sept. 2012; RMA / Rahul Mehrotra Associates, Instructor: University of Michigan, Ann
Charlottesville, VA, 2007.
Architects, Boston, MA
Arbor, MI
Junior Architect, Laboratory, Novartis Campus, Basel,
Arch583: Professional Practice, w/
Switzerland, DD, Sept. 2011- May. 2012; RVTR, Ann
Professor Eric Hill. Spring 2011
Arbor, MI
Arch589: Site Planning, w/ Professor
Design/Research Assistant, Helsinki South Harbor
Geoffrey Thun. Fall 2010
competition, June- Aug. 2011; The Heidelberg Foundation Arch212: Understanding Arch. w/
& University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Professor Anca Trandefirescu;
Architectural & planning consultant, new cultural arts
Toastmasters International Member:
village, Sep. 2009- Jan. 2011; EYP/ Einhorn Yaffee Prescott Public speaking education, 2008-2009;
A&E, Washington DC
Honor Committee Member: U. of
Intern Architect, The Virginia School for the Deaf & the Virginia, Elected position, 2006-2007;
Blind, SD-DD, Sept. 2007 - May 2009; R. J. Shirley &
Teaching Assistant: U. of Virginia, w/
Associates, Architects, McLean, VA
Professor Peter Waldman, 2006.
Intern Architect, Interior/lobby renovation, Mayflower
Hotel, DD-CD, June - July. 2006; Davis Carter Scott
Design, Architects, Tyson's Corner, VA
Intern Architect, New construction, commercial
development, SD-DD, June - Aug. 2005
Master's in Education, University of Massachusetts
Science Club for Girls Cambridge Program Manager
BAC 2013; Suffolk University 2013; Lasell N/A
Amherst, 2003; Massachusetts Licensure in General
August 2012-present Cambridge, MA; Babson College
College 2013-Present; University of
Science grades 5·8, University of Massachusetts Amherst,
Project Manager February 2012-May 2012 Wellesley, MA; Massachusetts Amherst, 2012-2013
2003; B.A. in BDIC: Kinesthetic Education, University of
ReCover Green Roofs Horticulturalist October 2011-
Massachusetts Amherst, 2000; Permaculture Design
0ctober 2012 Somerville, MA; Permaculture Gardening
Certification, University of Massachusetts Amerherst,
Program Coordinator August 2010-March 2011 Takahama,
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
BS in Business Administration, Northeastern University, VS273, VS675, VS688,
Smirnoudis Smith Stachura Startup
Patricia Frank Fred Henrietta
Syracuse University, BARCH 2007 / Harvard University MDESS 2011 Master of Science, University of London, England: Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning
TS7505, TS7610 TM344/7344 HT7120
Master of Philosophy, University of Greenwich, London, England: Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Professional Experience Content Manager, Yankee Group Boston, MA 2007Present; Database Administrator, Boston Architectural College Boston, MA 2006 ­ 2007; See Teaching Experience
Teaching Experience BAC 2008-Present BAC Spring 2014 BAC Fall 2011- Present BAC Spring 2014; University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH 2001-Present St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH 2005-2009
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
"The History of Collectors and Collecting" N/A
Speakers Bureau, UNH, Great Bay Discovery
Center, Stratham, NH; Meredith Public
Library, NH; Kittery Art Association, Kittery,
ME, 2010-2013
Bachelor of Arts, University of York, York, England: Department of History
NH Institute of Art, Manchester, NH 2005-2009, 2012
Chester College of New England, Chester, NH 2005-2006
Radcliffe College, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, HT001. HT087, HT092,
Graduate Certificate in Landscape Design, 1994;
HT093, SEM001, TM033,
Graduate Certificate in Landscape Design History, 1998 LIN4042, LIN4043
Lesley College, Cambridge, MA, Master of Science in
Management New School University, New York, NY,
Graduate Program in Fund Raising New York University,
New York, NY, Master of Arts in History Vassar
College, Poughkeepsie, NY, Bachelor of Arts in History
Director, Beaver Lodge Environmental Learning Center, BAC 2009-Present Shelburne Falls, MA. Environmental Landscape Design, historic landscape documentation and research, adjunct faculty in landscape design at universities, lecturer for cultural organizations and horticultural societies, organizer of foreign garden history tours.
New England Landscape Design and History Association, Ecological Landscaping Association, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, (NESEA), Accredited in Organic Land Care (NOFA), Landscape Design Council, Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, (Master Certification), National Council of State Garden Clubs (Accredited Environmental Consultant), Master Gardener. Past President, Environmental Consultants' Council, GCFMA
Stipinovich Storch Stromer Strong Stuhlsatz
Master in Architecture - M.Arch 1, Rensselaer
Design Praktyk, Jamaica Plain, MA, 2012- Preent. Recently BAC Spring 2013; Visiting critic at the N/A
Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, 2009-2012;
created a sole proprietorship to assist architectural firms Boston Architectural College (BAC) for
SVEUCILISTE U SPLITU (University of Split)
with graphic design, design
thesis reviews and at Rensselaer
Croaticum Croatian Language course 1A, Split, Croatia,
development and construction documentation on a project Polytechnic Institute (RPI) for the
2008; Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) - First-Class
basis.; FORE SOLUTIONS (Now part of Thornton
freshmen studio. Teaching Assistant for
Pass, University of Pretoria, South Africa, 1999-2003
Tomasetti), Portland, ME, Summer 2011- Intern at a high incoming graduate
performance green building consulting firm. Conducted students at RPI.
research on regenerative
possibilities for buildings in dense urban environments and
provided ideas for a showcase
headquarters. Contributed towards the LEED certification
for commercial and healthcare clients.
Bachelor of Science in Engineering, specializing in
Acoustics and Music, 1993, University of Hartford;
Certificate in Advanced Piano Technology, North Bennet
Street School, 2009. 3.
1994 to 1996: Wyle Laboratories ­ Senior Acoustical Consultant; 1996 to 2003: Artec Consultants Inc ­ Director of Acoustical Consulting Services; 2003 to Present: Cavanaugh Tocci Associates, Inc. ­ Senior Acoustical Consultant
BAC Spring 2006- Present
Joseph Richard David
BA Williams, English; M.Arch BAC
HT(7)120, HTC2003 TS7304 VS152; TM632/7632;CD102 Associate at Royal Barry Wills Associates, Architects
BAC Spring 2014 BAC Spring 2013 BAC Spring 2007- Present
Co-Editor: Halls for Music Performance: Acoustical Society of America;
Another Two Decades of Experience 1982 - Registered Piano Technician with the
Piano Technicians' Guild
Architectural License
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
BA in English, Williams College 2001; MA in English UMass Boston 2004. Coordinator of the BAC Learning Resource Center.
Courses Taught at the BAC AS122, AS7229
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
Boston Architectural College, Coordinator of the Learning BAC: 2004-present Resource Center, 2008-present; Boston Architectural College, Writing Tutor, 2004-2008; Berklee College of Music, Writing Tutor, 2007-2008; Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Writing Tutor, 2005-2007
License/Registration N/A
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships "Divided by a Common Language": Tools for N/A Bridging the Student-Teacher Gap (presented May 2011 at Center for Improvement of Teaching Conference, UMass Boston, along with Elisabeth Price, a fellow BAC instructor) The Visual Thinker in the Classroom: Teaching Strategies to "Draw" on their Strengths (presented May 2010 at Freshman English Conference, University of Connecticut, along with Michael Davis and Kara Brown, fellow BAC instructors) Teaching Writing to Visual Learning Styles: The Dreaded "Big Research Paper" for Artists and Designers (presented January 2010 at Center for Improvement of Teaching Conference, UMass Boston)
2011-9 Master of Architecture with High Distinction. SB101, CD102/7102, CD105, Director of Advanced Architecture Studios and Director 2010 Graduate Student Instructor,
University of Michigan - Taubman College. Ann Arbor, VS030, SKA303/7303
of Builidng Technology and Management, BAC; 2011-
University of Michigan ­ Taubman College
Inaugural Council Member, Architecture Young Alumni Led undergraduate design fundamentals
2008 Certificate in Design Education. Boston
Council (AYAC). University of Virginia; 2011-9 Secretary seminar and discussion section, ARCH
Architectural College. Boston, Massachusetts
(2010-2011), Architecture Representative Council.
212: Understanding Architecture
Independent pedagogical research, peer mentoring, and
University of Michigan ­ Taubman College; 2010
2009-8 Director, `Urban DesignBUILD'
Educational Programs Committee, University of Michigan ­ Advanced Workshop, two semesters.
2005-1 Bachelor of Science in Architecture with Honors.
Taubman College; 2010 Space Planning Task Force,
Boston Architectural College
University of Virginia. Charlottesville, Virginia
University of Michigan - Taubman College
Students managed the design and
construction of an outdoor performance
2011- Design Architect, Safdie Architects. Somerville,
space in collaboration with community
Massachusetts; 2010- Co-Creator/Partner, The Macro members
Local Lab. (; 2010 Taubman College Co-taught with Charles Garcia
Externship, SHoP Architects/SHoP Construction. New 2007 Adjunct Lecturer, `RE [SITE] AL'
York, New York; 2009- Unrestricted Construction
Advanced C2 Studios. Boston
Supervisor's License. Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Architectural College
2009-7 Junior Architect, Moshe Safdie & Associates.
Co-created a collaborative studio that
Somerville, Massachusetts; 2007-5 Field Architect, Kennedy examined the capacity of modularity as an
& Violich Architecture (KVA MATx). Boston,
architectural device. Students designed
systems' towards various
performance/event programs and adapted
their system to manage scalar shifts and
multiple sites.
2011 Essay on BAC Urban Design Build
teaching `Founding collaborative learning
Ecologies' featured in
Quick Hits for Service Learning: Successful
Strategies by Award-Winning Teachers. K.
Sturgeon. ed. M. A.
Cooksey and K.T. Olivares. Indiana
University Press: Indiana. 2011.
2011 `FattyShell' featured in Dezeen Book of
Ideas. K. Sturgeon, C. Holzwart. K.
Racyzkowski. ed. Marcus Faris.
Spotlight Press: London. 2011.
2011 `BAC Urban Design Build' featured in
Carrot City: Creating Places for Urban
Agriculture. M. Gorgolewski, J.
Komisar, J. Nasr. The Monacelli Press: New
York. 2011.
2011 `FattyShell' featured in `History and
overview of fabric formwork: using fabrics
for concrete casting' in
Structural Concrete 12. D. Veenendaal, M.
West, and P. Block. Ernst & Sohn: Berlin.
Victorian Society London Summer School, 1997;
TM420, TM7420
Curatorial Research Consultant, Department of Textiles The BAC, 2010-Present
Colorado College, B.A. in Art History, 1991; Syracuse
and Fashion Arts, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, 2002
University, Florence Campus, Italy, 1989
­ Present; Associate Curator, Collections Department,
Historic New England (Society for the Preservation of
New England Antiquities), 1998 - 2001; Head Cataloguer,
Henry Luce III Center for the Study of American culture,
New-York Historical Society, 1997 - 1998
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Master in Architecture, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, 2010; Bachelor of Science, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2000.
Courses Taught at the BAC
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
VS635, VS650, VS657, VS689, Design Assistant, Carol Green Interior Design, Cambridge, The BAC, 2010-Present
MA, 2007-Present; Architecture Intern, Machado Blake
Design, Somerville, MA, 2007; Affordable Housing Intern,
Dept. of Community Development, 2006.
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Taberner Tal Tansantisuk Tofias Toloudi Toops Townsend Tringale Tulachan Turturo
Ian Maya Mongkol Levi Zenovia Melissa Lucca Nora Binu David
M.Des. S., Harvard University, 1994; B.Arch., Pratt
TS7505, TS7603, TS7610;
Institute, 1981; Ryerson University (transferred to Pratt), SKA7101
Bachelor of Architecture, 1975; Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1974, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI; Associate Degree in Architectural Engineering Technology, 1972, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA.
DM2, DM4
B.A. in Sociology, Skidmore College, 2004; Master of Architecture, Boston Architectural College, 2013
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Concentration in Landscape Architecture, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, May 2010
SA7101, FND1001, FND1002, AS7229 SB101
Ian is the Director of Master's Thesis and Instructor at the The BAC, 2004-Present BAC
Architectural Delineation: 1980-Present.
BAC Spring 2014 BAC: Fall 2008-Present.
Architectural Design, Studio Troika, 2012; Architecural BAC 2013 Design and Project Management, Gateway Projects, Boston Architectural College, 2010-2011; Architecural Documentation and Design, Pfeufer Richardson Architects, 2008-2011 BAC 2009-Present Khalsa Design Inc., Somerville, MA , June 2011- Present; BAC Spring 2013 United Architects, Joliet, IL, May 2008- August 2008, August 2010- May 2011; Chicago Gateway Green, Chicago, IL, May 2009- August 2009.
Architecture New York N/A # 018437-1
Registered Architect in N/A the State of Massachusetts. License #8956
N/A American Society of Architectural Illustrator. (ASAI) N/A BSA - Emerging Professional member 2011- Present
Graphic Arts Program, Mass College of Art, 1979; University of Mass at Boston (1967-71).
FND2011 DM4
Art Director and Graphic Designer for 30 years
BAC Spring 2014 Cambridge Center for Adult Education 5 N/A years; BAC Fall 20-2- Present
School of the Museum of Fine Arts: 2010 N/A annual curated spring exhibition
Master of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 2008; BA Architecture Studies, Mount Holyoke College, 2004.
Syracuse University, BARCH 2007 / Harvard University SB101 MDESS 2011
Maryann Thompson Architects, Cambridge MA, 2008 - BAC Spring 2014; Wentworth Institute of N/A
Tech 2011
McNeely and Pauli Architects, Boston, MA, 2006
Akira Kuryu Architects, Tokyo, Japan, 2005
Cook+Fox Architects, 2007-2009; Ashley McGraw
Teaching and Research assistant at
Architects, 2009-2010
Syracuse University and Harvard
University, 2007, 2009-2011
(respectively); BAC Fall 2010- Present
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Master of Architecture, Boston Architectural College, 2011; Bachelor of Science Architecture, University of Maryland College Park, 1999.
Courses Taught at the BAC TS7102
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
Project Manager, Bergmeyer Associates, Inc., 2013-Present; BAC Spring 2014 Job Captain/ Project Manager, LPBA Architects, Inc., 20062013.
Tyler Urrea Vakili Valente, Jr
Morris Mark Hessam Domenic
M. Arch., Washington University, St. Louis, MO, 1998; B.A., Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, 1981. B. Arch, Wentworth Institute of Technology
HT7101, SA101, SA103, SA7103, SB101, SB7101, SB7202 CD102/7102
Bachelor of Architecture, Boston Architectural Center. TM210
intern architect, Elkus/Manfredi Architects (Boston, Massachusetts) fall 1998 to spring 2002
BAC Fall 2002- Present
1 Year Experience as a design intern at Flansburgh Architects 3 Years Experience as a designer at Architectural Resources Cambridge
BAC Spring 2010 -Present
54 years in pratice of architecture; 36 years owning an architectural firm
BAC Fall 1995-Present
License/Registration Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
15 states: MA, RI, CT, N/A NH, NY, NJ, VI, IL, GA, FL, PA, WV, WI, OH, MO
Van Buskirk
Patricia Bales
Van Lauwe
March ­ Boston Architectural College; MA ­ Boston AS200, AS202
Intern Architect & Interior Designer: Livermore Edwards & BAC Fall 2006- Present
College; BA ­ University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Associates, 2001 ­ present; Draftsperson: Siemasko +
Verbridge, 1999 - 2001
Vieira Viera
Andy Wanderley
Master of Interior Design, Boston Architectural College, FND3033, FND1003 2013; BS in Civil Engineering, Sao Paolo State University, 1996
See Teaching Experience
BAC 2013-Present
SB101; CD102; CD101/7101
BAC Fall 2009- Spring 2012; Spring 2013
Walker Leslie
Master's in Landscape Architecture, University of Massachusetts, 1980; BA in Environmental Design, University of Washington, 1974
LAC106, TM045, SEM035, LIN4002
Roger Washburn Landscape Architecture, Somerville, MA. BAC 2009-Present 1983-Present; The Architects Collaborative, Cambridge, MA 1980-1982, Landscape Designer.
Registered Landscape N/A Architect, Massachusetts #747
Wasser Weissman
Michael Daniel
SB101; TM365/7365; TM450; CD105; CD101/7101; CD7102' TM369, FND2011
BAC Fall 2006- Present
Boston Society of Landscape Architects, American Society of Landscape Architects Dept. of Landscape Architecture, University of Mass., Amherst, MA, Adjunct Faculty Landscape Institute, The Boston Architectural College, Boston, MA, Instructor James Rose Center for Landscape Architectural Research & Design, Ridgewood, NJ, Board Member
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
Masters of Science Degree in Structural Engineering
(2009) University of New Hampshire
Thesis Title: "Development of a Structural Parameter
Estimation Durham, NH
Program for Finite Element Model Updating"
Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering (2007) University
of New Hampshire
Concentration in Structural Engineering Durham, NH
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
2007 - Present Research Assistant / Masters Candidate University of New Hampshire Funded by the National Science Foundation Durham, NH Department of Civil Engineering - Create program in Matlab® to interface with SAP2000® to use data from structural health monitoring systems to perform model updating Summer 2007 Civil Engineering Intern Metcalf and Eddy Wakefield, MA - Civil Site Planning
BAC Spring 2013
License/Registration Registered Engineer-inTraining, State of New Hampshire
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
· Erin Santini Bell, Jesse D. Sipple, John
Member, Order of the Engineer
Welch. "Environmental Effects and Baseline
Structural Modeling for Structural Health
Monitoring of In-Service Highway Bridges"
- To be presented June 2009 at CMMI
Grantee Workshop, sponsored by NSF
· John Welch "Development of a Structural
Parameter Estimation Program for Finite
Element Model Updating"
- The Fourth Transportation Student
Research Symposium, February 22nd, 2008
Wermiel White
Sara Joshua
HT208/7208; TM271 AS122, AS128, AS7229, DS500
BAC Fall 2006- Present BAC Fall 1997- Fall 2012
Wiersema Williams Wilaon Wilson Wolf Wolfe Wolff
Catherine Michael Alex Jaime
TM550/7550, TS300/7300, TM685/7685
Ph.D. candidate, Art History, Boston University; M.A., HT115, HT7115
Art History, Boston University, 2001; American School
of Classical Studies Summer Session, Athens, Greece,
2001; Ancient Greek Language Workshop, University of
California, Berkeley, Summer 1999; B.A., Art
History(minor in Mediterranean Archaeology), George
Mason University, 1997; B.A., Classical Studies, George
Mason University, 1997.
BAC Fall 7998- Present Massachusetts College of Art and Design, N/A Fall 2002 to present. Greek and Roman Art and Architecture; special topics in Theatre Design and Meaning and Funerary Practices; BAC- Fall 2002Present
MS in Historic Preservation, University of Pennsylvania, 2008; AB, with Honors, in Art History, University of Chicago, 2006
Cheryl Jessica
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Minor in English, LAN2003 Pennsylvania State University, 2005; Master of Landscape Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 2011
Boston Landmarks Commission City of Boston, Environmental Department - Architectural Historian/Assistant Survey Director, November 2009Present; - Preservation Planner, July 2008- November 2009; Landmarks Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, Preservation Intern, May- August 2007
BAC Spring 2013; University of
Pennsylvania Graduate School of Design,,
Department of Historic Presevation,
Teaching/ Research Assistant Sept 2007-
May 2008
Assoicate, Coen+Partners, 2012-Present; Green Intern, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, 2010
BAC 2013
Current research involves the conversion of Member, Society of Architectural
pagan temples in Greece into Early Christian Historians, 2007 to present; Member,
AIA (Archaeological Institute of
America), 1997 to present; Associate
Member, American School of Classical
Studies in Athens, 1994 to present
Isabella Steward Gardner Museum, Boston N/A Maldmarks Commission Study Report, 2011; 13-15 West Street: Elizabeth Peabody Bookstore and Circulating Library. Boston Landmarks Commission Study Report, 2011. Regenerative Infrastructures: 2012 Land Art N/A Generator Iniative | Contributer Collaborative group competition submittal one of 60 submissions selected for Regenerative Infrastructures publication and gallery exhibition published in summer of 2013 in New York City.
Wolfson Woodworth
Michael Vernon
M.T.S., Theological Studies Harvard Divinity School, 1985; TM685, TM7685, TS7102 B.A. Urban Design, New College, Sarasota, FLA, 1974.
Architect 1980-2000; Code Consultant 2000- Present
BAC Fall 2002- Present
Architecture (MA)
"Appropriate Technology" Green Cities An A-to-Z Guide Cohen, Nevin, ed. Sage Publications, Inc. May 2010; "Wetlands" Green Cities An A-to-Z Guide Cohen, Nevin, ed. Sage Publications, Inc.
Boston Society of Architects (Chair BSA Codes Committee since 2000); American Institute of Architects
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
Interior Design Diploma, New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University, Boston, MA, 1997; Artist Diploma (1971), Master of Music (1969), New England Conservatory, Boston, MA; Bachelor of Music, BaldwinWallace College, Berea, OH, 1967.
VS365, VS7365
Wurzel Wyatt
Jaime Scott
Roger Williams University, Bachelor of Architecture 1999, Structural Engineering Minor
AS7600, EDU4030 DM2, DM4
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
Linda grew up alongside the Erie Canal in western New The BAC, 2009-Present York. She moved to Ohio and then Boston to persue her music education and career. She settled in the South Shore where she taught flute privately at home and at the Cape Code Conservatory. She was principal flutist with the Plymouth Orchestra for a short time and principal flutist with Cape Code Symphony for 20 years. An addition to her family house sparked an interest in interior design and eventually new career. Linda has been with Wessling Architects since graduating from [email protected] The interiors portion of the firm focuses on commercial design
BAC Spring 2011-Present
Solomon+Bauer Architects Inc, Watertown,
BAC Fall 2007- Present
Massachusetts, 2011 to Present; Studio Architude, Quincy,
Massachusetts, 2008 to 2011;
Goody Clancy, Boston, Massachusetts,
2005 to 2008; Peterson/Griffin Architects, Needham,
Massachusetts, 1999 to 2004
Wyatt Yeager
Stephen Richard
Yale University Master of Architecture 1988-1991
University of Virginia Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Minor in Architectural History
Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA
BAC Spring 2013
2005 ­ Present
Assistant Director of Planning and Design and Campus
Architect; Capital Projects Management; Ayers/Saint/Gross
Architects + Planners Baltimore, MD
2004 ­ 2005; Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott
Boston, MA
1996 ­ 2004; William Rawn Associates Boston, MA
1992 ­ 1996; Barton Myers Associates Los Angeles, CA
Summer 1990; Shope Reno Wharton Architects
Greenwich, CT
Summer 1989; Eisenman-Robertson Architects
Charlottesville, VA
1987 - 1988; Bower Lewis Thrower Architects
Philadelphia, PA
Spring 1987; Dagit Saylor Architects Philadelphia, PA
Spring 1986;
Kling Lindquist, Inc. Philadelphia, PA
Spring 1985
License/Registration N/A
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
Advisory Board- [email protected];
International Interior Design
Association- Associate Member
Registered Architect in "Giuseppe Terragni: Two Projects", Exhibit Massachusetts since 1994 designer (license number 9287) Giuseppe Terragni: Squaring the Circle, Exhibit book co-author
American Institute of Architects (AIA) Boston Society of Architects (BSA) Association of University Architects (AUA) Certificate of National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) Society of College and University Planning (SCUP) Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Chronicle for Higher Education National Trust for Historic Preservation BSA/SCUP Roundtable ­ Executive Committee Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (ICA) - New Group: Executive Planning Committee Boston Athenaeum Roslindale Village Main Street Design Committee DOCOMOMO, New England Chapter
M.F.A., Graduate Diploma, School of the Museum of Fine DM4 Arts 1987\ School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Undergraduate Photography major 1986\ B.A., Seikei University, Tokyo, Japan 1979-82
Keitaro Yoshioka Photography 1997-Present
Faculty member of the photography
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
department at the
Polaroid 40"x80" room sized camera studio 1987-1996 Massachusetts College of Arts and Design
Boston Architectural College 2004-
New England School of Photography 2005-
BAC Spring 2014
BAC Spring 2014
Japanese Artist Association of New York ( Member of the board of trustee)
Faculty Member Last Faculty Member
First Name
Courses Taught at the BAC
2005-2007 University of Kentucky , College of Design SI7102 Lexington, KY Master of Historic Preservation (M.H.P.) 2001-2005 Bucks County Community College Newtown, PA Certificate - Historic Preservation 1994-1999 Millersville University Millersville, PA Bachelor of Arts ­ History
Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
August 2007 Historic Preservation Master's Project
BAC Fall 2012
Survey and Analysis of the Upper Reaches of Boone Creek
Rural Historic District, Clark and Fayette Counties,
April 2007 Pine Mountain Settlement School Pine
Mountain, KY
Re-pointing Workshop Using Lime Putty Mortar
Sept. 2006 Paper Presentation at the Kentucky State
Historic Preservation Conference
"The Modern Home in Lexington, KY: Comparing the
Vision and Reality of the Postwar Residential Home"
2005-2007 Hunt-Morgan House Lexington, KY
Resident Caretaker and Docent
2005-2007 Research Assistant, CHAP, University of
Kentucky Lexington, KY
2004 Penn DOT Harrisburg, PA
Section 106: Principles and Practice Workshop
2002-2003 NPS ­ Historic Preservation Training Center
Various Locations Historic Door Preservation and
Fabrication Workshops
B. Arch., Boston Architectural College
Zimmerman Zsembery
Sally Rachel
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA Bachelor of Architecture (completed May 2001) Minor in Architecture History
TS7303 TM7544
Majgel Architects 2010- Present Designer 2009-2010 Nayak Architects 2003-2005
Freelance BAC Spring 2010- Present Cubellis 2005-2009
BAC Spring 2013, Spring 2014
Bergmeyer Associates, Inc., Boston, MA
BAC Spring 2012- Present
Senior Associate (September 2002 - present); Lami Grubb
Architects, Pittsburgh, PA
Job Captain (June 2001 - August 2002);
Damianos+Anthony, Pittsburgh, PA
Architectural Intern (January 2000-May 2000);
Oudens+Knoop Architects, PC, Chevy Chase, MD
Architectural Intern (May 1999 - August 1999);
Historic American Engineering Record (HAER),
Harrisburg, PA
Architect Technician (June 1998-August 1998)
License/Registration N/A
Selected Publications/ Recent Research Professional Memberships
2006-present Blue Grass Trust for
Historic Preservation
2002-present Sigma Pi Kappa, Historic
Preservation Honor Society
2002-present National Trust for
Historic Preservation
Friends of Fort Point, Make a Point
Competition; BSA/ {echa-Kucha: The Future
of the Greenway
Registered Architect Massachusetts
Architecture and Urbanism (A+U) - "Virtual American Institute of
Construction," August 2009
Architects/Boston Society of
Autodesk - Featured customer success story Architects
"Explore before you build. Bergmeyer
Member 2002 - present
Associates streamlines L.L. Bean retail store Women in Design Mentoring Program
designs with Autodesk® BIM
software." 2009
LEED Accredited Professional
Display and Design Ideas (DDI) - "A Better Participant in the LEED for Retail CI
Bean," May 2008
Pilot Program (L.L. Bean)
Environmental Design + Construction -
Greenbuild 2008 Host Committee
"Selling Sustainability," May 2008
BoD member and Volunteer Sub-
Green and Design - Authored the article Committee Co-Chair (2007 - 2008)
"LEED for Retail: What to expect from the Massachusetts Chapter: Chair of
USGBC's newest pilot program" in the
Special Events Committee (2010 -
March/April 2009 inaugural edition
USGBC online - L.L. Bean Mansfield featured Retail Design Institute (formerly
as a USGBC Profile Project
Institute of Store Planners)
VMSD - Featured profile in the "Checking Member 2004 - present
Out" column, March 2009
Board of Directors - Events
- "Appetite for Innovation," February 2010 Committee Chair (2006)
VMSD Magazine
Editorial Advisory Board (2009 -

NY Alfred, MR Studio, MA Somerville, KA Center

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