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Content: Guides to Special Collections in the Music Division of the Library of Congress GEORGE MOSS COLLECTION Finding aid URL: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS WASHINGTON 2000
Table of Contents Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . iii Scope and Content Note . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . iv Container List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 MUSIC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 ii
Introduction The George Moss Collection was given to the Library of Congress in 1996 by Fairleigh Dickinson University. Originally, the collection contained approximately 5,000 78-rpm discs, nearly 550 cylinders, several phonographs, record catalogs, and twelve boxes of sheet music. This finding aid is a listing in alphabetical order by composer and title of the more than 1,000 sheet music titles. The 78-rpm discs, cylinders, photographs and record catalogs are in the custody of the M/B/RS Division. There are no restrictions on viewing any of the materials in this collection. The status of copyright and literary rights in any of this material is unclear. Many of the materials in this collection are extremely fragile and patrons are asked to use extreme care in handling. This Finding Aid was prepared with Corel WordPerfect 8 and Procite. An automated version is available from the staff of the Performing Arts Reading Room.
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Scope and Content Note All of the items in the Music Division's George Moss Collection are piano-vocal scores dating from the years 1885 to 1935 with the bulk of the materials dating from the years 1900 to 1925. Among the composers whose music is represented here are Irving Berlin, Joe Burke, Harry Carroll, Ivan Caryll, George M. Cohan, Walter Donaldson, Gus Edwards, Leo Fall, Fred Fischer, Rudolf Friml, George Gershwin, Alex Gumble, Silvio Hein, Victor Herbert, Louis A. Hirsch, Max Hoffmann, Joseph E. Howard, Raymond Hubbell, Jerome Kern, Maurice Levi, George W. Meyer, Jimmie V. Monaco, Cole Porter, Alfred G. Robyn, Richard C. Rodgers, Sigmund Romberg, Jean Schwartz, Abner Silver, Dave Stamper, John Stromberg, Harry Tierney, Harry von Tilzer, Egbert van Alstyne, Harry Warren, Percy Wenrich, and Gus Williams. Processed by William Nelson, Music Technician Robert Saladini, Music Specialist iv
MUSIC Box/Folder 1
Container List Contents Abrahams, Maurice He'd have to get under - get out and get under Adams, Robert J. Just for a day Ager, Milton I'm doing what I' doing for love Akst, Harry Birmingham Bertha Dinah Gypsy charmer Albert, Fred Behind the scenes Aletter, W. The favorite (schottisch) Allen, Thornton W . (arranged by) Bowdoin songs (various titles) Allen, Thos. S. Any rags? Alter, Louis I've got sand in my shoes Altman, Hyman Die M utter's Gebet (A mother's prayer) Ambrose, R. S. One sweetly solemn thought Anderson, Will R. Tessie, you are the only, only, only Andrieu, Harry After the war is over will there be any home sweet home? Archer, Harry I love you! (cover only) Arlen, Harold God's country
George Moss Collection
Contents Arne, Thomas A. Rule, Britannia!
Arnold, Samuel The star spangled banner
Arthurs, George Will you sing this glee with me
Austin, Gene and Charles Bates Old pals are the best pals after all
Axt, William Don Juan
Ayer, Nat. D. Father keeps on doing it
Bacon, Elizabeth Clayton We'll bring our heroes home
Baker, Phil and Sid Silvers and Abe Lyman Did you mean it?
Ball, Ernest R. Good-bye, good luck, God bless you To have, to hold, to love
Barney and Seymore St. Louis tickle
Barris, Harry Little Dutch mill
Baxter, Phil Going! Going!! Gone!!! I'm a ding dong daddy
Bayes, Nora and Jack Norworth Back to my old home town Falling star For months and months and months If it were not for dear old father I'm glad I'm a boy and I'm glad I'm a girl Mister moon-man turn off the light Sadie Brady Shine on, harvest moon Young America
Bayes, Nora and Irving Fisher and Harry Akst All my life
Bayha, Jack Elliott and Chris Smith
George Moss Collection
Contents It takes a good man
Bayly, Thomas Daynes My son Tom
Beetho, Chas. Cinda Lou
Behim, Arthur E. Pullman porter man
Behrens, S. My love and I
Benjamin, Bennie and George W eiss Pianissimo
Benoit, Geo. and Robert Levenson and Ted Garton My Belgian rose
Berle, Milton and Buddy Arnold and Robert Mellin I
Berlin, Irving and Ted Snyder I want to be in Dixie
Berlin, Irving and Ted Snyder Take a little tip from Father
Berlin, Irving Alexander's ragtime band All alone Along came Ruth Always Bells Ding dong Extra! Extra! Eyes of youth Happ y little country girl How many times? I can always find a little sunshine in the Y. M. C. A. I love a piano I never had a chance I'd like my picture took I've got my captain working for me now Just one way to say I love you Keep on walking Let's take an old-fashioned walk Mandy Move over Nobody knows Now it can be told The old maids ball
George Moss Collection
Contents A pretty girl is like a melody Ragtime violin! Remember Say it isn't so Say it with music Settle down in a one horse town The syncopated walk The international rag They've got me doin' it now This is the life This year's kisses What'll I do?
Berlin, Irving and Edgar Leslie and George W. Meyer Let's all be Americans now
Beyer, Ferdinand Trois daguerreotypes musicales sur Le Proprhкte, op. 123
Bigelow, F. E. Our director
Birch, Harry (arranged by) Stick to your mother Tom
Bernard, Felix and Johnny S. Black Dardanella
Blumenthal, Jacques The two angels, op. 8
Bohm, Carl Charge of the Uhlгns, op. 213
Bo nita Come out and shine, oh, minster moon
Borel, Charles and Clerc La sorella
Bowers, Robert Hood The little chauffeur The walking delegate
Bradbury, William B. Victory at last!
Braham, John Ba rcaro lle I'm a pedagogue Rowing on the lake
Braman, C. T.
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder 2
Contents Grave of Rosabel Bratton, J. W . Mary's not as green as she looks Breau, Louis and Nat Sanders Sing a song of Swanee Breitenfeld, Emil The last long mile Breuer, Ernest W hen the boys from Dixie eat the melon on the rhine Brian, Donald Honeymoon Bridges, Ethel Hawaiian lullaby Briquet, Jean The boogie boo Nevermore Briquet, Jean and Adolf Philipp Oh Gustave Brockman, James and Nat Osborne The silvery man in the silvery moon Brockman, James and Leonard Stevens and B. B. B. I faw down an' go boom! Brooks, Harvey I want you I need you Brown, Billie and Anna Welker Brown and Fred Heltman The star and the rose Brown, Fleta Jan In the candle light Brown, Lew and Billy Rose and Ray Henderson If you hadn't gone away Brown, Nacio Herb Chant of the jungle Pagan love song Temptation Brymn, James T. Josephine, my Jo
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder
Contents Buck, Gene and Dave Stamper Honey-bunch Buck, Gene and James Hanley Who do you love? Burch, Edwin Sunset Sue Burke, Joe Go to bed Midnight blue On treasure island A soldier's rosary Tip-toe thru' the tulips with me Burt, Benjamin Hapgood I'd rather two step than waltz, Bill Wal, I swan! Burtnett, Earl Some day Burtnett, Earl and Joseph A. Burke Down Honolulu way Caddigan, Jack and Chick Story Little French mother, good-bye! Caddigan, Jack and James A. Brennan The rose of `No-man's-land' Cahill, William I want to be a soldier Caldwell, A. Payson Don't you want to be my bow-wow-wow Caldwell, Anna The ghost of the banjo coon Cantor, Eddie and Billy Moll and Murray Mencher I haven't heard a single word from baby Carle, Richard A lemon in the garden of love Carmichael, Hoagy After twelve O'clock Carmichael, Hoagy, and Stanley Adams Little old lady
George Moss Collection
Contents Carroll and Fields On the Mississippi
Carroll, Harry Home lights I long to see I'm always chasing rainbows I'm so sympathetic A kiss for Cinderella Let's all go around to Mary Ann's The little church around the corner Off with the old love, on with the new! Rain with the sunshine Roll on, Missouri You're just a little bit better
Carson, Milton My love and devotion
Caryll, Ivan Goo dbye girls I'm through J'aime mon amour! Oh, this love Only in dreams The sparkling moselle Wait till the cows come home
Cawthorn, Herbert Dat coon's got a soft spot fo' me
Chadwick, Henry W inter evening quadrilles
Christie, George I'll love you sweetheart Sue
Christinи That's love with a capital L
Churchill, Frank E. Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
Claribel W e'd better bide a wee
Clark, Kenneth S. The homesick yankee W hen you steal a kiss, or two
Cobb, George L. All aboard for Dixie land
Claypoole, Ed. B. I don't want to marry you
George Moss Collection
Contents Cobb, George L. Are you from Dixie? Listen to that Dixie band
Cobb, George L. and Edwards If a girl like you, loved a boy like me
Coh an , G eo rg e M . Ain't it awful The American rag time The boys that fight the flames The Brookfield Cohan's pet names Come on down town Drink with me F-A-M -E Gee, Ain't I glad I'm home He was a wonderful man I say Flo I want you If I were only mister Morgan If mister Boston Lawson has his way I'm awfully strong for you I'm in love with one of the stars In' a one night stand Jack and Jill Kid days Let's take an old-fashioned walk Life's a funny proposition after all Love will make or break a man M -O-N -E-Y The man who owns Broadway
Coh an , G eo rg e M .
Nellie Kelly I love you
Oh, you coon!
Oh, you wonderful girl
Over there
Put a bet down for me
The small town gal
Telephone me baby
That's some love
Then I'd be satisfied with life
There's something about a uniform
Think it over carefully
Villains in the play
Waltz with me
When we are M -A-double R-I-E-D
When you come back
The Yankee Doodle Boy
You remind me of my mother
George Moss Collection
Contents You're a grand old flag
Cohan, George M. and Chas. J. Gebest The Yankee prince
Cole, Bob Gimme de leavins The maiden with the dreamy eyes Under the bamboo tree
Conlin, James There's no more Buster Brown
Conrad, Con and Gumble In November or December I will marry you
Conrad, Con Ma Moonlight Oh! Frenchy
Conrad, Con and J. Russel Robinson Palesteena
Conrad, Con and Ben Oakland and Milton Drake The champagne waltz
Conrad, Con and Sidney D. Mitchell and Archie Gottler Walking with Susie
Cooper, Joe I've been floating down the old Green River
Cook, Will Marion Returned
Coots, J. Fred One minute to one
Corliss, Edward W. Psyche
Cowan, Lynn Secrets
Cowles, Eugene Forgotten
Craven, Frank and John Golden It's a small world
Crawford, Clifton I want to spread a little sunshine
George Moss Collection
Contents My best girl and me Nancy Brown
Creamer and Layton Good-by Alexander
Crofts, Henry Oh! the boys are marching home from the war
Crosby, L. V. H. Kitty Clyde
Crouch, F. Nicholls Kathleen Mavourneen She loves me!
Cull, A. W e are coming, Father Abra'am
Curtiss, N. P. B. Ben Bolt's reply
Culvillier, Charles Let the music play
Daffan, Ted I'm a fool to care
Daggett, Parker Hayward Phillips exeter
Daly, Jos. M. Chicken reel Sympathetic Sue
Daly, William Every day Old New England home
Daniels, Charles N. Every day On Mobile bay
D'Armond, Isabel Everybody's pickin' on me
Davidson, W. B. Hi-lee-i-lee-o-lee
Davis, Benny and Joe Burke Carolina moon
Davis, Benny and Harry Akst
George Moss Collection
Contents Everything's gonna be all right
De Carme, George In the heart of a rose
De Costa, Harry The little grey mother
de Koven, Reginald Coo-ee Creole days The fencing master Red feather
De Rose, Peter Rain Wagon wheels
De Sylva, B. G. and Arthur J. Jackson But after the ball was over!
De Sylva, B. G. and Lew Brown and Ray Henderson Pickin' cotton So blue
De Voll, Cal Alabama lullaby
Di Capua, Eduardo `O sole mio! (edited by Claude Lapham)
Dillon, Will Brazilian dreams My granfather's girl
Dixon, Mort and Harry Woods I'm nuts about mutts
Donaldson, Walter My buddy Seven or eleven A thousand good nights Yes Sir, that's my baby You're a million miles from nowhere
Donaldson, Will and Rubey Cowan Everybody's crazy over Dixie
Dougherty, Byrd
Downs, Billy and Ernie Erdman I'm going back to Carolina
George Moss Collection
Contents Drake, Milton and Walter Kent and Abner Silver Pu-leeze! Mister Hemingway!
Drake, Milton and Al Hoffman and Jerry Livingston Lalapaluza Lu
Dreyer, Dave and Ballard MacDonald Hoosier hop
Dusenberry, E. F. The land of golden dreams
Earl, Mary When the boys come home
Earl, Mary and Ted Fiorito Just like a rainbow
Edwards, Gus The comet and the earth Coney Island The daughter of the regiment Dear old East Side I lost my heart in Honolulu I'm in love with you In Zanzibar Nobody but you The winsome widow
Edwards, Julian The country girl Dolly Varden The land of love The motor girl
Edwards, Leo First love Isle d'amour We've had a lovely time so long good-bye
Egan, J. C. That's the kind of baby for me
Eisler, Paul Love lives on
Elliott, Zo There's a long, long trail
Ellis, M. Melville When love is young
Emmett, Dan
George Moss Collection
Contents Dixie's land
Engelmann, H. Dolly Varden
Englander, Ludwig Climbing the ladder of love Coxey's army! Please tell me what they mean?
Erdman, Ernie and Roger Lewis I'm a long way from T ipperary
Evans, George In the good old summer time When the roses bloom in Dixie land
Eysler, Edmund A husband in love with his wife Little Miss-Understood
Eysler, Edmund and Oliver Herford Because I love her
Fagan, Barney The joys of an Irish dance
Fain, Sammy A kiss in the moonlight
Fall, Leo Anna, what's wrong with you? The dollar princess Inspection Love's a race Music caressing of violins My dream of love
Farrell, William H. The T itanic is doomed and sinking
Feist, Leo There's room for one more star
Felix, Hugo Evelyn In the dark
Fenstad, E. A. Stein song
Finck, Herman In the shadows
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder
Contents Fiorito, Ted Sometime Fischer, Fred Come, Josep hine in my flying machine I'll be good, but I'll be lonesome Norway Peg o' my heart Rosenbaum Take her back to your heart once again Wee wee Marie Fischer, Fred and Grant Clarke There's a little bit of bad in every good little girl Fitzgibbon, Bert Alabama Sam Flath, P. Hans My pretty moon Flynn, John H. Yip-i-addy-i-ay! Foster, Stephen C. Fairy belle Magie by my side Francis, William T. Echo Kate O'Brien The leader of Vanity Fair Light of my life Priscilla Queenie with her hair in a braid Frankenstein, A. F. I love you, California Franklin, Jennie That's all Freed, Arthur Hold me in your arms again Frey, Hugo A perfect lady Friedland, Anatol My little Persian rose My sist' Tetrazin' The way to kiss
George Moss Collection
Contents Friedland, Anatol and Carey Morgan My own Iona
Friedlander, William B. I saved a waltz for you Pitter-patter
Friedman, Leo When you walked into my heart
Friedman, Max When I said goodbye to you
Frields, Olive L. and Harry L. Newman Cannibal isle
Friend, Cliff and Irving Caesar Sweethearts forever
Friml, Rudolf Bring back my blushing rose Florida, the moon and you High Jinks Indian love call I've told my love Listen dear Love for sale! Ro se-M arie Something seems tingle-ingleing Song of the vagabonds
Furth, Seymour Budweiser's a friend of mine Hear the pickaninny band
Gebest, Charles J. I want to look like Lillian Russell
Gebest, Charles J. We will go, go to go-go
Gershwin, George
At half past seven
Beautiful gypsy
Boy wanted
Boy! what love has done to me!
By and by
Come to the moon
Dance with you
George Moss Collection
Contents Dancing shoes Delishious Do what you want! Drifting along with the tide Ev'rybody knows I love somebody Feeling I'm falling Feeling sentimental Fidgety feet From now on Got a rainbow Hangin' around with you Harlem serenade Heaven on earth Hey! hey! let er' go! I don't think I'll fall in love today I found a four leaf clover I got plenty o' nuttin' I love you I mean to say I must be home by twelve o'clock I need a garden I want to be a war bride Idle dreams In the Mandarin's orchard garden It's a great little world! I've got to be there The Jijibo Just to know you are mine K-ra-zy for you Katinkitschka Kickin' the clouds away Kongo Kate Let `em eat cake Let's be lonesome together Let's kiss and make up The life of a rose Limehouse nights Little jazz bird Lo-la-lo The love of a wife Lu Lu Luckiest man in the world Mah-Jongg Midnight bells My cousin in Milwaukee My fair lady My lady My log-cabin home Nashville nightingale Night time in Araby Nightie-night No one else but that girl of mine Nobody but you
George Moss Collection
Contents Oh gee! -oh joy! Oh, Kay Oh, so nice Oh, what she hangs out On and on and on On my mind the whole night long Pep ita Poppyland Rhapsody in blue (arranged by Henry Levine) Rose of Madrid Say so! Scandal walk Seventeen and twenty-one Shall we dance She's just a baby Show me the town The signal The simple life So are you! So what? Some rain must fall Some wonderful sort of someone Somebody from somewhere Somehow it seldom com es true Someone Someone believes in you Something about love The songs of long ago South Sea isles Spanish love Strike up the band for U. C. L. A. The sunshine trail Swanee rose Swanee Tee-oodle-um-bum-bo Tell me more! That American boy of mine There is nothing too good for you There's more to the kiss than the sound They all laughed Three times a day To male Tra-la-la Treat me rough Tum on and tiss me Tune in Union square Virginia, don't go too far! W aiting for the sun to come out W alking home with Angeline We're pals What are we here for? Where East meets West
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder 6
Contents W here is she? Where is the man of my dreams Where you go I go Where's the boy? here's the girl! Why do I love you? The world is mine Yan-kee The Yankee Dood le blues Yankee Doodle rhythm Year after year You've got what gets me Gershwin, George and William Daly Innocent Ingenue baby Gershwin, George and Jack Green You and I Gershwin, George and Herbert Stothart You are you Gibson, Joe and Joe Ribaud and Joe Gold Grieving for you Gideon, Melville J. The Billiken man Oh! that Yankiana rag Take me `round in a taxi cab Gilbert, Jean The village band Gilmore, P. S. Good nes form home Glogau, Jack Pussy willow waltzes There's a garden in Old Italy W ake up, America! Godfrey, Fred and Harry Gifford Hallo! little Miss U. S. A. Goetz, E. Ray The dreamy Parisian croon You're just the girl I'm looking for Goetz, E. Ray and Joe Goodwin My croony melody Goetz, E. Ray and Joe Young and Pete Wendling Yaaka hula hicky dula
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder
Contents Gold, Joe and Edmund J. Porray Ev'rybody shimmies now Golden, Earnest My sweetie knows Golden, John L. I can dance with everybody but my wife I want him saved You can't play every instrument in the band Goodhart, Al I owe you Gordon, Mack and Harry Revel Without a word of warning Gorney, Jay Brother, can you spare a dime? I found a dream Gottler, Archie America, I love you Don't' be like that In the gold fields of Nevada W hen they go through a tunnel Gottler, Archie and Sidney Clare and Maceo Pinkard There must be somebody else Gounod, Charles Choeur des soldats (Soldier's chorus from Faust arranged by Brinley Richards) Graham, Ronny I'm in love with Miss Logan Grand, Murray and Elisse Boyd Guess who I saw today Grant, Bert Arrah go on, I'm gonna go back to Oregon If I knock the "l" out of Kelly Greer, Jesse Say it again Griffin and Murtagh Toodle-oodle-oodle on your piccolo Grobe, Charles (arranged by) America (God Save the Queen), op. 1053 Grand Hallelujah, op. 664
George Moss Collection
Contents Gumble, Albert Alexander's band is back in dixieland Give a little credit to the Navy If war is what Sherman said it was Irish fluffy ruffles Rebecca of Sunny-brook farm The wedding of the sunshine and the rose
Gumble, Mos Mariar
Hall, Foley Ever of thee
Haller and Stafford I'm going to be a soldier and fight for the U. S. A.
Hanby, B. R. Darling Nelly Gray
Handel He shall feed his flock
Hammerstein, Arthur and Dudly Wilkinson Because of you
Hanley, James F. Honey be mine Lost My world begins and ends with you Three wonderful letters form home
d'Hardelot, Guy Three green bonnets
Harnick, Sheldon Boston beguine
Harriman, Al In the town where I was born
Harris, Charles K. After the ball Hello Central, give me heaven
Hautsch, Fred W. Maggie polka
Havez, Jean C. Broke Uncle quit work too
Hawley, C. B.
George Moss Collection
Contents In a garden In the deeps o' the daisies
Heartz, H. L. Adios
Hein, Silvio The Booker T 's are on parade today Coo! coo! I will always love you, dear It's an awful thing to not know where you are Noah Toddle all over town When you're all dressed up and no place to go W on't you let me build a nest for you?
Hein, Silvio and Roy Webb When dreams come true
Heller, Jerome The Rosary
Henderson, Adolph Give me shelter, grub and spending change
Henderson, Ray Bam bam bamy shore I'm in love with you that' s why
Henry S. R. and D. Onivas Indianola (cover only)
Herbert, Victor
Absinthe Frappи
Cupid, the cunnin' Paudeen
Don Josи of Sevilla
Dream love
Dreaming, dreaming
Everybody else's girl looks better to me than mine
Far up the hill
The floral wedding
free trade and a misty moon
Go while the goin' is good
Goddess of mine
The happy land of once upon a time
Hear my song of love
The hen and the weather vane
I can't do the sum
I envy the bird
I guess I talk too much
I love thee, I adore thee
I want to be a naughty little girl
George Moss Collection
Contents I want what I want when I want it I wish I was an island in an ocean of girls If I could teach my Teddy Bear to dance I'll be married to the music of a military band I'll ring the bell In the isle of our dreams Indian Summer The Jack O ' Lantern girl Jolicoeur and chorus The legend of the mill A little class of one A little girl at home Love and I are playing Love boat Love is the best of all The mascot of the troop Mignonette Naughty Marietta The nightingale and the star Oh! oh! oh! Out of his heart The princess of my dreams Remember the old continentals Reveries Rose of the world The same old two Some one like you Something always happens when it shouldn't! Stars and rosebuds The tattooed man Tell it allover again There's just one girl I'd like to marry Twenty years ago! There's nothing the matter with you What fools we mortals be W hen Cupid is the postman W hen you're pretty and the world is fair (incomplete) Whistle it A widow has ways Won't you be my Valentine You never can tell about a woman
Herzer, W allie Everybody two step
Hess, Cliff and Milton Ager and Howard Johnson Freckles
Hickman, Art and Ben Black Hold me
Hilbury, Charles and Fred Murray Man, man, man
George Moss Collection
Contents Hill, Billy In the chapel in the moonlight The last round-up
Hill, J. Leubrie The trombone man
Hilliam, B. C. Please learn to love
Hirsch, Louis A. Bachelor days City of dreams Elevation I left her on a beach at Honolulu I'll be a Santa Claus to you Marie Odile When I hear a syncopated tune
Hirsch, Louis A. and Gene Buck and Dave Stamper List'ning on some radio
Hirsch, Louis A. and Dave Stamper Garden of my dreams Nobody but you
Hodgkins, Gene
Those ragtime melodies
Hoffman, Gertrude Kiss-kiss-kiss
Hoffmann, Max The adorable Toreador Be my little teddy bear By the old oak tree My Irish maid
Hoffmann, Gertrude On San Francisco Bay
Holmиs, Augusta L'heure d'azur L'heure de purpre
Horne, Marie The Ingle nook
Hoschna, Karl For every boy who's lonely, there's a girl who's lonely too (cover only) The girl who wouldn't spoon I'll build for you a little nest I've been stung
George Moss Collection
Contents Madame Sherry The Yama-yama man
Howard, Joseph E. Honey will you miss me when I'm gone I don't like your family Somewhere in France Waltz me till I'm dreamy
Howard and Phillips I am going home
Howard, Richard Face to face with the girl of my dreams
Hubbell, Raymond Beautiful girl Hello! I've been looking for you In the beautiful garden of girls In the pale moonlight Keep your love for me The ladder of roses Sleep time, my honey! What am I going to do to make you love me When you meet her in the summer time W histle when you walk out
Hupfeld, Herman As time goes by
Hutchinson, Edward Sammy
Ingraham, Herbert I'll be back in a minute, but I got to go now W hy don't you spend something else besides the evening?
Jacobi, Victor Love of mine On Miami shore When Cupid calls W hen the wedding bells are ringing
Jacobs-Bond, Carrie The end of a perfect day A hundred years from now Life's garden
Jakobowski, Ed. Lullaby from "Ermine" Overture from "Ermine"
James, Emerson
George Moss Collection
Contents Boys of the king
Janis, Elsie For the Lord's sake play a waltz
Jentes, Harry I don't want to get well
J ero me, B en jamin M . Blooming Lize The dusky Salome Under the honeymoon What color eyes do you love best?
Jerome, Benjamin M. and Louis A. Hirsch Merry wedding bells
Jerome, M. K. Jazz baby Swanee Sue W hy don't you answer me?
Johnson, Billy B. Yo' eyes are open, but yo' sound asleep
Johnson, Howard and Percy Wenrich W here do we go from here?
Johnson, Rosamond Come my love and go with me Who do you love?
Johnston, Arthur Moon song
Johnston, Arthur and Sam Coslow the day you came along
Jolson, Al Evangeline Yoo-hoo
Jolson, Al and Vincent Rose Avalon
Jolson, Al and B. G. De Sylva and Con Conrad Morning will come
Jones, Bobby Take me to the chicken ball
Jones, Irving Honey you're the warmest gal in town
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder 9
Contents Jones, Sidney Chon Kina Joyce, Billy and Rubey Cowan Gone are the days Joyce, Archibald Vision of Salome Kбlmбn, Emmerich Kitty please give me a kiss A little country mouse Softly thro' the summer night Throw me a rose Kalmar, Bert I want a ragtime bungalow Kaplan, Dave Susan Keene-Bean and Frankie Masters Scatter-brain Keithley, E. Clinton Garland of old fashioned roses Kenbrovin, Jaan and John William Kellette I'm forever blowing bubbles Kendis, James and Charles Bayha Come o ut of the kitchen Mary Ann Kendis, James and James Brockman and Howard Johnson Feather your nest Kenneth, Richard Sweet Kitty Grey Kerker, Gustave Fat boy Trip around the town Kern, Jerome And I am all alone All that I want is somebody to love me (copyist's ms.) Ballooning Before I met you A boat sails on Wednesday The bull-frog patrol By the Blue Lagoon Bygone days
George Moss Collection
Contents The casino music hall (copyist's ms.) see All that I want is somebody to love me) Cheer up! girls The crickets are calling Don't turn my picture to the wall Don't you want a paper, dearie? A fine romance Frieda Have a heart He must be nice to mother Honeymoon land Honeymoon lane How'd you like to spoon with me? I can't say you're the only one I wonder why I'd like to meet your father In love with love It's a hard, hard world I've a million reasons I've been waiting for you all the time Just let me look at you The land of let's pretend Let us build a little nest Look for the silver lining Love is like a little rubber band Love O'Mike (arranged by Charles Grant) Mary Mc Gee Mee t me at twilight Mind the paint Mitzi's lullaby My boy Nesting time in Flatbush Never marry a girl with cold feet! Not here! not here! Not yet Not-you! An old fashioned wife Once in a blue moon Pie Saturday night Smoke gets in your eyes Some sort of somebody Someone Susan Suzette and her pet Ta, ta, little girl Teacher-teacher That come hither look (copyist's ms.) see All I want is somebody to love me) They all look alike Three hundred and sixty-five days (copyist's ms.) see All I want is somebody to love me) Wedding bells are calling me When the ships come home W ithout the girl-inside! You never can tell
George Moss Collection
Contents You never knew about me You said something (cover only) You're here and I'm here
Kern, Jerome and John Golden My Celia
Kern, Jerome and Henry Kailimai On the shore at Le Lei W i
Kernell, W. B. Ah, oui!
Kernell, William Sally of my dreams
King, Irving Show me the way to go home
King, Pee Wee and Redd Stewart and Chilton Price Slow poke
Kinkel, C. Sйrйnade а Marie
Klein, Arthur and Billy Gaston I don't care what you wear on Sunday
Klein, Manuel It's a long lane that has no turning Meet me where the lanterns glow Starlight maid
Kleinecke, August Harmony baby
Klickmann, F. Henri Just a dream of you, dear Old Glory goes marching on Rainbow land Tambourines and oranges
Kortlander, Max Tell me
Landman, Norman H. and Harry Wessel
Come to the carnival at old St. Paul
Lange, Arthur The beetles buzz from Scenes from childhoods yoyous days, op. 427, no. 13 In the garden Heather rose (Haiderцslein) Raus Mit Der Kaiser (He's in Dutch)
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder
Contents W hen it's orange blossom time in love land Laska, Edward I would like to marry you Lateiner and Mogulesco Das Kriegele from Dovids's Fiedele (arranged by H. A. Russotto) Latta, L. Melyne, Jr. Toddle town Lauder, Harry Roamin' in the gloamin' She is ma Daisy W e'll all go home the same way Le Boy, Grace I wish I had a girl Le Brunn, George In the royal artillery Never introduce your bloke, to your lady friend Young men lodgers Le Roy, Edward The bloomer polka Lee, Alfred Champagne Charlie Lehar, Franz The melody of love Maxim's (arranged by H. M. Higgs) W altz entrancing Leigh, Fred W. Bridget Leslie, Edgar and Harry Ruby The D ixie volunteers Levi, Maurice The Ae ro-naughty girl Christy girl It's nothing but a bubble Linger, longer, Lingerie Lyre birds Mosquito song The Nell Brinkley girl The Rajah of Broadway The soul kiss Take a tip form Venus
George Moss Collection
Contents Lewin, Leonard Desert dreams
Lindeman, Edith and Carl Stutz Little things mean a lot
Lingard, William On the beach at Long branch W alking down Broadway
Little, Jack and J. Fred Coots I wouldn't trade the silver in my mother's hair
Loder, E. J. There's a path by the river
Loesser, Frank Lovelier than ever My darling, my darling Pernambuco Where's Charley?
Logan, Frederic Knight The moonlight waltz
Longbrake, Arthur Brother Noah gave out checks for rain Nobody knows where John Brown went
Loraine, William I like you, Lil, for fair
Luders, Gustav The American girl The message of the red, red rose The real American girl
Ludovic, G. Tambour en tete
MacCarthy, Hector In your little gown and bonnet, dearie
McHugh, Jimmy My dream of a big parade
MacD onald, Ballard and Joe Goodwin and Harry Puck The little house upon the hill
Mack, Andrew Go way Mistah Moon
Mack, Cecil and Chris Smith
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder
Contents Abraham Lincoln Jones Mack, E. General Grant's grand march Macklin, Cecil Trиs Moutarde (Too much mustard) Macy, J. C. Love's lullaby Magine, Frank I'm a dreamer You're only a baby Manners, Henry Delilah Margis, Alfred Valse bleue Marion, Will Darktown is out to-night Markes, Larry and Dick Charles Mad about him, sad without him how can I be glad without him blues Marshall, Henry I. Bless your ever loving little heart Boys boys boys I've got everything I want but you Dinah Someone Marson, Cecil Bill? Bill Taft Martin, S. Wesley Let the dead and the beautiful rest Marzian, A. F. Evening chimes (Abendlдuten), op. 9, no. 1 Massenet, J. Sapho (arranged by Alphonse Daudet) Maxwell, Joe Sagamore McCarron, Charles and Carey Morgan Oh Helen! Your lips are no man's land but mine
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder 11
Contents McCarron, Charles and Frank Tyler Daniels and Ed. Moebus That lord and master of mine McCarron, Charles and Nat Vincent When old Bill Bailey plays the ukalele McConnell, George B. There's a garden in Hawaii McK enna, William Honey I'm waiting Look into my eyes and call me dearie Matrimony McNaughton, J. H. Where is our Moses? Meher, Donovan Will he answer Go goo? Meyer, George W. Always take a girl named Daisy Brass band Ephraham Jones Brown eyes- why are you blue? Here comes the bride Homeward bound Just like W ashington crossed the Delaware My mother's Rosary That mellow melody Tucky home Underneath the cotton moon Meyer, George W. and Abe Olman Johnny's in town Meyrowitz, D. Isrulik, Kim a Heim McPhail, Lindsay and Walter Michels San Millard, H. W hip-poor-will's song Mills and Everard Is your mother in, Molly Malone? Mills, A. J. and Harry Castling Just like the ivy, I'll cling to you Mills, Jack I'll buy the ring
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder
Contents Mills, Kerry At a Georgia campmeeting (cover only) The fascinating widow I'm to be a blushing bride Mizzy, Vic Three little sisters Mohr, Halsey K. Liberty bell They're wearing `em higher in Hawaii Monaco, James V. Beatrice Fairfax, tell me what to do! I'm crying just for you Row, row, row When I woke up this morning You made me love you You're a dangerous girl Monckton, Lionel Do you know Mr. Schneider? Soldiers in the park Moret, Neil The island of roses and love Niccolini Morgan, Carey and Lee David Sippin cider thru a straw Morgan, Russ and Arnold Johnson Does your heart beat for me? Morse, Theodore In the moonlight with the girl you love Sweet Swanee Sue We'll knock the Heligo-into Heliog-out of Heligoland! W hat the brass band played Motzan, Otto Shabes Koidesh That wonderful thing called love Mozart Twilight (Voi che sapete from Marriage of Figaro) Murphy and Owens and Lipton I've a garden in Sweden Muir, Lewis F. Take me to that Swanee shore
George Moss Collection
Contents Murphy, C. W. W on't you harmonize with me?
Murphy, C. W. and William Hargreaves The seaside sultan
Murphy, C. W. and Dan Lipton Who said, Girls?
Murray and Leigh Fol-the-rol-lol
Murray and Leigh When we get married
Murray, Fred All though riding on motor
Murray, Fred and George Everard The next horse I ride on
Murray, Fred and Charles Hibury Double Dutch
Murray, Jack and Al Goodhart and Al Hoffman Happy-go luck-you and broken hearted me
Nathan, Joseph S. The bull-frog and the coon
Neidlinger, W. H. Sweet Miss Mary
Nelson, Ed I've got a new job When Yankee Doodle learns to parlez vous Francais
Nelson, Ed G. and Fred M ayo I'm not jealous
Nichols, Alberta You can't stop me from lovin' you
Nolan, Michael Little Annie Rooney
Norris, Harry B. The piccadilly Johnny with the little glass eye
Norton, George A. Twenty three
Norworth, Jack
George Moss Collection
Contents Over on the Jersey side
Norworth, Ned and Abner Silver Which Hazel?
Novello, Ivor Laddie in Khaki
Nugent, Maude Sweet Matilda Jane
Oakland, Ben I'll take romance
Oesten, Theodore (arranged by) Home sweet home
O'Hara, Georffrey K-K -K-K aty
Ohman, Phil and Johnny Mercer and Macy O. Teetor Lost
O'Keefe, Walter The man on the flying trapeze (arranged by Hugo Frey) The man o n the flying trapeze (arranged by Haro ld Potter)
Olcott, Chauncey Wearers of the green
Olcott, Chauncey and Charles E. Casey Every star falls in love with its mate
Olcott, Chauncey and Daniel J. Sullivan Sweet girl of my dreams
Olman, Abe Faugh-a-ballah O-H I-O Oh Johnny, oh Johnny, oh!
Olman, Abe and Frederic Knight Logan When you sang hush-a-bye baby to me
Openshaw, John June brought the roses
Ordway, John P. Dreaming of home and mother
Orlob, Harold The call of love Waiting
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder 12
Contents Osborne, Nat take me back to the garden of love Osias, B. A little game of love Palmer, Lester M. and Jess Williams Truly I do Parkhurst, E. A. (Mrs.) Funeral March, to the memory of Abraham Lincoln Paull, E. T. Ben Hur chariot race march Charge of the Light Brigade Silver sleigh bells Paulton, Edward W orkers of the world unite! Pease, Harry and Ed. G. Nelson and Gilbert Dodge Peggy O'Neil Penn, Arthur A. Smilin' through Perkins, Frank Down a Carolina lane Perlmutter and Wohl A mensch sol men sein (Be a man) Dus lebedige yisoimele (The orphan girl) Dus pintale Yid Das Yidische herz Perrins, William H. At the end of a beautiful day Perschk, Max Suzi, I'm ticking love taps Pestalozza, A. Ciribiribin (arranged by Chester Wallis) Pether, Henry E. Don't get married any more, ma! W aiting at the church Phillips, A. Fred Good by, little girl of my dreams
George Moss Collection
Contents Piantadosi, Albert If you had all the world and its gold Pal of my cradle days Ski-da-me-rink-a-doo That's how I need you
Pierce, Pemberton All's right!
Pinkard, Maceo Aunt Jemima's jubilee Mammy o' mine
Pitts, William S. The little brown church
Polla, W. C. and Willard Goldsmith Dear heart
Pollack, Lew Cheatin' on me Two cigarettes in the dark
Pollock M uriel and Darl MacBoyle When a rambling rose goes rambling home again
Porter, Cole Buddie beware Hot-house rose How's your romance? It's de-lovely Love letter words Old fashioned garden A picture of me without you Please don't make me be good Rosalie They all fall in love Weren't we fools? W hen love comes your way Where have you been? You're too far away
Powell, Orlando Looking for the love-light in your eyes May, May, May
Power, Herbert H. That's the feeling that came over me
Prince and Reed And now I'm satisfied
P riv al, M .
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder
Contents Lullaby land Puccini, Giacomo Mimi's song Ranken, J. G. Kathinka-polka Rasbach, Oscar Trees Raynes, J. A. Sweetheart town Reed, Dave Everybody knows it's there Reingold, I A Yuhr Erst Noch Mein Chassene (arranged by H. Russotto) Reinhardt, Heinrich Day dreams, visions of bliss Fountain Fay Two little love bees Rice, Gitz We stopped them at the Marne Richman, Harry and Jack Meskill and Pete Wendling There's danger in your eyes, Cherie! Roberts, Lee S. A little birch canoe and you Smiles Robinson, Harry I Kid land Robinson, J. Russel and Theodore M orse Jazzola Robyn, Alfred G. Everybody knows it but her husband In dreams alone In the days of old Rainbow W hen it's raining The Yankee tourist
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder 13
Contents Rodgers, Richard Better be good to me Dear, oh dear! Do-re-mi Don't tell your folks How can you forget? I blush I didn't know what time it was I love you more than yesterday I must love you I'll do it again Keys to heaven Love will call Maybe it's me Moon of my delight My man is on the make Singing a love song Sleepyhead Some enchanted evening The Tartar song There's so much more This funny world A tree in the park W here's that little girl W hy can't I? You are so lovely and I'm so lonely You never say yes You're the cats Rogers, Gus and Max Rogers Queen of the bungalow Rogers, James H. Absence Wild geese Romberg, Sigmund Deep in my heart, dear Hussars march Mother `Neath a new moon One alone West Point song Why must we always be dreaming? Will you remember Root, George F. The battle cry of freedom Just after the battle Tramp! tramp! tramp!
George Moss Collection
Contents Rose, Billy and Con Conrad Barney Google
Rose, Dave Princess patches
Rose, Fred Honest and truly
Rosenfeld, Monroe H. I never like a nigger with a beard
Rubens, Paul A. Ladies Little girl, mind how you go!
Ruby, Harry The greatest battle song of all
Rumsh isk y, J . M . A mother's prayer
Russell, Bennйe Love is like that
Russell, James I. W here the river Shannon flows
Russotto, Henry A. A Mame is Der Bester Friend (Mother is your best friend)
Russotto, Henry A. (arranged by) Eili eili
Rutledge, John T. De old church yard in de lane
Saint-Saлns, Camille My heart at they sweet voice (arranged by Jerry Castillo)
Salama, A. Two guitars
Schertzinger, Victor Tangerine
Schindler, Paul and Benjamin M. Jerome Uncle Sam's marines
Schmid, Johann C. The garden of roses
Schumann, Walt
George Moss Collection
Contents Melancholy mood
Schwartz, Arthur Love is the reason
Schwartz, Jean America needs you like a mother Aurora Borealis Back to the Caroline you love Beneath the moon Down in the subway I love the ladies If I can't get the sweetie I want I'm a woman of importance In blinky, winky, chinky Chinatown Kiss your minstrel boy good-bye Meet me in rosetime Rosie Mister Dooley Sahara Sit down That coontown quartette Walking W e really ought to be married W hen the girl you love is loving W hen the Henry Clay comes steaming into Mobile Bay
Schwartz, Phil The world keeps rolling on
Schwarzwald, Milton E. Florabella
Scott, Bennett
Come down Lovers' lane
Has anyone seen a German band?
Scott, Maurice I've got rings on my fingers
Scotto, Vincent If you alone were mine It's delightful to be married!
Secunda, Sholom Dos Lied fun Liebe (The song of love)
Senna, Clarence I'm forever thinking of you
Shaw, O. The rain-drop and minstrel
Shay, Larry
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder
Contents Beautiful Sherwood, Ray At the wedding of lily and the rose Shilkert, Nathaniel Lady divine Shindler, Mary Flee as a bird Silberstein, Alex When du W einst Silиsu, Lao A little love, a little kiss Silver, Abner Bebe Give me the Sultan's harem Silver, Abner and Harry Woods I'm goin' south Sherman, Al and Al Lewis and Abner Silver No! no! a thousand times no!! Silvers, Louis By the Susquehanna shore Sloane, A. Baldwin Cupid's wireless telegraph Maid of my dreams The songs my mother sang Smith, Cris and Silvio Hein He's a cousin of mine Smith, Wilson G. Has yo' seen ma pickininny Snyder, Ted It took nineteen hundred and nineteen years Moses Andrew Jackson, good-bye Solman, Alfred The house of broken toys There's a Quaker down in Quaker town You're more than the world to me Solman, Alfred and Benjamin Hapgood Burt Milo
George Moss Collection
Contents Sousa, John Philip The Directorate The free lance From Maine to Oregon Unchain the dogs of war
Stamper, Dave Daddy has a sweetheart Dance away the night Hello my dearie I have always been the Patsy I'm crazy `bout somebody Just you and I and the moon Same old moon Starlight Tulip time When I'm looking at you Wonderful garden of love
Stastny, A. J. Dance of the moon birds
Stauffer, Aubrey Oh, Skin-nay! c'mon over That lovin' Traumerei
Stept, Same H. Tai-da-tia-da-dee
Stern, Jack I was lucky
Stevens, Vernon T. and P. Fronsini Just because
Stolz, Robert Blue eyes
Stonehill, Maurice J. My little love-bird
Stookey, Lewis L. Azalea
Stothart, Herbert Great big bear If a wish could make it so Until you say goodbye Wander away
Straus, Oscar Life is love and laughter, come join in the waltz (arranged by A. Carroll Ely) Sympathy
George Moss Collection
Contents Stromberg, John The Am erican billionaire Beautiful Arizona De cake walk queen Come down ma evenin' star Come down ma evenin' star (copyist's ms.) Easy money Poor little fluttering moths De pullman porters ball
Stromberg, John and W . T. Francis Dream one dream of me
Strouse, Horace
Annie Laurie was to be a soldier's bride
Stuart, Leslie Why do they call me a Gibson girl?
S tu lts, R . M . Bulls and bears
Styne, Jule I'm glad I waited for you It's magic
W ho am I? (copyist's ms. part for B flat tenor) Who am I?
Sullivan, Arthur The lost chord
Sully, Lew Go as far as you like
Sutton, Harry O. In a kiss Sweet Nancy Lee
Tate, James W. As you walk down the strand Be good In Barcelona I've told his missus all about him The story of a clothes line
Taylor, Billee De develin' tune I guess I'll take the train back home Well, I guess I'm bad
Taylor, Deems Mountain maiden
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder
Contents Taylor, S. E. Don't keep me guessin' Temple, Dick Why do they all make love to me Thomй, Francis Simple Aveu (simple confession) Thompson, Will L. Gathering shells form the sea shore Tierney, Harry Adoring you All pepped up Following the sun around Journey's end My baby's arms Take, oh take those lips away Tilbury, Walter On furlough Tiomkin, Dimitri The high and the mighty Tob ias, Charlie and Joe B urke In the valley of the moon Tours, Frank E. Love! love! love! Trevelyan, Arthur Down in poverty row Trix, Helen Follow me Troyer, Carlos Geronimo's own medicine song True, Lyle Carnes Triumphant naval march Ullian, Cy Sailor boy Vallee, Rudy and John Klenner I'm still caring Vallee, Rudy and Leon Zimmerman I'm just a vagabond love
George Moss Collection
Contents Van Alstyne, Egbert camp meeting time For your boy and my boy I'm wise Just a word of sympathy Navajo So long, mother Sweetie o' mine What are you going to do to help the boys? You want someone to love you You'll never miss the water till the well runs dry
Van, Gus and Joe Schenck All the boys love M ary Don't' try to steal the sweetheart of a soldier In the land where the poppies bloom
Van Heusen, Jimmy It's anybody's spring
V an derslo ot, Caird M . Japan's triumphal march
Vanderveer, Billy That ukalele band
Verge, Byron Leona
Vernor, F. Dudleigh The sweetheart of Sigma Chi
Vespo, Oliver and Tommy Russell If you knew
Vincent, Nat Please don't lean on the bell
Vincent, Nat and Billy Baskette and Billy Frisch I'm telling you
Vincent, Nat and Leon Flatow Daa dee dum!
Violinsky When Francis dances with me
Von Tilzer, Harry And the green grass grew all around Down where the Wurzburger flows Good-bye boys Harry Von Tilzer's society barn dance I'd do as much for you
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder 16
Contents I'm a little afraid of you, Broadway Oh by jingo! oh by gee! Swing, swing, swing They always pick on me Through these wonderful glasses of mine What kind of American are you? Walker, W. Raymond The honeymoon glide Wallace, William Vincent The invitation polka Sweet spirit, hear my prayer! W aller, Thomas Concentratin' Wallis, Chester (arranged by) Home on the range Ward, Edward Always and always Miss wonderful Warren, Harry Coffee in the morning Goin' to heaven on a mule I'll string along with you Shuffle off to Buffalo So this is Venice! With plenty of money and you You're getting to be a habit with me Wathall, Alfred G. Since I first met you Wayne, Bernie Miss America! Wayne, Mabel It happened in Monterey Ramona W eber, Edwin J. I love me Webster, J. P. The golden stair Wendling, Pete All the Quakers are shoulder shakers Oh! how I wish I could sleep
George Moss Collection
Contents Weldon, Frank I like Mountain Music
W ells, Jack Joan of Arc they are calling you
W enrich, Percy Come back, Dixie! Jack-O-Lantern moon Kentucky days Put on your old grey bonnet Rainbow Silver bell When you wore a tulip and I wore a big red rose
W eston and Barnes Choose her in the morning
White, C. A. Homeless to-night!
White, Elmore Gee but I'm lonesome for you
White, Willie I'd love to be a monkey in the zoo
Whiting, Richard A. And they called it Dixieland Some Sunday morning
Wilander, William and Harry Donnelly Afghanistan
W illiams, Bert Dat's harmony Let it alone You're gwine to get somethin' what you don't expect
W illiams, Edna Over the Great Divide
W illiams, Gus Cat song The crazy quilt Crime A dollar fifteen cents Dont' give de name a bad blace Dot leedle German band Dot makes fourteen The Dutch boarding house Dutch policeman Knock at the window to-night
George Moss Collection
Contents Mind and be home when the clock strikes nine My wife is so awfully stoud Mygel Snyder's barty Puss in the corner The trombone player Vat's de brice of beans, Jake? Ven my band begins to blay
Williams, W. R. Don't you remember the time?
Wilson, C. and F. Wilson Tears tell
Winterberg, Robert The lady in red The waltz of my heart's desire
Wolf, Hugo E'en little things (Auch Kleine Dinge from Italian songs, no. 1)
Wood, William M. Our nation's emblem
Woods, Harry Just a little flower shop around the corner
Woolcott, Francis Bell Brandon
Work, Henry C. Marching through Georgia
W rigley, W illiam, Jr. Spreading New England's fame
Wrubel, Allie Zip-a-dee doo-dah
Yellen, Jack and Milton Ager and Bob Bigelow Hard hearted Hannah
Youmans, Vincent Orchids in the moonlight Toodle-oo
Young, Joe and Charles Tobias and J. Fred Coots Two tickets to Georgia
Z Do you remember?
Zamecnik, J. S.
George Moss Collection
MUSIC Box/Folder
Contents Love came calling Spirit of America Zens, Paul My design for loving you Z iehrer, C . M . The Army corps Miscellaneous
George Moss Collection


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