Cyber Crime and its Challenges, Issues and Solutions Industrial and General Sector: Contemporary Scenario, PK Paul

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Content: SIT Journal of Management Vol. 3. No. 2: December 2013, Pp.533-542 Cyber Crime and its Challenges, Issues and Solutions Industrial and General Sector: Contemporary Scenario Prantosh Kr. Paul* Abstract: Cyber Crime is one of the illegal activities. This is actually a type of offence which related with Cyber Space and which includes Computer Security, Information Security, Mobile Security, and Online Security and so on. Cyber Law is basically approved by the concerned Government and works against Cyber Crime. This legal action is taken for almost all type of Cyber and Electronic Crime. Out of so many E-Crime tools; internet and e-mail are the main tool for Cyber Crime. Virtually, the increasing number as well as percentages of Cyber Crime lead the reason for Cyber Law. This paper is talks about Cyber Crime which includes its features and basics. Paper also illustrated challenges, issues and solution in relation to Cyber Crime and allied crime. At last of the paper highlights of some solution on increasing number of cyber and Electronic Crime are mentioned. Keywords:Cyber Crime, Electronic Crime, information technology Act, Computer Security, Information Security, Computer Forensic, Information Science, Challenges, Issues
*Prantosh Kr. Paul, FBAS, Bengal Engineering & Science University, Howrah, WB, India [email protected]
ISSN: 2278-9111
SIT Journal of Management Vol. 3. No. 2: December 2013, Pp.533-542
`Cyber' toady is one of the important name in the field of Information Science, Informatics, Computer Science, Legal Studies, Business and Commercial Studies and so on. Cyber Law is actually a kind of legal matter which deals with cyber related matter. Cyber Law is a bigger concept than other related domain such as Internet Crime, Computer Forensic, and Computer Security and so on. Cyber Crime is a kind of Electronic Crime. Virtually E-Crime is mainly responsible for the emergence of cyber law. Though E-Crime is a big facet and which includes so many others like- Computer, ATM machine, Mobile Phones, E-Mail, Internet, Database, Telecom Networks, Telephone, Computer Networks and so on. Cyber Law basically encompasses the laws deals with Cyber Crime, Electronic Signature and Intellectual Property Crime, Data Protection and so on[01, 05, 06]. Still people are mot aware about Cyber Crime and remedial for this type of Crime well. Thus the traditional Periphery of Cyber Law not only associated with Cyber Crime; actually the periphery is increasing and thousand of people are directly and indirectly associated with this.
Cyber Crime
Online Means
Offline Means
Fig: 1:- Types of Cyber Crime at a glace
Objectives: The main aim of this paper is includes but not limited to as follows:- To know basic about Cyber Crime and Cyber Law; To find out main emerging areas of Cyber Crime and related Knowledge Domain; To learn about the IT Act and possible solution from Cyber Crime; To learn about the Complete solution from Cyber Crime and E-Crime; To learn about E-Crime and its characteristics including contemporary and emerging types; To draw a connection as far as E-Crime is concerned; To find out E-Crime and relationship with Cyber Law.
ISSN: 2278-9111
Cyber Crime and Fundamentals:
SIT Journal of Management Vol. 3. No. 2: December 2013, Pp.533-542
Cyber Crime is actually crime of Cyber World or Cyber Space which including Mobile Crime, Internet Crime and Computer Crime. Though recent years Information Security is also fall under the category of Cyber Crime. Today many people directly and indirectly related or affected with Cyber Crime. People are still not aware about solution of such Cyber Crime.
Cyber Crime Gadgets
And so on
Fig:-2- depicted some popular cyber crime facing devices There are some differences between Cyber Crime and E-Crime but both are fall under the category of IT Act. Cyber Crime is actually the wonderful act where the computer is used either as a tool or target or both. Misuses with Computer stored documents, hacking with computer systems, Data Modification and alteration, change of some one's computer or mobile password; cheating by personalization by using computer resources are main cyber related crime are emerging day by day. Cyber Crime may be classified two way, by the online means as well as offline means. Online Cyber Crime is includes Internet, E-Mail and SMS online; where as offline crime may be damage, alter some one's data or computer, change of password etc [07, 08]. E-Crime and Types: E-Crime is includes Electronic related crime and this is may be classified as TV Based E-Crime, Mobile Based E-Crime, Internet Based E-Crime. However, depending upon availability of data this is may be classified as online security and offline security or crime. Other hand E-Crime where computer is directly involved may be classified as Computer Crime and which includes but not limited to Internet Crime/ E-Mail Crime/ Computer Network Crime/ Database Crime and so on.
ISSN: 2278-9111
Popular E Crime/ Cyber Crime
SIT Journal of Management Vol. 3. No. 2: December 2013, Pp.533-542 Hacking Computer Systems Sending offensive message/ picture Cyber Terrorism False Information Digital Signature Changing of other's e mail password Reading and change some one's information
Fig: 2- depicted some popular e crime or Cyber Crime at a glance in Contemporary scenario Like this, where computing aided crime is there called indirectly E-Crime; such as ATM Crime, Mobile Crime, TV Crime, Video or Camcorder Dealing Crime and so on. Though out of these, following are considered as main E-Crime:-
E-Crime with TV- In such case some TV programmes are comes with so many prizes and offers and ask very simple questions. They tell send your answer by sms or by telephone by they did not inform about phone or sms charges and condition applicable for wining such prizes[10, 11]. By this, so may of us try to avail the prize by making SMS and phone calls. TV programme of such kind may also fall under this category. Like this, so many advertisements are come on TV with many product mat also misleading and fall under E-Crime.
E-Crime with Internet- Internet based E-Crime are most challenging in the field of E-Crime. Here, internet is normally consider as sending Violating data or unexpected content or reading some one's main and so on.
E-Crime with Mobile- Mobile is most popular device which is now fall under the category of ECrime. In such practice, hackers may involve in side the Mobile during Internet and Bluetooth operation. Sending offensive message picture is also a kind of E-Crime fall under this category. Sending some interesting message regarding `Rewards/ Win huge amount by You' from some unknown number and talks from reputed companies are also treated as important crime with Mobile Phones.
ISSN: 2278-9111
SIT Journal of Management Vol. 3. No. 2: December 2013, Pp.533-542 E-Crime with ATM- In this case fraud and cheater if knows user's passwords and get whole money as soon as possible and some cases if receive Card too. Another way is use of Adhesive in the bottom of ATM Machine and use of `fake card based operation' as soon as actual user leaves the ATM. Some time, fraud may send falls message to the user and they may ask to send each details of the ATM borrower with passwords. Some way of Cyber Crime: There are so many ways in which it is possible to do Cyber Crime; Which are listed briefly as follows:- Creation of hidden video and/ or disseminating through the net or through the Social Networking or as Hardcopy of CDROM what ever it may be is also a serious offence related to Cyber Crime; Misuse of video, addition and alteration and delete of video, Audio or any content of some one's is also a important cyber crime to be consider; Hacking some one's e mail or banking portal or social networking site and personal WebPages and read all the messages and changes or even delete is the higher degree of crime; Use of offensive message to the user by some one; that is all so a kind of cyber crime and related domain; Uploading controversial information, comment or video is also a kind of cyber crime where some people may create unhealthy situation. Violation among the North Eastern States [2012, august] was mainly spread due to misuse of IT and this type of activities are also an important crime; Giving bad and offensive picture/ Video/ Audio in some one's Social Networking Pages or email is a cyber crime and many illegal activities are possible with this; Use of dedicated Bluetooth and seeking information, data and audio and video from some one's running mobile/ computer and other electronic gadgets is also an intellectual cyber crime; Hacking website and information changes is also a motive towards cyber crime. Where user or third party may be misguided; During communication from one side to another hackers may back all the details and use for their personal uses; Use of false website may be a kind of cyber crime which shows about any person, organization and state/nation. We seen this case as false Railway and university website and others [12, 14]. Design and development of website to the community is today one of important activity in modern civil society like Flat, Housing Complex and so on and it is essential due to time requirement; but if the website contain controversial content and material on any topic or among the community or present any old news or information [where as new things are happened] may create community violence; thus this is also be treated as cyber crime.
ISSN: 2278-9111
SIT Journal of Management Vol. 3. No. 2: December 2013, Pp.533-542 Hacking some one's computer is an urgent cyber crime. The hacking may be done online or even networked based computer systems and through Bluetooth type activities; Changing information, audio or video content of some one's computer or whole databases systems, or mobile phones is also a crime and thus the misplaced lead social and economical disorders in various cases; Spreading virus or malware to the computer system or whole organization's computer and information networks including computer, database, networks which makes corrupted file and entire resources; Solution of the Crime and Government: There are so many activities are possible from the Governmental side to reduce Cyber Crime. Toady almost all the aware Nation creates their own law to deals Cyber Crime. As far as Our India is concerned for reducing Crime related to Cyber Space and Electronics gadgets Following Acts passed and activated by Indian government and These are as follows:- Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986; Federal Privacy Act of 1974; Indian IT Act; Communications Act of 1934 updated 1996; Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984; Computer Security Act of 1996; Economic Espionage Act of 1996; Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996; Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2007; Data Accountability and Trust Act; Identify Theft Prevention Act; Data security Act of 2007 Apart from these time to time several order are passed from Honb'l High Court and Supreme Court of Indian constituency.
ISSN: 2278-9111
SIT Journal of Management Vol. 3. No. 2: December 2013, Pp.533-542
Crime Using Electronic Gadget
TV Based
Internet Based
Comput er Based
Mobile Based
Fig: 3- showing basics of E Crime and its types
Solution of Crime and We Suggestion: Awareness is most urgent to reduce cyber crime and similar activities here awareness may be made by:-
Computer users need to use very safe password having text and number that means password should be much more secure and that password need to change time to time especially when use the device out side or other tan own Computer; For data safety antivirus software is essential to use; as virus attack is an important attack in computer thus, use of password during some one's presence is need to take care[15, 16]; Internet and email security system are essential to choose depending upon content and value of information; Strong and sophisticated firewall system is required ,if it is company or Banking Organization or financial data is there; Creating awareness about cyber crime and their types with possible reasons by the Governmental Agencies, NGO's and Others; Make aware about own system and use of sophisticated antivirus software, internet safety tool, appropriate fire wall are very much urgent in this age;
ISSN: 2278-9111
SIT Journal of Management Vol. 3. No. 2: December 2013, Pp.533-542 Change of password of computing devices including laptop, tablet and mobile are very much essential to reduce cyber crime, here changes password to essential both in Social Networking website and E Mail; Keep of Blue tooth and RF matters when not uses or not working properly. Use of Antivirus
Use of firewall
Some essentials
Not use of E- Mail
Use of password
Changing of password regularly
Fig: 4- some essentials to secure systems and minimizing E Crime Regarding TV shows; and TV advertisement one's need to identify actual condition and allied information and people can go consumer affairs department or like that; Use of ATM card of some one's presence is need to be avoid and if happened changes of password is essential as soon as possible; Mobile customers need to follow awareness on wrong and false offers and message and even fake call including domestic and international; Findings and Suggestion: Out of so many E-Crime and Cyber Crime Un authorized access to protected systems; Publishing false digital signature certificate; Sending threats messages by e mail or SMS; Bogus website and e mail id creation and uses; Making false document and deliver; Using other's name in e mail, creating social networking site for other name are most common in today's age Though apart from Such Crime E mail spoofing and similar one is also increasing day by day. Sophisticated secure information infrastructure is essential to build up and thus Government need to take proper policies and care about governmental information and computing systems including public interest;
ISSN: 2278-9111
SIT Journal of Management Vol. 3. No. 2: December 2013, Pp.533-542 Proper awareness through awareness campaign, workshop, seminar should be provided by the NGO's, Governmental Ministry and departments; Timely up gradation of password, antivirus software, are essential and use of hidden files may be use depending upon need; Confidential data, e mail, should not open in public places, where Bluetooth or wi-fi is there [because this may lead data misuse or hacking] or in the cyber cafй..
E Crime as well as Cyber Crime are increasing Day by day [10, 13]. Due to Product development and Various Technological initiative, software and tools are coming in the market and after certain time later the value of the concerned one is not so healthy due to Cyber Crime and E-Crime. Thus we need to prepare about some policies as well as strong encryption method and firewall system to keep information or data safety. The legal action may be helpful to reduce this type of crime in certain cases. Depending upon time it is essential that Government should implement IT act as per for special cases [14, 15]. We, common people also need to follow some suggestions and other remedial and aware about data loss, hacking, data misuses and other activities.
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ISSN: 2278-9111

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