How to motivate your child for school and beyond

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Content: How to Motivate your child for School and Beyond by Dr Andrew Martin
May 12 2003 RRP $22.95
This is a positive, practical guide to helping children be the best they can be at school and beyond. It offers achievable solutions for parents who want their children to do well at school and enjoy the process.
Author Dr Andrew Martin has recently won the prestigious American Psychological Associations international award for his innovative work on student motivation. In this book he reveals the keys to enthusing children in their schoolwork and encouraging them to achieve to their potential at school and university.
HOW TO MOTIVATE YOUR CHILD is packed with strategies to boost a childs motivation * Increasing a childs learning focus * Assisting in schoolwork and study * Enhancing a childs persistence * Reducing anxiety, especially around test time * Reducing a childs fear of failure * Increasing a childs self esteem
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New research shows the difference between children who are enthusiastic achievers and those who struggle isnt simply the makeup of the child. There are practical things Parents and teachers can do today to motivate children of every age. Special Issues discussed * Building a good relationship with your child * Re-engaging the disengaged child * Motivating boys * Motivating the gifted and talented Packed with authoritative information and hands on strategies for parents and teachers, HOW TO MOTIVATE YOUR CHILD is a must-have for parents and professionals who work with families and children. Dr Andrew Martin Biography Psychologist Dr Andrew Martin from the SELF Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney is one of Australias leading experts on child motivation. He won the 2002 American Psychological Associations award for the worlds most outstanding doctorate in Educational Psychology. He is an active researcher in student motivation and regularly presents to parents, teachers and students. He lives in Sydney with his wife and children.
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