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Members of the Florence High School Chorus entertained the Exchange Club members with many Christmas carols last Tuesday. Mrs. Rebecca Rockhill brought 25 students who sang "Little Drummer Boy", "Do You Hear What I Hear?" ,"Carol of the Bells" and several others to 44 members and guests.
Did You Know . . . .
As for the word carols, "carol" is a derivative of the French word caroller, the interpretation of which means dancing around in a circle. Carol and carols, eventually came to mean not only to dance but included music and lyrics - hence Christmas Caroling.
The joyous themes for many traditional Christmas carols were banned in England by the
staunch Protestant Oliver Cromwell and many of the very old Christmas carols and songs were
subsequently lost for all time. Christmas carols were only fully popularised again during the
Victorian era when they again expressed joyful and merry themes in their carol lyrics as op-
posed to the normal, more sombre,
2015-16 OFFICERS
Christian lyrics found in hymns. As reli- UPCOMING gious observances in the United States PROGRAMS
Adin Batson, Pres Bert Bretherick Pres. Elect
One Year Frank Eastland Vance Persall
and England were closely linked the popularity of Christmas carols grew in both countries in the 19th century.
No Meetings Dec 22 & 29
Brian Maples Vice Pres. Teresa Robertson, Imm. Past Pres. Laura Williams Secretary Howard Tinsley, Treasurer
Jenny Mitchell Two Year Joe Patterson Frank Hatchett Doug Evans
Mrs. Rockhill noted that 22 students were selected to the All State Show Choir. Also that 48 FHS students were selected for the All State which is the most selected for any high school in Alabama for the 4th consecutive year. Congratulations!
January 5 B. W. Gibbons January11 Board Meeting January 12 George Chambers
To finish out the event, our own unofficial "chorus" gave the audience their rendition of "Jingle Bells" , "Silent Night", and Jimmy Hall enthralled the group with his effort of "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa". "We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
Teresa Robertson, FEC member and Director of the Attention Homes, received the club's contribution of $700 for Christmas shopping for the Girls and boys Wishing the Food Service ladies a living in the two homes. Merry Christmas, Adin presents them a cash contribution.
In Memory . . . Mr. Bill Batson, an Exchange Club member for 63 years, passed away December 15. Funeral services will be Dec. 19 at 2 PM.
The Exchange Club will NOT meet Dec. 22 and 29. Our next meeting will be January 5, 2016. The club treasurer reports that the 3rd quarter dues will be emailed and hand delivered by January 5. Birthday wishes go to Bill Bowan (12/13); John Hicks (12/18), Teresa Robertson (12/19) and J.R. Sharp (12/25).

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