L'estro armonico: op. 3, Academy of Ancient Music (Cambridge). Orchestra

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Boosey & Hawkes · Schott Music Autumn · Winter
Antonio Vivaldi L'estro armonico, op. 3
For 4 violins, 2 violas, violoncello, double-bass viol and basso continuo (harpsichord) Edited by Christopher Hogwood
Published in 1711, the collection 'L'estro armonico' consisting of 12 concertos was designed methodically by Antonio Vivaldi: Each of the four groups of three consists of a concerto for four violins, a double concerto for violin and a solo concerto. Based on the principle of arranging the modes in pairs, each concerto in the major mode is followed by a concerto in the minor mode. With 'L'estro armonico', Vivaldi made a name for himself in the whole of Europe and exerted a profound influence on the works of subsequent composers such as J. S. Bach. The study score with all 12 concertos, edited by the renowned musicologist and conductor Christopher Hogwood, has already been published and is available at a price of Ј 19.99 / 39,95 (product numbers ETP 1871-82 / ISMN M-2002-2051-3). The sets of parts will be published in September.
Concerto No. 1 D major, RV 549 Concerto No. 3 G major, RV 310 Concerto No. 8 A minor, RV 522
con quattro Violini obligati
con Violino solo obligato
con due Violini obligati
EOS 1871-70 · ISMN M-2002-2160-2 EOS 1873-70 · ISMN M-2002-2178-7 EOS 1878-70 · ISMN M-2002-2221-0
Concerto No. 2 G minor, RV 578 con due Violini e Violoncello obligato EOS 1872-70 · ISMN M-2002-2169-5
Concerto No. 4 E minor, RV 550 con quattro Violini obligati EOS 1874-70 · ISMN M-2002-2187-9 Concerto No. 5 A major, RV 519 con due Violini obligati EOS 1875-70 · ISMN M-2002-2195-4 Concerto No. 6 A minor, RV 356 con Violino solo obligato EOS 1876-70 · ISMN M-2002-2204-3 Concerto No. 7 F major, RV 567 con quattro Violini e Violoncello obligato EOS 1877-70 · ISMN M-2002-2212-8
Concerto No. 9 D major, RV 230 con Violino solo obligato EOS 1879-70 · ISMN M-2002-2230-2 Concerto No. 10 B minor, RV 580 con quattro Violini e Violoncello obligato EOS 1880-70 · ISMN M-2002-2238-8 Concerto No. 11 F major, RV 565 con due Violini e Violoncello obligato EOS 1881-70 · ISMN M-2002-2247-0 Concerto No. 12 E major, RV 265 con Violino solo obligato EOS 1882-70 · ISMN M-2002-2256-2
Each set contains a copy of the following parts: violin I, violin II, violin III, violin IV, alto I, alto II, cello, double bass, continuo / harpsichord
Price of each set of parts: Ј 18.50 / 29,95
MA 4022-01 · 8/08c
Dr. Peter Hanser-Strecker Publisher Regular practice is the daily bread of all musicians. However, not all practice is equal. In order that your hard work is rewarded, we have developed the Essential Exercises series. This is a library of basic study literature for all instrumentalists. Standard study repertoire is included as well as new technical exercises and methodical guidance. The Singing Sherlock series from Boosey and Hawkes continues to expland with the arrival of Singing Sherlock 4, which will provide yet more exciting repertoire for primary singing. For guitarists, we have a wonderful selection of new titles: Improvising Blues Guitar, Discovering Rock Guitar and Gipsy Guitar. These informative method books are fun to use and provide an introduction to the styles and techniques behind the specified genre. As a special bonus, the accompanying CD contains complete demo tracks as well as backing tracks of all the songs. Christopher Norton presents a selection of his most popular concert pieces: The Boosey & Hawkes Concert Collection is now available for violin, trumpet and alto saxophone. On the CD there are not only full performances by Chris and his fellow musicians, but also play-along versions of all pieces. We are also commemorating one hundred years since the death of the great composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. In his memory, Belaieff has published the Six Variations on the theme B A C H in the Belle Epoque Russe series ­ a real discovery for pianists! We hope you enjoy listening, playing and also practising.
Latin Themes
Play along with authentic backing tracks in this superb collection of Latin Themes. Featuring 12 arrangements of famous Latin favourites including `La Bamba', `Guantanamera', `Volare', `Cielito Lindo' and `Song of the Jet'. The accompanying CD contains backing tracks featuring live Latin band, complete with demonstration versions of every track. Piano accompaniments are also available in PDF form on the CD.
Soprano Recorder ISMN M-2201-2772-4 ED 12999 Alto Recorder ISMN M-2201-2773-1 ED 13000 Flute ISMN M-2201-2754-0 ED 12992 Oboe ISMN M-2201-2755-7 ED 12993 Clarinet ISMN M-2201-2756-4 ED 12994 Alto Saxophone ISMN M-2201-2757-1 ED 12995
Tenor Saxophone ISMN M-2201-2771-7 ED 12998 Trumpet ISMN M-2201-2758-8 ED 12996 Trombone ISMN M-2201-2759-5 ED 12997 Violin ISMN M-2201-2751-9 ED 12989 Viola ISMN M-2201-2752-6 ED 12990 Cello ISMN M-2201-2753-3 ED 12991
each Ј 10.99 / 17.95
4014-01 MA 01/08c
Piano . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Organ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Strings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Recorder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Woodwinds Instruments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Brass Instruments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Guitar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Music Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Percussion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Chamber Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Orchestra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Choir . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Vocal Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Scores ­ Study Scores . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 Books . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60
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4 Piano
BOOSEY & HAWKES Microjazz Norton, Christopher / Smith, Scott McBride Christopher Norton's Guide to Microjazz Christopher Norton, creator of the enduring `Microjazz' series, gives unique insight into his music and how best to teach it, in partnership with piano pedagogue Scott McBride Smith. Norton has been workshopping his compositions throughout Europe, the USA and SE Asia for many years, and here shares this experience, demonstrating the art of learning and teaching these ever-popular pieces. In a simple step-by-step approach, this book covers the aspects of piano technique required for authentic and stylish performances of the many popular styles covered in the `Microjazz' repertoire. teacher's book ISMN 979-0-060-11878-4 ISBN 978-0-85162-524-9 BH 11878 . Ј 12.99 / 17,95 December
SCHOTT Schott Pop-Styles Moser, Jьrgen Discovering Rock Piano How to play today's rock and pop music on piano or keyboard Now available in an English version: possibly the most useful textbook for all budding rock keyboarders. To all those who want to have fun while further developing their performance skills, `Discovering Rock Piano' shows what it is all about. Chord playing, rhythmic confidence and instructions for improvisation with systematic exercises and songs form the focus of this first volume. Editions with CD Vol. 1 Chords, Rhythms, Melodies and Improvisation Grade: easy ISMN 979-0-2201-2736-6 ISBN 978-1-84761-027-0 ED 13069 ............... Ј 19.99 / 32,95 Vol. 2 Develop Styles, Solo Lines and Creative Playing Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-2201-3050-2 ISBN 978-1-84761-028-7 ED 13070 Ј 19.99 / 32,95 October
SCHOTT Moser, Jьrgen Just for Fun 26 Easy Pop Pieces for piano (keyboard) Jьrgen Moser, the author of `Rock Piano' (ED 7029 and 7291), has been an experienced piano teacher and active musician for decades. Now he presents `Just for Fun', a new edition for piano containing easy pop pieces written by himself, which pupils will be able to play even at an early stage in their music lessons. A beautiful and fun book ­ ideal for lessons! Grade: easy ISMN 979-0-001-15236-5 ED 20405 . Ј 8.50 / 13,95 available
SCHOTT Piano Pictures, Vol. 2 Twelsiek, Monika Animals 30 Easy Piano Pieces for Children Many composers have enjoyed using music to portray animals and their appearance, movements and sounds. In some of these pieces, you might even guess which animal is being portrayed, even if you don't know the title. This book, with its 30 compositions, gathers a large variety: tiny ones like the fly and the grasshopper, huge ones like the bear and the elephant, dangerous ones like the panther and the shark, tame ones like the kitten or the dog, animals living underground like the mole, on trees like the monkey, or in the air like the birds, the wasp or the butterfly. This book therefore provides a rather colourful and instructive `zoology' for piano lessons. Grade: easy ISMN 979-0-001-15053-8 ISBN 978-3-7957-5874-5 ED 20322 .. Ј 9.50 / 12,95 September already available:: Vol. 1: Witches, Fairies and Ghosts ISMN 979-0-001-15052-1 ISBN 978-3-7957-5873-8 ED 20321 .. Ј 9.50 / 12,95
SCHOTT Piano Journal, Vol. 15 Gade, Niels Wilhelm Children's Christmas Eve Little Piano Pieces Edited by Hans Musch Niels Gade (1817-1890), who was born in Copenhagen and spent most of his life there, went to Leipzig in 1843 for further training on a royal scholarship. There he became friends with Robert Schumann and found an eager patron in Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. He is regarded as the most important figure of the Danish musical scene in the 19th Century. His charming cycle ` Children's Christmas Eve' was published in 1859 with titles and texts in Danish. Although the first german edition was published in Leipzig in 1860, the English edition was not published in London until 1880. With his five mood pictures `WeihnachtsGlocken' ­ `WeihnachtsbaumEinzugs-Marsch' ­ `Ringeltanz der Knaben' ­ `Tanz der kleinen Mдdchen' ­ `Gute Nacht', Gade portrays the typical atmosphere of a middle-class Christmas evening in the 19th century. Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-14957-0 ED 8688 .... Ј 5.99 / 9,95 September
SCHOTT Heumann, Hans-Gьnter For Elise The 100 most beautiful classical Piano Pieces This collection of the most beautiful 100 easy original compositions for piano presented by Schott contain a selection of works that accompany every pupil in the first years of his or her piano lessons. The volume contains compositions from the days of Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706) to the days of Alexander Grechaninov (18641956), providing playing material from the high baroque period to the early 20th century. Apart from numerous individual pieces, there are also easy sonatas and sonatinas by Haydn, Cimarosa, Clementi, Mozart and Beethoven. Complete with fingerings, tempo suggestions in the form of metronome numbers and notes on the execution of ornaments, the collection with its modern, readable typeface is ideal not only for lessons, but also for the private musicmaking of every music lover. Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15239-6 ISBN 978-3-7957-5891-2 ED 20044 . Ј 9.50 / 14,95 September
5 Piano
SCHOTT Easy Piano Classics 30 Famous Pieces from Bach to Gretchaninoff Edited by Marianne Magolt Exquisite, easy piano pieces, compiled for music lessons and first auditions by the piano teacher Marianne Magolt. The volume contains easy Baroque, Classical and Romantic piano pieces and is perfectly suited for the `first concert' of young pianists. The accompanying CD should encourage personal interpretation. Content: J. S. Bach: Menuette, Prelude F major ­ Handel: Sarabande D minor ­ Mozart: Menuets K 1-3 ­ Beethoven: Sonatine G major ­ Burgmьller: Arabeske ­ Schumann: 4 Pieces from `Album fьr die Jugend' ­ Tschaikowsky: Die kranke Puppe ­ Gretchaninoff: Nanja ist krank, Wiegendlied, and many more Edition with CD ISMN 979-0-001-15397-3 ISBN 978-3-7957-5488-4 ED 9041-01 ................. Ј 9.50 / 12,95 September
SCHOTT Schott Piano Classics Impressionism 22 Piano Pieces Edited by Monika Twelsiek This new volume of the `Schott Piano Classics' series is dedicated to the topic of Impressionism. The piano teacher Monika Twelsiek from Cologne has compiled a comprehensive collection, presenting well-known and popular pieces in unusual surroundings and thus in a new light but also digging up some unknown `hidden' treasures. The selection of works comprises piano pieces by Liszt, Grieg, Albeniz, Debussy, Satie, Ravel, de Falla, Ibert and Mompou. In addition to a detailed preface explaining the origin, significance and features of Impressionism, this volume also contains a glossary which translates the French performance instructions in general and the performance instructions of Eric Satie in particular. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-14847-4 ISBN 978-3-7957-5489-1 ED 9042 . Ј 12.50 / 16,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Piano music pre-classicism Galuppi, Baldassare 9 Sonatas from Op. 1, Op. 2, Op. 5 for piano (harpsichord) Edited by Hugo Ruf Baldassare Galuppi (1706-1785) received his first music lessons from his father and later became a pupil of the famous Antonio Lotti. His oeuvre first and foremost includes operas and oratorios, but he also wrote chamber music works, cantatas and works for piano. Although well-known in his days and highly acclaimed by his contemporaries, such as Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart and Charles Burney, for his compositional skills, he rather has to be classed among the forgotten composers today. This new edition with 9 of his harpsichord sonatas published in Nuremberg and London during Galuppi's lifetime aims to put things right. Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-14945-7 ED 20266 Ј 11.50 / 18,95 August
6 Piano
SCHOTT Essential Exercises Czerny, Carl 40 Daily Exercises for piano, Op. 337 Edited by Ulrich Mahlert The specific feature of `40 Daily Exercises' is the extraordinary density of musical examples and specific technical problems in this small edition. In mostly one-bar formulas, Czerny, with his almost inexhaustible didactic imagination, maps out a cosmos of technical training material which virtually condenses the idioms of the classical and early Romantic piano music between Haydn and Czerny's pupil Franz Liszt. Each study deals with a particular musical-technical problem which varies in appearance and is usually edited for both hands. All individual expressions expand and deepen the basic skills to be practised so that each individual number offers considerable learning potential. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-14854-2 ED 20214 .. Ј 7.99 / 12,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Moscheles, Ignaz 24 Finishing Studies for piano, Op. 70 Reprint, edited and newly commented by Wilhelm Ohmen. Ignaz Moscheles' (1794-1870) `Studien fьr das Pianoforte, zur hцheren Vollendung bereits ausgebildeter Klavierspieler, bestehend aus 24 charakteristischen Tonstьcken, Op. 70', published in 1827, are among the best studies of that time, covering the different idiomatic figurations for the piano in every key, mostly alternating between major and minor mode. With their imaginative piano setting, their typical phrasing and expressive harmonic idioms, the studies present themselves as the forerunners of the romantic character piece. The technically demanding figuration is mainly played by the right hand, but often appears in short left-hand passages as well. As the title of the work implies, these studies are meant for the advanced pianist, although they are not as difficult as the йtudes by Chopin, Schumann or Liszt. ISMN 979-0-54350-661-9 SF 6717 ... Ј 12.50 / 19,95 available
SCHOTT Hдndel, Georg Friedrich Suite D minor HWV 437 (HHA II/4 ­ Walsh 1733 No. 4) Edited by Wilhelm Ohmen The number of Georg Friedrich Handel's works for keyboard is reasonably small, compared to that by his great contemporary Johann Sebastian Bach. He was an excellent harpsichordist and improviser. The works that can be called real masterpieces are his eight major suites and the six major fugues. Characteristic stylistic features of Handel's keyboard works are the change of homophonic and contrapuntal settings and solemn processional rhythms. His works are intended for the harpsichord. This also applies to the current Suite in D minor which was published in the second collection of small suites in 1733. Clearly structured, with its pleasant allemande and the familiar simple chordal sarabande, it classifies as easy to moderately difficult and can be easily mastered by the piano pupil and music lover. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15226-6 ED0 9845 .. Ј 3.00 / 4,50 August
7 Piano
8 Piano
WIENER URTEXT EDITION Bach, Johann Sebastian Two-Part Inventions for piano, BWV 772-786 Edited from the sources of Ulrich Leisinger, fingering by Oswald Jonas. Johann Sebastian Bach's two-part inventions were an integral part of the study literature used in the composer's piano lessons. And they are still just as important today! For piano pupils, there is no getting away from them, for their basic demands, `to learn to play in time' and `to play in a cantabile style', are still valid. The musical text is based on the new Wiener Urtext edition of all of Bach's Inventions and Sinfonias, edited by Ulrich Leisinger, which keeps very close to the original manuscript of the composer. In the present edition, the two-part inventions have been taken from the complete edition and published separately, thus making them ideal for piano lessons. Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-50057-292-3 ISBN 978-3-85055-667-5 UT 50254 .. Ј 6.95 / 8,50 August
WIENER URTEXT EDITION Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Pieces from the Nannerl Music Book Edited from the sources and provided with fingered by Ulrich Leisinger. Completion to the fragmentary piece K 9b by Robert D. Levin. At the age of four, Mozart astounded his father with his understanding of the piano. His first works were simple dance settings written when he was five, at which point his musical abilities were developing at a tremendous speed. The earliest pieces are recorded in the music book for Maria Anna Mozart, the so-called `Nannerl-Notenbuch'. These pieces are ideal for elementary teaching. Apart from the popular minuets which form part of every piano beginner's repertoire, the edition also contains expanded individual settings such as the fragmentary piano piece in B flat major, KV 9b, made playable by Robert D. Levin's edition and thus becoming a valuable addition to the teaching literature. Grade: very easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-50057-293-0 ISBN 978-3-85055-668-2 UT 50262 .... Ј 7.25 / 8,95 available
WIENER URTEXT EDITION Schumann, Robert Works for Piano Duet Vol. 2 Original text of the new Schumann Complete Edition Edited from the sources by Joachim Draheim, fingerings and notes on interpretation by Ljiljana Borota and Christian Knebel Although Robert Schumann absolutely loved to play a duet, he wrote only few works for piano duet. Created in 1848, Bilder aus dem Osten Op. 66 was one of the best-known and most frequently played works in the piano duet literature until the 20th century. But the Polonaises Op. 3 by the 18-year-old composer following the example of Franz Schubert and even exceeding him in harmonic boldness and tonal ingenuity already show the self-taught Schumann on the way to his own style. After volume 1 which contains the easier works composed for music teaching purposes, volume 2 now contains the charming, yet hardly known Ballszenen Op. 109 in addition to the two abovementioned works. Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-50057-078-3 ISBN 978-3-85055-660-6 UT 50079 .Ј 26,50 / 32,95 August
SCHOTT Cadenza Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus / Say, Fazil Cadenzas Concertos for Piano and Orchestra C major K 457 and D major K 537 `Coronation' After his spectacular cadenza of Beethoven's Concerto in C minor (contained in ED 20140), the wellknown Turkish pianist and composer now presents cadenzas of two of the most popular concertos by Mozart. Imitating timpani and horns in a virtuoso manner, the cadenza of Krцnungskonzert KV 537 suits the occasion splendidly. Being an extremely delicate scherzando, the well-known opening theme of the Concerto in C major KV 467 is treated fugally with its mirror form, and the theme of the final movement brings it finally to a magnificent climax. Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15674-5 ED 20504 ... Ј 7.50 / 9,95 October
BELAIEFF Belle Epoque Russe Rimskij-Korsakow, Nikolaj Six Variations on the theme B A C H for piano, Op. 10 (1878) Rimsky-Korsakov is mainly known as the composer of numerous Russian operas and brilliant orchestral works. Many people do not know, however, that he wrote interesting and exquisite piano music as well. Published in 1878, this work is a surprise piece in his oeuvre which otherwise is rather associated with the national folkloristic aesthetic. With this composition, a Russian master bows not only before the name of BACH but also before the German music. To mark the 100th anniversary of Rimsky-Korsakov's death (2008), Belaieff publishes the first edition of the BACH Variations as a (corrected) reprint. Valse ­ Intermezzo ­ Scherzo ­ Nocturne ­ Prйlude ­ Fugue sur un thиme de J. S. Bach Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-2030-0479-0 BEL 804 .. Ј 13.50 / 17,95 available
SCHOTT Rimskij-Korsakow, Nikolaj The Flight of the Bumble-Bee from the Opera `The Tale of Tsar Saltan' Edited by Uwe Korn Flight of the Bumble Bee from the opera `The Legend of Tsar Saltan' based on a text by Pushkin is, without doubt, the best-known work in the oeuvre of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1906). The musical droning of the bumble bee has wedged its way into the concert halls and radio stations in different arrangements and interpretations. Uwe Korn now presents a new arrangement for piano duet. The well-balanced and nice-sounding setting is of medium difficulty and makes Flight of the Bumble Bee accessible to pupils for private musicmaking or auditions. for piano (2 hands) Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-001-15353-9 ED0 9850 .. Ј 3.00 / 3,95 for piano (4 hands) Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15354-6 ED0 9851 .. Ј 3.00 / 4,50 available
9 Piano
10 Piano
SCHOTT Edition Schott Widor, Charles-Marie Six Duets for piano and organ (harmonium) Edited by Felix Friedrich The six Duos for Harmonium and Piano were composed around 1867 in Charles-Marie Widor's first creative period. Twenty years later, in October 1889, they were published by Schott in six separate editions. This reprint is the first publication which contains all pieces, thus supporting the performance of these magnificent pieces for the rare combination of harmonium and piano. Humoresque ­ Allegro Cantabile ­ Marche Nuptiale ­ Nocturne ­ Serenade ­ Variations Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-001-14132-1 BSS 24863 ................ Ј 12.50 / 19,95 August
SCHOTT Reinecke, Carl Heinrich Carsten Christmas Sonatina for piano, Op. 251/3 Edited by Hans Musch In the 19th century, the Christmas celebrations increasingly moved from the church to the family home. The delicately woven Christmas Sonatina by Carl Reinecke (1824-1910) testifies to that. Motifs from Bach's Sinfonia from the Christmas Oratorio or from Handel's Messiah blend with melodies of popular Christmas carols such as `Silent Night, Holy Night', `Vom Himmel hoch' or `O du frцhliche'. Due to its moderate difficulty, the Sonatina by this sensitive and in those days highly esteemed composer is suitable for both pupils' concerts and for private music-making in the Advent and Christmas season. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15231-0 ED0 9846 .. Ј 3.00 / 4,95 September
SCHOTT Edition Schott Sinding, Christian 5 Pieces for Piano op. 97 Edited by Wilhelm Ohmen Christian Sinding (1856-1941) gained worldwide fame with his piano piece `Frьhlingsrauschen', which is likely to be his most famous work still today. The `5 Klavierstьcke' Op. 97, created in 1909, are bravura pieces the late Romantic harmony of which is sometimes reminiscent of Richard Strauss. The effective brilliant piano setting is characterised by a widely elaborated melody and can be easily mastered by the advanced player. Large arpeggios characterise the first piece `Des Morgens'. `Auf dem Wasser' is an evocative tone painting in swaying 12/8 time with powerful unison passages in the middle section. `Intermezzo' appears capricious, with dancelike figures. `Gewitter' is a brilliant concert study in the style of Liszt. The work concludes with the piece `Aquarell', a poetic salon piece revelling in harmonies, notated as a clear piano setting. ISMN 979-0-001-15319-5 ED 20432 Ј 10.50 / 16,95 September
BOOSEY & HAWKES Piazzolla, Astor El viaje 15 tangos and other pieces 15 magnificent tangos and other characteristic pieces from the Argentinean master of tango nuevo, arranged for intermediate piano solo, and now in print for the first time. Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-060-11962-0 BH 11962 . Ј 6.99 / 10,95 available
SCHOTT Essential Exercises Vickers, Catherine The Listening Hand Piano Exercises for Contemporary Music Vol. 2 (Ger./Eng./Fr.) Catherine Vickers, winner of the Busoni Prize in 1979, has been a professor of piano at the Folkwang Hochschule Essen and the Frankfurt University of Music and performing arts for many years. Her instructional work `The Listening Hand' is intended for all pianists who wish to expand their pianistic skills to the music of the 20th and 21st centuries. Volume I, published successfully a year ago, provides the fundamentals with scales, intervals and tonal systems based on the harmony of Messiaen, while Volume II contains more advanced exercises on dynamics, attack and touch and special effects. This will soon be followed by Volume III which will focus on rhythmic studies with selected examples from the highly adaptable repertoire. ISMN 979-0-001-15266-2 ED 20184 . Ј 13.50 / 17,95 available
BOOSEY & HAWKES Strawinsky, Igor The Stravinsky Piano Collection 14 Pieces for piano Available for the first time in one volume, this collection features 14 piano pieces by Igor Stravinsky. It includes easier works for the intermediate pianist and concert works for the seasoned performer. Chant du Rossignol ­ Chorus from the Prologue to `Boris Godunov' ­ Les cinq doigts ­ Four Йtudes ­ Fragment des Symphonies pour instruments а vent а la mйmoire de Achille-Claude Debussy ­ Piano Rag-Music ­ Polka ­ Serenade in A ­ Sonata ­ Souvenir d'une marche boche ­ Tango ­ Trois mouvements de Pйtrouchka ­ Valse ­ Valse pour les enfants Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-051-24635-9 ISBN 978-1-4234-2402-4 BHI 24635 ................ Ј 14.99 / 22,95 available
also available: Vol. 1 ISMN 979-0-001-14710-1 ED 20174 Ј 10.99 / 17,95
11 Piano
BOOSEY & HAWKES Copland, Aaron Appalachian Spring Suite (Ballet for Martha) Copland's famous ballet suite has never been published in a solo piano transcription. This new version is idiomatic for the instrument, retaining all the music from the standard 1945 orchestra suite. ISMN 979-0-051-24637-3 ISBN 978-1-4234-5476-2 BHI 24637 ................. Ј 9.99 / 14,95 available
BOOSEY & HAWKES Maxwell Davies, Sir Peter Three Sanday Places In the spirit of the composer's now-famous Farewell to Stromness this suite of short pieces takes its inspiration from the northern Orkney island of Sanday, on which he lives. He captures in three beautiful piano miniatures the special character of the Knowes o' Yarrow, Waters of Woo and Kettletoft Pier. Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-060-11999-6 BH 11999 ............. in prep. November
BOOSEY & HAWKES Adams, John American Berserk for piano (2001) Influenced by American jazz, this brief piano piece uses disjunct rhythms at break-neck speed. American Berserk was composed in 2001 for the virtuoso Garrick Ohlsson. ISMN 979-0-051-24626-7 BHI 24626 . Ј 6.99 / 9,95 available
12 Piano
BOOSEY & HAWKES Rautavaara, Einojuhani Fuoco This 3-minute piano piece forms part of a sequence with Passionale (2003, also published by Boosey & Hawkes) and Narcissos (2002, published by Fennica Gehrman). Rautavaara is the leading Finnish composer of his generation. His mystical character comes to the fore in music of rich colour and sweeping melodic profile, at once accessible and evocative. Grade: advanced to difficult ISMN 979-0-060-11978-1 BH 11978 .............. in prep. November
SCHOTT Edition Schott Widmann, Jцrg Elf Humoresken for piano (2007) Referring to Robert Schumann, the title sets the general mood of these character pieces which alternate between Romantic and contemporary tonal language. This is how the composer stresses it in his preface: `May the performer discover the specific tone of each of the pieces and make it sound sometimes scornful, sometimes dry, tinged with melancholy, yet always with humour and sensitivity.' Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15371-3 ED 20445 ............... Ј 18.50 / 24,95 September
BOOSEY & HAWKES Bernstein, Leonard Selections from West Side Story for piano (4 hands) Edited by Carol Klose Eight piano duets from the beloved musical. America ­ Cool ­ I Feel Pretty ­ Maria ­ One Hand, One Heart ­ Something's Coming ­ Somewhere ­ Tonight Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-051-24620-5 ISBN 978-1-4234-0924-3 BHL 24620 Ј 7.99 / 12,95 available
13 Piano
14 Piano
BOOSEY & HAWKES Monk, Meredith Piano Album Edited by Allison Sniffin This collection for solo piano and 2 pianos features seven of Meredith Monk's original piano works. Includes performance notes by the composer. Railroad (Travel Song) ­ Paris ­ Window in 7's ­ St. Petersburg Waltz ­ Ellis Island ­ Folkdance ­ Phantom Waltz ISMN 979-0-051-24631-1 ISBN 978-1-4234-4738-2 BHI 24631 ................ Ј 12.99 / 19,95 already available
SCHOTT Melodies of China for piano Interest in China has been increasing even before the country was selected to host the Olympic Games 2008. For years, Chinese music has become more and more popular, especially China's charming and varied folk music. With `Melodies of China', Schott now presents collections of Chinese folk songs for various instruments. The songs in every volume have been arranged for the respective instruments by a Chinese expert arranger. The accompanying CD helps you to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of Chinese music and offers you the possibility to play along with the recordings. Performance book with CD Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15406-2 ED 20478 Ј 12.50 / 16,95 September
SCHOTT Xian, Xinghai Yellow River Piano Concerto ­ Arranged for 2 Pianos Edited by Yin Chengzong and others Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky may have influenced it and Lang Lang has included it in his repertoire: the piano concerto `Yellow River' features a brilliant virtuoso solo part, expressiveness and drama, contemplation, great pathos and wit.Based on the cantata of the same name by the famous Chinese composer Xian Xinghai (1905-45), the concerto, arranged by Yin Chengzong among others, is similarly characterized by the combination of Chinese folk music and elements of the Peking Opera, with traditional European art music. `Yellow River', the cradle of Chinese civilization and a symbol of the spirit of the Chinese people, can be compared to the `Moldau' from Smetana's symphonic poem `Mб Vlast'. Performance score (may be used as well as solo part for the piano concerto) Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15399-7 ED 20438 . Ј 9.50 / 12,95 November Orchestra Parts see p. 49
SCHOTT Edition Schott Masters of the North German School for Organ, Vol. 16 Hasse, Nikolaus Complete Organ Works Edited by Claudia Schumacher Schott's successful series `Meister der Norddeutschen Orgelschule' is continued with the organ works by Nikolaus Hasse (ca. 1605-1670). Volume 16 of the series contains the four chorale arrangements of `Allein Gott in der Hцh sei Ehr', `Jesus Christus unser Heiland, der von uns den Gotteszorn wandt' (2 versions) and `Komm, Heiliger Geist, Herre Gott' as well as informative introductory texts and editorial notes, as is usual in this series. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15062-0 ED 20330 Ј 10.99 / 17,95 August
SCHOTT Edition Schott Masters of the North German School for Organ, Vol. 17 Tunder, Franz Complete Organ Works Choralbearbeitungen, Praeludia, Canzona Edited by Claudia Schumacher The organ works by Franz Tunder (1614-1667) are published as volume 17 of the series `Meister der Norddeutschen Orgelschule'. Containing 9 chorale arrangements, 4 preludes and a canzona as well as an introduction and editorial notes, Tunder's complete works for organ continue the journey through the highly interesting world of the North German organ school. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15063-7 ED 20331 Ј 20.50 / 27,95 August
SCHOTT Edition Schott Schroeder, Hermann Concerto da chiesa Edited by Clemens Ganz `Concerto da chiesa' is the last organ work by Hermann Schroeder (1904-1984). It was composed a few months before his death. The premiere was performed by Clemens Ganz, then organist at the Cathedral of Cologne, in memory of the esteemed teacher and college colleague. The work marks the end of a tirelessly prolific life with more than one hundred organ works of various characters, genres and possibilities of use in liturgy and concerts. The title `Concerto da chiesa' reveals that this is a work for concerts, not for being used in services. The three-movement composition is an unmistakable `Schroeder' work: emphasis of linearity according to high baroque standards, conciseness and sometimes impulsive gestures of the themes and rhythms, layers of parallel chords within a freely tonal modern harmony, not forgetting the plasticity of form and the motor functions which are surprisingly energetic for an eighty-year-old. Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-001-14850-4 ED 20205 . Ј 8.50 / 13,95 August 15 Organ
16 Organ
SCHOTT Edition Schott Schneider, Enjott Ansbacher Orgelbьchlein 18 Choral Settings This collection of 18 choral arrangements of melodies from the Protestant hymnbook is suitable for use in services and little concerts. Rather varied with regard to the compositional approach of the individual arrangements, the collection shows the different ways in which one can deal with a tonal melody in post-modern pluralism. The stylistic patterns and educational aspects to the book can be easily abstracted and transferred to other chorales for the purpose of an improvisation exercise. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15129-0 ED 20348 .Ј 14.99 / 19,95 Organ Symphony No. 3 `Totentanz' Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-001-15060-6 ED 20318 Ј 14.99 / 19,95 Organ Symphonie No. 4 `Sinfonia Coloniensis' ISMN 979-0-001-15061-3 ED 20319 . Ј 13.50 / 17,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Vasks, Peteris Canto di forza PЇeteris Vasks has written compositions for organ again and again, whether for original works or arrangements of his own works for strings. He drew his ideal sound image and his inspiration from the famous organ of the Cathedral in Riga, where the composer has been living for a long time. Like in almost all of his compositions, the basic idea of `Musica seria' is the personal human examination of Creation: on the one hand of the beauty of Nature, on the other hand the destruction of Nature by man. Vasks' organ music does not provide any great difficulties but rather displays an impressive tonal variety from the most intimate, held back sounds to tremendous chordal eruptions. Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-001-15405-5 ED 20477 .. Ј 6.99 / 8,95 Musica seria per organo Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-08286-0 ED 8049 ... Ј 8.99 / 11,95 September
SCHOTT Edition Schott Liszt, Franz Prometheus Poиme symphonique. Transcription for organ by Jean Guillou In 1850, at a gala performance of `Der Entfesselte Prometheus' by Herder at the Weimar court theatre, Liszt wrote not only several choral pieces but also an overture which he revised into the Symphonic Poem No. 5 in 1855. Later he arranged the work for 2 pianos and piano duet. The renowned organist and composer Jean Guillou has now arranged this wonderfully dramatic music for the organ. Initially published in France in 1985, the piece is now presented by Schott in a fully reset version, with only a few changes added by the composer. Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15048-4 ED 20314 Ј 10.99 / 14,95 August
SCHOTT Schott Master Play-Along Series Movie Themes 12 memorable themes from the greatest movies of all time Edited by Max Charles Davies Play along with themes from classic films including `Casablanca', `Shine', `Dr Zhivago' and `Eyes Wide Shut'. Easy to intermediate arrangements of 12 movie themes, complete with CD containing full orchestral backing tracks and live instrumental performances. The CD also contains printable PDFs of the piano accompaniments. Content see p. 30 Editions with CD Grade: intermediate for Violin ISMN 979-0-2201-2578-2 ISBN 978-1-84761-000-3 ED 12976 Ј 10.99 / 17,95 for Viola ISMN 979-0-2201-2579-9 ISBN 978-1-84761-001-0 ED 12977 . Ј 10.99 / 17,95 for Cello ISMN 979-0-2201-2580-5 ISBN 978-1-84761-002-7 ED 12978 . Ј 10.99 / 17,95 available
BOOSEY & HAWKES Norton, Christopher Concert Collection for Violin 15 original pieces for violin and piano with playalong CD Take the stage with The Christopher Norton Concert Collection for Violin! Explore stunning music for violin and piano for intermediate to advanced-level players, from the creator of Microjazz. The collection includes 15 entertaining and inventive pieces based on well-known American folk tunes, Christmas carols and nursery rhymes. A spectacular playalong CD features backing tracks and performances by Chris and his musicians. Edition with CD Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-060-11987-3 ISBN 978-0-85162-557-7 BH 11987 . Ј 9.99 / 15,95 available
SCHOTT Essential Exercises Rode, Pierre 24 Caprices for violin in the form of Etudes, in all 24 Keys with inserted suggestions for exercises and variants Edited by Max Rostal The compositions by Jacques Pierre Joseph Rode (1774-1830), especially his violin concertos and the caprices in this edition, have been very popular among violinists to this day. The caprices have taken on a permanent place in the solo violin literature next to those by Kreutzer, Dont, Wieniawski or Paganini since they are invaluable for a sound technical and musical training. What gives this edition its special value is that the renowned violin teacher Max Rostal wrote preparatory exercises for each of the 24 caprices which are tailor-made to match methodologically exactly the content of the exercise of the respective caprice. Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-001-06920-5 ED 6512 .. Ј 10.50 / 16,95 available 17 Strings
18 Strings
SCHOTT Edition Schott Leduc, Simon 3 Easy Duets for 2 violins Edited by Erich Doflein Simon Le Duc (1742-1777) is one of the most important French orchestral composers of his time and was held in high esteem by his contemporaries. Leopold Mozart too showed respect for him in his travel notes. His opus VI, `Six petits Duos pour deux violons de la plus grande facilitй', was first published in 1771 by the publishing house of his brother Pierre. Many characteristic themes from the duos could have been written by Haydn, while the well-balanced formal structure of the movements is reminiscent of Johann Christian Bach. The music stands out due to the new contrasting, melodic, homophonous style of the classical idiom undergoing development. All in all, the way in which it compiles duos of imaginative art and its design for the violin in particular, makes this collection ideal for lessons, auditions and amateur music-making. Performance score Grade: easy ISMN 979-0-001-03996-3 ED 2835 .... Ј 7.50 / 11,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Schubert, Franz Wiener Tдnze Walzer, Deutsche Tдnze und Lдndler for violin and piano Edited by Adolf Hoffmann 12 waltzes, 10 German dances and 8 landler by Franz Schubert are contained in this popular and, for decades, long-established collection. Schott now presents a completely reset and revised version which even meets the latest engraving and legibility standards. The consistently short pieces are ideal for lessons and auditions, providing an insight into the upbringing of Viennese dance music, the nucleus from which Vienna later turned into the metropolis of the waltz. Grade: easy ISMN 979-0-001-04883-5 ED 4131 ..... Ј 6.00 / 8,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Spohr, Louis Barcarole from: 6 Salon pieces for violin and piano, Op. 135/1 Edited by Maria Egelhof Even as a child, the composer, violinist and teacher Louis Spohr caused a furore with his musical talent, and very soon his reputation as a brilliant violin virtuoso preceded him. On his numerous concert tours through the whole of Europe, he played time and again the concertos he had composed for his instrument or played his own works in smaller ensembles. Apart from these `serious' chamber music works, i.e. sonatas, trios, quartets, etc., Spohr also wrote a number of salon pieces: the first series with six titles as opus 127 and the second as opus 135 which opens with the `Barcarole in G major' presented here. The success of the salon pieces must have been great, and the composer liked to perform these pieces himself. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15302-7 VLB 129 ..... Ј 6.99 / 8,95 October
SCHOTT Edition Schott Faurй, Gabriel Sicilienne G minor for violin (viola) and piano, Op. 78 Edited by Maria Egelhof (1898) The Sicilienne goes back to a commission concerning an unfinished incidental music of Moliиre's `Le Bourgeois gentilhomme'. Only after its incorporation into another incidental music (Pellйas et Mйlisande) and resurfacing in a new instrumentation (for violoncello and orchestra) was the setting performed for the first time in 1898. The same year, the Sicilienne was published by the Paris publishing house Hamelle in a version for violoncello and piano, with an additional violin part. There are no records testifying to the composer's writing the violin version himself. The work was then reprinted by the publisher Metzler in London as `Sicilienne pour Violoncelle ou Violon et Piano'. The present edition contains the musical text of the Parisian first edition, with only a few additional violin bars added from the London version. The piano part contains the original phrasing slurs of the violin part. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15331-7 VLB 130 ..... Ј 5.99 / 9,95 September
SCHOTT Edition Schott Dushkin Transkriptionen, No. 21 Mussorgskij, Modest Air de Boris Godounov after the original edition for violin and piano Edited by Samuel Dushkin Samuel Dushkin wrote several violin transcriptions of then known and popular melodies, naturally taken from works by his friend Stravinsky, but also by other composers such as Bizet and Rakhmaninov, Gershwin and Boccherini, and others. Dushkin formed a deeply moving lament for violin and piano out of the monologue of self-doubting Boris Godunov from the opera of the same name by Modest Mussorgsky. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15213-6 BSS 31494 .. Ј 5.99 / 7,95 August
BELAIEFF Belle Epoque Russe Works for Violin and Piano Belaieff's archives contain many works from the pre-revolutionary period which absolutely deserve to be reprinted and included in the contemporary concert and educational repertoire. These pieces are now published by Belaieff in its new Belle Epoque Russe series in the form of corrected and reprinted first editions (with illustrations of the original covers). I Nocturne tirй du deuxiиme quatuor (Borodin) ­ II Romance, Op. 3 (Gliиre) ­ III Rкverie, Op. 13 (Tcherepnin) ­ IV Mйlodie et Mazurka, Op. 2 (Wihtol) Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-2030-0476-9 BEL 801 .. Ј 14.99 / 19,95 available
19 Strings
20 Strings
SCHOTT Edition Schott Dittersdorf, Karl Ditters von Concerto No. 10 C major for violin and string orchestra (1766), Krebs 157 Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf (17391799) drew attention to himself even as a child due to his musical talent: At the age of seven he took violin lessons, only three years later he was hired as a violinist in Vienna and played little solos. His numerous compositions and particularly his `singspiels' (songplays) were very popular with the audience. In 1766 Dittersdorf wrote the Violin Concerto in C major while being in service as leader of a music band in GroЯwardein, a post he had accepted in succession to Michael Haydn. The solo part was probably played by the composer himself at the first performance. The concerto is a work that is fun to play: A pleasant, particularly concertante Allegro moderato is followed by a playful cantabile Andante and a Presto as virtuoso finale. Piano Reduction with Solo Part Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-001-15163-4 VLB 11 ....... Ј 7.00 / 11,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Tartini, Giuseppe Sonata in D major for violin solo Edited by Tibor Ney It was the Devil's Trill Sonata that immortalized Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770) although said work is just one of a vast number of concertos and sonatas for strings and especially for his instrument, the violin. The present `Sonata in Re maggiore per Violino solo' is a technically demanding, yet ucluttered work. The slow movements, the introductory Andante cantabile and the Largo headed TASSO, composed over the melody of a Venetian gondola song, give the soloist the opportunity for cantabile playing. The playful Minuetto clearly breathes the spirit of the post-Baroque era while the Allegro assai coming second mixes strongly gripping passages with beguilingly sentimental ones. The characteristic ambiguous movement is repeated after the Minuetto, thus completing the solo sonata. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-11887-3 VLB 33 ....... Ј 7.50 / 8,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Senfter, Johanna 10 old Dances for 2 violins, Op. 91 Edited by Wolfgang Birtel and Friedemann Eichhorn The composer and violinist Johanna Senfter from Oppenheim wrote concert works, such as chamber music works for violin, her whole life. Being a pupil of Reger, who held her in high esteem, she composed 10 alte Tдnze fьr 2 Violinen, Op. 91, which follow the style of Max Reger and even share his preference for `composing in the old style'. The dances, which were combined by the composer to form two suites, are influenced by the tradition of the Old French violin duos by Boismortier, Corrette or Leclair. This demanding chamber music is fun to play and suitable for both lessons and concerts. Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-001-14779-8 VLB 121 ... Ј 10.99 / 17,95 September Sonata A major for violin and piano, Op. 26 Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-001-14525-1 VLB 116 .. Ј 10.50 / 16,95
SCHOTT Samuel Dushkin Repertoire for violin and piano Edited by Samuel Dushkin Samuel Dushkin (1891-1976), advisor, duo partner and friend of Igor Stravinsky, wrote several transcriptions for his instrument, the violin, of then well-known and popular melodies from works by Stravinsky, of course, but also by other composers such as Bizet, Rachmaninov, Albйniz and Wieniawski. The present collection is a compilation of arrangements by wellknown and unknown composers: Exotically tinged melodies by Paul Kirman, R. Felber or Alexander Sasonoff are juxtaposed to a beguiling waltz by Max Reger, tone paintings in Mussorgsky's `Ripples', George Gershwin's jazzy `Short Story' and many others. The collection is not complete without a movement from Stravinsky's `L'Oiseau de feu' and a tango ­ a spectacular fireworks of effective music for the violin. Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-001-15282-2 ED 20423 Ј 10.50 / 16,95 September
BOOSEY & HAWKES Strauss, Richard Der Rosenkavalier Waltz Transcription for violin and piano Edited by Richard Walters The graceful, sophisticated waltz music from Strauss's classic opera has been tastefully transcribed for violin and piano. ISMN 979-0-051-10529-8 BHI 10529 Ј 6.99 / 11,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Hindemith, Paul Praeludium for violin solo Edited by Michael Kube Thorwald Nielsen (1891-1965) who first studied with Anton Svendsen in Copenhagen, was a member to the Danish Court Chapel since 1914 and led the Thorwald Nielsen-Kvartet as first violinist since 1924, is not only one of the founding members of `Ny Musik' but was also quite active in the `Kammermusikforeningen', two societies acting as organizers of concerts of the Amar Quartet in Copenhagen in 1922. Due to arm trouble, he had to give up playing the violin in 1936. Hindemith dedicated to him a 46-bar `Prelude for violin solo' ­ apparently a kind of albumblatt or commemorative sheet ­ which, according to its characteristic style, is committed to the 4th movement from the Sonata for viola solo Op. 25/1. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15287-7 VLB 128 ..... Ј 4.50 / 6,95 October
21 Strings
22 Strings
BOOSEY & HAWKES Copland, Aaron Suite from Appalachian Spring in six movements (Ballet for Martha) for violin and piano (1943-1944) Copland's famous ballet suite has never been published in a solo violin and piano transcription. This new version is idiomatic for the violin, retaining all the music from the standard 1945 orchestra suite. ISMN 979-0-051-10525-0 BHI 10525 ............... Ј 10.99 / 16,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Hummel, Bertold `... und ein Tango' Four Easy Pieces for violin and piano (1993-2001) The composer Bertold Hummel used to give musical presents at birthdays. Thus, he created many pieces which are easy to play and do not require a lot of time and effort for it shall be possible to perform them ad hoc at family parties. The four violin pieces in the present edition were composed by Bertold Hummel in the last years of his life. Albumblatt, Arietta and Tango are dedicated to his wife Inken who played the violin, and Stдndchen was written for his granddaughter Johanna Marie when she was born. These pieces in particular show Hummel's ability to compose good and easy-to-play music. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-14974-7 VLB 125 ..... Ј 6.99 / 8,95 October
SCHOTT Edition Schott Weiner, Stanley Latin-AmericanSuite Reprint for violin and piano Edited by Wolfgang Birtel Stanley Weiner (1925-51) is mainly remembered as a performer: a solo violinist. His musical career was predetermined for his father served as assistant principal violinist to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. At the age of 8, little Stanley gave solo performances, auditioned for Leonard Bernstein in 1947 and thus became the youngest principal violinist of the New York Symphony Orchestra. His career as a composer started rather late, at the age of 35, but then he wrote over 200 works, particularly instrumental music of all genres. The `Latin American Suite', dedicated to the violin virtuoso David Oistrach, is an effective work which begins with a sweeping virtuoso Allegro con brio. Baroque form, expressive melody and delicate Sound effects are combined in the middle movement, headed Basso ostinato, until the work culminates in a rhythmically fresh and capricious Molto vivace. Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-10283-4 VLB 44 ... Ј 10.50 / 16,95 available
BOOSEY & HAWKES Gуrecki, Henryk Mikolaj Dla Jasiunia (For Jasiunia) Three little pieces for violin and piano, Op. 79 (2003) The title is an affectionate dedication to the composer's small grandson, the name being rendered with a double diminutive in the original Polish. Grade: easy ISMN 979-0-060-11964-4 BH 11964 ... Ј 5.99 / 8,95 available
BOTE & BOCK Beyer, Frank Michael Metamorphosen for violin In `Metamorphosen' ­ performed for the first time in March 2008 by Viviane Hagner at a Berlin gala concert marking the 80th birthday of the composer, only a few weeks before his death ­ Frank Michael Beyer refers to Skryabin's Piano Sonata No. 6 from 1911, a work the motivic and thematic penetration of which ahead of the serial technique had fascinated Beyer since his student days. Based on a scale found in Skryabin's works, Metamorphosen contrasts the frequently ecstatic nature of the piano setting with the linearity of the solo violin. The strict structure is contrasted by the music's free character which Skryabin himself described as `volando ­ flying'. Grade: difficult to very difficult ISMN 979-0-2025-3211-9 BB 3211 .... Ј 9.50 / 12,95 September
SCHOTT Edition Schott Gбl, Hans Impromptu for viola and piano (1940) Hans Gбl wrote `Impromptu' in Edinburgh in August 1940 for his then 15-year-old son Peter. His son had already taken several violin lessons and now wanted to try to play the viola in order to join a youth orchestra. As a consequence, `Impromptu' is easy to play, and its Romantic harmonies in the equally easy piano accompaniment make the piece a well sounding duo that can even be performed by beginners. The Austrian composer and musicologist Hans Gбl (1890-1987) composed operas, orchestral works, concertos, vocal music and, especially in the last decades of his life, numerous chamber music works. In addition, he published books (Brahms, Schubert, Verdi) and essays. When Gбl was forced to leave Germany in 1933, he first moved to Vienna and finally settled in Edinburgh where he composed and taught at the university until his death. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15437-6 VAB 69 ..... Ј 6.99 / 8,95 September
23 Strings
24 Strings
SCHOTT Essential Exercises Knox, Garth Viola Spaces Contemporary Viola Studies (Ger./Eng.) Vol. 1 Garth Knox is one of the most prominent violists of his generation, and as former long-time member of the Arditti Quartet he has developed and maintained a fondness of contemporary music. In the mean time, he gives concerts and teaches courses all over the world. With `Viola Spaces' he wants to make contemporary playing techniques accessible to advanced players. The pieces, or `playing spaces', are true concert studies, each of them dealing with specific techniques such as harmonics, pizzicato (with 9 fingers!) or tremolos which are explained in great detail. Another volume with modern playing techniques for two violas and a volume with variations on a piece by the French viola da gamba master Marin Marais for four violas are planned. Grade: very difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15687-5 ED 20520 Ј 14.99 / 19,95 November
SCHOTT Essential Exercises Dont, Jacob Studies and Caprices with preparatory Exercises for viola, Op. 35 Edited by Max Rostal The Austrian violinist Jacob Dont (1815-1888) was also a highly esteemed teacher and composer. He wrote mainly major educational works, over 50 of which have become quite well-known. Dont's Etьden und Capricen Op. 35 were arranged for the viola by Max Rostal who also added preparatory exercises and variants. Etьden und Capricen covers all technical demands with regard to arpeggios, double stops, dexterity, change of position, legato, change of string, types of bowing, trills and appoggiaturas, thus laying the foundation for practising any repertoire. Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-06552-8 ED 6118 ... Ј 9.50 / 14,95 available
SCHOTT Joplin, Scott Three Ragtimes Edited by Wolfgang Birtel Who would have thought that ragtime would enjoy another renaissance! But more than 50 years after the death of its main representative, Scott Joplin, the film `The Sting' has made this once popular style well-known and fashionable again. This small selection of Joplin rags is of course not complete without `The Entertainer'. In comparison, `Easy Winners' and `Rag-Time Dance' are no less fun to play, particularly since in the latter the performer not only has to play but also stomp his foot. Excellent music providing entertainment for many occasions! Grade: intermediate for violin and piano ISMN 979-0-001-15377-5 ED 20458 .. Ј 6.99 / 8,95 for viola and piano ISMN 979-0-001-15378-2 ED 20459 .. Ј 6.99 / 8,95 for cello and piano ISMN 979-0-001-15379-9 ED 20460 .. Ј 6.99 / 8,95 available
SCHOTT Essential Exercises Frank, Maurits Scales and Arpeggios for cello Edited by Maria Kliegel Maurits Frank (1892-1959) from Rotterdam was one of the leading cellists in the early 20th century. He studied with Pablo Casals among others and was a partner of Paul Hindemith in the Rebner and Amar Quartet. Later he worked as a teacher of violoncello and chamber music at the Cologne Academy of Music. His studies deal with four music practice areas for the improvement of left-hand technique: intonation, dexterity, stretching capacity and muscle build-up. In the preface, the renowned cello teacher Maria Kliegel presents preparatory thoughts on how to sensibly practise scales and triads. Grade: easy ISMN 979-0-001-14055-3 ED 1176 .... Ј 7.99 / 12,95 available
SCHOTT Essential Exercises Cossmann, Bernhard Cello Studies for the suppleness and stamina of the fingers and the purity of intonation Edited by Martin Mьller-Runte The Violoncello Studies by Bernhard Cossmann (1822-1910) provide specific exercises for the development of the left hand such as double stop trill studies, finger dexterity exercises, chord, scale and thumb position studies which intensively include the use of the fourth finger in particular. This is what gives these studies their special value and make them indispensable to the training as a cellist. They are aimed at the advanced pupil and student, but also at the professionally trained cellist who wants to improve and maintain the dexterity and velocity of the left-hand fingers by means of short exercises. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-03232-2 ED 964 ..... Ј 9.50 / 12,95 available
BOOSEY & HAWKES The Orchestral Cellist Edited by Mats Lidstrцm More than just a collection of difficult passages for the aspiring orchestral pro, these extracts from the classical, romantic and twentieth-century concert repertoire reveal the tricks of the trade. Unique colour-coding shows at a glance Mats Lidstrцm's suggested fingerings, bowings and commentary. He demonstrates the articulation, phrasing and technique needed to solve all the practical problems faced by the player, making the book an indispensable resource for those preparing for auditions. Grade: difficult to very difficult ISMN 979-0-060-11920-0 BH 11920 Ј 15.99 / 24,95 September
25 Strings
26 Strings
SCHOTT Edition Schott Schroeder, Hermann Salve Regina Cantilena choralis for cello and organ Edited by Hans-Ulrich Adamek This little work was composed at the suggestion of the Belgian organist Jef Anseeuw who performed the world premiere at the Heilig-Hart Kerk in Izegem on 25 September 1982 together with Lieven Vanderwalle on the violoncello. The piece begins with a paraphrase of the initial motif `Salve Regina' which is intonated by the cello in the low register. The cello then plays the entire melody of the song. The decent organ accompaniment is limited to some short interludes in which motifs of the Gregorian melody, as in a classical chorale prelude, are played in advance in an imitative manner. The lyrical, meditative composition is ideal for services or concerts and can be combined as an introductory piece with the large-scale organ composition `Salve Regina' from Schroeder's `Marianische Antiphone' (ED 4538). Grade: easy ISMN 979-0-001-14956-3 CB 198 ....... Ј 5.99 / 7,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Vivaldi, Antonio Sonata E minor for cello and basso continuo Edited by Walter Kolneder Fingering by Klaus Storck The sonatas by Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) are without doubt among the best compositions for violoncello and basso continuo created in the baroque era. Of these works, it is the Sonata in E minor (RV 40) which enjoys particular popularity. This is why it has been taken from the edition of the six sonatas (ED 4927), published by Walter Kolneder, and is now presented by Schott in a separate edition. Now, even the cellist who does not want to purchase the complete edition can enjoy the wealth and beauty of Vivaldi's art of composition. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15125-2 CB 204 ....... Ј 4.99 / 7,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Marcello, Benedetto Two Sonatas for cello and basso continuo Edited by Gerhart Darmstadt The six sonatas by Benedetto Marcello (1686-1739) are among the best-known baroque compositions for violoncello and basso continuo, second only to those by Antonio Vivaldi. Marcello was a famous composer during his lifetime, and consequently his collection could be found in printed editions in the major European music metropolises of London, Paris and Amsterdam. Even if there is some uncomfortable fingering in these sonatas ­ which might be due to Marcello's working with a fivestring cello with an added E' string ­ they are of only moderate difficulty and belong to the standard works of the violoncello teaching literature. No. 1 F Major + No. 4 G Minor Grade: easy ISMN 979-0-001-01696-4 CB 64 ....... Ј 7.50 / 12,95 No. 5 G Major + No. 6 C Major Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-01695-7 CB 61 ........ Ј 7.50 / 12,95 September
BOTE & BOCK Offenbach Edition Keck Offenbach, Jacques Grand Concerto Concerto militaire for cello and orchestra (1847) Edited by Jean-Christophe Keck In 1847, Offenbach wrote a largescale concerto of no less than 45 minutes' duration for `his' instrument, the violoncello. It combines the classical symphonic structure with the liveliness and elegant orchestration for which the master of the `opйra-bouffe' is well known. The work got its epithet from the forceful third movement with its regular flashes of fanfarelike sounds which is totally different from the slow middle movement where the melodist Offenbach gives the solo instrument the opportunity of playing to the full. In its reconstructed complete form, the `Grand Concerto' was performed in Paris in April 2004 for the first time. The present edition for violoncello and piano is suited for both studying the original work and giving concert performances. Piano Reduction with Solo Part Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-2025-3168-6 BB 3168 . Ј 15.50 / 24,95 available
BELAIEFF Silvestrov, Valentin Works for Violoncello solo This book contains Silvestrov's hitherto only works for solo violoncello created after 2000. The cello is one of the central instruments in the composer's oeuvre. In several works, he has managed to put the cello in unusual contexts and give it new roles which might explain the great appeal this music has to such performers as D. Geringas and I. Monighetti. I Moments of Silence and Sadness (2002) - I Waltz of the Alpine Bells (2003) ­ III 28. Juli 1750 ...in memoriam J. S. Bach (2004) ­ IV Lacrimosa (2004) Grade: difficult to very difficult ISMN 979-0-2030-0400-4 BEL 730 .. Ј 10.99 / 14,95 October
SCHOTT Edition Schott Turnage, Mark-Anthony Kai for solo cello and ensemble `Kai' was written in memory of Kai Scheffler, principal cellist and a key member of the Ensemble Modern in Germany, who died tragically young in 1989. The 18 minute work is in four continuous movements and leads the performers from an aggressive opening through many contrasting sections, often distinctly jazz influenced, to a slow final requiem. The solo part is almost exclusively lyrical, stretching out long, mournful lines over an accompaniment which, in contrast, can be abrupt and claustrophobic. This is a challenging and fantastically rewarding work which has established itself in the core of the contemporary cello repertoire. Piano Reduction with Solo Part Grade: difficult to very difficult ISMN 979-0-2201-3089-2 ED 13102 . Ј 21.99 / 34,95 November
27 Strings
SCHOTT Edition Schott Shchedrin, Rodion Belcanto in the Russian Mode for cello and piano (2007) Deep Slavic emotions and gripping virtuosity ­ that's what characterizes many compositions by Rodion Shchedrin. Even if he has been a cosmopolitan for a long time, the Moscow-born composer nevertheless remains an originally Russian composer whose attachment to Russian music folklore and poetry has never been broken off. This tradition also shows in `Belcanto', which was commissioned by the renowned Verbier Festival and premiered by the dedicatee Mischa Maisky, together with the composer on the piano. The cello part mainly maintains a cantabile character, while the piano accompanies and complements the vocal part with varied transparent sounds and figures. Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-001-15139-9 CB 205 ... Ј 10.50 / 13,95 November
SCHOTT Edition Schott Penderecki, Krzysztof Serenata per tre violoncelli Apart from large-scale symphonic works, which even take vocal soloists and choirs into account, Krzysztof Penderecki has written chamber music again and again. The present `Serenata' for three cellos was composed for his wife's birthday and performed for the first time at the grand birthday party by Arto Noras, Ivan Monighetti and Andrzej Bauer. The relatively short one-movement composition makes equally high demands on all three players. As many technical and tonal qualities are employed, the listener experiences a varied and even quite entertaining piece. Again, Penderecki's individual trademark is evident, in conjunction with his fondness of composing for string instruments. Score and Parts Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-001-15396-6 CB 213 ...... Ј 8.99 / 11,95 October
SCHOTT Edition Schott Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus / Say, Fazil Alla Turca Jazz Fantasia on the Rondo from the Piano Sonata in A major K. 331 for 6 cellos (or string sextet) (1993) Edited by Fazil Say. Arranged by Werner Thomas-Mifune. For pianists, Fazil Say's swinging Mozart encore has been a real classic for a long time. Werner Thomas-Mifune wrote an arrangement which is meant for six violoncellos but can also be easily performed by string sextet or small string orchestra. Score and Parts Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-001-15673-8 ED 20503 ............... Ј 14.99 / 19,95 September
28 Strings
SCHOTT Schott Master Play-Along Series Movie Themes 12 memorable themes from the greatest movies of all time Edited by Max Charles Davies Play along with themes from classic films including `Casablanca', `Shine', `Dr Zhivago' and `Eyes Wide Shut'. Easy to intermediate arrangements of 12 movie themes, complete with CD containing full orchestral backing tracks and live instrumental performances. The CD also contains printable PDFs of the piano accompaniments. Content see page 30 Editions with CD Grade: intermediate for Soprano Recorder ISMN 979-0-2201-2588-1 ISBN 978-1-84761-010-2 ED 12986 Ј 10.99 / 17,95 for Alto Recorder ISMN 979-0-2201-2589-8 ISBN 978-1-84761-011-9 ED 12987 . Ј 10.99 / 17,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Regner, Hermann Clever clogs 4 little pieces (2006) for soprano recorder and piano These four little pieces give the soloist the opportunity to make full use of the instrument's mobility. The piano accompaniment adds a bit of spice to the tonal language, pushes on and carries the melodies of the flute. This collection is perfect for pupils' auditions and competitions. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15286-0 OFB 210 ..... Ј 7.50 / 9,95 Pastoral Music 5 Miniatures for 3 recorders (SAT) (2007) Regner's 5 miniatures are a small selection of enthusiastic and joyously resonant little pieces which are perfect for lessons and auditions. Alternating between fast and slow tempo, the miniatures jump into a plethora of moods and soundscapes. The `transparently' composed movements, like the Phrygian largo, demand quality of tone, and the compact movements require nimble fingers. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15285-3 OFB 209 .. Ј 9.50 / 12,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Marcello, Benedetto Sonata B major for treble recorder and basso continuo; cello ad lib., Op. 2/7 Edited by Hugo and Reinhard Matthias Ruf Benedetto Marcello (1686-1739) comes from an old patrician family in Venice. He received his musical education first at home from his father who gave him his first violin lessons, and later from Francesco Gasparini who taught at the Ospedale della Pietа in Venice. The `nobile Veneto dilettante di contrappunto', as he called himself to point out that he did not regard music as his main profession, wrote and published a vast number of vocal and instrumental works. His flute sonatas, twelve well elaborated compositions, which make rewarding musical and technical demands on lovers of the flauto dolce, were printed several times during their creator's lifetime. This new edition contains the text of the clearly improved edition by E. Roger instead of the Venetian first edition. Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-14953-2 OFB 206 ... Ј 8.99 / 11,95 available 29 Recorder
SCHOTT Bach, Johann Sebastian Two-Part Inventions for soprano and tenor recorder Edited by Ladislav Daniel Now recorder players can enjoy the well-known and popular collection of little compositions, the two-part inventions by Johann Sebastian Bach, in this new publication for recorder duet. The task of arranging the works was made easier by the author as the compositions for two hands, in the original version written for a keyboard instrument, contain exclusively one-part melodies. It therefore sufficed to transpose only the left hand to the treble clef. Then other passages had to be adapted to the range of the two recorders by means of octave transposition. These changes have not spoilt the charm and attractiveness of the contrapuntal works; on the contrary, they have led to a beautiful collection of recorder duets. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-2050-0782-9 P 5067 ..... Ј 9.50 / 12,95 available 30 Recorder
SCHOTT Edition Schott Purcell, Henry A Third Set of Theatre Tunes 12 Pieces for soprano recorder and piano Edited by Gwilym Beechey In these new editions, renowned editor Beechey has carefully selected and arranged instrumental works for soprano recorder and piano. His skilfull arrangements make these fantastic works available to the intermediate recorder player. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-2201-3085-4 ISBN 978-1-84761-136-9 ED 13217 ... Ј 7.99 / 12,95 A Purcell Suite 7 Pieces ISMN 979-0-2201-3086-1 ISBN 978-1-84761-137-6 ED 13218 ... Ј 6.99 / 11,95 Telemann, Georg Philipp Don Quixote Suite 6 Pieces ISMN 979-0-2201-3087-8 ISBN 978-1-84761-138-3 ED 13219 ... Ј 6.99 / 11,95 September
Woodwind Instruments
SCHOTT Schott Master Play-Along Series Movie Themes 12 memorable themes from the greatest movies of all time Edited by Max Charles Davies Play along with themes from classic films including `Casablanca', `Shine', `Dr Zhivago' and `Eyes Wide Shut'. Easy to intermediate arrangements of 12 movie themes, complete with CD containing full orchestral backing tracks and live instrumental performances. The CD also contains printable PDFs of the piano accompaniments. Content: Joplin: Solace, The Entertainer (from `The Sting') ­ Mahler: Adagietto from 5th Symphony (from `Death in Venice') ­ Theme from Ladies in Lavender ­ Delibes: Flower Duet from `Lakme' (from `The Mirror Has Two Faces') ­ As Time Goes By (from `Casablanca') ­ Theme from `Dr Zhivago' ­ Wagner: Ride Of The Valkyries (from `Apocalypse Now') ­ Dukas: The Sorcerer's Apprentice (from `Fantasia') ­ Miss Marple theme (Alain Blaikley & Kenneth Howard) ­ Shostakovich: Waltz no. 2 from Jazz Suite no. 2 (from `Eyes Wide Shut') ­ Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 3, 1st mvt. (from `Shine')
Editions with CD Grade: intermediate for Flute ISMN 979-0-2201-2581-2 ISBN 978-1-84761-003-4 ED 12979 . Ј 10.99 / 17,95 for Oboe ISMN 979-0-2201-2582-9 ISBN 978-1-84761-004-1 ED 12980 Ј 10.99 / 17,95 for Clarinet ISMN 979-0-2201-2583-6 ISBN 978-1-84761-005-8 ED 12981 . Ј 10.99 / 17,95 for Alto Saxophone ISMN 979-0-2201-2584-3 ISBN 978-1-84761-006-5 ED 12982 . Ј 10.99 / 17,95 for Tenor Saxophone ISMN 979-0-2201-2587-4 ISBN 978-1-84761-009-6 ED 12985 Ј 10.99 / 17,95 available
SCHOTT Essential Exercises Gariboldi, Giuseppe 15 Etudes modernes et progressives for flute Edited by Stefan Albrecht With their technique clothed in imaginative music, Gariboldi's йtudes are an excellent addition to the classical scale and triad studies for the intermediate flutist at the threshold of the advanced level. The clear tonal categorization allows for cyclic preparation as well as for the original selection of individual йtudes. An important new publication in the Essential Exercises series, with teaching and rehearsal notes. Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15249-5 ED 20407 .. Ј 7.99 / 12,95 September already available: Etudes mignonnes ISMN 979-0-001-15149-8 ED 20354 .. Ј 7.99 / 12,95
SCHOTT Debussy, Claude The Little Shepherd for flute and piano (1908) Edited by Roger Brison Flutists know Debussy to be the composer of `Syrinx'. His penchant for the flute, however, shows in other works as well. As a consequence, the arrangement of well-known piano works for this instrument seems to be justified. All three arrangements for flute and piano contained herein keep as close to the original piano versions as possible. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15092-7 ED0 9825 .. Ј 3.00 / 3,95 August already available: The Girl with the Flaxen Hair ISMN 979-0-001-15091-0 ED0 9824 .. Ј 3.00 / 3,95 Pour invoquer Pan, dieu du vent d'йtй ISMN 979-0-001-15090-3 ED0 9823 ... Ј 3.00 / 3,95
31 Woodwind Instruments
SCHOTT Rimskij-Korsakow, Nikolaj The Flight of the Bumble-Bee from the Opera `The Tale of Tsar Saltan' for flute and piano Edited by Uwe Korn Flight of the Bumble Bee from the opera `The Legend of Tsar Saltan' based on a text by Pushkin is, without doubt, the best-known work in the oeuvre of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1906). The musical droning of the bumble bee has wedged its way into the concert halls and radio stations in different arrangements and interpretations. Uwe Korn now presents a new arrangement for piano duet. The well-balanced and nice-sounding setting is of medium difficulty and makes Flight of the Bumble Bee accessible to pupils for private musicmaking or auditions. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15355-3 ED0 9852 .. Ј 3.00 / 4,50 September 32 Woodwind Instruments
WIENER URTEXT EDITION Reinecke, Carl Heinrich Carsten Undine Sonata for Flute and Piano Based on the sources of Irmlind Capelle. Notes on interpretation by Susanne Schrage. Fingerings in the piano part by P. Roggenkamp. The Undine Sonata for flute and piano is one of the few works by the composer Carl Reinecke which is still regularly performed today, and is at the same time one of the few Romantic repertoire pieces for transverse flute. Although not obviously programme music at first glance, and sometimes even questioned as such by contemporaries, the work nevertheless falls back on the Undine subject which was a popular opera theme in the 19th century. The Wiener Urtext Edition now presents a new publication of the work which closely follows the text of the original edition (unfortunately, manuscript sources are not extant). The notes on interpretation follow the tracks of the extra-musical programme, trying to bring the work and its interpretative understanding into close connection with the Undine subject. Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-50057-262-6 ISBN 978-3-85055-604-0 UT 50242 . Ј 11.95 / 13,97 November
SCHOTT Edition Schott Guillou, Jean Fкte for clarinet in B (violin) and organ, Op. 55 (1995) Jean Guillou, one of the most important organ composers of our time, studied with Marcel Duprй, Maurice Duruflй and Olivier Messiaen at the Paris Convervatoire. Following a several-year stay in Berlin (1958-63), he has been a titular organist at St. Eustache in Paris since 1963 and made appearances as a much sought-after concert organist and teacher of master classes. Written in 1955, the composition `Fкte' for clarinet and organ Op. 55 is a 20-minute virtuoso concertante piece which is aimed at professional players. Grade: advanced to difficult ISMN 979-0-001-13777-5 ED 9801 .. Ј 13.99 / 22,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Falcinelli, Rolande Azan Suite pour Flute et Orgue for flute and organ, Op. 61 (1977) Edited by Sylviane Falcinelli In Islam, Azвn/Adhan is the name for the muezzin's call to the five daily prayers. Each of the five pieces that Falcinelli's Op. 61 is made up of refers to a verse of the Koran and stands for one of the prayers. `Azвn' was created at the request of the organist Eugиne Pelletier and was performed for the first time at the Paris church Saint-Louis des Invalides in 1978 by him and the flutist Daniel Barda. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-14766-8 ED 20191 . Ј 12.50 / 19,95 August
SCHOTT Joplin, Scott 3 Ragtimes Edited by Wolfgang Birtel Who would have thought that ragtime would enjoy another renaissance! But more than 50 years after the death of its main representative, Scott Joplin, the film `The Sting' has made this once popular style well-known and fashionable again. This small selection of Joplin rags is of course not complete without `The Entertainer'. In comparison, `Easy Winners' and `Rag-Time Dance' are no less fun to play, particularly since in the latter the performer not only has to play but also stomp his foot. Excellent music providing entertainment for many occasions! Grade: intermediate for flute and piano ISMN 979-0-001-15368-3 ED 20461 .. Ј 6.99 / 8,95 for clarinet (in B ) + piano ISMN 979-0-001-15380-5 ED 20462 .. Ј 6.99 / 8,95 for saxophone (in E ) + piano ISMN 979-0-001-15369-0 ED 20463 .. Ј 6.99 / 8,95 for bassoon and piano ISMN 979-0-001-15381-2 ED 20464 .. Ј 6.99 / 8,95 September
SCHOTT Melodies of China Interest in China has been increasing even before the country was selected to host the Olympic Games 2008. For years, Chinese music has become more and more popular, especially China's charming and varied folk music. With `Melodies of China', Schott now presents collections of Chinese folk songs for various instruments. The songs in every volume have been arranged for the respective instruments by a Chinese expert arranger. The accompanying CD helps you to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of Chinese music and offers you the possibility to play along with the recordings. Editions with CD Grade: easy to intermediate for flute ISMN 979-0-001-15276-1 ED 20417 Ј 10.50 / 16,95 for clarinet in B ISMN 979-0-001-15279-2 ED 20420 Ј 10.50 / 16,95 for saxophone in E ISMN 979-0-001-15278-5 ED 20419 Ј 10.50 / 16,95 September 33 Woodwind Instruments
SCHOTT Mauz, Rudolf 4 Clarinets for Christmas 33 carols in easy arrangements Every year again in the Advent and Christmas season, pupils ask for Christmas carols which are easy to play, yet sound beautiful. The quartets of Rudolf Mauz are set in easy keys and times so that they can be well mastered by beginners as well. Parts 3 and 4 do not contain any overblowing, part 4 may alternatively be played by bass clarinet. Apart from the most popular Christmas carols from the German-speaking areas, the book also contains internationally wellknown titles such as `Jingle Bells', `The first Noel', `Deck the Halls', `Joy to the World', `We wish you a Merry Christmas' and `Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer'. Performance score (Ger.) Grade: very easy to easy ISMN 979-0-001-15415-4 ED 20495 ................ Ј 10.50 / 13,95 October already available: 3 Clarinets for Christmas ISMN 979-0-001-14445-2 ED 9998 ... Ј 7.99 / 12,95 34 Woodwind Instruments
SCHOTT Edition Schott Gade, Niels Wilhelm Fantasy Pieces for clarinet in B (violin) and piano, Op. 43 Edited by Rudolf Mauz Niels Wilhelm Gade (1817-1890) left to the musical world an extensive oeuvre of orchestral and chamber music works, works for organ and piano, lieder and chants as well as incidental music. His versatility as an instrumentalist, composer, conductor and director of the conservatoire made him the most important figure in the Danish musical scene of his time. `Fantasiestьcke' (Fantasiestykker) Op. 43 is among the most frequently played original works for clarinet and piano. The present edition is based on the autograph (1864) from the Royal Library of Copenhagen and on the first edition (1865) by Kistner in Leipzig. Gade's compositions stand out due to his great mastery in instrumentation. The same applies to these four melodically and harmonically original `Fantasiestьcke'. The clarinet is treated like an instrument that can contribute a wide range of expressive means. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-14864-1 KLB 63 ..... Ј 8.50 / 13,95 August
SCHOTT Edition Schott Senfter, Johanna Sonata in A for clarinet (in A) and piano, Op. 57 Edited by Gьnter Matthes The biography of the reserved and withdrawn composer Johanna Senfter is not characterized by any outstanding events or incidents. Born in Oppenheim on the Rhine on 27 November 1879, the composer chose to live on the Sparrhof, her family's estate, all her life until her death on 11 August 1961. Her amazing musicality already showed at an early age and was early recognized and actively encouraged by her parents. Max Reger repeatedly testified to his pupil's `extraordinary compositional talent'. The works by Johanna Senfter are mainly influenced by Brahms and Reger, but she knew pretty soon how to further develop Reger's personal style individually in her own works without ever crossing the ­ widely drawn ­ boundaries of a harmony based on the functional theory. The time of creation of the Sonata for A clarinet (or viola) and piano Op. 57 can only be estimated: probably around 1925. Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-001-14952-5 KLB 65 .... Ј 11.50 / 18,95 October
SCHOTT Edition Schott Holliger, Heinz Contrechant sur le nom de Baudelaire for clarinet in B (2007) Contrechant is an extensive study on multiphonics (and other special sounds) which ­ with modifications in specific details ­ has been elaborated in versions for clarinet and bass clarinet. Grade: very difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15252-5 KLB 69 ... Ј 10.99 / 14,95 Version for bass clarinet in B ISMN 979-0-001-15692-9 KLB 70 ... Ј 10.99 / 14,95 Rechant for clarinet solo (2008) Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15699-8 KLB 71 ....... Ј 3.99 / 4,95 November
SCHOTT Edition Schott Holliger, Heinz a reedy Double (a double reading for Doublereeder) from: Concerto for oboe solo or 2 oboes (ad lib. also oboe solo with a Bordun of 2 horns or 2 clarinets or 2 strings) (2000/2001) Originally, Heinz Holliger wrote this humorous, yet demanding study not as an independent showpiece or encore, but as a component of his Concerto fьr Orchester with the meaningful subtitle `con soli per tutti'. It is effective as a solo piece or can be performed by an oboe duo. It can even be combined with the drone of other instruments, as indicated in the musical text. Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-14921-1 OBB 46 ..... Ј 3.99 / 4,95 September
BOOSEY & HAWKES The Boosey Woodwind and Brass Method Edited by Chris Morgan This ground-breaking new method in the English language is suited for individual and group teaching. Many teachers in Great Britain are already working with this new method since it provides all the tools and flexible resources you need to meet the challenges of modern teaching. Based on a clear curriculum, the method supports the young player in his development into a musician by providing a selection of solo and ensemble pieces, exercises and activities which give him the opportunity to work on his musical and technical skills. Editions with CD The Boosey Woodwind Method Oboe 2 ISMN 979-0-060-11682-7 ISBN 978-0-85162-480-8 BH 11682 . Ј 9.99 / 15,95 The Boosey Woodwind Method Bassoon 2 ISMN 979-0-060-11685-8 ISBN 978-0-85162-482-2 BH 11685 . Ј 9.99 / 15,95 August 35 Woodwind Instruments
BOOSEY & HAWKES Norton, Christopher Concert Collection for Alto Saxophone Take the stage with `The Christopher Norton Concert Collection for Alto Saxophone' Explore stunning music for alto saxophone and piano for intermediate to advanced-level players, from the creator of `Microjazz'! The collection includes 15 entertaining and inventive pieces based on well-known American folk tunes, Christmas carols and nursery rhymes. A spectacular playalong CD features backing tracks and performances by Chris and his musicians. Edition with CD Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-060-11988-0 ISBN 978-0-85162-558-4 BH 11988 . Ј 9.99 / 15,95 August
SCHOTT Edition Schott Regner, Hermann Suite for tenor saxophone and piano (2007) Hermann Regner, composer, music teacher and Orff pupil, turned 80 on 12 May. He is rather active in the field of easy-to-play teaching literature. Through the medium of new music, his intention is to stimulate the imagination of the players. In his `Suite', he first and foremost aims to make a contribution to the `classical' saxophone repertoire. Consisting of 5 movements (Gehьpft und gesprungen Bedдchtig schreitend - Rundtanz Blues - Taktwechsler), the composition includes references to the origin of the classical suite as a sequence of dances. The moderate difficulty of the saxophone part as well as the relatively easy piano setting make this work an ideal choice for auditions and competitions. Grade: easy to intermeadiate ISMN 979-0-001-15153-5 ED 20359 .. Ј 5.50 / 8,95 August
SCHOTT Edition Schott Schneider, Enjott Panta rhei 4 Mantras for Saxophone Quartet `Panta rhei ­ everything is in a state of flux' is the bottom line of what the Greek philosopher Heraclitus believed. `Everything is in a continual state of flux and change' ­ to him, this was `logos', rational order. It is at the interface between personal thought and archaic ritual that the four mantras for saxophone quartet have been created. In Hinduism and Buddhism, `mantras' are sacred sentences, key messages, `instruments of thought and speech'. They were addressed to the deities as a form of worship and way of concentration and mainly consist of continuously repeated syllables and words. With this in mind, each movement in `Panta rhei' has been given a principal motif (especially a basic rhythmic gesture) which is repeated in variations and cycles but always differently ­ in a perpetual state of flux. (Enjott Schneider) Score and Parts ISMN 979-0-001-15365-2 ED 20456 ............... Ј 25.99 / 34,95 August
36 Woodwind Instruments
Brass Instruments
SCHOTT Schott Master Play-Along Series Movie Themes 12 memorable themes from the greatest movies of all time Edited by Max Charles Davies Play along with themes from classic films including `Casablanca', `Shine', `Dr Zhivago' and `Eyes Wide Shut'. Easy to intermediate arrangements of 12 movie themes, complete with CD containing full orchestral backing tracks and live instrumental performances. The CD also contains printable PDFs of the piano accompaniments. Content see p. 30 Editions with CD Grade: intermediate for Trumpet ISMN 979-0-2201-2585-0 ISBN 978-1-84761-007-2 ED 12983 . Ј 10.99 / 17,95 for Trombone ISMN 979-0-2201-2586-7 ISBN 978-1-84761-008-9 ED 12984 Ј 10.99 / 17,95 available
BOOSEY & HAWKES Norton, Christopher Concert Collection for Trumpet 15 original pieces for trumpet and piano with playalong CD Take the stage with `The Christopher Norton Concert Collection for Trumpet'! Explore stunning music for trumpet and piano for intermediate to advanced-level players, from the creator of `Microjazz'. The collection includes 15 entertaining and inventive pieces based on wellknown spirituals, folk songs, Christmas carols and nursery rhymes. A spectacular playalong CD features backing tracks and performances by Chris and his musicians. Edition with CD Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-060-11989-7 ISBN 978-0-85162-559-1 BH 11989 . Ј 9.99 / 15,95 available
SCHOTT Melodies of China for trumpet in B Edited by Nie Ying Interest in China has been increasing even before the country was selected to host the Olympic Games 2008. For years, Chinese music has become more and more popular, especially China's charming and varied folk music. With `Melodies of China', Schott now presents collections of Chinese folk songs for various instruments. The songs in every volume have been arranged for the respective instruments by a Chinese expert arranger. The accompanying CD helps you to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of Chinese music and offers you the possibility to play along with the recordings. Edition with CD Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15277-8 ED 20418 Ј 10.50 / 16,95 September
37 Brass Instruments
BOOSEY & HAWKES Concerto Classics Concertos by Haydn, Hummel, Neruda for trumpet and piano Edited by Edward Maxwell Concerto Classics gives intermediate trumpet players the opportunity to explore the most important and influential concertos in the instrument's repertoire. Each concerto has been carefully arranged as a valuable stepping-stone towards experiencing the original great works, and gives students their first taste of a concerto performance. Included with the three concertos are supplementary study exercises designed to support students with various technical aspects required in the solo parts. Attention is given to tonguing, slurring, dotted rhythms and syncopation, and also includes tips on phrasing and interpretation. Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-060-11986-6 BH 11986 ... Ј 7.99 / 11,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Jost, Christian Elegy for trombone solo (1989) Contemporary works which do not require any accompaniment are in increasing demand both for lessons and as performance, encore and competition pieces. Christian Jost's hitherto unpublished little work from 1989 is ideal for this purpose and a valuable addition to the trombone repertoire. Its original tempo is slow with strongly differentiated dynamics, thus giving clear expression to the lamenting character of `Elegie'. Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-001-15247-1 ED 20402 .. Ј 3.99 / 4,95 October
38 Brass Instruments
SCHOTT Schott Pop-Styles Wheatcroft, John Improvising Blues Guitar An introduction to blues guitar styles, techniques and improvisation This unique book gives an indepth insight into blues guitar, from early Chicago Blues, through Memphis and Detroit Blues, the British Blues boom, Jazz Blues and many other blues genres, right up to the blues styles of today's hottest guitarists. Author John Wheatcroft teaches the basics of blues improvisation and shows how it has developed over the years. Learn how to solo like classic blues guitarists B. B. King, John Lee Hooker and Albert Collins and then move on to find out more about the playing styles of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robben Ford and many others. Simple step-bystep guides introduce basic techniques, harmony and theory, with demo solos and backing tracks on the accompanying CD. Edition with CD Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-2201-2576-8 ISBN 978-1-902455-91-4 ED 12944 . Ј 17.99 / 27,95 October
SCHOTT Schott Pop-Styles Burns, Hugh Discovering Rock Guitar An introduction to rock and pop styles, techniques, sounds and equipment Have you always wanted to play the guitar like Scotty Moore and Carlos Santana, or like the guitarists of Earth, Wind & Fire, T. Rex and the Beatles? Then this book is just right for you! It contains a comprehensive study of twelve different pop guitar styles from 1950 to the present day, such as disco, funk, Latin, reggae, sixties pop, glam and motown. Systematic exercises and songs specially composed for this purpose show everybody who wants to improve his/her performance what it is all about; they are complemented by information on important techniques, players, sounds, equipment and amps. As a special bonus, the CD contains the complete demo tracks as well as backing tracks of all songs. Edition with CD Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-2201-2536-2 ISBN 978-1-902455-82-2 ED 12946 Ј 14.99 / 22,95 available
SCHOTT Graf-Martinez, Gerhard Gipsy Guitar Rumbas Flamencas ...y mas. Rumba-Styles of the Flamenco Guitar After the great success of his flamenco guitar method, in this volume Gerhard Graf-Martinez deals specifically with the Hispanic American form of the varied flamenco: the Rumba Flamenca. It is with this style of flamenco that groups such as the Gipsy Kings hit the international charts and which has become the epitome of the flamenco to many people. In `Gipsy Guitar', the author leads every interested guitar player safely into the world of the Rumba Flamenca, providing him with solo and accompanying techniques in the form of music, tablature and two brilliant CD recordings. Also available now is the bilingual DVD. Edition with 2CD + DVD (plus CD-ROM) (Ger./Eng.) Grade: easy to advanced ISMN 979-0-001-15292-1 ISBN 978-3-7957-5892-9 ED 8396-01 ............... Ј 29.99 / 49,95 DVD (Ger./Eng.) ISBN 978-3-7957-7609-1 SMS 127 .. Ј 21.50 / 16,98 August
SCHOTT Schott Anthology Series Romantic Guitar Anthology Vol. 2 30 Original Works Edited by Jens Franke `Romantic Guitar Anthology' is a graded repertoire book suitable for students of c. 4 years of playing experience. Standard teaching pieces by the 19th Century's leading composer-guitarists Coste and Sor are presented alongside more rarely available works by Jaime Bosch, Franz Tucek and Josй Vinas. Original pieces by Berlioz and Paganini are included, as are carefully selected transcriptions of works by Rossini, Schumann and Johann Strauss. Composer biographies and extensive teaching notes on each piece are included together with a CD recording of all of the works in the anthology. Edition with CD Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-2201-3090-8 ISBN 978-1-84761-057-7 ED 13111 .... Ј 7.99 / 12,95 December already available: Vol. 1 with CD ISMN 979-0-2201-3052-6 ISBN 978-1-84761-056-0 ED 13110 ... Ј 7.99 / 12,95
39 Guitar
BOOSEY & HAWKES Piazzolla, Astor Play Piazzolla for Guitar Edited by Gary Ryan Play Piazzolla is a unique collection of 13 tangos by the Argentinian master of tango nuevo, arranged for easy solo guitar. The pieces have been skilfully arranged by Gary Ryan so that this wonderfully vibrant music can be easily enjoyed by younger guitar players. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-060-11971-2 BH 11971 .. Ј 6.99 / 10,95 September
BOTE & BOCK Oehring, Helmut Philipp for E-guitar One of the most popular solo pieces by Oehring: Following the original version for trombone and versions for flute, trumpet, oboe, bass clarinet, sub-bass flute and double-bass clarinet, Philipp is now available in a version for electric guitar (with performance CD ad libitum) as well. The composition was inspired by the impression as to how an idiom gradually develops out of noise, children's babbling and singing. In analogy, the soloist explores the abilities and possibilities of his instrument and fans out a sound structure made up of individual, sometimes novel colours and figures, thus developing an unheardof superficial and uniquely flexible grammar. Grade: difficult to very difficult ISMN 979-0-2025-3214-0 BB 3214 ...... Ј 7.50 / 9,95 September
40 Guitar
Music Education
SCHOTT Orff-Schulwerk Frazee, Jane Playing Together An Introduction to Teaching Orff-Instrument Skills `Orff instruments have put the joy of playing ensemble music into the hands of students in classrooms around the world. The magical sounds of these instruments are available to everyone ­ even without special training. However, a step-by-step approach to mallet instruments encourages instrumental facility and promotes beautiful sounds. Playing Together is the first book to offer the systematic guidance you need to help your students develop mallet skills with ease. In this book you will find a sequenced program for building instrumental technique that begins with sound effects, proceeds to playing accompaniments, and ­ finally ­ melodies. Skills are introduced in a carefully sequenced presentation of authentic and artistic musical materials: folk melodies, Renaissance music, composed pieces, and standarf Orff literature.' Teacher's Book ISMN 979-0-60001-049-3 ISBN 978-1-84761-149-9 SMC 573 Ј 14.99 / 23,95 November
BOOSEY & HAWKES Barron, Christine Drum Styles Made Easy `Drum Styles Made Easy' is the comprehensive resource for drummers who want to learn the many different styles required of the modern kit drummer. Explore rock/pop, funk, show, blues, jazz, swing, Latin, reggae and more. Included with each style are rudiments, exercises, pieces and impro to reinforce and support students. Learn with the unique `cross-in-asquare' approach. Drum Styles Made Easy is ideal for examination candidates. Edition with CD ISMN 979-0-060-12005-3 BH 12005 ............. in prep. October
SCHOTT Edition Schott Blazewicz, Marcin Concerto rustico for marimba and string orchestra (2006/2007) Edited by Jerzy Wolosiuk Marcin Blazewicz, born in Warsaw in 1953, is one of the most successful Polish composers of contemporary music. He studied composition with Francois-Bernard Mache, Iannis Xenakis and Olivier Messiaen at the Chopin Music Conservatoire in Warsaw where he has been teaching instrumentation since 1985 and composition since 2004. To this day, he has written more than 200 works for the theatre, radio and film. Blazewicz composed `Concerto rustico' specifically for `The 5th World Marimba Competition 2008' in Stuttgart. The virtuoso concertante piece is written in a moderately modern style (tonal) and influenced by jazz elements ­ a valuable addition to every modern concert programme. Piano Reduction with Solo Part Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15425-3 ED 20502 Ј 18.50 / 24,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Holliger, Heinz Rйcit for 4 pedal drums (1 player) (2007) Written for this year's international Commande du Concours international de timbales de Lyon, Holliger explores all sound and pitch combinations that can be realised by a player on a set of modern pedal drums, supported by the use of the human voice. Grade: very difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15010-1 BAT 48 ...... Ј 7.50 / 11,95 available
41 Percussion
SCHOTT Ichiyanagi, Toshi Ballade and Green Rhythms for marimba The required modern playing techniques of these two extremely virtuoso pieces make a colourful, differentiated tonal world with quickly changing musical incidents accessible to both the performer and the listener. They reflect the preference of Far Eastern music for nature-related imagery which is characteristic of Toshi Ichiyanagi's work too. Ichiyanagi's compositions include orchestral works, solo concertos, chamber music works and music for traditional Japanese instruments. Grade: very difficult ISMN 979-0-65001-218-8 ISBN 978-4-89066-468-9 SJ 1168 ..... Ј 9.50 / 12,95 available 42 Percussion
Chamber Music
SCHOTT Ludwig, Claus-Dieter Happy Birthday A five-course birthday dinner for oboe, clarinet and bassoon Edited by Wolfgang Birtel Most well-known and generally popular ­ that's what the Happy Birthday meals served by ClausDieter Ludwig are. Meanwhile, they are available in various instrumentations (for piano solo and piano duet, for accordion duo, string quartet and piano trio). Now, the work has been rearranged by Wolfgang Birtel ­ and the wind instruments are finally invited to the buffet! The classic trio d'anches with oboe, clarinet and bassoon deals with the epicurean delights of Happy Birthday in five courses to which other music titles have been added as well. Enjoy `Andante festivo e culinario', `Lento lasagne e lambrusco', `Marcia marsala e mozzarella', `Valzero vongole e vaniglia' and the crowning dessert, a fiery `Tango tartufo e tagliatelle'! Score and Parts Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15312-6 ED 20436 Ј 10.99 / 17,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Ravel, Maurice Pavane pour une infante dйfunte Edited by Wolfgang Birtel Maurice Ravel's melancholy popular `Pavane for a Dead Princess' composed in 1899 was originally written for piano before he arranged it for orchestra in 1910. Though dedicated to a real princess, the Princesse de Polignac, the work does not refer to an actual historical person. Score and Parts Grade: intermediate for string trio ISMN 979-0-001-15179-5 ED 20380 .. Ј 7.99 / 12,95 for piano trio ISMN 979-0-001-15180-1 ED 20381 .. Ј 7.99 / 12,95 for wind quintet Edited by Wolfgang Birtel and Andreas Tarkmann ISMN 979-0-001-15181-8 ED 20382 . Ј 9.50 / 14,95 for 4 cellos ISMN 979-0-001-15170-2 CB 208 ..... Ј 9.50 / 14,95 September
BOTE & BOCK Terezнn Music Memorial Project Schul, Zikmund Two Chassidic Dances Op. 15 (1941-1942) The music by Zigmund Schul, who was born in Chemnitz in 1916 and died in the ghetto of Terezin in 1944, has been rather neglected until now. In collaboration with the Terezнn Music Memorial Project in Tel Aviv and the Yad Vashem memorial, Bote & Bock publishes intermittently all extant works by the Hindemith and Hбba pupil. Possessing a high compositional quality, the `Chassidic Dances' are gems of passion and the joy of playing. Performance score (2 copies) Grade: intermediate to advanced for 2 violins ISMN 979-0-2025-2282-0 BB 2282 .. Ј 10.50 / 15,95 for violin and cello ISMN 979-0-2025-2283-7 BB 2283 .. Ј 10.50 / 15,95 for viola and cello ISMN 979-0-2025-2281-3 BB 2281 .. Ј 10.50 / 15,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Nazareth, Ernesto 3 Tangos Carioca ­ Garoto ­ Atrevido for flute, clarinet (viola) and guitar Edited by Siegfried Schwab Nazareth composed primarily choros music which is very common in Brazil, but it was his tangos that made him famous. Three of these tangos have now been arranged for chamber music ensemble: Atrevido, Garoto and Carioca. The lively and characteristic tango rhythms are a valuable addition to any chamber music repertoire. Score and Parts ISMN 979-0-001-15270-9 ED 20409 Ј 16.99 / 22,95 Confidencias Valsa argentina for flute, clarinet (viola) and guitar The melancholy waltz Confidencias bridges the gap between Latin American folkore and romantic elements, as can be found in the waltzes by Chopin. The work's specific expressive chromaticism in melody and harmony stands out particularly in the arrangement for chamber music ensemble. ISMN 979-0-001-15269-3 ED 20408 .Ј 13.99 / 18,95 September
SCHOTT Laburda, Jiri Buffoneria Scherzo for clarinet in B and accordion Jirн Laburda, born in Sobeslav in 1931, is a Czech composer who is close to neoclassicism with regard to style, but has also used aleatorism and dodecaphony in his comprehensive oeuvre. Laburda wrote the cheerful `Buffoneria' for two of his students at the Prague Conservatoire. This scherzo, with its charming instrumental combination of clarinet and accordion, is perfect for concerts and as a competition piece. Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-2029-6433-0 MH 15080 Ј 8.50 / 13,95 September 43 Chamber Music
SCHOTT Edition Schott Graupner, Johann Christoph Trio for flute, violin and basso continuo, GWV 219 Edited by Vanessa Mayer Christoph Graupner (1683-1760), a pupil of Schelle and Kuhnau among others, is considered to be a typical composer of his time. Following the gallant, yet still being committed to the scholarly style, he created works of substance which were open to all new trends. Delicate motivic work, sequencing and imitation are characteristic of his compositional style. This new edition of the Trio Sonata in B minor for flauto traverso, violin and basso continuo is based on the fair autograph copy kept at the Universitaets- und Landesbibliothek of Darmstadt. Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-14844-3 ANT 144 ... Ј 9.50 / 14,95 August
BOOSEY & HAWKES Adams, John John's Book of Alleged Dances for string quartet and CD (1994) John's Book of Alleged Dances is a set of ten short dances for string quartet and rhythm loops stored on audio CD. Six of the dances have rhythm loops. Dances may be performed in any order, and may be excerpted. Study Score ISMN 979-0-051-21285-9 ISBN 978-1-4234-4933-1 BHI 21285 ............... Ј 15.99 / 24,95 Set of Solo Parts (CD included) ISMN 979-0-051-10624-0 ISBN 978-1-4234-4930-0 BHI 10624 ............... Ј 25.99 / 39,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Widmann, Jцrg Versuch ьber die Fuge (5. String Quartet with Soprano) Lyric from the Vulgate Many pieces with a classical cycle of movements lead to an examination of baroque counterpoint in the form of a fugue. Widmann's fifth string quartet, which closes his first cycle in this genre like a finale, wants to remain a deliberately tentative `Versuch ьber die Fuge' through it's dialogue with the singing voice's quotation from the Bible: `That which is, is far off and exceedingly deep. Who can find it out? ­ Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas!' Score and Parts (L./Ger.) Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15453-6 ED 20082 ............... Ј 36.50 / 49,95 November
44 Chamber Music
SCHOTT Edition Schott GaЯmann, Florian Leopold String Quintet F major for 2 violins, 2 violas and cello, Op. 2/6 Edited by Tilman Sieber Florian Leopold GaЯmann's (1729-1774) Op. 2, `Sei quintetti, Dilatamenti, Notturni o sia Serenate Per Violino o Flauto, Violino Secondo, Due Viole e BaЯso ...' belongs among the earliest quintets, alongside those by Aumann, Vanhall, Wagenseil and a few others. In contrast to three other quintets of this series, the principal part in this quintet is free of typical instructions for the strings and double stops; it may therefore even be played by the flute. As in Joseph Haydn's first quartets Op. 1, two minuets in the current quintet frame a slow middle section, which interrupts the common equality of keys. Typical of the early quintet settings of the Viennese area is the arrangement of violins and violas in pairs so that the parts are often similar to a trio setting accompanied in thirds. Score and Parts ISMN 979-0-001-15309-6 ED 20429 Ј 13.99 / 22,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Brunetti, Gaetano String Quintet C major for 2 violins, 2 violas and cello, Op. 3/6 Edited by Tilman Sieber Gaetano Brunetti, who was born in Italy, probably in Fano, in 1744 and died in Madrid in 1798, was among the most progressive composers of his time. He joined the court of Madrid early on and under King Charles III rose to the post of violin teacher and bandmaster of the Prince of Asturia, the later King Charles IV. Under his reign, the musical life at the Spanish court gained in importance and Brunetti rose to be the director of the royal chamber orchestra founded in 1795. The present string quintet is committed to the concertante style. As all parts in this piece can change their function, the registers are often changed as well which leads to a string setting with the most subtle tonal nuances. This quintet is a valuable addition for interested ensembles. Score and Parts ISMN 979-0-001-15305-8 ED 20426.Ј 29.50 / 39,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Wranitzky, Anton String Quintet G minor for violin, 2 violas and 2 cellos, Op. 8/2 Edited by Tilman Sieber The String Quartet in G minor by Anton Wranitzky (1761-1820) is one of the great works that combine stylistic devices developed by the turn of the century, such as the development of the sonata form by his thematic-motivic work, the contrasting effects of sound and structure, and the equal standard of all five parts. It is the first of the three Quintets Op. 8 with double violas and cellos. Unique in its instrumentation, they broaden the sound spectrum of the Boccherinian type with two cellos and some early quintets with three violins and two cellos, thus revealing the wealth of variants in the string quintet instrumentation which is typical of the genre. Score and Parts Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15307-2 ED 20428 Ј 29.50 / 39,95 available 45 Chamber Music
SCHOTT Edition Schott Holliger, Heinz Three Sketches for Violin and Viola (Viola in the scordatura as in Mozart's Sinfonia concertante KV 364) In the Mozart Year, Thomas Zehetmair and Ruth Kilius asked Heinz Holliger for a striking encore piece for Mozart's Sinfonia concertante which had often been performed by them under his direction. The outcome, however, is an independent three-part cycle consisting of quite different pieces. The first has been woven exclusively out of floating harmonics, the second is a wild whirling dance, while the third condenses into a six-part chorale in which each player has to sing a third voice in addition to playing double stops on his string instrument. Score and Parts Grade: very difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15327-0 ED 20437 Ј 13.50 / 17,95 available
BOTE & BOCK Hцller, York Zwiegestalt for piano quintet `There is an unwritten rule saying that the artist should have to keep his art and personal matters strictly separate.' Says the composer York Hцller, only to instantly object: `If Alban Berg had abided by this rule, Lyrische Suite for string quartet would never have been written' ­ as, one may add, would many other works of the classical repertoire! With the piano quintet Zwiegestalt, performed for the first time in Essen in June 2008 by Anthony Spiri and the Minguet Quartet, Hцller created his own `lyrical suite'. Its five movements are based on a `tonal structure' shaped from the musical note letters the composer obtained from the names of his deceased wife and his current partner. Score and Parts Grade: very difficult ISMN 979-0-2025-3212-6 BB 3212 ... Ј 21.99 / 29,95 September
SCHOTT Edition Schott Jost, Christian Spinnwebwald in memoriam Akira Kurosawa Piano Quartet III Jost's piano quartet is an homage to the outstanding Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa and his adaptations of three Shakespeare tragedies (`Hamlet', `King Lear', `Macbeth'). Although `Spinnwebwald' falls back on Kurosawa's film title `Das Schloss im Spinnwebwald' (`Macbeth'), the work not only refers to a single film but also expresses the prevailing mood. In accordance with Kurosawa's conversion of language into gestures, the composer manages, with plenty of imagination, to convert visual impressions into expressive colourful sounds which captivate players and listeners alike. Score and Parts Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15281-5 ED 20422 . Ј 27.99 / 37,95 October
46 Chamber Music
SCHOTT Edition Schott Casken, John Piano Quartet Written for the superb Domus ensemble, Casken's vivid addition to the small number of modern piano quartets exploits the very different sonorities, weight and attack which strings and piano possess. Casken's music has a strong sense of theatre and here the singing lines are constantly threatened by dynamic, rhythmic material. `... this 16-minute single movement explores the essential dichotomy between the dynamic percussive keyboard and the singing, more cohesive strings.' (Christopher Morley. The Birmingham Post. 1990) Score and Parts Grade: very difficult ISMN 979-0-2201-1951-4 ED 12414 Ј 24.00 / 39,95 August
SCHOTT Edition Schott Mьller-Siemens, Detlev lost traces for Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano The piano quartet `Lost traces' is based on the piano trio Distant traces in which the violoncello had been replaced by a viola, a fact that is highly unusual for the genre. Whereas the first version was meant for a concert in Hamburg in memory of his former composition teacher Gyцrgy Ligeti who had died in 2006, the English title of the new version in standard instrumentation may also be meant literally: a distant search for traces and an homage set to music. Score and Parts Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15376-8 ED 20457 Ј 21.99 / 29,95 September already available: distant traces for violin, viola and piano ISMN 979-0-001-14927-3 ED 20261 Ј 16.99 / 27,95
SCHOTT Edition Schott Czernowin, Chaya Drift (Sahaf) for saxophone (baritone and sopranino) or clarinet (E clarinet and bass clarinet), E-guitar, piano and percussion (timpano, marimba, 2 plastic triangle liners, bamboo wind chime, ocean drum, ratchet, snare drum) (2008) `Sahaf' is part of the cycle `Shifting Gravity' in which the Israeli composer, known worldwide for her Mozart adaptation Zaпde/Adama, explores the laws of physics and their physical realization in a playful manner. In `Sahaf' with its unusual instrumentation, a `flurry' of selective incidents is increasingly parallelized until all instruments jointly imagine the powerful twirling of an oversized ratchet rattle. Score and Parts Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15407-9 ED 20481 Ј 21.99 / 29,95 September
47 Chamber Music
BOTE & BOCK Neuwirth, Olga In Nacht und Eis for bassoon and accordion In the duo composition `In Nacht und Eis', as in her earlier work Torsion, Olga Neuwirth explores the extreme playing and tonal possibilities of the bassoon to which unusual tone colours are added, by accordion in this edition, by cello and ring modulator in another version. Irregular virtuoso passages, strings of static sounds and jagged chords piling up like ice floes give the work's title `In Nacht und Eis' a concrete oppressive meaning. Score and Parts Grade: very difficult ISMN 979-0-2025-3206-5 BB 3206 . Ј 14.99 / 19,95 September 48 Chamber Music
SCHOTT Edition Schott Genzmer, Harald 14 Easy Pieces for String Orchestra Edited by Wolfgang Birtel (2002) The probably most prominent Hindemith pupil has written a lot of educational music: all in all 3 sinfoniettas, in addition to collections of easy movements such as `14 Easy Pieces for String Orchestra' from 2002 which is also suitable for a Streicherschule. The individual movements involve specific styles and demands: cantabile playing, unusual and changing time signatures, bowing, pizzicato, intonation, scale playing, and so forth. The use of a double-bass is ad libitum. The pieces can be played separately or as little suites and are ideal for school and amateur orchestras; and regardless of it's educational nature, this music is lively and fun to play! Grade: easy Score ISMN 979-0-001-15074-3 CON 254 ..Ј 13.99 / 18,95 Set of Parts ISMN 979-0-001-15075-0 CON 254-70 ................Ј 24.50 / 39,95 November
BOOSEY & HAWKES Simply4Strings Colledge, Hugh / Colledge, Katherine A Yuletide Suite A suite of traditional carols for strings (violins and cellos, viola and double bass ad libitum) and piano A Yuletide Site is part of the series `Simply 4 String' ­ a series of ensemble music for elementary string players from Katherine and Hugh Colledge, composers of the well-loved Stepping Stones, Waggon Wheels, Fast Forward and Shooting Stars. Based on well-known Christmas carols this edition offers a complete suite of pieces that are both ideal for group teaching and perfect for concerts. Includes rewarding parts for everyone (even absolute beginners!) and piano accompaniments. Score and Parts (8 x violin I, 8 x violin II, 3 x violin III, 3 x viola I, 3 x viola II, 3 x cello I, 3 x cello II, 2 x double bass, 1 x piano, 1 x score) Grade: very easy ISMN 979-0-060-11955-2 BH 11955 Ј 24.99 / 37,95 available
BOOSEY & HAWKES Borenstein, Nimrod The Shell Adagio for string orchestra, Op. 17 A new work from this gifted young composer, The Shell Adagio has received numerous performances from notable orchestras and will certainly find its place in the modern string orchestra repertoire. The Oxford Times called it `beautifully melodic and extremely approachable'. The Shell Adagio is a lyrical and melancolic piece. From its sunrise like intoduction to its quite sunset departur, it is like a chronicle of a past life, sometimes light and optimistic or dark and inescapable. Score ISMN 979-0-051-77864-5 BHI 77864 . Ј 3.50 / 4,95 Score and Parts (8 x violin I, 8 x violin II, 4 x violin III, 4 x viola, 4 x cello, 4 x double bass) ISMN 979-0-051-77863-8 BHI 77863 ............... Ј 32.99 / 49,95 available
EULENBURG Xian, Xinghai Yellow River Piano Concerto Edited by Yin Chengzong et al. Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky may have been behind it, Lang Lang has included it in his repertoire: the piano concerto `Yellow River', with a brilliant virtuoso solo part, expressiveness and drama, contemplation, great pathos and wit. Full Score Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-2002-2498-6 ISBN 978-3-7957-7153-9 ETP 9001 Ј 18.50 / 24,95 Study Score ISMN 979-0-2002-2497-9 ISBN 978-3-7957-7152-2 ETP 8111 . Ј 10.99 / 14,95 Set of Wind Parts ISMN 979-0-2002-2496-2 EOS 8111-60 ...............Ј 64.99 / 89,00 Set of String Parts ISMN 979-0-2002-2495-5 EOS 8111-50 .............. Ј 64.99 / 89,00 November Piano Score see p. 14
SCHOTT Chor-Express Vol. 8 Classics new arranged 7 classical themes for mixed choir (SATB) Edited by Manfred Sievritts Famous catchy tunes of classical instrumental music have been rearranged for four-part mixed choir in the pop, swing, rock and Latin styles. This express transfer from the `serious' world of the original versions into the `more modern' genres makes us smile ­ not least due to the not-so-serious texts. Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Haydn, even Beethoven: Would they have smiled too? You bet! Choral Score Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15675-2 ED 20506 ... Ј 7.50 / 9,95 from 20 pieces on 8,50 / from 40 pieces on 7,50 October already available: Vol. 6: Classic meets Jazz 1 ISMN 979-0-001-14596-1 ED 20098 ... Ј 4.99 / 7,95 from 20 pieces on 6,95 / from 40 pieces on 5,95 Vol. 7: Classic meets Jazz 2 ISMN 979-0-001-14597-8 ED 20099 .. Ј 5.50 / 8,95 from 20 pieces on 7,95 / from 40 pieces on 6,95 49 Choir
50 Choir
BOOSEY & HAWKES Concerts for Choirs Series Pastorale for mixed choir a cappella or with piano (organ) Edited by Nigel Perrin `Pastorale' brings together some of the finest choral music based on rural themes. This volume will provide material for any concert based on the broad theme of nature, and would be an ideal compilation for any summer's serenade or open-air concert. The collection includes works by Britten, Finzi, Vaughan Williams and Canteloube. The anthology has been put together by Nigel Perrin, former King's Singer, choral expert and conductor of the Bath Camerata. Song Book ISMN 979-0-060-11895-1 BH 11895 . Ј 9.99 / 15,95 October
BOOSEY & HAWKES Concerts for Choirs Series Confetti and Cake Music for your perfect wedding day ... religious service, civil ceremony & reception for mixed choir a cappella or with piano (organ) Edited by David Guest `Confetti and Cake' is a collection of familiar and not-so-familiar songs suitable for all types of wedding, whether a traditional church service or a civil ceremony. A selection of your favourite hymns is included and there are even some choral arrangements that would go down well at any reception. All these have been compiled by David Guest of The Wedding Music Company, one of the leading experts at arranging music for any type of wedding. Song Book ISMN 979-0-060-11896-8 BH 11896 . Ј 9.99 / 15,95 available
SCHOTT Hessenberg, Kurt Two German Folk Songs 1. Tanz mir nicht mit meiner Jungfer Kдthen, 2. Ich fahr dahin for mixed choir (SABar) Attention is drawn to the composer Kurt Hessenberg (1908-1994) due to his 100th birthday on 14 August 2008. Hessenberg studied in Leipzig with Gьnther Raphael and was a singer in the Bach Choir under the direction of Karl Straube. Later he was professor of music theory and composition at the Frankfurt Musikhochschule. It was particularly in the field of sacred and secular choral music that he created important and frequently sung works, among them the well-known motet `O Herr mache mich zum Werkzeug deines Friedens' (C 37176). The present two three-part folk-song settings (SABar) are composed in a polyphonic style and are suitable even for small choirs. They would fit in a mixed choral music programme with old and new masters. Choral Score (Ger.) Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15386-7 C 53038 ...... Ј 1.50 / 1,95 available
SCHOTT Goldring, Malcolm 3 Christmas Carols Silent Night ­ The Infant King ­ Lullay Lord Jesus Three Christmas carols in easy settings by the English choir conductor Malcolm Goldring. The original Basque Christmas lullaby `The Infant King' is very popular in English-speaking areas. The gentle song in a `typically British' arrangement is a charming and thoughtful addition to the choral repertoire. One of the most famous and most popular, yet outside England almost unknown and fresh, traditional Christmas carols is `Lullay Lord Jesus' ­ a touching, very silent lullaby in a simple tonal harmonisation. `Silent Night' provides a view of the epitome of the Christmas carol from a genuinely English perspective. Typically British, simple and easy to sing. With the text in German and English below the music. Choral Scores Grade: easy to intermediate for mixed choir (SATB) a cappella ISMN 979-0-001-15419-2 C 53080 .... Ј 4.50 / 5,95
SCHOTT Bryars, Gavin Billesdon Carols for choir (SATB) and organ (2007) Gavin Bryars' two Billesdon Carols ­ New Prince, new Pomp and The Golden Carol of the Three Kings ­ were written especially for the village of Billesdon's Christmas carol service where the composer lives. Bryars, who is renowned for his beautiful and evocative vocal writing, has turned to a far more traditional style for these two setting though the music retains a quality which is distinctively Bryars. Each carol lasts approximately 4 minutes and are perfect for any amateur choir looking to diversify their choral repertoire. Choral Score Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-2201-3061-8 ED 13214 .... Ј 2.50 / 4,95 available
BOOSEY & HAWKES Furlong, Sue / Milburn, Andrew / Norton, Christopher The Little Cradle Rocks 14 contemporary Xmas songs in popular styles for upper voices and piano Christmas carols with a difference: a set of brand new carols in rock style for upper voices. Catchy tunes and pulsating pop rhythms designed to appeal to all ages. Three brilliant and idiomatic composers: Christopher Norton (Microjazz), Sue Furlong (D'Aon Ghuth), and introducing Andrew Milburn. The volume is accompanied by an attractive CD containing sample performances and colourful backing tracks. Edition with CD ISMN 979-0-060-11914-9 BH 11914 Ј 14.99 / 22,95 available
for equal voices (SAMez) a cappella ISMN 979-0-001-15420-8 C 53081 ..... Ј 4.50 / 5,95 October
51 Choir
52 Choir
BOOSEY & HAWKES Turnage, Mark-Anthony Three Night Carols for mixed choir a cappella and female choir (S or A) and piano (organ) Turnage's exquisite Three Night Carols demonstrate the composer's characteristic harmonic and melodic originality in miniature. The rich textures of the unaccompanied, mixed-voice Misere nobis (written for the choir of King's College, Cambridge, and performed at the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve, 2006) contrasts with the far simpler Christmas Night and Claremont Carol, for S (A) and piano or organ. The texts comprise a medieval English carol also set by Gustav Holst, a beautiful poem by Right Rev William Ind, former Bishop of Truro and the famous `Silent night, holy night' of Joseph Mohr. ISMN 979-0-060-11916-3 BH 11916 ... Ј 2.99 / 4,95 September
SCHOTT Edition Schott Poos, Heinrich Orpheus Three Fantasies for mixed choir (SSATBB), speakers and instrumentalensemble (2000-2006) Heinrich Poos (born 1928) is one of the great German composers of choral music of our time. In his `Orpheus' cycle, Poos takes up the ancient myth of the singer and poet Orpheus who is a symbol of the power of music. The threepart work is based on texts from classical antiquity, the Middle Ages and the present time which are all dealing with the issue of `music', texts by Plato, Virgil, Ovid, Shakespeare, Edward Bond. In addition to a powerful choir, the 40-minute work requires a narrator and a differentiated instrumental ensemble. Grade: difficult Score (Ger.) ISMN 979-0-001-14968-6 ED 20277 . Ј 27.99 / 37,95 Choral Score ISMN 979-0-001-14969-3 ED 20277-01 ............... Ј 10.99 / 14,95 Set of Parts ISMN 979-0-001-14970-9 ED 20277-10 ............... Ј 23,99 / 38,95 October
SCHOTT Hummel, Bertold Missa `Cantabo Domino' for mixed choir (SATB) Bertold Hummel's a-cappella choral music was mainly written for being used in services. The missa `Cantabo Domino' was composed in 1958 for the liturgical festival of a Catholic student community in Freiburg im Breisgau. The piece can be performed by an amateur choir without great effort. Of modern harmony, the mass is exemplarily short and concise, with the comprehensibility of the text being to the fore. Hummel deliberately adjusted the melodic phrasing to the Gregorian chants to form a stylistic unity. This `utility music' in the best sense of the word is ideal for any choir! Choral Score (L.) Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15431-4 C 53087 ..... Ј 2.99 / 3,95 November
SCHOTT Schneider, Enjott Der Sonnengesang des Franz von Assisi for 2 mixed choirs (SATB/SATB) (2007) `Sonnengesang' [Canticle of the Sun] is part of world literature and has had a decisive influence on Italian poetry. It is considered to be the `lullaby of the Italian language'. The musical setting of the Canticle of the Sun is written in German. To conjure up the `ancient' aura of the original, just a few words are quoted from the Old Italian. The musical setting of the Canticle of the Sun tries to capture the folkloristic style of the original. As a consequence, no choral techniques of the new music were to be used (although there sometimes are whispers or cluster chords). The piece was rather inspired by the sonority of Old Italian chants, as can still be heard in Sardinia and Corsica today, with long stationary chords and parallel voice leading. (Enjott Schneider) Choral Score (Ger.) Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-001-15216-7 C 52850 ..... Ј 3.99 / 5,45 available
BOOSEY & HAWKES Jenkins, Karl Sacred Songs for mixed choir and organ `Sacred Songs' brings together the most famous and beautiful movements from the composer of `Adiemus'. This collection includes pieces from `The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace', `Requiem' and `Stabat Mater'. Included are `Benedictus' (The Armed Man), `Pie Jesu' and `In Paradisum' (Requiem) and `Virgo Virginum' (Stabat Mater). All the pieces can be performed together, or performers can make up their own suite of favourites from those in this volume. ISMN 979-0-060-12008-4 BH 12008 ............. in prep. November
BOOSEY & HAWKES Jenkins, Karl This Land of Ours for men's choir (TTBB) and piano (organ) `This Land of Ours' is a tie-in publication with a best-selling EMI Classics recording from the composer of `Adiemus' and `The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace'. A collection for TTBB and piano/organ, comprising wellloved movements from the composer's own works, plus arrangements by him of favourite hymns and folksongs, all inspired by the land of Wales. ISMN 979-0-060-12009-1 BH 12009 ............. in prep. November
53 Choir
MacMillan, James
Laudi alla vergine maria
for mixed choir
Composed on commission in 2004 by the Netherlands Chamber Choir and the Chapter of the Winchester Cathedral, this is a setting of text from Canto XXXIII of Dante's Il Paradiso. It was first performed in October 2004 by the Netherlands Chamber Choir conducted by Stephen Layton. Choral Score (L.) Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-060-11680-3 BH 11680 ... Ј 3.99 / 5,95
Give me justice
Introit for the Fifth Sunday of Lent Words from Psalm 42 (43)
for mixed choir (SATB)
Introit for the 5th Sunday of Lent. The refrain sets the title text in English and in two parts (unison S & T + unison A & B); in contrast the Latin verse and doxology are chanted in four parts. A simple but haunting piece suitable for choirs of all abilities. Recording by Cappella Nova (director: Alan Tavener) on Linn Records CKD 301.
Grade: easy to intermediate
ISMN 979-0-060-12017-6
BH 12017 ...... Ј 1.10 / 1,95
54 Choir
Vocal Music
BOOSEY & HAWKES Singing Sherlock 4 The complete singing resource for primary schools Edited by Shirley Court and Val Whitlock Following from the success of Singing Sherlock 1 and 2, this volume and its companion book Singing Sherlock 3 provide more exciting repertoire for primary singing. As with the other books, this gives enjoyable and structured ways to teach music concepts and vocal skills. Tried and tested songs which will inspire good singing in schools and youth choirs. Aligned to the requirements of Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 11). Now including `Sherlock in Concert' ­ show-stopping concert pieces to round off a period of study. Edition with CD ISMN 979-0-060-11897-5 ISBN 978-0-85162-517-1 BH 11897 .Ј 32.99 / 49,95 September already available: Vol. 1: Up to age 7 ISMN 979-0-060-11371-0 ISBN 978-0-85162-352-8 BH 7100218 ................ Ј 24.99 / 37,95 Vol. 2: Ages 7 to 11 ISMN 979-0-060-11372-7 ISBN 978-0-85162-353-5 BH 11372 Ј 29.99 / 45,95
BOOSEY & HAWKES The Boosey Voice Coach King, Mary Singing in French Learning through repertoire (Fr./Eng.) The Boosey Voice Coach is an entirely new concept in vocal training. Not a self-teaching manual, this series is a wholly practical guide to singing ­ learning about technique and interpretation through the repertoire itself. Expressed in clear language, Mary King's approach is direct, practical and not limited to one particular teaching method. French is a language beset with problems, especially for nonnative speakers. Where should there be a liaison between one word and the next? What mouth shape is needed to produce a tricky vowel sound? What about nasal vowels? Or all those silent consonants? This book contains all the tricks of the trade: the singer need never fear singing in French again. for high voice and piano ISMN 979-0-060-11942-2 ISBN 978-0-85162-549-2 BH 11942 Ј 12.99 / 19,95 for medium/low voice and piano ISMN 979-0-060-11943-9 ISBN 978-0-85162-550-8 BH 11943 Ј 12.99 / 19,95 September
SCHOTT Schubert, Franz Ave Maria for voice and piano, Op. 52/6 Edited by Lydia Abramova Although the original text of Schubert's `Ave Maria' only begins with the words Ave Maria and is actually based on a poem by Walter Scott, the work is also well used for church services. Schott now presents a version with the liturgical Latin text in a low-priced new edition. The edition contains versions for the three registers high (B major), middle (A major) and low (G major) and should be an integral part of every singer's or church musician's music collection. Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15315-7 ED0 9849 .. Ј 3.00 / 4,50 September
SCHOTT Franck, Cйsar Panis Angelicus Edited by Lydia Abramova `Panis angelicus' was originally composed by Cйsar Franck (18221890) for tenor/soprano, organ, harp and cello. Later, he rearranged the hymn several times. Today, the piece is one of his most popular works and, despite having its liturgical origin in Eucharistic adoration, is often performed at festive events such as weddings. Grade: easy to intermediate for soprano and piano (organ) ISMN 979-0-001-15313-3 ED0 9847 .. Ј 3.00 / 3,95 for 2 sopranos and piano (organ) ISMN 979-0-001-15314-0 ED0 9848 .. Ј 3.00 / 4,50 September
SIMROCK Cherubini, Luigi Mйdйe Opera Edited by Heiko Cullmann Mйdйe by Luigi Cherubini whose 250th anniversary of death will be celebrated in 2010 is one of the great works in opera history. Published by Simrock as part of the critical edition, the new edition provides for the first time a reliable musical text of the reconstructed original version. It won the Best Musical Edition Award `Best Edition' 2008 in the category `Performance Material' and was staged with great success in Vienna and Brussels. Vocal Score ISMN 979-0-2211-2144-8 EE 5353 . Ј 65,99 / 89,95 November
55 Vocal Music
56 Vocal Music
SCHOTT Edition Schott To mark the 80th anniversary of the composer's birth, 7 February 2009 Genzmer, Harald Das Sakrament der Schцpfung Sacred Concerto after St. Francis of Assisi (2002) for voice (soprano or tenor) and organ (Ger.) Edited by Franz Lцrch Genzmer's solo cantata after the famous `Song of Brother Sun' by Francis of Assisi (`Most high, allpowerful, all good, Lord!') continues the great tradition of the solo cantata by Schьtz, Telemann or Bach, with its theme being the praise of God as creator and protector of Earth. The vocal part is entirely in the service of a text that is interpreted with sensitive musical means. The rewarding organ part contains several solo passages. A valuable addition to the repertoire for religious concerts ­ marking the 100th birthday of Harald Genzmer on 07.02.2009. Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15047-7 ED 20312 .. Ј 8.50 / 13,95 August
BOOSEY & HAWKES Britten, Benjamin The Second Lute Song of the Earl of Essex from `Gloriana' for voice and guitar Edited by Julian Bream This arrangement of a song from Britten's 1953 opera `Gloriana' dates from 1957. It was recorded by Peter Pears and Julian Bream and often included in their recital programmes. This exquisite arrangement is now in print for the first time. Julian Bream has applied minor revisions for the present publication. ISMN 979-0-060-11929-3 BH 11929 ... Ј 3.99 / 5,95 September
BOOSEY & HAWKES Bernstein, Leonard Bernstein on Broadway for 1 or 2 voices and piano Edited by Richard Walters 30 songs from Leonard Bernstein's revered Broadway shows, including `West Side Story', `Candide', `On the Town', `Wonderful Town', `Peter Pan', and more, with plot notes, insightful facts, quotes from Bernstein and a bio. Includes a foreword by conductor John Mauceri, and the hits: America ­ I Feel Pretty ­ Lonely Town ­ Maria ­ New York, New York ­ Ohio ­ One Hand, One Heart ­ Somewhere ­ Tonight ­ and more. America ­ Carried Away ­ I Can Cook Too ­ I Feel Pretty ­ It Must Be So ­ It's Love ­ A Little Bit In Love ­ Lucky To Be Me ­ Maria ­ My House ­ My Love ­ My New Friends ­ Never-Land ­ New York, New York ­ Oh, Happy We ­ Ohio ­ One Hand, One Heart ­ One Hundred Easy Ways To Lose A Man ­ Peter, Peter ­ A Quiet Girl ­ Some Other Time ­ Somewhere ­ Tonight ­ Who Am I? ­ et al. vocal/piano score ISMN 979-0-051-93387-7 ISBN 978-0-634-09573-3 BHL 5001052 ................ Ј 14.99 / 22,95 available
SCHOTT Edition Schott Heucke, Stefan Seven Songs of Death after poems by Hertha Krдftner (Ger.) This song cycle was commissioned for this year's International Brahms Competition Pцrtschach. Since editions are available in all three registers, `Seven Songs of Death' is suitable not only for concert performances, but also for singing class lessons. Grade: difficult for high voice and piano ISMN 979-0-001-15346-1 ED 20449 .Ј 12.50 / 19,95 for medium voice and piano ISMN 979-0-001-15347-8 ED 20450..Ј 12.50 / 19,95 for low voice and piano ISMN 979-0-001-15348-5 ED 20451 ..Ј 12.50 / 19,95 available
Scores ­ Study Scores
EULENBURG Wagner, Richard Die Walkьre Urtext Edited by Christa Jost Now available in octavo format too! Based on the new edition as part of Wagner's Complete Edition, the first critical edition of the score, Die Walkьre, like Rheingold and Gцtterdдmmerung, is now also available as large pocket score. The new edition is based on the sources used for the printing, i.e. the first print of the score and the engraver's copy. Fortunately, the latter still is extant today. At the end of the first Bayreuth Festival in autumn 1876, Wagner gave it to the violinist Friedhold Fleischhauer from Meiningen, the first violinist of the Ring orchestra apart from August Wilhelmj. For 125 years, the document was privately owned before it was made accessible to the public for the first time in 1999. Study Score ISMN 979-0-2002-2481-8 ISBN 978-3-7957-6462-3 ETP 8055 ............... Ј 27.50 / 44,95 November
EULENBURG Respighi, Ottorino Antiche Danze ed Arie per Liuto for chamber orchestra Thanks to his compositional analysis of tradition, Respighi made a substantial contribution to the revival of forgotten musical treasures. The three orchestral suites based on lute settings from the Italian Renaissance and Italian Early Baroque period, however, have not only been influenced by the historicism of later revivals of original texts. Respighi makes the intimate original pieces shine in repackaged versions for large orchestra, thus achieving wonderful, brilliant sound effects! Study Scores 1st Suite (1916) ISMN 979-0-2002-2482-5 ISBN 978-3-7957-6460-9 ETP 8100 .. Ј 9.50 / 12,95 2nd Suite (1923) ISMN 979-0-2002-2483-2 ISBN 978-3-7957-6461-6 ETP 8101 .. Ј 9.50 / 12,95 3rd Suite (1931) ISMN 979-0-2002-2484-9 ISBN 978-3-7957-6465-4 ETP 8102 .. Ј 9.50 / 12,95 October
57 Scores ­ Study Scores
EULENBURG Ullmann, Viktor Variations, Phantasy and Double Fugue on a theme by Arnold Schoenberg for orchestra, Op. 5 This edition of variations is the only completely extant orchestral work by Viktor Ullmann. His compositional reflection on one of the best-known miniatures by his teacher Arnold Schoenberg covered a period of almost 15 years. Following the version for piano (ED 8433) and for string quartet (ED 9822), the orchestral version with detailed annotations is now available as a study score. Study Score ISMN 979-0-2002-2384-2 ISBN 978-3-7957-6420-3 ETP 8068 ............... Ј 10.99 / 14,95 October
EULENBURG Xian, Xinghai Yellow River Piano Concerto Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky may have influenced it and Lang Lang has included it in his repertoire: the piano concerto `Yellow River' features a brilliant virtuoso solo part, expressiveness and drama, contemplation, great pathos and wit.Based on the cantata of the same name by the famous Chinese composer Xian Xinghai (1905-1945), the concerto, arranged by Yin Chengzong among others, is similarly characterized by the combination of Chinese folk music and elements of the Peking Opera, with traditional European art music.'Yellow River', the cradle of Chinese civilization and a symbol of the spirit of the Chinese people, can be compared to the `Moldau' from Smetana's symphonic poem `Mб Vlast'. Study Score ISMN 979-0-2002-2497-9 ISBN 978-3-7957-7152-2 ETP 8111 . Ј 10.99 / 14,95 November Piano Score see p. 14 Orchestra Parts see p. 49
SIMROCK Cherubini, Luigi Lo sposo di tre e marito di nessuna Opera Edited by Bock/Geyer) Lo sposo di tre (1783) was a great success of the young Luigi Cherubini. The burlesque story of disguises and mistaken identities takes up the traditions of the Italian commedia dell'arte, with love-stricken elder gentlemen, a lawyer's scene, etc. Cherubini wrote a sparkling array of effectively instrumented music pieces: entertaining, yet sometimes even deadly serious ensemble music, touching arias, virtuoso pieces, ballets and of course an ombra scene. The highlights are the great chain finales, particularly that of the first act which eventually leads all participants to madness with a delightful parody on thunderous organ sounds. Score ISMN 979-0-2211-2141-7 EE 5350 . Ј 72.50 / 99,00 November
58 Scores ­ Study Scores
SCHOTT Music Of Our Time Ligeti, Gyцrgy Mysteries of the Macabre Three Arias from the Opera `Le Grand Macabre' for solo-trumpet in C or Koloratursoprano and orchestra (1974-77/92) Gyцrgy Ligeti composed one single opera, `Le Grand Macabre'. The conductor of the world premiere, Elgar Howarth, took three arias which, due to their effusiveness, are highlights of the opera, and arranged them as a single piece for solo trumpet or coloratura soprano and three different accompaniments: with piano, with instrumental ensemble and with orchestra. All three editions of the present study score of the orchestral version are now available for sale. They provide the inquisitive with an insight `en miniature' into one of the strangest operas of the 20th century while each one of them is a brilliant concert piece on its own. Study Score (Orchestra Version) ISMN 979-0-001-08397-3 ED 8205 . Ј 14.99 / 19,95 October
BOTE & BOCK Neuwirth, Olga miramondo multiplo Trumpet Concerto for trumpet and orchestra In the brief period since the world premiere at the Salzburg Festival 2006, `miramondo multiplo' has turned out to be an important contribution to the contemporary solo concerto repertoire. Well-known trumpeters such as Hеkan Hardenberger, Marco Blaauw, Bill Forman, Reinhold Friedrich and Osamu Takahashi are among its performers, tours with the National Youth Orchestra and the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra are scheduled for 2009. The five movements regard the world (miramondo) from numerous perspectives (multiplo), with quotations from Handel to Miles Davis appearing like a kaleidoscope. Study Score ISMN 979-0-2025-3213-3 BB 3213 .. Ј 14.99 / 19,95 September
BOTE & BOCK Chapela, Enrico Нnguesu for orchestra Enrico Chapela (*1974), one of the most fascinating young talents of contemporary music from Latin America, confronts and amalgamates in his works avant-garde techniques with influences from jazz and rock music as well as from the Latin American tradition. Нnguesu, performed for the first time in 2003, is his best known piece so far, using the battle cries of fans during the final match of the FIFA Confederations Cup 1999 between Mexico and Brazil as thematic and rhythmic material and translating it into a virtuoso rhythmic score exploding in colour. Нnguesu has won several prizes, such as the first prize at the Alexander Zemlinsky International Composition Competition, and was performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas on their North American tour. Study Score ISMN 979-0-2025-3215-7 BB 3215 .. Ј 16.99 / 22,95 October
59 Scores ­ Study Scores
60 Books
BOOSEY & HAWKES Henley, Darren / Lihoreau, Tim Classic FM 101 Questions & Answers about Classical Music What is classical music? This handy pocket book contains the answer to this and 100 other things that you have always wanted to know, explained clearly and concisely. An ideal gift for music lovers, friends and family, as advertised on air. The fifth book that Darren Henley and Tim Lihoreau have written with Boosey & Hawkes. 109 P. ­ Paperback/Soft Cover ISBN 978-0-85162-450-1 BH 8000886 ................... Ј 3.99 / 5,95 available
BOOSEY & HAWKES Music Diary 2009 Edited by Richard Whitehouse In a user-friendly portrait format, the diary contains the birthdays of hundreds of famous people in the world of music, including an article about composer James Macmillan, who celebrates his 50th birthday in 2009. Also included is a handy reference for musical terms in French, German and Italian; a listing of important musical events from 100, 50 and 25 years ago; forthcoming anniversaries up to 2013; a minidirectory of important addresses and telephone numbers (concert halls, opera houses, festivals, arts organisations and record companies); a list of competition winners; in memoriam 2007; a wine vintage chart; conversion tables; first aid advice; a list of religious festivals; international phone codes and national holidays. UK Black ISMN 979-0-060-12011-4 ISBN 978-0-85162-561-4 BH 12011 ... Ј 6.99 / 8,95 UK Blue ISMN 979-0-060-12012-1 ISBN 978-0-85162-562-1 BH 12012 ... Ј 6.99 / 8,95 UK Red ISMN 979-0-060-12013-8 ISBN 978-0-85162-563-8 BH 12013 ... Ј 6.99 / 8,95 available
SCHOTT Nawrath, Enrico / Wagner, Katharina Bayreuth backstage Interior views of the Green Hill Every summer for five weeks, the Eastern Franconian town of Bayreuth turns into the metropolis of festival music. Music lovers from all over the world then pilgrimage to the Green Hill to enjoy performances of the works by Richard Wagner. But peope rarely think about the vast amount of time and effort involved. The highly praised `Bayreuth Workshop' has always been a real workshop ­ including carpenter, locksmith, dyer and festival smith. For Katharina Wagner, the composer's great-granddaughter, this magic world was the playground of her childhood. Today, the `artistic cooperative' forms the basis of her own productions. In this illustrated book, she and the photographer Enrico Nawrath take the opera lover on a journey behind the scenes of the festival theatre. 120 P. ­ hard-coverbinding with book jacket ISBN 978-3-7957-0196-3 ED 20485 Ј 21.99 / 29,95 October
Enjoy the Double Bass
A Double Bass Method for Beginners and Professionals by Gerd Reinke
Enjoy the Double Bass is a comprehensive method for double-bass players. Volumes 1-3 provide fundamentals of music, an introduction to proper posture and bow hold as well as detailed information on the different positions in ascending difficulty. The fourth volume is aimed at professionals, dealing primarily with the technical features in the interpretation of contemporary music. Specific exercises on accuracy and intonation, for the strengthening of fingers, on rhythm, position playing, chord playing, changes of strings and chromaticism cover all facets of double-bass playing. Specific loosening-up exercises help to relax the left-hand muscles. In addition, double-bass duets encourage the fun of music-making and at the same time train the ability to listen to one another. All exercises are combined with a large variety of instrumental pieces, songs and arias. The teacher can add a piano accompaniment to the instrumental pieces of volumes 1-3 which is contained on the CD for printing or can also be purchased separately. In order to provide the player with an accompaniment for his/her daily practising at home, volumes 1-3 are accompanied by a play-along CD which contains both backing tracks and a full version of a number of instrumental pieces.
Gerd Reinke Enjoy the Double Bass Method Autumn 2008: Vol. 1 with CD including piano accompaniment for printing BB 2313 · M-2025-2313-1 · Ј 13.50 / 17,95 Vol. 1 piano accompaniment only BB 2318 · M-2025-2318-6 Ј 14.99 / 19,95 Vol. 2 with CD including piano accompaniment for printing BB 2314 · M-2025-2314-8 · Ј 13.50 / 17,95 Vol. 2 piano accompaniment only BB 2322 · M-2025-2322-3 · Ј 14.99 / 19,95 Spring 2009: Vol. 3 with CD including piano accompaniment for printing BB 2315 · M-2025-2315-5 · Ј 13.50 / 17,95 Vol. 3 piano accompaniment only BB 2323 · M-2025-2323-0 · Ј 14.99 / 19,95 Vol. 4 BB 2316 · M-2025-2316-2 · Ј 10.99 / 14,95
MA 5324-01 · 08/08
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Schumann: Works for Piano Duet 2 UT 50079
Norton: Concert Collection for Alto Saxophone BH 11988
The Orchestral Cellist BH 11920
Latin Themes Soprano Recorder ED 12999 Alto Recorder ED 13000
Burns: Discovering Rock Guitar ED 12946
Singing Sherlock 4 BH 11897
Classic FM: 101 Questions & Answers about Classical Music BH 8000886
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