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Content: appy 50th r. ZIP CODE and Mr. ZIP, ot for the mighty ce, are turning 50 What would we ut them? e 1960s, the U.S. n increased, mail ushroomed and rkers had to manuand direct each mail. If you lived in nd sent a letter to d in San Francisco, go through the nter, the New York e St. Louis center Omaha center and ive in California. h the correct ZIP ould go with mail o its destination. about testing your smarts with the w?--Eva Shaw nvented the de? eated that famous gure guy? does "ZIP" mean? does the bar code d on envelopes o do with des? the connection en Santa and P? many ZIP codes are n the U.S.? do the numbers city's ZIP code 9? ANSWERS ON PAGE 26
Small Business
Location, location,
Every Door Direct Mail finds the customers who matter most
By T. Foster Jones
A KEY CHALLENGE for any small business is get- time, with low per-piece postage rates."
ting its message to the right audience in a targeted
According to BizReport 2010, up to 85 percent of
and affordable way. Whether you are a retailer or a a store's customers come from a five-mile radius.
service-based business, run a dry cleaning business, "This program gives business owners the opportunity
a landscaping service, an auto shop, grocery store, to reach the market that matters the most to their
medical clinic, roofing business or a pizzeria, letting business: nearby neighborhoods," Mastervich says.
potential customers know
Using a quick, easy and con-
about your services or let-
venient USPS online mapping
ting existing customers
tool, a business owner selects the
know about special
areas around his or her business
offers or promotions is
to target, produces the mail pieces
essential to your busi-
and submits them to the postal
ness's success.
service. A letter carrier delivers
In 2011, the United
these mail pieces to every home
States Postal Service
along with the day's mail.
(USPS) introduced a
Because no customer names
program designed to
or addresses are needed, EDDM
help small businesses
has a low per-piece post-
accomplish these goals.
age cost. Additionally,
Called Every Door Direct
a flexible range of
Mail (EDDM), the pro-
sizes--from an over-
gram is a powerful, cost-
size mailing to provide a
effective way to saturate a
detailed story, to smaller
localized area and get your
pieces for a quick sales
marketing messages directly Every Door Direct Mail service
announcement, coupons,
into the hands of consumers. has a range of mailing sizes to
photos, menus, event calen-
"The U.S. Postal Service accommodate a business's needs.
dars and more--lets each busi-
created Every Door Direct Mail
ness tailor its message exactly
to simplify how businesses market to their local com- as it needs. And, businesses can create mailings up
munity," says David Mastervich, USPS small-business to 30 days before planning to mail them.
sales manager. With Every Door Direct Mail, busi-
"Many printing services are already experi-
nesses can reach every home, every address, every enced with EDDM, and can help from start to fin-
AUGUST 2013 The Costco Connection 25
LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION CONTINUED FROM PAGE 25 ish," says Mastervich, adding that the program can help match local businesses with nearby printers. Many printers and marketing service providers can not only help produce and print Every Door Direct Mail pieces, he says but also get those mailings to the Postal Service for you. EDDM offers two options: · Every Door Direct Mail--Retail®. Most local businesses choose this service, says Mastervich, because it's USPS's simplest, most cost-effective option. Every Door Direct Mail --Retail lets you send up to 5,000 mailpieces a day per ZIP code. And, using the approved Every Door Direct Mail--Retail indicia, you don't need to purchase a postage permit. · Every Door Direct Mail®. This option is designed for businesses that send larger mailings using a mailing permit. With this option, you need a postage permit and entry into a Business Mail Entry Unit. This option is great for announcing new store openings, sales or other major events. You can also reach homes during the week for a weekend event. And, there's no need to print names and addresses on every mail piece. Businesses wanting to get more information about EDDM can visit USPS.com and click "Business Solutions." For a free kit, go to www.eddmkit.com/Costco1. C
Answers to Mr. ZIP quiz (questions on page 25)
1. Several employees, including Robert Aurand Moon, a career postal worker in Pennsylvania, suggested a national coding system as early as the 1940s. In 1962, a committee was appointed to study coding alternatives and to recommend a plan for adoption. Numerical mail systems had been previously used in Germany, the UK and Ukraine. 2. Harold Wilcox, son of a letter carrier and a member of the Cunningham & Walsh Advertising Agency, first created Mr. ZIP in a bank-by-mail ad campaign for a New York bank. 3. Zoning Improvement Plan. After World War II, with business expanding, the pre-ZIP system wasn't effective with new and large volume mailings of advertisements and periodicals. 4. that Bar code is printed on the mail piece to make it easier for automated machines to sort, plus it's required for postal automation discounts. 5. To achieve widespread acceptance of the ZIP code, postal officials did a media blitz. Print advertisements and TV commercials told kids that if they'd add a ZIP code to Santa's letters, the
big guy would get them faster. FYI: The ZIP code for North Pole, Alaska, is 99705. 6. Slightly more than 42,000 ZIP codes. 7. The first number represents a general geographic area of the nation, "0" in the East, moving to "9" in the West. The next two numbers represent regional areas, and the final two identify specific post offices. The ZIP+4 code allows mail to be sorted to a specific group of streets or a high-rise. Today, the codes extend beyond mailing and are part of the nation's 911 emergency system. 8. No city has that ZIP code, but Ketchikan, Alaska, is closest with 99950. Zippy (Mr. ZIP's nickname) can now join AARP, but retirement? No way. Mr. ZIP is too busy helping to zip along about 153 billion pieces of mail this year.--ES The Costco Connection Costco members can purchase "Forever" stamps, as well as envelopes and other mailing items, at Costco. Envelopes, mail carts and mail vaults are available on Costco.com.
Call 949-394-6532 for a FREE EDDM consultation today.
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