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1-884465-19-6 Travel $22.95/Paper 524 Pages 73 B&W Photos 51/2 x 81/2 April
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The Guide to Lodging in Italy's Monasteries Second Edition By Eileen Barish
"Discover and enjoy the real Italy with this extraordinary and comprehensive lodging guide." -- Associated Press
Two hundred and fifty monasteries, welcome to all guests of all faiths, and averaging $20 for a one-night stay--with meals! Visitors can enjoy a tranquil, safe, Italian experience in inexpensive lodging, dense with beauty, history, and culture, in castles and villas filled with priceless art.
PLUS: · Unbiased, down-to-earth and in-depth information · Directions and contact information · Brief history of each locale · Overview of accommodations and prices
NEW! · Monastery email and websites for easy reservations · All monasteries have been revisited · Personal interviews with staff by Italian researchers · 200+ additional listings of monasteries for retreats and other spiritual purposes
Eileen Barish is an award-winning author and travel expert, author of Vacationing With Your Pet 1-884465-15-3.
Adventures Unlimited Press
1-931882-07-X Science/Philosophy Body, Mind & Spirit $19.95/Paper 264 Pages 7x9 February
Raquel DID fight the dinosaurs!
Darwin's Mistake Antediluvian Discoveries Prove: Dinosaurs and Humans Co-Existed By Dr. Hans. J. Zillmer
Darwin was wrong. Based on the suppressed results of scientific research, here is new evidence against Darwin's Evolutionary Theory. The latest discoveries in this emergent segment of cryptozoology dismantle the logical, established world of Darwinian science: the author demonstrates that: · The Earth's crust is relatively young, just a few thousand years old · Earth's poles were free of ice until recently · The mass extinction of dinosaurs is an incorrect theory · Humans and dinosaurs inhabited the earth during the same time period
Dr. Hans. J. Zillmer is a German university professor who has participated in numerous excavations. He is not a fundamentalist Christian. MARKETING: · European best-seller published in 9 languages
Adventures Unlimited Press
1-931882-12-6 History/Religion Body, Mind & Spirit $16.00/Paper 360 Pages 100 Color Photos 6x9 February
Maverick Archaeology
Solomon: Falcon of Sheba The Tomb and Image of the Queen of Sheba Discovered By Ralph Ellis
Why are the Bible's most famous characters missing from the archaeological record? The Queen of Sheba, King Solomon and King David are household names in much of the Western and Middle Eastern world, but there has been no actual proof of their true existence. Now their lost tombs and sarcophagi have been rediscovered! But the tombs of these lost monarchs are not in Israel, Ethiopia or Yemen, as expected--nor are these the true identities of these historical figures. In fact, they were rulers of the United Monarchy--and this book presents evidence of a brand-new Biblical history that contains real events, real lives and real people. Including:
· Color photos of tombs and sarcophagi · Daily minutiae: clothes, crockery, and weapons · Political and theological tools Ralph Ellis is a pilot, author, and researcher who lives in north England. TITLES BY THE SAME AUTHOR: Jesus: Last of the Pharoahs 0-932813-11-9 Tempest and Exodus 0-932813-98-4 Thoth: Architect of the Universe 0-932813-18-6 K2 - Quest of the Gods 0-951913-6-2
Adventures Unlimited Press
1-931882-15-0 Body, Mind & Spirit Science/Nature $18.95/Paper 408 Pages 125 B&W Photos and Illustrations 6x9 March
Our healing earth
Ley Line and Earth Energies An Extraordinary Journey into the Earth's Natural Energy System By David Cowan and Anne Silk
How natural forces affect our behavior and health. The mysterious standing stones, burial grounds and stone circles that lace Europe, the British Isles and other areas have intrigued scientists, writers, artists and travellers through the centuries. They pose so many questions: · Why do some places feel special? · How do ley lines work? · How did our ancestors use Earth energy to map their sacred sites and burial grounds? · How do ghosts and poltergeists interact with Earth energy? · How can Earth spirals and black spots affect our health?
The authors discuss the answers to these fascinating questions, and more, including strange phenomena and legends from the author's 3,000 mile walk. David Cowan has walked over 3,000 miles, tracing energy patterns that emanate from ley lines, standing stones and circles. Anne Silk is a scientist and environmental health expert who has researched the correlation between human health and the electromagnetic fields of the earth.
Adventures Unlimited Press
1-931882-11-8 History/Travel Body, Mind & Spirit $17.95/Paper 224 Pages 6x9 March
Decoding the Prophecies
Nostradamus and the Lost Templar Legacy By Rudy Cambier
Nostradamus' prophecies are not prophecies, and they were not written in 1550 by Michel de Nostradame. In fact, they were composed between 1323 and 1328 by a Cistercian monk, Yves de Lessines, Prior of Cambron Abbey on the French-Belgian border as a code to the location of a Templar treasure. Deep language analysis proves the verses don't belong to the 16th Century, nor to Nostradamus' region of Provence, but dovetail with 14th Century Belgian syntax and vocabulary. "The first three quatrains reveal the key with which to unlock the verses in which the author states who he is, where he is, what function he has, for whom the text is intended and how the text has to be read. It's the executive summary."
This key holds a stunning secret: no one ever came to collect the Templar treasures, so before his death, the Prior hid the location and description of the treasure in cryptic verses. 220 years later, Nostradamus stole this document from a French library and made the enigmatic texts worldfamous, claiming they were prophecies. Rudy Cambier has conducted a decade-long study of the verses of Nostradamus' prophecies. He lives in Quebec. RELATED TITLE: The History of the Knights Templar 0-932813-40-2
Adventures Unlimited Press
1-931882-14-2 History/Travel Body, Mind & Spirit $21.95/Paper 404 Pages 6x9 April
Templars in North America
The Templars' Legacy in Montreal The New Jerusalem By Francine Bernier
Montreal was designed in the 17th century as the Christian New Jerusalem. With this provenance, the cosmopolitan city became headquarters for mystics who wanted to purify themselves in the Primitive Church of Jesus, known as the Sociйtй de Notre-Dame, successors to the Templars. Many of these individuals also belonged to the elusive, elitist Compagnie du Saint-Sacrement (Heart of the Church). Explore the links between Montreal and: · St. Blaise, patron saint of stonemasons and a Templar figure · Two Black Virgins, one from Montaigue · An odd, Kabalistic Tetragrammaton
· A Sulpician chapel based on the Temple of Solomon · An intriguing family coat of arms of twelve blue apples · The Phrygian goddess Cybele as the androgynous Mother of the Church Francine Bernier lives in Montreal and is a wellknown researcher of the Knights Templar and Holy Grail. After several visits to Europe and Africa, she realized her hometown contained an unrecorded hidden dimension. This book is the result of three years of study, research and on-site analysis. RELATED TITLES: The History of the Knights Templar 0-932813-40-2
Adventures Unlimited Press
1-931882-13-4 Body, Mind & Spirit History/Science $16.95/Paper 232 Pages 6x9 March
Foo Fighters!
Hitler's Flying Saucers A Guide to German Flying Discs of the Second World War By Henry Stevens
The facts behind the legend, with real photographs of real saucer designs by real people from reports that have been kept secret for fifty years! This amazing book presents photocopies of formerly classified documents and other material documenting the Third Reich's quest to create flying saucers and other advanced aerospace vehicles. Including: · The truth about foo fighters' German origins · How Canadians got saucer technology from the SS · The atomic Peenemuende saucer project · The surviving Third Power of former Nazis · The mysteries of Schildkroete · Statement of a German saucer test pilot
· Eyewitness testimony of magnetic discs. · Diagrams of the Leduc engine · Details of Schappeller and Schauberger's designs · U.S. government reports on German field propul- sion saucers, including the KM-2 · U.S. government methods of UFO deception and repression Henry Stevens is a UFO researcher who lives in Northern California. RELATED TITLES: Man-Made UFOs: 1944-1994 0-932813-23-2 The Anti-Gravity Handbook 0-932813-20-8
1-57027-139-9 Computers/Technology Current Events $14.95/Paper 176 Pages 6x9 March
How computer culture affects art and life
Behind the Blip Essays on the Culture of Software By Matthew Fuller "While most institutions are still trying to figure out 'new media,' the best new-media artists and theorists are already on the next paradigm: the study of software culture. This excellent collection is not theoretical, but a kind of software itself, explaining what is really going on behind the menu and windows of our computer screens. --Dr. Lev Manovich, Visual Arts Department, UC, San Diego; author, The Language of New Media
Original collection of essays on software culture. Using AI philosophies, modern art history, new media and computer-driven practicalities, the author analyzes everyday computer tools and demonstrates how ostensibly neutral, essentially mechanical elements actively reshape how we look at and interact with the world; including: · User interfaces · Search engines · Intelligent agents · Word processors · Web browsers
While the ideas appear futuristic, new media artists have been applying these principles for over a decade-in all aspects of art, design and music--which the greater culture absorbs without question. Matthew Fuller is a new media critic and practicioner working with I/O/D and Mongrel. He teaches new media theory at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. MARKETING: · First book in its field RELATED TITLES: Read Me! Electronic Disturbance Electronic Civil Disobedience The Media Archive
1-57027-133-X Political Science $14.95/Paper 246 Pages 6x9 March
Modern Marxism
Revolutionary Writing Common Sense Essays in Post-Political Politics Edited by Werner Bonefeld
These radical essays in open--or autonomous-Marxism critique typical political concepts and examine the current insurrection of global labor vs. global capital. Contributors include: · Antonio Negri: The Crisis of Political Space · Harry Cleaver: Marxian Categories, The Crisis of Capital and Constitution of Subjectivity Today · George Caffentzis: The End of Work, or the Renaissance of Slavery? · Mariarosa Dalla Costa: Development and Reproduction · John Holloway: In the Beginning Was the Scream · Johannes Agnoli: Destruction as the Determination of the Scholar in Miserable Times
· Ferrucio Gambino: Critique of the Fordism of the Regulation School · Mike Rooke: From the Revolution Against Philosophy To the Revolution Against Capital Werner Bonefeld graduated from the Free University of Berlin, with a Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh. He now teaches at the University of York, where he researches political economy, Marxist social theory and European integration. His work has been translated into many languages. Antonio Negri co-authored Empire (Harvard University Press) and Marx Beyond Marx, among many other works.
1-57027-122-4 Literary Criticism & Collections Literature/Pop Culture $22.95/Paper 752 Pages 100 B&W Illustrations 6x9 February
American Surrealists
Surrealist Subversions Rants, Writings & Images by the Surrealist Movement in the United States Edited by Ron Sakolsky Foreword by Franklin Rosemont
200 texts by 50+ American Surrealists -- a comprehensive, diverse and fully-illustrated compilation of American surrealist writing. Representing the full range of U.S. surrealist publications, from the original journal, Arsenal/Surrealist Subversion, to the latest millennial communiquй from the front lines of the ongoing battle against miserabilism, it includes the history of the Chicago movement and an analysis of the current state of American surrealism. From the summer of 1966 to the present, the Chicago Surrealist Group--and the Surrealist Movement in the United States, which grew out of it--have continued to foment
"A whirlwind of revolt while playfully igniting the sparks of Poetry, Freedom and Love in the crucible of the Unfettered Imagination, brightly illuminating divergent pathways defining the intrinsically anarchist trajectory of the surrealist adventure." Ron Sakolsky is co-editor of two other Autonomedia anthologies: Gone To Croatan: The Origins of North American Drop-Out Culture (with James Koehnline), and Sounding Off!: Music as Subversion/Resistance/ Revolution (with Fred Ho).
1-57027-143-7 Body, Mind & Spirit $19.95/Paper 640 Pages Bibliography 300 B&W Illustrations 6x9 February
Global history of hemp
Orgies of the Hemp Eaters The Ritual and Recreational Uses of Cannabis Edited by Hakim Bey and Abel Zug
Spiritual and culinary traditions surrounding marijuana consumption in fifty-four fact-filled chapters, including: · medical reports · anthropological data · historical accounts · recipes for beverages and foods · literary anecdotes · quotations · numerous illustrations · and a 200+ page bibliography of cannabis information and lore Contributors include Timothy Leary, Fitz Hugh Ludlow, Baudelaire, Aleister Crowley, Coleridge, Nietzsche, James Joyce, Theophile Gautier, Paul Bowles, Ganesh Baba, Patricia Morningstar, Ira Cohen, Isabel Eberhardt, Richard Francis Burton, and scores more.
Hakim Bey is the author of TAZ: The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Poetic Terrorism and Ontological Anarchy and Millenium, among many other titles. A current resident of New York state, he lived for many years in the Middle East and South Asia. Abel Zug lives in NYC and maintains a large, influential, independent archive of literature on psychedelic substances. RELATED TITLES: Grass: The Paged Experience Psychedelics ReImagined The Ibogaine Story: Report on the Staten Island
1-57027-141-0 Social Science/Political Science Literary Criticism & Collections $14.95/Paper 284 Pages 6x9 February
Activists manual
Domain Errors! Cyberfeminist Practices Edited by Maria Fernandez and Faith Wilding and Michelle Wright "This provocative book makes it clear that feminism is not dead--it's a critical weapon.... A must read for all becoming cyberfeminists and autonomous agents!" -- Elizabeth Hess
Feminist writers, artists, theorists and activists analyze the politics of digital culture and contemporary social relations as they are mediated and transformed by digital and bio-technologies, including: · Race and technology · Transformations of sex and gender · Reification of heterosexism · Eugenics · Compulsory motherhood through Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) · Connecting cyberactivism with real-life conditions MARKETING: · Sell sheets, flyers, calendar and catalogue listings
Maria Fernandez is an art historian specializing in the intersections of postcolonialism, electronic media, Latin American colonial and modern art. With a Ph.D. from Columbia (1993), she has taught at the U. of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, U. of Connecticut, and Vermont College of Norwich University. Faith Wilding is an/Other genre artist, writer, and teacher working in the somatic, psychic, and socio-political history of the body. She is a founding member of the cyberfeminist collective subRosa, and a Fellow at the STUDIO at Carnegie Mellon. She teaches performance at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Michelle Wright holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Lit. from the U. of Michigan and held the Loomis McCandless Junior Faculty Research Chair at Carnegie Mellon. She is now Asst. Professor of English at Macalester College.
0-936756-14-4 Religion Current Events History $14.95/Paper 224 Pages Bibliography 6x9 February
Heresy is a spiritual path
Scandal Essays in Islamic Heresy By Peter Lamborn Wilson "Fascinating material on the Ismaili sect and on Hassan i Sabbah... the only spiritual leader who has anything significant to say in the Space Age." -- William S. Burroughs
Seven essays examining Islamic heresies in this reprint of the original 1988 edition, including: · Persian sufis and South Indian phallus worshippers · The Moorish Science Temple, America's first Black Islamic sect · Javanese magic and shadow-puppet theatre · Inner history and teachings of the Assassins · Mystical uses of wine, opium and hashish Through exploring the effects of each heresy from the insider's point of view of experience and practice; and from the outside's position of scholarship and hermeneutics, the author proposes that heresy:
· Functions as a hidden discourse between civilizations · Is a permanent revolution expressed in mystical language · Is an active spiritual path on which individuals and society re-evaluate accepted norms Peter Lamborn Wilson is former editor of Sophia Perennis, the journal of the Royal Academy of Philosophy in Iran, where he lived for seven years. He has met with mystics throughout the Islamic world and collaborated with local scholars on Sufi and Ismaili studies, and translations of Persian poetry. He is himself a poet, science-fiction writer, and author of TAZ, Avant Gardening, Escaping the Nineteenth Century, Orgies of the Hemp Eaters, Pirate Utopias, Shower of Stars, Millennium, and Lost Histories.
Between The Lines
1-896357-61-X Education Political Science Social Science $19.95/Paper 256 Pages 45 B&W Illustrations/Charts/Photos 8 x 10 February
Learning about Labor Unions
Education for Changing Unions By Bev Burke, D'Arcy Martin, Jo Jo Geronimo, Barbara Thomas and Carol Wall
Stimulating storehouse of ideas, practical exercises and debate about trade-union education. Clear and accessible, it is designed for working people and teachers, using widely-tested exercises and activities focused on evaluation, strategic planning, and long-term survival; and organized around six themes: 1. Community 2. Democracy 3. Equity 4. Class Consciousness 5. Organization Building 6. The Greater Good
Bev Burke is a teacher, community organizer, and advocate of popular education. D'Arcy Martin is a long-time union activist and teacher of popular education. Jo Jo Geronimo is an educator and union activist. Barbara Thomas and Carol Wall are both teachers and popular education facilitators. All are seasoned union activists with several decades of combined experience. MARKETING: · Promos to union education and labor studies programs · Endorsements from the George Meany Center and the U.C.L.A. Labor Center
Between The Lines
1-896357-41-5 Law/Social Science $24.95/Paper 400 Pages 6x9 February
Lawless Corporations
Wealth By Stealth Corporate Crime, Corporate Law, and the Perversion of Democracy By Harry Glasbeek "This provocative and insightful exposй - written by a corporate lawyer - shows how corporations get away with murder ... and much else." -- Linda McQuaig, author of All You Can Eat: Greed, Lust and the New Capitalism
Philip Morris suggestion to Czech Republic authorities: Do not interfere with a free market in cigarettes because the resulting deaths of more people at an earlier age will save the government enormous sums that other wise would have to be spent to provide medical care for these people in their old age. A scathing, accessible, forceful, funny, non-technical analysis of corporate law demonstrating the reasons behind the rise of the amoral modern corporation. Today's corporate excesses are not the fault of a few white-collar crooks; the author shows how the capitaist system is designed for the WorldComs and Enrons to thrive. Including:
· What has facilitated the growth of undemocratic corporate power? · How do corporations justify their irresponsible, criminal acts? · How does corporate law pervert democracy? Harry Glasbeek, Professor Emeritus, is known by generations of students for his brilliant, memorable lectures at Osgood Hall Law School, Toronto. He is a graduate of the Chicago School of Law. MARKETING: · Advance review copies · Ads in The Nation and In These Times · Author interview on BTL website
Between The Lines
1-896357-73-3 Body, Mind & Spirit Health & Fitness/Social Science $19.95/Paper 256 Pages 6x9 April
Snapshot history of the AIDS crisis
AIDS Activist Michael Lynch and the Politics of Community By Ann Silversides
Heroic personal stories in the AIDS epidemic. Michael Lynch's private diaries document how he and others turned mourning into action in the face of the AIDS crisis. An American who taught at the University of Toronto, this long-time gay community activist organized an early response to the AIDS epidemic, while his prescient articles in The Body Politic offered hope to gay communities in Canada, the U.S. and around the world.
Ann Silversides is a veteran writer and broadcaster who specializes in health care and bio-ethics. She also produced a Canadian radio series on the psychology of grief. MARKETING: · Excerpts in gay/lesbian and alternative publications · National advertising, including The Advocate · Promotional mailings RELATED TITLES: Family Life on the Queer Side, 2001
Bluewood Books
Juvenile Nonfiction/History $7.95/Paper 112 Pages 6x9 100 Native-Americans Who Shaped American History By Bonnie Juettner 0-912517-51-4 February 100 Hispanic-Americans Who Shaped American History By Rick Laezman 0-912517-47-6 February
Popular 100 Series offers a fresh look at 100 select men and women whose varied talents, ideas and expertise contributed to American history. Every volume features:
· 100 engaging one-page biographies
· Chronological organization
· Illustration, photograph or map on each page · Meticulous research
· A timeline, index and trivia quiz
· Easy-to-understand, concise writing
100 Native-Americans Who 100 Hispanic-Americans Shaped American History Who Shaped American History
Read about 100 diverse Native-Americans, including: Dekanawida, founder of the Iroquois Confederacy; Sacagawea, Lewis and Clark's guide; the warrior Cochise; Medal of Freedom winner Annie Dodge Wauneka; author Sherman Alexie, Will Rogers, Jay Silverheels and Dennis Banks, and more! Bonnie Juettner has contributed to many middle and high school American history texts; as well as to Portrait of America, a reference series about the U S.
Read about 100 successful Hispanics, from early explorers to politicians, athletes, business people, entertainers and icons, including Cesar Chavez, Oscar de la Hoya and Selena, and more! Rick Laezman writes regularly for magazines such as Latino Leaders and Hispanic Business. This is his first book. MARKETING: · Reviews to trade and targeted media
Bluewood Books
0-912517-49-2 History $16.95/Paper 272 Pages 76 B&W Illustrations and Photos 7 x 10 May
Accomplished, Daring, Dedicated
American Women 1900-2000 By Meg Greene
The history of women in America throughout the 20th century, packed with fascinating facts and information about the people, issues and events of that time. Well-organized, clear, concise and engaging, it offers · A detailed, day-to-day chronology of the century's important events · An introduction featuring the 19th century women who paved the way for women's freedoms in the next century · Ten chapters -- one per decade · Narratives of key issues, events and people, by chapter · Numerous interesting sidebars and quotes · Many illustrations and photos · A complete index
Meg Greene writes extensively in history and biography. Recent projects include a biography of Nathaniel Greene, the DEA's history and a book on historical archaeology.
Breakthru Publishing
0-942540-16-6 (Previous ISBN: 0-942540-01-8) Health & Fitness $12.95/Paper 150 Pages 6x9 Featured Backlist
Diets Don't Work Stop Dieting Become "Naturally Thin" Live A Diet-Free Life By Dr. Bob Schwartz "This book is wonderfully funny and absolutely true" --Joel Siegel, Good Morning America "This book is's not just another diet book." --Sally Jesse Raphael
Time-tested weight-loss! Transform the body through self-knowledge. As the reader's entire attitude toward his or her life changes, their habits change, and their body perceptions; then the weight comes off! Includes: · Step-by-step discovery of how and why the weight really got there in the first place · How to take it off without effort or dieting
Dr. Bob Schwartz died in 2001; his work is being carried on by his wife, Dr. Leah Schwartz, also a writer. MARKETING: · 600,000 copies sold to date · New York Times Bestseller for 3 Months · Extensive radio and TV marketing RELATED TITLES: Diets Still Don't Work 0942540042 One Hour Orgasm 0-942540-14-X
Breakthru Publishing
0-942540-75-1 Family & Relationships $12.95/Paper 102 Pages 9x6 May
Who Taught You That? Answers to 101 Commonly Asked Questions in Matters Related to Sex By Leah Schwartz
Straightforward questions and honest answers about sex. In this empowering follow-up to the best-selling One Hour Orgasm, these are the questions repeatedly asked of the authors by men and women of all ages as they toured the country doing media interviews. The good doctors compiled the answers to these common and uncommon questions from research, consultations and seminars. The simple and honest information here will help couples learn ways to: · Keep improving their relationships · Keep improving their sex lives · Make better choices in their love lives
Dr. Leah Schwartz lives in Houston, Texas. She was married for 23 loving years to her late husband, Dr. Bob, and continues to carry on the work they started in helping couples with their relationships and sex lives. MARKETING: · Major national, syndicated and local media: past appearances have included HBO, The View with Barbara Walters, Sally Jesse Raphael · 4000 first printing TITLE BY THE SAME AUTHOR: The One Hour Orgasm 0-942540-14-X
California Classics Books
1-879395-41-X Music $15.95/Paper 268 Pages 6x9 July
Expanded from the original
Being Frank My Time With Frank Zappa By Nigey Lennon "...irreplaceable, spiky and musically literate...Lennon's previous books were on Mark Twain and Alfred Jarry, which indicates the kind of cultural perspective required to get a grip on Zappa: something brighter than rock-journo pedantry." -- Ben Watson, author of Frank Zappa: The Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play
Still the best up-close-and-personal account of legendary iconoclast Frank Zappa, who died in 1993. Lennon maintained a personal and professional relationship with Zappa during his most creative period and invests her recollections with considerable musical and emotional insight. With: · New material by the author · Preface by David Walley (No Commercial Potential: The Saga of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention) · Foreword by Greg Russo (Cosmik Debris: The Collected History and Improvisations of Frank Zappa) · Introduction by Candy Zappa · Released jointly with Patrice "Candy" Zappa's My Brother Was A Mother: A Family Album
Nigey Lennon is a composer, performer, and producer and the author of seven published books including The Sagebrush Bohemian: Mark Twain in California (Paragon House, 1990) and Alfred Jarry: The Man With The Axe (Last Gasp, 1984). She lives in New York. MARKETING: · Galleys and review copies to all appropriate reviewers · Extensive radio and television campaign
California Classics Books
1-879395-38-X Music $14.95/Paper 96 Pages 60 B&W Photos 7 x 10 July
Frank's family history
My Brother Was A Mother A Zappa Family Album By Patrice "Candy" Zappa "...this is the missing piece of the puzzle that you find years later in the back of the closet under all the mothballs, mouse droppings and other stuff that sticks to the floor...there's lots of stuff here I didn't know...with this book, you are there. And we thought we knew everything about Frank Zappa! Hah!" ---from the Introduction by Greg Russo, author of Cosmik Debris: The Collected History and Improvisations of Frank Zappa
In her own words, Frank Zappa's younger sister Patrice shares her memories of growing up with the iconoclastic guitarist, composer, and social observer. With characteristic humor, she throws open a longlocked door to reveal the family history Frank kept secret. With · 60+ rare photographs from the Zappa family album · Introduction by Greg Russo · Preface by Nigey Lennon (Being Frank: My Time With Frank Zappa)
Patrice "Candy" Zappa has performed and recorded with numerous groups including the Ed Palermo Big Band, Lennon/Tabacco/Zappa, and as part of the duo Zappa and Porter (with Nolan Porter). She lives in the San Fernando Valley. MARKETING: · Author promoting jointly with Nigey Lennon · Events, radio and television · Galleys and review copies
Capra Press
1-59266-005-3 Political Science $17.95/Paper 242 Pages Introduction 6x9 February
Peace Now
Hope in a Dark Time Reflections of Humanity's Future Edited by David Krieger "This book is an invitation to hope and to action. It is an invitation to set aside the obstacles to action, to choose peace and to wage peace. It is an invitation to help shape humanity's future." --David Krieger
Five extraordinary visionaries explore their hopes for humanity in timely essays about the importance of individual action: · Barbara Marx Hubbard · Joanna Macy · Queen Noor al Hussein · Frank K. Kelly · David Kreiger As humanity faces enormous challenges, many question whether there are any rational reasons for hope-but hope may be wildly irrational. Rational or not, hope must underpin action in these critical times.
David Krieger is the founder of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, president since 1982. He has lectured in the U.S., Europe, and Asia and has received numerous awards and honors for his work. He is a graduate of Occidental College, and holds MA and Ph.D. degrees in political science from the University of Hawaii as well as a J.D. from the Santa Barbara College of Law. Dr. Krieger serves as a judge pro tem and arbitrator for the Santa Barbara Superior Court. TITLE BY THE SAME AUTHOR: Choose Hope: Your Role in Waging Peace in the Nuclear Age, co-authored with Daisaku Ikeda, 0-9675697-6-7, Middleway Press
Capra Press
0-9722503-0-1 Travel/Fiction $17.99/Paper 228 Pages Introduction/Foreword 6x9 April
First of a series
Americans in Paris Great Short Stories of the City of Light Edited by Steven Gilbar "There is nothing so enlivening to literature as an account of beloved places, as we see in this wonderful collection of Americans-in-Paris stories by 20th-century American writers." - Diane Johnson, author of Le Mariage and Le Divorce
Fourteen short stories set in Paris by famous American authors, for readers who wish they were in Paris this minute.
With a Foreword by Diane Johnson (Le Mariage & Le Divorce), the title institutes a series with the planned sequels Americans in Italy and Americans in Mexico.
The principal characters are Americans--students, scholars, expatriates--on missions, business, vacation as they wander a Paris of bistros and bars, clubs and cafйs, trying to puzzle out its mysteries. Authors include: · Alice Adams · Evan S. Connell · Paul Theroux
Steven Gilbar has written and edited numerous books, collections and anthologies. His short story anthologies of place are California Shorts, L.A. Shorts, and Santa Barbara Stories. He lives in Santa Barbara with his wife, Inge. MARKETING: · Galleys to reviewers, travel publications editors, guides and bookstores
Capra Press
1-59266-008-8 Fiction $17.95/Cloth 48 Pages Introduction/Foreword 53/4 x 81/4 January
A mysterious Christmas star in L.A.'s Crenshaw District
The Star By Richard Barre "Richard Barre is one of the best detective novelists of the decade." --Los Angeles Times
If Byron Whitaker lives to see morning it will be a miracle... A coming-of-age story in which twelve-year-old Byron Whitaker, a black child in L.A.'s threatening Crenshaw district, is given a Christmas gift he will never forget. Told in first person, it is also the story of Byron's nextdoor neighbor, Ludwig Marshalk, the mysterious silent-movie star with his greatest role yet to play. "I went back the other day. No reason, really, other than it had been a while. Maybe it was the weather, one of those hazy days after Thanksgiving that make L.A. seem as if it's still smoldering from the fire season. Like a pile of leaves being consumed without flames, the smoke rising up around the streetlights and making your eyes water. The way it used to be when Marshalk lived in the house." --from The Star
Richard Barre was born in Los Angeles and raised in California. He formerly owned an advertising agency and is the associate publisher at Capra Press. He lives in Santa Barbara with his wife, Susan. His other published titles include Bearing Secrets, The Ghosts of Morning, Blackheart Highway and The Innocents, winner of the Shamus Award for best first detective novel. MARKETING: · Galleys to mystery reviewers, bookstores and newsletters · Online marketing campaign
Capra Press
0-9722503-9-5 Poetry $17.95/Paper 96 Pages Foreword 6x9 February
Peace is remembering, War is forgetting
The Poetry of Peace Edited by David Krieger Foreword by Terry Tempest Williams
"The anthology you hold in your hands is a bow toward grace." --Terry Tempest Williams, from the Foreword
"If you see the shadow of peace/make sure to touch it..." --Bryn Kass
Acollection of moving poems by recent winners of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's annual poetry contest, in which men, women and children write eleoquently of their yearning for peace. PEACE TREE "I walk the dogs in morning darkness among embassies and diplomatic ghosts. No trace of previous war. No planes droning overhead on zulu time. Raucous crows instead, meander above the morning. One brave old tree listens." --Phyllis Cobb Minato-ku, Tokyo.
David Krieger is a lecturer, author, and founder of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. He has received numerous awards and honors. Terry Tempest Williams is the author of Refuge, An Unspoken Hunger, Leap, and, most recently, Red: Passion and Patience in the Desert; she received both the Guggenheim and Lannan Fellowships and been honored by the Physicians for Social Responsibility. She lives in Utah. MARKETING: · Review galleys to poetry reviewers and periodicals; peace organizations and publications · Online marketing campaign
Capra Press
0-9722503-3-6 Performing Arts/Literature $29.95/Cloth 280 Pages Foreword/Afterword 6x9 May
The Best Films You Ever Read
Books Into Film The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of By Robin H. Smiley "We who revere good books owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Robin and Kathryn for their pioneering efforts with Firsts. There's no other magazine like it. I can testify to the publication's indispensable value to readers around the world. Firsts is, and always has been, a true, top-quality labor of love." --William F. Nolan (author of Logan's Run), from the Foreword
Sixty books and the movies they inspired. From the original columns in Firsts: The Book Collector's Magazine, these are reviews and studies of classic books and the classic films that were made from them. There is a: · Foreword by William F. Nolan (Logan's Run) · Afterword by Ralph B. Sipper The books include: · The Maltese Falcon · Tobacco Road · The Big Sleep · The Bridge of San Luis Rey
Robin H. Smiley is the owner and publisher of Firsts, The Book Collector's Magazine, which featured his column, Books Into Film. He, his wife, Kathryn, and their legendary film collection reside in Tucson, Arizona. MARKETING: · Galleys to reviewers, entertainment editors and magazines, film schools and libraries
Capra Press
1-59266-002-9 Poetry $27.99/Cloth 96 Pages 11 Color Plates 11 x 93/4 February Poems for the journey
The Road to Paradise Collected Poems by Robert Emmons By Robert Emmons and N. Scott Momaday "A gem of a book." -- Los Angeles Times Selected poems, devoted to the process of learning, living, and loving on our life's paths. The poems are illuminated with plates from the Robert Emmons Fine Art Collection and include an: · Introduction by Robert Emmons · Foreword by Pulitzer-Prize winner N. Scott Momaday Robert Emmons is not only a noted poet, but a New York Stock Exchange CEO, an international consultant, a university professor, and an entrepreneur. He has been honored for his philanthropy and community service, including the Herbert Hoover Humanitarian Award and City of Hope Community Leader Award. An avid art enthusiast and collector, he lives with his family in Santa Barbara. His other poetry volumes include Other Places Other Times (1973) and Love and Other Minor Tragedies (1980). MARKETING: · Galleys to reviewers · Media interviews · Book signings
IS THIS THE ROAD TO PARADISE? It passes through the redwood forest. (John Muir told me that years ago.) It turns at the sea marsh and meanders by the bay but then it doubles back to climb to the summit of the rock mountain. Confusing, but the pilgrims must know the way, They march in an endless procession with great resolve and fervor. It wearies me just to watch. (I never was one for exercise.) Besides I really like it here, so I'll wait and find out later. You know it wouldn't surprise me much to learn the end of their long journey is right here on my front porch. --Robert Emmons.
Capra Press
0-9722503-6-0 Biography & Autobiography $25.95/Cloth 180 Pages Filmography 6x9 March
A writing love story
A Palace of Silver A Memoir of Maggie Roberts By John Sanford
"John Sanford is an authentic hero of American letters. His more than twenty books are among its treasures. More remarkable yet, the Santa Barbara-based writer, who is now in his 99th year, still is adding to a body of work whose formal bravura and lyric prose are nearly without parallel in contemporary literature." - Los Angeles Times
Literary icon John Sanford's tribute to his late wife of over fifty years, Maggie Roberts, the screenwriter of True Grit, and once the highestpaid screenwriter in Hollywood. Sanford, now 99 years old, brings Maggie to life with imagined dialogue and poignant memories of their life together, including the story of how they survived the Hollywood blacklist.
John Sanford, author of over twenty books of memoir and history, lives in Santa Barbara. Born in Harlem, he studied at Lafayette College and Fordham Law School. With the publication of his first book, The Water Wheel (1933), he abandoned law and has been writing ever since, including A Walk in the Fire (Black Sparrow, 1989), A More Goodly Country (Horizon, 1975), and We Have A Little Sister (Capra, 1995).
· Introduction by Norman Corwin · Afterword by Joseph McBride
MARKETING: · Galleys to reviewers · Media interviews/media kits · John Sanford Symposium at UC Santa Barbara, Spring 2003
Capra Press
1-59266-011-8 Fiction $25.95/Cloth 330 Pages 6x9 April
Hard-Boiled Crime
Burning Moon By Richard Barre "The legitimate heir to Ross Macdonald...the dark poet king of California mysteries." --Chicago Tribune "One of the best hard-boiled novelists of the decade." --San Francisco Chronicle "Explodes into our senses in a perfect balance of action, suspense and emotion..." --Chicago Tribune
Fifth in the series of Wil Hardesty crime novels by Shamus Award-winning novelist Richard Barre. Two brothers--Vietnamese boat people who made good in America, each on a different side of the law-- confront Hardesty with a hierarchy of Asian gangs whose tentacles lever unimagined betrayal and corruption. Facing him also: his most challenging personal crisis.
MARKETING: · Galleys to mystery bookstores and reviewers · Online marketing · Author signings and tour · Promos and ads: bookstore and mystery pubs, newsletters TITLES BY THE SAME AUTHOR: The Innocents, 1995, 0-8027-3261-5 Bearing Secrets, 1996, 0-8027-3280-1
Richard Barre is the award-winning author of the Wil Hardesty novels, and the associate publisher of Capra Press. He lives in Santa Barbara with his wife, Susan.
Circlet Press
1-885865-43-0 Fiction/Erotica $9.95/Paper 128 Pages 41/2 x 61/2 May
Now in Paperback
Nymph By Francesca Lia Block "Erotica for those who like their tales of passion infused with a witchy magic."--Publishers Weekly "...lyrical sex that would stir a wooden Indian...bedtime firecrackers." --Kirkus Reviews
An interconnected series of short erotic stories by a popular, award-winning author whose grown-up fans now have bedtime reading of their own. This is unconventional erotica -- love stories, loss stories and life stories -- about the healing power of sex and bonding, smoky, kaleidescopic fables and edgy tales of Shangri-L.A. -- a special journey through the lives and loves of unusual characters: · Plum, a crayon-haired girl with a gift: if she makes love with a person, that person will then meet their true love · Tom, a burned out surfer whose luck changes when he is rescued by a mysterious, wheelchairbound woman · Sylvie, a chronically depressed poet who finds beauty in unexpected places
Francesca Lia Block is a Southern California native. Her numerous books have been published by HarperCollins (Weetzie Bat, Dangerous Angels, Girl Goddess #9, The Rose and the Beast) and have won many, many awards from the ALA, PW, and the NYT Book Review, among others. MARKETING: · 7500 sold of hardcover (May 2000) · Author appearance/signing at BEA · Publicity tie-ins and So. CA appearances · 200 review copies to targeted reviewers
Circlet Press
1-885865-3-25 Gay/Erotica $14.95/Paper 192 Pages 51/2 x 81/2 Previously Announced
Gay men's erotica
Wired Hard 3 Even More Erotica For A Gay Universe Edited by Cecilia Tan "Circlet Press' fantasy and science fiction can inspire erotica that stretches the imagination."--Lambda Book Report "When it comes to delivering a strong fix of sharp future erotica, you can rely on Circlet Press every time." -- Skin Two
Twelve steamy, stimulating stories --third volume in the Wired Hard Series. Hot sexual fiction that goes beyond formula, these sto-
Cecelia Tan has edited 40+ volumes of erotic science fiction for Circlet Press. Her own fiction has appeared in many anthologies, including Best American Erotica, The Mammoth Book of New Erotica, and Switch Hitters.
ries explore masculinity and the desire of men for men through the lens of otherworldly settings and characters. Humorous to dark-edged, fantasy to space opera, each seeks to satisfy the imagination and the libido:
MARKETING: · Review copies to 75 regional gay periodicals and media · Contributors are frequently published
· On a cold space rock, a callow hustler becomes tender · A pagan casts a spell for love and gets more than he bargained for
RELATED TITLES: Wired Hard 0-9633970-8-7 Wired Hard 2 1-885865-11-2
· A knight on the quest for the Holy Grail meets a
mysterious druid
· An older man dreams of young lust -- or is it a
· A woodcarving hermit finds a prince with a thorny
Circlet Press
1-885865-44-9 Erotica/Fiction $19.95/Paper 272 Pages 51/2 x 81/2 May
Decade of genrebending erotica
Erotic Fantastic The Best of Circlet Press 1992 - 2002 Edited by Cecilia Tan "The best stories fully integrate sex with SF/Fantasy for erotic heat. A cut above." -- Publishers Weekly "For a strong fix of sharp future erotica, you can rely on Circlet Press every time." -- Skin Two "Though Circlet's works span galaxies, time, and gender, there is one thing the stories have in common--they are stirringly sexy." --Libido: Journal of Erotic Arts
Collection of the 25 of best erotic-Sci-Fi stories from Circlet's first ten years. Circlet sparked new publishing possibilities when founder Cecilia Tan fulfilled her erotic imagination with the "what if's" of the sf/fantasy genre: What if your lover could read your mind? What if you lived in a world where sexual norms were different than ours? Writers flocked to the new press: SCIENCE-FICTION AND FANTASY: · Catherine Asaro (Ascendant Sun) · Suzy McKee Charnas (Motherlines) · Delia Sherman (The Porcelain Dove)
NEW WAVE EROTICA PIONEERS: · Laura Antoniou (Leatherwomen) · M. Christian (Dirty Words) · Gary Bowen (Diary of a Vampire). Cecilia Tan's erotic fiction has appeared in Ms. and Penthouse, among many other publications; she was a finalist for many awards; and also wrote Black Feathers (HarperCollins, 1998). She lives near Boston. MARKETING: · Cecilia Tan signing at BEA · 100 copy advance bound galley mailing · 300 copy review mailing
Clarity Press
0-932863-38-8 Social Science Business & Economics Current Events $16.95/Paper 247 Pages 6x9 May
How the poor get poorer
What the Market Does to People Privatization, Globalization and Poverty By David Macarov
"The belly has no ears, nor is it to be filled with fair words." --Rabelais (1548)
Scrutinizing the true causes of poverty and focusing on systemic policies and processes, the author offers evidence that laissez-faire economics, privatization, corporations, governments and global financial institutions have ideological, structural, and selfish interests in maintaining poverty. He explores these questions: · Since poverty doesn't arise from agricultural or industrial shortages, what keeps people poor? · Why is only poverty, among many social issues, sidelined? · Why is there no public outrage--including the voices of the poor--against this immoral situation? · How is poverty defined by governments? · How do governments minimize poverty's scale? · Are there immediate solutions to alleviate poverty?
David Macarov is Professor Emeritus, Department of Social Work, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv, with a Ph.D. from Brandeis. He writes extensively on poverty and workplace issues, and serves on many boards, including those of International Journals. His titles include The Design of Social Welfare (HRW), Work and Welfare: The Unholy Alliance (Sage), Worker Productivity: Myths and Reality (Sage), and Poverty: An International Problem (Routledge). MARKETING: · Internet promos to anti-globalization and social policy groups · Co-published with Zed Books of London
Clarity Press
0-932863-37-X Current Events Social Science Law $14.99/Paper 254 Pages 6x9 May
The International Law Solution
Palestine, Palestinians & International Law By Francis A. Boyle
How to resolve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. A general consensus suggests the only solution for peace is the creation of a Palestinian state under the guidance and norms of international law. The author analyzes the basis in existing international law for the Palestinian right to self-determination, including: · The status of Jerusalem · The right of Palestinian return · The failure of the Oslo Accords · The cause of the Al Aqsa Intifada Includes a timely final section on international law and terrorism, pre-emption, intervention, prevention, protection, self-help, retaliation, and reprisals.
Francis A. Boyle teaches International Law at U of I, Champaign; served as Legal Advisor to the PLO (1987-1989); Palestinian Delegation-Middle East Peace Negotiations (1991-1993); and the Provisional Government of the State of Palestine. He also drafted the US Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act (1989); represented Bosnia-Herzegovina at the International Court (1993-94); and served on Amnesty International's Board. His Law and Ph.D. degrees are from Harvard. MARKETING: · Author interviewed daily as Middle East expert by mainstream media · Internet marketing TITLES BY THE SAME AUTHOR: The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence 0-932863-32-7
Cricket Feet Publishing
0-9723019-3-3 Performing Arts Film/Reference $21.95/Paper 408 Pages Index/Foreword 51/2 x 81/2 February
You've got the part!
Casting Qs A Collection of Casting Director Interviews By Bonnie Gillespie "More than a book, it's an investment in your acting career. Have at it!" --Robert Brody, ShowFax/Screenplay Online/Sides Express
Actors can gain an edge by understanding the process of casting. The gatekeepers to the Industry, casting directors size up an actor's fit to a role, filtering thousands of potentials down to those who get the audition. So how can actors beat the system? · Do casting directors attend theatre? · Do casting directors go online to look for talent? · Will an unsolicited submission be opened? · Is agency representation that important? · What mistakes do most actors make? · What do casting directors want on a resumй? · Can an unknown actor really make it? · also: an Index of Industry names
Bonnie Gillespie has her Master's in Journalism from the U. of Georgia. Having come to L.A. to act, she found her true career as a writer and teacher of casting and the business of acting. Her weekly columns appear in Back Stage West (Casting Qs), and online at The Actor's Bone, Actor Point, and's Career Chat. MARKETING: · Bound galleys for advance industry reviews · Finished books to selected media outlets · Promos to casting facilities · Author is radio guest host on Back Stage Live (LA) · Lectures and book signings supported by BSW · · Internet promos
Daniel & Daniel Publishers
1-56474-411-6 Business & Economics $15.95/Paper 264 Pages 6x9 March
Managing for noble goals
Leading by Heart Through the World of Quantum Civics By Richard Cheshire "...a greatly needed quantum leap in thinking about leading volunteers and voluntary organizations of every type." --Arthur C. Frantzreb, Institute for Charitable Giving's Outstanding Spokesperson for Philanthropy " inspiring, creative, insightful view of organizations as living organisms, conceptual, yet visual and concrete-an enlightening application of nature's laws to our everyday actions." --Naomi Nagaki, MBA, Senior VP and Chief Analyst, West Hudson Co.
Effective leadership does not have to be motivated by personal gain. Americans long to be reminded that business leadership can be an honorable calling despite the executive ethical scandals. This book offers a concrete basis for idealism. This is a new paradigm--using scientific models--for: · Maximizing leadership skills · Transforming energy into action · Transforming creativity into results The author has taught this concept to executives and volunteers since 1996.
Richard Cheshire, Ph. D., is director of the Institute for Voluntary Leadership and was director of the Center for Nonprofit Leadership; president, U. of Tampa; executive director of the Shakespeare Globe Centre ; president of the N.J. Shakespeare Festival; chief development officer, Center for Strategic & International Studies at Colgate, Dickinson, and Drew U. He divides his time between Orange County, and Hamilton, N.Y. MARKETING: · Advance reading copies to trade and business media · 100 review copies to general and business media · Booksignings in Orange County
Daniel & Daniel Publishers
1-56474-407-8 History $15.95/Paper 192 Pages 96 B&W Photos Bibliography/Index Cloth edition ISBN 1-56474-408-6 $25.95 7 x 10 April
Colonial Jewish Culture
The Jews in Early America A Chronicle of Good Taste and Good Deeds By Sandra Cumings Malamed
"...a comprehensive survery of the contributions and impact of the great early Jewish research and fine scholarship..." --Dr. Janice E. Ovadiah, Director, Sephardic House
Stories about real Jewish families from the first Jewish-American settlement in New Amsterdam in 1654, enhanced by the author's collection photographs of: · people · artifacts · documents · buildings Entertaining and informative, this is about individuals-- the first Americans, Jews who fled the Inquisition by way of Holland: how they lived, how they worked, how they shared faith and common values, and how they contributed to early American society, including:
· Myer Myers, the renowned silversmith · Dr. John de Sequeyra, a physician who studied mental illness in Colonial Williamsburg · Uriah Levy, who restored Jefferson's Monticello · Solomon Carvalho, American frontier photographer Sandra Cumings Malamed is a scholar, collector, and historian who studied American decorative arts at Colonial Williamsburg and the Peabody Museum. She has been associated with the Skirball Center, American Jewish Historical Society, International Sephardic Society, and Judah Magnes Museum in Berkeley, California. She lives in L.A. MARKETING: · advance reading copies to trade and Jewish media · 100 review copies to general and Jewish media · author lectures and signings in L.A.
Dedalus Limited
1-903517-09-5 Fiction $13.99/Paper 310 Pages 5 x 73/4 May
First Translations
Sparrow, Temptation and Cavalleria Rusticana Sicilian Novelle By Giovanni Verga Translated by Christine Donougher and D. H. Lawrence
"These stories have that sense of the wholeness of life, the spare exuberance, the endless inflections and overtones, and the magnificent and thrilling vitality of major literature." --The New York Times
Short stories, some never previously translated into English, by Italy's greatest novelist. Verga embraced verismo, the Italian form of French naturalism, where authorial comment and description is minimal. His atmospheric, emotional writing transcends his characters, Sicilian fishermen and peasants, giving them a lyric, epic feel. Though he writes of an enclosed world, his work is universal, touching, yet not sentimental. Includes: · The long novella Sparrow · The short stories of Cavalleria Rusticana · Five newly-translated Sicilian stories: Temptation, The Schoolmaster, The Devil's Hand, The Gold Key and Comrades
Giovanni Verga (1840-1922) is, for many, Italy's greatest novelist. After university he left his native Sicily and lived in Milan as a fashionable man of letters, returning home to write about working people. His play Cavalleria Rusticana, was made into an opera. Christine Donougher read English and French at Cambridge. Her translation of The Book of Nights won the 1992 Scott Moncrieff Translation Prize. D. H. Lawrence, one of the 20th Century's greatest English novelists, translated much of Verga's work into English. Although not Verga's first English translator, he popularized him in English. MARKETING: · Author is on every college syllabus of Italian and comparative literature.
Dedalus Limited
1-873982-16-X Literature $14.99/Paper 239 Pages Introduction 5 x 73/4 February
Outrageous Behaviour
The Dedalus Book of Roman Decadence Emperors of Debauchery Edited by Geoffrey Farrington Translated by Brian Murdoch
"Their murder plots, sexual deviances, orgies, cruelty and incessant intrigue put our politicians and their peccadillos on a playschool level." --Time Out
"...devoted to the juicier bits of Tacitus, Suetonius, Juvenal, Apuleius and Seneca (the stuff that, as Gibbon put it, should be veiled in the decent obscurity of an ancient language). But you have to admit it's fun." --Nicholas Lezard in The Guardian
Decadent excesses in poetry and prose of the world's greatest civilization in a new edition. A vivid picture of sexual excess and debauchery in a cruel and violent society which has continued to fascinate and shock the generations which have followed. Links fin de siecle European decadence with its classic Roman origins. Though the Introduction asks coyly, "Were the Romans really decadent?", the answer is "And how!"
Geoffrey Farrington has combined a career in the theatre with his work as a writer. He wrote the cult vampire novel The Revenants, and a novel on Nero's last days, The Acts of the Apostates. Brian Murdoch, a specialist in medieval and German, Latin, Celtic renaissance literature, is Professor of German at the University of Stirling and was Visiting Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and of Magdalen College, Oxford, where he delivered the Waynflete Lecture in 1994. He edits and translates many books for Dedalus.
Dedalus Limited
1-903517-04-4 Fiction $11.99/Paper 245 Pages 5 x 73/4 February
Sensitive Victorian vampire
The Revenants By Geoffrey Farrington "...a superior vampire novel." --Time Out
"...a vampire with a conscience...the author dwells on the twisted psychology of the demonic narrator, challenging the reader to identify with him." --The London Times
Gothic horror masterpiece. A family curse reaches through time to damn a young man in Victorian England. John LePerrowne is possessed with supernatural life and power, yet haunted by the restless ghost of his human soul. Amidst chilling evils he must seek and finally confront the dark truth of his being. Both strikingly modern and seductively traditional, this narrative explores the psychology of repression and pays homage to the great works of nineteenthcentury terror.
Geoffrey Farrington was born in London in 1955 and works as a writer and in the theatre. At work on his third novel, he wrote The Acts of the Apostates (Dedalus, 1990) and edited The Dedalus Book of Roman Decadence: Emperors of Debauchery. MARKETING: · Introduction by Kim Newman, popular horror writer · Popular groundswell for vampires: Buffy, Angel, etc. · Cult Classic in UK (1984 edition) · First US publication in this revised new edition RELATED TITLES: Primordial Soup 1-873982-19-4
Dedalus Limited
1-903517-10-9 Fiction $11.99/Paper 210 Pages 5 x 73/4 February
Grotesque, Unforgettable
The Maimed By Hermann Ungar Translated by Mike Mitchell "A sexual hell, full of filth, crime and the deepest melancholy - a monomanical digression of an inwardly pure artistry.. a masterpiece that would be honoured in any classic oeuvre.'' --Thomas Mann "This sobering account of one man's descent from irrational paranoia to self-destruction is at once repulsive and captivating, and well worth a read if you can handle it." --Buzz Magazine "...despite the irredeemable bleakness it is also darkly comic ...the economy of style successfully maintains the tension and pace, giving a crisp, contemporary edge to the narrative." --Will Stone in The Times Literary Supplement
Atmospheric horror novel set in Prague. Bank clerk Franz Polzer is dominated by irrational fears; even friendly smiles seem to conceal hidden menace. He keeps the world at bay by a meticulous routine of organization, and even rejects promotion because it brings an unknown future that threatens his ordered existence. But his precarious stability is disturbed by the sexual demands of his landlady. Once the first breach has occurred, he is dragged inexorably down into an abyss of degradation which ends in a grisly murder. The horror of Polzer's fall is emphasized by the matter-of-fact sobriety of Ungar's narrative style.
Hermann Ungar (1893-1929) was a Moravian who wrote in Berlin and Prague in the 1920s. His work is often compared to Kafka's. Mike Mitchell's publications include The Dedalus Book of Austrian Fantasy: 1890-2000, Peter Hacks: Drama for a Socialist Society and Austria in the World Bibliographical Series. He has won many prizes, including the 1998 Schlegel-Tieck Translation Prize. MARKETING: · New translation · Popular pricing · Much current interest in Ungar
Dedalus Limited
1-903517-13-3 Fiction $17.99/Paper 421 Pages 5 x 73/4 May
Terrifying and twisted
The Dedalus Book of Austrian Fantasy 1890-2000 Edited by Mike Mitchell "The best stories faultlessly follow the traditional template of deepening mystery grafted onto time-honoured methods of signalling narrative action. Recommended." --Andrew Pulver, City Limits
Superb new edition of grotesque, bizarre and supernatural fiction by 32 big names of Austrian literature, featuring · 70,000 new words--and no novel excerpts · Time range extended from 1890 to 2000 · Cover by fantasist painter Hundertwasser
· 1890s: Schnitzler, Hofmannsthal · The First World War years: Kafka, Meyrink, Rilke · The post-war era: Kafka (rediscovered), Jeannie Ebner, Ilse Aichinger · The present day: H.C. Artmann, Michael Koehlmeier
Austria has long engendered fantasy by decadents and obsessives. These stories range from the Freudian to the Kafkaesque, to the surreal, grotesque, comic, occult and straightforwardly supernatural and incorporate the following time periods:
Mike Mitchell is an acclaimed translator from German with a special interest in Austrian Literature. RELATED TITLES: The Dedalus Book of Spanish Fantasy The Dedalus Book of French Horror The Dedalus Book of British Fantasy
Dedalus Limited
1-903517-18-4 Fiction $11.99/Paper 182 Pages 5 x 73/4 May
Rouge's Tales
Tearaway By Johann Grimmelshausen Translated by Mike Mitchell "...A rich, sly entertainment." --Kirkus Reviews for Life of Courage
Ribald, picaresque novel set in The Thirty Years War. The aging Simplicissimus and his former comrade, Tearaway, reminisce in a village inn: Tearaway, now a one-legged fiddler, beggar and con artist, recounts his adventures, including the horrors of the Thirty Years' War: his fight in Hungary vs. the Turks; and his travels in Italy, Germany and Greece. He weaves tales of trickery, sorcery and magic, including one about his wife, who discoverd a magic bird's nest which made her invisible. She used this for various escapades, including cuckolding Tearaway, until she was caught and killed. Simplicissimus describes how he was caught by Courage and her gypsies and conned into writing her life story for her.
Johann Grimmelshausen's masterpiece, Simplicissimus, first published in 1668, was the first bestseller in Germany. His later works take up similar themes and characters and include The Life of Courage; Whore, Thief and Vagabond and Tearaway. Mike Mitchell won the 1998 Schlegel-Tieck Translation Prize. His translation of Simplicissimus was shortlisted for the 1999 Weidenfeld Translation Prize. MARKETING: · Grimmelshausen's best work now available in new English translations from Dedalus RELATED TITLES: The Life of Courage: The Notorious Thief, Whore and Vagabond 1-873982-56-9
Dedalus Limited
1-903517-12-5 Fiction $12.99/Paper 182 Pages 5 x 73/4 May
Shivery, otherworldly thriller
The Others By Javier Garcia Sanchez Translated by Margaret Jull Costa Just as in the X Files, 'they' are watching us. In America, in one year alone, four million people go missing: a husband goes out to the store and never returns...the supermarket checker goes out for a cigarette and disappears... Two journalists investigating this phenomenon in Spain visit a former missing persons expert who is in an asylum for trying to shoot his wife and son. The only words he has spoken in the fifteen years since are: "They're watching us." The visitors are inexplicably uneasy, not only spooked by the precipitous mountain road to the asylum. Their visit causes painful memories to resurface in the inmate -- and as the journalists discover, too late, `the others' are indeed all around, watching.
Javier Garcia Sanchez was born in Barcelona in 1955. He is the prize-winning author of many novels, as well as of four collections of short stories and a volume of poetry. Margaret Jull Costa has translated the works of many Spanish and Portuguese writers. She won the 1992 Portuguese Translation Prize for The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa, and her translation of Eca de Queiroz's The Relic was shortlisted for the 1996 prize; with Javier Marias, she won the 1997 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award for A Heart So White, and, in 2000, she won the Weidenfeld Translation Prize for Jose Saramago's All the Names.
Demos Medical Publishing
1-888799-70-6 Medical Health & Fitness $19.95/Paper 144 Pages 6x9 February
New questions, New answers
Epilepsy: 199 Answers A Doctor Responds to His Patients' Questions, 2nd Edition By Andrew N. Wilner "... anybody who deals with persons suffering from disorders of the nervous system can benefit from perusing it." --Journal of the American Medical Association
An essential guide for everyone living with epilepsy. This helpful guide helps readers better understand the nature of their disease, the therapeutic options, prognosis, and benefits of medical progress. It answers -- in plain English -- the questions a person needs to know when first diagnosed, including · Is a seizure disorder the same thing as epilepsy? · What is the best diagnostic test for epilepsy? · Can I die during a seizure? · How family members can help · How to get more from doctor visits with a Health Record · A Drug and Medical Information section · A Resource Guide
Andrew N. Wilner, who has additional residencies in internal medicine and neurology, was medical director of the Carolinas Epilepsy Center. He has published many scholarly papers on epilepsy and is also a prizewinning author of short fiction MARKETING: · Galleys to selected reviewers · PR and books to reviewers and booksellers · Direct mail to epilepsy organizations and professionals · 8,000 sold of first edition
Demos Medical Publishing
1-888799-74-9 Medical Health & Fitness $19.95/Paper 144 Pages 6x9 April
Growing Up with Epilepsy A Practical Guide for Parents By Lynn Bennett Blackburn, Ph.D.
Children with epilepsy can grow into independent, effective adults. This book provide parents with the tools to effectively: · Organize their child's day · Support their social development · Negotiate the educational system · Advocate effectively for their child Childhood epilepsy may provide speed-bumps in the road to adulthood, but it does not have to be a barricade with the help of this individualized manual. Now, this useful information is available to all parents of these special children.
Lynn Bennett Blackburn, Ph.D, is a pediatric neuropsychologist at St. Louis' Children's Hospital's Pediatric Epilepsy Center, and serves on the regional Professional Advisory Board of the Epilepsy Foundation. She has 20 years experience in the field, and is the mother of two. MARKETING: · Galleys to selected reviewers · PR and books to reviewers and booksellers · Direct mail to epilepsy organizations and professionals RELATED TITLES: Epilepsy in Clinical Practice: A Case Study Approach, Demos, 2000
Demos Medical Publishing
1-888799-77-3 Medical Health & Fitness $24.95/Paper 156 Pages 6x9 May
The definitive guide
The Spasmodic Torticollis Handbook A Guide to Treatment and Rehabilitation By Mayank Pathak, M.D. and Karen Frei, M.D. and Daniel Truong, M.D.
Spasmodic torticollis, also known as cervical dystonia, is a movement disorder that involves tremors, abnormal unwanted movements, or crooked posture of the head and neck. Depending on the severity of the disorder, the twisted posture and pain can seriously to interfere with a person's normal functioning. Beginning with a description of this condition, the authors review symptoms and their management, especially the use of botulinum toxin, known popularly as Botox, to release the spasticity associated with the condition. A series of rehabilitation exercises can also ease a gradual return to normal functioning.
Mayank Pathak, M.D. is a neurologist specializing in rehabilitation of movement disorders. Karen Frei, M.D. is a neurologist specializing in neurogenetics, and conducts clinical trials on movement disorders. Daniel Truong, M.D. is a neurologist, movement disorders specialist and researcher who pioneered botulinum toxin management. He lectures worldwide on the subject. MARKETING: · Galleys to selected reviewers · PR and books to other reviewers and booksellers · Direct mail to Torticollis organizations and professionals · Book reviews in movement disorder newsletters
Fair Oaks Press
0-9658811-2-1 Art/Biography & Autobiography $30.00/Cloth 208 Pages 120 B&W Illustrations Bibliography/Author's Notes Preface/Index 71/4 x 101/2 April
200 Rare Bookplates
Rockwell Kent: The Art of the Bookplate By Don Roberts and Rockwell Kent "That day will mark a precedent, which brings no news of Rockwell Kent." --The New Yorker, 1937
Privately commissioned, and rarely-seen bookplates from a signature American artist. This remarkable book tells every bookplate's story through Kent's correspondence with his clients, including · Bennett Cerf · Ralph Pulitzer · Somerset Maugham · clients of more modest means Numerous sketches are presented alongside Kent's completed designs, carrying the reader along through the creative process for a fascinating meeting of minds and compelling record of the times. This landmark book is beautifully designed, engagingly written and extensively illustrated - a rare feast for anyone who loves books or art.
Don Roberts is editor of The Diaries of Adam & Eve: Translated by Mark Twain 0-9658811-5-6. Rockwell Kent (1882 -1971) was a prolific American artist, writer, book illustrator and adventurer. MARKETING: · The Rockwell Kent Museum in Plattsburgh, NY, opens first exhibition of Kent's bookplates, April 2003. The author will speak and sign books. · Excerpts in The Kent Collector and the American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers Quarterly Journal
Get Lost Publishing
90-76499-03-9 Travel $13.00/Paper 112 Pages 25 B&W Photos 5x8 April
Completely revised new edition
Get Lost! The Cool Guide to Amsterdam 9th Edition By Joe Pauker
"...great money-saving tips and insightful cultural info... extremely user friendly"--High Times
"There are guidebooks and there are guidebooks... and then there's Get Lost!" --The Toronto Star
"You'll thank the book for its wonderful detours and directions." --Bikini Magazine
Opinionated and entertaining about the coolest, cheapest places! Get the most up-to-date, practical, and amusing information about this outrageous city, including · Inexpensive meals in unusual locales · Alternative museums · The coolest bars and clubs · Collectible book and record stores · Test products at the world's first "smart shops" · Culture of the squat scene · 120 Internet addresses · Regular Get Lost updates online
Joe Pauker was born at the summit of Mount Everest and, passed from family to family, ended up in South East Asia making shoes for a multinational company. At 10, he escaped from the Nike compound to begin his many adventures: he played Godzilla in a Japanese film, fought against Franco in the Spanish Civil War, coined the term, and was a member of a wellknown boy band. After a year of constant touring, he fled to Amsterdam to pursue a career in writing, but died in 2003 in a freak snowshoeing accident. He was only 19. MARKETING: · Printed with vegetable-based inks on 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper
Glove Box Guides
1-893329-20-8 Travel $12.95/Paper 304 Pages Indexes/Maps Glossary 31/2 x 9 Note: Released September 2004
New and improved
Thirsty? Los Angeles, 2nd Edition The Lowdown on Where the Real People Drink! Edited by Kristin L. Petersen
"First-time visitors can feel like natives with the handy Glove Box Guides."--Bon Appetit
New edition of the popular bar and coffeehouse guide, now fine-tuned, with extensive revisions and new entries. For newcomers and natives, here's the lowdown on the City of Angels' exciting variety of:
· Bars · Pubs · Clubs · Breweries · Lounges
· Wineries · Coffeehouses · Boba bars · Tea rooms · Juice bars
From neighborhood dives to swank Hollywood bars, from sports bars, martini bars, star bars, view bars to novelty bars, you can make every L.A. neighborhood your own!
Kristin L. Petersen is a third-generation L.A. native and is Managing Editor of the Glove Box Guides. MARKETING: · Online marketing: and · Cross-marketing with listed bars and restaurants · Travel market promos RELATED TITLES: Hungry? Los Angeles, 2nd Edition, 1-893329-08-9 Hungry? New York City, 1-893329-09-7 Hungry? Thirsty? Las Vegas, 1-893329-10-0 Hungry? Thirsty? New Orleans, 1-893329-28-3 Hungry? Thirsty? Toronto, 1-893329-29-1 Hungry? Boston, 1-893329-18-6 Hungry? Chicago, 1-893329-30-5 Hungry? San Francisco, 1-893329-31-3
Glove Box Guides
1-893329-25-9 Travel $12.95/Paper 288 Pages Index Maps/Glossary 31/2 x 9 Note: released January2005
Fresh Salmon! Local Brew!
Hungry? Seattle The Lowdown on Where the Real People Eat! Edited by Roberta Cruger
300 Seattle restaurants where you can eat well for $10 or less. For visitors and locals, here's the essential guide to eclectic bistros to neighborhood dives, including sushi bars, greasy spoons, brew pubs and vegan cafes. · Organized and cross-referenced by neighborhood · Catchy tag lines and icons for each entry · Indexes, maps, and a glossary
RELATED TITLES: Hungry? Los Angeles, 2nd Edition, 1-893329-08-9 Hungry? New York City, 1-893329-09-7 Hungry? Thirsty? Las Vegas, 1-893329-10-0 Hungry? Thirsty? New Orleans, 1-893329-28-3 Hungry? Thirsty? Toronto, 1-893329-29-1 Hungry? Boston, 1-893329-18-6 Hungry? Chicago, 1-893329-30-5 Hungry? San Francisco, 1-893329-31-3
Roberta Cruger fell in love with Seattle by eating her way through its distinct neighborhoods and writing about it. And yes, she is still hungry.
Goliath Books
3-936709-00-9 Photography $37.95/Cloth 368 Pages 345 Color Photos 51/2 x 71/2 February
345 Subversive Photos
Messy Girls! Photographs by Charles Gatewood Introduction by Grady T. Turner and Ducky Doo Little
Sploshing is the new black of sexual fashion. 345 color photographs of beautiful fetish girls smearing themselves with pudding, honey and whipped cream and every messy substance imaginable. Sexy! Fresh! Funny! It's Slapstick! In a grown-up world valuing self-control and good behavior, sploshing is childish release--the goofy, bawdy sensations of making messes. It's Art! Sploshing is an extension of abstract expressionism in the tradition of performance artists Alfred Jarry, Paul McCarthy, Carolee Schneeman and Karen Finley who shock the bourgeoisie with subversive acts in public settings. It's Gender Politics! Sploshing subverts social strictures about female propriety and women's relational issues with food.
Charles Gatewood is a world-renowned fetish photographer, and for four decades, the anthropologist of the sexual underground. Grady T. Turner is an art critic and Executive Curator at New York's new, vaunted Museum of Sex Ducky Doo Little is a sexual field scientist, porn writer, fetish model and performer. TITLES BY THE SAME AUTHOR: Badlands 33-9805876-4-9
Goliath Books
3-936709-02-5 Photography Erotica $37.95/Cloth 368 Pages 210 Color Photos 51/2 x 71/2 February
The allure of privacy
Naked Rooms Photographs by Peter Gorman
"Powerful, playful...Prepare to discover what real women are really up to when they're getting naked in their own rooms. An erotic tour de force." --Marilyn Jaye Lewis
Artist, actress, dancer, Wall Street trader, college student, commercial pilot -- Gorman's beauti ful women are as varied as the places they call home, a Manhattan loft to a one-room Brooklyn studio. The photos are startling, provocative and strangely claustrophobic, but always memorable, capturing complex, intimate personal tableaux which are disquieting and erotic. With an Introduction by Marilyn Jaye Lewis. "I never know beforehand how a model will behave in front of the camera, the level of exhibitionism that's going to emerge. Sometimes the shy, retiring ones really come alive when the camera is on them." --Peter Gorman
Peter Gorman moved with his wife to NYC in 1994 and began photographing nude models in his apartment. His work has been published in Night, Nerve, Salon, Masquerade, Black Book, Max, Art Photo Akt and Black + White and included in Nerve/The New Nude (Chronicle), New York Photographer, 2003, and Naked Women (Thunder Mouth ). MARKETING: · Ongoing exhibitions and photo reviews · Nominated from Michelle7 as Erotic Photographer of the Year RELATED TITLES: Naked in Apartment 7 3-9807602-0-0
Goliath Books
3-936709-01-7 Photography/Erotica $37.95/Cloth 160 Pages Hardback 195 Color Photos 81/2 x 10 February
alt.binaries.nospam .panties, LA style
Panties Photographs by Dave Naz Introduction by Lydia Lunch
"Dave Naz captures a world that is at once wild, sexy and brilliant. He brings erotic photography into a timeless realm - his photography is not to be missed."--Cara Bruce, Editor of Viscera and Best Fetish Erotica
Worshipful photos of the real power of real women. Wearing simple cotton panties and naked faces, the women in these photos are joyously unadorned, innocent and vulnerable in natural settings. Dave Naz was born in 1969 in LA. He worked as a musician in the 80's and early 90's. Without formal training, he began photographing people in '95. Dave lives in LA with his dog Mauley. Lydia Lunch is a taboo-busting confrontational multimedia artist whose career has redefined the female voice as siren song and battle cry.
"Dave Naz has captured women as the gods intended them... kissed by the morning dew, scrubbed free of all artifice. Divine creatures whose whimsy and femininity are made even more irresistible when stripped down to the fresh sweetness of succulent pink flesh. Once liberated from the shackles of clothing, cosmetics and pageantry, they are replenished with a delicious aura whose vulnerability accentuates their true passionate glory which fashion strives so desperately to conceal. The only concession, a pair of thin cotton panties, which in turn becomes fetishized, made guardian between the viewer and the secret folds which secrete nirvana." --Lydia Lunch, from the Introduction
Gothic Image Publications
0-906362-56-3 Humor $16.95/Paper 208 Pages 6x8 March
Lenny Bruce of Britain
Attitude - Wanna Make Something of it? The Secret of Stand-up Comedy By Tony Allen "...a sell-out alternative who has not sold out." --The Independent
Cutting edge English humor documenting 25 years of full-time work, play and mischief -including gags about politicians, money, gender politics, and identity, as well as the history of stand-up comedy. Tony Allen is a brilliant stand-up comedian and seminal figure in the history of British comedy and founder of the confrontational and absurd Alternative Cabaret. MARKETING: · Signings and radio interviews · Reviews in Time Out and other national newspapers
"I was watching Tony Blair recently on the telly addressing a conference. He walked on beaming and waving and then, while the crowd were still applauding, he 'apparently' recognised someone in the audience, pointed at them and made like he knew them, and clearly hadn't seen them for some time. I first saw Clinton do it. I've got my own version of the same thing. It's a ploy. What comes across is `Hey! Good to see you. Glad you could make it. How's the family? Nice one. Catch up with you laters.' What is really going on is the performer is demolishing the fourth wall and bonding with the room - `I don't know you, I've never met you before and let's keep it that way. But hey, I'm an opportunist and you are my way of establishing a connection with this audience'. Politicians are learning the skills of the live performer." --Tony Allen
Gothic Image Publications
0-906362-62-8 Body, Mind & Spirit $18.95/Paper 264 Pages 6 x 81/4 April
Holistic global solutions
Healing the Hurts of Nations A Holistic Approach to Our Planetary Culture By Palden Jenkins
Holistic, metaphysical perspective on global political challenges. In easy-to-read, bite-size chapters, this book focuses on: · Psychological and historic patterns of nations · Dynamics of the collective unconscious · Shadows of past cultural pain · The gulf of legitimacy · Communication between institutions and people · Events that feed into present crises and conflicts · The unseen battle for the hearts and minds of humanity With practical, hopeful insight, the author explores how we can resolve international conflict, integrate developed world needs with developing nations, solve international and inter-ethnic disagreements, produce a sustainable future for all people, and bring healing energy to these tasks. This book is:
· For the disaffected, who feel outside the political process · For those who experience concern or grief over disasters · For those who seek a deeper view of history and the future Palden Jenkins attended the London School of Economics, and has since worked with Tibetan Lamas founding consciousness-raising camps; developed long-term historical astrological cycles and does psychic work on current world issues and crises. He is well-respected in holistic global politics. His other titles are Living in Time and The Only Planet of Choice (with Phyllis Schlemmer).
Gothic Image Publications
0-906362-63-6 (Previous ISBN: 0-906362-22-9) Travel $21.95/Paper 350 Pages Maps/Keys 41/4 x 83/4 May
Updated New Edition
The Traveller's Guide to Sacred England A Guide to the Legends, Lore and Landscape of England's Sacred Places By John Michell
An informative companion for travellers seeking the ancient spirit of the land. A renowned expert on sacred places takes readers on an unforgettable journey where peace and sanctity are almost tangible: · Ruined abbeys and cathedrals · Pagan sites · Megalithic temples · Shrines of saints and visionaries · Holy wells · Island sanctuaries --and a host of other places, some famous, others quiet and secluded: all are centers of spiritual energy and renewal. Travellers can trace ancient patterns in the landscape and discover the wisdom of centuries of history and tradition in England's green and pleasant land, which the author has travelled extensively by foot.
John Michell has become recognized in the last 30 years as the world authority on ancient science and religion and the symbolism of sacred landscapes. Founder of the Earth Mysteries movement, he lectures and writes extensively, and his titles include Dimensions of Paradise, New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury and Eccentric Lives and Peculiar Notions. RELATED TITLES: The Traveller's Guide Series: The Traveller's Guide to Sacred Ireland 0-906362-43-1 The Traveller's Guide to Arthurian Britain
Green Magic
0-9536631-8-3 Body, Mind & Spirit Philosophy/Religion $16.99/Paper 160 Pages 6x8 March
Welcome back, Gods of Old!
Reclaiming The Gods Magic, Sex, Death and Football By Nicholas R. Mann "A valuable and original work by a popular writer on contemporary spirituality." --Avalon Magazine
As the Goddess has been reclaimed, the figure of God has become monopolized, marginalized and corrupted, to our great loss. This original work is a provocative commentary on contemporary spirituality, demonstrating that to restore the god figure requires new insights into the reality of good and evil as it: · Liberates individual spiritual experience · Clarifies the true nature of sexual passion · Unifies us with others and the world Readers revisit the Trickster, the Hunter, the ShapeShifter, the Protector, Craftsman, Lover - the Gods of Wisdom, Fertility, Wealth and Laughter that still resonate in our lives today.
Nicholas R. Mann is the author of many books (Druid Magic, Llewelllyn 2000) and is an expert on ancient mythology, myth and sacred sites. He lives in Glastonbury, England. MARKETING: · Reviews in MBS media, shops and websites BY THE SAME AUTHOR: · Isle of Avalon 0-9536631-3-2 · The Dark God
Green Magic
0-9536631-7-5 Body, Mind & Spirit $16.99/Paper 180 Pages 6x9 March
Ancient Mysteries
The Faery Faith An Integration of Science with Spirit By Serena Roney-Dougal "Generations of folklorists have introduced us to the world of the fairy-folk. In a highly original step beyond, Serena relates it to many other things-magic, terrestrial magnetism, megaliths, apparitions, UFO reports - and shows that this Faery Faith can illuminate them all. To experience fairy reality, properly understood, is the key to a profound wisdom." --Geoffrey Ashe, Arthurian scholar and author "A wise, intelligent and entertaining book from a unique and important teacher." --William Bloom, author of Working with Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits
This luminous book takes readers on a journey of discovery to the juncture of two worlds: the World of Faery. Serena Roney-Dougal describes a scientific spirituality with its roots in the ancient past but with profound implications for modern spiritual thinking. Provocative and wide ranging, The Faery Faith sheds a bright new light on the ancient mystery of humanity's relationship to the World of Faery. · With an introduction by Caitlin Mathews.
Serena Roney-Dougal studied psychology and parapsychology at London and Surrey Universities. She has 30 years experience in researching the links between the scientific, magical and spiritual aspects of the human psyche. She teaches and lectures internationally and lives in Glastonbury, England. Her book, Where Science and Magic Meet (Element 1991), has been reprinted 5 times.
Greenery Press
1-890159-33-6 Memoir/Erotica $13.95/Paper 250 Pages 6x9 May
True-life Guide for Swingers
Swing Stories First Person Tales of Sexual Adventure By Jan & Bridget Abrams Real-world swingers describe their adventures in the (almost) anything-goes-landscape of the swing community. Sexy, true stories of a world where erotic fantasies become a reality: · Bridget and Jan describe their own first visit to a swing club · Julia and Sean discover the joys of three-way play · Dozens of other singles and couples share intimate moments in a world most people only dream of!
Includes practical tips: · Where are swing clubs located? · How does one arrange to attend? · What types of people haunt these clubs? · Which are the best swinger's publications? · What to say on the phone to set up your first visit Jan & Bridget Abrams entered the world of swinging as a couple during the late `70's.
Greenery Press
1-890159-50-6 Body, Mind & Spirit Gay $16.95/Paper 192 Pages 6x9 March
Healthy Kinky Relationships
Partners in Power Living in Kinky Relationships By Jack Rinella
"Rinella's honest and nonjudgmental writing is appropriate for people of any orientation who seek to learn more about the empowerment and ecstasy that can be found in leathersex."--Cheryl Trooskin
Sensible manual detailing how BDSM relationships can fit into real people's lives. From extended research and two decades as an active leatherman, the author has assembled facts and anecdotes about how kinky relationships really work. He shares information on how to form deep, satisfying and healthy relationships while exploring power, control and pain, including: · How to decide what you want from a relationship · How to find partners · How to distinguish between fantasy and reality · How to negotiate agreements · How to accommodate evolving needs and desires · BDSM history · BDSM techniques
Jack Rinella is a respected scene leader, lecturer, college instructor and writer (The Master's Manual, The Compleat Slave, numerous gay publications). He has a Bachelor's in Philosophy, a Master's in Business Administration and lives in Chicago. MARKETING: · Author lectures at national leather conferences · Author has popular weekly Internet newsletter · Multimedia publisher review program · First serialization in major fetish and BDSM publications RELATED TITLES: Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training Manual 0-9639763-9-7 When Someone You Love is Kinky 1-890159-23-9
Groovy Guides
953393429 Travel/Pop Culture Sports & Recreation $13.99/Paper 176 Pages 8 Color Maps 70 Color Photos 5x7 Previously Announced
Second in a series
Groovy Amsterdam Bars - Clubs - Cafes By Francesca Pagnacco and Julie Knight
Opinionated, outrageous and hilarious--150+ reviews on Amsterdam's bars, clubs, cafes, & restaurants. Among the top five European travel destinations for American tourists, Amsterdam lends itself to being explored, enjoyed, used and abused. Each location here is visited several times and rated for atmosphere, clientele, service drinks and food. The authors live and work in the city, and spend every evening checking their own work. The book offers: · Geographic organization · Detailed area and transportation maps · Color photos · Colorful anecdotes and offbeat information · Fashionable `hot spots' · Sections on scenes and festivals · Tourist traps · Pages coated against cocktail spills!
Francesca Pagnacco impulsively moved to Amsterdam, and shares her discoveries in this book. Julie Knight worked 5 years in UK publishing, then moved to Amsterdam, where she regularly visits drinking and dancing venues as part of her research. MARKETING: · Groovy Munich, 0953393410, is Amazon's No.1 Munich guide · PR to youth lifestyle, airline magazines · Review copies to mainstream press · Free 16-page Groovy Frankfurt @ Frankfurt Book Fair · Free updates on
Hohm Press
1-890772-30-5 Family & Relationships Body, Mind & Spirit $12.95/Paper 144 Pages Foreword, Bibliography, Index 51/2 x 81/2 June
Conscious childraising
Parenting, A Sacred Task 10 Basics of Conscious Childraising By Karuna Fedorschak "Offer children the best of who we are, so they can be the best of who they are." --from Parenting, a Sacred Task
Spiritual help for the world's most important job. In this accessible, friendly book, the author demonstrates how men and women of any religious faith can use the process of parenting for their own spiritual growth as they nurture the growing bodies and souls of their children. Conscious childraising helps us see ourselves more clearly and more honestly, through: · Diligent self-observation · Generous acceptance of what we learn · Getting help to improve · Adjusting parenting to stages of Child Development
The book takes a fresh, inspiring and practical look at 10 of the essential ingredients parents can share with their children, including: · Love · Attention · Respect · Relaxation · Help Karuna Fedorschak graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in anthropology. With her husband and two children, 8 and 12, she lives within an intentional spiritual community in Arizona.
Hohm Press
1-890772-32-1 Body, Mind & Spirit Health & Fitness $14.95/Paper 124 Pages Foreword/Bibliography/Index 12 B&W Photos 10 x 7 June
Yoga and body image
Yoga from the Inside Out Making Peace with Your Body Through Yoga By Christina Sell Foreword by John Friend "Before we can find peace among nations, we have to find peace inside that small nation which is our own being." -- B.K.S. Iyengar, founder Iyengar Yoga
Aheart-opening approach to yoga: "Doing Yoga, I stop the war against myself." This journey into self-acceptance leading to spiritual practice is based in the principles of Anusara Yoga, a style of hatha yoga that integrates physical practice with inner body awareness and a deep connection to the heart. There are many benefits to this peaceful approach: · Connection to one's own unique beauty · More realistic exercise goals · Illuminates the path of spiritual journey · Mental and emotional well-being · Inspiration by real people, not models
Christina Sell is a certified massage therapist and yoga instructor, with a BA in Counseling Psychology and and MA in Integrative Education. She lives in Prescott, Arizona. John Friend is the founder and master teacher of Anusara Yoga. RELATED TITLES: Yoga Tradition 1-8990772-18-6
Hohm Press
1-890772-33-X Health & Fitness $29.95/Paper 528 Pages Glossary, Bibliography, Index 81/2 x 11 June
A clean new beginning
The Detox Sourcebook The Ultimate Healing System By Robert S. Morse, N.D., D.Sc., M.H. "Dr. Morse is one of the world's greatest healers." --Dr. Bernard Jensen, author of Foods That Heal
Awell-documented system to regenerate healthy tissue and natural functioning in the body. In Morse's healing system, the key is to treat the cause of illness, not the symptoms. And the source of almost all illness, suggests Dr. Morse, is acidosis, a type of poisoning caused by toxins from our food, water and air. No genuine healing can proceed in the toxic environment of the modern body systems. He details:
· How to safely detoxify your entire system · What's really in the foods we eat · Why an alkaline system will save your life · The art of fasting · The effectiveness of raw foods Robert S. Morse is a board certified and accredited Naturopathic physician, a biochemist and an herbalist. He is the founder of a naturopathic clinic in Florida, an herb pharmacy, and a school of detoxification. Dr. Morse is a frequent lecturer and talk-show guest and has written The Illusion Called Diseases, Getting Healthy with Herbal Formulas, and numerous articles in the field of natural health.
Hohm Press
1-890772-31-3 Body, Mind & Spirit Philosophy Sports & Recreation $14.95/Paper 160 Pages Glossary/Bibliography/Index 8 B&W Photos 30 B&W Illustrations 51/2 x 81/2 June
Secrets of Samurais and Knights
Kishido The Way of the Western Warrior By Peter Hobart "Very good descriptions of teaching in the Japanese martial arts. I would encourage my students to use this book."--Sensei Ralph Pfleger, Katsujinken Dojo, Prescott, Arizona
Fifty short essays unifying Eastern and Western martial arts traditions. Using philosophical principles from many traditions, Kishido prioritizes the ideals of duty, ethics, courtesy and chivalry. Practicioners of any background can acquire and apply Kishido principles quickly, then spend a lifetime refining them, as desired. With the goals of inclusiveness, variety, indirection and subtlety, Kishido is also eminently applicable in personal, public and business life. The book also includes: · Original Japanese calligraphy · Photos of poses
Peter Hobart is an attorney, with an M. Phil. in international affairs from Cambridge University. He has studied and taught martial arts for 15+ years, along with many other Eastern cultural forms, and is senior instructor at a martial arts school. He lives in Westchester, Pennsylvania.
Nem Media Worldwide
0-9725555-0-1 Photography $12.99/Paper 28 Pages 12 Color Photos 12 x 12 June
2004 Girls of Asia Swimsuit Calendar By Nem Media
Elegant, tasteful 12- month swimsuit calendar of bathing beauties from 12 separate Asian countries, featuring: · Large, 12" X 12" photos · Taken by celebrated Asian fashion photographers · 12 beautiful East Asian swimsuit models · Every month--a new country, a new model · Photographed entirely on location throughout Asia, including Summer Palace in China, Ayutthaya in Thailand, Presidential Palace in Taiwan, and Ishigaki Island in Japan, and The Philippines, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Mongolia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
MARKETING: · Radio interviews by models in 2003
Nem Media Worldwide
2004 Girls of Latin America Swimsuit Calendar 0-9725555-2-8 Photography $12.99/Paper 28 Pages 12 Color Photos 12 x 12 June 2004 Girls of Europe Swimsuit Calendar 0-9725555-1-X Photography $12.99/Paper 28 Pages 12 Color Photos 12 x 12 June
Elegant, tasteful 12 month swimsuit calendar of bathing beauties, featuring:
· 12 separate countries
· 12 beautiful swimsuit models
· 12" X 12" color photos
· Every month a new country, a new model
· Taken by celebrated fashion photographers
· Photographed entirely on location.
2004 Girls of Europe Swimsuit Calendar European locales include Russia's Kazanski Cathedral, Iceland's Blue Lagoon, an ancient Romanian castle, and the Swiss Alps. Other countries featured are Ireland, Sweden, Poland, Germany, France, Czechoslovakia, Iceland, Portugal, and Bulgaria.
2004 Girls of Latin America Swimsuit Calendar Central and South American locales include Argentina's Catedral Metropolitana, Brazil's Brecheret Monument, Uruguay's Fuente San Miguel and Mexico's Hacienda Tetlapayac. Other featured countries are Paraguay, Nicaragua, Columbia, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.
New Century Publishers
0-9679790-1-3 (Previous ISBN: 1-85230-623-8) Body, Mind & Spirit $13.95/Paper 192 Pages 51/2 x 81/2 Featured Backlist
1650 Dream Symbols
The Dream Book Symbols For Self Understanding By Betty Bethards "A seminal work that should be in any new age library." -- The Book Reader "This book certainly gets you thinking--and acting--on your dreams." --Gayle King, TV interviewer "Maybe with The Dream Book we can get a better grip on reality." --CNN
Dreams are an important key to self-discovery, offering insight, guidance, and inspiration. · We spend 1/3 of our lives asleep · Everyone dreams every night · All dreams--even nightmares--contain positive messages Learn about recurring dreams, prophetic dreams, violent dreams, dreams about snakes, sex, money, death, and more. With this book, readers can:
· Remember dreams more clearly · Decipher symbolism to understand the dream's message · Use dreams to solve problems in waking hours Betty Bethards was a well-known mystic, spiritual leader, lecturer, author of ten books, and founder of the Inner Light Foundation of Petaluma, CA. MARKETING: · $50,000 + PR and marketing budget · Direct and email marketing · Author has major following
New Century Publishers
0-918915-01-5 Body, Mind & Spirit $10.95/Paper 100 Pages 51/3 x 81/3 Featured Backlist
Insight Through Trance
From My Heart to Yours By Betty Bethards "Down to earth trances that take us heavenward." --NewAge Magazine
"I read these trances over and over and always come away with something new. They are deeply profound, yet light as a feather." --Margaret LeMoyne, spiritual teacher
Live life to the fullest: tune in to hear guiding words in this beautiful set of trances. The author always closed her lectures with a channeled trance, leaving her audiences glowing. Now, these transcribed trances are available to read and reread, emphasizing: · The importance of self-love · How to find purpose in life · Developing self-discipline · Dissolving nonfunctional belief systems · Recognizing yourself as the creator of your life · How to go beyond trance messages · How to develop techniques of meditation, affirma- tion, visualization and dream interpretation
Betty Bethards was a well-known mystic, spiritual leader, lecturer, author of ten books, and founder of the Inner Light Foundation of Petaluma, CA. MARKETING: · $50,000+ PR and marketing budget · Multi-city Foundation workshops · Direct and email marketing · Author has major following
New Century Publishers
0-9679790-2-1 Body, Mind & Spirit $13.95/Paper 164 Pages 6x9 Featured Backlist
Seven Steps to Developing Your Intuitive Powers By Betty Bethards "A magical journey into one's own life--with detailed instructions on how to create everything you've ever wanted." --SF Moda Magazine
Master compassion, forgiveness, and joy, regardless of outside influences. Make the most of innate creative powers, and balance body, mind and spirit by focusing on the essentials. Use the unique exercises, worksheets, diagrams and techniques in this interactive workbook of seven powerful chapters to complete the journey of tests and lessons here on earth: · Self-love · Releasing the past · Facing fears · Seven-year life cycles · Creating and receiving prosperity · Improving relationships · Awakening the spiritual self
Betty Bethards was a well-known mystic, spiritual leader, lecturer, author of ten books, and founder of the Inner Light Foundation of Petaluma, CA. MARKETING: · $50,000 PR and marketing budget · Foundation workshops · Major word-of-mouth following
New Century Publishers
0-918915-27-9 Body, Mind & Spirit 11.95/Paper 94 Pages 5 x 81/2 Featured Backlist
Death is not frightening
There Is No Death By Betty Bethards "This book has given people the motivation to find out what life is all about: the tests and the lessons." --New Age Magazine
Death is not a frightening, final act, but part of a continuum of being. When she had a death experience at 32, the author's life changed forever with an extraordinary revelation: There is no death. Death was, instead, euphoric, but she chose to return to earth, as she had an infant. Only then did she begin to find the real meaning and purpose of life. Her book includes: · Comfort for those grieving deaths of loved ones · Information to understand the death process · Help to understand other levels of reality · Explanations about what happens when we die · Suggestions to help others facing death · Descriptions of karma and reincarnation, suicides · The importance of clearing up old guilts and grudges, and more...
Betty Bethards was a well-known mystic, spiritual leader, lecturer, author of ten books, and founder of the Inner Light Foundation of Petaluma, CA. MARKETING: · $50,000+ PR and marketing budget · Workshops across U.S. · Direct and e-mail, print ads, newsletter · Author has major following
New Century Publishers
Be Your Own Guru By Betty Bethards 0-918915-19-8 Body, Mind & Spirit $12.95/Paper 123 Pages 51/2 x 81/2 Featured Backlist Sex and Psychic Energy By Betty Bethards 0-918915-25-2 Body, Mind & Spirit $12.95/Paper 127 Pages 51/2 x 81/2 Featured Backlist
Techniques For Health and Wholeness By Betty Bethards 0-918915-17-1 Body, Mind & Spirit $11.95/Paper 108 Pages 51/2 x 81/2 Featured Backlist
Be Your Own Guru You are responsible for everything that happens in your life--so consult with your inner guru, and you'll be amazed at your own wisdom! Taking your own counsel seriously means you can give up timewasters such as blame and resentment. Sex and Psychic Energy Awaken your intuition for a dynamic love life and learn the principles of the sex-energy relationship: high sexual energy is a result of good health, which derives from consciousness. And because sex is more mind-set than technique, the links between psychic energy and mind/body consciousness create sexual power.
Techniques For Health and Wholeness Complete, illustrated list of tools needed to create and maintain healing of mind, body and spirit. Readers can access the inner self to accept responsibility for personal health and well being. Betty Bethards was a well-known mystic, spiritual leader, lecturer, author of ten books, and founder of the Inner Light Foundation of Petaluma, CA. MARKETING: · $50,000+ PR and marketing budget · Multi-media interviews · Newsletter, ads, direct and email marketing
New Century Publishers
0-9679790-0-5 Fiction $14.00/Paper 308 Pages 51/3 x 81/2 Previously Announced
WW ll Hollywood comedy
4-F Blues: A Novel of WWll Hollywood By Charles Rubin
"A fascinating book on a fascinating subject." --Fox News "...its vivid images brought back so many memories of the Tinseltown I relished during WWll." --Johnny Grant, Mayor of Hollywood
Movie stuntman Tom Driscoll is classified 4-F in the draft, but finds himself serving his country in a way he never expected. Because Hollywood is so vital to American morale, Nazi sympathizers have infiltrated to destroy it from within. Driscoll discovers the plot, and the convolutions of comedy ensue. Though the era was grim, it was also full of opportunity and adventure, as in this rollicking tale of intrigue.
Charles Rubin wrote Hard Sell and Don't Let Your Kids Kill You: A Guide For Parents of Drug and Alcohol Addicted Children. He is a Clio Award-winning advertising writer/producer/creative director who lives in Sonoma County. MARKETING: · $50,000 + ad & marketing budget · Continuous book tour: NYC, LA, Chicago, London; all-media interviews · Direct and e-mail marketing
Parallax Press
1-888375-25-6 Biography & Autobiography/Religion $25.00/Paper 220 Pages 250 Color Illustrations and Photos 91/2 x 91/2 May Plum Village Memories
I Have Arrived, I Am Home Celebrating 20 Years of Plum Village Life By Thich Nhat Hanh "I do not personally know of anyone more worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize than this gentle Buddhist monk from Vietnam. He is a holy man, for he is humble and devout. He is a scholar of immense intellectual capacity. His ideas for peace, if applied, would build a monument to ecumenism, to world brotherhood, to humanity." --Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Moving personal histories celebrate 20 years of Plum Village's bountiful harvest of wisdom and joy in this oversized tea-table book. The individuals who built and sustain the vibrant, multicultural mindfulness community share openly and humorously about the the path of transformation and freedom. Contributors include children, war veterans, imprisoned practitioners, social workers, nuns, monks and lay people -- Vietnamese and French, Israeli and Palestinian -- a diverse global community. Included are: · Grounded in Dharma talks by Thich Nhat Hanh, Sister Chan KhЩng and Sister Annabel Laity (Chan Duc), · Poems, songs and short stories · Color photos and original art
Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, poet, scholar, and human rights activist. He has been a professor at Columbia and the Sorbonne, and was founder of Van Hanh Buddhist University in Saigon. In 1967, he was nominated by Martin Luther King, Jr. for the Nobel Peace Prize. He is author of more than one hundred books, forty in English. He lives at Plum Village and travels extensively, leading retreats on The Art of Mindful Living. MARKETING: · National author publicity · 5-city author tour to Boston, Denver, Boulder, San Diego, Berkeley · Review copies to booksellers and reviewers · National ad campaign
Parallax Press
1-888375-29-9 Music/Religion Body, Mind & Spirit $15.00/Audio CD May Live Chanting from Plum Village
Chanting Breath by Breath CD with the Monks and Nuns of Plum Village with Thich Nhat Hanh Edited by Brother Chan Phap Hien "To practice chanting, we bring spoken word and song together, mindfully and with concentration, aware of our breathing, so that we are not carried away from the present moment." --Brother Chan Phap Hien
In Plum Village, the practice of chanting in English is a slowly blossoming flower, and the chants and music on this CD are some of the first petals to open. Chanted by the resident community in 2002, these recordings include: · Chants from the Plum Village Chanting and Recitation Book, now in its 3rd Printing · Live tracks from a monastic precepts ordination ceremony · A traditional incense offering chanted by Thich Nhat Hanh (in Vietnamese) MARKETING: · Thich Nhat Hanh is a top-selling Buddhist author : one million+ copies sold in U.S. · National author publicity · 5-city author tour to Boston, Denver, Boulder, San Diego, Berkeley · Review copies to booksellers and reviewers · National ad campaign
Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, poet, scholar, and human rights activist. He has been a professor at Columbia University in New York and the Sorbonne in Paris, and was founder of Van Hanh Buddhist University in Saigon. In 1967, he was nominated by Martin Luther King, Jr. for the Nobel Peace Prize. He is author of more than one hundred books, forty in English, and lives at Plum Village. He travels worldwide, leading retreats on The Art of Mindful Living. Brother Chan Phap Hien has been instrumental in orchestrating and arranging the chanting and music development at Plum Village. RELATED TITLES: Plum Village Chanting & Recitation Book 0-938077-91-0
Parallax Press
Being Peace CD By Thich Nhat Hanh 1-888375-28-0 Religion Digitally Remastered Audio CDs $15.00 / Audio CD April
Heart of Understanding CD By Thich Nhat Hanh 1-888375-27-2 Religion Digitally Remastered Audio CDs $19.00 / 2 Audio CDs April
Looking Deeply CD By Thich Nhat Hanh 1-888375-26-4 Religion Digitally Remastered Audio CDs $19.00 / 2 Audio CDs April
Introducing a new Parallax CD Series: Classic Dharma Talks, Thich Nhat Hanh's seminal teachings on key topics, emphasizing on mindfulness and its importance to today's social and political issues.
Being Peace CD
Looking Deeply CD
Being Peace is the original talk which inspired Thich Nhat Hanh's most popular book, originally delivered at Green Gulch Zen Center on November 3, 1985. · 7000 audiotapes sold--Previous ISBN: 0-938-077-17-1
Looking Deeply elucidates the concept of Interbeing and was recorded in 1987 during North American meditation retreats. · 3000 audiotapes sold--Previous ISBN: 0-938-077-09-0
Heart of Understanding CD
Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk,
Heart of Understanding is the essence of Buddhist
poet, scholar, and human rights activist.
teachings, recorded at the Green Gulch Zen Center at Muir Beach on April 19, 1987. · 5000 audiotapes sold--Previous ISBN: 0-938-077-16-3
MARKETING: · Thich Nhat Hanh's books have sold one million+ copies · Review copies to booksellers and reviewers
· National ad campaign 86
1-884587-28-3 (Previous ISBN: 1-57284-027-7) Business & Economics Reference $22.95/Paper 460 Pages/Index 20 B&W Illustrations 6x9 May
Explains cultural differences
How to Get a Job in Europe 5th Edition By Robert Sanborn and Cheryl Matherly "Jam-packed with leads for overseas work....Nothing compares with the resources cited here." -- Career Opportunities News
Nine-step plan to get a job in 28 European countries, with names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, emails and websites for 1,800 European employers. Includes savvy insights on: · Job hunting differences between Europe and U.S. · Interview differences between Europe and U.S. · Preparing European-style resumes and cover letters · Myths about international work · Is an international job for you? · Using the Internet to get European jobs · Summer jobs and internships · What international placement agencies offer · Free internet updates
Robert Sanborn is an international career planner and Dean of Student Affairs at Hampshire College; was placement director at Columbia's School of International Affairs; and winner of Chevron's Innovation Award. He has worked and traveled widely throughout Europe. Cheryl Matherly, M.S., is Assistant Dean of Students for Career Services, Scholarhips, and Fellowships at Rice, and directs their International Internship Program. She has worked and traveled widely throughout Europe. MARKETING: · 25,000+ sold of previous editions (Surrey) · International Job Finder, 1-884587-10-0, June 2002, 2,700 copies sold in first four months · Promos in WSJ and targeted periodicals · Cross-promos on Internet career sites · Author interviews on radio and in periodicals
Perseverance Press/Daniel & Daniel
1-880284-62-6 Fiction $13.95/Paper 192 Pages 6x9 May
Jump-start Your Career
How to Write Killer Fiction The Funhouse of Mystery & the Roller Coaster of Suspense By Carolyn Wheat
"...the clearest, most definitive How-To book on constructing a mystery novel I've ever read. But why she didn't write it when I was starting out!" --Margaret Maron, winner of the Edgar, Anthony, and Agatha Awards and author of the Judge Deborah Knott series
"a strong, smart writer" --NY Times Book Review "incisively written scenes" --Armchair Detective
"spins a solid mystery" --Publishers Weekly "literate, witty characters " --Library Journal
Learn the craft of mystery/suspense writing from a respected professional. Achieve your writing and publishing goals with these entertaining, thorough and practical tips and inspiration covering all aspects of writing--from construction to revision to marketing. The author gives useful advice to both kinds of writers: the Outliners who love to plan ahead, and the Blank-pagers who need to follow their Muse. She explains: · Mystery (the art of the whodunit) · Suspense novels (the flight from danger) · The important differences in the two genres · What editors want · and much more!
Carolyn Wheat is an award-winning mystery writer, editor, inspirational teacher, and the author of seven mysteries and many short stories. Her Cass Jameson legal mysteries were nominated for Edgars, and she's won the Agatha, Anthony, Macavity and Shamus awards. An attorney, she was a public defender in Brooklyn and taught mystery writing at the New School in NYC. Today she teaches writing at UC San Diego. MARKETING: · 100 advance reading and review copies to targeted media and bookstores · Author bookstore signings and workshops in Southern California
Perseverance Press/Daniel & Daniel
1-880284-65-0 Fiction $13.95/Paper 286 Pages 51/2 x 81/2 April
Skeletons in Closets
Death, Bones, and Stately Homes A Tori Miracle Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery By Valerie Malmont
"Valerie Malmont mixes amusing social satire with an excellent mystery. I look forward to many more outings with spunky, charming Tori Miracle and her cast of friends." -- Sujata Massey, Agatha Award winner and author of The Samurai's Daughter
The traditional mystery is an ideal vehicle for exposing social ills, and this lighthearted book's subject is hidden domestic violence. Behind the facade of family-friendly and God-fearing Lickin Creek lurk secrets townspeople need to hide. Transplanted New Yorker and reporter Tori Miracle stumbles upon and exposes the village's peccadilloes and sins. When Tori discovers a skeleton in a historic home, she is convinced to keep the secret until the annual house tour is over. But that skeleton disappears, and another turns up. Then a popular local merchant is murdered, and Tori is in several near-fatal accidents. She wonders if she's paranoid or if someone really is out to get her.
With her personal life a mess, an escaped convict on the loose, and a stalker on her trail, Tori must find the killer before the next "accident" turns deadly. Valerie Malmont lives in rural south-central Pennsylvania, inspiration for her fictional town. She is the author of four previous Tori Miracle mysteries: Death Pays the Rose Rent; Death, Lies, and Apple Pies; Death, Guns, and Sticky Buns; and Death, Snow, and Mistletoe, a Romantic Times Top Pick and a Mystery Guild selection. She is a member of numerous crime/mystery writers' associations. MARKETING: · 100 advance reading and review copies to targeted media and bookstores
Perseverance Press/Daniel & Daniel
1-880284-58-8 Fiction $13.95/Paper 264 Pages 51/2 x 81/2 April
Murder Can Stress You Out
Slippery Slopes and Other Deadly Things A Carrie Carlin Biofeedback Mystery By Nancy Tesler
"Wow! Don't miss this stand-out-from-the-crowd cliffhanger with its slightly frazzled, commitment-phobic, inyour-face heroine, who'll tickle your funny bone as she steals your heart. I loved every fun-filled minute of Carrie's wild slide down those slippery slopes." --Janet Evanovich, author of Hard Eights
Biofeedback practitioner Carrie Carlin is back in the fifth book of this sparkling series. She is up to her neck in snow, sex, and strangulation, practicing more sleuthing than stress reduction when a killer stalks the slippery slopes of a ski resort. Carrie Carlin, New Jersey's favorite stress reducer, attends a biofeedback conference in snowy Vermont and meets the year's honoree in a hot tub: he's handsome, charismatic and very married. When the good doctor's associate drunkenly suggests wrongdoing, the champagne and hot tub bubbles begin to pop. Then the associate seems strangled with Carrie's scarf; her roommate develops amnesia about a possible daterape; a close colleague is attacked; and Carrie finds herself dodging the bullets of a ski-masked killer with a heart as cold as Vermont black ice.
Nancy Tesler became a biofeedback practitioner after raising a family. Formerly a stage and screen actor, she has also written for both venues. Her four previous Other Deadly Things mysteries are Pink Balloons and Other Deadly Things, Sharks, Jellyfish and Other Deadly Things, Shooting Stars and Other Deadly Things, Golden Eagles and Other Deadly Things. She lives and writes in New Jersey. She is a member of many professional associations. MARKETING: · 100 advance reading and review copies to targeted media and bookstores · Booksignings in NY, NJ, Denver, Tucson, RaleighDurham, Charlotte, NC.
Resources For Infant Educators
1-892560-06-2 (Previous ISBN: 1-892560-01-1) Education Family & Relationships $15.95/Paper 240 Pages 30 B&W Photos Preface 51/2 x 81/2 February
Expanded for caregivers, too
Dear Parent: Caring for Infants with Respect By Magda Gerber Edited by Joan Weaver
"Magda Gerber shows us how to raise healthy human beings. Her voice is clear and wise." --J. Ronald Lally, Ed.D., Co-Director, Center for Child and Family Studies at WestEd.
How to build an authentic, trusting relationship between adult and infant based on observation and reciprocity -- with two new chapters for child care workers in or out of the home. For parents and caregivers committed to respectful, one-on-one 'Educaring,' this well-illustrated book is constructed in short chapters, with easy-to-find developmental stage information, and featuring sensitive information about: · Motor and coping skills babies learn on their own · Social, emotional and language skills babies learn with adults · How to talk and listen to babies · Creating trustful enviroments for adults and infants
Magda Gerber, M.A., is a child therapist, lecturer and consultant on infant care. She co-founded and has directed Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) in L.A. and taught at Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena. She speaks regularly at conferences. Joan Weaver is a writer and a RIE Associate. She studied with Magda Gerber and has taught workshops for child care providers and parents in Maine. She lives on Hydra in Greece. BY THE SAME AUTHOR: Your Self-Confident Baby The RIE Manual for Parents and Professionals Resources for Infant Educarers
Riverwood Books
1-883991-86-2 Biography & Autobiography Memoir/History $16.95/Paper 224 Pages 26 B&W photographs 6x9 May
American Renaissance Man
Under the Stars The Life and Times of Tom Tepper By Tom Tepper with Nancy Bringhurst
"He had so great a love for solitude and nature that he placed his bed -- barely sheltered by a tarp -- in the front of his log house overlooking the Rogue River."
Autobiography of Edward Thomas Whittingham Tepper, Oregon's Wizard of the Woods. An eighth-grade dropout, Tom, with his father, came homesteading in Oregon in the early 1900's, and since that time has been a buckaroo, rodeo rider and horse trainer; pioneer aviator, Army Air Corps flight instructor and crop duster; commercial fisherman; jewelry designer and wood carver; seed provider to the Forest Service; and developed Tepper Music Wood, used by Claude Kenneson, Zara Nelsova, Yehudi Menhuin, and Leonard Rose. A story of the American century for American history buffs, classical music fans, American West readers, and aviation afficionados.
Tom Tepper lives in Shady Cove, Oregon with his wife Elva. Nancy Bringhurst writes magazine articles, poetry, children's books and song lyrics. She is author of A is for Alligator. Nancy and her husband live both in Oregon and Pennsylvania Amish country. MARKETING: · C-SPAN Book TV national broadcast · Advance galleys to key reviewers · 15-city author tour : Oregon: Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, Ashland, Medford, Gresham, Klamath Falls. National: Seattle, Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago.
Riverwood Books
1-883991-85-4 Health & Fitness Body, Mind & Spirit $23.95/Paper 224 Pages Glossary, Index 18 Color Illustrations 7x9 June Balance Life with the Four Seasons
One Trip Around the Sun A Guide to Using Diet, Herbs, Exercise and Meditation to Harmonize with the Seasons By Rory Lipsky, L.Ac.
Traditional Chinese Medicine health practices for a Western audience. Bring life into perfect harmony by integrating diet, exercise, and meditation with energy of the seasons. Readers can use nature's power to: · Build virility · Resolve long-standing emotional patterns · Experience spiritual connection For laypeople and professionals, this guide to optimum health and well-being is easy to read, thorough, thoughtful and richly illustrated. This definitive guide and source book is the first comprehensive effort to synthesize this esoteric information.
Rory Lipsky, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist, massage therapist, and herbalist. For 10+ years he has practiced many martial arts, including Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Aikido. He is on the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and the California Acupuncture Board. MARKETING: · Author tour: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami · Media interviews, including Wisdom Network · Targeted mailings marketing · Galleys to 50 Health Editors · Learning Annex seminars in key markets
Russell Enterprises, Inc.
1-888690-13-5 Games $24.95/Paper 440 Pages 6x9 March
Heroic Tales The Best of 1996-2001 Edited by Taylor Kingston The best modern writing on chess in 54 pieces from the chess world's most important writers and players: · Hilarious over-the-board vignettes, · Top-flight instruction · Informative book reviews · History, politics and great games These chess world vignettes from ChessCafe range from Bobby Fischer to the financial frolics of the World Chess Federation - and everything in between, featuring:
· Champions Lev Alburt, Tony Miles, Genna Sosonko and Hans Ree · Famous teachers Bruce Pandolfini and Mark Dvoretsky · Popular columnists Gary Lane and Tim Harding · Intrepid investigators of chess curiosities and his- tory Tim Krabbe and Edward Winter Taylor Kingston is a top grandmaster and award-winning journalist. MARKETING: ·, one of the world's most popular chess websites, won the U.S. Chess Federation's highest award for journalism in 2002
September Publishing
0-9629496-7-1 (Previous ISBN: 0-9629496-3-9) Music $27.95/Paper 448 Pages Index 85 B&W Illustrations 81/2 x 11 Featured Backlist
Revised, Expanded 2nd Edition
Hearing and Writing Music Professional Training for Today's Musician By Ron Gorow "The best system for teaching ear training that I've ever seen. --Randy Newman, composer "A concise and wonderfully clear book." --Herb Alpert, recording artist
Acomplete step-by-step course to develop the musician's ability to hear and notate any style of music. For music students and professionals alike, this book provides all the tools for a successful life in music. Designed as a self-training manual as well as a classroom text, it · Combines the principles of music theory, composition, orchestration and transcription into a coordinated system of integrated techniques · Prepares the musician for the working world of music -- the professions of composing, arranging, orchestrating, music preparation and performance
The extensive reference section features music professions, organizations, books, websites, instruments, Computer Applications and study plans. Ron Gorow has 40 years of experience in Hollywood, as a composer, arranger, orchestrator, music engraver, score proofreader, musicologist and teacher. MARKETING: · readers: 55555 · Deluxe open-flat binding · Reviewed in Society of Composers & Lyricists, International Trumpet Guild, Jazz Educators Journal, Overture and more
September Publishing
0-9629496-5-5 (Previous ISBN: 0-9629496-4-7) Performing Arts $27.95/Paper 552 Pages 51/2 x 81/2 March
Updated 10th Edition
Acting Is Everything, 10th Edition An Actor's Guidebook for a Successful Career in Los Angeles Preface by Judy Kerr "A wonderful intro to the world of show biz." --Jerry Seinfeld "Informative and to the point."--Michael Richards "First rate primer, excellent refresher course." --Jason Alexander "This is good!" --Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Yes, you can live your life as an actor! For the student and professional actor, the ultimate guide for planning, promoting and expanding an acting career:
· Where to go
· Who to call
· What to spend
· What not to do
· Acting techniques · Getting an agent
· Commercials
· Pictures & resumes
· Scams
· Child actors
· Getting around L.A. · Acting outside of L.A.
These are up-to-date resources for everything from headshots to fake cigarettes, from changing one's name to that great plascic surgeon--it's all here, including incredible web-sites and phone numbers.
Judy Kerr has worked twenty five years in the business and has been instrumental in the careers of hundreds of actors, including Jonathan Silverman, Ming-Na, Ernest Borgnine, Ellen DeGeneres, Cloris Leachman, Martin Mull and Robert Klein. MARKETING: AMAZON REVIEWS: 55555 --"The most honest, up-to-date, powerful book. She has LIFETIMES of knowledge and connections." --"Super-Excellent, and not only for L.A." --"As a casting director I recommend this to all actors. Every actor I know who has read it highly values the information it provides."
Silver Lake Publishing
Study Aids $48.95/Paper Glossary 8 x 10 May Silver Lake Insurance Sourcebook--Life/Health By The Silver Lake Editors 1-56343-772-4 380 Pages Silver Lake Insurance Sourcebook-- Property/Casualty By The Silver Lake Editors 1-56343-771-6 325 Pages
Study Guides for people studying for licenses as insurance agents or brokers.
Silver Lake Insurance Sourcebook --Life/Health Covers every essential topic, including: insurance concepts, indemnity, tax considerations, and the application process; and every type of insurance in the following chapters: Topic 1: Introduction to Insurance Topic 2: Uses for Life Insurance Topic 3: Life Insurance Policies Topic 4: Life Insurance Provisions and Options Topic 5: Underwriting and Policy Delivery Topic 6: Health and Disability Topic 7: Health and Disability Policies Topic 8: Policy Provisions
Silver Lake Insurance Sourcebook --Property/Casualty All the critical information, arranged by these chapter headings: First Topic: Introduction to Insurance I. Basic Concepts Second Topic: Property Policies I. Personal Lines II. Personal Liability III. Commercial Lines IV. Inland Marine Third Topic: Property Insurance Policy Provisions Fourth Topic: Casualty Insurance I.Basic Concepts of Liability II. Personal Lines Fifth Topic: Casualty Insurance Policies Sixth Topic: Casualty Insurance -- Other
Tallfellow Press
1-931290-18-0 Inspiration/Self-Help Body, Mind & Spirit $16.95/Cloth 176 Pages 41/4 x 51/2 Featured Backlist
What comforts you?
The Comfort Book By Jane Seskin "Peanut butter and black rasberry jelly on soft white bread paired with Campbell's Cream of Tomato soup. This is certainly not gourmet comfort, but I guess the combination brings back memories of a childhood in a comfortable suburban 1950's household. It's still a lunch I have when I'm sick." --Alan, 55, college Administrator, New York
Nurture and nourish yourself with time-tested comfort foods, music and activities. These simple, generous and practical self-care suggestions were compiled from people of all ages and all walks of life by a professional therapist and social worker. Each section ends with space for readers to list their own comforts. Ease the way through life's difficult moments with comforting: · Food, Movies, Books and Music · Quotations · Inside and Outside Activities · People, Animals and Nature · Actions · Places and Things
The delightful range of suggestions is exemplified by the cited comfort films, including Mr. Hulot's Holiday, Shall We Dance?, Rocky, Walking and Talking, Breaking Away, The Thin Man, Pillow Talk, Ruby in Paradise, Singin' in the Rain, Moonstruck, Blazing Saddles and more! Jane Seskin is a psychotherapist, social worker and writer. In private practice, she has also worked for 16 years at NYC's Crime Victims Treatment Center of St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital. Her poetry, novels, non-fiction and features are widely published. MARKETING: · Regional author appearances · National publicity campaign · Co-op available
Tallfellow Press
1-931290-04-0 History/Memoir/Celebrity $24.95/Cloth 384 Pages 6x9 Featured Backlist
Americans are survivors!
A Nation Lost and Found 1936 America Remembered by Ordinary and Extraordinary People By Frank Pierson and Stanley K. Sheinbaum "The freshness and immediacy of the voices speak to this moment with extraordinary resonance, reminding us that Americans have before experienced a time in which everything known abruptly gives way and a less certain world gets born. This is an astonishing - and a necessary - book." -- Joan Didion
Powerful, moving chronicle of 1936 in a kaleidoscope of voices. In this extraordinary year: · FDR and Hitler were elected in landslides · Edward VIII abdicated the throne of England · Jesse Owens prevailed at the Berlin Olympics · The Spanish Civil War began · China declared war on Japan · The Johnstown Flood occurred · Boulder Dam was completed
Frank Pierson is president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. An Oscar-winning writer, his film credits include Dog Day Afternoon, Cat Ballou and Cool Hand Luke; in TV: Have Gun Will Travel, Naked City, Route 66 and Dr. Kildare. He lives in LA. Stanley K. Sheinbaum is publisher of New Perspectives Quarterly and a board member of the International Center for Peace in the Middle East. He was formerly chair of the Southern California ACLU and a UC Regent (1977 to 1989). He resides in LA.
The patriotic, despairing, triumphant voices send the message that Americans have passed this way before. Among the contributors are:
· Gregory Peck · Ring Lardner, Jr.
· Shirley Temple Black · Dr. Ruth Westheimer
MARKETING: · Regional author appearances · National publicity campaign · Co-op available
· Oleg Cassini
· Elmore Leonard
· Art Linkletter
· Dave Brubeck
Tallfellow Press
1-931290-17-2 Inspiration Self-Help/Celebrity $24.95/Cloth 336 Pages 6x9 Featured Backlist
Remarkable Stories
Great Failures of the Extremely Successful Mistakes, Adversity, Failure and Other Steppingstones to Success By Steve Young
"Advice is cheap, but life experience is invaluable, and that's what this book offers. I started reading about some of the people I admire, and found I couldn't stop." -- Leonard Maltin, Author, Film Critic
"When you finish reading this amazing book, you will never let failure or fear of failure stand in your way again." -- Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup series
Sixty+ first-hand, heartfelt, inspirational stories from the well-respected and the well-known, as well as from Everyman and Everywoman--each bearing a message: Embrace adversity.
· Advocate Erin Brockovich · Coaching legend John Wooden · Punker Billy Idol · Former Texas Governor Ann Richards
These motivational personal accounts recall the heartbreaks, wrong moves, flops, botched opportunities and rejections that ultimately led to their triumphs. The contributors, who offer stories, reflections, anecdotes and quotes, include: · Basketball great Bill Walton · Paralympic champion Jamie Goldman
· Father of computer games Nolan Bushnell · Comedienne and actress Julia Sweeney Steve Young is a writer and motivational speaker who has written for The Tonight Show and for major newspapers and magazines. He won the 2000 Prism Award. He lives with his family in LA.
· R&B legend Teddy Pendergrass · Humanist Jane Goodall · Humorist Steve Allen
MARKETING: · Regional author appearances · National publicity campaign · National TV and radio interviews · Co-op available
Smallfellow Press
1-931290-24-5 Children's Picture Book Juvenile Fiction $9.95/Paper 32 Pages 32 Color Illustrations 8x8 April Art Deco landmark
City Hall The Heart of Los Angeles By Susan Bloom and Debbie Bertram Illustrated by Aileen Leijten An adventure in art and history through a fascinating tour of LA's premier landmark -- with exceptional illustrations. Lively storytelling animates the behind-the-scenes saga of City Hall, Los Angeles' Art Deco municipal center. This colorful book is a parent-and-child tour through the exciting birth, growth and restoration of this internationally-recognized building. The authors' enthusiasm infuses the book, which encompasses: · An entertaining history · An architectural tour · A simple civics lesson
Susan Bloom was raised and educated in LA. Before writing children's books, she was an elementary school teacher. She and Debbie have been a writing team for over three years; this is their second book. Debbie Bertram an LA native, worked in a literary agency and in television production before she and Susan became writing partners. Their first book was The Best Place to Read (Random House). MARKETING: · Regional author appearances · National publicity campaign · Co-op available
Smallfellow Press
Children's Picture Book Juvenile Fiction $16.95/Cloth 32 Pages 32 Color Illustrations 93/4 x 63/4 March It's Spring By Jimmy Pickering 1-931290-22-9 It's Summer By Jimmy Pickering 1-931290-23-7
It's Spring "When searching for clovers, the sharpest of eyes Will spot a four-leafer ...the ultimate prize! "
Sally (who romps) and Sam (who barks) again venture out to discover another exciting season Spring!-- in delightful illustrations capturing the fun and freshness of a new season. The landscape is now covered with flowers and ladybugs and kites, and the two pals are set to experience it all firsthand. It's Summer "With shovels and buckets (and sunscreen galore), They build a great castle right there on the shore."
Jimmy Pickering's playful imagination and unique artistic style have been used by America's biggest media companies: Hallmark, Disney, Universal Studios. He lives in LA with his dogs, Harold and Maude. MARKETING: ·Regional author appearances ·National publicity campaign ·Co-op available ·Buy 2 sets of all 4 books and receive 50% discount
Jimmy Pickering's charming illustrations capture Sally and Sam as they find more good times: swimming, picnicking and selling lemonade - all the special treats of Summer! Another wonderful, whimsical journey, this time through the magical memories of our hottest season. 114
Smallfellow Press
Children's Picture Book Juvenile Fiction $16.95/Cloth 32 Pages 93/4 x 63/4 Featured Backlist It's Fall By Jimmy Pickering 1-931290-15-6 It's Winter By Jimmy Pickering 1-931290-16-4
It's Fall "The leaves that were green High over their heads Are now full of yellows And ambers and reds."
The colors and changes of Autumn make for fun and excitement! Fall comes to life for two frolicking friends, Sally (who romps) and Sam (who barks), through a festival of apple harvests, hayrides, Halloween and more.
Jimmy Pickering's playful imagination and unique artistic style have been used by some of America's biggest media companies, including Hallmark, Disney and Universal Studios. He lives in Los Angeles with his faithful canine companions, Harold and Maude.
It's Winter "What fun is Winter Without snowball fights? They're certainly one Of the Season's delights."
MARKETING: · Regional author appearances · National publicity campaign · Co-op available · Buy 2 sets of all 4 books for a 50% discount
Sally and Sam, Jimmy Pickering's playful duo, uncover the enchantment of Winter in this charming look at our coldest season, capturing the simple joys of catching a snowflake on one's tongue, making angels in the snow and building a frosty dinosaur snowman - among numerous other wonderful Winter activities. 115
Twisted Spoon Press
80-86264-05-X Fiction $14.00/Paper 140 Pages Translator's Afterword/Notes 53/4 x 8 April
Polish anomie
Tales of Galicia By Andrzej Stasiuk Translated by Margarita Nafpaktitis
Vivid, poetic portrait of an imaginary Polish village in experimental prose ballads blurring the line between the short-story and the novel. The region, settled after WWII by an amalgam of national groups, formed a peculiar culture lacking historical context. When Poland imposed reforms, the village became depressed, with the unemployed drinking in the pub. The author transforms this banality into poetry, with a final redemption scene that is comical, moving, and starkly beautiful. In the metaphysics of this fissure of existence, there is little difference between the living and the dead, between death and sleep, between dream and reality, between what is real and what is on TV, between one culture and another, between civilization and nature, between instinct and morality, between the intangible and the material.
Andrzej Stasiuk is a prize-winning Polish novelist, poet, essayist, and literary critic. As an imprisoned pacifist he wrote his first book, The Walls of Hebron, and became a literary icon. He now lives in a Carpathian Mountain hamlet, where he keeps goats and llamas, and runs a Publishing House. He is bestknown for the Polish best-seller, White Raven. Margarita Nafpaktitis is a doctoral candidate in Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Michigan. Her translations of Polish writers Stefan Chwin, Ewa Lipska, and Andrzej Stasiuk have appeared in a number of journals. MARKETING: · Review copies · Select advertising
Twisted Spoon Press
80-86264-06-8 Philosophy/Photography/Poetry $12.50/Paper 84 Pages 9 B&W Photos 53/4 x 8 June
Jazz-inspired Philosophy from Prague
Signs & Symptoms By Rуbert Gбl Translated by Madelaine Hron Illustrated by Lucia Nimcovб "Gбl is the Czech Cioran." -- Andrei Codrescu
Philosophical aphorisms and prose poetry exploring the tenuousness of identity and existence. Inspired by John Zorn's music, the author's goal is to bring the great Romanian philosopher E. M. Cioran into the present just as Zorn refreshed the legacy of Ornette Coleman: APHORISM XXXI If thinking is painful, what else is a thinker, but a masochist? The nude self-portraits by Lucia Nimcov were taken specifically for this collection to counterpoint the philosophical denuding that is the book's premise.
Rуbert Gбl was born in 1968 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Having resided in Brno, New York, and Jerusalem, he now lives in Prague, where he lectures in philosophy at the Josef Skvorecky Literary Academy. He is the author of several books of aphorisms and philosophical fragments. Madelaine Hron was born in Prague, grew up in Alberta, Canada, and is currently a doctoral candidate at the U. of Michigan. Her translations from French and Czech have appeared in several journals MARKETING: · Review copies · Reading/exhibition in New York · Select advertising
Vital Books, Inc.
1-889288-50-0 Film $19.95/Paper 400 Pages 350 B&W Photos 51/2 x 81/2 Featured Backlist
Thousands of Films
Japanese Cinema The Essential Handbook By Thomas Weisser and Yuko Mihara Weisser "Incredibly informative... lively reviews and credits for hundreds of movies that would otherwise remain completely undiscovered... I personally give a big thanks to Thomas and Yuko Weisser for their invaluable contribution to this explosive cinema." --Oliver Stone "This book is introduced me to the genre and got me hooked." --David Bianculli, New York Daily News
The largest, most complete English language listing of contemporary Japanese films. Every major theatrical film released in Japan between 1965-1998 is listed along with capsule reviews, background information, director and cast credits, alternate titles, release dates and critical ratings. There are thousands of films, hundreds of reviews and hundreds of rare stills, including · Well-known films: Seven Samurai · Esoteric films: Great Insect War · Violent gangster flicks: Gonin · Refined dramas: Paradise Lost
Thomas Weisser has a M.A. in English and has taught English Literature at Miami Dade University; he was also an entertainment promotional consultant for twenty years. Today, he owns and edits Asian Cult Cinema and is the author of numerous books on Asian and European cinema. Yuko Mihara Weisser was a promotional executive with the Kyowa Entertainment Agency; later she worked in Japanese theater. She has a B.A. from Florida International University.
Vital Books, Inc.
1-889288-51-9 Film/Pop Culture $19.95/Paper 325 Pages 51/2 x 81/2 Previously Announced
From Godzilla to the Ring
Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction Films By Thomas Weisser and Yuko Mihara Weisser "The most authoritative, comprehensive book on Japanese films." --Max Allan Collins, Road to Perdition "If there is anyone in the known universe who is a greater authority on Asian Cinema than Tom Weisser, he has not presented himself...this series is a crowning achievement." --Harlan Ellison
The largest, most complete English-language listing of Japanese horror, fantasy and science fiction films. Thousands of titles, hundreds of reviews, ranging from the the well-known Godzilla to the esoteric Snake Lust; from the splatter gore Evil Dead Trap to refined thrillers. Every theatrical genre film released in Japan between 1955-1998 is listed along with capsule reviews, background information, director and cast credits, alternate titles, release dates and critical ratings, including: · Hundreds of rare stills · An introduction by Oliver Stone
Thomas Weisser has an M.A. in English and has taught English Literature at Miami Dade University; for twenty years he was an entertainment promotional consultant. Today, he owns and edits Asian Cult Cinema and is the author of numerous books on Asian and European cinema. Yuko Mihara Weisser was a promotions executive in the Kyowa Entertainment Agency and later worked in Japanese theater. She has a B.A. from Florida International University.
Vital Books, Inc.
1-889288-52-7 Film/Erotica/Pop Culture $28.00/Paper 640 Pages 275 B&W Photos 51/2 x 81/2 Previously Announced
Pink Movies
Japanese Cinema Encylcopedia The Sex Films By Thomas Weisser and Yuko Mihara Weisser " indispensable guide. There has never been such a comprehensive book before, even in Japan. It will help you understand -- while deepening your love for -- Japanese sex films, the genre created from my country's passion." --Naomi Tani, from the Introduction
The largest, most complete English-language listing of Japanese sex films: pinku eiga or pink movies. Thousands of titles, hundreds of reviews, ranging from the the well-known Realm of the Senses to the esoteric Lolita Disgrace, every theatrical genre film released in Japan between 1965-1998 is listed along with: · Capsule reviews · Background information · Director and cast credits · Alternate titles · Release dates · Critical ratings · Hundreds of rare stills · Introduction by Pink Queen Naomi Tani
Thomas Weisser has a M.A. in English and has taught English Literature at Miami Dade University; for twenty years he also worked as an entertainment promotional consultant. Today, he owns and edits Asian Cult Cinema and is the author of numerous books on Asian and European cinema. Yuko Mihara Weisser was a promotions executive in the Kyowa Entertainment Agency; later she worked in Japanese theater. She has a B.A. from Florida International University. RELATED TITLE: Asian Cult Cinema
Way Out Publishing
0-9526880-8-5 (Previous ISBN: 0-9526880-0-7) Social Science/Travel/Gay $24.95/Paper 336 Pages 6x8 June
A Walk on the Wild Side
The Tranny Guide 11th Edition The WayOut Guide to the Transgendered world By Vicky Lee
An annual collection of pictures, articles and reports from around the world that chart the progress and history of the growth of transgender phenomena. Each report covers a different city and is full of useful tips and contact details; there's another journey within the book, also full of useful tips and contacts, from one gender to another. In exciting Personal Reports, readers recount their unique transformational journeys in detail. Not just for transgendered people, The Tranny Guide aims to increase awareness and understanding of the cross-dressing and transgender phenomena.
Vicky Lee is well-known on the international tranny scene. In her closeted days she sang and played guitar with various groups, and DJ'd in London. In 1993, she co-founded the Tranny Guide and the WayOut Club, which continue to thrive. MARKETING: · 10,000 sold annually · Continuous media coverage and features
White Cloud Press
1-883991-53-6 Photography/Nature/Religion $25.95/Paper 144 Pages 140 Color Photos 81/2 x 81/2 May Nature Knows All
Wild Grace Nature as a Spiritual Path By Eric Alan
Acelebration of the natural world in photos and prose: "There is one spiritual path that contains all others and conflicts with none. It is nature itself. Nature is the path which fosters the life of all seekers. Nature neither requires nor precludes belief in deity. It includes both creation and evolution, without conflict. It demands no dogmatic rituals, and damns no disbelievers. Nature speaks only silently, offers no absolution, and has hard ways as well as sweet vistas. Yet within its silence and its graceful, tightly woven forms, it offers philosophical and practical answers. In the way that plants, animals and even the elements are and relate to each other, is an almost holographic, complete key to the balance we must find within ourselves and with each other."
Eric Alan is a writer, photographer, broadcaster, marketer and regional celebrity who currently edits Oregon's Jefferson Monthly and hosts a daily local music show. He has also written for the S.F. Chronicle, MicroTimes and Billboard. Formerly, he was regional host of National Public Radio's Morning Edition, and director of promotion for Kaleidoscope Records. His photography has been widely exhibited and sold. MARKETING: · Author tour: bookstores, environmental conferences, and gallery events in OR: Ashland, Eugene, Corvallis, Salem, Portland CA: S.F., Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Redding, Chico WA: Seattle · Radio tour: regional and NPR
White Cloud Press
1-883991-54-4 Religion/Philosophy Body, Mind & Spirit $16.95/Paper 192 Pages Index 6x9 March
Future Consciousness
An Evolutionary Agenda for the Third Millennium A Primer for the Mutation of Consciousness By Alan Sasha Lithman "...a passionate, bold, thought-provoking new vision for the future and a daring, witty thought experiment." --Michael Murphy, author of History of the Body and Golf in the Kingdom and founder, Esalen Institute
Apioneering bridge between spiritual and material, inner and outer, seeker and activist, in applied evolutionary research. The ideas here are beyond ordinary historical timeframes, categories, and planning processes: -- Only that which is already in-volved can e-volve -- Evolution proceeds simultaneously on two tracks: form and consciousness -- Humans represent only one stage in the evolving spectrum of conscious Being -- Humanity is a unique metamorphic species, an evolu- tionary work in progress destined to consciously exceed itself -- We exist in two overlapping times--historical and evolutionary
Alan Sasha Lithman spent 21 years in the pioneering global community, Auroville, India. In 1990, he moved to Oregon, where he continues to work as an evolutionary activist. He has written for the Whole Earth Review and lectures at numerous universities, conferences and institutes. He is currently associated with the Institute of Noetic Sciences. MARKETING: · Featured conference speaker, including Esalen · IONs magazine: 100,000 circulation · Radio,TV interviews · Author tour and signings: CA: S.F., L.A., Berkeley, Santa Cruz OR: Portland, Eugene and Seattle, Chicago, NYC
411 Publishing
1-931625-20-4 (Previous ISBN: 1-931625-09-3) Film/Reference/Performing Arts $49.00/Spiral 750 Pages 6 x 11 April
NY 411 Edited by Jill Hughart
"I love NY 411 because everything's at my fingertips. NY 411 helps me find production and post production companies. It's my primary research tool." --Sue Chiafullo, Young & Rubicam New York
An indispensable resource for the film and television industry in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the greater Philadelphia area. Producers, directors, production managers, coordinators, freelancers...anyone working in film, TV or video will find everything they need to complete projects from the first day of pre-production to the last day of post. The directory contains everything from lighting balloons to ice sculptures, payroll services to fog machines. Each listee must meet strict listing requirements, making NY 411 the only film production resource that qualifies entries.
Categories include: · Production Companies and Ad Agencies · Pre-Production · Crew · Location and Travel Services · Stages · Studios and Sets · Grip and Lighting Equipment · Props and Wardrobe · Post Production · Digital Production · City Life · Out of Town
411 Publishing
1-931625-17-4 (Previous ISBN: 1-931625-12-3) Performing Arts/Business & Economics Screenwriting $49.00/Spiral 450 Pages 81/2 x 103/4 March
Producers 411 Volume 6 Edited by Debbie Hennessey "PRODUCERS 411 not only has a great look to it -- but it's organized to find information fast & we really enjoyed the bonus articles that precede the directory." --Cannell Studios
Reach the power of Hollywood! Access the people who make movies and television shows with this comprehensive directory containing thousands of up-to-date listings in the film and television industry, and featuring above-the-line executives. Producers 411 includes: · Producers for film, TV, commercials, music video, video & interactive multimedia · Studio and network executives · Development executives · Freelance producers · Current television show staffs
· Staff names & titles · Street, email & websites addresses · Phone & fax numbers · Development Deals · Representative Credits · Easy-to-use indexes · Exclusive profiles & articles
411 Publishing
1-931625-21-2 Games $49.00/Spiral 200 Pages 6 x 11 April
Games 411 Edited by Anne Boyd The newest edition to the 411 collection is Games 411, the most complete directory to the interactive gaming industry's · Developers · Producers · Distributors · Talent
For over 22 years 411 Publishing has provided the entertainment industry with the best resources in the entertainment industry.
Aaron Blake Publishers
0-937609-20-X (Previous ISBN: 0-937609-19-6) Drama/Performing Arts $39.00/Paper 450 Pages Index 7 x 81/2 January
Actor's Best Friend
The Working Actor's Guide to Los Angeles 2003 16th Edition Edited by Kristi Callan "The Working Actors Guide, the Thomas guide of acting...without it, you'll be lost!" --R.J. Shannon, Back Stage West "If a Pulitzer Prize were ever handed to a directory, this one would win hands down ... a brilliantly comprehensive directory that's worth its price tag." --M.K. Lewis, acting teacher and author, Your Acting Career
Known as the Actor's Bible, this is the only complete sourcebook for professional and emerging actors in Los Angeles. Annually updated with the latest information in all categories, this brand-new 2003 edition offers more than 100 professional and personal service categories including thorough descriptions of: · Acting schools · Casting agents · Photographers · Production companies · Equity-waiver theatres
The Working Actor's Guide 2003 features important practical information, too, including: · Actor-friendly services · Advice from SAG · Useful editorials from working actors MARKETING: · 90,000+ sold

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