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· AGAINST NATURE (Б REBOURS)/ Joris-Karl Huysmans Translated by Robert Baldick with Intro and Notes by Patrick McGuinness/0140447636/$14.00. · THE ALEPH AND OTHER STORIES/Jorgй Luis Borges/ Translated by Andrew Hurley/0142437883/$14.00. · AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS/Jules Verne/ Translated by Michael Glencross with Intro by Brian Aldiss/ 014044906X/$10.00/First time in Penguin Classics. · BRIGHTON ROCK/Graham Greene/Centennial edition/ Intro by J. M. Coetzee/0142437972/$15.00.
· DADDY LONG-LEGS AND DEAR ENEMY/Jean Webster/Edited with notes and intro by Elaine Showalter/0143039067/$13.00/Only edition combining the two novels. · DEAD SOULS/Nicolas Gogol/0140448071/$12.00/ Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Robert A. Maguire/Revised Edition. · DEERBROOK/Harriet Martineau/Edited with an Intro and Notes by Valerie Sanders/0141439394/$16.00/July 2005. In the tradition of Jane Austen, a vivid portrait of domestic relationships and village life.
· BUDDHIST SCRIPTURES/Edited by Donald S. Lopez, Jr./ 014044758X/$16.00/New selection of writings with some in English for the first time. Replaces previous Conze edition.
· DON JUAN/Lord Bryon/Edited by T. G. Steffan, E. Steffan, and W.W. Pratt and Intro by Susan Wolfson and Peter J. Manning/0140424520/$16.00.
· CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS/Rudyard Kipling/Intro by John Seeyle/0142437719/$12.00. · CITY OF GOD/St. Augustine/Translated by Henry Bettenson/0140448942/$16.00. · CLOTEL, OR THE PRESIDENT"S DAUGHTER/ William Wells Brown/Edited with Intro and Notes by M. Giulia Fabi/0142437727/$11.00/First published in London in 1853.
· THE DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE and OTHER WEIRD STORIES/H. P. Lovecraft/Edited with Intro and Notes by S.T. Joshi/0142437956/$15.00. · EGIL'S SAGA/Translated by Bernard Scudder & Edited with an Intro by Svanhildur Уskarsdуttir/0140447709/$15.00. · EZRA POUND: EARLY WRITINGS/Edited with an Intro and Notes by Ira Nadel/0142180130/$15.00.
· THE COMMEDIANS/Graham Greene/Intro by Paul Theroux/014303919/$15.00
· FORTY STORIES/Donald Barthelme with Intro by Rick Moody/0142437816/$14.00.
· THE COMPLETE PLAYS/Christopher Marlowe/ Edited by Frank Romany and Robert Lindsey/0140436332/$15.00. · COMPLETE SHORT STORIES OF GRAHAM GREENE/ 0143039105/$16.00. · THE END OF THE AFFAIR/Graham Greene/Centennial edition/Intro by Michael Gorra/0142437980/$14.00.
· GISLIS SURSSON'S SAGA AND THE SAGA OF THE PEOPLE OF EYRI/ Translated by Martin Regal and Judy Quinn, Edited by Versteinn Olason/ 0140447725/$14.00. · GUERMANTE'S WAY/Marcel Proust/Newly translated by Mark Treharne/0143039229 /$17.00/June 2005. · THE HEART OF THE MATTER/Graham Greene/Centennial edition/Intro by James Wood/0142437999/$15.00.
· THE IDIOT/Fyodor Dostoyevsky/Newly Translated by David McDuff, Intro by William Mills Todd III/014044792X/$12.00. · IN THE SHADOW OF YOUNG GIRLS IN FLOWER/Marcel Proust/Translated with an Introduction by James Grieve/ 014309075/$17.00.
· A PARISIAN AFFAIR & OTHER STORIES/Guy de Maupassant/0140448128/Translated, Intro, Notes by Sian Miles. · PETALS OF BLOOD/Ngugi wa Thiong'o/Introduction by Moses Isegawa of USC/0143039172/$15.00.
· THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU/H.G.Wells/Introduction by Margaret Atwood, Edited by Patrick Parrinder, Notes by Steven/014144102X/$9.00/July 2005. · JOHN CLARE: SELECTED POEMS/Edited by Geoffrey Summerfield, New York University/014043724X/$15.00/ Nature poetry based on the original manuscripts. · KRISHNA:THE BEAUTIFUL LEGEND OF GOD/ Newly Translated by Edwin Bryant of Rutgers/0140447997/$16.00. · LA VITA NUOVA/Dante/0140449477/$11.00/Translated with a New Intro and other material by Barbara Reynolds. · THE LETTERS OF ABELARD AND HELOISE/Translated by Betty Radice/0140448993/$14.00/Revised and updated. · A LIFE IN LETTERS/Anton Chekhov/Translated with Notes and Intro by Rosamund Bartlett and Anthony Phillips/ 0140449221/$15.00/Includes new material from the Russian archives.
· Peter Pan/J. M. Barrie with Intro by Jack Zipes of the University of Minnesota/014243793X/$9.00. · THE PORTABLE GRAHAM GREENE/Edited and with an Intro by Philip Stratford/0143039180/$20.00. · THE PORTABLE PETRARCH/Translated by Mark Musa/ 0142437840/$17.00. · THE PORTABLE SHAKESPEARE/Edited by Stephen Orgel/0142437948/$18.00/Contains nine complete plays, scenes, poems, glossary, and introductions. · THE PORTABLE MARK TWAIN/New edition/Edited and with an Intro by Tom Quirk./0142437751/$17.00. · THE PRIVATE JOURNAL OF WILLIAM REYNOLDS/ William Reynolds/Edited with an Intro and Notes by Nathaniel Philbrick and Thomas Philbrick/0143039059/ $15.00/Never before published sailor's journal of the U.S. Exploring Expedition of 1838-1842.
· THE MAN WITHIN/Graham Greene/Intro by Jonathan Yardley/014303921/$14.00.
· THE PSYCHOLOGY OF LOVE/Sigmund Freud/Newly Translated by Shaun Whiteside/0142437468/$14.00.
· MAN WHO CRIED I AM/John Tyreman Williams/ 1585675806/$14.95. Novel of expatriate African American written in Europe in 1965--in the tradition of James Baldwin. · THE MAN WHO HAD ALL THE LUCK/Arthur Miller/ 0142437867/$11.00.
· THE QUIET AMERICAN/Graham Greene/Centennial edition/Intro by Robert Stone/0143039024/$14.00. · REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM/Kate Douglas Wiggin/Edited with an Intro by Susan K Harris and Notes by Shawn Thomson/0143039202/$12.00/May 2005.
· METAMORPHOSES/Ovid/Newly Translated by David Raeburn/014044789X/$11.00. · THE MINISTRY OF FEAR/Graham Greene/Centennial edition/Intro by Alan Furst/0143030113/$14.00. · THE NICOMACHEAN ETHICS/Aristotle/ Translated by J. A. K.Thomson, Revised with Notes and Appendices by Hugh Tredennick, Intro and Bibliography by Jonathan Barnes/ 0140449493/$11.00.
· SENTIMENTAL EDUCATION/Gustave Flaubert/Translated by Robert Baldick/Revised with Intro and Notes by Geoffrey Wall/0140447970/$8.00. · THE SHOOTING PARTY/Anton Chekhov/New translation of Chekhov's only novel by Ronald Wilks with Intro by John Sutherland/0140448985/$13.00. · TRAVELS WITH MY AUNT/Graham Greene/Centennial edition/Intro by Gloria Emerson/ 0143039008/$15.00.
· ORIENT EXPRESS/Graham Greene/Centennial edition/ Intro by Christopher Hitchens/ 0142437913/$15.00. · OROONOKO/Aphra Behn with Intro by Janet Todd/ 0140439889/$9.00. · OUR NIG or SKETCHES FROM THE LIFE OF A FREE BLACK/Harriet E.Wilson/Edited with Intro and Notes by P. Gabrielle Foreman and Reginald Pitts/0142437778/$12.00.
· SODOM AND GOMORRAH/Marcel Proust/Newly Translated by John Sturrock/0670033480/$29.95/HC/Covers the theme of homosexual love and sexual jealousy. · THE STORM/Daniel Defoe/Edited with an Intro & Notes by Richard Hamblyn/0141439920/$14.00. · STORM OF STEEL/Ernst Jьnger/0142437905/$15.00/Newly translated by Michael Hoffman/Winner of the 9th Annual Oxford Weidenfeld Translation Prize.
· STUDIES IN HYSTERIA/Sigmund Freud/Newly Translated by · THE AMERICAN/Henry James/Afterword by Leon Edel and
Nicola Luckhurst/0142437492/$14.00.
New Intro/0451529669/$7.95.
· SWANN'S WAY/Marcel Proust/Newly Translated by Lydia Davis and a finalist for the French American Foundation's translation prize/0142437964. · TA HSUEH AND CHUNG YUNG/Translated by Andrew Plaks from Princeton with Preface by Xinzhong Yao, Univesity of Wales/0140447849/$14.00/Two canonical Confucian texts for the first time in Penguin Classics. · TESTAMENT OF YOUTH/Vera Brittan/Intro by Mark Bostridge/0143039237/$17.00. · THИRESE RAQUIN/Emile Zola/Newly Translated with Intro and Notes by Robin Buss/140449442/$11.00. · THE THIRTY-NINE STEPS/John Buchan with Intro by John Keegan/0141441178 /$9.00/Spy thriller in Scotland. · THREE REVENGE TRAGEDIES/Edited with an Intro by GaЇ mini SalgaЇ do/0141441240/$13.00/Includes The Revenger's Tragedy,The White Devil, and The Changeling. · THE TIME MACHINE/H.G.Wells/Intro by Marina Warner; Notes by Steve Maclean; Edited by Patrick Parrinder/ 0141439971/$9.00. · TONO-BUNGAY/H.G.Wells/Intro and Notes by Edward Mendelson, Edited by Patrick Parrinder/0141441119/$14.00/ July 2005. · UNDER FIRE/Henri Barbusse/0143039040/$14.00/Newly translated by Robin Buss, Into by Jay Winter. Shortlisted for the 9th Annual Oxford Weidenfeld Translation Prize. · A UNIVERSAL HISTORY OF INIQUITY/Jorgй Luis Borges Translated by Andrew Hurley/0142437891/$12.00/Stories from the Orient, the Islamic world and the West. · THE UPANISADS/Newly Translated by Valerie J. Roebuck/ 0140447490/$13.00. · A VINDICATION OF THE RIGHTS OF WOMAN/Mary Wollstonecraft/Revised edition with Notes and Intro by Miriam Brody/0141441259/$11.00. · VOLPONE AND OTHER PLAYS/Ben Jonson/Edited with an Intro by Michael Jamieson/0141441186/$12.00. Includes Volpone,The Chemist, and Bartholomew Fair. · THE WAR OF THE WORLDS/H.G.Wells/Intro by Brian Aldiss; Notes by Andy Sawyer; Edited by Patrick Parrinder/ 01414410381/$7.00. SIGNET CLASSICS · AESOP'S FABLES/Edited by Jack Zipes/New Intro by Samuel Pickering/0451529537/$4.95/Over 200 fables.
· ARISTOPHANES: COMPLETE PLAYS/Newly Translated by Paul Roche/0451214099/$16.00. · A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN King Arthur'S COURT/ Mark Twain/Intro by Leland Krauth and Afterward by Edward Reiss/0451529588/$4.95. · THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO/Alexandre Dumas/ With a new Introduction by Roger Celestin/0451529707/ $6.95. · DIARY OF A MADMAN AND OTHER STORIES/Nikolai Gogol/Newly Translated and with an Afterword by Priscilla Meyer/0451529545/$5.95/Includes The Nose, The Carriage, The Overcoat and Taras Bulba. · EVANGELINE AND SELECTED TALES AND POEMS/ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow/Revised and with a new Intro by Horace Gregory and preface by Edward M. Cifelli/ 0451529650/$5.95. · FATHERS AND SONS/Ivan Turgenev/New Introduction/ 0451529693/$6.95. · FOUR PLAYS (Lysistrata,Women in Parliament,The Frogs, Plutus)/Aristophanes/Newly Translated by Paul Roche/ 0451529316/$6.95. · IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE/Sinclair Lewis/New Intro by Michael Meyer/0451529294/$7.95/A timely cautionary tale about the rise of facism in the U.S. · NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND/Fyodor Dostoyesvsky/Translated by Andrew McAndrew with a New Intro by Ben Marcus/0451529553/$4.95. · PИRE GORIOT/Honorй de Balzac/Translated by Henry Reed and with a New Introduction by Peter Brooks/ 0451529596/$4.95. · THE SIGNET BOOK OF SHORT PLAYS/0451529642/ Edited by M. Jerry Weiss/$5.95/Includes works from Kia Corthron, Daisey Foote, Horton Foote, Susan Glasepll, Greg Gunning, David Ives,William Saroyen, Shel Silverstein, Gore Vidal,Wendy Wasserstein,Thornton Wilder, and Tennesse Williams. · THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON/Johann David Wyss and a new Intro by J. Hillis Miller/0451529618/$4.95. · THE TRAVELS OF MARCO POLO/Edited with an Intro by Milton Rugoff and a new Afterword by Howard Mittlemark 0451529510/$6.95. · YOUNG LONIGAN/James T. Farrell/New Intro by Pete Hamill/0451529138/$7.95.
HENRY IV--PARTS I & II1594480109/$10.00/PB.
· JOHN BERRYMAN SELECTED POEMS/Editor Kevin Young/1931082693/$20.00/LOA American poets Project. · THE EMPEROR'S BABE/Bernardine Evaristo/ 0142001716/$14.00/Novel-in-verse of Londoners with heroine of African descent.
Julius Caesar/1594480788/$10.00/PB. MACBETH/1594480087/$10.00/PB. A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHT DREAM/1594480095/ $10.00/PB/ Full text with revisions by Bloom.
· HUM/Ann Lauterbach/0143034960/$18.00/PB/Poet is Professor of Language and Literature at Bard. · EMMA LAZARUS: SELECTED POEMS/1931082774/ $20.00/LOA American Poets Project. · AMY LOWELL: SELECTED POEMS/Editor Honor Moore/ 19310182707/$20.00/LOA American Poets Project. · POEMS OF MARIANNE MOORE/Edited by Grace Schulman/0143039083/$20.00/PB/The complete collection edited by prize-winning poet, including more than a hundred poems previously uncolleted and unpublished. · MYSTERY, SO LONG/Stephen Dobyns/0143034626/$16.00/ PB. · NEW PENGUIN BOOK OF romantic poetry/Edited by Jessica and Jonathan Wordsworth/0140589341/$20.00/PB. · POETS OF THE CIVIL WAR/Edited by J.D. McClatchy/ 1931082766/$20.00/LOA American Poets Project. · SELECTED POEMS OF WILLIAM WORDSWORTH/Edited with an Introduction by Stephen Gill/0140424423/$12.00/ From the new Penguin Classics poetry program. · RIDING THE EARTHBOY 4/James Welch/0143034391/ $16.00/PB/Nov 2004/Only volume of poetry from Native American writer Welch with a New Intro by James Tate.
OTHELLO/1594480761/$10.00/PB. THE TEMPEST/159448077X/$10.00/PB. · KING JOHN/HENRY VIII/William Shakespeare/New critical essays and Intro by Sylvan Barnet/0451529235/$5.95. · LOVE'S LABOR'S LOST/William Shakespeare/04515429502 $4.95/New overview of Shakespeare's life and new critical essay. · TITUS ANDRONICUS AND TIMON OF ATHENS/William Shakespeare/Edited by Sylvan Barnet and Maurice Charney/ 0451529561/$5.95. · COMPLETE PELICAN SHAKESPEARE/Edited by Stephen Orgel and A.R. Braunmuller/0141000589/$65.00/HC. · THE PORTABLE SHAKESPEARE/Edited by Stephen Orgel/ 0142437948/$18.00/PB. · SHAKESPEARE BY ANOTHER NAME/Mark Anderson/ 1592401031/$29.00/HC/Biography of Oxford. SPECIAL EDITIONS · SHORT STORIES IN GERMAN: New Penguin Parellel Text/Ernst Zillekens ed./0140265422/$12.00/PB/8 stories, with parellel translations, offers students of German the opportunity to enjoy wide range of contemporary literature.
· WESTERN ART/Debora Greger/0143034219/$18.00/PB.
· STRUCTURE OF THE WORLD COMPARED TO A BUBBLE/Anne Waldman/0143034200/$18.00/PB/Inspired by the Stupa of Borobudur in Java, an architectural wonder. · WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS SELECTED POEMS/Edited by Robert Pinsky/1931082715/$20.00/HC/Library of America American Poets Project. · Walt Whitman:THE COMPLETE POEMS/Edited with an Introductory Note by Francis Murphy/0140424512/$17.00/PB SHAKESPEARE
· ALL THAT IS GONE/Pramoedya Ananta Toer/0143034464/ $14.00/PB. · THE BALLAD OF JOHNNY SOSA/Mario Delgado Aparain/ 1585676047/$12.95/PB/Author depicts a young black musician trying to make it in a small town in Uruguay. · BEIJING DOLL/Chun Sue/Translated by Howard Goldblatt/ 1594480206/$14.00/PB/ Autobiographical novel of 18 year old girl in China's rock and roll subculture ­ banned in China for its candid exploration of sexual awakening.The author lives in China.
· Harold Bloom SHAKESPEARE EDITIONS-NEW SERIES with commentary from Bloom's Shakespeare:The Invention of the Human.
· A BIT ON THE SIDE/William Trevor/067003343X/$24.95/ HC/New story collection featuring tales of urban and rural life.
· EVERY INCH OF HER/Peter Sheridan/0142004340/$14.00/ PB/Fiction debut from Irish author Peter Sheridan, who wrote 44: Dublin Made Me and 47 Roses.
· SHADOW OF THE WIND/Carlos Ruiz Zafуn/0143034901 $15.00/PB/A boy's magical journey through the secrets and shadows of postwar Barcelona.
· ELIZABETH COSTELLO/J. M. Coetzee/0142004812/$14.00/ PB/A professor's life is told through a series of formal addresses. · FAIRY TALES/ Hans Christian Andersen/Translated by Tina Nunnally, edited by Jackie Wultschlager/0670033774/$27.95 HC/New selection of 30 tales. · GOD'S MOUNTAIN/Erri de Luca/1573229601/$12.95/PB/A young Italian man's summer of discovery.
· WOMEN WITH BIG EYES/Angeles Mastretta/Translated by Amy Schildhouse Greenberg/1594480400/$14.00/PB/ Collection of stories, including Spanish text from Mexican author. MULTICULTURAL FICTION · ALL OVER CREATION/Ruth Ozeki/0142003891/$14.00/PB/ A Japanese American prodigal daughter returns to her family's Idaho potato farm. Author of My Year of Meats.
· HARMONY SILK FACTORY/Tash Aw/157322300X/$24.95/ HC/An authentic Malaysian voice to remap the literary landscape of Conrad, Maugham, and Burgess.
· ALOFT/Chang-rae Lee/1594480702/$14.00/PB/Novel set in New York about the American dream by the author of Native Speaker and A Gesture Life.
· HOW I BECAME STUPID/Martin Page/Translated by Adrianna Hunter/0142004952/$13.00/PB/Pop culture farce by one of France's newest writers.
· CROSSING CALIFORNIA/Adam Langer/1594480018/ $14.00/PB/Three Jewish families and their teenagers on either side of the street dividing upper and middle-class Chicago.
· INTERIOR CASTLE/Teresa of Avila/Intro and Translation by Mirabai Starr/1594480052/$14.00/PB. · THE KITE RUNNER/Khaled Hosseini/1594480001/$14.00/ PB/Best selling novel which takes place in Afghanistan during the last days of the monarchy. · LIFE WITH AN IDIOT/Victor Erofeyev/014023621X/$15.00/ PB/Collection of stories from 1978-1990 by one of Russia's most controversial authors. · LINKS/Nuruddin Farah/0143034847/$14.00/PB/Literary novel set in Somalia. · A LONG, LONG WAY/Sebastian Barry/ 0670033804/$24.95 HC/ Irish author and playwright, Sebastian Barry, creates a powerful new novel about divided loyalties and the realities of war. · LOOT and OTHER STORIES/Nadine Gordimer/ 0142004685/$14.00/PB/Ten new stories.
· DRINKING COFFEE ELSEWHERE/Z. Z. Packer/ 1573223786/$14.00/PB/Short Stories of young black experience.The most acclaimed literary debut of the year. · FOR MATRIMONIAL PURPOSES/Kavita Daswani/ 0452285526/$13.00/PB/Novel about living in New York while pursuing arranged marriage in Bombay, thwarted at all turns. · IN FULL BLOOM/Caroline Hwang/0452284880/$13.00/PB/ Tale of Korean mother-daughter bond and life in the fashion world. Set in New York. · SNAKES AND EARRINGS/Hitomi Kanehara/0525948899/ $16.95/PB/May 2005/Edgy and electrifying, story of a young girl's descent into the amoral and seductive underbelly of Tokyo. Youngest author ever to win Japan's prestigious Akutagawa Prize. · TRANSMISSION/Hari Kunzru/0452286514/$14.00/PB/An Indian programmer, thwarted in his plans to make his fortune in the U.S., unleashes a killer virus.
· OH, PLAY THAT THING/Roddy Doyle/0670033618/$24.95/ HC/Sequel to A Star Called Henry. Follows Henry Smart to the U.S. in the 1920s. · PRINCE AND OTHER MODERN FABLES/Rabindranath Tagore/0143335707/$10.00/PB.
SHORT STORIES/ESSAYS · CHARLIE CHAN IS DEAD 2: At Home in the World/ Edited with an Intro by Jessica Hagedorn, Preface by Elaine Kim/0142003905/$18.00/PB/An anthology of contemporary Asian American fiction/Uupdated with 80% new material.
· THE RICE MOTHER/Rani Manicka/0142004545/$14.00/PB/ Multigenerational epic set in Malaysia spanning WWII and the Japanese occupation. · SOMEONE I LOVED/Anna Gavalda/1594480419/$14.00/PB. · STRAIT IS THE GATE/Andrй Gide/1585676055/$13.95/PB.
· ONCE UPON A CHILDHOOD/Edited by Barbara Solomon & Eileen Panetta/0451212967/$14.00/PB/Authors tell stories and memoirs of growing up in America, including Rebecca Walker and T. C. Boyle. · FLIGHTS/Al Sarrantonio/0451459776/$24.95/HC/Short story anthology of literary fantasy.
· HOW I LEARNED TO COOK/Margo Perin/1585422916/ $14.95/PB/Collection of writings on complex mother-daughter relationships, featuring popular and emerging writers. · STORIES FROM THE BLUE MOON CAFE II:The American South in Stories, Essays, and Poetry/Sonny Brewer/ 0451210425/$14.00/PB. · WOMEN WRITE: Mosaic Of Women's Voices in Fiction, Poetry, Memoir and Essays/Edited by Susan Cahill/ 0451211219/$14.00/PB/Wide-ranging writings from fifty-one classic and modern women. POPULAR FICTION/NONFICTION · L'AFFAIRE/Diane Johnson/0452285631/$14.00/PB/California girl goes to France to have an affair. By the author of Le Mariage and Le Divorce. · AUTHOR, AUTHOR/David Lodge/0670033499/$24.95/HC/ Account of Henry James's last illness and literary and theatrical life in Victorian England. · CHANGE BABY/June Spence/1573222860/$23.95/HC/ Debut novel of a young woman's return to her Southern roots. · DREAM JUNGLE/Jessica Hagedorn/0142001090/$14.00/PB/ New novel from Filipina writer. · DROP CITY/T. C. Boyle/0142003808/$14.00/PB/A California utopian commune relocates to Alaska with complications. · FINDING CARUSO/Kim Barnes/0425193934/$14.00/ PB/Tale of two brothers in 1950s drought-stricken Oklahoma.
· ME AND ORSON WELLES/Robert Kaplow/0143035223/ $13.00/Coming of age story evoking Broadway in its heyday. · MERMAID CHAIR/Sue Monk Kidd/0670033944/$24.95/HC/ New from the author of The Secret Life of Bees. · MIRACLE GIRL/Keith Scribner/1594480133/$14.00/PB/Small town undergoes changes when a vision proves to be a miracle girl/Author teaches at Oregon State University. · MY FATHER HAD A DAUGHTER/Grace Tiffany/ 0425196380/$13.00/PB/Historical novel about Judith Shakespeare. · OCTOPUSSY AND THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS/Ian Fleming/ 0142003298/$13.00/PB/James Bond thriller. · PARASITES LIKE US/Adam Johnson/0142004774/$14.00/PB/ Apocalyptic novel about a prehistoric nightmare reaching out across the ages. · RIVER SEASON/Jim Black/0142004448/$12.00/PB/Touching story of a white teenager and black man who strike up a bond while fishing in a small Texas town. · ROSEBOROUGH/Jane Roberts Wood/0452285496/$14.00/ PB/Novel set in small-town Texas about single-parenting and a runaway. · ST. URSULA'S GIRLS AGAINST THE ATOMIC BOMB/ Valerie Hurley/0452285690/$13.00/PB/Dec 2004/Tale of rebellion at a Catholic girl's academy by one student who converts to Judaism. · SYMPTOMATIC/Danzy Senna/1594480672/$13.00/PB/New from the author of Caucasia.
· HEAVENLY DAYS/James Wilcox/0142004901/$14.00/PB/ Louisiana writer's latest novel about the South. · THE INNER CIRCLE/T. C. Boyle/0670033448/$25.95/HC/ Love story dealing with sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. · THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB/Karen Joy Fowler/ 0452286530/$14.00/PB/Comic novel­exuberantly pays homage to and matches wits with Jane Austen. · THE LADY AND THE UNICORN/Tracy Chevalier/ 0452285453/$14.00/PB.
· TILT/Elizabeth Burns/0425195929/$13.00/PB/Mother and family cope with an autistic daughter and life's challenges. Author won the Academy of American Poets award. · TRUE CROSS/T. R. Pearson/0142004782/$14.00/PB/A portrayal of Southern small-town life. · THE WELL OF LOST PLOTS/Jasper Fforde/0143934359/ $14.00/PB/Third installment in the adventures of crime solver Thursday Next. DRAMA/FILM/JOURNALISM
· LAND THAT MOVES, LAND THAT STANDS STILL/Kent Nelson/014200460X/$14.00/PB/Literary fiction set in South Dakota about three uncommon women on an alfalfa ranch. · A LONG WAY DOWN/Nick Hornby/1573223026/$24.95/ HC/A novel about suicide that is, oddly, full of life/June 2005.
· BACKSTORY: Inside the Business of News/Ken Auletta/ 0143034634/$15.00/PB. · CITY ROOM/Arthur Gelb/0425198316/$17.95/PB/Insightful memoir of over half a century by a leading figure of the NY Times.
· THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN/Ian Fleming/ 014200328X/$13.00/PB/James Bond thriller.
· EXTREME DV AT USED-CAR PRICES/Rick Schmidt/ 0142004359/$17.00/PB/How to make a digital video feature for under $3,000 by author of Feature Filmmaking at Used-Car Prices.
· FREE CULTURE/Lawrence Lessig/0143034650/$15.00/PB/ Landmark manifesto about the genuine closing of the American Stanford Law School professor and copywright guru. · KAUFMAN AND CO: Broadway Comedies/George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber/Edited by Laurence Masion/ 1931082677/$35.00/HC/Library of America/Nine classic comedies from George Kaufman and Edna Ferber. · LEW HUNTER'S SCREENWRITING 434/Lew Hunter/ 0399529861/$14.95/PB/New Intro. · THE POWER OF THE ACTOR/Ivana Chubbuck/ 1592400701/$27.50/HC.
· RAKKETY TAM/Brian Jacques/0399237259/$23.00/HC/ Latest tale from Redwall. · SPIRIT LINE/David and Aimee Thurlo/0670036455/$15.99/ HC/A Navajo girl deals with life at a modern high school and her Navajo identity. Authors are known for the poular Ella Clah mystery series. · THE TWELVE LITTLE CAKES/Dominka Dery/1573222836/ $24.95/HC/Memoir of a girl growing up in 1970s Prague. · WORMWOOD/G. P.Taylor/0399242570/$16.99/HC/By the author of Shadowmancer. WRITING
· RIVER OF SHADOWS/Rebecca Solnit/0142004103/$15.00/ PB/The story of Eadweard Muybridge, the man who made the motion picture possible. Includes black and white photos. · SCREENWRITING IS STORYTELLING/Kate Wright/ 039953024X/$14.95/PB/Author teaches at UCLA film school. · SHORT FILMS 101/Frederick Levy/0399529497/$14.95/PB/ Step by step guide to shooting and promoting your short film. Author teaches at USC and UCLA. FANTASY/SCIENCE FICTION · THE BRILLIANCE OF THE MOON/Lian Hearn/1573222704/$24.95/HC/Book three of The Tales of the Otori, the international bestselling fantasy series set in Japan.
· 78 REASONS WHY YOUR BOOK MAY NEVER BE PUBLISHED AND 14 REASONS WHY IT JUST MIGHT/Pat Walsh/0143035657/$13.00/PB/The author is a founding editor of independent press, Macdam/Cage. · EATS, SHOOTS & LEAVES:The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation/Lynne Truss, Foreword by Frank McCourt/ 1592400876/$17.50/HC/International bestseller and hilarious guide to punctuation. · THE PRACTICAL WRITER: From Inspiration to Publication/Therese Eiben & Mary Gannon eds. with the staff of Poets & Writers Magazine/0142004006/$14.00/PB. · WOE IS I/Patricia O'Conner/1594480060/$13.00/PB/New, Expanded edition.
· CHANGING PLANES/Ursula K. Le Guin/044101156X/ $14.00/PB/The latest short story collection from the multiward winning grand dame of science fiction. · GRASS FOR HIS PILLOW/Lian Hearn/1594480036/$14.00/ PB/Book two of The Tales of the Otori, set in medieval Japan. · IN THE FORESTS OF SERRE/Patricia McKillip/0441011578/ $14.00/PB/Fantasy retelling the Russian legend of the firebird. · JOHN VARLEY READER/0441011950/$14.00/PB Thirty years of short fiction from the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author. · MASTERPIECES/Orson Scott Card/0441011330/$14.00/PB/ Anthology of the best science fiction short stories of the 20th century. NEUROMANCER/William Gibson/0441012035/$25.00/ HC//20th anniversary edition with New Intrduction.
MEMOIR/BIOGRAPHY/AUTOBIOGRAPHY · FAT GIRL/Judith Moore/1594630097/$21.95/Mar 2005/ "Book of painful and ferocious eloquence."­Robert Haas. · Frank Lloyd Wright/Ada Louise Huxtable/ 0670033421/$19.95/HC/Penguin Lives Biography of the great master architect. · HER HUSBAND/Diane Middlebrook/0142004871/$15.00/ PB/Portrait of the marriage of poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath. · JANE AUSTEN/Carol Shields/0143035169/$13.00/PB/ Jane Austen gets the biography she deserves from Pulitzer Prizewinning author, Carol Shields. · THE JOURNEY OF CRAZY HORSE: A Lakota History/ Joseph M. Marshall III/0670033553/$24.95/HC/Author of The Lakota Way chronicles the life of Crazy Horse.
young adult literature · FAT KID RULES THE WORLD/K. L. Going/0142402087/ $5.99/PB/Two unlikely friends save each other. Newbery Honor Award.
· MARTIN LUTHER/Martin Marty/0670032727/$19.95/HC/ Penguin Lives Biography. · LEONARDO DA VINCI/Sherwin B. Nuland/0670033456/ $25.95/HC/New biography drawing on original translations of Leonardo's notebooks and new accounts.
· LUCREZIA BORGIA/Sarah Bradford/0670033537/$27.95/ HC/Nov 2004/Based on contemporary documents and firsthand accounts, Bradford exposes life, love, and death in Renaissance Italy. · MAYADA, DAUGHTER OF IRAQ/Jean Sasson/0451212924/ $13.95/PB/Woman's survival in Iraq under Saddam Hussein.
· THE PRESIDENT OF GOOD AND EVIL:The Ethics of George W. Bush/Peter Singer/0452286220/$14.00/PB. · THE RIGHT NATION: Conservative Power in America/ John Micklethwait & Adrian Wooldridge/0143035398/$16.00/ PB/May 2005/U.S. conservative movement seen in 3 parts, history, anatomy, prophecy by writers from The Economist.
· SCRIBBLING THE CAT:Travels with an African Soldier/ Alexandra Fuller/1594200165/$24.95/HC. · THURA'S DIARY/Thura al-Windawi/0670058866/$15.99/ HC/First-person account of the 19-year-old author's life in Baghdad during the current war. · WEDGWOOD/Brian Dolan/0670033464/$24.95/HC/Life of Josiah Wedgwood and the fortune he amassed.
· THE SACK OF ROME: How a Beautiful European Country with a Fabled History and a Storied Culture Was Taken Over by a One-Time Cruise-Ship Singer with Ties to the Mafia Named Silvio Berlusconi/ Alexander Stille/159420053X/ $24.95/HC/July 2005. · THEY WOULD NEVER HURT A FLY:War Criminals on Trial in The Hague/Slavenka Drakulic/0143035428/$15.00/ PB/July 2005.
CURRENT EVENTS · AMERICAN DYNASTY: Aristocracy, Fortune and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush/Kevin Phillips/ 0143034316/ $15.00/PB · COLOSSUS:The Price of America's Empire/Niall Ferguson/ 0143034790/$16.00/PB. · THE EUROPEAN DREAM: How Europe's Vision of the Future Is Eclipsing the American Dream/Jeremy Rifkin/1585423459/ $25.95/HC. · EVERY DROP FOR SALE/Jeffrey Rothfeder/158542367X/ $14.95/PB/New Preface/Account of the world running out of usable water. · THE FALL OF BAGHDAD/Jon Lee Anderson/1594200343/ $24.95/HC/Eyewitness account of living under Saddam, the U.S. invasion, and the occupation. · GAG RULE: On the Suppression of Dissent and the Stifling of Democracy/Lewis Lapham/0143035029/$13.00P/PB/June 2005.
· TRUE LIES/Anthony Lappe & Stephen Marchall/0452285313/ $14.00/PB/How corporate media is failing the public. · WE ARE ALL THE SAME: Story of a Boy's Courage and a Mother's Love/Jim Wooten/1594200289/$19.95/HC/Story of South African boy who became a powerful and compellling symbol of the devastation of AIDS in Africa. POLITICAL SCIENCE · AMERICA'S SPLENDID LITTLE WARS: A Short History of U.S. Military Engagements 1975-2000/Pete Huchthausen/ 0142004650/$15.00/PB. · GHOST WARS: Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001/ Steve Coll/0143034669/$16.00/PB. · MULTITUDE: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire/ Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri/ 0143035592/$16.00/ PB/ From the renowned authors of Empire comes a profound new vision of the reality of global war and the possibility of a new global democracy.
· LIES AND THE LYING LIARS WHO TELL THEM/Al Franken/ 0452285216/$14.00/PB/Political satire and commentary of the contemporary political scene which explodes the myth of liberal media bias. · A MATTER OF CHARACTER: Inside the White House of George W. Bush/Ronald Kessler/1595230049/$14.00/PB/A conservative view. · POWER AND THE STORY: How the Crafted Presidential Narrative Has Determined Politics from George Washington to George W. Bush/Evan Cornog/159420022X/ $24.95/HC. · OVERWORLD/Larry Kolb/1573222534/$24.95/HC/Sports agent becomes a spy for the CIA.
· OCCIDENTALISM:The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies/Ian Buruma and Avishai Margalit/0143034871/$14.00/PB. · PENTAGON'S NEW MAP: War and Peace in the TwentyFirst Century/Thomas P. Barnett/0399151753/$26.95/ Groundbreaking examination of the U.S. and global security. · RISE OF THE VULCANS/James Mann/0143034898/$16.00/ HC/The history of Bush's war cabinet: Rumsfeld, Cheney, Powell, Armitage, Rice & Wolfowitz. · WHEN PRESIDENTS LIE/Eric Alterman/0670032093/ $24.95/HC/Examination of FDR, JFK, LBJ, and Ronald Reagan and their deceptions and consequences.
· WORLD'S BANKER: A Story of Failed States, Financial Crises, and the Wealth of Nations/Sebastian Mallaby/ 1594200238/$29.95/HC.
· GENERATION KILL/Evan Wright/042520040X/$14.00/PB/ Narrative follows twenty-three marines spearheading the blitzkrieg on Iraq. Nicknamed "First Suicide Battalion."
HISTORY · AIR POWER/Stephen Budiansky/014303474X/$17.00/PB/ History of the airplane in combat from Kitty Hawk to Iraq. · ALEXANDER HAMILTON/Ron Chernow/0143034758/ $18.00/PB.
· GREEK FIRE, POISON ARROWS AND SCORPION BOMBS/Adrienne Mayor/158567608X/$17.95/PB/ Biological and chemical warfare in the ancient world. · GUERRILLAS/Jon Lee Anderson/0142004979/$15.00/PB. Updated account of five insurgent movements around the world.
· ALEXANDER THE GREAT/Intro by Michael Wood, Edited by Tania Gergel/0142001406/$12.00/PB/Concise history includes selections from Arrian and Plutarch.
· A HISTORY OF THE MIDDLE EAST/Peter Mansfield/ 0143034332/$16.00/PB/Revised and updated by Nicolas Pelham to include recent developments.
· BIG COTTON: How a Humble Fiber Created Fortunes, Wrecked Civilizations, and Changed the Map/Stephen Yafa/ 0670033677/$25.95/HC. · BUDDHA'S WARRIORS/Mikel Dunham/1585423483/ $28.95/HC/Story of the CIA backed Tibetan freedom fighters, the Chinese invasion, and the fall of Tibet.
· THE HOLLOW CROWN: A History of Britain in the Late Middle Ages/Penguin History of England Series/0143035754/ $16.00/PB/Miri Rubin/University of London scholar's spellbinding accout of the era. · HONOR KILLING:The Infamous Murder Case That Transformed Hawai'i/David Stannard/0670033995/$25.95/HC.
· BY PERMISSION OF HEAVEN/Adrian Tinniswood/ 1594480397/$15.00/PB/Story of the Great Fire of London in 1666.
· HUMBOLDT'S COSMOS: Alexander Von Humboldt and the Latin American Journey that Changed the Way We See the World/Gerard Helferich/1592400066/$15.00/PB.
· COLLAPSE: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed/Jared Diamond/0670033677/$29.95/HC/Pultizer prize-winning author of Guns, Germs, and Steel considers factors that caused some of the great civilizations of the past to collapse. · THE CROSS AND CRESCENT/Richard Fletcher/ 0143034812/Dramatic Story of the Earliest Encounters Between Chritians and Muslems/$15.00/PB.
· ON HALLOWED GROUND/Bill McWilliams/0425199266/ $16.00/PB/The last battle for Pork Chop Hill during the Korean War between the U.S. and Chinese. PARIS:The Biography of a City/Colin Jones/0670033936/ $29.95/HC/Brings to life people, ideas, social movements, and architectural upheavals that have made and remade Paris/ Illustrated with 60 black and white images.
· THE DOMINION OF WAR: Empire and Liberty in North America, 1500-2000/Fred Anderson and Andrew Cayton/ $27.95/0670033707/HC/Two award-winning historians offer a groundbreaking new narrative of the role of war and freedom
· A PATRIOT'S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES/Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen/1595230017/$29.95/HC/From Columbus to Saddam. Restores clarity, pride, perspective to U.S. history. Conservatives reply to Howard Zinn.
· EUROPE IN THE HIGH MIDDLE AGES/William Chester Jordan/0140166645/$15.00/PB/Part of Penguin History of Europe Series,Volume 3, includes black and white photos. · FIET'S VASE AND OTHER STORIES OF SURVIVAL IN EUROPE 1939-45/Alison Leslie Gold/1585423602/$13.95/ PB/Illustrated throughout with black and white photos.
· THE PELOPONNESIAN WAR/Donald Kagan/0142004375/ $15.00/PB. · PENGUIN HISTORY OF THE 2OTH CENTURY/J.M. Roberts/0140276319/$20.00/PB/"Best one-volume history of the world during the twentieth century."­Christian Science Monitor.
· THE FOURTH CRUSADE AND THE SACK OF CONSTANTINOPLE/Jonathan Phillips/0143035908/$15.00/ PB/800th anniversary of the catastrophe retold through letters, speeches, and chronicles. · THE GREAT NATION: France from Louis XV to Napoleon/ Colin Jones/0140130934/$18.00/PB.
· A PIRATE OF EXQUISITE MIND: Explorer, Naturalist, and Buccaneer:The Life of William Dampier/Diana Preston/ $15.00/PB. · THE REFORMATION/Diarmaid MacCulloch of Oxford University/014303538X/$18.00/PB/New history of the Reformation.Winner of the 2004 Wolfson Prize.
· THE GREAT INFLUENZA/John M. Barry/0143034480/ $16.00/PB/The story of the 1918 Pandemic.
· TILT: A Skewed History of the Tower of Pisa/Nichoas Shrady/0143034502/$14.00/PB.
· SCATTERED AMONG THE PEOPLES/Allan Levine/ 1585676063/$19.95/PB/The Jewish diaspora as seen through twelve chronological moments. · SEDUCTRESS/Betsy Prioleau/0143034227/415.00/PB/An analysis of temptresses and their tactics from Cleopatra to Mae West. · STRUGGLE FOR MASTERY: Penguin History of Britain 1066-1284/David Carpenter/0140148248/$18.00/ PB/ Vol IV in David Carradine's IX volume Penguin History of Europe Series. · THIS MAN'S ARMY/Andrew Exum/1592400639/$13.00/ PB/A soldier's story from the frontlines of the war on terrorism. · THE TURKS TODAY/Andrew Mango/1585676157/$29.95/ HC/From the death of Ataturk to modern Turkey. · THE UNKNOWN American Revolution:The Unruly Birth of Democracy and the Struggle to Create America/ Gary B. Nash/0670034207/$27.95HC/June 2005/UCLA professor and former president of OAH offers a narrative covering the many Radical Ideas, agendas and struggles to create a country of equality and opportunity/35 B&W photos.
· WAR STORIES: REMEMBERING WWII/Elizabeth Mullener, Intro by Stephen Ambrose /0425196410/$14.00/PB/Fifty-three testimonies of virtually every major war event based on oral histories from New Orleans vets. CULTURAL STUDIES/SOCIOLOGY · AMERICAN DREAM/Jason DeParle/0670892750/$25.95/ HC/NY Times reporter looks at the collision between policy and the reality of welfare. · APPLE PIE: An American Story/John T. Edge/0399152156/ $18.95/HC/The history of apple pie and fifteen recipes. · THE BOOK NOBODY READ: Chasing the Revolutions of Nicolaus Copernicus/Owen Gingerich/0143034766/$15.00/ PB. .· CHOICE CUTS: A Savory Selection of Food Writing from Around the World/Mark Kurlansky/0142004936/PB. · CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION/Steven Koehler and Cyril Wecht/0762105402/$26.95/HC. · DEATH'S ACRE/Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson/0425198324/ $14.00/PB/Inside the legendary forensic lab the Body Farm.
· UNSETTLED/Melvin Konner/0142196320/$16.00/PB/An anthropology of the Jews. · WHAT IFS? OF AMERICAN HISTORY/Edited by Robert Crowley/0425198189/$14.95/PB/Third volume in the What If? series. WORLD WAR I/WORLD WAR II · THE COMING OF THE THIRD REICH/Ricard J. Evans/ 0143034693/$18.00/PB/Fiirst volume of a three volume history of Nazi Germany by eminent Cambridge historian. · THE FIRST WORLD WAR/Hew Strachan/0143035185/ $16.00/PB/Includes maps and photos. 384 pp/"Quite simply the best short history of the war in print."­Dennis Showalter · HITLER'S SCIENTISTS/John Cornwell/0142004804/$16.00/ PB. · THE LAST ESCAPE/John Nichol & Tony Rennell/ 0142004472/$15.00/PB/The untold story of Allied prisoners of war in Europe 1944-1945.
· DEMOCRACY MATTERS:Winning the Fight Against Imperialism/Cornel West/1594200297/ $24.95/HC/Examining democracy in America and abroad. · DISAPPEARING GIRL: Learning The Language of Teenage Depression/Lisa Machoian/052594866X/$24.95/HC/Former Harvard U researcher offers solutions for adolescent girls. · DOING OUR OWN THING:The Degradation of Language and Music and Why We Should, Like, Care/John McWhorter/ 1592400841/$13.00/PB · DON'T EAT THIS BOOK/Morgan Spurlock/0399152601/ $24.95/HC/Form the director of Supersize Me. · EVERYTHING BAD IS GOOD FOR YOU/How Today's Popular Culture is Actually Making Us Smarter/Steven Johnson/1573223077/$23.95/HC/Drawing from fields as diverse as neuroscience, economics, literary theory, Johnson argues that pop culture is making us more intelligent. · FAT: Anthropology of an Obsession/Edited by Don Kulick/ 1585423866/$13.95/PB.
· PACIFIC ALAMO/John Wukovits/0451212053/$14.00/PB/ The battle for Wake Island. · PARIS AFTER THE LIBERATION: 1944-1949/Antony Beevor and Artemis Cooper/0142437921/$16.00/PB/Covers every aspect of life after the war, from vengeance to the arts. · SECOND WORLD WAR/John Keegan/0143035738/ $22.00/PB/Contains a new forward by the author and maps.
· FOOD COURT DRUIDS, CHEROHONKEES AND OTHER CREATURES UNIQUE TO THE REPUBLIC/Robert Lanham/ 0452290848/$12.00/PB/Humorous collection of U.S. archetypes, such as Uncle Tomatoes, Metrosexuals, etc. · FRIED CHICKEN--An American Story/John T. Edge/ 0399151834/$18.95/HC/History of fried chicken and fifteen recipes.
· HATLESS JACK/0452285232/Neil Steinberg/$14.00/PB/ The president, the fedora, and the social history of the hat in America. · HOW THE HOMOSEXUALS SAVED CIVILIZATION/ Cathy Crimmins/1585424250/$14.95/PB. · MARRAIGE, A HISTORY: From Obedience to Intimacy or How Love Conquered Marriage/Stephanie Coontz/ 067003407X/$22.95/HC/A preeminent authority on marriage presents a radical historical perspective on marriage. · MURDERER NEXT DOOR:Why the Mind Is Designed to Kill/David Buss/1594200432/$24.95/HC. · MUTANTS: On Genetic Variety and the Human Body/Leroi Armand/0142004820/$16.00/PB. · PROSECUTORS/Gary Delsohn/0452285542/$14.00/PB/ Graphic journalistic account of the inner workings of the criminal justice system in Sacramento California. · THE RACE MYTH/Joseph Graves/0525948252/$24.95/HC/ A leading biologist proves race does not exist and offers solutions to end racism.
AMERICAN STUDIES · BLUE BLOOD/Ed Conlon/1594480737/$16.00/PB/Fourth generation NYPD author tells an anecdotal history of New York through its Police Force. · THE CHINESE IN AMERICA/Iris Chang/0142004170/ $15.00/PB/A narrative history covering 150 years, by the author of The Rape of Nanking/Includes black & white photos. · A DANGEROUS PLACE/Marc Reisner/0142003832/$13.00/ PB/California's unsettling fate predicted by the author of Cadillac Desert. · EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ASIAN AMERICAN HISTORY/Himilce Novas and Lan Cao with Rosemary Silva/0452284759/$15.00/Completely revised and updated. · FINDING MANANA: Memoir of Exodus/Mirta Ojito/ 1594200416/$24.95/HC/Cuban experience in the U.S. by Miami journalist. · GREAT FORTUNE: Epic of Rockefeller Center/David Okrent/0142001775/$16/PB.
· RACING IN THE STREET/The Bruce Springsteen Reader/ Edited by June Skinner Sawyers, with a Foreward by Martin Scorsese/0142003549/$16.00/PB/"remarkably atmospheric reckoning of a major Contemporary Artist."--Booklist · SMASHED:The Story of a Drunken Girlhood/Koren Zailckas/0670033766/HC.
· JIM CROW'S CHILDREN/Peter Irons/0142003751/$15.00/ PB/The broken promise of the Brown Decision/Includes black and white photos. · KANSAS CHARLEY: The Boy Murderer/Joan Jacobs Brumberg/014200488X/$15.00/PB/Covers the 1892 death penalty of 15-year-old Charles Miller.
· SOMETHING FROM THE OVEN: Reinventing Dinner in 1950s America/Laura Shapiro/014303491X/$15.00/PB. · A TERRIBLE LOVE OF WAR/James Hillman/0143034928/ $15.00/PB. · TOAST: The Story of a Boy's Hunger/Nigel Slater/ 1592400906/$25.00/HC/British Book Award for Best Biography. · WITHOUT A NET: middle class and Homeless (with Kids) in America: My Story/Michelle Kennedy/0670033669/$24.95/ HC. SPORTS · CAINE MUTINY/Bruce Feldman/0451212975/$23.95/HC/ Inside story of the University of Miami's football team. · THE CAROLINA WAY: Leadership Lessons from a Life in Coaching/Dean Wesley Smith/0143034642/$15.00/PB. · MIRACLE OF ST. ANTHONY/Adrian Wojnarowski/ 1592401023/$25.00/High school hoops in Jersey City, NJ.
· THE LOBSTER COAST/Colin Woodward/0143035347/ $15.00/PB/Story of one of the last hunter-gatherer societies in the developed world. · MARCHING HOME: To War and Back with the Men of One American Town/Kevin Coyne/0142003867/$15.00/PB/ A microcosm 20th century American history. · THE MYTH OF SOLID GROUND/David L. Ulin/ 0670033235/$24.95/HC/Earthquake and earthquake prediction in California. · PATRIOTS/Christian Appy/01420044999/$16.00/PB/ The Vietnam War remembered from all sides. · PUBLIC ENEMIES: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI 1933-1934/Bryan Burrough/0143035371/ $16.00/PB/June 2005/Story of the battle between Hoover's FBI and John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, and others. · SEA OF GLORY: America's Voyage of Discovery, the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842/Nathaniel Philbrick/ 0142004839/$15.00/PB/Winner of the 2003 National Book Award, Boston Globe Best Book of the Year 2003, and LA Times Best Book of the Year 2003.
· SIGNET BOOK OF AMERICAN HUMOR/Revised Edition/ Regina Barreca/0451210581/$14.00/PB/Up-to-date and retrospective collection of U.S. humor/Editor teaches at U of CT.
· THE COMPLETE DEAD SEA SCROLLS IN ENGLISH/ Revised Translation with Intro by Geza Vermes/01404495232/ $19.00/PB/Professor Emeritus of Jewish Studies at Oxford.
· SINGULAR INTIMACIES/Danielle Ofri/0142004383/$14.00/ PB/Story of becoming a doctor at NYC's Bellevue Hospital. · SOMETHING FOR NOTHING/Jackson Lears/0142003875/ $16.00/PB/Intellectual history of luck in U.S. from colonial times to the present. · TRANSLATION NATION/Hector Tobar/1573223050/ $24.95/HC/Survey of Spanish speaking America. · WHAT THE DORMOUSE SAID:The Untold Story of How the Sixties Counterculture and Antiwar Movement Influenced the Personal Computer Industry/John Markoff/0670033820/ $24.95/HC.
· FREEDOM EVOLVES/Daniel C. Dennett/0142003840/ $17.00/PB/Explores ideas of freedom and free will in a deterministic world; scientifically, historically, philosophically. · GOD AGAINST THE GODS: The History of the War Between Monotheism & Polytheis/Jonathan Kirsch/ 0142196339/$15.00/PB. · LIVING WITH THE DEVIL/Stephen Batchelor/1573222763/ $22.95/HC/Buddhist meditation on good and evil. · REINVENTING GOD/Mark Robert Waldman/1585423750/ $15.95/PB/Anthology of religious and political thinkers and philosophers.
· WHEELS FOR THE WORLD: Henry Ford, His Company, and a Century of Progress/Douglas Brinkley/014200439/ $18.00/PB.
· SAINT AUGUSTINE'S CONVERSION/Notes and Intro by Garry Wills/ 0670033529/$23.95/HC/Fourth and final volume of the Confessiones.
PSYCHOLOGY · AGAINST DEPRESSION:/Peter Kramer/0670034053/$25.95 HC/May 2005/ The author of Listening to Prozac gives us a new theory for the science of treating depression. · HAPPINESS: Lessons from a New Science/Richard Layard/ 1594200394/$25.95/HC/From the eminent London School of Economics don, a fascinating account of what happiness is as a measurable human state. WOMEN'S STUDIES/GENDER STUDIES · MISSING MEN/Joyce Johnson/0143035231/$15.00/PB/ Autobiography explores far-reaching effects of fatherlessness.
· SHAMANS THROUGH TIME/Jeremy Narby & Francis Huxley/1585423629/$14.95/PB/Five centuries of writings into shamanic practices. · A SIDEWAYS LOOK AT TIME/Jay Griffith/1585423068/ $15.95/PB/Exploration of the way we experience time/ Awarded the Discover Great New Writers Award 2003. · THE SUFI BOOK OF LIFE: 99 Pathways of the Heart for the Modern Dervish/0142196355/$14.00/World-renonwed scholar offers a lively guide to the dervish way of life. · WHERE SHALL WISDOM BE FOUND?/Harold Bloom/ 1573222844/$24.95/HC/Investigation of where wisdom can be found in literature from the Bible to the 20th Century.
· WHAT MAKES A MAN?/Edited by Rebecca Walker/ 1594480680/$14.00/PB/Twenty writers imagine and explore what it means to be male in the twenty-first century. · WHEN DAD HURTS MOM/Lundy Bancroft/0399151109/ $25.95/HC/Healing the wounds of children who witness physical or verbal abuse. · "YOU LOOK TOO YOUNG TO BE A MOM"/edited by Deborah Davis/0399529764/$13.95/PB/Teen mothers speak out on love, learning, and success. RELIGION/SPIRITUALITY/PHILOSOPHY
· WHOSE BIBLE IS IT? History of Scriptures Through the Ages/Janoslav Pelikan/0670033855/$24.95/HC/Enduring work of scholarship by Sterling Professor Emeritus of History at Yale, past president of American Academy of Arts & Sciences. · YOU HAVE THE POWER/Frances Lappй/1585423122/ $18.95/PB/Choosing courage in a culture of fear to create personal and social change. E D U C AT I O N · AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS/Chantal Sicile-Kira/ 0399530479/$15.95/PB.
· ALL SHALL BE WELL: Hope and Inspiration from Great Catholic Thinkers/Jane Cavalino/0425193969/$13.00/PB.
· COMMON SHOCK: Witnessing Violence Everyday/Kaethe Weingarten/0451212916/$14.95/PB.
·THE AUTHENTIC GOSPELS OF JESUS/Geza Vermes/ 014100360x/$16.00/PB. · BUDDHA/Karen Armstrong/0143034367/$13.00/PB.
· HOME-ALONE AMERICA/Mary Eberstadt/1595230041/ $25.95/HC/Explores the hidden toll of day care, drugs and other parent substitutes.
· KIDS PLAY/Michelle Cassou/1585423289/$17.95/PB/ Igniting children's creativity. · THE MIND AT WORK: Valuing the Intelligence of the American Worker/Mike Rose/0670032824/$24.95/HC/ Reassesment of American labor and vocational education by UCLA professor. · THE OUT-OF-SYNC CHILD: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Dysfunction/Revised Edition/Carol Stock Kranowitz/0399523863/$14.95/PB. · OVERCOMING AUTISM: Finding the Answers, Strategies, and Hope That Can Transform/Claire LaZebnik/0143034685/ $15.00/PB. Hailed as "The Bible of Autism."
REFERENCE · THE NEW PENGUIN HISTORY OF THE WORLD 4th Edition/J. M. Roberts/0141007230/$18.00/PB/1901 to the present revised for the last time by the late J .M. Roberts. · THE PENGUIN ATLAS OF world history: From Prehistory to the Eve of French Revolution/Vol 1/Hermann Kinder/0141012633/$14.00/PB. · THE PENGUIN ATLAS OF WORLD HISTORYFrom the French Revolution to the Present/Vol 2/Hermann Kinder/ 0141012625/$14.00/PB. ROUGH GUIDES
· RAISING A SENSORY SMART CHILD/Lindsey Biel/ 014303488X/$15.00/PB. · READING DAVID/Lissa Weinstein/0399530185/$13.95/PB/ A mother and son's journey through the labyrinth of dyslexia.
· ROUGH GUIDE TO CULT FICTION/1843533871/$12.99 · ROUGH GUIDE TO CULT MOVIES/1843533847/$12.99/ · ROUGH GUIDE TO HIP HOP/1843532638/$24.00/PB.
· SIGNING ILLUSTRATED: Complete Learning Guide/ Revised Edition/Mickey Flodin/039953041X/$15.95/PB. · TEACHER SAYS: 30 Foolproof Ways to Help Kids Thrive in School/Evelyn Porreca Vuko/0399529977/$15.00/PB.
· ROUGH GUIDE TO JAZZ/1843532565/$26.99/PB. · ROUGH GUIDE TO REGGAE/1843533294/$24.99/PB. ART/MUSIC/DANCE
SCIENCE/ENVIRONMENT/MATH · ADAM'S NAVEL/Michael Sims/0142004642/$14.00/PB/ A natural and cultural history of the human form. · FIVE REGIONS OF THE FUTURE:The New Paradigm for Understanding Technology/Joel Barker & Scott Erickson/ 1591840899/24.95$/HC/June 2005/Futurists present a totally new and essential method to understand future technology. · GREEN LIVING:The E Environmental Magazine Handbook for Living Lightly on the Earth/Jim Montavalli/0452285747/ $16.00/PB/June 2005.
· THE ART FORGER'S HANDBOOK/Eric Hebborn/ 1585676268/$19.95/PB/A how-to book by a notorious art forger. · ATTITUDE: Eight Young Dancers Come of Age at the Ailey School/Katharine Davis Fishman/1585423556/$23.95/HC. · BREAKING GROUND/Daniel Libeskind/1573222925/ $27.95/HC/Nov 2004/Adventures in life and architecture and a discussion of the new world trade Center site. · COLOR/Betty Edwards/1585422193/$17.95/PB/A course in mastering the art of mixing colors.
· THE INVISIBLE CENTURY/Richard Panek/014303552515/ $15.00/PB/Einstein, Freud, & search for the hidden universes. · MARS ON EARTH/Robert Zubrin/1585423505/$19.95/ PB/Story of a simulated mission to Mars in the Arctic. · NAPOLEON'S BUTTONS:17 Molecules That Changed History/Penny Le Couteur/1585423319/$14.95/PB. · SEASHELL ON THE MOUNTAINTOP/Alan Cutler/ 0525947086/$13.00/PB/Story of 17th-century scientist and Anglican archbishop Nicolaus Steno the father of geology. · SOJOURNER/Andrew Mishkin/0425198391/$15.00/PB/An insider's view of the Mars Pathfinder mission. · STRANGE ENCOUNTERS/Daniel Botkin/1585423734/ $15.95/PB/Adventures of world renowned naturalist.
· THE FOREST LOVER/Susan Vreeland/0670032670/ $24.95/HC/Historical tale about artist Emily Carr, known for her landscapes of British Columbia. · I FEEL GOOD: A Memoir of a Life of Soul/James Brown/ 0451213939/$24.95/HC. · ON THE RECORD: Over 150 of the Most Creative People in Music Share Their Secrets/Guy Oseary/0142003042/ $17.00/ PB/Including Madonna's manager. · STRAPLESS: John Singer Sargent and the Fall of Madame X/ Deborah Davis/158542336X/$14.95/PB. · WHERE YOU'RE AT: Notes from the Front-line of a HipHop Planet/Patrick Neate/1594480125/$14.00 /PB/Tour of hip-hop music and culture around the world.
BUSINESS · BALANCE SHEET BASICS: Financial Management for Nonfinancial Managers/Ronald C. Spurga/159184052X/ $13.00/PB/Revised edition. · BRAND HIJACK: Marketing Without Marketing/Alex Wipperfurth/1591840783/$24.95/HC.
· KILLER CUSTOMERS:Tell Good from Bad & Dominate Your Competitors/Larry Selden/1591840422/ $15.00/PB. · QBQ! THE QUESTION BEHIND THE QUESTION: Personal Accountability at Work & Life/John Miller/ 0399152334/$19.95/HC. · SHE WINS,YOU WIN/Gail Evans/1592400590/$14.00/PB.
· BRINGING THE JOBS HOME: How the Left Created the Outsourcing Crisis/Todd Buchholz/159523005X/$19.95/ HC. · CLOSING THE LEADERSHIP GAP/Marie C.Wilson/ 0670032743/$24.95/HC/Why women can and must help run the world.
· THE SUPPORT ECONOMY: Why Corporations are Failing Individuals and the Next Episode of Capitalism/ Shoshana Zuboff and James Maxmin/0142003883/$16.00/ PB/ · TONY SOPRANO ON MANAGEMENT/Anthony Schneider/0425194949/$14.00/PB/Leadership lessons.
· THE CULTING OF BRANDS: How to Establish Fierce Customer Identification/Douglas Atkins/1591840961/ $15.00/PB/
· UNSTUCK/Keith Yamashita and Sandra Spataro/ 1591840376/$19.95/HC/Leadership guide to re-energizing and igniting teams from Yale University professors.
· GOOD BUSINESS: Leadership, Flow, and the Making of Meaning/Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi/014200409X/ $14.00/PB/
· WHY SMART EXECUTIVES FAIL/Sydney Finkelstein/ 1591840457/$15.00/PB/The mechanics of business failure and how to avoid them from Dartmouth professor.
··· Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in any of the titles listed. I look forward to hearing from you. Naomi Weinstein, College Faculty Information Service Academic Marketing Department Penguin Group Inc. (USA) 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014 E-mail: [email protected] INCLUDE TITLE, AUTHOR, IMPRINT, ISBN, AND FULL SHIPPING ADDRESS ··· College Faculty Information Service
I would like to consider the following books for course adoption:
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Title/Author _______________________________________________________________________ ISBN (Book #)_________________________________Price______________Fee _______________ Course Title/# _________________________________Enroll._______________________________
Title/Author _______________________________________________________________________ ISBN (Book #)_________________________________Price______________Fee _______________ Course Title/# _________________________________Enroll._______________________________
Title/Author _______________________________________________________________________ ISBN (Book #)_________________________________Price______________Fee _______________ Course Title/# _________________________________Enroll._______________________________
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Appropriate state and local sales tax must be included for your order to be processed.
Subtotal: $ ______________ Sales Tax: $ ______________ Total Fee: $ ______________
Penguin Group (USA) Inc. now accepts credit cards for examination copies. Please indicate your form of payment below:
[ ] Check or money order enclosed payable to PENGUIN GROUP (USA) [ ] Visa [ ] Master Card [ ] AmEx [ ] Discover Exp. Date________________________ Card No. ________________________________________________________________________ Signature _________________________________________________________________________ Card address (if different from shipping address) __________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone ________________________________________________________________________ SHIP TO: Name____________________________________________________________________________ School ___________________________________________________________________________ Depar tment _______________________________________________________________________ Street Address (not optional--required for UPS delivery) ___________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ City _________________________________________State______________Zip _______________ Note:This order form is for books you are considering for course adoption only.
Examination Copy Policy Paperbacks and hardcovers published by Penguin Group (USA) Inc--Viking/Penguin · Dutton/Signet · Putnam/Berkley--are available to educators who wish to consider them for adoption. A prepaid fee based on the full price of the book is required for all examination copy requests. $2.50 fee for books priced $4.95­$9.95 $5.00 fee for books priced $10.00­$14.95 $7.50 fee for books priced $15.00­$18.95 50% off paperbacks $19.00 and up 20% discount on hardcover titles Audiotapes are not available on an examination basis. Payment: Provide credit card details on this form or send your check or money order payable to Penguin Group (USA) Inc. to the address below (No cash or CODs will be accepted). All orders are subject to stock availability at the time they are processed. Please wait to order forthcoming titles until the available month notated in the catalog. Books will be sent to school address only. Allow a minimum of 10 business days for delivery. All examination copy orders require a U.S. ship-to address. International orders cannot be filled from the U.S. Please contact your local Penguin Group sales company, which you can find at Desk Copy Policy PENGUIN GROUP (USA) INC. will supply one free instructor's desk copy for every 20 copies of an adopted title ordered through the bookstore. TO ORDER DESK COPIES, please include 10-digit ISBN/Imprint name (Penguin, Viking, etc.) /Title/Author or Editor/Date by which desk copies are needed. Our FAX number is 212-366-2933 or e-mail to [email protected] Desk copies can only be sent to your school address. Include full street address as we ship via UPS. Telephone requests will not be accepted. In Canada, write to: PENGUIN GROUP CANADA/Academic Sales 10 Alcorn Ave., Suite 300 Toronto, Ontario/Canada M4V 3B2 Personal Copy Policy Copies of the titles listed in this catalog are available to professors for their personal use at a 20% discount, plus applicable sales tax. Allow a minimum of 10 business days for delivery. Send requests and checks to: PENGUIN GROUP (USA) Academic Marketing Dept. 375 Hudson Street New York, NY 10014-3657
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