Rock Bottom, NW Hooke

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Content: ROCK BOTTOM by Nina Warner Hooke Directed by Dan Powell
Augusta Wilmott Miss Fisher Miss Price Mrs Prendergast Mildred Purvis George Purvis Jane Daventry Robert Clifton
Jenny Southwell Biddy McAlpine Kerry Rowland Joan Lanario Angela Hodgson Alan Hodgson Glynis Cheers Matt Truman
Assistant Director, Claire Quley Prompt, Anne Farr stage manager, Phil Waite Stage Staff, Tony Edwards
"Rock Bottom" really shows you the real drama behind the performance in the world of amateur dramatics - the traumas, trials and tribulations which we know all too well! Nina Warner Hooke, the author, has really hit the spot with the underlying animosity than runs through a group of competitive thespians, all with their own unique views and egos.
It's a delightful one act play and has been a great challenge for me, personally, directing my first piece and I couldn't have chosen a better, more humorous play to start off with. I owe a lot to the help and advice I have received in the rehearsal period and I'm in no doubt that you will enjoy a great show!
Peter Quince, the Carpenter Nick Bottom, the Weaver Francis Flute, the Bellows Mender Robin Starveling, the Tailor Tom Snout, the Tinker Snug, the Joiner Titania, Queen of the Fairies Oberon, King of the Fairies Puck, his Servant George, the Dog Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons Theseus, Duke of Athens Philostrate, his Master of the Revels Musicians
Henrietta Branwell Geoff Leeds Michael Branwell David Albinson Monica Albinson Paul Lummus Catriona Macleay Michael Caswell Michael Rees Himself Catriona Macleay Michael Caswell Michael Rees David Albinson and Paul Lummus
Prompt, Toni Beeson; Stage Manager, Phil Waite; Stage Staff, Tony Edwards; Costumes, Cranwell and Laws; Set and Lion Mask, Paul Regeli; Props, Michael Caswell. George appears by kind permission of Ms Beeson.
Rosemary Caswell has adapted this staging of "Bottom's Dream" from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare. It centres around the Rude Mechanicals and their bid for the theatrical Big Time! Oberon, Puck and Titania are there to explain the ass's head and Theseus, Hippolyta and Philostrate to give them an audience, but the stars of this show are the six guildsmen. We know that they were both literate and numerate, they read their scripts and could not have conducted their businesses else. I feel that it is a mistake to show them as ignorant peasants, although they are often portrayed as such. Shakespeare came from the same background - his father was a glover and, undoubtedly, he went to the local Grammar School with men like these and knew and liked them well. There is both affection and realism in his portrayal of them and we have tried to be true to this aspect of the play.
Next week we are taking this play to Germany to be part of a large and prestigious International Festival in Donzdorf. While we are there we will also tour with the "play within a play" of "Pyramus and Thisbe", giving six performances in nearby town squares as publicity for the Festival.
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