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Content: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Archives List of Collections on the shelves Compiled in 2011 by Claire Kirkpatrick, Archives volunteer: (does not include glass plate negative collection, botanical illustrations, or archive collections held separately from the main collection ­ so please ask if what you're looking for is not here. The list is still a work in progress and will be added to and improved as our collections are arranged and catalogued). -oOoRevised November 2013 Adam, Robert Moyes (1885-1967) (RBGE's First Official Photographer) · Various photographs and illustrations Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India · Regulations of the Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India (1834) Alston, Dr. Charles (1685-1760) · Paper on Alston's Life · Paper on Alston's life from old M/S · Miscellaneous papers including the Widow's Petition to H.M. Treasury · Miscellaneous notes and letters referring to Alston · Miscellaneous notes and papers referring to Alston · Copies of Alston's letters · Transcript of Alston, J. M, `The Life and Work of Charles Alston M.D. (Glasgow), 16851760', London (February 1980). · Planatrum Medicinalium, etc. Anderson, J.S. · Letter from Anderson to Dr. Patrick Neill (1834) Anderson, Dr. Tomas (1832-1870) · Letters from J.D. Hooker to T Anderson, July 1860 ­ December 1867, Vol.1 · Letters from J. D. Hooker to T Anderson, January 1868, Vol.2 · Letters written to T. Anderson from various people from December 1861 ­ October 1867 · Letters written T Anderson from various people from April 1861 ­ December 1867 Anthony, John (1894-1972) · Copy of `A Removable Alpine Lobelia from Bhutan' · Transcripts of `The Identifications of British Trees, Shrubs and Under Shrubs by means of the Microscopic Structure of their Wood', including photographs. Ardmillan, Lord · Part of a letter referring to a deceased school friend (1980) Armstrong, Prof. Henry Edward (1848-1937) · Lecture on `Enzymes in Relation to Plant growth', given on the 3rd of June 1921 at Kings College, Cambridge. · Lecture on `Stimulation of Plant Growth', given on the 5th of March 1912 to the Royal Horticultural Society, Westminster. Arnott, Prof. George Arnott Walker (1799-1868) · M/S of Lectures, chiefly on Roots and historical account of Potato · Set of notes on gardens, including a potential plan of the Royal Botanic Society of London. 1
· Letter from G. A. Walker Arnott to John Forbes Royale regarding the identification of plant species, written on the 5th of June 1837 from Arlary by Kinross. · Transcript of a letter from G. A. Walker Arnott to John Forbes Royale regarding the identification of plant species, written on the 5th of June 1837 from Arlary by Kinross. · Copy of a letter from I. B. Balfour to Principal Barclay regarding G.A. Walker Arnott's estate post death, written on the 5th of November 1868. · Copy of the Biographical Notice of the Late Dr. G.A. Walker Arnott (1868) Arthur, Dr. William (1660-1716) · Miscellaneous papers and references to William Arthur · Balfour, Isaac Bayley, `William Arthur, M.D., Botanist to the King of Scotland, 1715-1716', Reprinted from `Transactions and Proceedings of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh', Vol.XXIV, Part. IV Ash Dieback Disease ­ Chalara Fraxinea · Personal communication between Roger West and Ian Murray M.P. regarding outbreak of disease, includes Parliamentary question and small report. Austin, William · Paper on `Experiments on the Analysis of Heavy Inflammable Air' (1789) Baber, Edward Colborne (1843-1890) · E. Colborne Baber `Royal Geographical Society Supplementary Papers Vol. I. Part 1: Travels and Researches in Western China' London, 1882 (copy belonged to George Forrest so filed with Forrest collection) Babington, Charles Cardale (1808-1895) · A catalogue of the plants gathered on the islands of North Uist, Harris and Lewis during a botanical excursion, (August, 1841). · Copy of Syllabus Botanical Lectures (1862) · Two letters to Parnell dated 1847 and 1848 · Two letters to the Botanical Society dated 1841and 1843 Badger, William · `Short Account of the Fossil Tree at Kinneil', (July 1875) Balfour, Alice · Notebook list of collection, list of plants in Whittinghame collection Balfour, Sir Andrew (1630 -1694) · Biography of Andrew Balfour M.D. (`Memoria Balfouriana', 13th of June 1699, Edinburgh). · James Mackenzie, `Pharmacy in `Edinburgh in the Olden Time', The Pharmaceutical Journal and Transactions, (1871-1872), Vol.11, pp.444-468 and 468-469 · Sibbald, Sir Robert, `Edinburgh Botanic Garden, History', pp.20-22 ­ refers to Andrew Balfour. Balfour, Frederick Robert Stephen (1873-1945) · Rhododendron Conference Papers · `Landowners' Cooperative Forestry Society, Ltd., 26 Rutland Square, Edinburgh, (August 1928) · Copy of Samuel Crosse letter, Re: David Douglas Telescope, (April and May 1920) · Correspondence with W.W. Smith (1920-1928) · Correspondence with W.W. Smith (1930-1935) · Correspondence with W.W. Smith (1936-1946) 2
Balfour, Isaac Bayley (1853-1922) · 1 box of correspondence with The Royal Scottish Arboriculture Society · 1 box of correspondence with the Annals of Botany · 1 box of correspondence with The University of Glasgow · 1 box of correspondence with Sir David Prain (1857-1944) · 2 boxes of correspondence regarding the Rodriguez (Transit of Venus) Expedition (1874) Papers · 5 boxes of correspondence including miscellaneous papers, reprints, lectures and drawings, regarding Socotra · 26 boxes and 1 book of correspondence with various people and organisations · 2 boxes of miscellaneous personal papers · 1 box of miscellaneous papers regarding applications for chairs · 2 boxes of miscellaneous lectures and lecture notes · 1 box of miscellaneous notes, extracts, reports and addresses · 1 box of plant lists and local plant names · 1 box of post-retirement correspondence with Sir William Wright Smith, (1875-1956) · 1 box of miscellaneous papers, reprints and notes · 1 box of papers regarding the Botanic Society Edinburgh Billets 1836-76 (Isaac Bayley Balfour's personal copies) · 1 box of various distribution maps and schematic drawings · 4 boxes Isaac Bayley Balfour grandfather's papers and notes · 1 box of M/S papers ­ monograph on figures · 1 folder of a collection of original drawings by John Nugent Fitch (1849-1927), for Botany of Socotra · Personal diary of a visit to Socotra in 1880 · 1 box of reprints and correspondence regarding Socotra · I.B. Balfour `New Species of Rhododendron' (copy belonged to G. Forrest so filed in the Forrest collection) Balfour, John Hutton (1808-1884) · 6 boxes of miscellaneous papers and lectures · 1 box containing a map of a garden in Paris, marked property of `Dr. Balfour 1859'. · J.H. Balfour, `The Botanist's Companion', Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black (1860) · J.H. Balfour, `Manual of Botany', London, John Joseph Griffin & Co. (1849) · J.H. Balfour, `Manual of Botany', Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged, London and Glasgow, Richard Griffin and Company, (1855) · J.H. Balfour, `Manual of Botany', New Edition Revised by the Author, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black , (1860) · Two copies of J.H. Balfour, `Manual of Botany', Fifth Edition, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black , (1875) · J.H Balfour `Outlines of Botany', Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (MDCCCLIV.) · J.H Balfour `Outlines of Botany', Second Edition, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (1862) · J.H. Balfour, `First Book of Botany', London and Glasgow, William Collins and Sons, & Co., Limited. · J.H. Balfour, `First Book of Botany', London and Glasgow, William Collins, Sons, & Company, (1873) · J.H. Balfour, `First Book of Botany', London and Glasgow, William Collins, Sons, & Company, (1874) · J.H. Balfour, `Second Book of Botany: Systematic Botany', London and Glasgow, William Collins, Sons, & Company, (1873) · J.H. Balfour, `Elements of Botany', Third Edition, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (1876) · J.H. Balfour, `Elements of Botany', Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (1869) · Balfour Botany, Encl. Brit., 7th Edition, 1842, Vol. V 3
· Balfour Botany, Encl. Brit., 8th Edition, 1854, Vol. V · Balfour Botany, Encl. Brit., 9th Edition, 1876 Vol. IV · 1 box of personal and miscellaneous photographs and papers · 1 box of miscellaneous papers regarding Botanic Society proceedings and lecture notices. · 1 box of miscellaneous papers, reprints and lecture outlines · 1 box of miscellaneous papers and publications · 1 box of miscellaneous papers, catalogues and excursion records · 4 boxes of correspondence and papers · Collection of 26 letters by scientists, engineers, lawyers and other correspondents addressed to Professor Balfour on academic papers and Royal Society of Edinburgh matters. · Bound volumes of J. H. Balfour's correspondence, Vol. I to Vol.XII, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Library · J.H. Balfour, `Balfour's Class Book of Botany: Part I. Structural and Morphological Botany', Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (MDCCCLIX.) · J.H. Balfour, `Balfour's Class Book of Botany: Part II. Physiology and Classification', Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (MDCCCLV.) · J.H. Balfour, `Class Book of Botany', Third Edition, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (1871) · J.H. Balfour, `Botany and Religion' Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (MDCCCLIX.) · J.H. Balfour's microscope · J.H. Balfour: Ephemera ­box containing lecture notices, hand bills, news paper clippings and syllabuses of lecture courses, given by Dame Agnes Boyd Balfour (widow of Sir Isaac Bayley Balfour to Professor William Wright Smith in June 1926). · Folder containing drawings and artwork. Balfour Family Information · Various copies of Isaac Bayley Balfour's Family Tree · Copy of the Balfour family photo album · 1 box of miscellaneous papers regarding the Balfour family tree Ball, John [1818-1889] · List of books from J. Ball's Botanical Library, presented by the Trustees (printed list). Ballantyre, Lord Bernard Fergusson · Correspondence with James Keenan, (1962-1972) Balls, Edward Kent (1892-1984) · Two boxes of correspondence and field notes regarding expeditions to Turkey, Greece, Persia, Morocco, Mexico and The Andes from 1932 ­ 1939 Batts, Charles C.V ( -1960) · Notebook field notes of Uredinales, 100-209 · Notebook of field notes of Uredinales, 210-248 Bisset, James (1843-1911) · 4 manuscript notebooks entitled Flora of Japan; 3 of flowering plants, 1 of mosses and hepaticae, relating to his plant collections and herbaria, Japan, 1866-1886. Blackmore, Prof. Stephen (1953- ) · Invitation to Royal Dinner ­ 400th Anniversary of the Union of the Crowns · Invitation to the tercentenary celebration of the birth of Carl Linneaus Boissier, P.E. · Catalogue of Astocarpeae 4
Bolton, James (fl. 1750s-1799) · Correspondence regarding the membership of the Natural History Society and other references Botanical Society of [Edinburgh] Scotland · Minute Books, Transactions and boxes containing exchange lists, correspondence regarding transactions, invoices and cheque books. Fuller listing to come soon. Bowles, Edward Augustus (1865-1954) · Correspondence and crocus specimens British Columbia Botanical Association · 1 box of general correspondence and minutes (c.1862) · 1 box of R. Brown letters and lists (c.1862) · 1 box of shareholders' letters (c.1862) · 1 box of financial papers (c.1862) Britton, Charles Edward (1872-1944) · Completed and incomplete draft accounts for projected new students ­ Polygonum, Fagopyrum and Oxyria Brookes, Brian S. · Three boxes of Schoenus Ferruginues Research Bruce, A. Ninian · Ninian Bruce, `The Life History of Astragalus Hyopglottis' The Purple Milk Vetch · Figure drawings for `The Life History of Astragalas Hypoglottis' Bulley, Arthur Kilpin (1861-1942) · 1 box of Ness correspondence between Balfour and Bulley (1896-1921) Burbidge, R.B. · File containing correspondence and reports Burtt, B.L. · Three passports · B.L. Burtt's Obituary, Edinburg Evening News, p.14, (7th of June 2008) · Two boxes of B.L Burtt's notebooks · Three boxes containing reprints and annotated working copies of various journals and articles Caledonian Horticultural Society (see also Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society) · Report by the Garden Committee, relative to the establishment of the Experimental Garden in Inverleith (1825) Cambridge, University of · Printed papers regarding the Botanical Museum and Library (1828, 1829 and 1830) Cave, George H. (c. 1870-1965) · 3 boxes of papers, plant notes and photographs regarding Sikkim visits, diaries and correspondence with H.R. Fletcher and W.W. Smith 5
Challenger, H.M.S. · Book of newspaper cuttings and notes relative to the H.M.S Challenger (1873-76) · Box of Challenger photographs · Eileen V. Brunton, `The Challenger Expedition, 1872-1876: A Visual Index' Second Edition, The Library, The Natural History Museum, London (2004) Chandler, Bertha (married name ­ Mrs. C. Norman Kemp) · Two press cuttings relative to her degree (first woman to obtain the degree of D.Sc. of Edinburgh University, July 1915) · `Note on the Cells containing raphides occurring in the pith of Mesembryanthemum Ecklonis, Salm Dyck' Christison, Sir Robert (1797-1882) · `Notice of a Crab Apple Tree of Unusual Size at Kelloe, Berwickshire' Clayton, John (Bradford) (1847-1933) · Paper on Sequoias (1896) Clement, Rose A. · Folder containing miscellaneous reports, illustrations and correspondence Clendinnen, Leslie Jack · Death notice (1954) and photograph Cockayne, Dr. Leonard (1855-1934) · Memorial by the Royal Society of New Zealand Cцhn, F · Paper on the `On the Sexuality of Algae' (1855) Collingwood, Cuthbert (1826-1908) · Lecture on `The Scope and Tendency of Botanical Study; An Inaugural Address delivered before the Liverpool Royal Infirmary School of Medicine' (May 3, 1858) Collins, Ernest Jacob (1878-1939) · 1 box of general correspondence, photographs, floral diagrams and correspondence between Darlington, Hall and B.L Burtt about Collin's material · 1 box of drawings and descriptions of crocus Comber, Harold Frederick (1897-1969) · 1 folder with information on an expeditions to the Andes (1925/26/27) Cooper, Roland Edgar (1891-1962) GB235REC Roland Edgar Cooper Collection 1913-2010 Four boxes of material relating to Roland Edgar Cooper who was Curator (Head Gardener) at the Royal Botanic Garden between 1934 and 1950. Material consists of correspondence, field notes, photographs and maps from his plant collecting expeditions in Sikkim, Bhutan and Punjab between 1913 and 1916, and family / genealogical information. See more complete catalogue by downloading pdf from RBGE Archives Collection website ( ) or searching the Archives Hub ( 6
Corner, E.J.H. · 1 box of papers collated by Roy Watling · 1 folder of fungi/Malaya correspondence Correvon, H · Article on `British Alpine Gardens' Gardeners' Chronicle (July 9, 1910) ­ refers to RBGE, I.B.B. and R. Farrer Corrie, Jane/ Hopetoun Crescent Garden · Working copy of `Botanic Cottage Project: Stories from the historical archives ­ about Botanic Cottage, the Leith Walk Garden and John Hope's "other" life as a physician ', Research submission by J. Corrie to the Friends of Hopetoun Crescent Garden, May 2009, plus 7 copies of the pamphlet of `The Story of the Botanic Cottage' Cousens, John E. and Malcolm, Douglas C. · 3 Oak survey notebooks relating to oak specimens collected by J.Cousens in the 1960s which are now in the Herbarium Cowan, John McQueen (1892-1960) · 5 maps (Baghdad, Resht, Teheran, Tabriz and India and the adjacent countries ) · 1 box of personal and miscellaneous papers Coward, T.A. · Paper on investigations connected with mould developing on cheeses Cox, E.H.M. · Photocopy of diary covering 1919 Burma Expedition with Reginald Farrer Craib, William Grant (1882-1933) · Obituary from Bot. Soc. Trans. 31 p.4 71 Craig-Christie, Alexander (1843-1914) · Extract from the Register of Deaths, addressed to Henry H. Johnston (September 21, 1931) Crawford, Francis Chalmers (1851-1908) · 1 box of draft copies and final papers on the Anatomy of British Carices, including photographs and correspondence Crocus and Colchium Cronk, Q.C.B. · 2 boxes containing archives of St Helena, including letters from George Benjamin, notebooks, pictures and correspondence Cryptogamic Society of Scotland (incorporated into the Botanical Society of Edinburgh in 1935) · 1 box containing constitution, reports, field reports of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh Cryptogamic Section · 1 box containing laws, lists of members, conference reports (1903-1937) and photographs Cumming, Miss Anne Neilson · Details of courses and results, copy (1918 -21) 7
Cunningham, Robert · 1 folder containing correspondence and papers regarding Tatsienlu, West China (192038) Dalziel, Dr. John McEwan (1972-1948) · West African notes Darwin, Charles Robert (1809-1882) · 3 miscellaneous items Davidian, Hagop H. · 2 boxes of notes on Rhododendrons · 1 box containing notes on rhododendrons, a copy of an ecological study on the vegetation of Cyprus, first degree notes, a list of plant explorations in Western China, Lothian Plant collecting field notes, a survey of the flowering plants and their distribution in the Lothians, and a personal letter. Davidson, J. Randolph · Essay on Menyanthes Trifoliata accompanied by microscopic illustrations, lodged in competition for the Dobbie Smith Prize in Botany, Glasgow University Davie, Dr. Robert Chapman (1887-1919) · 1 box containing correspondence and papers (1911-19) Davis, Peter Hadland · Folder of illustrations · Letter from J.E. Dinsmore (January 4, 1944) · Folder of family photographs · Map of Turkey (1973) · Folder of various loose prints and mounted photographic/artistic material · 2 boxes of negatives and prints · 2 boxes of negatives and contact prints · 1 box of transparencies · 1 box of medals · 3 degree certificate scrolls · 1 box of transparencies · 5 boxes of correspondence with contributors of Flora Turkey Accounts · 1 vol. of Turkish meteorology · Block of Flora of Turkey map · Flora Iranica funding application · 1 box of correspondence regarding collecting trips to Turkey: 1954, 1957, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1975, 1982, 1983. · Correspondence regarding collecting trips to Morocco (1970), Algeria (1971), Iran (1974), N. Africa (1975), Brasil (1976), Ghana - cancelled (1978) · Itineraries and maps of various plant collectors in Turkey · 1 box containing general correspondence regarding Flora Turkey project including: o SRC 1961-1976 (cost of project in that time) o SRC 1961-1976 (grants and claims) o SRC reports 1982-1985 o NATO grants o Composer and EUP o Senior Research Fellowship · Box containing correspondence with Edinburgh University Press and Authors, vol.1-7 Plant geography of the Middle East · Flora of Turkey book reviews · Synopsis of costing of Flora of Turkey project 8
· P.H. Davis various Articles · Diary of a visit to Leningrad in 1959 · Seed and bulb lists (various) and subscribers · Steedman Ramage/ Curator Bonis correspondence (access restrictions apply) · Varia, C.V. and obituaries Degener, Drs. Otto and Isa · Miscellaneous letters, papers and newspaper and magazine articles. · Otto Degener, `Flora Hawaiiensis, or New Illustrated Flora of the Hawaiian Islands' Devonshire, William George Spencer, 6th Duke of (Also known as William Cavendish) (17901858) · Letter regarding being elected an honorary member of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh (October 7, 1837) Dickson, Prof. Alexander (1836-1887) · 1 box of miscellaneous papers · 1 box of miscellaneous correspondence and lecture notes Dickson Nurserymen family · Article written by Hamish Johnston adding new information about the Dickson nurserymen families to an article written by Priscilla Minay for the Old Edinburgh Club. Accompanied by some corrections to the Dickson entries in Ray Desmond's Dictionary of British and Irish Botanists. Dickson's Ltd. · Letter and extract of Roy Genders `Pansies and Violas' Don, David (1799-1841) · Letter thanking the Council of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh for giving him a copy of the Third Annual Report of Proceedings (November 3, 1840) Don, George (1764-1814) GB235GDS George Don (Sr) Collection 1794-1917 Two boxes of material comprising Isaac Bayley Balfour's research into former RBGE Curator George Don, one box containing a scrapbook, the other folders of correspondence, papers, reprints, photographs and a copy of Don's Day Book. See more complete catalogue by downloading pdf from RBGE Archives Collection website ( ) or searching the Archives Hub ( Douglas, David (1799-1834) · Photograph of David Douglas · Letters from Samuel Crosse regarding David Douglas's telescope Doyle, Dr. Jean D. (nee Garven) · 2 Pharmacognosy notebooks from the University of Glasgow, Pharmacy degree (194648) · 1 First Class degree certificate of merit in Botany (1946-47) Drumlanrig Gardens · List of plants in Drumlanrig Gardens (1837) Drummond, Hay C. · Water colour illustrations of Fungi 9
Drummond, Thomas (c. 1793-1835) · Catalogue of first Thomas Drummond's first parcel from St. Louis, the Alleganies and New Orleans in 1832 (written by R.K. Greville) Duncan, Ursula Katherine (1910-1985) · Postcard to Dr. E. V. Jones at the Commonwealth Forestry Institute, Oxford, regarding J. Sim's hepatics (September 27, 1966) Dunsmure, Dr. E · Evidently note of Mr. Graham's lecture in typescript Dutch elm disease · Papers from 1893-1953 (including papers of Dr. Malcolm Wilson) Edinburgh, The University of · 1 box of miscellaneous papers and references · 1 box of miscellaneous papers from the School of Rural Economy Establishment (18931902) · 1 box of miscellaneous papers from the School of Rural Economy Classes (1891-1897) Edinburgh School of Gardening · List of rock plants for sale (1929) Edmondston, David · Three letters Ellacombe, Canon Henry Nicholson (1822-1916) · Catalogue of hardy plants grown at Britton Vicarage Elliot, George Francis Scott (1862-1934) · Book of Summer class notes Ellis, Daniel (c. 1772-1841) · Two letters Ellis, R. · One letter Engles, A · One letter Ernst, Adolph · One letter Evans, Arthur Humble (1855-1943) · Obituary · Three items from Botanical Society of Edinburgh archives relating to Evans's biography and bibliography ­ correspondence between William Wright Smith, George Taylor, Alex Cowan and J.T. Johnstone. Evans, William (1851-1922) · Obituary · List of published papers and notes 10
Evans, William Edgar (1882-1963) · Collection of photographs, glass plate negatives and lantern slide [to be arranged] [Evenboik, Prof. Nees Von] · One letter Falcona, David · Three letters Falconer, Agnes C. · Flora of Perthshire, July-August 1928, a book of dried plants or Hortus siccus compiled as part of teacher training (summer project) at Moray House College of education, Edinburgh. Farre, Frederick John (1804-1886) · One letter (May 3, 1841) Farrer, Reginald John (1880-1920) GB235RJF · Correspondence and photograph album from RBGE institutional archives · Farrer Family Collection including correspondence, photographs, maps, plays, ephemera, paintings, certificates... · Lakeland Horticultural Society Photograph Albums (x5)­ photos mainly by William Purdom. Written permission must be acquired from the Lakeland Horticultural Society before any of the photographs in the albums can be reproduced or used · Correspondence to Ernest Gye See more complete catalogue by downloading pdf from RBGE Archives Collection website ( or searching the Archives Hub ( Fellowes-Gordon, Ian · Correspondence with James Keenan (1960-1973) Fergus, Jane · One letter to Hugh Cleghorn (December 7,1839) Fletcher, H.R. (1907-1978)(Regius Keeper 1956 -1970) · H.R. Fletcher's Taxonomic Lecture Notes · 1 box of miscellaneous papers, including notes, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, etc. regarding `A Quest of Flowers' ­ Ludlow and Sherriff, miscellaneous information on National Trust Gardens and Island Cruises (where Fletcher was on board as a Botany expert) ­ 1963-1966, and manuscripts of `History of Investigation of British Flora,' and `The Exploration of the Scottish Flora', published in 1959. · Correspondence regarding Fletcher's election as a member of the Garden Society in1955, including an historical note. · 3 boxes of Fletcher correspondence form 1963 organised alphabetically · 2 boxes of Fletcher correspondence from 1965 organised alphabetically · 2 boxes of Fletcher correspondence form 1966 organised alphabetically · 2 boxes of Fletcher correspondence from 1967 organised alphabetically · 2 boxes of Fletcher correspondence from 1968 organised alphabetically · 4 boxes of Fletcher correspondence with various people in the U.S.A. organised chronologically from 1961-1965. · 1 box of miscellaneous papers, taxonomy notes and correspondence · 1 file of Fletcher correspondence from 1962-1963 regarding donations to B.L. Burtt and Woods expedition to Malaysia · 1 file containing 2 photographs, miscellaneous correspondence, lists, publications, his application for the post of Office of Director of the Royal Horticultural Society's Gardens at 11
Wisely, Surrey and his application for the appointment of Director of the Cambridge Botanic Garden (1950). · 1 box of 11 photographs taken by the Scottish Daily Express · 1 box of miscellaneous correspondence 1957-61 Flora of China · 1 box of general correspondence from 1990-92 · 1 box of general correspondence from 1993 · 2 folders of information regarding the Society of Flora of China's Joint Editorial Meeting, Edinburgh, April 1995 Foister, Charles E. · 1 letter January 8, 1976 · Notes and a paper on the `History and Developments in Scottish Botany V. Progress in Mycology' Foot, Simon ( -1892) · 1 letter, December 20, 1837 [Forbes, Edward] (1815-1854) · 1 letter, July 15, 1837 Forrest, George (1873-1932) · 17 folders of field notes and plant lists · 2 copies of George Forrest, `Gentianaceae from Eastern Tibet and South-West China' 1907? · 3 copies of George Forrest, `Notes on the Flora of North Western Yunnan' Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, London, 1916 · Forrest's copy of E. Colborne Baber `Royal Geographical Society Supplementary Papers Vol. I. Part 1: Travels and Researches in Western China' London, 1882 · Forrest's copy of I.B. Balfour `New Species of Rhodedendron', with 4 photographs in the cover · Forrest's copy of Capt .L.D. Fraser. `Military Report of Yun-Nan: Part III, Route Book', Calcutta, 1901 · Forrest's copy of E.R. Wilding, `Index to the Genus Rhododendron 'Bucks, 1920, given to Forrest by Wilding (letter from Wilding to Forrest in the front cover) · Box of Forrest publications, cuttings made by Forrest himself , publications of Dr. Heinrich Handel-Mazzetti and 1925 plant list ­ all from the box sent in by Eric Forrest · Box containing herbarium samples from the box sent in by Eric Forrest · Box containing magazine articles (including photograph proofs), Quercus list, Rhododendron Society minutes · Box containing a copy of a letter written on behalf of Yung (probably by Dutch or German Missionaries in Lijjang) thanking Forrest for treating his son. Undated. · Box containing contemporary Forrest archive material lists, herb samples, collecting tags, plant lists, Chao's accounts, miscellaneous correspondence with Isaac Bayley Balfour, Grove and Cory, Forrest's `dictionary', Forrest's publication, bird skin prep and bird skin descriptions, Customs papers, and a copy of `The Lichiang Range, Northwest Yunnan' · Box containing the typed transcript of a missing field book ­ F6782, July 1910-F7401, October 1910, and two information boards previously used in a display · Box containing an account of an expedition, 1904-07 · Box containing photo related lists, 1913-24 and lecture notes ­ all from the box sent in by Eric Forrest. · Box of magazine articles from 1906-1930 and a letter on Primula, May 20 1916 · Box of seed dispatch lists / `covers' 1912-13 and 1917-18 all from the box sent in by Eric Forrest 12
· Forrest's copy of John Lindley, `Flora Medica: A Botanical Account of All the More Important Plants Used in Medicine in Different Parts of the World' London, LONGMAN, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1838. George Forrest's name and the year 1902 are written on the first page. · Forrest's copy of Reginald Farrer, `On the Eaves of the World: Volume I' London, Edward Arnold, 1917. George Forrest's name is written in the cover and the year 1920, along with a copy of a review of the book from the `North China Herald' August 3, 1918. · Forrest's copy of Reginald Farrer, `On the Eaves of the World: Volume II' London, Edward Arnold, 1917. George Forrest's name is written in the cover and the year 1920. · Blank copy of a certificate and the George Forrest Memorial Medal awarded to the most meritorious plant in the show by the Scottish Rock Garden Club. · Framed letter written on behalf of Yung (probably by Dutch or German Missionaries in Lijjang) thanking Forrest for treating his son. Undated. · Framed print of Nelumbo nucifera, or Sacred Water Lotus: an example of one of Forrest's original prints which he would have developed and printed at one of his bases in China. · Framed panorama of the Liaching Range compiled by Forrest onto one of his sturdy linen-lined seed envelopes. · George Litton's journal, found in the Forrest archives · Envelope containing copies of Forrest correspondence and plant lists from the Rothschild Archive. Not to be copied without permission of the Rothschild Archive. · Box of Forrest correspondence, 1903-08 (Clem, I.B. Balfour, Bulley, Family), Forrest related correspondence, copies of his birth and marriage certificates, transcripts of his diary 1904-05, `Account of a Journey on the Upper Salwin, October to December 1905', copy of the article `Land of the Crossbow, March 9th 1906' from the National Geographic Magazine,(carbon copy, original version is in the red notebook under letter 3, filed in the same box) · Box of Forrest correspondence, 1909-1911 ­ correspondence regarding his Yunnan expedition in 1910, and with I.B. Balfour and correspondence relating to Forrest. · Box of Forrest correspondence with J.C. Williams 1911-1913, regarding his third expedition (February 1912-March 1915) · Box of Forrest correspondence from 1913 regarding his third expedition (February 1912March 1915) · Box of Forrest correspondence with J.C. Williams and I.B. Balfour, 1914-15 regarding his third expedition (February 1912- March 1915) · Box of Forrest correspondence from 1915-1920 regarding his fourth expedition (February 1917-March 1920) · Box of Forrest correspondence, including I.B. Balfour and William Wright Smith, 19161920, regarding his fourth expedition (February 1917-March 1920) · Box of Forrest correspondence from June 1920-April 1923 regarding his fifth expedition (January 1921-March 1923) · Box of Forrest correspondence from 1922-28 · Box of Forrest correspondence from 1929-1932, plus obituaries, etc. · Box containing Cowan's research from 1934 and information regarding Forrest Centenary in 1973 · Box containing RBGE internal correspondence from 1915 regarding George Forrest seed arrivals and germination, etc., a letter from J. Eric Forrest to William Wright Smith, 16.06.1938 detailing what of George Forrest's papers he is sending to RBGE, miscellaneous papers and correspondence, seeds received in 1913, personal file papers, field notes from 1904, 1906 and 1911, accounts of flora in Yunnan, Forrest's essays and plant list. · File of photographs marked `Mountain, Water, Bridge' · File of photographs marked `Plants A-L' · File of photographs marked `Plants M-Prim-' · File of photographs marked `Plants Py-Z and misc.' · File of photographs marked `Buildings, Temple, Graves, Towns, etc.' · File of photographs marked `Forrest, Collectors, Human, etc.' 13
· Book `1993, George Forrest's Collection of Glass Slide Negatives held by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh ', compiled by David Young in 1992 · Folder containing a list of George Forrest's negatives · Catalogue of Forrest's plate negative collection · Folders of various prints of the Flora of Western China from George Forrest's negatives · Box containing prints of George Forrest negatives all held in the Royal Botanic Garden · Copy of George Forrest's marriage certificate · Copy of George Litton's death certificate signed by George Forrest · Copy of a letter sent to D.C. Mitchell by George Forrest on the 7th of October 1929 · Various Newspaper articles which mention George Forrest · Copy of the script of a talk given to the Botanic Section of the Natural History Society, Northampton, 15th of December 1977 by Barbara Blood, along with a hand drawn map of the field of Forrest's expeditions 1873-1932, a slide of the map, and a copy of the proceedings of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh, 1831. · Copy of a letter from George Forrest to I.B. Balfour 11th of February 1909 · Box of prints from glass plate negatives · File containing maps from 1918-1922, some annotated and some hand drawn · File of Forrest correspondence from his first expedition from 1904-1906 and his fifth expedition from 1921-22, plus a photo album from 1905 · Copy of Henry Sotheran `Among the Mountains', Sotherans of Sackville Street London, which advertises for sale copies of books previously belonged to Forrest · Various maps of Forrest's Botanical expeditions · Various articles referring to Forrest · Large pictures of `Rhododendron forrestii' and `Limestone cliffs: Lichiang range' · Wooden box containing an index of species of Rhododendrons · Box of lecture notes and lists of slides · Box of manuscripts , 1923 Rhododendrons · Box of photographs · George Forrest's field books · Wooden box containing Forrest's plant lists · Three boxes of Rhododendron notes written and sent by Isaac Bayley Balfour and William Wright Smith c.1919,1921 and 1922 and Primula lists c.1914,1921 and 1922 · Box labelled `Forrest' containing: · G. Forrest `Field Notes, May 1912; January 1913: S.W. Yunnan, China. Alt. 4,000-10,00ft. Field Nos. 7,450-9,156. Irrawadi Basin' · Forrest's notebook entitled `List of the Genus Primulae in Sections' December 8th, 1926 · 1 signed and annotated copy of `Seeds of Plants found by G. Forrest `1914-1915' (30/07/16) · 1 signed and annotated copy of `Details of Specimens of Rhododendrons found by Mr. G. Forrest in 1917' (24/7/19) · 1 signed and annotated copy of `Details of Specimens of Rhododendrons found by Mr. G. Forrest in 1918' (20/12/20) · 1 signed and annotated copy of `Details of Specimens of Rhododendrons found by Mr. G. Forrest in 1919' (03/07/20) · 2 copies, one signed, of `Field Notes of Trees, Shrubs and Plants Other than Rhododendrons collected in Western China by Mr. G. Forrest 1917-1919', published by The Royal Horticultural Society, London, 1929 · 5 copies `Details of Specimens of Rhododendrons found by G. Forrest in 1921' (one copy signed by Forrest and annotated) · 1 signed copy of `Details of Specimens of Rhododendrons found by G. Forrest in 1922' · 3 copies of `Rhododendrons Collected by George Forrest in 1924' (all signed by G. Forrest) · 3 copies of `Some Plants, Shrubs and Trees Found by George Forrest in 1924' (one copy signed by W.W. Smith) · 2 copies of `Some Further Details of Seed Sent Back by Mr. G. Forrest in 1924' 14
· 1 copy of `Some Plants, Shrubs and Trees found by George Forrest in 1925' · Marked proof copy of `Some Plants, Shrubs and Trees found by George Forrest in 1925' · 1 copy of `Some Further Details of Seeds Sent Back by Mr. G. Forrest in 1925' · Forrest's copy of E.H. Wilding `Rhododendrons: Their Names and Addresses' London, Sifton Praed and Co. Ltd., 1923 · 2 copies of `Rhododendrons collected by George Forrest in 1924'(both signed by G. Forrest on the 27/01/1927) · 2 copies of `Rhododendrons collected by George Forrest in 1925'(both signed by G. Forrest on the 17/06/1927) · 2 copies of `Andes Expeditions 1925-6 and 1926-7: Field Notes of Plants collected by H.F. Comber', one copy signed by G. Forrest and one copy signed by Honourable H.D. McLaren · 1 copy of `Field Notes of the Rhododendrons collected by Rock in 1923/4' · 1 copy of `Rhododendrons Found by Kingdon Ward 1913-1922', signed by G. Forrest · 2 copies of `Field Notes of the Rhododendrons collected by Kingdon Ward in 1924/5' · 2 copies of `Field Notes of the Rhododendrons collected by Kingdon Ward in 1926' · 1 copy of `Field Notes of the Rhododendrons collected by Kingdon Ward in 1927/28' · 1 copy of `Rhododendrons found by the late Reginald Farrer' addressed to G. Forrest from [J.E.] · 1 copy of E.H. Wilson, `Field Notes Relating to Plants collected on the Arnold Arboretum Second Expedition to Western China (1910)' Thomas Nelson and Sons, London, Edinburgh, Dublin and New York. · 2 copies of `Rhododendron Society: A Tentative List of Rhododendrons in their Series', Third Edition, April 1927, both copies annotated, one copy signed by G. Forrest. · 1 copy of `Rhododendron Society: A Tentative List of Rhododendrons in their Series', Fourth Edition, April 1929 · Copy of a letter sent to I.B. Balfour from George Forrest from 1/10/1900 written whilst Forrest was in S.W. Yunnan, China, plus two copies of a map, one annotated. · 1 box containing: o The documents for `J.C. Williams, Esq. and others and George Forrest, Esq. : Agreement as to an Expedition for Botanical and other purposes in China and Tibet' 27/12/1916. (on loan from his family) o George Forrest's pipe (on loan from his family) o George Forrest's scales or `dotchin' (on loan from his family) [Fouler, S] · Notes on a distribution paper France, C · One letter (June 21, 1847), Botanical Society communications Fraser, Capt. L.D · Capt. L.D. Fraser. `Military Report of Yun-Nan: Part III, Route Book', Calcutta,1901 (Copy belonged to G. Forrest so stored with Forrest collection) Fraser, Patrick Neill (1830-1905) · P. Neill Frasers purchases 1905 · Correspondence with Richard Spruce · Correspondence with Isaac Bayley Balfour (1895-6) · Miscellaneous references Fraser-Jenkins, Chris · Two folders of photographs, correspondence, reports, maps etc. from 1967 Soqotra Expedition 15
Furse, Admiral · Expedition to the Middle East (1962) Gage, Andrew Thomas (1871-1945) · 11 copies of his obituary Gardeners' Club · Book of rules and names and addresses of members Gardner, George (1812-1849) · Brazilian plants, 1836-41 ­ list of plants collected Gardiner, William · Material related to his book `Flora of Forfar'. 23rd of December 1931 Garnsey, Rev. Henry Edward Fowler (1826-1903) · 3 boxes of transactions and correspondence with Isaac Bayley Balfour Gillies, Dr. · Letter from W.J. Hooker 18th of September 1825 Glasgow, The University of · Letter to William Maurlan from Isaac Bayley Balfour, November 28th 1879 Glasgow Botanic Garden · Two boxes of papers, 1817-83 Glenarn Garden, Rhu, Dumbartonshire Owned by the Gibson family between 1922 and 1984, archive consists of: · Early Plant Book ­ 1 · Rhododendron Book (Bible / Stud Book) · List of Abbreviations relating to above two books · Letter from Jim Gibson to David Ingram dated 24/01/1994 regarding donation of above and history of the Garden. Godwin-Austen, Henry Haversham (fl. 1840s) · Article `Ascent of Mount Everest', July 1921 Goethe, M · Expedition to the Andes, 1924 and correspondence with Henry D. Maclaren Goodier, R · Box of colour slides from the area of the Flora Zambesiaca Gordon, Henry J. · Paper: Flora of Ascension, 1889 Gordon, J. Senior · Letter to Reverend/Mr. Tilson re. strawberry plants ­ Bath strawberry/Chili Beet, 10th of February 1767 Gordon, Rosemary · Thesis: a General Account of the Anatomy of Saurauja Subspinosa, 1935 16
Graham, Helen · Helen Graham, James Irvine (ed.)`Parties and Pleasure: The Diaries of Helen Graham,1823-26' 1957, Munro Press, Perth Graham, Prof Robert (1786-1845), R.K. 1820-1845 · 2 boxes of correspondence, notes and papers Graham, Robert James Douglas · Obituary Grahame, G · Notebook listing mosses and liverworts of Berwickshire Greville, Robert Kaye (1794-1866) · Direction to the sight of his grave · Duplicate drawings originally found at the end of a collection of Greville's Papers Grierson, A.G. · Two boxes of correspondence, notes and papers Grieve, James · Letter, undated Groves, H.J. · Letter from F.M. Webb, 4th of December 1876 Guthrie-Smith, H · Box of correspondence, posthumous papers, 1935-54 (New Zealand) Gye, Ernest Frederick · Scrapbook containing photographs and letters Halcro-Johnson, Henry · 1 box containing Field/Collection notebooks from the Herbarium at RBGE, includes South Africa and Sierra Leone found amongst the A. Somerville archive, May 2009. · 1 box of bequest and correspondence, Orkney, 1895-1992 Hamburg Botanic Garden · Short narrative, no name. Hamilton, Francis · Letter regarding the donation of the herbarium to the University of Edinburgh, written by William [Blacklock] to Robert Graham, 8h of November 1830 Handel-Mazzetti, Dr. Heinrich · 1 box of correspondence from 1920 and 1922-30 (Vienna) Harveian Society of Edinburgh · List of presidents, includes, Rutherford, Balfour and Graham, 1904 Hawaii ­Pacific Tropical Botanic Garden · 2 boxes of correspondence with Dr. Fletcher from 1963-70, regarding setting up. 17
Hayes,? · 1 page of a draft of `A Survey of the Anatomy of the Rhododendron Leaf in relation to the Taxonomy of the Genus', written by Hayes, Keenan and Cowan ­ original draft filed with J.M. Cowan papers Hayward, Miss Ida M. (1872-49) GB 235 IMH · Correspondence and scrap book See more complete catalogue by downloading pdf from RBGE Archives Collection website ( or searching the Archives Hub ( Hedge, Ian C. · Box of correspondence compiled by Ian C. Hedge rgarding Flora of West Pakistan ­ mainly B.L. Burtt and J. Lamond. 7 folders including: File no. SD3015 ­ Pakistan Botany, Letters from 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976 and accounts and drawings not yet published in 1973-85. Correspondence includes E. Nasir, A. Ghafour, S. Abedin, S. Jafri, S.I. Ali, D. Austin, R. Ahmad, M. Qaiser. S.M.A Kazmi, M.H. Bokhari, S. Ahmad Khan · Box correspondence regarding Flora Iranica ­ Umbelliferae, 1980-86. Correpsondence includes: K.H. Rechinger, A. Ala, R. Alava, A. Aryavand, V. Botschantzev, L. Constance, L. Engstrand, W. Frey, C. Heyn, V. Heywod, R. Hoffman, J. Leonard, M.G. Pimenov, D. Podlech, C. Townsend. · Folder of digitised Afghan photographs and some negatives. · Box of correspondence, including K.H Rechinger, P.Wendelbo, W.T. Stearn, E.E. Kemp, R.R. Stewart,etc. plus Afghanistan photography, donated 11th of February 2007 · Wooden box containing index cards from Hedge's Archives Heer, Oswald · Paper `On the Fossil Plants Discovered by Dr. Lyall in Greenland', Zurich, 1st of May 1862 Henderson, Douglas M. (1927-2007) Regius Keeper 1970-1987 · Henderson's annotated copy of `Lost of British Uredinales' by M. Wilson and G.R. Bisby, 1954 · Box of papers regarding conferences, foreign trips and reports, 1957-78 · Box of papers regarding conferences and foreign trips, 1980-81 · Box of specific correspondence · Box of general correspondence · Box of minutes, meetings and agendas · Box of papers regarding PhD students, thesis and references · 1 file of miscellaneous correspondence between Henderson and Peter F. Stevens and Dr. Geoff N. Greenhalgh (1972-73) · Framed photographs of the Royal Botanic Garden in the late 19th century by C. Piazza Smyth, presented to Henderson on his retirement as Curator of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and Regius Keeper, Royal Botanic Garden. September 1987. · Box donated by Henderson's family containing a thesis on `Observations on the Comparative Anatomy, Life History and Host Relationships of Sclerotinia Tberosa (Fr.) Fuckel', H.B. Gjaerum correspondence, notes for a talk on the `History of Scottish Cryptographic Botany', and research notes on Omphalina. · Box donated by Henderson's family containing research on John Hutton Balfour's `Battle of Glen Tilt', a collection of obituaries, folders of Gairloch, Inverewe, Brodie and Roxburgh, research including notes and publication relating to Wm. Roxburgh, folder of West Ross Flora, and annotated checklist of the flora of West Ross. Henderson, Col. F. (1845-1895) · 1 box containing 4 folders of correspondence 18
Henslow, Prof. · Copy of the `Syllabus of Botanical Letters' Hick, Thomas · Paper on `The Physiology of some Phaephyceace' Hicks, J.H. · 1 box of miscellaneous papers and glass plate negatives regarding Bhutan, 1949, also 3 reels of film, now converted to dvd. Holloway, Reverend. J.E. MSc · Detailed Lycopodium Bibliography [c.1915] Hooker, Joseph Dalton · Miscellaneous references and a letter to Hooker from [Richard Baker], The Technological Museum, Sydney, 1st of September 1902 Hope Family information · Including correspondence from Mr A.R.B. Hope, family tree, and copy of the John Kay portrait of John Hope with biography presented by the family of Ann Hope (1914-2007) Hope, Dr. John (1725-86) R.K. 1761-86 · 1 box donated via the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Sibbald Trust containing original letters c.1783 and an ex-registry file 3/3 titled `John Hope Papers' used for A.G. Morton's book. · 1 box containing I.B. Balfour's scrap book, memoirs and other assorted items · 1 box containing indices to NAS papers and various photocopies of correspondence, etc. · 12 boxes containing copies of SRO Papers marked: 1. GD253/143/1-4 2. GD253/143/5-6 3. GD253/143/7-9 4. GD253/143/10-13 5. GD253/144/1-4 6. GD253/144/5-7 7. GD253/144/8-10 8. GD253/144/11-14 9. GD253/145/1-6 10. GD253/145/7-10 11. GD253/145/10-13 12. GD253/145/4 · 4 copies of A.G. Morton, FRSE 'John Hope, 1725-1986: Scottish Botanist' Published by the Edinburgh Botanic Garden (Sibbald Trust), Edinburgh 1986 · Box of index cards referring to John Hope There is a detailed list stored with the following boxes containing photocopies of papers from the SRO which notes what is inside each box and what the references refer to. Documents include correspondence, bills, receipts and other financial accounts · E215/3-6, 1769-1829 · E414/1-7, 1764. 1769, 1789, 1825 · E414/8, 1767,1770,1776,1777,1778,`1779, 1780,1782 · E414/9-11, 1785,1786,1788,1789 · E414/12-15, 1789,1790, 1792 · E414/16-18, 1793,1794,1795 · E414/19-22, 1788,1789,1795, 1796,1797, 1798,1799 · E414/23-25, 1797, 1799, 1800, 1801, 1802 · E414/26, 1803 · E414/27, 1801, 1803, 1804 19
· E414/28, 1804, 1805, 1806 · E414/32, 1899, 1800, 1801, 1803 · E414/33-40, 1769, 1776 · E414/41-46, 1777,1778 · E414/47, 1782 · E414/48, 1783 · E414/49, 1785, 1784 · E414/50, 1787 · E414/51, 1789, 1788 · E414/52, 1789 · E414/53, 1790 · E414/54 ,1791 · E414/55, 1792 · E414/56, 1793 · E414/57, 1794 · E414/58, 1795 · E414/59, 1796 · E414/57, 1794 · E414/58, 1795 · E414/59, 1796 · E414/60, 1797 · E414/61, 1798, 1797 · E414/62,1799 · E414/63, 1800 · E414/64,`1801 · E414/65 1802 Hope, Dr. Thomas Charles · A memoir written by Thomas Stewart Traill, 1848 Horlick, Lt-Col., Sir James · 1 box of miscellaneous Fletcher correspondence (1957-61) · 1 file of miscellaneous correspondence (1960 ­72) · 1 box of photographs from the Scottish Daily Express Humphreys, Dr. G.N. · 1 box containing papers relating to an expedition o East Africa, Ruwenzori Mountains, (1932) Hutchison, Isobel Wylie (1889-1982) GB 235 IWH · Sketch books and plant press · 2 herbarium pages with plants from Greenland See more complete catalogue by downloading pdf from RBGE Archives Collection website ( or searching the Archives Hub ( Hutchison, John · Information and references, Kew. Ingram, Professor David. S. · 10 boxes of correspondence divided up alphabetically, A-B, C-D, E-F, G-I, JL, M, N-Ra, Re-S, T-V, W-Z and after dinner speeches · Large wall hanging of a copy of a picture of a plant painted by D.S. Ingram in 1995 · Article by Victoria Crowe and D.S. Ingram `Portrait of the Master', featured in `St Catherine's College Society Annual Magazine' pg.90-95, (2004) 20
Institute of Horticulture (I.O.H) · Numerous copies and photocopies of a pamphlet outlining the aims, membership, benefits and profile of The Institute of Horticulture. · Numerous copies of a brochure issued by The Institute of Horticulture, titled `Come into Horticulture' · Numerous copies of application forms for student membership of I.O.H. · Letter from Angela Clarke, General Secretary of I.O.H., inviting J.A. Ross Kerby to become a member of the Careers Advisory Bureau (21/01/1992) · Envelope containing membership fees for 1992 and numerous copies of the membership application forms · Envelope containing headed note paper for the I.O.H. · Various information sheets about the I.O.H · Numerous copies of membership enquiry forms Also stored with these items are photographs of a ship, `Cunard', a group of people, and glass houses ­ all of them unlabelled. There is also an envelope of photographs labelled `Quarantine House Site during construction?' (1988), given to Ross Kerby by Ken Grant. International Botanical Congress · Report on the Tenth International Mycology/ Plant Pathology Excursion (August 13th -20th, 1964) Irvine, Dr. F.R. Collection contains a total of 29 boxes · Box containing papers, correspondence, microfilm and bequest · Two boxes of collection field books · One box of papers and correspondence on `Nutrition and Vitamins' · One box of papers on `World Food Problems, etc. and Food Science' · One box of papers on `Emergency Foods in Europe (except Britain and Russia)' · One box of papers on `Emergency Foods - Britain' · One box of papers on `Emergency Foods - Russia' · Two boxes of papers titled `Emergency Foods ­ North and West Africa' · One box of papers on `Emergency Foods ­ Central and South East Africa' · One box of papers on `Emergency Foods ­ Middle East and India' · One box of papers on `Emergency Foods ­ China, Malaya, Hawaii and Australia' · One box of papers on `Emergency Foods ­ U.S.A.' · One box containing two folders, one of papers on `Emergency Foods - Canada' and one of papers on `Food Plants f U.S. Indians' · One box of papers on `Emergency Foods Central and South America' · One box of papers on `Commodity Plants' · One box of papers on `Voandzeia (Bambarra Groundnut)' · One box of papers on `Bee-Keeping' · One box of papers on `Edible Earths, Snakes and Insects' · One box of papers on `Cattle and Sheep' · One box of containing two folders, one of papers on `Lizards and Mammals (East Africa)' and one of containing a Zoo Aquarium Guide · One box containing miscellaneous papers, papers on crop plants and bibliographies · Six boxes of index cards and papers, divided from: Nos.1-50 (92); Nos.51 (93) ­ 80 (146); Nos. 81 (147) - 111 (212); Nos. 112 (213) ­ 134 (249); Nos. 135 (250) ­ 174 (313), Nos. 175 (314) ­ 183 (332) 21
Irving, Henry · Folder containing photographs of trees, (1901), used in Percy [Groom's] `Trees and their Life Histories' (1907), found in the National Museum of Scotland. · Four small folders containing photos of plants and flowers, dated 1901 on the front but all dated on the back 24/11/1923 and stamped `The Royal Scottish Museum' · Four large folders containing photos of plants and flowers dated 1901 on the front but all dated on the back 24/11/1923 and stamped `The Royal Scottish Museum' Jaffrey, Andrew Thomas · Copy of "Hints to the Amateur Gardeners of Southern India" 1860 held by the British Library. Copyright restrictions apply. Johnston, J.T. (Librarian, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 1912-46) · Box containing references and indices Jцrgeusen, A · One folder containing a paper titled `The Roots Natural History' Keen, Bernard. A · Folder containing a series of six lectures on `Soil' (the second lecture is missing) at Imperial College of Science and technology, starting on February the 3rd 1920 and ending on the 9th of March 1920. Keenan, Hayes and J.M. Cowan · 1 page of a draft of `A Survey of the Anatomy of the Rhododendron Leaf in relation to the Taxonomy of the Genus', written by Hayes, Keenan and Cowan ­ original draft filed with J.M. Cowan papers Keenan, Jimmy (1924-1983) · Folder containing a report titled `Battleby House: A Survey of Some Important Trees ' (1970), the `Battleby Report' (1973), 4 letters to Keenan from Peter J. Bickmore, Projects Advisory Officer for the Countryside Commission for Scotland, (letters from 1971-73) and one from Tom Huxley, Assistant Director of resource management for the Countryside Commission for Scotland, (1972) Keenan, J. and Grierson, A.J.C. · Folder containing reports, correspondence and newspaper cuttings regarding the RBGE Burma Expedition (1961-62). Kemp, Edward Edmund · 1 file of miscellaneous correspondence · Box containing images of Kemp for the RBGE Archive · Newspaper cuttings, a letter from Donald Roger, Branch Secretary of the Scottish Branch of the Arboricultural Association, and a letter from J. Kenneth Hume, Librarian and the RBGE (1999) all regarding the Ken Martin Memorial Award. (Filed in the miscellaneous IK box) 22
Kenneth, Archibald Graham · One folder containing two `Botanical Notebooks' from 1964 and 1979 and some papers and letters found inside his books. (Found in Box I-K) · Box containing a notebook, papers and correspondence, moss specimens, bryophyte master cards and a checklist of the bryophytes of V.C.101 · Three boxes donated to RBGE Archives by Pat [Batty], November 2000 · Box of 23 notebooks · Box of 27 notebooks, miscellaneous papers and photographs · Box of miscellaneous papers and correspondence · Bag of miscellaneous papers and correspondence Kerr, A.F.G. · Hand written notes extracted from a copy of Koenig, J.G. `Journal of a Voyage to Sian and Malacca in 1779' (April 26th 1931) · Maps of an Expedition in Sian (1921) Kew Royal Botanic Garden · Two boxes papers regarding loans and correspondence, divided from 1921-32 and from 1947-50 Koch II (Composer) · Folder containing rough work and correspondence relating to the transcription of work regarding the Flora of Turkey, part of The University of Edinburgh's Botany Unit onto floppy discs (1979) Krug, Dr. John Christian · J.C. Krug's research proposal, application for a scientific research Fellowship, Curriculum Vitae and correspondence with D.M. Henderson (1972). Lace, John Henry · Two volumes of `Memoire des Journйes Forestiиres', (May and June 1880) · Box of photographs of Burma attributed to Lace · Box with `Lace Ѕ PL' written on it in blue pencil · 7 folders containing large copies of Lace's photographs Lankaster, Prof. Ray · Syllabus of Three Lectures on Charles Darwin and His Works Leich, Dr. John, of Silloth, in Cumberland · Copy of his obituary, c1896 Lйveillй, A.A. Hector (1863-1918) · 10 folders of plant lists · List of Lйveillй duplicates sent to Tokyo and Seoul · Lйveillй Plantae Novae Sandwicencis · List of correct names for Lйveillйan species described in the wrong family · Lйveillй lists · Folder containing Douglas McKean's correspondence and research relating to the reorganisation and identification of RBGE's Lйveillй herbarium. · File containing a Dicots Index ­ working copy for counting Lйveillй Taxa, Douglas McKean's notebook on Lйveillй Chinese and Indian localities, and Douglas McKean's notes and correspondence relating to Lйveillй's Carex types. 23
Lindley, John · Letter to Dr. Robert Wright regarding Orchids (08.09.1832) · Copy of a letter [for I.B.B] from Dr. Masters, regarding having a memoir of Lindley prefacing one of `their' volumes of the Annals of Botany (21.06.1903) Lindsay, Robert · List of plants at Kaimes Lodge, Murrayfield, 1907-1909 Lindsay, William Lauder (1829-1880) · Folder of hand coloured and annotated illustrations held in A:1 · 21 items of correspondence in Balfour, John Hutton Collection Linnean Society · Miscellaneous correspondence Logan Botanic Gardens · 2 boxes of papers marked `Acquisition' · 1 box of papers marked `Deed of Gift from Trustees' Logan Garden, Stranraer, Wigtownshire · 1 box of papers marked `Deed of Gift from Trustees' Logan Gardens Trust · 1 file containing miscellaneous correspondence (1965-67) · 1 file containing miscellaneous correspondence and minutes of the trustees meetings (1961-63) · 2 different rough drafts of `A Guide to the Gardens' (Logan Gardens) Logan House · 2 boxes of papers marked `Sale to Sir Ninian Buchan-Hepburn' London, Royal Botanic Society · Regulations and lists of members (1877) London, University of · Regulations for the Preliminary Scientific (M.B.) Examination, (01.02.1886) · Syllabus of a Course of Ten Lectures on Botany by George Masse Lowndes, Col. D.C. · Photographs of Sikkim plants and notes by James Sinclair, along with some lists Ludlow, F. and Sherriff, G. · Box of correspondence to Sherriff (1930-42) and lists (1942-44) · Box of correspondence to Sherriff (1942-52) and Ludlow (1934-52) · Box of miscellaneous correspondence and papers (1936 and 1946) · Box of lists (1933-35) and miscellaneous lists · Box of lists of Primula (1936 and 1937) · Box containing Sherriff's diaries (1934 and 1935) · Box containing Sherriff's diaries (1936) · Box containing Sherriff's diaries (1937 and 1938) · Box containing Sherriff's diaries (1946 and 1949) · Box of miscellaneous correspondence (via Peter Cox) · Box of miscellaneous reprints and papers (via Peter Cox) · Box containing a diary (1940), itineraries, plant lists and recipients (via Peter Cox) · Box of photographs, prints and negatives (via Peter Cox) · Box of photographs of views and personalities (via Peter Cox) · Box of Sherriff photographs of flowers and plants (via Peter Cox) 24
· Box of Sherriff photographs of Rhododendrons, Meconopsis and Gentianaceae · Box of Sherriff photographs of Primulaceae (via Peter Cox) · Box of Ludlow photographs of views and plants in Tibet (via Peter Cox) · File of Sherriff photographs of Meconopsis in Tibet and Bhutan (1933-1949) · Four blue boxes of photographs of flowers, views and personalities · Two boxes containing photocopies of Frank Ludlow's diaries ­ these comprise copies taken by Sir George Taylor of 5 volumes of Ludlow's diaries from a collection of 16 volumes held by the India Office Library, which is now at the British Library. They arrived here in June 1981. The diaries are: 1. S.E. Tibet, 1936 2. S.E. Tibet, 1938 3. S.E. Tibet, 1946-1947 (Part1) 4. S.E. Tibet, 1946-1947 (Part2) 5. Bhutan, 1949 Permission would be required from the British Library before any further copying done. There is also an envelope of maps apparently drawn by Frank Ludlow and relating to the diaries along with a 1949 itinerary? The maps are S.E. Tibet 1938; S.E. Tibet 1946-1947 Part2 and Bhutan 1949. Lushington, Madras Timbers · Letter dated 24.12.1917 Lyall, David · List of plants collected in Vancouver Island, 1858-61, and adjacent U.S. Territory McCoig, Malcolm, Principal Gardener at RBGE (1782-89) · File containing papers McEwan, Rory · File containing two copies of `The Botanical Paintings, 1932-1982' and postcards and cards (merchandise) MacFarlane, John M. · File containing a notebook McIntosh, Charles · Box of papers, including correspondence Mackay, James Townsend (1775-1862) · File of paper regarding his life and work Mackay, John., Principal Gardener at RBGE (1800-02) (1772-1802) · File of papers including obituaries. MacKechnie, Robert (1902-78) · Folder containing lists and records of plants MacKenzie, Donald F. · Copy of a newspaper cutting regarding his election as an Honorary Member of the Royal Scottish Agricultural Society McLaren, Alexander · Paper titled `The Culture of the Potato' 25
McNab, James (1810-1878), Principal Gardener at RBGE 1848-78 · Box of personal papers and correspondence · Box of papers regarding excursions (1829-32) · Box of papers regarding his North American Tour (1834) · Box of papers regarding his North American Tour (second copies) · Box containing Tour Diaries (1836-38) · Box containing a Journal of Tours, including his Germany Tour (1839-40) · Box containing a Journal of Tours (1848) · Box of annual reports to Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society (RCHS) for 1841 and 1842 · Box of miscellaneous papers · Box of miscellaneous papers, including correspondence and a photograph of a treetransplanter · Folder containing McNab's Testimonials · Bound volume of his `Journal of Tour Through North America, 1834' · Scrapbook titled `McNab Cuttings' · Untitled scrap book McNab, William (1780-1848) · Copy of a letter most probably sent to Mary Countess of Minto, dated 17.10.1845 McNab, W.R. · Copy of `The Crichton Royal Institution, Dumfries: Syllabus of Lectures on Botany', (March 1869) · Copy of `The Royal College of Science for Ireland: Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on Botany', (1872-73) · Copy of The Royal College of Science for Ireland: Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on Botany` (1876-77) Madden, Col. E · File containing a list of Himalayan plants named mainly by M.P. Edgeworth, Almorah, 1849 Mascarene Islands · Copy of the first page of a paper by I.B. Balfour titled 'The Padaneae of the Mascarene Islands', 1875 Maughan, Edward James · Information about is life given by Miss Maughan, 04.03.1908 Maughan, Robert · Information about is life given by Miss Maughan, 04.03.1908 Menzies, Archibald (1754-1842) · Box containing Menzies Bequest (1842-43), miscellaneous papers, correspondence and lists. · Newspaper article titled `Renaissance Man' about Archibald Menzies, celebrating the 250th anniversary of his birth, from the Courier and Advertiser, 14.08.2004 Menzies, Sir Robert and Castle Menzies · Box containing miscellaneous papers, accounts, records, journals, etc. (1700-1833) Miguel, A.W · Letter to G.A. Walker Arnott, regarding Fiscus, 14.03.1847 26
Milford, Helen A. · Copy of Milford's obituary printed in the `Quarterly Bulletin of The Alpine Garden Society', Vol.8, No.4, December, 1940, Vera Higgins, MA (ed.) pp.14-15 · Note book containing field notes from an expedition (1934-35) · Correspondence regarding Milford (1992 -2002) · Copies of a newspaper article mentioning Milford's expedition to Durban, South Africa, `Rare Wild Flowers Collected: Botanist from England Tour Basutoland', The Natal Mercury, 25/03/1935 · Photograph of `Helichrysum Milfordiae' · Wooden box containing glass plate negatives Mill, Robert · Copy of a newspaper article in which he features, taken from the Glasgow Herald 03.10.1967 Miller, Phillip · Copy of a letter from Miller found loose inside John Hope's copy of Miller's `Figures of... Plants Describes in the Gardeners Dictionary' 1755-60, dated 29.12.1747 Moffat, C.B. · Letter to J.A. Terras, dated 17.08.1897 Morrison, Dr. Alexander (1849-1913) · Box containing notes and correspondence on Australia and the South Pacific Islands Morshead, Captain H.T. · Copy of the title page of his `Report on an Exploration on the North East Frontier, 1913'. Morton, A.G. (Alan Gilbert) · 8 boxes of papers · 1 box of Botanical notebooks · 2 boxes of Biographical Index, divided A-J and K-Z Mulligan, Brian O. · File containing papers and correspondence Neill, Patrick · File containing a copy of a transcript of a letter from Neill to Sir J.E. Smith (15.02.1811) Nelson, Alexander · File containing a number of reviews of Nelson's book `Medical Botany', E&S Livingstone , Ltd. Edinburgh, Published in 1951 Nisbet, John · File containing miscellaneous papers including correspondence and Lectures Noble, Mary · Annotated transcript of correspondence between Beatrix Potter and Charles McIntosh of Inver · Reprint of her article `Beatrix Potter, Naturalist and Mycologist and Charles McIntosh, the "Perthshire Naturalist"', `Notes From the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh' V.44:3 (1987) 27
Oregon Botanical Association (1850-59) · Box containing accounts, minutes book and miscellaneous correspondence · Box containing circulars and miscellaneous correspondence · Box containing letters from subscribers · Box containing miscellaneous correspondence and plant lists by Andrew Murray Orr, M.Y · Box containing 4 ledgers of lists of identifications made by Orr between 1925 and 1952 Oxford Botanic Garden · Pamphlet of a `Supplement to the Botanic Garden Guide' (1864) Pandanus · Box containing miscellaneous Mascerene Papers (mainly I.B. Balfour) · Box containing notebook,received from E. Aglen, marked `Grandfather's Papers' (Grandfather = I.B. Balfour) · Box containing a thesis, notebook and original drawing by Sir H. Barkly · Box containing miscellaneous papers, received from E. Aglen, marked `Grandfather's Papers' Park, Mungo (1771-1806) · Letter written by Park · Extract from Peter Brent, `Black Nile' (1977) featuring the letter written by Park · DVD titled `Mungo Park Sketchbook, 1795' holding 40 images (09.09.2007) · DVD titled `Mungo Park Sketchbook, 1795' holding 13 images (09.09.2007) Parkinson, C.E. · Box containing papers regarding South Asia Paterson, Leonie · Box containing photographs of an expedition to China and George Forrest related photographs, 2003 Paterson, William · Envelope containing historical data on Paterson, including copies of newspaper articles, from Ian S. Taylor by favour of George Storrar (February 1979) Pearson, A.A. · Memo book titled `Agarics: New Records and Observations' (1938), from Dr. Roy Watling through Alan Bennell Pearson, Henry Harold Welch · Brief history of his life up to 1902 and list of his publications (24.11.1902) Pennant, Thomas (1726-98) · Letter sent by Pennant to Sir Roger Mostyn M.P. (09.09.1783) · Transcript of a letter sent by Pennant to Sir Roger Mostyn M.P. (09.09.1783), presented by Miss Carruthers, (03.11.1964) Penson, Jim · File containing 2 notebooks, titled `Flora Scotica' and `Local Flora ­ Mainly West Cornwall' Phinian Society · Copy of a letter from I.B. Balfour to the Secretary of the Botanical Society (10.02.1841) 28
Physicians, Royal College of · File containing typescript extracts relating to the Royal College of Physicians, (178611899) Pilling, Liz · Folder of slide collection of Icelandic Plants · Box of slide collection of Arctic Plants Pitcairne, Dr. William · Pamphlet entitled, `To Dr. William Pitcairne...This Small Tribute to the Memory of a Distinguished Kinsman' Plumtre, E.D (Kew) · File containing 3 collectors books, No. 1-300 Polunin, Oleg · File containing miscellaneous correspondence regarding his expedition to Karakoram and Lebanon and plant lists (1959-1962) Potter, Beatrix · File containing photocopies of Potter's correspondence with Charles McIntosh (typescript copies filed under Mary Noble) Powell, E · Large case marked `Orchids' c.1840 Prain, David (Kew) · Letter to [Gage] from Prain, (11.12.1909) · Manuscript letter to D. Saville from Prain to the Government Cinchona Plantation, Sureil, Kurseong (07.04.1902) Pratt, Antwerp E. · Book containing photographs of personalities, plants and landscapes, China Preston, Charles (1660-1711) · Box containing letters and miscellaneous papers Preston, George (1656-1749) · Box containing miscellaneous papers Primula · Box containing miscellaneous notes and papers (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection) · Box containing bound REFERENCE BOOKS (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection) · Box containing British Reprints (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection) · Box containing Foreign Reprints ­ `A-Q' (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection) · Box containing Foreign Reprints ­ `R-Z' (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection) · Box containing Primula Conference Reports: 1886, 1913 and 1928 (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection) · Box containing `The Genus Primula Gardener's Chronicle' (1928) · Box containing `The Genus Primula' ­ Typescript Papers: `A-E' · Box containing `The Genus Primula' ­ Typescript Papers: `F-N' 29
· Box containing `The Genus Primula' ­ Typescript Papers: `O-Z' · Box containing miscellaneous photographs · Box containing a bound collection of photographs with an index · Box containing miscellaneous photographs ­ Sherriff reprints by R. Adam and the Royal Horticultural Society. Etc. · Box containing misc photographs ­ reprints by R.M. Adam and photos by R. Eudall Pugsley, Herbert William Biography written in 1966 by H.C. Pugsley, filed in Fletcher correspondence ­ 1966-P Ramsbottom, John · Folder containing a notebook, correspondence, a draft copy of a paper titled `History of Scottish Mycology', and a reprint of `History of Scottish Mycology' by John Ramsbottom, Transactions of the British Mycological Society, Vol. 46, Part 2, (1963) Reaux, J(ules) · Letter and exchange request / book plate c.1890? French collector looking to exchange books? Reference to an Ex-Libris Society. Reaux based at 26 Rue des Dames, Paris. Letter and Card found in RBGE copy of Matthioli's `De Plantis Epitome Utilissima' 1586 [belonged to John Hope, so presumably not received by exchange with Reaux] Richardson, John · Letter from Richardson to unknown 02.09.1841 Robertson, Revd. Andrew · Letter from W.H. Campbell to Andrew Robertson, 10.01.1837 Robertson, Dr. James · Copy of lists of flora and fauna (1767-1771) · Papers including transcriptions of correspondence and newspaper articles (1767-84) Robertson, John · Note of plants found in Ross-shire by Dr. John Robertson (14.07.1847) Rock, Joseph F.C. (1884-1962) · Collection consisting of correspondence, photographs, diaries and unpublished manuscripts. Rollo, Hon. R · Letter to W. Campbell form Rollo (08.04.1840) Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh · Draft copy of an article titled `The New Plant Houses at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh' (stored in the `R' box) · History and development of the garden · Accounts, 1764-1876 (incomplete) · Staff Records (incomplete) · Trainee Gardener records (1889-1935) · Photographs · Maps · Papers relating to regional gardens ­ Dawyck, Benmore and Logan · Plant flowering records · Plant records · Skeletal remains of a horse discovered in the gardens 30
Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society · Menu and invitation to the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society Bicentenary celebrations (2009) · Minutes, Journals, Certificates, Accounts, etc. also held ­ still to be listed. Russia · List of references related to Russia and a guide book to Goki State University Botanic Garden, (1936) Rutherford, Revd. A · Letter to W.H. Campbell from Rutherford (08.01.1840) Rutherford, Prof. Daniel (1749-1819) RK. 1789-1819 · 1 box of papers and correspondence, see also John Hope accounts Sadler, John (Principal Gardener at the Royal Botanic Gardens, 1879-1882) · 1 box of papers Sandeman, F.D. Stewart (New York Botanical Garden) · Notes on his Rocky Mountain and Appalachian Expeditions (1933-1937) Sanderson, John Scott · Prize essay, `The Origin and Development of the Embryo in Phanerogamous Plants' (July 1869) San Francisco, Golden Gate Park Secretary · Papers referring to John McLaren (1969-1970) Scarlett, Robert · Copy of the Scrapbook of Robert Scarlett, containing mostly newspaper articles (19091953) Schilling, Tony 7 boxes containing - · Photographic notes (1965-1966) · Trek diaries · Field notes · correspondence · Immigration papers and trekking permits · Notes on living plants and herbarium material sent to Royal Botanic Garden Kew (1965- 1966) · List of publications and papers · Folders of articles · Bowl made from leaves · 2 ceremonial Ghurkha knives · 2 VHS videos added to collection, Aug, 2012, "Great Storm Legacy, Wakehurst 1987" and "Dogwood Garden, Ullapool, Summer 2005" Scottish Alpine Botanical Club · Correspondence and Papers Selbourne Society · Two newspaper cuttings (Isaac Bayley Balfour was a member) Seller, Dr. 31
· Seller's `Syllabus of Examinations on Medical Science' Sibbald, Sir Robert (1641-1722) · 1 box of papers and a study of the Life of Sibbald and Dr Archibald Pitcairne (The first professors of medicine in the University of Edinburgh). · Copy of Doctor of Medicine R.S. `Provision for the Poor in Time of Dearth and Scarcity.' Second Edition, ECCO Prints (2011). Signatures (autographs) · Collection of signatures (originals), including Carl v Linnй, Archibald Menzies and initials (received with papers of Isaac Bayley Balfour). Sikkim · Map of Sikkim and a box containing photographs and negatives (1948-1950) and also a letter to Henry Noltie from D. Jeremy Wood regarding the photos (19 Jul 1995). Sinclair, James · 5 boxes including papers regarding the bequest of the herbarium, British plants field notes and India and Malaya field notes. Sino British Expedition to Cangshang (SBEC) · Two boxes containing pre- and post-expedition correspondence (1973-1996) and reports Slater, Andrew · Paper titled `Lectures on the Valuation of Woodlands and the Disposal of their Produce, with its Transport, Conversion, Qualities and Uses'. Smith, Sir James Edward · Correspondence with J. Brodie (1795-1811), I.C. Hope (1784-1785), and A. Menzies (1819) Smith, William G. · Lecture and reprints Smith, Sir William Wright (1875-1956) Regius Keeper ­ 1922-1956 · Personal files and papers and his obituary · Kew correspondence with Sir Arthur W. Hill (1921-1940) and A.D. Cotton (1921-1945) · Correspondence with Colonel Stephenson Clarke, Borde Hill (1922-1939) · Swedish correspondence (1923-1951), including correspondence with HRH the King of Sweden (1937-1951), Dr Harry Smith, Upsala (1925-1957) and Dr H.G. Bruun (19281939) · Correspondence regarding Rhododendrons · Directors correspondence (1929-1936) · 2 framed photographs of W.W. Smith and an envelope of photographs possibly belonging to him Smythe, Frank S. · Correspondence relating to is expeditions to Garwhal and Sikkim (1937-1938) Snelling, Lillian, V.M.H (Victoria Medal in Horticulture) (1879-1972) · 4 solander boxes of artwork produced between c.1915 and c.1920, mainly primulas and rhododendrons · Extract from Snelling's obituary by the Earl of Morton, taken from the Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, 1973, vol.98, p.139, mounted onto card. 32
Somerville, Alex (1842-1907) · Herbarium catalogues, including London and South Africa, and a collecting book from Sierra Leone Sphagnum Moss as a Medical Dressing · First and Second World War papers including Sir William Wright Smith's 1916 Report. Spruce, Richard (1817-1893) · Biographical note and correspondence. Stainton, J.D.A. · Correspondence regarding the deposit of films and slides at RBGE · Papers collated and donated by Christina Noble · Correspondence · Field books (1954-1985) · Photographs and reprints · Slides and cine film also held St. Brody, Dr. · 2 copies of letters referring to him Steel, William ­(William Steel Trust) · William Steel Trust Accounts including a financial report from 1990-1992 and a report from 1999. Stevenson, Alex. P. · Application and testimonials for part of the Secretary /Registrar of the University College of Dundee. (see George Don Sr Collection for further information) Stewart and Co., Seedsmen, Ltd. · 16 boxes of Gardeners' Register · Business records yet to be listed Stewart, John Lindsay · Annotated copy of William Jameson's `Report Upon the Botanical Gardens of the Government, North Western Provinces', Roorkee, Thomason C. E. College Press. (1855) Stirling, Alan McGregor (1924-2004) · Correspondence and bryophyte notes Stirton, Dr. James · Correspondence (March ­ April 1916) and a paper titled `Mosses from West Ross-shire'. Sutherland, James (1639-1719) Regius Keeper ­ 1699-1714 · Biographical notes, a copy of his memoir, correspondence regarding his memoir (18741932), and a draft copy of catalogue of plants (1912), copies of letters, a copy of his catalogue prepared by I.B. Balfour and William D. Kemp, and a copy of `Faculty of Advocates: Cabinet of Coins (James Sutherland)' (1856) Swan, Richard `Dick' (Collection) · Folder containing 4 letters and 1 photo Swan, also includes 8 books shelved at `S'. Swarbrick, J.T. (Specialist Officer, Cameroons) · Papers regarding the Victoria Botanic Gardens, Southern Cameroons (1916-1961) · Papers regarding horticulture and agriculture in Southern Nigeria (1906) 33
· Illustrations, drawings and abstracts. Tagg, Harry Frank (1874-1933) · Obituaries, rhododendron descriptions and memos Taylor, Sir/ Dr George (1904-1993) · 1 file of miscellaneous correspondence with Dr. Harold R. Fletcher (1958-71) · Copy of a letter to Taylor from H.R. Fletcher (15 Dec 1965) and an article by Taylor titled `Himalayan Plants in the Field' from The Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, (1948) · Two boxes of index cards to N. Douglas Simpson's Index (a gift from Taylor to Royal Botanic Garden Trust) Templeton, James (BSc) Senior Botanist, Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt · Duplicate copy of his thesis: `Perennial Cultivation of Cotton with Special Reference to the cultivation of Ratoons in Egypt' (1927). Terras, James Adam · Essay on `The Topographical Distribution of Algae' Thurn, Sir Everard Francis Im (c.1852-1932) · List of plants/collecting book and 6 photographs of Roraima Trail, Professor James William Helenus (1851-1919) · A revised copy of `The Scottish Naturalist: Revision of the Uredinee and of the Ustilaginee of Scotland' (1899) submitted to the Scottish Cryptogamic Society, correspondence and information regarding a proposed memorial for him. Trimen, Henry · Photocopy of a letter to Mr Watson [16.01.1878] Trotter, Captain H. of Mortonhall · List of seeds and plants imported from America in 1760 and sold by Mrs Drummond, Seed Merchant, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh · List of fruit required for Mortonhall, 1722 and an abstract from J.W. Hely-Hutchison's letter regarding the list. Turner, Alexander (Alick) J. · 6 notebooks of sketches (South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland) donated to D. Henderson and RBGE. Vancouver Botanical Garden · Papers regarding setting up the garden and a visit by Professor F. Fletcher, (1965-1970) Ward, Frank Kingdon · Box containing filed notes and lists · Box containing photographs from China and Tibet (1911) · Box of correspondence and lists (1919-1925) · Box of correspondence (1926-1930) · Box of correspondence, list and expedition information (1930-1956) Watling, Prof. Roy · Box of `Fungi References', reports, descriptions and field notes · Folder containing his thesis `Fungal Succession Found on Bird Pellets and its comparison with the Dung Sequence' (Jun ­ Oct 1959) · Four folders of papers 34
· Two boxes of material for a biography of James Bolton (1735-1799) and his collecting sites and lecture notes on the same. (Slides are kept in the slide collection) Watson, H.C. · Letter to Watson from Henry Trimen (16 Jan 1876) · Letter to Watson from Henry Roscoe (1 May 1872) · Copy of a letter to the Linnaean Society from Watson (23 Dec 1863) Watsonby, Hewett · Letter to J. Newman from H. Watsonby (14 Feb 1871) Watt, Sir George · Two boxes of papers and correspondence · Box of original manuscripts in English of `First Step in Botany', published in Bengali (1876) · Box containing three books of correspondence · Box of notes on Botany in Manipur · Box of books and correspondence on Gossypium · Box containing his diary from 1878, a notebook of P .Neill Fraser's and a text book with specimens inside it. · Box containing notebooks and plant lists · Three boxes of cotton papers and correspondence · Box containing papers on commercial products of India · Box containing correspondence regarding commercial products of India · Folder containing two of the same photograph, one mounted, one not, of Abies Smithiana, Noghanda-Bagi Forrest, Sisula · Numerous boxes of glass plate negatives Webb, F.M. · Copy of a letter to Webb from [H.J. Geddes] (4 Dec 1876) Weale, James A. · Catalogue of Micrographs of woods structure Wilding, E.R · E.R. Wilding, `Index to the Genus Rhododendron 'Bucks, 1920 (Copy belonged to G. Forrest so it is stored in the Forrest Collection) Williamson, John (Principal Gardener 1755-1780) · Papers and correspondence Willis, J.C. · Copy of `Sherardian Professorship of Botany: Application and Testimonials of J.C. Willis' (8 Nov 1919) · 6 boxes of papers and correspondence (1914-1935) Wilson, E.H. · Three folders containing three prints of Flora of Western China collected by E.H. Wilson Wilson, Malcolm · Box containing glass slides · Shelf containing papers and correspondence Winch, Nathaniel J. 35
· Correspondence with Jonn Mackay (1800-1801), G.A. Walker Arnott (1828), P. Neill (1828), J. McNab (1834), R. Graham (1826), and also referenced to correspondence with G. Don (1802-1812) and W.M. McNab (1818 and 1823). Woods, Patrick (Paddy) · Box containing a photocopy of his diary from 1962 (the original copy is with his family), transcript of his, diary from 1952 when he was an apprentice at Mount Stewart Gardens, Co. Down, and correspondence (1973-1985) Woodsia Ilvenis - Fern · Montage of five photograhs of Woodsia Ilvenis, (possibly the rarest fern in Britain) taken by David Mann in Scotland (1983) Woodward, F.L · Notebook containing an article titled `Francis Bacon and the Cipher Story (Aug-Nov 1917) Wright, [A.A.] · Letter to P. Neill Fraser (7 Nov 1904) Yu, T.T. · Notes on Professor T.T. Yu, a Chinese Botanist, provided by Edward E. Kemp. List ©RBGE 36

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