STOCKTAKE, J Grant, E Humphrey, P Scoville, B Herbert

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May 2004
Issue #192
HUGO NOMINEES Nominees for the 2004 Hugo Awards: Best Novel Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold Humans by Robert J Sawyer Ilium by Dan Simmons Singularity Sky by Charles Stross Blind Lake by Robert Charles Wilson Best Related Book Scores: Reviews 1993-2003 by John Clute Spectrum 10: The Best in Fantastic Contemporary Art by Cathy and Arnie Fenner The Chesley Awards for SF & Fantasy Art: A Retrospective by John Grant, Elizabeth Humphrey and Pamela Scoville Dreamer of Dune: The Biography of Frank Herbert by Brian Herbert The Thackery T Lambshead Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases by Jeff Vandermeer and Mark Roberts Master Storyteller: An Illustrated Tour of the Fiction of L Ron Hubbard by William Widder Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form 28 Days Later Finding Nemo The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl X2 Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form Chosen, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Gollum's ACCEPTANCE SPEECH, The 2003 MTV Movie Awards Heart of Gold, Firefly The Message, Firefly Rosetta, Smallville The John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer Jay Lake David D Levine Karin Lowachee Chris Moriarty Tim Pratt
RETRO HUGOS Organisers have announced the nominees for the Retro Hugos, honouring works first published or released in 1953. Nominees: Best Novel of 1953 The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Childhood's End by Arthur C Clarke Mission of Gravity by Hal Clement More Than Human by Theodore Sturgeon NEBULA AWARD WINNERS Best Novel Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon Best Novella Coraline by Neil Gaiman Best Novelette The Empire of Ice Cream by Jeffrey Ford Best Short Story What I Didn't See by Karen Joy Fowler Best Script The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Stephen Sinclair and Peter Jackson BRITISH SF AWARD WINNERS Best Novel Felaheen by Jon Courtenay Grimwood Best Novella The Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean Best Artwork Cover of The True Knowledge of Ken MacLeod by Colin Odell Best Non-fiction Reading Science Fiction by Farah Mendlesohn INTERNATIONAL HORROR GUILD AWARD WINNERS Best Novel Lost Boy Lost Girl by Peter Straub Best First Novel Jinn by Matthew B J Delaney Best Anthology The Dark: New Ghost Stories edited by Ellen Datlow
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SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY LYNN ABBEY TAKING TIME To end a generational curse, Emma Merrigan travels back through time to a horrific act of violence and faces the possibility that saving those in the future may mean sacrificing others in the past. Pb $15.95 328pp BRIAN ALDISS AFFAIRS AT HAMPDEN FERRERS: AN ENGLISH ROMANCE Hampden Ferrars is an obscure country village, not too distant from Oxford. Its village church, St Clements, is 1500 years old, and some of the villagers decide that this record of continuity and stability should be celebrated. Many are the difficulties in the way. Foreigners arrive, love affairs break out - some suitable, some less suitable. The atmosphere of romance engenders miracles. Slowly, the village becomes involved in magic. Ordinary lives are transformed. Then a threat emanates from within the church itself. The atmosphere darkens as the celebration committee has to decide who is really in command of the world. Hb $45.00 264pp SCIENCE FICTION FANTASY ROMANCE AWARD WINNER AUSTRALIAN ACTION REPRINT Ac AUDIO CASSETTE Cd COMPACT DISC Pb PAPERBACK Hb HARDBACK Tp Trade paperback
POUL ANDERSON THREE HEARTS AND THREE LIONS Fantasy Masterworks #40 The gathering forces of the Dark Powers threaten the world of man. The legions of Faery are poised to overthrow the Realms of Light. Holger Carlsen, a 20th century man mysteriously snatched out of time, finds himself the key figure in the conflict. Pb $19.95 177pp
ROBERT ASPRIN & ROBERT HECK NO PHULE LIKE AN OLD PHULE Phule's Company #5. Phule gets on the wrong side of celebrity canine, Barky the Environmental Dog, by hosting a group of big game hunters who think they can bag a dinosaur on Zenobia. Needless to say, dinosaurs are not a native species. But cold, hard facts never stopped a Phule and neither will Barky's cold, wet nose. Pb $17.95 316pp
ANSELM AUDLEY CRUSADE Aquasilva #3. Cathan has discovered powers within himself and found that he is the Emperor Orosius's brother, but Orosius is dead and Eshar is now set in his place. Meanwhile, the religious fanatics of the Domain continue to seek out heresy - and Cathan in particular. Still refusing to attempt to place himself on the Imperial throne, Cathan studies the history of storms and the terrible effects of previous meddling with Aquasilva's weather systems, but the Domain's dogs are everywhere and capture lays in wait for him... and with it, the discovery of his true identity and death. Pb $18.95 589pp
IAIN M BANKS LOOK TO WINDWARD A Culture novel. It was one of the less glorious incidents of the Idiran wars that led to the destruction of two suns and the billions of lives they supported. 800 years later, the light from the first of those deaths has reached the Culture's Masaq' Orbital and a Chelgrian emissary is dispatched to the Culture. Pb $22.95 403pp
Fleeing the
ghosts of their violent
past, two former
revolutionaries - the
Gwynn and the
taciturn Raule -
escape from the
Country to the
tropical city of
Ashamoil. As they salvage new lives
from the rubble of the old, they discover
past ghosts are future ghosts too. Tp
$30.00 332pp
PATRICIA BRAY DEVLIN'S JUSTICE Sword of Change #3. Desperate for death in the wake of his family's slaughter, Devlin has agreed to become the Chosen One of the neighbouring Kingdom of Jorsk - the kingdom which conquered and enslaved his own native land of Duncaer. But just when he is reconciled to his new life, he finds he must go off seeking the Chosen One's sword of legend - which was lost in conquered Duncaer. He must again face the land of his birth and the people who once trusted him. Pb $15.95 388pp NOEL ANN BRENNAN BLOOD OF THE LAND Land #2. With her baby kidnapped, her lover missing and her deposed cousin making war against her, Rilsin's only hope lies in a princess who may be her salvation, or an enemy worse than any she has ever encountered. Pb $15.95 378pp DAN BROWN THE DA VINCI CODE Robert Langdon, Harvard Professor of symbology, receives an urgent latenight call while in Paris: the curator of the Louvre has been murdered. Alongside the body is a series of baffling ciphers. Langdon and a gifted French cryptologist, Sophie Neveu, are stunned to find a trail that leads to the works of Da Vinci - and further. The curator, part of a secret society named the Priory of Sion, may have sacrificed his life to keep secret the location of an important religious relic hidden for centuries. Pb $19.95 604pp STEVEN BRUST THE LORD OF CASTLE BLACK Viscount of Adrilankha #2. The Interregnum is over and to everyone's astonishment, Zerika, a very young Phoenix, has coolly emerged from the Paths of the Dead, carrying with her the Orb, which everyone had thought was lost in Adron's Disaster. Pb $17.95 398pp SETHRA LAVODE Viscount of Adrilankha #3. After a long absence, the undead Sethra Lavode, the Enchantress of Dzur Mountain, has re-entered the Empire's affairs. Since Adron's Disaster, when Dragaera City was turned instantly into a sea of amorphia, the Empire has been in ruins. Now, an ambitious Dragonlord means to rebuild the Empire in his own name. But unknown to him, the true heir, the Phoenix Zerika, has already retrieved the Imperial Orb from the Paths of the Dead. Sethra Lavode means to see Zerika on the throne. To do so will entail a climactic battle of sorcery and arms... Hb $56.00 351pp
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NEW TITLE THE HAUNTED AIR A Repairman Jack novel F Paul Wilson Pb $17.95 511pp This is the fifth Repairman Jack novel (the sixth if you include The Tomb which is the second of The Adversary Cycle). This is very clever horror. For those unfamiliar with Wilson, pretty much everything he writes (and he's written quite a bit) is linked by the ultimate good vs evil battle, lots of it occurring in the district of Monroe in New York. It starts with a seemingly simple vampire story, The Keep (Pb $15.95) and The Tomb (Pb $17.95), at which point you have the Repairman Jack novels splicing off and running concurrently to the rest of the Adversary Circle, only to link back in with Nightworld. The Keep was written in 1981 - how long Wilson has had all this plotted out (let alone kept it straight in his head) is something I'd love to ask him. The other nice thing is that you can read The Adversary Cycle and the Repairman Jack novels independently of each other. The Haunted Air has Jack hired by Lyle and Charlie, two brothers who are running a spiritualist/psychic scam a little too well. A pair of competing "psychics", having had too many customers lured away, start taking it out on the Kenton brothers. Things escalate when things start going wrong inside their home - windows not closing, the TV running with no power, but as things get weirder, the brothers realise that there is something else going on. Jack scams those attacking the Kentons, setting them up for public humiliation and falling fowl of the law with his usual style and wit (I love the way this guy works). He is also working a second case - hired by a mystery man to stop his brother Eli from hurting anyone on the next full moon. It's a simple job - all Jack has to do is watch the guy. Jack has been previously warned that there is no coincidence for him, and it turns out that the two cases are related, and Jack, his partner Gia, her daughter Vicky and their unborn child are under threat, not only from Eli but also the ghost haunting the Kentons, as well as The Otherness - the force trying to destroy ours and every other reality. It sounds too much to swallow, but believe me - these books are crafted well, the characters are realistic and engaging, and they have me hooked from the beginning every time. Wilson manages to merge the plausible with the implausible in a brilliant series that never fails to deliver. My only concern is that the two story arcs are very close to merging - and then what will happen to Jack??? The two series are brilliant and highly recommended. Some of the Adversary books are out of print but they are worth hunting down. - Stephanie
OLD TITLE THE SIEGE OF ARRANDIN The Arrandin Trilogy #01 Marcus Herniman Pb $16.95 Marcus Herniman has written the type of tale where you are instantly thrown into a fully realised world; it has history, depth, character and a weight behind it like few first novels that I've read. With a scope that rivals Erikson's Malazan books and Feist's Magician, this tale blends both High Fantasy Adventure with a real social commentary as conveyed by characters who are both human and believable. The story opens with terrifying assaults on the border manors of the Empire of Lautun. The dark magics of the Eastern Wizards overrun defences and barbarian armies are swiftly camped around the walls of the city of Arrandin. The Lord of Arrandin seeks help from the Council of Magi and the Emperor, and so begins the adventure. In the border city of Arrandin and the coastal city of Ellanguan, Herniman weaves his tale around a small group of core characters. Political in-fighting and manoeuvring is enacted in the court plots of the Houses Noble, spilling over to the bitter rivalry between the priesthoods of the elder gods, the Aeshtar, and those of the newer gods, known as the Vashtar. Emperor Rhydden, himself a follower of the Imperial Vashta gods, moves his subjects - allies and opponents alike - with the ease of moving pieces on a chess board. With dubious intent, he commends the military Orders of the Aeshtar and the Council Magi, of whom he has a deep-seated mistrust, ahead to Arrandin's aid while he gathers his own army. Kellarn, a scion of the House of Dortrean, becomes entangled in the plots of the Souther Empire. In Arrandin, the High Councillor Rhysana leads a team of magi in search of a key to the ancient magical defences of the city. There she discovers that even the lofty heights of the Council of Magi do not provide defence against treachery and intrigue, from both within and without, and that beneath the surface of the Easterner invasion lies a darker, older menace. Packed to bursting with characters you can both love and hate, this story is set in a world that is new and hauntingly familiar. More than one writer has fallen beneath the weight of their own creation when world building, but in the delivery of his first published work, Herniman pulls it off and more. There is fine attention to detail and the natural rhythm and eloquence of the writing deftly handles the complexities of the story, encompassing an ease of style - a voice - that is often the hallmark of more experienced writers. If you enjoy magic and adventure then you can't go past the first book in the Arrandin trilogy and its sequels, The Treason of Dortrean (Pb $17.95) and The Fall of Lautun (Pb $17.95)
FLAVIA BUJOR THE PROPHECY OF THE GEMS Three young girls, Jade, Amber and Opal, each from very different backgrounds, discover on the day of their 14th birthday that they are adopted. An ancient prophecy compels them to leave their families to complete their mission in a far-off kingdom. Each girl is given custody of a magic stone which corresponds to her name. Although they dislike each other on sight, they have to overlook their differences in order to escape the dangers that threaten them. Their quest will lead them into a ferocious battle against the forces of evil. Hb $19.95 440pp
JACQUELINE CAREY KUSHIEL'S AVATAR Kushiel #3. Phиdre has lain with princes and pirate kings, battled a wicked temptress, and saved two nations. Through it all, the devoted swordsman Joscelin has been at her side. But Phиdre's plans will put his pledge to the test, for she has never forgotten her childhood friend Hyacinthe. She has spent ten long years searching for the key to free him from his eternal indenture to the Master of Straights. Her search will take them across the world to a power so intense and mysterious, none dare speak its name. Pb $17.95 750pp
Ph 9267 7222 FAX 9261 3691
DEBORAH CHESTER REALM OF LIGHT Ruby Throne #3. After nine centuries, Emperor Kostimon's rule is ending and the Dark Lord is set to assume his place on the throne. Darkness sweeps the land, leaving death and destruction in its wake. Only Caelan and Elandra possess the magic to fight the shadows. Now, as destiny beckons, they must lead their world into the Realm of Light. Pb $17.95 395pp TED CHIANG STORIES OF YOUR LIFE AND OTHERS Ted Chiang's first published story, Tower of Babylon, won the Nebula Award in 1990. Subsequent stories have won the Asimov's SF Magazine reader poll, a second Nebula Award, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, and the Sidewise Award for alternate history. He won the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 1992. Story for story, he is the most honoured young writer in modern SF. Collected here for the first time are all seven of his stories so far, plus an eighth story written especially for this volume. Tp $30.00 333pp STEVE COCKAYNE THE SEAGULL DROVERS Legends of the Land #3. Nothing is right in the Land. King Matthew is indisposed, the city dominated by the malevolent Fang. Crops are dying and even the seagulls have lost their way. Everywhere, people are searching for answers. Leonardo Pegasus, retired magician, probes the murky depths of the Signal Network, where unseen forces vie for supremacy. Ashleigh Brown, urban teenager, yearns for the open road, for the gaudy wagon of the Wanderer Liam Blackwood. Charles Bannister, wealthy businessman, plunders the Outer Isles, hunting the secret riches that lie buried there. Tp $29.95 328pp DAVID COE SEEDS OF BETRAYAL Winds of the Forelands #2. The realms of the Forelands are in turmoil as a result of the machinations of a powerful conspiracy of sorcerers, members of a race called the Qirsi. Though many refuse to acknowledge the possibility of a conspiracy, a handful of Qirsi and nobles realise that the time has come to take action. But the rebels don't know of each other's actions and the tenuous threads holding the realms together are starting to unravel. The future of the entire Forelands is in danger, and a 900-year-old grudge may lead to civil war. Those who wish to prevent it must place their hopes in a reluctant assassin, a few Qirsi and nobles, and the one man who may be able to defeat the leader of the conspiracy... if he can survive long enough to do it. Pb $17.95 594pp
JENNIFER COOK ARIADNE: THE MAIDEN AND THE MINOTAUR Based on the Greek myth of Theseus and the minotaur, the tale of a hero who enters a labyrinth and kills a terrible monster with the help of a beautiful princess, this tale is written from the princess' point of view. How did it feel to help Theseus, who promised her marriage only to dump her on an island in the Aegean and run off with her sister? Ariadne, like so many women in classic mythology, was given a minor role in the grand tale, but without her sensible advice Theseus would have failed. Pb $16.95 206pp
GARY CREW & STEVEN WOOLMAN BENEATH THE SURFACE Spiro, now a doctor of science, is returning to the small town of Preston where he grew up and the old water tower that stands outside the town. There is a mystery to uncover and Spiro is in search of an explanation for the nightmares that haunt him. What he discovers will change his life forever. Hb $27.95 32pp
LEAH CUTTER THE CAVES OF BUDA When Zita's grandfather flees his hospital bed - raving about demons, she must track him to his boyhood home of Budapest. But Zita is about to discover that his seeming madness masks a terrible truth - and the world may soon face a danger unlike any history has seen before... Pb $15.95 304pp
sweeping the world,
governments were on
the verge of collapse,
the global economy
was hitting rock
bottom - and then a
Nagunda Aran, a
charismatic speaker
who worked miracles
and touched millions of Americans. As
his influence grew, powerful men
perceived him as a threat to their
dominion and made plans to have him
eliminated. But one assassin after another
failed, thwarted by bizarre circumstances,
sometimes even killing each other by
accident when multiple assassins were
sent to do the job. And Aran said that the
attempts to kill him were of no
importance, since he was fated to die
soon, as would many thousands more in
an impending cosmic disaster that he
predicted was descending on the Earth.
Hb $49.95 372pp
CHARLES DICKINSON A SHORTCUT IN TIME Euclid, Illinois, is a town of many shortcuts, between houses, through orchards, and across fields. Josh Winkler, a local artist and longtime resident, knows these irregular pathways well, but is thoroughly taken aback when a hasty dash down a familiar walk deposits him 15 minutes in the past--literally. At first, Josh is more intrigued than alarmed by this accidental time travel. Then a lost young woman appears, claiming to be from 1908. As his life, his family, his town and even history itself begin to unravel, Josh gradually realises that his only salvation may lie in A Shortcut in Time. Tp $32.95 288pp ROBERT DOHERTY LEGEND Area 51 #9. They were born on a planet in the spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. In a bloody revolution they became known as godkillers - two humans who led a revolt against the deathless race, the Airlia, and a plan to breed human foot soldiers for ceaseless intergalactic warfare. Now Donnchadh and Gwalcmai are the watchers, waiting for the moment when humankind can wage its last battle for survival. Pb $15.95 313pp DAVID & LEIGH EDDINGS THE ELDER GODS Dreamers #1. The Dreamers have the power to change the world with their dreams - they look like children, but are, actually, sleeping gods. They're an apparition designed to fool the Lord of the Wasteland, an enemy that plans to use the moment of the divinities' waking to get rid of them and the other divinities that are already awake. The time for a switchover is approaching fast. There will be battle. There will be trickery and deception. Tribes of humans, the sea and the earth, the weather and creatures of the deep will all play their part in the epic struggle against the hive mentality of the Lord of the Wasteland. Tp $29.95 424pp CATHERINE FISHER THE ARCHON The Oracle #2. The Archon vows to lead a pilgrimage to the Well of Songs to seek peace with the Rain Queen and save the land from the terrible drought. The Well is hidden in the mountains across the desert. With only Oblek, Seth and two tomb-thieves known as the Jackal and the Fox for company, the Archon's journey is treacherous and dangerous. They must face the Great Desolation and the monstrous animals outlined on the desert floor, animals with mythical powers, and they must survive without Mirany, bearer-of-the-god and true friend of the Archon, who has had to remain behind to face a threat much closer to home... Pb $17.95 392pp
ERIC FLINT & ANDREW DENNIS 1634: THE GALILEO AFFAIR The Thirty Years War continues to ravage 17th century Europe, but a new force is gathering power and influence: the Confederated Principalities of Europe, an alliance between Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden and the West Virginians from the 20th century led by Mike Stearns who were hurled centuries into the past by a mysterious cosmic accident. They hope to establish commercial ties with Turkey's Ottoman Empire and to establish diplomatic ties with the Vatican. But a Venetian artisan may cause all their plans to come to naught. Having read 20th century history books of the period, he has become determined to rescue Galileo from his trial for heresy. The Americans are divided on whether to help him or stop him and whether he succeeds or fails, the results may be catastrophic for the CPE. Hb $54.00 549pp SANDRA FORRESTER THE WITCHES OF SEADRAGON BAY Beatrice and her friends Cyrus, Ollie and Teddy go to a very unusual beach resort, where the waters are filled with sea serpents and monsters. Beatrice is continuing her mission to break the spell of Dally Rumpe, the evil sorcerer whose dark powers extend over many different realms. Pb $12.95 228pp JACKIE FRENCH FLESH AND BLOOD Outlands #3. The city has called on Danielle Forest, Virtual Engineer, to find the source of a new influenza epidemic that is infecting the City and threatening the Outlands. Those affected become zombies intent on killing all around them. If the epidemic is not controlled, the deaths are likely to be greater than anything seen since the Black Death. Danielle and her boyfriend, Neil, may be infected with the disease, so they must race against time to find the source in order for an antidote to be made. Pb $15.95 212pp DAVID GEMMELL THE SWORDS OF NIGHT AND DAY Skilgannon the Damned #2. An ancient prophecy foretold that Skilgannon would return in his people's darkest hour. To most, this is a foolish hope. But not so to Landis Kan. For years, Kan searched for the tomb of Skilgannon the Damned. And at last, he found it, gathering up the bones and performing the mystic ritual. But the reborn hero is an enigma: a young man whose warrior skills are blunted and whose memories are fragmented. This Skilgannon is a man out of time, marooned in a world as strange to him as a dream, remote from all he knew and loved. Hb $59.95 459pp Tp $32.95 459pp
DAVID GEMMELL WHITE WOLF Skilgannon the Damned #1. Skilgannon the Damned had vanished from the pages of history. No-one knew where he had gone, following the terrible triumph at Perapolis and the assassins sent by the Witch Queen could find no trace of his passing. Three years later, a murderous mob gathers outside a monastery, faced by a single, unarmed priest. In a few terrifying seconds their world is changed for ever and word spreads across the lands of the East Skilgannon is back. Now he must travel across a perilous, demon-haunted realm seeking a mysterious temple and the ageless goddess who rules it. With assassins on his trail and an army of murderous foes ahead, the Damned sets off on a quest to bring the dead to life. But he does not travel alone. The man beside him is Druss the Legend. Pb $21.95 589pp ELIZABETH GILLIGAN THE SILKEN SHROUD Silken Magic #2. This series melds the magic, romance and vengeance of the gypsy culture with the silk trade, ghostly spirits and a true love which is repeatedly thwarted. Pb $15.95 480pp SUSAN GRANT THE LEGEND OF BANZAI MAGUIRE 2176 #1. After US Air Force pilot Bree `Banzai' Maguire is shot down in Korean airspace, she awakens in the year 2176 to a romantic adventure. Pb $15.95 343pp KRISTINE GRAYSON ABSOLUTELY CAPTIVATED CPA Travers Kineally lives an ordinary life, but life gets extraordinary when his sister gets him to drive three women halfway across the country to look for Zoe Sinclair, who couldn't possibly still be alive and certainly cannot be the beautiful woman they finally locate. Then he learns he isn't just a magician with math - he's a mage. But what really makes him nervous is that he can't get Zoe out of his mind. Pb $15.95 384pp JON COURTENAY GRIMWOOD LUCIFER'S DRAGON Passion di Orchi is no more than the obscenely rich daughter of a West Coast mafia boss - until she decides to rebuild Venice in the middle of the Pacific. A century later, the daughter of Count Ryuchi slips away from her father's palazzo, out to the levels to play Lucifer's Dragon. A multi-level, self-perpetuating, true 3D trawl through the Apocalypse, Lucifer's Dragon is coded so the game never repeats its own failures. But an altercation in a bar puts Karo on a collision course with NVPD officer Angeli, drafted in by media giant CySat to investigate a murder she knows way too much about.... Pb $19.95 377pp
DEBORAH HALE THE WIZARD'S WARD When her wizard guardian announces Maura is to be queen, he also reveals that first she must find and unite with their country's legendary `Waiting King' in order to overthrow the enemy occupation. Men have searched for the fabled warrior for ages - what chance has a young witch gifted in life-magic? Filled with fear and determination, as well as wits and magic, Maura sets forth. Her only ally is the outlaw Rath. As midsummer approaches, their mission is in jeopardy from the Han outlaws and treasure hunters - and even their own folk, who are wary of the witch and the wolf. But the greatest complication is the knowledge that if they do not find the king, Maura need not sacrifice all to be queen. Tp $29.95 409pp THOMAS HARLAN HOUSE OF REEDS Aztec Empire #2. Xenoarcheologist Gretchen Anderssen had hoped to enjoy her well-earned vacation, but the Company has other plans for her - when she checks in for her transport, she's ordered to make a quick trip to investigate reports of a possible First Sun artefact. She just has to file a report. But it smells bad, says Gretchen's Hesht companion, Magdalena. The Company pilot assigned to Anderssen's analysis team agrees. And they are right. Unbeknownst to anyone at the Company, the Imperial Mйxican Priesthood has decided to wage a war - a war not of conquest or defense, but a "flowery war", planned and fomented for the purpose of blooding the Emperor's youngest son. And Gretchen and her team are headed right into the middle of the battle. Hb $56.00 414pp ANNE HARRIS INVENTING MEMORY Shula is a slave in fabled Sumer - until Inanna, Queen of Heaven, appears before her. Chosen by the Goddess for reasons she cannot begin to fathom, Shula is freed from bondage and set upon an uncertain path toward a new and mysterious destiny. But the attention of the gods is a dangerous thing... Wendy Chrenko is an overworked graduate student, researching her dissertation on Remnants of Matriarchy in the Ancient Sumerian Inanna Cycle. Still recovering from a failed love affair, Wendy is determined to prove that men and women once lived together in perfect harmony, even if it means volunteering for a bizarre and dangerous scientific experiment. Separated by millennia, Shula and Wendy are two very different women, leading completely separate lives, or maybe not. Hb $56.00 351pp
Ph 9267 7222 FAX 9261 3691
LIAN HEARN GRASS FOR HIS PILLOW Tales of the Otori #2. Takeo is bound by the bargain he made with the Tribe and must put his skills at their service. Kaede, devastated by Takeo's leavetaking, returns to her parents' home and the ruin that her estate has become. Finding her father on the verge of insanity and pregnant with Takeo's child, Kaede is determined to educate herself and her sisters and save her domain. Pb $19.95 353pp HOWARD HENDRIX THE LABYRINTH KEY The race is heating up between the US and China to develop a quantum computer with infinite capabilities to crack any enemy's codes, yet keep secure its own secrets. Dr Jaron Kwok was working for the US government to build such a computer. But in a hotel in Hong Kong, a Chinese policewoman sifts through the bizarre, ashlike remains of what's left of the doctor. With the clock ticking, alliances will be forged and there are those who will stop at nothing to discover what the doctor knew. As the search for answers intensifies, it becomes chillingly clear that the quantum computer both sides so desperately want will be more powerful, more dangerous than anyone could have ever imagined. Tp $32.95 434pp BRAIN HERBERT & Kevin Anderson THE MACHINE CRUSADE The Legends of Dune #2. Centuries from now, humanity has spread across space and all-powerful machines rule the humans who were once their masters. The Earth itself is a radioactive ruin, but Serena Butler's murdered child has become a symbol for the oppressed and they are uniting for a war against the Titans. Pb $19.95 664pp CECELIA HOLLAND WITCHES' KITCHEN This is the saga of Corban Loose- Strife set in the terrible and wonderful world of the Vikings. Hb $54.00 384pp TOM HOLT THE PORTABLE DOOR Starting a new job is always stressful (especially when you don't particularly want one), but when Paul Carpenter arrives at the office of HW Wells he has no idea what trouble lies in store. Because he is about to discover that the apparently respectable establishment now paying his salary is in fact a front for a deeply sinister organisation that has a mighty peculiar agenda. It seems that half the time his bosses are away with the fairies. But they're not, of course. They're away with the goblins. Pb $22.95 404pp
HERVE JUBERT DANCE OF THE ASSASSINS Welcome to the future. Welcome to 19th century London: a theme park recreated for tourists. But it's not just tourists visiting this historical virtual city... Jack the Ripper, too, has returned. Roberta Morgenstern and her daring assistant Clement Martineau are hot on the assassin's trail. Their mission will lead them from medieval Paris to Montezuma's Mexico, as they trace the steps of a criminal mastermind - and confront the Devil himself. Pb $19.95 343pp ELIZABETH KAY THE DIVIDE Felix is brave and resourceful, but has a heart condition that threatens his life. His parents take him on holiday to Costa Rica, where they visit the Divide, a place where the waters that run down to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, separate. But at this exact spot Felix faints and when he opens his eyes, he discovers he's arrived in an amazing world where mythical creatures and magic are real, and humans and science are just rumour and legend. Luckily, Ironclaw, a fearsome, but kindly brazzle takes him under his wing, and together with Bettony, a tangle-girl, they set out to find a cure for Felix's condition and the way back home. Pb $16.95 320pp GREG KEYES THE BRIAR KING Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone #1. 2000 years ago, the Born Queen defeated the Skasloi lords, freeing humans from the bitter yoke of slavery. But now monstrous creatures roam the land. The king's woodsman, a rebellious girl, a young priest, a roguish adventurer and a young man made suddenly into a knight, all face malevolent forces that shake the foundations of the kingdom, even as the Briar King, legendary harbinger of death, awakens from his slumber. At the heart of this many-layered tale is Anne Dare, youngest daughter of the royal family... upon whom the fate of her world may depend. Pb $17.95 584pp NANCY KRESS CROSSFIRE This is the story of a human colony settling on a distant planet, formed by Jake Holman - a man trying to escape a dark past. As this diverse group of thousands comes to terms with their new lives on a new world, they discover primitive humanoid aliens. The evidence seems to indicate the aliens aren't native to the planet. When the humans finally learn the truth, they find themselves caught up in an interstellar war. In the end, the colonists will have to choose sides in the struggle. A lot is riding on their decision - not just the fate of their new home, but the fate of all humanity. Pb $15.95 364pp
TANITH LEE PIRATICA 17-year-old Artemis Blastside fumes in the dreary Angels Academy for Young Ladies, longing for the life her mother led, as a notorious female pirate. She finally seizes the chance to escape, along with her classmate, Belladora Fan. They arrive at the unruly inn, The Portsmouth Pudding, where Art finds some of her mother's crew. As she is trying to convince them of who she is, highwayman Cuckoo Jack arrives and sends the crew, with Art and Belladora, flying for the ship and open water. Suddenly a stowaway emerges from a rum barrel - Felix Phoenix, hopelessly sea-sick. And this is just the beginning of the adventure... Hb $32.95 370pp
Ursula Le Guin THE BIRTHDAY OF THE WORLD AND OTHER STORIES Six of the eight pieces collected here are set in the Hainish cycle. The title story, The Birthday of the World, stands alone and the final piece, Paradises Lost, is a new short novel original to the collection. Pb $17.95 362pp
STEPHEN LEIGH DINOSAUR PLANET Ray Bradbury Presents. This time-travel story evolved from the work of Ray Bradbury, follows Eckels, a psychotic time traveller, as he is transported to an alternate prehistoric period by a savage timestorm. Pb $15.95 280pp
DINOSAUR WORLD Ray Bradbury Presents. Transported back in time to the prehistoric era by Time Safari, Inc. - a company that offers time travel to hunters - Aaron Cofield and Jennifer Mason must flee across the millennia, pursued by a psychotic member of Time Safari. Pb $16.95 274pp
Firekeepers #3. Melina Shield, the
thoroughly discredited sorceress, whose
power-hungry intrigues have already
made so much trouble for Firekeeper, has
once more used her power to cloud men's
minds and has induced the ruler of New
Kelvin to marry her. This is bad news on
a lot of fronts. It's particularly bad news
for Firekeeper. Melina hasn't abandoned
her schemes to gain power through the
use of forbidden ancient sorcery. And the
leaders of the royal
beasts who watch over
this world have given
Firekeeper and her
companion Blind Seer,
the responsibility for
stopping her. Pb $17.95
HOLLY LISLE GODS OLD AND DARK The World Gates #3. Lauren Dane and Molly McColl, two sisters transformed, now hold the future of all living things in their hands - for Lauren's mission to bring life-giving magic back to Earth and other dying worlds has not gone unnoticed. Molly's power to protect her will not hold against the countless ancient evils that are closing in. For the maelstrom is coming to drag down gods and humans alike. And darkness will surely prevail unless a last, desperate stand is made against the dreaded Night Watch, eater of worlds. Pb $15.95 324pp REBECCA LOCKSLEY THE THREE SISTERS Once Tari ruled in the land of Yarmar - a mysterious race of visionaries and healers whose power has since faded to legend. Then the armies of Mir came to destroy and enslave. Now, in their relentless drive for domination, the despised Mirayan Prince Scarvan and his loyal duke, Wolf Madraga, have both claimed a prize beyond compare. She is called Elena Starchild, the bewitching wife of a newly slain woodlands leader. She is Tari, possessing a fatal beauty that confounds and obsesses her lustful captors and she will not be abandoned. Drawn from their island sanctuary by a sister's plight, a warrior and a sorceress return to an oppressed land, carrying with them the magic of hope, spirit and glorious rebellion. But there are shadows in their own hearts that first must be conquered before a prisoner is freed and a mighty destiny can come to pass. Pb $17.95 498pp LOIS LOWRY MESSENGER Strange changes are taking place in Village, which was once a utopian community, priding itself on its welcome to new strangers. Soon Village will be closed to all outsiders. Matty must deliver the message of Village's closing and try to convince Seer's daughter to return with him before it's too late. But Forest has become hostile to Matty as well and he must risk everything to fight his way through it, armed only with an emerging power he cannot yet explain or understand. Hb $35.00 169pp ANNE MCCAFFREY & ELIZABETH ANN SCARBOROUGH ACORNA'S TRIUMPH Acorna #7. Acorna has defeated slavers, a deadly international conspiracy and the vicious alien Khleevi, only to endure the loss of her beloved Aari. Now, Aari has returned and together they can finish rebuilding their home world. But Aari is oddly changed, to the point where he barely remembers Acorna - much less their love - and his actions grow more and more sinister... Hb $54.00 308pp
power of aether and
through the secrets of
the guilds that wield it,
England has created a
mighty Industrial Age.
It is a place of
enchanted gardens and
smokestack factories
and fantastic beasts. Yet in this great age
of the world, Robert Borrows, the
insignificant son of a Lesser Toolmaker,
holds the key to the world's future.
Raised in the Yorkshire town of
Bracebridge, he witnesses the dark side of
aether when his mother is transformed
into a changeling. Fleeing to London, he
re-encounters the mysterious Anna
Winters, who he first met on a trip to a
strange white palace in happier times.
Roaming the vast, Brobdignagian city, he
discovers secrets that will lead him back
towards the hills of Bracebridge and the
deepest mysteries of aether. For all is not
well in England's green and pleasant
land. This Age is ending, in fire and
death... Tp $29.95 456pp
KEITH MILLER THE BOOK OF FLYING Pico is an orphaned librarian who has been sustained all of his young life by his love of stories alone. Little does he know that an ancient letter is about to set him on a quest for love so vast and mythical in its scope that he will learn to persevere, to kill and ultimately, to fly. Tp
$29.95 262pp
WALTERS MOERS A WILD RIDE THROUGH THE NIGHT In a world between legend and dream, in a time between childhood and adulthood, these are the comic adventures of Gustave, a boy who aspires one day to be a great artist. Tp $27.95 197pp
ANDRE NORTON GODS AND ANDROIDS An omnibus edition containing Android in Arms and Wraiths of Time. Was Andas an android, or the rightful Emperor, held prisoner on a distant planet while an android impersonated him on the Empire's throne world? Was Tallhasseee Mitford a modern archaeologist suffering from strange delusions, or has an Ancient Egyptian ankh somehow hurled her personality far back in the mists of time to a Nubian kingdom where she is now a warrior princess named Ashake, caught up in a struggle between the gods of Egypt? Hb $49.95 409pp
JOSEPHINE PENNICOTT A FIRE IN THE SHELL Circle of Nine #3. First came the flies and bees, then the wild dog attacks and sightings by locals of terrifying beings. The wail of the Banshee is heard. Erinyes, Pan and the Wild Hunt are on the move. The old ones demand blood... the killings begin. A coven of witches has unleashed chaos by opening a portal to Eronth, a parallel world where magic, prophecy and ancient myths are real. Now the coven return to close the portal, but dark forces are working against them. Is one of their own betraying them? The faith and strength of Khartyn, Gwyndion, Maya and others are pushed to the limit as they face the horrific culmination of deadly energies. Not all of them will prove equal to the challenge. Heroes will fall by the wayside. One of them will perform the ultimate sacrifice. Pb $18.95 455pp JUNIUS PODRUG DARK PASSAGE A strange phenomenon grips the world of today and yesterday. A shepherd boy appears outside a scientific facility at Los Alamos, New Mexico, babbling in an ancient tongue. At the same time, 2000 years ago, mortal fear grips a queen whose murderous ambitions are boundless, as she entertains her subjects with screams of the dying men in an arena. In one moment, time is ripped apart... Brutal jihad terrorists slip through the hole in time, on a mysterious and deadly quest to change the course of history. To stop them, three innocent people, two men and a woman, are sent back on the most exciting mission in history - to unravel a mystery and stop a killer. Pb $15.95 419pp Terry Pratchett & STEPHEN BRIGGS THE NEW DISCWORLD COMPANION The Discworld is an unpredictable place, with rivers you can skateboard across (if they weren't so knobbly), rocks that like to stroll about of an evening and points of raw magic that can turn a body inside out soon as look at it. For safety's sake, you need a guide! This companion contains everything you need to know about the Discworld. This edition, the first major revision since Hogfather (Pb $19.95) was published, covers the eight Discworld novels from Jingo (Pb $19.95) onwards, including the Diaries, the plays and other Discworld spinoffery. Pb $18.95 472pp
Ph 9267 7222 FAX 9261 3691
BYRON PREISS (ED) WEIRD HEROES A New American Pulp #1. Ten of the most popular writers and artists in the field of popular fiction produce five exciting, incredible, outrageous characters - a gypsy-wandering hero on an incredible quest, Guts - the `50s greaser from the future, Adam Stalker, a Vietnam Vet turned undercover hero, Greatheart Silver-Zeppelin, captain and adventurer and Rose-geriatric, heroine of the sunshine state. Pb $15.95 247pp IRENE RADFORD GUARDIAN OF THE PROMISE Merlin's Descendants #4. This instalment follows the children of twin brothers Donovan and Griffin, in a magic-fuelled struggle to protect Elizabethan England from enemies - both mortal and demonic. Pb $17.95 564pp RUDY RUCKER FREK AND THE ELIXIR In the year 3003, nature has been denatured by the profiteers of NuBioCom. And the arbitrary, allpowerful and mysterious Gov runs the pervasive NuBioCom and everything else. It's up to Frek Huggins, a lad from the dull, sleepy Middleville, to venture out into the galaxy to fetch an elixir to restore Earth's lost species. At least, that's what a friendly alien cuttlefish tells him the elixir will do. But can you really trust aliens? Frek finds himself in the midst of a galactic struggle for humanity's freedom, accompanied by his talking dog, Wow, the down-home mutant, Gibby and an asteroid-raised girl named Renata. The final liberation depends on freeing Frek's long-lost father with the help of a benevolent alien called the Magic Pig. Hb $59.95 476pp KRISTINE KATHRYN RUSCH CONSEQUENCES Retrieval Artist #3. Retrieval Artist Miles Flint brought one of the Disappeared out of hiding, believing she would be safe, but then she's murdered, plunging Flint into a mystery involving an enigmatic alien race - and the fate of the entire solar system. Pb $15.95 370pp PAMELA SARGENT CONQUEROR FANTASTIC Here are 13 original tales in which destinies are changed - and with them, the future. Each story imagines what the world would be like if its most powerful leaders had met different fates. Some of the greatest minds in science fiction take on alternate history, including a victorious Hitler, a virtual Napoleon and an Alexander the Mediocre. Contributors include Michelle West, Pamela Sargent, Jack Dann, George Alec Effinger, Ian Watson, James Morrow, George Zebrowski and more... Pb $15.95 320pp
ANDY SECOMBE LIMBO The worlds of Limbo and Hove are under threat when the Prophecy starts to come to pass, heralded by a shower of garbageeating clams broken loose from a massive spaceship of the far future. What is happening is that the hoop of time is beginning to break up... till the denizens of Limbo and Hove increasingly merge and this composite place is eventually overrun by monsters, dinosaurs, Roman soldiers, Norman invaders, Edwardian gentlemen and Regency ladies with parasols, all fighting for space in a giant time-warp. Pb $18.95 340pp LIMBO II: THE FINAL CHAPTER The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have arrived on their different coloured horses: one black, one white, one pale and one pink and are searching for Rex Boggs, Wizard of Limbo, who prevented their arrival on Hove seafront by rewriting the future. Tp $30.00 308pp CHARLES SHEFFIELD RESURGENCE Hans Rebka, interstellar troubleshooter, had solved the mystery of the gigantic Artefacts built by a race that vanished millions of years ago and at the same time had defeated the warlike Zardalu, one-time tyrannical rulers of the galaxy. But that was only a warm-up for the main event. In one arm of the galaxy, something is destroying whole stellar systems. Investigating the wave of stellar destruction, Rebka and his crew of humans and aliens discover a battle that may determine the ultimate fate of the galaxy itself. Rebka and company must act quickly. Unfortunately, they are trapped on a planet directly in the path of destruction... Pb $17.95 440pp IAN SLATER WWIII: CHOKE POINT The fight against terrorism has reached the next level and now America will really go to war. A series of cataclysmic events is exploding around the world. With US troops still on the ground in the Middle East and Ganistan, and an American president forced by rapidly unfolding events to make decisions on the fly, the most dangerous threat is the one no one sees. Pb $15.95 422pp
NEAL STEPHENSON THE CONFUSION Baroque Cycle #2. It is the late 1600s on the high seas. A group of Barbary galley slaves plot as they ply the oars of a pirate ship. These ten men have heard whispers of an enormous cache of Spanish gold. Together, they hatch a daring scheme - escape their chains, seize a ship and find the treasure. And, amazingly, they succeed. Meanwhile, back in France... The beautiful Eliza, toast of Versailles and spy extraordinaire, attempts to return to London with her baby, a child whose paternity is shrouded in mystery. As she makes her way home from the Continent, her ship is stopped by a French privateer - and she is returned to the Sun King's court. Thrown back into a web of international intrigue, Eliza must contend with all manner of characters, including buccaneers, poisoners, Jesuits, financial manipulators and a stray cryptographer or two. Tp $45.00 810pp CAROLINE STEVERMER A SCHOLAR OF MAGICS Glasscastle. On the surface, it is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in England. But underneath, its magic is ancient and dangerous. Samuel Lambert, sharpshooter, adventurer, late of the Wyoming plains and Kiowa Bob's Wild West Show, has been invited to Glasscastle to contribute his phenomenally accurate shooting eye to the top-secret Agincourt Project. The only dangers he expects to face are British snobbery, heavy dinners and tea with the provost's pretty wife. But when the provost's stylish sister, Jane, comes to town, things get much more exciting. Hb $43.00 300pp HARRY TURTLEDOVE ADVANCE AND RETREAT War Between the Provinces #3. When Avram became King of Detina, he announced his intention to liberate the blond serfs from their ties to the land. This noble assertion immediately plunged the kingdom into a civil war that would prove long and bloody, and set brother against brother. The northern provinces, seceded, choosing Avram's cousin, Grand Duke Geoffrey, as their king. To save the kingdom, Avram sent armies against the north, battling Geoffrey's army. Though King Avram held more land and wealth than Geoffrey, Geoffrey's men were better soldiers and the north had better and more powerful wizards. Still, as the war raged on, the tide turned against the north. Even so, the war is far from over... Pb $17.95 484pp
HARRY TURTLEDOVE OUT OF THE DARKNESS Darkness #6. As the Derlavaian War rages into its last and greatest battles, allied nations manoeuvre for positions against each other in a postwar world. But before that time can come, the forces of Algarve, Unkerlant and their allies must clash a final time, countering army with army and battle magic with evermore-powerful battle magic. In the midst of it all, the people the war has battered and reshaped must struggle to face their greatest individual challenges, as loves are shattered and found, terrible crimes avenged... and some journeys end forever. And the end of the war may not bring peace... Hb $59.95 524pp JACK VANCE TO LIVE FOREVER Garven Waylock has waited seven years for the scandal surrounding his former immortal self to be forgotten. He has kept his identity concealed so that he could once again join the ranks of those who lived forever. Tp $27.00 267pp K D WENTWORTH HOUSE OF MOONS House of Moons #2. Haemas Sennay Tal is the liason to the mysterious aliens known as the old ones and the only human permitted to traverse the alien's timeways. Unknown to her, Lord Chee, a bitter and treacherous lord, has devised a horrible scheme to wrest control over the timeways - and over the rich and beautiful Moonspeaker herself. Only Haemas can hope to stop him, pushing her extraordinary mind talents to unprecedented heights, before Chee destroys everyone and everything ever known - including herself. Pb $15.95 284pp ROGER ZELAZNY TO DIE IN ITALBAR & A DARK TRAVELLING In To Die in Italbar, the galaxy is in chaos, with people falling prey to an unidentifiable disease. Only one man has the ability to help - a man who can heal or kill with a touch. Known only as Mr. H, he is being sought after by everyone, but for vastly different reasons. Even Francis Sandow is seeking him and may be the only one with a clue as to who H really is... In A Dark Travelling, James Wiley is an ordinary 14-year-old who has lost his scientist father to a parallel world in the darkbands. With the help of Becky, his sister with magical powers, Barry the exchange student and Uncle George, the werewolf, James goes in search of his parent. But he must take care - for if there just happens to be a full moon at the wrong moment, James's itchy palms might lead him into trouble... Pb $16.95 310pp
HORROR KELLEY ARMSTRONG DIME STORE MAGIC Paige Winterbourne is a witch. Not that you'd notice, most of the time she's just a normal 23-year-old girl, who works too hard, worries about her weight and wonders if she'll ever find a boyfriend. Okay, so she does have an adopted teenage daughter, Savannah, who wants to raise her black witch of a mother from the dead and who is being stalked by a telekinetic half-demon and an allpowerful cabal of sorcerers. But other than that, Paige has a really ordinary life. That is, until the neighbours find out who she is, and all hell breaks loose. Literally... Pb $19.95 463pp GARY BRAUNBECK IN SILENT GRAVES Robert Londrigan seems to have it all. He is a newscaster with a rising career. He has a beautiful wife, Denise and a new baby on the way. But in just a few short hours Robert's world is turned upside down. Now his family is gone, but the torment only gets worse when his daughter's body is stolen from the morgue by a strange, disfigured man... Robert is about to begin a journey into a world of nightmare, an unimaginable world of mystery, horror and revelation. He will learn, from both the living and the dead, secrets about this world and things beyond this world. Though his journey will be grotesque, terrifying and heartbreaking, he will not be allowed to stop. But can he survive with his mind intact? Can he survive at all? Pb $15.95 378pp POPPY Z BRITE LIQUOR New Orleans natives Rickey and G-man are lifetime friends and down-and-out line cooks desperate to make a quick buck. When Rickey concocts the idea of opening a restaurant in their alcoholloving hometown where every dish packs a spirited punch, they know they're on their way to the bank. With some wheeling and dealing, a slew of great recipes, and a few lucky breaks, Rickey and G-man are soon on their way to opening Liquor, their very own restaurant. But first they need to pacify a local crank who doesn't want to see his neighbourhood disturbed, sidestep Rickey's deranged ex-boss, rein in their big-mouth silent partner before he runs amok and stay afloat in a stew of corruption in a town well known for its bottom feeders. Tp $29.95 339pp
JEANNE CAVELOS (ED) THE MANY FACES OF VAN HELSING An all-new anthology of stories featuring the original vampire hunter. Bram Stoker's Dracula is one of the most famous novels in history. Both Dracula and Van Helsing have become icons - the vampire and the vampire hunter. Yet while the character of Dracula has been endlessly examined, Van Helsing is arguably one of the most well-known, yet least explored characters in literature. Now, various authors contribute their own unique take on the original vampire hunter. The list of original stories featured in this unique anthology come from such authors as Tanith Lee, Christopher Golden, Kathe Koja, Thomas Tessier, Kim Antieau, Steve Rasnic Tem & Melanie Tem, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Adam-Troy Castro and more. Tp $32.95 382pp LAURELL HAMILTON CIRCUS OF THE DAMNED Anita Blake #3. Jean-Claude, the Master Vampire of the city, wants Anita for his own, but his enemies have other plans and to make matters worse, Anita takes a hit to the heart when she meets a stunningly handsome junior high science teacher named Richard Zeeman. They're two humans caught in the crossfire. Or so Anita thinks... (Reprint with new afterword by author.) Hb $49.95 307pp TANYA HUFF SMOKE AND SHADOWS Tony #1. Tony, a former street kid-turnedproducer, is behind a new TV series about a vampire detective. But what is real and what is fantasy? The answers are to be found in a wizard who's come to Earth from another dangerous dimension... and he's been followed. Hb $49.95 375pp SHAUN HUTSON HELL TO PAY A boy's body is discovered on the shores of Kingsfield reservoir. Whoever is carrying out the attacks is careful, methodical and clever. Detective Inspector Alan Fielding is frantic to find the killer before another child is taken... Nikki Reed knows only too well what the ominous knock on the front door means the loan sharks want their money back, and if they don't get it, they're going to get nasty. Roma Todd's relationship with record company boss David is rife with deceit and deception, but the one thing that holds them together is their daughter Kirsten. And though Kirsten may seem like any other child, she suffers from an extraordinary illness, one that without her medication can unleash a bizarre and deadly trail of horror... All desperate people running out of time. When their worlds collide, there'll be hell to pay. Pb $19.95 369pp
Ph 9267 7222 FAX 9261 3691
STEPHEN LAWS THE WYRM Something hideous is about to happen to the small town of Shillingham. Why does a madman shoot at the workers tearing down the old gallows at the crossroads? Why are the children drawn to play in its shadow, as if by a silent command? What is the eerie, thickening fog that surrounds the village, cutting off the inhabitants from the outside world? Beneath the ground, something stirs. As the workers continue working and the bulldozers roll on, a dark and unimaginable evil, imprisoned beneath the gallows for centuries, slowly awakes. It is alive. It is powerful and cunning and it wants revenge. Pb $15.95 339pp MICHAEL MARSHALL THE UPRIGHT MAN Ward Hopkins is afraid. He's seen something dreadful in the high plains of THE COLUMBIA River. It's sent him fleeing cross country, forever running. And in his wake, one by one, people are dying. Something is following him. Pb $15.95 360pp ROBERT PRICE (ED) THE NEW LOVECRAFT CIRCLE H P Lovecraft's tales changed the face of horror forever and inspired the bloodcurdling offerings of a new generation. This collection includes stories from Ramsey Campbell, Alan Dean Foster, Brian Lumley, Lin Carter and others. Tp $32.95 449pp MICHAEL ROMKEY AMERICAN GOTHIC 1863, the opium pipe and its dark dreams isn't enough to erase the memories that haunt Nathaniel Peregrine. His world shattered by civil war, he can find no reason to protect his soul from the intoxicating evil that pursues him. 1914, Growing tired of living a vampire's restless existence, Peregrine travels to the wild island of Haiti, where shadow blends easily into the exotic flora and fauna. There he meets Helen Fairweather, a woman who makes him yearn for a mortal life as he has not done for ages. The longing leads him to Dr Lavalle, a man who may be able to give him back his soul. Pb $15.95 298pp CHELSEA QUINN YARBRO BLOOD GAMES A Saint-Germain novel. One of Rome's few successful foreign businessmen, Sanct Germain Ragoczy has so far avoided the treacherous maze of Roman society. But his first mistake will be to fall in love with Olivia, the brutalised wife of a powerful senator. His second will be to help Rogerian, a craftsman mortally wounded by a greedy employer. Now as punishment for his interference, Ragoczy must face the Circus Maximus - as entertainment.. Pb $15.95 626pp
TIM WAGGONER WORLD OF DARKNESS: GANGREL Dark Ages #10. Deep in the wilds of Livonia, the vampire warlord Qarakh has become a power to be reckoned with. But now, the ancient Ventrue Alexander marches toward his lands, with undead knights at his side. This ancient Cainite has crushed many before him. Can Qarakh hope to stand where so many have fallen? Pb $15.95 283pp F PAUL WILSON THE HAUNTED AIR Repairman Jack doesn't believe a house can be haunted. But he's about to change that tune...It started off as a lark, a latenight jaunt from a boring party to the home of a psychic medium, with Jack dragged along as a reluctant participant. But as soon as Jack and Gia step across the threshold, the house and the earth itself shake to the accompaniment of a tortured scream. The house has a horrific history. The current owners, clever practitioners of spiritualist hocus-pocus, use high-tech tricks to dupe their marks. Unable to go to the police for fear of exposing their own scams, they hire Repairman Jack to fix their problem. Jack takes the job, figuring he'll straighten out the situation by engaging in one of his favourite pastimes: scamming a scammer. But soon he learns that this fix-it involves more than professional jealousy in the spook trade... Pb $17.95 532pp MIDNIGHT MASS Vampires have always lived in Eastern Europe. But with the fall of the Soviet Union, they began to spread across the continent, then the world, turning whole populations into vampires, or human cattle. Having overrun India, the far East and the great cities of North and South America, the forces of Night are now spreading into the countryside to consolidate their conquest. In a town on the New Jersey shore, the vampires have just arrived, along with their human henchmen, the cowboys, who round up human cattle for the overlords in return for the promise of eternal life - later. Falsely accused of abuse, Father Dan is drunk in a basement waiting for the end. His superior has become a vampire. Sister Carolyn has become a formidable killer of cowboys and vampires. Dan's niece, escaped from the conquest of New York, has made her way south to find him. Brought together by Rabbi Zev Wolpin, they plan their resistance. Against all odds, they discover that there just might be a way for humanity to really fight back. But first they will have to kill the vampire king of New York. Hb $56.00 332pp
MEDIA ANGEL DARK MIRROR CRAIG SHAW GARDNER #21. In his two-plus centuries on Earth, Angel's seen his share of imitators, but so far he's not encountered a clone - a true double. Enter Angel, the Second and Fred 2.0 and Wesley Redux... A steady parade of perfect doubles arrives at Angel Investigations, but they're not looking for help. They want the original humans (and vampire) dead. How do you defeat someone who knows your every thought, your every battle plan, your darkest fear? How can Angel defeat himself? Pb $13.95 262pp BATTLETECH PATRIOTS' STAND MIKE MOSCOE Mechwarrior: Dark Age #9. Grace O'Malley's ragtag forces stand valiantly against the fearsome Roughriders determined to write their planet's history in the scorched wreckage of the battlefield... Pb $15.95 296pp DOCTOR WHO HALFLIFE MARK MICHALOWSKI BBC #135. The Doctor's not himself. He's not quite sure who he is, but he's definitely not himself. It doesn't help that he's forgotten quite why he came to the colony world of Espero, but he's sure it was important. Pb $14.95 274pp SCREAM OF THE SHALKA PAUL CORNELL BBC #133. When the Doctor lands in the town of Kennet, he finds that something is terribly wrong. The people are scared. They don't like going out at night, they don't like making too much noise and they certainly don't like strangers asking questions. Pb $14.95 248pp novelisation (written version of film, TV, radio drama production, comic or game) Based on (concept) Film TV show Computer game Role-playing game comic reference
DRAGON LANCE NIGHT OF BLOOD RICHARD KNAAK The Minotaur Wars #1. This series is a direct sequel to the War of Souls trilogy and deals with the minotaurs, moving that species to the forefront of the Dragonlance world. Pb $14.95 372pp FORGOTTEN REALMS THE RAGE RICHARD LEE BYERS The Year of Rogue Dragons #1. This new trilogy explores the ancient secrets of dragon society. Pb $15.95 344pp VENOM'S TASTE LISA SMEDMAN House of Serpents #1. This is the first title in a new trilogy exploring the political intrigues of the yuan-ti race. Pb $16.95 308pp WIND WALKER ELAINE CUNNINGHAM Starlight and Shadows #3. The longawaited conclusion to the trilogy. Pb $16.95 375pp MAGIC, THE GATHERING THE FIFTH DAWN CORY J HERNDON Mirrodin Cycle #3. This novel previews the newest card set to be released, giving fans a sneak peek at the newest elements of the game. Pb $15.95 310pp MICRONAUTS TIME TRAVELER STEVE LYONS #3. Within our own universe lies another universe unknown to us... until now. This is the realm of the Micronauts - a place ruled by the tyrant Baron Karza, whose scientific marvels offer his people immortality, at the cost of their humanity. When Earthman Ryan Archer is thrown into their world, not only are things about to change, but Ryan will have much to do with it... Pb $15.95 286pp THE PUNISHER THE PUNISHER D A STERN When FBI agent Frank Castle's family is massacred, he cancels his retirement and starts a new career - one that begins with teaching Howard Saint the ultimate lesson - no evil deed goes unpunished. Pb $15.95 308pp SCOOBY DOO SCOOBY 2: MONSTERS UNLEASHED SUZANNE WEYN Sarah, Freddie, Matthew, Linda and Scooby-Doo are back - and this time they've brought a few friends along for the ride! Scooby fans can relive the movie's chills `n' thrills in this junior novelisation, which includes 8 pages of colour photos. Pb $8.95 120pp GALAXY BOOKSHOP
SMALLVILLE SPARKS CHERIE BENNETT & JEFF GOTTESFELD #10. Even with his growing super powers, Clark Kent cannot resist his classmate Chloe after green sparks from a fireworks display land on her and she becomes the object of almost every boy's desire at Smallville High School. Pb $15.95 167pp STAR TREK STNG: GENESIS FORCE JOHN VORNHOLT The passing of the Genesis Wave has damaged hundreds of worlds in the newly named Genesis Sector and chaos reigns throughout that area of space. A group of men and women have been assigned the job of getting the devastated planets back on their feet. Their first job - to resettle an entire displaced alien race on its altered home planet. Pb $15.95 405pp STNG: A TIME TO SOW DAYTON WARD & KEVIN DILMORE On the cusp of their epic battle with Shinzon, many of Captain Jean-Luc Picard's long-time crew were heading for new assignments and challenges. Among the changes were William Riker's promotion to captain, his marriage to Counsellor Deanna Troi and Dr Beverly Crusher's new career at Starfleet Medical. But the story of what set them on a path away from the Starship Enterprise has never been told, until now. Pb $15.95 316pp TRANSFORMERS TRANSFORMERS ARMADA OFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK MICHAEL TEITELBAUM This title is packed with information, illustrations and photographs of all 40 Transformers Armada robots. Pb $15.95 48pp FUSION SCOTT CIENCIN #3. The war against the Keepers reaches its dramatic conclusion, and the transformers are at the forefront of the battle. To protect the Earth and themselves, the Autobots and Decepticons must form an uneasy alliance against a far more powerful enemy... but how long will the truce last before the villainous Megatron makes a final play for the keepers' power? Pb $15.95 222pp WARHAMMER MAGESTORM JONATHAN GREEN In self-imposed exile after accidentally killing his family while hunting the skaven rat-men, wizard Gerhart Brennend risks his life to travel the Empire in order to make amends. Pb $17.95 250pp 11
DVDS / VIDEOS / AUDIOBOOKS CABIN FEVER (Rated MA) DVD $39.95 Video $29.95 DOCTOR WHO: THE TWILIGHT KINGDOM Big Finish #55. CD $45.00 DOCTOR WHO: THE VISITATION (Rated PG) DVD $34.95 FUTURAMA Season 4 DVD boxed set. (Rated PG) $92.00 JOHNNY MNEMONIC (Rated M) DVD $24.95 MATRIX: REVOLUTIONS (Rated: M) DVD $49.95 PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL (Rated M) DVD $39.95 (2 discs) STARGATE SG-1 Season 2 DVD boxed set. (Rated PG) $88.95 (6 discs) Season 5, Vol 1. (Rated M) DVD $34.95 Season 5, Vol 2. (Rated M) DVD $34.95 THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Remake. (Rated MA) DVD $39.95 28 DAYS LATER (Rated MA) Video $22.95 DVD $39.95 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA (Rated PG) DVD $20.50 NON-FICTION NICHOLAS TUCKER DARKNESS VISIBLE: INSIDE THE WORLD OF PHILIP PULLMAN Philip Pullman is one of the world's most popular and original authors, read by children and adults alike. Containing an astonishing cast of characters, from scholarly Oxford dons to armoured bears, witches, angels, murderous Spectres and hideous harpies drawn straight from Greek mythology, Pullman's fiction can be read at many different levels. This title looks at the Pullman's world, from the flamboyant Sally Lockhart series and the award-winning Clockwork and I Was a Rat!, to the epic His Dark Materials trilogy. It shows the diverse influences that have shaped his writing and uncovers the part played by his unconventional childhood. Packed with never-before-seen family photos, illustrations and fresh material from recent interviews, this is both a celebration of Philip Pullman and a useful guide to the rich world of his fiction. Pb $18.95 207pp Ph 9267 7222 FAX 9261 3691
WHAT WE'VE BEEN READING... Odysseus: A Life by Charles Rowan Beye (Hb $49.94). This is a pseudo-biography of Odysseus, one of Western civilisation's most celebrated heroes. The book takes a modern approach to his life, from his childhood growing up on a small Greek island, his heroics on the battlefields of Troy, to his infamous journey battling (and seducing) gods and all sorts of mythical creatures. Beye, a professor specialising in the ancient classics, definitely knows his stuff. He successfully portrays Odysseus as a figure who strives for control and order in his life, something that is hard to achieve in a world where gods often meddle and interfere at whim. Drawing from various historical sources, Beye's take on Odysseus is free from any academic bore, leaving the reader to marvel at the exciting life that Odysseus led. ­ John With The Last Light of the Sun (Hb $54.00), Guy Gavriel Kay has created another fantastic story, blending fantasy with history and literature, again linking the histories and lands of his previous books, particularly Lions of Al Rassan (Pb $18.95) and The Sarantine Mosaic series. He is one of a couple of authors for whom I have to use the character listing at the front. Locus Magazine mentioned he was releasing a duology this year, but this reads like a stand-alone. This didn't have quite the twists as most of his works, but was still a fantastic book. - Stephanie Blood by Tony Shillitoe (Pb $17.95). The first book in the Ashuak Chronicles marks the start of an exciting new epic. Tony weaves a believable world populated with strong characters and cultural themes. Though a fantasy novel, I am drawn to liken this book to Frank Herbet's Dune in both its scope and social commentary. Set in a Roman-like Empire, the story is filled with adventure, while depicting the day-to-day struggles of a conquered people amongst blood-thirsty political intrigue that rivals George R R Martin at his best. - Mark New Spring by Robert Jordan (Tp $32.95). The first of three prequels, this is an expansion of the novella found in Silverberg's Legends anthology. While there has been some criticism of Jordan for writing a prequel before finishing The Wheel of Time series, I really enjoyed this book. The narrative is a lot tighter than the last few books of the original series and is similar in feel to the earlier tales. It is essentially the story of how Moiraine and Siuan Sanche became involved in the hunt for the Dragon Reborn and how Lan became Moiraine's warder. Some things about the early books are cleared up - not everything of course, but it does make you want to go back and read them all again. - Mark Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds (Pb $19.95). This space odyssey is a very gritty tale, in that there is a sense of bleakness in the future portrayed. Interstellar space travel has brought an expansion to human civilisation, but the jumps in technological advances have been matched closely with mutations in viruses that can now infect cybernetic and nano machinery, both of which have become integral to the divisons in human social class. There is also a sense of lawlessness about the future, but Reynolds has woven a convincing, if somewhat disjointed tale that, while complete in itself, sets the scene for more to come, as the remnants of an ancient civilisation come to light. The concepts are original and ambitious and the characters are strong and involving... but I recommend you have a "light" book ready to pick you up after you finish it. - Mark COMPETITION To win a pack of four Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novels, tell us who turned Angel into a vampire. Mail, fax or email ([email protected]) your answer along with your name and address. Competition closes 19 May 2004. Entry open to Galaxy Cardholders only. COMPETITION WINNERS Wendy Goffett has won a T-shirt and watch featuring Garth Nix's new fantasy series, The Keys to the Kingdom. Congratulations!
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J Grant, E Humphrey, P Scoville, B Herbert

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Title: Nexus May 04.qxd
Author: J Grant, E Humphrey, P Scoville, B Herbert
Author: Johanne
Published: Mon May 3 23:14:27 2004
Pages: 12
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