The great conspiracy: The 9/11 news special you never saw, HB Zwicker

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Content: The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw
According to Barrie Zwicker, "It is from the mainstream media that most people get most of their information, most of the time, on most subjects." The fact that the US mass media universally supported the `official story' of 9/11 explains why most Americans still believe it. However, when VisionTV, Canada's only independent television network, questioned Bush and company's conspiracy theory by airing Barrie's 6-part commentary series, "The Great Deception" in 2002, it got the greatest viewer response in the channel's 15-year history. He has now updated this series with a sequel ­ just released. It is being hailed by 9/11 activists as "the best ready-for-prime-time DVD out there on the subject by far." Here is the complete transcript.
Hello. I'm Barrie Zwicker, journalist and media critic. Welcome to The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw. On this program, we ask questions the 9/11 Commission and the media never asked. We introduce experts you've never seen before, and provide background you never get. We recommend books, magazines, videos and DVDs you've probably never heard of, and websites the media keep under wraps.1 We avoid thought-stoppers such as `anti-American' and `conspiracy theorists', and that new word, `believedtobelinkedtoalQaeda'. US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared: "The greatest thing we have to fear ... is fear itself." And indeed, fear may well be the greatest single human motivator. It can serve us and it can save us. But ill-founded fear ­ that's another story. For instance, before we commit to a war based on a threat we're told to fear, before we commit our children's blood, and billions of dollars to that war, we'd better be sure the threat is real, that a clear and present danger exists. Because war itself is to be feared. The `War on Terrorism' US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt fought fear. Today's leaders traffic in it, chiefly the fear of ... terrorism. That's it. Not global warming. Not the end of oil. Not domestic and worldwide injustice. Not rampant militarism, not war itself, or even war without end. Just ... terrorism. The words are hypnotically repeated: terrorism, terrorist, terrorist threat, and of course, `believedtobelinkedtoalQaeda'. These words appear in millions of newspaper and magazine headlines and are embedded by the billions in stories. But it's the so-called "war on terrorism" that's in our faces practically 24/7 as the inescapable focus of our existence and the justification for great sacrifice. Donald Rumsfeld: "One day our grandchildren will look
back on this time
and ask, `How was
the War on Terror
won?' And we will
tell them about
the brave men and
women who gave
their lives so that
Host Barrie Zwicker
we could live in
BZ: Some would have it that our support for this new
quasi-religion, the so-called war on terrorism, is the measure
of our commitment to country and civilization. This program
explores interwoven fictions that make up the fabric of the
so-called war on terrorism. It explores the promiscuous issu-
ing of terror alerts. It explores the biggest secret and dirtiest
deception of all: bloody terrorist events carried out, not by
foreign but by our governments, to trick the public into sup-
porting war and police state agendas. We explore, in particu-
lar, the radioactive core of today's terrorist hysteria, namely
the official story of 9/11, the over-arching fiction and crime
and cover-up of our time.
Before you see this program, or after you do, there may
well be another state-sponsored dirty deception. If there is,
and the information in this program helps you to see it for
what it is, it will have been worthwhile.
The `Official Story'
The sacred text at the heart of the so-called war on terrorism is the official narrative of what happened on September 11th, 2001. Namely, that the whole of US intelligence, civil aviation, military and the political apparatus is caught completely off guard by one evil man and his small network of co-conspirators. George Bush: "America was targeted for attack because
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Issue 9 - Fall 2004 / Winter 2005 7
The Great Conspiracy
Barrie Zwicker
we're the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in
So, on one side ­ ours ­ the use of terror either is not
the world, and no one will keep that light from shining."
admitted or is simply defined as not terror, and the other
BZ: That provides ready-made, easy-to-hate villains and their motives. "They hate our freedoms," George Bush repeats, over and over. But the official story just doesn't make sense, as we will show. It's exploited, as planned, by its creators, the government. But final responsibility for the unbelievable story, living on to the extent it does in the public mind, lies with the vast majority of my colleagues in the mainstream media. If they ever start to do their job properly and examine it skeptically, the official story will crumble into dust finer than that of the Twin Towers. Now absolutely no one disagrees that 9/11 was a conspiracy. Conspiracy is at the heart of the official story, after all ­ a conspiracy perpetrated allegedly by Osama bin Laden. But what if the conspiracy were hatched not in a cave in
side's terror is defined as the only kind of terror. Terror, then, needs to be put into perspective. `Perspective,' writes Lawrence Martin, former Washington correspondent for The Globe and Mail, "is a ghost in American journalism. ... Last year, acts of terrorism killed 300 to 400 people, ranking it so far down the list of dangers... that it is barely visible." He might have added that 300 is the number of Americans struck by lightning each year. Another note about appearance and reality: the vast majority of people arrested as terrorism suspects are released without charges being laid. It's the arrest stories with those Arab names and pictures that remain in the public mind as reality. Isn't there a pattern of state-sponsored, media-abetted, deception here?
Afghanistan, but in Washington, D.C., at
The Reichstag Fire ­
the highest levels of the US government?
`Fact is Stranger than Fiction'
What if the public found out the official story is a Big Lie? How might that change plans for endless war? There are other paths to true security and lasting peace. The first step on those paths is to expose the official 9/11 story for what it is, a contrived fiction. And then to demand a true accounting of what happened on 9/11 and who was behind the events of that day. Retail and Wholesale Terrorism
But the dirtiest secret about terrorism is also by far the largest. Many spectacular acts of terrorism are fearsome fakeries carried out by cabals within governments. And I mean our own governments. The gold standard is the attack on one's own country to mobilize public opinion for power, political gain and profit. The Nazis masterminded the torching of the Reichstag ­ the German Parlia-
Terrorism has been with us for a long time. It tends to be the last resort of the
February 27, 1933
ment buildings ­ on February 27th, 1933, one week before a national election. That
powerless suffering under acute injustice. German Parliament Burns they did so is historical fact, portrayed
And as such, one person's terrorist is
best in William L. Shirer's masterpiece,
seen by another as a freedom fighter. This is what Noam The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Within hours, Hitler
Chomsky calls retail terrorism, that carried out by angry or and his henchmen designate the Communists as the villains,
paid individuals. But then there's wholesale terrorism, that and label them terrorists. The government promises proof
carried out by states.
but never provides it. The communists did not do it. A single
Robert Jensen writes in the Houston Chronicle: "For communist was the patsy.
more than five decades, throughout the Third World, the
The Big Lie of who torched the Reichstag is used by
United States has deliberately targeted civilians or engaged Hitler to sow fear. He bullies the German President to sign a
in violence so indiscriminate that there is no other way to decree suspending seven main articles of the German Consti-
understand it except as terrorism. And it has supported tution. The claim is that the Fatherland ­ think `Homeland'
similar acts of terrorism by client states."
­ is under threat. Ensuing arrests and murders of communists
He could have reached back further. In his new book and socialists terrorize anti-Hitler dissent. In the ensuing
The American Empire and the Fourth World, Anthony J. election Hitler does not get the majority he needs to rule,
Hall, according to one reviewer, "connect(s) the unspeakable but soon after, he essentially seizes power. He then is free
crimes visited upon indigenous people since the conquest by to launch pre-emptive strikes against other countries and
Columbus in 1492 to ... today's so-called war on terror ..." wage a world war sold as patriotic. The ultimate result for
According to Hall himself, "the imagery of terrorism Germans is calamitous: 600,000 civilians dead, seven and a
(has) replaced that of savagery and (then) communism as the half-million homeless ­ their country broke and in ruins. The
main explanatory catch-all to describe the real, illusory or Reichstag fire was a major turning point.
manufactured enemies of the American way of life."
Within hours of the planes crashing into the World Trade
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Issue 9 - Fall 2004 / Winter 2005
The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw
Barrie Zwicker
Center, the Bush White House designates the alleged villains. government including the White House had prior knowledge
Within 30 days the US Constitution and the civil liberties of of the plans for the events of September 11th, and failed to
Americans are weakened by near unanimous passage of the take appropriate action to stop them."
Patriot Act. A war on terror is announced. Within months
In this program we present some of the accumulating
pre-emptive strikes are launched against Afghanistan and evidence indicating that lying behind the Great Deception
Iraq, though no evidence is produced that Iraq took part in of 9/11 is the Great Conspiracy of 9/11. But first, more
9/11. Dissent in the USA is under fire even as millions in the historical context. When we come back, three true stories of
USA and worldwide oppose the Iraq war. The White House fake attacks on America.
announces that the `war on terror' ­ in effect, world war ­ may never end. At least a thousand Americans are soon to
*** Film narrator: Let's find out about despotism. This man
die in Iraq alone. Expenditures mount into the trillions.
makes it his job to study these things.
The so-called war on terrorism justifies the mounting deaths of US soldiers and civilians in Iraq and elsewhere, justifies the littlepublicized construction of giant new US military bases overseas and is the basis for the doctrine of pre-emptive war, contrary to International Law and basic morality. It's responsible for grotesquely ballooning deficits to pay for all this ­ debts being passed on to coming generations ­ and plans for even more expenditures on terrorfighting bureaucracies.
This man: Well, for one thing, avoid the comfortable idea that the mere form of government can of itself safeguard a nation against despotism. *** BZ: Welcome back to The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw. If 9/11 is a Big Lie, a fake attack, an inside job, is it unique? No, quite the reverse. Most wartriggering incidents are great deceptions.
The so-called war on terror is
Pretext War Incidents
cited as the ultimate basis for sharp
The Mexican-American War,
increases in domestic spying and
the Spanish-American War, the
reduction in freedoms and civil
attack on Pearl Harbor ­ all in-
liberties at home and attempts to
volved secretly contrived attacks
criminalize dissent.
on Americans planned or encour-
All this because the official,
aged by American presidents. The
authorized truth is that foreign ter-
Vietnam War and Desert Storm in
rorists attacked the USA on 9/11.
1991 also were triggered by decep-
As we tape this in the Summer of `Operation Northwoods' ­ 1962 tions involving US presidents. If
2004, fear grows as authorities and
Document Declassified ­ 2002 9/11 is not such a deception, it's an
pundits predict more terrorist events
exception to the rule.
­ on the scale of 9/11, or greater. The I-word ­ `inevitable'
Most people want peace most of the time. That's a
­ is increasingly used.
problem for rulers bent on war. History teaches that rulers
Cui Bono ­ Who Benefits? The designated scapegoats of 9/11 gained nothing positive from it. On the other hand, even the hardliners in Washington themselves agree 9/11 boosted their agenda.
arranging for their country to be attacked, or appear[ing] to be attacked, is the fastest method for these rulers to get their way when they want war. 1. Operation Northwoods
Who benefits from more of the same? The fear campaign,
Consider only three cases, starting with the book, Body of
always resting on the official 9/11 story, looks deliberate.
Secrets. Author James Bamford is a former Washington Inves-
Again, what if the official story of 9/11 is a Big Lie? You tigative Producer for ABC's World News Tonight with Peter
probably don't know if you're trapped inside the cocoon spun Jennings. I learned of this book on ABC's website.
by the North American media industry, that there is in fact
Bamford's information comes from interviews with, for
widespread skepticism about who was behind 9/11.
instance, the former Dean of the US intelligence community
30% of Germans, according to reliable polls, think the and from government documents. It takes 80 pages to list
US government had a hand in it. They remember that big Bamford's more than 600 sources.
Reichstag deception. A poll done in Canada in May 2004
Here is the story. It's 1962; John F. Kennedy is US
showed 63% of Canadians think "individuals within the US President; Robert McNamara is Secretary of Defense and
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Issue 9 - Fall 2004 / Winter 2005 9
The Great Conspiracy
Barrie Zwicker
General Lyman Lemnitzer heads the US Joint Chiefs of trick the American public into supporting a (war on Cuba)."
In light of this, does Pentagon complicity in the events of
The CIA fails in its illegal Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. Sept. 11th sound entirely far-fetched? Now fast forward just
"JFK decides," Bamford writes, "to back away from military two years from Operation Northwoods, to August 2nd, 1964.
solutions to the Cuban problem." But Lemnitzer, the CIA and 2. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident
others at the top remain obsessed with Cuba. Writes Bamford:
"As the Kennedy brothers appeared to suddenly `go soft' on
In the Gulf of Tonkin, North Vietnamese torpedo boats
Cuba, Lemnitzer could see his opportunity to invade ... quickly attack the US destroyer Maddox. The Associated Press story
slipping away. ...Attempts to provoke the Cuban public to for some reason is datelined Pearl Harbor. The lead: "Three
revolt seemed dead. Lemnitzer and the other chiefs knew there PT (patrol torpedo) boats, identified by Secretary of State
was only one option left that would ensure their war. They Dean Rusk ... as North Vietnamese, attacked ..." Later a
would have to trick the American public and world opinion..." second US destroyer is attacked, according to news reports.
Lemnitzer comes up with `Operation Northwoods'.
Although no US sailor suffers a scratch, the American
"We could blow up
public is outraged.
a US ship in Guantanamo
President Lyndon
Bay and blame Cuba
Johnson goes on televi-
... casualty lists in US
sion to ask the country
newspapers would cause
to support war action.
a helpful wave of national
Two days later the
Tonkin Gulf Resolution
"We could develop a
is approved by the US
Communist Cuban terror
House of Representa-
campaign in the Miami
tives, unanimously, then
area, in other Florida cities
by the Senate, 88 to 2.
and even in Washington."
The resolution becomes
An elaborate variation:
the entire justification for
create "an exact duplicate
the United States' war
for a civil registered air-
against Vietnam. Before
craft. ... At a designated
that's over 58,000 Amer-
time the duplicate would be
ican soldiers and three
... loaded with ... selected
million Vietnamese die.
passengers, all boarded
One small problem.
under carefully prepared
There never were any
aliases. The actual registered aircraft would be con-
Headlines in Toronto's Globe and Mail ­ part of an
North Vietnamese PT boats. The events never
verted to a drone [a remote- elaborate deception planned by the US government happened, as Secretary of
ly controlled unmanned to sway public opinion. There never were any PT State Rusk, the President,
aircraft] ... the destruction boats that attacked the US destroyer Maddox.
and Defense Secretary
of (that) aircraft will be
Robert McNamara well
triggered by radio signal." The Cubans would be blamed.
know. They know because they planned the entire deception.
Finally, another variation is described by Bamford: "On
One source for this is former Admiral James Stockdale in
February 20th, 1962 (John) Glenn was to lift off from Cape his book In Love and War. On the night in question Stockdale
Canaveral ... on his historic journey. Lemnitzer "proposed ... is at the controls of a fighter jet flying cover for the two
that should the rocket explode and kill Glenn, the objective is destroyers. He sees nothing.
to provide irrevocable proof that ... the fault lies with (Cuba)
Another source is Ben Bradlee, much-respected former
... by manufacturing various pieces of evidence which would managing editor of the Washington Post. Bradlee, in a public
prove electronic interference on the part of the Cubans."
lecture in England in April 1987, states: "The `facts' behind
Thus, Bamford notes, "as NASA prepared to send the this critically important resolution were quite simply ... lies."
first American into space, the Joint Chiefs of Staff were Fast forward, again, to August 2nd, 1990.
preparing to use John Glenn's possible death as a pretext to 3. The Kuwaiti Incubator Baby Deception
launch a war."
Iraq attacks Kuwait, claiming the Kuwaitis are slant-
The Operation Northwoods plan shows the Pentagon was drilling into Iraq's oil fields. US President George Herbert
capable, according to Bamford, "of launching a secret and Walker Bush pushes for a land war against Iraq. But polls
bloody war of terrorism against their own country in order to show the US public is split 50-50 on that idea.
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Issue 9 - Fall 2004 / Winter 2005
The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw
Barrie Zwicker
Then comes this eyewitness testimony before a
BZ: Welcome back to The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11
Congressional committee, from a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl. News Special You Never Saw.
The claim is she cannot be identified for fear of reprisals.
The events of 9/11 begin with aircraft going wildly
15-year-old Kuwaiti girl: "While I was there I saw the off-course. Incredibly, despite radar tracking for almost two
Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns. They took the hours, the whole of the mighty US Air Force goes AWOL
babies out of incubators" (her voice breaks; there's a long that morning. It's a mind-bending anomaly.
pause while she sniffles and wipes tears from her eyes), "took
Not a single US Air Force interceptor turns a wheel until
the incubators, and left the children to die" (her voice rises it's too late. There are no jets at all. It's a matter of historical
tremulously into crying) "on the cold floor."
BZ: The US public is outraged. The result? Support for
That could happen only two ways. Either it was stagger-
land war zooms. It's a turning point. Desert Storm is launched. ing multiple simultaneous coincidental incompetence at all
One hundred and thirty-five thousand Iraqis are killed. An levels in many agencies, defying known laws of averages, a
estimated one million Iraqis, many of them children and old 54-million-to-one chance, which is the 9/11 Commission of-
people, then die as a result of 10
ficial story. [Or] there's another
years of sanctions.
explanation: the US Air Force
One small problem. There
is neutralized by design. The
never were any incubator baby
evidence indicates this is about
deaths. Not one.
a one-to-one chance.
The Canadian Broadcasting
An `Intended Paralysis'
flagship program, the fifth estate,
Standard procedures for
reveals the girl to be the Kuwaiti
dealing with aviation emergen-
Ambassador's daughter, given
cies of all kinds have been in
her lines and coached in acting
place and have worked for years.
by the giant American PR firm
David Ray Griffin is the author
Hill & Knowlton. It's one phase
of The New Pearl Harbor, the
in a ten-million-dollar joint US-
most widely respected critique
Kuwaiti campaign of deception.
of the official story of 9/11. He
This man is lying. [Picture of Kuwaiti man in dark glasses.]
The `Anonymous' Kuwaiti Girl
quotes the Federal Aviation Authority's Aeronautical Informa-
The Man in dark glasses: "I myself buried 14 newborn tion Manual: Official Guide to Basic Flight Information and
babies that had been taken from their incubators."
Air Traffic Control (ATC) Procedures. It states: "If you are in
BZ: This man is lying. [Picture of President George Bush Sr.] doubt that a situation constitutes an emergency, or potential
George H.W. Bush: " in incubators and they emergency, handle it as though it were an emergency."
were thrown out of the incubators so that Kuwait could be
As for the military, the guiding document is ACC1 13-
systematically dismantled."
SAOC, Volume 3, US Air Defense Command and Control
BZ: There were a lot of people who participated in Operations. At the top of the first page it reads "Compliance
the conspiracy ­ yes, an out-and-out conspiracy ­ of fake with this order is mandatory." The first paragraph reads, in
organizations, false documents, fraud and disinformation. part: "The ADC (Air Defense Command) is to provide ...
So, if a new man named Bush is in the White House and North American Aerospace Defense Command [NORAD]
helps engineer a brazen deception in order to achieve global ... with the means to detect, monitor, identify, intercept,
geopolitical goals as well as domestic and personal ones, it report and if necessary destroy any airborne object that may
wouldn't be a first, would it? After a short break, a detailed pose a threat to North America in the fulfillment of the tac-
look at the events of September 11th, 2001.
tical threat warning attack assessment and to provide such
information to collateral missions of NORAD."
Film narrator: Today democracy can ebb away in Michael C. Ruppert
communities whose citizens allow power to become concentrated in the hands of bosses. Boss: What I say goes see? I'm the law around here (gleeful laughter). Film narrator: The chance of despotic power is that it can disregard the will of the people.
Michael Ruppert, a former Los Angeles Police Department detective, was the first major 9/11 skeptic and researcher in the world and remains one of the foremost. He was one of 40 experts on 9/11 who testified at the six-day International Citizens' Inquiry Into 9/11, held in Toronto in May of 2004. I helped organize that event. At the Inquiry, Michael
Ruppert addresses the absence of jet interceptors, but the un-
Global OutlookTM
Issue 9 - Fall 2004 / Winter 2005 11
The Great Conspiracy
Barrie Zwicker
likelihood of a simple stand-down order, and asks...
BZ: Now the 9/11 Commission didn't mention the war
Michael Ruppert: "What if they were so confused, games, is that right?
and had been so deliberately confused, that they couldn't
MR: No, in their final report they did mention I think in
one paragraph Vigilant Guardian, but the response given by
BZ: Michael Ruppert is standing by at his office in NORAD Commanding General Ralph Eberhart and other Air
Sherman Oaks, California. Michael, thanks for this. What is Force spokespeople was absolutely nonsensical and it made no
the reason for the failure of US military jets to show up in a mention of any of the other war game exercises. Eberhart's po-
timely fashion on 9/11?
sition was, in fact, (and this is a very ludicrous position) that the
MR: Well, the simple fact is, Barrie, that they didn't Vigilant Guardian exercise, leaving aside the others, actually
know where to go. The reason that they didn't know where to helped speed response on 9/11. That is absolutely not the case.
go was because a number of conflicting and overlapping war
BZ: How does this relate to the 9/11 Commission report
game exercises were taking place, one of which, Northern which says that planes had gone in the wrong direction?
Vigilance, had pulled a significant number of North Ameri-
MR: Well, that is a separate issue that remains to be
can fighter aircraft into Canada and Western Alaska and clarified, but what I will be disclosing in my book, in effect,
Northern Alaska in a mock Cold War hijack exercise. There is that there were two simultaneously operating command-
was another drill, Vigilant
and-control systems func-
Guardian, which was a "Overall the primary motivation was tioning on the day of 9/11
hijack exercise, a com- something we call `Peak Oil'... This has and sometimes they were
mand post exercise but it
issuing conflicting orders.
involved the insertion of set off ... a very bitter sequence of conflicts We do not have a clear ex-
false radar blips onto radar ... to secure the last remaining oil reserves planation for why fighters
screens in the Northeast Air Defense Sector. In
on the planet."
from [Langley] Air Force Base were sent out over
addition we have a con-
the sea first and couldn't
firmation thanks to General Richard Myers who was Acting turn around because the 9/11 Commission seemed to change
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, who told Richard Clarke as all the evidence just arbitrarily right before it issued its final
reported in Clarke's (recent) book that there was another report. So we don't have a clear explanation. But certainly
exercise, Vigilant Warrior, which was in fact, according to it is all consistent with a motive that said, make sure that the
a NORAD source, a live-fly hijack drill being conducted at fighters don't get to any place in time to stop the three critical
the same time.
attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
With only eight available fighter aircraft (and they had
BZ: I have called that in my own research an "effective
to be dispatched in pairs) they were dealing with as many stand-down". Would you say that would be a correct
as 22 possible hijacks on the day of 9/11 and they couldn't characterization?
separate the war game exercises from the actual hijacks.
MR: Well, it is a de facto stand-down. That was the
BZ: But this was done deliberately though?
intended result. I would really call it "an intended paralysis."
`Crossing the Rubicon' ­ Ruppert's Evidence MR: Apparently so and I will be saying that in my forthcoming book Crossing the Rubicon ­ The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil. We have done an extensive investigation on that to show that these war game exercises were apparently very well planned by someone, (who I will show, I believe was Dick Cheney) in the United States Government, who deliberately confused FAA, NORAD and US Air Force fighter response to fulfill a prophecy that another man once said, "Let one happen and stop the rest." BZ: On that very point we have a recording. FAA: Hi, Boston Center TMU, we have a problem here. We have a hijacked aircraft headed towards New York. We need someone to scramble some F-16's or something up there, help us out. N.E. Air Defense Sector: Is this real world or exercise? FAA: No, this is not an exercise, not a test.
With only eight available fighters and fighters have to be scrambled in pairs, you only had a chance for four responses out of what we have confirmed were as many as 22 possible hijacks showing up on radar screens. BZ: That is fascinating and damning information. I look forward to your book. What about the motivation for the whole of 9/11? MR: Well, overall the primary motivation was something we call `peak oil', the fact that the world has either passed or is now at its permanent peak of hydrocarbon or oil production and now about to go into a condition of permanent and irrevocable decline in oil production, even as demand is soaring exponentially, both in the West and in China and Asia and the developing countries. This has set off what we at From the Wilderness and certainly in my book... will describe as a very bitter sequence of conflicts, (as Dick Cheney told us, in a "war that will not end in our lifetimes") to secure the last remaining oil reserves on the planet.
We have seen a lot of other instances where this kind of
Global OutlookTM
Issue 9 - Fall 2004 / Winter 2005
The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw
Barrie Zwicker
attack was predicted and stated as a requirement for the Ameri- Back at 9/11 and Forward to a Resurrected America."
can empire to mobilize its military resources. Zbigniew Brzez-
Robert Bowman: 9/11 is related to just about everything
inski did it in his book The Grand Chessboard in 1997; the else, particularly the war against Iraq. These two things have
Project for a New American Century called for "a new Pearl one aspect very much in common. They are both in my opin-
Harbor" in [2000]. So there's a lot of evidence here showing ion, treason.
very clearly that this attack was needed, it was planned and all
The cabal of neo-conservatives at PNAC, ... [The Proj-
of the evidence that has been so diligently compiled has just ect for a New American Century], who planned this war:
been absolutely ignored by the Kean Commission.
Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Libby, Perle, Jeb Bush, even
BZ: And finally Michael, (I certainly for one accept before W. became president ­ I don't say `elected', I say
your motive of peak oil), what about other motives that could `became' president ­ this cabal knew the American people
be involved?
would not stand for
MR: Well, if
a war against Iraq,
you are going to,
unless there was, as
as Zbigniew Brzez-
they put it in their
inski wrote, have
own document, "a
some kind of direct
new Pearl Harbor."
external threat, [you
9/11 supplied that.
need] an attack
BZ: In other
like Pearl Harbor
words, 9/11 was a
basically. [Then]
false flag operation.
you [can] scare the
That's one term to
bejesus out of the
describe an act car-
American people to
ried out to make it
get them to support
appear it was done
the `imperial mobili-
by someone else.
zation,' (those were
Next, the man who's
his words), neces-
written the book on
sary to secure those
false flag operations.
vital resources in these strategic geopolitical regions on the planet. Without that, the American people would never have gone to war, and of course, in late 2004 we're beginning to see that the American people aren't going along with it now either. BZ: Michael, thank you for this today. MR: Bye Barrie. Dr. Robert M. Bowman
Webster G. Tarpley
Webster Tar-
pley is an historian
and journalist based
in Washington,
D.C. He has studied
the dark world of
intrigue peopled by
patsies, paid killers
known as operators,
and moles ­ govern-
ment officials who
flout their own coun-
PNAC's website:
try's laws. He made two presentations to
the International Cit-
izens' Inquiry Into 9/11. They are uncompromisingly titled,
BZ: Dr. Robert M. Bowman is a veteran of 101 "The 9/11 Terror Fraud: A Coup Against World Civilization,
combat missions in Vietnam. His 22-year Air Force career Parts One and Two."
culminated in his job as Director of Advanced Space
Webster Tarpley: Now here I would like to present a
Programs Development for the Air Force Space Division very important diagram that I commend to your attention and
during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. He's President of I want to tarry and look at it for a moment. (See p. 25)
the Institute for Space and Security Studies. His presentation
We are dealing with state-sponsored, false flag terrorism.
to the Citizens' Inquiry was titled "A Fighter Pilot Looks I don't mean state-sponsored in the sense that it has to be
Global OutlookTM
Issue 9 - Fall 2004 / Winter 2005 13
The Great Conspiracy
Barrie Zwicker
sponsored by the entire command structure of the country in and when did he know them? I'm not asking what George
question, but, that it is carried forward by a private network Bush ­ or Bill Clinton for that matter ­ knows or should have
ensconced and infesting decisive nodal points in the state known in the weeks or years before, based on this or that so-
apparatus of that country. I'll try to show you what I mean. called intelligence report that he sees, or should have seen,
The Patsies: Here we have to distinguish a world of about vague or not-so-vague alleged terrorist threats. No, my
patsies, the people that you hear about (I'll try to show you questions are much more restricted. I'm asking what specific
some of this in detail), the people we can call the dupes, advance information George W. Bush has about the first plane
the useful idiots, the fanatics, the police agents, the double hitting the World Trade Center, before it strikes. How does he
agents, the provocateurs, in short the Oswalds, the fall guys. get that information and from whom? Why does he act as if he
[Remember the] Lee Harvey Oswald `I'm just a patsy' direct has far less information than the record shows he must have
quote? That's one group.
had? Initial news reports show the President informed of the
The Moles: This is the group of government officials gravity of the situation that morning ... That famous whisper
­ the network of government officials ­ whose loyalty is not in the ear must be put into context. It takes place at 9:05 am.
to the command structure, the Constitution or their country
That's one hour and five minutes after the first hijacking
in some diffuse sense, but rather their loyalty goes to a pri- ­ forty-five minutes after the FAA is aware of multiple errant
vate intelligence network. A private clique faction, a group airliners, 20 minutes after the first aircraft smashes into the
of putschists if you will, people trying to have a coup d'йtat. Trade Center; 18 minutes after CNN breaks into regular pro-
The Professional Killers:
gramming. In other words, a torrent
You also have to distinguish the
of hot water churns under the bridge
professional killers. These are the
before whisper time.
cold-blooded technicians of murder.
Researchers Jared Israel and Ilar-
This is the sort of area where you
ion Bycov of
see retired veterans of the Special
write shortly after 9/11: "The Presi-
Forces ­ the Delta Force, the CIA
dent of the United States travels with
Operations Directorate, and so on
an entire staff including the Secret
down the line ­ the old boys. At the
Service, which is responsible for his
end of the `80s and the beginning of
safety. The members of this support
the `90s, the term for this group in
team have the best communica-
Washington was the asteroids.
tions equipment in the world. They
The Corporate Media: They
maintain contact with, or can easily
are the indispensable ingredient be-
reach, Bush's cabinet, the National
cause without them you can't have
Military Command Center in the
anything. You have to have mass Andy Card whispers in Bush's ear Pentagon, the FAA..." Information
propaganda to accredit and spread
concerning these alarming events
and pound the official version of the events into the minds must be shared with the President by his staff. Otherwise
of people, and to smooth over the inevitable absurdities, con- they would be derelict in their duties.
tradictions, impossibilities and so forth of the official story.
Not surprising then, is this report by ABC's John
Mass brainwashing in the Anglo-American tradition is what Cochrane, travelling with the President, here speaking to
they propose.
Peter Jennings not long after the President left his hotel:
BZ: You are watching The Great Conspiracy: The
"Peter, as you know, the President's down in Florida
9/11 News Special You Never Saw. When we come back, the talking about education. He got out of his hotel suite this
classic question: what did the President know about 9/11 and morning, was about to leave, reporters saw the White House
when did he know it?
Chief of Staff, Andy Card, whisper into his ear. The reporter
said to the President, "Do you know what's going on in New
Film narrator: When a competent observer looks for York?" He said he did, and he said he will have something
signs of despotism in a community he looks beyond fine about it later. His first event is in about half an hour at an
words and noble phrases ... "one nation indivisible, with elementary school in Sarasota, Florida."
Liberty and Justice for all. ..." *** BZ: Welcome back to The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw.
Something is very odd about the President's behavior. The President is aware, by his own words, that something serious is happening in New York. He additionally has to be aware of a great deal more about the situation. You have
What Did George W. Know?
John Ashcroft later in the day at a press conference.
What did George Bush know about the events of 9/11
John Ashcroft: "Immediately after the first report of a
Global OutlookTM
Issue 9 - Fall 2004 / Winter 2005
The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw
Barrie Zwicker
plane crashing into the World Trade Towers numerous fed-
BZ: The President tells us he sees, on an ordinary TV
eral agencies coordinating with the White House mobilized set outside a school classroom, the first plane hit the World
their resources."
Trade Center. He gives the oddly reinforcing detail that "the
BZ: You have Vice President Dick Cheney on TV was obviously on." He continues:
September 16 on NBC's Meet The Press. He tells host Tim
George Bush: "I used to fly myself and I said, well,
Russert, "The Secret Service has an arrangement with the there's one terrible pilot and I said it must have been a
FAA. They had open lines after the World Trade Center horrible accident, but I was whisked off there and didn't
was..." Then he stopped himself.
have much time to think about it."
You have Laura Brown of the FAA. She attends
BZ: "Didn't have time to think about it?" As if his be-
hearings of the 9/11 Commission that bear witness on the ing told, "Time to meet the kids, Mr. President" stops all his
aviation aspects of the day. Embarrassed by previous non- thought processes concerning the remarkable image of what
forthcoming testimony about the FAA's role, she sends he told us he's just seen on an ordinary TV, on top of all his
an e-mail in May of 2003 to members of the media whose knowledge of the unprecedented situation from earlier in the
business cards she had collected.
morning. But anyway, could George Bush have seen, on
"Within minutes af-
ordinary TV, the first plane
ter the first aircraft hit the World Trade Center," she
"I was sitting outside the classroom waiting
hit the World Trade Center? No, he could not have.
states in her e-mail, "the to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower The footage of that
FAA immediately estab- ­ you know, the TV was obviously on ... first strike only shows
lished several phone bridges
up on television the next
that included FAA field fa- and I said `well, there's one terrible pilot day, September the 12th,
cilities, the FAA Command ... but I was whisked off there and didn't 2001. It was taken by a
Center, FAA Headquarters, DOD, the Secret Service,
have much time to think about it."
French documentary crew that happened to be in
and other government agen-
downtown New York.
cies. The US Air Force liaison to the FAA immediately
Bystander: "Holy shit!" (Explosion)
joined the FAA Headquarters phone bridge and established
BZ: The Orlando Town Hall session takes place seven
contact with NORAD on a separate line. The FAA shares weeks after 9/11, so it can be suggested Bush confuses
real-time information on the phone bridges about the unfold- the second plane with the first. But, how to explain this?
ing events, including information about loss of communica- We've all seen Andy Card do that. None of this can ever be
tion with aircraft, loss of transponder signals, unauthorized retracted. It is an interlocking historical record.
changes in course, and other actions being taken by all the
Why go on at length about this? Because it may one day
flights of interest, including Flight 77."
become the basis for criminal court proceedings. When we
So, in light of all this, here's the odd thing about George come back: Is George Bush one of a group of conspirators
Bush's behavior. He and his staff could cancel or postpone an easily-postponable photo-op, but they don't. Why? On 9/11 Bush acts, and I emphasize acts, as if he doesn't know, as if he is not in touch, he proceeds with, or feigns, normality. Now to something else that's puzzling. When Did He Know It? At a Town Hall session in Orlando, Florida on December the 4th, 2001, here's the President's own account of the early
involved with the attack? *** BZ: Welcome back to The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw. George Bush is very convincing that he saw the first plane strike the World Trade Center the morning of 9/11 on regular TV. He provides supporting details, has repeated the story, and never retracted it. It has run on the White house web site. Since he cannot have seen it on regular TV as he claims,
morning of 9/11.
it is not unreasonable to conclude that he sees the first plane on
Jordan (a third grader): "How did you feel when you private, closed-circuit TV earlier that morning, or in a private
heard about a terrorist attack?"
holding room later?
George Bush: "Well, thank you, Jordan (applause). Well, Jordan you're not going to believe where, what state Prior Knowledge of the First Plane Strike
I was in, when I heard about the terrorist attack. I was in
Either way, I submit this could mean that someone had
Florida. And my Chief of Staff Andy Card, well actually to arrange for cameras to be positioned and rolling to record
I was in a classroom talking about a reading program that the first plane strike. Those involved had to know precisely
works, ...and I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to that the first plane was in the air, where and when the plane
go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower ­ you know, the TV would hit.
was obviously on..."
In other words, people closely associated with the
Global OutlookTM
Issue 9 - Fall 2004 / Winter 2005 15
The Great Conspiracy
Barrie Zwicker
President of the United States had very specific prior
George Bush: "This Commission has been charged with
knowledge of the existence of the first plane, its destination a crucial task."
and its purpose.
BZ: It is four hundred and [forty-one] days. Call it ...
More clues: Bush's itinerary is well known. There are foot dragging?
plenty of live news media reports concerning the President's whereabouts from the time he gets up that morning in his Notorious Henry Kissinger is Appointed First
hotel, until the time he arrives at Booker Elementary School,
And then, whom does Bush appoint? He appoints Henry
and how long it will take him to get there. Remember ABC's Kissinger. Naming Kissinger sets a new standard for cynicism
John Cochrane and the half-hour [photo op]? Yet the Secret ­ or for being out of touch ­ or both. A New York Times
Service, for at least a full half hour after he is notified that editorial suggests the choice was "to contain an investigation
"America is under attack," takes no steps to remove the (the White House) long opposed." But Kissinger at least is
President to safety. What happens instead?
an expert on the date September 11th. It was on that day in
This footage also appears in Michael Moore's film 1973 that the CIA-assisted overthrow of the democratically-
Fahrenheit 9/11. No one claims this footage is doctored. elected government of Chile takes place, masterminded
The President continues
by Kissinger for Richard
reading a story about a pet goat, for at least seven
Time it took for investigations to start:
Nixon. President Salvadore Allende is murdered.
minutes. One columnist absurdly suggests that the President doesn't want to
Sinking of the Titanic JFK Assassination
­ 6 days ­ 7 days
In his 2001 book, The Trial of Henry Kissinger, Christopher Hitchens notes
alarm the children. But could the President not have said, "Kids, I'm sorry I have to excuse myself,
The Challenger Disaster ­ 7 days
Pearl Harbor Attack ­ 9 days
The Events of 9/11
­ 441 days
Kissinger as "a crucial figure at all stages of this crime and cover-up." Now, this is in
there's some important
reference to a bloody and
business I have to attend
unnecessary Kissinger-
to. You just carry on with your reading, y'hear?"
driven episode in Indochina which cost the lives of 64 US
Conspiracy to Commit Treason
servicemen. But it also sums up Kissinger's role in the bloody Chilean operation: the cover-up is as important as
Any reasonable analysis suggests that the President and the crime.
his handlers share sufficient real time and prior knowledge
The White House tries to install Kissinger, an expert at
of the unprecedented events of that day. The public cover-ups, to head the 9/11 investigation. After a universal
record shows the President and his associates fail to act backlash, Kissinger backs off.
appropriately ­ that they, in fact, create a fiction and play-act
Bush then names ­ it's [461] days now ­ Thomas Kean
their assigned roles.
and Lee Hamilton as co-chairmen. Kean's Azerbaijan oil
This evidence alone constitutes grounds for proceed- connections and other conflicts-of-interest should make him
ing with an indictment on charges of conspiracy to commit ineligible from the outset. He earlier co-chairs the Homeland
Security Project. Observers have noted that huge profits are
But if, let's be dogged here, if the official story is true, to be made in the surveillance and security industries these
and an astoundingly successful sneak attack from diabolical days. The more alarmed the public, the bigger the profits.
Muslims caught America totally off guard, then the White
As for co-chair Lee Hamilton, Washington investigative
House surely must be highly motivated to turn heaven and journalist Joyce Lynn says he should be called Mister Cover-
earth, (to use one of their own favourite clichйs), to inves- up. He is zero for four, she says, in finding any malfeasance
tigate the events of that day as quickly and thoroughly as in the four previous investigative Commissions on which
possible. The White House must rush to appoint a respected he's served. These include the Iran-Contra affair and the Oc-
chairman and commissioners, give them the widest powers tober Surprise which denied Jimmy Carter the Presidency.
to call witnesses, spare no expense.
The White House chooses all the Commissioners. Lynn
Except for the Reichstag fire, that's how it's usually calls them "key insiders rife with conflicts-of-interest."
done. Six days after the sinking of the Titanic a chairman
The White House brazenly appoints as the executive
is appointed to head an investigation. Nine days after Pearl director one Dr. Philip Zelikow, a right-wing Republican
Harbor, the first of four investigative Commissions is struck. hawk deeply involved in the Bush circle, a member of
The JFK assassination, the Challenger disaster, seven days the Bush-Cheney transition team, and a National Security
each. How many days after 9/11 is it that President Bush Council advisor with Condoleeza Rice under Bush 1
names someone to head an investigation?
[G.H.W. Bush].
Global OutlookTM
Issue 9 - Fall 2004 / Winter 2005
The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw
Barrie Zwicker
The So-Called Independent 9/11 Commission
red," the Commission imagines there's nothing to go with.
The editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, sums it up: "The Bush White House ... did everything in its power to derail an open inquiry. Then, when faced with its inevitability, the President and his aides sought to limit its scope, its access, and its funding." The Commission's full title is The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. Reflecting extreme laziness in research and wording, the mainstream media keep referring to it as "the independent 9/11 Commission." This Commission was about as independent from White House control and manipulation as the abused prisoners at Abu Ghraib were from their
When we return, an American researcher on the number of published warnings. *** Film narrator: A community rates low on an information scale when the press, radio and other channels of communication are controlled by only a few people. And if books, newspapers and the radio are efficiently controlled, the people will read and accept exactly what the few in control want them to. *** BZ: Welcome back to The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw.
American Paul Thompson has created
Mandate? The Commission itself says
the definitive timeline of events related to
"We're not out to blame anyone." In other
9/11. It's drawn exclusively from published
words, accountability is not part of the
reports. Thompson takes almost an hour
at the Toronto Citizens' Inquiry to list a
Budget? In January 2003, the Bush
fraction of the published reports dealing
administration allots the Commission
with early warnings.
three million dollars. This compares to five million for a 1996 Commission that
Paul Thompson
looked into casino gambling and 50 million
Paul Thompson: In late August,
each for the inquiries into the Columbia
according to some news reports from Der
shuttle explosion and the Clinton's failed
Spiegel and Die Zeit, and also reported
Whitewater deal. [This extended to the
in the BBC and Ha'aretz in Israel, (this
Starr inquiry and Monica. ­ BZ] The dollar
is really interesting), supposedly Israel
amount is later grudgingly raised but never
gives the US a list of 19 terrorist names, so
exceeds 15 million. The White House releases only 25% of 11,000 documents requested. It blacks out
Sanctioned by the White House
there are 19 people on the flight, and here they are giving 19 names, we don't know if they are the exact same list, but we do
portions of the released documents, resists
know according to these reports, that four
requests that the administration officials testify under oath of the names are the same including Nawaf al Hasmi, Khalid
and tries to rush the Commission's deadline.
Almidar, Marwan al Sheehe, and Mohammed Atta. So these
After a cat-and-mouse game Bush and Cheney meet are like the big leaders of the 9/11 attack, and here Israel
the Commission. But it is behind closed doors, they refuse is saying that these people are inside the United States and
to testify under oath, no tape recorders are allowed, no planning an imminent attack.
transcript is allowed, Bush makes no opening statement, and
Then in early September, Egypt warns the US saying,
those taking notes must submit them to security personnel. al Qaeda is in the advance stages of a `significant operation'
All this is what is called in law `guilty demeanour'. The against an American target, probably within the US.
behaviour of the White House in relation to the Commission
So, just as an aside, remember that virtually every one of
from start to finish only makes sense if the official story is a these things that I'm talking about is talking about an attack
lie and the truth needs to be kept secret.
inside the US. Remember that George Tenet said that all the
The term whitewash doesn't do justice to the report of information they had pointed to an attack overseas.
the 9/11 Commission. Omission-riddled inventive cover-up,
BZ: In the context of this program, it's important to
note these warnings are from individuals, agencies and
The Commission finds that the ultimate reason the whole governments who are obviously not in on the plot. It
events of 9/11 took place was... "a failure of imagination." should be observed that, in the main, the controversies over
They ought to know. Imagination was something the who knew what and when about the `attacks' are diversion-
Commission had in abundance. The Commission imagines ary mini-dramas that reinforce the official fiction. What
US intelligence received insufficient specific warnings of an these individuals and agencies and governments discover
impending event. Even though CIA head George Tenet says are plants and patsies being prepared to play their roles.
in an unguarded moment that, "The system was blinking
Paul Thompson: Even if ­ and this is the most
Global OutlookTM
Issue 9 - Fall 2004 / Winter 2005 17
The Great Conspiracy
Barrie Zwicker
charitable explanation ­ it was only incompetence, then publish without question, this alleged exchange on 9/11 be-
that incompetence was so severe. How many warnings do tween the FAA's Herndon Command Center and FAA Head-
you need? Not only that but it was followed after 9/11 by a quarters. I call it the "Uh Report."
cover-up, and it is often said that it's not the crime but it's
FAA Command Center: "Uh, do we want to think
the cover-up that they end up going to jail for. Between the about, uh, scrambling aircraft?"
incompetence and the cover-up, that alone should lead to
FAA Headquarters: "...Oh God, I don't know."
impeachment of President Bush and all of his top people."
FAA Command Center: "Uh, that's a decision somebody's
The 9/11 Commission Imagines ...
gonna have to make probably in the next 10 minutes." BZ: Can we hold it right there? Imagine anyone, say
BZ: Speaking of Bush and his top people, the Commis- yourself, learning of a major emergency. A neighbor calls
sion imagines (on p. 35 of the Report) that at 8:46 am, when to tell you, "Your house is on fire!" And you say, "Yeah,
Flight 11 hits the north tower of the World Trade Center, somebody's gonna have to make a decision about that in
neither the President, nor anyone "in the White House or probably ten minutes." The fact is that on the morning of
traveling with the President knew that Flight 11 had been 9/11 there's a good chance that you leaped into action.
hijacked at 8:14 that
Millions of ordinary
morning." Wrong!
people did. They call
The Commission "Between the incompetence and the cover- family and friends to
(page up, that alone should lead to impeachment of turn on the TV. Many
39) that as late as
­ I was one ­ try to get
9:30 "no one in the President Bush and all of his top people."
through to loved ones
(President's) traveling
in New York. We find
party had any information ...that other aircraft were hijacked the phone system down. We call others to see if they've
or missing." Wrong!
gotten through and they call us. But at FAA Headquarters?
The Commission imagines (on p. 39) it can get away with
FAA Headquarters: "Uh, you know, everybody just left
such claims even though millions of people saw TV news re- the room."
ports about the hijackings on CNN beginning at 8:48.
BZ: Yes, sir. I've noticed that. When there's a really big
The 9/11 Commission fails to ask many, many questions. emergency, such as we have with the "Uh Report" here, key
Why, for instance, was protective cover not provided for Air people just walk out of the room, with fishing rods.
Force One? The Commission makes no mention of the exten-
When we come back, comments about the FAA and the
sive connections between the Bush and bin Laden families. 9/11 Commission Report from David Ray Griffin, author
The Commission imagines, and it's utterly right, that of the book, The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions
the media will fail spectacularly in their duty to notice these About the Bush Administration and 9/11.
and other glaring omissions. The Commission counts on the
media failing to be skeptical or to ask probing questions. As
columnist Lawrence Martin puts it: "You would think that `The New Pearl Harbor'
given the Presidential record of duplicity ­ Bill Clinton on
Welcome back. David Ray Griffin's book The New Pearl
Monica, Ronald Reagan on Iran Contra, Richard Nixon on Harbor is widely admired as the definitive critique of the of-
Watergate, Lyndon Johnson on the Gulf of Tonkin, John ficial story of 9/11. Griffin has gone on to draft a critique of
Kennedy on the missile gap ­ that journalists might catch the report of the 9/11 Commission. Griffin concludes that the
on one day. Not in America." Martin adds: "If media but- Commission sets up the FAA as the fall guy (or patsy) to pro-
tons weren't so easy to push, it's a safe bet that the terrorism tect the US military ­ and thereby the Bush administration.
threat wouldn't get half the airtime." Well, half the airtime
In one case, the Commission claims officials at FAA
would still be billions of hours!
Headquarters "had to debate whether the report of a hijacked
The Commission imagines, and it's right again, that the airliner with a bomb aboard was enough to justify bothering
New York Times will devote pages and pages of coverage to the the military."
Commission's report without batting an eye at the shortcomings
"The Commission," says Griffin, "portrays most FAA
dealt with in this program. Subsequently, scores of New York personnel as hopeless bunglers," ­ in fact, in Griffin's words,
Times stories quote the findings of the 9/11 Commission as "guilty of criminal negligence of the most extreme sort." Yet
dependable truth ­ on anything to do with 9/11.
this is the same Commission that says it cannot find any partic-
The FAA's `Uh Report'
ular people deserving of blame ­ a remarkable contradiction. Another one. The Commission itself points out, that
The Commission imagines, and it's right on the money, the FAA did have one truly unprecedented task to perform
that TV networks will air without question, and newspapers that day ­ namely immediately landing thousands of aircraft
Global OutlookTM
Issue 9 - Fall 2004 / Winter 2005
The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw
Barrie Zwicker
in the air wherever they were. The Commission agrees the 2, clear across an entire city block. We see now that World
FAA and I quote, "executed that unprecedented task flaw- Trade Center 7 is currently under reconstruction and the new
building stands 40 stories tall.
"Is it not strange," asks Griffin, "that FAA personnel
In the early afternoon of September 11, fires broke out
carried out (this) unprecedented task ... flawlessly ... and in World Trade Center 7. And when we look at the photo-
yet failed so miserably with tasks they had been performing graphs and video available from that day, we can see the fires
on a regular basis?"
are mostly on the lower floors and they're largely contained
Additionally Griffin observes, according to the Commis- and actually very small. Regardless, at 5:25 pm about seven
sion "the US military is itself blind, being wholly dependent hours after the first two buildings went down, World Trade
on the FAA to inform it about what is going on in US air- Center 7 implodes. And it implodes in a free-fall that's about
the speed of gravity. And it does so into its own footprint
The Commissioners would have us forget, as they do, and when World Trade Center 7 comes down it does not
the billions of dollars NORAD spent building detection damage either of the buildings significantly on either side of
systems second to none. As Thierry Meyssan writes in it. Now if you were to ask a structural engineer, or a demoli-
his book Pentagate, the military in fact possess "several tion expert about World Trade Center 7, with the facts that
very sophisticated radar monitoring
have just been presented to you, they
systems, incomparable with the civilian
would likely not call it a collapse,
systems." The website for one of these
they would likely call it a work of
systems, called Pave Paws, states it is
art. World Trade Center 7 was a con-
"capable of detecting and monitoring a
trolled demolition.
great number of targets that would be
The Federal Emergency Man-
consistent with a massive Submarine
agement Agency (FEMA) conducted
Launched Ballistic Missile, or SLBM,
an investigation into what caused
attack." (
the towers to fall. It concluded that
"Are we to believe," Griffin asks,
what ever it was that caused World
"that our military's radar systems,
Trade Center 7 to come down, it re-
which could simultaneously track
mains unknown. Fire Engineering
dozens of missiles, could not track a
Magazine the 125-year-old paper of
single airliner headed for New York
record amongst the fire engineering
Collapse of Building 7 on 9/11/01 community, came out in January of
Griffin and others list several Ignored by Mainstream Media [2002] and called FEMA's investiga-
serious matters in which the 9/11
tion a `half baked farce' working on a
Commission shows no interest. They include the puzzling `shoestring budget'. Now the question you should be asking
nature of the collapse of the Twin Towers: jet fuel cannot yourself is why? Why did World Trade Center 7 need to be
burn hot enough to melt structural steel. Why surface-to-air taken down in a controlled demolition? Well, when you look
missiles at the Pentagon were not triggered to protect the closely at the tenants in the office spaces in World Trade
building. The question of what hit the Pentagon: the hole in Center 7, effectively it was a military building.
the building was much smaller than a 757 would make. The
The CIA had a clandestine bunker on the 23rd floor of
connections between the Bush and bin Laden families. And World Trade Center 7. The Secret Service had offices in
the startling case of World Trade Center Building 7.
World Trade Center 7. Rudolph Guliani's Office of Emer-
The Mysterious Collapse of Building 7
gency Management was located in World Trade Center 7 which would have been the perfect center to respond to an
Michael Kane, (NY 9/11 Truth activist): I'm standing on emergency such as 9/11 except that the tragedy caused them
a location that has come to be known widely across the world to evacuate the bunker at 9:25 am in the morning. Addition-
simply as `Ground Zero'. Right behind me is where the Twin ally the Security and Exchange Commission (the SEC) had
Towers had once stood. Currently the area is under renovation offices at World Trade Center 7. Now this was late 2001.
and what will become in part, a memorial to the some 3000 This was at the height of the investigation into Enron, so the
victims from over 80 different countries who were murdered majority of Enron's SEC filings were likely destroyed when
on September 11th, 2001. Many of us will never forget the World Trade Center 7 came down.
images that were broadcast on that tragic day. But largely and
Now, in September of 2002, PBS aired a documentary
widely unknown across the world is the fact that a third build- entitled "America Rebuilds" and in this documentary, Larry
ing also went down on the morning of September 11. World Silverstein was interviewed. Larry Silverstein leased the
Trade Center 7 stood 100 yards across from Towers 1 and World Trade Center complex just a few months before 9/11
Global OutlookTM
Issue 9 - Fall 2004 / Winter 2005 19
The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw
Barrie Zwicker
occurred. And in this documentary, Silverstein is seen mak- are kept secret.
ing a shocking commentary in which it appears he himself
People say they ­ meaning the Bush administration
states World Trade Center 7 was a controlled demolition. ­ wouldn't dare, for fear they'd be found out. As for being
Silverstein: "I remember getting a call from the fire de- found out by the media, well, what's to fear so far?
partment commander telling me that they were not sure they
Upholding the US Constitution obligates one to guard
were going to be able to contain the fire, and I said, `You against "enemies foreign and domestic." The Founders of
know, we've had such terrible loss of life maybe the smartest the country included that for good reason. They knew that
thing to do is, is pull it.' And they made that decision to pull for centuries governments have turned toxic. "The price
and then we watched the building collapse."
of freedom is eternal vigilance," and not just from outside
Now the term `pull' which you just saw Larry Silver- threats. The trumpeting of outside threats, in fact, is the
stein use, is an industry term that means to demolish ­ a commonest ploy used by internal rogues. Today's media
controlled demolition. What did Larry Silverstein exactly feast on, profit from, and join in the trumpeting of outside
say here? Did he say World Trade Center 7 was a controlled threats and the demonisation of designated villains.
demolition? If so, is it conceivable that through all the melee
We expect more of the media than we've been getting.
and hysteria that was going on, on the morning of Septem- We expect them to remember something of history, to be
ber 11th a demolition crew could have
watchdogs for democracy and to have
come in and taken down WTC 7 within seven hours? Most controlled demolitions take up to two weeks in intense planning to make it happen. If this is the case, the only explanation that makes sense is that a controlled demolition was planned ­ way in advance of September 11th 2001.
some backbone. Won't just one major paper do what the Washington Post did with Watergate? Get onto this and not let go until the rest of the media have to pay attention? I've been a media critic for 35 years. I've watched the media become more and more corporate, more and
The `9/11 Cover-Up
more ideological, more and more dis-
honest, more and more part of a power structure which manufactures and
This, and other overwhelming
manipulates fear and excuses death
evidence, ignored or explained away
and destruction and thereby become
by the 9/11 Commission, which should
complicit in it.
be called the "9/11 Cover-up Commis- Larry Silverstein, the man
But I've also learned a big lesson,
sion," suggests 9/11 was planned and executed at the highest levels of the US government.
who ordered Building 7 to be `pulled' as reported on CBS
belatedly. And that is that too many of us want to be shielded from troublesome truth, want our inner child to be
People forget what immense pow-
reassured, want, in short, to be lied to.
ers and resources governments and shadow governments
With knowledge comes responsibility. We who are find-
have to organize covert operations, fabricate false evidence, destroy real evidence, issue misleading statements, organize cover-ups and generally make things happen, through deploying agents, career inducements, bribery and threats, subtle or otherwise. Governments have the powers to kill, maim and imprison and they use them. One example is the endless arrests of `suspected
ing the scales falling from our eyes must also find the courage to make our media and government accountable. Many peaceful means for doing this still exist. This is Barrie Zwicker signing off for The Great Conspiracy ­ The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw but that I live in hopes that you will.
terrorists', the vast majority eventually released without any Notes:
charges being laid. On any other subject this would create a 1. For complete list of books, magazines, videos, DVDs and
huge outcry.
websites visit:
And of course, governments have the powers of propaganda, PR spin, news management, and not least, secrecy.
Media Complicity
Barrie Zwicker is an author and broadcaster. He produced The Great Deception, a video that strongly suggests US
In the face, though, even of this overwhelming evidence, government complicity in the events of 9/11. He has been for
people still find reasons to remain blind to the possibility 15 years the regular media critic for Vision TV, a Canadian
that 9/11 was an inside job. They say a conspiracy this large national cable channel. Copyright belongs to the author. All
could not be kept secret. But most large covert operations rights reserved.

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