WH Auden: Selected Poems, WH Auden, E Mendelson

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Content: [Read ebook] W.H. Auden: selected poems W.H. Auden: Selected Poems W.H. Auden: Selected Poems CH-52016 US/Data/Literature-Fiction 5/5 From 610 Reviews W. H. Auden audiobook | *ebooks | Download PDF | ePub | DOC 7 of 8 people found the following review helpful. EssentialBy R. AlbinThis is the revised edition of a selection of Auden's poems. Both this edition and the original selection were prepared by Auden's literary executor, Edward Mendelson. The original edition contained 100 poems. This edition adds 20 poems, including some of Auden's lighter work, to give a broad prespective on Auden's work. Potential readers need to be aware of 2 important features of this selection. While there are some selections from some of Auden's longer works, the full texts of most longer poems are necessarily excluded. Later in life, Auden revised parts of some poems and even omitted some well known poems from his Collected works. Mendelson chose the earliest texts for this book. The selected poems include all of Auden's most famous work and cover the whole breadth of his career.This book is simply wonderful reading. Auden is one of the greatest poets of the 20th century and one of the greatest in the English language. His wonderfully controlled use of and variety of language, moral vision, wit, and unobtrusive erudition are peerless among modern poets. For anyone wishing to read more Auden, I also recommend the Collected Works.12 of 13 people found the following review helpful. A marvelous introductionBy J. OttUPDATE: It appears there are later expanded or revised editions which contain different selections of poems -- and do include "Funeral Blues". Many of the reviews attaches here, including mine, are of the earlier 1989 edition. Thanks to commenter John Lederman for the clarification.ORIGINAL 2003 REVIEWI can do little more than echo the other reviewers here. This is all a 'selected poems' shoud be: introductory and selective. Yes, "Funeral Blues" is missing. But no one can complain about what is here, which includes "In Time of War", the great sonnet sequence; "The Quest", another long sequence; and the entirety of THE SEA AND THE MIRROR, which is based on Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST. If you are, however, only interested in his love poems, I'd have to steer you toward TELL ME THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE, a nice little chapbook containing only those.My own personal experience with this book may be relevant. It has served to introduce me to one of the finest poets of
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WH Auden, E Mendelson

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Title: W.H. Auden: Selected Poems
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