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Content: "Discipling the head, heart, and hands"
Issue 87
Spring 2008
The following excerpt is taken from the book Overcoming Evil God's Way
written by Stephen Russell and soon to be published by Faith Builders. The book
should be available in the spring of 2008.
In January, 1991, I was living in the United States, reacted vigorously
my mother's home in Alexandria, Vir- to this act of aggression, and on August
ginia, and like many other Americans 8, President Bush announced Desert
I was following with great interest the Shield, the deployment of American
buildup of American and coalition forces in Saudi Arabia to protect it
forces in Saudi Arabia. The year before and other oil-producing Arab states
on August 2, Saddam Hussein sent the from Iraq's army. Intense political
Iraqi army, probably the best trained maneuvering now began between Iraq
and equipped in the Arab world, into and the United States to secure the
Kuwait to claim it as Iraq's nineteenth most advantage on the world stage.
province. Most of the world, led by
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The Way of Peace
Summer Special section on
Term in this
'08 issue!
by Stephen Russell
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Faith Builders educational programs, Inc. Amish are officially nonresistant, that This profoundly affected me because
Iraq tried to pull the Arab and Mus- is to say, at a minimum, against par- of my own conversion history.
lim world to its side while the United ticipation in war by the followers of When I was seventeen, I heard the
States worked to line up as many coun- Jesus. After the service that Sunday Gospel message at a Baptist church
tries as possible in its coalition.
morning, several of the young men and responded by surrendering my
Because Iraq's aggression was against were discussing the Gulf War. The life to Jesus. I had been raised in a
a fellow Arab and Muslim state, the intense interest among the young men church-going home and I already
United States had the easier time suc- was understandable, but I was taken knew the essence of the Gospel, but
here I heard of the need to yield my
"What seemed to me an excessive identification with the American Armed Forces
life to Jesus and to follow Him. I chose that night to do so, and as most who turn in repentance and faith to Jesus will testify, much changed in my life from that point on. That is not to
and their sophisticated weapons " only made sense to these young men.
say that everything was changed and made perfect, but the Lord began to work, and as usual, He began to work at the place that needed it most. For
ceeding in its goal. On November 29, aback by some of the language they me at least one of those places that
1990, the United Nations Security used. These young men expressed God worked on immediately was my
Council authorized the use of force excitement as they discussed what "our nationalistic attitude. One day I was
against Iraq if the invading Iraqi forces missiles and bombs" were able to do. intensely patriotic, and the next day,
were not out of Kuwait by January What seemed to me an excessive iden- after surrendering my life to Jesus, I
15, 1991. On January 12, the United tification with the American Armed still loved my country but I had the
States Congress also authorized the Forces and their sophisticated weapons strong sense that one should not kill,
use of American forces against Iraq in only made sense to these young men. not even for one's country in war. I
fulfillment of the UN resolution.
On Wednesday, January 16, my mother and I prepared our dinner
trays as we had for the last while so that we could watch developments in Iraq on the evening news. Little did we realize that that evening, just as we sat down to eat, the war would begin
Milo and Mary Sue Zehr began a welldeserved sabbatical from FBEP in August of 2007. They chose to move to the Lancaster area where they enjoyed some rest and Milo took additional pastoral training.
before our eyes. At 6:38 pm Eastern As they considered their personal vision
time, bombs and cruise missiles began to explode on the TV screen as CNN reported from Baghdad. Although war was anticipated, it was still a surprise to realize that a multi-national coalition led by the American army had actually begun the Gulf War against Iraq. Next Sunday, however, an even bigger surprise awaited me. I am a member of the Beachy Amish Mennonite
and calling in light of Faith Builders' focus on training teachers and church workers, they decided not to return to Faith Builders at the end of their sabbatical. We keenly miss their presence and contribution. In spite of the "hole" that their departure has created, we seek to honor and respect the decision they have made. Milo continues in his role as head pastor of Shalom Mennonite Church. As his journey continues to unfold, appropriate church leadership will be put in place to pave the way for the transitions that will need to happen. Please pray with us that these changes will be a blessing to Milo and Mary Sue,
church, an Anabaptist group. Like to FBEP, and to the church at large.
most Anabaptist groups the Beachy
Issue 87 - Spring 2008 March Workshops 2008
Dealing with Anger and Bitterness March 29-30, 2008 You are invited to attend this seminar at Faith Builders Educational Programs, Guys Mills, PA.
Speaker: John Coblentz, Sr.
Saturday, March 29 9:00-9:30 Worship 9:30-10:20 "The Emotion of Anger" 10:30-11:20 "The Root of Bitterness" 11:20-11:50 Small Group Discussions 12:00 Lunch
1:30 1:40-2:30 2:40-3:30 3:30-4:00 5:15
Worship "Feeling-Based Responses vs. Faith-Based Responses" "Putting off Anger by Faith" Small Group Discussions Supper
7:00-9:00 Recreation 9:30-10:00 Singing in the Chapel
Sunday, March 30 9:30 Worship 9:45-10:30 "Putting off Anger by Forgiveness" 10:45-11:30 "Putting off Anger by Love" 11:30-11:50 Small Group Discussions 12:00 Lunch Attendance is limited to 175 participants. Please register for this event by calling 814789-4518. Limited lodging is available for early registrants. Meals will be provided during the seminar. A free-will offering will be taken to cover expenses of the weekend.
Page 511 FB Calendar Spring Semester 2008 Easter ­ Spring Break................... Mar 20-25, 2008 Worldviews Workshop................. Mar 29-30, 2008 Chorale Spring Program... 4:00 PM, May 11, 2008 Commencement............... 7:00 PM, May 16, 2008 Choir Tour...................................May 17-26, 2008 Summer Term 2008 Orientation & Registration............... June 30, 2008 Classes Begin....................................... July 1, 2008 College Student Seminar...................July 3-4, 2008 College Student Retreat....................July 4-6, 2008 Choir Programs............................July 26-27, 2008 Final Exams............................ July 31-Aug 1, 2008 Teachers Week..................................Aug 5-8, 2008 Fall Semester 2008 Apprenticing Term Begins..................Aug 18, 2008 Weekend Workshop......................Oct 18-19, 2008 Men's Music Weekend..................... Nov 7-9, 2008 FB Chorale Christmas Program...........Dec 7, 2008 Final Exams................................... Dec 9-10, 2008 Mentoring................................... Dec 11-12, 2008 say "sense" because although my heart recognized the truth here, I had not yet formulated fully in my mind what this meant. This was in 1970 while the Vietnam War still raged. Almost four years after my conversion I was wrestling with what God's will was for my life when several apparent coincidences led me to join the Beachy Amish Church. Of importance to the issue here was the discovery one day as I looked into church history of a movement that taught clearly what I had come to believe in a less defined way at my conversion, namely, that killing did not belong to the follower of Christ. I was visiting the library of the small community college in my home town where I had attended a few years before when I noticed a church history book on the Reformation and began looking through it. I came to a chapter on the Anabaptists. I don't remember now if I knew at the time who these people were, but as I began to read, I was struck with the amazing agreement between their beliefs and those I had developed as I read the continued on page 514
Page 512 Faith Builders
Faith Builders Educational Programs, Inc.
Summer Term 2008
June 30-August 1, 2008
EDU 201 Foundations of Education (3) ­ An introduction to the major issues of the philosophy of Christian day-school education and the history of education. The course focuses on significant terminology and the development of student positions. EDU 202 Principles of Teaching (3) ­ An introductory methods course that identifies time-honored principles of teaching and their application in the classroom. EDU 204 Course Development Practicum (3) ­ This course follows Principles of Teaching with a practical emphasis on conventional course development by active teachers. Each student will prepare an actual course that he or she will be teaching in the upcoming school year and teach portions of that course. Both the preparation and the teaching will include peer and instructor feedback. Prerequisites are EDU 202 Principles of Teaching and plans to teach in 200809. The students must bring materials for two courses that they will be teaching during the following school year. EDU 210 Child Development (3) ­ Part one is a study of children's spiritual, physical, social, and intellectual development and needs. The second part examines a variety of learning theories embedded in our curriculums and considers how they fit children of various ages, and how they affect our approaches to teaching. EDU 420 Learning Disabilities (3) ­ An examination of the purpose, rationale, and methodology of programs for individuals with special learning needs. Assessment, instructional strategies, and individualized education programs will be considered. ENG 010 Basic English (NC) ­ A prerequisite course that covers basic English Grammar and composition. ENG 310 Creative Writing (3) ­ Study and practice of the tools of effective writing while encouraging personal development of imaginative writing styles and interests. ENG 330 TESOL (3) ­ A development of the skills needed to teach English to speakers of other languages. LIT 240 Children's Literature (3) ­ A course in reading and teaching literature to children, including the study of a variety of books, stories, and poems written for children. Oral reading in the classroom, the needs and interests of children at various age levels, and criteria for judging the value of children's books are examined. The course seeks to model literary analysis: finding purpose, theme, artistic quality, and classroom use of literature for children. MAT 101 Algebra (3) ­ This course includes the study of exponentials, radicals, rational expressions, linear and quadratic equations and applications. MAT 201 Mathematics for Teachers (4) ­ This Math course is designed to provide the student with a basic mathematical understanding in preparation for teaching math in the elementary classroom. This course is designed for teachers in grades 1-8. A daily lab period is scheduled to provide additional time for working through concepts. MAT 250 Mathematics for secondary teachers (3) ­ This course is designed to equip the high-school teacher with the basic understanding needed to master High School algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Some attention is given to the techniques of teaching on this level. Math Tutoring (NC) ­ Opportunities will be available for one-on-one instruction. If there is a math course that you need to teach, bring the textbook along and receive assistance in working through it. MUS 101 Choir (1) ­ Designed to combine artistic excellence with inspirational musical expression. Worship in song that is acceptable to God is the result of a heart that is in tune with God and gifts and skills that are developed and committed to bringing glory to God. MUS 110 Music Fundamentals (3) ­ Emphasizes elementary theory (chord structure), music reading, and ear training skills. The purpose of this course is to instill a basic working knowledge of the language of music and to develop skill in pitch reproduction. MUS 301 Music History and Appreciation (1) ­ This course provides the student with the background necessary to develop an appreciation for good music. Guidance is given in listening and learning to appreciate church, Choral and classical music. The basic vocabulary, forms and genres are taught, as well as brief histories of the periods of music and the composers of great music from each of these periods. MUS 320 Choral Conducting (1) ­ A practical, "hands-on" approach to choral conducting, focusing on clear communication of musical ideas with the conducting gesture and on efficient and effective rehearsal techniques. The repertoire used will be selected from all historical periods and will be appropriate for high school choral ensembles. All participants will spend substantial time conducting. Some sessions will be videotaped. PER 263W Singleness & Women (1) ­ The purpose of this class is to encourage single and married women to embrace God's original design as it was instituted in the Garden while at the same time accepting its limitations in a fallen world. This class will also examine God's perspective of the Christian single's calling and life focus in the 21st Century.
Issue 87 - Spring 2008 Esther Bean began her twelve years' teaching experience in Ontario. She enjoys dividing difficult math skills into smaller bite-size portions that students can easily master. In addition to teaching grades 3-4 at Faith Builders Christian School, she is also assisting with development of a literature-based history curriculum.
Page 513
Steven Brubaker is the Academic Administrator at Faith Builders Educational Programs. In addition, he teaches courses in education, worldviews, and science and gives direction to the FB Resource Group. Earl Koch brings his 35 years of teaching experience to his summer classes at FBEP. He has taught mathematics in secondary schools in Waterloo County, Ontario. He also tutored privately and taught adult education classes. Earl pastors at Grace Mennonite Church near New Hamburg. Melvin Lehman decided to leave the mechanic trade 30 years ago to teach school in the Chambersburg area where he grew up. Today he serves as director of FBEP and enjoys teaching a variety of classes throughout the school as needed and as time permits. Gerald Miller began his career as a teacher in 1996 in South Carolina. He loves to teach and cares about principals establishing a solid framework for education. He has served as FBCS principal since 2002. Jonas Sauder is completing his 35th year of teaching, having started his involvement in education in 1971. He sees teaching as the unselfish response to having learned something that everyone else would want to know. He serves as principal & teacher at Sonlight in Lancaster, PA. Teaching has been an integral part of Sharon Yoder's life since playing school with her dolls as a child. She teaches English as a Second Language and Freshman Composition at Allegany College of Maryland and Frostburg State University. Sharon's teaching motivation is to see each student become the person God intends him or her to be.
Meet the Summer Term Instructors Request a Summer Term Application Applications are available for download on our website www.fbep.org. You may also request a copy from the main office.
Sharon Yoder has taught in grade levels 1-8, but upper elementary has been her primary focus in 23 years of teaching. Her educational goals include co-laboring with educators who envision raising a generation of discerning readers and producing a generation of powerful writers who can influence postmodern culture with truth and light. She is employed as a grade 5-6 teacher at Faith Builders Christian School.
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FB Financial Report
Faith Builders Educational Programs, Inc.
continued from page 511 Bible over the four years since my conversion. The book mentioned that the Anabaptists were much like the other Protestant reformers of the sixteenth century, except for four or five areas of serious disagreement: believer's baptism, voluntary church membership, priesthood of the believers, the sharing of temporal goods, and, of course, nonresistance. Here at last was a clear and unambiguous description of what I had come to believe at my conversion. I began to attend the Beachy Amish Church to which some of my high school friends belonged. I The Protestant Reformers taught the priesthood of all believers as well. The unique thing about the Anabaptist approach was the implementation of the doctrine.
was impressed with the church's teaching on many points which were of particular importance to me, especially the ones mentioned above. I began attending Mountain View Amish Mennonite Church in July or August and was baptized October 13, 1974, one month before I turned twenty-one. The teaching of nonresistance had been a major factor in my decision to join the church. So it is easy to see why the attitude of some of the young men at my church in Virginia at the beginning of the Gulf War in 1991 affected me deeply. At the time of the Gulf War I had relatively recently returned to my home area after getting a Master's degree in church history and theol-
ogy from Wheaton Graduate School in Illinois. For this reason I decided to take some time to develop a series of talks on nonresistance in church history. This was the genesis of my concern and interest in teaching other followers of Christ about this doctrine so that they can understand it, recognize the scriptural warrant for it, and consider what it means in this area to follow Christ. Stephen Russell's book Overcoming Evil God's Way should be available in the spring of 2008.
Issue 87 - Spring 2008
Page 515
College Student Seminar & Retreat
You are invited to attend this weekend, July 3-6, 2008! During the 4th of July weekend, Faith Builders sponsors a retreat for Mennonites who are attending colleges or universities. The weekend retreat aims to encourage college students by offering workshops on current challenges to the Christian worldview, opportunities for small-group discussion and prayer, and informal interaction with others who have walked or are walking a similar path. The Seminar (Friday) is a one-day conference on "Developing a Christian Mind," filled with lecture, breakout sessions for discussion and study of the philosophies young people may encounter on college campuses. Speakers at the 2008 seminar will include Steven Brubaker, John Coblentz, Jonas Sauder, and Evie Weaver. The Retreat (Friday evening-Sunday afternoon) is a weekend for young people in college to engage peers and mentors with their questions and struggles. It's a safe place to discuss and think about college experiences and our Mennonite heritage. Activities include small-group discussions, thought-provoking sessions, panel discussion of issues, organized recreation, and times for relaxing and visiting. Faith Builders hosts both events at the Castle, a turn-of-the-century mansion built by an oil baron, now turned into a retreat center. Set in the mountains overlooking the Allegheny River, the Castle is an unforgettable setting for reflection and renewal. The Seminar will cost $55 per person, including overnight lodging, meals, and seminar expenses. The Retreat will cost $130 per person, including two additional nights' stay, meals, and retreat expenses. Students registering for both events will receive priority. This retreat is limited to the first 42 people who register. Detailed schedule information is available at http://www.fbep. org/events/csr.html. You may download the application at www.fbep.org/downloads.html. You may also request an application by calling (814) 789-4518 or emailing [email protected]
News from Faith Builders
Announcements » Strong interest in our scholarship program has depleted funds available to new students. You can sponsor a student for Fall 2008 now by sending a contribution for `FB Scholarships.' » Faith Builders Christian School's 8th annual benefit auction will be held Saturday, June 7, in the Faith Builders gym. The auction helps cover general expenses as well as provides funds for capital items and improvements in the school. All are welcome to attend. » Lewis and Jenny Martin will need to return to Ontario by mid-March because of visa limitations. Lewis has been an outstanding asset to the maintenance department, and his work has been deeply appreciated. We need a volunteer in maintenance immediately. Please contact Melvin at 814-789-4518 ext 304 if you have interest in this position or if you know someone who may be interested. » David and Mary King have been serving as FB house-parents since the fall of 2007. Their warm presence has been a blessing to
us. Church leadership needs in their home community call them back to Buffalo Valley. They will return home in June. We are in need of an older retired couple with a pastoral nature to replace them. Maintenance and janitorial skills or business experience are not required but are definite assets for this voluntary-service position. Please contact Brandon at 814-789-4518 ext 348 to inquire or to recommend a couple. Service opportunities » Kitchen: June, (2) August 2008 » Domestics: June 2008. » Houseparents: June 2008. » Maintenance Volunteer: immediate, Fall 2008. Current Project Summary » Kitchen Project -- work complete, $43,500 received, $16,500 outstanding. » Phone System -- $4,450 received, $15,550 needed to complete project. » Student Center (Phase I) -- $164,000 re- ceived, $26,000 needed to complete project.
Thanks to... » Victoria King, Winter Term kitchen help, Mifflinburg, PA. » Chris & Erma Zook, Winter Term kitchen help, Gap, PA. » Gladys & Meredith Graybill, Winter Term kitchen help, Centerville, PA. Farewell to... » Lewis & Jenny Martin & family, mainte- nance, Listowel, ON, March. Births » Jeffrey & Phyllis Hobbs, Christine Janelle, 3rd child & daughter, Oct 13. » Amos & Shaunda (Lehman) Stoltzfus, Joshua Myron, 3rd child, 2nd son, Dec 21. » Tim & Angela (Gingerich) Crites, Hannah Rose, 3rd child, 2nd daughter, Dec 22. » Michael & Mary Lois Petersheim, Joanna Marie Petersheim, 3rd child, 2nd daughter, Jan 4. » Joel & Barb (Hoover) Hege, Derek Lavern, 5th child, 3rd son, Feb 23.
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"Discipling the head, heart, and hands" Issue 87
Spring 2008

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