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Content: MISCELLANEOUS Wanted: 3 complete driving range equipment; will purchase from party selling range-write P. O. Box 9565, Treasure Island, Florida. G O L F CARS FOR S A L E - $ 1 9 5 . 0 0 and up. Gas or Elect. Power. Most all makes. Like new demonstrators, reconditioned or as is. Single units or matched fleets. Dealers welcome. Send for price list. N I C K E Y GOLF CAR CENTER, 4300 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60641. Area Code 312-478-5336. FOR SALE OR LEASE: 9-hole Course, modern clubhouse, all equipment, located on 62 acres in center of fast growing residential area. Only course in town of 24,000. 10 miles frem city limits of Dayton; 10 miles from Wright Patterson A.F.B.; 14 miles frem Springfield; 5 miles from residential city of Kettering. Owner retiring for heath Reasons. Gil Ogilvie, 684 Country Club Drive, Xenia, Ohio. $ 7 5 , 0 0 0 Cash to invest In purchase or building of golf course. Any growing community with the need and agressiveness to help back construction contact me. Can act in pro-superintendent capacity and supervise construction. Paul R. Noble, R # 1 , Westerville, Ohio, c/o E. Eberhard. FOR SALE--Eleven Stevens Electric Golf carts. $1500.00 Three years old. Call or write: Hank Whitfield, Surburban Golf Club, Marietta, Ga. Golf Driving Range -- Excellent Central Location -- also near Naval Air Station -- 40 tees, large green -- pro shop -- Mercury & incandescent lighting -- Water System -- Reasonable Terms -- Will consider Sale, Lease, Partner, Pro-Manager: Golf Range P. O . Box 4758, Pensacola, Fa. 32506. FACTORY R E F I N I S H I N G -- of your golf balls. Quality workmanship combined with latest methods and know how assure you satisfactory results. 3'/itfper ball over 250 doz. For further information on all phases of finishing write or call FINE FINISHERS, INC. Box 26, Downers Grove, ILlinois, a/c 312-964-1414 Wanted Person interested In leasing Ceuntry Club operation only. Have all New Equipment and building-- Elks Golf & Country Club, Box 606, Oelwein, Iowa. Write for free brochure on "How to Make Your Golf Driving Range Pay Off." Reading Golf Inc. 300 Spruce St., Reading, Penna. FOR LEASE -- Prim* land for planned 18 hoi* muncipal court* on 3rd largast Illinois airport. 130,000 p*opl* In 25 mil* radius. No simi l a r court* in a r * a . W i l l assist financing. W r i t * Rob*rt Gravitt, Bl-Stat* Authority, Lawr*nc*vill*Vinc*nn*s Muncipal Airport, Lawr*nc*vill*, Illinois. SEE US FIRST Before you buy any new or used GOLF BALLS! Complete selection for resale and range equipment. See our display at PGA ANNUAL GOLF SHOW Palm Beach Gardens, Florida JANUARY 21ST TO 24TH, 1 9 6 7 Write for information and catalogs: GOLF BALL PROCESSING CO. 1910 8th Avenue North, Lake Worth, Florida Phone 305 585-6316 For more information circle number 206 on card
NEW PRODUCTS N e w Turf-Truckster, manufactured by Cushm a n M o t o r s , Lincoln, N e b . , is used for h a u l i n g supplies and tools around the course. Cushman claims Turf-Truckster can handle the work of two or three men. The T a a l Co., Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., introduces the Foursome line of aerosol sprays: cologne, deodorant, liniment and foot spray. These are sold exclusively through pro shops. V e l s i c o l " 2 - 1 " , latest f u n g i c i d e c o n t r o l , is available from Velsicol Chemical Corp., 341 E. O h i o St., C h i c a g o , " 2 - 1 " is p a c k a g e d in o n e a n d five-lb. bottles a n d 2 5 - l b . f i b r e drums. The n e w Faultless golf b a l l will not cut, claims Faultless Rubber Co., Ashland, Ohio. Company guarantees every ball to perform satisfactorily in normal play for two years.
At the Fawick party, given at the Sheraton
Hotel, Akron, Ohio during the PGA's 50th
at Firestone
right to left, Thomas Fawick,
Fawick Corp., chats with William
vice president,
Fawick Corp., and
manager of the Flexi-Grip
tv announcer,
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GOLF COURSE Aerifying machines: Fairway · Greens · Algae Killer (ponds) Architects: course · Ball mark repair tool Boll washers (tee) Bamboo whipping poles Batteries (golf car) Benches (tee) Bird houses Brown-patch preventatives Color spray for turf Comfort Stations Compost mixers Crabgrass control: Regular · Pre-emergence · Drinking fountains: (Reg. · L.P.-gas operated · ) Edging machines Fertilizers Solid · Liquid · Flags (greens) · Flag poles · Fungicides Golf Cars: Elec. p Gas · Golf course furniture Haul carts (hyd. lift) Herbicides HoJe cutters Humus p Peat moss · Insecticides Irrigation consultants Lapping-in Machine Lighting equip.: Miniature · Par-3 p Regulation Course · Practice green · Parking Q Matting-seedbed protection. Miniature Course Const'n Min. Course Obstacles Min. putting surface Mowers: putting green · rotary · tee · fairway n rough · Mower Grinders Pipe Rakes (trap) Refreshment stands Fixed · Portable · Rollers: Power n Tractor · Sand: Traps Q for compost, and soil conditioning · Seed: fairway · green Q Signs: yardage · direction · Sod cutter Soil conditioner
Soil screeners · Soil shredders · Soil pasteurizers Spikers: greens · fairway · Sprayers: power · hand · Spreaders: greens · fairway · Sprinklers: f'way · green · Stolons -- Bent · Bermuda · Stone picker (mechanical) Sweepers: greens · f'way · Sweepers-mulchers (turf) Tee Markers Tee Shelters Thatch cutting machine Thatch cutter & vacuum removal Tile Probe Tractors Trailers (utility) Trees · Shrubs · Tree care service Trucks (utility) Water aerator for pools & ponds Water coolers (L.P.-gas operated) water systems, fairway Weed chemicals for turf · for water · PRO SHOP Bags: Comp. · Leather · Bag & club container (storage- travel) Bag storage racks Bag carts · electric · Bag Tags · Guest Tags · Balls: Regular n Range · Ball dispenser (coin operated) Ball Striper (range) Ball Washers: Tee · Range · Ball washer, counter & dispenser Batteries (golf cars) Battery chargers Caps and hats Charge books; pro shop · green fee · Cleaner for iron clubs Clubs: Woods · Irons · Putters · Range · Club cleaner-polisher Club head covers Club repair supplies Display fixtures Floor covering (spike resistant) Gasoline motors (golf car) Golf Cars: Elec. · Gas ·
Golf qar replacement seats Golf car trailers Golf car transmissions Golf gloves Golf grips: Leather Q Comp. · Golf Practice Devices Golf shoes: men's · women's · Golf Shoe Brush & Scraper Grip cleaning machine Grip slip preventative Handicap computer service Handicap racks · cards · Insect repellent Lighting equip. -- range Mech. Range Ball Retriever Practice driving nets Rubber-spiked Overshoes Score Cards · Charge checks · Shoe rack (for locker doors) Sportswear: Shirts · Socks · Sport jackets · Rain jackets · Windbreakers · Slacks · Shorts: Ladies · Men's · Tee bag racks Tee mats: Range · Net · Trophies Teeing device (automatic) CLUBHOUSE Bath mats Bath slippers-disposable Carpeting dining room: Linens · Silverware · China Q Glassware · Disinfectants Duplicating machines Floor covering-spike resistant Folding Table (Banquet) Game Tables Greeter pins Health haths Locker Name Plates Lockers Locker room toiletry products Lulus luuunjiiidUum >or locheis Massage Equipt. Modernization (interior) Printing Runners for aisles--spike resistant Carpeting · Composition Q Shoe equip. & supplies for locker attendant Towels (eolf, disposable)
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