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Content: Physical Development
Communication and Language Getting to know you games, classroom explorations. Stories ­ settings, characters, events, opinions. Treasure Sacks ­ getting to know each other, learning about families, likes, dislikes, homes. Localities ­ learning about our local area, comparisons with Peru. Paddington Bear ­ watching different versions, and different stories linked to Paddington. Performing stories. Harvest / Autumn / Winter ­ discussions, comparisons, festivals and celebrations (bonfire night, Diwali, Halloween, Christmas)
Swimming, PE, dressing and undressing with limited support, exploring playground equipment. Learning how to stay safe and the essential rules. Outside Area ­ using bikes and trikes, large and small equipment, throwing, catching. Mark making resources, Writing Letters, words, names, drawing pictures, sketching. Food ­ hot dinners, snack variety to try ­ pictograms for favourites. Prepping gardens for planting. Paddington Bear ­ taste testing marmalades, planning a meal
Personal, Social and Emotional Development SEAL ­ New beginnings (initiate conversations, be confident to speak in a group, become aware of behaviour expectations). Create Classroom Rules, behaviour chart, exploring school environment. Sharing treasure sacks, learning about others in the class. Getting On and Falling Out ­ work cooperatively with others, understand the feelings of others. How to be a good friend. Paddington Bear ­ making a new label for Paddington...what to do when we get lost. Take home teddy introduced.
Literacy Phonics - Phase 1 and 2: develop Listening Skills, vocal sounds, oral blending and segmenting, begin to learn single sounds and high frequency words. Reading books, word wallets and sounds books for home. Name recognition, writing names. Exploring - writing tools and resources, builders plans and pencils for construction / fairy books for small world etc. writing labels and captions, writing cards to send home or to a friend, writing wish lists, letters to Father Christmas. Areas - Creating maps, researching into Peru through the internet and books. Paddington Bear ­ creating diary entries, creating instructions and to look after Paddington, creating a new label, making lists for suitcase contents.
Curriculum Overview Subject to change from children's ideas...
Peru Reception EYFS Autumn 2016 `Paddington Bear'
Miss Kiley
Mathematics Counting: recite numbers to 20, number songs, counting objects, matching numerals to sets, ordering numerals, counting on, 1 more, exploring zero, counting back, 1 less, Shape: describe and name shapes, describe position, describe 3d shapes, printing, making models Pattern: continue a repeating pattern, Addition: partitioning sets of objects, Measures (length and height): direct comparisons, non-standard units to measure, ordering, Money: recognise coins, compare prices, role play, Time: days of the week, minutes, counting actions linked with time.
Expressive Arts and Design Self portraits, singing, wooden clave games and music rhythms. Mirrors for self-sketches. Messy play sessions, musical bodies, colour mixing, printing. Seasonal pictures, junk modelling, collecting items to create pictures. Celebration pictures and cards. Floating and sinking ice-fishing. Andy Goldsworthy pictures. Areas ­ creating a class flag, looking into materials and weaving creations from Peru. Paddington Bear ­ creating new clothes for Paddington, creating our own suitcases. Compose a new tune for Paddington.
Books Paddington Bear I am Absolutely too small for school Jolly Postman Olivers Vegetables Non-Fiction Texts linked with topic.
Role Play Ideas Home Corner Train Station Police Station Visit/Trip Ideas PCSO / Police ­ stranger danger, getting lost. Local area visits Library Grocers
Understanding the World Exploring ­ small world and Construction site areas. Explore the school and places around the school ­ what are they used for? Keeping our environment tidy ­ recycling / rubbish sorting. Home corner ­ role play areas. Acting out experiences. Areas ­ Our locality, where we live ­ contrasts with Peru. Making maps and representations of our local area and Peru ­ what are the differences. Paddington Bear ­ using maps, creating journey maps, finding Peru on the map. Researching into the history of teddy bears, creating time lines. Comparing new toys to old toys, making lists for Father Christmas. Diwali celebrations, seasons and bird feeders for winter.

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