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Content: Mechanical Vibrations : 1. Theory of Vibrations with Applications 5 Edition Author(s): William T. Thomson, Marie Dillon Dahleh, Chandramouli Padmanabhan, John Vlissides 2. Mechanical Vibrations 1st Edition Author(s): Thammaiah Gowda, Jagadeesha T, D V Girish 3. Mechanical Vibrations 4 Edition Author(s): Singiresu S. Rao 4. Mechanical Vibrations (For ME Branch) Author(s): R. K. Singal 5. Mechanical Vibrations 1st Edition Author(s): S Graham Kelly 6. Mechanical Vibrations and Noise Engineering 1 Edition Author(s): A. G. Ambekar 7. Vibration of mechanical systems 1st Edition Author(s): C. Nataraj 8. Mechanical Vibrations 8 Edition Author(s): G.K. Grover 9. Mechanical Vibrations Author(s): J. S Mehta, A. S Kailey 10. Textbook Of Mechanical Vibrations 2nd Edition Author(s): Rao V. Dukkipati, J. Srinivas 11. Mechanical Vibrations Author(s): Bhave 12. Mechanical Vibrations Author(s): Dr. Debabrata Nag 13. Mechanical Vibrations and Industrial Noise Control
Author(s): L. G. Lasithan 14. Mechanical Vibration Author(s): William J. Palm 15. Mechanical Vibrations of Elastic Systems 01 Edition Author(s): Rao 16. Vibration and Acoustics 1st Edition Author(s): C. Sujatha 17. An Introduction to Vibration Control in Buildings Author(s): J. Paul Guyer 18. Mechanical Vibrations 01 Edition Author(s): J. P. Den Hartog 19. Parametric Random Vibration (Price Printed) 4th Edition Author(s): Raouf A. Ibrahim 20. Schaum's Outline of Mechanical Vibrations New ed Edition Author(s): S. Graham Kelly 21. Mechanical Vibration and Its Therapeutic Application Author(s): Mary Lydia Hastings Arnold Snow 22. Mechanical Vibration Author(s): Mary Lydia Hastings Arnold Snow 23. Vibration in Continuous Media HRD Edition Author(s): Jean-louis Guyader 24. Random Vibrations: Theory and Practice Author(s): Paul H. Wirsching, Thomas L. Paez, Keith Ortiz -------STRENGTH OF MATERIALS : 1. Elements of Strength of Materials 5 Edition
Author(s): D. H. Young, S. P. Timoshenko 2. Strength of Materials 14 Edition Author(s): S. Ramamrutham, R. Narayanan 3. Advanced Mechanics of Solids 3 Edition Author(s): L S Srinath 4. A Textbook of Strength of Materials : Mechanics of Solids (S.I. Units) 5 Edition Author(s): R. K. Bansal 5. Strength of Materials Author(s): R.K. Rajput 6. Strength of Materials 2 Edition Author(s): S S Rattan 7. Strength of Materials : Elementary Theory and Problems (Part - 1) 3 Edition Author(s): Stephen Timoshenko 8. Strength of Materials Authot(s): S S Bhaviakkati 9. Strength of Materials (SI Units) 24th Edition Author(s): R.S Khurmi 10. Strength of Materials Author(s): W. A Nash -----------------------THEORY OF MACHINES : 1. Theory of Machines R.S Khurm, J K Gupta 2. Theory of Machines S S Rattan 3. Theory of Machines
Thomas Bevan 4. Theory of Machines and Mechanisms 3rd Edition John J Uicker, Joseph E Shigley, Gordon R Pennock 5. A Textbook of Theory of Machines Dr J S Brar Dr R K Bansal 6. Theory of Machines B S Ubhi 7. Theory of Machines: As per the fifth-semester Mechanical Engieering Syllabus of Gujarat Technological University ---------THERMODYNAMICS AND THERMAL ENGINEERING 1. Thermodynamics Databook Author(s): Richard E. Sonntag Claus Borgnakke Gordon J. Van Wylen 2. Basic and Applied Thermodynamics 2 Edition Author(s): P K Nag 3. Thermodynamics : An Engineering Approach (SI Units) 7 Edition Author(s): Michael A. Boles, Yunus A. Cengel 4. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics 7 Edition Author(s): Claus Borgnakke, Richard E. Sonntag 5. Engineering Thermodynamics 5th edition Author(s): P K Nag 6. Heat and Thermodynamics 8 Edition Author(s): Richard H Dittman, Mark W Zemansky, Amit K. Chattopadhyay 7. Applied Thermodynamics for Engineering Technologists 5 Edition Author(s): T. D. Eastop, A. McConkey 8. Thermodynamics 1st Edition Author(s): C.P. Arora
9. Basic Engineering Thermodynamics 5th Edition Author(s): Rayner Joel 10. Heat Thermodynamics And Statistical Physics 1st Edition Author(s): Brij Lal, N Subrahmanyam 11. Heat And Thermodynamics 1st Edition Author(s): Venkata Chalapathi Rau --------------------MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING AND PROCESS : 1. Manufacturing Technology : Foundry, Forming and Welding - Volume 1 4th Edition Author(s): P. N. Rao 2. Manufacturing Process I Author(s): Sandy Khippal 3. Elements Of Manufacturing Processes 1st Edition Author(s): Nagendra B. S Parashar, Mittal R. K 4. Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing : Materials, Processes and Systems (With CD) 3 Edition Author(s): Mikell P. Groover 5. Production Technology : Manufacturing Processes, Technology and Automation 17 Edition Author(s): R. K. Jain 6. Degarmo's Materials and Processes in Manufacturing 11th Edition Author(s): JT. Black, Ronald A. Kohser 7. Manufacturing Process and Equipment Author(s): Jiri Tlusty, George Tlusty 8. Modern Machining Processes 1 Edition Author(s): P. C. Pandey, H. S. Shan
9. Workshop Technology (Manufacturing Process) Third Edition Author(s): S. K. Garg ---------------MACHINE TOOL DESIGN: 1. Machine Tool Design Handbook 1st Edition Author(s): Central Machine Tool Institute (CMTI) 2. Machine Tool Design and Numerical Control 3 Edition Author(s): N. K. Mehta 3. Design of Machine Tools 5th Edition Author(s): S.K. Basu, D.K. Pal 4. Jigs, Tools and Fixtures, Their Drawing and Design; (Covering Equipment for Practically All Modern M Author(s): Philip Gates 5. Producion Engineering and Science Author(s): C.K. Singh, P.C. Pandey 6. A text book Of Machine Tools & Tool Design 1st Edition Author(s): P C SHARMA 7. Proceedings of the 34th International Matador Conference: Formerly the International Machine Tool De Author(s): 8. Detals of Machine TOol Design Author(s): 9. Proceedings of the 34th International Matador Conference: Formerly the International Machine Tool De Author(s): S. Hinduja 10. Machine Tool Design (Volume - 2) illustrated edition Edition Author(s):
11. Machine Tool Design (Volume - 3) illustrated Edition Author(s): N. Ignatyev, N. Acherkan, V. Push 12. Metal Cutting and Tool Design 2nd Edition Author(s): B.J. Ranganath 13. Modular Design Machine Tools 1st Edition Author(s): Yoshimi Ito 14. Axiomatic Design and Fabrication of Composite Structures: Applications in Robots, Machine Tools, and Author(s): Nam Pyo Suh, Dai Gil Lee 15. Machine Tools Handbook : Design and Operation 1st Edition Author(s): Prakash Joshi 16. Micro Grinding Mechanics and Machine Tools: Research on the Methodologies to Predict Micro-grinding Author(s): Hyung Wook Park 17. Design Of Machine Tools Author(s): Basu 18. Metal Cutting Principles 1st Edition Author(s): Milton C. Shaw -------------------------JET PROPULSION AND ROCKET ENGINEERING : 1. Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion 01 Edition Author(s): Murugaperumal 2. Gas Turbines and Jet Propulsion Author(s): M. S. Ramgir, M. J. Sable 3. Fundamentals Of Jet Propulsion With Applications South Asian Edition PB Author(s): Flack 4. The Modern Gas Turbine - Its Uses as an Exhaust Turbosupercharger or
Prime Mover in All Fields of Se Author(s): Eric Capon, R. Tom Sawyer 5. Gas Turbines and Jet Propulsion for Aircraft Author(s): A. S. Burack, G. Geoffrey Smith 6. Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines - Operation, Components & Systems (Jet Propulsion) Author(s): 7. Jet, Rocket, Nuclear, Ion and Electric Propulsion: Theory and Design Author(s): W. H. T. Loh 8. Fundamentals of Jet Propulsion with Applications Reprint Edition Author(s): Ronald D. Flack 9. Jet Propulsion Second edition Author(s): Nicholas Cumpsty 10. Fundamentals of Jet Propulsion with Applications Author(s): Ronald D. Flack 11. Aerobot: Robotic spacecraft, Unmanned aerial vehicle, Rover (space exploration), solar system, Aeros Author(s): -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING : 1. Industrial Engineering and Management 17 Edition Author(s): O.P. Khanna 2. Industrial Engineering and Organization Management 01 Edition Author(s): S.K. Sharma, Savita Sharma 3. Industrial Engineering and Production Management 2 Edition Author(s): Martand Telsang ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
heat transfer : 1. Heat and Mass Transfer 3 Edition Author(s): P K Nag 2. Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering 7 Edition Author(s): Warren L. McCabe, Julian C. Smith, Peter Harriott 3. Heat and Mass Transfer 4 Edition Author(s): Yunus A. Cengel, Afshin J. Ghajar 4. Heat Transfer (In SI Units) 10 Edition Author(s): J P Holman, Souvik Bhattacharyya 5. A Textbook on Heat Transfer 4 Edition Author(s): S. P. Sukhatme 6. Basics of Heat and Mass Transfer 8th Edition Author(s): D.S. Kumar 7. Heat Transfer: Principles And Applications 1st Edition Author(s): Dutta Binay K 8. Process Heat Transfer 1 Edition Author(s): Donald Q. Kern 9. Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer Author(s): David P. Dewitt, Theodore L. Bergman, T R Seetharam, Frank P. Incropera, Adrienne S. Lavine, K N 10. Heat and Mass Transfer : S. I. Units 5 Edition Author(s): R. K. Rajput 11. Chemical Engineering : Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer (Volume - 1) 1st Edition Author(s): J.F. Richardson, J.M. Coulson, J R Backhurst, J H Harker ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GATE/IES/PSU PREPARATION BOOKS :
1. Engineering Mathematics(ME/CE/PI) Previous GATE Questions & Solutions Author(s): ACE Engineering Academy 2. GATE Mechanical Engineering (2014) Author(s): G. K. P 3. GATE Mechanical Engineering (2014) Solved Papers 2000 - 2013 Author(s): G K P 4. GATE 2013: Mechanical Engineering 1st Edition Author(s): Vikas Slariya 5. Mechanical Engineering for GATE 3rd Edition Author(s): Vikas Slariya 6. Crack GATE / IES / PSUs and Other COMPETITIVE EXAMS with Mechanical Engineering Author(s): Experts Compilation 7. Mechanical Engineering Question Bank for the GATE: Useful for Recruitment Examinations of ONGC, RRB, Author(s): Trishna Knowledge Systems 8. A Complete Guide to The GATE: Mechanical Engineering 1st Edition Author(s): Trishna Knowledge Systems 9. The Pearson Guide to the GATE: Mechanical Engineering Author(s): Rama Krishna Hegde 10. GATE Mechanical Engineering Guide 1st Edition Author(s): RPH Editorial Board 11. IES, GATE, PSUs: A Handbook on Mechanical Engineering Author(s): ME Team 12. GATE - Mechanical & Production Engineering Author(s): Made Easy 13. GATE Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering Mechanical Engineering with
Solved Papers (Set of 2 Books Author(s): Lalit Jain, Dinesh Nath Goswami 14. A Comprehensive Book on Selected Questions and Answers in Mechanical Engineering Author(s): R K Rajput 15. 2012:GATE GUIDE MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Author(s): GK 16. GATE Solved Paper Mechanical Engineering: Topicwise Previous Years Solved Papers with Complete Solut Author(s): NODIA 17. Gate Papers Unsolved Mechanical Engineering Author(s): Gkp 18. Practice Book for Mechanical Engineering GATE - 2014 Author(s): 19. IES: Unsolved Objective Papers ME(1998-2012) Author(s): ME Team 20. Practice Book for PSUs: Mechanical Engineering Author(s): ME Team 21. IES - 2013 ME Mechanical Engineering: Topicwise Objective Solved Papers (Paper - 1) Author(s): ME Team 22. IES - 2013 ME Mechanical Engineering: Topicwise Objective Solved Papers (Paper - 2) Author(s): ME Team 23. IES - 2013 Mechanical Engineering: Conventional Solved Papers (Paper - 1 & 2) Author(s): ME Team 24. SAIL Steel Authority of India Limited Management Trainee Technical Recruitment Examination: Mechanic
Author(s): GKP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GAS DYNAMICS : 1. Gas Tables: For Steady One-Dimensional Flow Of Perfect Gas 1st Edition Author(s): P. Balachandran 2. Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics 01 Edition Author(s): V. Babu 3. Gas Dynamics for Engineers Author(s): Balachandran . P 4. Gas Dynamics And Space Propulsion 1st Edition Author(s): M. C Ramaswamy 5. GAS DYNAMICS, 5/E Author(s): RATHAKRISHNAN 6. Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics 2nd Edition Author(s): Robert D. Zucker, Oscar Biblarz 7. APPLIED GAS DYNAMICS Author(s): RATHAKRISHNAN E. 8. Gas Dynamics Vol 1 (Pb 2013) Author(s): Zucrow M. 9. The Principles and Practice of Statics and Dynamics with Those of Liquids and Gases Author(s): Thomas Baker 10. The Dynamical Theory of Gases Author(s): Sir James Hopwood Jeans 11. Gas Dynamics 4th Edition Author(s): Ethirajan rathakrishnan 12. Elements of Gas Dynamics
Author(s): Engineering, A. Roshko, H. W. Liepmann 13. THE DYNAMICAL THEORY OF GASES Author(s): SIR JAMES HOP JEANS 14. THE DYNAMICAL THEORY OF GASES Author(s): SIR JAMES HOPWOOD JE 15. Thermodynamics and Gas Dynamics of the Stirling Cycle Machine 1st Edition Author(s): Foreword By T. Finkelstein Allan J. Organ 16. Kinetic Theory and Gas Dynamics Author(s): 17. Rarefied Gas Dynamics 1st Edition Author(s): Carlo Cercignani 18. Modern Developments in Gas Dynamics: Based Upon a Course on Modern Developments in Fluid Mechanics a Author(s): W. H. Loh, W. H. Loh 19. Rarefied Gas Dynamics: Volume 2 Author(s): O. M. Belotserkovskii 20. Handbook of Generalized Gas Dynamics Author(s): Robert P. Benedict 21. Interstellar Gas Dynamics Author(s): 22. Methods for the Localization of Singularities in numerical solutions of Gas Dynamics Problems Author(s): N. N. Yanenko, E. V. Vorozhtsov 23. Radiation Gas Dynamics Author(s): Shih-I Pai 24. Granular Gas Dynamics
Author(s): Thorsten Poschel 25. High Temperature Gas Dynamics Author(s): Tarit K. Bose ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FLUID MECHANICS : 1. A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics 1st Edition Author(s): R. K. Bansal 2. Viscous Fluid Flow 3rd Edition Author(s): White 3. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines 3 Edition Author(s): Suman Chakraborty, S.K. Som, Gautam Biswas 4. Fluid Mechanics : Fundamentals and Applications (In SI Units) 2 Edition Author(s): Yunus A. Cengel, John M. Cimbala 5. A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines 9 Edition Author(s): R. K. Bansal 6. Fluid Mechanics (In IS Units 7 Edition Author(s): Frank M. White 7. Fluid Mechanics: Si Version 8th Edition Author(s): Fox, McDonald, Pritchard 8. Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Including Hydraulics Machines 19 Edition Author(s): P. N. Modi, S. M. Seth 9. fluid Mechanics 5th Edition Author(s): John F. Douglas, John Swaffield, J. M. Gasoriek, Lynne Jack 10. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines : Problems and Solutions 1st Edition Author(s): K Subramanya 11. Fluid Mechanics
Author(s): D. S. Kumar 12. Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics 6 Edition Author(s): Young, Munson, Okiishi, Huebsch 13. Fluid Mechanics 9th Edition Author(s): E. Benjamin Wylie, Victor Streeter, K.W. Bedford 14. A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines 1st Edition Author(s): Sukumar Pati 15. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics 3rd Edition Author(s): R. V. Giles, J. B. Evett, Cheng Liu 16. Vectors, Tensors and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics New ed Edition Author(s): Rutherford Aris, Mathematics 17. Fluid Mechanics And Machinery Author(s): C. S. P Ojha, R Berndtsson, P Chandramouli 18. Experiments In Fluid Mechanics 2nd Edition Author(s): Sarbjit Singh 19. Engineering Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 2nd Edition Author(s): P. K. Nag, S. Pati, T. K. Jana 20. Fluid Mechanics 2nd Edition Author(s): A. K Mohanty 21. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines 2nd Edition Author(s): G Biswas, S K Som ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FLUID MECHANICS AND THERMAL SCIENCES: APPLICATIONS 1. Power Plant Engineering 3 Edition Author(s): P. K. Nag 2. Internal Combustion Engines 4th Edition
Author(s): Ganesan 3. Refrigeration and air conditioning 3 Edition Author(s): C. P. Arora 4. Fluid Mechanics 2nd Edition Author(s): A. K Mohanty -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS : 1. Advanced Engineering Mathematics 9 Edition Author(s): Erwin Kreyszig 2. GATE - Engineering Mathematics : For All Streams ME, EC, EE, CE, CS & IT, IN Author(s): Abhinav Goel, Suraj Singh 3. GATE Engineering Mathematics: Multiple Choice Questions 1st Edition Author(s): R. K. Kanodia 4. GATE - Engineering Mathematics Author(s): Made Easy 5. Higher Engineering Mathematics 42 Edition Author(s): B. S. Grewal 6. Chapterwise Topicwise Questions-Solutions Mathematics for Engineering Entrances 1st Edition Author(s): B L Sharma 7. Higher Engineering Mathematics 6th Edition Author(s): John Bird 8. Higher Engineering Mathematics 1st Edition Author(s): H S Govinda Rao 9. Higher Engineering Mathematics 1st Edition Author(s): Bandaru Venkata Ramana
10. A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics 8 Edition Author(s): Manish Goyal, N.P. Bali 11. Advanced Engineering Mathematics 19th Edition Author(s): H. K. Dass 12. Advanced Engineering Mathematics 2 Edition Author(s): Michael Greenberg 13. Advanced Engineering Mathematics 4th Edition 4th Edition Author(s): Dennis G. Zill, Warren S. Wright ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reliability Engineering : 1. Reliability Technology: Theory and Applications Author(s): Jai Singh Gurjar 2. Reliability Engineering 4 Edition Author(s): L S Srinath 3. Reliability Engineering And Quality Management Author(s): Onkar N. Pandey, Bhupesh Aneja 4. Terotechnology: Reliability Engineering and Maintenance Management 01 Edition Author(s): Bhadury 5. A Textbook Of Reliability And Maintenance Engineerring Author(s): Alakesh Manna 6. Reliability Engineering 1 Edition Author(s): E Balagurusamy 7. An Introduction to Reliability and Maintainability Engineering 12 Edition Author(s): Charles E. Ebeling 8. RELIABILITY ENGINEERING 01 Edition Author(s): Aggarwal
9. Reliability in engineering design Author(s): L.R. Lamberson, K.C. Kapur 10. Reliability Technology: Theory and Applications Author(s): Jai Singh Gurjar 11. Basic Reliability: An Introduction to Reliability Engineering Author(s): Nicholas Summerville 12. Computational Methods in Reliability Engineering (Mechanical Qc Computations) Author(s): 13. System Reliability Engineering Author(s): Gerald H. Sandler 14. Reliability Assessment: A Guide to Aligning Expectations, Practices and Perfmormance 1st Edition Author(s): Daniel T. Daley 15. World Class Reliability: Using Multiple Environment Overstress Tests to Make It Happen illustrated edition Author(s): Adi K. Bhote, Keki R. Bhote 16. Quality, Reliability & Process 0008 Edition Author(s): Norbert L. Enrick 17. Reliability for the Technologies 0002 Edition Author(s): Leonard A. Doty 18. Bayesian Reliability (Springer Series In Statistics) 1st Edition Author(s): Michael S. Hamada, Alyson G. Wilson, C. Shane Reese 19. Reliability: Probabilistic Models and Statistical Methods Author(s): Lawrence Mark Leemis 20. Failure Mapping: A New and Powerful Tool for Improving Reliability and Maintenance 1st Edition Author(s): Daniel T. Daley
21. Elementary Guide To Reliability, 5th Edition 0005 Edition Author(s): Mike Tooley, G. W. A. Dummer, R. Winton 22. Effective Maintenance Management: Risk and Reliability Strategies for Optimizing Performance 2 Edition Author(s): V. Narayan 23. Compressors: How to Achieve High Reliability & Availability 1st Edition Author(s): Heinz P. Bloch, Fred K. Geitner 24. Design for Reliability 1st Edition Author(s): Daniel T. Daley 25. INTRODUCTION TO RELIABILITY ENGINEERING, 2ND ED Author(s): 2ND EDITION INTRODUCTION TO RELIABILITY ENGINEERING 26. System Reliability Engineering Author(s): Gerald H. Sandler 27. Maintenance and Reliability best practices 1st Edition Author(s): Ramesh GulatiForeword 28. Process Plant Reliability and Maintenance for Pacesetter Performance Author(s): Rex Kenyon 29. Structural Reliability Analysis and Prediction 2 Edition Author(s): R. E. Melchers, Robert E. Melchers, Melchers 30. Advancement in Reliability Management Author(s): Maroof A. Khan, H. M. Islam 31. Plant Maintenance and Reliability Engineering Author(s): N. V. S. Raju 32. Reliability Analysis for Engineers: An Introduction Author(s): Roger D. Leitch ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------renewable energy SOURCES :
1. Renewable energy sources And emerging technologies 2nd Edition Author(s): Kothari D. P., Singal K. C., Ranjan Rakesh 2. Renewable Energy Sources Their Impact on global warming and Pollution Author(s): Tasneem Abbasi, S. A. Abbasi 3. Impacts on Biodiversity of Exploitation of Renewable Energy Sources: The Example of Birds and Bats ( Author(s): Heike Jeromin, Kai-michael Thomsen, Hermann Hotker 4. Renewable Energy Sources Author(s): Andrew Solway 5. Renewable Energy Sources for sustainable development 01 Edition Author(s): N. S. Rathore 6. Renewable Energy Made Easy: Free Energy from Solar, Wind, Hydropower, and Other Alternative Energy S Author(s): David Craddock 7. Renewable Energy Sources Author(s): Andrew Solway 8. Advanced Renewable Energy Sources Author(s): G. N. Tiwari, R. K. Mishra 9. Evaluation of Renewable Energy Source;Biodiesel Potential of Oil Author(s): Peter Ocheme 10. Renewable Energy Sources for the Supply of Buildings Author(s): Roman Wiesinger 11. Modelling Economic Viability of Renewable Sources of Energy Author(s): 12. Sustainability and environmental impact of Renewable Energy Sources Author(s): 13. Control Methods for Energy Storage for Dispatching Intermittent
Renewable Energy Sources. Author(s): Sercan Teleke 14. An Integrated Hybrid Power System Based on Renewable Energy Sources Author(s): Hamdan Ban, Anwer Naqui 15. Domestic Use of Renewable Sources of Energy Author(s): Mathilda Du Preez 16. Renewable Energy Sources PB Author(s): Sindhuja S 17. Renewable Sources Of Energy And The Environment (natural Resources & The Environment) Author(s): Tycooly International 18. Renewable Energy: Sources and Methods Author(s): Anne E. Maczulak ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Total Quality Management : 1.

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