Playing and learning outdoors, J White

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Content: Awards 14 Equipment Staff Resources `Playing and Learning Outdoors', by Jan White, published by Routledge
Finalists Bookstart Corner Two-YearOld Pack `Child Development for Early Years Students and Practitioners' by Sally Neaum, published by Sage `Effective Assessment in the EYFS' by Jan Dubiel, published by Sage `The Power of Physical Play', Siren
`A fabulous tool for everyone in the early years field' Judges
Criterion Open to early years resources and equipment that help practitioners to improve their practice and provision
Playing and Learning Outdoors shows early years practitioners how to get the very best from outdoor playing and learning for the enjoyment, health and education of all children from the ages of three to seven years. Fully updated to reflect the current status and policy regarding outdoor provision within Early Childhood Education frameworks, this new edition of the book helps practitioners to develop stimulating outdoor play provision in early years settings and enables them to feel confident in an outside environment. The book offers achievable advice and support, based on approaches that are appropriate and effective for children's all round
well-being and development. The resource also provides practical advice on movement and physical play, playing with natural materials and water, construction and creative and imaginative play, and plants, living things and growing. The book also covers the practical side of having an outdoor area in a setting, such as the challenges of maintaining an outside sandpit. The guidance provided throughout combines practical advice with academic research, making it an ideal read for early years practitioners keen to develop their practice within an existing provision. A brand new chapter is included in this edition of the book called `Providing experiences
beyond the garden walls', which encourages practitioners to exploit the potential of the physical world and the local community within the boundaries of the setting. With more than 20 years' experience in education, Jan White is an education consultant for outdoor provision in the early years and is currently an associate consultant with Early Excellence and associate lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University. Filled with advice and support, her lively, inspiring and accessible book will help practitioners develop a practical and enjoyable approach to learning through outdoor play. Judges called the book a `great, resourceful tool for practitioners and parents'.
Highly commended `Effective and Caring Leadership in the Early Years', by Iram Siraj and Elaine Hallet, published by Sage This book focuses on the importance of the caring and nurturing aspects of leadership
and how this can work in early years settings. The authors explain leadership practices that can make a positive difference to provision and improve outcomes for children and families. Using theoretical, practical and research-informed perspectives, the book uses case studies to provide examples of
effective leadership, and provides a rich source of ideas that are firmly based in research and Professional Experience. The authors explore directional, collaborative, empowering and pedagogical styles of leadership and offer readers the opportunity to reflect on their own leadership practice.
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