The naked now: Learning to see as the mystics see, R Rohr

Content: "Invitation to the Spiritual Life" - Reading Discussion Group Celebration Lutheran Church The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See by Richard Rohr The goal of the reading discussion group is to offer participants an invitation to a spiritual life by reading and discussing books on the topic of spirituality. Participants will gain insights into a spiritual life, what makes it so, and how to be present and experience the Presence. Here are some thoughts to consider and reflect upon for Part 1 of The Naked Now: "If it is authentically experienced, Christianity is the overcoming of the split from God's side one and for all!" (p. 18) Agree/Disagree? What is the split from God? What in the Christian tradition helps overcome this split? "Faith is often clarified and joy-fillEd Hindsight ­ after we have experienced our experiences" (p. 22). How do you understand the role of experience in the spiritual life? Prayer is "any interior journeys or practices that allow you to experience faith, hope, and love within yourself. . .It is like practicing heaven now"(p.23). What is your definition of prayer? Is it similar/dissimilar to Rohr's definition? "The core task of all good spirituality is to teach us to 'cooperate' with what God already wants to do and has already begun to do"(p.23) How do we 'cooperate' with God? What does God want to do or what has God already begun to do in your life? "Too often, religion offers more doctrinal conclusions, more competing truth claims in the increasingly large marketplace of religious claims, but seldom does it give people a vision, process, and practices whereby they can legitimate those truth claims for themselves ­ by inner experience and actual practices"(p. 37). What is your response?

R Rohr

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