World War I, D Fokker, DI Berg, CI Ufag, XII Spad

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1/72 | 1/48 | 1/144 DECALS, BOOKS & MAGAZINES FOR aircraft modelLERS SUMMER 2013 EDITION
1912-1919 world war I
The early days of military aviation feature strongly in the BLUE RIDER product line
with a selection of Air Forces from both the Entente and Central Powers. Also
included in this section are the Balkan Wars of 1912 and 1913, and the immediate
aftermath of WWI in Europe and Russia.
BR204 Red Hungarian Air Corps 1919 ­ Ј5.00
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Markings from Bela Kun's Red republic for Fokker D.VII (3), Berg D.I (2) and Ufag C.I.
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BR211 USAAS and US Navy Markings 1917-20 ­ Ј5.00
de Havilland DH4 (2), Sopwith Strutter, Hanriot HD-2, RAF SE5a
and Spad XII.
BR212 Netherlands Air Force 1914-1918 ­ Ј5.00 Orange disc markings for Rumpler C.I, Sopwith Strutter @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ (2), SE5a, Fokker D.VII (3). BR224 WWI Austro-Hungarian Serials ­ Ј5.00 200 Flugzeugnummern for Austro-Hungarian aircraft. (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR509 ­ Ј7.50)
All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise.
BR225 Colourful Camels Sheets 1 & 2 ­ Ј7.50 2 Sopwith Camels during 1918 (double decal sheet pack). (Also available in 1/48 scale as two decal sheets: BR516 - Ј7.50 and BR517 - Ј5.00)
BR226 WWI Royal Flying Corps (Canada) ­ Ј5.00 14 US/Canada based Curtiss Jennies of the RFC (Canada) in WWI. (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR520 ­ Ј5.00)
BR227 WWI Captured Allied Fighters ­ Ј5.00 German cross schemes for Nieuport 11 & Nieuport 17 C.1, Spad XIII and Sopwith Camel. BR228 Serbian Air Force 1912-1915 ­ Ј5.00 Henri Farman HF20, Bleriot XI-2 (2) & Maurice Farman MF11.
BR229 Carinthian Air War ­ Part 1 ­ Ј5.00
Slovene units in the 1918 Yugoslav border war. Aviatik Berg D.I (3) & Hansa-Brandenburg C.I (2).
BR230 Carinthian Air War ­ Part 2 ­ Ј5.00 Slovene units in the 1918 Yugoslav border war. Phцnix C.I, D.I & D.II, UFAG UC.I, Oeffag Alb D.III (2).
BR232 Fokker D.VII's of Jagdstaffel 18 ­ Ј5.00 Five D.VIIs of Jasta 18. BR233 Fokker Dr.I's of Jagdstaffel Boelcke ­ Ј5.00 Four D.VIIs of Jasta Boelcke. (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR511 ­ Ј5.00)
All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise.
BR236 Belgian Air Force 1914-1918 ­ Ј5.00 Sopwith Strutter, Nieuport 16 & 11 (2) and LVG C.VI. (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR513 ­ Ј5.00)
BR237 Fokker Dr.I's of Jasta 19 ­ Ј5.00 Three Fokker D.VIIs of Jasta 19. (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR512 - Ј5.00) BR239 Phцnix D.I/D.II Flik Markings ­ Ј5.00 Austro-Hungarian schemes for the Phцnix D.I & D.II (8).
BR243 Colourful Sopwith Pup 1918 ­ Ј5.00 Diamond covered Sopwith Pup. (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR514 - Ј6.50)
BR241 UFAG C.I Markings ­ Ј5.00 Nine Austro-Hungarian and 2 Red Hungarian UFAG C.Is.
BR244 Imperial Russian Air Service Part 2 ­ Ј5.00 Farman HF20 (2), Farman MF11, Nieuport 12 & Nieuport 17. BR245 Fokker Dr.I's of Jasta 11 & 27 ­ Ј5.00 Four Fokker D.VIIs of Jasta 11/27. (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR510 - Ј5.00)
All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise.
BR246 Carinthian Air War ­ Part 3 ­ Ј5.00 Austrian units in the 1918 Yugoslav border war. Albatros D.III (Oef) (2) and Hansa-Brandenburg C.I (2). BR248 Russian Civil War 1917-22 Part 1 ­ Ј5.00 Sopwith Camel (2), Sopwith Snipe, RAF SE5a, Spad VII (RAF, Georgian & Red Air Arms). (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR515 - Ј5.00) BR252 Russian Civil War 1917-22 Part 2 ­ Ј5.00 Sopwith Snipe, Spad VII (2), Sopwith Strutter, Nieuport 23, Nieuport 24bis (Red Air Fleet). (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR524 ­ Ј5.00)
BR253 Russian Civil War 1917-22 Part 3 ­ Ј5.00 Fokker D.VII, Nieuport 11/16, Nieuport 24bis & Spad VII (Red Air Fleet), Morane-Saulnier Type L & Sopwith Strutter (Kolchak's Air Fleet). BR254 More Colourful Pups ­ Ј5.00 Decals for two brightly coloured Sopwith Pup trainers.
BR259 RFC & Danish Vickers F.B.5 1915-1918 ­ Ј5.00 Decals for three RFC and one Danish Army Vickers F.B.5. BR300 WWI RFC Home Defence ­ Ј4.00 Night fighting White roundels for the RAF BE2e (2).
BR401 Polish Air Force 1918 ­ Ј4.00 Early Polish `Z' markings for Lloyd C.II, HansaBrandenburg B.I & Hansa-Brandenburg C.I. @@@@@@ @@@@@@ @@@ @@@ @@@
BR402 Serbian Air Force 1914-1918 ­ Ј4.00 Blйriot XI-2, Breguet 14 (2), Nieuport 11 & 23. BR404 Ukrainian Air Force 1919 ­ Ј4.00 Gotha G.VII and Fokker D.VII.
All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise.
BR405 Middle Lithuanian Aviation 1920-21 ­ Ј4.00 This Polish-sponsored Baltic state briefly had an air arm. Markings for Breguet 14 (2).
BR415 Chile Air Force 1913-1923 ­ Ј4.00 Avro 504K (6), Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a & Blйriot XI-2.
BR416 Russian Civil War Part 4 ­ Ј4.00 Fokker D.VII, Sopwith Strutter (2). BR421 Early Italian Markings 1914-1915 ­ Ј4.00 Black ring wing markings for the Caudron G.3 & Nieuport IVM. BR500 German Air Force 1914-1918 ­ Ј7.50 Fokker Dr.I (3), LFG Roland C.II (3), Albatros D.V (4) and Albatros D.III. (1/48 scale only) BR501 German Air Force 1914-1918 ­ Ј7.50 Fokker Dr.I (2), Albatros D.V and FokkerD.VII. (1/48 scale only) BR504 Italian Air Force 1914-1918 ­ Ј7.50 Nie. 11 (3) & 17 (5), Nie. 11 (3), Hanriot HD.1 (2), Spad VII (2). (1/48 scale only) BR505 RFC and RNAS 1914-1918 Roundels ­ Ј7.50 1/48 scale decal sheet featuring 36 roundels plus 24 makers badges on two sheets. (Also available in 1/144 scale: MN-006 - Ј4.00)
All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise.
BR507 WWI Imperial Russian Air Force ­ Ј7.50 Nie 17 (3), Spad VII (4), Morane Saulnier L and Sopwith Strutter. (1/48 scale only)
1919-1939 INTER-WAR
There is a vast range of inter-war subjects in the BLUE RIDER product line,
featuring Air Forces from all parts of the world, with the emphasis on European
aviation and the fallout of WW1 and the peace treaties which created so many new
and reconstituted nations.
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BR216 Lithuanian Air Force 1919-1930 ­ Ј5.00 LVG C.VI (2), Albatros D.III, Sopwith Strutter, @@@@@ Friedrichshafen G.IIIa & Fiat CR.20 (3). @@@@@
BR222 Samuel Kaye's SPAD XIII (USAAS) ­ Ј5.00 The famous spotted `Easter Egg' Spad XIII, of 94th Squadron, 1919. (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR508 ­ Ј7.50)
BR223 Hungarian Air Force 1919-1934 ­ Ј5.00 Post WWI quasi-civil markings for Phцnix C.1, UFAG UC.1, Hansa-Brandenburg B.I, Fiat CR.20 (2).
Fok D-VII 5
BR231 Royal Siamese Air Service ­ Ј5.00 Spad VII (2), Spad XIII, Nieuport 11 & 12. (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR521 - Ј5.00)
BR235 Lithuanian Air Force Fokker D.VII ­ Ј5.00 Five Lithuanian Fokker D.VIIs.
All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise.
BR250 Gran Chaco Air War 1928-35 Part 1 ­ Ј5.00 Paraguayan aircraft of the Gran Chaco War. SVA-5, SVA-10, DH60G Moth, Potez 25 A2, Potez 25 TOE.
BR255 Gran Chaco Air War 1928-35 Part 2 ­ Ј5.00 Bolivian aircraft of the Gran Chaco War. Curtiss Hawk II (2), Breguet 19A2 (2), Airco DH9, Ford Tri-Motor & Junkers F-13W. BR256 Manchuria/Manchukuo 1928-40 No. 1 ­ Ј5.00 Breguet Bre. 14, Bre. 19A-2, Junkers Ju-86Z-2, plus Chinese Avro 504K. BR257 Manchuria/Manchukuo 1932-45 No. 2 ­ Ј5.00 DH60 Moth, Bf-108D, Ki-9 (2), Ki-55, Ki-27b, Ki-43-II-ko Oscar. BR258 Peruvian Army Aviation 1920-1930 ­ Ј5.00 Ansaldo A-1 Balilla, SVA-5, Airco DH-9, Bristol F.2B, Avro 504K (3) and Salmson 2A.2.
BR306 Greek Naval Air Service ­ Ј4.00 Decals for two Airco DH-9s from the Asia-Minor campaign during 1919-1921. All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise.
BR302 South African Air Force ­ Ј4.00 South African RAF SE5a from 1921. BR307 Ethiopian Potez 25 A2 ­ Ј4.00 Decals for an Imperial Ethiopian Potez 25 A2.
BR400 Lithuanian Air Force (Sheet 1) ­ Ј4.00 Klemm 35b, Gloster Gladiator I, de Havilland DH89M Dragon Rapide.
@@@@ @@@@ @@@@ @@@@ @@@@ @@@@
BR406 Early Czechoslovak Air Force 1921 ­ Ј4.00 Spad VII (2) and Phцnix C.I. BR407 LVG C.VI in Civilian Use ­ Ј4.00 German & Belgian LVG C.VIs in post WWI civilian schemes. (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR518 ­ Ј5.00) @@@@@
BR411 Czech/Polish Oeffag Albatros D.IIIs ­ Ј4.00 Albatros D.III (Oef) BA253 (4).
BR417 Chilean Air Force 1924-1930 ­ Ј4.00 Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a & de Havilland DH60G Gypsy Moth.
BR418 Afghan Air Force 1924-1928 ­ Ј4.00 de Havilland DH9, Avro 504K & Duks R-1 (2).
All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise.
BR419 Reichswehr Fokker D.XIII & Harvard ­ Ј4.00 Fokker D.XIII (1932) & Yugoslav North American Harvard (1945-1946).
CD-AFS007 Fliegertruppe: Aircraft of the Swiss Air Force 1914-1936 ­ Ј14.00
CD-ROM in Adobe Acrobat format (PC or Mac) looks at the aircraft and markings of the Swiss
Fliegertruppe between 1914 and 1936. A listing of all Swiss military serial numbers is included,
along with many photographs and over 60 side view drawings. 1/72 scale decal sheets are
also included, with markings for 14 aircraft.
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@@@@@ @@ @ @@ @ @@ @ @@ @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
@@@ [email protected] -7202 Fokker D.VII in Foreign Colours ­ Ј12.00 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 84 foreign colour schemes for the famous German fighter. 52 page A5 book with full colour covers, 185 drawings & photographs PLUS a 1/72 scale decal sheet with markings for 32 aircraft. (Also available with a 1/48 scale for 25 aircraft: ICG-4802 ­ Ј12.00)
All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise.
1939-1945 WORLD WAR 2 The BLUE RIDER product line features a selection of WW2 combatants, though with the focus on some relatively unknown air forces from Northern & Eastern Europe and the Far East. BR506 Croatian Air Force 1941-1945 ­ Ј7.50 Fiat G-50 bis, Bristol Blenheim, Bu 131, Bf 109E & G-10, Do 17Z & Ju 52. (1/48 scale only) BR220 Slovak Air Force 1939-1944 ­ Ј5.00 Avia B.534 (2), Aero A.100 (3), Bf 109 (2), Ju 87D & He 111 (double decal sheet pack).
BR238 WW2 Slovak Military and Civil ­ Ј5.00 Avia B.534, Aero A.100, Fw-58.
BR242 Chinese Air Force 1937-45 ­ Ј5.00 Polikarpov I-16 (3), Tupolev SB-2 and Lockheed F-5E Lightning. (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR523 - Ј5.00)
All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise.
BR249 Partisan Spitfires 1944-45 ­ Ј5.00 Yugoslav Partisan Air Force Spitfire Mk. Vc (8 different versions). (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR519 ­ Ј5.00 and in 1/144 scale: MN-003 ­ Ј4.00)
BR251 Bulgarian Roundels 1937-1941 ­ Ј5.00 72 roundels for various types in service from 1937 to 1941. (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR522 ­ Ј5.00 and in 1/144 scale: MN-005 ­ Ј4.00) BR257 Manchuria/Manchukuo 1932-45 No. 2 ­ Ј5.00 DH60 Moth, Bf-108D, Ki-9 (2), Ki-55, Ki-27b, Ki-43-II-ko Oscar. BR303 US Bf 109G, Rumania 1944 ­ Ј3.00 Messerschmitt Bf 109G in makeshift US markings. (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR601 ­ Ј5.00)
BR408 Spanish Air Force 1939-1960 ­ Ј4.00 De Havilland Tiger Moth DH82and Heinkel He-111 (2). BR410 Yugoslav P-38L Lightning ­ Ј4.00 Lockheed P-38L Lightning (2).
BR413 Hirdens Flykorps 1942-1945 ­ Ј4.00 2 Grunau 8 gliders from the Norwegian Quisling paramilitary air arm. SOLD OUT BR414 Red Army of China Air Force 1945-46 ­ Ј4.00 Kawasaki Ki-45, Mitsubishi Ki-46 & Nakajima Ki-43.
All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise.
BR419 Reichswehr Fokker D.XIII & Harvard ­ Ј4.00 Fokker D.XIII (1932) & Yugoslav North American Harvard (1945-1946).
BR420 Spanish Nationalist Air Force 1939-52 ­ Ј4.00 Polikarpov I-16 (2).
BR2102 Aeroflot Lisunov Li-2 ­ Ј4.00 1946-47 Lisunov Li-2. MN-001 Lockheed Lightnings ­ Ј4.00 P-38L Yugoslavia & F-5E China. (1/144 scale only)
MN-002 WW2 Slovak Air Force ­ Ј4.00 Ju-87D-1 & He-111H. (1/144 scale only)
All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise.
MN-007 Red Chinese/Manchukuo/Condor Legion Assortment Ki-43 Oscar, Ki-46, Ki-45 ­ Ј4.00 (Red China), Ki-43 Oscar (Manchukuo) & Messerschmitt Bf-109E-1 (Condor Legion). (1/144 scale only)
1945-2012 MODERN AGE Post WW2, the BLUE RIDER decal range features an esoteric selection of markings from assorted states old and new, small and large. BR219 Albanian Air Force (1970s) ­ Ј5.00 MiG-15 & MiG-15UTI, Ilyushin Il 28 (2), MiG-17, MiG-19 & MiG-21. BR247 Bulgarian Roundels 1944-50 ­ Ј5.00 48 roundels for various types in post WW2 service. Tail Fuselage/wings BURN3S0Bk4 1uU6NlagHinaarUrivNaaIrFndIL,ALseeibrrvaiFcneoo.nrc19e581­9Ј444.0-050 BR305 Puerto Rico Air National Guard ­ Ј4.00 Republic F-47N Thunderbolt.
All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise.
BR308 Gloster Metoer Mk. 7.5 ­ Ј4.00 Decals for an ejection seat test bed Meteor.
BR309 Costa Rican P-51D ­ Ј4.00 Decals for North American P-51D. BR409 Kampuchea/Cambodia Air Force ­ Ј4.00 Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21 bis (3) and MiG-21 two seat. (Also available in 1/144 scale: MN-004 ­ Ј4.00)
BR412 Nicaraguan Air Force ­ Ј4.00 NA Harvard and Republic F-47D.
BR802 Croat Air Force 1992-1993 ­ Ј5.00 MiG-21bis, Antonov An-2 (3) & UTVA 75.
BR801 Slovene Air Force 1992 ­ Ј4.00 Soko SA 342 Gazelle, Agusta Bell 412 (2) & Agusta 109A. BR803 Bosnian Serb Air Forces 1992-1993 ­ Ј5.00 SA 342 Gazelle (2), Antonov An-2, Mil Mi-8 & Soko G-4 Super Galeb. All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise. BR804 Yugoslav Air Force 1992 ­ Ј4.00 MiG-21bis, MiG-29UB, Mi-8, Alouette III & Soko G-4 Super Galeb.
BR805 Bosnian Presidency Air Force 1993 ­ Ј4.00 UTVA-75 and Mil Mi-8.
BR806 Slovak Republic Air Force 1993 ­ Ј4.00 Three Aero L39 Albatrosses.
BR807 Lithuanian Air Force 1993/94 ­ Ј4.00 Aero L-39, Mi-8 and An-2. BR808 Ukraine Air Force 1992/94 ­ Ј4.00 42 roundels in 8 styles. Tail
Wings 6. Ukraine 1992 to date BR810 Latvian Army Reserve 1995 ­ Ј4.00 Antonov An-2 Colt.
BR809 Slovene 15 brigada (Army Aviation) ­ Ј4.00 Bell 412EP & 206B-3, PC-9.
All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise.
BR811 Moldovan Air Force 1995 ­ Ј4.00 Mikoyan MiG-29 (2).
BR812 Macedonian Air Force 1998 & Estonian Air Force 1997/98 ­ Ј4.00 Macedonian Mil Mi-8 Hip and an Estonian Antonov An-2 Colt. BR813 Albanian Air Force 1992-2000 ­ Ј4.00 FT-2 Midget, FT-5 Fresco, Nanchang C-5, F-6 Farmer & Alouette III. All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise. BR814 Slovene First Helicopter 1992 ­ Ј4.00 Soko Gazelle SA341 (2). BR815 Bosnian Croat Federation AF 2000 ­ Ј4.00 Mil Mi-8 MTV Hip & Bell UH-1H Iroquois (3). BR816 Latvian & Georgian Air Force 1998 ­ Ј4.00 PZL Swidnik Mi-2U Hoplite, Mil Mi-8 Hip & Let L-410UVP-T Turbolet.
BR817 Mongolian Air Force 1990-1994 ­ Ј4.00 Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21PFM Fishbed-F, Mil M-8 Hip & Mil Mi-24 Hind-D. (Also available in 1/48 scale: BR602 - Ј5.00) BR2101 Falcon Air (Slovenia) ­ Ј4.00 Antonov An-2. All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise. AFS002 Air Forces of former Yugoslavia 1991-97 Part 1: Bosnia & Croatia ­ Ј12.00 48 page A5 book, full colour covers and decal sheet for 14 aircraft: Piper PA-18, Mi-8 (2), Bell 47, UTVA-75(2), An-2 (4), MiG-21bis (4). AFS004 Air Forces of Former Yugoslavia 1991-99 Part 2 ­ Slovenia and Macedonia ­ Ј12.00 52 page A5 book, full colour covers and decal sheet for 16 aircraft: Bell 412EP (7), Pilatus PC-6, Pilatus PC-9 (3), UTVA-75 (2), Mil Mi-8, Zlin 242L (2).
COMIC DESIGNS AIR FICTION Our small COMIC DESIGNS line features decals for fictional aircraft appearing in Tintin and Blackhawk comics. CD-001 TINTIN DECAL SHEET ONE ­ Ј5.00 From Hergй's Adventures of Tintin. Features Messerschmitt Bf109F & Tiger Moth. CD-002 TINTIN DECAL SHEET TWO ­ Ј5.00 From Hergй's Adventures of Tintin ­Spitfire Vc, Auster AOP & Hawker Demon. All decal sheets are 1/72 scale unless noted otherwise. CD-003 TINTIN DECAL SHEET THREE ­ Ј5.00 From Hergй's Adventures of Tintin ­ Mosquito FB.VI & Mil Mi-1. CD-004 BLACKHAWKS ­ Ј5.00 From the DC Comic. Douglas C-47 and Grumman Skyrocket (3). CD-005 TINTIN DECAL SHEET FIVE ­ Ј6.00 From Hergй's Adventures of Tintin ­ Howard DGA-4 Ike , Avro 638 Junior, Dewoitine D-27, Savoia Marchetti SM73, Heinkel He 118, Arado Ar 196 (2), de Havilland Mosquito.
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D Fokker, DI Berg, CI Ufag, XII Spad

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