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Tags: LECTURE, National Heroes, Hamburg Speicherstadt, Atlantic World Division, Art History, Commercial Centers, Palace Square, Normandy Cemeteries, Westerplatte Monument, El Moro Castle, Credit Hours, Goree Island, burial sites, Christ the Redeemer, monumental structures, commemorative monuments, Le Havre, El Mina Castle, Academic Sponsor, SEMESTER AT SEA COURSE SYLLABUS University of Virginia, Antwerp Stadthaus, Parliament Buildings, Charles Fort, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Plaza Vieja, Lisbon, Portugal, Worship Mezquita, European Monuments, Casablanca, Plaza de Armas, Barbados, Dublin Castle, Le Havre Hotel de Ville, Hassan II Mosque, St. Petersburg, Royal Palaces, Salvador, Brazil, El Morro Fortress, Dublin City Hall, Antwerp Great Market
Content: 1 Semester at Sea course syllabus University of Virginia, Academic Sponsor Voyage: Fall 2014 Discipline: art history ARTH 2559: Great Monuments of the Atlantic World Division: Lower Faculty Name: Marc Vincent Credit Hours: 3; Contact Hours: 38 Pre-requisites: NONE COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Peterhof in Russia and the Alhambra in Spain, the Normandy Cemetery in France and Goree Island in Senegal, El Mina Castle in Ghana and El Moro Castle in Cuba, the Bronze Horseman of St. Petersburg and Christ the Redeemer in Rio: these are among the most important artistic and architectural monuments in the world. Through visual and contextual analyses, we will gain a better understanding of the iconic sites encountered on our itinerary, and their roles in history, culture, and memory. Course Objectives: This course will introduce students to the ways various societies and classes have attempted to use monumental structures to express their power, values, and identities. Types of structures will include royal palaces, houses of worship, political assembly buildings, commercial centers, scientific and educational institutions, burial sites, and commemorative monuments. REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS AUTHOR: Marilyn Stokstad and Michael W. Cothren TITLE: Art History PUBLISHER: Pearson/Prentice Hall ISBN #: ISBN 13: 978-02057873470 (I'd like paperback or e-edition available for students) DATE/EDITION: Fifth Edition TOPICAL OUTLINE OF COURSE 23 August: Depart Southampton, England 24 August: Orientation
A1- 25 August:
2 LECTURE 01: Course Introduction
A2- 27 August:
LECTURE 02: Royal Palaces: The Peterhof, Palace Square, and Tsarskoye Selo in St. Petersburg
29 August-2 September: St. Petersburg, Russia
A3- 3 September:
LECTURE 03: City Halls and Commercial Centers: Antwerp Stadthaus; Green Gate and Town Hall, Gdansk; Le Havre Hotel de Ville; Dublin City Hall; Antwerp Great Market and Handelsbeurs, Hamburg Speicherstadt
5-7 September: Gdansk, Poland 8-9 September: Rostok, Germany
A4- 10 September:
LECTURE 04: Monuments to National Heroes (I): Europe The "Bronze Horseman" (Peter the Great), St. Petersburg; The "Black Horse" (King Josй I, Praзa do Comйrcio), Lisbon; Monument to the Discoveries, Lisbon; Garden of Remembrance, Dublin
A5- September 12:
LECTURE 05: War Memorials and Cemeteries: Piskariovskoye Memorial Cemetery and Red Granite Obelisk, St. Petersburg; Normandy Cemeteries, Le Havre; Westerplatte Monument, Gdansk
14-16 September: Antwerp, Belgium 17-19 September: Le Havre, France
FIELD LAB: Monuments of Rouen: Friday, 19 September
A6- 20 September: LECTURE 06: Science and Education: Kunstkammer, St. Petersburg; Government Buildings, Trinity College, Royal College of Surgeons, Berkeley Library, Dublin
A7- 22 September:
LECTURE 07: Fortified Palaces : Fortress of Sts. Peter and Paul, St. Petersburg; Dublin Castle; Chateau Gaillard, Rouen; Torre de Belem, National Palace and Palбcio da Pena at Sintra, Lisbon; Alhambra, Granada
24-27 September: Dublin, Ireland
A8- 28 September: LECTURE 08: Christian Houses of Worship (I) Orthodox, Gothic, and Baroque Cathedrals in Europe
A9- 30 September: LECTURE 09: Christian Houses of Worship (II)
1-3 October: Lisbon, Portugal 4-5 October: Cadiz, Spain
A10- 7 October:
LECTURE 10: Islamic Houses of Worship Mezquita, Cordoba; Mohammad V and Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca; Grande Mosquй, Dakar
8-11 October: Casablanca, Morocco
A11- 13 October: FIRST EXAM: European Monuments
A12- 15 October:
LECTURE 11: African Palaces and Colonial Monuments: Corniche, Place Mohammed V, Place des Nations Unies, Ile de Gorйe, Presidential Palace and Cathedral, Dakar; El Mina and Cape Coast Castles, Ghana
16-19 October: Dakar, Senegal
A13- 21 October:
LECTURE 12: Monuments to National Heroes (II): Africa, America Kwame Nkrumah National Park and Triumphal Arch, W.E.B. Dubois Memorial Center for Pan-African Culture, Accra; Emancipated Slave (Bussa), Barbados; Jose Martн Monument, Havana
25-26 October: Takoradi, Ghana 27-28 October: Tema, Ghana
B15- 30 October:
LECTURE 13: Colonial Brazilian Churches and Monuments: Monasteiro da Sгo Bento and Church of St. Francis of Penitence, Rio; Catedral Basilica, Sao Pedro dos Clerigos, Ordem Terceira de Sao Domingos, Church and Convent of St. Francis, Salvador; Largo do Pelourinho, Praзa Municipal, Salvador
A16- 31 October: FIRST PAPER PEER REVIEW 2 November: Study Day (ship-wide)
A17- 3 November: SECOND EXAM: Islamic and West African Monuments
A18- 5 November: LECTURE 14: Modern Monuments, Brazil: Cristo Rei, Lisbon; Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro; Oscar Niemeyer, Brasilia
7-9 November: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
4 12-14 November: Salvador, Brazil A19- 15 November: LECTURE 15: Colonial Caribbean Monuments: Charles Fort, Parliament Buildings, Barbados; El Morro Fortress, Plaza de Armas, Plaza Vieja, Palacio de los Capitares Generales, Havana A20- 17 November: SECOND PAPER WORKSHOP 19 November: Study Day (ship-wide) A21-20 November: FILM VIEWING (T.B.A.) 22-24 November: Bridgetown, Barbados A22- 25 November: SECOND PAPER PEER REVIEW A23- 27 November: LECTURE 16: Film Discussion, Summaries and Conclusions 29 November-2 December: Havana, Cuba 3 December: Study Day (ship-wide) A24- 4 December: Final Exam 8 December: Arrive Ft. Lauderdale FIELD WORK Field lab attendance is mandatory for all students enrolled in this course. Please do not book individual travel plans or a Semester at Sea sponsored trip on the day of our field lab. FIELD LAB (At least 20 percent of the contact hours for each course, to be led by the instructor.) From the port of Le Havre, we will travel to Rouen for a walking tour of significant monuments in this famous city, the traditional capital city of Normandy. Rouen is famous for its historical associations with Joan of Arc and Claude Monet. It is renowned for its Gothic churches, and its medieval and Renaissance neighborhoods. This tour will introduce major themes for the course and highlight architectural, sculptural, historical, commercial and commemorative monuments of the type to be encountered in all subsequent ports and countries to be visited. FIELD ASSIGNMENTS
5 Two papers will be required: each will be a scholarly intellectual comparison of monuments in two cities from two different countries. They must incorporate materials from readings and lectures. One of the papers must feature their field lab experience. A rubric will be devised at a later date. METHODS OF EVALUATION / GRADING RUBRIC In addition to the two papers above, there will be two exams during the course of the semester and a final exam. Grading rubric to be devised at a later date. RESERVE LIBRARY LIST TBA AUTHOR: TITLE: PUBLISHER: ISBN #: DATE/EDITION: ELECTRONIC COURSE MATERIALS TBA AUTHOR: ARTICLE/CHAPTER TITLE: JOURNAL/BOOK TITLE: VOLUME: DATE: PAGES: ADDITIONAL RESOURCES HONOR CODE Semester at Sea students enroll in an academic program administered by the University of Virginia, and thus bind themselves to the University's honor code. The code prohibits all acts of lying, cheating, and stealing. Please consult the Voyager's Handbook for further explanation of what constitutes an honor offense. Each written assignment for this course must be pledged by the student as follows: "On my honor
6 as a student, I pledge that I have neither given nor received aid on this assignment." The pledge must be signed, or, in the case of an electronic file, signed "[signed]."

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