Constance Orgonas, soprano

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La corri spondenza arnorosa Una lacrima _ e v ~liQ fa ~na _casa Suleika An dem Mond Im Abendrot Rastlase Liebe Fleur des Bles Green C'est l'Extase Fantoches
Gaetano Doni zetti (1797-1848) Franz Schubert (1797-1828) Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
Intenni ss ion Nacht Die Nachti ga1 Im Zirrmer Sommertage ~Im quella trine morbide from 11 Manon Lescaut'' Non la sospiri from 11 Tosca 11
Al ban Ber~ ( 1885-I935) Giacomo Puccini (1858- 1924)
/ 1. La corrispondenza amorosa [Love Correspondence] Love Letters, the only comfort to my heart, I no l onger dare to hide you in my bosom; children of my love, you must perish in the flames lest you should reveal THE SECRET of this love; dear loving a nd tender letters, you will be only a small pile of ashes. Burn, tokens of l ove , you will a lways be engraved in my heart. Again rapt and exhilarated I want to be, in a moment of love; and I relive the past happiness and still hear the sound of his voice. Dear letters, my joy and my glory, I will hold in my heart a fond memory of you. Burn, tokens of love, you will always be engraved in my heart. When he knows of such a cruel sacrifice , tears wil l wet his eye. Dear love letters, let your guilty fate be fulfilled; burn unseen and unpitied. Ah, do not caus e the adoration of my beloved to v a nis h or die, burn, tokens of l ove , you will always be engraved in my heart, 2, Una lagrima (A Tear PrayerJ Oh God, who can calm with a gesture the rage of a boiling sea, Oh God, who can give hope and st.rength to men simply with a gesture, l ay your helpful hand-on my~asting po&iu. I do not ask for the job of a hippy heart or enchanting hope, I only ask fo r the tear tha t thaws a frozen heart. Ah, God, y ou, wh o can calm with a gesture the rage of a boilin g sea, you, who can give hope and s trength to men, simply with a gesture , lay your h elpful hand on my l onglast.f:ng pain. 3. :Me voglio f! 1 na casa I l Want to Build a House, Neapolitan SongJ I want t o build a ho use in the middle of the sea, decor a ted with peacock f eathers, tra-la-l a ....· with steps of. Gold and Silver and precious stones on the boat. Tra-la-la. . . .. When my Nannella appears at the window everyone will say, "Here rises the eun1' Tra-la-la··. ·.
4. Suleika (Goethe] What is the Meaning of this breeze? Does the East wind bring me Good News? Its fresh air cools the heart's deep wounds. It plays with the dust and makes it into light clouds, and travels on to certain grape leaves and the happy insect folk. The soft glow of the sun cools my hot cheeks, and also kisses in its flight the grapes that grow in the fields and hills. Aod it brings to me the soft whisper of a thousand greetings from my friend. Before this hill darkens, 1 will be greeted with a thousand kisses. There, where the high walls glow, There I will soon find my beloved. Ah, the true heart and refreshed life will come to me only f r om his mouth . Only he can give me breath . 5. An dem Mond [To the Moon] - lli51 ty Pour, dear moon, pour your silvery shine, through these beech trees, 'lrlhere phantoms and dreamy beings always fly before me. Unveil yourself, so that I can find the place where my maiden sat, and often in the waving of the Beeches and the linden tree, forgot the golden cit-y. Unveil yourself so that I can enjoy THE BUSHes that cooled her with their rustling. And I place a crown (pf flowers) on every meadow by the brook that m,urmured for her. Then, dear moon, then veil yourself again, and mourn for your friend. And weep through your flower-like clouds down here, as the one who is l eft behind weeps, 6. Im Abendrot [In the Evening Glow] - Lappe 0 how beautiful is Thy World, Father, when it shines like gold; when Thy radiance descends and paints the dust with splendor; when the red that gleams in the clouds falls upon my silent window, Could I complain, could I waiver, doubt 'rhee and myself? No, I will carry in my breast Thy heaven even here; and this heart, ere it fails, shall drink in the warmth and relish the light.
7. Rastlose Liebe [Restless Love} - Goethe Against t he snow, the rain, the wind in the midst of the ravines. through f r agrant vapor s , ever on! Ever on ! Without rest or r epose. Rather wo uld I struggle through suffering than to bear so much of the world' s job . All the inclining of heart t o heart · ah. how in its own way it causes pain! What, shall I run away? Flee t o the woods? All in vain! Crown of life, fortune without rest, that is love! 8. Fleur des Illes [Flowers of the Grainfield) - Girod l3eside the grainfields, which the breeze Ripples, a nd then unc urls In coque ttish disorder . I found a good opportunity To gather a bouquet for you. Fasten it quickly to your bodi ce; It is fashioned in your likeness. As i t is made for you , , , A little birrl, I wager, Has already whispered to you the r eason: This golden grain, it is the wave Of your blonde hair, All gold and sun-bright; This swaying poppy Is your blood-red l ips, And these cornflowers, lovely myster y ! Al.ure specks that nothing can change, These cornflowe r s are your e yes, So blue that one would say they ar e , on earth, Two lighting flashes descended from the sky. 9. ~ - Verlaine Here are fruits, flowers , l eaves and branches, And her e , also, is my heart which beats only for you. Do not tear it apart wit h your two white hands , And may this humble offering seem sweet to your so lovely eyes . I come, a till cover ed wi th dew, Which the morning win d has t urned to frost on my brow. Permit t hat my fatigue , r eposing at your feet, May dream of the cherished trw:lments that wi.ll refresh it. On your young bosom l et me cradle my head , Still filled music from your last kisses; Let i t be soo t hed after the good s t or m, And let me sleep a li t t le , while you r es t .
l.LJ. C1 est L 1 extase [This is Ecstasy] - Verlaine This is languorous ecstasy, This is sensual weariness, This is all the rustling of forests In the embrace of the breezes, This is, through the gray boughs, The chorus of little voices. Oh, the faint cool ourmur, It twitters and whispers, It reseables the gentle cry Which the ruffled grass exhales . You might call it, - under the water which eddies The muted rolling of pebbles! l'his soul which is lamenting In this subdued plaint, It is ours, is it not? Say that it is mine and yours Which breathes this hUillble hymn, So softly, on this mild evening. 11. Faotoches [Phantoms] - Verlaine Scaramouche and Pulcinella, Whom wicked intentions have b1:ought together 1 Are dark figures gesticulatillg in the moonlight, While the excell ent Doctor ~~logna Is leisurely gathering healing herbs In the dark grass, While his peuly pre tty daughter, Beneath the bowers, stealthily Glides, scantily dressed, In quest of her handsome Spanish pirate, Whose distress an amorous nightingale Proclaims at the top of its voice. 12. ~ [Night] - Hauptmann Twilight floats above the valley night, Mists are swaying, There's a whi spering brook. Now all at once the mists lift: Oh, look! A great magic land is opened! Silver mountains stand as tall as dreams, Silent silver- lit paths cross from a hidden valley and the noble world is so dreamlike pure. A silent Beech Tree stands Yhadow black by the pathway j A wisp of smoke from the far rise ascends quietly alone. And from the deep vall ey ' s darkness, Lights blink in the Silent Night. Drink my soul. Drink of the solitude. Come, gaze .
13. Die Nachtigal! [The Nightingale] - Storm The nig htingale sang throughout the night with his sweet song While its echos made the roses spring out . She was once a wild yoWlg maid, Now she walks deep in meditation, While carrying in he r hand her summer hat and scorning t he sun·s flow. Is it pain or exulation? 14. ~ [Indoors] - Schlaf Autumn sunshine. The beloved evening looks inside so silently, A Little Red fire crackles in t he fireplace and glows , So~ My head upon your knee; That is happiness ! When my eyes r e st in yourr-How silently the minutes flee . 15. Sonunertage [summer days ] - Hohenberg Now days come over the world oi blue eternity, And in the summer wind the f!!t !'Lees. God weaves starry crowns with his blessed hands Over the wondrous land . Oh, heart, i n days such as these, What can your light es t song say of your deepest pleasur e? The meadow song stills the breast and words are dumb Where view after view flys before you And completely f ills you r soul. 16. In guelle trine mnrbide [In those Silken Curtains) In those silke n curtains, In that gild ed alcove, There's a sil ence, an icy chill that freezes me, I, who once knew the fet:Vour of voluptuous caresses And the mos t ardent of perfect kissesAnd now to hav e l ost a ll these things . 0, my hwnble dwe lling , You will r eturn to me, Secluded and white as a gentle dream of peace and love.
17. Non la sospiri [Do you not yearn] Do you not yearn for our little cottage That surrounded by green awaits you? Our little shrine, hidden from the world, Full of love and mystery? At your side, I sense through the silent starry shadows The voices of all the Earth. From dark groves where shadows of yesterday now welcome the hopes of tomrrow, The night reveals its secret enchantment with promise so tender, Our foolish hearts at once surrender. O, wondroUB world, Aflame with the joy and passion of living. Come, let me know the ardor of your kisses. Love's folly burns in Tosca 1s soul. Ah, my love~

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Subject: Shepherd School music performances during the years 1975-1983 were originally captured on reel to reel tapes. Each recording has an accompanying printed paper concert program including the performers and compositions performed.
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