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Content: CURRICULUM VITAE Dr. Kim Pereira Director of the Honors Program Professor of Theatre
The Honors Program Campus Box 6100 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790 309 438-2559
Home Address 17 Szarek Drive, Bloomington, IL 61701 309 828-8341 (H) 309 530-0034 (Cell)
EDUCATION · Ph.D. in Theatre: Florida State University, 1991. · M.A. in English & American Literature: University of Bombay, 1979. · B.A. in English Literature & Psychology: University of Bombay, 1977. · Passed the Practical Higher Local Examination of the Trinity College of London in Speech & Drama.
1990- 1996: Asst. Professor, School of Theatre, ISU.
1996-2002: Assoc. Professor, School of Theatre, ISU.
2002- : Full Professor, School of Theatre, ISU.
Director, Honors Program, ISU.
1996-2006: Director, Graduate Studies, School of Theatre, ISU.
AWARDS Recipient of the David Strand Diversity Award at Illinois State University. Research Initiative Award, College of Fine Arts, ISU. Certificate of Excellence from the ISU Student Education Association.
Pereira COURSES TAUGHT Acting · Acting StylesGreek, Shakespeare, Chekhov, Modern American Realism, Indian Theatre, Postmodern Theatre (Pinter, Beckett, etc). One style per semester. · Creative Improvisation · Scripted Materials · Acting I & II. Dramatic Literature Dramatic Literature for Majors: A survey of drama from the Greeks to the present. A Survey of African-American Dramatic Literature: A study of African-American plays of the twentieth century. Special Topics General Education: Text & Context: civil disobedience: From Gandhi to Martin Luther King and Beyond. A study of civil disobedience as an instrument of social change. Topics covered range from Gandhi's Quit India Movement to Apartheid in South Africa and Solidarity in Poland. FILMS Wrote, filmed, and produced a documentary film (Fall 2002) on contemporary Indian Theatre. 2
Pereira DIRECTOR OF THE HONORS PROGRAM The Honors program is a vehicle for students to enhance their cultural and academic experience at ISU. Although the focus on our campus is on classroom/lab academics, the mantra of the Honors Program is "Beyond the Classroom." Duties include: · Budget planning and execution (GR, Tuition, and Foundation dollars). · Supervision of a staff of six AP and Civil Service employees, graduate students, student workers. · Recruiting students. · Planning, instituting, and promoting policies and programs for almost 1,100 students in the Honors Program--seminars, colloquia, faculty panel discussions, research presentations, etc. · Seeking new Honors courses. · Chairing the Honors Council. · Meeting with Deans, Chairs, Honors Coordinators, and Faculty to facilitate the relationship between Honors and the rest of the campus. · Facilitating student research. · Participation in Regional and National Honors organizations. · Presentations on Honors to various campus communities. INTERNATIONAL STUDIES · Lived and worked in India and the Middle East · Partnered with International Studies on several programs. · Advised students on their Study Abroad programs · Study Abroad Essay Contest (with International Studies & The Vidette) · Study Abroad Photo Contest (with International Studies & Milner Library) · Mentored Fulbright candidates · Promoted International Studies through various programs, events, talks, discussions in the Honors Program I also deliver the faculty keynote address every year at Freshman Convocation. 3
1. August Wilson and the African-American Odyssey. U of I Press: Urbana, 1995. 2. Essays and papers on African-American Theatre. 3. Text & Context: From Gandhi to Martin Luther King and Beyond. 4. THE 154: A Survey of African-American Dramatic Literature. 5. THE 314: Acting Styles: Indian Theatre. 6. Directed The Colored Museum (African-American play). 7. Directed The Trojan Women (Greek production emphasizing East/West conflict). 8. Proposed and directed Remnants (play about The Holocaust). 9. Proposed and directed Mountain Language (play inspired by the Turkish repression of the Kurds). 10. Guest Lectures on Indian culture. 11. Radio Forums promoting Diversity on WGLT, 1230 AM. 12. founding member of Intolerance and Harassment Commission. 13. Founding Advisor to Guerrilla Theatre. 14. Author of General-Education Amendment which created the A.M.A.L.I. terminology. 15. Proposed and directed Nigerian play, Death & the King's Horseman. 16. Finally convinced School of Theatre to produce a play by an Asian playwright--BHOPAL.
PUBLICATIONS Books August Wilson and the African-American Odyssey. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1995. Book Review "Encyclopedia of Asian Theatre," ed Samuel L. Leiter (2007). In The Journal of Asian And African Studies Vol 43, No.1. Sage Publications, 2008. Essays · "Music and Mythology in August Wilson's Plays" The Cambridge Companion to August Wilson, ed. Christopher Bigsby. Cambridge University Press, 2007. · "August Wilson and The Great Migration." Greenwood Encyclopedia of the Great Black Migration, ed. Steven A. Reich. Greenwood Publishing Group, 2006. · "A Most Theatrical Play." On Pericles for Asides, the official newsletter of The Shakespeare Theatre, Washington DC, Fall, 2004.
Pereira · "A Journey into the Heart of the Imagination." On A Midsummer Night's Dream for Asides, the official newsletter of The Shakespeare Theatre, Washington, DC, Fall, 2003. · "A Story for all Seasons." On The Winter's Tale for the program of The Shakespeare Theatre, Washington, DC, Fall, 2002. · "A Heartwarming Work." In StageBill for the New York Shakespeare Festival's production of The Winter's Tale at The Delacourt Theatre, Summer, 2000. · Cymbeline. For the Illinois Shakespeare Festival program, 1996. · The Comedy of Errors. For the Illinois Shakespeare Festival program, 1995. · An essay on August Wilson for the third edition of The Reference Guide to American Literature, St. James' Press (1994). · Henry IV, Part Two. Essay for the Illinois Shakespeare Festival program, 1994. · Henry IV, Part One. Essay for the Illinois Shakespeare Festival program, 1993. · Shakespeare Today. Essay for the Illinois Shakespeare festival program, 1992. PAPERS & PRESENTATIONS · Streams of Knowledge: Partnerships Across Campus Between Honors and Other constituencies." At The National Collegiate Honors Council, Kansas City, October, 2010. · Paper on the impact of August Wilson's plays. Special Scholars' Panel at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) in August, 2006. · Presentation on Negro Leagues Baseball as depicted in August Wilson's Fences at the Early American Museum special exhibit, a Smithsonian Museums on Main Street exhibit entitled Between Fences, IL. June 2006. · "Mythology and Music in Wilson's Plays." Paper presented (in absentia) at the National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem, NC, July-August, 2007. · "August Wilson's Mythological Landscape." Paper presented at the August Wilson Festival at The Penn State University, 2005. 5
Pereira · Special Scholar's Panel (with Harry Elam, Sandra Shannon, Alan Nadel) at the August Wilson Symposium at Howard University, 2005. · Paper on Indian Theatre presented at the Mid-America Theatre Conference, 2003. · "Shakespeare's Tragic Vision: A Heroic Villainy." Paper presented at the Comparative Drama Conference at the University of Florida, Gainesville, April, 1989. This paper attempts to show the tragic potential of some of Shakespeare's so-called villains-- Claudius, Shylock, Richard IiI, Macbeth. · "The Domestication of Eliza Doolittle." Paper presented at the South-Eastern Theatre Conference, Nashville, March, 1990. · "The Sins of the Father . . . An Analysis of August Wilson's Fences." Paper presented at the Black Arts Festival, Atlanta, 1990. · "Seek and You Shall FindAn African-American's Search for his African Self in Joe Turner's Come and Gone." Paper presented at the ATHE Conference, Chicago, August, 1990. PERFORMANCES Acting (Representative Roles) Devraj in BHOPAL (Varma) Edward in The Retreat from Moscow (Williamson) Richard in The Lover (Pinter) Iago in Othello (Shakespeare) Jerry in Betrayal (Pinter) Brian in A Day in The Death of Joe Egg (Nichols) Dr. Treves in The Elephant Man (Pomerance) Ganesha in A Perfect Ganesh (McNally) Lucky in Waiting for Godot (Beckett) Chorus in Antigone (Anouilh) Robespierre in Danton's Death (Buchner) Francisco in The White Devil (Webster) Prince & Chorus in Romeo & Juliet (Shakespeare) Dr. Prentice in What the Butler Saw (Orton) Also acted in several industrial films. 6
Pereira Directing (Representative Productions) Death and the King's Horseman (Soyinka) Mountain Language (Pinter) Remnants--Holocaust Voices (Greenspan) The Colored Museum (Wolfe) The Trojan Women (Euripides) Infancy (Wilder) The Taming of the Shrew (Shakespeare) Medea (Euripides) Antigone (Anouilh) Becket (Anouilh) Oedipus (Sophocles) Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (Moliere) Plaza Suite (Simon) Creatures of Impulse (W.S. Gilbert) PLAYSCRIPTS · The Hostage. Set in the Middle East. Conflict between an American hostage and his Arab captor. · A Nice Neighborhood. Deals with issues of racism in white suburbia in the wake of the World Trade Center bombings. · To Die, To Sleep. About a family dealing with a comatose child. · Marble Symphony. Intrigue and drama in Mughal India during the building of the Taj Mahal set against a background of religious conflict. MUSIC NARRATION I have performed several dramatic narrations with the Illinois State University Strings and Wind Symphonies, and the Chamber Orchestra: Pierrot Lunaire, by Arnold Schoenberg Lord of the Rings, Symphony I by Johan de Meij The Devil in L'histoire du Soldat by Stravinski Readings of Gustav Mahler's poems in Kindertotenlieder The Holiday Concert for seven years (I read several selections of poetry) The Four Seasons (Vivaldi's sonnets that he wrote to be performed with the concertos) Poetic Readings to accompany the Chamber Ensemble of Illinois State University A Christmas CD--Recitation of Christmas poetry & prose pieces. In collaboration with sound designer Aaron Paolucci 7
Pereira The Lord of the Rings (in production). Includes about 25 voice tracks from the trilogy, visuals, and music. With Aaron Paolucci. 8
1997-2004: Bi-weekly Forum Commentator on WJBC, 12:30 AMcurrent topics commentaries. Almost 200 commentaries. Listed below are the titles of the first few. Complete texts are available on request.
1. Football 2. The Dramshop Law 3. The Right Not to Vote 4. The Oscars 5. Summer Sports 6. Lawn-Mowing 7. West Side Story 8. Nature in Captivity 9. Art & Pornography 10. Education & Job Training 11. Communities Divided 12. Violence 13. Justice William Brennan 14. Vacations 15. Politics--A Shameful Business 16. Teresa and Diana 17. Mother Teresa's Funeral 18. Mitsubishi 19. Autumn Leaves 20. Sidewalks 21. Jury Trials 22. Multiple Births 23. Christmas Shopping 24. Tenure 25. Disgusting Headlines
26. capital punishment 27. The Exclusive Game of Golf 28. Religion and Education 29. Minority Teachers 30. Competitions 31. Ken Starr's Witchhunt 32. Reading Programs 33. School Recess 34. School Uniforms 35. Fr. Larry Morlan 36. World Cup Soccer 37. A City Growing Up 38. Selfish Restaurants 39. Movie Commercials 40. Gay Rights 41. Why We Don't Vote 42. A Marketplace Conspiracy 42. ANGELS IN AMERICA 43. A New City in Central Illinois 44. Michael Jordan 45. Foreign Films 46. The Internet 47. Barbies and Pickups 48. International Women 49. The Darker Side of Childhood
Pereira Weekly Film Reviewer on WJBC, 12:30 AM. 1997-1999. Listed below are the titles of some of them. Complete texts are available on request.
1. Romy & Michele's H.S. Reunion 2. Addicted to Love 3. Night Falls on Manhattan 4. Con Air 5. My Best Friend's Wedding 6. Face-Off 7. Contact 8. Conspiracy Theory 9. Copland 10. G. I. Jane 11. Hoodlum 12. The Game 13. A Thousand Acres 14. The Full Monty 15. U-Turn 16. L.A. Confidential 17. The Devil's Advocate 18. Red Corner 19. Boogie Nights 20. Mad City 21. Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil 22. The Rainmaker 23. The Jackal 24. Titanic 25. The Postman 26. Deconstructing Harry 27. Good Will Hunting 28. Amistad
29. Wag the Dog 30. Great Expectation 31. Hard Rain 32. Sphere 33. The Apostle 34. Palmetto 35. Dark City 36. The Big Lebowski 37. Wings of the Dove 38. Primary colors 39. Mercury Rising 40. The Newton Boys 41. City of Angels 42. He Got Game 43. The Big Hit 44. Les Miserables 45. Bulworth 46. Movies' Media Madness 47. Hope Floats 48 A Perfect Murder 49. Six Days, Seven Nights 50. The X-Files 51. Armageddon 52. The Mask of Zorro 53. The Parent Trap 54. The Negotiator 55. Snake Eyes
Pereira Some Significant University, College, and Department Committees · Gen-Ed Task Force, 2011. Member of the committee charged with revamping the General-Education program at ISU. · Member of Task Force on the American Democracy Project, 2006-2008. · Member of the First Year Council, 2004-2006. · Member of the Academic Senate, 1995-1998, & 2003-2006. · Member of College Council, 2000-2001. · Member of the Recreation Affairs Advisory Committee, 2000-2001. · Member of the Braden Artist's Series Advisory Committee, 2001. · Member of the Presidential Inauguration Committee which won an Honorable Mention Award as one of the outstanding committees of the year, 1999. · Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Theatre & Head of Graduate Committee, 1998-2006. · Member of Ethics and Grievance Committee, 1999. · Founding member of the President's Commission on Diversity. · Elected to the Panel of Ten, 1998. · Advisor to the Guerilla Theatre at its inception. · Chair of the College Council, 1995-1996. · Member of the College Curriculum Committee, 1998. · Member of the Theatre Department's Recruitment and Scholarship Committee for six years, 1991-1996. · Department Search Committees. · University Search Committees: For the Asst. VP, Academic Administration. For the Director of the University College, 1997. For the Head of Graduate College and Vice President for Research, 1998. For the Director of the School of Theatre, 2002. For the Dean of the College of Fine Arts, 2004. 11
Pereira A Short Resume of my Advertising Career Before coming to the U.S. I had a career in Advertising which demanded written and oral communications of creative, media, and marketing strategies to existing and prospective clients. In most instances my presentations were made to executive management officials. I also wrote advertising copy for press ads as well as the copy for technical booklets, pamphlets, and journals, depending on the client's needs. It is important to note that almost every product we marketed or advertised had to have several strategies behind them, depending on the market. India and the Middle East are extremely diverse countries and each state (particularly in India) has its own language and culture, which often had to be dealt with separately. Creative Planner and Account Manager at Madco Bahrain, 1984-85, an Advertising Agency in the Middle East. The job included planning and supervising the creative and media strategies for all our clients. It also involved writing copy, making complete Creative and Marketing presentations to clients, and seeking new accounts. Account Group Manager, Shilpi Advertising, Bombay, 1980-1984. The job included: · Planning and executing creative and media strategies (print, radio, TV, and Film) for several products. This meant working closely with Marketing and Production Managers and Directors to devise national and international plans for their products. · Launching of new products. This involved creating Audio-Visual presentations, organizing press conferences, designing "point-of-purchase" displays, and devising different advertising and marketing strategies for different areas of the market. It also involved tracking the brand for the first few weeks and making strategic alterations as needed. · Public Issue Advertising: Shilpi Advertising was in the forefront of a new form of advertising, that of promoting public issues, particularly to rural areas. No longer were share-offerings merely announced. Now they had to have an entire advertising and marketing plan behind them. This actually involved promoting the company or corporation that was going public. Our job was to spend several weeks studying every aspect of the company and creating a plan to promote it as a viable and profitable entity. The challenge lay in finding attractive ways to translate sales trends and balance sheets so that the general public understood them. Audio-visual presentations were created in several languages and carried to several parts of the country. They were supported by film, TV, radio, and print advertising. This is a sample list of some of my clients and products: BankAmerica, Citicorp, Godfrey Phillips (a subsidiary of Phillip Morris), Ricoh Copiers, Max Factor, Energee (a milk-based soft drink), The World Wildlife Fund, Cottage Industries of India, and Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises, whose companies produced household (detergents, soaps, etc) pharmaceutical, and agricultural (fertilizers and chemicals) products. 12

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