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Content: April 2016
Volume 41 Issue 4
April showers may come your way, April showers bring May flowers, and April hope-
fully will bring our president Larry back from the alligator infested Florida? I did get
Larry Jauert
another report from him and it follows:
Hello from Florida. Fishing has been getting better. It has been a very interesting
year seeing the effects that El Nino has on fishing. Fishing has been pushed back
Barbara Gattuso
about six weeks compared to other years. The alligators are fully into their mating
calls or grunts, It is not unusual to hear eight or ten different alligators grunting
VP fresh water
back-and-forth at the same time, trying to set up dates for that night. While our
Bob Taylor
time is coming to a close here in Florida, we are looking forward to seeing each of
you at the April meeting.
RECORDING SECRETARY Thanks Larry, appreciate the news from Florida and all our members really seemed
Anitra Gehrke
to enjoy hearing about your fishing and specifically your experiences with the alliga-
tors. Now I've never heard the alligator mating calls or grunts as you stated. In fact
Corresponding Secretary I don't care if I ever hear an alligator trying to arrange a date, or grunting or what-
Karen Taylor
ever. It would be very disturbing to me if I heard this sound at night, especially if I
was out in a little boat trying to fish and couldn't see more than a few feet in any direction. No thank you, I think I'll keep my fishing in this part of the world and/or north of the Mason Dixon Line.
Larry did send a new joke. This one is probably the best one he's sent however, I
don't think it would be appropriate to put in the newsletter. No, I'm sure it wouldn't! I may tell it at the general meeting if our President Larry gives me the OK? It's a
good one for sure. Where does he get all these jokes?
I want to thank everyone for their support and cooperation while I was the acting
President these past three months. It was fun and easy because I had our member-
Tony Smock
ship's helpfulness and friendship and the board of directors total support. With our
Program Director Ken Harrison arranging some super programs, Public Relations Director Ron C. getting all this in the news, the VP's Bob and Barbara controlling all the fishing news and events, Anitra recording all the meeting statistics, KT com-
MEMBERSHIP Cheryl Brandstrom
municating with the members and producing our infamous newsletter "Hook, Line and Sinker". She also worked with Paul Lorson keeping our website current and ever improving! Membership is in excellent hands with Cheryl and Margie and our new
PROGRAMS Ken Harrison
apparel headed by Brenda looks terrific. Mike and Karen have continued to find fantastic items for our opportunity drawing which helps our treasury. Speaking of our money, it is in very capable hands with Betty so how can a guy fail with that and a
supporting cast of Past Presidents Dave G., Lois A. and Jim S. that have a proven history. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful meeting place like the Senior Center of Escondido. A perfect facility to hold meetings for our great club!
Looking forward to fishing and having social events with all of you. Remember to offer your help to Community Events when they are scheduled, our new Director Tony Smock needs your assistance at the derbies and youth events. Thanks
again for your continued support and remember our motto "Fish and Play the Senior Angler Way".
Catch you later,
Ron Parker
Acting President
"So Many Fish......So Little Time"
APRIL 2016
Local outdoor writer Ernie Cowan will be the Guest speaker for the April 8 meeting of the Senior Anglers of Escondido. Among other publications, Cowen is the field reporter for Western OutdooR News, covering the annual Eastern Sierra trout opener for years.
Cowan will share with Club members his expectations for the April 30 opener along Highway 395 ­ water levels, fish stocking programs, and conditions anglers can expect to find in the numerous lakes and streams from Lone Pine to Bridgeport.
As an accomplished desert photographer, Cowan will also talk about this spring's flora and fauna that
can be found locally in the Anza-Borrego Desert.
Ken Harrison
Program Director
Fresh Water
YUCAIPA REGIONAL PARK CAMPOUT Cheryl Brandstrom hosted a new campout at Y ucaipa Regional P ark w ith Larry and Betty Allan as her Assistant W agon M asters. It was a beautiful place, staff was super nice, and we had three Lakes for fishing. The plan is to replace the January Cahuilla Trip with this location next year and Tom and Carmen Martinez have already volunteered to be Wagon Masters with Mike and Karen Springer as Assistants. Unfortunately fishing wasn't so good but after talking to many of the locals they say it was unusual and they didn't know why. Two of the three Lakes are stocked weekly with some good size trout along with DFG fish. So, we are looking forward to another trip next year and hopeful the fishing will be much better.
Jim's 5 lb. 2.4 oz. winning fish
Derby Winners
Larry and his 2 pound trout
Happy Campers 2
Fresh Water (cont.)
APRIL 2016
Lake Wohlford March 25
The Friday, March 25th challenge started off with 45 degrees at sunrise. However, it soon warmed up and was a beautiful day.
Fishing was spotty and Wayland Roberts caught the first fish west of the Senior shoreline. The guys in boats also landed trout, including Ron Parker. Several of our group had multiple hookups.
The weigh in was conducted by Dave Gehrke. First place went to Jim Stevenson, a 4 lb. 13 oz. trout and Ron Parker took second w ith a 2 lb. 6 oz. Trout.
Ron Parker w as the hero providing a hot dog lunch for all. This w as another great outing.
Please join us for the next challenge at Lake Dixon on April 22. Sign up at April meeting.
Class 1: 6 lb. 15 oz. Trout Jim Stevenson
Class 2: 5 lb. 10 oz. Bass
Larry Jauert
CLASS II OUTINGS (non-club sponsored)
Many of the club members meet at Senior Shores at Lake Wohlford on Thursday mornings. Largest Class 2 for March: Larry Jauert, 5 lb. 10 oz. Bass.
UPCOMING TRIPS Lake Lopez April 10 to 17 David and Anitra Gehrke are the W agon M asters w ith Bob and Priscilla Melton assisting. For reservations call 1-800-788-2381 and ask to be placed in the `Quail' area of the campgrounds. Lake Cuyamaca/Pinezanita May 30 to June 4 Jim Stevenson w ill be the W agon M aster. There is still time to sign up for this great campout. The agenda will be handed out at the April meeting. This lake always provides us the chance to land a big one. A 15.75 submarine was recently caught on 2 LB line!!! This trout was caught in Warren's favorite spot---Lone Pine. Bob Taylor Freshwater Vice President 3
Salt Water
APRIL 2016
LOCAL FISHING The fishing is a bit slow right now because of water clarity, temp and TONS of red crab. So when they start to bite the fishing will explode with big fat fish that are gorging themselves on red crab right now. Remember to fill out a report for the fish of the month and send it to Jim Stevenson. Now is a good time to get your gear in order. Change line and be sure the reels are mechanically sound to hook up those big fish. Our June 3/4 day trip is full and we are taking alternates. The July 11 trip has 4 spots left and the August 1 all day trip has 6 spots left. And remember you have to pay at sign up. I am on my way to Asia so Jim Stevenson will be taking signups for these trips.
CLASS II (non-club sponsored) The Cabo trip only has 2 spots left so grab them now. They won't last long. Whether you fish or not it's a great trip. Email me at [email protected] to get on that trip or receive more information.
SURF FISHING Bill Varney w ill do a surf fishing seminar on M onday, M ay 9th, 2016, 8 AM at the north end of the Oceanside Beach (south side of the jetty). Come on out and invite a friend to join us. He doesn't require a minimum number of attendees but would like a $10.00 donation per person to cover the bait. Here is the link for the surf fishing seminar/clinic registration: CLICK HERE This fee covers all live bait and instruction--plus a few refreshments! If you have a problem signing up or would like to skip the donation please have them email Bill at
See other Surf Fishing dates on the Calendar of Events. If you have questions contact Don Continelli 760-224-3458 or e-mail [email protected] I am excited to share my Asia trip with all of you when I get home. We are visiting a fisherman's home and I'm anxious to see some of those GIANT catfish in Thailand. I will be out of town from April to mid-May so Jim will take over for me those two meetings. Barbara Gattuso Saltwater Vice President
APRIL 2016
SUNSHINE REPORT Dot Arnold had hip surgery and w as up and w alking 4 hours afterw ards w ith no pain. She is home now and doing great. Sally Burlington had cancer surgery on March 11 and is recovering at home. The surgery was very successful and she is on to the next phase of treatment, which is more chemo therapy. We hope to see her at a meeting soon. David Miller is home, but facing a long recovery after knee surgery. David Martinez had an emergency appendectomy and is home recovering. Wendy Hunter underw ent a double lung transplant, after a long w ait and w as doing very w ell at last report. She will be spending another 4 months in Arizona recuperating. Lois Ashuckian Sunshine Lady
John Tester Lake Morena Derby winner
Checking out the new line of apparel.
Community Events
KIWANIS TROUT DERBY The Kiwanis Trout Derby will be April 23 & 24th. I will be taking signups for this event at the April meeting. They will be having the kiddy ponds again so if you've helped in the past you know how much fun and heartwarming that portion of the event can be. Volunteers from our club that help with the derby will be offered a free pancake breakfast and free BBQ at lunch time by the Kiwanis Club. If you have any questions call me or see me at the meeting. special needs FISHING DAY The Monday following the Kiwanis Derby, April 25th, the club will be hosting a fishing event for up to two dozen Special Needs students from San Pasqual High School. We will be helping these students catch the remainder of the trout in the kiddy ponds at Dixon Lake. This promises to be a rewarding experience for all involved. Many of the participants have never been fishing before. I will also be taking sign-ups for this event at the April meeting. If you have any questions call me or see me at the meeting. Tony Smock Community Events
Community Events
APRIL 2016
YOUTH DAY AT LAKE DIXON 2016 Youth Day 2016 was a major success thanks to all the volunteers and a disciplined group of 29 beautiful children from the Escondido YMCA. Special kudu's to Chairman Tony Smock for all his effort and work to make sure this event succeeded. The meetings, phone calls, purchasing the food, paper goods, drinks, getting barbeque equipment, schedules, and many trips to the stores for all necessary items to make this a special day for the children from the YMCA. The volunteers made it possible to make sure the kids fished, hiked and had a great BBQ lunch. Thanks to all of you for your dedication to our club, our community and its youth. The fishermen that ran the boats have to be congratulated for a stellar job at this outing. I can't thank you enough for the time and dedication to our club and community. This task is specialized as some of our members can no longer physically get in a boat to fish. Thanks to the fishermen John T., Dave G., Tomas M., Mike S., Jim S., Gary F. & yours truly. Some of you had to pull double duty and we really appreciate it. Simone Green, our in house Naturalist, led both the eight and ten o'clock hikes and a few of our members hiked along as observers. The group of youngsters were all ears and wanted to learn all about the plants, animals, Indian lore and Simone handled it all with ease. They even spotted an Oak Apple which is unusual, especially such a perfect specimen. We are so fortunate to have a dedicated member like Simone and I want to thank her for being so dependable and unselfish with her time and expertise. Notice in some of the pictures that each hiker received a genuine Indian arrow head thanks to Karen Springer and Simone.
The guys and gals that cooked and served at this event were also essential and did an outstanding job. They had everything prepared on time, plenty of dogs and burgers, plenty of cookies and from my observation it was quite apparent that all the children, counselors and guests had enough to eat and drink and did not go away hungry. The cooks this year were Dick M., Tony S., & Bill K. Thanks to Marge L., Karen K., Ron C., Karen S., Janet & Hank S. and All Others that assisted in setting up the chow line and serving our food. Again this year's children were well behaved, so energetic while being very polite yet kids. They caught some fish, asked tons of questions on the hike, worked on their crafts, played games, snacked on sliced oranges, made their appreciation banner for the Senior Anglers and were just kids. The counselors, led again by Arlene M, did an outstanding job in organizing the bus, the children, the paperwork and the activities when the children weren't hiking or fishing. Many of the children had never been to Lake Dixon or in a boat, many had never fished. Yes this was another special group and it is so heartwarming to be part of this worthwhile project.
Thanks to my wife Carol P. our photographer for capturing some of this year's activities. She was all over the area including going on hikes, checking out the boat docks, and at the BBQ luncheon recording the beautiful views of our city park, the children, wildlife and plants and our member volunteers in action. This wraps up our 9th annual Youth Day at Lake Dixon and this is one of the very best. Thanks again to all the volunteers, Park Rangers and contributors. Until next time..... Catch you later, Ron P & Tony S. 6
Membership WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Orville & Melanie Hamilton and Jan Kerdus
APRIL 2016
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Jim Stevenson Paul Lorson Gary Farrar Nat Estes Victor Balaker Norm Martineau Bob Hall Sharon Reser Evelyn Headings Rosie Foss Mary Roque John Tester Robert Melton Lloyd Turrentine Dottie Arnold Kay Van Hest
Our Greeter for April will be Joanne Jauert Thank you Joanne
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Buzz & Mae Brewer Gerry & Ann Aldridge Ronald & Iris Horak Larry & Joann Jauert Clete & Joyce West Tom & Carmen Martinez Steve & Jackie Palmer Wayland & Cecile Roberts Glenn & Kay Van Hest Jim & Sharon Reser Bob & Marilyn Prewett William & Peggy Borst Paul & Julie Lorson Albert & Colleen Wilson
The March Membership Award to La Tapatia went to Ann Hoving
The new directories are ready and waiting. Please come pick them up at the next meeting. Cheryl Brandstrom Membership 7
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Calendar of Events 2016 Surf Fishing Meeting (Ernie Cowan) Lake Lopez Fishing Challenge--Lake Dixon Kiwanis Fish Derby Special Needs Kids Fishing Pond Surf Fishing (Bill Varney Seminar) Meeting (Jeff Routsong "The Fire House Chef") Lake Cuyamaca/Pinezanita Surf Fishing Meeting (Mono County Tourism Commission) 3/4 Day Trip Meeting 3/4 Day Trip and Surf Fishing Club Picnic Full Day Trip on Chubasco and Surf Fishing Meeting Fish Fry Meeting Surf Fishing June lake/Pine Cliff Meeting Lake Hemet Cabo Trip Fall Feast Meeting - Ranger Joe - Lake Wohlford Escondido City Trout Derby Viejas Trip Awards Banquet and Holiday Party
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Senior Anglers of Escondido MAILING ADDRESS and meeting place: Park Avenue Community Center Home of Escondido Senior Center c/o Senior Anglers of Escondido 210 PARK Ave. Escondido, CA 92025 General Meeting: 9:30 AM 2nd Friday of the month 8

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