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Sociology/social science
"Engaging readers with updated chapters on new and developing trends in contemporary societies, Human Societies remains a balanced and well-written book. Uncovering the causal agents behind societal evolution and change, there is nothing quite like it on the market. A gem of a book!" --Alexandra Maryanski, University of California, Riverside "The 9th edition of Human Societies continues to offer an integrated approach to the behavioral sciences while incorporating updated and recent data on the rapid social change facing the nations of the world today. Students in our large, university core requirements course find the text accessible and valuable to their general education." --George Conklin, North Carolina Central University "Human Societies set my imagination afire.... Sociological concepts [can now] be introduced in a theoretical context." --Joan Huber, Ohio State University "This is a well-written and carefully researched book that never panders to students, but also does not lose them with too much complexity." --Peter Kivisto, Augustana College
Human Societies is written for todayгs students who are confronted by a rapidly changing world. It differs greatly from most texts for introductory sociology courses, being neither an eclectic, encyclopedia-like collection of materials nor a limited survey of contemporary American Society. By introducing students to the broad range of human experience from the Stone Age to the present, it enables them to see their own world in a new light and a new perspective, and helps to prepare them for the many changes and challenges they will face in the years ahead. This classic text, currently in its 9th edition, is now available for the first time in an inexpensive paperback edition.
New to the Ninth Edition сAll statistical data have been updated with the latest figures available. New examples and illustrations refer to recent events, including Bush administration policies. сDiscussions of the family and the changing role of women in industrial societies have been improved and sharpened. сDiscussion of the future has been revised in the final chapter, now including references to genetically engineered crops, fish farming, global warming, ideological and social changes in China, and so on. сHedonism as an emerging ideology in industrial societies is discussed, along with the growth of the entertainment industries. сExcursus following Chapter 1 incorporates the contributions of French and Scottish Enlightenment figures in the eighteenth century. сNew or revised boxed inserts have been added on such topics as neophilic art and on recent research on psychological depression that points to the interaction of genetics and environment.
About the Authors
Patrick Nolan, Professor of Sociology at the University of South Carolina, is the recipient of the Mortar Board Excellence in Teaching Award.
Patrick Nolan
Gerhard Lenski
Gerhard Lenski is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and author of Power and Privilege and The Religious Factor. He is a recent recipient of the ASA's Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award.
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Human Societies An Introduction to Macrosociology
Patrick Nolan Gerhard Lenski
Ninth Edition Revised and Updated
Patrick Nolan Gerhard Lenski
Human An Introduction to Macrosociology Societies

P Nolan, G Lenski

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