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Content: Letter from the Chair When you really consider the vast scope of what we set out to discuss here at LTU&E, the mind boggles. The purview of this symposium, now celebrating its 29th year, encompasses every discipline to some degree. But who are we to feel that we can even begin to comprehend it all? Surely only folly or hubris would drive us to such an undertaking. Far be it, actually. When you work with science fiction and fantasy you push the limits of the imagination, you engage in thought experiments that probe the foundations of human experience, and you wrestle with life, the universe, and everything. That's why, for nearly three decades, students and faculty have labored to bring together great minds to further serious academic discussion of speculative fiction--and have some fun while we're at it, I hope. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, a scholar or an enthusiast, a presenter or a participant, we're glad you're here. We can't do this without the support of many people. Personally, I'd like to thank my fellow committee members, many of whom knew much more than I about organizing this event, and all of whom were invaluable to this effort. We'd like to thank our faculty advisor, Eric Fielding, for helping us overcome some tricky obstacles that arose while planning this year's symposium. Thanks also to Steve Keele for a beautiful poster graphic and Jess Smart Smiley for the program book cover art. As all of our returning attendees and guests can tell, we've changed venues this year. We're very excited to be here in the Harman building, and we express sincere gratitude to the staff of Conferences and Workshops who have helped us to put together this event, and on rather short notice, too. They have been a great asset to us, and we hope that this and subsequent symposia held here will be a success and run smoother than ever before thanks to their efforts. So, without further rambling on my part, welcome to Life, the Universe, & Everything XXIX. We hope everyone will find it both enjoyable and illuminating. Thank you for being part of such a wonderful tradition. T. Drake Terry Symposium Committee Chair 1
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Etiquette with the Pros One question any symposium-goer inevitably asks is, "How do I talk to authors and artists?" Getting to know them takes a few common sense rules of etiquette that will make the experience enjoyable for both of you. First, remember that the authors and artists are only human. Just because they write fantastic books or draw fabulous pictures doesn't mean they are ready to be on stage at any moment. An author or artist may have just had a lousy night or be suffering from something the symposium committee fed them at lunch. Don't take it personally if they don't want to talk to you right then. Also, don't try to dazzle them with your latest story idea or pet project. Most authors are paid to edit material; don't expect them to do it for free. And don't make the mistake that one convention attendee made when he tried to discuss the wage differences between British and American actors with a main guest. We promise you, brilliant as they may be, authors and artists don't know everything. When you want to meet the authors or artists, wait for a good moment when they aren't busy. If they are talking with someone else, wait patiently for them to finish, then introduce yourself. Try to say something nice before you fire away with criticism. Remember, they may be as shy of meeting you as you are of meeting them. Most importantly, don't monopolize! Share with others these marvelous people you've just met. Rather than saying everything at once, try talking to them on several occasions. (Even your mother would rather hear from you for three minutes once a week than for three hours once a year.) Just remember to be courteous. Respect their privacy and respect their time. They have come to the symposium to meet people, though, so don't be afraid to approach them. That is why they came! 4
James Dashner James Dashner is the New York Times bestselling author of The Maze Runner trilogy, The 13th Reality series, and The Jimmy Fincher Saga. His books have been sold in languages all over the world, and 20th Century Fox is in preproduction for a film adaptation of The Maze Runner, with Catherine Hardwicke signed to direct and Noah Oppenheim writing the screenplay. Although he used to work in the field of finance, James has been a full time author now for several years. LTUE has been a big part of James's life as an author. He started very small in the publishing world and spent several years taking baby steps to the career he'd always dreamed about. His first book, A Door in the Woods, was released by a small publisher in 2003, and James began attending LTUE the next year, participating on several panels. He's attended every year since. Thanks in large part to the contacts made at events like LTUE, and even more so to the knowledge gained, James took a big step to a larger publisher for his 13th Reality series, a joint venture by Shadow Mountain (hardback) and Simon & Schuster (paperback). The growing success of those books and the exposure they provided led to the next big step in his career: being introduced by his friend and fellow author, Sara Zarr, to her agent, Michael Bourret. Michael sold The Maze Runner trilogy to Random House (Delacorte imprint) soon after signing James in 2008. This enabled James to quit his old job as an accountant (which, strangely enough, he has never missed) and begin working full time as an author. The first two books have been more successful than he could have ever dreamed, spending several months on the New York Times Bestseller list and spawning a movie deal that seems to be moving forward. The third and final book, The Death Cure, will be released in fall of 2011. There will also be another volume in The 13th Reality series soon, as well as more exciting projects coming down the pipeline. You can find out more about James and his books at www.jamesdashner.com. 5
Steve Keele Steve Keele is a lover of visual creation. He is somewhat unique in that he has become proficient in a diverse number of mediums including ink, watercolor, acrylic, 2D and 3D digital art, and animation. During his 30+ years as a professional artist, Steve has painted billboards, done layout for Saturday morning cartoons Smurfs and Thundarr the Barbarian, airbrushed dozens of paintings for various children's magazines, and produced countless logo designs as well as numerous corporate and private illustrations. He has created hundreds of 3D digital models which have been used for illustrations, videos, games (Gauntlet Legends, Abe's Oddysee, Van Helsing), feature films (The Shadow, Batman & Robin, Dungeons & Dragons, ANTZ, Godzilla), medical visualization, and accident reconstruction for courtroom litigation. At Neways, where Steve is currently employed, he has expanded to drawing storyboards, character development, and 2D animation and special effects. He still creates 3D digital models, but now he is also texturing, rigging, lighting, and animating them. Steve has always been drawn to the realms of fantasy and science fiction. When he was young, you could usually find him with his nose in a fantasy book or drawing castles, knights, and dragons. After taking art classes in junior high and high school, he came to BYU to major in art. While there he saw an ad in The Daily Universe advertising for fantasy art and submitted a couple of drawings which were later published in The Leading Edge no. 2. Since then, Steve has been affiliated with the magazine, often creating cover and interior art for many of the issues. Additionally, Steve became involved in LTUE creating posters and program art as well as being an ongoing presenter--often with some of his children. Steve is married and has 6 children and 5 grandchildren. Two of his sons have followed their dad and work fulltime in the art and gaming field. For a hobby, Steve loves music and plays bass guitar for two classic rock bands. His Web site is KeeleArt.blogspot.com. 6
Special Guests David Farland David Farland is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author who has penned nearly fifty science fiction and fantasy novels for both adults and children. Along the way, he has also worked as the head judge for one of the world's largest Writing Contests, as a creative writing instructor, as a videogame designer, and as a movie producer. In 1991, Dave was invited to act as a judge for the Writers of the Future Contest, the world's largest science fiction and fantasy writing contest for new authors, and was soon promoted to the position of Coordinating Judge. As Coordinating Judge he acted as first reader--screening thousands of stories over the next eight years. He also edited the anthologies, taught writing courses to the winners, and made numerous personal appearances--often at DragonCon in Atlanta, where he headed up the writing track for a few years. In 1999, Dave was invited to teach the science fiction and fantasy writing class at Brigham Young University, and over the years he has taught dozens of writing seminars around the U.S. and Canada and appeared at hundreds of conventions. Recently, Dave accepted the position of Director of Storytelling for a new animation studio, Crocodiles Not Waterlilies Entertainment, where he will help guide the company's production of books, videogames, and animated films. Dave has also worked as something of an acquisitions consultant for publishers. In 1992 and 1993, he worked for Gibbs Smith Publishers, helping them find manuscripts for children's books, and he recently accepted a similar position for Tor books. His Web site is www.DavidFarland.com. Jessica Day George Jessica Day George likes chocolate, knitting, books, travel, movies, dragons, horses, dogs, and her family. These are all things to keep in mind if you ever meet her. For instance, you could bring her chocolate to make the meeting go more smoothly. You could also talk about how adorable her children are, even if you have never seen them. You could discuss dog breeds (she has a Maltese named Pippin, and grew up with a poodle mix and a Brittany Spaniel). You could talk about Norway, and how it's the Greatest Place On Earth, and Germany, The Second Greatest Place On Earth. You could ask her about yarn, and indicate a willingness to learn to knit your own socks, if you can't already do so. And, well, you could talk about books. Jessica's books, other people's books. It's really all about the books. To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld--Friends, family, school, they were just obstacles in the way of getting more books. She would like it if books came with chocolate to eat while reading them. Originally from Idaho, she now resides in Salt Lake City with her husband, their young son and daughter, and Pippin. Her Web sites are www .JessicaDayGeorge.com and www.BookshopTalk.com. 7
Tracy Hickman Tracy Hickman was born in Salt Lake City on November 26, 1955. In 1975, Tracy began two years of service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His initial posting was for six months in Hawaii before his visa was approved and he moved on to his final calling in the nation of Indonesia. As a result, Tracy can still speak conversational Indonesian and occasionally base his magical phrases on that language. Tracy married his high school sweetheart, Laura Curtis, within four months of his returning to the United States. They have been married ever since and are the parents of four children. In 1981, while between jobs, he approached TSR about buying two of his modules ... and ended up with a job instead. That job lead to his association with Margaret Weis and their first publication together: the Dragonlance Chronicles. Since that time in 1985, they have jointly authored over forty book titles. Tracy's first two solo novels, Requiem of Stars and The Immortals were published in the spring of 1996. More recently, Tracy and his wife Laura have been able to fulfill a long-time dream; they once again are writing together. Their first joint novel, Mystic Warrior, was published in 2004 and they look forward to a long and exciting career together. Tracy's Web site is www.TRHickman.com. Symposium Committee ChairT. Drake Terry Faculty Advisor Eric Fielding Track Coordinator Charlene Harmon Publications Director Marny K. Parkin Contest Administrator Logan Kearsley Writing Track Sarah Talley Art Track Leigh Averett Media Track Chris Baxter CYOW Track Logan Kearsley Guest Liaisons Audrey Gonzalez, Brittany Heiner, Aneeka Richins Volunteer Coordinator Toad Cox A/V Coordinators Logan Kearsley, Benjamin Keeley, Webmaster Charlene Harmon Mailing List Administrator Joe Monson Guru Dave Doering Staff Eric Anderson, Whitney Olsen, Keilani Conger, Kristy Stewart, Laura Jorgensen, Lyons Jorgensen, Lorna Larson 8
Lisa Mangum Lisa Mangum has loved and worked with books ever since elementary school, when she volunteered at the school library during recess. Her first paying job was shelving books at the Sandy Library. She worked for five years at Waldenbooks while she attended the University of Utah, graduating with honors with a degree in English. An avid reader of all genres, she has worked in the publishing department for Deseret Book since 1997. Besides books, Lisa loves movies, sunsets, spending time with her family, trips to Disneyland, and vanilla ice cream topped with fresh raspberries. She lives in Taylorsville, Utah, with her husband, Tracy. The third book in her YA trilogy will be out this spring. Her Web site is www.LisaMangum.com. L. E. Modesitt Jr. L. E. Modesitt Jr. is the author of more than fifty novels, a number of short stories, and numerous technical and economic articles. His first story was published in Analog in 1973, and his latest book is Arms-Commander. Along the way, Mr. Modesitt has weathered eight children, a fondness for three-piece suits (which has deteriorated into a love of vests), a brown Labrador, a white cockapoo, an energetic Shih-tzu, two scheming dachshunds, a capricious spaniel, a crazy Saluki-Aussie, and various assorted pet rodents. He married a lyric soprano, and he and his wife Carol relocated to Cedar City, Utah, in 1993, where she directs the opera program at Southern Utah University and he continues to create and manage chaos. His Web site is www.LEModesittJr.com. Howard Tayler Howard Tayler is the author and artist of the Hugo nominated science fiction comic strip Schlock Mercenary (www.SchlockMercenary.com), which has been running daily online since 2000. Prior to becoming a full-time cartoonist, Howard ran a small record production company and worked as a product manager for Novell. When Howard has spare time, he paints pewter miniatures and plays role-Playing games. Howard lives in Orem, Utah, with his wife and four kids. Stacy Whitman Stacy Whitman is the editorial director and founder of Tu Books, an imprint of Lee & Lowe that focuses on multicultural fantasy and science fiction for children and young adults. She previously spent three years as an editor for Mirrorstone, the children's and young adult imprint of Wizards of the Coast. She holds an MA in children's literature from Simmons College. Before that, she edited elementary school textbooks at Houghton Mifflin, interned at the Horn Book Magazine and Guide, and spent a brief stint working as a bookseller. Her blog is SLWhitman. livejournal.com. 9
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Participating Guests Jake Black is the author of a dozen books, including The Authorized Ender Companion (Tor, 2009). He has written comic books for DC Comics, Marvel, Mirage (the publishers of the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics), and several other independent companies. He has written for popular characters and franchises including Superman, Batman, Hannah Montana, Twilight, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Smallville, WWE, Star Trek, and more. On screen, he has written episodes of Ben 10: Alien Force, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Chaotic. He is also the writer and chief researcher for several Smallville DVD documentaries. His Web site is www.JakeBlack.com. John D. Brown is a novelist and prize-winning short story writer. The first book in his epic fantasy series was published October 2009 by Tor Books. It's set in a world where humans are ranched by creatures of immense power and is called Servant of a Dark God. Other forthcoming titles are Curse of a Dark God and Dark God's Glory. He currently lives with his wife and four daughters in the hinterlands of Utah where one encounters much fresh air, many good-hearted ranchers, and an occasional wolf. His Web site is JohnDBrown.com. Ami Chopine started dabbling in computer graphics when she was just eleven years old on an Atari 800, using a tape deck to record her programs. She later turned to science and was studying molecular biology in college when she met and married her husband Vladimir. Together they founded Geekatplay Studio 2001, through which several award winning images and animations were released. A graduate of Orson Scott Card's Literary Bootcamp with published fiction, Ami loves to write science fiction and fantasy. Her Web site is www.AmiChopine.com. Jaleta Clegg was born some time ago, filling the years since with explorations into just about everything, especially astronomy and folk tales. She earned a BS in geology from BYU in 1992 with an emphasis on Earth science education and math education. She now spends her time writing new stories, reading old stories, teaching children the wonders of astronomy and physics, running a starship simulator for Alpine School District's Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center, and doing whatever else is necessary to pay the bills. Her first book, Nexus Point, is now in print from Cyberwizard Productions. She also has a number of short stories in print in anthologies and online magazines. Her Web site is www.JaletaC.com. Frank L. Cole was born in a quiet town in Kentucky where he spent most of his childhood sharing exaggerated stories for show and tell. He is the author of the Hashbrown Winters series. His first fantasy story, The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter, comes out in March. His blog is FrankLewisCole.blogspot.com. 11
Michael R. Collings is an emeritus professor of English at Seaver College, Pepperdine University, where he directed the creative writing program for over two decades. He has published multiple volumes of poetry, novels, short fiction, and scholarly studies of such contemporary writers as Stephen King, Orson Scott Card, Dean R. Koontz, and Piers Anthony. His most recent works include Singer of Lies, a science-fiction novel; The Art and Craft of Poetry; and a Book of Mormon epic, The Nephiad. He is now retired and lives in his native state of Idaho. His Web site is www.StarshineAndShadows.com. Dr. Collings is willing to do his one-on-one poetry workshop throughout the symposium. Any time he is at his table, you can talk to him about your poem. Michaelbrent Collings has written numerous novels, including a YA fantasy entitled Billy: Messenger of Powers and a suspense novel entitled Run. He has also written and done rewrites of scripts for major Hollywood production companies, with one of his scripts scheduled to start principal photography in the winter. He currently has several projects in development with various production companies, and is sure to go down in history as the only person who ever assaulted a story executive and have it result in a writing job. Michaelbrent has given lectures on subjects as diverse as writing (how-to), self-defense (he's a black belt martial artist), dating (he used to date before he got married; don't let the face fool you), and construction law in California (he's also a practicing attorney). Michaelbrent runs a blog entitled "My Little Thoughts" at www.whoisbillyjones.com/mylittlethoughts, where he is allowed to rant (and often does). Larry Correia is an accountant and firearms instructor turned writer. His first novel, Monster Hunter International, was originally self-published and did extremely well, bringing him to the attention of the traditional publishing industry. He has since sold three books to Baen. MHI has been on the Entertainment Weekly and Locus bestseller lists. The sequel, Monster Hunter Vendetta, will be released Fall 2010. Larry has written books from two other series, an alternative history/fantasy set in the 1930s, and a contemporary thriller. His blog is LarryCorreia.wordpress.com. Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury has six short stories published. She moderates the Hat rack River Writers Workshop at Orson Scott Card's science fiction and fantasy Web site (www.hatrack.com/forums/writers/cgi/Ultimate.cgi) and the Nauvoo Workshop for LDS Writers at Orson Scott Card's LDS Web site (www.nauvoo.com/ubb2/cgi/ ultimatebb.cgi). She is the wife of a chemical engineer, the mother of three girls and one cat, and the grandmother of two boys and a girl. She earned a BA degree in mathematics and an ME degree in mechanical engineering, both from the University of Utah. She taught a short story writing course for her local high school community for many years and has done first reading for a few fiction magazines. She has a part-time computer business where she helps people with those scary machines, especially with 12
putting their genealogy on computer. She collects dragons, unusual names, and information about her ancestors. Bree Despain rediscovered her childhood love for creating stories when she took a semester off college to write and direct plays for at-risk, inner-city teens from Philadelphia and New York. She currently lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, two young sons, and her beloved TiVo. Two books in her Dark Divine trilogy have been published. Her Web site is BreeDespain.com. Anna del C. Dye received the Editor's Choice Award from the InterNational Library of Poetry and her article, "A New American Mother," was published by Desert Saints Magazine. Her short story "Amerine--Fairy Princess" won an award in the Oquirrh Writers contest and was published by Kalkion Magazine. Her fantasy trilogy enjoys a growing fan base. Her Web site is www.AnnaDelC.com. David Ferro is currently an associate professor of computer science at Weber State University. He has written and presented on history and social implications of technology, computer-human interfaces, and economics. David is the co-author of two books: a history of computing titled Computers: A Life Story and an introductory textbook for computer science titled Connecting with Computer Science. He is the co-editor for an upcoming book from McFarland examining the influence of science fiction on computer development and culture. Congratulations to the Whitney Award finalists in the Speculative and the Youth Fiction--Speculative categories: Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card Matched by Ally Condie The Scorch Trials by James Dashner Fablehaven: Keys of the Demon Prison by Brandon Mull The Forbidden Sea by Sheila A. Nielson Imprints by Rachel Ann Nunes The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson The Fourth Nephite by Jeffrey S. Savage Mr. Monster by Dan Wells Paranormalcy by Kiersten White For more information about the Whitneys, go to www.WhitneyAwards.com 13
Paul Genesse's many short stories have been published in various large press anthologies from DAW Books. The first two novels in the Iron Dragon series, The Golden Cord and The Dragon Hunters, are out now. The Golden Cord has become the bestselling fantasy novel his publisher has ever had. Download for free the first ten chapters of The Golden Cord or watch a video about the Iron Dragon series at www.PaulGenesse.com. Brian C. Hailes has worked as a freelance illustrator, designer, and concept artist for over a decade, and has received numerous awards for his art from all across the country. Hailes has written and illustrated two graphic novel series, titled Dragon's Gait and Devil's Triangle, and is currently working on a new series called Continuum. He currently resides in Salt Lake City where he works full time doing commission work, graphic design, illustration, as well as conceptual art. His Web site is HailesArt.com. Mette Ivie Harrison is the author of Mira, Mirror, The Princess and the Hound, The Princess and the Bear, and The Princess and the Snowbird. She has a new trilogy coming out with Harper in 2012, beginning with A Crown of Diamonds and Sapphires, and a stand-alone novel from Egmont in fall 2011. Mette is also a competitive triathlete and survived (barely!) a PhD program in Germanic Languages and Literatures at Princeton. She has five children and lives in Layton, Utah. For fun, she tries out new vegan recipes, crochets, draws, and plays the piano badly. She loves Amish quilts, black and white illustration, chocolate, and Jane Austen everything. Her Web site is www.MetteIvieHarrison.com. She is also available for novel manuscript critiques. Clint Johnson is a writer and editor of fiction, nonfiction, and technical work who ranges genres and audiences from children to adults. His first nationally published children's novel, Green Dragon Codex (Mirrorstone, an imprint of Wizards of the Coast) was released in June 2009. Currently, he teaches writing in one-on-one tutorial sessions at Salt Lake Community College, working with students at all levels of writing experience and English acquisition. He is also the recipient of many awards, including 2007 Young Adult Novel of the Year and 2006 Novel of the Year from the League of Utah Writers. A frequent conference speaker, workshop presenter, and writing teacher--for children and adults--he lives in Salt Lake City. Laura Swift Lind is one of the founders of the StarHouse Discovery Center in Logan, UT. For the last year, she has been taking the portable planetarium to schools in Cache County, UT, and Franklin County, ID, as a volunteer. She has a master's in space studies from the International Space University in Strasbourg, France, and has been involved with Reading for the Future since 1999. While an undergrad at Utah State University, she worked on several experiments which flew on the space shuttle, and on the Explorer and Discovery space simulators. She married Dan Lind. Her Web site is CacheStarhouse.org. 14
social media and LTUE We want to thank everyone for all the great the blogs, tweets, and posts about LTUE online! All this positive buzz shows how the Symposium is the most important event for new writers and creators here in Utah. Keep spreading the word and help us make this year (and next!) great. We also want to be great guests here at the Conference Center, at BYU, and with each other. We are grateful to the people at Conferences and Workshops and BYU for their support. So before hitting Post or Tweet, think first how someone not familiar with us may react to an out-of-context line or expression. Let's be sure that what we post reflects well on us as well as our hosts. So please, if you have issues, complaints, or questions, talk to us on the Symposium Committee here and let's help solve it now--not read about it weeks later. Of course, we'll always accept compliments now and forever! Dene Low (aka Laura Card) has loved science fiction and fantasy, from Heinlein and Asimov to Pratchett and Sanderson, since she was a child. Being a writer, particularly a fantasy writer is a lifelong goal that was realized first with an original fairy tale published in Cricket Magazine eons ago and then again this past June with Houghton Mifflin's publication of her middle grade fantasy, The Entomological Tales of Augustus T. Percival: Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone (which has been nominated for an Edgar Award). In between, she has had hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles published, as well as a few short stories and poems, and has worked as an editor. Currently she teachs English at BYU and writing at Utah Valley University. Her Web site is www.DeneLow.com. Lesli Muir Lytle, former President of the Utah Chapter of Romance Writers of America, has won awards for screenplays, stage plays, and historical romance. She currently writes time travel romance and YA. Her blog is www.WritersBlockbuster. blogspot.com. Shelia A. Nielson received a BFA in children's illustration from BYU. While she was in school there, she got her dream job being a children's librarian. She is also an illustrator and hobbyaholic. Her first book, The Forbidden Sea, was released last year. Her Web site is WindwaitheMermaid.blogspot.com. Charlotte Randle is an anthropologist, having received her BA from BYU. Her specialty deals with ancient cultures and mythos, most particularly those of Japan 15
Thursday, February 17, 2011 2254 9:00 AM Best and Worst Writing Advice 10:00 AM Writing Action 11:00 AM How to Scare People Noon Killer Openings 1:00 PM Dealing with Deadlines 2:00 PM Writing Strong Female Characters 3:00 PM Contemporary/Urban Fantasy 4:00 PM Dystopias/Utopias 5:00 PM Pay It Forward 6:00 PM Marketing and Publicity 7:00 PM Does Your Book Have a Soundtrack? 8:00 PM Streamlining Your Fiction
2260 Mormons and the Paranormal Using the Scriptures as a Basis for Fiction Self Publication Pros and Cons Building Believable Aliens Time Travel, Parallel Universes, and quantum physics Plots, Subplots, and Foreshadowing Slush Piles The Writing Life The Art of Podcasting The Lure of Horror Comics and Webcomics Superheroes
2265 The Impact of free ebooks on Retail Sales of Printed Works at Deseret Book First Contact Stories
Poetic License vs. Authorial Obligation Masons: Fact vs. Fiction
Coloring Workshop with Colored Pencil "Portrayals of the Holocaust: Maus and
Magneto Testament"
Camera Techniques for Drawing
"Ten Steps to Overnight Success, Or How It Only Took a Decade To Get Paid"
Beyond Orcs and Elves: Diversity in
Fantasy and Science Fiction for Young Readers
Drawing Humanoids
"The Meek Shall Inherit: Why an
Aristocrat Will Never Save the Universe"
"The Path of Self Destruction: A Villain's What Is the McAuliffe Space Education Guide to Manipulating the Good Guys" Center?
Digital vs. Traditional Art Techniques
Reading: Dene Low
Julie Wright
Creating a Fictional Language (session 1) Reading:
(2 hours)
Eric Swedin
Reading: Jaleta Clegg
Friday, February 18, 2011
9:00 AM 10:00 AM
2254 Writing for the LDS Market Tracy Hickman Presentation
2258 How to Research Reading: James Dashner
11:00 AM Main Address: Steve Keele (2254)
What Is an Agent?
1:00 PM 2:00 PM 3:00 PM
Dialog Tags and Speech patterns Characters' Morals/Theology vs. Authors' Collaborations
Writing Groups The Problem of Sequels Plotstorming
2260 Fairy Tale Presentation How to Write a Good Short Story Charisma Is Not a Dump Stat Drawing Graphic Novels Storyboarding Writing SF/F/H Poetry
4:00 PM Rewriting to Greatness
Space Travel
The Protagonist Compass
5:00 PM What You Can and Can't Do in Scriptwriting a YA Novel
Drawing Oceanic Beasties
6:00 PM 7:00 PM 8:00 PM
How Not to Talk Down to Your The Horror, the Horror! YA Audience Writing for Comics
Hailes/Casselman Presentation
Romance vs. Story with
Map Making for Writers
Romantic Elements
One-on-One Poetry Workshop "Space Warfare: Problems in Perspective and Strategy"
"Edgar Allan Poe and the Deep Structure of Inception"
When Plants Go Bad
"Bella as Mother-Savior: The
Powerful Feminine Journey of Transformation and Choice in
The Twilight Saga"
How to Get and Develop Killer
Story Ideas
Lessons on Story from The Hunger Games Filking
Creating a Fictional Language (session 2) (2 hours)
Reading: Eric James Stone Reading: Nathan Shumate Reading: Rebecca Shelley Readings: Dan Wells and Berin Stevens Readings: Michael Young and Jessica Day George Reading: Roger White Reading: Lesli Muir Lytle
Saturday, February 19, 2011
2254 9:00 AM What I Wish I Had Done Differently 10:00 AM How to Recover from Illness, etc. and Write
2258 Religion in Science Fiction What Exactly Does an Editor Do?
11:00 AM Main Address: James Dashner
Noon Can a YA Protagonist
Military on Military SF
Have Adventures and a
1:00 PM Writing Excuses Podcast (2 hours) 2:00 PM
Fractured fairy tales
3:00 PM Can Your Dreams Pay Your Humorous Horror Bills?
4:00 PM Memorable Villains
Why Write Genre Fiction?
5:00 PM 6:00 PM 7:00 PM
Regional Publishers (2 hours) Banquet (2258)
2265 How to Use SF/F/H in the Classroom A Librarian's View of What Kinds of Novels Kids Are Reading and Publishers Are Buying
2267 Creating Fantasy Art
Anime and Manga
Lucky 13 Workshop
How the Internet Is Shaping our Kids Using Stellarium in the Classroom
Archaeology in SF Media Building Believable Economies
Pitching to Agents/Editors Psychology of the Samurai Keele's Korner
Creating Fantasy Art, part 2 Ecology and Evolution
Borrowing from Historical and Current Events The Business of Art
2295 Killer Breakfast (2 hours) Bell/Weston Presentation Fighting and Weaponmasters
2277 "Zombies and You: A Guide to What Does and Does Not Constitute an Apocalypse" "Jacen Solo's Journey of Self-Discovery" "Tohu Wabohu: An Essay on Michael Collings's Into the Void" How to Make a Graphic Novel Why We Love Lovecraft
1188 Signings Signings Signings Signings
and Wales. She has spent a good deal of time in both countries, researching, doing archeological digging, and photographing. She is also an artist and a writer. Jeff Scott Savage has published eight novels, including the FarWorld series and The Fourth Nephite. He has presented at dozens of writers conferences and workshops including LTU&E, LUW, LDS Storymakers, UELMA, UCTE, and others. His blog is JScottSavage.blogspot.com. Nathan Shumate is the proprietor of Cold Fusion Video Reviews (www.Cold FusionVideo.com), a genre film criticism site that's been running for a decade. (That's sixty-eight years in Internet terms.) He is also the head editor of Arkham Tales (www.ArkhamTales.com), an online magazine of "weird" fiction. His Web site is www.NathanShumate.com. Berin Stephens was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and grew up in Chugiak. He teaches saxophone at Utah Valley University and is an active performer in several groups ranging from symphony orchestras to salsa bands and currently is with the Mundy Mourning Blues Band as well as several jazz ensembles. His first novel, The Dragon War Relic, a young adult sci-fi/fantasy/action/comedy came out in November 2009. He currently lives in Orem with his wife, five children, dog, cat, and aloe plant. His Web site is www.DragonWarRelic.com. One of Eric James Stone's earliest memories is seeing an Apollo rocket launch on television. That might explain his life-long fascination with astronomy and space travel. His father's collection of old science fiction ensured that Eric grew up on a full diet of Asimov, Heinlein, and Clarke. Eric attended Orson Scott Card's Literary Boot Camp in 2003 and the Odyssey Writing Workshop in 2007. He has sold stories to the Writers of the Future Contest, Analog, and Intergalactic Medicine Show. In 2009 Eric became an assistant editor for Intergalactic Medicine Show. Eric lives in Utah. His Web site is www.EricJamesStone.com. Eric G. Swedin is an associate professor at Weber State University in the information systems and Technologies Department, specializing in information security and interdisciplinary studies. He teaches students how to be hackers so that they may defend against hackers. His doctorate is in the history of science and technology and he regularly teaches history classes at Weber State. His publications include numerous articles, three history books, and a historical mystery novel, The Killing of Greybird. His most recent novel is When Angels Wept, an alternate history of the Cuban Missle Crisis. Eric lives in a 128-year-old house with his wife Betty and four children. His Web site is www.Swedin.org. Born and raised in Sandy, Utah, Brad R. Torgersen has spent half his life in Utah and the other half in the Pacific Northwest. A computer geek by day and Army 19
Reserve Warrant Officer by weekend, he writes at night and is a Writers of the Future winner and has sold to Analog Science Fiction. Brad is also involved with local Utah audio science fiction serial Searcher & Stallion, where he most recently completed a four-episode script for that group's re-launch. Married for seventeen years with one daughter, he is a life-long lover of all things skiffy. Suzanne Vincent writes a bit of everything, but strays most often into forays with slipstream fantasy, fairy-tale adaptations, and HISTORICAL FICTION, and is, as you probably already guessed, working on a novel. She is a stay-at-home mom who wears many hats. Of these, she is most proud of those of wife, mother, homeschool teacher, and writer. She is a graduate of Orson Scott Card's Literary Boot Camp and a published author of short and very short stories. Suzanne works as an editor at Flash Fiction Online--the only SFWA qualifying flash-only market--where she leads one of two teams of slush readers in a fairly unique selection process. Her blog is NightingalesCage.blogspot.com. Dan Wells is author of the I Am Not a Serial Killer series, the first book of which won a Whitney Award. Dan is a co-host of the popular podcast Writing Excuses, serving as the horror/thriller expert and occasional cabbagehead when called upon by the needs of the episode or his own stupidity. His Web site is www.Fearful Symmetry.net. Roger Bouke White Jr. was a soldier in Vietnam in the 1960s, an MIT engineering student in the 1970s, a Local Area Network pioneer in 1980s, and an English teacher in Korea in the 1990s. More than most people, he's been there and done that, and while he did, he took notes! Today his interest centers around figuring out why people think the way they do. He has a broad background in history, science, technology, and sociology. He is an accomplished trainer, writer, speaker, and analyst. Tyler Whitesides recently signed a multi-book deal with Shadow Mountain for a new middle grade fantasy series. The first book is scheduled for release in August 2011. Dan Willis fell in love with reading at an early age, devouring books as fast as he could get them. When his fourth grade teacher challenged his class to write a short story for Halloween, Dan's was pages rather than paragraphs. Eventually, Dan's work caught the attention of Wizard's of the Coast, who signed him to work on their new YA imprint, DragonLance: The New Adventures. Dan produced three books for the YA line, including one of the series best-sellers. His book The Survivors was released under Wizard's original DragonLance brand. These days Dan lives at the mouth of a magnificent canyon where the wind always blows. He has a lovely wife, four children, and is hard at work on his next book--an original Steampunk novel. His Web site is www.DansRealm.com. 20
Julie Wright was born in Salt Lake City. She fell in love with reading as a very small child and at the age of fifteen started writing her first novel. She currently resides in west central Utah, where she and her husband own a little country grocery store. She has four published novels, the most recent of which is a pioneer time-travel story. She writes mainly for the young adult and middle grade markets. She loves speaking to youth groups, women's groups, and schools. Her Web site is www. JulieWright.com. 21
Educator's Conference Schedule Saturday, February 19, room 2265 9:00­9:50 am Unicorns and Vampires Meet Real Life-- How To Use Sci-Fi/Fantasy in the Classroom Amy Jones, Lu Ann Staheli, David-Glenn Anderson 10:00­10:50 am A Librarian's View of What Kinds of Novels Kids Are Reading and Publishers Are Buying Sheila A. Neilson 11:00­11:50 am Keynote Speech James Dashner Noon­12:50 pm Anime/Manga--What It Is, What's Good in SF/F Jessica Harmon, Joe Monson, Scott Parkin, Charlotte Randle, Stacy Whitman 1:00­1:50 pm How the Internet Is Shaping Our Kids and Our Future Eric Swedin, Sandra Tayler 2:00­2:50 pm Using the Open Source Program Stellarium in the Classroom Laura Lind Handouts include: Writing contests for kids: What's out there? Info on obtaining "Reluctant Reader Kits" from Wizards of the Coast Educator's CD and Workbook from The Heinlein Society, CascadiaCon, and the SF Museum Free books and information on RFFUtah's Box of Books program "The Worlds of Lynda Williams" CD by RFF Utah Handouts for using the Okal Rel Universe in the classroom Lists of books that are good for classroom use and for individual reading 22
Listing of Events See the white board in the registration room for any last-minute changes. One-on-one poetry workshop any time with Michael Collings at his table. Bring a poem and let Michael help you make it better!
Thursday, February 17, 2011 9:00­9:50 am Best and Worst Writing Advice Ever Given Frank L. Cole, Anna del C Dye, Mette Ivie Harrison, Tyler Whitsides Mormons and the Paranormal Blake Casselman, Scott Parkin (M), Nathan Shumate, Eric Swedin The Impact of Free Ebooks on Retail Sales of Printed Works at Deseret Book Dr. David Wiley 10:00­10:50 am First Contact Stories Helge Moulding, Eric James Stone, Roger White Using the Scriptures As a Basis for Fiction Michael R. Collings, Bree Despain, Laura Lind, Scott Parkin Writing Action Larry Correia 11:00­11:50 am Self-Publication Pros and Cons Jessica Douglas, Anna del C Dye, Sandra Tayler
Poetic License vs. Authorial Obligation Clint Johnson, Eric Swedin, Robin Weeks (M), Julie Wright How to Scare People Dan Wells Masons: Fact versus Fiction Kevin Tucker Noon­12:50 pm Killer Openings: Your First Paragraph Will Make or Break Your Story Jessica Day George, Dene Low, Lisa Mangum, Steve Walker Building Believable Aliens and Monsters Helge Moulding (M), Howard Tayler, Dan Willis Coloring Workshop with Colored Pencil Tips Sarah B. Seiter "Portrayals of the Holocaust: Maus and Magneto Testament" Derek Steele (read by Scott Parkin) 1:00­1:50 pm Time Travel, Parallel Universes, and Quantum Physics In a parallel universe somewhere, you've already attended this session and know all about how wave theory, super-strings, quantum entanglement, and things like noetics bear on frequent
sci-fi concepts like time travel and mirror Earths, but since you're not in that universe and don't have a map to get to it, you might want to attend this panel and get some insight into actual physics ... or just enough gobbledygook to make your next story sound credible even though it's quite fantastic. Remember, in some universe, you are bound to be a well-known, well-paid, best-selling author, adored by fans, critics, and even your mother-in-law. Why not make this universe be that universe? Paul Genesse, Laura Lind, Eric James Stone Dealing with Deadlines Elana Johnson, Rebecca Shelley, Emily Sorensen Camera Techniques for Drawing AJ Bell, Jessica Douglas, Brian Hailes, Chris Weston "Ten Steps to Overnight Success, or How It Only Took a Decade To Get Paid" Michaelbrent Collings
2:00­2:50 pm Writing Strong Female Characters Bree Despain, Jessica Day George, Clint Johnson, Sheila A. Neilson Plots, Subplots, and Foreshadowing Larry Correia, Howard Tayler, Dan Willis Beyond Orcs and Elves: Diversity in Fantasy and Science Fiction for Young Readers Recent cover whitewashing controversies and the internet discussion tagged #RaceFail have brought to light how little diversity can be found in fantasy and science fiction for young readers. We'll discuss the history of diversity in these books, includingdiversification through fantasy races that all share the same traits, and ways for authors to consider diversifying their own stories. We'll also discuss writing cross- culturally, cultural awareness, issues of appropriation, and other things to consider as you write. Stacy Whitman
3:00­3:50 pm Contemporary/Urban Fantasy Larry Correia, Lesli Muir Lytle, Dan Wells, Michael Young Slush Piles and What Not To Do When Submitting Your Writing Ami Chopine, James Dashner, Lisa Mangum, Brad R. Torgersen Drawing Humanoids Improve your figure drawing and your doodling with this rundown of the underlying proportions and shapes of the human body. Rebecca Jensen "The Meek Shall Inherit: Why An Aristocrat Will Never Save the Universe" Kathryn Olsen 4:00­4:50 pm Distopias/Utopias James Dashner, Lesli Muir Lytle, Robison Wells The Writing Life: How to Set and Keep Goals, How to Prioritize Angie Lofthouse, Berin Stephens, Sandra Tayler, Julie Wright What Is the McAuliffe Space Education Center? Jaleta Clegg "The Path of Self Destruction: A Villain's Guide to Manipulating the Good Guys" Amy Jones
Digital vs. Traditional Tools in Art AJ Bell, Jessica Douglas, Rebecca Jensen (M), Steve Keele, Sarah B. Seiter, Jess Smart Smiley, Isaac Stewart, Chris Weston Reading: Dene Lowe 6:00­6:50 pm The Lure of Horror Michael R. Collings, J. Scott Savage, Eric James Stone (M), Eric Swedin, Dan Wells Marketing and Publicity--What Can You Do? James Dashner, Bree Despain, Elana Johnson, Dene Low, Stacy Whitman Closet Costuming Jessica Harmon, Heather Monson, Sarah B. Seiter Reading: Julie Wright 7:00­7:50 pm Comics/Webcomics Jake Black, Brian Hailes, Rebecca Jensen, Jess Smart Smiley, Emily Sorensen Does Your Book Have a Soundtrack? Jaleta Clegg, Bree Despain, Sheila A. Nielson, Berin Stephens, Michael Young Creating a Fictional Language (session 1) (2 hours) Dr. Dirk A. Elzinga, Nathan Richardson Reading: Eric Swedin
5:00­5:50 pm The Art of Podcasting Howard Tayler, Dan Wells, Robison Wells Pay It Forward: Help Other Writers, and You'll End Up Helping Yourself Paul Genesse, Elana Johnson, Tristi Pinkston, Robin Wells (M)
8:00­8:50 pm Superheroes Jake Black, Nathan Shumate Streamlining Your Fiction Michaelbrent Collings, Clint Johnson, Rebecca Shelley, Berin Stephens
Creating a Fictional Language (session 1, cont.) Reading: Jaleta Clegg Friday, February 18, 2011
Romance vs. Story with Romantic Elements: Injecting Romance into Saving the World John Brown, Ami Chopine, Lynn Kurland, Stacy Whitman Map Making for Writers
9:00­9:50 am Writing for LDS Markets Lisa Mangum, Tristi Pinkston, Berin Stephens, Julie Wright
There's some nice freeware online to help writers make nice-looking maps for their books and for worldbuilding. Isaac Stewart Reading: Eric James Stone
How to Tesearch, When to Stop, and What to Use Dene Low, Scott Parkin, J. Scott S avage, Eric Swedin Fairy Tale Presentation Hailey Evans, Dr. Jill Rudy, Kristy Stewart 10:00­10:50 am How to Write a Good Short Story Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury, David Farland, Angie Lofthouse, Eric James Stone
1:00­1:50 pm Dialog Tags and Speech Patterns Michaelbrent Collings, David Farland, Lynn Kurland, Angie Lofthouse, Tyler Whitsides Starting, Finding, and Getting the Most Out of a Writing Group Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury (M), Sheila A. Nielson, Tristi Pinkston, Lu Ann Staheli Drawing Graphic Novels
Tracy Hickman Presentation Reading: James Dashner 11:00­11:50 am Keynote Address: Steve Keele Noon­12:50 pm
AJ Bell, Brian Hailes, Rebecca Jensen, Jess Smart Smiley, Emily Sorensen, Chris Weston One on one Poetry Workshop Bring a poem and Dr. Collings will go over it line by line with you and help you make it better. Dr. Michael R. Collings
What Is an Agent, and What Can They Do for You?
"Space Warfare: Problems in Perspective and Strategy"
James Dashner, Lesli Muir Lytle, Tyler Whitsides Charisma Is Not a Dump Stat: The Real World Importance of Personal Appearance and Social Skills in Achieving Your Creative Dreams Jake Black, Tracy Hickman, Howard Tayler
Frank Hennis Reading: Nathan Shumate 2:00­2:50 pm Characters' Morals/Theology vs. Authors' Jaleta Clegg (M), James Dashner, Tracy Hickman, Brad R. Torgersen, Dan Wells
The Problem of Sequels Larry Correia, Bree Despain, Anna del C Dye, Jessica Day George, Mette Ivie Harrison Storyboarding AJ Bell, Brian Hailes, Steve Keele, Jess Smart Smiley, Chris Weston "Edgar Allan Poe and the Deep Structure of Inception" Dr. Dennis Perry Reading: Rebecca Shelley 3:00­3:50 pm Collaboration Jake Black, Blake Casselman, Brian Hailes, Tracy Hickman SF-Fantasy-Horror Poetry: How Does It Differ from Mainstream Poetry in Language, Structures, Devices Dr. Michael R. Collings, Karen C. Evans, Charlene Harmon (M) Plotstorming from Character In some cases the plot of a book drives the characters. However, characters that instead drive the plot can make for a more compelling story. In this hour, we focus on how to grow your plot from your main characters. Paul Genesse When Plants Go Bad Dan Lind Readings: Dan Wells and Berin Stevens 4:00­4:50 pm Space Travel without Warp Drive Frank Hennis, Helge Moulding, Berin Stephens, Eric James Stone, Roger White Rewriting to Greatness: Five Editing Techniques to Help Improve Your Stories David Farland
Creating a Protagonist Compass J. Scott Savage Readings: Michael Young and Jessica Day George 5:00­5:50 pm What You Can and Can't Do in a YA Novel Mette Ivie Harrison, Elana Johnson, Bree Despain, Robison Wells, J. Scott Savage Scriptwriting Jake Black, Blake Casselman, David Farland, Nathan Shumate Drawing Oceanic Beasties Jessica Douglas "Bella as Mother-Savior: The Powerful Feminine Journey of Transformation and Choice in The Twilight Saga" Karie Crawford Reading: Roger White 6:00­6:50 pm The Horror, the Horror! Nathan Shumate, Dan Wells, Julie Wright How Not to Talk Down to Your YA Audience Frank L. Cole, Michaelbrent Collings, James Dashner, Clint Johnson, Stacy Whitman How to Get and Develop Killer Story Ideas John Brown, Larry Correia Reading: Lesli Muir Lytle 7:00­7:50 pm Writing for Comics AJ Bell, Jake Black, Blake Casselman, Emily Sorensen, Chris Weston
Lessons on Story from The Hunger Games 10:00­10:50 am
John Brown Creating a Fictional Language (session 2) (2 hours) Dr. Dirk A. Elzinga, Nathan Richardson
What Exactly Does an Editor Do, Anyway? Karen C. Evans, David Farland, Lisa Mangum, Tristi Pinkston, Suzanne Vincent, Stacy Whitman
8:00­8:50 pm Zombies: They're Still Here! Jaleta Clegg, Frank L. Cole, Nathan Shumate
How to Recover from Writing Slumps (from Family, Illness, Work, Laziness, etc.): The Writer/Artist and Health Ami Chopine, Jessica Douglas, Berin Stephens, Howard Tayler
Brian Hailes & Blake Casselman Presentation Creating a Fictional Language (session 2, cont.)
Killer Breakfast (cont.) A Librarian's View of What Kinds of Novels Kids Are Reading snd Publishers Are Buying
Sheila A. Neilson
Creating Fantasy Art
Saturday, February 19, 2011 9:00­9:50 am What I Wish I Had Done, If I Could Do It All Over Again: A Guide to New Writers Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury, Lisa Mangum, L. E. Modesitt Jr., Brad R. Torgersen
Daniel Hughes 11:00­11:50 am Keynote Address: James Dashner Noon­12:50 pm Can a YA Protagonist Have Adventures and Still Have a Family? Mette Ivie Harrison, Lesli Muir Lytle, J. Scott Savage, Tyler Whitsides
Religion in Science Fiction: How to Make It Work Angie Lofthouse, Helge Moulding, Dan Willis Unicorns and Vampires Meet Real Life: How to Use Sci-Fi/Fantasy in the Classroom
Military on Military SF Steve Harmon (M), Frank Hennis, L. E. Modesitt Jr., Brad R. Torgersen, Roger White Anime & Manga--What They Are, What's Good in SF/F Jessica Harmon, Joe Monson (M), Scott Parkin, Charlotte Randle, Stacy Whitmam
Jaleta Clegg (M), Amy Jones, Lu Ann Staheli
Lucky 13 Writing Workshop Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury
Killer Breakfast (2 hours) Tracy Hickman
"Zombies and You: A Guide to What Does and Does Not Constitute an Apocalypse"
Ross Wolfe
Signings Jake Black, Larry Correia, David Farland, Paul Genesse, Tracy Hickman, Dan Wells
Signings Jaleta Clegg, Frank L. Cole, James Dashner, Mette Ivie Harrison, J. Scott Savage, Eric James Stone
1:00­1:50 pm
2:00­2:50 pm
Archaeology in SF Media Jessica Harmon, Charlotte Randle, Eric Swedin Writing Excuses Podcast (2 hours) David Farland, Tracy Hickman, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells How the Internet Is Shaping Our Kids and Our Future Eric Swedin, Sandra Tayler AJ Bell & Chris Weston Presentation "Jacen Solo's Journey of Self-Discovery" Carolyn Bawden
Fractured Fairy Tales Paul Genesse, Jessica Day George, Scott Parkin (M), Suzanne Vincent Building Believable Economic and political systems David Ferro, L. E. Modesitt Jr., Roger White Using the Open Source Program Stellarium in the Classroom Laura Lind "Tohu Wabohu; or, There is no room in which there is no void, and no void in which there is no room: An Essay on Michael Collings's Into the Void" Harlow Soderborg Clark
Writing Excuses Podcast (cont.)
5:00­5:50 pm
Signings James Dashner, Bree Despain, Clint Johnson, Rebecca Shelley, Lisa Mangum, Berin Stephens, Julie Wright, Michael D. Young 3:00­3:50 pm Can Your Dreams Pay Your Bills? Rebecca Shelley, Ami Chopine, Sandra Tayler (M), David Farland Humorous Horror: The Funny Side of Fear Jaleta Clegg, Dan Wells, Eric James Stone Pitching to Agents/Editors Elana Johnson Psychology of the Samurai Dr. A. L. Carlisle, Steve Harmon Signings Jessica Day George, Dene Low, L. E. Modesitt Jr., Shelia A. Nielson, Eric Swedin, Brad R. Torgersen, Roger White
Regional Publishers (2 hours) Lisa Mangum, David Farland, Lyle Mortimer Borrowing from Historical and Current Events Dene Low, Paul Genesse, Michael Young Creating Fantasy Art (cont.) Daniel Hughes How to Make a Graphic Novel From idea, to rough draft, to completed draft. Collaborations: Making the most out of team-produced comics. How to join writing and drawing talents to make a cohesive story. AJ Bell, Dan Willis, Jake Black, Chris Weston 6:00­6:50 pm Regional Publishers (cont.) Why We Love Lovecraft Eric Swedin, Michael Hall, Dan Wells
4:00­4:50 pm Memorable Villains Leigh Averett, Larry Correia, Steve Harmon, Dan Willis Why Write Genre Books Instead of Something Closer to "Real Life'? Why Write about Worlds That Don't Exist? Dr. Michael R. Collings, James Dashner, L. E. Modesitt Jr., Tracy Hickman Keele's Korner, the Second Generation Joshua and Kevin Keele
Business of Art Jessica Douglas, Brian Hailes, Howard Tayler, Sarah B. Seiter, Steve Keele Ecology and Evolution Dr. Stephen L. Peck 7:00 pm Gala Banquet ($20/person, seating limited) Tickets must be purchased in advance. There will be no tickets available at the door. Please join us to top off a great year!
Fights and Weaponsmasters: What To Do When Your Character Knows More about Fighting Than You Ben Isaacs, Adam Meyers
5:00 pm 6:00 7:00 8:00
Dene Lowe Julie Wright Eric Swedin Jaleta Clegg
Friday 10:00 am noon 1:00 pm 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00
James Dashner Eric James Stone Nathan Shumate Rebecca Shelley Dan Wells / Berin Stephens Michael Young / Jessica Day George Roger White Lesli Muir Lytle
Book Signings
Subject to change. All signings are on the first floor of the Conference Center (1188). Books can be purchased from individual authors or from the BYU Bookstore on the first floor of the Conference Center (1189). The Bookstore room will be open Saturday (10:00 am to 4:00 pm) only.
Jake Black, Larry Correia, David Farland, Paul Genesse, Tracy Hickman, Dan Wells
1:00 pm Jaleta Clegg, Frank L. Cole, James Dashner, Mette Ivie Harrison, J. Scott Savage, Eric James Stone
James Dashner, Bree Despain, Clint Johnson, Rebecca Shelley,
Lisa Mangum, Berin Stephens, Julie Wright, Michael D. Young
Jessica Day George, Dene Low, L. E. Modesitt Jr., Sheila A. Nielson,
Eric Swedin, Brad R. Torgersen, Roger Bourke White Jr.
It's only one year away! Life, the Universe, & Everything 30! DragonComet Short Story and Odyssey Poetry Contests Deadline: postmarked by January 15, 2012 Complete rules and information: ltue.org Art Show All media types accepted, framed and mounted preferred. Bring your work with you on Thursday, the first day of the symposium. Come join in the fun! Be part of the committee! Ask one of the current members how to get involved. (Meetings on Saturdays in the JKB.) ltue.org 32

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