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A General works
Bi Regional studies: the south-west peninsula
Bii Regional studies: other British
Biii Regional studies: overseas
C The slave trade
D Privateering and piracy
E Fisheries
F Passenger trades
G Exploration, cartography, navigation and Marine science
H Colonisation and empire
J Shipbuilding and technology
K Vessels
Li Maritime labour: working conditions, education, welfare and health
Lii Maritime labour: seamanship and shiphandling
M Coastguard, smuggling, wreck and rescue
Ni Naval: general
Nii Naval: strategy and battles
Niii Naval: establishments
Niv Naval: personnel
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INTRODUCTION This Bibliography has been produced in connection with the Fortieth Annual University of Exeter Maritime History Conference, held at the University 9-10 September 2006, partly as a means of illustrating Exeter's contribution to Maritime History, but more importantly as a tool for historians. It is hoped that it will form the basis for a living bibliography to be accessible through the website of the University of Exeter Centre for Maritime Historical Studies. Covering publications from 1964, this start date has been chosen as it is the year in which the University formed the Department of Economic History and appointed as its head Professor Walter Minchinton. Following the 2004 Maritime History conference, members of the Centre first gave thought to the fortieth conference and determined that such a record, probably exceptional for Maritime History events, should be celebrated. Thus the first session of the 2006 conference will be devoted to an overview of initiatives in Maritime History associated with the University and to separate historiographical assessments of publications associated with the University in Maritime History and in Naval History. The idea of a bibliography followed naturally. The selection of entries spans the past four decades and the basis for inclusion is the association of the authors with the University as members of staff, research students, honorary fellows of the Centre for Maritime Historical Studies, contributors to seminars and conferences organised by the University if subsequently published and works published by the University of Exeter Press. Conscious that much good writing in compilations and unpublished non-doctoral dissertations fails to achieve independent listing elsewhere, the compilers have given special attention to multi-author works and theses. Both have long associations with Maritime History at the University of Exeter dating back to the 1960s, Celia King as one of the first students and the second research assistant in the Department of Economic History and Alston Kennerley as a research student in that Department and later as an honorary fellow of the Centre. Celia King has undertaken most of the literature searching and the typing. The Bibliography is presented in subject classified order, supported by an author index and subject index. For a discussion of the definition of Maritime History and of the problems of selection and classification, we would refer the user to the `Introduction' in David M Williams and Andrew P White, A select bibliography of British and Irish University theses about maritime history, 1792-1990 (St John's, Newfoundland: IMEHA, 1991). In undertaking the literature search we have been helped by past and present University of Exeter historians. But our principal resource has been the facilities to be found in the University Library, and amongst its staff we are particularly indebted to Stuart Macwilliam for his advice and help. We hope and anticipate that further qualifying works will be brought to our attention. Celia King and Alston Kennerley Exeter, July 2006
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South West Soundings (Newsletter of South West Maritime History Society)
Theses available in University of Exeter Department of History
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Bridgwater, B41 Bristol, B70, B73-B82, B85-B86, C15, C21, K22, N102 Bristol Channel, K20, N94 British Tanker Company, L37 Brixham, K4 brokers, J12 Brown, Captain Robert (c 1814-64), K7 Buckingham, James Silk (1786-1855), Q74 Bude, K2 Bullen, Frank Thomas (1857-1915), E10, Q45-Q47 Byron, John (1723-1786), Q37 Caernarvon Report, N80 Canary Islands, B101-B102 Cape of Good Hope, B88 cargo handling, L41 Caribbean, B103 cartography, G17-G18 Cayzer, Anthony Rathborne (1920-90), Q23 Champion, Richard (1743-91), B104 Channel Fleet, N5, N85 Channel Islands, D27 chaplains, naval, N122, N137 Charles II (1630-85), N38 Charleston, SC, B96 charter-party, B108 chartered companies, A30 Chatham, Q67 China Seas, A20, A27 Cinque Ports, N25 Clayton, Captain Francis Starkie (1840-1913), N1- N2, N12 climate change, G20, G22 cloth trade, A44-A45 coastal defences, N107, N110 coastal trade, A1, B73, K17 Coastguard, M4, M6
Cockburn, Admiral Sir George (1772-1853), N14, Q51 Colne, river, E1 colonisation, G15, H1-H9 convoys, N57, N79 Cook, Captain James (1728-79), G6-G7 copper sheathing, J11, J38 Cornwall, B9, B26, D9, F7-F8, G22, G24, J8, J17, K3, N21, P24 Cosby, Phillips (1729/30-1808), Q5 crimps, L1 Custom House, R4 Dacres, James Richard (1749-1810), Q69 Dartmouth, B31, B40, D6, E7 Dawlish Warren, P20 Deane, Silas (1737-89), B106 Delagoa Bay, N95 Delbridge, John (1564-1639), B17, B20 Denmark, J39 Devon, B2-B3, B7-B8, B11-B14, B16, B18-B19, B21-B22, B24, B26-B28, B32-B33, B35-B37, B42, B47, B49, B53, B55, B57-B58, B60, B67, B69, D2, D8, D24, D27, E4-E5, E9, E12-E14, E16, E18, F2, F5-F6, G1, G17, G21-G22, G25, J20, J41, K16, L36, M2-M3, M5-M7, N3, N35, N55, N71, N110, N131, N133, P2, P8-P9, P14P15, P18, P27, P29-P31, R3, R6, R9, R13-R15 Devonport, J34, N105, P5, P11 Dieppe, N103 discipline, N121, N125 diving, A5 Doxford, Sir William Theodore (1841-1916), Q38 Dummer, Edmund (1651-1713), N109 Dunn, James (1755-1842), J13, J18 East Indies Command, N101 education, G11, L8-L11, L13-L16, L18-L19, L21, L27, L37, N129-N131, N138, R8 Egypt, N54, N101 Elizabeth I (1533-1603), N28
Ellerman, Sir John (1862-1933), A3 emigration, see migration empire, H2-H4, H6-H7 employment, E2, L30, N36 engineers, L10, L12, L28, L40, N129, N142-N143 English Channel, N96 environmental conditions, G1, G4, P3, P27 Europe, A34, B74, B99, B109, N20, N61, P32 Exe Bight Oyster Fishery and Pier Company, E15 Exe estuary, B4 Exeter, B5, B52 Exmouth, M1 exploration, B25, G6-G7, G14, Q74 Falmouth, B65 Faulknor, Robert (1763-95), Q70 Ferrol, N86 Ferryland, Newfoundland, B48 figureheads, K18-K19 Finland, N65 Fisher, Admiral Sir William (1875-1937), N17 fisheries, B25, B56, E1-E26, G21, N139 herring, E3, E26, G22 oyster, E1, E15, E17 pilchard, G22 salmon, E16 Fleet Air Arm, N41 Foley, Sir Thomas (1757-1833), Q71 forts, Palmerston, N116-N117 Fowey, B10, B63-B64, J12 Freeman, William Peere Williams- (1742-1832), Q6 Froude, William (1810-79), J46 Fryatt, Captain Charles Algernon (1871-1916), N124 Gashry, Francis (1702-62), Q7 geography, N32 Gore, John (1729/30?-90), Q8 Goss family, J20
government, A36, G8, J32, L5, L8, L19, N13, N15, N81 gunnery, H5, N88 Harrison, John (fl. 1762-81), Q9 Hills, Arnold Frank (1857-1927), Q39 Hobart, N2 Holroyd, John Baker, 1st Earl of Sheffield (1741- 1821), B106 Hood, Alexander, Viscount Bridport (1726-1814), Q52 Hood, Samuel, first Viscount Hood (1724-1816), Q21 Hood, Sir Samuel (1762-1814), Q22 hospitals and hospital ships, N111-N113 Hull, A3 Ilfracombe, P13, P15 illiteracy, L31 Inchcape, Earl of, see Mackay, James Lyle Inman, William (1825-81), Q40 invasion, Norman, N92 Ipswich, B84 Ireland, B70 Italy, B5 Jamaica, C2 Jervois, Sir William Francis Drummond (d 1897), N115 Johnston, Edward (1804-76), Q27 Johnstone, Commodore George, Q2 Jutland, Battle of, N64 Labrador, B40 Larmour, John (c 1764-1807), Q72 leadership, N76 Lisbon, A8, B90-B91 literature, A40, C20, E10 Liverpool, B71, C4, C8, D20, L13 Lizard, G16 London, B72, C3, D16, D27, E11, L20 Lynmouth, P28 Lynton, P28
Mackay, James Lyle, Earl of Inchcape (18521932), A25-A26 Madeira, B98, B100 Malta, L4, N113 Manila, N100 marine science, G8, G19-G20, G24 Mascall, John (fl. 1700), D12 Maskelyne, Nevil (1732-1811), G3 May, Sir William (1849-1930), Q44 Mayhew, Henry (1812-87), L32 medicine, N22; see also hospitals, nursing Mediterranean, B71, B91, B109, K15, L22, N48, N113, P7 merchants, A25, B40, B76-B77, B88, B91 Mevagissy, J13, J18 Middleton, Charles, first Baron Barham (1726- 1813), Q53 migration, E4, F1-F3, F5, F7-F8 model-testing tank, J46 Montagu, Rear Admiral George (1750-1829), N57 Montagu, John (1718/19-95), Q10 Montague, John, 4th earl of Sandwich (1718-92), Q62-Q63 Moors, D9 Morwellham, B45 Mountbatten, Louis, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma (1900-1979), N103 Murrant, Sir Ernest Henry (1889-1974), Q28 museums, B59, G10, R13 muster rolls, E2 mutiny, N120, N135-N136 National Maritime Board, L25 National Sea Training Schools, L27 naval agents, N4 naval chaplains, see chaplains Naval Chest, Q67 naval office shipping lists, C11 naval procurement, N9-N10 navigation, G3, G10-G11, G16, G23, G25, L8, L16, L18 Nelson, Horatio, Viscount Nelson (1758-1805), J4- J5, N76, Q1, Q54, Q64
Netherlands, B107, D17 New England, E4-E5, E9 New Forest, J29 Newcastle, 1st Duke, see Pelham, Thomas Pelham Holles Newfoundland, B48, B53, N139 Nore mutiny, N120, N136 Norman invasion, N92 North, Nathaniel (d in or after 1709), Q11 North America, B77, B85-B86, B89, B106, C12, C15, D15, F1, F6, G14-G15, G19, N57, N81, N83, N98; see also New England, North Carolina, Prince Edward Island, South Carolina, Virginia North Carolina, C14 North Sea, A4, B97, R12 Nurse family, B41 nursing, N123 O'Brian, Patrick (1914-2000), A40 oceanography, G19-G20 officers, naval, N126, N128, N132, N142, N144- N147, Q2 Oldfield, Thomas (1756-99), Q12 Onslow, Sir Richard (1741-1817), Q13 Operation Neptune, N73, N97 Oppenheim, Michael (1853-1927), Q50 Ostend, N77 P&O Line, A26 Pacific Ocean, G19, N63 paper trade, B36 Parker, Sir Peter (1721-1811), Q41 Parsons, Louis, N141 Payne, John Willett (1752-1803), Q14 Pelham, Thomas Pelham Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle (1693-1768), N81 Pellew, Edward, first Viscount Exmouth (1757- 1833), Q30, Q57 Pellew, Sir Isaac Israel (1758-1822), Q31 Penrose, Sir Charles Vinicombe (1759-1830), Q32 Penzance, B46 Perkins, John (c 1745-1812), Q65
Phipps, Constantine John (1744-92), Q66 photographs, R5, R16 Pickersgill, Richard (1748/9-79?), Q15 pilot cutters, K20 Pinson, Andrew, B40 piracy, D5, D8-D9, D14, D23, D26, D28 Pitt, William, 1st Earl of Chatham (1708-78), N81- N82 Plymouth, B23, B29, F4, L16, L18, N4, P5, P11 Dockyard, N106, N108-N109, N114, N118N119 Pocock, Nicholas (1741-1821), B104 Poland, N39 politics, B10, B77, B81, J16, N11, N45-N46 Polruan, J15, J17 port books, R6 Porthleven, B61-B62 ports, A21, A38, A42, A44, B3-B4, B19, B28, B31, B33, B49, B52, B55, B64-B66, B72, B78, B81, B83-B84, B88, B90, B96, R5 ports of call, A29, A32, B101 Portsmouth Dockyard, J29 Portugal, B92 postcards, R16 pottery trade, B21-B22, B48 Pownoll, Philemon (c 1734-80), Q73 prices, E3 Prince Edward Island, B89, B93 prisoners of war, N127 privateering, D1-D4, D6-D7, D10-D22, D24-D28, H9 Qasimi Arabs, D5 Rackham, John (d 1720), Q49 radar, N99 Raleigh, Sir Walter (1552-1618), G12, H8 recreation, B56, J40, P2, P8, P12 resorts, P1, P3-P4, P13-P18, P23, P29-P32 Rhine, river, N74 Richmond Island, E9 river trade, B73
Rochester, J14 ropemakers, J12 Ross, Mary, J14 rowing, J30, P5-P6, P8, P11 Royal Air Force, N41 Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, B95 Royal Naval Engineering College, N129 Russia, B87, N63 sailmakers, J12 sailors' homes, L6, L20, L24 Salamis, J30 Salcombe, B38-B39 Sanderson, Oswald (1863-1926), A3 Scapa Flow, N93 Schank, John (1740-1823), Q16 science, G19, N22, N26 Scilly Isles, G24 Scotland, D7 screw-propulsion, J23, J35-J36, K10 seamen, A36, B24-B26, B39, D23, E2, L2, L25, L29, L31-L32, L39, L43, N36, N40, N127N128, N148 seamen's missions, L6-L7, L21-L24 Seamen's Union, L25 Severn, river, K21 Sheffield, 1st Earl of, see Holroyd, John Baker Shields, E2 ship models, K5, K16 ship registers, R4, R7 shipbuilding, A24, B63, B89, J3, J6, J8, J13-J14, J16-J20, J31-J34, J37, J41, J44-J45, J47, K7, N9N10 shiphanding, L33-L34, L36, L38, N43-N44 shipowning, B6, B29, B39-B40, E14 Slade, Jane (1813-85), J15 Slade, William James (1892-1982), Q24 slave trade, C1-C22 abolition, C9-C10, C17 slavery, C20 emancipation, C9-C10, C17 Smith, Sir Sidney (1794-1840), Q55
smuggling, J19, M2-M3, M7 Sneddon, Sir Richard (1900-70), Q42 Snodgrass, Gabriel (fl. 1757-94), J3 Somerset, M7, N102 Sound tolls, A33 South America, B75, B95 South Atlantic Islands, B105 South Carolina, B96, B104, C13 Southey, Robert (1774-1843), Q1 Spavens, William (1735/6-99), Q17, Q67 Spithead mutiny, N136 sport, P8 statistics, A15, A42, B89, C19, L26, R7 Stirling, Charles (1760-1833), Q56 strategy, J47, N33, N42, N45-N46, N49, N55-N56, N59-N61, N67-N68, N71, N80, N89-N90, N96, N108 swimming, P19, P26 Tamar, river, B43-B44, J6 Tasmania, N2 technology, E23-E26, J1, J10, N16, N23 Teign, river, E17 Teignmouth, P3-P4 Tew, Thomas (d 1695), Q18 tidal range, G5 timber trade, B99, J2, J5, J7-J9, J29 tonnage measurement, J21 Topsham, B51 Torbay, G2, N5, N86 Torquay, F1, J46, P15-P16 tourism, P1, P14-P15, P20, P22, P24-P25, P27, P29 Trafalgar, Battle of, N52-N53, N91 transportation, F6 trawling, E19-E20, E23 Trevaunance Cove, B50 trows, K21-K22 Turkey, D8-D9 Tyrer, Henry (1858-1936), Q43 Union Castle Mail Steamship Company, L37
Vanstabel, Admiral Pierre-Jean (b 1744), N57 vessels, B16, B19, B25, B28, B31, B38, B41, B45- B46, B50, B55, B63-B64, B72, C11-C12, D15, E14, J22, J28, J30, J39, K3, K9 Achelous, K7 Batten Castle, K17 Bertha L Downs, K12 Bessie Ellen, K1 Dolphin, G6-G7 Garlandstone, K8 Great Northern, K10 Herzogin Cecilie, K11 James and Thomas, N135 King George, D21 Magic, K15 Mary Fletcher, K6 Nuestra Seсora de Rosario, N127 Pamir, L3 Passat, L3, L17 Pauline, M1 Provident, K4 sailing, A17-A18, B94, G9, G13, H5, J24-J25, J27, J40, J43, K2, K4, K6, K11-K15, K17, K20, L2, L33, L42-L43, N37, N43 Saumarez, HMS, N78 Serpent, HMS, K19 steamships, A16, B7, J23, J26-J27, J35-J36, J42, K10, N11 trireme, J30 see also warships Virginia, B79, C19, C22 wages, L2 Waghorn, Martin (d 1787), Q19 Walcheren, N72 Wales, P17 Walsh, Antoine Vincent (c 1703-63), Q20 war, H4, N27, N36, N81 1688-1697, D10, D13 1812, N51
American Civil, N98 American Revolutionary, D17, N125 Boer, N95 Crimean, N122 Dutch, N3, N15, N102 English Civil, N3 First World, N47, N77, N93, N124 French, B47, N55 French Revolutionary, D3, D6, N48, N54- N55, N57-N58, N62, N84 -N87, N101, N144 Napoleonic, J2, J18, J44, N48, N52-N53, N55, N67-N68, N86, N144, N147 Peninsular, N69-N70 Second World, N35, N47, N72-N75, N78N79, N94, N96-N97, N99, N103 Seven Years, D4, N37, N100 Spanish, B47 Spanish Civil, N50 Spanish Succession, D11-D12 warships, J10, J14, J34, J47, K16, K18-K19, N17, N43 weather, N32 welfare, L4-L6, L9, L20, L22, L24, L26, R8 Wellesley, Arthur, 1st Duke of Wellington (17691852), N70 West Indies, B75, B86, B103, C5, N33, N58 Western Squadron, N56 Weston, Dame Agnes Elizabeth (1840-1918), Q48 Weymouth, B34 whaling, E2, E10 William of Orange (1650-1702), G1-G2 Williamson, Archibald, 1st Baron Forres (18601931), Q29 Wilsons of Hull, A3 wine trade, B60 working conditions, L25, N119, N121, N125, N140 wreck, M1, M5, M8 yachting, J40, K7, P2, P7-P10, P21 Zeebrugge, N7

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