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Content: Neil Longley York Vita Born: San Luis Obispo, California, 21 April 1951 Married; two daughters Education Graduate, Napa Senior High School, Napa, California, 1969 B.A., Brigham Young University, 1973 M.A., Brigham Young University, 1975 Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara, 1978 Experience Teaching Assistant, BYU, 1973-1974 Research Associate, BYU, 1974-1975 Teaching Assistant, UCSB, 1975-1977 Instructor, BYU, 1977-1979 Assistant Professor of History, BYU, 1979-1984 Associate Professor of History, BYU, 1984-1994 Professor of History, BYU, 1994-present History Department Chair, 2002-2005 Karl G. Maeser Professor of General Education, BYU, 2000-2003 Mary Lou Fulton Professor, 2006-2012 Coordinator, American Studies, BYU, 1980-1985; 1994-1998 Visiting Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis, summers 1980, 1981 Visiting Associate Professor of History, University of Utah, Fall 1989 Fields of Expertise Colonial/Revolutionary U.S. History of Technology U.S. Diplomatic U.S. Constitutional Courses Taught (since 1980) Problems in Early American History (graduate seminar; also at the University of Utah, Fall 1989) U.S. Constitutional Colonial U.S. Revolutionary U.S. The Declaration of Independence (honors seminar, 1986) The Machine in America (also for U.C. Davis, UC in DC program, summers 1980, 1981) America as a Civilization (American Studies core course)
U.S. Diplomatic U.S. to 1877 Senior Research Seminar Professional and Honor Societies Colonial Society of Massachusetts (by election) Fellow, Massachusetts Historical Society (by election) Associate, Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture Phi Alpha Theta (member, International Council, 1984-1986) Phi Kappa Phi Papers presented "Josiah Quincy Junior and the Sources of American Revolutionary Thought," Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association meeting, August 1996 "Science and the federal government in the Early Republic" at the 3rd annual Latin American Congress on Science and Technology, Mexico City, January 1992 (in a session sponsored by the National Science Foundation) "American Historians: Do They Have More Than They Deserve?" keynote address, Phi Alpha Theta regional conference, Weber State College, April 1988 "Our First 'Good' War: Selective Memory, Special Pleading and the War of American Independence," American Historical Association meeting, December 1987 "American Revolutionaries and the Illusion of Irish Empathy," Duquesne University History Forum, November 1984 "Ending the War and Winning the Peace," Duquesne University History Forum, October 1982 Books Henry Hulton and the American Revolution: An Outsider's Inside View (Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 2010) The Boston Massacre: A History With Documents (Routledge, 2010) Maxims for a Patriot: Josiah Quincy Junior and His Commonplace Book (Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 2005). Vol. 1 of a 6 volume series (2005-2014), Portrait of a Patriot: The Major Political and Legal Papers of Josiah Quincy Junior, co-authored/co-edited with Dan Coquillette, Harvard Law School Turning the World Upside Down: The War of American Independence and the Problem of Empire (Praeger, 2003) Fiction as Fact: The Horse Soldiers and Popular Memory (Kent State University Press, 2001); nominated for The Lincoln Prize
Neither Kingdom Nor Nation: The Irish Quest for Constitutional Rights, 1698-1800 (Catholic University of America Press, 1994). Editor, Toward a More Perfect Union (BYU and SUNY Press, 1988); essays by Gordon Wood, Peter Onuf, Lance Banning, Richard Vetterli and Gary Bryner, John Diggins, and Thomas Grey Mechanical Metamorphosis: Technological Change in Revolutionary America (Greenwood Press, 1985); foreword by Brooke Hindle, Senior Historian of the Smithsonian Institution; nominated for Dexter Prize, Society for the History of Technology. Pamphlet Burning the Dockyard: John the Painter and the American Revolution (Portsmouth Papers, City of Portsmouth [England] Publications, 2001) Articles "Boston 1768, Baghdad 2003: `Groupthink' Redivivus" Soundings 94 (2011):191-227. "Imperial Impotence: Treason in 1774 Massachusetts" Law and History Review 29 (2011):657-701. "Howard Fast's American Revolution" American Studies 50 (2009):85-106. "George III, Tyrant: The Crisis as Critic of Empire, 1775-1776" History 94 (2009): 434-460. "When Words Fail: William Pitt, Benjamin Franklin, and the Imperial Crisis of 1766" Parliamentary History 28 (2009): 341-374. "Rival Truths, Political Accommodation, and the Boston `Massacre'" Massachusetts Historical Review 11 (2009):1-39. "Son of Liberty: Johnny Tremain and the Art of Making American Patriots" Early American Studies 6 (2008):422-447. "William Dowdeswell and the American Crisis, 1763-1775" History 90 (2005):507-531. "Thomas Crowley's Proposal to Seat Americans in Parliament, 1765-1775" Quaker History 91 (2002):1-19. Also printed, with slight differences, in The Journal of the Friends Historical Society 59 (2001):155-74. "Federalism and the Failure of Imperial Reform, 1774-1775" History 86 (2001):155-179. "The First Continental Congress and the Problem of American Rights" Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 122 (1998):353-383.
"Tag-Team Polemics: The 'Centinel' and His Allies in The Massachusetts Spy "Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society 107 (1995):85-114. "Hamlet as American Revolutionary" Hamlet Studies 15 (1993):40-53. "Freemasons and the American Revolution" The Historian 55 (1993):315-330. "The Uses of Law and the Gaspee Affair" Rhode Island History 50 (1992):3-21; reprinted in Patrick T. Conley, ed., Liberty and Justice (Providence: Rhode Island Publications Society, 1998), pp. 132-153. "Our First 'Good' War: Selective Memory, Special Pleading, and the War of American Independence" Peace and Change 15 (1990):371-390. "Ending the War and Winning the Peace: The British in America and the Americans in Vietnam" Soundings 70 (1987):445-474. "American Revolutionaries and the Illusion of Irish Empathy" Eire-Ireland 21 (1986):13-30. "California Girls and the American Eden" Journal of American Culture 7 (1984):33-43. "Comic Book Luddite: The Saga of 'Magnus, Robot Fighter'" Journal of American Culture 7 (1984):38-44. "Pennsylvania Rifle: Revolutionary Weapon in a Conventional War?" Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 103 (1979):302-324; reprinted in Peter Onuf, ed., The New American Nation, 1775-1790 (Garland, 1990), Volume 2. "Clandestine Aid and the American Revolutionary War Effort: A Re-Examination" Military Affairs 43 (1979):26-30. Essays "Benjamin Franklin, the Mysterious `Charles de Weissenstein,' and Britain's Failure to Coax Revolutionary Americans Back into the Empire" in Paul E. Kerry and Matthew S. Holland, eds., Benjamin Franklin's Intellectual World (Madison, N.J.: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2012), 43-76. Entries in Mark G. Spencer, ed., Encyclopedia of the American Enlightenment (Continuum, forthcoming) on: Josiah Quincy, Jr.; James Rumsey; and technology "Continental Congresses, 1774-1781" in Andrew Robertson, Encyclopedia of United States Political History, 7 vols. (Congressional Quarterly Press, 2010), 1:92-97.
"Military Technology" in Encyclopedia of the New American Nation, 3 vols. (Charles Scribner's Sons, 2005), 2:376-378. "James Aitken," "John Andrews," "Thomas Crowley," "Beaumont Hotham" for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford University Press, 2004), 1:533-35; 2:126-27; 14:495-96; 28:250-52, resp. "Revolutionary War and Science" in Marc Rothenberg, ed., The History of Science in the United States: An Encyclopedia (Garland, 2001), pp. 471-472. "The Impact of the American Revolution on Ireland" in H. T. Dickinson (University of Edinburgh), ed., Britain and the American Revolution (Longman, 1998), 205-232. . Sketches in John A. Garraty and Mark C. Carnes, eds., American National Biography, 24 vols. (Oxford University Press, 1999) on: Oliver Evans (7:617-618); John Fitch (8:40-42); James Rumsey (19:63-65). "Technology in the British Colonies," in Jacob Cooke et al., eds., Encyclopedia of the North American Colonies, 3 vols. (Charles Scribner's Sons, 1993), 3:229-239. "Historians and the History of American Diplomacy" National Forum (Phi Kappa Phi magazine) 64 (1984):34-36. In Process "Defining and Defending Colonial American Rights: William Bollan, Agent" (submitted for publication) Portrait of a Patriot: The Major political writings of Josiah Quincy Junior, vol. 6 (Colonial Society of Massachusetts and University of Virginia Press, forthcoming 2014) The Crisis: A British Defense of American Rights, 1775-1776 (Liberty Fund, forthcoming 2015) Book Reviews in the American Historical Review; The Historian; Technology and Culture; New York History; Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography; Western Historical Quarterly, and Register of the Kentucky Historical Society Manuscript reader/referee for The William and Mary Quarterly; The Historian; Technology and Culture; English Historical Review; Oxford University Press; Routledge; D.C. Heath Publishers; HarperCollins Publishers; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.; University Press of Florida Consultant for "Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud" (1995), produced by Kirk Simon and Karen Goodman, premiered at the Sundance FILM FESTIVAL, 1996
Campus Activities "The Arsonist as Revolutionary: "John the Painter" and the War of American Independence." Harold B. Lee Library "House of Learning" series (13 October 2005) University-wide "Forum" address on "We, Robots?", 19 July 2005 Gordon B. Hinckley scholarship selection committee, 1999-2001 Member, dean search committee, College of Family, Home and Social Sciences, 2001 University graduate council, review of the English Department M.A. program, 1996 University Forum Committee, 1993-1995 College of Family, Home and Social Sciences Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1991-1993, 1994-1995, 1999-2000 Distinguished Teaching Award, BYU Alumni Association, 1990-1991, 1991-1992 (selected by graduating History seniors) Outstanding Professor, American Studies program, 2002-2003 (selected by graduating American Studies majors) University Faculty Advisory Council, 1982-1985 History department promotion and tenure committee chair; policy advisory committee; Americanist caucus chair; graduate committee; student grievances committee; sundry award committees, 1978-2004 Faculty Advisor, Phi Alpha Theta, 1978-1983 Chair of 1 Ph.D. dissertation, 11 M.A. theses, and 8 senior honors theses University-wide "Forum Address" on "Engines of Democracy: Machines and the Cult of American Progress," 19 July 1983 Various lectures for the honors program "Flea Market" series; guest lectures in history, political science, honors, and engineering classes; various radio "talk" show programs Reader of Advanced Placement History, Educational Testing Service, June 1989

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