Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent

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Content: SEDBERGH, GARSDALE, AND DENT PEEPS AT THE PAST HISTORY AND Present Condition of some Picturesque Yorkshire Dales. BY THE REV. W. THOMPSON, M.A., Formerly Scholar of Queen's College, Oxford. Illustrated with DRAWINGS made expressly for the Work by J. A. SYMINGTON. LEEDS: RICHARD JACKSON, 8 9 2.
PREFACE. 1 THE aim of the following pages is to indicate the leading features, and the leading features only, of an ancient and interesting parish--to concentrate in a single focus whatever is most noteworthy respecting its history, scenery, institutions, worthies, and present condition. So many things, which for generations have been associated with our parochial life, are changing, or have changed recently, that the time seems opportune for putting them on record, before the existence of the old is entirely merged and forgotten in the new. A limited space is an effectual bar to prolixity ; and though I have overstepped the bounds originally assigned, I have been obliged to exclude many details which seemed to possess a fair title for admission. This will explain why, in the case of documents which are usually set forth in full, I have contented myself with a summary, an extract, or an allusion. I have, however, taken some account of all matters of primary and general interest which have come under my notice ; and I trust that an intimate acquaintance with the locality has enabled me to select and combine judiciously, to correct occasionally, and to add something of my own invariably.
viii. Dr. WHITAKER'S " Richmondshire" is avowedly the basis of the early History of the Church, the School, and the Manor. In the case of the School, Miss PLATT, while writing her " History of the Parish and Grammar School of Sedbergh," had unrestricted access to the Governors' papers, and it would have been superfluous for me to undertake afresh an examination which she had already accomplished so carefully. I have, therefore, in my account of some of the Masters, been greatly indebted to her labours--a circumstance of which I desire to make the fullest acknowledgment. Over ground thus pre-occupied I have, however, stepped with a light foot, treating the subject from my own point of view, and in accordance with my own plan, and leaving behind me a multitude of documents and details undisturbed and intact. In respect of the Churches at Sedbergh and Dent, I have had the benefit of a perusal of the Reports of official members of the Society for the Protection of ancient buildings, and these have been valuable in a province with which I have no special acquaintance ; but the restoration of both Churches since the Reports were written, has brought to light several additional features, which I have duly noticed. Many friends, by loan of books or by answers to inquiries, have lightened my task ; and I may, in this connection, thank Miss SEDGWICK for the use of a copy of Whitaker's " Richmondshire ;" and Mr. W. P. BowsTEAD--the enviable owner of " Sadda's bergh"-- for the scarcely less indispensable " Memorial" by Prof. SEDGWICK. The Vicar of Sedbergh, the Rev. E. W. SOUTH, courteously granted me access to the registers at all times. Mr. T. DOVER kindly furnished me
with a notice of the origin of manufactures at Sedbergh ;
and Mr. J. IVESON had in his possession a sketch of the old
Market Cross, which has been useful. The Rev. D. T. ALLTON
and Mr. A. INMAN obligingly communicated some information
concerning Garsdale ; and Mr. W. NIXSON did the same in
respect of Dent-head. But it is to Mr. W. ROBINSON, of
Sedbergh, that I am chiefly indebted, for the use of old docu-
ments which have helped me to illustrate the Social History
of the parish ; and my old friend Mrs. WATSON also contri-
buted in the same direction.
Other obligations, of various kinds, are acknowledged in
the text as they occur.
Slips and inaccuracies, which seem almost inseparable
from works of this kind, I am not so sanguine as to suppose
that I have entirely avoided ; but I have striven hard to do
so, and I trust they will be found few and far between, and
of no great importance.
I have appended to the Index a Glossary of Dialect
Words unexplained in the text, which, though familiar to
natives, are elsewhere among the " things not generally
The work has been to me, in a great measure, a labour
of love ; and I shall be well satisfied if the united endeavours
of pen and pencil should be deemed not altogether unworthy
of the subject.
1. Frontispiece-Sedbergh ..
2. Vignette-Disused Doorway, Old Grammar School
3. Castlehaw Tower ..
4. Ingmire Hall
5. Fox's Pulpit, Firbank
Oppsite 15. 6r 69
6. old friends' Meeting-house, Brigflatts
7. Market-place, with Old Cross, Sedbergh
8. Vignette-Rev. G. Platt
9. The Parish Church, Sedbergh-Exterior
II. The Old Grammar School, Sedbergh
.. 137
12. The Old Master's House ..
13. Salmon Leap, Howgill Bridge .Opposite
1145. New head master's House ..
. New School .. 16. Vignette--Rev. J. H. Evans
.. 161 263
17. Stone Hall : An old-fashioned Statesman's House
18. Vignette-Rev. Isaac Green .
1290. Lincoln's Inn Bridge (Text, 213)
.. Opposite 15. 195
. View up Cautley 21. Cautley Spout

Opposite 199
22. Hebblethwaite Hall
23. Thorns Hall
.. 203
24. Hill Top, Sedbergh
25. Weavers' Yard ..
. 207
26. The Old Vicarage, Sedbergh
27. Birks Mill ..
· · ·
28. MillatnhdrotpheBO rDidecge, ap n. d thp e Meeo ting os f t·h· eiRt awte hey
29. Lord's Dub ..
. 209
p. 210
3o. Howgill Church ..
.. 215
31. Vignette-Dr. Dawson's Monument (Text, p 230. 239) 221
32. A Peep into Grisedale
.. 223
33· Old Priest-House, Garsdale .
34- Paradise ..
35- Raygill
36. Portrait of Dr. Dawson ..
Dr. Inman
38. Vignette--Professor Sedgwick
39- Gate, Dent
40. Gibs Hall .
41- Hell Caldron 42. Dent- town . .
Opposite jS. 255 256
43· The Vicarage, Dent ..
44· Dent Church--Interior
45· Adam Sedgwick
46. Memorial of Adam Sedgwick, at Dent
47. Monument to Braithwaite Otway, at Sedbergh (Text, 274

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