The Art of Appreciation

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Content: Age 1-3 - art
Art The truth is that when a free spirit exists, it has to materialize itself in some form of work, and for this the hands are needed. Everywhere we find traces of men's handiwork, and through these we can catch a glimpse of his spirit and the thoughts of his time. --Dr. Maria Montessori
Art is a way of approaching life, of moving and speaking, of decorating a home and school and oneself, of selecting toys and books. It cannot be separated from other elements of life. We cannot "teach" a child to be an artist, but as Dr. Montessori says, we can help him develop: An Eye that Sees A Hand that Obeys A Soul that Feels
Art Materials At this age children are capable of many forms of art, including cutting and pasting paper, drawing with chalk, black and colored pencils and beeswax crayons, painting with watercolor and poster paints, and molding clay. Avoid felt pens and paints and clay with strong dyes and ingredients that are too harsh
4-WAY INFANT easel
This large versatile and sturdy easel
(intended as a tabletop easel for the older
child) can be used can be used on a table or
directly on the floor for a very young child,
either sitting or standing.
It can be used in three ways:
(1) with paper and pencils or crayons,
(2) with chalk on the chalkboard side,
(3) for tracing with paint on the clear
plastic overlay which comes with the easel.
Height 19.5", base 20" x 15". Comes
with 6 small ( .75 oz.) jars of poster paint, a
box of Colored chalk, and two metal clips.
Scissors--Two Kinds
These "First" scissors are 4.5" long
with spring action that opens the scissors
automatically after the child cuts. They have
a two-finger grip for either right or left hand
so the child only has to squeeze to cut.
"Second" scissors are standard blunt tip
scissors but with a shaped, oversize grip that
is comfortable in either hand. With them
the child learns to squeeze AND open the
scissors for cutting.
The blunt tip and precision ground
edges make both perfect for even the
youngest child. 5" long.
DA558 First Scissors
DA556 Right/Left Scissors $3.50
This wooden easel adjusts
so that the 24" x 24" work
panels, or boards that hold the
art paper, can be as low as 9"
from the floor, and as high
as 17" from the floor. There
is a middle setting halfway
between these two heights
so it will be good for many
The legs are made of
maple, with hardboard
panels, and plastic
clips and paint tray.
A special 24" x
24" chalk panel to screw
onto one side can be
ordered separately.
The height of the
easel is 39". NOTE:
shipped separately from the rest
of your order.
(*) DA200 Easel
(*) DA201 Chalk Panel
FIRST art supplies
PAINTS: pre-mixed paints are much easier and so
used more often. This boxed set (not pictured) contains
six 8-ounce bottles of washable water-based paint: red,
blue, yellow, green, white, and black.
PAINT POTS: 4 Non-spill paint pots, with lids and
stoppers. Be sure to fill the pots to the center line so the
contents will not spill if knocked over. The lids fit securely
and the rubber stopper keeps the paint from drying. Height
4", they fit the above easel. The lids are red, blue, yellow,
and green. We recommend using one pot and color and
brush at a time until the child learns to wipe the brush on
the lid so it doesn't drip.
BRUSHES: 4 Soft-Bristle Paint Brushes, sizes
4, 6, 8, 10. These brushes are much easier for the child
to dip, wipe, and paint with than the "chubby" brushes
often given to children this age.
TRIANGULAR PENCILS: 8 Triangular Pencils:
it is well-known that holding triangular-shaped pencils
teaches the correct grip for later writing.
It is much easier to learn correctly in the
beginning, than to relearn. 3.5" in length.
(*) DA670 Paints
(*) DA672 Pots
(*) DA674 Soft Brushes
(*) DA678 Triangular Pencils
(*) DA679 Art Set
JOYFUL CHILD, Michael Olaf 's Essential Montessori for Birth to Three, 2007-2008
(*) = new items
Age 1-3 - art for the very young and sensitive child. It is fun to do special Art Projects in the home and infant community, but even at this young age children benefit from having a variety of art materials available to them at all times and a space to work, uninterrupted, when they are inspired. It is important to provide the best quality that we can afford--pencils, crayons, felt pens, clay, paper, brushes-- and to teach the child how to use and care for them, and especially how to clean and put everything away so everything-- the
work space, the table and chair and the art materials--will be ready for the next great creative urge. Art Appreciation The quality of the first toy rattles and mobiles is the first intrinsic lesson of art appreciation for a child. The same is true of the choice of toys, posters and other art work on the wall of the child's room and in the rest of the house, the dishes and cutlery, and the way objects
This little girl, in a Montessori infant class in New Zealand, is learning to paste. Her thoughts? Help me to do it myself!
These special crayons from Germany,
made of natural beeswax and organic dyes,
smell and feel delightful, and make beautiful,
soft, water-color-type art, especially on good
art paper. They are shaped in blocks which
are very easy for the young child to hold, and
which provide both pointed and flat surfaces for
various coloring techniques. The blocks come
in a lovely colored metal box, as pleasing to the
child as the crayons.
CM158 Set I (8 blocks)
CM160 Set II (16 blocks)
Beeswax STICK-style crayons
Stockmar crayons from Germany are
the best we have found, and they are suitable
for the most demanding artistic requirements.
The use of pure beeswax and natural dyes
ensures that the pigments retain their purity and
brilliance, with a natural transparency similar
to watercolor paintings. They come in a lovely
colored metal box. Set I contains 8 colors, and
Set II 16 colors.
DA732 Set I (8 colors)
DA734 Set II (16 colors)
Plastalina clay
One of the most soothing and Creative Activities for a young
child is to work with clay. At this age it is especially valuable as
it gives the child a wealth of opportunity to use the muscles of
the hands in all kinds of ways. This modeling clay has a
pigmented oil base compound renowned for its smooth
consistency and the fact that it never hardens and can
be used over and over, shaping and reshaping. The
choice is earth tones, or bright colors (red, blue, yellow,
green), 16 oz.
DA220 Earth Tones
DA230 Bright Colors $4.50
These lovely aprons are made for us by the Tibetan refugees
in India. The patterned apron is made of traditionally-woven
Tibetan or Bhutanese cotton fabric. It is lined with red cotton
cloth and edged with a cotton trim that matches the fabric.
Machine washable. Each order is different and we always look
forward to the variety of colors and designs.
The plain-colored aprons are made of a water-resistant
fabric. They are cotton, backed with a synthetic material that
is stiffer than cotton, wipe clean. They are also edged with
a matching trim. The colors are navy
blue and maroon.
All of the aprons fasten easily by
the child by means of Velcro. They
are 17" long (from the fold, as seen in
these pictures) and 12.5" wide. NOTE:
These aprons are useful for may activities in the home and classroom.
(*) CR40 Tibetan Patterned Apron
(*) CR30 Tibetan Maroon Apron
(*) CR35 Tibetan Navy Blue Apron
In this board book for the infant and young child are
uncluttered, simple, and clear presentations of important
concepts. Red, Blue, Yellow Shoe shows only one object per
page, presented on a white background with the name of the
color. There are 10 pages, ten colors. Colors are a phenomenon
of physics and art, fascinating to Young children. Board book
of sturdy cardboard, 6" x 6," in full color.
Toll-free USA ORDER number (9-5 Monday-Friday, PST) : 888-880-9235
Age 1-3 - art are arranged in baskets on shelves, or hanging on hooks--creating order and beauty. Every part of the home influences the child's developing sense of beauty and balance, shape, and color. Reproductions of great masterpieces inspire an appreciation of beauty at any age. Great art collections can be made from old calendars and can be hung at the child's eye level in any part of the house--bedrooms, bathroom, even the laundry room and garage.
Art Work It is important that we do not provide adult-made models, Coloring Books or sheets, or prepared "colorin" papers. Famous artists likE Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso worked for many years to achieve the originality, spontaneity, and childlike qualities that our children all possess naturally. The best we can do for our children is to prepare a beautiful environment, provide the best materials, and get out of the way.
Framed art decorates the home work area.
Architecture board books
In each book there are lovely
examples of animals, shapes, and
colors from American architecture
on one page, and a corresponding
word or short sentence on the facing
page. Take them along on walks in
the neighborhood first for yourself,
and later you will be able to point
out the numbers, shapes, and colors
of the architectural details of your
community. Children who have these
books become much more observant--
and so do their parents! They open up a whole New World.
The counting book introduces a new subject for counting:
"1 skyscraper, 2 brackets, 3 dormers, 4 pinnacles, 5
arches", and so on. Heavy cardboard, 6" x 6," full color.
BB026 Counts
BB036 Shapes
BB046 Animals
BB056 Colors
BB066 Architecture Books, Set/4 $39.00
Each of these first art books contains eight 2-page spreads showing
one of the favorite paintings of the artist and a few lines of poetry which
enchant the child as it draws attention to elements of the art. For example
next to Van Gogh's Sunflowers "Twelve
sunflowers; lean toward the light. Five are
wide open; seven shut tight."
We recommend these first for the infant
propped up on the work mat, then for the
young child, and even the older sibling and
parent because in the back of each is a list
of each painting, the year it was completed,
and the museum where it can be seen today.
Heavy Cardboard, full color, 5.5" x 5.5"
DL400 Magical Day with Matisse
DL401 Quiet Time with Cassatt
DL402 Picnic with Monet
DL403 Painting with Picasso
DL404 In the Garden with Van Gogh
(*) DL404A Artist Set 1 (above five)
DL405 On an Island with Gauguin DL406 Dancing with Degas DL407 Dreaming with Rousseau DL409 Sunday with Seurat (*) DL409A Artist Set 2 (above four)
$6.95 $6.95 $6.95 $6.95 $27.50
LARGE VAN GOGH ART PICTURES, Set of 10, and Matching Frame
Van Gogh provides a fine introduction to art for the young child, with a variety of colors
and shapes. His most popular art is presented in a set of ten 11" x 11," full color pictures. On
the back of each is a list of 10 interesting facts to stimulate conversation, and to tell where to
find the original painting. There is a biography of the artist and information about his styles
PICTURES: Fishing Boats on the Beach at Les Saintes-Marie, Wheatfield with Crows,
Bedroom at Arles, The Potato Eaters, L'Arlesienne, Cypresses, La Mousme, The Sower, The
Drawbridge at Arles, Fritillaries in a Brass Vase. See page 59 for information on our special
frame that holds the entire set. Age: birth to 12 years+
DL352 Van Gogh Pictures
PE300 Frame
JOYFUL CHILD, Michael Olaf 's Essential Montessori for Birth to Three, 2007-2008
(*) = new items

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