The literary structure of the Old Testament

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Content: The Literary Structure of the Old Testament By DAVID A. Dorsey A Commentary on Genesis - Malachi Table of Contents Preface Abbreviations Unit 1: Introduction 1. Introduction 2. Literary Units 3. Arrangements of Units 4. Structure and Meaning 5. Value of Structural analysis Unit 2: Book of the Law of Moses 6. Book of the Law: Historical Prologue: Genesis 1:1--Exodus 19:2 7. Book of the Law: Treaty at Sinai: Exodus 19:3--Numbers 10:10 8. Book of the Law: Historical Conclusion: Numbers 10:11--Joshua 24:33 9. Book of the Law: structural unity Unity 3: Historical Books 10. Judges: Israel's Downward Spiral 11. Ruth: The Power of Kindness 12. Samuel: David--a Man after God's Heart 13. Kings: Israel's Revolt against God 14. Chronicles: Encouraging Stories from Israel's History 15. Ezra--Nehemiah: God's People Return to Jerusalem 16. Esther: divine providence Protects God's People Unit 4: Poetic Books 17. Job: Where Can Wisdom Be Found? 18. Psalms: Israel's Hymns and Prayers to God 19. Proverbs: Yahweh--the Source of All Wisdom 20. Ecclesiastes: God Alone Holds the Key to Life's Meaning 21. Song of Songs: Love--the Flame of Yahweh
Unit 5: Major Prophets 22. Isaiah: Trust in Yahweh Alone 23. Jeremiah: Prophet to a Hostile Nation 24. Lamentations: His Mercies Are New Every Morning 25. Ezekiel: Visions of the Glory of God 26. Daniel: God's Supremacy Over All Earthly Powers Unit 6: Minor Prophets 27. Hosea: Come Home, Unfaithful Israel 28. Joel: Yahweh Thunders at the Head of His Army 29. Amos: The Lion Has Roared 30. Obadiah: Edom's Fall and Judah's Rise 31. Jonah: A Lesson on Mercy 32. Micah: Walk Humbly with Your God 33. Nahum: Where Now Is the Lion's Den? 34. Habakkuk: The Just Shall Live by Faith 35. Zephaniah: The Day of Yahweh Is Near 36. Haggai: Rebuild the Temple! 37. Zechariah: Yahweh Will Again Live Among His People 38. Malachi: How Have We Robbed God? Unit 7: Conclusion 39. Some Final Thoughts Bibliography

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