The status of women in the United States: goals, strategies and attainment, T Narang

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over the years and in particular in the twentieth century, women in the United States seemed to have made notable advances in the professions, politics, workplace, education, athletics and even in the family. Domestic role sharing and female sexuality have gained new recognition and legitimacy. They have started to join the labour force in ever larger numbers and women's issues have got the attention of the policy makers in the country. The feminist movement has either directly initiated these changes or played a catalytic role through its advocacy of equality in education and law. However, these limited successes have not been achieved overnight. They have resulted from a long struggle. The question of a "equal status" in real sense with men still looks a distant dream. The struggle for a sense of being and fulfilment has to continue. The present study concentrates on the status of women in the United States, their sufferings and struggle for a better status, and their achievements and failures. There are four chapters besides the chapter one on Introduction which exaaines the various Jaanifestations of the women ·s moveaent. Chapter two discusses how women used their newly gained political power and the impact of the "women's" vote on public offices. It also projects their successes and failures as political candidates. Chapter three focuses on the personal aspect of women's status and traces political and judicial changes from colonial tiaes to the present
ii in areas like, marriage, property, divorce, child custody, alimony, rape and Domestic Violence. It also includ~s the current debates over the issue of abortion. Chapter four is about women in the labour force, the discriminations they face in the fora of glass ceiling, wages, and how secure they are with the laws provided against such discriminations. Finally the last and the fifth chapter brings out the conclusions. I am deeply indebted to my Supervisor Professor B.K. Shrivastava for his valuable advice and guidance at all stages in preparation of this work. But for his unfailing patience, critical observation and continuous encouragement, the study could not have been finalized. I am beholden to the then Dean, Professor R. Narayanan of the Centre for-American and West European Studies, for his keen interest in making sure that my field trip to the ·united states of Allerica becomes a reality. This visit helpe4 me to have a first hand feel of American society and role of WOllen therein. I am highly obliged to all the distinguished women in USA who spared their valuable time in discussing with me the status of American women. I also bad the privilege of meeting on more than one occasion Dr. Joan M. Jensen, Professor, New Mexico City, Texas, Ms. Juliet wurr, Press Attache, American Eabassy, New Delhi and Dr. Judith Livingston in India. They not only updated my information on American women based on literature study but also helped access to such
iii individuals and materials which further helped broaden my views on the subject of my research. I am grateful to them for their indulgence. My thanks are due to the staff members and Librarians, of American Studies Research Centre, Hyderabad; Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.; New York Public Library, New York; Action Alliance, New York; National Council of Research on Women, New York; American Associations of Universities for Women, Washington D.C.; American Centre Library at New Delhi, and Jawaharlal Nehru University Library, who facilitated the completion of this work. I would be failing in my duty if I don't acknowledge my gratitude to my parents, my sisters and my friends. Their constant faith in my ability to undertake this study, encouragement and cooperation has been a great source of inspiration to me. Lastly, I alone am responsible for the errors and mistakes in this work.

T Narang

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