Who thought of that

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Content: Who thought of that?
ENGLISH ­ Anne Fine as author focus Persuasive writing Focussing on the book Bill's New Frock, children will explore character's feelings and experiences. We will focus on how to make inference and support this with evidence. Children will look at the different PSHE themes that present themselves in the book such as equality, peer pressure and bullying. We will develop our findings into a persuasive article about these issues. Stories and playscripts Children will explore, read and write short stories taking influence from stories read by Anne Fine. We will explore the story Madame Doubtfire and compare the literature to appropriate scenes from the popular film (1993). Children will write a dialogue, and explore tense and pronouns, before roleplaying and writing short playscripts. The unit ends with a chance to perform their writing to an audience.
SCIENCE states of matter Children will investigate the properties of the three different states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. We will learn how to use thermometers to record changes and thus link this to our computing focus by recording the results using Microsoft Excel. Children will set up enquiries about matter changing from one state to another as well as investigating air as an example of a gas. MATHEMATICS In Numeracy, children will focus on the following objectives; Numbers (estimating, counting in multiples, practical problems, comparing). Addition and Subtraction: two-step problems in context. Multiplication (long multiplication and division, securing times tables) Statistics (handling data, presenting and analysing). Shape (co-ordinates and area) Time (analogue, digital and Roman numeral)
HISTORY Children will study the history of clothing in Britain from 1066 through to the present day. Learning about the key changes in fashion, materials and manufacturing processes and gain an understanding of this aspect of Social History in Britain.
GEOGRAPHY Linking to our history, children will develop their knowledge of Britain. We will learn about key cities as well as exploring the seas that surround the British Isles. Children will develop their knowledge of the land; looking at different mountains and lakes.
ART Children in Larch class will be working with outside artists `One Red Shoe' to complete a project in collaboration with The Mersey Gateway. This will take place over a series of seven workshops in which the children will learn a range of new skills. Their work will be exhibited at the end.
TECHNOLOGY Children in Larch class will be working with outside artists `One Red Shoe' to complete a project in collaboration with The Mersey Gateway. This will be a cross-curricular project and involve skills taught in technology lessons.
COMPUTING Children will develop their understanding of interpreting data from spreadsheets. We will analyse and explore different spreadsheets as well as learning how to create our own on Microsoft Excel. Children will also learn key technical vocabulary.
RE/SEAL Year Four will begin the term by Children will focus on Christianity in R.E. whilst also looking at the Islamic faith as a comparison. Our SEAL topic for the term is Achieving Goals. We will also complete a series of `Philosophy for Children' sessions.
MUSIC Children will continue to learn how to appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music. The music will be drawn from great English composers and musicians. Children will be taught how to describe the music through use of technical vocabulary and start to compose their own arrangements.
PE Outdoor: Children will have the opportunity to develop their skills in a range of outdoor sports led by outside professionals. Indoor: Children will look at gymnastics to develop flexibility, Strength, technique, control and balance.
DATE: January 2016
CLASS: Larch
YEAR: Four
Mrs H Davies

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